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GLITCHES!!!!!My whole job is driving around the north eastern sector of the United States and Canada. Google maps tries to drive me around in giant circles when there is any Road construction, it takes me the long way all the time, not to mention it'll switch the address on me, all on its own, making me late for my jobs and causing me a lot of gas money and mileage. Googles monopoly is too big to fail, and so big that there's no way for me to communicate with them to tell them what their product is doing to me and my livelihood. Too many major glitches to post, but one of my favorites is when the navigation voice will incessantly keep asking you if you would like to take a alternate route to save three minutes, and no matter how many times you hit the no thanks button, the voice will immediately keep repeating itself over and over and over asking you over and over and over if you would like to save three minutes. That's not a choice, when it keeps repeating itself and asking to the point of making your driving experience extremely dangerous and distracting. If any of you computer scientists are listening, please at least fix this last glitch it should be a relatively simple fix.Version: 5.46

Unintelligible and fickle instructionsI am a user of Google as all of us beings in this internet world are. I use Chrome, Chromecast, and have for years used Maps reliably as my chosen app for navigation (on my iPhone.) I have to highlight major points I saw in other reviews: 1. Walking navigation is a mess. I live and spend time in major cities, and have only seen this issue worsened here. When you try and center yourself, Google wants to tell you you’re two blocks away, or will try to orient you in a spinning wheel of cardinal directions. Choose your own. 2. My major gripe and reason I’m switching to Waze is because I FEEL LIKE I AM ABOUT TO GET INTO AN ACCIDENT EVERYTIME I GRIP MY STEERING WHEEL. I commute many miles a day and I’ve been just horrified at how Google will suddenly re-route you. I thought I was going crazy reading the navigation wrong but it’s impossible now to deny that Google has sent me on wild goose chases on the interstate, through winding neighborhood streets for no reason, or simply just wants me to abruptly reverse my car to the prior exit on the highway that it didn’t want me to take 0.4 seconds ago but apparently now has somehow materialized in its periphery. It stresses. Me. Out..Version: 5.26

TerribleGoogle maps has always been my go to. I was on my way home yesterday from Florida to Tennessee hauling a horse. The trip down took about 9-10 hours and was a breeze. The exact same route home cost me 7 additional hours with a live animal to care for. For some reason maps decided on its own that I needed to go a different way. I didn't realize until it was too late that instead of heading north then west home I was heading north to the coast. I would have been at the ocean if I95 hadn't been shut down forcing me to turn around. When trying to correct the route the app wouldn't let me change the route by touch as it has in the past. I also got a weird different view of a car in a map. The app used to say turn right straight or left when heading out. Now it just says head north etc. I'm not a compass and my truck is not equipped with one. So totally useless. The app also doesn't tell me to turn until I'm right on top of it. THEN instead of telling me to u turn like it used to or saying rerouting to give me the option google now just gives me new directions. To say the least I won't use the app again that has been my favorite go to. Thank you google for costing me an additional $200 in fuel and 7 hours out of my life..Version: 5.0

Navigation slow of just plain stops in iOS12Help! Since updating my iPhone to iOS12, google maps is practically useless for me. The lag in navigation is unbelievable, if it works at all. Since updating, the voice directs me where to go AFTER I’ve passed the turn/street/place. She’s constantly telling me to make u-turns. And to make them where there is no place to make them. I often drive right past my destination and she hasn’t even gotten to the street I’m on. And more often than not, Google Siri stops providing voice direction mid-way through a journey, instead making me have to look away from the road to see where the next turn will be. Very dangerous. I have preferred google maps to Apple’s version all along. Sadly, that may soon change for me if google maps continues its glitchy ways. If there’s a fix, please let me know!!! Also - that “explore the neighborhood” thing that immediately pops up and covers 60% of the map screen when I need to get directions is annoying, as it’s an ad gimmick that forces the user to do an extra step (swipe it away) before navigating. Get that thing out of there! If I’m looking for directions to somewhere else, I’m not gonna explore anything where I already am, as I’m LEAVING the area. Sheesh!.Version: 5.3.1

فلسطين Palestineاعيدو اسم فلسطين للخريطة put Palestinian back to the map 😡.Version: 5.48

BusNot able to see bus schedules anymore unless you go through a bunch of steps and even then I still find it confusing how it works. I pretty much only used this app to see bus times and now I can’t. 👎.Version: 5.55

Google’s political agenda showsWhat is with Google Maps and the continuous diminishing of the state lines??? It is getting harder and harder to tell where the state lines are, because Google is making the lines so faint - especially when zoomed in. Just Google doing its part to influence the masses to incorrectly see our precious nation merely as one mass democracy ruled by the popular vote - and to diminish the historic republic our nation was so wisely established as and the precious electoral college that our nation has always had. Hope I’m wrong, but is Google seemingly doing its part to promote the notion that the United States is a democracy instead of the republic that it is? Actual democracy is like two wolves and a little lamb deciding on what’s for dinner. A republic allows for the lamb to have a chance to save itself from the will of the two wolves. Liberty is a well armed lamb, to protect itself from the tyranny of the masses and the tyranny of the popular vote, where 50% plus one vote can simply run over and force its will on the 50% less one vote populace. The electoral college is one more institution put into place by our founding fathers to try to protect the voices of the smaller states; to prevent California and New York from imposing their will on the smaller states..Version: 5.29

Location Accuracy not working anymoreSince your last two software updates, the accuracy in London is terrible on an iPhone XR and XS for some reason. It seems fine on the country side. But in London It’s never quite triangulated with the GPS signals or the motion sensor enough, so google maps is always half lost. As a driver I am Not noticing this issue with Waze nor Uber maps, for example (so I know it’s not my phone, and have compared the issue with a brand new phone from a friend’s). This was a brilliant app before. Please fix it! I also noticed the speed cameras were gone and the maps showing half the roads at some point, just like other users mentioned. I think this may have now been fixed though, perhaps. But the app has definitely become buggy and if I could, I would reverse both of the last two updates..Version: 5.29

Recent updateI am an avid user of this app as I drive a company vehicle daily for the past 10 years, this past week I’ve noticed some issues. When getting close to my destination I usually scroll forward to determine which way to go to park on the right side of the street, but as of this past week this function has not worked. Instead it will turn around to the opposite direction, that being said I now have to use two fingers to guide the map to make that happen oppose to one finger. Second thing I’ve noticed is that once entering a destination and seeing the over view I sometimes zoom in at the destination for specifics, instead of it zooming with a double tap and drag it zooms to a random location along the route. I’m guessing these are new bugs that come with a new upgrade, hopefully these changes weren’t intentional because I find using gmaps to be way better than Apple Maps but if this remains Apple Maps has the same feature that I’m used having on gmaps and I’ll have to stick to what’s convenient for its intended purpose. Please fix this ap maps stinks I think, I should check that last update they put out a while ago......Version: 5.55

Google mapsVery disappointed in maps lately. When I press start to a journey nothing happens. The blue arrow sits in middle of screen and it doesn’t move. Doesn’t give me directions verbal or otherwise. Yes. Still experiencing same problem. I set the route. Press start and there’s no voice directions and the blue arrow just sits there. It’s as if it’s lost reception but there is reception on my phone. It used to work every time but now it hardly ever works. I don’t like apple maps. Come on google. Fix whatever is the problem. Also a lot of the time when I put in an address it just comes up with preview at the bottom instead of start. Why???? I have to get out of the app go back in and set again. This is really annoying. I’ve always relied on google maps because it gives me options on routes. I have maps on my car but I can’t zoom in to see the options..Version: 4.49

Are they experimenting for lemming behaviour??I often use google maps to find locations and routes. But more and more, I’m finding that it directs me to longer or convoluted routes where, by simply looking at the map, I can find quicker and shorter routes. The best example I can quote: I used it to find a location and the best routes to get there from my, then, current location. It suggested that I walk to a bus stop then take a specific bus. Fair enough. I walked to the bus stop. I then checked the route again from my ‘new current location’. Guess what! It suggested that I walk to the NEXT bus stop on the same route and take the same bus! The SAME bus, as in, not just the same number, the same physical bus with the same schedule!!! I decided to ignore it, took the bus from where I was and that was that. This is one example of many similar incidents, where it is very obvious there’s no sound logic to get you where you wish to go. I genuinely feel there’s something more to their algorithm; like, if we tell people to go in obvious circles, would they do it? Do they follow directions blindly losing all sense of their spatial surroundings? Are people developing a lemming- or sheep-like behaviour? That would certainly make a very interesting study, but I don’t remember signing up to it. It come at costing people time to get places. It’s not harmless. I now tend to ignore most recommendations or inspect them and check for myself before taking google maps’ recommendations..Version: 5.32

Offline Maps route was incorrectThe maps took in in a different direction. It kept telling me to take a side road and the direction of as the exact opposite. Starting point was Westfield Manukau Mall to 66 Mountain Road, Mt Wellington. The option for Mt Wellington wasn’t available only Auckland. I could have stayed in the motorway and toward Sylvia Park instead of driving on Great South Road. It was a headless chicken experience. Please fix it. Thanks.Version: 5.67

Street view not workingLatest update doesn’t have street view.Version: 5.49

Tony CI am an Uber driver and I switch between Google maps which is configured to work with the Uber App and Waze because Google Maps driects me to too many streets that are no longer available from my location. And many other other route issues. It also directs me to make right turns followed dangerous left turns through busy intersections where there are no traffic signals, in situations where if I had travel 1 block further, I would be able to make a right turn and then make the left turn at an intersection with a traffic signal. Too often on freeways it directs to an exit pass the exit directly on to my destination street or close to it, then I have to make at least 2 right turns to get back to the destination, which I already passed on to Freeway. The biggest issue for me is in areas in Los Angeles when I have the option to enter 2 or more freeways with no clear indication of which Freeway I should take to get to the designated exit. Another problem is that the next turn or Freeway exit is not displayed constantly..Version: 5.26

