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Your on tiktok!Theres a trend going on and one mentioned you! It was fantastic because you were my favourite game as a child so it brought me back to you and now I can be back to playing your game :) (Pou was the bestt).Version: 1.4.88

Awesome!Childhood game! Much nostalgia!.Version: 1.4.81

LOVE!😍❤️🌍When I was about 8-9 I got my very own, first tablet! The first game I ever downloaded was Pou! 🌍😍🌍 I am now 13 soon and I totally forgot about this game, but the other day I git a new phone case but it made me want to play old games. Do I was like “hhhmmmm…what games did I have when I was little?…candy crush, minion rush…!POU! 😂❤️❤️ and I have got so many coins right now and my Pou is yellow with a rose t-shirt! And blue eyes and violet eyelashes! (Racheal lashes)💓 if you read this far then you HAVE to DOWNLOAD IT! It’s my childhood fav EVEEERRRR!!!!😍❤️💘 thank you for taking your time to read this!…!NOW DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 -Kiwi Queen🥝👑💓❤️💓❤️💘💘💘💘.Version: 1.4.77

Nice! But…I love this game it’s so fun the only thing is I remember when I was younger I used to play this tree jumping game and now I can’t find it ANYWHERE it was one where some branches were broken and would slowly break as you stood in them and u could get to certain levels and passed space and heaven but I feel like sky hop has replaced this game and I am verry disappointed ☹️ I loved the minni game and it’s not the same anymore without it but oh well ig :^.Version: 1.4.84

Pou isn’t that bad at firstWhen I first installed this game I didn’t like that it costed $3.00 on apple. But when I started playing it was like I couldn’t get off, like I was addicted to it now. Because all the games are fun, and theres a verity of games and I like the moods it makes it so much more interesting. 4 star..Version: 1.4.77

Quality 👌The best game out there by far! Didn’t like though how it was 2 dollars but other than that it’s a great game. I would say it’s money well spent and that you need to try it. Trust me it’s amazing..Version: 1.4.77

UghApp is great but every time I try signing into my account on my phone it keeps saying bout updating the app before I can continue but if the update isn't showing up then wait a few days and it's been like 5 days already and still nothing. Please update this app!!! On iPhone.Version: 1.4.69

Really addictingYo this game is like the bomb of caring game (I have no other explanation of this caring thing) but the thing is that the mini games are sooooooo fun also when u care for your Pou. Thx (who ever the creator is).Version: 1.4.69

I love playing on it!I think pou is worth the money because it's really fun and I love playing on the games. Pou so cute and all my friends have it! Good job! (=^;^=).Version: 1.2.17

POU/ideaPou is a great game. My friend and I had an idea for the game. We think that they should make a nursery/Mating centre and u can breed pous with ur friends. Then u can sell pous and have more than one. When ur pou sees the pou it mated with its eyes will turn into hearts..Version: 1.2.22

LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOO MUCHThis is a really addictive game and it's so much fun. It works perfectly for my devices ( iPhone 5, ipod and my bros iPad). Iv played this since I was 6 and I'm still obsessed with it. Btw I'm ALOT older now so yh. I recommend you get this game!.Version: 1.4.69

Update for iphone11 maxI love pou is there anyway that it can be updated for resolution for new phones? Would be super appreciated.Version: 1.4.77

Love itI play this game with my sister and little cousin and we try to have as many goes as possible and I'm glad pou is in the top 50:).Version: 1.4.69

LoveI love pou! It's so cute! You can dress it up, play with it, pet it, feed it, visit your neighbors, and much more! I just wish there were like, places to go? Like an actual store and a park and like, when u go there are other players pous there. Or maybe a thing where pou can get married and have baby pous? And where when u go to ur friends house they can see u there and u can actually interact! But overall this game is awesome!!.Version: 1.4.69

10-10 Game Amazing!This game is so good. I love it how you get to personalise your Pou. There is so many mini games it's unbelievable. And there all so fun. Join me and play Pou today..Version: 1.4.69

Soooo cute😝Love this game but maybe there could be a few improvements like some better colours or something?.Version: 1.1.47

Love this game, obsessed :)This game is so fun, I always play it and the costumes are cute but I'm only lv 20 :(.Version: 1.4.12

Pou-emPou is so sweet just a little guy if you give him a treat he just might say hi pou is so cute i love him so much i would play him a flute but my family would say "hush" I LOVE POU😭😭😭😭.Version: 1.4.115

5 ⭐️Pou is a really fun little thing to look after I think💕 It's worth your money 💰 5⭐️.Version: 1.4.22

Pou is amazingI am a 59 year old man and pou has saved me, I had lung cancer but then I started playing pou. It’s cured my cancer I would definitely recommend this game..Version: 1.4.84

WOW FANTASTIC gameI think this game is the best game of all I am on level 3 I have just started playing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊😊😊 l love it that's why I gave it five stars .and my brother plays it too he is on level 17 he started before me LOVE IT 😍 🥇💜 My favourite part is that you can give pou eyelashes and dresses 👗.Version: 1.4.69

😍Love this game. Just want more mini games and different foods. A photo album would be ace aswell. And how awesome would it be to be able to feed the pets. Other then that I love this game so addicted to it..Version: 1.4.48

NostelgicI used to play this game when I was 5-7 years old... I love this game and always will.Version: 1.4.77

Awesome :))))It wasn't so bad actually you could change your pou in differnt colours like blue, red, orange,pink,purple and many more! Great for kids ages 7+ :))).Version: 1.4.66

PouReally great game! Very addictive!.Version: 1.1.39

This was my childhoodI haven’t got it anymore but when i did it was like a magic game i had so much fun playing this thank you for the amazing game!.Version: 1.4.84

