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Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles? Can you share your negative thoughts about lost bubble - pop bubbles?

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Lost Bubble - Pop Bubbles for Negative User Reviews

Fun until the 3 second ruleThe primary reason I play games like this is for the logic. It's fun to figure out the effect of alternate plays, somewhat like typical board games. I also enjoyed setting up shots off the wall. With the speed factor there is no time for any logic and it becomes just like any other reactive rather than analytical game There is also way too much emphasis on buying. Yes I can turn off the speed if I buy the proper orb, but who knows for how long? I'm outta here. This game is history..Version: 2.48

Lost BubbleWould prefer the 'trigger' was be more stable, it fires when you touch it to move into position and you lose a shot. Enjoy the game but this frustrates me and prefer Bubble Safari..Version: 1.3

KeysIf you can't get keys off friends, why not make it so that you have to earn a certain number of keys before moving on..Version: 2.4

1786Est ce qu’il y a une erreur au 1786, incapable de la passer. A l’aide svp. Merci.Version: 2.88

First dayStarted the game today. Fun when it's instant gratification as well as being able to play with friends and family overseas..Version: 1.3

Redundant and obnoxious adsI restarted the game on my cell phone after playing on IPad for over a year. I'm fairly experienced with the game. I learned to get as many gems and coins as possible and save them up for a while. This allowed me to purchase with gems extra helpers that are mine i.e.fire ball 2 per level for 76 gems. I do not pay for anything with real money. I gave the game 3 stars due to the very frequent redundant ads and the redundant Facebook pop up. FYI: FB hacked into my private saved documents and put it up on my FB page. I didn't care if it was for my eyes only--(as if I believe that). I had attached the document to a sent gmail. As far as I know I did not allow FB to have this info. Just be aware and check your settings on everything . Ok, off the soapbox..Version: 2.80

Ugh level 90!Money money money to progress beyond level 90. Played this game for years although I do get rid of it for a few months at a time because of frustration at level 90. I’d prefer it if some levels weren’t timed with the ‘timer’ things - really hate those because I want it to be relaxing as well as challenging. They are one of the reasons I delete it periodically. It makes me too tense. Otherwise I really like this game especially since the introduction of other ‘seasons’ to try when stuck on a level. Same again a couple of years later. This game needs more help facilities if it is to be 5 start game. And, again another two years later - same issues..Version: 2.100

Very calm, for a Bubble game…So Zen for a bubble game. Not sure if that’s actually a good thing- it’s okay. Popping the bubbles is sloooow, and you get punished for trying to set up a future shot by matching two! You HAVE to match three every time! I don’t see myself staying around for very long….Version: 2.101

Bad updateToday I got a update, which wiped out all my levels and only has and progress. It now only has 1 box to play, stating more levels coming soon. I was very advanced and had been playing for a couple of years, so unless it’s fixed and still knows what level I was on, I won’t be playing anymore. If I have to start from the beginning, I will be deleting it.Version: 2.66

Nice gameCool.Version: 1.1

StupidThe stupidest game ever. Doesn't let you pass levels by giving 13 same coloured bubbles in a row and then pops up that "10 bubbles left" no kidding really? Nobody bothered to make a good app with this one, don't waste your time..Version: 2.41

Last UpdateThe last update has just wiped out all my levels (1447). Overall a great game but not happy with the last update..Version: 2.66

Lost levelsThe whole game seems to have completely disappeared now I'm back to level 1 and I was on well over 350. What's happened?.Version: 2.66

BadSomething is amiss on this game, now and again just as I’m about to clear the level the game suddenly goes off and I’ve lost that level and have to start a new one. It’s just done it again and it’s a bit suspicious. I think this game is fixed..Version: 2.68

Used to be goodThey have changed the use of the things you buy to help you get more bubbles, it used to be 2 of them for 6 extra bubbles and now it costs you 5 for 5 and you used to be able to keep using only two after you've purchased one lot at 5 it goes up to 9, 15 etc. It also has a habit of not giving you any off the bubbles that you need when you are nearly done a level and don't have a lot of bubbles left. As I said used to be good but not anymore.Version: 2.27

