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JPay App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

JPay app received 150 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using JPay? Can you share your negative thoughts about jpay?

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Missing or lateWhen I first started using JPay, this app was awesome! As long as my emails were sent by 9:30 a.m they were received by 4:00 p.m that same day, if not, they were received the next day! Now with all the updates, and updates to the kiosk, i have emails and pictures that were sent on 10/8, 10/11, and 10/15 that have still not been received!!! I’ve contacted JPay, who states they sent them, I’ve contacted the Correctional Center who states they have 5 business dates to get them in and out. I contacted Constituent Services because it’s clearly been way longer than that. I again contacted the mail room manager who stated they received stuff from JPay that was 2 weeks old, and that they had also gone through and manually released a bunch of photos and letters, because they were marked censored in error, and yet still, they only had one of those 3 pictures. I was told that due to the new system, it ultimately convenient, but ALOT slower, and that if I wished for my fiancé to receive pictures/letters, that I should probably send everything snail mail, because ultimately, it’s cheaper in the long run, because they actually receive their mail, and in a timely fashion. Glad we only have a few months left of this!.Version: 1807

Email history chopped off at the kneesApp works ok for. me, other than saving a draft. As long as I don't accidentally close my partially written email stays put. Fixing that would be nice. A bit pricy but way better than physical stamps..Version: 1908

Only interested in PROFIT!This app was great. New update on 7th April now creates an UNFAIR tiered system where people pay more in different states SHAME on JPay for allowing this! When my stamps run out I’m no longer going to use this again!!.Version: 2002

Email glitch is an issueI’m honestly torn which rating I should give so I’ll go with 3. I love the app. So convenient to keep in touch with my loved ones. Faster than sending letters and easier to keep in touch. With many options to sending 30 second videos with the option of sending stamps to them so they could send one back free of charge for them. Email where you can also send a picture also with the option to send a stamp so they could write back free of charge. Email is where my rating drops down from a solid 5 rating to a 3. When typing an email occasionally my writing space doesn’t expand while I’m writing so I can’t see what I’m typing. I will get out of the app, close the app, and reopen. So frustrating when you don’t know if it’s going to fix itself or not until you write enough to see if it will expand or not. If this issue was fixed PERMANENTLY then I would change my rating to a 5 :).Version: 1709.2.1

Location required to view stampsJust recently, to view the balance of stamps I have, I am now required to turn on my location service. I do not understand why this request is necessary. Also before the above new process I use to see the balance of stamps before I confirmed sending an email. Not anymore. Another family member has this app and is not required to turn on location service before viewing a stamp balance. I no longer receive a notification of a jay-pay email in a timely manner. As example, my nephew sent an email at 11:20pm last night. My notification was received at 6:00 am this morning. I deleted my app to reset maybe, re- added the app and lost data in my old app such as all emails and my stamp balance since I was not able to enter my same password. I had to create a new password. Most other apps I have deleted and re-added still had my information. Before deleting the app I tried to change to another email since I suspected the untimely email notifications were due to them. I received the message that jay pay had my second email. I’m not sure when this happened. I need to know how to correct this. Before my credit card expired and I forgot to change the new expiration date I had no problems with this app and would have rated it 5 stars. I was not able to change my new expiration date until I made another purchase. That was the start of my problems and now I will rate this app a 3..Version: 1805

Nothing but problemsNeeds sorting out please jpay the app never lets me log on anymore.Version: 2103.1

This is ridiculousTHIS APP IS ATROCIOUS! after trying to send 1 email has taken 45 minutes just on a loading sigh I cannot delete drafts , photos ect because the app will be stuck on a loading sigh absolutely unacceptable!!!!!!.Version: 2002

Disappointed- Australian user.Giving this app a one star was even hard to do, they’re making millions of dollars off of this and they can’t even provide a decent enough app, disgusting greed..Version: 2002

Extortion, Bugs, and Design Flaws, Oh My!Just to quickly echo what a lot of the reviews are saying, this app and the company that designed it are out to squeeze you for every nickel and dime you’ve got, and they don’t even bother to fix most of the bugs that plague the app. I use it because unfortunately they have a monopoly on this business model and it’s now a necessary evil for most people who are using it. To add something new to the mix, I want to point out an “intentional” design feature that needs to be removed. When you’re writing an “email” message, and you want to stop while you’re in the middle of writing, the natural instinct, for me at least, was to swipe down from the top of the message window, thinking it would give me the option to save a draft. Unfortunately, no. The “save draft” option only comes up when you tap the “cancel” button at the top left, which is not intuitive at all. So, after writing a very long message that took me over an hour, I accidentally swiped down the message window and poof, >7000 characters gone in a instant with no warning message, and no way to recover it. I’ve never felt the kind of hate for an idiotic design feature as I do right now. In the context of sending important, often difficult messages to loved ones in correctional facility, there should not be a design feature that allows for easy, accidental deletion of your entire message..Version: 2105

DreadfulThis app is slow a lot the time. Messages can take a long time to arrive and be received. If they deny photos they still take a stamp. Just another prison business making money out of people at their lowest times..Version: 2102

Canada JPayOf course any US site is set up for themselves and don’t take under account any other Countries. They are the Universe and all that matters. All they list is Alberta, cause they see Canadians living in Igloos and having only one province. So many inmates from around the world are being refused transfer back to their country by the Americans, yet no accommodations for them in or out of prison..Version: 1810

Very very very badIf i could gave them 0 i would gladly they are useless 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 2005.4

It’s always got issuesIt’s always down, error messages, loading but nothing loads. Desktop version is your best choice. As for sending loved ones money they charge to send money and the prisons take 20% off them when you do send them money. Stamps are way too expensive and when sending pictures you’re not guaranteed they will be sent to your loved one and if they aren’t you don’t ever get that money back you spend on the stamp. Video grams cost 4 stamps! (MN) which is equivalent to $2 for a 30 second video. Video visits are never guaranteed to work with jpay and kiosks always down. I can’t wait until the facilities switch the GTL.Version: 2103.1

To use OR not to use???I was all excited about this app so I could send my friend pics and movie clips of his daughter, but after reading the reviews; I’m not so sure. Now I’m wondering if my card information would even be safe with this app. It SURE sounds like it has a lot of PROBLEMS that I’m not sure I want to venture into. Something else, yes I’m an “instruction freak,” and I have no idea how to even use this app. I know there was a help page but for gosh sakes you’d have to have a magnifying glass or print it out to even read it and it’s sketchy at best. So I’m kinda on the fence about using this app, but I read someone said they used the website, maybe I should check it out first. Lastly, the reviews offer up that problems are many and have been for a long time, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is in any hurry to make the changes...not good news for an app, not to mention the DEVELOPERS. If i decide to use this app and it works out ok, I may need to change my rating; but at face value; 2 is all I can offer up right at this moment..Version: 2002

Definitely agreeI definitely agree so many fixtures is needed.Version: 1903

So Bad. Just so so bad.Utterly appalling. The app is so bad it is basically unusable. It wont log me in for hours or days at a time. It randomly freezes. It sends emails in a scrambled order. JPay is making a fortune off a dismal (at best) service..Version: 1908

