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MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log? Can you share your negative thoughts about mileiq: mileage tracker & log?

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MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log for Negative User Reviews

Yet another subscriptionThe accuracy and data provided is very good, and you are allowed 40 trips per month free, however every conceivable trip even if you walk to the postbox is recorded ramping up the 40 trips quick enough and run out long before the month is up which is to the companies favour,..At present I have passed a month but it has not reset itself to a new month . Every company is leaping onto this subscription bandwagon, which means you will never own this product you are only renting it, and if they gave an option for a one payment I would consider it, but I’m not falling in this trap for subscriptions.Version: 1.60.18

Really good but needs a bug fix...Did the free trial and it is the easiest app to use to work out business or personal mileage, with HMRC closing down on everything this is one of the easiest ways to make sure you claim back the maximum on your work mileage. Only issue and I would have given 5 stars...worked perfectly on the trial, paid for the annual subscription (which is worth the money for what you get back) but now won’t start, sometimes opens but then closes immediately, freezes. Not sure if this is a by product of latest IOS update but please fix this as I need this app to work as it is supposed to...Version: 1.38.1

Wish it was more accurate ...The developers of this app have done a lot of things well, nice features, user interface, and I really like the monthly reports. However, like others have reported, I also have noticed a problem with the drive autodetection feature missing drives which is the most critical function of the app. I have requested that they add a manual mode to allow driver to initiate start and stop points to help deal with this issue but not sure they will add this. For me, the app will miss my first drive of day almost 100% of the time and sometimes miss short intermediate destinations. This is a problem for maintaining accurate tax records. What’s strange is that they include a setting to disable automatic drive detection but in the disabled state, there’s no way to manually initiate a drive. Why they have this setting is a mystery to me since the app doesn’t work if drive detection is set to off. Such a nicely designed app with this huge critical flaw is sad. I have already reported this to the developers so no need to reply with that suggestion. Let me know when you add a manual mode. Thanks..Version: 1.46.0

Dog walker tracking miles for tax - could be betterGood so far. It has been the easiest way other than recording each destination and miles. 45p to the mile is what you can claim when you do your uk tax return so I think that’s how much it estimates. Two things are that you can not combine the trips. If you stop for a coffee for 2 mins you can not consolidate that trip to one. Secondly you can not make points on a map and estimate a trip before you go. This function would help to decide the best route and how to combine financially your days driving. I am a dog walker so this app is good but could be better..Version: 1.41.0

App is decent but has issues, and Technical Support is nonexistent.First off, I only have 53 trips left before I have to pay for this app, so working out all the issues before I pay for it is a must. I have come up with a list of issues that I need to be able to work around or correct, in the chat function is useless. I post a detailed description of the issue I'm having, the chat app tells me there is one person ahead of me in the queue, and then after five minutes it times out and says no one is able to help me. Edit: It's been a few months, I finally got a case opened, and "support" is pretty much useless. I have submitted probably 10 or 15 drives over the past months where the route is incorrect or missing, with logs, screenshots, and detailed descriptions, and all support can do is ask for more logs, screenshots, and descriptions. Looking back at prior reviews, this seems to have been a problem since the inception of this app, and they still haven't managed to fix this issue. When I first got this app, it was a Microsoft product. Now Microsoft has dropped this app, and I think that explains the complete lack of support I am receiving..Version: 1.50.9

App thinks I have a teleporterI’ve been using the app for a while and have developed a strong dislike for it. A hatred really. Breaks up trips into multiple smaller ones if you pull over for a moment, very very inaccurate mileage tracking. I usually end up with about a 20% loss of my actual mileage. I track manually with a notebook, trip odometers and other apps. Everything lines up except the mileage from this app. Sometimes trips aren’t even tracked or logged. Very hard to manage, view, organize and delete trips once they’ve been logged. If I want to delete a bunch of trips I have to go and delete each one individually. I don’t need a record of 50 1.3 mile personal trips. Pay for a clunky, inaccurate app? You crazy? Where is all the money going from paid subscriptions if not into making the app work decently? Very strange. Strange that free apps are excellent and this one I kind of wish I never even downloaded and wasted my time and money with. Also, don’t respond asking me to contact the support team to work out the issues. I don’t work for you and you wouldn’t be willing to pay me for my time helping you solve these problems. Just look at all of the other mileage apps that work and do something like that..Version: 1.41.0

