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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Can you share your negative thoughts about grand theft auto: vice city?

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Negative User Reviews

Not optimized for iPad Pro 12.9”This game is awesome the only problem is the controls aren’t optimized for the iPad Pro 12.9” which is a huge bummer if you bought this game and then realized that the buttons aren’t at the corners of the screen but instead the middle. Please fix this because it used to be optimized but the newest updates changed that. This is my favorite game out of the trilogy and I wish that I can play the game without having to extend my fingers to the middle of the screen. Edit: So I have done more research about the screen controls not being optimized to my iPad and I realized that there is a way to change where the buttons are. The problem is that that area also isn’t optimized for the iPad Pro. Rockstar needs to make it so you can resize that to the correct dimensions. Even if you delete the app and redownload it. The buttons still won’t be optimized for the 12.9” screen..Version: 1.7

LAG!!!This game brings back a lot of memories. It was my clear favourite from the PS2 trilogy of Grand Theft Auto Games. The amazing 80s soundtrack is bang on. Game play takes a bit of getting used to and I think this is really just a time-passer rather than something I’ll actually play with an intention of getting far or to completion. The major hurdle will be the incredibly infuriating lag! I’m running an iPhone 8 64gb on the iOS 12.1.2. with approx 32gb of storage remaining but the game lags so much it’s just unplayable. What’s happening Apple and Rockstar??.Version: 1.6

Well worth it, but...15 years ago was the last time I played this. And to be honest I’m almost enjoying it more this time around. The retro style and sound is even more infectious because its nostalgia upon nostalgia. Those 80s tunes, if you weren’t a fan already, will get you if you played the PS2 version at release. The Sabre Turbo engine note is equally beautiful. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the first person aiming. It’s truly terrible. If you have a controller it may be a different story but I’m playing pure iPad. I loved the way you could look sideways or behind with a ps2 controller while driving flat out too, that’s lost here also but it’s bearable. All in all, nothing compares to 15 years ago playing this on PlayStation, but I don’t regret buying this for a second. What a game. If you loved the original release but you can’t play on PS2 or PC, you’ll still love this on your iDevice..Version: 1.6

Its alrightI never done a review for a game but this needs to be addressed especially if we are coming out of pocket for a game. First off why isnt the rain drop on the screen when it rains or when driving a boat a thing on mobile? Its minor details like that which makes the game stand out second some of the clothes doesnt save after a cut scene you go back to wearing the teal Hawaiian shirt dont know why that happens. The games driving is eefff compared to san Andreas and one more thing cars spawning late when im driving and the always seem to get out their cars to look at a hit pedestrian which is almost every car on the road such a weird bug makes the game unplayable sometimes idk its minor bugs that can make the game a whole lot better..Version: 1.8

Fix itThis is honestly upsetting, I paid money and it wasn’t like it was two dollars or anything and all it does is glitches. I never in my life write reviews but this game sure needed one. I use to play this exact game on my phone over a year ago and honestly the quality was much better then than it is now. Please fix your game from glitching or at least let me get my money back or something cause that was a waste..Version: 1.6

Unplayable messAbsolutely poor, no updates in over 2 years and still sold on App Store. Rockstar, it isn’t enough to say ‘compatible with these older phones only’ when most people haven’t owned these older phones since the app got released! Move with the times and update your app or remove it from the store! Because as it stands your fantastic game is an unplayable mess in this app, filled with freezing frames and becoming nothing more than a slide show within a minute of use. Unacceptable on an iPhone 8 Plus on IOS 12. Sort it or refund please!.Version: 1.6

Pure crapThe program designers made aspects of this game nearly impossible and redundant. I purchased with the intent of having a random and open experience, not having my options limited by the programmers idea of enjoyment for themselves. If I pay them money, they don’t get that right, they sold that right. I expect to be able to play as I wish without having my paid for product limited due to a programmer’s idea of what they I should and should not be doing. When I pay for something, I expect to get everything I paid for. The designers intentionally limit the games attributes despite having been paid in full. This game will make you jump through hoops and then some to be able to unlock all the attributes that you should be able to get it you properly paid for this program. As I stated prior, this is pure crap..Version: 1.6

