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Love the app but ..So I got this app and it’s great it’s insightful and informative. It has great sleep stories for every age and personality. The meditations are short and kind to a newcomers mind. Their are so many events that are wonderful . The one that ruins majority of these elements is Tamara’s voice. It is grates you and I am far from the only one . I think she is smart and has a wide amount of knowledge in this field and while she could and does write great meditations.. her talent is not in narrating. She is not calming nor soothing and I end up passing everything she narrates which is majority of the app. I wish she would take a note out of her own book and put ego aside and let someone narrate and then this app would be perfection but as it stands majority of it is unusable unless wanting to put urself in the opposite state of calm ..Version: 5.2

Absolutely AmazingThis is definitely a tool you want in your tool belt. I was first introduced to mindfulness meditation a couple of years ago to help manage anxiety and depression. I experienced some benefits but I always seemed to let it slip. I can’t remember where I stumbled across this app but it blows absolutely every other app out of the park. Now I’m actually wanting to meditate and create that good habit. I’m a web developer and so I really appreciate the UI/UX work that has also been put into the development of this app. Loving the clean, simplistic interface. Keep up the good work guys! One thing I do wish I could do however is reset series e.g. I have finished “7 days of calm” but I would like to clear the progress back to 0% so I can keep track once again..Version: 3.8.2

Great App-Needs a few little tweaksCalm has great stories, meditations and more. I love it and have the full version. I love Anna Acton, Eric Braa, and other soothing voices. Some of them, however, are just a bit...jarring. I know everyone has different tastes but I like to listen to voices directing me during meditation or towards sleep that don’t jump out at me. Please, Calm, add more voices like Eduardo Ballerini, Ramon Tikaram, Chiké Okonkwo, May Charters and Jerome Flynn. Cillian Murphy is a great guest sleep story teller but please don’t just use celebrities because of name value. They don’t all make good storytellers/meditation guides. Some write the stories and I am grateful to those who come up with such wonderful sleep stories for adults. The ones that travel back in time, especially aboard old trains are outstanding! Just curate the voices a little better because some of us are too sensitive to the nuances of voice to listen to many of the meditations/stories. That’s kind of a waste. I end up listening to the same ones over and over. Please make the sleep stories at least 35 minutes, too. For those of us who need longer to drift away. Finally, since you are now making playlists, how about one that is just long train stories? Thanks so much!.Version: 5.36

Stay CalmA really great app and amazing amount of content and variety and the ability to download for when you are not on wifi makes it great when travelling.Version: 4.18

Calm on CommandAs one who is amidst conflict and crisis in my work as a mediator and trauma specialist, Calm offers me the ability to call upon grounding or calming techniques to focus or destress on command. Whether starting my day, before I enter into a stressful meeting, after completing a challenging session or at the end of the day, Calm offers a wide variety of mediations and practices to stabilize, comfort and rebalance or self care so that I can maintain my own resilience and offer my best self to clients, family, friends and community. With gratitude, Namaste.Version: 3.7

Life changingThis app is fabulous. I was using it every night to help me get to sleep and stay asleep. I work long hours and find it hard to stop my brain from jumping around when I finally get to bed. I now put on a sleep story as soon as I go to bed and have NEVER heard the end of a story! I have my favourite narrators who’s voices lull me into a deep sleep within minutes. New stories are being added regularly too. I think this app has helped me get into better sleep routines and find that I don’t need it as often anymore. I’m now trying the meditation lessons. Keep up the great work Calm!.Version: 5.29

Best mindfulness app out there!I have been using the calm app for over a year and it is honestly such a help for my anxiety. I use it every day, and the amount you pay for full access is 100% worth it for the value you can get out of it. There is such a broad range of topics to suit whatever you are looking for or feeling on a particular day. The sleep stories and sounds also gives you an even wider array of uses, and you can meditate for 1 min up to 30 mins so it can fit into any lifestyle. It takes practice to make mindfulness a habit which is beneficial in the long term, but the Calm app makes it easy to keep at it and encourages you to continue. Honestly changed my relationship with my anxiety completely for the better..Version: 4.5

Life changingI work in the emergency services so i have a lot of experience with stress... However about 18 months ago i was unfortunately diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. I have had treatment and blah blah blah but i was never really given any coping mechanisms especially for the anxiety. I was introduced to this app at a police treatment centre and was of course very sceptical because meditation? Nah not for me 🙅🏻‍♀️ However I have used this app everyday since then (36 days ago) The difference i feel within myself is overwhelming. I have slept every night/day thanks to the sleep guidance/stories. I havent had an anxiety/panic attack since taking the short 10mins to do the daily calm with Tamara. And i have now started meditating with the app for about 20 minutes a day. It has also helped me be able to identify the ‘normal’ emotions (sadness, happiness, angry, fatigue) i feel which were over shadowed by the crippling anxiousness i previously felt and now im like ‘hey alright, whats up here?’ And deal with it. I have of course made other small changes in my life to tackle my mental health and im aware its a loooong journey but this app has a lot to answer for. This app has been life saving and changing. Thank you x.Version: 4.16

Tania HannahThis is a terrific app with huge potential. My experience so far can suggest a few next steps. I’d like to hear more variation of ambient sounds in the guided meditations. Also more variation of audio stories. Not all need to be sleep focus. Rumi poetry for example, all the array of stories out there that have meditative or journeying story lines. Keep up the great content though - loving it!.Version: 3.18.2

Calm is life changingI’ve been using Calm on and off for the better part of 3-4 years now. Every time I return to it, I feel better, my focus is stronger, my relationships improve, and I’m more at ease. The ever growing library of meditations is great for learning new methods. I use the sleep stories and songs at bedtime, and the focus and calming music at various times of day. Loving the daily move and gentle physical exercises too from daily move. I occasionally also use the mindful walking on the Apple Watch too which has given me new perspectives and awoken me to my surroundings. I can’t speak highly enough of this app..Version: 5.32

Best App I’ve ever hadUndoubtedly the best app I’ve ever had, huge reservoir with everything to give you a break from the daily grind to understanding more complex human emotions and triggers. My 9year old and 2year olds also hear it running in the car and at home, helps me help them calm their nerves and we all absolutely love ❤️ the sleep 💤 😴 stories. Tamara is amazing💕 Awesome partnership of Calm and Apple - thanks guys:-).Version: 4.14

Disappointing serviceDownloaded the free app to try it out, but further details were asked for, which I was uncomfortable providing for a free trial. I didn’t want to provide so exited the process and deleted the app without using, still got invoiced the full amount of a 12 month subscription. Contacted them directly after seeing someone else’s similar experience which the developer requested a direct email, and recieved no response - extremely disappointing looks like they were just trying to protect their rating with no intent to engage..Version: 4.15

The BESTI never write reviews but this app is the BEST. Nearly 3 years ago now I realised that I had anxiety and I really struggled to deal with the panic attacks. I saw a YouTuber using this app and they highly recommended it so I thought I’d give it a try. 2 1/2 years on I’m still religiously using the app. I love everything about it; the constant added features;the podcasts on mental health and well-being; the breathing exercises; the sleep stories;the emergency calm/ALL the meditation programmes; and now calm body too!! Whenever I feel lonely, angry, stressed, anxious or I’m having trouble sleeping, I know that Tamara and her team will be there for me. When I’m unable to speak to anyone, even family, I know that this app will cuddle me with the warm blanket of support I need. Honestly couldn’t recommend more and you will never EVER have £30 a year spent as well as this. To the app developers: THANK YOU and keep doing what you do :).Version: 4.6.1

I absolutely adore this appI’ve been using the Calm app religiously for at least 3 years and it is the best money ever spent. Yes there are free apps who will help lots of people but what sets Calm apart is the sheer number of options. There are so many areas/sessions, it’s incredible. Listening to the daily calm is standard part of my bedtime routine and I can’t sleep without it. The sleep stories are very soothing and has helped calm my busy mind many a days. I cannot recommend this app enough. I struggle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks and I know 100% that without this app, I would be in a worse place than I am now. In addition to the app, you also have the online community aimed at empowering you in every day life. This truly is my favourite app that has done so much for my mental health and wellbeing..Version: 4.8.1

Worth the lifetime subscriptionI haven’t missed a single night since starting my subscription, so a year in I decided to go with the offer on lifetime. I enjoy Tamara Levitt and her Daily Calm, though I suspect these are now repeats from last year - a few things are familiar. I could be wrong. I did many rounds of Tamara’s 7 days of sleep - a worthwhile course for insomniacs. Really enjoying Jeff Warren and the Daily Trip - he has a wonderful spirit and makes me laugh a lot. A very experienced meditator who can break it down into wonderful simple elements, and can make you feel like you are an equal with him. My night wouldn’t be complete without Oren Jay Sofer’s Deep Rest which usually gets me off to sleep. On the odd occasion I am still awake I will tune into some sleep inducing music. Sometimes I find the interface frustratingly slow, but maybe that’s the point? I have found Calm to be well worth the money with such a wide variety of options - always something new, but also many old faithful offerings as well. A great app, frequently introducing fresh content. Not enough hours in the day to benefit from all of it, but benefit I do. Peace and love meditators..Version: 5.34

So good for settling at nightWhen my brain is full & mind racing from a busy day it's great to listen to a sleep story to wind down. I wish there were more free sleep stories available or at least offer occasionally as trial. Or to be able to purchase individual sleep stories not the whole year subscription. The I love the fact the stories are less than 30 minutes generally..Version: 3.7

More premium payment options neededI love the Calm app. It is well designed and succeeds in it’s mission of slowing down the user. The reason for missing a fifth star is the payment options. You only have one if you want to unlock premium content and it’s $60 for a year which will automatically renew if you don’t cancel it in a years time just before it is debited again. It feels slightly underhanded given that unless you set a reminder most people would forget this. Also, rather than commit to $60 I’d rather commit to a month at a time or 3 month options. This would most likely lead to more people purchasing premium content..Version: 3.17

AnnaThe person who talks as an amazing calming voice! She makes the apps a jewel for anyone who's on a spiritual quest!!!.Version: 3.7

It really is worth every penny!!I was looking for a meditation app that would really help me make meditation a daily habit. The app appeared to have overwhelmingly positive reviews but was subscription only for £36/year - something couldn’t be right!? But after a few months of using the app I can also completely vouch for the great value for money - There is so much quality content in the app and they add more regularly. Firstly, with mediation at its core there’s so much different content that I doubt you’d ever feel it was relative even if they didn’t add any more. Then there’s the music and sleep stories - I didn’t really think music would be useful as I have so much of my own but they have long (about an hour) track or relaxing, focus or sleep inducing tracks that are perfect for either of the above situations - which one find themselves in rather often. You’ll hear people go on about the sleep music and stories and the really are incredibly effective! So yeah full marks to Calm, it’s a stellar app that does everything and quite a lot more than you’d want and expect!.Version: 3.14

Calmest kid everAfter seven years of battling single handledly for my wee man to get himself off to sleep, David Walliams and Sienna (the sleepy sloth) now lend a helping hand. Legendary. Fairly certain my boy has no idea how it ends...must make sure to download some extra awesome for upcoming long haul flights! Thanks Calm!.Version: 4.6.3

Life changing28 years of struggling to get to sleep and countless apps, amongst every other method, tried.. I have finally found a cure!! The stories were a great start and then moved on to the sleep medication for a guaranteed method of drifting off. After a few months of finding the best meditation for me and some practice, I know feel comfortable if for any reason I am unable to use the app. I also love love the mindful walking as well as just listening to the soundscapes to bring calm and ease to my mind. I feel like I will keep learning with the app as there are endless hours of meditation and mindfulness. Love that the home screen background can be a soundscape of yours choice as it brings me calm just choosing what to listen to. The breathing exercises were great at first for when I felt anxious or panicked, but the app has brought me so much calm I barely need them now. I forgot my headphones whilst giving blood and used the meditation I learned to take my mind off what was happening when it’s usually such an ordeal. Really feel this app is life changing for me and can do so much for so many people, you just need to give it a good try. I feel happier and calm overall and feel I take notice of much more around me and feel thankful for so much more. Thank you so much calm!!.Version: 4.14.1

CalmCalm would really helping me be more happy and not so sad if it unlocked all the little units and told me what not to do and what to do when I am not doing calm. In conclusion please can you do all those things and I will talk about calm to all my friends and family stay calm and happy and safe Ruby Henderson.Version: 4.22

You need this in your life too!I struggle with extreme insomnia, and ending up sleeping only a couple of hours a night almost every day. I tried out this app, and for the first time I listened to a bed time story at late noon, just to see what sort of stories these are. I was very sceptical when I read reviews, people claiming that it helped them falling asleep within minutes, so I tried. I actually was still working on some stuff but after listening to that bedtime story, my eyes felt so heavy I went to sleep straight away! I was however still sceptical by the next day, I thought I was just too exhausted the day before, and also, how can something help you sleep if you actually have to focus on the lead of the story? So I tried it again, this time in bed, and I must have fallen asleep within minutes because I don’t remember anything but the beginning of the story. I also slept through the night! I especially enjoy LeBron James’s stories, his voice is really soothing and I like his styles of telling stories! I definitely recommend this app and I’m going to sign up for a year after my trial period has ended! Also, if there is an app of the year award, I’d definitely like to nominate Calm for it!!! 😊.Version: 5.11