Talking?Can u make it that u can talk to pou cause on the samsung galaxy tablet u can talk to him please make it.Version: 1.2.7

AMAZING!!!!Download this game now!! This game is so amazing you need it now if you don't like it that is fine everyone likes different things. If you do like it play all of the games you can play with pou. By Kayleigh Thank you for reading.Version: 1.4.69

Amazing!Where to start?! Pou is an amazing, addictive game! He is sooo cute and the minigames are really fun! It’s really easy to get coins and level up which makes it constantly pleasant to play! I love the many ways you can customise your Pou and home, making it your pet! If you haven’t already, DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!.Version: 1.4.77

This game is great and I love it!!!!!!This game is super fun. Pou is really cute and I love giving him outfits,changing his color and all sorts of other things. Second I love how you can take care of Pou. It is just like having a real pet. I also like the mini games. They are a lot of fun. My cousin and I play them together all the time. I like how you can make an account and meet other Pous. In conclusion Pou is a great game and you should totally get it..Version: 1.4.69

Pou ideaYou should make a pou puzzle but also make that you can choose one of your own picture in your gallery..Version: 1.4.43

Pou ReviewThis was strangely addictive,I can't believe how attached I have become to this app. The price is worth it.... ;).Version: 1.2.17

PouReally fun, it should be The free app of the day! Not really worth $1.99 it should be $0.99 at the most!.Version: 1.2.14

PouThis game is so funny, you get to look after your own pou💩 giving it a sower and everything. There is so many mini games! Its really cool. Interested? GET IT!.Version: 1.4.69

PouAwesome game 5 star.Version: 1.3.9

Cute GameThis game I sooooo cute! But I don't think it needed to be paid for!.Version: 1.4.62

I love itMy Pou is so old now! :).Version: 1.4.77

Hi, thank youI love it but could you add knew qualities to it? I’m getting bored, like new games where you can fight your pou’s or something, I would like that, I’m just at loss with the game and I feel like it should be updated after two years, thank you for making the game and I love it but please make a big update.Version: 1.4.77

POUI love pou so much my friends have him on thier phones And he is so awesome that i got him. I think everyone should have a pou because he is so fun to look after and feed and clean and dress up and play games with. I can also connect and see my others friends pous and play game with them 😊.Version: 1.2.22

New update!Add a feature in the bedroom closet we’re you can equips items like guitars, mic’s, game controllers, and so on, also add hoodies for clothes.Version: 1.4.77

So sweet and cute!Pou is such a sweet little cutie! I love him!.Version: 1.4.69

I love this game!!!I love this game so much that's because there are so many games to play and so much things to do with Pou!.Version: 1.4.25

DOWNLOAD NOWThis app is so, so , sooo good! IF YOU CONTINUE READING THIS REVIEW YOU ARE AMAZING !!!! Download it now and when you download this app you will never have to download another game again because it has lots of things you can play on as well as looking after pou on the play area and I love the driving game and the walking per game I find it sooo fun to play on when I'm bored or waiting for a friend to reply it is a brilliant app!.Version: 1.4.69

5 star gameI love my little pou! So much fun, this app is so adorable and soo addictive. Such a great time killer and it gives you a responsibility other than yourself that if you forget to feed or something doesn't have tragic consequences. All the mini games are so much fun and I love customizing my pou, money isn't too easy to earn but isn't too hard either. The food for your pou is thankfully cheap and looking after it is reasonably easy. One suggestion is please make pou's breedable or even give them the ability to lay eggs or something and be able to own more than one pou! Great game, totally worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone..Version: 1.4.19

LOVE IT!I’ve been playing Pou since I was 2-3 years old (I am 11 now!), and to this day I’ve loved playing it so much! It is really fun; you get to dress up your Pou and take care of it, and watch it grow from baby to adult, and level up! I will never want to delete Pou LOL! Now, my little nephew James (4 years old) has been playing since he was 2 years old! I just want to say now: TYSM FOR THIS AMAZING GAME! I’ve grown up with it since I was a toddler, and now I’m 11, tysm 😊.Version: 1.4.99

Sooo cute-lvl 23I love this game so much,i play it every day,im lvl 23 and trying to get to 30 to unlock stuff,but could you please make the updates less often as it gets annoying 3 times a week having to update it,it just wastes internet and the updates hardly do a thing!But otherwise it's pretty cool!:-).Version: 1.4.64

Pou is coolGreat game just why is everything so expensive.Version: 1.4.69

Love it and pou is cute!!Great little game especially when you're bored! Pou is a cute little character you get to do little activities with Pou and buy outfits and change the colour of Pou defiantly worth a download😊.Version: 1.4.69

WowThis app is great when I was little I used to play this game a lot I grew up with this game and now I’m older there is this this game on my mind that I can’t get off which was this game but I searched up potato cause it was brown and this popped up lol 😂 but I used to play this game and it used to be free but o have some budget from redeeming an Apple Card so I decided to buy this to.Version: 1.4.84

Love it 😍I Love This game you can personalise your Pou 💩 and even play the mini games there are so many mini games!!!!! It is great how you have to look after your Pou 💩 and is really simple you should totally download this Game because I know you will love it!!!!.Version: 1.4.69

Five star buy itI love this game don't care about anyone who says it is 3 stars or under. Pou is so cool my favorite game is pad bounce..Version: 1.1.47

LOVE this gameI played this when I was 2 and I am now 11. Gave me nostalgia and still love it. The only thing is I saw the orange dot when I wasn’t recording a mic sound. It’s only for pou to repeat what you say, so I’m turning off the mic. But I’m so glad I found this game because I completely forgot about it, and it’s honestly really fun..Version: 1.4.81