Stops working if you don’t allow it to constantly track youUnless you allow it to track your phone all day every day, on the (always) option in settings. It will stop working and will not even let you look back on your past months. What’s the point of all the time I wasted inputting my miles if I can’t even go back to see how many miles I put in that month? So useless and was a complete waste of my time. I wish I would’ve known sooner so I could just track them myself or find a different app. Now I have no idea of how many miles I put in and have to spend hours going back to check somehow. Also one random day it stopped letting me input the address I always use. It just didn’t show up therefore I couldn’t even add them for the app to calculate. I had to write my city name on both start and end and then calculate myself how many miles I was going so that I could write it in my description for later manual calculation. At that point I should have just stopped using the app and calculated myself in my spreadsheet. Now I can’t even see those descriptions because I can’t see the past months in its entirety. Super super frustrating..Version: 1.40.0

Brilliant idea, but…When I first started using this app, I thought it was the answer to all of my mileage tracking problems! And then I realised it wasn’t… Like others have said, it does seem to randomly miss certain trips with no warning. But worse than that, it records every trip on wheels - bus, taxi, everyone else’s cars. I can’t work out how to keep correcting the journeys - and nor do I want the hassle. This was supposed to save me time, not give me another job to do! So, 2 stars for a good idea, but one that works poorly in practice….Version: 1.60.18

Good, but too expensiveThis app is definitely aimed at business users and it appears to do what it says. It is, however, very expensive as a subscription service and you only get 40 drives for free per month. Operationally, it works well, but it is difficult to remember which vehicle you use when you go through reports, and all reports are generated on a cloud server somewhere. I was also continually having to keep the phone on charge, so there was a noticeable drain on it. Would I buy the subscription? No, not even if it was for business use. Subscriptions need to have a value, and this does not quite get there for the price..Version: 1.61.1

Only been using it for s couple of weeks butSo far so good. Actually rather impressed. It works on the background all the time I guess. I also use a paid Appl. Which needs to be told when I’m moving and when I’ve stopped driving but MileIQ does it automatically. My only worry would be future versions and the security of my data access going forward but if it all continues like this I may switch from my current paid Appl to MileIQ. It appears to work seemlessly and its a third of the price of my current Appl. Not sure about effect in my battery. I have a transponder for my current Appl but as I’m using both at the same time I have noticed a reduction in my phones battery life which is not good. I’ll have to run one for a week then the other to get a clearer picture of which draws the most power. I suspect MileIQ as its on all the time. A few months into the plan I’ve decided to stay with Drivers Note, my paid Appl. Unlike this Appl which uses the web site to record most of the detail oc my drive Drivers Note stores all the information in the Appl which is way easier to operate and access while still backing it up. This Appl is also way to energy consumptive. My new (ish) iPhone is often dead by lunch time..Version: 1.31.2

It works ok but i wanted the canadian versionI wanted the canadian version.Version: 1.61.1

IntéressantManque l’information et le service en Français.Version: 1.62.6

Helpful to a pointI’ve been using the app for a couple of years now & while I read reviews it’s improving I actually feel the opposite. When logging the trips as business or personal it gives start & finish times of each journey but once logged it only gives one time which I generally find to be slightly after the start of the journey, while this might not affect most users I find it helpful to log hours as well as miles & therefor the app used to double up as an hour log for each destination however I cannot rely on it for this purpose any more. I also find it’s not recording every journey now. I’ve always suspected it didn’t but as I only used to really check it at the end of the month I would assume my phone battery had run flat or something however I’m now checking it much more frequently & there’s just no reason I can think of for certain journeys not to be logged. I’ll continue to use the app until something better is an option as it’s helpful but I would love to be able to really rely on its accuracy which I don’t feel I can at present..Version: 1.41.0

