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Jackpot Party - Casino Slots Negative Reviews

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Jackpot Party - Casino Slots App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jackpot Party - Casino Slots app received 119 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jackpot Party - Casino Slots? Can you share your negative thoughts about jackpot party - casino slots?

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Jackpot Party - Casino Slots for Negative User Reviews

Terrible updateTerrible - why make this a daily free coins when all other games are every few hours? Real cheap move.Version: 5.0

Devs aren’t interested in improving gameThis slot app has diminished greatly over the last several years and it’s clear the developers aren’t going to improve what many customers have been complaining about so it’s pointless to continue playing. Infrequent wins and extremely low payouts are the things customers have been complaining about for months now and there has been zero improvement where those issues are concerned. Instead we get ridiculous gimmicks and comically low amount of ‘free coins’ which are gone after a few spins. These developers continue to insult customers intelligence and waste their time with the way this app is run. That 4.5/5 rating is a farce and most of us know it. A once great slot app is now a complete joke and it’s shameful. Hopefully there’s some justice for those who invested time in playing this app some day. The original developers of this app made a huge mistake by handing it over to people who are sabotaging it. Year by year there are more problems than improvements. It’s a shame for long time players who used to enjoy Jackpot Party Casino. For new players reading this review my advice would be stay clear of any slot app run by these developers. Save yourself the frustration and don’t waste time, effort or money playing. Hopefully long time players can find a more enjoyable slot app and put this one behind them..Version: 5035.00

Disappointed!!!I’ll write a review, but, the sad part is, you guys don’t even read them. If you did read them, some of this gaming might change, but it still plays the same. I will say this again, how about allowing me to at least stay at a billion, for at least a week or so. What I’m saying is, when I seem to be building it up, all of the sudden, the wins seem to stop, and my coins begin disappearing. According to your advertisement, these coins are supposed to be free, but, when a person is down to nothing, you put out the offers, and for some certain some of money, all of the sudden, you can have all of these coins, as long as you pay for it. It seems like false advertisement to me, because it’s no longer offered as free. I’ve been playing for a few years now, and it’s disgusting, that you won’t even allow me to keep a decent balance. I guess I could delete this app, and maybe I should, but it would be nice, to at least have one more chance, to obtain a decent win, and be able to hold it, for at least, a short period of time. Sincerely, Del Thurman..Version: 5035.00

DisappointedTried to add credits.. Didnt get them.. There is no customer support.. I reached out to them on social media, says they saw the msg, so clearly i was ignored.. thank god i only spent 4.99, seeing as you're not actually winning anything but virtual money.. Besides that its too much like real gambling, i won over 50 mil on it from the bingo thing they do, an it took it with barely a win.. The guest account seems to pay out more than when you connect your facebook etc.. Scam.Version: 5007.03

Jackpot partyNeeds bigger daily bonus.Version: 3.10

Worse experience to dateThis game used to be fun and somewhat fair. Somewhat good waste of time. I don’t know where and when they lost grip of what a true algorithm is but taking 300m away for top Prize bingo was the biggest mistake. Now forget it you can’t even complete daily challenges. The game is targeting high spenders! Same with billionaire and huuuge casino. All these company’s are showing there true colours. Stay clear and don’t spend a penny. How apple or google has not shut down these greedy $&&@s is unbelievable! I repeat don’t spend sooner or later the idiot in charge will get fired and the game will return to a chance of winning..Version: 5010.00

Lose, lose, lose, lose.Sure, they have extra features to give you coins, but the slots are so tight that you will lose everything in no time..Version: 5035.01

Fun game but not a lot of winsThis is a fun game, but every time the game updates the winnings decrease. There use to be good perks from the bingo cards but now it’s very small. When you spin the daily wheel you are lucky to get a few coins but not enough to play the game. I refuse to buy coins so when I’m out I shall go play something else..Version: 5019.02

Couldn’t open anything on phoneI bought this as part of a stupid thing on Facebook to get a Wetherspoons voucher, I couldn’t close the app and had to restart my phone. Nothing crashed I just couldn’t close the app at all!!!!! Don’t download.Version: 5016.03

Gutted.Spent money on chips cause it was initially great, the game has now frozen with all my chips lost delete and reinstall and loose it all?.Version: 3.02

Changes are disappointingI have been playing this game for a couple of years. I used to absolutely love it. Unfortunately, there have been significant changes. They were slow at first, starting with the change in the bingo game. The 300 million credit bonus drop to a new version giving you only about 25 to 30million credits. Then, the bonus games became fewer and fewer and many wins per game would not even return to you the price per spin. Now, I have lost 8 billion credits in one week. When I do get a major win, such as 500 million credits, I am given a “mini prize” of 6 million credits and two bingo balls. It would seem when you have such a large win, the prize should reflect that. How much do you have to win to get a decent grand prize? I find when I buy credits I lose even more. I’m afraid when my credits are gone, I will delete the game. If I wanted to watch something just spin and spin with no fun activity, I would just go to Vegas and lose for real. At least then I have a chance at a decent buffet..Version: 5010.00

Fun but where did the popular games go?I like Jackpot Party, play a lot and would normally have made it 4 stars. But it is 3 out of 5 stars because you keep dropping popular games and maintaining less popular games. Popular games may appear for a day or week and are then gone and may appear again but who knows when. Why? I play other casino games such as Cashman Casino, Heart of Vegas and Lighting Link. Those sites maintain all games, including popular ones, and also add new ones, more like a casino. You do not maintain popular games. When you do have them, I and others enjoy them, but are frustrated when they are dropped, and I take my purchases to the other sites mentioned. You would be better off as a business to maintain all games which would keep customers like me playing and buying, instead of taking my funds to the others sites I mentioned until your popular games return..Version: 5033.00

It's overI have played the game for a few years. The game is not much fun anymore. Now I play out of habit but go thru it quickly..Version: 5034.00

No helpNo help from developer Can't transfer game to new device without starting at the beginning which is Not happening!!!! Old device doesn't work well Not Happy Giving one star because I have to only to send this.Version: 5011.00

DisappointedBeen playing this game for a number of years but sad to say that lately I feel the win ratio has taken a dive. Live the variety of games, but now keeps dropping out, and wins few and far between. To have any chance of winning in competition you need to bet huge amounts unfortunately don’t enjoy as much as I used to.Version: 5036.01

Cheap party prizes and bugsOne star for the games. Minus 4 for the trouble. Last few months there has been trouble with honey pass (losing gems you earned or not even getting honey pass until you send them a message). Also problems with Cleo’s treasury when Saturday morning all the keys disappear. Plus I think it is terrible that 99% of the time when you win a big win, you are rewarded with a mini party prize. Major, Grand and Mega very seldom come up and in the pass few days, I received 30 mini prizes, 14 minor and 2 major. That’s not my definition of random, but must be the developer’s definition of random. Developers should change it back to the way it used to be a few years ago and give an equal change of getting the higher party prizes. The app was updated just recently and not only do you get minis 99% of the time, they also dropped the amount you win on a party prize. Also the extra credit honey pass now has gone from $4.99 to $9.99 and if you complete the 1600 you get less (1/2) than what you would get for $4.99. This app is getting worse the more I play it. Too bad you can’t give minus stars. Wise up developers or you will lose a lot of players..Version: 5033.00