Problems with car play.Hi google. Hope you see this. Got a few problems with google maps on car play. When I’m navigating using google maps, if I get a txt come through my car play will read the txt and then the screen goes back to google maps....but the navigation has stopped. I have to come out of maps and then back in, then suddenly the nav is working again. Also, if I use Siri to do something...let’s say set a reminder for myself. If I’m using google maps, after using Siri, it goes back to google maps (where nav has stopped again!)then goes back to the home screen. I then have to start the nav all over again. This is just two things, my friends are having same issues plus other issues. I know google maps is new to car play, so hopefully things will get sorted soon..Version: 5.1

Should be suedYour app is #1 in Navigation but a recent update has the possibility to cause serious danger to drivers on the road. By including the speed limit indicator means drivers will see this and assume that’s the speed limit if they haven’t seen a road sign yet. I was using Google maps and ‘90’ came up on the map while on an open road. So after I was pulled up by a police car for going 20 kms over the speed limit. To my shock it was a 70 km zone! Now charged with a $200 fine and 4 demerits I’m bringing this to your attention because someone like me getting a speeding ticket is nothing compared to what could happen. If the speed limit is not accurate on the app then it seriously shouldn’t be there..Version: 5.42

So frustratingThis is a great map, it will show you where everything is, but’s it’s impossible to use on trips or custom maps. If you’re looking for directions without a custom map and for only one destination, this map is for you. If you create your own maps, need to look up multiple destinations, or are on a trip, it’s near impossible. First of all, I had my mom send me the link to our custom map. It send to my gmail, no problem. Then I’d click on the map, and it either wouldn’t load, or take me to Safari. The Safari view would show the map, but decline to let you get directions unless you signed in. Okay. I signed in. Well, it took my back to my home address, and sent me on a infinite loop, going from clicking the link in my email, getting sent to safari, logging in, and losing the map. I had to redownload the app four times before it worked. Second of all, the map legend isn’t interactive. I’m going to new york, and spent six hours working on a custom map, with a pin for every single place I wanted to go. i downloaded the app, only to find that in the map legend, you can’t click on individual icons, forcing you to leave the map legend, and click on every single icon until it pops up. Very dissapointed..Version: 4.47

Why “fix” something that wasn’t broke?!When Apple maps recently changed from listing street names to referring to local streets by interstate highway numbers (useful for interstate travel only since many streets of different name have the same number!!) I made the switch to google maps, only to find out that day google had also changed to doing the same thing! I’m not sure if this is already restored to names, but if not please do not. In USA you might refer to highway numbers but not here for regular drivers! Also I can’t even tell which one is the route line amongst the multitude of traffic coloured lines and road lines. The route gets lost among the other lines as it is indistinguishable at quick glance. I spend my time trying to figure out the map instead of watching the road. I am bewildered how you could make a great product worse except on purpose. No one would make these changes except as sabotage that is how bad they are. Who is responsible for this? *Sigh*.Version: 5.1

Palestine ❤️You know there is a country called : Palestine found more than 5000 years . Do you think by removing its name we will forget it ?!.Version: 5.48

Route planning failsI’m a courier and I rely on google maps all the time when going from drop to drop in areas I’m not familiar with, I’ve always raved about it’s reliability up until now, when I’m route mode it often flashes up I’ve arrived when in actual fact I’m miles away from my destination so I tap continue and it tells me I’ve arrived at my next destination which is even further away then it does it again, I’ve had to go back to doing individual stops again as I find I can’t rely on route planning anymore, please google sort this out it’s been going on now for some time, the other issue is CarPlay integration, it’s shocking, from time to time it’ll just crash and shutdown, other times I will stop at a drop, turn off the ignition and when I come back moments later I have to input all my stops AGAIN!! Sort it out google!!!.Version: 5.53

I’m so disappointed with the app that used to be my number one.3 or 4 upgrades ago google maps app started to glitch out. Currently the only verbal directions I get are the first one or two turns when I start directions. After that it goes quiet. As I start driving the blue location dot never moves, just pulses. After driving 10-15 mins I look at the app and the screen is still at my original starting point. I can manually swipe the top directions to the left to see want to do next but it doesn’t update by itself from that point. One thing I noticed is that at the bottom of the app where it tells you your ETA, time adjusts accordingly even though the map is pretty much frozen. For example if I look at the screen it’s shows that I’m still at my house but the time puts me 8 minuets away from destination. I wish I would have never updated because I use this app for work and I can’t count on it anymore to get me where I need to go without freezing. I have been printing directions and hoping this issue gets resolved ASAP..Version: 4.50

Timeline doesn’t workLocation services are turned on to “Always” still maps are not showing any data in the timeline. My iphone is always connected to internet and it should show my location history..Version: 5.44

Maps good, UI a messThe maps are brilliant and it’s great the green places are now once again green, and not washed out gray. BUT the app itself is a mess! Every time I use it the interface is different. Today I am swiping like a maniac from the side to access the hidden menu, nope, the menu is now hidden in a completely new unintuitive way! I wanted to d/l an offline map, finally figured it out. Then I wanted to delete old offline maps, nope, nowhere to be found (well actually I did find some “saved maps”, but my newly downloaded map wasn’t there and I couldn’t delete what was there). I also looked for Settings, where user info (& the cache) used to be. Can’t find that. The app has too many overlays and context specific menus, I don’t need to know the temperature or a review of the crossroads I’m standing at..Version: 5.53

Removed the ability to full screenGoogle once again disabled fullscreen abilities , no longer pressing the screen once quickly removes the search bar and HUD it just places a pin...very obnoxious and from what I gather this isn’t the first time they’ve gone back and forth with removing it but nobody is a fan of it. Please change this back google, not everything needs to be reinvented every few months.Version: 5.58

UnintelligibleIn settings/navigation there are options for the voice navigation system however there is no option to have the app speak in the language of the region. This means that it attempts to speak French place names in mangled English to me, and I have no idea what on earth it’s trying to say half the time. This makes the app on usable. Instructions for changing the language of the app say I must do it in the web version. So I logon there and change (after a lot of mucking around, since it keeps referring me back to this app Without asking me!) my language to French, which is a bit inconvenient since I don’t want searchResults in French, but it’s worth a try. However this doesn’t change the app it seems..Version: 4.44

What happend!?This app NEVER used to let me down, ive used it for years. Always gets me to my destination without fail until..... Recently, there must have been an update that just made it terrible. The map icon of myself no longer moves with the map. Meaning the map is never facing in the direction of what im going. Makes it confusing as hell when its telling me to turn left but i look at the map picture and im facing a direction im not looking at so i take a wrong turn and get confused. The icon and map used to always face the direction your traveling. And for some messed up reason you have gotten rid of this... for the first time Ive moved to apple maps. Wont be using google no more..Version: 5.3.1

Good but bad as well.3 stars is because it’s free, but only 3 stars because it has a lot of bugs. A lot means a lot of bugs. Sometimes it doesn’t show you the most accurate road, while waiting at a red light sometimes it keeps on moving on its own and you get confused that where you were. The accuracy and speed of the lady saying where to turn or go is not good either. For ex, it happened to me, I’m driving down a 2 lane road where at the end 1st lane goes straight and the 2nd says left only, when I reached the end of the lane 2nd lane maps says go straight and when there’s a lot of traffic it’s really hard to change lanes. It’s a good app, but sometimes it’s really ridiculous..Version: 5.23

Google Maps Person ModeSometimes it doesn’t load well and it glitches a lot in person mode. The pictures aren’t good quality either but it still works, and I use it because I like to explore places in the world I want to go so I know what they’re like. Also, some pictures are not well processed, so the people look unrealistic. But overall it still works and you can still walk around the world..Version: 5.7

Screen moving whenever checking aroundWhile on navigation, whenever i touch the screen to see around, it moves by its own. Creating so much trouble over the road and its not just me, everyone having the same problem..Version: 5.55

Maps counties to have offline issuesFor the last few months even after reinstalling the app resetting my device network settings ect it still continues to think I’m offline and changes the end address to a “general area”. I deliver for Grubhub and when this happens maps will take me to completely wrong locations even after a few minutes when it decides to come back online airplane mode off and on will sometimes correct the issue but I still have to restart directions repeatedly and recently road work and construction has caused maps to try and send me completely out of the way of my destination by miles not blocks. I still prefer Google over Apple Maps or Wayze but if this issue continues i will just uninstall the app like I did 4 years ago when google maps was having similar issues with addresses and off/online maps and traffic. *would be awesome if like in Apple Maps google indicated stop signs and traffic lights. Also a lot of speed limit data is incorrect the other day the last sign I had seen while traveling down a road was 35 but google showed 50mph.Version: 5.55

Navigation has stopped workingI have always used and completely relied on Google Maps, and it has always worked brilliantly, but for some reason a couple of months ago the navigation completely stopped working. It shows the route on my phone and the time it will take and it gives me the first direction and then it stops. I have installed the latest iOS and the latest Google Map version, I have turned my phone off and on, I have checked location services are on, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I have turned airplane mode on and off. Am I missing something? I don’t want to leave a one star review but at the moment that’s all it is!.Version: 5.10

The worst featureGoogle maps has recently added probably the worst feature you could possibly imagine to an map app. If you live in a dense urban area like me (I live in Atlanta). The absolute last thing I want my map app to do when I'm getting close to my destination is to assume I know the rest of the way and begin to zoom out and rotate to look aesthetically cool or something. I'm not there yet! In many cases I've never been to this store/restaurant/venue and when 100s of places are in only a couple blocks of each other I don't need my map app to zoom out and rotate to look cool when I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going! I have to try to rotate my head to follow the screen all while I'm still driving. I have missed my location many times because of this completely unhelpful feature. This may be fine in rural areas, but this is a terrible design flaw for highly dense cities. It's dangerous and serves no constructive purpose, and is just a shallow attempt to look fancy for an absolutely zero functional or helpful propose. Wait till I am parked and not moving or have somehow indicated that I gave arrived..Version: 4.48

