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Jackpot Party - Casino Slots App User Positive Comments 2023

Jackpot Party - Casino Slots app received 130 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jackpot party - casino slots?

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Jackpot Party - Casino Slots for Positive User Reviews

Lots of funGreat games, good time.Version: 5035.00

Great gameThis is one of the best sites for playing casino slots!!!.Version: 5035.00

Jp partyLots of fun have only just downloaded and have doubled my money already ..yeah.Version: 5005.01

For fun....When you first time login get a lot coins for free. Bonus game give you extra coins for playing.....Version: 5014.00

SlotsLove it.Version: 17.00

Great gameThis is a great game to play when I’m down time. You need to give an auto button a try for sure. Plenty of wins to be had in every game..Version: 5022.01

Amazing Game!Really addictive, looks amazing!.Version: 3.10

DisappointedWhy did this game start me over I lost all my progress for the past two years I’ve spent enough money on you I was on level 1400 that should tell you how much I played !!! I’m not about to start from the beginning so I’m deleting you.Version: 5017.01

Fun gameI have been playing this app for quite a number of years and it really is quite fun. So many different varieties of games with so many different features. Win-lose ratio is on par I think cause what’s the point in playing a game that pays all the time (boring) and vice versa. Only little problem I have is with the tournaments that a run every 15 minutes, if your betting minimum bet you get placed in the lowest tournament group which is fine but then you get other people who increase their bet after being placed in that group and there’s no realistic chance of coming 1st 2nd or 3rd. Just finished a tournament where the first place winner won $400 million plus, and second and third were not far behind. That’s impossible on minimum bet. Should be once you increase your bet you get moved to the a higher tournament..Version: 5003.00

Great gameLove it.Version: 3.05

ReCool game.Version: 23.00

Good slotsGood slots.Version: 2.0

Simply the best on-line casino site.If you’re going to do a for fun casino app, Jackpot Party Casino is the way to do it. It is a sophisticated, high-quality app with loads of features. I honestly can’t say when I enjoyed something more. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of the bigger jackpots (I won a 21 trillion “Grand Jackpot” on the “Hold Onto Your Hat” slot), it takes the game to a whole new level. Betting max without worrying about your credits changed everything. You can still spend a lot of money here without buying credits - I routinely pay to speed up the prize openings - but if you consider it entertainment, which I do, I don’t mind. I’ve been chasing another grand jackpot on “Huff and Puff” which, so far, remains elusive and my credits are almost gone. I’ll be sad to see them go. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game at full throttle. Wonderful site..Version: 5028.02

Slots Jackpot partyExcellent to play and so easy to get ur bonus .I see you have some of the bugs in this game.Version: 32.03

Love this slot, but…This is the best slot of all I’ve tried but after getting a very high bonus, the game froze, lost internet connection although my phone still had internet and the iPad itself reflected it. While the coins had added up properly, when it started working (slowly) again, the bonus that I had just won was not added in and the reels turned twice at the highest bet level (default settings, of course! Lol which is what I hate about these slots) so after losing tons of coins, the Diamonds’ Hearts bonus reverted back to my big win with one heart worth 100M again so it seemed to give me back the win, ?!?! In the meantime I lost about 400M++ with all the snafus. What I don’t like is one day you can play a slot for 500,000 and the next day the minimum bet is now 5M!! That should never be.Version: 5027.00

ReviewGood game lots of fun😜.Version: 5018.01

Jackpot PartyExcellent!!.Version: 5035.01

MrMean app.Version: 3.01

Great fun90%of time great fun to play...occasionally some games don't live up to expectations, wins are poor even though large amounts are played. Overall great entertainment.Version: 5008.00

Jackpot partyGood fun.Version: 5016.02

New update needs fixingSince the new update the app doesn't spin fast and when you win a prize the app freezes. The game is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. But needs fixing.Version: 29.01

Fun timeLove this app, keep me interested and waiting for the daily bonus, I LOVE IT.Version: 5007.03

