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MarvellousAll good.Version: 1.92

CrashesI find this app very helpful because it makes log booking trips so easy and this will be my second year of using it. I would give it 5 stars but I can’t open the app anymore as it crashes when I go to create a new entry :( I’m in the middle of recording this year’s worth and would love to keep using it if possible. Thanks.Version: 1.96.7

Great simple appBest app for daily entries of odometer. Thanks!.Version: 1.79

Simple and niceFinally a simple app that doesn’t take over..Version: 1.95.2

Great App for Logging Vehicle MileageI've been using this app for a 4+ years and find it to be very simple, easy and well designed. Having options to store regularly visited locations with preset mileage mileage amounts are great. The CSV and PDF reports are well structured as well. Certainly recommend to anyone needing to log vehicle mileage for tax purposes..Version: 1.93

Excellent!J'utilise cet app depuis bientôt un an quotidiennement. Entrée rapide, facile d'utilisation et fournit l'information nécessaire pour aux déclarations de revenu. Je la recommande sans hésitation..Version: 1.78

Very user friendlyVery happy with the App. Easy to work layout. Saves in great PDF spreadsheets. Had a question and got support almost instantly..Version: 1.93

Been using a whileGreat app, simple, does what it needs to..Version: 1.96.3

A Great AppWorks really. The only issue seems to be an inability to edit the reason for a trip from the LIST of reasons - make an inadvertent error and it stays forever cannot be changed or deleted. This is probably the same with all of the lists as there does not seem to be an ability to edit or delete an entry from the list of destinations. That is only minor compared to the great benefits that this app provides. I use it for every trip and it segregates business trips from personal trips. Another problem which confronted me was that I somehow managed to hide details of the trip times on two separate occasions. Direct communication with the Developer managed to solve that problem, but it seems to be too easy to accidentally hide that info. I also notice that there are two different alpha sorts within the saved listings for destinations and trip reasons with no apparent ability to merge them. I don’t know why this happens. John.Version: 1.95.2

3 clicks entryVery intuitive, simple and efficient programme. It calculates the km based on destination preset so you don't need to punch numbers all the time. Smart!!.Version: 1.91

GreatI am loving this app, it is relatively easy to figure out (cos I hate reading instructions like most ppl) but I would love to see it be able to take a picture with your phone camera of the odometer reading and then again at the end. THAT would be awesome. Also lacks a 'enter' or 'finished' button of some sort once an entry is complete..Version: 1.5

Great AppThanks for keeping it simple and straightforward. If I want directions, listen to music or kill aliens, I will get a different App. All I want to do is keep up with my business mileage. This is the perfect App for that. I have three go to Apps and this is one of them. If you want a simple to use App without all the useless options, this is the one for you..Version: 1.92

Easy to useEasy to use and developer are very helpful. Meets the need for the user.. Not like other paid apps.. This app are brilliant. Regards Peter.Version: 1.4

Useful appOnce you get the hang of it it's great. Developer responded to aback up query promptly. So far so good..Version: 1.93

Great log bookThis is a great app, easy to use but I'm lazy and wish I could just put in how many kms I'd travelled and let it work out my odometer but I'll get used to it!!.Version: 1.92

Suggested Improvement. Mark Shotbolt.Great app for tracking my business kms. Very easy to use. Only one problem. The starting kms of a new entry. My previous car had relatively high kms but was written off. My current car has much lower kms. But Logbook always uses the old high kms as the starting point for new log entries, so I always have to completely overtype the whole number when making new log entries. If only it used the kms from the last entry, not the historic highest figure, this would be solved..Version: 1.95.2

Aussie Good GuyGreat app easy to use love it no more paperwork PDF function is great and can email and print off hardcopy report 10 out of 10.Version: 1.79

Good appWorks well. I'm happy.Version: 1.93

Please optionally add time to log recordsWould be even more useful for our children who also have to log the hours/distance they drive to qualify for a licence in Australia. Truckies might also find this feature useful to log hours driving versus resting. Also option to log (GPS?) location of trip start and end..Version: 1.5

Like the LogBookSo simple. So clean. Perfectly replaces spiral mileage log. The printed report is excellent for taxes. The fact that I don't have to do any calculations is wonderful. Records business and personal mileage automatically. I did not want a GPS recording every foot and every minute. All I need is date, miles and reason. I like the font and size. I like the graphics and design. Good job..Version: 1.91

N ManjiAbsolutely amazing app. I strongly recommend this app to all Realtors and self employed who need to keep track of their trips for business and personal uses..Version: 1.76

Great appTakes all the guesswork out of logging miles and makes record keeping easier..Version: 1.95.2

I love this app!This app is easy to use and has many clever features. With its PDF export feature, it makes my record keeping present very professionally. Andrew.Version: 1.77

This is the oneEasy to use and as required for ATO.Version: 1.92

Great App.Very simple to use app with excellent customer support. Does not require an account and not full of features you do not need like most mileage logging apps available. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.97

Very useful appMuch easier than paper books for sales people who log miles. Love it..Version: 1.76

Nice appPretty easy to use for logging.Version: 1.77

Logbook AppApp works extremely well, simple to use.. definitely recommend this app.Version: 1.93

Excellent log bookNeeded a basic log book for my small business. downloaded a few others (including the ato version); this is by far the best; easy user interface, intuitive and fast export (pdf or csv). def recommend..Version: 1.77

Awesome toolUse this for work, keeps track of my mileage, makes life so simple!.Version: 1.95.2

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