It’s still the best....exceptI’ve been using Google maps since it first came out and it’s been great, except for a couple minor issues. I don’t use it for turn-by-turn navigation, I use it to estimate my travel time based on current traffic conditions and to find an address. It does those tasks fairly well, except.... On my phone’s tiny screen I cannot read the street names. Thankfully there is a zoom feature....except...and this makes the app absolutely useless....the street names do not get bigger. Do the programmers not understand thats why I want to zoom in? To not only see the tiny streets but to enlarge the tiny street names? Another issue I have is after it plots your routing, it overwrites the street names with the blue route highlighting. To read the street names you have to switch between the text route and the map route. There are several other issues I have but the last I’ll discuss here is the inability to forecast the route like you can in the desktop version. I have to switch to my laptop if I want to know what time I have to leave in order to arrive at a certain time, but many times I don’t have my laptop with me..Version: 5.8

Fix zoom out/in on listsHi! I love the list feature in google maps, but I have one issue. I use the built-in Want to Go green marker on places, but I also have my own list that I call Actively Want to Go. Anyway, when I click my places and look exclusively at this list I’ve made, I like to zoom in on a neighborhood and click a place to get more info on it. Once I’ve read the info (hours, etc), I usually exit out of the place-specific info and want to see what else is in that neighborhood that’s on my list. Once I ex out of a restaurant’s info, the view zooms out completely and I have to zoom back in and find where I was. This is super annoying! Would really appreciate a fix! This is especially annoying bc sometimes a list I’ve made spans multiple cities in the US, and so once I zoom in and read a New York cafe’s hours and other info, I exit and then it zooms out and gives me a view of the whole continental US. This is super annoying! Pls fix, Google 💜 the only fix right now on my end is to avoid making lists that span multiple cities to avoid a large zoom out, but I think this is something y’all can fix easily.Version: 4.58

Try to zoom out...You can’t zoom out and zoom in to check your route without the map spinning around on its own. It’s dangerous while you drive.Version: 5.56

Google maps voice doesn’t always work and doesn’t direct me. Please fix...Still no fix or reply.When driving with google maps sometimes the voice does not direct me when to turn or where to go. It simply goes silent. Other times it will work perfectly. All my settings are correct..Version: 5.27

Toll Routes...Forces toll routs on you. Nearly got me in a car accident...smh...impossible to find a route without toll route..Version: 5.58

Amazing app, but ...Look, no question, Google Maps is incredible, but their insistence on showing that utterly stupid panel at the bottom of the screen every time the app opens is immensely frustrating. At least give us the ability to turn it off - advertise after we’ve had the opportunity to first access the reason we’ve opened the app..Version: 5.9

Routes are NO LONGER accurate!!I have been using google maps for 5+ years and I love it because it’s very functional. However, as of this last update, the routes have been OFF. I drive to the Bronx from NJ everyday for work, which is about a 30 mile trip one way. I keep the app open with my route entered in case there is an accident and I need to quickly divert. There are tolls on my route, but I have the settings on “avoid tolls”, so I only pay for the GWB bridge or HT tolls vs the parkway/freeway tolls if that makes sense. Normally, my route is about 30-32 miles depending on which route I choose. After this last update, my routes (with the same settings) are now 66 miles or 77 miles to work. WHAT? WHY? The route suggests I drive to Albany or Fishkill (upstate NY) just to get to the Bronx. Any one who lives in tristate knows this is not correct. I toggled my “avoid tolls” off and the routes were back to 30 miles, however, it directs me to drive through the parkway tolls, which I don’t want to pay nor need to. Everything was fine until this last update. Now I am using WAZE because this app is unreliable. With “avoid tolls” turned on with WAZE, my normal route is back. Google maps has been VERY GLITCHY lately. Until it can be fixed, I’m sticking with the WAZE app..Version: 5.56

Love the new updateUsed to have to click 2 or 3 buttons to start a route, now simply load the address, click start and BAM you're on your way. Very convenient, especially when behind the wheel and you get sent to a different job. The one thing I would like to see improvement on is when I get my schedule emailed to me, I can copy the address from the native mail app, double click and sometimes at the bottom there will appear a "get directions to -- in google maps". Clicking on that loads maps, but it always says "can't find a way there". I can paste the address in fine, but it would be nice if this would work. A big improvement would be if a press and hold on the address would allow me to press "open in google maps" instead of the native apple maps would be great. —————UPDATE————— There is a bug where when you save a location to one of your lists, then add a custom label, it doesn’t save the custom label. Clicking on the saved location doesn’t show any label added. Searching for the label works, but it very inconvenient. I add custom labels to places I go, and look back through the maps later..Version: 4.54

Progressively getting worseAs someone else mentioned, the directions do not keep up with your physical movement. The GPS dot moves all over the place even if you are standing in one spot making it extremely difficult to get your bearings in an unfamiliar place. I may not know where I am, but I do know where I am not (...unless the men's fragrance section of Macy's has been moved outdoors and a block over). Adding to the challenge, the street names can be difficult to find. You may have to zoom out a significant amount for the one you are looking for to appear. God forbid you want to zoom out and look for something in another area. Every time I have tried recently, it just brings me back to the area I'm currently in. Using the transit directions prove to be equally obnoxious. There will be directions to "Walk" but no explanation of where to (no "turn left on X Street") so you have to rely on their map and faulty GPS. The public transit are very confusing and counterintuitive (perhaps they're sufficient for people used to using public transit?). I couldn't always clearly tell when a bus/train was arriving. Not sure what happened with the last few updates, as I have used Google Maps reliably on a number of past trips. I already hated to give my data over to Google but the frustration with this app on this trip makes it easy to try something new. I imagine orienteering would be easier than using this app!.Version: 5.22

My location is wrong.This puts my location like 20 feet or more away from where I actually am. It’s kinda annoying when I wanna go somewhere..Version: 5.53

🇵🇸#freepalestine.Version: 5.48

No longer user friendlyApp used to be okay. There was a time when this app would give you turn by turn navigation, after you made a turn it would indicate the next regardless of distance, so you could anticipate the next set of directions and change lanes accordingly. A few updates ago they removed this feature for who knows why. Initially it wasn't a big deal because you could simply zoom out quickly to see the next turn yourself. Now they have made it so sensitive if you touch the screen or attempt to move the map to see where to go next it starts spinning wildly and fighting whatever you try and do to see the location you are going towards. For example you are driving straight and are going to make a left turn in 1 mile and the address is only 1.2 miles away. So you think “okay I can zoom out a bit to see if the business is on the left or right side of the road after the turn” WRONG if you try to slide the map further to see where to go it will start orienting itself in opposition of what you are trying to do. Zoom in, zoom out, and flip your always North facing settings for no apparent reason. Stop messing with the apps fundamental settings you are going to be responsible for accidents, erratic lane changes, missed exits off the freeway, etc. It is ridiculous and absolutely irresponsible to make such drastic changes in an apps basic functions that people need to use daily..Version: 5.56


Real time tracking laggingThis app used to work fine but it starting to cause so many issues for me. The map lags behind whilst I make my way towards my destination meaning I have to constantly stop restart it and look at the direction am going. This is dangerous and irritating as I am not able to provide warning to other drivers sooner than what I hope. Please fix this as it’s not just me. Also the pointer that indicates my direction of travel is a joke. It means I have to guess where I am going if the roads are confusing then I can see it it’s the right way. Also, google why don’t you add speed signs on so i know what speed I can travel at. The app is still way better than many in the market but please fix these bugs and I will raise it to 5 star.Version: 5.27

DisappointedBills is one of our favourite breakfast places in Southampton, alongside Santo lounge and Stakks, but yesterday we had a breakfast, that only be described as average, prepared in advance (we had 4 breakfast, 2 garden plate and 2 full English, top 2 on the menu). Service was great, can’t fault it, but food wasn’t. It took less than 10min to come out, which surprised us, given the fact that the place was packed at 11:30am, but once we started eating it made sense it had been prepared in advance. My advice to Bill, if you care to listen, I know the times are hard but don’t change your style, cook it fresh, I’m sure majority of your customers would rather have waited and got a hot plate full of awesomeness rather than what was served to us . At £20 per head we would not rush back. We didn’t complain as we could see that front of house we’re doing an amazing job and were rushed off their feet..Version: 5.55

With the ios 14 update, Google maps have not been working for the last 2 weeks.Hello! I am a professional Driver and have been using Google maps for 3 years. But literally the last 2 weeks have become impossible to use Google Maps. I even decided to write a review in the hope that the developers would hear me and fix bugs. I believe that Google maps began to work poorly since the moment Apple released the new iOS 14. Maps began to simply slow down, freeze, and turn off arbitrarily. Just awful! I am so sad and sorry that I cannot use my favorite google maps as before. Developers please hear me and Fix it. This is really a problem now. All of my friends are also professional drivers who used google maps every day - they all say that it is impossible to use Google maps for the last two weeks. I've heard this from more than 50 people. And please, the developers don’t t need to give advice such as you give as a standard for all comments. I tried to clear cookies, cleared memory, Google maps on my latest version, I rebooted the phone - none of this helps. This is what you have in the system inside. You just haven't made compatibility with devices on iOS 14. and I'm not the only one with many I spoke to - all the same problems. Please correct this. I really want to use convenient and reliable Google maps as before. Thank you for your understanding!.Version: 5.53

Free Palestine#freepalestine.Version: 5.48

Not as good as it was in earlier versionsThe app is not really that bad. With a good data connection, there are few issues with the overall operation of the app. The current issues are quite minor but noticeable. Firstly, which may be due to the increasing presence of roadworks and road closures, the app takes some very interesting detours which are not direct by any means, and often are pointless as the roads have reopened hours beforehand! The second thing I’ve noticed, is at the top of the iPhone where the time, battery and cellular signal strength are shown quite often revert to black, which makes them almost impossible to see. They would be a lot better to be displayed in contrasting white all the time to remain visible. If these issues are rectified, the app will regain at least an additional star..Version: 5.43

