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Monthly 2023 worldWhere is the 2023 monthly world?? With all seasons? I love playing those as well ,if I get stuck on the outside worlds, I play the monthly ones. I don’t have 2023!!!!😱😱😱😰😰.Version: 2.112

Favorite game but set up for failureOn the weekends when bonuses of unlimited play for periods of time - you loose the bonus time although you DO NOT accept the offer. Ripoff. Don't give me the time/bonus if I don't accept it. It should be available the next time you play during the weekend. Almost to level 2000, very addicting game!.Version: 2.77

FunJust love this game,, very exciting n challenging. I go crazy when I run out of lives,,lol I wish the lives refill waiting time should cut short to just 2mins,, ;).Version: 1.3

Lost BubbleThis is the most addictive game I have played in a long time....fantastic.Version: 1.1

Highly addictiveAbsolutely love this game,I have been playing for years and I’m on level 4285.....I’d like to know what levels other players are up to....am I the highest?.Version: 2.93

Lost bubbleHave been playing this on and off for years now and find it very enjoyable. Am very annoyed that last update removed one of the special items I’d bought with gems accrued. Poor show..Version: 2.77

ReviewThe only thing I didn’t like is when I signed in I lost everything and had to start from scratch.Version: 2.115

Lost Bubble MobileVery good compared to other bubble games..Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleExcellent game very fun to play!.Version: 1.3

Lost world bubblesLove this game, How a about a game where you travel around the world..Version: 2.67

Lost bubble mobileTrès addictif, j'adore se jeu. Vous l'aimerai aussi essayer-le !.Version: 2.3

Like itGreat game.Version: 1.1

BubblesPasses the time but I some how missed the directions when I downloaded it.Version: 2.93

Good gameVery addictive game. Would give it 5 stars if there was a daily prize.Version: 2.87

Rating 4 starI play this game because it makes you think but now at level 413 can’t get past this and it wants you to make purchases. I hoped it would give you certain items to help you get past levels. If not will delete but really like this game..Version: 2.67

Lost bubbleI am addict to this.Version: 2.75

Awesome gameI find this game addictive and just plain awesome :) glad I found it on my App Store :).Version: 2.2

Lost bubbleGreat time waster!.Version: 2.3

👍AAI like Lost Bubble so much 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 👍💓👌.Version: 2.1

Lost BubbleLove it, am totally hooked been playing on facebook for months. Happy can play on ipad.Version: 1.1

BubblemainiaDrives me mad at times but love the challenge. The game gives you the opportunity to build up your toolbox of helpful things. It’s a game you can dip in & out of when ever you feel like you need something else to engage your mind..Version: 2.76

Lost bubbleCool game :) like it :).Version: 1.1

SuperJ'aime se jeux.Version: 2.5

Cool et relaxantCool.Version: 2.2

Lost bubblesLove it.Version: 2.1

Love match 3'sVery addictive and fun, also challenging..Version: 2.3

AddictiveThis game is ok frustrating at times but can also be very addictive.Version: 1.3

Finally!!Love this game and now finally I can have it on my phone too..Version: 1.1

Love this appBeen playing for a week or so, and really great fun, some levels hard, but others not so, becomes quite a challenge. Good for older people as it helps you think about what you are doing and keeps the mind active..Version: 1.3

Lost BubbleI am enjoying this game , it makes me competitive ... I lose lives too fast though and buying crystals to replace them is costly, you should be able to use the coins we win more effectively.Version: 1.3

Love hate relationship LOLLove the game but sometimes I’m stuck on a Level forever ♾. Love playing and every so often there is a glitch and lose my gems but the company is good about the returns..Version: 2.100

Love itGreat game been playing for years. Its frustrating there aren't more ways to win crystals as they are needed on higher levels and are too expensive..Version: 2.76