Frozen gamesI’ve just updated to newer version and at least 50% of my games freeze my iPad when I try to open them. I’ve done everything possible to look at settings etc., but they still freeze! Very frustrating and not good for my electronics! The iPad totally freezes and I can’t access anything! Pleeeeease fix! Helloooooo…..does anyone read these reviews?.Version: 5029.00

Party jackpot casinoAwsome fun and a good time killer..Version: 3.00

READ ME BEFORE DOWNLOADINGI’m giving this game 2 stars for many reasons. I’m on level 229, I saw some good payouts below from 220 to 223 and now that I’m past that, I haven’t seen anything. 100,000,000 coins gone with a bonus that gives nothing, but they are more than happy to take your money. I’m very disappointed in this game. I thought maybe I should get the deal of the day 90 million coins. But turns out you don’t even win off that, they just keep on asking you to buy more and more. Very disappointed with this game, it’s a phone game not a real casino, why not let your players enjoy the game instead of bugging them about buying coins and giving a cheap bonus in the beginning that won’t even allow you to spin 3 or 4 times. If your in for a disappointment then play this game, if your looking to sit down and relax and enjoy something while being stuck at home then go find another game because this one is not for you. Other casinos games gives their players coins by watching simple adds and they don’t pester you with millions of coin popups..Version: 5014.00

The fun is dwindlingI have been a fan of this game for ages but over the years I feel it is becoming more difficult to get rewards (coins). The payouts are smaller and now you’re loosing out to other games that seem more fair. It’s a shame as I loved this game when it first came out. It’s got too complicated and coin payouts are less generous. Shame..Version: 5028.00

Hit and missI like this game but it used to be more fun when you can actually win money and not lose it all the time on a 54,000 bed which is the lowest lol.Version: 5014.01

Still no auto spin on mobile versionAfter years of playing there is still no auto spin function on the mobile app, like there is on the desktop version. Every other mobile gambling app has this function, please get this fixed..Version: 5003.02

VERY EXPENSIVE TO PLAYStay away if you like free slot games..Version: 5010.00

Fun but dangerousI’ll start by saying this is a fun game to play. Lots of well known slots available Here lies the problem. In app purchases. Yes, I know, I am a fully grown man and I do take responsibility for my actions. I have spent small fortunes over many weekends. I’m happy to pay for my gaming. I just feel like the app developers should be a bit more responsible. The same way if you are on a proper gambling website. They are responsible enough to at least give you warnings about what you are spending. The jackpot party guys just seem to take take take. I know it’s not proper gambling, but it is VERY addictive.Version: 5027.00

Where did the slots go?I have been playing this for about 2 weeks. It seems like when I find a game I like and start playing regularly, it disappears from the list. This has happened twice now. Anyone else see this? There should be a way to tone down the “level up” nonsense. If you are betting big, it appears every few spins. Can we just have a setting that turns that off? Still give me the coins, but don’t make me click through. It is a waste of time. I know the idea here is to keep the user engaged. Frankly, I find the interface and all of the popups distracting. I play on an iPad in landscape mode. It has a case which I use to prop it up on a tabletop. I generally won’t play games that require portrait mode since it isn’t convenient to hold for any length of time. All games should be available in both display modes. Update: I’m deleting this game. The games you play the most get moved to high limit which changes the minimum bet. They also raise the bet sometimes if you exit and re-enter a game. Shady. Very shady. Moving from 3 stars to 1 since I can’t go any lower..Version: 5032.00

TerribleIf it wasn’t for the fact it’s free, I’d not play here. Like most of the games, but it’s impossible to be able to win on even a semi regular basis. If this was a real casino, real money, I’d never go back. It completely sucks on winning probabilities. When you’re trying to complete a “task”, for example, a 4 win streak, you might get to 2 or rarely 3 and then back to zero, over and over and over and over again. You’d be out of business in the real casino world because no one would come back. Keep up the great work 🤯🤥🤔🤪..Version: 5017.01

Steals from youIt seemed like a good game up until I decided to purchase some coins, cost me $7.99 and was suppose to receive 20 million in coins but got nothing, messaged them to tell them and no reply. I have had no other problem with other slot games when purchasing, the coins always automatically appear, been 8 hours since I purchased and nothing. DO NOT PURCHASE COINS FROM THIS GAME.Version: 5003.00

Play but hates it nowPlayed it for yrs and still on 468. No coins rewards and . Can’t win big amounts,,,.Version: 5028.00

Too hardI used to love playing Jackpot Party. I can’t enjoy anymore, it’s ridiculously hard now..Version: 5020.00

CrashingFor the past couple of weeks, the games where I have to flip my iPad for vertical view, cause the game to crash and freeze up my iPad, forcing me to do a cold boot each time. My iPad and the game are both up to date. No other apps are causing this problem.Version: 5035.01

No flint stonesI wanted to play the Flintstones game but can’t find it ! You advertise it before you get app ! But it’s not there why ??? Very disappointed.Version: 5027.00

Waste of timeWaste of time downloading didn’t even get 20 minutes of play and that’s from first time downloading it tonight wouldn’t recommend clearly designed to get you to pay real money for better rewards be better sticking it in a real slot.Version: 5032.00

My aswell just play the pokies this games gunna cost youLucky if I get 20mins of play time a day before running out off free credits like honestly would be better off playing online pokies atleast you get an actual chance at getting your money back.Version: 5018.01

No customer service usually equals no customersLet me first start by saying that I am at level 463, I’ve been playing this game and purchase coins every few days. Over the Christmas holiday, I purchased a larger than normal coin package and also bet higher than usual. While in the Wizard game(betting 10 million a hand) I won a jackpot of 1.8 Billion, which if added to my account would have put me at over 3billion coins. The coins didn’t add to my account so I immediately contacted support with a full description of what happened. Shortly there after I received an email response that they had received my ticket and after their investigation they would respond accordingly. A week or so went by and no response, they did however respond to my second request on another issue (double charging). I send a second request with no response this morning I filed a THIRD request for a follow and was told that unless I could provide a screen shot, there would be no further inquiry into my ticket. How do you screenshot the failure of coins to be deposited on a winning? If the game is still going? I have bought a significant amount of coins and as another reviewer wrote the winnings are few and far between. (Haven’t won a jackpot since that day) I guess Jackpot Party got big and now they’ve forgotten the very people that made them big..Version: 5005.04