Where’s the update?This app is a joke!!! In the beginning the app was working just fine for me to keep in contact with my fiancé. E-mails and pictures were being sent and received just fine then when it was time to update the app it keeps giving notices saying please update to JPay 19.8 or your previous app will not work properly. I downloaded it the first time and the same message popped up warning me of not working properly then i deleted the app again reinstalled app and even updated my entire phone to the most recent iOS and the app still doesn’t work. Notifications no longer come thru nor am I able to use any of my stamps that I purchased to send anything to my loved one! This app is such a ripoff and a waste of time, and don’t bother calling the 1-800 number because the representatives who answer are so rude and don’t have a care in the world for great customer service. I give this app a two thumbs down I wish I had another set of hands and it be four!!! Horrible service and don’t waste your time or money! Unsatisfied customer....Version: 1908

Horrible ServiceThis service is down constantly. There are constant service interruptions that they freely admit in emails they send saying they’ve corrected problems. The service is so bad that you can’t tell the difference between when there are problems and when there aren’t. This company has near non-existent customer service, the phone rings into oblivion and no one answers. After approximately 10 minutes of the phone ringing, someone has answered twice. Both times I was told they could not fix my issue. If this company wasn’t serving people society considers to be throw-always, this business would not exist due to their poor infrastructure and technological inability to keep up with the services they offer up to the public. They refuse to put money into the service in order to improve reliability. They know no one is going to hold them accountable due to the population they serve so they provide trash service, just enough to keep lawsuits from being filed for complete lack of service. They were already sued for unfair practices regarding switching out tablets and lost. They will take advantage every single time and every single place they can get away with it. This company is unreliable, unethical, and just plain unscrupulous..Version: 2103.1

Used to be a nice app...I have used this app for many YEARS and it was a convenient way to communicate with my daughter’s father. The messages were received quickly and I could get an almost an instant response most times (if he was on) or at least the same day/within a couple hours (depending on when he checked his messages). There were delays, at times, in either me receiving or him receiving emails, but it was rare. NOW IT IS HORRIBLE!! The last few months and whatever updates were made, it is just bad. Now there is a delay in messages sent and received all the time, sometimes it takes days. I no longer get notifications or emails that I have messages. The only way I know there is an email is to go into the app. I forget to even check the app because I was so used to getting notifications. When I remember to check the app, there are 2-3 emails sometimes and I never got a notification or email that I had messages. I have deleted the app a few times and reinstalled it to see if that changes. I have contacted support a few times and nothing has been resolved..Version: 1903

GarbageUpdate: They just put out another update and now my app won’t work at all!! It says I need to update but I did and now it says the app is no longer supported. I go to the App Store and it just says “open”. Ridiculous. Updated review: So they put out an update and for 2 days I started getting notifications again. But now they’re randomly deleting messages from my inbox and outbox. Msgs takes hours to even show up in my outbox as sent and their site says 15 minutes!! I’m done spending money on this app!! With all the profit this company makes off of families you would think they would spend some of it on making decent products that work. Even their tablets are garbage, my bf has his for less than a year and it’s useless. Buttons break, won’t sync, etc. Jpay is a SCAM using predatory business practices to profit from families. Let’s not forget the prisons get a kickback for doing business with them. After the latest update I can’t even log into the app anymore “unable to complete the request at this time” ...I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times..Version: 1909

Late messagesMy friend has been getting all my messages but I never get his i have only had this for four days an I understand people have to read the messages but they take to long to get to me when he gets every single one of mine. He thinks that I’m not replying to them when I’m just not getting any of them! You need to fix these issues. I don’t get his messages until very late or I don’t know if he’s acing receiving all of my messages. I can’t wait not to use this again. This app is nothing but problems. An you know you can set an algorithm to pick out certain words so then those are the messages you should read not every friggin message it’s too much it takes people to long to get the messages from the people that they love and care about. I have never had such a problem with any app but this one I never wrote the review either and this is the first time. I have very bad anxiety in this honestly doesn’t help me thinking he’s liking my messages he doesn’t care he is just trying to hurt me. I’m off for second chances but this makes it really hard for me..Version: 1810

What have you done ???Used to work perfectly! But not it’s a hit and miss if you can even get onto the app! I’ve been trying for two days and just sticks on the log in page!! Other issues, huge delays in sending and receiving Mail! And it is definitely an app issue!! This honestly needs sorting, you need to remember this is an app to contact loved ones incarcerated ! It’s heartbreaking knowing you’ve received a mail and can’t even access the app to open it! It’s also upsetting when they think they are being ignored or worried somethings happened and use stamps to check, when again, it’s just the app! Please start listening to reviews and sort this !.Version: 2102

Emails ???For the past days we’re having problems sending and receiving messages but I am being charged for.Version: 2103.1

ConcernedI am giving the app a 3 star only because I am unsure at this time. I downloaded the app so I am able to email back and forth with very close family friend. Also my oldest son was talking about JPay today, that he needed to get it all taken care of to also have communication with our friend. So I downloaded the app to give my son a heads up and what he would need to do. After downloading, I decided to read all of the reviews. Out of maybe 25 that I read, which were most recent, I only seen 2 maybe that gave a 4 or 5 star saying only a couple words about the app. All of the others are very disappointing to read. So now I don't know if I actually want to go thru all of the trouble. And am going to let my son know not to bother right now. This was supposed to be this amazing new technology way of communicating with our loved ones and helping with money in a much easier and quicker way. And what is really sad is that our loved ones, reguardless of their reason being there do not have much to look forward to. Day after day is the exact same routine most of the time. What they can look forward to is contact with family and friends. So for now, sadly, I will not open the app and add a profile..Version: 1905

Fix your app. This is not fair on family’sWell this all started out with a phone call from my son asking me if I could send him $25 well yes I can I told my son and then I got on the app and I have tried everything to try and send him $25 so he can get what he needs as a frustrated mother is going through torment her son is in prison I feel like I’m in prison to because of this app your app will not take any of my bank cards or a prepaid stamp card nothing and I have been trying for three days to send him money all I get is loading loading loading loading loading loading and it scrolls just like that loading loading loading loading loading goes on for a half hour each time I try you need to fix your app this is the only way that we can communicate with our loved ones do you understand this or do you just not care I don’t understand it and there’s no phone call when we could actually phone you call you and ask you if you can add the money for us I can’t find a phone number anywhere so yes I am very frustrated and that’s why I only gave you one star 60 app and I’ll change it thank you sincerely very frustrated mother.Version: 2106.2

XCurrently keeps saying unable to log in and i can’t buy stamps either, why is it doing this pls.Version: 2004.1

Crappy ServiceUnable to make payment with any of my US credit or debit cards. Payment always fails and is reversed..Version: 2106.2

Problem after problemThe amount of problems I’m having with this app is ridiculous! It’s the only way I can talk to my man atm & I spend so much damn no on stamps etc I expect it to run smoothly! Now I can’t get into the app this happens every second day I’m over it fix it!.Version: 2005

Help!!!So I'm new to jpay, downloaded it but it won't let me save my Profile because it says not avaliable try again! Uve tried so many times ISit because I'm in the U.K. Or what?.Version: 3.7

App Not Opening Anymore on IPhoneCan’t reply on app as no longer opening. Worked well before that. Now useless for replying. Love that I can communicate with app so I hope it’s fixed soon..Version: 1910

FrustratingConstantly have issues with this app, it often wont sign in or says there are no contacts etc.Version: 2002