Jackpot Party is literally the BEST of them allWhen you are an avid slot player and have played multiple different slot apps the one thing i kept thinking about is why aren't you more like jackpot party? I know ive complained a lot, spent a lot, won a lot, lost a lot but the team there is very responsive, respectful, generous and the dev team is just plain special. Not sure who has been coming up with all these recent ideas with honey bucks, extra credit, pick em party, tourney of champs, but that person or persons deserve some high praise and recognition because again its those very things that always has me asking that question when i am playing other slot apps, why aren’t you more like jackpot party? Btw absolutely hands down best auto spin function EVER!! Please add it to you’re other sister apps! Its so perfect..Version: 5016.03

Great GameLots of fun. Good variety..Version: 5035.00

FunLots of fun.Version: 20.00

Love the game but you don’t win anymore !!I’ve played this game for many many years and ridiculous amounts of money because It actually relaxes me when I’m stressed or anxiety creeps in. However, now you just can’t win anything! The bonuses don’t ever increase im at max level and I can’t keep coins in my account no matter what I play or how many coins I bet!! I may get one good day every few months where the games pay out but the very next day they all are gone because the games stop paying! I think it’s time to delete my app and move on. Sad because I really enjoy this app and I’d say it’s been at least 10 yrs if not more I’ve been playing. Who knows, maybe the developers may listen to the many reviews and do something about it..Version: 5025.00

Big winsJust started playing but getting big wins.Version: 31.00

GameGreat game love the bonus and great fun.Version: 29.01

MrbTop stuff.Version: 5005.03

ReviewThis is a great game. There is so many great slots. My only criticism is that the spin speed of the slots is painfully slow and you really need to install an auto spin button so that you can relax and play rather than getting a sore hand tapping the spin button every few seconds. If these issues are fixed it would be a five star rated game..Version: 5003.02

More lightning gamesGood game,enioying all the time,but could you get more lightning games please? Many thanks..Version: 5008.00

Jackpot PartyI like playing this app but they show new games and you can’t play them, it is so annoying especially when you really love the game. I have played this game at a Crown Casino..Version: 5018.01

Greatest slotsAbsolutely love this game. I have visited Vegas more than 20 times and this reminds me so much of the great times l had there..Version: 5012.00

ReAl moneyAwesome way to pass down time - apart from reading hehe... is this real money if yes (payout) lol.Version: 3.07

AmazeSuper fun highly reccomend the download.Version: 12.00

Jackpot party reviewAwesome graphics, great games … jus all around great entertainment.Version: 5035.01

AwesomeMean bro.Version: 16.00

Jackpot PartyHave just started, but what I see I like very much. Keep up the good work you may have a winner. Thank you , Max Snape.Version: 5005.04

Really fun gamePlenty of options to choose from and good bonuses.Version: 5035.00

Fun factorThis game is a wonderful game but can be addicted but if you play Slots you will be familiar with loads of games from casinos.Version: 5037.00

Time fliesIf you are looking for a good slot game then that search is over, this is the best one I have tried and I have tried a few. As long as you understand that it’s not a free game, then I guarantee you will be having fun with this game. And no ads. What a great game....Version: 5005.04

Awesome funAwesome fun.Version: 5035.00

Great Casino App.You can play it for free and when others complain about the game, because they believe that playing for coins, they should have a better odds than others, that play for free, and they can not admit it. It is a free game to enjoy so if you pay then look at yourself before blaming the developers of the game. Your odds of winning is the same as everyone else. If you go to Las Vegas and you put in a dollar or you put in ten dollars and spin the wheel for a dollar and win a 100 dollars and then put 10 dollars and and won nothing and went to complain about about the Slot Floor Boss would explain to you the Rules of the game and if continue to complain about they would just ask you to leave and don’t come back. It really gets ridiculous, reading some of the comments people write here to complain about a free game and because they want some thing for nothing. I wish them good luck with other slots game apps. 🎰🖖🏼🤟🤞🏼✌🏼👏🏼🙏🏻🙂🙃🙂😎.Version: 5035.00