Losing its appealOh this game. So the games are really fun. The funnest. However, getting to play them can be impossible. The payouts are so rare anymore. Ok so the recent update of the honey do list - it was awesome at first. Paid out over 2 billion coins and 19 bingo balls. Now your lucky if you get 1 billion and you only get like 7 balls. And they're usually gone in minutes. And I'd really like to know how to play these high roller games. I've been playing this game for years and one time have I ever won enough to max bet and actually play for a while. I was up to like 600 billion coins at one point. Max bet on the games I usually play is around a billion. Even to purchase it's like $100 for a billion coins. That's 1 max bet. I've contacted support with my frustrations and disappearing party prizes to no avail. I just want to play. I've spent hundreds of dollars in real money to play only to be shut down. Betting modestly. It's just gotten ridiculous. I will not be spending any more money on this game in the future and if it continues the way it's going I won't be playing anymore. The frustration is outweighing the enjoyment..Version: 5005.04

It’s fun but way too expensive and way too hard to winDon’t get me wrong, the app is super fun and great. It’s awesome to have the exact games like at the casinos BUT when you have to pay a fortune to not actually win any real money, it becomes frustrating and no longer fun. I understand the developers need to make profit off of this, but good grief at least let us win. I’d say I win “big” once every 1-2 weeks, but those winnings are gone the same day. And now there is a new update where you get a key for making in app purchases? Are you freaking kidding me!? This is just becoming all about the money now at this point. Today alone, I spent over $25 on coins and as I am writing this review, I have nothing left. Which is why I am working this in the first place because I’m so frustrated I wasted the money to have the coins gone in a matter of hours. If this keeps up, I’ll de deleting the app so I’m not tempted and give in to these money sucking developers..Version: 5025.00

Could be a Classic, However!!!!No Auto Spin feature, gets really monotonous having to wait and push Spin time after time, add an auto spin feature, x 10, 25, 50, etc.... Also downloading now slots will not download, times out, shut the App down and try again and again. Please update this App..Version: 5003.00

Not bothered the houseThere’s a side game of bingo earn bingo balls by spinning. Play your bingo balls and fill your board once you get the required pattern you completed that board. There’s three boards to every level and each level pays you free coins. It took me almost 10 months to earn my first level and get the 50,00,000 free coins. Only to lose them all in about 10 minutes not even betting above minimum. They then expect you to love their game so much you fork over 20 dollars real world money for their 160 million fake game tokens that doing the math would last me 45 minutes. No thank you Mam. I’m deleting this app it’s got decent game selection but other than that you never get more than 2 million free tokens on the daily spin even though there’s wedges as high as 40 million. Minimum on most games is a whopping 200k but jackpot games you have to bet 100,000,000 a spin to even get a chance at it. Laughable. Except I’m not laughing. If I wasn’t at work when I play this this earning a living it would be a total waste of time..Version: 5002.00

Rip offNot enough free anything. Be wary.Version: 5002.00

WORST PAYOUT EVER!!I play loads of casino apps on my phone, but this is by far the worst one. You have to buy coins if you plan on winning anything decent. I’ve been playing everyday and not won more than 10x my bet on any bonus. The Zeus game is a joke!! You need to spin all your coins just for one rubbish bonus, that never gives anything. Everyday I open this app thinking today’s the day it’s going to give something, but naaaah, once again, gameplay is over in minutes. I don’t even know why they bother giving you a 6 figure bonus, when your lowest bet is 5 figures and takes it all after a few spins. I play other casinos and can get up to the hundreds of millions. If you like an impossible challenge, this is the game to play. Unless of course, you’re willing to pay for coins. Gameplay is boring AF! Every game is pretty much the same and it takes years to unlock any new slots, so now I’m just stuck with 4 slots that won’t pay anything. Useless game. I’m uninstalling it. There’s loads of other great free casinos out there, don’t waste your phone memory 🙄.Version: 5018.01

Too much….Brilliant games, great graphics.. No adverts between games. Really sad you just don’t get value for money.. bought loads of chips play low to try and get longer games but not even getting good wins…it’s costing over lots of money, I want to play but can’t afford it Sorry …I’m off….spent too much 🙁 Came back to see if there were any new games… great games but again…made 6 purchases tonight and have hardly won anything..Version: 5037.00

Don’t buy coinsThought I’d give another coin pack ago as it couldn’t be as bad as the last 2 times! Wrong. 2 billion coin’s purchase all gone in 10 minutes, not even 1 bonus. Terrible..Version: 5037.00

AddictiveDefinitely one of the better slot apps. There's a huge variety of games, although you do have to level up to unlock many of them. The daily challenges keep you playing and make the games addictive. Unlike another app I've used, the daily challenges are reasonable and achievable. You can build credits very quickly...but lose them quickly, too. And I mean, you can lose credits ridiculously fast. As in 1 Bn credits in a day or two. I don't like the arbitrary minimum bets. Some games can be played at 50,000 credits per spin, for example, while others must be played at 500,000 credits per spin. In addition, featured games tend to rotate. This forces you to try new games, which is fine unless you don't like them. If your favorites are not among the featured games, you have to find them and the minimum bet will be higher than the minimum for the featured games..Version: 5017.00

Don't bother unless you want minimal fun for maximum dollar.Machines are good... but considering absolute minimum bet is 50k (some machines are 180k or even up to 5M minimum bet!) and you get a max of 1M free chips... this game will try bleed money out of you just so you can see what it rarely does for features. Go play the real thing instead. At least you have SOME chance of getting ya money back..Version: 5005.01

DisappointedThe size of the bets are unrealistic. You need a lot of money for a few minutes of fun. Had over $200000, that’s about 30 seconds. Then you’re asked to buy. I prefer to have the same machines with real amounts to bet . Like a real casino would..Version: 5010.00

Such a shameLove the games and features. But because they want you to buy money they hardly payout any bonuses. Been over a week since I had a bonus. Thinking about deleting as just the odd bonus makes it fun but none makes me give up..Version: 5019.01

Don’t bother with this appThis app is full of bugs - slots in portrait mode have frozen my iPad Air 2 and I have to do a hard reset to get my iPad working again. I reported the issue 4 times now with no success. And by the way, I’ve reported the issue to Apple and they ended up refunded my purchases on this app and they recommended not to do any further purchases until the developers fix the app !.Version: 5036.00

Beware of mail saying free coinsI will start soon at saying that I used to really enjoy playing this game because you could earn coins to play and when you did buy coins you got more coins for your money. But the games are not so fun anymore because not only do they take your coins so quickly even when you buy them. Often you’ll get notifications saying too just as an example follow us on TikTok for free coins sometimes it’s Facebook sometimes is some other social media but when you go to try to get the coins it doesn’t allow you to download the coins it makes you update the game and then when you’re finished it still doesn’t give you the points so just beware unless you want to follow them on social medias don’t go for the coins because it’s likely you won’t get them. I have had a couple of instances where I have purchased coins and they never loaded and whenever I would try to contact them and let them know they say they will investigate but you never hear back from them or if you do they’ll say they did not find a reason to refund your money. So just some up I do enjoy the game some white, but not near as much as I used to and just beware of any offers that say they will give you free coins.Version: 5036.00

