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Solocator - GPS Field Camera App User Positive Comments 2022

Solocator - GPS Field Camera app received 68 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about solocator - gps field camera?

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Solocator - GPS Field Camera for Positive User Reviews

Handy appThis is a handy app. good for documentation. I like having the two pics - one clean and one with the data. Good for evidence documentation..Version: 2.3.5

Great AppGreat app. Use it for taking construction photos. Would be nice if one could use Dropbox rather than sending the pictures to Apple photos. It would allow for separation of work photos from personal photos and I could have access to them right on my computer..Version: 2.3.5

Ideal App for Field InspectorAs a contractor I work for various Municipalities, Counties and the State. This app has served its purpose time and time again. It is the best app out there. The details you can add to the photos just makes reporting a breeze! LOVE THE APP. Throwing it out there. Can you make an iPad version now that the iPad Pro offers flash with its camera?!?!.Version: 2.3.5

Works well for what it was intendedI really like using this app as a geologist. Recently I purchased the industry pack which is a good value for my fieldwork needs. The developers addressed my questions quickly and clearly which was a good value on top of the app itself..Version: 2.13

Works well for real estate inspectionsThe app works as intended. I like the way I can get two pictures with each shot, one with info and one without. I wish I could make the font larger and/or darker and remove the data at the top of one of the pictures..Version: 2.3.5

ScreenAfter updating to the newest version my buttons for the app are partially hidden and will not respond to touch..Version: 2.6

Very helpful for my field work.My work takes me out to remote aquatic areas for various surveys and inspections. I take lots of pictures of plants on recon and having the ability to map routes, plant taxa, and locations/boundaries of plant taxa via GPS/GIS integration is very useful. And the price for all options is very reasonable. Very useful and user friendly for my purposes. Thank you!.Version: 2.13

Good but could be betterThe GPS sometimes does not change going from site to site. Even with the GPS lock off. You end up with picture from several sites with the same street name and GPS Coordinates. It would be helpful to be able to edit those in the Project and Description editor. And to be able to change the text color in the editor. It is the best Camera app I have tried. Those are my only gripes. The GPS issue is a big one. IPhone 6.Version: 2.3.5

AwesomeI find this app to be the perfect tool for shooting a bearing along a long lot line then using the gps overlay to stay on that bearing. Plus the legal aspect of photos showing any encumbrances. Exactly what I needed. To top it all off the gps maps show where to find a cup of java in town. Lol.Version: 2.2

IPhone 12 OptimisationNeeds to be updated to latest screen dimensions of various iPhone 12 sizes, especially the smallest one..Version: 2.12

The best GPS camera app everThis app is one of the best app and moslty the industry pack is really useful for those who want to save the coordinates and the addresses of the places which they take photos . But one thing which i really hope the developer add in the future that, beside getting the address, coordinates etc in the CSV report, we could get thumbnail of photos in the table as well..Version: 2.13

Reinstall charge you againIt has been fixed and corrected———-I had paid for the full version and had to reinstall do to a glitch in the software and now its wanting me to pay for it again.Version: 2.8

Very useful toolThis app was mentioned in a land surveying forum, and I’m so thankful for it. It has become crucial to our workflow in my surveying company, and we have purchased this app for each of our party chiefs as well as office technicians. The developer is very responsive and I hope the app stays up-to-date in the future. This app is a prime example of why smartphones have become indispensable..Version: 2.13

NiceFantastic little app that actually works and the compass is spot on , all at the simple touch of a button ..Version: 1.3

Great Little AppVery neat and I’ve recommended it to many people, but it could do with a few enhancements to make it a seriously useful app: 1. Option for custom text entry 2. Option for ±elevation readout 3. Option for top-to-bottom centreline or grid lines on photo 4. Option to automatically save to Camera Roll Thanks for making it and thanks more if you could enhance it!.Version: 1.3

Good app!Would be great if the volume shutter button worked with this app. It's always awkward to hold when using on screen button. Other than that it's excellent!.Version: 2.3.2