I find the app very helpfulI do not find it easy to systematically use the app at a certain time each day, nevertheless I do find the app really very beneficial and helpful in calming down my anxious thoughts and helping me to gain perspective on the issues at hand. I am very cynical of the various claims made by most apps. However, having used this app for a few weeks and subscribed to the annual subscription via the app (cheaper..), I really look forward to the DAILY CALM EACH DAY, as I find the Mindful Instructor’s Voice very soothing and calming and enjoy the daily sessions ❤️❤️. Moreover, there has been various tweaks to the app e.g. One has the choice of different “Scenes” or Soothing Backgrounds as I like to put it... My favourite is the “Mountain Lake”, followed by the “Thunderstorm”... On a different note, there are also lots of nice “Sleep” Stories and “Mastercalm” Sessions, I’m hoping to eventually get round to listening to. Thank you so much for reading..Version: 3.19.2

Love this app so much!Use it every night, helps me fall asleep so fast! The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5.. was that it would be amazing to sort the sleep stories by accent . Bit far fetched, but I find an English accent knocks me out, and I find it soothing . Just me :).Version: 5.7

FeedbackDaily Calm has been everything I have needed! My only suggestion would be for it to have more personalised options for daily reminders, notifications for meditation, breathing etc...if you could set it for as many times a day as needed that would be very helpful. Namaste.Version: 4.24.2

Calm in the MomentCalm app is life changing as it makes you realise the importance of stopping your mind for a brief time to find some space, clarity, and completeness in the moment. We all need to live in the moment and hear the sounds, feel the sun on your face, listen to birds chirping. This is living. Calm is it! 😍.Version: 5.0

My opinion about the calm app.Dear-Publisher,I have had this app for year and I love it so much, it helps me a lot but I deleted the app and downloaded it back and I’m glad I did. I know you may not have the some opinion as me but I think this app is outstanding. If the creator or person that published this app sees this, I just wanna tell how thankful I am that you made this all because it helps a lot. I know that some of the stories cost money but it’s still worth downloading the app. I recommend listening to “sleep paws” and “the secret lagoon” they are both amazing bedtime stories for all ages! There is no age policy for this app if you ask me I just think that there is only one thing that could make the app better which is making the stories a lower price or just making it cost 0 dollars itself because some of the stories look very interesting but I cannot read them because I have to do a trial and that’s the reason why umm giving this app 4 starts! So if the person who published this app sees this review I just wanna say thanks for making my life so much more easier but please Mack some of the stories more reasonable of price because I have read all of the stories which are the ones that don’t cost money..Version: 5.14.1

ThankyouThank you for the Calm experience. I treated myself a year ago to 12 months subscription for a birthday present and told myself let’s see what happens. I’ve wained on and off throughout this time with it but the last few months as my health got even worse and insomnia, anxiety, pain and depression took its toll I decided to just make a daily habit of the ten minute meditation every morning if nothing else. I have to say it’s helped me tremendously, it’s helped me to keep a habit that’s not overwhelming and do able no matter how bed ridden I am, the familiar loving voice of Tamara every morning with some gentle advice sets me up for the day. The bedtime stories are total bliss when I can’t get to sleep and when I struggle through the day I hit play on one of the songs or use the breathing bubble. Even have to mention that Harry Styles reading a story is pretty amazing. Thanks for creating a world of calm, we all need it, even when we think we don’t........oh and my yearly subscription was up this week, did I think it was worth it to do it again? Of course, Happy Birthday to me, I’ve got another 12 months of easy to navigate, easy on the ears and gentle loving calmness for the soul. 🧘‍♀️🍂❤️.Version: 5.5

Helping High School Students Stay CALMI am a high school teacher at a high preforming high school in my area. My students are often so stressed out and sleep deprived I feel so helpless to help them. This year I decided to dedicate one day a week to meditating before we started class. We do this every Thursday for the first 10-15 minutes of class. The response has been so positive from my students I am thinking of doing it two days a week next year. The students LOVE Thursday!! They have told me it’s the favorite part for their week. Some students have even gotten the app for themselves. I have heard so many times this year, “I needed that!” or “I needed to hear that today.” After on session one of my boys said, “Man I was so upset about losing those 5 points on my English test and now I have let it go. This really works. What did you all think about?” You know you are doing something right when teenagers open up and start talking. Thank you for this product and allowing me the opportunity to give my students at least 15 minutes a week to destress, calm down, learn to love themselves and just breath! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and my students as we take this CALM journey..Version: 4.18

Love the app just one recommendation!There’s so much to this app there’s bed time stories, breathing exercises, music, sessions to help relax, meditate, and help u sleep, there’s also (one of my favorites) where u can have a calming background when on or off your phone, they have quotes to help motivate you, there’s daily check in’s you can do, you can set timers and reminders for things and so much more! There is a free app trial but you do have to pay after the trial ends but I think in my opinion it’s worth buying the app! My one recommendation though is that I think the calm app should add some more journaling to the app something more than the check ins because I think journaling is a great way to help you feel your releasing your past or just writing how happy you are if that makes sense plus if it’s not to much maybe add something to remind you to get off your phone and go outside or do some focusing hour on school work or something like that. Overall the calm app is a great app and I totally recommend if you have anxiety, or are having trouble sleeping! -if your reading this have a good day/night/rest of your day/night!.Version: 5.16.1

Gentle boot camp for the mindPlenty of people run or go to boot camp classes for the sake of their mind... a great way to empty the head and sleep well that night. While that’s great (for body and mind) it’s incredibly valuable to be able to create calm and quiet within yourself wherever you are - at work, on a bus, anywhere. Calm has great daily meditations to help us learn to do that, in a way anyone can do (my 3 & 6 year olds love some of the sleep stories and meditations too). There's lots included in the free version, and a heaps if you subscribe (including walking meditations, Masterclasses on breaking habits and anxiety other great topics). I now wonder what took me so long to properly try meditation and why so many people I know don’t find 10 minutes or so to fit it into their day/week!.Version: 4.5

Absolutely brilliant and highly recommendedI’d been suffering for many months from anxiety and low self esteem, sleeplessness and menopause symptoms and had become isolated and generally depleted. I went to see the Social Prescriber at my GP surgery and she said I needed to allow myself time to actually care for myself. She recommended several self-help books and websites and also this app. Two weeks in and I can honestly say it’s been fantastic!!! The sleep stories are so soothing, the morning sessions are just the right length to start the day and are easy to fit into my schedule, you can set reminders too, which is really helpful. Having the ‘Mood Check Ins’ have helped me keep track of how I’m doing emotionally (also interesting to see how I’ve progressed, having started off very anxious and now moving toward more contentment). And there is so much more to discover! Only one thing I’d like to see added and that’s the ability to have a ‘play next’ function. I would highly recommend this to anyone, not just if you’re struggling but just to have a go-to for a decent chill out..Version: 4.17.1

The Best App Ever - Absolutely❣️This app has the potential to be life changing, particularly if you can’t sleep, suffer from anxiety, find it difficult to relax Etc..because it helps with so many of these ‘issues’. The ‘sleep stories’ help to soothe an agitated mind, you can use it to meditate or simply to just listen to the music or sounds if you want to relax or focus. The app itself is very easy & intuitive to use, beautiful to look at and totally reliable❣️ I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs/wants to feel calm, focussed, soothed or uplifted. The next time I pay for its renewal, I will elect for the ‘lifetime use’ option and not just the yearly renewal amount - it’s that good. I know, that I want to use it always❣️ I have never written a review for an app before where I have been so positive however, when you find something so good 😊 I really believe it’s important to give ‘credit where credit is due’. The developers of this app have obviously spent much time, trouble, money and effort in producing and providing such a quality product, it’s good to let others know about it❣️ I am not an affiliate or anything and am not getting paid in any way for providing this review. I hope, you enjoy using it as much as I have❣️ Annette:)).Version: 3.15.1

PREMIUMI feel like a lot of apps have premium, and that really annoys me ... if people pay - they get more advantages and things for them. I think that if you’re a kid then getting premium is not an option. Parents might be able to pay for their kids premium, but usually don’t. Children can’t pay money (especially if they’re around the age 6+). This app is premium inside out for some of it ... for your sleep/bedtime stories - only have a few stories and all the other ones are locked. Having premium is an advantage that is awesome and you get to have great stuff! But if you can’t pay and have premium on your app, there aren’t many things you can do (this app is pretty big on PREMIUM) P.S. Sorry if I say premium a lot (there isn’t any synonyms that would really fit in)..Version: 4.2.2

Needs a night shift worker versionNight shift nurse here! My first year as a nurse has lead to high anxiety and stress levels. My therapist recommended this app for mindful meditation and I’m enjoying it so far. I find Tamara’s voice very soothing—not annoying, and the soundscapes in the background are perfect. It would be nice if there was a setting or a collection of audios for those who work nights and therefore sleep in the day time. It can be hard to sleep with all the noises of day (lawn mowers, car horns, noisy neighbors,etc.) It would also be nice if the daily check ins could take this into consideration as well—when I meditate in the morning after I get off work, the question is “how did you sleep last night?” Well I worked last night so that doesn’t apply. As far as the $70/year, this is affordable for me but I realize that isn’t the case for everyone—especially in this economy. I definitely couldn’t have paid for this in college, maybe the developers should consider a discount for college students, teachers, etc. Access to mental health resources should ideally be available to all regardless of financial situation..Version: 6.10

Great but needs more voicesI love this app and use it all the time. Loads of new content added constantly. The length of the meditations is perfect. I love the series like 7 days of calm, 7 days of sleep, etc. the breathing exercises are so helpful. One area for improvement would be that currently most of the meditations, especially new content, is narrated by the same woman. It would be really helpful if these same sessions were recorded with a male voice, so listeners could have an option. It would also be helpful if there were a more diverse selection of voices throughout the meditations. (This is done in the master classes and sleep stories, but I’d like to see it in the meditations too). A second area would be a review of the content of the gratitude meditations, which make assumptions and are therefore injurious for some listeners. For example I am in the middle of fighting a long term disease. Suggestions like you should be grateful for your health are not helpful and actually harmful for me. I’d really like to cultivate more gratitude but I can’t get through any of these meditations without being triggered. A review by someone working with diverse populations could help this. Other than this, I love the app. It has been designed so well and my mental health has improved dramatically since starting to use it. Highly recommended!.Version: 5.8

The navigation is worse than before not betterImpossible to give feedback on the app. I want to ask you to take out the dialog box asking me if “I’m sure?” If I have to get out my glasses to read it then I’m awake! Defeating the purpose of the app! Sometimes I want to listen again and I’m not going to do your little therapy session first. Please make it easy to listen to a story again without a lot of navigation. A good app should not require more than three steps to find things but now it is hit or miss. They eliminated some buttons so I can’t find what I want. I can’t find a favorites button anymore. The changes you made are not an improvement. There are good things here to help sleep if you can find them but by the time you do you will be wide awake. // I finally found the Favorites. You need to separate the Daily Calm Favorites from the others. It’s too many to find the stories. Like I said this App has good content but it’s badly organized// I wish you would make a text menu because with the icons it requires so much scrolling. Overall the navigation is a hassle for what should be a relaxing app.I.Version: 6.2

Message to the calm producers - check with your usersFirst of all, I do love calm. I use it nearly every night for sleep stories and occasionally for meditation. BUT, I really do not love their September/Octoberish 2021 upgrade. They’ve basically made it incredibly hard to get to the content that I love and pay for. Prior to this, there was a little section that basically suggested a daily meditation, a daily something I’ve forgotten, and a daily sleep story. If you didn’t like that one, you could go and look for another one. That part is still there for meditations, but the sleep story part is gone. I’ve asked others who I know use calm, and they all used it and are disappointed it has gone. It’s so much harder to find a story now, and not just listen to the same one constantly. I recognise that it could just be me, but it makes me so frustrated every night, which is kinda counter productive. Please calm, may we have our daily, home page, recommended sleep story back?.Version: 5.28

Love feeling CALMI love this app. I enjoy it for myself to help me instantly calm. I also like that it has sounds, songs, stories and meditation My adhd son who really struggles to fall asleep is soothed and really enjoys the sleep sounds. I have tried many apps and this along with Headspace are by far my favourites. After my 3 month sub I bought the full year..Version: 5.12.1

Just so good!Tamara is now a dear friend. I wake up and look forward to spending time listening to her gentle voice and caring, careful guidance. Her messages are easy to absorb, stimulating reflection and insight. Definitely makes daily meditation easy and addictive. I would so love to have Tamara’s lessons available in a book, available to read over and over. If a particular message resonates with me, I often print out her quote for the day and then carefully record her words with the quote. I hope we can share out early mornings with Tamara forever!.Version: 4.18

Amazing AppI use this app on a daily basis throughout a range of different times in the day, most notably at night. Quite honestly I can’t fault it. The quality of the guided meditation is brilliant, offering ways and techniques to relax your mind and body to help drift off to sleep. The story sessions are also equally as brilliant enabling you to relax and sleep with ease. Generally I struggle to sleep, and when I do I find myself waking up multiple times during the night. I can confirm that while using this app, I’ve not struggled to sleep, or remain asleep in weeks. I’ve tried many other apps that offer a similar product to this, however, this is by far the best I’ve used. I only have two minor suggestions for improvement on the app. 1. The app could benefit from a search tool so you can find your favourite authors and sessions much more easily. 2. There could be an option to queue a second session after completing the first one in order to prevent the need to go on your phone upon completing a session to start a new one. This would be particularly helpful at night upon completing a guided meditation session, and wanting a story to follow on. As I’ve said, this app is brilliant and I can’t fault it! I’ve recommended it to both family and friends since paying for the subscription, and would happily recommend it to anyone who was interested in it..Version: 4.16.1