Great gameWhat a great game, lots of fun, lots of free spins, lots of bonuses, just love it, one of the best games I've played, well done, keep it up..Version: 32.01

GoodGooooooooooood.Version: 5005.04

GoodIt’s ok.Version: 32.01

VarietyCan be managed very well and enough different games to try.Version: 5019.01

Jackpot cityLove this game. Play it all the time..Version: 5035.00

Jackpot PartyThis is my favourite game app. I play everyday. You will not be disappointed once you try it. Highly recommend.Version: 5016.03

Game is great slots deceivingLove playing the game and it really helps to pass time when your disabled but at the same time I find it somewhat irritating. I have honestly watched some of the slots not pay when your a winner, I have also seen the slots bounce off a bonus after landing on the bonus which is super irritating. It’s difficult to get bonus points since the Facebook group stopped giving them and you are forced to go through Instagram to get extra coins to play and I hated having to figure out how to get them. The instructions aren’t really good as far as knowing how the avatar works and I’m still try to figure it out. All in all like I said it’s a fun slot game to pass time with, oh I wish they would keep up slots like the flinstones instead of taking some away and forcing so many you don’t want to play..Version: 5028.02

Wicked gameIt’s a really good game from the very start” it’s not like u keep pressing and pressing and not winning you win almost straight away love the game!!.Version: 32.01

GreAt GameGreat game and great actions..Version: 5035.01

GreatGood slot game.Version: 2.0

Fun casino appDefinitely fun and addictive app includes all the slots you see in casinos. Sometimes hard to win anything but when you do- fun without going to actual casino. However, easy to go through credits and then decision to buy more? Or wait to accumulate credits for a few days. Like all gambling, sometimes win, but also lose. Update 7/17- still fun app. Noticed game developers added more ways to gain credits (more frequent hourly credits and bingo side game). Changed to 5 stars because of recent changes. Updated-still a fun app but trying to play the “honey-do list” takes a lot of credits. Sometimes no bonus at all playing several games. Lost $400 million just to qualify in the 24 hr period. Very frustrating since I spend money on this app(thankfully the only one)and expect not to lose more often than not. So I am cooling off this app for awhile.Version: 5007.03

Have Some FunAwesome game....love the daily challenges. Heaps of coins to have fun daily..Version: 5008.01

Great funNice game..Version: 29.01

Tried and TrueOut of the many games and many years there has been one game I have never deleted and later reinstalled. Jackpot Party is it Sure you do no win all the time, thank God, as that just gets boring but they seem to have the timing down on how much of a loser a person can stand to be vs how much a person needs to feel like “The Big Winner”periodically. I have played for a few years and have tried many others and have yet to find one to compare. I have gone a week or two with minimum bets and can’t win a party prize to save my life to being able to bet 10 million plus for a couple days. Yes I said it, Days, followed of course by slowly losing it all (sometimes fast, but never yet on the double black diamond slope so many others use to send you back to the bank) back to minimum bet build up praying it won’t be a long dry spell. But, hey, That’s called GAMBLING. So Jackpot Party is not predictable, but it is/has been very reliable and that is what sets it apart from all the others. My #1.Version: 5011.00

Jackpot PartyGreat fun ,just wish it was real money, or maybe not, I’d loose the lot. Entertaining.Version: 5019.01

All goodAll good.Version: 3.00

Nice gamingPlaying machine games like sitting in Casino. good game!!.Version: 28.00

Jackpot partyReally addictive game for hours of fun, good range of slot to pick from and keep you entertained.Version: 16.00