IWhat’s going on today? I can’t get into any of the emails or write one since I updated ??.Version: 2103.1

Hit and miss but grateful for this appUsually works but when it doesn’t it’s devastating! Usually can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling app but doesn’t work every time. Glad I can use Jpay to communicate though!.Version: 2005

Fix the issuesOver a month now I’ve had issues where I try login via the app and all it says is “unable to complete request at this time” I’ve emailed a million times to no avail This is a joke.Version: 2105

Australian here as well again!!Terrible app! Wish I could give it ZERO stars!!! The company clearly only care about making money which is highlighted in their EXORBITANT fees they charge!! There looks to be quite a lot of us Aussies using the app so there should also been an option to view prices in AUD... or any other currency from around the world actually!! Even installing the latest versions (which there seems to be a new one each week 🙄) the app still glitches and cuts out etc!! There also needs to be an option so you KNOW 100% that your mail has been delivered and or printed out and your inmate has gotten it!.Version: 2005.4

Won’t work at allThe last two months JPay keeps not working at all I can’t sign in then when I get in it says I have no contacts but I do so because no contacts I can’t write my husband. Can’t read his emails I see 5 of them but can’t open. I’ve been trying for 4 hours to write him because of emergency and luckily he called me. Then I tried to call JPay to let them know the problem and it says I can’t call at this time contact them in website but web site won’t load on 3 different devices one being library computer. So no way to tell them JPay isn’t working. Then on good days some times it takes weeks to get a email other times a few minutes. When I say sometimes I mean every day at least one to two emails will take weeks to get. Why is it taking so long. And I’ve told JPay many many many times about this problem and they say oh it’s not our fault it’s the prison or oh well fix it nope still the same they give you a BS answer to get you off the phone. How hard is it to make a app work. Facebook has millions and never has these problems. This isn’t a complicated app it shouldn’t have these problems. I still can’t use JPay and it’s now been 5 hours what is going on?.Version: 1910

Constant CrashingSo many problems with this app. It’s trash.Version: 2105

😡😡JPAY IS RIDICULOUS! Jpay was working fine when I first started using it but for the last month or so it haven’t been working! I don’t understand how you can speak to your loved one when the app does not even work correctly! Messages come back days later after you thought your loved one just was ignoring you or something happen at the facility! Our messages being delivered 3times and taking 3stamps for the same 1 message you already said! I tried resetting my phone thinking it was my device, I tried reinstalling the app nothing change, I tried to update the app thats not even a option! I just don’t understand this it feel like it’s a scam because it’s not doing anything but taking customer’s money for stamps and people are barely getting in contact with they loved ones! It’s very upsetting because why you guys taking people money if this app is not working correctly! I rather write the facility & get in contact that way! It’s cheaper in better least you know your loved one will receive his stuff! Then you guys customer service are very poorly! Never can get in contact with you guys! You have to email josh but never get a email back! This is very inconvenient for a customer!.Version: 1910

There is always something issueI don't really write reviews on any app but this app is really getting on my nerves because I have been using this app for almost a year now and I try to communicate with my fiancé every single day outside the 15 minute calls that we are allowed to but for the past 2 month it feels that who ever gets profit from this app they just money hungry we do not receive our massages or videos that we send each other or we write to each other in the morning and get the massage late at night and lets not talk about the video calls we are not able to make no video call for 6 months because the kiosk is broken so they are not able to hear nothing we say and on this side either and if we write to technical support they do not reply back or they never fix the issues and we just end up loosing stamps and never get the massages is really so inconvenient because we are so apart Im in Texas and his all the way to Georgia and all we doing is spending money on something that is supposed to help our love once to communicate with us and their is issues SMH!!!!😡😡.Version: 1805

Great when it worksCurrently having continuous problems with trying to send funds. App won’t remember my debit card details or error message ‘Try again later’. Have latest vs. support is non existent..Version: 1910

Horrible!They deny pictures all the time but I’ve never had an issue mailing them. Jpay will tell you it’s the facility and the facility will tell you it’s jpay..Version: 2103.1

Emails missing and crashesJPay is super glitchy. It crashes when writing emails and doesn’t ‘auto save drafts’. I had 28 sent and received emails and now I have 23 and he has 21. I have this app set up for badge notifications and it NEVER works. I get email notifications that say I have incoming mail that never arrives. It keeps prompting me to update the app and that my version isn’t supported, but there is no other version????!!! I’ve deleted and redownloaded it three times. Ulg. This app is frustrating..Version: 1903

Terrible serviceThe service offered by jpay is atrocious. After reporting numerous problems over the course of 5 years I have only ever received one reply from customer service which was useless. I’ve had issues sending photos, and mail and the glitches are never properly rectified. I receive notifications of mail when there is nothing in the inbox. This company is making a fortune off its customers and not providing an adequate service..Version: 1903

Bored.Never logs me in sick of sitting on a ‘sighing in’ page it just freezes after that.Version: 2005

Cannot sign in !!!!This app won’t even let you sign in ... please fix it!!!.Version: 2005.5

AustralianHaving issues buying stamps , app closes as I finalise purchase . Able to receive mail but unable to reply! So very annoying not just for me, but also for the person in writing too..Version: 1907

LolLiteral trash. And you PAY TO SPEAK TO LOVED ONES. It’s not like it’s free and they can’t afford quality software designers but here we are. It kicks you out constantly. You have to actually delete and download it again for any update. What do you actually do with our money? Profit. All profit. Use people at their lowest points for gain. That’s the American dream!.Version: 2106.8.1

DO NOT UPDATE!!!Can not even log in since update. Keeps telling me Jpay is not available. Hope it's fixed soon and time/date added to emails..Version: 4.3

So annoyingEvery time I log onto jpay it asks for my username and password!! Then when I try to log on it deletes all my info so I have to keep re entering it. This is so bad since the latest update :(.Version: 2102

Email issuesSome emails I send are not received by the inmate but it’s unclear why. No follow-up and I only know because he says he hasn’t received them. Please fix as it costs money and is very frustrating Need to add a read-receipt to emails.Version: 2002

UnreliableVery glitchy app. Can’t sign into my account via the app. Can sign in via internet explorer. Have been trying to log in for 5 hours. Have deleted and re installed app and still not letting me sign in..Version: 1805

Fix videograms.The videograms aren’t loading and I cant view old ones. When I refresh I see duplicates. I cant see old videos.Version: 2106.7

It is what it is...Wow, check out the e-card feature! Welcome to 1996!.Version: 3.6

Loved it before the recent updateMessages don’t go through fast anymore, messing up the messaging and wasting stamps, hopefully it gets fixed ... it was better before the update happened.Version: 2102

Annoying!!I keep trying to sign up to JPay but it repeatedly sais my password info is invalid but it’s got green ticks for all the things I must include in my password! Please fix this bug.Version: 1803

Junk of a appCrashes , doesn’t take payment . Errors , times out. Useless app. Says to update, but there is no update available in App Store..Version: 1908

PaymentsIt won’t let me buy any stamps i live in Australia and keep putting my credit card details in correctly but it keeps saying it’s invalid. But my card works on other apps.Version: 1805

