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Pou App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pou app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pou? Can you share your negative thoughts about pou?

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Pou for Negative User Reviews

Fed up.I have been playing Pou every dayfor years, very advanced in points etc. But have recently experienced a problem of the screen freezing after completing a game. Cannot return home or replay the games. I uninstalled and reinstalled losing everything I had gained over the years. I have reported the bug/problem three times and have yet receive the email it promises on submission. Now Pou has returned to a baby. I have lost everything !!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.75

What happened?Used to be great but I switched phones now I can't recover my pou without a mystery update that never drops..Version: 1.4.69

PouI got a new phone, on my old phone my account is really high and i didnt wanna loose my progress so i got pou on my new phone but when i try to log in it keeps saying update to continue but theres no update and ive been waiting a week.Version: 1.4.69

DON'T BUY!!!This game is stupid, I bought it then deleted it about 5 days after, it's a waste what ever you do, DON'T BUY IT.Version: 1.2.22

PLEEEEEEASE PLEEEEEAAAAASE PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASEPlease can you have a setting where the Pou dies if you don’t look after it enough & you have to restart the game. I miss my old tamagotchi and it’s be cool if the game was like that so it can be more competitive between me and my friends. Thanks 😍 other than that sick game 👍👍👍👍👍💕.Version: 1.4.107

Mo more, mo problemsI like this game! It was recommended by my friend but why are the outfits so expensive?.Version: 1.4.69

Fix the resolutionThe game has poor image quality. Samsung galaxy - pou had very clear and high quality image in the game!.Version: 1.3.5

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!........but~ By: 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️I love pou I used to play it all the time but there's to much stuff that can cause money I get frustrated because when there is something I want and it's money and it's kinda boring. Here's another problem when I get food for my pou my money goes down and when I'm done feeding him he gets hungry AGAIN after like two minutes and I have no more money so I can feed him and I wish he would only need to eat, drink, shower only because I'm once every few hours! Thank you for reading this:) (if you did).Version: 1.4.77

EhhhhhhhThe game itself is really fun. But...(yes there is a but, why else would it be 3 stars!) this one game, beach volley, is impossible. The AI opponent (aka, the pet) is likely to be programmed to win every single time, and hit every single serve and pass. Make the game a bit easier! That's one star taken down. Another problem... the items are a tad bit overpriced. 999 coins for a color of hair! In My Boo, The hair color is free. You just need to buy the hair style. Same with clothes. Please take this into consideration and fix these problems!.Version: 1.4.77

Horrible graphicsWaste of money 😷.Version: 1.4.66

Something that used to happenI love pou I really do. But, something weird happened when I was playing pou. One time I was playing pou on my iPad ( I’m on my iPhone). I had pou’s following me/ Friending me, had a few coins, etc. Then I put my pou to sleep cause she was very tired so, I let her sleep while I went to another game I had. I came back to check on pou. And It showed pou but, it wasn’t my pou! It was a baby one ( mine was an adult). It was the new player pou thing and it showed the welcome massage. I eventually got my pou back. Was this a bug or something?.Version: 1.4.75

MoneyI bought coins and didnt get them...Version: 1.4.77

Game Froze, Can’t Play ItReally not happy about this. When i installed it on my phone, it was free. Then my son wants it on his iPad and I had go pay for it. Whatever, he wanted it, played mine and I knew it would be used. So, a few weeks down the line, after he’s spent time caring for Pou, playing with him and putting him to bed every night, the game freezes and he can’t do anything. It loaded up but that was it. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and he’s back to the beginning and it STILL will not allow him to do anything. Very disappointing! My son is 6, he’s devastated..Version: 1.4.77

Lost coinsSeems to be a problem spending coins. E.g. Wanted to buy shoes but too low level. Told me I could have them for 1999 coins. I had over 2000 so decided to buy the shoes. It took my coins then said it wanted another 1400 or so! What's more my 1999 have disappeared and I end up with no coins and no shoes for Pou either! This has happened about 3 times and I am out of pocket by about 6000 coins. That is a lot of lost games. I'm very fed up!,.Version: 1.4.69

