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Injustice: Gods Among Us App User Positive Comments 2023

Injustice: Gods Among Us app received 199 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about injustice: gods among us?

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Injustice: Gods Among Us for Positive User Reviews

Injustice is better than any other gammmmesI have been playing injustice since I was 6 now I am ten I have learnt a lot from injustice I have got so many people in my collection like my batman has 8596 damage and 19k health .but for the challenges you. Sometimes put hard people on me so I skip matches witch I don't wanna do . Thanks injustice for being nice to me I appreciate your support .thanks From:Matthew hashtag advanced player at injustice 🤓🤓🤓😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 3.1

BreakthroughHave been playing this game for yeeears and still lovin it. Im really hoping we get a wider selection of characters to put through breakthrough this year like raven, hawk girl and killer croc..Version: 1.21

Addictive , amazing and a awesome game AAA+ ratingI started playing this game in 2017 in my Mobile. I got introduced to this game by my friend and was totally hooked since then. Many complained even my friend told me he could not finish some levels due to difficulty. I managed to finish this in 6 months by playing it continuously and winning credits on special days. During I realised it was still impossible without gold grade players, very expensive and took some time to collect. But I made sure the choices of my characters are right. Then I was easily able to finish the difficult levels and of course the game as well. Great game could never complain as am very choosy when selecting and playing games... I managed to finish with nightwing (because he was able to take away enemies power ups ) , Batman ( great power ) and general zod ( because his defence armour was good ). Switching players at the right time helped me finish the game quickly.... I would suggest to play intelligently by considering the power of the characters and choosing the right characters combination rather than complaining about the difficulty of the game.. Om namakshivaya.Version: 3.4

Injustice feedbackLove this game still needs some parts of the game to be fixed then it will be perfect game..Version: 3.2

The YearsINJUSTICE: Gods Amongst Us - is very app development, Over the years, more and more awesome and powerful characters in the vast DC Universe have arrived in this game many players around to world to test their ultimate power. The Introduction into TV series or movie characters have given us the chance to use our favorite characters and to add the Online Season. Even though this app is very old and came out a while ago, it is still very popular and is still being update from all its support. Over the years, this has became a really great game and be sure to give this game a go if you have already not! Warner Bros continue to develop great updates and add to the roster of characters some great heroes and villains & is always a game I can and want to come back to!.Version: 3.2

Brick house ReviewGame is great, much better then the 2nd one. I would like more/ new character challenges to get new cards or add new characters to the store. I want to get Arkham Origins Deathstoke or/ and any other characters like that. I have all the store cards already and would like to see new ones added but overall very fun game. I feel like they are more focused on Injustice 2 ( mobile version which is not as good) so I don’t know if they will update it anytime soon.Version: 3.2

Love this gameI have played this game so much and I can’t stop for some reason. I have quit many times over the past years but I still com back to it. I started playing when I was 9 and I’m 16 in a month. It’s helped me keep my sanity through quarantine. Thanks for creating it!.Version: 3.2

Could be more funThe game itself is fun but they allow other people to hack the game and do stupid stuff and then I have to fight them on the online mode. It’s annoying because they are hackers so you can’t beat them, maybe like 2% of the time you can beat them but they get you with cheap shots, their metal can cards are like already at max promotion and level. Why do you give me characters that are way beyond my abilities to defeat. Also, I try to do my special attacks but it won’t let me sometimes and therefore I lose which is super frustrating. FIX THIS GAME, BAN ALL THE HACKER PLAYERS AND MAKE THE GAME FUN. Also, UPDATE the game more frequently, injustice 2 is whack. This is the og injustice and it needs to be revived. Also, make it compatible with the newer phones, it’s not full screen like Injustice 2. This game can be so much better if you listen to the complaints and fix up the mistakes..Version: 3.2

AMAZING - 5 star - * * * * *This is so so so so good Really need to play It’s full of all sorts of DC characters and much prefer this over -marvel: contest of champions- full of action and challenges to try unlock new cool and unique characters. Buying packs is a great cheap way to unlock some powerful and popular characters, so buying credits for money is worth it in my opinion. Sign up for WBID and get cool bonus’s every day including credits. Survivor mode is a great way to earn coins and last laugh tickets which can be used to unlock prizes at the end. There is a weekly online mode to unlock REALLY GOOD EXCLUSIVE GEAR to power up your bronze, silver and GOLD characters. This is such a great game and a must get for a DC fan... or anyone in-fact.Version: 1.21

Actually impossibleI have been playing this game for a while and now have 3 X promotion level 60 characters all with maxed 5 stars gear cards which are some of the best in the game and I can’t even get past the 4th to last battle area, it is not a matter of my skill or anything else I could do to prepare seeing as I’ve been playing for a very long time and have learned how to play the game with more skill. The characters you have to fight only win because of random ridiculous mechanics that NEED to be fixed, this is truly unacceptable for a well respected game series like that of injustice to not have a well balanced difficulty, in my opinion you shouldn’t even have to have maxed characters to finish the game as to provide an incentive to compete in the multiplayer. The game is mainly grinding for levels and money which would be fine if the grinding would actually result in success or reward. I want to give this a higher rating but I cannot with such blatant failures still embraced at the core of the game..Version: 3.0.1

It’s a great gameThis game is so addicting that i can’t stop playing it I spent more then 32 hours playing this game when I first got it and all I think off at school is this game that’s how good this game is a great mobile game right here.Version: 3.4

Metal Superman CardI absolutely love your game and can’t stop playing it, I only have one suggestion and it is that you guys should add a metal Superman card. Just a random thought but I think it would be a good idea since there are only a small amount of nth metal characters. Maybe for the metal character you could make a classic Superman skin or a zack snyder justice league black suit as either a challenge event or just a new card. If you have read this please take this into account and consider, thank you🙂..Version: 3.4

Awesome.Great game..Version: 3.4

Amazing gameThis game is absolutely fantastic you level up quickly and gain money quick when you get the game you need to play for a couple of days then your characters get really strong the only bad thing is when you buy characters their expensive so you need lots of game coins the better the character the more expensive they are.Version: 3.2

Great gameCan you guys make it so the enemy cant block deadshot extra hit cause whats the point to have deadshots extra hit if they can block it.Version: 2.18

Possible bug online, Update: more bugsWhen I play online battles, the opponents always seem to be resistant to my critical attacks, however, I always seem to be so vulnerable to their critical attacks. For example, I have the regular gold Batman and I've maxed out his critical chance stats and it's at 50%, but it seems that whenever I use specials I can never get a critical hit on the opponent, even if I use several specials throughout the round on different characters the opponent has. Now let's say the opponent has the same maxed out critical chance stats at 50%; if they use any specials on me, they're usually 9/10 times all critical against me. This seems to be an unfair advantage where the opponents always land critical attacks and I'm not able to, even when we both have the same stats. I would really appreciate if you guys would look into this, as I'm sure many other people who struggle with this would appreciate it too. Update: I found a two more bugs, but these are offline. I noticed that sometimes while wearing all the gear for the the fourth world set when maxed out, my character is knocked out without ever having restored health. Also, another bug is that Harley's "unblockable" bomb is pretty blockable by enemy characters even when they don't have any passive powers that could otherwise counter the bomb..Version: 2.18

ThanksThis game was a game I used to play and coming back to it is really fun and it brings back so many memories thenks for this addicting game.Version: 3.2

Fantastic!Now, this is coming from a marvel fan right here, and I have to say you guys did a pretty darn good job on this game. Graphics are 8/10, gameplay is 9/10, and there is no lag for me at all. This game has kept me hooked for some time now, going on 4 months I believe. Very exciting to compete against other players and just makes the player want to come back and play it again every day. The only thing I would say to change is the Nth metal in survivor mode. It is extremely hard to get, especially since I can only play survivor once every 24 hours. I think there needs to be 2 Nth metals on the wheel instead of one, possibly just fit the one more on the other side, and this way people would be getting more Nth metal, which would mean better characters, which would mean people would come back and want to play if they have good characters, and it would be easier for them to get into the higher spots every tournament. I would also say it would be nice if there was a club or a clan feature, something where you could compete against your friends or help each other level up, maybe donations, something like that (PLEASE ADD GROUP FEATURE!). Overall it’s a fantastic game, and I just want to say you guys did a really good job on it, and I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table next update!.Version: 3.2

Needs bugs fixingThis is a great game on the iPhone however it is a little frustrating when you are manically trying to “punch” and your character just stands there. Thought it was the phone at first but it happens on a friends phone as well. Also online battle needs to match according to level of the player and the characters being used. Level 14 with a level 8 silver character set Vs a level 99 with level 40 character set doesn’t really make it worth the effort.Version: 2.18

Where Has My Data GoneInjustice is an incredible game and I love to play on it. However at one point I started to get bored of the game. I deleted it. After a couple of months I downloaded the game however all my data was lost, I tried everything I could to get my account and months worth of data back but nothing worked and I’ve had to start again and I have no way of getting my account back because of the IOS 10 update that killed off Game Center in many ways..Version: 1.21

Amazing gameI have been playing this since the day it came out (you could say I’m an OG) but the one thing which I don’t like is the reverse flash season award, i would rather have him challenge at least 1 once every 2 months or something but other than that it is amazing and haven’t even got bored of it yet even with everything maxed out just need to get reverse flash and Arkham knight batman maxed :).Version: 2.20.1

Amazing gameThis is such a great game every kid or adult who owns any kind of tablet or phone should download this game.Highly interesting and it will make not put your device down..Version: 2.16.1

Please bring back the Arkham packWell it’s been soo long I have saved up and up and up my credits to get the Arkham pack but it just won’t come back please could you bring it back And I also wanted to mention about the metahuman flash and reverse I think these characters should be in the ultimate nth metal pack I never have the time to grind in online battles not many people do and CC BatGirl in the pack otherwise GREAT GAME BEEN PLAY FROM A YOUNG AGE SO FUN! KIND REGARDS: Matty.Version: 3.2

Amazing game but Major losses (on my part) :(I have been playing this game for a couple years now and It never fails to exceed my expectations. Since I have been playing for a while I have accumulated many of the characters, 60+ and promoted many of them past v . I even created a WB account to save all my data so I could put my hard work in any device that i wanted to put the game on. When I uninstalled the game and downloaded it onto another device I logged into the account right away before it took me through the whole tutorial and when I did, it saved the default game and erased my hard work and time. I love the game and think it’s the best but after that happened I don’t want to play anymore. I don’t know if there is anything you could do to help me but if you could I would absolutely be a satisfied player of your wonderful games. And I’ll keep on playing, lol..Version: 3.0.1