Doesn’t go with new iosIt used to work just perfect. But after new ios 10.3.2 it has been crashing a lot and now with 11.2.5 still got a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. I just play this game because it brings back childhood memories but when u got bugs in between they just ruins it. Request to fix it otherwise love the game.Version: 1.6

No Keyboard on mac!?Controls are'nt working on mac's keyboard! They don't seem getting changed either..Version: 1.8

Needs Fixed!I'm playing on the new iPod touch (5th gen). The mission I'm up to is "riot" and the game goes all wired and crazy. The videos arnt right On this mission because the people go wierd, they double up then u can c 2 of the same person at 1 time,Needs fixed!!! Can't pass the mission until its fixed :/ just isn't right. But good graphics :).Version: 1.1

CrashesGood game but it is now crashing. I have read that other people have the problem with the game crashing at the end of the load screen. Please fix or give my money back..Version: 1.6

Help?I can't get any of the controls to work on my MAC. I downloaded it for Macbook Pro and I can't use any of the controls at all on my laptop now and can't seem to switch them either..Version: 1.8

Great game, but ridiculously glitchy!I really wanted to enjoy this game, but get far enough into it and the game becomes very glitchy and choppy. I got to the mission “Cop Land” and had to restart it at least 5 times to get the game to stop freezing every second. After that the experience got so bad that anything else I did afterwards would just do the exact same thing. This is off my iPhone 7 BTW so it may work for you. But what’s the deal here? It’s a wonderful game that you can’t even play, but I guess this company’s too invested in making unreasonably priced cars in GTA Online than properly optimizing their games. I like how the game would operate without overheating the phone, but I really think they could’ve done better. And what I hate about this is they know they could’ve done better too. At this point it’s been three days in and I honestly think I should get my money back knowing they probably don’t care to optimize this. Such a shame since I really looked forward to playing this..Version: 1.6

Please fix the game!Hey rockstar I really enjoy this game, I love your GTA mobile releases and I’m giving the game 3 stars (only temporarily) because there’s a few bugs/glitches in the game, like the game freezes for a couple of seconds and then it works but it happens frequently and it’s very distracting and not fun, also the game crashed on me once or twice, also sometimes the mouths and audio isn’t synced up perfectly! Other than that I love having this classic on my phone, I’ve had it for years and it’s staying on my phone forever!.Version: 1.6

Good remakeBut it feel like u guys just rushed it shooting enemies are nearly impossible in tight shoot outs due to the camera blocking the view Also the driving is really bad yes GTA 5 pedestrian crash into yu but in this car you can’t even drive without crashing but GTA LCS is prefect in driving and shoot out I expect better for Rockstar games..Version: 1.8

Excellent...Till it started crashing. I bought this game a few months ago, and it played amazingly. I finished the story and everything then deleted it. Recently, I downloaded it again to find, halfway through the story that it crashed each time I tapped resume game. I shut off my iPod and turned it on again, and it still didn't work! Fix this game!.Version: 1.3

BUGS!!!!Good god! I spent 6.99 dollars on the game! Fix the errors cuz it’s literally unplayable at this point!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.Version: 1.8

Practically unplayable on newer iOS devicesThe game itself is great. Unfortunately Rockstar seems to have abandoned these iOS ports to their detriment. And for whatever reason GTA III and Vice City perform miserably on devices newer than the iPhone 7 (the iPad Pro included, which I bought with the partial intention of playing these games on). The games freeze multiple times per minute, many times for three or more seconds at a time, making gameplay almost impossible. I’ve tried force quitting all other apps, rebooting prior to play, turning off Low Power Mode, turning on Limit Refresh Rate, turning off True Tone, and nothing seems to make these perform like on my old iPad Air or iPhone 7. Please fix these, Rockstar. And buyers beware unless you’re using an older iOS device..Version: 1.6

Loot of moneyIt is simple loot of money. It is the worst paid game ever, I really want my refund..Version: 1.8

Great game let down by incompatibilityBought this game to use on my iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen and iPhone XS Max. Loaded quickly and game saves are quick and save to iCloud. That’s the good things. Unfortunately, this game isn’t optimised for newer Apple devices or newer iOS, the game lags and freezes so much that it’s unplayable. Rebooting and reinstalling the game doesn’t help either. Shame as I was prepared to invest hours into this classic..Version: 1.6