Why?Again I can not log in. I really am getting frustrated now.Version: 1909

Love this app! 👍I love this app and would be lost without it. I'm in the UK and the person I write too it based in Texas. Snail mail takes about 5 days if it doesn't go missing on the way. So to be able to send and letter and its delivered so quick is fantastic x.Version: 4.2

Problems since recent updatesThe mobile app for iPhones used to be great until the update to the new style a few months ago. Since then when composing an email the text after a paragraph gets hidden under the keyboard and predictive text and you cannot see what you are typing nor move around the txt to correct errors obliterated by the keyboard Updates are supposed to make things better!! Making it look posh but the functionality not working correctly is pointless.Version: 1709.2.1

😡I am really very unhappy with this application, I uninstalled it more than 3 times and reinstalled and still it asks me to update the app because it is not working well, and when I enter my App Store it does not ask me for an update, now that I do it now that for me it is urgent to use this application The worst application I have seen in my whole life and I still use it for my brother but it is very unpleasant to be spending money on an application that steals your money messages arrive when they feel like it sometimes they do not arrive and still charge them Right now the application demands that I have to update for the new version and my phone is an iPhone XR and is not giving me the option to update now I ask the developer of this application How the heck will I be able to update the application then It is a painful application, one uses it because you need to communicate with the family member, 10 messages arrive 4 so repeat the same words you call them and the operators do not know what explanation to give you, in my case I have been trying to talk with the user for a month supervisor, the man seems to not like his job very much because if he is not in a meeting, he had to leave, it seems to me a robbery and a huge disrespect.Version: 1908

AnnoyedMy videos aren’t loading anymore i dont know why.Version: 2102

When it works it’s greatWhen this app works it’s great. I can contact my loved one.. sure there’s a bit of a delay in delivering and receiving especially at weekends but I can deal with that. The error messages and the time it takes to sign in..that’s an issue. I’ve been trying to log in for the past 20 mins and it just keeps loading. Sometimes it doesn’t save a draft. So you lose everything you have previously written. Simple things that could be easily fixed if they just put the effort in. The idea behind this app is great. The service of it. Not great. I even contacted their customer service last month and I still haven’t gotten a response. Fix it JPAY and maybe those stars will increase. Can’t give five stars for a broken app!.Version: 2002

DifficultThis is frustrating...I cannot contact my friend until I update but there are no updates available. I can’t buy stamps, send messages, anything. I’m also in Australia....Version: 1805

Doesn’t work anymoreBeen using this for nearly two years today told me needs to be update for my apple iPhone but when I try to update in apple store it’s still saying it needs updating I’m lost as to why to do.Version: 1909

BadIt’s expensive and not good at all It keeps logging out and sometimes won’t let me log back in which is annoying.Version: 2103.1

Australian UserI read a few terrible reviews before updating and I have to agree with some and disagree with others. I’m from Australia and had a few issues with my card. If I want to buy/transfer stamps I have to do it online. I receive messages fine and since updating my app doesn’t force close which is good. I don’t have the option to edit photos before sending..Version: 1807

PoorApps been down days now.Version: 2106.7

OkayProblem has resolved itself.Version: 2004.2

Missing Emails and Pictures never receivedThis app has great potential being one if not the app that offers real time communication and media sharing with friends and family that are away. Recently I have experienced on several occasion where I never received an email, and my loved one never received my email or picture. The first time it happened I resent the email. The email and pictures cost a stamp each and so I used 2-4 stamps to resend the same picture and email and so my account was deducted twice and my loved one only received the email and picture once. This is sad because a lot of people rely on this form of communication with those loved ones. The app is outdated. Doesn’t have a modern feel, I would like the look to be better and more inviting and not like a 3 grader created it. (No offense) The technical issues with the servers crashing should be dealt with in a timely manner and all stamps and emails affected during that crash should be reimbursed to the accounts. When there is a serve crash or overload an courtesy email would be nice so we won’t be wondering what is going on with emails not being received. I do appreciate the availability of this app and convenience of it but it could be a better more integrated app. I hope the developers can adjust, improve and fix those issues quickly. Sincerely a concerned patron and customer..Version: 1910

Worst app everWorked once, once. Deleted reinstalled, still never worked..Version: 2105

Stamps...I am also from Australia And struggled for days to buy stamps! Kept saying it failed when there was nothing wrong with my card Then it finally let me buy stamps after the millionth time but by using the JPay website :( Got told I had to update but there was no such option.Version: 1805

Mediocre performance!I have experienced the same issues most people write about. I recognize that prison staff are frequently responsible for delaying email delivery. But the functionality of this app is a different matter. All apps need occasional updates. However this app is full of small bugs. Nevertheless it is functional and it’s our only choice. I have just had to delete the app and download it again. This makes the third time in as many months. It freezes and cannot connect. After the re-install it will work fine for awhile. When my phone goes to “dark mode “ the app does not adjust like other apps and I am unable to see the reply I send so I have to go to settings and manually go back to “light mode “ temporarily. I have brought this to jpay’s attention already but as many of you know, jpay doesn’t respond to such complaints and instead just promises to look into them. But other than these irritations, it seems to work fairly well. Too bad our prisons don’t also..Version: 1910

Desperately need a “read receipts” settings optionI guarantee you’d see a boost in sales with more stamp purchases if you simply added read receipts as an option for all users in settings. It has been so frustrating trying to have a back and forth conversation because each message is screened and can take 5 minutes or 3 days. The user sending the message isn’t sure what’s gone through for certain. Things often are received out of order. Like if I send 3 messages today, the receiver might get the 2nd one first, the 3rd one second, and the 1st one third. The system will correctly put the messages in the correct order that was intended once they all come in, like in the received inbox, after all 3 messages do come through in that 1-3 day period, you’ll see them in the proper order in the inbox which is good, but it makes it impossible to have a fluent and coherent back and forth conversation. Each facility from my understanding has their own screening process, so the only way JPAY could at least try to help with this is add a read receipts option. So I’m just hoping their engineers read this because profit is the name of the game and I’m telling yah, people will buy more if that feature is added. It’s super annoying not knowing what’s gone through and been seen or not. So we’re mostly going back to phone calls after realizing we’re getting upset with eachother over something out of our control..Version: 2106.10

Not bad. So far enjoyingNot bad. Photos don’t seem to send fast at all but I only had it for a couple days now. Fix that bug maybe..Version: 2002

Sending money to inmateNow impossible! What was wrong with the old method? I sent money for years..Version: 2005

CANT LOGINI get the same error SL001 every time I try to login and the customer service team have been unhelpful with trying to fix this issue.Version: 2106.7

BadBring emailing back to the app the website doesn’t work.Version: 2106.11

FixWon’t let me me sign in and when I do to freezes or it won’t tell me I have mail or it won’t send mine I’m started to get really annoyed with the app.Version: 2103

UselessThere is no make payment icon on my version so it is completely useless. Would give no stars if it was possible..Version: 2105

Never worksAlways one problem or another.Version: 2103.1

Terrible!I’ve been using this app for over 2 years now. The last couple of updates has really ruined things such as the length of time we get our emails. It used to be within 20 minutes now it’s up to 12 hours or more. Also since the newest update I quit getting notifications sent to my Phone. Honestly though, prior to that notifications would be delayed anyway. So in order for me to even see if I have an email I have to go into the app and check it. As much money I’ve spent just on Jpay alone in the last 2 years, it would be nice to have an app that works... the emails sent in a timely manner - which was never a problem until about October/November. Also, reading at past reviews I noticed that a lot of people had issues with their loved ones players not working properly after an update. The same thing happened to my boyfriend and Jpay refused to fix the issue so we ended up buying another one. It’s just a money game. As much money people spend on jpay related things it would be great to utilize that money on making sure your crap works properly..Version: 1903