Absolutely love, love, love ❤️This is a truly life changing app. I listen to the daily calm guided meditation every evening (10 minutes) in combination with Headspace in the morning. They really compliment each other. This is much more guided and I love the philosophical quote at the end of every session. You can also add background nature noise or chilled meditation whilst you meditate, so I have the sound of rain. The visuals of nature are also wonderful and very inspiring. It's incredibly soothing and it has helped so so much with my anxiety levels and the bad I often see in the world seems to be fading and being replaced by feelings that are lighter and far more optimistic. It takes a bit of dedication, but putting aside at least 10 minutes a day just to breathe and be calm is so worth it. I think this app is priceless. Currently on a one month trial but will buy annual membership when this runs out. Show yourself some love - get this app!.Version: 3.7

Calm is like having your therapist at handHi there! I got Calm app because I couldn’t sleep. I would go to bed after having super busy and stressful day, and move from side to side for 2 hours - every night. I tried taking sleeping pills, which gave me headache every morning after. Calm helped me falling asleep, but what’s more important, it thought me a technique on how to fall asleep. Which I could do without the app now, but it’s just way nicer to continue with it. Listening to the sleep stories is very calming and relaxing! I also use the app when I get really anxious, stressed or emotional because of work. There are many amazing meditation sessions, which allow me to keep my emotions in check. There’s no app that I would recommend more!.Version: 5.12.1

Amazing Mindfulness PracticeI decided to give this app a go and purchased a subscription. It was the best choice I could have made. Having borderline personality, PTSD, major depression and anxiety, learning mindfulness in group therapy to manage my emotions has changed my life. It takes lots of practice and figuring out what works best for you. As I have chronic insomnia and sleep issues, the music, scenes, sleep stories and meditations save my life. Daily mood check ins and reflections are invaluable to me. Highly recommend the app subscription for those that really want the best experience for their mental health. 💚.Version: 5.7

So helpful for tinnitus, headaches, anxiety post concussionI’ve suffered from tinnitus (ringing in my ears), migraines, and anxiety since a concussion several years ago. I never pay for apps, but the Calm App is so helpful that, after paying for 1 year, I’ve decided to pay for a lifetime membership. I love that I can choose to listen to a male, as many female voices increase my symptoms. It’s wonderful to have such a vast choice of categories to turn to. I love the 4 to 7 day training sessions for things like decreasing pain, decreasing anxiety, decreasing headaches, and falling asleep. When my tinnitus is bad, I use one of the sleep meditations to help overpower the sound and allow ne to fall asleep. When I have a headache, I lie down and listen to a calming meditation, and the headache resolves, or at least decreases. These guided meditations really help soothe my anxiety. The different daily meditations help teach what to do for various issues, and you can save the ones you especially like. I highly recommend the 30 day Intro to Meditating, as it helps you become adept at meditation. This app is so worth getting!.Version: 5.31.1

Very nice app. Very useful. But consumed a lot battery.I like this app. It has a lot of content that could help me. Good mindfulness meditation app. But it does consume a lot of my phone battery running in the background. I have to manually close it every time I exit the app..Version: 3.17.2

One year, huge differenceI picked up Daily Calm after I realized my insurance had such a high mental health deductible that it would effectively never cover weekly therapy sessions. So I looked for other ways to get through a really stressful series of major life events including the death of a family member. I thought I’d try meditation. I’ve been using this app to guide short mediation sessions about an average of four times a week for over a year and it’s genuinely helped me. I can honestly say I’ve gained a life skill that I use every day even when the app is closed - closing my eyes and focusing on the breath for a few seconds even while I’m on the train or in a waiting room or about to go to an intense meeting at the office. This app isn’t the only way to gain that skill by any means, but it’s the one I picked up and it’s been pretty great. If you’re going through a hard time, the other things that have helped me the most with the depression and anxiety are gardening, hiking, in-person tabletop gaming, and cannabis microdosing. Crazy sounding combo, I realize, but I’m in *such* a better place than I was a year ago. Thanks for helping, Daily Calm..Version: 4.13.2

Life-changingMy mind gets very stimulated so I am always looking for ways to slow down... this app really does that! I have a free month trial gift subscription at the moment, but I will definitely be subscribing after this! The app provides meditation sessions that cover all kinds of topics, from learning the basic techniques of meditation to focusing more easily at work. The sessions vary from a few minutes to a good half an hour, so it can be fitted into your day no matter how busy you are. I like to do a 10 minute session per day as I am relatively new to meditation, which has also helped me to sleep better. I don’t personally use the sleep stories or music so I won’t comment on those parts of the app, but the meditation sessions are fantastic! Another great addition is the breathing bubble, which is great for taking a moment to calm down and relax. I have felt a lot calmer since starting this app, I would highly recommend!.Version: 3.17.2

Sleep stories have genuinely changed my lifeI downloaded this primarily for the mindfulness and meditation exercises, but have found that the sleep stories have been the most beneficial to what is otherwise an erratic and often panic stricken sleep cycle. Not only am I finding that I am nodding off naturally and consistently, but for the first time in years, I seem to have a full, natural and uninterrupted sleep; waking up before my alarms goes, feeling fresh and ready whereas previously I would spend the whole night in and out of sleep with various horrendous intervals. The knock on effect is that I am far more ‘with it’ and productive during the day. I’m amazed how much of an impact it’s had, but it just works. Well worth the comparatively small annual subscription..Version: 4.24.2

Time for changeWhere most apps are concerned, I recoil. I am in my early 50’s and if I’m being honest, acknowledging that I am having a bit of a mid life crisis - who would have thought it? In a conscious effort to discover compassion within myself, with a view to being kinder and compassionate to others, I recently started therapy. I have also subscribed to the ‘Calm’ app. I have really appreciated the guided meditations that are wide ranging in addressing many aspects of the human condition. I am enjoying setting time aside every day, whether this is at home, or work to practice what the app is beginning to teach me. Moreover, also enjoying applying the principles of my meditation/breathing practice throughout any time of the day (especially when I find myself moving away from the present). Even after a short time using the app, some colleagues at work commented on the fact that whatever It was that I had been doing, that I should keep doing it, as they were seeing changes in me - I found that quite mind blowing. I would say to anyone who maybe wants to make some changes, small, or big within themselves and if you can set some time aside each day for yourselves, this app would be a really good place to start. It is my intention to keep using this app as a trusted source of support and guidance for the foreseeable future, until such time as I am able to guide and manage my own meditation practice. A heartfelt thank you to the developers and and contributors too..Version: 4.18

Lifelong skeptic transformedI’ve never tried meditating, and have been sceptical of it’s powers my whole life. But after watching the Netflix series “The Mind Explained”, and saw the scientifically proven effects that mindfulness has had on the brain, I downloaded this app and tried the first session immediately. I suffer from mild occasional anxiety, and was experiencing anxiety just before my first “Calm” session, and was just amazed at how one session melted away most of my anxious feelings. I’m now more of a believer in the power of mindfulness, and looking forward to tomorrow’s session and incorporating the practice into my daily life..Version: 4.13.2

Review of CalmI really am indebted to Calm for working in my life during this pandemic helping me w my emotions, sleep help and maybe keeping me at a level arresting the memory decline that seemed to be coming on w it’s debilitating force. (I don’t use words like fighting it because most things should not be put into adversarial roles) I wish I had more from our guide Jeff on how to meditate. I really relate to his presentation because he seems quintessentially California to me. I’ve been meditating since I was 6 or so, brought up Vedantist Hindu, born Jewish and am now a ChristianI am an aging hippie. I meditate w my cat on my lap, I simply press my hands on her sides and she grounds me and then is the anchor; her occasionally purring. I love the pictures and the nature scenes. By the way I have been meditating every single day since November. If I might be of assistance, I’m not sure how maybe I could do a Spark or something. I wish there were Something way to dialog - I have been on the site. Maybe I could look more deeply into community of Calm. Thanks for saving my life as a process. This is one place I like to be every single day (sometimes night) contact me if you are interested in my story of success..Version: 5.28

A sleep essential for me!I downloaded Calm to keep me ‘calm’ (distracted!) on a long flight in Feb 2020. It was great and I loved the sleep stories (especially Matthew McConaughey - Wonder). When I returned from that holiday, I listened a couple of times but then the pandemic hit a month or so later, and I had trouble sleeping/switching off at night. I have listened to a sleep story every single night since! I love them. I look forward to choosing one and repeat my favourites regularly. I am getting a little disappointed when there are so many children’s updates (not suitable for me!) but I am mostly happy to revert back to my previous ‘faves’. I really recommend the app. Would love to see a morning/rise story - just 5 or 10 minutes to start your day off right!.Version: 5.12.1

My life work mindfulness teaches me to do more calmlyThank you mindfulness I love her voice, it teaches me to go back to my beginning, which is freedom like when I was a happy child! Love you guys Thank you mindfulness.Version: 3.19.3

Daily CalmThis app has been and still is a game changer for me and others that I know that use it. And this from someone who, despite being curious, hadn’t given meditation per se a serious thought before Calm. The Daily Calm is now an essential element in my day. It works, if you work it 👌👌.Version: 5.15

Meditation app w/ you in mindI recommend this app to anyone looking for a meditation app. I have even given gift subscriptions to friends looking to mediate because they are so in tune with their clients needs. They are always looking at feedback, offering content to meet needs and finding things to offer I didn’t even know I wanted. The narrators are wonderful & plentiful so if one doesn’t cut it for you, you can change. There is also calming sounds, perfect sleep stories and A daily check in to see how you feel and offer suggestions on what might help. Their Master classes are great for learning things like mindful eating, better sleep, how to relax, and even improving your performance in life. All star narrators like Lebron James, Matthew McConaughey, Lucy Liu, Bindi Irwin, Bob Ross, Jerome Flynn, Leona Lewis, Jason Kidd & more read sleep stories & give advice on how to improve aspects of your life. Sabrina Carpenter & Sam Smith give music mixes to help you sleep or relax. They even have a calm body to help you wake up, warm up/cool down from your workout, reset for the afternoon and wind down for the evening. This app is for your whole body not just your mind. Keep up the amazing work Calm. This app is worth every penny..Version: 4.19.1

Great app, use it every nightI love the Calm app! I stumbled upon a television commercial about it a few years ago and decided to give it a try. I have had trouble falling asleep for years, and was honestly skeptical that an app would put me to sleep. Boy was I wrong! I love the different options - sleep stories, music, meditation - each one is interesting, and while I can’t say I’ve managed to get to end of a story…well that’s the point. I’m out within five minutes. I’ve read some reviews about the expense - here’s the thing - what is your sleep and a relaxed mindset worth to you? Divide that annual cost by 365 and you’re paying a pittance for your health. Check back around the holidays - the makers of Calm run specials sometimes that make it even more worthwhile. I had just renewed my annual fee two summers ago, when an end of year special came around. It was a lifetime subscription that was going to save hundreds of dollars over the years. I knew I wouldn’t get the remainder of my annual fee (8 months left) refunded if I jumped on the lifetime subscription, but it was still worth the jump. This is a must have app. *App makers - please put the sleep check-in back! With the latest update it is gone, and it was something that really helped understanding factors that affect sleep..Version: 5.27

SleepingEven just using the free version the app has fantastic sleep stories that really do put me to sleep. I also love the nature sounds as white noise while I’m working or when baby is having a nap in am environment with random sounds. Added bonus for being able to change languages in settings and get sleep Stories in that language!.Version: 4.22

The best way to calm anxietyI’m a 19 y/o college student that suffers from an anxiety disorder. I feel anxious most of the time and when things to actually feel anxious about present themselves it can be absolutely debilitating for me physically and emotionally. However calm allows me to find hope in my current predicaments, and is amazing at calming me down. I really enjoy the soundscapes and meditation but my favorite thing is definitely the sleep story’s. Listening to a bedtime story made for little kids mostly is really strangely therapeutic. There are more adult options but give the kiddy one’s a try. I feel like I’m one of the last demographics that these sleep story’s would reach but they make me feel more secure and able to connect back to the security of childhood. But anyways I highly recommend this app, the subscription is a bit pricey but the quality isn’t matched anywhere else. Falling asleep, calming down, feeling secure, and gaining more confidence & hope have all been easy and peaceful to do with this app. I’ve been falling asleep with my headphones on every night so I can listen to this without disturbing my roommate. But I feel like he would enjoy it too. After just the first day of the free trial I’m hooked..Version: 5.34

Much better than medications for sleepI have often struggled to get to sleep and have tried different options including medications. The sleep stories are so effective getting me to sleep easily and naturally..Version: 4.8.1

So relaxing and amazingI absolutely love love love this app!!!!♥️ once I could not go to sleep so I turned on some of the calm music and I fell asleep 10 minutes later. I was amazed. I have been getting better sleep since than. Also whenever I am feeling stressed or anxious about someone or something, I listen to one of the daily calms or the next day on the meditation trial. Right away it’s as if you were brought into some beautiful relaxing world where there are these voices saying “It will be ok no matter what. This will pass.” And it does its amazing how calming and peaceful this app is. Next, mood check in. The mood check in helps me express and release good and bad feelings and thoughts. Enjoy the good ones and let go of the bad ones. It even gives you a chance to write a little about them. It’s like your own personal diary, but way better. Last but definitely not least, I Believe this app can make you a better person. To be happier, to live life longer. It can be a real life changer. And just know that it’s never to late to start fresh again. It’s never to late to change yourself. But most of all, it’s never to late lo be the big change in the world, that you have wished for. And calm can help with all of that. This is a total recommendation for anyone..Version: 4.23