Addicting and fun just.....True the games are addicting and fun, but the amount of each win is usually less than what I bid; so did I really win? Also, can’t you provide more coins for the actual money that we spend - especially since the minimum bet amount is so freaking high! I buy 2 deal token packages and can lose them both in the same hour. Game are great but the bonuses are few and far between (most of the time). Let us play longer by increasing the wins and/or winning amount. A couple games I played I went from 2,450,000,000. I spent over 450 million (bet 2 mil a spin) and I spent over 450 million including my spin winning and got 1 bonus ... How MUCH DID I WIN ON BONUS !?!? Less than what was bet!! The bonus cost me over 450 million to get and won less than my bet. Jackpot party is favorite but how is it possible to pick the party pooper on the first pick nearly every time?!? I just feel it’s rigged, but it used to be different, fun, an awesome, addicting game. It can be that again..Version: 5016.03

OkYeah this game is ok.Version: 16.00

Great varietyGreat games, not as easy to earn free money but it’s so-able. It’s genuinely enjoyable..Version: 5006.02

BrilliantSo enjoyable to relax without a must to play will hook you in ..Version: 5023.00

Pretty funOnly just got it but its fun so far..Version: 20.00

GamingI also been playing jackpot casino for years and over the years I feel my favorite game has lost its enjoyment. The higher I bet the less chance I get a good hit or free spins. I can literally see the set up . Never unicorns in the first column and when the free spin temps to hit it lands on 2 out of 3 several times with one hanging in the top row but no hit. I’m scared to purchase coins because of the malfunction of the free spins. It stops on ur own with out me pushing the stop button and the music changed it tunes over the years when you do hit to get a award. It’s awful. I send in tickets only to get the same response thanks for contacting us. It’s really a disappointment of the issues. Wonder how this occurred? I would have rated a five…. 5 years ago almost wanting to rate a 1 star because of the development issues also when you can spin a thousand times only to loss all your coins is humiliating. Spending money to just listen to the music I could have turned in the radio. Lol. Wish the developers would have made the odds a little more achievable due to people spending their money on their game. Oh well hope everyone else is happy spinning because I’m not. Just glad u found another favorite game on another system. Have a good day and best of luck with gaming. Unhappy12$.Version: 5029.00

Jackpot PartyThis is by far my favorite online casino game. They constantly have the daily events going on which I play every single day. Trying to win the biggest present prizes! Plus they have a really great variety of slots that I haven’t seen on other casinos. I play this game every day and then I get to open my treasure chests on the weekend and I’m always trying to find the key that opens the chest on the first try! And I don’t download very much on my cell phone but this game is on it because I like to play it daily because I love it that much! 4/5/21 only one problem today the extra credit to do list is stuck and you can’t collect what you’ve worked on already so I’m not sure what’s happening I’ve done the update and it’s still not working properly. I think there’s a glitch. Anyone else having the same problem today?.Version: 5020.00

Lock it heartsGreat slot games so fun.Version: 5010.00

AddictiveCan be addictive and if you are playing a game that’s not paying out your money can go down very quickly. Also some of the games can only be played with large stakes which I cannot afford but would like to play them. Also with the lightning league you get more coins if you play larger bets which again I cannot afford so never get too high on the league table although I am playing for hours each day. But, having said all that I love this app and would recommend it if you like to spin just for fun. Graphics are great..Version: 5012.00

CarefulCan be great but always check your bet/stake as can catch you out. Sometimes they still spin when your trying to reduce bet and worst of all can increase your bet by itself and take quite a lot of money That’s the worst that’s happened to me but I still come back and enjoy playing, I just know now to be CAREFUL and keep an eye on stake Like the new daily tasks and rewards and hope you keep adding new slots and improving any issues that I’ve mentioned.Version: 5005.04

Love this gameThis game is so good got plenty of different adventures and plenty of bonus money to win , keeps you hooked and playing love it ..Version: 5016.03

Issue but can’t contactI’ve been trying to reach someone about Jackpot party however I can’t reach anyone. I need to speak with support..Version: 5018.01