Loading problemWould have loved to have enjoyed this game, but as I have had it for three or two days now it has still been trying to load one slot. Haven't got to play it yet, so sorry but will be deleting..Version: 2.0

Looking for specific gameThe ads I have responded to show “Bats Hats and Cats” but I cannot find it, even with all slots open. Thought I’d try app support but got “page doesn’t exist” message. Disappointed..Version: 5017.01

Ripped offPaid $30 to play jackpot party and played for less than ten minutes…this game is not worth playing…whatever you do don’t pay them money🤬🤬🤬.Version: 5023.01

Deleted AppI added this app to my games to play but OMG, the pop ups at the beginning never ended, I just finally said screw it and deleted the app..Version: 5035.01

JeddI used to think this game was great. I still enjoy playing. I do have some criticisms though. I feel the game cheats the player. Getting big wins and free spins seem a little bit rigged. If you don’t earn enough points in a week, you actually get penalized. Imagine a game of chance with penalties..Version: 5019.01

Money money moneyHave been a member since 2012 I love this app but when you have to purchase packages because even doing a 2 or 3 million bet you lose 600 million don’t get one bonus and go 20 or 30 spins and hit 1 or 2 million tends to be a little frustrating. I have spent a fair amount on the packages almost 200 $ maybe little more in the past month and somehow it doesn’t seem random to me that I’m losing that quick even with betting 50,25,10 million. Even at lower bets still can’t hit nothing. In my opinion think I would have better odds going to a actual casino. Also in the past I have bought consecutive packages which would of given me over a billion coins charged me twice and only received it once. Figured wasn’t any sense trying to get my money back that it would be to much of a hassle. Really don’t want to delete this app because like I said I love the games and been on here for awhile but not everyone can afford to keep buying package after package to try to keep up with the lighting points so you don’t get demoted which makes no sense to me. I believe if you have put that much time and effort to get to that point that’s where you should stay but that my opinion. Well if some thing don’t give soon sorry I’m just going to have to delete this because can’t afford it I completely understand you guys have to make your money but it’s just plain out getting ridiculous. Thanks Micheal.Version: 5033.00

VIP Bonuses Don’t Exist?I have been playing Jackpot Party Casino for several months now depositing just about every day..... I feel as a vip status player I should get a bigger player bonus hourly than the 200,000 or the 400,000 given 2-3 times a day on Facebook. Bets are a minimum 54,000 and in reality these bonuses only allow a few spins and your done unless you deposit. And when I write support to ask for a real comp credit I am basically ignored and told I can find free chips on Facebook community page (400,000) lol... I do like the new Honey to Do List which gives a decent bonus on Saturday and the 300,000,000 I get when I complete 3 bingos but it seems to go quick and I find myself depositing again :( .... Love the games and the layout but customer service has deaf ears and my last experience with Christopher, well he never responded back... Thinking of going somewhere else where a real player can be more respected , what happens to customers always being catered too... Guess it’s sign of the times..... Will Jackpot Party Casino read this and make it right? Won’t hold my breath but will update if they do.......Version: 5005.04

Lost credits and featuresI had 250,000,000 credits and a cludo feature, my iPad went flat, went back into the app my credits were only 80,000,000 and the feature was gone, the last time I buy credits on this app..Version: 5003.00

GarbagePlease fix, spin, spin, spin and no win!!! How can you play if you don’t win??? Free spins and still can’t win anything….Version: 5035.00

:(Have deleted and installed again twice and will not load game, so will have to delete again for good, shame though looks like it would have been good.Version: 2.0

Cant win so completely pointlessPlayed for 3 days now, used all free coins. Think I've triggered 2 bonus games with small payouts across 3 days and thats with a total of about 10million thanks to daily bonuses and signing in with facebook. Theres absolutely no point in me buying coins or even playing the game if you get a daily bonus of around 1.2mill and spin minimum bet at 50k and loose it in less than 10 minutes. They really need to increase the chances of winning spins to keep people coming back. Id dare to say the odds of a winning spin are probably lower than real slots. Even small wins are few and far between. Pointless game..Version: 5012.00

Took my coinsThe game had some sort of glitch and took my $5000000 coins I paid for and set be back to the beginning..Version: 5010.00

Manipulatory TacticsI love the game, I don’t like the guilt tactics to buy more coins. I finally deleted it after a year and actually feel relieved. Once you achieve a new level, you have to play daily and often to get enough league points to keep your level and benefits. If you fail, at the end of the week you are demoted. I got tired of feeling stressed out trying to get enough league points. I bought a 10 dollar and a 25 dollar package (4X sale) today and the coins lasted less than an hour and that was even with me trying to play it safe so I could earn enough league points to get out of the demotion zone. I realized I was spending and spending, not for enjoyment, but to not feel bad/disappointed when I get demoted. Too many times I left this game feeling stressed and finally had enough. I didn’t care for the manipulation into feeling like I had to keep buying coins or that I had to play all day or even everyday just to keep my game achievements. I’m embarrassed how much I spent just to realize how terrible this app is. I prefer Monopoly slots or Golden Casino where you can play when you want and not feel so stressed to play all the time or worry about losing your game achievements..Version: 5023.00

Warning !!!!!Do not !!! I repeat, do not play this game... It it a rip off & scam, everytime you have a big win the game either kicks you or it says the spin wasn't recorded & doesn't pay you the coins it should... 2 times in 2 days I won 56 & 20 million coins & both times it it never gave them to me..... 😳😱😰😡.Version: 31.00

Not happyGot to level 16 to realise I hadn’t connected facebook... connected to the game, only to lose all my progress and money... have to start all over again.... went back to level 1 and lost all my money and left with 6,000,000!! Glad I didn’t purchase anything!!!!.Version: 5007.03

So disappointingThis game was fun to play but impossible has become impossible to keep your money. The actual wins are few and far between where you actually win any money to sustain the goals they set to hit next levels in medallion points and timed bonus money. At one point I had well over a billion “dollars” and now I have only 10,000 “dollars”. I don’t even have enough to play. In a single 15 minute tournament, I didn’t hit a bonus a single time and went through $500,000,000 without a single significant win. You have to bet a lot to even qualify for tournaments. You have to bet a lot to stay within your “league” to keep your timed bonus at a higher level. Multiple times I have received less than my bet in a bonus game “win”. Much like Vegas, where I live, this game just takes your money. I don’t find it fun anymore. The whole point of playing casino slots is to get into the bonus games and actually win. So, why on earth, are they so stingy with the wins when there is no actual money involved?! I don’t go and throw away my real money in the real casinos and would rather have fun at home for free and now I can’t do that either. There is no point to realistic casino.Version: 5015.00