Does not record the correct mileage!The app looks good and is very easy to set up and to use. Categorising travel into personal and business travel is so easy - one swipe! However, this app does not appear to record the correct mileage, so tends to defeat what it’s supposed to be for. It identifies my beginning and end location correctly, but then calculates the shortest route between the two locations rather than the actual route and mileage that I travelled. Kind of disappointing considering that an annual subscription is £45.... ☹️.Version: 1.26.0

Missing Key FeaturesI really love the concept behind this app—the simplicity of swiping to classify miles. This is the first job I’ve had where I need to keep track of business miles and it can be daunting to do so each and every day. I thought Mile IQ was going to be a great solution, however I see 4 key problems that keep me from ever wanting to pay for the app. 1.) I cannot seem to find a way to view miles by DAY. I only see an option for monthly reports and my job requires that I record miles personal vs. business by the day. 2.) On top of that, I don’t want reports to be sent to my email. My life is busy enough. Do you think I want more emails? Isn’t that the whole purpose of Mile IQ is to save time..not add more to my plate? Why can’t you just view your mileage breakdown on the app? Finance apps like Mint allow you to break down your spending categories by day, so I know it’s not impossible or too complicated. 3.) When you try to view the maps for each drive, there are no business names or landmarks that show up. Sometimes I cannot remember where I went next and I would be counting on the map locations to tell me. 4.) 40 drives free is not very many at all. That seems extremely low. I think the app is a great idea..but it needs to be executed much better..Version: 1.22.0

BienC’est ok mais aurais besoin d’ajustement mais fait environ ce que nous avons besoin sur la route avec le T22000.Version: 1.61.1

Not overly thrilledFor some reason this app on my iPhone 6 incorrectly interprets stopping at a long traffic light as the end of a trip. That can get frustrating after a while as I try to figure out what the purpose of the trip was when it shows me completing a journey at a completely random location than what the actual destination was. Also, I have found that after completing a trip, the app doesn’t record the journey right away. It takes some time before it actually shows up on the app as a trip. So after a day or so i end up wondering “now what was the purpose for my driving to that locality in town?” It would be nice if there could be more specific pinpointing of the actual ending point rather than a marker near a particular road where it said I ended my trip. More often than not, the ending marker is put on a blank tan space near a road. Not sure if it can get more gps specific. I do like the fact that I can customize the purposes for either the business or personal travels I make..Version: 1.25.0

Good LuckMissing several trips every day. I've used this for 17 months. I referred my friend who cancelled it immediately cause he paid close attention to his drives. I decided to check myself. Well, he was right. Not sure how many thousands of dollars I lost last year on taxes. Go back to pen and paper. Lazy will cost you big time. It says it tracks drives over half a mile. Well, I'm losing those half mile stops as well as many of them that are several miles. Just went through my drives and found 2 discrepancies within my first two hours of work."UPDATE" 9/5/17 Day two in a row. It shows a stop at 9:16am and the next starting point 10:38am about 20+ miles away. I made 3 stops between that time period. About 7 mile drives. I don't want to hear about being my phone service. If anyone in the world lost service for more than 8 seconds they'd pull over and freak out till it's fixed. Never mind 1.25 hours in the middle of town. If you make many stops like myself you can very simply check accuracy and making sure all your stopping points are also your next starting point. I don't ever make a big deal out of things, but at this rate I'm probably out about $7,500 worth of mileage last year and more this year. That's a big deal for anyone. I will continue this week and after every stop I will make sure I have a solid 5 bar internet connection before starting my drives. If there's a single day of accuracy I will update this again on Saturday this week..Version: 1.18.0