Rockstar i am disappointedThe game Grand Theft Auto Vice City has lags,crashes and when i go to save it crashes so i have to do the whole level and try rush back to the save section. I have a iPod touch 4th Generation and Gta # works absolutly fine no lags nothing but awesome game play just like the ps2 games average score.Version: 1.1

Only get this game of you can complete in 5 daysWhen i go to save my progress it says unsuccessful. I thought it was alright i wasnt that far into the game so i restarted my whole progress, i then got up to the last missions and my save file got corrupted i got so angry i did it all over again so my save file would get corrupted after a couple of days. IM SO ANGRYYY AHHHHH.Version: 1.8

This game needs fixingThe game constantly stutters and the lag is as bad as gta 3, FIX IT!.Version: 1.6

It’s okayIt’s fine there’s just some problems for example: cars load in to close to you when you drive so you accidentally hit them oh and it’s thought to drive on mobile,this game send huge nostalgia vibe just… it’s strange? So far the game is fun and I am really in joying the game. I rate it a 3/5 stars.Version: 1.8

Fun but clumsy as heckThe game is an okay port of the classic, all things considered - but the controls and the graphics have some pretty aggravating issues. The draw distance on my iPhone 8+ is horrific, if you drive any fast car you’re guaranteed to have cars and even BUILDINGS pop up and screw you over, sending your car flying into space (the driving physics are also crap). Maybe it’s just me, but the “joystick” is very buggy and difficult to use with any precision - if you plan on walking on a dock or any ledge near water, good luck. I considered giving it two stars, but I’ve been playing it pretty regularly, so I must be having fun I guess.Version: 1.6

Stutter Fest!As other recent reviews have stated, this game used to be fantastic and run like a dream on IOS. After numerous updates from Apple however, this game is no longer playable. Playing for more than a few minutes, the game will start to stutter and grind to near enough a halt, at which point restarting the app is the only option..... another few minutes of playing after restarting the app and you are in the exact same boat...... rebooting the phone or reinstalling the app does not fix this issue. It is a shame cause as previously stated, this game used to be amazing on this platform, but Rockstar don’t seem interested in assisting with this issue as the last update was over 2 years ago!.Version: 1.6

Brings the good old memories of the Early 2000s era but still has fatal flaws in this versionVice city defines the open world sandbox games that is actually able to pioneer a good load of content and fun in 2002. After the original version the HD Port is now able to do some things right but some issues can be occurred. Cloud saves would also be an issue from some errors if you cloud saved, wonky controls also needed some fix, audio is also a little bit distorted. Potentially what is able to dominate is the wraith hours of fun..Version: 1.6

Annoyed.Loved this game in the beginning however, i went onto it to play "resumed game" got a call, declined it. While still being on the game and then it suddenly made me start a whole new game from the beginning after everything !!!!! and to top it off all my previous games are bloody saved but i cant even play them i literally have to start all over again do the missions again etc and sorry but i didnt pay 4.99 or however much this game was just for me to lose it all and not even be able to play a saved game. whats the point? might aswel just delete.Version: 1.8

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!I bought this game because I had a problem with the original GTA. There was a glitch where it would not let me resume my game that I had spent hours on! I started a new file bc the game was so much fun, and then after hours of playing, the EXACT SAME THING happened to the new file (this is for the GTA original)! I love this game because it is so much fun, and after countless hours of playing, I left the game and came back, and to my frustration, it would not let me play my saved game! I have tried resetting my iPad, and restarting the app, and updating my system, but I still cannot resume my game!!! I have spent hours on this game and I do not want to delete the app and lose all of my progress, but what is the freaking point when I can't even play what I have spent HOURS achieving!! I have spent money on this game and the original and it is a HUGE WASTE!!!!!.Version: 1.6

Lots of bugs :(Was a great game, I would play it everyday anytime anywhere but there has been a lot of bugs such as no sound, and at the moment No display I can see the map and controls but not what I'm doing. This is preventing me from playing my favourite game on my iPad. You guys at rockstar really need to fix this because I love this game and payed good money for it!!!:(.Version: 1.3