Jackpot party casinoThis used to be a very good site but in the last year has fallen to worst. No wins. Ever. When you do win they don’t credit account. No sense in complaining. They NEVER fix it..Version: 5020.00

Jackpot partyI was leveled up in the hundreds and then, the game went blank.I restarted the game only to find out, it took me back to level one and all of my credits disappeared.. Very frustrated about what’s happened. When trying to get answers from the help desk, their list of questions doesn’t relate to my issues and I can’t select one from their selection to help. Very poor. The worst part is that, I’ve purchased hundreds of dollars worth of credit on this slot machine. Bermuda.Version: 5017.01

Too hardJust like all other slot games the games are to hard to bonus. And when you finally do get one they very rarely pay over 20x. Game is to money driven, has a lot of fun slots but you don’t get any chance to play on them because you are forced to do high stakes to make any progress and lose you money within 10-30 spins.Version: 5007.03

Jackpot Party Money GrabI don’t expect to win all the time and I have no problem with the developer making money. However, having played this game for years I’m now deleting this app since it has turned into a total money grab. You almost never win and the daily coins they give you are based on if you win. The way the “lightning league” is set up you need to bet big in order to gain enough medallions to maintain or increase your status. It’s impossible to even just maintain your status without buying massive amounts of coins. With each new update and iteration of the app the frequency of wins has decreased. This latest update is the last straw. You will go broke trying to gain enough wins to get all the “free” coins. Just no longer worth it. It’s one thing to spend real money to play a game and get some enjoyment for a few days. With this game you can spend easily $50 and get less than 15 minutes out of that. “But you’re betting too high”, you say. Maybe, but if you bet the minimums good luck progressing in this game or collecting any of the “free” stuff..Version: 5014.01

DisgruntledMust be new ownership as in the last week or so, this game went to the dogs. You used to be naked to win a little and play for awhile, but you can’t anymore, deleting this one and not coming back. Do not ware your time with this!.Version: 5011.00

Very very disappointedI purchased a 50 million coin pack THIS was AFTER using up all the free coins. I used them all on the lowest bet possible to try and go to the bonus. I “won” 12 million coins from spinning. That may seem like a lot but this was like on only 10-12 spins. The rest was no wins at all. The minimum bet was 487,000. I did not go to the bonus one time. Not once. I also never went through 62 million coins so fast in my life. It felt worst than playing at the casino. I was thinking at the very least I should enjoy it for one day if not for the weekend. I didn’t even get to play for one hour before gone and with no bonus at all. I would have bought more coins if I had a fun time. I really was excited to find this APP cause I absolutely love playing Jackpot Party. But unfortunately for me it was just a regular slot game with no party at all 😩BUYERS BEWARE I unfortunately read all the bad reviews AFTER I bought my coins Dont be a dummy like I was. I really wish and wanted this to me my daily APP to play but after this review I am simply deleting it which truly saddens me cause this is the exact game I always look for when I go to the casinos and I have played all over the world 🗺.Version: 5021.00

Don’t do it!Enjoy the occasional trip to the casino to blow a little cash on a slot machine? Great. Go there instead of downloading this app. And whatever you do, do not spend a DIME on this app. Spending REAL money to buy FAKE money is a mistake I urge you to avoid. At least at the casino, there is a (slim) chance you might win something. Or at least come out even. With this game? You will lose. This game simply will NOT allow you to maintain any kind of decent balance. Betting the minimum on a daily basis? Not fun. There was a time when this app not only allowed you to win more, but it allowed you to build up your fake cash reserves (even if you weren’t playing) so that you could bet a decent amount when you chose to start playing again. Nowadays, they keep adding gimmicky side games that only confuse and frustrate. In my opinion, this app is not worth your time. I regret the fact that I still have it on my phone, but that’s how they get you...with streaks you don’t want to break. My advice? Don’t download it to begin with..Version: 5020.00

Jackpot party casinoI cannot open this ap.i am told that I am not connected to the Internet. I can open all 35 other apps no problem. Therefore there must be a server fault. Please fix it Barry Matthews Robinson 28.Version: 4.05

Too resource hungryThey have some great games however since the last update it has all gone awry. They have increased minimum bets, not nice. However, the worst thing is the game has become impossible to play as it keeps dropping out. I play lots of different slots but this is the only one that has this problem such a shame they don’t test thoroughly before releasing updates..Version: 5032.00

Harder to win after latest updatesEven harder to win after update/changes.Version: 5036.01

Greedy fat catsI have just started playing but can already tell that this is a money making scheme for those greedy cat cat developers who are just ripping everyone off for their own personal gain. Sorry but I’m going to delete this game and keep my money for real games that gives good value for money.Version: 5037.00

Good App But Not Greatee3 1/2 actually. Last week I would have given a 4 at least, but I’ve been on downward spiral and nothing seems to work to break it. I feel like they are trying to force me into buying coins. I don’t like someone trying to force me into anything! If I buy (which Seldom I admit), it’s because I want to..:..not because I’m forced. Down from a 5 to a 3 to a 1 in about 5 months, that’s quite a feat. I was really enjoying the game, but I figured it was going to be trouble later, because at first I could barely loss. Now if they had a section to buy a win, I still couldn’t win! I haven’t bothered to buy coins, I’m disabled and on a very fixed income, so the amount I can afford to buy wouldn’t help. I’ve saved up more than that and it it gets drained away, if I bet big or small. And I’ve gone to FB for extra coins-had no luck there either. So I guess I’m not supposed to play. I’ll wait until tomorrow, then I’m deleting it if I don’t win my party present. So sorry this turned out to be another “honey moon” game. And it didn’t have to be. All those big wins we got at the beginning wasn’t necessary, if you had given us nice steady wins & losses over a longer length of of time, I probably would have been a customer for a long time. You have good games, nice graphics and I never had any trouble with the game play. Thanks for the memories, they leave a bitter taste in my mouth & mind.Version: 5016.03

Was my favorite.... not anymore!I have been playing this slot game for 5 years now, and having lots of fun. I could win some, lose some, but I was able to get bonus games, and even win some bigger amounts. That all changed with this last update 2 weeks ago. Now I rarely get the bonus and win very little. I have lost so much that pretty soon I won’t have anything left to play with. I don’t know why they made it so tight... not fun anymore...not when all you do is lose! UPDATE…… there is no big win any day to this app! Ever since the update a couple months ago, there have been no big wins. I play every day because this is my favorite slotgame, but I have gone from over 4B down to just over 1B in a matter of months. I play minim bets and I have been playing for years happily. at this rate I will be out of coins very soon. Because of the rate of loss to small win ratio, I will not buy any playing coins and watch them get flushed down the toilet! I will find a new favorite game to play. what a shame they became so greedy!.Version: 5034.00