Used to be the best now pantsTitle says it all but for clarification Google Maps used to be amazing, like literally the de facto standard in navigation, location and route planning software but is now a bloated mess of pants that you aren’t interested in. Suggestions, ads, mess, clutter and more mess. Oh and don’t forget the mess. Roll it back Google and maybe even charge people to use the simplified version which was all about finding your way. Oh, and I had to turn notification banners off because for the life of me I can’t find why I had a red notification number because the app is so bloated you can’t identify where the notification is coming from. I spent 10 minutes going through every single menu and ad banner and still the red notification number on the app icon. A massive 100% fail! 🤦🏻‍♂️.Version: 5.39

Downloadable mapsOk so the app is very good except for one fault you download the maps and how frustrating you have to download them again in 15 days why? When the likes of Sygic you download them just the once come on guys sort it out.Version: 5.16

Bugs since updateOriginal review: I was a big fan of Google maps as it was so useful for travelling. However, since the most recent update I've noticed an annoying bug. When you click a business it comes up with reviews from the previous business that you pressed - not the current one. I.e. it does not update. Very annoying - please fix. Update: I have cleared the cache and restarted my phone as suggested. Unfortunately, the problem still persists. When you click on a few locations, all show the same review as the first location that you clicked. In order to see the relevant reviews for the current location you have to close the app but the issue then repeats. Prior to the recent update it used to do the same for photos ie. It would occasionally show the same photos for different businesses when you clicked on 'photos'. However, since the latest update this has been fixed, but the issue now applies to reviews instead..Version: 5.17

This update is worseNavigation doesnt work well with car play now.Version: 5.52

Not a good directions app. Can find much better on App StoreSO FRUSTRATING TO USE?! Doesn’t even redirect if I can’t turn down a street due to road blocks ect then is dangerous to use as I have to keep looking at phone while driving to get back on route. Constantly have to recenter because it often doesn’t even follow the real road. Doesn’t reroute you either or tell you how to get back on the desired route if you miss a turn off or can’t turn. Only has certain ways to get places. Took a 5 hour trip following this out of trust but turns out the shortest way is a 3.5 hour trip. It’s honestly dangerous to use and frustrating..Version: 5.58

Why doesn’t Google Maps show the speed of your vehicle???I prefer Google Maps over Waze; but Waze shows your speed automatically, why doesn’t Google Maps have it shown as a basic feature, when you are driving ???? Can’t be that complicated to add this feature????.Version: 5.28

GoodI really love this app for walking, its clear and it’s features enable you to find the direction by using the camera. I’m this respect it’s so much better than apple maps as it’s not confusing in the slightest. Additionally, the estimated time arrival is very accurate and the directions for other public transport is great. However, for drivers this app is absolutely not worth it. You can’t beat apple maps. It doesn’t follow the car and you have to continuously scroll to keep up with the directions which is dangerous when driving. Also, it doesn’t keep centred, sometimes it will be upside down, which makes it so confusing. Every time I’ve used it when I’m driving I have had to pull over and change to apple maps..Version: 5.29

Put 🇵🇸 back on mapDumb people at google! Put Palestine on map!.Version: 5.48

Please create feature to save/remember current tripsI agree with an earlier reviewer about the sporadic use of ‘landmarks’ in the directions, rather than using only street names. It’s weird and arbitrary. Then it switches between giving directions in feet or fractions of a mile, or sometimes doesn’t give turn directions until it’s too late to safely execute the turn. Sometimes voice directions don’t come at all and I have to look at the phone while driving (!) to see what to do next. Recently, the reminders to leave have not been coming through each time they are requested, which I rely on to plan my trips accordingly. Aggravating! My main frustration with this app is that it erases open directions if I accidentally click out of the app or into it from a Notification, or when I’m editing stops but use the < arrow to back out. I frequently have trips with multiple stops, so losing my entire trip and starting from scratch is INFURIATING. If there was a way to save current trips or retrieve them, that would be so helpful!!!.Version: 5.7

ReviewThe owners of this company deny their employees basic human rights. Don’t support this company!.Version: 5.58

DisappointedI was on the way to work. I always avoid toll unless m running late. But will always check map just to be clear how long will it take for me to reach my work. As usual when I did today. I showed me very less time like an using toll. I did checked twice avoiding toll but showed me the same way that I mostly use while using toll. Just to experiment I drive the way that shown in Google map with a belief that it will redirect me to different direction before I reach toll. Inspite of avoiding toll it took me toll road and after I payed toll then it direct me different route just 2 km and again merge to motorway. That's very annoying..Version: 5.3.1

Worse and discriminatoryI’m a Chinese native living in the US and I keep my iOS in Chinese. First, the app won’t let you choose which language to use. Second, it shows reviews of a place in Chinese first. For famous places like the MET museum in NYC, there are hundreds or thousands reviews in Chinese and I cannot see any reviews from people of different backgrounds unless I scroll for ten minutes, I guess. I actually feel somewhat discriminated by this sorting of reviews. Showing the most helpful reviews (helpfulness rated by other reviewers) is a much fair and meaningful way. Third, the Google Translation is imbedded no matter people complain about it. They seemed to stop translating English into Chinese now but it continues to “translate” Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese (my iOS language), which is absolutely unnecessary (99.9% Chinese speakers can recognize both ways of writing). Even worse is that in the last version I found some reviews are shown with the tags “translated” and “original” but there isn’t any content after “translated”; basically, it didn’t “translate” but has those tags, which wastes space that I only see “translated” and a space line before clicking the review to expand it. Google, stay simple! We don’t want Your opinion and interference..Version: 5.20

New version sucksWhenever I tried to move around while in navigation it zoom out automatically. I cannot see ahead on route..Version: 5.56

Stop trying to be WazeI have Google maps, Waze and the Apple maps apps on my phone because a perfect map app doesn’t exist and I like/dislike all 3 for different reasons. We all know Waze tries to dodge traffic even if that means taking you 10 miles out to a roundabout way up a mountain and/or through the underbelly of a city you never knew existed. This can be refreshing or annoying depending on the situation.... whereas Google maps was more straight forward. Lately though Google seems to have adopted this Waze strategy of zig zagging me through neighborhoods to get 8 miles when an arterial road or highway IS available and NOT too backed up with traffic. Recently I had my boss with me for a ride along and I seriously think he thought I was completely stupid due to the funky ways we were going everywhere which made zero sense yet this was all the Google maps navigation. Honestly it was embarrassing. Please add a feature so we can choose if we want the roundabout or straight forward route rather than forcing us on these scribble doodles across Town which inevitably involve 4-5 left turns onto 5 lane roads with a 60 mph speed limit and not traffic light in sight. The KISS philosophy would serve you well here.Version: 5.6

You should be ashamed :)Imagine taking off an actual country off the map. It still exist and will forever exist.even when you take it off🖕🏼 FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 You don’t even deserve one star.Version: 5.48

Suffers from Software development whack-a-mole.Fix one issue create another one or two new bugs in it’s place. New issue after updating was that I couldn’t open any details for a business after tapping on it on the map... Maps would just immediately report unable to contact server. Uninstalled and reinstalled, error went away. Now streetview goes completely black when panning around. Happens often enough to make street view difficult to use..Version: 5.38

Not the same map app it used to be and update full of bugsThe most recent update, 4.39, has more bugs than before; the map and spoken directions are often different, the map shows the vehicle sideways or going the opposite direction you are doing and the directions indicate you should be going, and it keeps telling new directions even when you are just continuing on the same route and following its directions. Two years ago, Google Maps was the mapping app to use, it gave accurate maps (showing and predicting traffic with amazing accuracy) and gave the best, quickest routes. Now, it does not show traffic on the map along the directed route and it often does not add the additional time for expected traffic until you have been sitting in traffic for five or ten minutes. Additionally, it often has trouble identifying where you are and what direction you are going. It has reached the point where the once superior app is not significantly better than other competing map apps. One positive improvement in the last few years is being able to search along your route for things like food and gas (including most gas prices)..Version: 4.39

Annoying updateIf I don’t exit the map but go back to the home screen of my phone it has a blue banner at the top telling me that Maps is still running. This is extremely annoying because on certain other apps that I use dozens of times per day it obscures some of the info on the screen. So now I have to exit map and then go back and restart every time. Being a courier this is a major issue. I will now have to buy a second phone just to use google maps so I can keep my other phone free to use other apps without the blue banner covering everything important.Version: 5.5

I am getting lots every day!New version doesn’t work properly! Can not find the exact location. I have been using it for several years and it’s first time it makes for me such problems. Please fix it.Version: 5.19

Missing Saved Places on Maps after UpdateLast update does not display my saved places on my custom maps. They appear on my list but don’t show up on the map..Version: 5.10

Would NOT recommend.Recently travelled across Canada, halfway through I uninstalled this app and started using IPhone’s Maps. Google Maps was Constantly having me miss turn offs and taking me on really messed up back country roads. I feel stupid for following it’s recommend route. It IS good for looking up street views and transcribing directions from google though..Version: 5.34

Terrible LatelyRecently the app has been consistently taking me to locations 5-10 minutes from my destination. I have to then use another map to find my correct destination. I drive a lot for work and have been late to multiple meetings because of Google Maps..Version: 5.58

Updates are not necessarily improvementsBefore your last couple of updates, I would have rated this app at 5 stars, but the last update has sent me looking for a new map app. Google maps used to be my go-to navigation app, but no longer. Markings for roads/highways are so pale now that they’re almost unseeable. Road names don’t appear until you’ve zoomed in so far that you can’t see their relation to other roads in the area. Before the last update, you could look at the U.S. or state map and at least see Interstate highway more. Once you move on to ‘directions’, the roads on your route are highlighted but you can’t see names of surrounding roads unless you zoom in to a point that makes looking irrelevant. I could go on and on. Your updates have weakened the usefulness of your app. Using Google maps is no longer’s frustrating. Wish we could ‘opt out’ of updates or at least choose the version that works best for us. I miss the ease of use and effective markings of previous versions...hope another app has incorporated features you have discarded. I appreciate the years that you helped me in my travels, but I’ll be looking for help elsewhere now. Thanks for the memories.....Version: 5.38

