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IHOP app received 46 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IHOP? Can you share your negative thoughts about ihop?

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Restaurant ordering system downSometimes I go to order and build out my (family) choices, then only when I get to the very end it says the restaurant (the closest to me) is not accepting online orders. I tried calling the restaurant to ask about this and they sounded like they had no idea what was going on but said they would "reset" the ordering system. I waited ~5 minutes and still was unable to order, so we all ate frozen waffles at home instead of spending ~$50 for a family breakfast at IHOP. This obviously shouldn't happen -- presumably IHOP has data and monitoring of its systems and could find some way to alert a store manager when their system is down, or auto-restart the system, or better yet fix them so they don't go down in the first place..Version: 3.25.0

Lots of room for improvementI ordered delivery through the app. First problem is that it says tip $0.00. I looked everywhere to add the tip, but it wouldn’t let me. So I plans the order and hoped I could add afterwards. Nope, not allowed. I called the restaurant to see if they could adjust on their side. They couldn’t. Then there is no way to track the status of the order. I placed the order at 12:07 pm, it is currently 1:25 pm and we still don’t have it. I tried to call and the person who answers was extremely rude. She was bagging it up then. But the original driver was not there to pick it up. I don’t even know how many Driver’s have cancelled. I drive for DoorDash and UberEats and I refuse every order unless there is a tip because $3.00 isn’t worth it all. We have Covid and cannot leave the house. So yeah, all around now I am also extremely frustrated with this whole experience. I won’t be using the IHOP app again, unless I can tip my driver and track my order..Version: 3.34.1

ApplePay and Custom Tip AmountsBoth of these need to happen. The weather outside is meh. I’d like to tip the delivery person more than 20% but the app doesn’t allow that. And ApplePay should have been implemented long ago. I’m usually ordering delivery before the rooster is up and I don’t want to have to crawl around the bedroom and wake people up to find my wallet. When all I really should have to do is double tap the button and ApplePay. Implement these changes and the app is back up to fully functional 5 stars..Version: 3.13.0

No where to pay gave up deleteChoosing from the menu whether online or using this app hasn’t been a problem It’s when it comes time to pay for my order that has left me baffled. There’s no way to pay other than ordering a gift card. I know someone else with this app and they are not having this problem, because their app shows where to add your payment. Unfortunately after hours of me trying to find this option beyond ordering a gift card I just gave up and deleted the app altogether. It should not become a struggle to pay for anything..Version: 3.11.0

Some nice features but crashesIt’s nice you can continue and order as a guest. I think this is much better than calling on the phone to place a to go order. It’s nice to see what options are available for each entrée and just pick them. However we’ve noticed some of the selections like chicken fried steak cause the app to crash completely and you have to start over again. Also some options like adding chicken or steak to the omelette is not an available option. there needs to be another category where you can just say what you want to add. Because if you order in the store you can add stuff like that..Version: 2.3.3

Canadians ExcludedTitle sums it up. If you’re in a Canadian city, this app won’t work for you. Only useful for Americans..Version: 3.21.0

Doesn’t even work in Canada.Why is this even on the Canadian App Store? I downloaded the app and it shows only US restaurants, making it completely useless. Not to mention, IHOP doesn’t eve have a Canadian website. I don’t know how IHOP is even operating here in Canada when they don’t even have anything online here for us..Version: 2.6.3

Limited customization of Omelette sidesApp Functionality is good but in terms of options for the omelettes which I only order every day, there is no option for me to upgrade to a Belgian waffles or French toast for the omelette. Sometimes I would like to upgrade to those and the only options I can choose from are a limited selection of pancakes. This really needs to be fixed. I’m deducting two stars for my review due to the limited availability of upgradeable sides for the Omelettes. When the functionality is added I will amend my review to 5 stars..Version: 3.34.1

Why is everything in the U.S?Just in general, it seems like everything good is in the States. Why doesn’t Canada have that much? This really isn’t fair..Version: 2.21.0

Not what I was expectingI’ve never ordered of this app and today was the day I decided to download and order. I was planning on getting the spinach and mushroom omelette, my wife wanted onion rings as a side for her sandwich. Neither one of the these items displayed. We have ordered this food multiple time at the restaurant without issue. After getting frustrated, I tried calling the restaurant to place my order, but due to the virus, they are only taking online orders. I was able to get an order placed, but I’m not happy with it. They need to update this app with a complete menu listing. It seems things are missing..Version: 2.21.0