Lost bubbleGraphics good kids game got bored with it.Version: 1.2

Lost Bubbles new versionYou have put the new version up and lost everybody’s history. It means everyone has to start again from the beginning, yet they can’t because when you press play the game bombs out. This is not the first game this has happened with..Version: 2.67

CathyCome on. How many times do you have to play the same ones?.Version: 2.45

Where r my points???The game said we would get 5000 points for rating this game. So where r my points????.Version: 1.3

Bubble witchOk game for the young children.Version: 1.3

UpdateThis has just been updated and I have lost all my previous levels , why? I don’t want to start from the beginning 😡.Version: 2.97

Lost bubblesLove the graphics, game is above average.Version: 1.1

Lost BubbleVery frustrating game. There is no incentive to move on, no ways of helping if you’re stuck, can’t can help to change bubble colo...these bottles on the side does work....Version: 2.76

MsSince the last update the game does not recognize my game name and twice I bought jewels to play and twice the jewels simply disappeared I don't know how to contact apple or the writers of the game..Version: 2.30

List games!!This is the second time I’ve lost my games! This time I’ve gone back to the start!! I’ve been playing for a few years. What is going on!.Version: 2.101

Error on summer adventureImpossible to get 3 stars on level 10 as there is only 1 marker on the scale!.Version: 2.65

Not as good as othersIt is admittedly challenging which is great but their are no rewards or power ups really. It's same in same out each time unless of course you have money to waste on in app purchases. I have kind of gotten to the point where I am bored with it, which is never a good sign..Version: 1.1

Cannot open gameSince last update june 24, cannot open game anymore !!!.Version: 2.90

I’ve enjoyed this butWhen you progress to more difficult levels things change. You have a clear path to the bubble and I strangely hits a box. The last bubble changes color so you can’t use it like you wanted to. When you are doing really good they give you many of the same color in a row so you can’t complete the level. So I am deleting this app. Just not enjoyable any more..Version: 2.94

DID like it not now!I’ve played this for years and now it won’t download the new update, has lost all my progress and logs me into someone else’s Facebook! Can’t get my own version back at all?.Version: 2.79

SucksThis games sucks now. It but me back to the very beginning of the game and then it’s says new levels coming a soon then the game crashes. So not impressed..Version: 2.66

AngryI have been playing this game for years. I was on level 2382. I went to play it this evening and it has gone back to level one. What’s going on ?.Version: 2.97

WRONG NAME TO LOG INTO FACEBOOKWould love to rate more but now it comes up wrong name when I try to log into it with my Facebook.Version: 2.78

FunA fun game..Version: 2.112

Fun butIn the end you are forced to pay unless you have three friends to pass the locked area or still have crystals. It's a joke when they suggest their best offer for crystals is 129. lol.....Version: 2.3

Love the challenge hate the adsThis game would be so much better if you gave the option to pay for an ad free version. The ads are much to long and a significant interruption!.Version: 2.38

Download blank screen? Really?I love to play this game on my mini iPad 5. I don't spend money to play it. I like to play where I get. Reward if I go back and complete 4 levels but for days you have taken me to 246! What gives is this the only one you can come up with? This happens on my cell phone also. I’m tired of 246..Version: 2.87

Lost BubbleI have been playing Lost Bubble for maybe 8 years. Certainly since I got an iPad. I have bought a few/many boosters in American dollars (I’m in Australia) over the years, but I’ve found it difficult to buy but have persisted to get through the levels. For some reason Lost Bubble has propped me back to the start and have ignored my years of perseverance, climbing the mountain. I didn’t think this was a snakes and ladders game. I was up to about maybe level 550, I don’t recall, but now back at level 14. Cheers for heralding my years of trying to achieve, NOT! Harsh treatment of me Lost Bubble technicians 😢.Version: 2.97