Wish they would add weatherI love the feature that allows you to search along the route for different key words!! What would really make it awesome though would be if I could see what the weather would be along the route assuming that travel rate is kept constant. As extra brownie points, if they could add the ability to easily avoid weather by altering travel such as stopping to take a break to allow a storm to get ahead of you or possibly taking a different road. Showing the impact on travel would based on the decision could be similar to the way the traffic option works such as: “bad weather ahead, minimize contact with storm by taking a 10 minute break or taking a different route. Impact would result in a 20 minute delay. Would you like to take this alternate route?” If they could add the ability to set a speed alert, that would be amazing! For example, ability to alert driver when traveling at speed which is greater than 11 MPH over speed limit. Another helpful option relating to speed would be one that alerts the driver if the current speed limit is changing ahead and when it actually changes..Version: 5.18

Features are cool but they are missing the pointI love the app and it’s features around exploration but at its core, this is a car navigation app and for an app this popular, it missing out on some key features that makes other apps able to compete on the market. It misses things like speed, red light and speed cameras, correct lanes for continual navigation between streets, and quick saving of addresses that stay on the device and not saved to some American server. Google has such a large chance to make this app the only app in the market place but they waste it on useless extras that should really be their own apps. Shame..Version: 5.4

Something’s gone wrongI used to use google maps as I felt it was super reliable but recently some strange things have been happening. Along a guided route it will randomly change your position as though you were half a mile away and subsequently reroute in error. Also, again while in a guided route if you search for an extra stop such as a petrol station, after the results come up it doesn’t let you return to the route guidance regardless of what you press on the screen. You have to close the app and relaunch and re-enter your original destination which is a pain to have to do. Sometimes when you want to search for a new destination the screen freezes on the map and nothing you press works. And lastly at junctions the screen starts to rotate as though it’s disoriented resulting in you being unsure of what exit to take. There are too many glitches google! Please fix as some of your loyal users will start to look for alternative apps that are more reliant like waze!.Version: 5.15

Worst navigation everNot just that it doesn’t show all the bigger routes that can be useable but don’t shows alternatives when you find yourself in front of a road close. Stopped at a petrol station, and after it’s just changed the way and instead to take me home after a 200 miles drive it took me around the town from the other side of the city. Also why the hell does the map starts to rolling around at a junction of the motorway, out of the town, on a difficult road just because the blue line that shows where you have to go crossing itself, so you are not jus unable to see the route properly but also have to improvise until it starts to work again and it gives you 10 minutes extra to your travel time. Getting frozen and turns around just without any reason and shows you going to the wrong way When you have to leave from a crossroads it’s freeze and not telling to turn to the right or to the left, but obviously you can’t wait until it’s fixed because cars behind you, so you turn into a road and than you will se that’s the wrong way so have to drive again extra time When you need to move from a destination to another that’s actually like 200 yard behind you in a different street, this app not going to offer you to turn around but gonna drive you all around and drop you nearly where you just have been It’s a terrible terrible app and caused me tons of stress while I was driving and I’m not going to use it anymore.Version: 5.4

Bugs and inaccuracyApplication occasionally requires re-starting to be able to calculate a route, as it reports non-existent routes until it is restarted. Directions to inaccurate destinations (House numbers) - example: A business name search is accurate, but when I search for the street address of the same business, sometimes the application provides directions to a completely different location, usually along the same street, which means the street number register is incorrect. Dictation doesn’t work and switches off while spoken to in the middle of a sentence or even half way through uttering a word while no pause was made between the words. Attempted to dictate this review as well but had to type it in manually as the listening Mode always switched off after the first second even without a significant gap between the words..Version: 5.38

Currently the best maps appI use maps primarily in the car as satnav through apple CarPlay. I used apple maps for years because it’s clean, reliable and just generally a very good app. I tried google maps along with a couple of other apps e.g. waze because I wanted some feedback about the traffic around me. Apple maps will advise new routes if there’s traffic but I doesn’t give you much more info, this keeps the app clean but it’s not what I wanted. Google maps has a very simple but game changing feature for me, and that’s the active alternative route information. It will actively show other routes with the estimated time when taking the route, this not only allows me to anticipate traffic and take another route but it’s also enabled me to become more familiar with the areas I drive around regularly. I’ve been using google maps now for over a year, and while there isn’t much difference in terms of functionality compared to Apple maps and waze, it just has some nice extra features which I couldn’t be without. The interface isn’t as nice as apple maps, but the demo icon/arrow when driving and using as satnav is more accurate and the graphic makes it much easier to understand where you are on the road and what exits you need to take, especially welcome on busy UK roundabouts..Version: 5.37

Need bigger letters and clearer graphics!Apart from all the good things Google Maps has, can’t the designers just make the navigation turn by turn guidance bigger and the route graphics clearer? It’s a pain to look at the nav screen on phone when driving! Have a look at the prompts from Apple Maps they are big and bold and easy to follow!.Version: 4.54

One of the best navigation apps, but isn’t as great as some othersGoogle Maps is without question one of the most, if not the most popular navigation app. It’s worked decent for me, why, you may ask, am I saying only decent? Well, here’s why. First of all, I use Apple Maps as well, and that app will usually give me more convenient directions/routes to certain places. For instance, if I’m going to the mall and I put it into Apple Maps, it will send me the route that I’d normally take anyway. However, this is not the case with Google Maps. It will usually take me routes that rarely anyone would take to get to said destination, and I’ve found that I would arrive a few minutes later than I would have if I had taken the route I normally take. It also will sometimes glitch while I’m driving and tell me to turn at the very last second, causing me to either slam my brakes or completely miss the turn. This is very frustrating, especially on the thruway. Both of the issues I’ve talked about seem very fixable, and I hope they eventually get fixed and fast because a lot of people use this app and rely on it to get them places every day..Version: 5.31

Took me to the middle of nowhere 🤬Let me start out by saying I hate google maps. Recently I had to go to a meeting out of town, almost 3 hrs. away. When it said I had arrived I was at a barn out in the middle of nowhere. I’m thinking that maybe I’m 10-15 minutes away and when I put it back in it tells me I’m over an hour away 🤬. It had taken me in the total opposite direction. Someone said maybe it said turn right and you turned left, but no it didn’t do that and if that had been the case and I turned the wrong way it would have rerouted me back to where I needed to be. Yes I had the correct address in. If this had been winter and snowy it could have been deadly. Another time I was going to a meeting somewhere else and that was a little over 3 hours away. I knew most of the way, it was just going into the area where I had to get on the freeway that I wanted the help with but had it on from when I left my home so I didn’t have to mess with it while driving. It kept trying to detour me off my route to what it thought was the fastest way even tho that wasn’t the way I wanted or was going. The so called fastest route had a lot of switch back turns. I wanted the straight shot. It was only 25 minutes difference. IF I CHOOSE A ROUTE OVER A DIFFERENT ROUTE I HAVE A REASON. DON’T REROUTE ME!!!.Version: 5.4

Bug in the system?Never ever had a problem till last night. Map kept telling me to go off the main road and choose a parallel road and every time, it ended up as a dead end? It was late at night and foggy so couldn’t see the dead ends till I drove a little. One route even wanted me to drive through, not around, a public park! I was met with a closed gate given the late hour! Not sure why this happened as you’ve always been reliable but when I used another 3rd party map service, the ETA dropped by almost 10 mins for a 4 mile journey. I can imagine it was the ‘short cuts’ it was suggesting but none planned out. One even suggested driving down an alleyway behind a row of houses. I know you collect data from Maps as I can see a lot of info is recorded in the background. If you need more of my details to investigate the route I took yesterday, happy to provide if that helps..Version: 4.42

Status bar disappearsThis has gone from 5 stars to 3 - and that’s being generous. Here’s why: Whilst using the app once I have started the journey there is the status bar at the bottom of the screen showing the ETA and number of miles remaining etc. If I then touch the map to look ahead and see if there is traffic, or move to a different part of the map, or move the scale in or out, the status bar at the bottom disappears. The only way to get it back is to force close the app and enter the destination in again and start all over. Occasionally it will come back if The journey re-routes or search for something using the search button. But everything disappears including the re-centre button. This has been happening since the last update. I am running and iPhone 6S. I have the latest version of iOS and Google Maps..Version: 5.13

The Latest Update Turned It Into Hot GarbageMap doesn’t load properly under data, unresponsive to touch, completely unusable..Version: 5.54

Crashes with CarplayWhen I use Google Maps in Carplay, it crashes a lot of time. If Google Maps is running in the background of the iphone, it freezes on carplay screen. I have missed so many turns because of that. It should be fixed ASAP. Super critical bug!!.Version: 5.53

App is not loading directionsI tried using the app today and every time I type the address and ask for directions it says “ can’t find a way there”. Thi is with multiple locations..Version: 5.58

Who did what to the directions?I don't know what's happened recently, but someone has re written something. The routes google maps send me now are crazy! They make no sense whatsoever! Like get off the freeway to spend an extra half hour in peak hour traffic, or get off the highway and go through 40 roundabouts and weave through tons of traffic, just to rejoin the same road 500m up the road. I may be exaggerating a bit for effect, but absolutely frustrating, if only Siri was listening, she would blush at the profanity that comes out of my mouth when I'm sent the wrong way.Version: 5.2

Public transport shows incorrect connection timings.Public transport using trains are showing incorrect train connection timings. The time shows correctly when a direct train route is chosen. But when it comes to multiple train connection routes, the connection timings are displayed incorrectly. This bug was present in the previous version as well. I am sure it’s not the problem of source data, as other navigation apps are displaying correct information. Please check and correct this as this is a vital information used by many public transport users..Version: 4.41