Not working properlyI liked jpay until the new update came up. Since then emails haven’t been received, or are very delayed and no notifications whatsoever..Version: 1903

3The JPay app is a well structured app it’s easily accessible to send emails, videos, money, and photos. It does have some minor problems here and there but all in all it’s perfect for keeping in contact with my Loved one..Version: 2102

Not working properlyI love the app and being able to write and send pictures. Over the past several weeks I have had issues with my loved one NOT getting my messages. It says it was sent and I see the, but he is not getting them. He is then writing me and snapping thinking I am not writing. ALL of our messages are out of order. Messages with pictures have taken over a week to get and he has stated he has only gotten 5 of 18 I have sent since MONDAY! This is starting to get out of hand. I now can not send a message because it closes out the app all together when I go to send a message. As much money as I put on here to message, I almost feel like it is a rip off with everything that has been going on with the app and all the “bugs”. If he is not getting the picture messages, then what is the point in wasting a stamp for each one? Had to use 3 stamps to send video because email was not working. Very disappointed and over all the problems and stress it is putting on my relationship..Version: 1909

Bring back notification soundsOne of the (former) great benefits of the app is it would send a notification sound when an email from a loved one arrived. Since the last iOS update the sound notification feature is gone. I know it’s the app because I’ve tried everything from deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone multiple times. This feature is vital for communicating with loved ones whose only option is to write and receive messages from the kiosk. Inmates are allowed two log-ins per day for 20 minutes each. When I receive a prompt notification I can respond while he’s still sitting at the kiosk. Please fix this problem. Alternatively you could respond promptly and efficiently when an inmate submits a ticket explaining that their tablet is not usable because it won’t sync. Help them get the help they need to have a functioning tablet!! For these men and women, email is a crucial lifeline to their loved ones in the outside world..Version: 1805

In the email section there should be an option to save unfinished emails as a draftThis app is terrible it automatically closes!and I will have an email written that has taken me a day to write and it’s very detailed and then boom the app closes !It doesn’t save the email as a draft it just deletes it! I feel like either this is a bug or are you guys should get with the program and do like Securus and allow it to save as a draft. There should be an option when you go to close the app that says are you sure you haven’t sent your message yet save his draft? You should be able to click yes and it’s that simple that way you don’t have to keep rewriting the same email over and over again I get that you guys kind of want it to be a message app as far as like texting kind of goes if that makes sense like an SMS however it’s not it’s an email therefore it should be treated like an email my only complaint other than that the app is great.Version: 2106.2

DisappointedI always loved this app but since the update recently it is now awful. I don’t always receive notifications of incoming mail and if I do it’s a day or two later, there is now no date and time on the mail, I can’t send attachments from my phones camera or photos only JPay’s ecards. I really don’t like this app anymore and we have now taken to mostly speaking on the phone and only use the app while waiting for the phone account to clear. Disappointing..Version: 1903

Still needs to be fixedI am truly grateful for this app & it makes it easier to keep in touch & send sentiments to my husband that he can always look to until he can come back home. BUUUUUUTTTTTT... There is a flaw in this app that DRIVES ME MAD!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who tends to proofread their email before sending... And when doing so, there have been umpteen times when I've been swiping my screen to scroll back to the top & then all of the sudden the WHOLE email swipes completely of the bottom of the screen & DISAPPEARS!!! WWWWWWTTTTTTFFFFFFF!!! Isn't saved to a draft nor is the option given to do so. IT'S JUST GONE GONE GONE!! Which INFURIATES me after I've been writing for 30 minutes or more. Yes, I could stop & copy & save everything every so often... But I really shouldn't have to do that. That shouldn't happen. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! There have been multiple times this has happened & I've had to walk away bc I'm so frustrated. And then I don't send my message. Other than THAT... I don't think it's a bad app. I wouldn't rate it 5 stars bc it's not anywhere near perfect but if you fix this extremely aggravating issue... I could probably bump it to a 4 star..Version: 2004.1

Issues with JPayJPay needs to fix up cuz they are so many issues I have with this app daily like it’s ridiculous. I can’t see emails I’m getting ,can’t send messages at certain times and the list goes on those are just my top 2 problems and they never respond when you report a problem so unprofessional smh.Version: 2106.2

Useless for me.I thought this would prove to be a better and easier way of sending money, etc., to my inmate friend. I’ve been trying to communicate with JPay by sending email messages through the website and getting no replies. No better with this app. I noticed that for some time now their blog is down on their site and the Friends and Family forum is out of action. Jpay need to get their act together as they are definitely not fully functioning properly..Version: 1910

Bugs bugs bugsI have been using Jpay for years now! Although I appreciate being able to stay in touch with my loved ones. I DONT appreciate how many bugs and errors I have ran into! Since Jpay is the ONLY way we can message and send pictures quickly its very frustrating that there is always a problem. I have been trying to send pictures for at least 2-3 months now and have been getting nothing but error after error. Even most of my messages haven’t been getting through. Then I call customer service only to hear “They are working on it” or “You just have to keep trying until it works”. It’s understandable that things are not perfect but at the same time it seems like nothing is being done to fix the problem. It’s infuriating that the app basically does not work. Especially after a so called “Update”! With Jpay being the only app the prisons pair with for communication it is unaccounted to be down for so long. PLEASE DO BETTER!!! Not being able to visit in person because of the Covid situation makes Jpay all the more of a necessity!.Version: 2005.4

Buggy appI correspond with a penpal via this app. I don’t even know the person very well, and the app calls him “my loved one”, I mean I feel sympathy, but “love” would be a little too much. The notifications in the app are extremely delayed, both the pop ups and the emails sent to my address, I often receive a notification 2-3 hours AFTER I have read a new message, and, obviously, there are no new messages. One of my emails got rejected, but I received no notification or explanation, JPay just ate the pennies. In fact, the notification was sent to my penpal, so it took us a while to figure out what email was rejected as if it is a state secret. Can’t you just make things easier? I also don’t like that old emails disappear in the app, and are only available in the web version. You also can’t copy text from any previous emails in the app. You’d think it is such a basic function..Version: 1905

Good app, easy to useGood app, easy to use, nice aesthetic. An improvement would be if the inmates can have like a profile photo that’s either from their write a prisoner . Com profile or we can add a photo next to it ourselves just so we can see a little photo of said person when we are contacting them. Will make a more enjoyable experience and feel more personal and intimate..Version: 2101

App has many issuesThis app always crash and have errors. I always have to go online just to see how many stamps I have. I have to keep deleting the app and down loading it to open incoming mail. Pictures can’t upload. Videos take too many stamps just for a 30 second video. This app will take all your money. I think I’ll stick to just using your normal postal service. I appreciate the JPay sending money portion. When the app works, sending emails is good but that’s just the thing, the app always have issues. Maybe it would be nice if the videos could be 1 minute. So we can get our money worth. Since they say this is to reconnect families . Is it really? Or is it to monopolize off of these inmates and their families. Yes they are prisoners and them getting videos are a privilege but now your punishing the family members because you gave them this new shiny toy and they expect their family members to help them be able to use it. So now that’s another expense for us already drained family members. It was better when the prison system used to allow them to have pictures and magazines and newspapers. I always wondered why that stopped. But I guess that’s just one more thing we have to figure out like them visitor bathrooms having no soap, paper towels and sometimes no toilet paper. I’m just saying.Version: 2002