Meh, for my purposesI need to track mileage a few times a month, maybe three times in one week, then two weeks where I don’t need to track mileage, then two weeks where I might need to track mileage every other day, and sometimes on the weekend. My 40 free drives were used up pretty quickly, very few of which were business related. You can turn off automatic drive detection, for those weeks where it’s all personal, but then you have to remember to turn it back on. If you have business related drives nearly every day, then I would say this app is pretty good for that. Unless you customize everything, the end of month report is pretty generic. It lists the date, how many miles I drove from city to city. For my purposes, my existing Google Sheet does the job... at the end of the month, it IS the report, and I can be as specific with the trip type as I want to be..Version: 1.41.0

Great app, poor reportingBrilliantly simple app, records mileage and journeys can be assigned work/non-work with a swipe. My only gripe is it summarises these journeys by total number of trips (i.e. 10 work trips and 20 non-work) which is useless information for accounting. More useful would be a percentage split of total miles driven, which is what we actually need for accounts. Unfortunately this has to be done manually, undermining the value of this app..Version: 1.60.7

Don’t botherOne star because it just doesn’t work. The app loads and takes the details, but doesn’t do anything or allow you to ‘swipe’ to choose whether the drive is personal or business. It seems to be just a screen shot with no functionality at all. Thank heavens it was free- for that alone it was good value for money. Ok - an update. The GPS is quite inaccurate but at least there is now some functionality. Out of three drives it captured only 2, and they were both non-business. Final opinion on this is pending. I’m surprised it doesn’t run my battery down as quickly as I would have expected. Well done Microsoft for that..Version: 1.22.0

Be careful not to turn off the appToday I went to print out my yearly report and found that a whole month was missing. This is my second year using the app and I’ve never found data gaps before. I contacted customer support and was told that if the app is closed by swiping it stops running and no data is collected. I find this explanation hard to believe as I swipe apps closed all the time, including this one, and have never found large gaps in the data for this app. But the customer service person insisted that I had closed the app and turned it off. This makes no sense, but the bottom line is I lost a month of data and it’s not coming back. And the attitude of customer service was just so unfriendly. In looking for a way to find this data I did look at the settings for the first time and found that I could turn on routes—something I always wished was available. I hope this will make this app more helpful as I often cannot determine what a drive is from the info given. So that was a positive. But having a tracking app that is so easily deactivated? Not helpful..Version: 1.60.15

Good but not right for meFirst the positive. It logs all your driving miles completely automatically without you needing to do anything. It then gives you the option to swipe right for business and left for personal. It also gives you 40 free trips per month, all this function works well, however... When stopped in traffic for a few minutes it presumes one journey has finished and the next begun so one trip can end up being recorded as 2 or more separate trips. It also isn’t particularly accurate at measuring mileage for long trips. And the one that in the end made me delete this app, it recorded a train journey I made as a drive. Overall it’s just trying to be too clever and the technology is not quite there..Version: 1.30.0

Spam emails never stopI never even used this app because they wanted me to start paying for it right from the get go, and now they are sending me harassing emails saying I'm not using the app enough, and I've clicked unsubscribe x3 and deleted the app and they still won't stop!.Version: 1.61.1

Really stupid design choicesThe way this app works is dumb. You have to wait until after you’ve already driven to put any data in the app. Scenario: You leave your house to drive to a client. You don’t have the option to get into your car and tell mileiq what the drive is going to be for. Instead you have to do the drive first and then wait 15 minutes or longer (“settling time”). Well guess what? After 15 minutes you’ve already started working and will probably forget to do this. Or because you don’t want to take time away from the task you’re currently working on and getting paid for. You’ll probably also forget by the end of the day. 1.) Let us put the info in BEFORE the drive starts. 2.) Don’t require that app tracking is always on. I don’t want every drive recorded (at least not as a default option) and I don’t want my battery draining the whole time you’re lojacking me. And thanks for limiting us on the free version to 40 trips a month. Since you can’t stop this from counting every time you go to the grocery store against this total, I guess most people will be paying that $5/mo. How convenient for you. At least Stride gives you the option to turn off this “always on” crap. Oh yeah, Stride literally does everything your app does and more. And they do it for FREE..Version: 1.60.14