Poor customer serviceSlots are varied and fun, but extremely pricy for those who purchase packages for credits. I have been playing for years. Another good thing: very few glitches. Many other sites have constant issues. My problem arose with a recent $60 package for 750,000,000 credits. During a high stakes bonus round, the game glitched and on spin 5 of 20, just vanished. I wrote and asked for a refund or the 750,000,000 credits. On spin #5, I was already at 70,000,000 credits and I was placed #1 to win the high stakes tournament. When I returned to the game, I was no longer even in top 3 and I’d lost even the credits I had won. I received a response almost immediately: Nope, we can’t give you a refund or restore your original credits, but here is 100,000,000 credits. I responded, that isn’t satisfactory, and re-explained what had happened. No further response. Zilch. When we purchase packages, we have to trust that customer service will be responsive and take responsibility for glitches in game programming. Their initial response, then complete lack of follow up, was extremely disappointing. $60 for gameplay in which is it not possible to win any actual money ... it is realistic to expect they will take better care of their paying customers. I will never again play this game..Version: 5005.01

Rip offYou never get to win anything and if by chance you get lucky enough to win they take it all back within the Same or next day they don’t give you enough bonus coins to start with on the wheel because they don’t want you to have fun they are greedy and all they want you to do is purchase coins all the time I have been stupid enough to spend thousands of dollars on this app and for what then to make me buy even more coins this game is not fun one bit it’s suppose to be fun and exciting well it’s the opposite money hungry scam artists oh don’t get me started on the bingo balls I once had over 700 bingo balls and was only able to complete 2-3 cards it matches one ball out of 50 possibly a little exaggeration but very close to the truth games like these are meant to be fun and people should win this is truly sad that all they want to do is steal your hard earned money to only take it all back the same day when you loose all the coins you bought thinking you would win and actually have fun I’m done with jackpot party because they don’t you to have fun you have to pay to have fun.Version: 5005.00

SallyI guess it’s the same thing jackpot party and goldfish slots, no bonuses and no coins owned by the same company sci play. Wait until the week day to play..Version: 5035.01

No winJust loose ,and loose every day,.Version: 5035.01

Don’t botherPretty rigged to chew your coins. You work through tasks to get bonus stuff the next day and it doesn’t give it to you. Go play something decent instead..Version: 5012.00

DisappointingThis app used to be my favorite casino game to play. I don’t know what’s happened over time but it’s no longer fun to play when you can’t get any bonuses, no big wins and end up losing all of winnings faster than you win anything. The games are great games but it feels impossible to win anymore. Every update says your making improvements and making it more fun for the players. I keep hoping to find truth in this and therefore keep playing giving you the benefit of the doubt. At one point I had over a billion coins. Now I can’t keep it over a hundred million. I’m very sad bc I feel like I’m going to have to delete this app soon. I can’t afford to keep buying coins and not seeing any payoffs in return large enough to keep me interested or keep me wanting to play. It’s not fun when you play a game for hours and don’t hit one bonus or large win in all that time. Also, the prizes for getting “big wins” really aren’t worth much. Come on guys, start giving back to your loyal players who have been with you for the long haul and faithful, daily players. I don’t mind buying coins once in awhile but when I have to buy more than I’m winning, I might as well be spending my money on a real casino app where I have a chance to win real money back. This is suppose to be for fun. Where’s the fun??? What happened to the fun and excitement of this app that made it the best free casino app at one time?? Disappointed is all I can say..Version: 5004.00

Deleted my coinsDon’t buy coins they let you play for a while and if you don’t lose them they delete your game and you lose all the money you put in and start you back at the beginning with stuff all coins.Version: 5024.01

Still pays poorlyLast review I read from last year said this game pays poorly, same thing again a year later. Paid well initially when first installed but now it’s like getting blood out of a stone..Version: 5027.01

1 billion gone in 10 minsGreat game. Had nearly 1 billion that I had built up over 6 weeks. Started played 5million per spin and gone in 10 mins. Ridiculous and uninstalled..Version: 5007.03

Retrieving my gameI got a new iPad and game will not give me the game I was playing on my other iPad I was lvl 334 on my other iPad and can’t get it on my new iPad.Version: 5011.00

If I could give negative starts I would.I brought over one billion coins, played a game for no less than 3 minutes, (I was betting 10 mill per game) it was all gone no bonuses, no big wins. Really disappointed, I would of thought that it would have been more friendly. I won’t be back!! They are just Ike a majority of the other slot games, win very very low win ratio’s but geared up for demanding money. It’s pretty sad and unethical..Version: 5036.00

Impossibly to enjoy without spending real moneyThe minimum stake on your favourite games can change overnight to something ludicrous and then everything is impossible to spin without losing your balance in seconds. JP are getting very greedy.Version: 5037.00

Love the actual slotsI love the actual slots. But I hate all the ridiculous things you have to do to earn things. The bingo and the extra things that you have to play instead of just making it more wins in the game. And the way you require that we play certain games, to win the all star points. It’s just insane. And it makes no sense. You get points the more you play. But you go from winning big money on your first All-Star star, to winning a lot less on your 2nd star of the same all star, and it requires a LOT more points. And I really don’t like the fact that some of the best games, come and go, and then come and go again. I really liked Wolverton. I know that certain updates have to be done. But you don’t even show under construction anymore. And I was told that it was just being tweaked. But apparently that’s not true? You guys should do what you do best, which is creating great slots. People aren’t in these games to play other ways to win money in the slots. So just make winning the money in the slots easier and continue to make great slots people want to play and win in. I will be deleting the app if things don’t change soon. 🤷‍♀️.Version: 5033.00

CrappyI agree with a lot of other reviews. You have these stupid machines it’s impossible to win. I got rid of this before and thought that maybe you’d make it better. Boy was I wrong. Just as ignorant as it was before. I spend, every time I get free money, every bit of what you gave me. Then I get this ignorant offer to buy in using my real money!! Do you think that I’m nuts. No way will I throw my hard earned money away so that you can line your pockets with it. I play some of these same games at “real “ casinos and lose a lot of the time but at least I CAN win Real $$!! I left this for quite some time and decided to play again.... Same crap. I won close to 200 m and little by little lost it all!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!! You developers must be nuts. I still won’t spend my $$. Maybe some other sucker will but not me. Liars about the ratings. Be proud!?This is Sept 30,2022. Started playing AGAIN and once again I think the same as above! I had over 7 billion, that’s right 7 billion. 3 days later under a billion. So very stupid. When I’m broke I’m done!.Version: 5035.01

MattGreat harmless fun if you can tolerate all the ways they try to get you to top up.Version: 5028.00