Not too bad .. could be better thoughWhen I first got this app things were okay with receive time with messages. Took about a hour or two on both ends for messages to be received . Then when the update came it made a major delay on things . Two issues though. You get false alerts saying you have a new message from a love one and won’t receive the message until hours or even a day later, which is unfortunate. Also, I noticed if I send messages or if my loved one sends messages on the weekend they are delayed wayyy tooo long. If he sends me a message on a Friday I won’t received it till Tuesday, which is also unfortunate. But I will say that the send feature is pretty cool makes it easier to send pictures quicker. Just wish there was a better way to receive their messages at the exact time they sent them, it feels better to almost feel like the emails are virtual like texts. Few nitches overall not a bad app...Version: 1910

Australian user here toSeriously how about letting non US resident know about the real costs of things before we are charged up to 20$ more for being outside the US and same being double charged for stamps id give it no stars set some terms about wht the actual cost of things are for us, not take and then let ppl find out later on their bank statements..Version: 1903

Very unhappy!I have used JPAY for quite a few years to send mail to my one loved one. It used to work great as others have noted as, it’s a challenge to even get my message sent or received...The app needs serious work-it is horrible. I used to receive notifications, my messages were sent and received quickly and I was able to take care of everything quickly... I have just reinstalled the app to try to get it to I can’t retrieve anything...generally now messages are 3-4 days old, half the time it says it cannot retrieve mail... I have tried to write a message and it says I have too many characters but yet there is nothing written. I’m about fed up but there is no competition so you either use JPAY or you don’t. Please fix notifications-please fix the retrieval for messages, please REWORK the whole app. In today’s world all the tech is available to create so much, yet this continues to be horrible with each update making it worse..Version: 1907

RubbishI cannot log in on the app. Just keeps saying something is wrong and try again. Iv reset my passwords. Changed my internet settings. Tried on different devices ect. & it still won’t work. It’s been like this months and months now!.Version: 1907

Update: ADOBE FLASH PLAYER IS BEING DROPPED BY MANY PLATFORMSNo way I give this a 5 star, but I’m making up. So many people’s complaints are all do to the prison. “It took so long! Or they didn’t get it” The time and discretion is up to the prison staff! Sure this thing has bugs sometimes but so do most apps. And yes, crap on the charges, but they’re nothing compared to phone bills. And seriously, if you don’t like it, use a pen and paper. Run to the post office and buy stamps. Wait weeks...... No? I didn’t think so. Update: Video visit is outdated. They will need to redo their whole method of video visit because Adobe flash is on the way out; “ ADOBE FLASH SUPPORT IS ENDING! Google has announced that they will remove Flash completely from Chrome and Chrome OS by the end of 2020. The deprecation of Flash has been in the works for quite some time, and changes are happening now that will affect Flash use on district Chromebooks. For example, several months ago SWF video files stopped working on Chromebooks. Google has stated that this is the first kind of Flash that has been deprecated. Google will slowly deprecate Flash in the coming versions of Chrome OS and Chrome browser so we cannot expect everything to stay the same until December 2020.”.Version: 2005

Constant IssuesI honestly have never been more frustrated with an app! Errors on an almost daily basis that either don’t allow me to login or that delete messages when I’m halfway through writing them. Not to mention the constant slow updates. Extremely annoying.Version: 2103.1

This WAS a great app!!I agree with those who have already conveyed their annoyance with the keyboard/counter blocking what you’ve typed, etc. That is SOOO FRUSTRATING to have to jump through all these hoops. And I spent an entire afternoon simply trying to update my credit card expiration date so I could purchase more stamps. Once I was FINALLY able to accomplish both, (but only after being forced to “update” (change) my email address. It’s a good thing I already had a backup email account). Eventually everything appeared to be in order and my account on both my iphone and ipad were synced with the correct information. However, later that evening I attempted to go back to using the mobile app, I get a message on both devices say “Unable to complete the request at this time.”. I checked my device settings; tried closing the apps and turning my devices off and back on, etc. And since someone already said they tried to delete and re-download the app, I guess I won’t even bother. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I would be happy to give a higher rating once these issues are resolved..Version: 1805

Worst App everHorrible app doesn’t let you proceed to the next step.Version: 1905

Ridiculous!!I used to really love this app because of how convenient it is, being able to just write my loved ones on my phone, send pics, videos and send money..but now? I have no idea what happened. It’s like it’s been updated to be dysfunctional! I no longer get notifications when I get emails, I used to get emails sent to my personal email to let me know I have an email and I don’t get those either. I have to physically go to the app just to know if I have an email. I’ve had emails sent to my personal email saying my photos were rejected, so I sent different photos only for my loved one to tell me that he in fact did receive the ones that were said to be rejected! It takes way longer to receive their emails than it used to and also vice versa. The word count is stupid, the least it can do is tell you how much you have to write before it means that you’re going to need another stamp! Who ever is in charge clearly doesn’t know what it feels like to be close to someone that’s incarcerated..Version: 1903

TrashWORSE APP EVER………..emailed NEVER GET TOO MY HUSBAND AT ALL…I can send up too 5 emails he will get zero he sent me over 8emails I got zero yet you take our stamps WE HAVE TOO PAY FIR THESE STAMPS THAT WE BUY YET OUR ENAILS NEVER GET SENT….we tell each other all the time the date and time we sent our emails never too be seen or read…..YET WE ARE LOSEN MONEY ON THESE EMAILS THAT ARE NEVER REACHING ME IR MY HUSBAND…what a DAMM scam smmfh.Version: 2103.1

Worst app I have used, NEVER WORKSIt’s like being back in 1995. App NEVER works, website never works. Constantly get error messages saying ‘unable to complete request at this time’. The app has only worked a few times. What shambles. A TOTAL scam..Version: 2105

New app rubbishTwo years ago with the old JPay app it was brilliant now I can’t send money to my pen pal in prison I’m so disappointed I’ve tried everything to fix it but nothing it’s apsolutly rubbish is there another app I could .go onto to send money . Thankyou.Version: 2102

Not recommending this serviceThe video visits don’t work at Coyote Ridge Wa JPay don’t credit another visit when this happens, it’s impossible to get through on the phone, the wait times on hold are ridiculous. They need to fix what’s broken & STOP charging people for a service they aren’t getting!! FED UP!!!.Version: 2002

Very disappointedI am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau. I never done this, but this company left me no choice. Along with the others complaints, I share the same issues with JPay app. It’s going to be a month since my husband sent me a videogram, I have yet to receive. I’ve reached out to the customer service through the app,instead of looking into the matter, they provided me with an email and a customer service phone number to resolve my issue. After sending two emails and speaking to customer service my problem has yet to be resolve. What’s more disturbing than this, the employees who were handling my issue were not aware of the features offered through the jpay app. The employees I spoke with didn’t know anything about the videogram. This is ridiculous. This company is not holding up to what they advertise. It pains me to be going through such issue, my children and I look forward to communicating with my husband through this app and with the ongoing issues has it really affected my children. It saddens me to have to tell them no I haven’t received anything from their father. Shame on you for misleading people with your false advertisement and poor customer support, no one should have to go through such thing..Version: 1910