Misses a lot short legsDISCLOSURE TRANSPARENCY: MileIQ gave me 12 months upgraded to full version for free. This was in the hopes that I would recommend it to my business clients. I could do this with serious reservations. Bottom Line: The app misses most trips or legs of trips under 1.5-2 miles and self-admits to not work under 1 mile. Also: The free version wont really do anything for anyone actually driving regularly for business (the free "trips" are just too few. Is it worth the $60/year? Maybe. You wont be able to rely on 100% accuracy but the functionality is good and personalizable, it does really work in the background without having to think about it, and it will give a good log of all the miles it does track which is a good since as anyone who has been to an IRS audit with a missing or bad auto miles log will lose their deductions. Hopefully MileIQ improves the accuracy in picking up the shorter trips. UPDATE: MileIQ was sold to Microsoft a few years back. It’s definitely more accurate these days and has become a good app for tracking your miles..Version: 1.60.15

Not reliableMy drives are only randomly tracked which then throws off my mileage by a lot each month. For paying close to $9 a month and it only catches some of my drives when all the settings are allowing drive detection it’s not worth it. A headache to have to check that the app is doing it’s job after each drive..Version: 1.61.3

Last update killed appWorked well for a few years for me, but the latest update killed the app won’t load keeps crashing..Version: 1.62.2

Does a reasonable job..But requires going to the web page to do some things the app can’t do. Once drives are classified in the app there appears to be no way to see a simple list without creating a report. This is in contrast to the web page. Also not seen a way to edit start or end points in the app..Version: 1.62.3

UnreliableFor some reason it doesn’t auto detect my trips. Auto detect is on. Maybe it needs a windows update….Version: 1.31.2

Certain Features are not Available in Canada.The addition of notes to reports is not available in Canada. This will put you offside with Revenue Canada. That makes it a single star..Version: 1.32.1

Lacking key information not worth the priceThe app tracks miles easily and is simple to use. The problem is that it is too simple in terms of data and functionality. It tells you in app only total drives, biz vs personal without mileage breakdown. You can have 55 personal drives of a mile each and 3 business drives of 160 miles each but the app makes it look like you have a lot more personal than biz use because the graphic will say 55 personal and 3 biz and even give a percentage based on that, when in reality you have a larger percentage of biz use than personal. If you accidentally categorize something the wrong way, you can’t change it! You have to wait until the end of the month, email the spreadsheet to yourself, find the drive and change the info but then it is only in your local report on your computer. If you resend the report from the app, it is still wrong. Also the reports are not presorted, so that is additional work you have to do. Not sure it is worth the price!.Version: 1.21.0

Great when it works!This app in theory is great. It logs your mileage in a report format with very little input required from you. BUT this app keeps having phases where it logs itself out and if you don’t notice and log back in none of your mileage that you have done whilst logged out is tracked. I’ve gone for days not realising this and having done hundreds of miles in multiple trips it is such a pain. You then have to rely on your memory to log all the trips manually. Also when entering manually it calculates the mileage incorrectly (usually lower) so I use google maps to work out the correct mileage and amend each trip. I don’t think it does this when it tracks your mileage automatically as it’s tracking your location in real time. I contacted Support but they just said the app logging out is probably when I am in low battery mode despite me saying that I use this mode daily and most of the time the app stays logged in. I still think it’s an issue with the app. If they could fix these issues I would give the app 5 stars..Version: 1.38.1

GarbageCan’t detect my vehicle, cant even use gos to figure out current location. More subscription trash ware.Version: 1.62.0