Please add poison ivy to the gamePlease add poison ivy to the game to make it even more cool, her first attack ability could be poison breathe where she breathes in the enemy’s face to stun and poison him/her for a couple of seconds, her 2nd attack could be the kiss of death where she stuns her target for a couple of seconds and does poison damage overtime and for the last move you could get her to summon a giant plant beast to maul and attack a devastating amount of damage to the opponent. So I’m gonna ask one more time, please can you add poison ivy? 👍🏻.Version: 1.21

:(This game is great, but I have recently been suffering a glitch because of the phantom zone. Whenever I try to play a game, it just kicks me out right when I finish and I can’t make any progress. Also, when I tap on the phantom zone, it’s just blank and won’t let me go back unless I kill the game. Please see what you can do, thank you My username is Mrtomato09.Version: 3.4

Best fighting game on mobileI have been playing this game ever since it came out and i still to this day play it, there is always something to do as there is so many characters and teams you can choose from. There are many glitches that people do to skip the time in getting better so if you do those then you can skip through a lot but if you play legit this game has lots of things to do offline or online where you can fight other peoples teams. Thanks for making this game it was my childhood.Version: 3.4

Add More Packs!Injustice is a great game hands down. There is only one thing I wish was a little different. YOU NEED MORE BOOSTER PACKS! Once you get to a higher level there are only really three packs you would open 1. The Challenge pack 2. The gear pack 3. The gold booster pack. I would appreciate it lots if you were to add more various packs or bring back some old ones like the Most Wanted pack. I know it’s probably hard to do this but I reckon you could make some really exciting packs! Thanks for a great game overall!.Version: 3.2

FunI used to play this game a lot, but i’ve started again. I like most things in this game except the characters eligible for breakthrough. I’ve been sitting on VII level 50 for quite some time now because my characters never get selected for it. Maybe if you made gold breakthrough 3 times a week with different characters or once a month have 6 characters eligible, that would help a lot.Version: 1.21

AmazingI love this game and fun to play for hours (way better than injustice 2).Version: 3.2

Very funIts a bery fin game but they havent updated it and blocked hackers n stuff in way too long.Version: 3.4

AWESOMEThis game is awesomeness incarnate, it ties together the entire DC universe and allows you to make characters team up with their arch nemesis, this game is so cool, totally recommended for all mortal kombat and DC fans..Version: 3.4

Still a great gameStill playing this game in 2020, it is addicting but do hate how expensive this game is, because of the costs I won’t be playing this much longer.Version: 3.2

Gear SetsI love this game first and foremost. Super fun and addictive. With that said though there has to be another way to get the gear sets. Survivor mode leaves too much to chance. Older players didn’t have to go through survivor and get their sets by luck. So it’s leaves newer players that are trying to advance at a unfair disadvantage. When gear sets were available through online battle it was more fair and certain that you were going to get the pieces of the sets you needed as long as you fought enough to rank up. Now you have to be lucky to get it and even after 13 fights in survivor mode which is a lot. You’ll get to the end and get no pieces of the gear set which makes you feel like it was a waste of time playing survivor. Even more so when you play online and other players have this distinct advantage that you can’t overcome. It’s not fair I hope something gets done to allow players to gain their gear sets as fairly as players of the past. Making the game more competitive and more fair. Thanks great game by the way..Version: 2.20.1

Developers Don't careSo i have been playing this game for quite a while now. There has been a leaderbaord outbreak for which me and other people have reported to wbgames about it but nothing has been done about it. They're quick to add stuff for more people to buy so they can make money but they do no adhere to requests to fix issues that affect not just me but a whole community. There is a player by the name of MAGPILY and he has over 1 billion trophies and over 100 accounts that have never let anyone that plays fairly be at the too. If a developer is viewing this right now can you please frikin play the game yourself till you're at like 1 to 2 million trophies and look at the leaderboard you will see that it's spammed but accounts that start with the name MAGPILY with no stats and sometimes level 0 status and 1 to no attacks made however they have anywhere from 10 million to 1 billion trophies sometimes. You need to fix this issue please..Version: 3.4

King sharkAdd king shark to the game please.Version: 3.4

Better than injustice 2This game is amazing. Way better than injustice 2. Please keep on updating. I would love new characters( like robin and black canary ). More moves, like the second game would be pretty cool too. But yeah. This game is better than the second by a lot..Version: 2.20.1

Top actionVery good game. Well engaging. With patience I didn’t spend a penny on it but I can compete against top 5%. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or bug but I can’t finish all battles. On battle 62 after 7th fights there are 3 blank spaces instead of characters and Fight button. Tried it many times... kicked me out of the game every time. No recent updates but every week something to do ...keeps me going on;).Version: 3.2

Oldie but goldieThis game still has plenty of issues that have not been fixed, ranging from glitches/bugs from a year ago to a few weeks back, but it's still an outstanding game. The fact that the dev team still adds content to the game makes this one of the best experiences for people looking to commit to a mobile game. I stopped a few years back thinking the game would die out eventually but I returned a few weeks back and the game has been as good as I remembered. Granted, it's probably just a cash cow now for WB, but I'm happy to spend some time grinding out credits if I know they're going to a good place even if I decide to pick the game back up in a few months. The one thing that prevents this from being a five star game is the disappointing lack of support with bugs and glitches. As long as the packs sell, and the game runs, it seems the devs are happy to let it continue chugging along..Version: 1.21

Injustice gods among usThis game is awesome!.Version: 3.4

Seriously love this game but now I can’t playI’m back to add more to my review from last month: I haven’t played this game in a while. So I’m trying to pick it back up and play again but every time I start a match online, the game freezes and crashes after the screen says “ready”. I go back on to try again and the energy I spent to play that match is gone. It keeps happening every single time I try to play. Please fix this I wanna get back into this game ASAP! I’ve tried all the tips on the WB support site, I ever deleted and redownloaded the game (which took forever and a day to download). I’m now finding that when I try to log in on a different device with my WBID, it says that my account only has 5 characters all at level 1, when in reality I have 80 characters almost all of which are level 50. I played this game for three years to build up my roster, and I’m losing it all to a bug. Please fix this issue because if I will not start 3 years of progress over again..Version: 2.20.1

Best game I have ever playedThis game is super fun offline and online game where you can play wherever you want and still enjoy the never ending game. I really do suggest downloading this game as I have been playing for a few months and it is a big difference from the actual game. One thing I think should be improved are the graphics and I would really like to see a online Survivor in the game. Overall a really good, enjoyable and fun game to play.Version: 3.2

Great Game!I definitely love playing this game and getting to use some of my favorite characters from the DC Universe such as Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, Etc. I do like this game gives you characters that haven’t been in the actual Injustice game such as Deadshot or Arkham Knight or even different skins of each character have their own unique abilities. My only complaint in this game from playing it is the recharging of characters because it can be annoying when I’m playing a character and their recharge is out and I have to wait a couple of hours for the characters’s charge to fill up instead of buying, watching a commercial to get a free recharge, or buying for more charges or take the option of adding different characters, which is interesting, but can be boring sometimes. Overall I love this game and I think fans who love playing the Injustice game on PS or Xbox will definitely like playing this one on ur Phone or iPad..Version: 3.4

Amazing but it has a few issuesThis game is absolutely fantastic, the graphics, ,the creativity for every character and most of all because they have much more exclusive characters on mobile that they don’t have on console that shows that they don’t just want money but then again there are some bad issues, first of all the booster packs, the challenge booster pack was removed and now costs real life money like a lot of people would like the game more if the in game purchases weren’t so over priced like the Gotham pack is totally not worth it, also the starter pack maybe if it was like 2 dollars the game would get much more purchases , second the gear I mean I have a lot of power credits to spend on gear yet I need to get so many crystals which are like impossible to get now I mean you get 2 green shards when you land on green shards in survivor, a little update increasing the number of shards you get when you land on them could be useful, maybe like 10-15 shards when you land on them. This game has some issues it could really fix but overall it’s a great game..Version: 3.2

Great gameThis is my childhood game.Version: 3.4

I can't get enough of INJUSTICE!! It rocks!I love this game so much!! I'm only just getting back into playing Injustice after taking a little time off from playing it. I have a few issues/ suggestions I would like to suggest; firstly, with breakthrough, when u put eligible gold characters, could u possibly add more of a variety of characters that u could use the breakthrough event on. I've had extra copies of Raven, Zod and Static I would like to promote further, but can't as they don't ever appear since breakthrough first started. It would be appreciated if u are able to address this. Thanks. Secondly, can u make some of the characters that are currently in the multiplayer cycle like Flashpoint Deathstroke, Blackest Night Superman and Ares more accessible through multiplayer booster packs. I'm sure not everyone will have the necessary time to grind for them in the arena when they are available. It gives people a chance to obtain the missing characters another way. Lastly, could u add DOJ Batman. U can't obtain him in the game. Overall I would give this game 5 stars still or 10/10. I love Injustice so much!!! It's one of the not so many games I play & have on my iPhone. Thanks for listening Neatherrealm. Keep up all the good and hard work. Also, could we get Zoom from the hit CW series: The Flash, Shazam Regime, Injustice 2 Batman available in new challenges and also Cyborg Superman. That's to name a few..Version: 1.21

Injustice: Gods Among UsThis game is fun and entertaining, with a variety of things you can do and get. There are tons of different characters, gear cards, and support cards. The gear cards can be evolved so doing so adds an additional challenge/goal that motivates you to keep playing. There are also online mode, survivor mode, and challenge mode(mode is just the word I am using to describe the place/setting in which you do the fights) in addition to your regular campaign. The campaign is a great length for such a game: providing challenges that are not too hard but are definitely not easy for players to get better at the game and level up their characters. There are enough battles in the campaign to last players until they get up to half of the characters. There is also the phantom zone event. I think that the length/ duration of the event is fine as it is, however once it ends, you have to wait FOREVER for a new phantom zone event to start. The survival mode also starts off extremely hard and challenging and becomes almost impossible by the third or fourth battle, and that is if you are unlucky enough not to get anything good as a round completion reward. Over all, a fun and entertaining game despite how slow and challenging it is..Version: 3.2

I love this gameOk I have been playing this game for years now and I just got the reverse flash and bounty hunter lobo this game is the best super hero game I have ever seen but I have detected a problem in story mode I was useing a team of bounty hunter lobo reverse flash and lobo prime or just plain old lobo i read bounty hunter lobos ability and it said that when you use speial 2 that the opponent can not tag out until the fire DOT has run its corse but right when I use spcial 2 the opponent tags out while they are on fire so that’s a problem plz get fixed and John stewarts eyes are black they use to be green but in these last 1 or 2 updates his eyes are black and thank you for fixing lex Luther’s eyes it looked kind of like he was sleep fighting for a while but you guys fixed it and Arkham knight the Arkham knight his support cards are messed up if you tap the armor support card it says it gives you more damage not health and the drone tanks card says it gives you more health and not damage also plz add scare crow as a playable charter in the game..Version: 3.2