Literally best game ever🤩I’m 13 and it’s 2020 I had This game when I was like 4 on my old table and I loved it I would tell my mom when I go to my friends house mommy can you make sure you feed my pou please because I love it so much now I found it on my iPhone and I was like I don’t care how much it is I still got like 30 Dollars to spend on games I’m getting this game no matter what I want to thank the people who made this because this was one of the Best things out of my childhood😌☺️🥰.Version: 1.4.77

I like the app but...Since the last update, the dresses and other outfits no longer fit Pou. They’re too small and it makes them unwearable, unless you want your Pou to look like they’ve just Hulk-ed right out of their outfit. Hopefully this bug will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately, the updates are far and few between. I guess Pou will just have to wear swim trunks or be a SnowPou until then..Version: 1.4.81

For Demis problemHave you tried switching the little button on the side if you phone? That should turn the sound effects on! Anyway, love this app, i remember when i used to play it, my big bro to who is now 14. I love pou! I never wanted him to grow up coz he was to cute!.Version: 1.4.69

So funIt's so fun it's just like you have a pet 😃.Version: 1.3.7

UpdateIn the next update could you please make it so every hour you get 30-59 coins.Version: 1.4.69

PouHi had Pou on my phone and then I had 0 coins I didn’t go on it for 2 hours and I got 5110 coins and my pou got smaller.Version: 1.4.81

Amazing game!!!Pou is one of my favorite games because of the simplicity and easiness of it. But the reason I have rated it four star is because when I visit people they appear as babies and not adults. This was quite annoying because I was trying to make my pou go on a date with my sisters pou. I also think you should be able to type your own messages but it wouldn’t let you send the message if it had anything inappropriate in it. Keep up the good work team pou and thanks for reading..Version: 1.4.77

PouWhen will pou be update??????????.Version: 1.4.53

Nostalgia!I remember when I was little this used to be one of my favorite games ever! It was just so addicting back then, and it still is now! I always keep coming back to check on my Pou every day because I love her so much! I was scrolling through my purchased apps I had deleted, and when I came across this game I immediately redownloaded it! I won’t specify my age back then or now, but I believe that anyone can enjoy Pou! 10/10 Better than My Boo ever was..Version: 1.4.84

Pou is the bestPou is the best at doing games.Version: 1.4.69

Love but one thingI just got this again after YEARS and I’m so glad to be back just one thing though, there’s not enough things to buy when you are a low level because all the outfits and everything to do with customisation is mainly focused on high leveled players.Version: 1.4.77

Sound problemI play pou on my iPhone 4 but there's a sound problem. Sound effects won't play! Just music plays when I play games I will rate 5 stars if you fix this.Version: 1.4.69

Great game! Just one question....I love this game! It's so fun! I just have one question, lately, I have been playing Pou, and since I have two Emails, I have 2 Pous. I have been playing with one, but when I click on the "account" icon to log out, it says Loading.... then Server Busy. Try again later... I don't know what is wrong! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but when I want to log in, it still says Server busy. Try again later... Is anyone else having this problem? ☹️.Version: 1.4.69

Love itI really love this game it is amazing but the only the for me is that it keeps crashing please fix thanks.Version: 1.4.53

FeedbackPeople add some costumes for Pou (shirt, pants, skirts, dresses picnic, swimming, long coat, clothes shaped fruit, bamboo, carrots, cake formation, ao dai, costume President of the country, shirt emblazoned with the flag is a message also express love peace, ...), more pets for Pou, for Pou walking, toys Pou (carrot, apple , ...) add the scenery (bamboo forest, vegetable garden, garden carrot, orange canopy, eagle, ...) more types of shoes, ... Or maybe for people to decorate Pou in the Paint and Pou wear these designs. That is my suggestion, thanks to Pou to humans..Version: 1.4.69

THE BEST GAME!!!😍😍😍😍So I’ve always liked games where you can look after your own pet and I already had a few of those games, but when I saw Pou, I HAD to get it. It was easily the BEST game I’ve ever played! It’s such a fun game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Some games are fun, but are for a certain age and some people would think that Pou is for kids only, but I think everybody should play it since it’s such an amazing game!.Version: 1.4.77

Omg this is my childhoodI used to play this game so much when I was little! It was on my mom’s Kindle, so it was free, so when I saw that this was only $1.99 in the App Store, I had to have it! My friends all made fun of me for buying this, but this is such a great game! My friends all said to get my boo, but this is just so OG. No ads, no Wi-Fi needed, and the only 2 things you pay for is the app and one of the colors for like a hat or something. This game is really great and deserves 5/5 stars! 😀🙂😁.Version: 1.4.107

Won't let me delete or playI love this game as I had it on my tablet, but I just installed it on my phone and it won't open or let me delete it..Version: 1.4.69

Long time no see 🥲🥲I remember when I was little I played this!.Version: 1.4.104

I love PouI wasn't sure at first but quickly became obsessed with Pou and I am a grown woman!! I love the games! And Pou is pretty cute.Version: 1.4.53

All in oneAnd its free.Version: 1.4.75

Mr poulenaPou is soo fun but is there cheats because its so hard to get money and to be able to have fun u need lots of money.Version: 1.3.12

Am I man or am I a Pou?Two words (I like to keep it short and sweet if you know what i mean 😏) L I F E. C H A N G I N G. which brings us back to the question am I a man or am I a Pou? Who am I if i’m not a Pou? How am I supposed to wake up every morning, just to look in the mirror and see a Pou-less face. I can’t live with that. It’s not even that i can’t live with that, I WONT LIVE WITH THAT! I WILL NO LONGER LIVE IN A SOCIETY WHERE IGNORANT PEOPLE LIKE YOU DONT NORMALIZE THAT IN A POU! and guess what... i’m not changing for anybody because i love myself in all my Pou-glory!.Version: 1.4.81