Waste of my moneyI agree with all these negative reviewers. I’ve received 3 notifications I have new messages over the last 2 days and I still have no messages to read from my loved one. And now my messages are disappearing. With today’s technology, this is what we have!!!.Version: 1903

Can’t even log in?!Keeps saying error everytime I go to log into my account, saying email not recognised. App completely not working although internet browser is? Fix this!!.Version: 2002

UnreliableConstant outages, inability to login, issues purchasing stamps and attaching images, delayed or repeated mail notifications ... the list goes on. Seems like a very unprofessional outfit managed by under-qualified staff. It’s a shame, because the idea is great..Version: 1910

Absolute rubbish!This is the only way I have contact with my boyfriend who’s incarcerated and the app keeps either freezing after I’ve wrote a 5000 word email so I lose it! Or it won’t let me sign in! It’s absolute crap!.Version: 2002

No replyI’ve sent 3 emails one in Jan. One in February and one in March. I have yet to get a reply All I get are notices that say update jpay I have the 1904 update This app or something isn’t working?.Version: 1904

OkConstant up dates, doesn’t notify you with notifications and sometimes doesn’t even let you log in!.Version: 1903

App needs workI have been using the JPay App for a few months now to communicate with my loved one and I find it very invasive. They want to track your location for every little thing. For example, you have to allow the app to see your location just to view how many stamps you have left. I agree with the person who left the January 5th review stating that visually the app needs major work. Most of the time I just use the JPay website. There are times I have wanted to send just one picture to my loved one but JPay requires you to write something in the email also just to get another stamp out of you. I do not like that every single picture cost a stamp so if you have multiples 10 stamps can be gone within just one day including a letter. I absolutely think they need to improve the type of pictures you can upload. Right now there are only 2 photo format types that the site/app accepts and if you don’t know how to convert a picture type then you are out of luck. The fees to send money are RIDICULOUS! I paid $8.00 just to send $50. I avoid using JPay as much as possible because the app needs major work and it is a money guzzler. You are better off sending your loved letters and pictures through the mail. At least when the JPay site goes down they can still view their pictures and letters because as the other reviewer stated JPay will not send the users ANY kind of communication when the app has issues. Honestly I probably will be deleting the app sooner than later..Version: 2002

App crashes when I try to buy stampsI’ve received one email but I can’t reply because every time I try to buy stamps, the app just crashes and shuts down. So disappointing..Version: 1910

Stamps!! RidiculousIt’s an absolute nightmare that you have changed the stamps and only allowing them to be used to communicate with the person you bought them through I live in the U.K. and I have a lot of people I talk to on JPay some of which only have me for company who I can’t message back because it’s way too expensive for me to buy separate stamps for everyone I talk too!!!.Version: 2002

Please sort it out!!This is supposed to be a way for us to communicate with our loved ones that are incarcerated, now if this was a free messaging service I’d have no room to complain BUT ITS NOT! You charge us to message our loved ones then it takes 2-3 days for you to pass the message on! I know its not the facility as I’ve spoken to them and they’re on top of approval, it’s JPay and it’s bugs that were supposed to be fixed! Please sort it out or if you can’t, drop the damn prices for the stamps!!.Version: 2102

Don’t even botherThis app and company is horrendously horrible. If I could rate it negative stars they’d have earned every single negative star. From not getting emails on time, if at all, to the constant crashing while paying exorbitant fees for the services offered, it’s not worth it. Add the fact that every single time that I use the service, I end up with fraudulent charges to my credit card. I utilize the same reputable companies and services so whenever I reach out to my loved ones and utilize JPAY, I always end up with several fraudulent transactions that occur for specific amounts stacked back to back. This is the second time that this has occurred and I will not be utilizing JPay anymore. I highly recommend that you find a different way of contacting your loved ones because this company is extremely problematic for more than one reason. It’s shameful that they don’t help with issues, ignore valid complaints, and feign ignorance of the problems that arise from doing business with them. Utilize this company at your own risk..Version: 2103.1

When the app works it’s goodWhen the app actually logs in and works it’s great, helpful to keep in touch with my bf but otherwise I can’t even log in! It gets stuck on the log in page for days at a time..Version: 2102

Cannot access any longerIt flashes up when I try to open the app and immediately closes down. Unusable now. What have you done?,.Version: 2105.1

Poor receiving serviceJPay is not to be trusted with your time that you think you will receive your mail you will not! Also, it’s only on certain days that you will receive your mail on the same day. But that’s only once or twice out of the week. My boyfriend always mad at me about not writing him back but it’s JPay, the way they send & receive our msgs, although I may not know physically what the issue is, only by what they tell me but I think it’s ludicrous at times & that they should get a better operating system if I’m spending money on here very so more often.. then I would like for my msgs & pictures to be sent on time. JPay is also a banking system because they know we’re going to always want to speak & reach out to our loved ones & Vice versa for the loved ones in the prison system. Just be mindful about that as well, you’ll be better off just mailing out your pictures, & letters vs spending all your money & helping the government take it all & help them with their issues that their not even liable enough to help us in the future!.Version: 1901

Oh so glitchy..I started using Jpay the beginning of this year and everyday there is a new issue, I get error messages saying the snap and sends did not actually send so I send again meanwhile the first one sent and it eats another stamp. Most days lately an email takes 2 hours to show up in my outbox. The kiosk at my husband’s facility is down at least 3-4 times a week. It’s either frozen or logs him out while typing an email which causes him to have to log in again just to type it and he is only allowed 5 log ins a day. I was excited to hear I could communicate with him via this app and emails but the postal service has been far more reliable. The entire month of March I could not send a videogram I reported it several times and even sent emails with no response because despite the video not sending the app ate my 4 stamps. Luckily my husband will be home in a few short months but this app needs some serious work. I really hope the app and kiosk issues are fixed soon, this is already a stressful time for families and wives of incarcerated individuals and no more added stress is necessary..Version: 2004.1

Won’t let me send moneyWon’t let me buy stamps I add my card correctly.Version: 2105

App not working!!This app is constantly forcing updates that lead to non functionality. It was ok previously and served its purpose to send pics and videos but recently has really been HORRIBLE!! Customer support is non existent it’s very sad that even during this pandemic they are still profiting off of families and those in the most unfortunate circumstances in their lives. I have been unable to send money, email, or pics in over a month! The app takes awhile to sign in then just loads to nothing, it says I have no contacts yet my prior emails are there once I try to respond it says the person isn’t my contact and when I try to add a contact it says no search results found when I enter the DIN#. This is truly heartbreaking to constantly occur especially during the holidays. With all the fees they profit off of millions they should at least be able to have a functioning app. It seems pretty obvious that they need to revert to the last version of the app that didn’t have these issues. Thanks a lot for ruining Christmas for the already unfortunate ones this year..Version: 2005.5

Not very compatibleIPhone 6 & 7 plus, app turns phone into a Windows ‘98 computer... difficult entering information for account.Version: 1805