No payment method?I wanted to ordered online (not use Grubhub or Postmates to save 10-15 bucks), created a profile, tried to order delivery.. got error saying “no billing account specified”... tried again, nothing. Checked settings, no place to enter payments methods. Decided to try the app... downloaded, signed in, went to settings to see if I could pre-save my payment info... can’t change anything except name? Tried to order with app, got all the way to “place my order” and nothing. The “place my order” button doesn’t do anything. I feel like I just fell for the longest joke...Version: 3.4.0

Good App, Could be great with some improvementsI really like the idea of being able to place my pickup order through the app. When we call our order in, they can never hear us well on the phone and our order ALWAYS ends up being wrong when we arrive. With the app at least it’s put in plain writing with less room for error if they read and follow it correctly. My major issue with the app is that you can’t relay special requests to the restaurant like you could in person or even over the phone. For example, I always request shelled eggs, scrambled lightly. There is nowhere in the app to specify this request. A comment or special request section might be helpful to accomplish this. The other issue that I have is that our local IHOP’s have specials that we can get if we order in person or via phone. The app doesn’t reflect that pricing, you have to pay the full price. If we are ordering menu items with no special requests, it is otherwise a really convenient app to have!.Version: 2.16.0

Needs improvementThe app is good ordering platform to have especially during the pandemic. However it lacks certain things that would allow it to cater to consumers needs in a more effective manner. Certain items allow for customization because there are so many particular options but some things lack this option and you cannot write a note if you want any sort of specialization on the particular item. For example an individual can ask for extra crispy bacon or an extra egg while dining in but they cannot do that on the app because there is no option to specialize..Version: 3.2.0

Terrible!I’ve never felt the need to leave a review for an app before, but this one is so terrible I had to talk about it. The app is just plain broken, I try to order and it say “please enter a valid phone number” I already did... SIX TIMES. Then it doesn’t give you an option to go back and correct your info if you had entered it incorrectly, so you have to close the app and start all over. Then finally, when you don’t experience any of those issues the app will just freeze on the checkout screen and you have to close it and start all over again. I tried for about 25 minutes to order food, and finally gave up and just ordered off of Postmates and paid the extra $3 for delivery cause I couldn’t stand this app anymore. Please fix this buggy app..Version: 3.0.0

BadThe App is as bad as the hamburgers. Location Services? N/A..Version: 1.2.2

Meh...So tried the app tonight for the first time. I ordered several things. Two of which I did not get and didn’t realize until I got to my hotel room and by that time, I didn’t want to go back. I was charged for them, but not sure how to complain about it to the correct people. This app didn’t give an option to add condiments, but other apps like McDonalds or BWW will let you select them. I was asked if I wanted syrup and silverware. I didn’t need syrup but would have liked some ketchup. So things here and there could be changed..Version: 2.8.1

BadI tried downloading this app to see the menu of ihop while visiting florida i put my hotels zip code in and keeps saying there’s an error? i tried a few different ones in florida and won’t let me see the menu.Version: 4.2.0

Needs A Little ExtraThe app functions well, it’s responsive and never crashed on me. The issue is the lack of ability to customize. For instance I wanted the strawberries on my pancakes but not bananas. The only customization was to add them both. The issue of not being able to pay by card is the worst problem for me personally. You can do gift card but not bank. I don’t like that for curbside pickup because then my card is in the hands of a stranger while being out of my sight.. for that reason I scraped my order and wrote this review..Version: 3.31.0

Cannot place orders for futureMost restaurant apps nowadays offer mobile ordering. This does as well, but unless I am doing something wrong, I am not able to place an order for pickup tomorrow. My wife is meeting a friend at 9am tomorrow morning, and I am dropping her off. I figured I’d grab some food while I am there on my way to work. I wanted to order my food now and have a pickup time of 9am, so I don’t have to worry about making an order in the morning when I am focusing all my time to getting ready for work. Unfortunately, if you place an order, the restaurant has to be OPEN at the time of placement, or else it just lists the location is closed. If you do place an order during open hours, it has to be set for an ASAP pickup time. Easy fix, surprised no one thought of this.Version: 3.2.0