Direction doubtfulThe app is a great idea and works well, including getting pictures into Dropbox, but when using it inside a building gets completely confused as to which way the camera is pointing. The iPhone compass shows the correct direction, but the app doesn’t!!.Version: 2.4

Works greatThis app works well and can export to camera roll too. It gives you a photo with direction, gps coordinates, and date and time. I use it all the time for work. Don't know why others say it doesn't work in Southern hemisphere as I'm in Melbourne Australia and it works great..Version: 2.2

Nice and easy to useI found this utility intuitive and easy to use. It was very easy to find how far off north was in relation to a houses aspect. I like the fact that you can take photos to capture this info for review at a more continent time. Very useful..Version: 1.3

Excellent GPS Field CameraGreat app! Very well thought-out and responsive updates. Fantastic customer service! I highly recommend Civi Corp apps.Version: 2.10

Cool appHi guys, please could you add X (Easting ), Y (Northing). To the coordinate format. This would be extremely useful option for location..Version: 2.12

Best of what’s currently availableI am a field survey engineer working across the British Isles. I use this App for quickly taking and annotating photos whilst in the field under difficult and quite often poor weather conditions. Used in conjunction with other Apps, it’s the most competent for survey work. The latest updates allowing for convenient uploading to popular cloud storage platforms is a welcome feature..Version: 2.13

MrAwesome app - great for visiting multiple sites and automatic recording of data on the actual photo..Version: 2.3.5

Screen notOn iPhone 8 Plus the 2.6v does not match the screen. Buttons are misplaced and app is unusable anymore. Please fix it..Version: 2.6

Awesome tool for InspectionSaves a ton of time on inspection reports all the information needed is already on the photo👍👍.Version: 2.3.5

USCG GPS TESTINGI used this app to record waypoints for an extensive GPS watch test completed in Linville Gorge Wilderness. It was spot on, combining visual data and location data, what a great capability to have..Version: 2.7

Great appGreat app does everything you need.Version: 2.3.4

Agreed - Near perfectThis app is awesome. After working through the settings it’s so easy to export or share. Easy to describe each photo on the fly. So many great choices for how you want to stamp these photos and send them off! Thanks!.Version: 2.12

Great AppReally useful to capture my location and places to revisit while mountain biking..Version: 2.2

PerfectThis app is a pipeliners dream. I can't wait until the Google earth functionality comes out. THANKS.Version: 2.3.5

Good early indicationsThis app is an ideal solution to my problem of identifying location of aerial photography. The only suggested improvement I can make at this stage would be to have the ability to choose alternate mapping units eg: AMG 6 or 8 figure grid reference.Version: 1.3

Greatest App for field workEnviro’s, Geologists, Prospectors and Fieldies gather here! I stumbled upon this app when a colleague was using it about 4 years ago. It’s worth every cent. Love it!! If you need photos to be stamped with GPS coords, direction, altitude, time and labels for reports etc this is fabulous. Gone are the days of downloading field photos and then labelling them. 😫🙄 Hoorah..Version: 2.12

Can we embed the direction azimuth?I’d love to see a bearing added to exif. It would be useful in many applications. Thank you..Version: 2.4

Very nice little app. I highly recommend it.The app is great. For inspection and construction purposes it really helps..Version: 2.4

Need little improvementCan’t able to add full address because of 34 character limit. Freezes apps after certain photos. Need to increase at least 50 character limit..Version: 2.5

The iPad app of this program's settings does not workThe iPad of this program settings does not work.Version: 2.3.5

Works Great!!I use the app and have recommended it to many people. Customer support is outstanding! This is a great tool!!.Version: 2.5

Fantastic app for engineering field and construction workI’m a geological engineer and do a lot of field work: mapping surveys, site inspections, construction, etc. Taking photos has always been a big part of my practice and in the last 10 years, having photos geo-referenced has been an added bonus. This app raises our capabilities even more - information such as location, elevation, view direction, address, and user text can all be added right on the photo. Photo locations and views can be shown on Google or Apple maps. Photo and information management is superb. This is a well-designed, very capable app; it’s value to cost ratio is very high..Version: 2.13