DO NOT update your Google Maps app until they fix insane and dangerous bugs.The last couple weeks, it has been: verbally telling me to turn left while visually displaying a right turn, and vice-versa; unable to renavigate/redirect until 2+ minutes into your new routes, thus sending you in circles, wrong directions, off incorrect exits; routing me 2-10+ miles off the route it said 1 minute ago, and subsequently adding 10min-1hr to my drive time (I took what should have been a 3-hour road trip three days ago, and by constantly changing my directions, instructions, etc it ultimately added well over 1hr to my travel time); telling me to make impossible or illegal U-Turns as well as multiple u-turns multiple times back and forth; telling me there will be stand-still traffic where there is none, and vice-versa; sending me on to roads one street before or after the correct road, including telling me to turn into a cemetery 3 times in a row when I was trying to get to an auto parts store with a completely different address than the cemetery; no longer functioning or connecting in areas where for years, up until a couple weeks ago, it had no trouble connecting; and worst of all, directing me to go into oncoming traffic..Version: 5.52

Great...when it worksGoogle has a amazing knack for to combining sheer brilliance with mind-numbing incompetence, and this app has plenty of both. I use it from time to time because it does one thing extremely well, routing. Especially in traffic I find the routing to be the best and most reliable there is. Estimates of traffic times are very good, and alternate route selection tends to be quite solid and useful. No for the bad part. For whatever reason, Google (bless their hearts) cannot seem to write a functioning app. Through numerous iterations Google Maps has been plagued with very serious, frequent bugs of the types that will leave you stranded. The current version of the app freezes, loses track of your current location, refuses to connect to the internet for absolutely no reason, and is just downright flakey. Previous versions have had even more serious problems. (Some will recall the version that refused to navigate from the current location, rendering the app useless for navigation.) So try Google Maps for routing, but don’t rely on it for your sole source of navigation because it will leave you stranded. At least until Google learns how to write more reliable apps..Version: 4.48

Changes my destinationI used to have no issues with this but lately it has been changing my destination with no notification and taking me to the wrong spot. This is happening 100% of the time now and so I can’t rely on it anymore because it takes me to a random location each time. Over the past week it has caused me to drive an extra 50 miles and wasted several hours of my time. Not sure what they did to this last update but I’ll be finding an alternative now. EDIT IN RESPONSE: Typically I’d be navigating based on latitude/longtitude coordinates but it also happened when setting a destination based on address. I also found that it tended to send me back to certain locations repeated times as long as they were within a mile or so of the actual destination. I have no saved addresses so that wouldn’t have been the cause. EDIT 1/31: Yes, I’d be using Safari and a link that opened Google Maps with the coordinates prefilled. The destination would always be accurate for a few minutes but the route would silently change on me and point me to somewhere totally different, sometimes up to a mile away in a completely different direction nowhere close to the original destination..Version: 4.44

Older iPhones not showing all waypoints.I love this app normally, but currently with ISO update 14 and Google Maps current version I can not see any or my waypoints on my customs maps. This has not been an issue with my iPhone 7 until recently. The bug is still current and as of now my partners iPhone 7, my iPhone 7 and 6 all have the same bug. So 1 star till a patch is put out. Hopefully soon......Version: 5.53

UpdateThe new update is horrible. It does not allow us to look ahead at routes in preview and scroll along the route. It changes direction and seems to have a mind of it own. Please change it back Also needs to have a truck route option!!!.Version: 5.55

Would rate 0 if I couldAbsolutely awful mapping tool. Navigates me down sketchy, dusty gravel roads, rather than the State Highway because it is a few km’s shorter - but adds hours to the travel time. Would be a great download if you’re looking for a waste of time. I’ve deleted this awful app now. Let me know when you’ve fixed this stupid issue. I’d rather use a mapping tool that makes logical decisions. Cya Google..Version: 4.43

The Fall: Google Maps’ Descent into ChaosGoogle maps has always been quite reliable in the past, but over the last few weeks it has been terrible about sending us the best route to avoid traffic. I’m currently stuck in a traffic jam caused by 4 accidents. There was an easy route to avoid this jam completely, but the Google Maps App didn’t tell us there was a jam until we were already stuck in it, high on a bridge to switch freeways. This jam has clearly been building up for a considerable period before we got the the place where we could have avoided it, but the app gave us no advance warning. Then, when we were irrevocably stuck, it suddenly had information about all the accidents and the extent of the traffic blockage. This seems a pretty unacceptable lapse in providing critical information about routes and traffic flow. Additionally, while it often chooses a logical route, there are times that it sends us in literal circles, ever farther from what is clearly the most practical path to our destination. This too is a recent failing. I don’t know the cause of Google Maps’ recent lapse in quality, but I hope it is rectified soon so that I don’t have to find a new map service..Version: 5.22

Worse over timeLet’s get one thing straight: I love google. I use Google Chrome over safari, Google Calendar over the one that comes with iPhone, and for a long time, I used Google Maps over Apple Maps. Google Maps a year ago was amazing. It always knew right where I was, the voice notifications were brief and prompt, and the app overall was just easy to use. Fast forward to today. Maps only communicates in NSEW directions “Head East” (Who knows that?), the voice notification system is mediocre at best, and to say that Google Maps is glitchy is an understatement. I just went to a new city and drove my car around, and more often than not I was slinging my car across four lanes of traffic trying to make an exit that Google didn’t let me know I needed to take, or saying that I was on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way or off the road entirely into the bushes (all the while I had at least 3 bars of LTE on Verizon. Coverage and carrier were not the issue). That was the final straw. This app that used to be more helpful was now potentially putting my life (and the life of my grandmother and friend) at risk. I still refuse to use Apple Maps, and have joined Waze. If the glitches can be fixed I may use again, but overall I am very disappointed!.Version: 5.19

Google Maps iPhone AppDespite all of the good things that one usually expect when using a Google product, this one has (at least) one little annoyance; when you just want to view the map, no headers, search bar, bottom panel etc, you used to be able to tap anywhere on the map and all of that stuff would go away, tap again to bring it back. Now, it doesn’t seem to be so simple. Every time you tap anywhere on the map it either brings up an info panel about a particular location, building or business you happen to have tapped on, or it drops a pin and brings up the info panel for the dropped pin. Sometimes, somehow, very randomly, you can get all of that stuff to go away, however I’ve not been able to learn what combination of taps / situation makes this work. Would be nice to have this feature back, solid, working the way it used to, because apparently I use it quite a bit, since this is now annoying me enough to write a review about the app....Version: 5.33

Version 4.38Please remove everything added to this update back to how the previous version was. This new "preview" element is the most useless thing ever. I don't want to "preview" I want to "Go". You are not able to use multi stop function any longer, only in preview mode which is terrible. The screen times out alongside iPhone screensaver rather than being on all the time whilst in the app like previously. The map has stopped automatically moving when your own gps point has moved and you have to manually move yourself (very dangerous if you're driving). It is hard to get it out of compass direction and to follow your own direction automatically. It has removed the ability to see arrival time has been removed, the distance and time to destination doesn't show in preview mode, the distance countdown to the next turn etc has been removed. I would like to navigate to multiple points, not preview them. Please change this!.Version: 4.38

Unsafe for DrivingIn the last update there has been a lot more voice feedback. This is great at surface level but it is giving a lot of instructions saying things like “use the right two lanes to turn left” it has said this on roads where there is only on lane and has said it on roads where there are two lanes and only the left lane can turn left. These instructions are absolutely going to cause an accident if it is not fixed ASAP..Version: 5.50

Wrong locationI just typed in an address for work, & the map showed me the wrong place, the map showed a location on the north side of the city where the address is actually on the south side of the city..Version: 5.58

Where’s the arrive by/depart at feature?I find it useful on the desktop app that I can tell when I need to leave to make it to a destination by a certain time, or when I’ll arrive if I leave at a given time, but this feature isn’t on mobile? I swear it used to be but now it’s only available for public transport and not driving as well.Version: 5.38

Could be 5 Stars!I travel frequently and have used a variety of different apps and websites to help me. Google is by far the best when it comes to public transport and walking. When it comes to driving however it is not quite there. Firstly there is no speedometer in the iPhone version of the app. Waze has this feature and it makes it so much easier when driving in a new place. Secondly I have come across an issue where on the odd journey the screen will have one set of instructions and the voice instructions tells you something completely different. For this reason I have given it 2 stars. With the speedometer and the occasional wrong voice instructions issue fixed this would be 5 stars and the go to app for all my travelling..Version: 5.31

HorribleNo Palestine tf? How.Version: 5.48

FRUSTRTEDGoogle Maps has stopped talking to me. I had 4 Geek Squad guys try to fix it. The problem is with this APP I posted on Facebook and many friends are having the same problem I have to put on my reading glasses while driving to get directions 😡.Version: 5.19

Cant drag around the map while drivingThe map can’t be drag around to see the upcoming streets . When i do that, the map reorient in different views and its co confusing and dangerous while driving please fix that. Allow us to drag the map in same direction as we going don’t reorient the map!!!!! Please!!!!!.Version: 5.56

Why can’t Google maps get my address PIN on the map correct?Google maps cannot even place my address so any directions are wrong. I have asked them for years and they show a photo of a block of flats an d say this is my house!!! They insist my house position is 741 London Road. There is no such number (I believe as this was demolished years ago) and this land in Brambleside corner of Hammersley road is now Latter Day Saints church!!! Every now and then for 30+ years I have told them. The google map car came down Brambleside Cul de Sac and took photos of Broderick House, a block of flats like the other 6 Blocks all with numbers 1 to 6 on the name plate and made that my house. Visitors that come to see me I have to give the postcode of HP11 1LE which is a block of flats. Come on Google I will be dead soon Speak to me via email/phone and ask where you are going wrong..I want to give a minus one star but YOU have already placed a ONE star which I cannot remove.. Ed Bevan.Version: 4.50

Major road names are now just blue numbers. Why?A LOT of countries do not use route numbers for major roads. It’s there on the signs but NOBODY here uses them when referencing directions. I dare say ONLY North America uses route numbers in conversations. Google maps used to display both in BIG VISIBLE FONTS. Why force only route numbers? At least give us the options to choose whether we want road names or road numbers. I checked one of the major route number and I had to ZOOM IN ALL THE WAY to see a SINGLE TINY name to it along MANY KILOMETERS OF ROUTE NUMBERS. I had to google what the heck my route number actually represent in Australia... Getting worse and worse. Always trying to fix WHAT AINT BROKEN in the first place..Version: 5.53