Awesome gameAwesome game I love it I’m grinding it out because of this lockdown, it’s easy to grind power up, lots of weekly great golds and specific challenges so it gives you a lot of xp, and sometimes there are xp boosts to give you extra xp. I recommend this game to everyone who thinks of getting this I’m overpowered because it’s easy to power up I hope if you see this I hope this convinces you to get it..Version: 3.2

Cool but more new featuresIt’s a cool games. But wish the game could provide new features in the next future update. E.g., new characters or cards could be purchased by using Alliance Credits. Another example - New skin characters like Killer Frost, Nightwing, Cyborg, Shazam (especially Regime Shazam) and others etc. Also, when it comes to have many gear Shards, hopefully the game could provide new setting which allows to reduce as many Shards to receive possible rewards in the future update..Version: 2.18

Why ?Can you wb give me the prison super man I’ve played the story 2 times and I still haven’t got it But injustice is still a great game.Version: 2.20.1

Good game, lots of contentAllows you to earn strong characters without the need to pay..Version: 3.4

Great game but needs updatesFirst we need unlimited Energy or no energy because it needs 3 to 5 energy to play 1 match. We should add trading to injustice and friends so you can trade and play with friends and host private matches to play with friends. The reason why I’m saying this is because it can get more popular with these updates..Version: 3.2

ExcellentThis is a great game I have been playing for years now and it is never not fun..Version: 3.4

Great game but I’m experiencing glitch.It’s a great game overall. I really love it but I’m having one problem. I’m using an IPhone 8 and I have many characters that are Elite VII and level 50. For some reason, when I try the breakthrough, I get stuck at the last boss because, you see, when I’m just happily about to beat the boss, (Ares) for some reassign my game keeps on crashing. Makes me pretty mad tbh. Even thiugh I could easily do it again as I have characters with very high HP and DMG, it really frustrates me that I can’t be able to upgrade my characters to Max Elite, level 60. I don’t think this is a glitch. It may be just for me so yeah. But all in all, pretty good game :D.Version: 3.1

My brother has been getting his account partially erasedMy brother by the name of “bluebeef” needed to use my device for his Injustice account. A few months ago, his account was partially erased. By this I mean, most of his cards and gear pieces were lost. He does not use any hacks or cheat codes from what I have observed, however, the reason this has happened, now twice, is quite irritating. We both really enjoy this game, but fail to see why his character cards have been lost. These character and gear cards include: Diablo Companion Card, resetting of Dawn of Justice Superman( he has been repeatedly placed back to level one), Rebirth Jessica Cruz, Rebirth Raven, Mortal Kombat Scorpion, Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, Insurgency Batman, and the newly added card, New 52 Black Adam. He has not used any cheats or hacks to obtain these cards. This has happened twice in the past few months. It is very upsetting to come so far in the game, only to loose the majority of your progress. If you can please fix this issue and let me know what the problem is, I would be ever so grateful. My apologies for interfering with anything important. Sincerely yours, Landon Faulk.Version: 3.2

I love itGreat app.Version: 3.4

Good GameI really like this game but I’m up to very high level and it’s starting to get really hard but to start with when you’ve got weaker characters you just keep going with them I learnt you don’t buy lots of them but you just buy stuff for them and then you’ll probably be able to finish these levels easy PESI.Version: 3.4

It’s fun but quite hardI find some battles really hard on injustice and I can’t quite do them. Also I think there should be a bit more ways to obtain nyth metal. It’s pretty hard to get it just doing survivor and doing the phantom zone event. But overall it’s really cool and fun. I’d like to see more characters though like robin, or Doctor Fate..Version: 3.2

Best GameThanks for the new update WB Games keep up the amazing work. But just asking one thing please add new characters as soon as possible thanks!.Version: 3.2

Scaling issuesI have had numerous occasions where my team would have the same elite and character as the challenge mode enemy, with mine being a higher level (and legendary gear). Yet their raw stats are significantly higher. In most cases I am still able to win due to the continuous knockdowns preventing any damage, but I feel as though the issue should be fixed. Otherwise one of the best mobile games I have played.Version: 3.4

A Great GameI’ve been playing this game since the first day it came out pretty much and I love it I have almost all the characters just missing a few but the one thing is that NTH pack and Metal characters are so hard to get even though I have them all you have like 2.00% chance of getting on and it’s so hard to get NTH Metal you can only get it in survival mode and phantom zone but apart from that, this game is fab 5 stars from me and I haven’t hacked or brought and credits either so....Version: 3.2

Magnificent😘😘😘Be my brother play this all the time and it is so much fine. The game is very interactive and very interesting to play. The character seems so real it sticks in the graphics are amazing. Anybody who plays this game, should be having a blast! This game I am obsessed with I am really hoping to try to get a wonder woman character and I love how you include all of the characters it just makes it so much more fun but I really wish I would recommend putting in poison ivy and other bad characters!? If that isn’t too hard I would love to see happen and then it would just be my number one in the world.!!! This game has got me going I be playing at like 10 o’clock in the morning and then next thing you know it’s 415 in the afternoon! This game is so addictive!!!! This is a must get game! I love it soooooooooooooo much. Another thing is if you could add it to wear you can have friends as well and have them help you with battles too that would be great but overall 10/10👌🏻.Version: 3.1

Good gameYou have to grind a lot.Version: 3.4

Good gameI really liked this game I thought it is much better than injustice 2 the only downside is that the enemy can block halfway into your special attack.Version: 1.21

Can’t stop playingAlthough like every other game, this game has flaws. But this game isn’t so pay to win, and you can’t just finish the game like that. This game is very addictive, and fun for all ages. It has a wide amount of characters which makes us have a choice (sometimes) to pick our character, even though a lot of them are very hard to get, but that’s the fun of it, the challenge..Version: 3.2

Injustice is the best game I have ever playedI started playing Injustice in 2015 and since then I have appreciated the game way more than ever before.Version: 3.2

UpdatesHi! I love injustice so so much, i’ve had the game since i was a kid and have played on a few different accounts throughout the last 8 ish years. I’ve played through all the updates and always found them to be amazing. I think it could be really beneficial adding another big update to the game. With all due respect the popularity of the game has died down and i believe that a new update could spark something. Now for what to add for that new update, i don’t really know. Some new characters would be very cool, maybe some new metal characters as well. Adding more characters to the online mode and challenge mode would be fun as well. I understand you all must be working on injustice 2 and many other games but it would be nice if you guys could manage to push one more big update out. I really do love this game! Thanks for reading!!.Version: 3.4

NiceBetter then the injustice 2.Version: 2.16.1

Amazing gameI can play for hours👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 3.4

GOOD only two problemsThe game offers an enjoyable string of gameplay that constantly offers new challenges for players. The 1st problem I have with the game is the booster pack system. This system should make sure that players get good characters more frequently, the Nth metal characters seem to never be selected for packs. I have gotten 2x 800 Nth metal packs, 2x 400 Nth metal packs and 4-6x 200 Nth metal packs for 0 Nth metal characters. I understand that I have been unlucky but I believe that their should be something to prevent it happening to this extent. The second problem is the glitches that happen every now and then which can be quite irritating. I will not speak much of this as I am sure you are aware of them and are working to fix them. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING PLAYING THIS GAME I WOULD RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO!.Version: 3.2

More CharactersHey Mate. I’ve got two suggestions for you. Number 1, it would be great if you could add more of the guys you get from the character and booster packs into the Character Store, characters like Scorpion, Reverse Flash, Ares, and plenty of other powerful Characters. Number 2, I’m getting tired of getting the same Characters over and over, so could you add more Characters all together. We need more Characters like Sub-Zero to match Scorpion. Black Canary and Spartan from the Arrow Series. Also bring in Zoom and Savitar from the Flash series. Thank you, please consider my suggestions. Overall I give this game a 8/10..Version: 3.2

Injustice teamDear injustice team I have a character name Shazam he is fully loaded with power 3 section of power is full but it seems you have a problem with the super move damage meter which is less then the special move power I don’t understand why because super move damage is more then special move please fix this problem..Version: 3.4

Great game but a few issuesI love playing this game, I think it is really cool what you have done and made out of this game and I play it a lot. But recently I haven’t been able to play because as I am in the loading screen the game just crashes and I can’t get into the game which is annoying when I try to play with my friends. So just saying great game just try to improve bugs and game crashes..Version: 3.2

ReviewGreat game really fun I can never stop playing would highly recommend..Version: 3.4

Absolutely amazingWhere to begin with this game? It has been such a consistently great game for me when I started playing almost 4 years ago. Seeing it evolve and be updated even still now impresses me. For new players it can be tedious but with practice and a little bit of grinding, you can get really good and collect some great characters to build a strong team. Even for me after playing all these years there are still characters I haven’t unlocked, as the time balancing of how the game works is so good. I would love to see this game developed further with a few new modes and characters, but overall what a game! Better than Injustice 2!.Version: 2.19

Great But Need CashThis is a really great game and I’ve been playing on and off for years but to actually get anywhere with this game (without wasting about a year of your life playing everyday) you need to spend ridiculous real life money. Also the energy has also been a ridiculous thing (also a money factor). If you’re going to make people watch ads for energy then at least give us a full 10 bars of energy for 1 ad. This game would be 5 stars but only given 4 for the above factors.Version: 3.4

InjusticeI love the game it’s absolutely perfect but I don’t like the energy thing it’s actually annoying I always have to wait and to get more energy cards I have to use real money. Why can’t the also do it with game money it’s really inconvenient but other than that I love the game the graphics are beautiful and the game is so smooth on all devices. I’m so glad this game is a thing. I just don’t feel the same way about injustice 2 I hate it, it was a mistake to make that game. Peace.Version: 3.2

Good GameI think Injustice: Gods Among Us is a very good game and I enjoy playing it very much, but there are two things I would like to be improved, like the likeliness of getting Nth Metal from the spinning wheel in survivor (It is currently very low) and the amount of shards it costs to upgrade gears (It is currently very expensive). Besides those two things, I thing Injustice is a very good game and should be a suggestion for people who like fighting games!.Version: 3.2

Good GameThis was my favourite childhood game, and to this it still is! Probably one thing will be when I tag in and my characters bar is almost full, even if I attack him. My bar won’t go up! But good game overall!!!.Version: 3.4

Excellent game experienceI have been playing Injustice since 2015 and still enjoying it now. However, it would have been better if we get more new heroes to be unlocked in the challenges as most of the rewards remain the same. It would also be more interesting if there are more options of heroes to be purchased online. I hope this will be considered. Thanks!.Version: 3.4