Great game...but.....A really great game, have not spent any $$, and have reached the highest level available (come on with the update). The major downside is the video ads that constantly appear after every 3rd game, or attempt at a game. The ads are predominately gambling as well. Don't let your kids play this one.Version: 2.31

EnjoyableYay.Version: 1.3

AWESOME GAME!!!I’ve been playing this game for years & I never have any issues with it & it keeps me challenged!! Been playing a lot since COVID-19 hit & it keeps me from watching CNN & TRUMP!! That man is so F’ed up!!! So play this game & skip the news!!!.Version: 2.88

Best bubble pop game everBeen playing for years, so addictive, so annoying, so brilliant.Version: 2.76

Lost bubbleReally enjoy playing.Version: 2.2

AddictiveI’ve been playing this game for ten years. What does that tell ya?.Version: 2.82

Love itHave been playing this for 5 years . I really enjoyably I didn't feel boring at all.Version: 2.79

Good gameMany years of continued play level 1989!! Best part is I haven’t spent much. Just sad I can’t seem to find very many people that play so no friends:( wish there was another way to add friends them unknown people on fb..Version: 2.76

Good time killerStarted playing this on Facebook, so was really pleased when it came on iPad as an app, and with the wifi, I can still connect with my fb friends on the move. Very good game to pass the time and can get very addictive..Version: 1.3

Great game, keeps me on my toesHi Love this game, challenging and a wee bit fun.Version: 2.76

AddictiveThe only thing that I don’t like so much is the reverse bubble and the 4 seconds to shoot. But I am only in the 80’s level. I play when I am doing other things so it’s not always easy to be in that mode and get up for a minute. You will automatically lose. But there are times that you can keep playing even if you lose and that is my favorite part. It’s a great distress game. The other thing that makes this a 4 is you don’t get many jewels and you have buy them to get a lot of things that would be helpful..Version: 2.67

Lost bubble mobileGreat app! Lots of fun!.Version: 2.2

:-)Nice game.Version: 1.1

Nice one!Good game great for filling in odd moments of waiting around..Version: 2.1

A GameLove this game.Version: 2.5

Lost bubbleAddictive, annoying, challenging and enjoyable.Version: 2.107

Lost bubblesLoving the graphics and ease of use.Version: 1.1

AddictiveLove this game. I am at level 1220 and the game just keeps going. Keeping my fingers crossed the game never ends. There are levels more difficult then others, but do not give up and everyone can get through them..Version: 2.76

Lost bubblesThis is a cool challenging game and I love games like this ....awesome.Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleI really enjoy playing the game except when you are stuck on a level for weeks. I’m on 1649 and can’t move has any one got any suggestions. I don’t want to have stop playing!!.Version: 2.77

BE AWARE!!!!This might be the most addicting game of your life, at least for me it is!!!!! I am playing this game for 7 years, never got bored or ever lost interest!!!! Tried so many other games but lost interest after a while,,, this One save my activity with Facebook login so even when I changed my phones, I could just start from where I left of by signing in. Just love this game & will give even higher than 5* if was available.. and yes the best part of it “IT’S FREE” !!!!!!!!.Version: 2.94

AddictiveI’m up to level 1276! Taken a while but it’s the challenge, can’t put down! Great game!.Version: 2.76

MAwesome game.Version: 1.1

AddictiveSimple game and quite addictive - enjoying it so far.....Version: 2.67

I like itSo far so good.Version: 1.1

Lost BubbleI have been addicted to this game for years, play it everyday..Version: 2.76

GoodSometimes frustrating.Version: 1.3

Fun and challengingIt makes you think as you work through the levels.Version: 1.3

Love the game butI love playing this game but i cannot see the new 20 levels from the most recent update!! Also would be great if you could bring more levels out quicker..Version: 2.30

What the lickity split happen!!!!!Update and all my levels gone. Agree to terms no help but worst no level to click on, only daily bonus and bonuses levels. Wth is going on?!.Version: 2.100