PLEASE get rid of “explore local area”Great app, but one thing about it really annoys me, and it pops up every time I open the app. I normally open it in a hurry to check traffic to wherever I’m going, and straightaway “explore (local area)” pops up. I have to close it to have the full map view without it. I appreciate that some people may like it and use it a lot, but other people hate it. Could we not have a choice of whether to turn this feature on or off? If I want to explore the local area I will search specifically for this, but it is rarely the case for me as mostly I just want to go to a particular place and want to check directions for that. I don’t want it popping up wasting my time whenever I open the app. PLEASE can you fix this? Thank you..Version: 5.13

No streetview? The Palestine issueSince the last update a couple days ago I think there's a lot of things been going on hasn't it Google but WHY remove streetview?! I use this all the time on Google Maps I am very disappointed because of that update. Make sure that you bring streetview back or everyone in the review will go nuts over it. I gave this a two star review because of this issue and hopefully Google can update the app again and bring streetview back. Remember Israel and Palestine both have different ideologies but more distinctive ones so I would suggest calling it Israel/Palestine for now to avoid backlashes. Palestinians need better representation to the world rather than be discriminated against. Google just man up and understand Palestinian politics not just Israeli politics..Version: 5.49

BloatedUsed to be clean and mean. Now it’s more about bloatware than it’s about its actual purpose: navigation..Version: 5.58

Get rid of the “Explore Nearby” screen hogThe Explore Nearby splash screen is soo annoying please remove it! I use maps to find businesses around me all the time but I don’t need the app to harass me with them when I’m not looking for them or when trying to find an address quickly in the car..Version: 5.18

Barely any room for the mapHi. I’m google maps. I know you want to see the maps but Instead wouldn’t you like to have your screen filled with buttons that you don’t care about and widgets you can get elsewhere on your phone for free. Well guess what. Now you can! And better yet, we’ve restricted your ability to remove the buttons. This will guarantee you will be able to see the weather you don’t care about and can stare at the words pharmacy, food, and gas stations even though you don’t care at all..Version: 5.58

Where is Palestine !?! 🙄Disappointed in you google. #FreePalestine 🇵🇸.Version: 5.48

An annoying necessityI have used this app for years as I am a courier and the option to put multiple stops is amazing! However within really the last year, development has gotten messy and far too often I see new features just tossed into this app without little thought about them being annoyances to the everyday user. Like a month or so ago you would hit go and instead of automatically starting your route it would proceed to tell you how the traffic patterns are normally and how it is now....thanks I could care less and I don’t need the extra step. Now there’s a bug where you hit star over and over and nothing happens so you need to slide that bar up which then shows you the traffic pattern times (really wanna shove that stupid feature down our throats huh google?) and then hit start. And now it seems to have issues finding the most common of cities saying it can’t find a way there. Best thing I can recommend is wait it out and once google has fixed all the bugs and things seem stable, shut off the auto updates for this app. They tinker with it way too much and you never know what the next problem is gonna be..Version: 5.21

Update has ruined it - switching to WazeHave been a big user for years of this app. It was always better than Apple Maps but the update has made me want to switch to the new upcoming app Waze. Changes to the app that weren’t required and are now annoying: - instead of showing my home and work addresses on the home screen, it now lists restaurants etc that I don’t care about. I use it to check traffic for my commute not go out, I now have added steps every time I use the app - no longer shows other routes, just tollways. I live 60-90 mins from work. I want to know the quickest way not the most expensive. - the arrow no longer knows which way is up and the blue dot is broken/missing. It used to take a minute to orientate itself but now I work it quicker than my phone. - Also annoying is the now convoluted start sequence. You’ve made it more complex than it was. Not useful when driving, more of a distraction. - AND why so slow all of a sudden? I had started to use the audio instructions when driving late at night and they have become delayed making me miss turns etc. * all of the above with a brand new phone and up to date software. A reversal of some of these ‘upgrades’ is required or me and I’m sure many others will be switching to Waze..Version: 4.50

Spoken navigation misses wordsThe latest update seems to be having a problem with the speech. It seems to miss the first part of the sentence when cutting in on other audio. Also can no longer say some word correctly and misses the last letter and mis pronounces the road and town names..Version: 5.54

Was great, became terribleAfter the recent update suggested routes are awful. I save 6-8 mins off a 30 min trip by just choosing a different motorway - the one the version before the update was suggesting. Doesn’t have my house on the map - has the next one and the previous one, but not mine. Doesn’t use magnetic compass at all, never can get my space orientation right... The only benefit now is that Apple maps are much worse....Version: 5.37

Gets bus stops wrong and walking paths, otherwise it’s okI have always used google maps but lately I’m finding it to be extremely frustrating. Today I wasted 40 mins of my time going back and fourth because google maps got the bus stop wrong. Bus 425 does not stop at bus stop HA near Homerton hospital (London) by the way. Also it would tell me to leave at a certain time to walk to a bus stop and I would be waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come and then it would say the bus has already been. I look at other people to confirm that I didn’t miss the bus and the bus ends up not coming at all or is 3 mins delayed. Another time google maps provided a route on foot but part of the route was actually to walk through the walls of a building. How is that possible? - I’m not a ghost! The building looked like it had been there sometime. All I can say is, google maps needs to try update things at a quicker rate if possible..Version: 5.35

PUT PALESTINE BACK ON THE MAPHow dare you contribute to the genocide of the Palestinians..Version: 5.48

After using everyday for a month...There are a few things that drive us crazy. 1. When carefully using your fingers to look around it will just scoot 100km in one direction, forcing you to centre view and start again. 2. You can’t EASILY change from maps to satellite WHEN in a navigation. The layers option disappears behind a more complex settings menu. Using satellite maps as a co-driver can be important in foreign countries to determine wether it’s a bridge or a ferry. Or generally provide more useful data when exploring foreign/remote areas. 3. Road closed. We navigated 5 hours south in Norway, to find a road closed sign and have to drive 3 hours north to begin the detour. Had we used Waze/Apple maps, we would have known in advance. (Had been closed for 5 months...) 4. When you manually start manipulating the map to look around, you click on put north up, you will find yourself fighting the auto rotate or zoom. Arghh. Otherwise it’s an amazing tool, with a world of information. But for such a big company the UI could still use some work, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be perfect!.Version: 4.50

As rude as they are uselessDon’t take my word for it, go find out yourself!.Version: 5.19

Google maps default is to change the route when you have set a preferenceDecide to go for a ride off highways on my motorcycle. Set preferred route plus avoid highways and start riding. Almost instantly Google maps ‘finds’ a highway route which is shorter or more efficient and puts a prompt to tell me that unless I tell it again it will change my route from a preference I have already set. I have a few seconds to pull over, remove my gloves, get the phone out of it’s holder and tell it not to do that. No time to do all that so it switches route. It’s the same even in the car. I often don’t have time to alter the prompt when I see it because my priority is actually driving. It’s quite simple. If I have set a don’t use highways preference then DON’T USE HIGHWAYS. If I picked a route from alternatives THEN USE THE ROUTE I PICKED! I don’t mind the prompt telling me of traffic changing but if I have made a choice then the default answer should be to do what I told it to do already..Version: 5.36

Street name please?Made the switch back to Google Maps as Apple Maps simply isn’t reliable enough. However two things that bug me to no end here. Number one: I am legally blind and use pinch to zoom a lot, a feature that is at large being left behind as multitouch gestures become more advanced, and when I zoom in and move the focus the app will zoom in further of its own volition. Second, and Apple Maps does this too: I could course all the way from Albert St X Plenty Road to the Plenty Road’s northern extremity without seeing its street name. So frustrating! Furthermore option buttons for directions could be bigger and the whole app could be a bit easier on the eye like it used to be five years ago. Overall in spite of its minor quibbles Google Maps has the edge..Version: 5.28

It’s google trashJust like everything else with google things keep going downhill (especially the search engine). Maps gets worse with every update. Worst is it never keeps up with movements and distance despite any change to any settings that google recommends it stays about 10-15 seconds behind. I ride a motorcycle and there is no way with the gloves I have to touch the screen. It detects traffic and sends me down a different route that takes twice as long and I can’t cancel it. When planning trips where I know the route I want to take and I set it to that yet googles mighty reroute thinks it can’t shave a minute off by sending me down side streets. By thinking it can save that one minute I end up in rural side streets and distant loops that end up taking longer. Over maps is terrible. Lately I’ve had to memorize the route before hand and keep the app off while traveling, defeating the point of GPS maps. If they fixed the app so it kept up with movement and basic direction that would be a good start. Then add options like “never change pre-planned route” and and option to not take traffic into account as much for motorcycles that lane split. Just give people a few more settings.Version: 5.41

No traffic updatesI have used Google Maps for a number of years in the UK and most of the time it is okay. However recently it has not updated me about significant route impacts. One time I looked for directions from St Albans to Oxford. Unfortunately the M40 was closed between to junctions I needed. Not only did it pick a bad route (M40 was closed before I left St Albans), it did not notify me during the journey and also failed to redirect me when I had to exit the M40 and kept telling me to go back to the closed section. This has happened more than once. Will be switching to an app where these road updates do happen as it’s frustrating being late for work/events which could have easily been avoided by earlier notification..Version: 5.48

Idiots?Always making me turn where im not aloud! Making up invisible streets, making me go through IMPOSSIBLE place like highways and such.. very very BAD gps system!!!!!!! De loin le pire service de gps! Très très imprécis, me fais tjrs tournée a des endroits ou il est interdit de tournée, invente des rues, me fais passer par des endroit ou il est IMPOSSIBLE de passer comme a travers d’une autoroute ou tourner a travers d’un terreplein.. je ne recommande a PERSONNE!! Si je pouvais ils auraient 0 étoiles!!!.Version: 5.18