Good reviewTo bad it isn’t free. If there wasn’t a membership needed to get to all of the experiences, I would use this app much more then I already do. I only just got the app but so far (other then the money wanting) it is a good journey. Maybe include more rain and water sound tracks. Also maybe a choice between male and female voices for each sound track. It then gives an option, I prefer the different voices for different sound tracks. Another opinion is that there could be a space for sound tracks listening at the moment. Because I can’t find the ones I’m listening to. I have to keep restating different ones haha. Good luck and good job!!.Version: 4.20

AMAZINGI use this app when I’m feeling particularly anxious and having a rough time getting to sleep and I can not tell you just how wonderful it is! It has many features that just make the app so easy and stress free to use for example I love that you can have a background sound going (for example rain) and be able to still turn your phone off and the sound carries on! (Some apps the sound turns off when you turn your phone off making it hard to use if you want it while your trying to sleep) There is a large selection of sounds to be able to choose from and not have to pay it’s just great I can’t tell you the amount of times it’s helped me :)).Version: 4.22

The best app I ownI’ve had this app for a month. I’d never meditated before but was feeling tense. From the very first session I felt like my mind had been released. Cleared of the mental fog, the fear, the worry. I can think clearly now, objectively and am not driven by my emotions or frustration. I do two 10 minute sessions a day, one before and one after work. The app is more than just mediation though. I love the calming background music that I put on when I’m busy at work. There are sessions on healthy eating, sleep and relaxation too for those times when you don’t want to meditate but you do want to learn more. I can’t praise Calm enough. It’s a subscription model app but I’m more than happy to pay it as I can quite honestly say that it has changed my life..Version: 4.16

Better sleep, better mental health, excellent content quality.This is the only subscription app I pay for. Willingly. I *love* that the speakers talk in normal voices. I've listened to a lot of guided relaxation type things and I hate w h e n s p e a k e r s d r a g o u t w o r d s. Or have reverb behind them. It makes me angry, not relaxed. In the Calm app the speakers just talk like normal, calm, people. Last night I was highly stressed, I used the 10 minute 'emergency calm' meditation and it worked. Instead of spiralling I became calm enough to fall asleep. The only negative is that the meditations tend to be very general. I wish they'd do a range for serious specific problems such as chronic or terminal illness, disabilities, suffering bullying/violence, in an identity crisis etc. ---------------- I spend more than $60US a year (the subscription fee for this app) on medication to help me sleep. This app saves me money by helping me to fall asleep without medication. I've also been using the meditations to help with my anxiety as I will soon be going off my anti-anxiety medication (which hasn't been helping much, anyway). I particularly love the story about sheep. Stephen Lyons and Alan Sklar have such soothing voices, I hope they do some more stories soon..Version: 4.5

I never write reviews but this is app is the best!I felt compelled to write about this app! I am one of those people that find it difficult to switch off and zone out. I’ve tried rival apps such as headspace but couldn’t really get on with it but the thing I have found so useful with calm is the sleep stories. I’ve been struggling with sleep recently but I switch on the sleep stories and I fall asleep within minutes. And I never thought I would fall asleep whilst Matthew Mccounaghey was talking to me!!! But I’ve been monitoring my sleep and I am having the best sleep (enough deep sleep) that I have had in ages. I love the music as well. Sometimes I will just open the app and have the sounds of waves playing and it really helps me to chill out. The meditation is also good but for someone that struggles to sit and meditate the sleep stories and sounds are a great alternative to chill without sitting and trying to meditate. I cannot rate this app highly enough! The best money I have spent in ages!.Version: 4.4.5

My favourite meditation appBy far the best meditation app I have used. The Calm app is easy to navigate, simple and easy on the eye. I highly recommend paying for this app and unlocking other meditational session, it's well worth it. I also enjoy Tamara's voice, she has a warmth and gentle sound to her voice. She speak in a slow calming pace and pause while you gather your thoughts. The developers have put a lot of time designing this app and it is well thought through. I enjoy the special features that pop occasionally on the home page. And the different scenes I can change to meditate. This app has relaxed me and let go of unwanted tensions. Love this app! There are always new meditation added and there is enough meditation to enjoy and not get bored..Version: 3.7

Better than any medicationI've been listening to calm for many years now. Initially being Australian I was concerned it not being in my native accent and it would be difficult to listen to but I have to say I only need to hear Tamara Levitt's voice and I feel soothed. For an anxious person, who has suffered insomnia adding this to my toolbox has been the greatest gift. I love everything about it, sleep stories, calm body, daily calm, masterclasses. My favourite way to start my day is to 'meet up' with Christy-Ann and do get morning wake up and stretch 💕 Thank you CALM 💗 can't recommend it enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 5.32

It's great but...This app is really good! It has lots of natural sounds and songs that are very calming! But just one problem... I tried the 7 days of happiness meditation and after listening to the first day I felt as though it had worked really well but the next day when I tried to listen to the next one it wouldn't let me and said I had to pay to get to have it. it's the same for each of the meditations- you can listen to the first one and then you have to pay for the rest! I get that the app has to make money but when you start off it seems as tough it's free but it's not! That shouldn't stop you getting the app though, i do use the music and sounds to help me concentrate when I'm working they help a lot and there free!.Version: 3.7

21days of Calm ... and so much moreDo you experience any stress in your life? Or, perhaps your life is spinning out of control. Or, if not, you may find yourself somewhere in between. The Calm app does not solve life‘s problems but it does help reframe them to give us a better way of living with and living through our problems. One of the greatest features is the Daily Calm which is a 10+ minute meditation. This does not mean zoning out to some strange mantra and pursuing another mystical realm! Instead, the user is guided through various styles of mindfulness. At the conclusion, guidance is given on how to approach life or reframe our issues in order to better live life rather than life dominating you. If you do choose to subscribe, there are probably hundreds of targeted series (and growing)-/ everything from sleeping better to dealing with relationships with others, dealing with loss and even dealing with yourself. Using this app consistently (I use it frequently, not daily—I sometimes forget or get caught up in my business!) will surely help you not control your life but learn to not be controlled by your life..Version: 4.5

Amazing!After school and four bus rides a day this really helps. I love all the sleep stories expect I just really would like it if there was more free sleep stories! Please please make more free. If your one of those people that think oh no cool people don’t meditate and stuff well try it, it’s amazing..Version: 3.14

Calm is good at just that - calming down when you don’t feel like youSuper effective and the feels are calm once you’ve done a few minutes. It’s great. Definitely try it..Version: 4.20

Worth the moneyI gave this app a try about 6 months ago when my work routine completely changed, and I needed to start work at 3am rather than 3pm. I was struggling with anxiety alot and this helped more than I could have imagined. It’s not just calming, if I use when i go to bed, theres only been two times I haven’t fallen asleep before the end of the Daily Calm. Tamara Levitts voice is so soothing and genuine, I really like the guided breathing, and sometimes I use the sleep stories too. Tbh there is alot more features to the app than I even use and its still worth it to me. Everyone who is crying about $80 for a whole year of using this app, must have never really felt true anxiety or chronic sleep difficulties... you would pay it for one night of peace sometimes. It only seems like alot of money when there’s so many free apps available, but you have to consider what you’re getting in return. It’s well worth it..Version: 4.14

Have a lookI would recommend anyone has a look at this app and trials the sessions. It's your meditation and mindfulness coach at home. It's a collection of sleep stories for your kids (and insomniacs). It's self care and self coaching for daily common struggles in life when you might be too afraid or ashamed to discuss them openly. I love the pace of the meditation and coaching series ie there's a 7 day program to build self esteem. And you can't skip a recording or fast forward, so you're left anticipating what's on the next tape tomorrow. It's an excellent product for others to learn optimism, and practice slowing down..Version: 3.7

My doctor recommended it to me and I love itI’ve always struggled with anxiety and not being able to calm down. All of the features which this app has to offer really help me when I’m studying (I like having soundscapes or music on), relaxing (breathing exercises or meditation), and getting ready for bed (sleep stories and body scans). It is so worth it to pay for the subscription, and even before I paid for the subscription (my doctor recommended the app to me not knowing I had the free version of it for about 3 years already) there was a lot of content available. I love the calendar features as well, and the check-ins are a great way for me to reflect on my day and practice gratitude. One suggestion I have though are podcasts! I like to listen to people talking about any subject while I’m doing tasks around the house or just trying to sleep (sometimes the silence is a lot and I can’t focus on sleeping with my thoughts). If you guys made some soft spoken or any kind of podcast in which there wasn’t a lot of yelling and loud talking, I’d totally listen in. (I know there are some masterclasses and lesson type things available on the app already, but they’re just not podcasts).Version: 5.11.1

7 days of self esteemI love using the Calm App I use it as a tool for mindfulness and in my everyday life and situations. I am currently using the 7 days of self esteem while I work out. Thank you Calm for providing me with the tools for my own personal growth and mindfulness journey I am so grateful..Version: 3.8.2

I have 3 months !My aunt got me three months for my birthday in late October . Ashamed I’ve waited nearly a whole month to use the gift card , but I am extremely impressed . I always has bias towards this app just due to its advertisements and monthly subscription cost . These days everything has a subscription and also costs money. I recommend you give it a month for a free trial and if u don’t like it then u don’t have to use it . I love all the music options for sleep and I haven’t checked out the stories or the mediation section just yet . I think this app has potential and is more then likely one of the best apps for mental health ( maybe I’m not sure ) Anyhow , it has a sleep timer and you have the ability to download music files to the app for offline use .... As a person that suffers from insomnia and an irregular sleep cycle , I hope this app can help me as I have issues holding down a job because of anxiety and other mental disease. My name is Morgan , I’m 22 years old , and I wanna thank u for reading my review ... If anyone ever does ... Stay frosty friends . <3.Version: 5.8

Sleep, anxiety, & life saver all in one appHonestly, I had come to a point in my life where I insomnia and anxiety were at an all time high , I was on anxiety meds, sleep meds, anything they could do to try & get my anxiety and insomnia under control & even when the pills weren’t really helping, I decided to try this app out because even doctors had recommend it, while yes- price tag can seem like a lot, BUT I used this one night while my anxiety was setting in and I was asleep half way through the sleep story and when I woke in the morning I was in disbelief. Nothing, I mean nothing had helped me until I found this app. The meditation & sleep stories are amazing. I am so grateful for this app. Now, the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars would be due to a recommend I have for the creators, they should create a watch or something that can track your sleep & in the morning provide meditations, music, sleep stories that reflected how you slept the night before. For example, if someone woke up a lot, or of people were waking up frequently and having a hard time going back to sleep & maybe making suggestions for a meditation they could choose that one as more personal, or for anxiety with sleep or sleeplessness, things like that. I don’t know that would be my only recommendation, but overall and amazing app that’s worth the price..Version: 4.26

Much Needed Self Care in a Pandemic WorldI don’t know how I would be making it through the Covid 19 stress without this app. As someone who struggles with anxiety even in the best of times, I decided to try this app out to deal with the stress of the pandemic. I am so glad I decided to pay for full access to all of the features! I am learning how to meditate in ways that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I have recommended this app to all of my friends. The targeted sessions for different aspects of life (stress, sleep, anxiety, etc) are so helpful. There are meditations that are very short for when I need to be centered quickly to deal with a difficult situation and meditations that are longer for when I have time to do a more intensive session. A nice bonus is the relaxing music that I play while I’m working to keep a peaceful vibe throughout my work day. Unlike some meditation instructions, this app does not push any agenda that is targeted toward or against any particular faith, which I know has turned some people away from meditation apps in the past. I am so grateful for what this app has brought to my mind and spirit!.Version: 4.25

Peace at HeartIt’s just something I can turn to when I need refuge from the world immediately. Wise words peace and CALM and tranquility. It takes me back to my breath ... my life source. Lillottaloveliness.Version: 5.5

Works better than medicineWe all underestimate the danger of stress on our bodies. I’ve used this app in the past to calm me down but of course I let my hectic lifestyle take over again and probably didnt use it in a couple years. I’m on my 8th day of a continuous migraine, after 2 trips to the ER, a CT scan, seeing 3 different doctors and getting 4 different treatments messing with my head and my heart and my blood flow and not making me feel any better I finally return to this app and can’t even describe or believe myself the positive impact it has on my pain. I can’t even believe it, what’s crazier is that none of my doctors even mentioned stress or any way to manage it - let’s face it that doesn’t pour money in the health system and the big pharmas. Save yourself some cash, some additional stress and meditate. Thank you calm..Version: 4.29