AppExcellent App. Use everyday on site.Version: 2.4

Terrific app.This app deserves 5 stars but the only reason I am giving it 4 is there is no quick way to transfer photos from the apps album to Dropbox or ftp etc. I love the fact I can save pictures to its own album and not to my camera roll - so work and personal photos are kept well apart (it's what I have been looking for) but if I want to bulk save a load of photos to my PC other than emailing 5 at a time I would have save to my camera roll and then transfer - I guess not a big deal as I could delete them after but it's just another step that could maybe be avoided. Overall everything else is fantastic, date and stamp and description options are terrific. I highly recommend this if you want to keep work photos from personal photos separate and be able to date stamp and add description GPS etc. terrific app. Nice icon too..Version: 2.3.2

Easy photopoint monitoring!!I’m a project coordinator for a watershed council and this app has made our project photopoint monitoring so much easier. The data imprint on the photo allows us to keep a record of direction and angle which means an easily reproducible view..Version: 2.5

AmazingWith new update it automatically uploads to Google drive and Dropbox and makes folders by project name or date amazing.Version: 2.8

SamWork13I tried the developer web site to ask this, but safari won’t open the page. My newest update has a bug that drains the battery on my phone after one or two pictures. I love the app, and use it frequently, but I cannot use this any more. I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.3.1.Version: 2.9

Memory issueStores memory in app even after you delete photos. Other than that it’s good!.Version: 2.4

Fantastic App!!I have used this app for years to take pictures for ecological volunteering and other projects. It is wonderful for documenting conditions in the field with geographical coordinate data overlayed on the image. I use it for downed trees and other environmental conditions to report. The app has been consistently good for all these years and I have never had an issue. Also, all the functions work offline which is excellent. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 2.13

Photo size doesn’t work on IPhone 12I have been using this for over a year now and it was perfect for what I needed. I have changed to a new IPhone 12 and now the unlabeled photos are not size adjustable just the photos with the coordinates on them..Version: 2.13

Overall great app for location scoutsLove using this for detailed info esp. Recording location/direction...excellent app for location scouts. Couple suggestions to improve: batch export to iPhoto or other geotag enabled programs; option to record address book info to each image for easier filing....Version: 1.3

I love it!This app has not only saved me on multiple occasions, but it massively improves my quality of work and reports. Having all the information stamped onto the photo is SUPER helpful, and the ability to compare and manipulate photos to determine distances, area, etc is super handy. I do a variety of different projects and I heavily use this app every day, for every single job. I’ve recommended it to every contractor I’ve worked with, and forced my team to use it. Taking notes is great and very important, but being able to take a picture, record information on it, AND have all the gps data is just awesome. I do have one negative though. I was in an area with spotty cell coverage and taking pictures with the app. It was taking a long time to record the data (the loading wheel was spinning for awhile after taking a photo). I later realized that a bunch of my photos didn’t save due to this for whatever reason. It was likely having a hard time getting a location fix, which caused multiple photos to end up timing out and not getting recorded. If it’s possible for the app to still take a picture without recording the location data in these circumstances that would be ideal. Because I didn’t notice until I got home (6hr drive from Site) and a bunch of the pictures I took never got saved..Version: 2.13

Exceptionally responsive developer!Great app, very helpful for my business! Discovered a glitch in the app this morning, and emailed the developer for a resolution. I received an email back 4 MINUTES LATER! Mind you, I’m in the US, and he’s in Australia. He’s foregoing sleep to resolve this issue ASAP, I can’t thank him enough! He’s kept me updated the whole way, and is getting it resolved very quickly. Stellar! Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.6

PeteAre use it every day at work. Walk tons of jobs great app. It would be nice if you could add red to the option of text.Version: 2.3.5