BuggedThe app used to be amazing but recently the app has been blacked out so I cannot see any text. Please can you rectify this as I can no longer buy stamps through the app or even see if I’ve got a message because the text blends in with the background. (Everything is just black)..Version: 1910

Slow appI got an email last night at 3:15 am that an inmate has sent me an email. 12 hours laster the email has still not shown up on the app. Seems I’ve had other missing emails which I was charged for. Disappointing slow system! Rip off..Version: 1902

NotificationsI have used this app and JPay overall for several years. I receive notification about video media is emails but no notification or file in the actual app. I’ve also sent video media and my son has never received it. So I stopped using that feature because it’s a waste of money “stamps”. I can respect that you now show notification that the emails could take up to 3 days although I’ve had some take longer. I can’t complain about much other than what was mentioned. And if it’s the prisons that take their time with reviewing the pictures or emails, 3 days is a bit too much considering it’s electronically done. What would be the reason videos we send are not being delivered? What would be a reason a video from the inmate isn’t delivered? At min, we could receive notification about that instead of email notification that we have a video but none being delivered in the app..Version: 1908

Won’t recognise meSince last update it won’t recognise my account! It asks me to set up new account but won’t let me do that either! Frustrated beyond words and no customer service!.Version: 2106.10

Worst App In HistoryThere's only one reason I use this appalling app.... it's the ONLY way to email my fiancé in New Jersey. The emails take hours to get there. Notifications of replies often take two hours longer than the actual reply to show up in my normal email. It is expensive. The terminals in the facilities break down frequently, and take weeks to repair. The user interface is a joke. The tablets available to inmates are rubbishy and over-priced. At present, as I write this, the system only displays the first two lines of the messages. All JPay are interested in is taking your money. If you must have it, like me, then download it. But don't expect to be happy with it. If I could give zero stars, I would..Version: 4.2

Never workedI’m never able to connect. I send tge report to Jpay and they never replies. Poor app.Version: 2106.9

So slowTakes ages for app to log me in.Version: 2102

I have used JPay for years until now 🤨Now when I click on the app it doesn’t open up. I click on it and it and it opens and closes out right away. Also I send my love one a little tell them about our family, there was no violations of JPay wrote in my letter and it was rejected from giving it to my love one. My stamps were not refunded back to me. JPay you need competition, I think 🤔 I might will make business plan of my own to develop a better app and then pitch it to the government. This way the people will get what they paid for, refund of the virtual stamps that they can only use with my company any time they like to where their is no money refund given, and they would have to pay extra stamps to send a sexy picture with guidelines on how it can be sent to the inmate. Anyway I am full of ideas 💡 on how you can up date this app and made a boatload of money, and every body is happy the customers, and even the locked up inmate from getting nice pictures from their love one. Please fix your app before I give you competition..Version: 2105

OkTo start with this app worked well, all the options on the app worked, now I can just send emails but it won't even let me attach photos anymore and when I try to touch the other options the app crashes!.Version: 4.8

Love to hate it recentlySo the app is very convenient for staying in touch with my loved one who is incarcerated and I’m grateful for that opportunity to easier communicate with them but the recent update seems like it has taken a couple steps back from when I previously had it downloaded on my old phone. My software is updated to the latest Apple 13.0 version and I have gotten a new phone and since downloading half of the app doesn’t work or display what it use too, I’m wasting stamps trying to send pictures more than once and have yet to be successful with getting them delivered to my loved one via the app, on top of that the option to add more stamps and a card doesn’t pop up on my application anymore either. I’ve wasted a good amount of stamps sending almost empty emails because the attached files don’t stick when sending even though they pop up when I first am composing the email. It’s just frustrating since I’m on my last stamps and haven’t yet figured out how to get everything to pop back up like it did on my old phone, should I delete the app and try downloading again? As much as it’s not working I’d hate to get rid of it because the actual email part works well enough to keep in touch with them..Version: 2001

Erase email before it was sent or send the same email multiple times.There have been many times I have started out writing my letter and either a phone call or someone at the door? But when I come back to it to finish, what I had already typed was cleared or erased to leave me to start over! Very frustrating! When I used to attach a picture when the inmate received it, the picture was so small it was hard to tell! A big waste of double stamps. I recently had the problem of my friend received multiple copies of the same letter Snd yes they took my stamps every time they recent the same email. These emails were 3 & 4 stamps every time! Now I know JPay makes good money already from us with the charges they already have set into place! But for them todo this and you know someone somewhere knows when duplicates are sent out to the same person? I seriously question the integrity of their whole business operation! I’m just one that had issues with them . You can bet there are a lot more! Good luck trying to contact for complaint! Very disappointed, I don’t have money to waist like that!.Version: 2101

I can’t ....I cannot get my profile done. Canada auto comes up as Alberta with no option for Ontario so this is useless until that gets fixed..Version: 1810

Lost all emailsSince last update, all of the emails I sent and received disappeared. Only the first lines are still there, but the main part of what has been written is gone. Very disapointing.Version: 4.2

Constant frustrationI haven’t been able to log in using the app for almost a year now. It just says to try again later. So I log in on my laptop but I can’t video gram from there as there’s no option to. I’ve email customer support twice and not received actual help on the issues. No response at all to the last email. For me the app is useless..Version: 2002

ConnectionNot connecting. Can’t log in and no one is helping me..Version: 2106.11

App crashesDoesnt log in, even the website has issues logging in. Cant access emails which we pay for....Version: 2102

Video Visits on IPhoneWhen are you guys going to link up with Apple!.Version: 1908

Msgs not sendingI sent a msg 2 months ago and no response and no response to any emails etc.. does this work or not? It’s so confusing.Version: 2004

HeadacheAlways crashing or not sending when this is your only point of contact and it takes your money you would expect it to work.Version: 2106.11

SlowWhat happened to the send money option? Now it’s a recurring money train. I just want to send a one time transfer. Then I would be wanting to send a one time for Xmas, so get this fixed by December please..Version: 1907

Major issues need sorting.I’ve had nothing but problem after problem with this app. Purchased stamps for an inmate and he never got them. Emailed help twice no reply and it’s been three months. Now getting told my log in details are incorrect, this is the third time this has happened. I know they’re not wrong. Help department may as well not be there they don’t reply to you. Expensive, but they know they can get away with it as it’s the only way a lot of us can keep in touch..Version: 1903

Too many flawsThis app is nice to stay in touch with your loved one if it worked like it is supposed to. Besides being too expensive which is something that you just have to except going into this, my main problem with this app is I spend a long time writing a letter on this and during the proofreading process, more times than not the message will completely “fall off the bottom “ of my device and it’s very frustrating because it is just gone. So all that time and nice things you said are just gone. It was not saved as a draft so I don’t know why that happens or where it goes. I called customer service about this after happening a few times and they do not have a solution or seem to care in fact if you loose stamps or video messages or basically anything they advise you to have the inmate to make a complaint and that is ridiculous as well because nothing is done about any issues. So enjoy this service but use with caution that it may be unpleasant at times when things go awry..Version: 2105

No accessI’ve had this app for awhile at first it worked great but for the last 2 months I have not been able to login I had sent countless emails and the issues still remains it is stopping me from having contact with my partner and him being in the states and me being in the UK I really need this app to work.Version: 2004

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