This game is like crackI love this game it’s like crack to me my Pou is red and swollen now my bum hole is like the Japanese flag. I love this game By the way my nan was walking down the stairs playing Pou and fell headfirst snapping her neck, and now she’s dead this is a 10/10 recommended for walking down the stairs.Version: 1.4.107

Freezes on iPad AirThe game freezes on my iPad Air (4th gen) but works perfectly on my iPhone 7.Version: 1.4.84

Super funPou is super cute and fun.Version: 1.4.119

5 StarI play it all the time ! Needs too be more popular ! Add a new update including more stuff ! :) awesome game must buy !.Version: 1.1.47

LIVE LONG POUI love pou. pou is life. it’s taken over everything i know. live laugh pou..Version: 1.4.104

I ADORE THISI have a huge routine with my pou eg: she needs glasses and she takes them off if she's in bed,if there's a party she has a costume,if I go skating she wears white,blue shirt is for swimming,a dress if for anything fancy,and she always wears a coat and glasses (all green of course),she herself is green,and a light green shirt is pyjamas! I LOVE POU!!!!.Version: 1.4.46

FUN BUT little but scaryI love this game but I sometimes think is this game like talking Angela?.Version: 1.4.77

Please fix to be able to listen to music duringI love this app and have loved it for many years since I used to play it on my mom’s phone back in 5th grade. The app is perfect beside this one issue I’ve come across. Whenever I’m listening to music in the background or have picture in picture open, my music/video will pause whenever I do anything in the app. Could you please allow these things to play while playing if possible? Thank you!.Version: 1.4.104

PouThis game would be really good if you could make it a generation game otherwise it becomes boring quicker....Version: 1.3.12

Add more stuffI love this game but they should add more stuff that pou can do like pou can also take care of the pets he has. BUT GET THE GAME ITS WORTH IS. PS ADD MORE STUFF.Version: 1.4.115

Great game but...Pou is one of my favourite games and is one of the best games for children and adults but I would want you to add online games so you can join a random lobby for games like tic tac pou and you should add a mode where you can rate people’s pous and see what the best styles are thank you for reading..Version: 1.4.88

Pou is amazingThis app is awesome !!!!!!!! And I love it !! So many Kool things u can do with ur Pou ! This game also worked me a miracle . I accidentally logged out of Pou and thought she was gone forever . I reinstalled Pou and wanted 2 change my nickname . Then when I logged in again I got my ol Pou back !!!!! The bad news that he was ill . I healed him and then cried tears of joy ! I love this app!! GET IT NOW !!!! Pou is depending on u !!!! Anyway it is NOT inappropriate !! I agree with the lovers . This is the best app in the world !!!!!!!!!💎💎💎.Version: 1.4.69

💩💩💩😈I Had to delete sooooooo many games to download dis game (I don’t have anything wrong with my storage). I suggest this game to everyone, so if u get a baby brother, u know how to take care of him/her. :) best..... game..... ever.......Version: 1.4.75

Fun Game!Even though I had to pay 1.99 its worth it! Its fun for the family! My mom had over 800k coins and is level 108! She has so much fun. I would like if you made updates to the game so it is easier to level up and get coins! Thank you for the funnest times! Thanks again, Matthew.Version: 1.4.77


Great but add this...The app is great but on the mini games, the game hill drive could have another terrain, there is three, grass, snow and mud but I think there should be a flat one so u can go really fast :) Thx.Version: 1.4.69

PouI love pou.Version: 1.4.84

Had this for years and I love it.I’ve been playing this for years and I think it’s great, Pou doesn’t die which is awesome as I couldn’t cope with him passing away. Now there’s achievements to work my way through and you can save Pou in the cloud. I love dressing him up and feeding him and watching him smile, he is adorable! My tip would be that it should warn you when logging in to your account on a new device that your Pou is going to replace and erase the new Pou on your device, because I was concerned when I logged in that my existing Pou might get replaced when I logged in. A quick message confirming mine was going to over write the baby one on the app would have been good..Version: 1.4.84

Good gameThis game is amassing there's a lot of patensile for this game.Version: 1.4.69

Thanks PouI got my first Pou in 2013 and he was so much fun when I was young. I think now he’s grown up and doesn’t need me so I’ve left him on my iPad for him to do what he wants. I still love him and occasionally I’ll go and check on him to make sure he’s doing ok <3.Version: 1.4.84

Used to be a free game..I’m sure glad I downloaded this 5 years ago when it was free.Version: 1.4.77

Incredible App!I First Started Playing This At Random On My Sisters iPad When I Was About 3 Or 4. I Then Found It On The App Store And Was Like "*Gasp!* Is That The Game I Played When I Was Younger?!" When I Was 8. I Still Play It To This Day BTW I'm 10 Rn.Version: 1.4.75

Totally get it!Soooo cute I love it.Such fun mini games:-).Version: 1.3.29

Definitely 5 stars!This is a awesome game. Sounds and looks babyish but it is very fun and addictive! I love it and I play it almost every day. It's like a real living pet. Definitely 5 stars!!.Version: 1.1.47

Love the app but I have a requestI definitely love this app, I’ve had it forever now and I still love it just as much as I did when I first got it. More so now because I am leveled up and I don’t have to pay 1999 to unlock items. I do have a request/idea though that I think would make the app even better!! Could it be possible to have multiple Pous? As in like save separate worlds or characters? Because I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to have an opinion whether I want to use a girl Pou or a boy Pou with separate worlds... We could customize two separate houses and pets and playgrounds. I just think that would be great!.Version: 1.4.77