So closeThe update makes the game playable but only just. If an update came around that made GTA: VC run as well as GTA III does that'd be great but for now the game still crashes too often for my liking. I'm not concerned if this means reducing graphics, I'd rather be able to play the game. (iPod touch 4G user).Version: 1.1

IPad Pro 10.5 freezing frames. I want my money back!I have this on my iPad Pro 10.5 and this device should play such an old game with ease. The game keeps freezing for a fraction of a second, and sometimes up to a couple of seconds very regularly. Having looked through the reviews others are experiencing this on the 10.5 iPad also. I have spent money on many more rockstar games with no issue, but I can’t play this like it is so I would like my money back please. Rockstar please tell me how I do this as your game in this instance is not fit for purpose! Edit:- So it didn’t work properly on my IPad so I try my IPhone 8 Plus. Works for the first 15 minutes of gameplay then the freezing and the bugs are just a complete joke. This must an issue with the latest iOS. If Rockstar are not going to update this game then don’t sell it you thieves. I want my money back from Apple/Rockstar!! How do I do this??????? I will take this to an ombudsman mark my words!!.Version: 1.6

So many BUGS!!!I have been playing it for several weeks now and i have had to delete the app and download it again many times. The game is really fun. Brings back many childhood memories but the bugs just aggravate me. I want to finish buying the trilogy but dont want to waste my money if the bugs dont get fixed. I cant jump out of a car on fire like in the console game, after shooting the pistol or shot gun many times it doesnt shoot anymore, it has many glitches and lags way too much. I am up to Love Fist concert where the psycho shoots the guard and it just freezes there. Before this one when i first downloaded the game it wouldnt finish the missions it would just end at the point after all the Haitian, Cuban and love fist missions finish. The last mission is killing Lance and whatever other missions before that i dont get. It needs to be fixed first so i can decide on buying the trilogy..Version: 1.6

Totally unplayable - do not buy until fixedFirst of all, I have given a previous 5 star review of this game, back when it worked. As it stands since the last time I downloaded it, it’s received an update and iOS has updated. One of these 2 things has caused this game to permanently stutter throughout gameplay. It works for a few seconds and then stops, works and stops, meaning that whatever you’re doing driving, shooting, fighting, walking becomes inaccurate and unplayable. There are many other reviews stating this. I’ve reported this to rockstar, who have, blamed my device. But it’s on the list, has played the game before, I’ve reset the device and have this game as the only app on the device, same problem. Rockstar have said they’re aware of a fault and are looking into it, but there’s reviews 4 or 5 months old reporting the same issue. I’ve advised they take the game down until the issue is resolved so people don’t waste their money on a game which at present is unplayable, and yet it’s still here. Sort it out rockstar..Version: 1.6

LagHey there, just wrote to say that I love this game and am devistated to say that when I open the game and play it for 2 minutes, the game freezes, plays, freezes and players over and over again. I and I am sure others should love it if you guys could fix this in the next update. That would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for a great game..Version: 1.6

CheatsI could not find a way to use cheat in it and it is not possible to clear missions without cheatcode. So can anyone tell me how to apply cheats..Version: 1.6

Radio is in the way of analogThe game play of this game is unplayable. When ever driving, the radio takes over. trying to stay left changes the radio to go left, and the same when trying to turn right. This had such a great potential to replicate the console games, but did anyone even test this game on a phone? There needs to be a fix so changing the radio doesn’t take over driving on every single corner.Version: 1.8

It’s the complete game but the controls are whackIt’s a poorly done port from a 3rd party that doesn’t care how the game plays, just that it’s playable. I apparently have 2 years to finish it..Version: 1.8

RefundThis game keep crashing i want my refund.Version: 1.8

Game crashesOne misson kept freezing and then i would try to do a different one and the game would crash. Deleted the app and redownload, same thing happens. Same thing happened last year so i deleted the app then and just redownloaded and restarted the game and it seems the issue isn't resolved. Disappointed.Version: 1.8