Great Game!I Love Lost Bubble! The games are challenging. The images are pleasing to my eyes (not cheap looking). And the game lets you earn gems (points) so you can purchase help for very difficult puzzles without having to spend money like so many other games. This is my favorite game!!.Version: 2.107

Cool GameLove he challenge of playing his one enjoy it very much as good as Lost Jewels keep making good apps guys!.Version: 2.1

Great GameVery addictive game - been playing for years - still don't know what half the icons do but enjoy the challenge!.Version: 2.82

AnnieWell done I like it good for all ages I enjoy pl.Version: 2.79

Give me a buy it all optionI like the game, enjoy playing it. I would consider staying with it if I could purchase the full game at once and not be pestered at every turn to pay more money. Maybe make it a Membership if you want a yearly income. Or just sell the game and offer upgrades. Because of the in app purchases I would not recommend this game for children. For adults, know what you are getting into. You’ll probably pay more than you think it is worth..Version: 2.92

Lost bubbleLove this game. Wish u didn’t have to wait long for new lives.Version: 2.86

Lost bubbleGreat game keeps you wanting to play more, many different levels to play..Version: 2.61

LostQuite enjoyable...not too hard and not too easy.Version: 1.3

What nowThe game is definitely fun it challenges your brain to function the only downside is the three second rule in the higher levels( I am in 1465 )I find myself needing more time and being shut out..Version: 2.82

Simple idea well executedReally simple idea. Pop 3 or more bubbled until the screen is empty & a void the traps. Totally addictive & very time adsorbing but is always the first game I download when I get a new device..Version: 2.61

Lost bubbleGreat game, challenging but not so difficult I give up in frustration. Thank u 😀.Version: 2.4

Great GameAddictive. Can get stuck on a level for a long time..Version: 2.78

Love this gameBeen playing so long. It is addictive and sometimes seems impossible but even when you’re stuck on a level there’s still the daily game to play. Also the monthly one. Best thing to do is to aim to get the infinity tool. However, once you’ve got this it’s harder to put it down as you can literally play forever!.Version: 2.76

Lost bubblesBest game..Version: 2.99

Very AddictiveI can't stop playing this game, lives don't charge quick enough for me!!!.Version: 1.1

Why I like lost bubbleI like the new levels in Lost Bubble but you should have on there a choice do you want to do hard or do you want to do easy because some of the games are very hard and you can't win them especially in the challenge that's really hard sometimes but I love the game no matter what and I have told a lot of my friends about it and thanks for such a fun game.Version: 2.94

Love it!I love Lost bubble. It’s challenging and fun..Version: 2.77

Lost bubblesExelent game i can have hours of fun playing it.Version: 2.99

Lost bubbleLove it!.Version: 2.86

BubbleI think this game is awsome I just started playing an I like it.Version: 2.2

Love it!Love this game.. I'm so addicted ! Lol just wish i didn't have to wait however long to gain more turns to play :(.Version: 1.3

Impossible to stop playingPlayed it up to level 1200 (yes: one two zero zero) without paying a dime. Then my IPad died. Starting over on my new unit, applying much I learned before, and collecting rubies and coins to be used later in the game. A must play!!!.Version: 2.76

Lost BubbleVery addicting game although I am having trouble unlocking the 15 day game trial. There is either a bug somewhere or it needs updating or something because I have never had a problem with this game..Version: 2.3

Lost bubble mobileThis game seems like it could be good fun, however if you have you keep buying to stay in the game it won't be so great like bubble witch, cost more all the time and then they stuff it up with updates..Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleAbsolutely love this game on level 173 it’s hard but so satisfying when you pass a level ..would be nice if you could use the coins you win to buy gems though but otherwise great!.Version: 2.107