Life changing - busy Corporate Sales ExecutiveI have a type-A personality, who is a high achieving corporate sales executive. I'm also a parent of a child with special needs so life is very busy. In 2014, when work and family life did not shape up the way I had planned, I reached the lowest point of my life. I wasn't able to sleep and couldn't function normally. I was frequently forgetful (e.g. did if I off the lights 2 minutes ago?), was diagnosed with anxiety and and my ability to think and process ideas slowed down considerably. I took half a year off work, visited countless doctors and psychologists and consumed anti-anxiety vitamins. This helped me get back to work, but the side effects of the vitamins, primarily memory impairment, was unbearable. Seeking natural remedies for a solution, I turned to meditation. I was referred to Calm by one of my doctors. After 6 months of meditating twice a day with Calm, I no longer take any anti-anxiety vitamins, I'm on top of my career and I'm present when I'm spending time with family. My sincerest thanks to Tamara Levitt and her team. You've definitely changed my life and I'm very thankful..Version: 3.7

Worth every pennyIt almost seems like everyone in the world has anxiety and depression nowadays. I dont want another problem like addiction to drugs so I was endlessly in search of alternative help. I just want to be more in control of my emotions. Hormones play a big part in my emotions. An instance that makes me furious, sad, depressed, hopeless, and aggravated one day could be the same instance on another day and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Due to my fluctuations in emotions due to hormone changes I didn’t want to take pill(s) daily. So I stumbled across this app and gave it a try. NEVER LOOKED BACK. It’s wonderful for stopping me in my tracks and calming me down. But you do it often and the lessons follow in your life. I love love love the coach’s voice. I am a private person and don’t share my feelings which is helpful to some, but I don’t need to when I practice with the help of this app. You can choose how much time you want to spend. A lot or a little. There’s even an “emergency calm” selection, I haven’t used but am saving it for when I need that best friend to say “everything is going to be ok!”.Version: 4.29

Best Meditation AppI've used a few meditations apps and I've found this is the best, so far..Version: 3.7

The Calm WayI've used Calm for 1 year so farand I've found it to be very relaxing. It also stimulates new and exciting ways of thinking. It's never boring. There is enough content to keep me going back for more. All in all, I find it to be a deeply satisfying experience at a very reasonable cost. UPDATE AT 22 FEB 20 Calm is the gift that just keeps giving! 2 days ago, after 2 years, I finally thought I would try some of the relaxing music for the first time and by luck or serendipity, Calm had just introduced 2 new items, Dreamcatcher by Robert Foster and Lunar Lullaby by Lindsey Stirling. What can I say, I’ve been playing them end to end for hours. They so relaxing! The ethereal music apart, Calm is just an amazing App, so many talented mentors and guest contributors and it is still a very reasonable price. I give it full marks..Version: 4.20

Helps u sleep, app needs options for personalizationI have had this app for more than a year and have very much enjoyed listening to many stories, perfect for lulling you off to sleep. I enjoy/prefer non-fiction stories and have heard all offerings multiple times. I find the whispered stories super creepy… But maybe thats just me. I haven’t listened to any music selections. For the high subscription price though, the app should be nearly perfect, when in fact there are features missing. First, I wish that they would allow you to remove the stories that you don’t care for from the “playlist” so you wouldn’t have to sift through them each time you look for something you want to listen to. Additionally they are EXTRAORDINARILY SLOW to add new stories so consequently I have listened to the same “favorite” stories many many many times. I wish also that there were an option to list stories by “newest” so if they do add a new one it will readily be evident. The “nap” stories should not be listed with the “sleep” stories, since those have a “wake up” feature at the end. With a few minor tweaks to allow a user personalize their preferences and more frequent content updates, this app could be exceptional..Version: 4.14.1

So effective, a help in healing, in finding peaceI LOVE this ap. I had a near death experience (NDE) a little over a year ago. The emotional path that can follow was a little tough, as was seeing and feeling the imperfectness of being a human more intensely. Thanks to a few friends who had raved about meditation apps at a family reunion (not mine), I search and found this ap a few weeks after the NDE. I love the effective, short Daily Calm meditation (~10-12 minutes), so easy to fit in, so effective in creating a calming break for the mind which can bring at least a moment’s peace, and can also help bring a much longer peaceful perspective reset. There’s even a three minute emergency meditation, nighttime sleep meditations, specific areas of interest series as well as wonderful option of Master Classes. Check it out. My longest streak (it tracks this for you) was 27 day, just after the NDE, but some were just a day or two before I miss a day or two. Focusing on the breath ... your breath ... following it. So effective. And the reflections at the end, with the beautiful daily picture ... are daily gems. Thanks to Tamara Levitt, thanks to Daily Calm..Version: 4.14.1

Everything you need to start a mindfulness practiceI never review apps but am so thankful to everyone involved in making this one. I’d recommend Calm to everyone trying to start meditating, or who wants to de-stress. It’s non-preachy, simple to use, and made with love. This visually soothing and beautifully designed app has everything, and I mean everything you need if you want to explore meditation, mindfulness, or gratitude. - themed guided and unguided meditations of various lengths for adults, beginners, and children; you can really tailor your meditations to your current goals or preoccupations; - specialised sleep meditations; - daily meditations that draw inspiration from the time of the year (one on family relationships at Christmas was very useful); - soothing background music you can listen to when out of the app; - short audio courses on everything from mindfulness to performance to breaking bad habits; - yoga-inspired exercises to do throughout the day; - Siri-activated meditations; stories to put you to sleep (including a small ASMR section, if that’s your thing) and more. You can very quickly download content to access it offline, including genius flight anxiety meditations that got me to feel serene during a very turbulent flight. I’d have paid the full yearly subscription for just those meditations..Version: 4.5

Outstanding Mediation AppI started with a free trial for Calm and then I was gifted a years subscription by a friend. It’s been outstanding in every way, I love that you can do so many different types of meditation. I’ve been struggling with Complex PTSD and narcissistic abuse over last few years particularly. I’ve been for help through the Local Mental Health Board and it helped slightly. Every single mediation I have listened to has helped me enormously and I love you can follow a daily Calm or 7 or 21 day programmes or as I have done lately I’ve picked the ones that I felt I needed for that day. I cannot tell you how much this has helped my emotional, spiritual and mental health which in turn has positive effect on my physical health. I have recommended this app to my friends, one of which bought me this as a gift and in turn she has bought it for herself and loving it too..Version: 3.19.3

The perfect relaxation appAfter 2 years with an annual subscription, I’m about to get a lifetime sub - I never make that sort of commitment so this app must be good! It has everything you want from a relaxation app, from guided meditations to ambient sounds, and the best part of the app - sleep stories. The sleep stories are so well written and delivered it’s a joy to pick one out each evening - Alan Sklar and Erik Braa are my favourite narrators but they’re all good. The only tiny thing I wish they’d improve is the ability to queue up sleep stories. I rarely get to hear the end of a single story because I’ve fallen asleep, but occasionally I do get insomnia and knowing the story is going to end and I’ll have to set up another one kind of adds to the stress of not being able to sleep. It would be lovely to be able to set up a second story in advance. That’s a really minor thing though, it’s still a 5* app!.Version: 4.16.1

I'm so disappointed...I purchased the FULL app ( yearly subscription ) but I changed my phone and the google account. Today nearly £35 has been taken from my account even though I have no access to the premium services. I've tried to access my old Google account but it's linked to my old phone number which ceased to exist when I bought my iPhone, even tried through the App itself but it just says something like no subscription has been found for this device.....I KNOW THAT ITS A NEW PHONE. So I've gone from LOVING this app to basically having money stolen from them. IF they do the decent thing and sort this out I will for sure update......but until then AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE....unless you can afford to throw money away to a con company..Version: 4.18

Support systemCalm is my life support system since I discovered it after leaving my marriage of 40 years! If I can’t sleep I turn on a story. Each Morning Tamara’s loving voice soothes and calms in my meditation practice. I’m addicted to her voice and calm!.Version: 4.11

Perfect for insomniacsI love this app. It really helps me get to sleep, and that’s always been a problem for me, as I work nights and have always struggled to get to sleep anyway. Yes I did get frustrated with the free version, so I ended up subscribing, but possibly you could use this app for free and still get to sleep. I almost never get to hear the end of a sleep story. I took a star off because the lady Tamara who does the Daily Calm, and also reads many of the sleep stories does not have the soporific voice required for this app in my opinion. Nothing personal. Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry, Erik Braa and others though, wow they put me straight to sleep most nights. I just need Welsh and French accented readers now, unless I just listed them above, and my life will be complete..Version: 4.11.1

Daily Dose of JoyI use the clam app at least once a day often twice a day. I usually do the daily mediation on the way to work and it helps to settle my mind and put me into a positive and mindful state of mind. I often use the bedtime stories when I can’t sleep or if I want to have a smooth bedtime transition. I recommend the app to everyone especially those that have anxiety or prone to overthink. As the daily mediation helps to be more present. These have helped me to focus more on the present. Mediation takes practice but the the daily guided sessions on the app really help to nurture the skills needed to mediate confidently. I used the app for free for a couple of weeks and then because I found it really useful I paid for the yearly subscription and it’s worth every penny..Version: 4.14.1

The Practice of Mindfulness invites Peace of MindLife is full of changes, expectations, the unknown, it can be scary and make one feel anxious or wonder what is the purpose of life... Since discovering this App I’ve been practicing everyday and I do a number of sessions a day. Before discovering this App my anxiety was severe and I felt adrenaline rushes and I also had insomnia. I felt the pressure of work and the changes in my personal life. I wanted to find ways to empower myself through practices such as mindfulness and exercise and eating well rather than become a victim of anxiety and prescription drugs. I am embracing change and self love and I am much more present in each moment. Life is beautiful and change is welcome 🙏 xx The app has many amazing programs and functions and the imagery is stunning along with the soothing sounds. I also love the narrators voices as they truly allow you to relax into each session. Thank you - this app has helped me immensely and I am truly grateful xx S.Version: 4.4.4

Love it!The Calm app has made a huge difference for me and has help unlock an inner peace that I never knew existed. It’s my daily staple. Have passed it onto both of my adult children as well. Highly recommend this app. You won’t look back!.Version: 5.9.1

Changed my lifeI’ve had a couple of concussions and meditation has helped bring so much peace and clarity to my mind. It’s a daily ritual that I can’t go without. It’s helped me see the beauty in the world again..Version: 4.11.3

Best app everHands down the best app ever made. I don’t know what I would do without this app. To provide some background, I am a teenager who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome which is on the Autism Spectrum and I suffer from anxiety and difficulty dealing with strong emotions. This app has provided me with a guide to managing my emotions and even integrating new practices into my life. Looking back I am confused as to how I managed without it. You are provided with a large library of guided audible sleep stories, meditations, music and soundscapes. You also get access to masterclasses as well as a journal style thing where you can log your emotions and write about them which I find helpful as I like to write about my emotions. Yes, you do need to pay to access all the content but I don’t really blame them as that is how they make profit. It is absolutely worth spending the £40 a year. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, sleeping difficulties, depression and/or strong emotions then you should look no further than this app and install it right now! Trust me, you will not regret it..Version: 5.0

TransformativeI had investigated meditation and other peace of mind avenues a little, but never consistently or with results. Giving the trial a go I had no hesitation signing up at the end. I have had struggles with mental health for many years and a lifelong goal has been to ‘get some of that peace of mind I hear so much about’. I haven’t got there, because it’s not a destination. However, I have greatly improved in many areas of my life. I am less stressed or anxious, have better insight into myself and others, increased confidence and focus. Most importantly I have a lifelong tool for dealing with anything and for bringing balance and joy. It took me some time, but I have also made use of Calms many avenues beyond meditation. From sleep and mood check ins, to music for study and sleep stories (yes, they work, they don’t keep you up). Not using any social media, generally keeping away from my phone as much as possible. Calm is the one thing I use every day. I’m currently less than 20 days away from a year long streak of daily meditation. This app is brilliant, worth every cent and more. Thank you to everyone who helps it to be what it is..Version: 5.30.1

Hooked on Day 2...This morning I woke at 4am in an unfamiliar state of presence and ‘calm’. I drank water, started reading The Power Of Now (Eckhart Tolle), and after the introduction simply knew in that presence that I wanted to say hello to me, to consciousness, to the now. I put down the book and played Day 2 - How to Meditate on this app I had just downloaded yesterday. I am now finding my Homebase, through the calming inspiration narrated by Jeff Warren, and when I opened my eyes I was filled with such peace in this moment (now 5am) that tears welled up. I embraced this expression of my self and felt pure joy. This moment demanded a review of this app that I am grateful to invest in after my 7 day trial. Everything else I enjoy about the logistics, user-friendly UI, and clean beauty of the app itself are all cherries on top of what I gained internally after only two days of meditating...breathing...feeling. Thank you, developers. I am humbly grateful for your inspirations. On that note, my one request would be to incorporate the ability to Bluetooth or google cast the sessions and what not. I’d love to play it through my tv when resting in bed or Bluetooth speaker when sitting by the pool! 🥰.Version: 4.27

I don’t feel aloneDuring this time of isolation due to the pandemic, my daughter suggested I download this app. She’s been using it for a while and has premium. I downloaded it and I’m using the free service for now. This usually is not my “cup of tea“ and thought I would just try it. I have had a lot of anxiety and feel isolated and alone. I signed up and they have a very nice welcome letter. I tried one of the meditations and it is current with the times, it’s very relatable and because of that it has helped a lot. When I received the second long letter which I’m sure is a form letter but very well done, it has made me feel as if I am part of a community and a family which I do not have. Thank you from the bottom my heart for this wonderful app. There are plenty of meditations to choose from when you are first starting out and don’t understand the reviews about not having free meditations. This is a great stepping stone for someone who is new to meditation and I for one am very grateful. Great app. The meditations really are working for me and I recommend this to anyone who needs a little calm in their life..Version: 5.10.2