Flights across time zonesFlying to a different time zones messes up the breakthrough challenge and keeps resetting to cool down at 12:40:00 time remaining. Edit: now that I’ve thought it thought. I will say this as courteous as possible. The problem specified a above didn’t get fixed after my flight home, so I tried disabling the app and reinstalling it but nothing got fixed (three times) so I thought that maybe if I fully uninstall (delete) the app and use my cloud save I could fix the issue. Well I tried that some hours ago and the saved was from three years ago, all my progress was loss. I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and this had never happened. Yes, I recovered the money I spent, but all the character from previous challenges are nor gone from my roster, plus the gear I had won in the survivor and the breakthrough of some of my character. Screw this problem, I want it fixed and knowing the service your guys provide, I find it doubtful I will recover the progress I had. I already passed all storyline battles. I hope to receive I response or I will continue pestering y’all with this issue..Version: 3.0.1

Injustice Gos Among UsThis is one of my favourite games since I was a kid it is still one of the best games till now and the characters are really perfect. Dealing with bronze, silver and gold card characters they all had their many different special abilities especially the gold characters which it was fantastic. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥✌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 3.4

Fantastic, but...I would like more features/ remove some bugs.So it was last night I saw my cousin play this, then I decided to download it since it looked cool (I had this game years again but I forgot about it till last night) there’s also a problem, the flash looks too like an adult, in the justice league movie he was at least 15/17, and also..there’s some bugs you need to work, on, but right now let’s talk about something I had this game years ago and when ever I kept playing it for 5 or 7 minutes it crashed and the same kept happening, 2: I’d like green lantern to have a feature where you can type in what you want for green lantern to equip for example Search: M9, and green lantern equips a green M9, Last but not least: I want the flash to have more powers..for example: a power where the the flash dashes behind the enemy and punches the enemy 3 times and repeats it 1 more time, hope you understand, To injustice Game developers..Version: 3.2

Awesome game!!!! Too hard to get characters.This game is awesome, but getting the cool characters like, the Arkham knight, Arkham knight batman, or the new Arkham origins deadshot is really hard, because the pack they are in is barely ever out. I like how you can use credits to promote characters you get in challenges because GOOD CHARACTERS ARE BARELY EVER IN CHALLENGES!!! They keep doing challenges for characters like darkseid that almost everyone has! I know a lot of People who weren't playing when the flashpoint batman challenge or luchador bane one was up. Now my last problem is characters that are broken and annoying. Static, when he does the taser trap special 1 and it stuns you he does a heavy attack after that and when you fall back he walks up and hits you before you even get back up and you can't do anything about it!!! Next is probably the worst, Jessica cruise, when she does her combo ender it stuns you, I get it that's her passive, but it does it once every 9-10 combo Enders I do with her and it does it every time she does it to me! So please fix these issues..Version: 2.19

Beard the golden championGreat game.Version: 3.4

Injustice GAU (IOS)- Battle 62 Not workingIt’s been 3 weeks and there’s been no update to fix battle 62 since it was added in the last update. When u play it appears that battle 61 is the last battle of that stage since there are no more characters above to battle but yet you beat battle 61 and it goes to battle 62 but there are NO characters there to battle. The game seems to continue but when you click “Fight” the games loads for a sec or 2 then just crashes. Apparently the match should be there since the next stage starts at battle 63. Also I don’t understand how many of the Final Bonus Battles of each Chapter gives u some type of reward for beating it, however beating the Bonus Battle in Chapter 9 gives you NOTHING...That’s pretty beat and not consistent with the other Chapters. Otherwise I really love the addition of the Metal Characters or Whatever type of card they are, you need to add them to the “Sort By” List. One other suggestion would be to add an alternate way to sort cards, for example sort them by the Title of each card. So all the “Arkham” cards would be next to each other alphabetically, then the “Arkham Knight” cards, “Arkham Origins”, “Batman Ninja”, “New 52”, “Red Son”....etc, you get the point. I just think it would give some older cards and teams more replay value, since your now seeing the cards in a whole new order..Version: 3.2

This is the best game ever!I’ve been playing this game for years and it is the most fun mobile game that I’ve ever played that still keeps me entertained. There are always new characters to get and max. There is one this though that I’ve wanted to be added from the start plus I think would be a great feature! It’d be awesome if this game could have some kind of 1v1 system. Since the “online” mode is against actually accounts, it doesn’t have the owners of the accounts using them. You get matched with other characters around your same level, but an AI plays the characters your fighting. If this game could make it so you could “friend” other players and then both players could get 3 of their characters and when both players are ready to start the fight, they can click a “ready” button. My brother and I have always wanted to fight each other and I’d love to see this feature implemented into the game! Sincerely, Huge DC comics fan.Version: 3.2

Great gameThis game gets better and better the more I play it. So many different characters to collect, and a tactical tag team fighting system which makes you pay attention..Version: 2.17

Decent and addictiveNo bugs, fair online and great currency/how you get them. However, something that has bothered me is hackers. When I play the game I feel like I want to hack because 99% of players hack as it’s super easy and barely anyone gets banned. Another thing is that CPU’s blocks automatically stop my attack and when I BLOCK they continue attacking. This is an unfair disadvantage. Even worse than blocking normal attacks is that 80% of the time you do a special attack they immediately block making it super hard to land a god damnnn special.. You could add ‘Grapple Attacks’ or ‘Throws’ which will be unblockable. Maybe you have to swipe down or something but make it fair. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope you use my advice to your advantage. Bye..Version: 3.2

Can’t listen to musicWhile playing the game I tried to listen to something nice but nothing is compatible It has nothing to do with the game itself but still I like it so I’m giving it 4 stars but it could be better.Version: 3.4

Very fun game, but could have better pack RNG.WARNING: This is going to be a long review. I recently downloaded this game in October 2018 and, even as someone who never really read the comics, I have found the game very enjoyable. There are a few glitches, but (for me at least) not really significant. The only problems I have are with online mode and booster packs. I have bought a lot of gold booster packs with the money I have earned, and I get a surprisingly high amount of duplicates. This is rather frustrating, as the packs are fairly expensive and often the duplicate cards are for characters I don’t like, but they don’t sell for very much and an end up just losing money or promoting useless characters. In addition, the online mode matchmaking is, in my opinion, very flawed. I have a decent number of good characters, but I only have a few pieces of good gear. This is annoying because I often get matched against people with maxed gear scores, and their teams are a lot more powerful than mine. A solution would be to match make based on gear scores as well as character stats. Other than that, great game. 5 stars from me..Version: 3.1

AwesomeCan’t enough of this game..always different challenges ahead with different characters to win or upgrade!.Version: 3.2

Ultimate Arcade Fighter For MobileThis game brilliantly combines DC Comics Injustice storyline with classic Streetfighter style arcade fighting! The graphics and gameplay are phenomenal, some character models look incredibly realistic and the fighting moves are fluid and amazing to watch. While it has many options to pay to play, it isn’t hard to do well in the game without purchasing anything, which is a good thing considering that the available purchases range from $5 to $100! No glitches and no ads at all, fully immersive experience with online connectivity. Otherwise I would recommend this game to any fan of superheroes or Streetfighter/Tekken games, it’s one of the few games I’ve kept on my device for years! 10/10.Version: 3.2

Best gameLove it.Version: 3.4

Knightfall baneFjd.Version: 3.4

BugsLove this game. Been playing for a lot of years and recently just picked it back up not to long ago. Since I’ve been back I’ve noticed certain teams and bugs with the game. Mostly for online play. 1: the opposing side can use their super move and not have full bars. I’ve seen from half a bar missing to 3/4s missing. 2: killer crocs first special move leaves him virtually no invincible frames as soon as he claws down. 3: when opposing side does use their super move nothing happens. Like the bars disappear but that’s it nothing further can be done with the fight and you have to quit in order to leave. 4: new 52 Shazam, flashpoint Batman, and flashpoint aqua man. This team lets Batman literally take no damage and aqua man’s shield does not disappear after special attack is made. 5: all flashpoint character team. On at least one of the characters upon tag in, aqua man’s shield does not disappear. 6: opposing teams can critically strike without augments or gear that allows them to do so. Often times injustice 2 Superman is that way but a lot more characters can do so too. Not sure if this is for difficulty reasons for online play but it happens every time I play. This makes characters like the new 52 shazam and ninja cat woman highly over powered without the use of those augments or gear. I don’t know if someone is still working on this game or if updates come out anymore but it would be great to see these at least get fixed.Version: 3.4

InjusticeGame is great. Has a few broken mechanics, like if you hit an enemy too early after they come out if they’re special, they won’t take any damage but you will still both gain energy. Normally this doesn’t matter but in the “Story” mode of the game, you basically just give them infinite specials if you attack just a tad too early. Some of the characters feel amazing to handle. For a mobile game, these characters just feel great, and then there’s the others. Meaning you’re favorite hero could be awesome, but it could also control like an awkward one legged pirate who is also blind. One final point is that when an enemy blocks, it completely stops both characters, destroying the momentum of the game. Why wouldn’t you just have the entire attack go through, like when you block an opponent?? You could still be punished for attacking all out bc of the slow recovery rate of combo enders, which usually only get followed up on bc the opponent is on the ground. Despite these criticisms, this game is really fun. One of the few mobile games I’ve actually been dedicated too, and one of the few console games successfully adapted into a mobile game. Good job..Version: 3.2

Fun, but the challenge is hacked!!Please review this. Looking at the leaders of the challenges. It’s the same person, and they are scoring BILLIONS of points in only a few hours. Even with consistent playing, that’s not possible. I believe the online game has been hacked..Version: 3.4

It won’t let me!Hey, I deleted injustice gods among us because I needed space for something and a couple hours later I decided I wanted injustice back so I pressed the button to redownload but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t say I don’t have the space or anything it just loads and then glitches and the redownload button appears again and I press it over and over again and it doesn’t work..Version: 3.4

My personal opinionAwesome everything is so good the campaign is great survivor is awesome except I don’t personally like how you could pay money for strong characters which makes them seriously good and the characters that I’ve worked with for ages can’t even last ten seconds with the characters that people have bought with real money but that’s just my personal opinion, I’m not saying what you should do I’m just saying that what if you guys added this free pack that contained some of the best characters and everyone who plays, when they log in and collect they daily rewards that also get a pack that contains a Metal character or a Ninja character or just something and it only happens once just so that people can have a chance. But what do I know I’m just saying it would just be nice to give someone one of the greatest..Version: 3.2