:)A awesome game!.Version: 1.1

EntertainingI am in the night levels I believe in the 600's. I love this game I play regularly. Challenging, frustrating, yet you just keep going. I am an overachiever, so 3 stars is always my goal. I will go back to a difficult level if not achieved after playing in for a few days. Keep up the good work. Just one thing....is there anyway to earn or pay for rubies with the coins we earn? When you are on a budget it is hard to buy what is needed..Version: 2.76

Lost Bubble MobileVery addictive!.Version: 2.2

AddictiveReally cant put this game down. Love playing it.Version: 2.94

Love the gameI only wish there was a way to tell him many more boxes are left to get because you can’t see top of level to see how close and if you want to use your gems to get extra balls.Version: 2.81

I'd likeI'd like very much.Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleLove the game!!!.Version: 2.2

Awesome!Just started but fun so far.Version: 2.2

Lost BubbleIt is an exasperating game! But too much fun, to not play..Version: 2.76

FrustratingPlayed this game for years, but some levels seem impossible and I'm stuck for weeks, just persevere..Version: 2.84

The patsyGreat and challenging. The last update has failed and I can't play. It won't finish loading. HELP!!! Last update will not let the game stay on. I can't play nothing. I miss playing. Please help. I have an apple mini pad and iOS 9.3.5. I deleted lost bubble and re-downloaded still goes off, can't play. THANK YOU so very very much. I finally got my game back. I have to start from the beginning but I love the game so much I really don't mind. Thanks again.Version: 2.93

Brilliant gameNo adds which is great but not many freebies or gifts Great game overall though thank you.Version: 2.88

Pretty goodThis is a fun game, and I’m not a big gamer. Things I don’t like: juvenile graphics, and “lives” (just let me play when I have the time). Things I like: challenges are diverse and change consistently, and I don’t have to buy “crap” to eventually win. A big plus - they make enough money on people purchasing add-ons that there are no ads. I do recommend this game..Version: 2.84

Love itLove it.Version: 1.1

Lost BubbleLove this game, great pastime!!.Version: 2.78

Like it except...After about 4 levels of playing the bubbles won’t shoot so I have to back all the way out of the game and then reenter and I can play again for another 4 rounds then here I go again...!.Version: 2.91

Lost bubble mobileGreat game.Version: 1.3

Going strongPlayed for years, well into the 1200 and something, love it immensely.Version: 2.88

LouyAlready addicted only after level 6.Version: 1.1

KatrinaGreat game!.Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleDo not play this game.......... It's a great game but it is very very addictive. You can get a good run and you think that you have mastered it but it is sneaky and boom you are stuck again. I feel that if I carry on playing this I could end up getting divorced. All in all it is a really great game..Version: 2.76

Bubblicious!I really like this game. It has lots of levels and challenges. My only complaint is that the magic orbs etc cost so much so that levels can take a long time to complete. Watch out for my favourite orb though. It has a sign that says +3 I think. If you are lucky enough to use it, do so wisely. You can get some wicked 3key scores with it..Version: 1.1

Great, but kills my battery.Love this game. Had it on my phone longer than most games. Only trouble is it heats up my phone and uses a TON of my battery life. I have an iPhone11. Maybe an update can fix it? Otherwise a great game..Version: 2.106

Lost bubbleAddictive but frustrating at the same time.....Version: 1.1

Lost bubbleGreat game - very addictive!.Version: 2.43

AddictiveThe game is good but the only down fall with it is its slow sometimes but other than very good.Version: 1.3

Awesome GameLove it, I'm addicted, but I wish there were more lives so I could play longer :)))).Version: 1.3

Missing prizes for winning the mini game within Lost BubbleI have won prizes on the mini game, gems, coins, etc and it has never been added to my account...Could you please check to 8msure WE get our prizes for winning This is the second time I’m asking about the prizes on mini game within Lost Bubble, approx one hour ago I won and I still got nothing added to my account!!!!.Version: 2.80

Issue with level 286Hi. So love this game. Challenging. But have got to level 286 which I have passed but that is it. Game says level 287 but doesn't show on the path. Help. Thx :).Version: 2.5