Listen to this, you rude haters out there!!!LISTEN, PEOPLE!!! QUIT BEING JERKS!!! I mean, it's FINE and all to report a BUG and everything, but don't call this TRASH and then get mad at Paul, BUT DON'T EVEN SAY WHY!!!!!(I'm talking about YOU, Mr. Disgusted122!!!) Now this game is FUN, CREATIVE, AND SMART!!! I had it on my old phone, and just downloaded it on my new phone yesterday! There aren't many ads, there are a ton of games, and it's NOT JUST A GAME FOR IMBISELS!!! So unless YOU can make something BETTER, quit being so MEAN!!!! 😡.Version: 1.4.69

Great!This game is really God because there is so many things you can do. You can clean the pou you can play games in the game room AND change and customize your pou. One of my faviroute games that has ever been created..Version: 1.4.84

I love my pou!!!Hey guys I just wanna say I LOVE MY POU!!! And that I have a few suggestions... • How bout some PJS • maybe take out that the chillies make their health go down • in 'Cliff Jump' can u make so we can customise our own skateboards for our pous • can u add other sport not just soccer and swimming Well it's an AWESOME GAME!!!.Version: 1.3.23

Very goodWell I used to have Pou and I have it back!Before I accidentally deleted it🙁 now I was searching for games and games and I accidentally wrote Po then By the corner of my eye I saw pou,I Was so happy 😀 So I got It again also it’s very good because you have a pet that’s and alien that is called pou and it’s so good now that don’t know what to say..Version: 1.4.75

AwesomeThis is a great game and I love how there are so many mini-games in it that are of various genres. It is also very easy to obtain coins especially through playing and just watching ads. I definitely recommend this game to anyone that likes having a variety of games to play and that enjoys taking care of an animation character. 💩.Version: 1.4.69

Love it😻I really enjoy this game since it's now free and it's entertaining while traveling because u hardly need any wifi for it to work, my only concern is that the screen quality is bit blurry and can someone please fix it, But in total this game is pretty Cool💛.Version: 1.4.69

AwesomeFun , cute, makes me smile , funny , et. so much fun and I love caring for it 😃.Version: 1.2.22

I luv htisPls add widget I want her easy accessake.Version: 1.4.107

Car is to fastHi for the car when u drive through the terrains when u upgrade the engine to make it faster it is to fast and i always fall because it lifts itself up please fix.Version: 1.4.55

4 starWho cares about how much money it cost. This game is fun to play with your friends but is a real time waister..Version: 1.2.22

NoiceIt good.Version: 1.4.84

Pou is amazing!I had to pay, and that made me sad. But it brought back a lot of memories from my childhood.Version: 1.4.99

Got it againSo basically I used to play this game all the time when I was younger however it was classed as a free game not one that costs £2 then when I got a new phone I got bored of it then the other day I was looking for games and I found this game. Great game I got my old account back too! But confused why u charge £2 now?.Version: 1.4.77

New Halloween ideas!Hey, since I love pou so much, here’s some updates I want. New mini game- candy game- your pou is supposed to go to other houses and collect candy in time! Gear- a trick or treat basket for your pou to hold! (By the way the game should be called “Trick or Treat?.”) New wallpaper- a wall paper that says “Hallows’ treats”. New eye colour- a green eye colour but each shade of green should be blended together. A tail- a long tail but it’s really fluffy. New food- a curry that looks like the emoji 🍛 Real life features- control your pou using arrows! Talk to actual pous So that’s all! Hope you can add it! :D.Version: 1.4.77

Cute cuteVery cute.Version: 1.4.77

Good gameAwesome game but in the lab there is a potion that feeds,entertains,energizes and gives full health it is good when in a hurry but should get rid of this because it is lazy and the game food looks tacky because it kinda looks real but it should just be cartoon and you should be able to have 1-4 pous at once and another idea you should have to groom your pou not just clean it and it would be cool if it had a town and buy furniture for each room😃😃😃.Version: 1.3.19

AWESOMENESSI love the game so much it is very fun to play and it is a fun way to pass time.Version: 1.4.69

AwsomeThis is probley the best game I have ever played one bad thing is he needs a lot of atention.Version: 1.3.12

PouI really like this game i’ve been playing it since i was a toddler.Version: 1.4.107

Love itEven tho this isn’t that popular it’s still one of my childhood favourite games go follow my insta just search my name up.Version: 1.4.77

PouAwesome game so cute and fun worth the money and cool games :).Version: 1.2.11

😍😍😍😍😊😊😊.Version: 1.4.39

FUN but...Love the game but when I was playing suddenly my pou went down to level one 😑.Version: 1.4.69

This game is amazing!I love taking care of a cute little Pou and there are a lot of really fun mini games! I think this game is one of my favorite games ever! U can also make ur Pou look how ever u want! U can change the color and make it have outfits and really cute accessories too! And there are 0 adds! I really recommend u get this game!.Version: 1.4.107

Best Pet Game everThis is the best game to train to get a pet and look after it even he lives in your pocket! And He’s So Cute Too I Think This Is So Awsome it derserves 5 stars.Version: 1.4.69

It is messed up!I would rate Pou a 5 star because I enjoy playing but recently it has been messing up and it won't let me login g into my account. It says I need to update the app and its been four days now but it still shows there is no update. My pou is level 53 so I don't want to give up on it just yet because I've put a lot of t me into this app. Any helpful ideas?.Version: 1.4.69

GoodThis app was good but you can't put a lot of clothes on when you are a baby you have to wait until you become an adult ⭐the jump to adult size potion costs real money so you have to wait soooooooo long ⭐this app should be free⭐⭐⭐.Version: 1.2.17