Great field appI use this extensively to record geology in the field. I paid extra for the UTM option, well worth it..Version: 2.12

Good AppApp is great for Forestry work, Gives me coordinates on every picture. would like to be able to place multiple photos on a single map though, just a thought..Version: 2.3.5

Almost perfectWish Solocator had the ability that to take photos by time delay and I wish the app was compatible with my Ubeesize Tripod Remote as the remote is with the default Apple Camera App on the same device..Version: 2.13

Great AppI have been using this app to document various aspects of my field work for a couple of years now. I show it to other folks that I think may benefit from using it as well; contractors, sub- contractors, utility locators, etc. Some one asked me if I received a commission if they purchase this App. I replied that the hours that this App saves me on a daily basis for my work is all the “commission” that I need. Thank you Solocator!.Version: 2.4

ExcellentTried so many of these apps. Many apps have too many processes to save a photo or don’t have the GPS co-ordinates & still charge a price . For under $10 the best so far. (With the industry upgrade). The $1.49 for the basic app is excellent also. Saves directly to your camera roll. No stuffing around wasting time trying to save a photo. Many options. GPS coordinates Compass direction Altitude Date Time. No useless place name or temperature. If you work for a Telco that demands the above info on a photo & not embedded in the background then this is the app..Version: 2.9

Fantastic!I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. Sadly, too many are either too simple or far to complicated and have terrible photo overlay graphics. That is, until Solocator! What a great app, everything you need and nothing you don’t. So easy to use as well, and they even thought of things that I didn’t know I needed. Oh and the price, even with the Industry Pack, total steal! Very well done, thank you!!.Version: 2.13

Nice app for workNice app. Price of app is a bit misleading. To get all features it will cost you a few $. Very helpful being able to label photos with description and legal land info when doing oilfield or construction projects..Version: 2.2

Should be betterI've been using the app for a few months and it sometimes behaves in a buggy fashion. It will crash suddenly or fail to delete photos when I ask it to. This last item in not good if you need to save space..Version: 2.3.5

SolocatorGreat app for my work in the field. Made a suggestion that was promptly acted on. Potential for further development..Version: 1.3

"Amazing Tool"Downloaded this app for use in the field within the security sector and was amazed at its functionality and areas of use. 5 stars amazing app and great development team! Keep up the good work!!!!.Version: 2.2

Fantastic AppFantastic App, does everything as described. Easy to use and I live in the Southern Hemisphere..Version: 2.2

Where did I take that photo? 🤔You'll never have to ask that question again with this app. I brought Solocator and the Industry Pack back in August 2016 and it become a daily app for me. Recently contacted the developer with a technical query and received a phone call within 24 hours which resolved my issue. Top marks, A+ Keep up the good work developers 👌.Version: 2.3.5

Clever, versatile and feature rich appClever, versatile and feature rich app. Time, date, location data on photo. GPS data in multiple formats, good logical work flow with file manager that allows filtering fir export in a clever way.Version: 2.13

HandyNot a bad app but needs a few tweeks to make it a great app.Version: 1.3

When updated buttons at bottom out of viewNeed to know how to fix.Version: 2.6

TheresaI work for a solar company and this app works great for taking a pic of the roof where the solar array is to be installed and them to send in to the office and they can immediately see which way it is facing..Version: 1.3

Almost perfectI’m an ecologist and this app is great for keeping record of things I find in the field. Well worth the full purchase and is cheaper than competitive apps with a better final picture design. The one flaw I found is that the landscape lock doesn’t actually lock the photo based on the gyroscope of the phone (like when trying to take landscape but the phone is barely tilted into portrait mode). Overall, I would highly recommend purchasing it!.Version: 2.5

Does the jobWhen I can't get my digital camera to connect this is a great back up. Sometimes I have to log GPS position inspections. This works every time where my camera works 80 to 90%. Glad I found this app. If someone did not want to spend the extra money for the GPS camera, this is a great substitute..Version: 2.3.5

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