Items that have options are hard to orderAnything that has “options” are hard to order. I just wanted pain scrambled eggs but when I clicked scrambled eggs as my choice of eggs it too me to the option screen to give me the option to add cheese. I didn’t want cheese but couldn’t figure out how to order without cheese. The same thing happened when I ordered a drink. It forced me to the “options” so I had to order with no ice. I also didn’t see anywhere to add notes for special instructions. I wanted to say no butter for my waffles but wasn’t able to..Version: 3.4.0

Couldn’t order deliveryI tried ordering delivery from the website first. That didn’t work(kept saying enter valid address even though I did) so I downloaded the app. That was working great until I was asked to checkout as a guest. I was signed in so kinda confused as to why I’d have to continue as guest. Once I clicked place order my bank told me the payment was approved but the app said it needed a valid phone number to place order. I go back one page and notice the guest information is blank and filled it out again. Go to place order again and same thing. I called the restaurant to be sure and they never got an order, and thankfully the payment never fully went through at my bank. Gave up on delivery and placed it for pickup..Version: 3.0.0

App is trashIt looks nice but has limited functionality. I can go to a physical location and really customize my order. I can’t do that here. That annoys me. I may not want meat as a side but would rather have something else and I cant do that with the app. For some reason you can’t add a debit or credit card for payment. That’s annoying as well because the turn around time for receiving the gift card is horrible. My recommendation is to find out how customers really use the app as well as look at what works with its competitors..Version: 3.21.0

Be sure to triple check your orderI usually don’t have issues with the app, but the last couple of times it has left items off of my purchase. I should not have to go back multiple times throughout the order process to ensure that my items have not fallen off. Also, it would be nice if 1. Your offered a comment section to make requests like extra condiments 2. You added turkey sausage to the menu so I don’t have to call in and order after using your app. It really diminishes the quality of the user experience..Version: 3.5.0

AnnoyingWon’t let me find a nearby restaurant.Version: 2.2.0

Expensive. Not gig friendly. Inept.For delivery, the app redirects your order through DoorDash, charges you a $7 fee and then expects you to tip the store. I have no option to tip the driver, who always does a good job, the actual IHOP? Never. I’ve tried, I’ve given cordial feedback to the store. Still, they persist with ALWAYS GETTING SOMETHING WRONG. The worst part is: there is no way to rate JUST the food like the doordash app and rate the delivery separately. It’s a combined deal via text. Far too many “fees” for such poor quality. I’ve had the wrong omelette, sides, pancakes and eggs come. It’s about a 50% accuracy rating. I cannot recommend an app that does not work as intended..Version: 3.2.0

App in the Burger part of the menu need fixingThe app part of the menu need fixing because the complementary beverage you’re trying to provide which is really nice unfortunately on the menu you cannot select a beverage so you try to add it to your order and it says please pick a beverage but there is no beverage category to select and then if you add a beverage to your order as well it still doesn’t let you add one of the Burgers to your order still doesn’t work, because you still haven’t selected a beverage for the order for the burger.Version: 2.2.0

Needs improvementSeems like anytime I use this app, the order is messed up. Today I selected 6:30 pm as my pick up time. There were problems with my payment card. The card info didn’t attach to the order so it had to put input again. By the time that was done I got a pick up time error. Insufficient time. So then I changed it to ASAP. Keep in mind I selected 6:30, but ASAP gave me 6:31 😂. Went and picked up the order. My fault I didn’t double check the contents. We ordered 2 optional side salads. Those were not there. But the dressing was. So I compared the email receipt agains to stores ticket and the salads are not on the ticket, but they are on the email. Somewhere the system dropped that out. Done. No more. I’ll pick another restaurant.Version: 3.10.0