Great GameThe game is a fun game to just kill time. You can pick it up for a few minutes and beat a few battles. Characters sometimes are hard to get but they are the really good ones. Arkham Batman, Raven, Killing Joke, etc. One thing I would add would be a augmentation pack. I would also like to see the large gear pack returned. Also, to have the red son pack out more often. Are with having challenges multiple times. But anyway, online battles are a good difficulty. They give good rewards and the seasons are short enough so you aren’t waiting 4 weeks to get your rewards. It’s never crashed for me and I haven’t gotten my progress erased. PS: I didn’t even know there was a achievement that gives you a gold. So I wrote this from the heart. Update: I also like how it’s much harder to get cards like Shazam and Killer Frost. That makes it so not everybody has super op cards and they don’t get nerfed..Version: 2.20.1

Had this game for yearsI have been playing this game for year, granted I did stop playing it for a while and uninstalled it but recently got back into it. The graphics are amazing and while it is challenging to progress it not impossible. I have not spent any money on the game but through events and watching ads (which is a good way of supporting the developers without paying) I have been able to collect an impressive team. Would definitely recommend even if you’re not into the DC world..Version: 3.4

Needs more updatesThis game is good, and it never gets old even after all these years, but I think it would do even better if it were to be updated more frequently. Whether it be new characters, new events or new gears, I’d want to see something unique be added to the game if I were to keep playing it—a lot of old players would definitely come back to this game if that were to happen. I hope you take this into consideration, and thank you! 😉👍.Version: 3.4

InjusticeI play this game a lot I I think it’s a really cool game and I love it because I can play where ever I want and I love the people you can be and the people you can fight.🧐😍.Version: 1.21

Great gameI started playing injustice as a kid and then I took a break. Later realising that I need to re download it. Since then I have been playing all day and every day getting better every day. Today I have gotten metal Shazam and I’m close to getting another challenge booster pack. It is so rewarding when getting a really great gold character. Anyway great game keep it up.Version: 3.4

Great game, needs balancingI love this game. I’ve played it off and on for the past few years, and the new Nth metal update is great. However, I have a few problems with it. On the third to last battle on the new page of battles, there’s a glitch where it says there is a battle after the end of the ladder, and whenever I try playing it, the game crashes. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a battle that isn’t there, or if it’s a bug in stopping the ladder, but it has kept me from completing that battle. Also, it has been made so that you cannot even get some characters anymore. I just think it would be good to not have to either pray to God that your character gets promoted through booster packs, or spend inordinate amounts of money. It should be challenging—not frustrating—to get these characters. However, none of them are in the challenge cycle. I doubt the devs are still updating this game, but if they are, they should increase the availability of previously unlockable characters via challenge cycle changes or booster packs. It would be something to work towards, and the challenge pack has really broken odds so you never get anything but the same set of like 15 Characters. It would make it a lot more interesting and playable if you could collect every single character reasonably, rather than not being able to get over 50% of the characters because you joined later than others.Version: 3.4

I absolutely love this gameThis is an amazing game that I’ve played for years now, the developers should be very proud of this especially since its been 5 years and this game is still very popular. That being said I personally think that plastic man should be added as a new character along with an Arkham Nightwing. Plastic man is an incredible character and was very important for the first injustice comic series so naturally he should be in the game, his arms could do something similar to Martian manhunters does during certain attacks (the stretching) and his specials could be him morphing into various objects to hurt the opponent, and his super move could be something epic. An Arkham Nightwing could be an amazing addition to the game, not only for the Nightwing fans but for everyone in general, we have only one gold card for Nightwing and let’s be honest, he’s not great. He’s low health and low damage, but if there was an Arkham style Nightwing he could be the boost that the character needs, he could have the synergy with the other Arkham or Arkham knight characters. These two additional characters could potentially keep this game relevant for many more years to come. I’m sure the developers are hard at work to keep this game going and I hope they might see this to give them inspiration or just an idea for fresh characters. Sincerely, A massive DC comics fan🙂.Version: 1.21

Sway xThis is a great game but there is for some reason I can’t go into the phantom zone when I press on it, it doesn’t work I’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t work I need some help.Version: 3.2

Massimo’s ReviewI am so glad that this game is still available in the App Store because it might be my favourite game along with Mortal Kombat because you can just collect characters and make your team stronger and stronger and this time since I linked my WBID account I started off with New 52 Green Lantern and Prison Superman and Prison Superman is my strongest character at the moment and again, Warner Brothers, thank you so much for Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us..Version: 3.4

AwesomeInjustice is great, everything about it is amazing, it is my favourite game for mobile devices but... When you are playing online battle and the season ends while your playing you do get to keep playing but after when it give you the rewards it glitches and give you the NEXT season rewards even if you made it into gold. So if you see the season is about to end, don’t keep playing because it will just give you bronze rewards.Version: 3.2

Game is great butThis game is great and I know it’s pretty old but it’s still amazing. They really need to add more characters and more things to grind for..Version: 3.4

Great game. Bad handlingIve been playing this game for years now and I love it but it crashes far too often and takes far too long to load for what its actually loading. I do not own an old device its simply the lack of processing power that this game has now..Version: 3.2

Best game ever!!!!!!I love this game because I never stop playing this game because I gets silver characters and they level up fast and the bronze characters are cheap! I really want to rate this game to get knightfall bane! And you can get daily bonuses like alliance credits and credits and also in online battle you can get rewards!! New seasons!!!! Thank you nethernealm keep up the good work!!.Version: 3.4

My Review...I love the game and enjoy Collecting my favourite DC COMICS Charecters, but it does annoy me that once a challenge finishes permanently you can't get the characters again, for example there is no way to get batman arkham knight batman, Harley quin and Arkham knight. I enjoy multiplayer and levelling up. I wish there was an easier way of getting coins in larger amounts without paying real money, wich I need for real things. I think the game is perfect other than small glitches and a few other things. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.21

Injustice problemThis is game is my favourite game and I have nothing bad to say about it but I keep on play that my phantom zone is glitched and whenever I play a game,I just get kicked out and I have to go do the battle again and I still get kicked out so I don’t know what happens to my account but I want it fixed because I want to play on it and I’m getting sad because I can’t play so pls Injustice please fix my game.Version: 3.4

It’s a good game but I have a request...I like the system of the game where you earn new rewards such as characters and fight in a story mode or verse other people around the world (blah, blah, blah)..Now to the request, if the developers read this comment I hope you do add this feature in the game: When we buy a character that is not available in stores such as characters from challenges, the only way to get promotions for them is to buy them form packs so can you please make an option where we can buy the promotion for the characters rather than just buying them from packs and trying to get lucky to just get another copy of it just to promote them to the next promotion. It’s a waste of time and currency. **And again if the developers do see this please can you add this feature into the game it will mean a lot. Thanks!** Ps: if there are any grammatical errors in there, I’m sorry, I was in a rush. Thanks again!!.Version: 3.2

GreatGreat game graphics with cool modes to try out. Breakthrough for promotion X should have 6 gold players allowed instead of the current only 3 elegible players each day. Overall great game and would recommend.Version: 3.2

A critique of InjusticeInjustice: Gods Among Us is an addicting game, and almost the entirety fun lies in the ability to collect the characters, upgrade them, promote them, and level them up, before showing off your extremely powerful characters through battle. My problem lies only with the accessibility of these characters. Specifically characters like Blackest Night Flash and Dawn of Justice Batman. It would be incredibly easier for all of the players if we could access the aforementioned characters through booster packs that are not DLC, but rather are earned through Power Credits and/or Nth Metal. It would be extremely helpful for all players, if they could more regularly access the Phantom Zone challenges, specifically once every fortnight, since the Phantom Zone challenge ends after that time period. This is instead of having to wait 4 weeks for the next Phantom Zone challenge to appear. In addition, I would also like to be able to access Beyond Batman through either direct promotion or booster packs that are not DLC. Thank you..Version: 3.4

Something you might consider changingOnline battles can get you a lot of power credits and rewards especially if you’re in the top couple of ranks, in online battles there is a revenge system and you can have your revenge as many times as you want, which means setting up a trash team, have someone attack it then have infinite revenges. The worst part is revenge gives you rewards of a normal battle. Consider changing so you can only have 1 chance of revenge?.Version: 3.2

Could have more characters and more updatesThe 2nd injustice is not as good as the first one so I hope they come back to this one and keep updating it.Version: 3.2

AMAZINGI cant express how great and enjoyable it is. But there is a problem, the energy doesnt come back fast so could you guys make it faster?.Version: 3.2

Very Fun!!!I think this game is very fun and I have hade it since the beginning. I think this game is much better than the sequel in my opinion, but that is just personal preference. There is one bad thing about this game, that many other games suffer from is the “energy” as you can only play a few battles until you run out of energy. The only way to get back energy is wait a hell of a long time or use recharges which most of the time(unless you use micro transactions)you will only have a few of. But overall this game is free at the end of the day so I would recommend anyone a fan of superhero’s or just are bored, to play this game!!.Version: 3.2

RatingGreat overall game. Could use more variety and updates.Version: 3.4

InjusticeSo last season I got gold 1 and did not get my reward I’m really confused I’ve tried waiting for 2 hours and nothing and restarted the game and phone multiple times I’ve now just uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing so if I can please get some remedy that would be great... rather than that love the game been playing it again 2 weeks non stop please keep the updates coming.Version: 1.21

Please readOverall this game is great, but it has some drawbacks,no.1, after grinding for a couple of days you hit a wall where you have to can’t even grind because you get nothing and all the fights you get are unfair,no.2, survivor is a very good way to earn coins and gear but, the chance of getting a gear that they advertise is amazingly bad, I got four laughing tickets in 3 different survivor games and half of them got gear and I only got one gear card from the set!ONE! and the amount of shards you get is incredible, they are useless and nobody likes them,no.3 the nth metal is basically impossible to get! and when you do get them for a pack you get no metal characters ZERO! The only reason there are people with level 50 maxed metal characters is because they hack, please upgrade the chance of getting a metal character by at least 2%, and finally no.4, HACKERS! There are so many hackers in this game and they record and what happens NOTHING! They get suspended, THATS IT, just ip ban them if you can, and it is incredibly easy to do it too..Version: 3.2

Amazing GameI remembered when I first saw an ad for this game, right when it was in its early stages. I instantly got hooked. The gameplay and controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. Each character, like the flash, has certain advantages with their hit boxes, making each character unique. And for once, the developers CARE about this game. It’s been so long and the second injustice mobile game is out, but the developers are STILL making new content for this game, usually in the form of challenge characters. I do believe that this kind of gives an imbalance problem with the gold characters, with the ones in the store being VERY weak, while the challenge ones, when fully upgraded, are BEASTS. I can see this being a problem with newcomers, but I have no problem with it personally, just wanted to point it out. I love this game, and I promise you, this game will get you HOOKED. Amazing game. Totally a 5/5 😄😄😄😄😄.Version: 1.21