US Centric. No 24 hour clock option on web reports.This is a great app overall but for me has one major failing. The reports cannot be printed or exported with the time in 24 hour clock format which is used the world over except in the US. I have logged this issue a few times but I keep being told that the time format comes from the phone. The problem is with the browser version from where I export reports, not the phone version..Version: 1.46.0

Works well butIt doesn’t work well with quick books. Does not create a csv file. Doesn’t connect well with others. For stand alone works great. Docdon2.Version: 1.61.3

Great interface, but too inaccurateI love the auto tracking feature and the ability to name common locations. The interface is clean and easy to understand, but the accuracy of the miles tracked is very poor. This means having to correct the mileage for a lot of journeys otherwise you end up submitting mileage claims in excess of the actual mileage, or fraud as it is known legally! I contacted their support who did at least respond, but beyond checking that WiFi was always switched on they couldn’t offer any other reasons why the discrepancies occur. If it was a small error it wouldn’t matter but it consistently shows an excess of 4.5 miles on a 27.5 mile journey which is far too high as a margin of error on a single journey. Sadly I’ll be going back to pen and paper for my journeys as it’s less work than monitoring and amending each journey recorded in the app..Version: 1.24.0

Inaccurate and takes more time than doing manuallyI have tested extensively. The interface is good and I’d like to keep using this app, but the mileage reports are often wrong (regularly by huge amounts - even though I’m using normal main roads), the app splits your journey every time you stop (even in a traffic jam sometimes!) and it also doesn’t report things as you would want in the UK. I’ve had extensive discussions with the support team, who admitted the issues. A good idea which has great potential but at the moment, is sadly far more time consuming than manual mileage recording or using google maps..Version: 1.34.3

Good potential but disappointingFirst the obvious... it’s likely the most expensive app you have ever seen on the app world... that said, I bought it for the convenience factor and somehow justified the over priced YEARLY subscription cost to myself. Well, unfortunately they don’t tell you that although you pay the same price regardless where you live, you aren’t getting the same app/features. If I need to manually enter a drive, or view ANY of my previous logged drives, I can’t do it from the app... “this feature is not available in Canada at this time”..... what!? How is that some magical super advanced feature that only certain country’s are privy to? That makes absolutely 0 sense... I’m sorry but what kind of moron designs a driving app that doesn’t let you review your drives or manually enter a drive... unfortunately I’m now the moron for paying full pop for half an app. Thanks Microsoft.Version: 1.32.1

Good app needs some fine tuningNot sure why the app breaks up trips into segments when you are going directly point to point. This happens even for trips previously recorded as a single trip.Version: 1.61.1

If you’re looking for less work, this may not be itMy boss said use it, so I am. We were still logging miles on paper. Service company where my home is my office, start and stop point for the day. I know the mileage to most of my customers and this app is accurate about half the time. If you make a detour stop along the way, make sure the app knows. I went out of my way to pick up parts and then to the customer site. MileIQ listed the direct mileage of 37 from home to the customer, when I actually drove 58 miles. I had to delete the trip and create two new ones to even get close. It does not seem to use the gps during the trip, it just seems to record the location when you stop for more than a few minutes. So it might see you stopped for a long train, but you could go 50 miles out of your way for coffee and the extra miles might never be recorded. Also, something weird happened yesterday. I went to a customer in the city, then to one in the suburbs. MileIQ said I stopped on the freeway several miles outside downtown and then turned around a few hours later and went from the same location on the freeway to the second customer..Version: 1.32.0

GarbageWon’t connect to wifi..Version: 1.32.0

Not Worth It.Only good thing about this app is it seems to track your total miles well. I am an Uber driver in Dallas Fort Worth. I have relied on this app for the past two years to track my business miles. Unfortunately, the app is not near accurate enough for my needs. Overlapping drives show up in the app saying I’m in two different places at one time. Drives don’t show up until between a half hour and a couple days later after I complete a drive. Stops aren’t recognized with accuracy. If you need to accurately track business and personal drives in a single day, with the tax laws nowadays I recommend you save your money and track your drives manually. As an Uber driver, I start and stop frequently, and this app just isn’t accurate and fast enough to handle it. If you’re going somewhere and stopping for 20 min or so before moving on, this app will work great. But if you’re dropping off, picking up etc. in intervals of 5-10 minutes, it’s just too much for this app to take, and all your driving will be lumped together..Version: 1.42.0