Keeps crashingHi there I got this app and it’s fun to play around with but every time I go into “hall” it crashes the game idk why but always when I swipe to hall. Please fix. That’s he only downside about the app.Version: 1.4.74

3.PouThis app is appalling because it distracts you when you play a game that you enjoy plus when it's being cleaned with soap it looks ugly and it's poo has eyes. Don't play the games they get very boring and very lame it makes weird sounds..Version: 1.1.39

Kill him Do itDoing.Version: 1.4.104

PouI remember connecting to online when I was like 11 and I saw boobs and pornographic images on other users profile. Unsure if they've fixed this but if you have a child that plays this - don't connect to the Internet!.Version: 1.4.69

Are you kidding me?So bad!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.81

HELP?!??I'm tired of getting notifications at 11:00 at night from pou saying,"Hein? I'm awake! Turn on the light! So if you could please make a schedule for the notifications that would be great. Also please keep the meters abstained for about a week please. My cousin always fears that his pou will die. It's really sad seeing him open the app quickly just to see his pou have every meter down. And a THERMOMETER?!?!?! Really?!?! That's a little much. Right? So please please put this in a new update. Thanks.Version: 1.4.69

1/2 fun, 1/2 badSo the pou game is so fun! i feed it, dress it up, give it baths, play the games included, but yesterday my pou went back to level 1 :((( i was so sad i was at level 80!!! i had so many coins!!!! :((((.Version: 1.4.69

UmmmmNot the best game....but it is fun to make pou fat! But deleted after a few minutes.Version: 1.3.9

Where's My Money?"Pou" is a game I enjoy playing and gives me something to do, so I did not hesitate to buy 4,800 "coins" for the $1.99 deal. After I bought it, it asked me to type in my password and confirm my purchase, and it said my purchase was successful. It took my money (I checked) but I did not get the coins. I closed the app and opened it back up but I still did not get my coins. Is there something I need to do or did I just get scammed? Some help please? Thanks..Version: 1.4.69

So boringWaste of time i reckon. Too simple, i don't really see the point.Version: 1.4.6

Restarted and no responseI had a really good character and a lot of money and one day I got on and it completely restarted! I even wrote them a complain but they didn't fix it or even respond.😡.Version: 1.4.69

Needs to be easier to earn moneyIt is too hard to earn a good amount of in game money, so it gets boring..Version: 1.2.14

I’ve seen better days…I remember Pou being one of the best games for phones, but unfortunately that’s no the case anymore. The game is buggy (specially clothes), pvp servers are off. But the mini games are still as nice as before.Version: 1.4.84

Won't even downloadI tryed to download and dose not even do anything. So disappointed!.Version: 1.4.69

Serious problems with this game...POU is an amazing game. But with the past couple of updates, I've been experiencing some serious problems with the game. One of these things is repeated crashing. Whenever I buy food, go to play a game with POU or just doing nothing on it, there is a 75% chance it will crash!! And because of this repeated crashing, something happened just now. I went to buy food for POU, but then it crashed. What happened then? THE ENTIRE GAME RESTARTED. PLEASE fix this, it will make POU a much better game..Version: 1.4.69

This game needs more detail!My boo by taps is also a very cute game and he poops cute he looks cute and he eats cute! I would recommend this game 2 stars since it doesn't have much detail 😡.Version: 1.4.81

Ok gameIt is like having a real pet since it is a lot of work and they grow up. I will say that gives it a star for sure! But... why are there things you have to buy with real money?? There are kids who can’t afford that! I mean this game is pretty fun though. The mini games are cool. I do like that you can dress your Pou up. But why does it have to be an adult to wear some things. And it should be easier to earn money on this game. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.4.84

PouThis is so annoying.Version: 1.4.75

Ipod troublesHey! so i bought pou on my iPad mini and then discovered that my lil sis liked playing it so i went on my iPod to get it for her and i have to pay when I've already purchased it, HELP?!.Version: 1.4.58