Update for XSMAX 13.3 !!!Better than injustice 2 !! Please update the game 😭.Version: 3.2

SuiiThe best game ever.Version: 3.4

Injustice gods among usYea.Version: 3.4

Best Mobile Game Since It Was CreatedWhere do I begin? I started playing this game a year or so after it came out and wow this game just never gets old! Yes I have taken a few breaks from the game for a couple of months or so but I always seem to comeback to the game and every time I have there is something new something fun that I want to work for. But a few things I would like to say, I would be speaking for a lot of the Injustice community by saying this we would love some new characters, gears, maybe even more story mode battles or more promotions to be able to unlock. Although I still love this game very much I would just like other Injustice players to be able to do more because I don't want this game to die out which would cause you guys (the developers) to stop working on the game and many of us still love the game and have much fun but we need a new challenge cycle. There are some characters we would like to unlock if we don't already have them. Great game though amazing just as its always been!.Version: 3.4

Favourite game I have ever playedMe and my cousin just love this game the second one is ok but nothing compared to this. The characters are so fun and there is such a variety. I absolutely love how the characters are hard to get but not Extremely hard. There is none of that token stuff you just get the characters straight up and it doesn’t feel grindy. I highly recommend this game please play it you won’t regret it. Ps always buy the challenge packs it’s the best pack you can buy for little money..Version: 3.4

Muy buen juego os felicito por todoMe alegro de que existan.Version: 3.4

Metal Characters are flawedI have played Injsutice for a fair bit but after a month or two playing you realise that the game gets very difficult unless you spend real money or hack. I obviously can’t hack the game and I am incredibly reluctant to spend money ( I still haven’t bought anything to this day) so it is very hard to get better. One particular weakness is the Metal characters. They may have default stats twice of the best golds, but they are too hard to get. The packs cost a fortune of credits to buy and once you have them the only way to upgrade their specials are with something called Vallarium alloy. This seems fair enough, but the Phantom Zone (where you can unlock this) only releases every few months, and even then you earn minuscule amounts. I estimate that to fully upgrade a Metal’s special, you would need to play the Phantom Zone three or four times. Want I want would be Nth metal packs to become cheaper and the Phantom Zone to come out every fortnight. If Wb games read this comment please listen metal characters are usless.Version: 3.2

New character suggestionHello, injustice gods among, I enjoy this game very much I have been playing this game for since 2019 and I like all the characters but there is one character that isn’t in the game that I would like to be in the game and that character is a character named savatar he is from the show, the flash on Netflix for the first special ability (1) would been were he throws a lighting bolt at someone and you should call that,(lighting toss). the second special (2) should be were he goes invisible as to were only speedsters like the flash can only see him, that should be were he would circle around the other character and punch him a lot of times. the third special (3) should be called the wraith of savatar. That should be when it gets close to the end of the battle he would use his sword that he has in his armer and finish them off. Also savatar has the amount of armer that (the merciless) has so if you guys read this I would really like to have savatar in the game I think he would be a great fit for the game🤩.Version: 3.4

Data loss bug, but a solution with itSo I was playing phantom zone when I got flashpoint Batman from a elite crystal and I was using the survivor glitch also. Basically, you switch your time to reset the 24 hour timer to play survivor again. I forgot to reset the timer after I got done with survivor and played a lot after that. When I did reset my timer I did lose some data which contained characters like Arkham knight catwoman, flashpoint Batman, and some nth metal. When I went to change my the time to the future, it comes back. So basically, I had to keep the injustice tab open while I changed my clock to the present time. And it did change back to normal with no loss data, but if you have it logged onto another device, LOG OFF ON IT AND LOG BACK IN. Otherwise it resets to loss data. Ik many people won’t read this, but if this happens, try to fix it like I did. Hope everyone enjoys this game like I do..Version: 3.2

Injustice gods among us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Injustice is better then awesome it’s so addictive, I have only started today and haven’t put this game down. It’s charges are annoying because when you just start with like 5 people in inventory you have to wait 2 hours to play like 5 - 10 matches. Other then that it’s AWESOME!.Version: 3.2

GoodThey should make the energy thing gone though, it’s really stupid,.Version: 3.4

Great Game, A Few BugsThanks for giving us 10 years of fun! I've had this game for about a decade now and have maxed out almost every character and have all but 3. Enjoyed the progression from the start. I'm nearing the end of my time on this game, having completed or maxed out nearly everything. There are 3 problems that would be great to see addressed. Battle 62 in the main campaign (3rd from last) has a glitch where after Yellow Lantern, Jessica Cruz, and Sinestro, the game thinks you have one more round. When "played" the game shuts down and app quits out. This makes finishing the campaign impossible. The last 2 problems go hand in hand: General Zod (original) and Raven (Regime) have NOT had a challenge since the first challenge a DECADE ago. While it's possible to get these 2 in booster packs, it would be great seeing a lot of the older challenges re-done so we can Collect Them All and max out their cards. Love this game, thanks for the years of fun!.Version: 3.4

Awesome game with a few issuesThe game as a whole is extremely enjoyable and has a very steady campaign. If you are inclined to “finish” the game it would take a rather long time purely because of the size of the game and the sheer amount of gear and other contents. If or when you progress into the “late game stage” where you have rather decent gold characters with a few upgrades each it gets easier to complete tasks that you thought previously impossible but in the scenario where you either by luck or by spending actual money manage to get your hands on a metal character they are very powerful and very useful to add to your team however the upgrading process is a bit more tricky you need to get your hands on valarium alloy which you get from the phantom zone, the phantom zone is open very rarely and you obtain very little valarium alloy on completion of the tasks you accept so to upgrade your metal character to a high level takes an extremely long time and should be fixed..Version: 3.2

Help me help youCan you please make the characters, like the Arkham women look less Serious and more sexy this Mean removing the rank white part clothing out and use the tight jacket cover the nipples. next you can just get rid of the golden cartoony looking Harley Quinn and make a different one because it looks just Awful. These are just some small changes you can make to improve your game. you should add a dodge/ move back Button cause let’s face it every one who has played this game has thought there should be one. One last thing that I personally would like is if you made your Campaign fights just a Smidge Easier. Apart from that this game is amazing and I love to play it every morning. Sincerely RobbetSlug.Version: 3.2

Great gameGame is still as amazing as when I first started playing. highly recommend downloading.Version: 3.4

BlockingThis game is amazing and would give it 5 stars but when I'm using an ability the enemy (bot) is able to block them even though I'm half way trough the ability and sometimes they are able to sub out/in after I activate it pls fix this or tell me why this is happening thanks.Version: 2.18

I love the game butWarner bros I love injustice but there was another master piece you made called “batman Arkham Origins” that was the game I loved but I remember when I deleted it by accident I Tried getting it back from the cloud but it was gone first I saw the game but couldn’t download it after a month or more it wasn’t there and I just want to know what happened but I don’t want to sound like your doing a bad job you are doing excellent with injustice and sorry I was speaking a lot about “Batman Arkham Origins” Regards Ex9zero.Version: 3.2

Love the game. Here’s my suggestionPlayed this game a long time with breaks in between I always seem to come back to it. Overall I cannot knock the work you’ve done here, so I just have one suggestion to make my life easier when playing. Here’s the idea, instead of having to drag characters back and forth and equip their respective gear sets ever 5 minutes it would be nice if their was a few team or squad builds that I could save (including gear) and press a few buttons to change between them.Version: 3.2

AdditionsI love his game. I have been playing for years and his game is still really fun for me. There are just a few things I want to say, for one you should be able to friend people. Me and my friends play this game all the time and I wish we could friend each other and play each other or trade. One of my friends isn’t as good and I would give him a lot of gold characters I never use. Also for some reason my challenge isn’t there for me. I checked my friends phone and the challenge character is rebirth green arrow, but for me there is no challenge at all. That happened once for friend when he was just starting and he had to start over for the challenges to come back. I hope that it comes back for me, but I hate how that is happening. Other than that injustice is an amazing game. There must be so much work that goes into this game and it’s just amazing. 5 starts even with the challenge glitch..Version: 1.21

Most Entertaining Game Out ThereA battle game with lots of versatility, the different battle modes really help keep the game entertaining. All modes are different with the same context. Huge diversity in characters! So interesting finding out abilities and opening booster packs. However there should be more energy for characters as players cannot play as much as they want without paying substantial amounts of money. People would play so much more if there were more opportunities to acquire more energy and this would improve the game all around and players would be less frustrated and inclined to spend money on energy when they could spend it on booster packs or coins..Version: 1.21

Survivor nth metel and argumentsI have been playing injustice for 4 years and it was great and amazing. But there is an issue augments cards. You see all my top 3 players are level 60 and elite x but their damage and health isn’t great I play battles and I loose because of my arguments and I am really upset and don’t know how to beat them. I got good gear card, and even when I play survivor I get 1 and 2 star gear cards never got three or five star cards and this is a problem I won’t be able to beat story battles. So please creators of injustice gods among us add a argument booster pack. In each booster packs contains three cards not 1 star or 2 star and the price for the booster pack is 20 thousand credits or 15 thousand credits. And also about nth metals are not worth it, when you spin it you don’t get it and when you sprint and you do get it you only get 25 nth metals which is not enough and I have not opened 1 nth metal pack so please instead of 25 do 50 nth metals. Thank you for reading this. I really do much appreciate it. To: the creators of injustice gods among us Even though about the errors of this game I really did enjoy it and worth playing injustice gods among us..Version: 3.2


Decent has bugsIt's so fun and it’s an amazing game but needs to fix some bugs I bought a daily gold booster pack but I didn’t get it today! Also fix wonder woman on my team she stinks but for when I’m trying to unlock a challenge character I have to vs her and her shield toss takes around 4000 damage when blocking! If I don’t get my characters from the gold booster packs or rare characters I’m deleting the game taking away my ratings or enough to buy three challenge bundle packs from the store! I Did a lot of work for me dad just to get 5 bucks so fix it now pls or 3 NTH metal unlimited packs! Pls have this done by tomorrow! You also need to nerf raven wonder women batgirl and also don’t match us up on online servers against people with 370 gear points there unbeatable when you only have 14 and are only a level 32 and 30 lobo and dead shot! I want to wake up go login to my injustice account and see it saying for you wait for that wait we have given you 3 NTH metal ultimate packs, 5 challenge booster packs and my 2 gold booster packs. Or just the gold packs pleeeeeeaaaaase! From, Jig or BIG CHUNGUS 4.0.Version: 3.2