Lost worldPlayed this game for years it's fab.Version: 2.75

Good gameNot to bad.Version: 1.3

L'ost bu belSuper.Version: 2.2

Love to like that gameGréât game still hate to loose winning price if not use immediately specially when those win happen to late in night... Making me and my friends keep playing even if it’s late cause if we not we’ll loose those price ex.: Extra time to play is just keep going down even if game’s and iPad or phone close... Love that game but those (fake winning price are annoying) If the delay between live is control to preventing abusing playing time. The fact that we can’t use that time only during playing game is making people keep playing all night after winning a 2hours free time play cause if not that time just will be lost.... Not a nice shoot.....Version: 2.94

Lost bubbleLove this game ,being playing for a few years now ,did lose all my progress at one time ,but got it back ,the only thing that I cannot get back is the monthly levels that are on the bottom of the screen.Version: 2.76

Lost bubbleWhat's up with this game lately, I've spent over 2 months trying to complete a level! Extras are way to expensive and now I'm finding game won't load, keeps saying can't connect to server even though my internet is fine.Version: 2.35

Awesome GameI love playing "Lost Bubble".Version: 2.3

ReviewAddictive I think this gonna be a game I play non stop like candy crush saga.Version: 1.3

Great gameThe only complaint I have is that there is a long time between new levels.Version: 2.38

Lost bubbleBeen playing for quite a few years. It’s addictive! Restarted earlier this year as I got a new iPad.Version: 2.93

GreatLove the game.Version: 2.93

Love this gameI have been playing this game for several years..it is so much fun…what truly is fantastic is there are no ads to constantly distract you. Just for that alone I’ll be playing for a long time. Super fun game. Thank you.Version: 2.107

LOVE IT!I am absolutely addicted to this game & I love the look of the new update too! I noticed someone asked about the shopping trolley and how to access the accelerators with the new update... All you have to do is click the round button in the top right corner of the screen & voila! :).Version: 2.4

MagnyTrès intéressant. Amusant.Version: 2.46

Very addictiveLove this game but refuse spending money. Very addictive.Version: 2.94

New challenges .. Keeps me occupied !Something to keep you moving throughout the day!.Version: 1.3

Lost bubbleLost bubble is a game I first found and played on Facebook. I was really pleased to have finally found it on my I pad. Keeps you interested and is not too hard to play. suitable for all age groups. Yes I would recommend this game..Version: 1.3

Love!I’ve been playing this game for years! It’s a challenge, most definitely, but boy do you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you complete a particularly difficult level! I LOVE this game!.Version: 2.94

Lost bubble.This game is very addictive but I love it, there are a few pro and cons like when the balls start shooting and you can’t control them. I’m not happy about that..Version: 2.76


Great gameA great game but only 5 lives at a time is a bit mean..Version: 2.77

More awardsI really enjoy the game! I only gave 4 stars because this is the only game that doesn’t give much in prizes, in fact some prizes I have noticed I never receive very rarely..Version: 2.99

Challenging but fun.I’ve been playing Lost Bubble for several years and find it challenging much of the time. Challenging is what I need. Eventually I find a way to complete a level though it may take several weeks to do so. I prefer Lost Bubble over any of the other bubble pop games available, both for the interesting graphics and the need to really use my brain to finish a level..Version: 2.82

My most played gameI’ve been playing this game I think since it’s inception , years! Never bored, constantly challenging!.Version: 2.76

Definitely addictiveI’m on level 1857. Obviously not too much bothers me! However, I wish you didn’t have to wait 30 minutes for each time level if that makes sense. If you’re totally out then it’s 2 1/2 hrs before you have 5 time levels to play with. Also, I think you should be able to earn crystals if you reach a certain score for each level. The designers of this game need to give better perks!! But this game is very addictive. I play it both on my phone and iPad. Love it despite its tiny flaws!.Version: 2.77