HELP!Pou is a great game, but it isn't working for me! I logged out of my account and logged back in. My Pou doesn't respond to anything I do, neither does the rest of the screen. But when I exit out of my game, my ipod works normally! What's going on? Please help :( Id hate to watch my pou starve :( !!!!!.Version: 1.4.8

Love the nostalgia.. but needs some updatesI downloaded this because I loved playing it as a kid and my friends started getting it and friending each other. I still love how original it is to how I remembered it, but I think some changes could really benefit the user experience. First of all, my airpods always disconnect whenever I open the app. I don’t really want the world to hear me feeding my pou.. especially in public. Also I think a widget could be really cool for this game! It would remind people to take care of their pou because they would see how its doing on their home screen. Overall I really like the app but these changes could make it even better!!.Version: 1.4.115

Great but fix bugs:It's awesome but sometimes it freezes and goes to my iPads home screen. Also, when I comment on someone's guest book, it shows my Pou when it was a baby. But now it's bigger and green not brown! ???? FIX. THIS PLEZ.Version: 1.4.19

Make the App Connect to Bluetooth!!I am a fan of this app and I really enjoy it, but I have a slight problem. I do not like the fact that as soon as you open the Pou app it automatically disconnects any bluetooth that is paired with your device and plays straight from the phone speakers. It is rather annoying that this happens and it would make the app so much more enjoyable for those of us who want to hear the game in our ears. Also, please let us play music from another app while playing a game! I hate that Pou pauses it whenever you enter the app..Version: 1.4.104

Music in the background???I love this game but the problem I am having is that it doesn't let me like to my own music on my device when I disable the sounds on the app. I don't have this problem with any of my other games. I really like listening to my music in the background but I can't do that. If this doesn't get changed soon I will just find a different game. I hope you can fix this little problem..Version: 1.4.69

PouI've just finished paying for this game and it keeps freezing. Deleted and re-downloaded and it's still freezing. Disappointed and so is my son. I want my money back :-(.Version: 1.4.64

This game scares meWhen u fail in a minigame there is a game over sound that is kinda scary and ther is no background music in house.Version: 1.4.77

I think this app spy's on youI was playing this and I went to close the game with my fingers and in the status bar it said it was recording?.Version: 1.4.48

Pls fix sound issuesLove Pou! But the app has started disconnecting my headphone connection when I open it, even though I can hear Pou notifications in my headphones fine. It also won’t allow for background app sound, like listening to music or an audiobook while playing, which I don’t think has ever been a feature and leads me to log out, but I would keep playing if it had that feature..Version: 1.4.88

Well doneIts a good game when you first get it but then it slowly gets old boring and very annoying..Version: 1.1.47

It’s ok butThe game keeps freezing… also sometimes when the app crashes you’ve got to log in again… and some things are missing once logged back in.. fix the game.Version: 1.4.99

MadThe outfits can only be worn at such high levels. The games PLAY BY IT SELF and make me loose every time. And there should be something that when u log into ur account u should be able to get the new one back because maybe ur other ones crappy and u forgot about it. U should really make some new updates cause the games getting stupid as hell..Version: 1.4.77

Recent updateAfter the recent update I could no longer see all of the game on my iPad, sent an email inquiry and have received no reply so have deleted this game.Version: 1.4.62

Doesn’t talk :(Microphone access on but he doesn’t talk.Version: 1.4.84

ToNeeds to be able to share with contact list.Version: 1.2.7

App steals from youSeveral times I have played games and won a bunch of money and then I will close the app and all my money will disappear and even the level will go back as well. Basically you’ll make progress in the game and then it will rewind and there is nothing you can do. Something that the developers should definitely be working on..Version: 1.4.84

Give me my money backI bought money and it didn't give me any I still have the same amount of money and I should have 4000 more!! Give me my 2 dollars back!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.69

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