Love it. (Who wouldn't?)This game is really good can you make things cost less a little to much. I am refusing to decorate anything because it is so many coins! I really like the phone and outdoor place. Please make it so you can text on the phone, but with out giving privite information. I do not apply to social media on other games because you must give out private information that is inappropriate. Thank you. Overall I give it 5 stars.5️⃣😍😍😍😍😍5️⃣.Version: 1.4.69

Amazing!When I first got this game I thought it would be good but it was amazing. Advice:get your friends to play this game it’s really fun when you have friends in the game,always use a max potion its worth it, always do the challenges for coins, and finally spend your coins on pets and clothes and cars and everything This game brings back memories I love this game.Version: 1.4.77

When’s this big update coming?Hi. I am 15 years old and I love the game Pou. I have loved this game ever since I was 10, but unfortunately, very little has changed. We need more games for our Pou to play, cool new outfits, and wallpapers that aren’t so hideous. I also get really annoyed because my AirPods will not connect to my phone while I am playing Pou. The format is also kind of wonky, which signifies that maybe an update is needed. I love Pou, but I think it’ll be a lot more enjoyable for everyone if a big update is on its way..Version: 1.4.77

The change from the kitchen to the hallI love this game but one problem is that when you go from the hall to the kitchen it’s fine but when you go from the kitchen to the hall it crashes (clockwise it’s fine and anti-clockwise it’s not 🤔) so yeah please fix it! Regards Robert P.S. I still love you game!.Version: 1.4.77

Best game everYou cant day no to pou because his like the best game ever and im addicted.Version: 1.4.84

😳 wowwI'm surprised I thought it would be one of those crap games where there was always ads popping up. But no!.Version: 1.4.69

OMG THX FOR MAKING IT FREE <3Thx u a lot for making this game free i am so obsessed with this game before u made it PAID :/ but now :).Version: 1.4.62

Lil peepStory line is magnificent truely inpirational will go Down legendary.Version: 1.4.77

BeardYou need pou to be able to where a beard.Version: 1.2.14

Pou!Pou is really fun to play.Version: 1.4.77

I love it!!Can you please put a hello kitty costume please!?!? Im so desperate >_< thanks!.Version: 1.4.43

Best game everThis is the best game ever but can you add more stuff.Version: 1.4.119

Fantastic gameOh i love this fun game I wish tree was more.Version: 1.2.22

Pou : a (pou)mPou My baby I feed you candy I will save you My son You bring me joy Such a sweet boy My love for you is as big as the sun Pou i love you.Version: 1.4.115

I LOVEEEEE POUBest best best game i love pou pou i’m married to pou pou pou yas pou omg i love love marry pou.Version: 1.4.84

Pou is supercalafracherlisticexbealidoshousSoooooooo fun love it challenges you through play . Is so cool you SHOULD download it pou is awesome!!!!!!play games with other pou's ! Look up Pidgkey on pou friend finder ! So fun you WILL lloooovvveee it so download it now!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😎😎😎😎.Version: 1.4.69

MOREU should add when Pou goes outside and plays: he/she gets dirty and you should also make pou die at a certain level like 💯 so then u can restart. And pou should hatch out of an egg like tamigatchis and come with a prize and a diffrent coulor. Also u should have a daily spin wheel so we can get a prize and add monthly games. Also you should be able to keep ur stuff after u die. PLUS you should make starter packs for 300 coins and make pou a whole world 🌎 and make a new app called world of pous and make it online and free so everyone can chat and play games together. THAT WOULD BF FUN. And u could adopt pets and go to the movies. That’s me suggestions 😃 plz do ALL of these ty.Version: 1.4.77

😍😍😍I absolutely love this game there are no ads and it is completely worth the money you can have ur own poo 💩 and he is the best I definitely recommend and you could be on it for hours..Version: 1.4.77

GreatGood, simple, time wasting fun. Perfect for busy waiting rooms. I have it on multiple devices..Version: 1.4.66

PouHe is a sweetheart that little cutie.Version: 1.4.75

LegendaryI remember playing this when I was a child so I’m gonna download it once again 😁.Version: 1.4.84

I love this game!Pou is so adorable! it’s entertaining to play and he is very cute. even if you have nothing to do. You can still do something fun in pou. Because it will always be fun and entertaining! 2 pounds was worth it definitely. But I just started playing this and I have a baby pou. Hoping to get this pou to be a adult pou! And if you have two pound left in your credit, buy this game!.Version: 1.4.107

NOT A RIP OFF OF MY BOOThis game is great! And for anyone who saids this is a ripoff of My Boo, do your research. I remember when the car game where you just keep going forward came out (forgot what's it's called) a few years ago. And, last year, My Boo copied the exact same idea! Well that doesn't mean it's first, you may be thinking. And you're right. But if you look it up, pou came out august 5th, 2012, and my boo came out in 2015. So there. Do you're research. This game is really fun! I would totally recommend it. It's REALLY addictive though (that's not always a bad thing!) I used to play this game a lot but then I just... forgot about it. I was scrolling through my purchased apps and decided: "hey? Why not?" And it's still better than my boo..Version: 1.4.69

Bad to goodThis game is great the mini. Games are so fun and I love how you can change the colour of you pou but I still don't won't to rate it five stars because it's not the best game ever one update that I would like pou creators to make I'd daily coins so I wouldn't have to work so hard.Version: 1.4.77

Love itI've been playing this game for 3 years now, and I love it, so addicting. It's the only game you need it has everything. Only frustrating this is that when u quit a game it doesn't count your score..Version: 1.4.69