Truly helpful!I have using this app, only a couple of months. For a while, I was not consistent. Each day, I listening to the Daily Calm, sometimes the sleep stories, and listen to the Masterclasses provided, I understand and appreciate more. The nuances come, by being consistent, which would seem obvious. It takes practice to understand and enjoy those nuances. The difference it makes? Better focus, easier to calm and centre myself, sleep better, and the list continues to grow. Thank you so very much, for the work, which happens here. There is magic in that, you just need to turn, to be curious. This time, curiosity is rewarded..Version: 4.11.3

I can sleep again!Such a simply well thought out tool that works the way your brain does. Super good at taking advantage of your minds ability to be distracted and focused all at the same time. Great for mindfulness and relaxation practice. I love the night stories best. Had recently suffered accute insomnia after a major illness. These were a life saver..Version: 4.19.2

Favourite AppI started Calm in March last year and LOVE it. I love Tamara Levitt also - she’s perfect. Calm has helped me finally achieve meditating for which I am very grateful because it has had a very positive impact on my life. My family have noticed it- yea! I start and finish my days with Calm because I love the sleep stories too, they have definitely helped me get to sleep easily and pleasantly. The whole App is very nurturing 😊.Version: 4.4.5

The absurd paywall ruins the experienceThere’s only 1 subscription option and it’s for a $70. Yes it’s for a year but we’re in a crisis right now, the bill to save people from being evicted hasn’t been signed yet still and people are still without adequate jobs especially gig workers. The current subscription offer takes advantage of this and is not the type of app I would want to use to relieve stress and anxiety as it is clearly only wants to relieve nearly empty bank accounts. What... people are supposed to decide between making you richer or being responsible for their families and paying their rent and utilities. Ppl are supposed to decide whether their emotional and mental health to ease the stress in their lives is more important than the actual issues going on. Yes some people can pay $70, either they can afford it or they’re bad at money and should be using it elsewhere. Come up with more sub options please, at least break down the $70 into manageable chunks. You could probably even charge more that way, I’m sure that would make your pockets happy..Version: 5.10.1

Worth itI downloaded this app for myself since I have such a busy mind but this app has also been such an excellent tool for my 3 year old. She loves that she gets to choose a story and for nap time or bedtimes where she usually refuses sleep, it takes her just a few minutes to doze off. Absolute lifesaver..Version: 4.5

Love itIt is my grounding and it has gotten me through more moments good and bad, that I can count! I’m a lifer lol 🥰.Version: 4.13.1

WowHi I’m a year 7 student, who has experienced many issues in the year of 2019, this year my parents split witch caused a lot of family problems and anxiety. Shortly after this my grand farther had a stroke and is now lying on his death bed. And of cause this created lots of anxiety witch then created sleep problems. My therapist then showed me calm, I downloaded it but never actually opened the app. Later I wasn’t sleeping at night so I remembered her words and tried the app. After doing that I admittedly paid for the the subscription and now use it every night witch helps me fall asleep with a full 9 hours of sleep instead of 4-3 with waking up constantly with anxiety. Thx calm!!!!! Amazing app recommended..Version: 4.18

JourneysI go to sleep to a limited type of calm stories which is hardly growing with the types being added. I enjoy journeys..by train or place. I find stories with characters too stimulating and demanding and sleep doesn't come like it does with a journey. I don't enjoy fantasy. Presenter wise I select Tamara Levitt, Erik Braa and a few others. Overall Calm has made a huge difference in my ability to get to sleep at all. Thank you..Version: 4.19.2

App is amazing - worth the money for sureI have debated for months over whether to pay for this subscription or not but no other app I have used has compared to Calm. So I often found myself coming back to use the app and for that reason I gave the subscription a go. I have to say that the meditations I enjoy the most have the option to select a different persons voice, or with guest instructors. I loved Tamara’s voice at the start but it became a little repetitive and I now enjoy hearing other voices a little more. Sorry Tamara! The brand is amazing though! I wish there were more Calm body workouts as I really enjoy those but there are only a small few. Maybe it would be good to stop developing new sleep stories and focus on the other elements of the app as there are LOADS of sleep stories now. 🤍.Version: 4.29

Amazing and life changingI was down in the dumps I was trying to regain my life back after trying to take it.. then I found mindfulness and found this ap.. i rely on it daily to help me bring life into perspective, it’s been my guide and helped me go from 10/10 anxiety driven to being more aware of my body sensations and when anxiety is starting to even build up.. my overall state of being only in a few weeks of doing this have become a lot calmer. My journey is now more non reactive and I am able to enjoy life more and also have a place I can go to that gives me serenity.. all this along with the help of the almighty God, I am enjoying a new me journey..Version: 4.1.1

Anxious MomThis has been the biggest help in living a more peaceful life at home. Raising 3 children all same age can be extremely challenging, exhausting and nerve wrecking. I felt myself slipping away and becoming an “angry mom” always loosing my calm when something the kids did upset me. I knew there needed to be a change with my reaction to create a reciprocated response that wasn’t negative. This helped me more than I can ever explain or put in writing. I still have anxiety, this app isn’t a cure- BUT it has been my tool in creating a more peaceful home and has helped immensely. Thank you Calm for helping me become the mother I always wanted to be. A fun, chill mom. To everyone thinking of downloading please do. When you have tried so many different things and are at the end of your ropes don’t lose hope give Calm app a whirl. Try it every time you feel like you are going down that spiral of despair IT WORKS! Tamara Levitt is my personal relaxation therapist even if she doesn’t know it ☺️!.Version: 4.11

EnlighteningThis sort of thing has never been me. Never! However, lately I’ve encountered a lot of extra stress and there was a weight that was pushing me down in to places I didn’t want to be. I don’t know how I heard about this app or why I thought to try it yesterday but I downloaded the it and after only two days of using it, I feel different. It’s not all the time, of course, just while I’m listening to the sessions for now, but I truly feel this could change things for me. It’s accessible, easy to use and has so many different features and options I feel like it will be a daily escape. Amazing 😌.Version: 4.18

Awesome!! 👏Well, I’ve been using the premium version for about ten months - a year and trust me, it’s worth the money. This is an awesome way to earn money. To all those people who want to create apps and get money from it, this is exactly how. And also, the girl named Tamara, (sorry I forgot your sername) you really inspire me to create story’s because just the way you do it is incredible, I really love this app. When ever you feeling like this 😔, this app will make you feel like all of these 😁😌💁‍♀️🙃😉😋😜🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻, trust me. GET THIS APP, YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!! P.S. If you are an app developer 👩‍💻 please reply to this... 😊😋😁😻😄👍👍👍you guys hv potential.Version: 5.8

Way better than I expected.But a bit too expensive to subscribe to. It would be great to be able to choose a selection for a 1 off price, or maybe purchase singularly. The two free ones are great, but there is no way to sample the others before subscribing. Fingers crossed for a different pricing structure..Version: 4.4

LOVE IT!! ...... BUTI really did love this App!! .. I used it every night and even paid for the “Premium “ for one year! But life changes and some of us can not afford to pay that kind of money, it’s ridiculous! .. It says it’s a free app but everything is locked accept for one sleep story! Really! (I didn’t even bother to look at anything else!).. We are now dealing with so much more stress and money issues due to the Covid-19 but this app is just racking in the money and having NO consideration for the real people!.Version: 4.25

Insomniac .. tamed12mths ago I could not sleep ... with Calm I can meditate .. time my breathing ... listen to some great sleep stories ... with my favsJerome , Cillian Eva and receive some daily calms from Tamara .. I now sleep better and have better quality sleep .. and if I wake up and think I can’t go back to sleep ... they even have a ‘back to sleep story’ .. which helps me back to sleep ..read by the amazing Jerome Flynn I discovered it’s white noise section which I use with my 8 month old granddaughter .. if she fails to fall asleep naturally on her afternoon nap .. she ends up sleeping for 2 hrs after using Calm . .. love the white-noise waves one . I’m also now using Calm as part of a weight support program.. to loose additional weight by getting a good night sleep .. I’ve recommended it to my son ... who reported back it was the best app ... also ..I realised that by doing the check ins ... it gets things off your chest to enable the next step to full relaxation...finally my cocker spaniel dog listens to it too.. she loves a story and is a very chilled dog ..Version: 5.14.1

GCSE STUDENT REVIEWAs a GCSE student, both weekdays and weekends can be stressful. I find a meditation session every morning, particularly those dealing with the topic of stress, not only clear my mind and improve my mood, but also make me more productive in terms of revision. Was hesitant at first when dad told me about the app - I had tried other equivalent apps before such as headspace, however it had become rather repetitive. Calm is brilliant for variety, there are so many different topics that are covered, from stress to gratitude to morning stretching. Sleep stories and calming music that the app offers are also amazing in helping me fall asleep, particularly on those nights before a test. Couldn’t recommend more! The only meditation app I've stuck with and not got bored of!.Version: 4.2.1

I love this appAfter using this app for two years I decided to leave a review. This is my go to app when I cannot sleep. No I don’t use it religiously every night but when I have my insomnia moments (and I don’t want to over use my sleeping tablets) I put on a sleep story and I’ve never heard the end of one yet. I like the meditation side as well and don’t use it as much as I should lots of options of voices, guided and unguided and themes. I have been paying for the app for maybe two years and used it free before but enjoyed it so much I bought it which I never do. I’ve recommended it to my mum as well. I find i use it more often in times of need such as stress, anxiety or insomnia and it has always helped me. I absolutely love Tamara’s voice she’s my go to. There’s so many voices but my negative part is I wish there was more of her sleep stories as I listen to the same 4/5 over and over. Also has ASMR if you’re into that. Very good for your mental well-being and it’s easy to use and navigate in the app. Daily mood check ins and now self reflection which is nice to look back on..Version: 5.12.1

Reaching for peaceCalm has been my buddy through all kinds of times and one place I know I can always turn to to steady myself, quieten the mind and restore for a new day. I’ve been subscribed to Calm for a few years now. Since I’ve discovered the App I’ve loved the variety of content it provides: from my favourite, which are sleep stories for both children and adults, to guided meditations to stretching and movement videos to wisdom and inspiration series. The quality of the content is always impressive and I also enjoy the look of the App. Highly recommend..Version: 6.3

My trialI’m really enjoying the variety this app offers me. The story time has been very helpful to get me to sleep even when I wake it is still effective. I enjoy having lots of choice of music to suit my mood and I enjoy the brief talk sessions offered. Definitely suits my busy life in fact I love the gentle reminders. I don’t mind paying for this app.Version: 5.1

BeautifulI used to go to sleep listening to Forensic Files and Fatal Attraction purely for the monotone narration. Now when I wake up listening to the beautiful sleep stories, where I’ve travelled to some magical place, I seem to be in a much better mood...go figure!.Version: 4.12

Great app!I just wish I could set more than one reminder!.Version: 3.7

So much on offerI started using Calm for meditation, but found the music to be great as well. The winner for me is the selection of sleep stories. For me, and my kids, we all enjoy a variety of stories. Definitely worth the investment!.Version: 4.4.5

Amazing! The best app available!I searched for a long time, trying many different mindful apps, but none worked. Untill I found Calm. I’ve had this app a little over 3 years now (amazing as I delete most of my apps within 10 months of installing!) After a month of using it for free, I wanted more. I subscribed and I keep doing so. This app has helped me to become my better self. I’m calmer in stressful situations, I’m becoming mindful in all aspects of my life. I feel freedom in my mind and body. I have anxiety and depression and with this app, they have become way more manageable (dont get me wrong, theres still bad days- but they aren’t half as often or nearly as bad as they use to be). I am a happier person. I thank the developers of this app and Tamara Levet for the amazing stories and meditations. I love the masterclasses and the yoga. I use the sleep stories every night to help me get to sleep- and it works! I can’t give enough praise to this app. It’s honnestly the only mindful app you’ll need or want. It has changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful. Namaste 🙏.Version: 4.8.1

Life changingI found this app because someone I know recommend I try it for the sleep stories. I’m a very busy person and my mind tends to race and sometimes I just can’t turn it off when I’m trying to sleep or relax. I tried one of the free sleep stories and I sacked out pretty quickly. I also tried the free background soundtracks and music when I was trying to concentrate. All worth the price of free admission. But then I tried the mediation. I’d always thought of meditation as new age mumbo jumbo. But many of the smartest people I know all have stories about when they started doing it and how it changed their life. So on a uncharacteristically unbusy Saturday I decided to try the meditation course. And now I realize how simple and profound it all is. It’s essentially just having then skill to not let your thoughts control how you feel. Not letting your emotions get the best of you. Once you can control your impulses, you are a different person. It’s really life changing. This course starts slow and you can see real benefits after a week or so. I know have my own story about when I started meditation and when my life changed for the better..Version: 4.25

I need Daily Calm every dayEver since I tried the free version of Daily Calm I knew it was exactly what I needed. I have used the premium subscription for a year now and Calm has more than met my expectations but exceeded them by far. Every morning I am in guided meditation with Tamara and then I do the gentle morning wake up stretches which have made a huge difference in the pain I used to have from my back issues. I do the chair stretches at work and the back care exercises when my lower back is hurting. I also listen to the sleep stories every night and fall asleep before half the story is over. These stories are so soothing and relaxing. And there are so many different stories and meditations to choose from. I can’t wait to delve into the talks given by experts regarding mindfulness and breaking bad habits, etc. I just wish I had more time to spend on Calm because I enjoy it so much. It has been worth every penny and i just renewed my subscription. Daily Calm is exactly what I need on a daily and nightly basis. I absolutely love it and look forward to another year with these wonderful people in this amazing app..Version: 4.2.1