IPhone SE - Just STOPSSo I wanted to get the bundle of GTA games but I figured I would just get one to see how playable it was and how it ran on my phone. Turns out I made a good decision by buying 1 for $5 instead of wasting $25. After completing a few missions, I am now at the mission Riot, where you start a riot for Avery and have to blow up the trucks. Well, after blowing them up, the arrows overhead are still there, with shadows of the vehicles, and the game still allows me to get inside them and sit there. The mission is impossible to pass because of this. So, I figured I’d do another one, Road Kill, the first mission where you go to a pay phone and follow instructions. The game just completely closes after the name of the mission shows. So, can I get my money back or what? Why is my SE not capable of running this, but others who have an iPhone 6 have no issue? Pretty disappointed to say the very least. Loved it at first, but to be stopped dead in your tracks due to compatibility is the most annoying thing I can think of. It’s bad enough we can’t enter cheats. Now I can’t even play through the story. All I can safely do is run around and tear the world up with my whole $700 and 2 weapons..Version: 1.7

FfsI was really enjoying this game only to find that after a couple of days playing the frame starts to freeze every few seconds. I figured maybe it was too much RAM being used on my phone only to find that wasn’t the case. So I deleted and reinstalled. Lost one save point in the process and the issue is still there. Read through the one star reviews to find others having the same issue. Very frustrating and disappointing..Version: 1.6

Update it all ready for big fixesI updated it when the last update was available and it was all fine. After a few days a glitch happened and the game went out of its self to the home screen. I went back on and it was the picksoly version, it wasn't the clear one. Could you please do another update soon. And when I go to the military base the hunter isn't there. Thank you and please update it soon..Version: 1.3

Waste of moneyDisastrously difficult on mobile. The game was hard enough already. Playing on your phone make it 10x worse. shooting, steering was bad and clunky, indoor camera view made it basically unplayable. If you struggled playing on your desktop, this game will make you wanna end yourself. Contrary to this, the mobile gta sa is smooth like butter, basically all you hate about vice city mobile got a fix in san andreas. Do not buy this and gta3.Version: 1.8

Great game when it worksThis is perfect while it lasted and now every time I go to resume story it closes every time please fix because I have paid $7.99 for this and it doesn't even work..Version: 1.6

Vice CitySorry to say that I’m very disappointed.. After playing and beating San Andreas I thought Vice City gameplay and graphics would be the same. The graphics are horrible as everything loads while your driving unlike in San Andreas.. The controls and movement are just horrible idk why it’s so different from San Andreas it’s crazy!!! It’s so bad that I can’t even play it. All the buildings and neon lights that are supposed to bring the game alive look horrible!!! 2 stars and that’s being NICE!! I’m playing on an IPhone 6plus so there is no reason for it to be playing so bad either.. Listen to me when I say San Andreas is the best GTA on mobile. GTA 3 not so bad but Vice City they messed up bad somehow it’s a shame as Vice City was my favorite GTA growing up!!!.Version: 1.8

Needs emergent fixes, doesn’t work with iOS 11Tested it on two of my devices before and after iOS 11 upgrade. The new iOS 11 breaks the game, constant micro freezes and totally audio-video out-of-sync in-game cutscenes, borderline unplayable! Please fix ASAP!.Version: 1.6

MultiplayerRock star games, apple devices capable of the gtas are fine but they just get old and boring so we play other games while we wait for to make another one. You Never Do! So if you want apple device users to make you profits better bring in multiplayer and do something like modern combat does and bring out multiplayer for these devices!.Version: 1.3

Buggiest GTA Game YetThere are so many bugs in this game that make it completely unplayable.Version: 1.8

Great game but keeps crashingI played it on my dads IPad 2 and its amazing and has no crashing or lag problems at all. However whilst playing on my iPod touch 4th Generation, shortly into starting the game, the app crashes. It would be amazing if you could fix this. Otherwise, amazing game definitely worth getting!.Version: 1.0

Poor port of a classicVice City is an excellent game that’s let down by this port. Constant pop in that makes driving much harder, low quality textures, audio glitches, crashes are all frequent. Not enough to ruin the experience, but this game strongly needs a 20th anniversary update. It might have been novel to play this on an iPhone 5 in 2012, but there’s no excuse for this game to run this poorly on my iPhone 11..Version: 1.8