Needs improvementMy husband is a developer for a national company, and for that reason I’ve become more familiar with how apps SHOULD work. This app needs improvement and it seems rather obvious someone wanted it released before it was ready, before it had been properly tested, and before all necessary information was included. My personal ‘gripe’ is that I have an iPhone X and the final order check out screen has the exit box at the far top left corner, above where it ought be, so it’s impossible to use. In order to re-enter the app, I have to hard close it and reopen it to reset the screen. This should not be necessary, as it seems to indicate the developer unnecessarily messed with the size coding for the iPhone X template provided by Apple. In this day and age, where everyone is used to apps working nearly flawlessly, I give IHOP props for finally entering the tech world, but thumbs down for execution. Someone doesn’t quite know what they’re doing here, and is not taking notes from other higher functioning apps. Get a new developer or kick this one in the pants and tell them to get it right. If a novice can see the issues here... I worry that someone more seasoned has missed these things and still chose to roll it out..Version: 2.0.2

Stores should be preparedThe app itself works fine for me, but I find it odd that you can’t add a tip in the check out section. Most food apps give you that option. My biggest complaint about this app has more to do with the restaurant itself. If you’re going to allow mobile orders then be prepared for them. I have ordered through this app about five times and not once has my food been ready to go at the time the app promises. I am usually in the restaurant 10 minutes waiting for my order it be bagged and brought to me. This morning they had no plastic utensils other than a spoon. Have you ever tried to spread butter on a pancake and eat it with a spoon?.Version: 2.2.0

Needs more optionsUnlike another review indicated, I have no options for special prep, e.g., substitute bacon for sausage, prepare bacon extra crispy, etc.. Most other apps have this either as special instructions or as a selection while ordering. It’s irritating to have to call the restaurant (especially when a poorly-trained person answers the phone & says no changes) to give them the changes. The food is good & I love the no delivery fee (make it permanent...I order more often)..Version: 3.5.0

Needs improvementThe IHOP app is a good basic food ordering app but does have a few places where it could be improved. One place is to add in customization options other than the built in options. You could incorporate a note field where you could write in any type of customization, for example if you want real eggs as opposed to powdered eggs you normally have to ask them at IHOP to make that change but there’s no place to do that in the app. So no customization of any options that you would normally be able to make it a store can be done..Version: 3.34.1

Overall IHOP online experienceFirst to start off, the fact that I have to use my credit card to buy a gift card to buy food is redundant and stupid. To me it’s seems like y’all just wanna scrounge up every prentice you can get. 2) The mobile website is messed up. I couldn’t even add a gift card as the payment method when I tried to order online. 3) I spent an hour trying to order food. I specifically wanted sausage in my omelette but for some reason, no food delivery apps have that option. Trying to navigate the mobile website was annoying. It kept giving me errors for blank information and I had to constantly refresh it..Version: 3.28.0

App doesn’t workFor some reason, this app logged me out. When I tried to sign back in, it wouldn’t recognize my password. I attempted to change my password using Forgot Password. He app told me I would be emailed a link to change it. I never got the email. I even checked my junk folder. I attempted this several time with no success. I decided to create a new account. When I attempted to login with the new info, again the app would not recognize the password. I attempted to visit as a guest and couldn’t even access a menu. I deleted and reinstalled the app, but it made no difference, so I tapped on App Support here on the ihop page in the App Store. All it did was bring me to the website and change my default restaurant location. Since the app’s latest update, it’s been useless..Version: 3.35.0

Needs workI’m an app tested I see other write they know testers and I did a 3rd grade level tests and founds bugs that would never come out an an initial release. Tested App and Mobile site in Safari iOS Some pancakes don’t let you add or double their own toppings so you can add it, ??? Kind of big deal when pancakes is the only section I tested. When checking out makes it seem as paying now is an option, it asks you but it’s telling you. Has a a fun button that does nothing. Doesn’t change the screen or tell you anything but from what I found the Pay Now button is there for decoration with no action tied to it, it already checked the fields have value or not if you don’t push it. You add payment info (4 fields) and just use the check out at the bottom and that works. But what happened the 3 times I hit the Pay Now button above that did nothing (didn’t charge my bank 3 times right?!!?) Nope it didn’t do squat. Why did I hit it 3 times first I though thumb was dry then I saw the second didn’t do anything wasn’t my thumb, 3rd well I had to 😐 for fun. Hopefully the store throws in the extra blueberry that couldn’t be ordered after all that free testing. Overseas developers you’re welcome..Version: 2.6.2