Great but buggyIn my opinion, this is great game that has A LOT of characters (especially with this new bat-man update with different Batman’s ) but at has its problems. But first I’d like to point out the I haven’t played any mobile marvel game in ages. Anyway, first of all in the recent blackest night Batman (18-25 Oct 2018) I got to it a little late, so I did it at the last 2 hours. I had about 4 battles left and 10 minutes left. I thought I could get it ( btw it was the first round/mode) and I thought I could beat it. But then it kicked me out, I went back in and THE EVENT WAS OVER. I looked at the time and it was 4:53! ( the event usually end at 5:00. I’m mad I didn’t get it but I’m not to mad. Just a little confused..Version: 3.0.1

This gameI think this game is genuinely one of the best games ever made. I have been playing this since it came out and will continue to. There are some minor issues with the game but once you close it down and restart it, it will be fine. I’m really excited for new 52 superman! I think wb have made an incredible impact game and looking forward to more updates. Keep doing what you do. Jack.Version: 2.17

Injustice: Gods Among UsWhere do I start. This is my all time favorite game on my phone. The style of fighting is absolutely amazing. The combos and super moves are incredible and this game has so many characters to choose from. The characters are just awesome and the online is challenging but still very fun. In my opinion, all of the characters should be purchasable in the in-game store but I get it there needs to be challenges to earn characters as well. I also think the challenges are fun but a bit too long for me. The five stages are a bit much and I think you should do three stages but get much harder towards the end. A character you should add is maybe Azrael. I think his character is really good and that he would make a great addition to the store. He had a lot of character development in Batman: Arkham Knight and Batman: Arkham City and he is a fan favorite. His super moves could be; 1, Azrael stabs his foe 3 times with his gauntlet spikes, while spinning and call it “spiked tornado” or something. 2, Azrael lunges toward the enemy with his flaming sword and slices them and does a 540 facing away and then stabs behind him, and maybe call that one “Assassins kill” or something. But 3 should be, Azrael slices his enemy’s neck with the gauntlet spike, slices them with his flaming sword and asks his A.I to “commence rocket strike” on the enemy and call it “Azrael’s Revenge” or something like that. From an injustice fan 😁.Version: 3.2

Great but just this one thingI love every little thing about this game! Except for one thing. I used to have this game I had a lot of progress and a lot of characters and just a lot of stuff. But one day I deleted the game because I finished the game, so I thought there was nothing else to do when finished. So today I got the game again and I go to see if there is a way to get my progress back and there is! Sadly I never made an account for this game, so I couldn’t log in that way to get my progress back. Later I checked settings to see if there was an I cloud save, but the game had no Icloud setting so I couldn’t get my progress back, so I ended up having to restart the whole game, which I’m not that mad about because sometimes it’s fun to restart games and do it all over again, but I still think it would be cool if I could’ve gotten my progress back from iCloud. But besides that, I love every single detail to this game. I just wanted to address this. Bye.Version: 3.2

Great GameInjustice is an awesome game, I kept on downloading it and deleting it because I wanted to start over and become better but some lags like not getting my season rewards for some reason but AMAZING game..Version: 3.4

Mainly consolious.Great game all round, with good relation to the console game. However given that the console version is less popular now, there should probably be another way of earning online trophies/rewards..Version: 3.2

So goodBest game.Version: 3.4

Awesome game. 5 starsI give this game 5 stars. it’s graphics are on point, they always have something for you to do, and it’s a good combat game. they introduce characters from different stages of their life or from different dimensions such is Earth 2 The Flash which is available in the challenge mode right now. right now i’m trying to get as many characters as i can. it’s really hard to do that because there are so many characters to unlock but that’s the good part about it. sometimes i wish i could get all of them at once but it’s a great game to play. if you try the multiplayer mode you go up against other players to receive a reward at the end of the season. every 7 days they put up a new challenge to receive a new character. the last two were Jessica Cruz and Mortal Combat X Scorpion. this challenge is Earth 2 The Flash and the next challenge will be Batgirl Prime. it also has a campaign kind of thing where you just play against an AI to upgrade characters you got. you also have to have a strategy to it though. some characters have defense and others have better offense and you can put gears on the cards to enhance their defense or offense. the only thing bad about it is that the gears are pretty hard to get but once you get really good gears they are really worth it. over all a really good game..Version: 3.2

A Superb Display Of What Fighting Games Should BeInjustice: Gods Among Us is an excellent game with an impressive roster of characters old and new. Although waiting for energy can be annoying at the beginning, this quickly passes and allows many options for play. Although high level characters can seem out of reach, completing challenges and working hard in online battles will reward you greatly..Version: 3.2

INJUSTICE IS BEASTFor myself, I personally love this game! It just has so many good things, I could talk about this game for days without taking a break. I love how there are even Nth Metal characters, I don’t have them but still I want them so bad! For people who are thinking of getting this game, just telling you; GET IT! Injustice is the best game ever for almost everyone who plays it and I personally recommend it for people who love DC characters and them fighting. I don’t even know if I’m ever going to stop playing, but this is all I’m going to say and please everyone GET THIS GAME! It is legendary and I hope you all enjoy this game like I do..Version: 3.2

Good game but it crashesI’ve played this game for a long time and I have a working device that is already compatible with it. I don’t lag at all but i really hate how it crashes all the time. My friends say that it doesn’t crash and that you need to restart your device and I’ve done that so many times and it just freezes at the intro and I cant play it anymore..Version: 3.4

InjusticeIt is really fun and there is multiple options to chose to play. And there is lots of easy ways to get credits. The downside is that u need to wait ages to have ur team recharged(only if u have no recharges).Version: 3.1

I luv this game so muchI know this might be confidential but when is the next update and can u bring back the Arkham knight packs and most wanted packs coz I wasn’t in the Arkham knight update but I managed to get Arkham knight and Arkham knight Harley and batgirl from challenge mode. Also I rlly need to try and save up for a most wanted pack .love the game I played it for like three years on my iPhone 4s and 2 years on iPhone 6s.Version: 3.2

Amazing!This game is one of my favourite mobile games to play! It doesn’t require internet when playing battles but it will for challenges and online battles. The only problem I have is that they stopped adding new characters to the game since they are focusing on injustice 2, which isn’t as good as this game..Version: 3.4

ShazamShazam is too good🤩.Version: 3.4

Justices leagueThis game is fun and I really love it keep up the good work oh and maybe add more levels pls.Version: 3.4

Rewards?I have played this game on and off for over ten years and love it. However it really upsets me when I've put in the time and effort to win online battles to finish in the top 5 to 3 percent to receive no rewards whatsoever. I've complained about this a number of times and had no replies. There's never a problem when I want to spend money on the game ,it's a real shame this happens so much..Version: 3.2

InjusticeThis is a goated game.Version: 3.4

Wasted MoneyWhen i started playing this game i bought the daily gold pack for $7.99 exact. It said that it will give me gold characters daily but when i waited the next day to receive it i didn’t get anything i then waited the day after and the day after that and still haven’t received anything. Please fix this.Version: 3.2

Old but good, just need a few updatesQ: questions A: answer Q: Too much bugs It happened to me several time that I was in the top 1% but won’t receive any rewards A: don't touch the rewards that are not yours. Most of time these bugs happen when you received 2 rewards in one season. In such case the rewards of the next season will be nothing (you did receive 2 rewards the previous season no 😏😉) If you see rewards that you are not supposed to have, just close the game, do not click ok. Ps: close the tab during season rewards every time and reopen the game, it prevents you from not receiving the rewards of the next season. Q:Injustice 1 needs updates/redundant who cares about injustice 2 its trash... A : I'm not on injustice 2 so I can't tell. I was still crying about not receiving my rewards from injustice 1. To be honest if I jump on another injustice It will be the 3rd Hope it has a lot of mk11 characters. Pls can you add a use credit to pay for extra energy (credit not real money) Q: Bots and all the lies It’s tiring when the top 10 players have the same name and only A: hackers what do you want just have fun, i get it it can be frustrating when you are starting the game and you are facing a hacked account, paid brief someone too strong. Believe me we all have been there after a few months it will be fun, (it is for me, when I face these type of people) you can't win them all I previously gave 1 star, but let's be honest it's one of the best games ever, the big problem is the distribution of the rewards! Can you add a chat 💭 option on injustice 3. And a add as friend to challenge later option to play in real time Thank you and great game Ps: iOS/iPad is better for the space and to save your progression, but it has more competition.Version: 3.4

Amazing game just needs a few thingsLets start with online match making. If you have an ok team you get matched against characters around your teams capability but it doesn't account for gear cards. Also other gear cards are way to over powered. You should be able to buy a promotion for any character using credits not by chance from a challenge booster pack. Metal characters are way to over powered especially cat woman being able to drain all you hp and power FROM A COMBO ENDER not even from a special. When you attack the other team blocks it stop your attack but reverse roles their attack goes through. Lets go back to gear cards some gear cards over heal a characters hp back from using a special and others make it so you cant deal damage. Now lets go to survivor which is already hard enough without a normal raven on the other team taking all your hp when you are about to end her. Also how is survivor even done it shows rewards but it doesn't show how to get them. Also in survivor when you get to later stages the characters still aren’t matched towards your characters and is almost impossible to get close to beating survivor. Which makes it hard for beginners to get decent items or characters..Version: 3.2

On YouTube it says hacked accountsThere are too many hackers.Version: 1.21

Why do I love injustice?Not only did this game make up about 80% of my childhood but it still manages to make my day, overall this game is perfect and the only thing that they could do better is maybe put in a few more packs (expensive packs for those people like me) to enjoy and get that amazing thrill out of. To the creators of injustice gods among us out there, I just want to let you know how much I truly love and appreciate you. Thank you.Version: 3.4

Cheap amount of health damage and health regain.I do very much love this game it’s just characters that regain health like Doomsday, every time he eliminates somebody he regain some health and not fair and I am on the 6th part of INJUSTICE and it is so difficult to get through the goldies (Gold Characters) because of the amount health and damage. They have eg: ❤️41k 💪28k And I only have 12-15k of health and I am only on the 6-8, thousands of damage. See the difference. Please Change that..Version: 3.2

Great Game!Wow what can I say! Injustice is an amazing game that I have been playing since I was 5 or 6 years old and I love every bit of this game. I love to compete with my mates and do all sorts of things but recently I have encountered a problem, I saw that I had a chance to promote my Deathstroke through the new Gold Breakthrough and decided I would go ahead and do it. I completed it but once I was finished and I selected my Deathstroke, I went to go check him out and use him a bit but then I saw his elite and he was still elite VII instead of elite VIII. Now I dont know if this is a bug or I am just stupid and did something wrong but if it is wrong please fix this ASAP. Anyways im off to do some online battles 😂.Version: 3.2