It will help you through sleepless nights - worth the annual membershipI originally received a Calm membership for a year through Verizon and mostly knew it as a meditation app. I would probably give the meditation side of the app 3 stars. It has variety and guided options but if you are a meditator, it isn’t very helpful. The search feature also isn’t useful. I look for sound meditation with chimes at various times depending on how long I would like to meditate. And if I want a guided meditation, I want to be able to search by length, not topic. But all that being said, the sleep story side of this app is 5 stars. It has saved me from sleepless nights and eased me back to sleep when I’ve woken in the night due to anxiety and illness. While I don’t use it every night, when I do, I am asleep within minutes. On nights when I’m having a hard time sleeping, one to two will ease me to sleep. There’s great variety from fiction to nonfiction, different types of narrators, and different journeys from walking through a bookstore to riding a train to taking a trip to space. I highly recommend the paid version for these sleep stories. I’ve even enjoyed some of the children’s versions!.Version: 6.5

Meditation demystifiedI was directed to this app by The Mindful Kind when I started exploring mindfulness. Having never meditated before this has been a gentle and very helpful way in and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who needs an oasis of calm in the midst of a busy life..Version: 3.7

Helps me sleepI have a lot of issues settling down and the sleep stories really help me relax. I really enjoy the voices of Tamara and Anna. I received 4* as I receive audio crackling through my speaker on just this app. I have played many other apps through my speaker and not have this happen. This is a daily occurrence with calm. I am unsure if this is a common or known issue. Additionally, having more subscription options will be very beneficial instead of committing to a 1 year subscription. I am lucky enough to make adequate money to be able to subscribe. I hope that I’ll receive a prompt reminding when my subscription is almost over instead of having it automatically debited from my account..Version: 4.3

Thankful and learning each day to be CalmMy doctor had shared with me about the benefits of meditation.... I needed something to help when I was anxious as well something to help me relax. Shortly after that doctor visit I found the Calm app. Its been 5 years. It had been a stressful day and there was an introduction to the app and I took the 10 minutes and did the breathing and really focused on relaxing. I went back to work and I immediately told everyone about Calm.... I have been using it ever since! The time I meditate is my time to focus, to breathe and to just be in the moment. I had horrible insomnia and started the body scans... I tried the sessions without buying the subscription but soon found that I wanted more of the sessions after I did the first; so I bought the subscription and have never regretted it once! It's been a godsend. I love the bedtime stories and the daily Calm.... there is so much on this app that has helped me. I love that the app is adding new things. Thank you Tamara and your wonderful team for sharing and helping me bring peace and calm into my life!.Version: 5.27

Grateful for this appOver the last 5 months, I’ve been on a journey of personal growth. There was a lot that I was complacent about in life and I was tired of it. At the beginning, I had heard from my brother about meditation and all the benefits of it. I was half-invested, not sure if I believed all the claims (I hadn’t read any studies). So, I tried it a couple of times, but hadn’t had that meditation where it clicked yet. After a couple months though, I did some more research and started to meditate more regularly. While I am finally feeling more comfortable meditating alone, Calm helped guide me the entire way. There have been so many days where the messages and techniques from Calm have been extremely impactful on my life. The creators of this app did an absolutely fantastic job. And that’s not to say that the ultimate goal is to only meditate by myself. After a couple of days of mediating on my own, I love to come back to a guided session of the 21 days of calm and hear a message/lesson again. All in all, I highly recommend using Calm if you want to learn great techniques of meditation and also be inspired to improve and grow as a person..Version: 4.14.1

Calm Meditation and calm radioI am enjoying meditation that Calm brings however I was also hoping this subscription would be part of Calm Radio with Premium access to the Calm radio?.Version: 4.11.3

Love This App!I am a lifelong insomniac. I spend most nights staring at the ceiling for an hour or more before I fall asleep if I do at all. This app has helped so much in getting myself into "sleep mode" and calming down & stopping my brain from rewinding the day or cycling through the next day's schedule. I occasionally listen to music but I mostly stick to the readings. My only request is to get Matthew McConaughey to do more readings! I have tried listening to others and they just don't work. I'd say my biggest complaint is they are all reading as though they are reading to an audience that's awake and aware. They are either too loud (even on the lowest setting) or reading with too much inflection which excites one rather than lulling one to sleep. MM knew his audience and his reading is in a very soft tone, his voice is calming and relaxing and he also seems to lower his voice as the story goes on, barely above a whisper by the end. All in all his is the perfect presentation and the only one I can fall asleep to! So please keep this story in rotation and if you can convince him to do more, please do! Otherwise I am content listening to the same story night after night..Version: 4.4.5

Life changingMy wonderful sister gifted me Calm when I was struggling with chronic pain. It has helped me get through that time and has continued to help in these last few months of recovery. A fantastic source of peace and self discovery. The sleep stories are awesome too and we’re really great when I was flying. Well worth it. Support staff always respond quickly and with useful knowledge. I will be renewing the sub once my year is up :).Version: 4.23

LISTENI really like your sleep story’s everyone I started I’ve been at least getting to fall asleep faster but I know you can’t do much about this but I just can stand the guy who is in most of the story’s I want to read, his name is Alan sklar or something like that and some other boys I can’t remember the names of I just want to tell you so maybe you could make most of them girls because I think they have a more smooth voice witch in Science is proven to be better to listen to at night and it soothes people to listen to witch in most cases reacts to better sleep including me but in all I think you app is helping millions in ways you can’t imagine better sleep can help with better minds you could save lives if they have better minds they can think before they end there life sleep is extremely important all you need to do now Is get a good add that will intrigue people that need help and they won’t just turn the volume down on the adds they will listen. Please take this into consideration I’ve already lost someone to choice of death you could save people from that. Yes it might seem impossible Just TRY..Version: 4.18

Stupidity is a crimeI don't usually write a review, and this is not exactly a review about Calm (it's a fabulous app, by the way!) - I just wanted to address all these dumb people who gave Calm one star because the app charged them after the end of the free trial. Well HELLO, that's clearly stated on the app listing (see above - go on, scroll up) and also BEFORE you click on the 'Start free trial' button. You got charged for downloading the app? Oh come on, that's not true. It's free to download the app, but if you choose to do the free 7-day trial, it's clearly stated that you need to cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period. You don't know how to cancel? That's your fault, not this app's. Here, let me help you: go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > click on your Apple ID at the top > View Apple ID > Log in > Subscription > Choose the app subscription you want to cancel > Cancel Subscription. You're welcome..Version: 4.11.3

MindfulnessI’ve always had an interest on the mind and the different methods out there to be in the moment and to manage my mental illness or challenges. This is the best app that I have used to allows me to be calm, focused and not letting my emotions betray me. Thank you..Version: 5.1.1

Amazing appAfter trying free subscription, I decided to subscribe, have gone from making myself meditate to actually WANTING to meditate in the space of a week. Very helpful with anxiety, thankyou :).Version: 4.14.1

Helpful and really calms you ❤️I have purchased the premium because I find this app very useful during the free trial period. The voices are very calming and really helps you engaged in a meditation, calm state of mind. Also, I like the music which really helps me sleep at night as I have troubles sleeping. ❤️✌🏼.Version: 4.25

Great sleep aid!I have a problem with falling asleep and this helps me shut down at night..Version: 3.7

Calm brings me regularity in practiceCalm is the perfect gentle way to encourage oneself into practice. Sometimes meditation can feel like a chore or a scary thing when your mind is full of worries or distractions. Calm brings me the reminders and guidance I need to continue meditating and holds some wonderful pearls of wisdom that help me in my life. Thank you for creating something so special 💜.Version: 3.19.3

My little sleep helper!Am almost at the end of my seven day trial and have definitely felt that this app has started to have an effect of my thought patterns. It's really unintrusive in terms of allowing the user moments of calm with out dialogue in between guidance which makes it very relaxing! This is great for the evening sleep sessions. In the morning when you're out of bed and sitting up or on the commute it's just great for opening your mind to the day. Even checking in to your state of mind during the day helps a lot. Also LOVE the seminar sessions that go into detail on things like screen addiction and suggest positive changes one can make to their behaviour to avoid falling into the trap of damaging habits. Can we please have a meditation for long distance travel to help listeners on long haul flights?! To get you into a positive mindset for 24 hours in economy class (aka hell)? That would be amazing! Thanks guys for a brilliant app. I'll be paying for a year subscription soon :).Version: 3.15.1

LOVE CALM.I love CALM. There is such a choice of meditations & every sort of help you need in this world - you feel it’s just for you. You can choose what you want to listen to & enjoy - meditation, music, guidance, going for a walk meditation, breathing exercises, body exercises to relax or sleep stories & meditations to help you sleep. A terrific choice of narrators & guest instructors that will amaze you. It’s a wonderful app and there are even meditations for kids. You can check in with how you feel in a day and it will suggest meditations to help. You can walk away for a week and come back to it without a problem. I just love CALM & can recommend it to anyone..Version: 5.10.2

Calm with Calm!Whenever my busy life starts to overwhelm me, I can take myself to a quiet corner of my home, or in my car, or in a green space and use this app to restore my breathing, and calm my mind. It is like chocolate for my mind and soul!.Version: 3.16.2

Honestly life changingI trialed many other mindfulness apps but none compare to Calm. The content is growing and I am happy to support the growth by subscribing to the premium version. It is well worth the money. I struggled to find ‘calm’ in a busy world and this app changed my life. I love the offline mode which enables you to put your phone in flight mode and completely switch off from distractions. I like the mood check in feature and the way the app suggests meditations based on how you are feeling. The quotes are also a nice added feature. I’ve now started to listen and download the music albums within Calm and I have cancelled my other music streaming subscriptions. To improve the app I’d like to see more work on the ‘organisation’ and possible and adult and child mode that separates all content as some content on here I find is more suited to younger audiences. Thank you Calm for changing my life....Version: 4.27

The best app I ownI’ve suffered from depression anxiety insomnia substance abuse etc etc. medication didn’t work, and a constant sense of disconnection with the world around me made things sometimes feel unbearable. Until someone recommended this app. I can’t even start to describe what difference it’s made to my life, my self love, and the way I see life & my new found gratitude for it. Simple ten minutes a Day has made a world of change. I’m able to not only cope with distressing moments that is life sometimes, but I literally look forward to learning something new everyday and to see things more lovingly and beautifully. Thanks for your soothing voices Tamara and M. McConaughey 👌💕.Version: 4.6.3

Latest version keeps crashing - please fix ASAP!SO frustrating that the latest release with the Masterclass crashes and I can’t use the app at all as it crashes as soon as I open. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this issue and the app was also not working for a few days over Christmas. Please make it more reliable- such a shame as otherwise it’s an excellent app, visually pleasing and themed meditations are great, though content gets repetitive sometimes. The sleep stories are a lovely idea but some stories and storytellers are better than others, who don’t have the means to lull you to sleep. I’ll leave another review once this but has been fixed, on the assumption that this is an anomaly as the app usually works fine..Version: 3.12.1

GreatI’m just getting the app for Harry styles.Version: 4.29

Product enhancement suggestionsWould be great if there were some Om chants to play during meditations. Also being able to see which meditations you’ve already played without having to favourite them, particularly in the themed series of meditations would be extremely helpful. And being able to be taken to the whole series of meditations in a set from one favourite in that collection would be useful, so you can see the list and choose accordingly, rather than having to search for or scan through the categories all to find a themed series..Version: 5.0

Still in awe after 1 month with CalmThis is so unbelievable magic app .. Never thought I will be looking forward to my next meditation and now every morning I start with Calm and every time I have some free minutes waiting for something or just time I used to fill in on Facebook and meaningless activities, now I just put on my earphones and tune the Calm app on and it’s so... wonderful, I cannot describe the feelings. I can feel how my sessions go deeper and deeper, I don’t know what to expect in the future, I’m almost scared but at the moment I’m enjoying the so much, thank you for this wonderful programme ! The sound , Tamara’s voice ... all its so serene... Only one thing I’d like to comment and say, it’s a same this only comes in English version as I would recommend to my sisters in Romania and one in Italy ... maybe this will upgrade soon ? Thank you..Version: 3.19.3

I CAN SLEEP😄I have trouble sleeping but this at helped me go to sleep and know I just listen to sound and stories every night. (My dog love the waves it so cute when she hears them it look like she is swimming in here sleep)☺️.Version: 4.10

I love this app, it really helps me fall asleepAs someone who has struggled for years to get my brain to slow down at night and stop overthinking so I could fall asleep this app have been life changing. I listen to a sleep story every night and I find a deep voice calming. My favourite narrator is Eric Braa especially his train stories as he has a lovely deep calming voice. Stephen Lyon and Laura Dern are also great. As an avid reader ‘into the library’ read by Diveen Henry which takes you through the Oxford University Library always makes me fall asleep with a smile on my face. There are some great celebrity narrators as well and other narrators with more high pitched voices if that’s your thing. This app helps me fall asleep so well I always fall asleep before the end so I have no idea how they end! Highly recommended..Version: 5.10