Great Game!!I’ve been playing this game for years. No adds. I played to over level 2000. Got so hard, I deleted the game and started over again. I have played a lot of games, but always go back to Lost Bubble!!!.Version: 2.111

Addictive!I’m over the 2K mark. The game is a great way to while away time. The only complaint I have is the rules aren’t listed anywhere. It would be nice to see what the different colored balls are worth, how you earn the extra balls, etc..Version: 2.92

Good gameAwesome bubble game :).Version: 1.3

Why and what the heck happened!!I LOVE THIS GAME. I have been playing this game forever, more that 10 years and before I became a Grandmother. I play this game at home, at work, when I go on vacation, you name it I will play it. So on February 4th 2021; When I woke up to play my favorite game and woke to a new Terms Agreement that said I needed to agree before I could play, I had no issue. I clicked on agree and to my hearts dismay and my minds confusion the game stated not on level one, but on the tutorial of how to play. WHAT THE HECK... After all these years of my hearts favorite game, with getting mad at the game and myself because I could not beat a level, then giving it one more try to finally pass I am totally devastated! Again, to be polite what the heck happened? Is there any reason for this to have happened, is there a way that all the levels that I have passed be recovered? I’ve always rated Lost Bubbles the best game ever to play and filled in all the stars, I even love the little mimi games that you can play for the holidays, but I still have to say WHAT THE HECK! I am now on level 41 and still not happy that I had to start over, but I still playing trying to hang in there with you. My only hope is that someone who monitors the game can keep a better eye on what’s happening when a new terms agreement is needed. Thank you for reading my review and monitoring the game as well as you have. Regards, A favorite fan.Version: 2.97

Fantastic game! Lots of fun!This is a fun game! I like that it helps improve hand and eye coordination. Also, when you aren't successful, it gives you another chance. This game is addictive and fun!.Version: 2.46

Not bad game, would prefer not to have limited lives thoughLike but not limited lives though.Version: 1.3

Good from the startI have just started this game but I am enjoying it straight away good game good graphics and an easy feel to the game..Version: 2.1

Addictive & NO Advertisements!!I love this game because it’s one of the only games left that you can play continuously WITHOUT the interruption of advertisements!! DONOT have to pay to play without the adds either!!.Version: 2.101

My Absolutely Favorite GameSometimes I get frustrated when I can’t win as quickly as I want but I really enjoy this game and keep on playing. The opportunities for two hours of unrestricted play are great. It’s just a fun challenging game..Version: 2.76

Addictive!Love it too much if that is possible! I am always checking to see if I have enough lives to tackle the next level..Version: 1.1

.Love this game Been playing for years Monthly challenges take 4 or 5 days into the month to play please add daily spin for iPad.Version: 2.76

Lost BubbleLove this game :) the only thing I don't like is that you have to buy gems, should be able to earn them like you earn coins. Other than that, it's great!.Version: 1.3

Very good gameVery good game.Version: 2.67

PeakI like all games this developer has been created plus you really get support fast and always customer support is respectful. Thank you.Version: 2.99

ChampionI have beat all levels before in year 2013, and now have redownloaded the game again for even more exciting twists and turns through out each level.😛😛😛😛.Version: 2.94

Lost bubblesThis is a great game one of my favorites.Version: 2.106

Good time wasterFun if you only have a few minutes to spare, it's a no brainier not a lot of thinking needed.Version: 1.3

Lost BubblesPlayed this for years Very absorbing Stuck at minute but must persevere Verygood.Version: 2.87

AddictiveVery addictive. Love it - just wish I wouldn't run out of lives so quickly.Version: 1.1

FunAwesome Game.Version: 1.3

Addictive!Challenging levels but fun.Version: 2.8

AddictiveLove it.Version: 1.3

BubbleKeeps the mind working.Version: 1.3

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