Love the gameKeep up the good work. Be good to get extra coins but otherwise all good.Version: 5003.02

Fun GamesCredits don’t last long but fun games.Version: 5019.02

Jackpot party funI have been playing for a few days and enjoying it so far without buying any extra coins..Version: 5005.04

Great gameExcellent now they have fixed crash issues.Version: 2.0

Love this gameWish more of my friends played this game.....Version: 30.00

GoodReview.Version: 5035.00

Jackpot partyBest slots ever.Version: 5005.04

Great funGreat fun. So easy to while away the hours while waiting for friends to arrive. I get so lost in it, I forget they are coming. Oops!.Version: 5005.01

Keep it upI have played for more then 7 years and stilllove it.Version: 5010.00

Highly recommend!I love this site and all the games it had to offer. They change them frequently enough as well so your never bored or feel stuck with the same old, same old!.Version: 5035.01

Love the gameI’ve been playing the game for the past few years, and I’ve just run into my first technical issue with the game. When I go to collect a Party Prize, an error window pops up and says it’s not able to connect to the network. I’m connected to my personal WiFi in my home, all of my other apps are working just fine. I cleared my internet cache, deleted the game, reset my phone, downloaded the game, and it’s still not working right. Only reason I’m saying all of this in the review, is because I couldn’t find a way to get any support for the app. Yes, I’m aware of the App Support option under the “leave a review” or whatever, but there is no “contact us” area anywhere on the “support” site. So, if my WiFi is working just fine, and all of my other apps which require an internet connection are working just fine, then there has to be something wrong with the app/game. I’m also aware that the most recent update was a month ago, so, there might be brand new bugs to fix..Version: 5027.01

Good slotsI love these slots, wish there were more free coins.Version: 5035.01

Great risk great rewardJohnny Tarango.Version: 5028.02

MikeGreat games ,having fun at 76 years old,worthy of 5 stars Farmermike3.Version: 5001.03

Love this game I have been playing this game since I bought my iPad love it love itMyIpad play it every dayMonday to Sunday.Version: 5027.00

Super funGreat game with awesome rewards and bonuses A little slow to load the games but heaps of fun.Version: 5037.00

Fun!!Fun even when you don't pay for extra games.Version: 5005.00

ReviewI find the game prices are too high compared to the daily wins. I love the Bonus. It is my favourite slot game..Version: 5035.01

FunGreat games.Version: 19.05

Sarah 0525This game would be great fun if when you purchase credits they go on to your game ..Version: 5005.04

PokiesLove different graphics but also like to win big makes it fun to play.Version: 5007.03

Great gameThis is a fun game which gives you a good chance at a win. Entertaining..Version: 5006.02

Jackpot PartyWow what fun!.Version: 5035.01

AddictiveThis is by far the best free slots ever more people need to try it.Version: 5035.00

It’s okCertain games I like to play and have been ‘updated’ are now paying less than before..Version: 5015.00

Fun!!Great selection of games! I definitely get lost playing when I should probably be doing other things lol.Version: 5026.01

Rating gameMean game.Version: 3.00

Good Game Gone Bad!Used to love this game. Gave me something to do and I had fun playing! Not any more! I used to be able to play for a couple of hours and still have coins remaining. Now, you can't even get one BIG win! Takes forever to get the lightning rods too! Have to wait for 4 hour bonuses just to play for 2 minutes now. I've been playing most of the games, including the high roller games but none are paying out anymore. You would think with Covid-19, you would take the opportunity to get more people to join instead of turning everyone off with no wins! Seriously thinking of deleting..Version: 5019.02

Fun but pays poorlyThis is a fun game with lots of features but unfortunately it pays poorly so therefore is hard for someone just starting up with this game to progress!! Money is chewed up very quickly and you have to build it up by just collecting daily bonus etc. before playing competing again. Otherwise could be a really enjoyable game.Version: 5014.00