Why did I get the subscription?I’m a 41 year old male who has struggled with OCD and panic since age 6. I’ve gone through the doctors and medications. I thought I knew everything about diaphragmatic breathing, as it has been drilled into my head over the years. A couple weeks ago, my heart rate shot up. For the first time in my life, I was confident it wasn’t a panic attack and actually a heart attack. I stumbled out my apartment door, sweat dripping down my face and the few clothes covering my body. I dropped my phone on the way down the stairs but happened to call 911 right beforehand. Medics arrived. After about 10 minutes, they knew and I knew it was panic. I went back upstairs and started searching for every app I could think of. I found calm. I tried the first 7 days and was hooked. Some may think… well I don’t have panic or OCD. It’s not for me. It’s so much more than that. I listened to a series by Lebron James that was amazing. There are different breathing techniques and meditations for sleep, work, anxiety, movement… etc… I know I’ve said a lot and probably more than anyone needs. If I would have had the Calm app a few weeks ago during the worst panic attack of my life, I probably wouldn’t have had to call 911. At least try the trial. It’s very much worth it..Version: 5.40

This App Has CHANGED MY LIFE!After 10 days using calm, I feel like a different person. Meditation and mindfulness has changed so many aspects of my life in just 10 days! It’s hard to believe that meditation could actually help depression and anxiety, but please try it - what do you have to lose? I feel much more chilled out in general, less reactive, less anxious about the future, more appreciative of what I have, sleep is improved, more connected to those around me... the list goes on. I am not spiritual in any way, and never would have bought into this. But I swear this app has completely changed my entire outlook on life. Ten minutes a few times a day has made me completely fall in love with being alive - something that antidepressants and years of therapy couldn’t do. It might work for you too..Version: 5.2

Thankyou for such a beautiful, calm, user friendly appI love this app so much, I don’t have premium so you can’t access everything but they do give you a good amount of testing options to experience before paying the yearly subscription, which is very helpful. I’m going to be getting premium for sure. This app is fundamental to connecting back with ourselves and leaving all the rush and push of technology and daily stuff behind. There are so many beautiful nature sounds to choose from for free as well. The great thing too is that they leave it open and don’t connect it to your regular spiritual sort of stuff that often comes with this kind of thing, so if you want to connect spiritually you can in your own way and with your own beliefs but they don’t lead you to do it with any kind of beliefs like yoga stuff or whatever..Version: 4.6.1

Elegant. Useful. Compelling.I’ve been using Calm for about two years now; It is hard to believe I’ve logged several hundred meditation sessions. My mind still wonders. A lot. AND: I’ve strengthened several key muscles: concentration, clarity, equanimity, friendliness (which I learned about from Jeff Warren’s incredible 30-day meditation course included in the app). I’ve recommended this app more than any other (I’ve tried, enjoyed, and positively reviewed several of the popular meditation apps), and I’ve heard from even occasional meditators that it has improved their skill and outlook. Another thing Jeff taught me: you don’t measure how effective/useful meditation is based on how many times your mind wanders when you sit, you look at how often and how smoothly you find yourself applying the concepts and activating the muscles you gain from sitting. The number of times I smile and notice something in a typical day is in the dozens. This app has definitely enriched my daily experience. It is worth trying, it is worth paying for, it is worth prioritizing in your life. (May you be happy; may you be strong; may you feel like you belong.).Version: 4.18

ZennnnI used to do meditation all the time before bed but stopped doing it because I found it just wasn’t helping anymore. With my anxiety back in action, I’ve been desperate for some relief and needed to start practising mindfulness again. I kept seeing the Calm app pop up on social media so I finally gave it a shot and honestly it’s best app there is. Even just the background scene sounds helps bring my anxiety down and I can listen to it whenever I need to and people will just think that I’m listening to some catchy tunes, even at work. I just completed the first stage of the 7 days of calm meditation and it helped me so much like holy moly. As soon as my pay comes through, the first thing I’m doing is purchasing the premium app. Gonna get that zennnn!.Version: 4.2.1

Life changingI have tried several meditation apps & podcasts over the years, and Calm is definitely the best. The premium version is very good value - even better if you can get a discount. In addition to the Daily Calm sessions, new content added regularly including sleep stories, meditation series, and soundscapes. The large number of narrators is also a bonus. As the content grows, I would like to suggest some additional features to improve the UE. A one sentence description for each session would make it easier to select content that’s most relevant to you, and a bulk edit feature would be useful for the favourites collection as this can become so large over time it’s not useful anymore. I would also like to see some more subscription options introduced eg one just for kids, and one for families. One thing I have noticed, is that promotions for certain narrators don’t always live up to expectations. They may only narrate one Sleep Story & some I haven’t been able to find at all - not sure if this is because of user error or there are different versions of the app in different countries..Version: 5.31.1

Pretty cool appThis app was created to help people who are struggling with anxiety, daily stress, sleeping problems, or even depression. The app has many different resources and techniques given to help people. It has breathing exercises which can help people who are dealing with anxiety or stress. These breathing techniques are proven effective by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. The app has calming music to listen to while doing work or to help fall asleep. For someone who is struggling with depression the app gives many tips with the focus on mental health. These tips are how to maintain a strong mental health. I downloaded this app since I saw a lot of advertising for it. My first impressions of the app were just okay. Once I figured out how to navigate around the app and use all of the features I began to enjoy it more and more. One of my favorite features about the app is the stories to help you fall asleep. One of the parts of the app that I did not like very much is that you have to pay to get a majority of the features. Although they do have a free 7 day subscription, I feel that you need to use it longer to get a good effect from the app. Overall I think that app is pretty cool and interesting..Version: 4.23

As an insomniac I couldn’t recommend this enough!I have struggled with sleep and was diagnosed with insomnia when I was 10 years old. NOTHING has worked until now (I am 22 years old now). It is SO amazing because you can choose your time span for your sleep meditation, story or sound! Head space only gives you up to 20 mins, which in my opinion, doesn’t cater for insomniacs because I’ve never met an insomniac who can fall asleep within 20 mins?? Where as calm gives you over an hour options (which I need!). I have never paid for a membership for an app before, but since using calm I would give them whatever they asked (I wish this was sponsored but it’s not 💔) I use it EVERY night (and it’s been 2 months now!) They have falling to sleep , and that normally works, and if not they have a “getting back to sleep” mediation. This combination has been a life line to me and I’m SO glad I tried this!! If you struggle with sleeping DEFINITELY try calm..Version: 5.12.1

I love this app.I use it every evening, I go to bed relaxed with positive thoughts. Much better than going to bed worrying about my day. The Masterclasses, especially breaking bad habits, are life changing. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, and gladly pay for it..Version: 4.3

Harry StylesHarry’s part of this app so um yes I’m downloading ✨🌿😻.Version: 4.29

From anxiety, stress and overwhelm to calm and in control of life again!After being ill for quite some time and busy with young children and life in general, I fell into a big hole of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. I constantly felt like I was too tired, too busy and too overwhelmed with everything I had to get done from day to day. I wasn't getting much done at all! Calm has helped me to slowly regain control of my life and climb out of that hole. I feel calmer, more in control and able to tackle any issues that pop up in life. Tamara's voice is perfect to listen to in the morning! Absolutely love the Calm app!!.Version: 3.8

Sleep Stories are AMAZING!This App is my absolutely favorite to use when I’m going to sleep. I got it solely for the sleep stories and I’m absolutely obsessed. It’s like being a kid again and getting a beautiful story read to you by a soothing voice. While I use the app mainly for sleep stories I’ve used the meditation, background music, and breathing exercise options on the app as well. I used to use Headspace for a lot of my meditation sessions but with Calm having so many additional features I switched over fairly quickly. The only problem I have with this app is that I can’t set up a playlist/cue of the stories I want to fall asleep to. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep right away so I have to go through the process of unlocking my phone, setting up another story, and trying to settle down once again just to set up another story to be read. It quickly becomes irritating, especially on nights when I can’t fall asleep easily and have to go through the process of setting up an additional three stories and eventually giving up in the end. So if that can somehow be added then it’ll get my full 5 stars. But having nights where I’m on and off my phone throughout the night definitely makes me feel frustrated enough to keep it at 4 stars..Version: 4.16.1

Best app on my phoneI use Calm daily and it has helped me immensely. I look forward to hearing Tamara's soothing voice every day! Keep up the great work it really makes a difference!.Version: 3.7

Revolutionary Sleep App - Must Get!Forget melatonin and L-theanine pills. This app is all you’ll need to truly unwind, relax and fall peacefully asleep in no time. There is a variety of stories and meditations for pretty much every taste and style to put even the most persistent of insomniacs to sleep. With soothing, calming voices like Tamara Levitt’s and Eric Braa’s you are all but guaranteed to completely let go of your stressful thoughts, relax, and fall asleep in no time! While this app is great as is, I do have some suggestions that could improve it even further and bring it to the next, absolute highest level: 0) allow for bookmarking, or better yet, make the app remember where you left off in a particular story if you try a different story half way through, but then decide to go back or if you close the app and want to go back to that story you started 1) allow the user to preset the ‘stop time’ on longer meditations/stories. 2) allow sorting of all content by length of time 3) allow stitching of different clips (i.e. so users can piece together their own content from existing clips). Thank you and keep up the great work!.Version: 5.5

Love this app but has significant shortfallEverything about this app is excellent. I used to dread laying in bed, trying to calm my mind for sleep, but now with the calm app I look forward to my sleep story and soundscape every night. However for the way I use calm there is one major shortfall in the app. There is no way to line up a queue or playlist of recordings. I will make it to the end of a sleep story, be close to sleep but not quite there and then have to search through the app again to turn on my soundscape. I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me who has always had trouble falling asleep it is very disruptive. It is also disruptive when I use the app to help my 10 yr old son fall asleep- I put on a sleep meditation for him, but he always wants a sleep story to follow. I either have to stay in his room through the whole meditation so I can start the sleep story, or he has to climb down from his bunk bed to do it, disrupting the calm we just established with the meditation. This app is so thoughtful in so many ways I am surprised and disappointed they have not found a solution for this yet..Version: 5.8

Calm great for Early Childhood settingsWe use the Calm app each day as part of our Early Childhood setting. We have been listening to the audio stories at rest time for children aged 3 years up. We engage the children by asking them what story the would like to listen to. Over the next 4-6 weeks (4 year olds) we are listening to “The Big Bad Wolf Learns Anger Management”. We have been practising deep slow breathing before rest time each day. We follow up with group discussions on what steps to take when our bodies start to feel angry. I ask “how does it feel when you start to get angry? Each child role models how their body tenses in various areas. We talk about walking away and calming down by either drinking some water first then deep breathing or just deep breathing if able. We discuss the fact that people cannot talk or communicate when angry, only when calm. Calms Soundscape and other sleep music have been utilised for babies and toddlers sleep times. As an Educator I have used the masterclasses as professional development and my own self improvement and wellbeing. I highly recommend utilising the Calm app in every Early Childhood setting so as to assist with rest, relaxation and teaching emotional intelligence..Version: 4.14.1

Best app everCalm (read the programmers) have thought of everything. A background soundtrack that I can use outside of the app. A block on incoming alert sounds while I am using a meditation session. A sleep programme that is helping with my insomnia. This is on top of the wonderful daily sessions. I am on day 6 of Daily Calm. However 10 minutes is not enough. Calm has me covered. There are sessions galore to choose from. The depth of this app continues to astound me. Yes, it might be expensive but it’s money well spent in my opinion. Out of the hundreds of apps I have bought over the years this offers the most bang for the buck. Just check out the content. It goes on and on. A special mention must go to Tamara’s voice. It’s so soothing. She makes me relax so easily. I just started the Gratitude series of meditations and I have listed in my journal 5 things I am grateful for today. Number one is Calm. That says it all really..Version: 3.19.3

Learning by letting goI love the Daily Calm 10 minute sessions which I start with every day, then follow up with one of the '7 days of ...' series. The best at the beginning was the 21 days of calm. Also useful were 'self-esteem', 'focus', 'gratitude', 'happiness', 'calming anxiety' and other guided meditations. All can be repeated, as often as you like. Also on offer are various timed and unguided meditations with bells etc as prompts to return to the present moment. I have developed a habit of using the Calm app to do about 30 mins of sitting practice each morning, and keeping notes of my thoughts. Together with reading and networking with new friends from Mindful in May and now Mind Life Project, (Elise Lew, Melbourne, Australia), I have been calmer, happier and more sociable in everyday life. The wise quotes from contemporary Buddhist thinkers are also useful signposts on this new trail. I have just subscribed to this app for a second year, as a promise to myself to continue this highly beneficial and wonderful practice. Thanks Tamara Levitt for lending your soothing, reassuring voice to the excellent directions in this program. Many thanks, Calm people for this app. Christina Perrett, Melbourne, Australia.Version: 4.14.1

IncredibleI’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and insomnia so most nights are quite challenging for me to switch off before 2am. I’m only new to this app but both times prior to using this app I’m almost pulling my hair out trying to force myself to sleep. I’ve got two kids so I need the sleep. Both times that I’ve listened to the music for sleeping I have actually woken up the next morning feeling great with no recollection of even fading off. Unlike other apps with sleep music I usually have to mentally unwind my way of thinking to even get this close. This app is seriously so good. Thank you for helping keep my sanity..Version: 3.16.2

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