Doesnt work on MacI cant use any of the controls on my Mac. This sucks so bad.Version: 1.8

Was a great game until it started crashing every time I open itWas amazing for the first week, felt just like the original game. After a week the app crashes every time I try to open it. Have tried everything to no avail, not sure what is wrong with it but I see lots of other reports of it crashing in the reviews..Version: 1.6

Only fun if you are nostalgic for the game.I did not play GTA vice city as a child, so I decided to give it a try on my iPhone XR. The controls are clunky and awkward, as any game originally made for a controller would be on a smartphone. The story is not extremely original or engaging, relies on many 1980s tropes and stereotypes. The gameplay itself is entertaining enough but it will bore you if you have ever played anything like GTA 5 or Saints Row 4. You can beat up random prostitutes, but they don’t always fight back or act receptive to your provocations. Combat is awkward and not very fun, suffice to say. Overall, the game is fun enough to keep you occupied for 35 minutes or so in a waiting room but I can only really see this game as appealing if the buyer had played it before many years ago and is nostalgic for it..Version: 1.8

Please fix short render distanceIn its current state, I really do not recommend this version of GTA: VC. Simply put, you can not speed on the streets because cars constantly pop in infront of you. I am on an M1 iPad Pro, this game should do much better. Very poor form of Rockstar to not properly support its games. Fix the render distance..Version: 1.8

IPhone X... Only uses 75% of the screenJust cranked up this dose of nostalgia on my iPhone X... Was wondering where the enter car / attack buttons had gone... See just the edges of them on the right hand side of the screen... No option to expand the viewport either? Is this going to be fixed??.Version: 1.6

Needs more updates for modern devicesSeriously, has rockstar stopped supporting these mobile versions or are they just taking their sweet time?.Version: 1.8

Juddering and freezing screenUnfortunately I have to give this game 1 star. The game itself is brilliant it’s a real nostalgia trip. However after about an hour of playing, the game screen just freezes and judders making the game absolutely unplayable. Problem is it now constantly does it when you load the game, so the game is now forever unplayable. Rockstar can you sort this please as I’ve seen from other reviews we’ve all payed good money for this and deserve better. I’m not after a refund just the issue fixed and making this what I know would be a 5 star game..Version: 1.6

Doesnt WorkNo Keyboard.Version: 1.8

Well, it bootsThe game runs on M1 Max, and it's possible to play it, but it's not pleasant. The iPad versions of the GTA games were designed around a mobile-specific control concept, where on-screen buttons and on-screen joysticks allow two-handed touch control. It worked okay on the devices themselves. It does not permit keyboard or actual controller use, however. You have to click to create an onscreen joystick, and then use it with the mouse to move. The other action buttons are on the other side of the screen, so it's a bit worse than trying to play the iPad version one-handed. None of the compatibility settings in the system wrapper make any difference to it, even though they seem fairly well thought out, and the game itself is listed in the App Store as being great on M1 Macs. I've played a few others that were more usable than this. Maybe don't feature this game in that section until it gets updated to permit controller use or keyboard control. It's not worth spending money on if you don't have it already..Version: 1.8

Amazing game! But what a garbage port!Terrible driving controls (why cant they be consistent with all the other GTA ports?????) Feels like I’m driving a semi! Also the game seems to load cars in way to close to the player which completely kills the emersion and ability to drive smoothly in the world (IPad 2019+ should be capable to handle this kind of stuff…) Loading buildings / structures up close and faraway while driving causes weird glitchy visual effects… Can’t believe they put in half assed effort in this port… actually scratch that, this is modern rockstar we’re talking about so I’m not surprised! Butchered GTA 3 and now this game! *AUTO TARGETING WITH A SNIPER IS BUGGED - IF YOU DISABLE IT YOU CANT SHOOT THR SNIPER*.Version: 1.8

Needs smart keyboard support would helpPoor controls with touchscreen. It is impossible to aim while using weapons and you will mostly rely on trial an error shooting randomly. This game is highly dependant on a mouse which obviously a tablet or phone lacks. Having played this game on PC I find this version very difficult to play. I don’t recommend buying this game for IOS in its current state..Version: 1.7