Lost BubbleRidiculous in app purchases. Don't down load unless you want to spend an inordinate amount of time by-passing all the buy requests. They even pop up unexpectedly when you go to tap the start arrow and you're redirected to somewhere else. Only way to get jewels is to buy them at exorbitant cost. Other than that, it is a good game..Version: 2.8

Locked gameWhat has happened? Since the last upgrade....I get a message....CONTENT UPGRADE... Downloading Updates. Please wait for updates to be downloaded or you can replay available levels. That was 10 hours ago that I upgraded.....surely it doesn't take that long to upgrade!.Version: 2.11

Unable to openWhy can’t the game be open after latest update..Version: 2.92

ProblemThis has been one of my favorite game, however I’m having a very disappointing problem that seems to happen more often recently. I’ve been at level 646 for three weeks, which is not uncommon for a difficult game. The problem is that just as I get closer to hitting all the bubbles the aim goes haywire and the bubbles go off in different directions. When this starts to happen it’s not unusual for bubbles to continue shooting in different directions even tho I’m not even touching the screen. My iPhone 7 s plus was recently replaced and this doesn’t happen on any other game. Hopefully this will be corrected soon..Version: 2.82

Lost bubbleAddictive and fun.Version: 2.2

Not a fair gameYou never get any rewards for free. Too expensive to purchase anything for this game.Version: 2.76

It reset and crashes from update 8/24Since the update today my game has reset to the beginning and then crashed after I select anything on the screen. I’ve had this game over a year and it’s all lost even though I was connected to Facebook. And I can’t message the developers bc it crashes when I touch anything on the screen. All the money and time... gone..Version: 2.66

SetupAnnoying that the daily spin is setup and the gems can never be won....coins won’t buy hardly anything good. You have to pay to collect your own piggy bank. I think I’m just going to uninstall. Also you never get the color you need...that’s why it is feels like it’s setup! Aggravating.Version: 2.76

Lost bubbleI don't get messages when I go to a new portal using my iPad I have to uninstall then reinstall.Version: 2.5

Freemium garbageYet another game that goes out of its way to annoy the player into paying for play time, its design poorly ripped-off of a 20 year old classic game, with an extra layer of contrived difficulty tacked on to make you spend even more on lives. Not fun, not original, not worth my time. To make things worse, ads appear sideways so that the "close" button is off screen. Way to go scammers!.Version: 2.6

Ms Eileen BuryFor the most part, it’s a fun and addictive game. What is disappointing is you rarely get any points to play on or purchase help items. There should be some available without having to buy them. That part is a scam. I e gotten very far without any aids until now- can’t get past this level & refuse to spend $. There should be some to buy with points..Version: 2.86

Not happy about the changes to the monthly puzzles!!On the monthly puzzles you used to be able to win unlimited prize boxes, then it was changed to a limit of 50, and now 20, and if you don’t stop and collect your boxes before you go over 20, you don’t get anymore. You also used to be able to play levels on the monthly challenges and win prize boxes every time you played, now once you play a level, you can’t win prize boxes on that level again. Looks like the game developers have gotten greedy and are trying to force people to buy more coins, etc..Version: 2.78

Fun game but poor customer supportI have been playing this game for probably two decades. Unlike most games these days, this game has no customer support whatsoever. Most games allow you to contact the developer and ask questions. Not this one. Most games allow you to click on your friends and send them lives. Not this one. Most games update their games as times change and add specific upgrades. Not this one. Come on Lost Bubble! Get with the times and update your game so these things are possible. This game has become very dated, the developers don’t care and it shows. Lazy development team!.Version: 2.101

Good but adventure bonuses became unfair on gifts up to 0/20I can’t get more points to help me to pass my level I m thinking of giving it up.Version: 2.65

So far so good :)Ok game, potential for addiction :).Version: 1.1

Why FacebookThe game is good but I am SO annoyed at the constant exhortation to log in via Facebook. FB membership is not a choice for most people any more. How to get rid of it? I loathe exclusionism like this..Version: 2.87