Not working at allI don’t know if this app is just new or what because it didn’t work. I tried to see my wallet rewards and it kept saying “data can not be seen” until I closed and reopened the app 5 times and then it worked. Then It would not let me place an order because every time I would try to place the order it would load the page for half a second and then kick me back to the cart no matter how many times I tried restarting the app. Lastly every time I would try to exit from my cart it would just crash the whole app and wipe my order. I went ahead and just used the browser instead which worked perfectly. I really hope the app improves and I would love to use it in the future once it has been fixed!.Version: 4.0.0


????Can’t find nearby restaurants.Version: 2.2.0

No Canadian OffersI don’t get why this is on the Canadian App Store either. There isn’t an option to select any Canadian cities which you need to redeem offers. I am no longer getting any emails since they switched to this option. No birthday coupon. So stupid!!.Version: 2.8.2

It doesn’t work in USA as wellThis app is useless it doesn’t work in the USA or Canada.Version: 4.0.0

The worst!This app is the the worst! You cannot ask for anything “special” on your food items. So you are stuck with whatever the developer decided was the necessary items for a hamburger etc. If I go into an app an click “recent order” then order everything exactly as I did previously then I feel the it should be exactly the same. The default is for the customer to pickup the order. So if you want it delivered then you always have to change it to delivery. This is ridiculous. Of course nobody from my Ihop answers the phone. Good luck y’all..Version: 3.25.0

Pickup Time Is IncorrectI placed an order 45 minutes in advance and arrived at the scheduled time. The lobby was full of other people who also ordered via the app. We were all told it would be an additional 45 to 60 minutes. It seems like the logic should’ve picked this up instead of sending all of us to the restaurant at the same time, but it didn’t and there was no communication workflow to let us know the orders were delayed. After more than an hour, I couldn’t even cancel the order. I had to dispute the charge of my credit card. Granted, I did all of this as a guest user in the app. I didn’t sign up bc iOS didn’t detect the contact fields at signup and there’s no alternative login option (Facebook, Google, Apple). As a guest user, I should still be able to track my order, though. Instead, I just a received a noreply confirmation with no contact option for a service issue. The app is clearly designed for function over experience..Version: 3.35.0

Super annoyingDownloaded it in the restaurant and it tells me it can't find the nearest location. Can't seem to find any of the locations in the city. Quite useless in Edmonton..Version: 2.2.0

American OnlyApp is only for Americans….Version: 3.33.0

Wish I could give it 0 starsDownloaded the app because I saw you get 20% off of your first order, the app said the coupon didn’t exist. Then, it kept declining my card saying my information was wrong even though the money got taken out of my account three times. After using a different card, I hit place order and somehow it changed from delivery to pick up. Then when I called the restaurant to cancel, no one answered until the second time I called. The charges on the first card were returned but the one on the second card wasn’t even though I cancelled the order. Never using this app again..Version: 2.21.0

No options to add notes, thus bringing me food I didn’t want after their CS messed upBeing a creature of habit, when my SO suggested getting IHOP I was all in favor (since I already knew what I always got) but this time (my 1 & only time to try your breakfast delivery) I never got my order. You see I have this problemwith certain textures (ex moistness versus dryness which is like swallowing medicine without a drink), so no matter what I am getting anywhere I ALWAYS have to get (or have) extra sauce/ condiment/ etc. so since they didn’t have a spot for a note on the order I wasn’t able to submit one and so I decided to call the location it said I was ordering from. Also, just in case, I decided to chat with the delivery company (I have screenshots and such showing all the details) to get them to double check...after half an hour of the phone ringing & ringing but never picking up (& yes I did call back) me repeatedly giving the right info over chat & them repeatedly saying I didn’t order through them, they finally found it...right after the driver had picked up the food...VERY CONVENIENT...I even explicitly said if I wasn’t able to get the sauce I didn’t want it, but 5-10 minutes later food shows up exactly as I knew would come dry & inedible. So I wasted all that time, had to work with a company with shady business practices, never got someone on the phone from the location I was ordering from & got inedible food & CHARGED FOR IT. Never eating here again!!!.Version: 3.23.0

Not for CanadaWhy is it even in the Canadian app store? And IHOP doesn’t even had a Canadian website....Version: 2.8.0

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