The company can’t send my reports to my outlook emailI have an outlook account that is tied to MileIQ. I have been trying to send summary reports to that email but I never receive them in my inbox, junk or spam. I decided to call this morning to help me get my reports. They said that there is a problem with emails being sent to an email that is outlook, live or hotmail. That means that if you have an email associated with any one of those you can not receive your reports. I asked the phone representative when this problem would be corrected. He said he wasn’t sure at all when it wold be fixed and they have been aware of this problem for some time. I asked if he could send the reports- he replied that he doesn’t have access to those because of privacy reasons. His only suggestion was to get another email account that is not outlook, live or hotmail. This is a huge market that they are not servicing and it doesn’t seem to be taken that seriously. I am going to somehow get my reports printed and then I am canceling MileIQ and going with another company that can email my reports that I have paid for in advance..Version: 1.37.0

Seems to work, but...It seems to work and the interface is easy. I like to App’s ability to learn and auto classify frequent drives. However, much like a previous user’s review, I too am seeing a discrepancy in the accuracy and missing drives. The locations it identifies are not always accurate which makes it difficult to identify the actual location where the software picked up the Start or End of a drive. This a serious credibility issue. My second complaint is the inability to categorize personal charity drives. I work with different charities MileIQ prohibits assigning a deductible $ amount for separate charity. The user can create a separate listing for each charity, but is not allowed to assign the mileage rate. Even though the total mileage is tallied, the user must do the math manually at the end of each month or at the end of the year. But isn’t that the point of the having the App do the work? I do a lot of charity work and the App forces all charities to be grouped under the title of “Charity” if the user wants automatic mileage calculations for IRS Tax purposes. I have discussed this with customer support several times and they don’t appear to care. Makes me wonder if they actually understand how it works in the real world of small business and tax codes..Version: 1.60.16

UnreliableI’ve used this app for about 3 years, I have recently noticed that it misses drives like an 80 mile round trip yesterday not logged. I’ve previously spoken to tech support about this issue but it’s not been resolved. Also there and back journeys via same route logs different distances. Annoyingly it is also impossible to use 24 hour times rather than am/pm which is how I would prefer to record the times. As of 1st jan 2021 looking for an alternative solution..Version: 1.48.0

Great idea, but.......This is a great idea but the app falls down in reality. If the car stops for more than a very short while, i.e. roadworks, traffic jam or busy intersections, it thinks the journey had ended and then starts ‘another’ journey when you move off. That is a right PITA. In in my ignorance, I thought the IQ part of the name assumed the app was using some sort of intelligence to filter out those sort of common things on the road, but it appears not. As I have found it so frustrating that this is happening all the time, I have now deleted the app and will have a look at what competitors apps can do..Version: 1.27.1

Not great for multiple older vehiclesMy wife is a solopreneur with one vehicle and she loves this. I’m using it for my business this year, and it’s just a pain. Especially when there is more than one vehicle in use at a time and different people driving. I use one vehicle for commuting and another while at work. I have to manually classify most drives and change the vehicle on many. Then you have to remember who was driving which vehicle, etc. And then after work I have to delete any drives or rides in somebody else’s car. I honestly think the old mileage books are less work if you have multiple vehicles, where you have a separate book for each. Apparently there is a way to have the app recognize the vehicle using Bluetooth, but this only works on newer vehicles. If I only had one vehicle to keep track of, I think I’d love it, too, but it’s just a lot more work when you have multiple vehicles..Version:

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MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact MileIQ: Mileage Tracker & Log.

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