Rip offIve played this game for a while now & came the conclusion that its only purpose is to extract your hard earned money,unfortunately i cant give less than 1 star rating,theres nothing exiting and nothing really enjoyable about this game.Version: 5005.04

Gotten significant worse!!!Save your money folks... I had purchased many times to play when they had specials. I thought I would help fund the game and maybe enjoy myself for a while, then reality set in. The payouts have been worse than ever!! It seems when you but they tighten it up and then want you to buy some more. It’s got to a point where now I go to the other slots like Pop slots, My Vegas, and My Kanomi. At least winning there means you can cash in for real saving in Vegas and they are working on other reward programs as well. They have large amount of coin sales for between $0.99 and $ 4.99. I bet this games profit would go up if they offered large amount of coins for smaller amounts of money, I mean heck it’s gonna be gone in about thirty minutes betting small anyways. I would HIGHLY recommend loosening these slots to the programmers before everyone bails. And please don’t respond saying we don’t control that. If that’s the case then how do you ( on certain days) advertise “jackpots happening twice as fast”. Just a big let down..Version: 5010.00

No fun anymoreBecause of low payouts and very small bonuses, these slots can only be played for about three minutes at a time before running out of credits. You’d think they’d want to make it so that people spend more time in their app. I haven’t actually played in days— I’ve just logged in to collect the meager bonuses, trying to earn enough so I can play for a few minutes more at a time. It’s too bad, because out of all the casino apps I’ve played so far, this one has the best selection of slots in my opinion. My favorite by far is Battleship, which does happen to have a high limit. The MINIMUM bid is $5M. Which makes it impossible to play at all when daily bonuses only amount to $1M or $2M. Waiting days to spin once on a machine is ridiculous. Even the lower-limit machines require at least $48K per spin, and obviously they don’t pay out much at that amount. It really is disappointing because I like the machines. There are other casino apps I can play and actually have some fun..Version: 5005.04

Game payout has deteriorated severelyThis used to be my favorite. However I n the last few months the payouts from this game have deteriorated significantly. While you can earn « prize » packages the amount paid out have shrunk incredibly. Major and Mega prizes now barely award more than mini prizes and in some cases less. You can play dozens of bingo balls with almost no hits. This use to be fun to play but due to the reduction of the awards it has become a frustration and big disappointment. Save your money and find another brand, I know I will/have!.Version: 5018.01

Hello..........Is anybody there?I've enjoyed Jackpot Junction for some time. I think I was at a 1100 level. Two days ago, I was just beginning my Honey Do list (BTW, I was holding over 35 billion in coins), I paused my play for an hour or two and when I returned to my game, the screen reflected a balance of 7 million coins, and I was offered a tutorial on how to play this terrific game!!!!! I went through settings to get customer service. In previous times of "snafus", I would use their email to detail my issue, I would receive an email soon thereafter to acknowledge my problem and would get another email -usually the next day with the issue resolved, and usually some coins to cover the error. There is no customer service anymore. There is a computer that scans your emailed issue, finds a keyword and gives a response that has absolutely nothing to do with the problem at hand. Like a fool I tried to do the same thing the second day. Still no 35 billion, still no level 1100, still the same cyber stupid response. Surely there are better ways to amuse myself..Version: 5018.01

Why is the minimum bet so highI enjoyed playing this game when I started as the minimum bet was 48000 to 60000. As new games are added and even on some existing games the minimum is 300000 or much more. This is so stupid and greedy. There are only a few games I can play now as I refuse to play such high minimum bets. I will be deleting this slot soon..Version: 5020.00

False Bonus’Never received the 80 spin bonus & when contacted to the support team was told they would give me another bonus once I spent $10 or more I never received that bonus either. I spent over 3 hours with support team to be nothing but very frustrated, disappointed & dissatisfied.Version: 5018.01

Cheap on coinsI miss the old version where it was possible to obtain 300,000,000 coins upon completion of the third tier bingo card. Can’t seem to play longer than 15 minutes especially when daily spin gives you 700,000 coins. I have to play at 54,000 the whole time, which makes it a bit boring..Version: 5011.00

Good game, pity about the unauthorised payment for chips.I’ve been playing this game for a while and I like it and I’ve made in app purchases. I was sent a receipt for a purchase I made yesterday..I didn’t make one. I haven’t made a purchase since Christmas...I disputed this with this company and they sent me an email telling me to take it up with the company who issued the receipt (paypal). So I did and paypal said they won’t refund because they found the purchase was authorised because I had subscribed to Jackpot Casino...I hadn’t..so I’m out money without any way of stopping it. I had to go into my paypal account, change the password, change the settings and make it somEVERY transaction from now on needed me to personally enter my password...very annoying. EDIT to add. I haven’t had a problem in over a year. However, the last two days it won’t let me log in with my FB account. If I try to log in as a guest, I lose all my credits. I don’t think I have any option but to delete the app..Version: 5013.00

Another game after your moneyThe time bonus is 300k which is no good when you run out of coins as the minimum spin is about 450k. They just want you to spend money to play. If you are going to do this you might as well gamble. That way if you win you get real money, not like this if you win you have to give more money as the minimum bet gets bigger..Version: 5014.00

Total ScamI do like this game but this is the biggest ripoff app of all times. Don’t expect any customer support. Every time leave a game and come back or open a new game the change your bet to some ridiculous large amount. Earlier I lost 80 million when I got pop notification and after close the window it changed my bet from $180k to $180 million. I contacted the company and their response was that is was my fault because I didn't check the bet level. I should have quit then but I didn’t I had finally got up to 4.5 billion with a combination of playing and buying chip. Then I was playing my usual $180k bet and lost 2.9 billion out of my account. Once again their response was it was my fault and I must have left the game and come back with out checking the bet. I never left the game. How realistic is that I going to make one bet for 3 billion. Zero customer service and they try to trick you into making huge bets. I think what they do is totally unethical. I won’t spend one more dollar with them. Trust when I say don’t invest your time and money. Look at the other reviews that have similar issues with glitches and no customer service. Please be warned..Version: 5006.02

HmmmTighter than the real thing. Set up in a way that you need to buy coins, they are worthless though and offer very little value as they don’t last. Imagine a casino slot percentage and then half it, JP would be somewhere in between I bet. Happy to take the money, unwilling to give it. An elaborate way to get around not being a real money casino.Version: 5019.02

What ever happened to game of life slot machineI used to love this game but since you have removed the game of life slot machine it’s just not the same and since the new update the win ratio is horrendous I never win the amount I’ve bet or win higher than the amount bet maybe the update wasn’t the best solution.Version: 32.02

Frozen betsBets aren’t resetting visually and 88 special quest froze. Been down all day. Sad face.Version: 5035.01