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!!! ♥️I got an iPad at the age of 7 and downloaded this game 6 months later. When I turned 10 (6 months ago) I got an iPhone 6. I was watching SIS VS BRO 2018 Xmas haul. Ronald got a poo emoji pillow and said “hello I am mr pou”. Then I remembered the pou game I had. I immediately went to the App Store and download this game. It’s so fun how you can dress him. Also the games are really fun. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ LOVE THIS GAME! If you are reading the reviews it’s definitely worth the money. I RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING IT!!!.Version: 1.4.77

Can you please renew my purchase?Umm I need you to renew my purchase for I can change the payment thing for instead I can use a diffrent card than the one I used so please renew my purchase and I will purchase it again just with a diffrent credit card.Version: 1.4.104

Awesome gameThe best game ever! So cute when baby but now is a adult....Version: 1.3.5

LOVE ITIf you love games where you look after something, This is the best ((: tbh I have downloaded many, but pou remains to be my favourite. Best $2 spent.Version: 1.2.22

CutenessI love my pou Zenba she is so cute.Version: 1.3.12

The origin of the pouMy pou's name is om and prickly om is first and prickly is second. Color as for om red and blue and for prickly it’s green and yellow. They love to play with each other. they watch numberblocks in their room at 8:00 am so they had breakfast at 9:00 and they had for snack at 6:00 PM is apple and they rest at 8:30 PM. The end :) ^ _ ^ this is a great story We like you both 2. Five is orange and purple.Version: 1.4.84

My new favourite gameI love this game a lot, and I would definitely play it almost everyday.Version: 1.4.88

AMAZBALLSTHIS APP IS GREAT. i am 14 years old and i absolutely love this game. it’s like taking care of a virtual pet that looks like a cute little pou. i used to have this game when i was younger and i just got it back and i’m addicted. i love feeding my pou candy even though it’s not the best for him. sometimes i feed him cabbage but he doesn’t like it all the time. my pou can also get dirty very fast. so i have to bathe him daily, but that’s okay because i love him so much. finally, i love how you get to customize your pou. the more levels of life you go up in, the more coins you earn and accomplishments you make. that means you can get more stylish outfits for your pou. my pou loves to play games and hang out with his friends. especially outside. i would 10 out of 10 recommend this app for anyone who likes pou!.Version: 1.4.77

I like it but…Look I know this game is amazing and all but there are a few bugs I am gonna point out 1. When I play volleyball ball one time It made me still jump 2. Food drop it once made me go invisible and When that happened I couldn’t even eat the food 3. The mic is not working in the mic room I tried speaking to it and it sometimes works and dose not it’s confusing but I just had to reload the app but anyway its a good game and I really like it.Version: 1.4.115

One thing...Can you change the title of the game?.Version: 1.4.75

Very cool, awesome game.I love this game so much, very fun to just spend your time playing on. There is only one problem. But it's a small one. When you turn the microphone on, and then turn your device off, it sometimes makes a high-pitched whining noise. I didn't know what it was at first, but I somehow figured out it was the app, and so I deleted it, and boom. No more noise! Still a great game.😍.Version: 1.4.69

AwesomeThis is a great game, I will give 5 stars if you update the food it's Ben the same for a very long time.Version: 1.3.33

I love my Alien pet PouHe’s so adorable and cute, even though he’s a virtual pet, he looks like he’s real. His little eyes move every where you point your finger to, so so cute. When I feel depressed and overwhelmed I play with my little friend Pou, we have a lot of fun together, he’s my therapy friend. I hope that the developer would add more outfits and different styles of clothing and shoes and more foods. Thanks so much for creating this little alien..Version: 1.4.107

Bæ🦊Pou is bæ🙈definitely get. You get to look after an adorable 💩. Doesn't crash and there aren't any adds🙂.Version: 1.4.69

GreatI have had pou for years. It such a good game. My older kids played it when they were small and now my toddler has taken over my phone with it on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.4.107

POU IS SO CUTE!I got this app ages ago when I saw my mum playing it and she was playing the pop pou game and I said what are you playing she said pou! And I was confused at the start but still I went on to download it myself and instantly fell in love with it. I like the mini games and the cute little nah!when he doesn't want to eat hisfood. One of my fave apps.Version: 1.4.69

BEST. GAME. EVER!!I absolutely love Pou! It gives you a special pet along with many other games you and your Pou can play together! As you level up, your Pou will grow up and you will be able to purchase more items for your Pou! I would definitely recommend that everyone plays this game. It's wonderful!.Version: 1.4.69

Fun In the ToiletIronically the game is called pou while it's great to play while your taking a pou. I love dressing it up and doing different hairstyles. I even offer my boyfriend favors if he earns my coins 😉 as soon as pick up the phone to play I can't put it down. Pou got me through many tough surgeries I'll never know how to thank my pou other than with love and lots of food. I love you pou. Pou on. Thanks for being solid. ✊🏽.Version: 1.4.69

Best game ever!!You are my child hood pou I suggest you buy this game because it will be your friend forever with no arguments!.Version: 1.4.77

PouWhen I was about 6 or 7 I got my first iPad! and one of the first ever apps I downloaded was Pou! I think i deleted for some reason but when I was looking at some games to download I saw Pou! My opinions on Pou: 1. I love how you can make ur own Pou you can even make it into and animal like a German shepherd of panda bee and more! I wish you could make more animals like flamingos or stuff like that! 2. I wish that you could type your own chat because when I go visit people you can only say a few sentences ! BUT DOWNLOAD ITS AMAMZING.Version: 1.4.81