WW games.Version: 3.4

Nice Game but the nth metal upgrades need to get fixedThe game is very good when it comes to combat in my opinion. I think that the system in which it uses to unlock cards is a bit grindy but not pay to win since to get a gold card you basically have to soak $20 in to it and not many people would do that. However one thing that I think definitely needs to be fixed is the process in upgrading nth metal cards which is the highest tier card. The problem is the phantom zone event has been closed for such a long time now that using my best nth metal cards is basically worthless since they don't have powered up specials if this were fixed I would give it five stars. Now I need to make one thing clear most of the one star reviews are from personal glitches which I understand but don’t take those to heart since they didn’t rate it by what the game was like they just rated it because of one event. Overall the game just takes a lot of time if you want to get good..Version: 3.2

Good game, but you guys have given up.It’s a really good game that’s plenty nostalgic, but WB is just done updating it apparently. I don’t know why injustice 2 is your main priority. Injustice 2 is just not as good with its shards system. You have plenty potential to add more things like platinum characters and challenge characters. I could see you even adding any for the lower three tiers. However, what seems to be happening is that you’ve decided not to update the game and to just maintain it at this point. I don’t flaw you for that but it’s not a viable winning strategy. You won’t be impressing anyone with that play and you certainly won’t be making more money from that decision. Add some more gear, characters, and maybe a new mode. It’s up to you whether any of this information gets put into use. I’m merely suggesting that you stop disappointing your fan base and improve upon your game. I’ve also found a glitch on my phone for stage 62. After fighting suicide squad unhinged joker, suicide squad deadshot, and flashpoint deathstroke, it will just move them down and set me up to fight an empty field. I’ve tried to play against this empty field which immediately made the game crash. I’d love it if you could fix this because I won’t be able to get my satisfaction of a 100% completion. Please improve upon the game. Sincerely, a loyal fan.Version: 3.4

Great gameI love this game so much and their are so many different game modes to keep me entertained, I also love that even when you’ve just started the game you can become good in a short time, overall great game but their is just one tiny problem with it. 1) I find that when I have used up all my energy and recharges, you have to pay to get more, if you want recharges to keep playing you should be able to buy it with the game money..Version: 1.21

NoteTrès bon jeu Facile à revenir au jeux après plusieurs mois.Version: 3.4

An Excellent Game!Injustice Gods Among Us is a fun game for those fans of DC, who would like experiencing gameplay with their favorite heroes. The game is incredibly satisfying as you watch your team evolve and become stronger as you play more and is extremely easy to become skillful at considering that all of the moves were already created for each character, and the only thing you have to do is tap, swipe, use specials, which may include tapping and swiping, and use supers which are just mainly for entertainment purposes. The only thing I wish would change about the game are the amount of game modes. If the creators added a game mode like league competitions, then the game would become more social by letting you interact with you friends or meet new people in the game. A game mode like missions where certain characters can obtain currency, alliance credits, etc. then users can be content as they’re getting offline, knowing that their account is strengthening. Both of these game modes were given to Injustice 2 and should be added to the OG since a lot of people have spectacular teams that they would enjoy doing more with..Version: 3.2

Best Game AvailableI’ve been playing this game for years and absolutely love it, even now with the botched screen on the xs max and up. If the creator sees this please update the game as it is not dead and it is better than the injustice 2 game which was released. Please give this game an update that it desperately needs but even if there is no update I encourage anyone reading this to try the game out.Version: 3.4

Metal characters.I love this game I used to grind the flip out of it when it first came out Recently I just started playing in the month of Ramadan I open a metal pack and opened NEW 52 SHAZAM I was SOOOO happy when I got this. Don’t wanna long this out so I’ll get to the problem the promoting and upgrading of said metal character(s) I mean metal characters are so hard to pack but when you get his promotion 1 you ah e to pack that same character twice that is b.s..Version: 3.2

Battle glitch- please fix!I am really enjoying the game since I installed it a while ago. However, I can do everything I want such as buy packs or upgrade my gear, but I cannot go into a battle. I have played a lot and got far in the battles but now it just keeps kicking me out of the game whenever I try to go into a battle. Not even online battle works, no matter with who I am playing with or what roster I have. If you are reading this, please fix this glitch, it would be very appreciated!.Version: 3.2

Great game overall but online should be played more fairThis game is one of the best games on the App Store, got into it after remembering watch a friend play online battles when the game was still new, the characters all have unique attacks but the top tier gold can be expensive, survivor mode is like a lottery for gear which can be random but last laugh tickets aren't always the best, the new challenges each week or 2 are fun since you can unlock new characters, online is competitive but there seems to be a cheater in 1st place WBID name: suudgdevv they have flashpoint death stroke elite 7, flashpoint aquaman elite 7, and flashpoint batman elite 8, I've played at least a few months and know that the flashpoint aquaman challange only happened once and the first place person could only get up to elite 5, so it seems impossible for suudgdevv to have an elite 7 aquaman unless they cheated and same probably goes for the flashpoint deathstroke and flashpoint batman so consider checking that person's profile out WB, All in all great game but takes a lot of time Updated: I was just wondering if I am going to get Knightfall Bane for rating, I got the achievement but didn't receive anything, otherwise great game WB, keep on improving it.Version: 2.16.1

Great gameI really like this game and I’m alright with all the characters but I barely get any new packs in my acc and I’m really trying to get suicide squad deadshot. Hope to see him in a upcoming challenge or pack.Version: 3.0.1

Injustice reviewInjustice very great game and all the features work perfectly free game every game play feature except 1 works offline would highly recommend. If i could give some feedback for the game owners a new epic feature everyone would adore would be being able to play with your friends online or something so you could see who has a better team and players..Version: 3.4

Blocking and AIThe blocking of the ai is very annoying because they can counter and know what to counter and can read what u do it gets annoying but over all amazing and fun game..Version: 3.2

The offline challenge battle stages?! And other things...For some reason the new offline battle group is not completely working... two days after it showing up and until today the 3rd to last stage will not let you get past it even if you beat all the battles it shuts down and restarts when you try to fight the next battle... whats up? And the breakthrough battles you guys completely forgot about catwoman, doomsday, deadshot, zod, hawkgirl, killer croc, martian manhunter, nightwing, raven, shazam, static, and zatana... just no chance to let them get to level X. Smh seems to be falling apart. I guess you guys are focusing on injustice 2... this is the 2nd time I’m not getting my reward for mp season... this time it was blackest night flash.... maybe its just the blackest night characters... idk this used to be my favorite game now it’s becoming a pass-time when im tired of other games or bored...continues to glitch somehow randomly resetting... I really wish it wasn’t this way cause I still really like the game. What’s wrong? Scored in the top 1% for blackest night Superman, but did not get my reward at all... no coins no Superman no nothing! Really makes me wanna not play now... still crashes a lot if I have to leave the screen and even sometimes when I don’t... idk what’s going on!.Version: 3.2

Awesome game, really recommend 🧐🙃Let’s start off that this game ever since patch 1.2 was awesome. I’ve played this game ever since I’ve heard about it and ever since then I still play it to this day. But some things that I kinda wish was a little bit easier is getting rare gear cards. Sure you can get them in online, but you have to deal with other players that are pretty tough and are cheaters. I know when there’s a hacker or when there’s an actual person that’s progressing. All in all online is awesome. Another thing is that their are so many players online that are all like elite IIV and elite X and sometimes I try and to level up my characters but it’s pretty tiring they should make promotions a little easier in my opinion. And lastly is the updates. I mean common, this update was amazing adding metal characters in both previous updates but I’m still waiting for the next update soon. I get that it takes a pretty long time to do an update for a game that big like this one by still tho it’s been like I dunno a couple of months since the last update and don’t get me wrong the updates are still good, but after you and many others get the new characters and all that the game all of a sudden gets boring. But anyways this game I would definitely get if your bored. Thanks for listening.Version: 3.2

Great game!I love injustice, I play it in my free time and it’s so addicting. But, there is a bug in the game that kicks you out mid fight and this continues forever. I resolved this by redownloading the app but apart from that, great game.Version: 3.4

I LOVE THIS GAME EVEN TILL THIS DAYSo I’ve played this game when I was younger but I never knew or had a chance to rate it, the controls are super simple, cool character skins I basically love everything single detail one of my biggest goal is to reach top 1 in online battles I’ve gotten too 10-4 but that’s my limit so I wish one of these days I get top 1, Also my other Goal is to get ALL THE CHARACTERS I had a good amount but this one time I had got a new phone, I had to re-download injustice and since my young self forgot the password I forgot it so I had to restart, I deleted twice because I needed storage but this is the second time downloading it I’m actually SHCOKED that people still play this in 2022 I thought it was forgotten I guess not. So this is what I rate the game I still have to rank up because I downloaded it two days ago so I have only bronze and silver characters..Version: 3.4

A BUG LOST MY CHARACTERS AND EQUIPMENTI got a new phone a xs max my last phone was a 6 plus I was using the 6 plus while playing injustice I had level X klassic scorpion Arkhem night batgirl earth 2 flash IX dawn of justice super man IX Batman ninja Batman rebirth jessica Cruz AND MORE all my characters have gone like yellow green lanterns Arkham night Batman Arkham night the Arkham night Wally west flashpoint Batman Arkham night Harley Quinn AND MORE most of my characters have dropped to level 1 most of my equipment cards have gone to I am extremely ANGRY please help me get back my characters and them back to there level and also my equipment cards if you can do this I am extremely happy and relieved.Version: 3.2

InjusticeLove this game play it everyday Just think you need to make online easer for the new people.Version: 3.4

Injustice is insane, more characters pls!Injustice gods among us is my favourite game. I have it on my Xbox 360 console and my iPhone, However it would be nice to put all my app progress onto the console as it has more characters. I hope more characters such as CW Zoom from the flash Rv show, legends of tomorrow and more Batman v Superman characters such as doomsday and aqua man are added in the future, as it would improve the game. The new update is such an improvement to the old with characters such as the CW flash and reverse flash. I really want an injustice 2 to come out soon....Version: 2.16.1

Simply LegendaryGreat game love it..Version: 2.16.1

Great!Used to play 6 years ago, and it is still a great game.. just hope they will rework on it because it is better than the 2.Version: 3.2

Amazing gameSo much fun.Version: 3.4

Injustice is my favourite mobile gameInjustice has always been my favourite mobile game. It is a simple game that anyone can play. It’s controls are easy to learn, there is plenty of characters to play with and unlock and I have never experienced lag or got kicked out of the game! One thing that is stopping me from giving 5 stars is that many cool characters are only obtainable through micro transactions but I understand the reasons for this..Version: 3.2

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