Katherine KimlinAbsolutely love this game👍 One of the best, download it NOW! You won't regret it🤗 Still a great game👍Frustrating at times but still the Best Game😜You have to play this Game...forget the rest Download the Best☺️.Version: 5005.01

Good graphicsSo I have being playing this game for a while now, and the games themselves are good the bonus offers you get daily are poor and even when you get a bonus chests they vary even the mega chest are random in value which can make the game very poor at times. Example standard chest playing 5million on stake can produce anything from 1-10million and yet the same stake for a mega chest can and has produced poor coins. I was playing with a stake of 25million and won a mega chest as my win was 2.4billion and only got 40million coins and had to wait 8hours to open. Overall nit bad and few pop ups which is ok.Version: 5016.03

Annoyingly addictive !Easily passes a minute ..or an hour.Version: 5008.00

PokiesCool game to jam.Version: 17.00

Shoot outIn the 24 hours the app game shoot has stopped play it's saying under construction again these games are played by my friends but they have stopped playing please fix this problem.Version: 5008.00

Jackpot gamesGreat games good wins have spent hours on these games,enjoy it so much,I look forward to any new games you have in store for us.Version: 5006.02

Simple funAddictive but easy playing game. Good updates and challenges each day. Learn which games to play to get tasks, 4 spin streak is best on jackpot party. Earn a golden key each day, new features and liking the new games.Version: 5037.00

Best games!Love everything about these games.. good bonuses, good rewards... always extra “money” available..Version: 5035.00

Addictive!!!Love this game, good chance to relax after work..Version: 26.00

SickSick.Version: 19.08

Good gameKeeps me coming back.Version: 26.00

Game has been cheating the players for quite a whileI have been playing games on this app for years and enjoying it for years. All of a sudden after an update last year everything changed. I went from a high level to the beginners level in one week. The Cleopatra treasure chest changed for accomplishing certain goals set by the game and I started missing keys when I had finished the tasks which means no weekly bonus. Tonight they have erased all of my keys for this week and I got zero bonus dollars. What the heck? My husband was laughing at me because I had just had it and he checked his treasure chest and they all said what mine did that the keys were "Missing" and he didn't get his bonuses either. I just went back on the game and apparently you loaded an upgrade to the Platinum Chest in Cleo's Treasures that must have wiped out our completed tasks for the week. You need to fix it and pay us out for the $$$ we just lost out on. I took pictures on my phone of the errors tonight and would post them if I could just to prove my point..Version: 5028.02

JanI love playing Jackpot Party but I have lots of Honey Bucks and I don’t know how to use them. You had a game on there last year to use them and I enjoyed that. Cheers, Jan.Version: 5036.01

CoolMean.Version: 3.09

Awesome entertainmentReal fun galore.Version: 28.00

SamAwesome.Version: 5003.00

Golden CashPlease add lightening bolts to Golden Cash 😀 And bring back James Bond 007.Version: 5035.00

JakeAwesome.Version: 5006.02

Just the best!Just the best way to spend time!.Version: 29.01

Good fun - though could do with new games.I used to play this a lot more as many games included, but been bored with them of late and could do with some new ones..Version: 5005.01

Party prizes???This is a good game however, since the recent upgrade when you win a gold key and get party prizes more often this really isn’t the case. It seems to take longer to win a party prize which is disappointing.Version: 5008.01

Great gameSpectacular jackpot party casino love it.Version: 29.01

Good gameI just started playing and so far it seems good..Version: 5000.01

Could be betterNot a bad game having fun playing..Version: 5003.02

AwesomeGreat fun.Version: 30.02

FunGood game always a chance to win not like some games where you know you will never get anywhere..Version: 5006.02

Great funEnjoy the daily challenge of reaching the daily challenge, can be quite addictive but great fun especially during lock down..Version: 5014.01

Jackpot PartyA great game 🙂 One of the best games I have played. Keep up the good work 😊. Thank u Thank you for many hours of pleasure..Version: 5024.01

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