Really fun game ! Highly recommended!I had this game a longtime ago and loved playing it. Years later it’s still available for download and play and I was thrilled. My daughter who is now 17 Years of age was 8 when she came home from school and told me about it. Now I have my own little Pou to take after and so does my daughter….happy memories and good times can still be shared. I highly recommend this game to who wants a fun family oriented app that takes one back to the tamagotchi but you have it on your phone or even your computer/ laptop. There’s lots of fun games to play, feed your Pou, and others. Even though there was a small fee of 1.99 it was well worth it! Last but not least THERE IS NO ADS!.Version: 1.4.107

Accidental purchase, waste or 3$(I need refund)My allowance is gone for accidental purchase, can I get my money back please I get 10$ a year and wasted it by accident😭😭.Version: 1.4.107

I’m confusedWould give higher rating if i knew if pou is a potato or not. i have done lots of research and there has been no proper answer as to what kind of thing pou is. other than that, great game :).Version: 1.4.77

Awesome gamePou is a awesome game I recommend for everyone it is really fun I love it.Version: 1.3.17

Great gameI’ve spent a lot of time playing this game over the years and I still enjoy it as much as I did years ago. It’s so fun to work towards different styles to transform your pou and there’s so many customizable options for many different elements of the game. Even with this being said I would suggest that the developer update the game with even more customizations. This game is very much worth it and like many other reviewers it will probably stick with you for years. :).Version: 1.4.77

SupWelllll if u are wondering this sounds GAY it's really not cause u feed it wash it give it medication play games keep its health up level up and even customise and make it fat and a little more I think as my opinion..Version: 1.3.15

Love it!It's so cute and, to all of you out there, SOO much better that boo. If you spam the food enough you can pretty much force feed him and give him love handles for a bit, and the games are awesome. You can dress him up and, unlike other pet games, watch him grow up from a little pou to an adult pou! I don't let little ones play the game or else they will have too much fun and won't give him back! I do leave you with this one piece of advice. DO NOT TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! Every time you leave the app you will be sent a notification. It happens at least twice a day. Other than that everything is awesome!.Version: 1.4.69

HeheI like poo💩.Version: 1.4.77

Stinky smelly poo reviewPoo a great game to play on your deaf bed the kids live it!!!! 😍😍😍😍 poo is my ex husband so me and the husbando lightning mcqween have 0️⃣ respect for that crettin!!!!!!!!! Bunny hat and frog hat ladys are dancin in da club when someone puts the food fall song on 😂🤣🤣 my friend margret has insecurities about that smelly old poo like what the what!!!!!!??????? My bum itches Much love samantha smith ❤️🙉😜👈🏻😩👈🏻.Version: 1.4.84

Pretty nostalgicIt’s really fun, I found it on iPad after 3 years and... man good times of 2015. Too bad it ain’t in Brazil’s playstore =( but I am glad I have it here and again, it is very good..Version: 1.4.77

Omg awesome!I absolutely love this game it is so cute! I got it from Rosanna pansino’s video, and why is the clothes so expensive? But anyways I still love this game:).Version: 1.4.77

This game Rocks!!This game is my childhood game. I used to play it all the time. Now that I have found it all these years later I love it! This game will forever bring me back to when I was young. Highly recommend this game!!! (Message to the creator of this game) You guys should really add a potion that makes Pou sleepy, that would help people who are busy and can’t check up on him all the time..Version: 1.4.115

Five star five starSleepy pou is me😣.Version: 1.4.75

I LOVE IT!Pou is a game where you have a small creature, your Pou, and you dress them up and take care of them, Tamagotchi style. I love this game so so much! I got it a few years ago on another phone and I loved my Pou so much, but I switched phones and Pou didn't make the switch. I sort of forgot about her, what with the app costing money and all, until a few weeks ago when I checked the App Store to find it was once again free! I immediately downloaded it. And luckily, this app lets you sign in and save your Pou, so I had my Pou back! I had missed her so much. There are so many things to do in this game and it's an overall super fun, super cute time killer. Now go out there and get your Pou!.Version: 1.4.69

CoolBrilliant game recommendation defiantly but 1 problem sky hop in the pou update is **** it is that bad otherwise I love the game.Version: 1.3.33

PouThis game pou is pretty fun even know I'm a boy it is like taking care of something so this game is fun because u can play games and look after it.Version: 1.3.23

Love it but plz addOMG I love this game so cute and fun play it so much but would be cool if when u change the colour of him the icon changes the colour to the colour of yours and what clothes u put on him should do the same there should also be mini games to make the medisen.Version: 1.4.48

Amazing.This game is peak mobile gaming and you cant say otherwise. This game kept me going when i was at my lowest. This game bought me and my friends together, it fixed my life. So yeah its pretty good you should probably get it 👍.Version: 1.4.107

YESI love pou so much but its sad that you have to pay, but its worth it. Also Pou dosnt respond to me, i’m not sure if thats what the microphone is for but i dont what else to do with it 😿.Version: 1.4.107

Excellent game but......Need more fun games , keep playing the same games over and over again . Still worthwhile getting and a great game to keep you busy . That is why I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars , to get 5 out of 5 this game would have to get better games . Please get this Game EVERYONE!!!!! It is GrEAt !!!! :) :- :/.Version: 1.3.9

Isabella is hacking!Icabell is cheating she deleted the game and then installed it again that's hacks.Version: 1.4.8

WowFunny, buy it, it's sooooo cool,💩.Version: 1.3.5

AMAZING!!!If I would pick one app of all the apps that remind me of when I was a little kid it would be Pou I used to spend so many hours daily playing this game I will say my sister was more addicted than I was but I still recommend it to anyone it doesn’t take wifi and it’s free so why not! 😀.Version: 1.4.84

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