The game isn't the bestLove the game but when it glitches or something like that it doesn't let me load my game after 2 weeks or so and make it more interesting that u do missions and shot get house and steal cars and also make the person in more buildings thxs.Version: 1.6

Amazing games just needs fixing!Rockstar you've done it again. Great game but the crashing issue needs to be fixed urgently to make game play enjoyable. So far I am only up to mission 2 and can't continue as the game crashes in the middle of the mission and randomly without warning you need to fix this asap. The music is good, I have noticed it is actual 80's songs not made up ones, and the cars and motorbike are good, I hope this issue is resolved as I would like to play this game longer than 5min intervals. This would be much appreciated as you guys make flawless games but let youselves down on this one.Version: 1.0

It’s not workingAlright so in fairness it’s a great game and to be honest it ran quite smoothly however after many hours into the story the game up and stopped working on me. Every time I tried loading the game the main start up sequence played however when pressing the resume button or loading a save the loading bar gets very close to the end and then the app just shuts. I have no idea what could cause this problem my phones fully updated and so is the app it worked perfectly fine before but now this happened. I have noticed that this bug can be fixed but I have to uninstall and reinstall the app however this makes all my game progress reset on top of the fact that the issue is only momentarily fixed before happening again. All I want is my favourite child hood game to play once again on my phone tho with the current issues I’m facing now I either want this fixed or a refund..Version: 1.6

Terrible drivingIdk how to fix it but the driving makes this game unplayable, it’s so slippery and you can’t turn without it slipping all over the place. Also you can’t lock onto an npc when melee-ing.Version: 1.8

Waste of money.I don’t know what rockstars idea of “logical or lifelike” is but it’s not this game. Let’s take a couple thing into account. You can’t swim. When you are hiding from the cops the helicopters lights shine threw overhangs. Cops guns shoot threw walls, rooms over miles. I do not think you fully thought the design of this game. It takes literally nothing to kill you. But jumping off a roof haha. You can jump off the highest roof and not die. All in all the game was not good. The story line sucked, the gameplay was so spotty it was unbelievable. The ethics of this game really make no sense I can get slammed into by a cop car and get slung across the road, take that cop car and it blow up the first thing I hit. Rockstar made sure to make it to where the character WOULD NOT stand up after jumping out the car. I was really disappointed. I think I could do a better job with this game myself and I have no experience in game design..Version: 1.6

Doesn’t workI’ve been playing for an hour and on one of the first missions the cut scene glitches out and no controls work. I’ve closed the app and reopened several times and still the same thing happens. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.8

FreezesLoved this game back in the day, and was looking forward to playing the mobile version on my iPhone 8, however after a couple of minutes of game play the game starts to freeze frame! Really annoying and have to stop playing it! Thought the upgrade to iOS 12 might solve the issue, but no it’s exactly the same!!.Version: 1.6

Great except for...Rockstar did an overall fantastic job in porting this game to iOS except for one major thing. The driving physics. Terrible terrible terrible. Imagine driving an RC car on ice covered in KY jelly and snot and this is what you get. Regardless of what car you have if you get the slightest bump from even a scooter you go spinning wildly. The PS2 version of this game had totally different physics for the cars than this version. I "borrowed" an ambulance to get away from Barney Fife and a stupid scooter ran into the side and the ambulance did a 360 and had chunks flying off. It's hard to enjoy this game when the driving is so difficult. Please fix in update. I will give 5 stars..Version: 1.6

Mission not showingHi gta team, Please help me in this situation as at certain point I can’t see any mission further and i also bought all properties but still the next mission is not popping up so please please help me.Version: 1.8

Fix the resume crashIt was good until this problem with the resume button crashing the game when you want to play FIX THIS!!! Or give me my money back.Version: 1.6

Playable but needs fixingI'm a big fan of all gta games but I was disappointed of vice city's port because although it was very playable there were a few issues that got on my nerves like constant drop in frame rate, texture bug every several minutes and some transparent textures like in the first safe house there's a transparent door at the entrance to the room that lets you look through the world. P.S. I'm playing on I pad 2 and gta 3 and San Andreas work perfectly fine seeing as San Andreas is a more demanding game I don't think it's the hardware.Version: 1.3

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Is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City not working?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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