DisappointedI love this game, I’m addicted to it. The only problem is, that when I was in 250 leve it kicked me out to the beginning!!! The second time it does it. So as much as I love this game I had to delete it. They want to sell their packages with coins and crystals but since I’ve been beating all the levels to to 200* they don’t like the idea of not selling. Bye bye lost bubble!!! I’m really disappointed because it’s a really good game!!.Version: 2.102

No longer funI’ve been playing this game for quite a few years. I’m on level 2973 and have been there for a long time unable to clear it. The monthly games used to be a joy to play because you could eventually clear them. I haven’t clear a month since the summer. This game is no longer a joy to play. The game of the daily challenge (2384) hasn’t changed in more than a month. Because I like the concept of the game, I go back in time and play the games over almost starting from the beginning. If I could give it 1/2 star or less, I would..Version: 2.84

BEWAREThis is a very fun game but beware! When you use coins for extra bubbles or color change, you get a warning “Are you sure?” But when you’re accidentally off the screen and click - it will eat up every coin you’ve collected without a word of confirmation. This damn game stole 60-70 coins from me! 🤬.Version: 2.68

Bad algorithmAny game of chance is just that, a chance that you might win. But when you play a game that over and over again dies not give you the one bubble you need to win, that isn’t chance. 10, 15 bubbles and you only need 1 color to win, but that one color never shows up. Game is small on phone, you can’t see what’s ahead, a lot of negatives, not enough wins. It’s a pay to play trap..Version: 2.86

Not badTotally addictive bit hard when you don't buy anything can't work out what to do with the coins.Version: 1.3

EhPretty gd! Wud b 4 stars if u didn't hav 2 use <3's 2 play each level:(.Version: 2.3

So far so good.So far so good.Version: 2.1

Lost bubbleVery disappointed in the next download of levels l have been stuck on level 737 it is impossible to pass l am not spending anymore money in trying to pass this level the last bubble is too close to the corner on the left side you cannot place another bubble on either side or below to connect the bubbles very disappointed unless it's fixed up allowing us players to pass the levels why continue you just lost my money won't be playing this game anymore.Version: 2.27

Noooo!!!I’ve been playing this for 5 years, the update today has just wiped out everything and back to level one. No way!!!!! Fuming 😡.Version: 2.66

DumbKept up dating when I tried to update icon disappeared from desk top and didn't update ,haven't (lost bubble )anymore.Version: 2.38

Great gameLove playing this game. Only problem is it tells me that there is an error when I try to log into Facebook to get the extra cash etc that is on offer. Have kept trying but no go. Please fix.Version: 1.2

Lost bubbleI have been playing this game for years love it but l have amounted fifty thousand coins and dont know how to spend them could use some advice on how and what to do with them.Version: 2.94

Great untilGreat game until you have to really pay for a win.. starting at lvl 100 -109 .. like all the peek games ..Version: 2.56

Lost BubbleI have been playing Lost Bubble for quite awhile now and am not impressed with your daily challenge, I do it EVERY night and have yet to win more than 5 crystals. It’s frustrating when it tells you that you can win up to a thousand but it never happens. Overall I love the game!.Version: 2.76

Just another bubble pop with a twist of frustrationRepeatedly the game give you the same color bubbles, three or four times in a row. I don’t need that many reds. But I can’t get more than one key on multiple levels because their algorithm decides the new color is blue. And by god you will be drowned in blue. The game was ultimately more frustrating than it was worth..Version: 2.88

Not a fair go!I don’t spend my cash on any games but I wouldn’t even consider spending on this game, the boosters are very expensive!! Plus, I’m finding that the game is deliberately changing my aim when I get to a 10+ in the level, so that I slide back down and have to start again. Not a fair go!!.Version: 2.68

Lost bubbleAwesome game.Version: 1.1

FrustratingThe RNG is unfair and so random the game is all chance no skill. The 3 seconds and autofire is terrible and why I uninstalled !!! I have visual issues and this game is I enjoyable for anyone visually impaired... or anyone who likes solving puzzles 0/5.Version: 2.99

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