Very poor ratingI have played these slot machines foe many years and over time it’s getting worse and worse. There used to be lots of large pots to win. Not like that anymore. Have a hard time winning anything as the slots never pay out.Version: 5011.00

All set up - like they all areIt’s insanely ridiculous how set up a game from an app is. I only go on these games for fun and won’t pay money to keep getting more coins, etc. When you’re playing games and see how the “pay lines” go and you’ll see X symbol on the first row and then Y symbol on the next to break up a pattern a/k/a pay line, and then more X’s all of the rows after, and you barely see those symbols on any other spins, it’s obvious they set it up to make you anxious that you’re going to “win” a lot of coins but that one row throws it all off. C’mon - this is supposed to be fun and it’s a free app minus buying the extras, and they can’t give people more coins and let them win a good amount every now and then?! It’s crazy. There are so many other apps to play where they actually give you a very good amount of coins each day for logging on and then even more for clicking on different bonus features just to give ya more coins to play. This app makes it hard to get coins and you can spin and spin and they keep taking and taking without giving much back. So much for what should be fun .. they just want you to keep paying to get more coins and whatever else..Version: 5034.00

Used to be greatHaving played this game for 3 years this used to be a really good fun game to play. However i recent months the developers have made it harder to win and the rewards are now pretty awful. I would say until this has been addressed avoid this game unless you are willing to spend money..Version: 5016.03

Just no fun anymoreHave had this game for a while but I’m just about to delete it. I don’t spend real money on fake money so I haven’t bought any coins and I’ve bumped along the bottom with a few big wins here and there, only to lose them quickly the next time I play. The big attraction of the ap is the jackpot party game and you have to level up a lot just to be able to unlock it and now they have made the minimums for it and several other more desirable games 500m which often prices me out of it. Leveling up takes a lot of hours of playing so many games continue to be out of reach. The tournaments are lame and if you don’t get into a tournament the message keeps flashing on your game that you didn’t qualify for the tournament. I don’t need the negativity as I’m aware I’m not in the tournament nor attempting to be in it but there it is. Honey-do lists are repetitive and there isn’t any fun in those. The lightning leagues are another chance for the ap to tell you more negativity that you were demoted to a lower level. I’ve had enough..Version: 5018.01

DissatisfyingSince the new version, people are unable to play for more than 20 minutes because of lack of coins, more importantly the cheap prizes upon completion of the bingo cards. Please reinstate the 300,000,000 coin prizes at the third tier. It’s a fun game to play, but has become frustrating and boring because of the lack of free coins..Version: 5011.00

I’m done...I’ve been playing the slot game for at least 5 years and it was fun wins were average but you did win and sometimes a fair size pot. However, about 4 months ago I purchased for the first time and since then about 3 more times and every time I bought winnings got fewer and fewer until my last buy of 118,000,000 I got no wins at all my bets were in the 500,000 size. In the last few months winning has pretty well disappeared and when you win the pots are very small. The lighting bolts are are very seldom you have to play at least 30 spins to maybe get one. Once you buy coins winnings are pretty well non existent. They figure you’ll just keep buying. That’s it for me.Version: 5018.01

TrashHonestly is would be easier to achieve world than to get a free spin or even a win larger than your bet. Terrible Terrible game. I’m guessing the only jackpot party going on is to the developers with the in game purchases that I’m sure a lot of silly people make..Version: 5028.02

Buy coins, win rates decreasedUninstalling after probably 3 years played and lots of real money spent. You’ve become far too greedy. I have several accounts I have used to record the stats. Of you buy coins from these people you get a short burst of mediocre wins (sometimes slightly better) then it goes into drain mode where they expect that you will spend more money (why not, they now have your account marked as one that is willing to spend). Meanwhile the other accounts where I have spent no money have far too better winning percentages. You’ve jacked up minimum bets on featured slots to $500,000 which was recently $180,000. Reduced bingo balls from what was previously 4-16 (or somewhere around there). The size of wins used to determine the size of prize box you won. Now it is random and usually a mini. You just got far too greedy. The odds in many of your games are worse than the real ones in casinos. Unless some major changes are made. Myself, my wife, my mother-in-law (who has probably spent close to $1000 this last year) are all deleting the app. We will not recommend your app and will make sure everyone we know never spends a dime with you. Thanks for what was initially fun a few years ago and has slowly gotten worse as time progressed. Nobody cares about how cool your games are if they can never afford to play them..Version: 5014.00

Being ripped offI won’t be playing this game again as twice it has put me right back to the beginning of the game. The first time it happened i had all the slots opened and had over £3billion after restarting the game i had got up to level 452 with £270million and then this morning it’s put me right back to the beginning of the game so am not happy with this game and i won’t be playing it again..Version: 5018.01

Biggest scam ever!!! Don’t waste ur time!!!This game is the biggest scam I have ever seen. It constantly pressures you to buy credits and no matter how much you buy you will always end up out of credits!!!! The winners are small when you do win they take it right back! The amount you can gain from collecting free coins is nothing compared to what you need to play. This game is nothing but a scam. The customer service is garbage and there is just nothing to this game but them wanting ur money and they will pressure you to buy whenever they can. Ever time the screen loads they want you to spend more money. I’m be spent way more money the I care to share playing this stupid game and they have no problem taking it. Just go to the real casino cuz ur odds are better there and u actually win money. Maybe someone should let the people that run this scam know it’s not a real casino. I wouldn’t give this game a star at all if I could by far the worst game and biggest scam I have ever seen..Version: 5032.00

Disappointing...I have literally spent hours playing this game. Every. Single. One. Of my favorite games are now GONE. I have spent a small fortune getting coins because I didn’t want to stop. Now the games are discontinued, Party Prizes are revamped and stingy and the Bingo Balls are kind of a joke. Unless you have 75 saved up, (225 to hit the now 300,000 reward - used to be 700,000) you are hosed and will never achieve the reward. Wished I could transfer my over 15 BILLION coins to a different game... Bye Jackpot, it has been fun, but now disappointed unless things go back. Feels like you got really greedy...... :( I’ll check back for a few days, but then I will be deleting you if it is stays the same. Where is ‘Gonna be starting something’, ‘Cheshire Cat’, ‘Cool Nights - Monopoly’, to name just a few. Those were the highest return payouts - probably why you discontinued them. At first I thought it was just an overnight “update” but it has been 3 days and they are still gone.......Version: 5004.00

DON'T BUYI was having fun playing this game and then stupidly decided to buy coins which I normally never do, but had some time to kill. Purchased a pack from the "Just for you Deal" area, they took my money but never gave me any coins. To make matters worse there is no email to contact them for problems. Totally annoyed, Thieves!!.Version: 5008.00

Jackpot party casinoOk game can be slow to load new games, but fun.Version: 3.00

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Is Jackpot Party - Casino Slots not working?

Jackpot Party - Casino Slots works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Jackpot Party - Casino Slots.

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