Fuel and toilet buttons on route plsGoogle maps is always my favourite map ap... however this latest down load is EXTREMELY slow to load, almost unusable :( I would like to see a quick find buttons for local fuel (finally found!) and public toilets while on a route. Even better, how about more- some! non commercial options; Historic sites, public parks, state/national parks, museums, tourist information. Yes that's a long list, how about making the current list editable (fastfood /ATMs are all available at fuel stops- as much as toilets are). And why is it.. when I'm adding a "missing place" there is NO category for a park (picnic spot/rest spot/grassy area) or public rest rooms??!! Only commercial options?.Version: 5.6

Something has gone wrong.I use google maps on most journeys, even routes I know well as I like to know the ETA. Recently when I tell it to take me home, using my saved locations, its shows my home on the map, I tell it to start guidance and then it picks a random point on the map and starts directing me there. The other day for my 15min drive home it wanted to take me to central London, which is two hours away. Today it got me most of the way home before telling me to take a turning I don’t usually take, I followed it as I assumed it was because of some blockage ahead. By the time I worked out it was taking me to another random point on the map, I had driven for the 20 minutes estimated to get home only for me to discover I had been guided to a town half an hour from home. This is an unacceptable glitch which could be considered dangerous, if panicked drivers try to make alterations whilst driving. Please sort this bug out..Version: 5.4

Suddenly trashOut of nowhere, the voice has changed to some man speaking with marbles in his mouth, who also does not speak English. I changed no settings, and do not want broken English for directions..Version: 5.65

Weird stuff creeping inI used to rely 100% on Google Maps but recently it seems to have become far less reliable. I’ve just been on a journey where I selected the optional route and pressed start and ended up on the default route anyway. Last week, the app took me off the motorway (leave at exit xyz) routed me next to the motorway (that was flowing freely) for 3 or 4 miles then put me back on. It then only flagged my junction when I was level with it so I missed it, then the alternative route that it said had a 4 minute delay, added 30 minutes to my journey despite me only being 3 minutes from the hold-up. My kids have started to make the same comments. Has something changed? Or has Apple done something now that they are finally trying to develop a decent map? I might be trying other apps anywayz.Version: 4.53

JoJoAfter reading some of the reviews I feel compelled to also to write about my experiences with Google Maps. I am currently working as a delivery driver and completely rely on Google Maps specifically for areas that I am not familiar with or have never been before. Most of the time I can be navigated right to the front door of my sat nav journey but the biggest majority of the time Google Maps Satellite navigation system takes me in the exact opposite direction of where I want to go , it also has really big difficulties in connecting to its source and I find that I’m either being told to turn either ahead of actual turning point too soon or too late and then have to perform a complicated u turn on a really busy road , Google Maps is also very very guilty of taking you a longer route to the desired destination , and Google Maps always has me turning up and down streets on to roads of on coming traffic as it’s clueless to any of the one way systems in GLASGOW’s city Centers . I fell that Google Maps Satellite Navigation free app is not being updated or monitored enough and it’s just a matter of time before seriously injuring someone or killing them as road traffic is dangerous enough without an inaccurate liability thrown in to the mix of Glasgow towns busy road systems..Version: 5.9

Poor navigation, directions all over the placeFor the past 6 months I’ve had numerous issues with the app. It will load properly and even show the correct GPS location. So I enter an address to navigate too from my current address, The address I want the goto will display but as soon as I click “go” to show me the way it will give the complete wrong information, the GPS is way off and it doesn’t keep updated as I drive along the route. This happens repeatedly and sometimes improves after about 5 minutes but by that time I am already a fair way to the destination so it’s a waste of time. This keeps happening despite keeping the app upto date. Very disappointing.Version: 4.52

Doesn’t like iPhones muchSo... after several intrepid and unanticipated adventures into the backstreets of random suburbs in cities I barely know, some of them where no law abiding soul dares tread, and apparently Google maps is totally cool with that, I think I can safely say this app doesn’t like my iPhone much. In fact, judging from the number of problems reported by iPhone 6/7/8 users, i don’t think the app likes any iPhone much anymore. This has been persisting since June 2019, in an era where no one had heard the word corona. I’ve been holding out for an update that fixes this, but another hour detour later, I’m going to have to let this one go. Dear Google, loved your app, please fix it. It’s giving me random, indirect routes that are inaccurate. Sometimes it also doesn’t realise I’ve turned off a road I’m several hundred metres passed it..Version: 5.49

Needs work stillI love using this however, you need to have something in the app that detects I’m in nz, so it stops giving me driving destinations in Europe or Australia as the “first” listing suggestion, of course I’m driving in Nz they’re what I want to see first! Also randomly it no longer speaks the directions. I’ve troubleshooted everything and googled how to fix and it still hasn’t worked. I’m not deleting and re downloading as a last resort.Version: 5.3.1

Crashed when tap the search input fieldCan’t do the map search with the keyword.Version: 5.19

Transit hidden on satellite mapWith new update u have to change to default map + transit view to see transit stops, cannot use satellite map. frustrating..Version: 5.55

Street view is hidden on mobileCan you just add it to the terrain options on mobile? Would make sense.. It’s such a challenge to get to street view when the place on route doesn’t have a street view pic for you to click on. Please fix this, it would make life easier in the city, if you are able to identify what the place on route looks like, along with parking...Version: 5.51

Need an updateYesterday I got lost due to Google Maps. Told me to turn into parking lot by telling me that I can reach my destination via that turn. Also it has not been picking my right location. On Map the arrow shows that I am on highway but I keep getting directions from the nearest road which I cannot drive to unless I drive through trees and bushes. Also there are a lot of New Zealand roads missing from Google Maps..Version: 5.14

Problem with the navigationHi there.. I’m facing this problem right from the time I’ve entered New Zealand.. the compass precision is pathetic..doesn’t work well at all.. the arrow head directs in the opposite direction.. Never faced this problem before..!! Could you please cater to this problem.. iPhone maps works perfectly fine though.. I can’t comprehend why google maps ain’t working like it’s supposed to be.. thanks.Version: 5.4

So many annoying thingsIt’s incredibly ironic that Google Maps is appalling in San Francisco (considering the company is based there) - the map doesn’t seem to be able to locate where I am or the best direction to where I want to go. No great throughout most major US cities. Furthermore, the app’s ‘saved places’ function has limited capacity when compared to the desktop version. You are unable to save a map with editable labels (only a list of places) - what’s the point on this feature on a desktop, aren’t most people using Google Maps on a device? If someone shares a map with you, you are also unable to edit it from a device, only a Desktop. Catch up Google!!.Version: 4.54

CarPlay Version can’t be disabledThis app’s CarPlay version is out, which is great. But there’s a major bug! I can’t turn it off by removing it from the CarPlay apps. The reason I don’t want it on the CarPlay screen is 1) gesture control (pinch to zoom, etc) is not available on my CarPlay screen 2) my CarPlay screen is not on my eye level, I prefer to use the navigation through the phone mounted in the car. There should be an option to turn it off from CarPlay, and/or have a setting to display the map instead of turn by turn text directions on the phone while it is plugged into the car. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 5.3.1

Please remove feature that drops a pin every time I touch the screenA couple updates ago you added a feature that drops a pin every time I touch the screen. So now zooming out or in is a pain. You open the app and there’s all this extra information that helps you explore the current town you’re in, great and all. But let’s say you’re all done with your shopping and just want to head home, now you just want to quickly zoom out to see the big picture but first you tap the screen to go full screen map and remove all the information and BAM there’s a new pin right where you tapped! Now there’s a list of restaurants and what not surrounding that pin! Tap again to remove the pin and and so on. I like the single handed use where you double tap the screen and then hold while you swipe up or down to zoom and I’ve been finding this update extremely frustrating. Please just go back to when you actually had to PRESS AND HOLD a location to add a pin or explore an area. Thanks. Side note. This app deserves a full 5 star rating I just hate this one update so much that I can’t give it more than 3..Version: 5.58

Why remove PalestineRecognised by the UN. Why did you remove Palestine off your maps?.Version: 5.48

Great app butThis is a great app, really helpful... well was until the integration with Lime Scooter. When I look up how to get somewhere walking, it because I want to walk! If you insist on having Lime Scooters in the app, make it a transport option not a default... and fire the person that did this too, great example of poor UX..Version: 5.58

The street view is not working when dropping pinsStreet view is not working when dropping pins.Version: 5.49

DistractionsWith all of the distractions these days, it appears that google encourages users to look at their phones whilst on the move. Whether it be driving or walking, many people are encouraged not to watch where they are going whilst using their phones as portrayed in the graphics where two young people have smiles on their faces as they walk along on the phone. Would it not be better to have a video showing the advances of technology by having the phone talking to them whilst they are watching where they are going? I’m sure in a news article stating that they were on the phone when they were struck and killed by a motorist coming around a corner would not only wipe that smile off their faces but mentally scar that driver who was innocently travelling but also sadden the families of those pedestrians..Version: 4.55

No longer my go to map appGoogle Maps used to be my go to map app. It was way ahead of iOS Maps. It also used to have a clean interface which could be used to navigate. That is no longer the case. On an iPhone the screen is now so cluttered with stuff which cannot be turned off, the portion of the screen real estate usable for navigation is probably less than 60% of the screen. Trying to use it to navigate around a town centre is impossible as every street name is obscured by tags for coffee shops etc in which I have no interest. At least give the option to turn off this clutter. None of us is permanently looking for fast food and coffee outlets; some of us just want to get from A to B..Version: 5.67

RealtorGoogle maps is great but the only problem I have is even though I don't have it on mute end it is connected to my Bluetooth, there is no sound..?? I have to look at the map while I'm driving. Not safe!.Version: 4.36.1

What’s with the janky frame rate?Horrible to use, scrolling and zooming is so choppy, slow and laggy that I’m just going back to apple maps until this is fixed. Don’t know about other issues reported as I didn’t get that far, I just can’t use an app with such a laggy interface. Update: I tried the fix provided in Google’s response to my review. It helped, and the app is usable again, but it’s still not smooth. The frame rate is still poor compared to apple maps (and compared to every other app I use) and it creates an uncomfortable jittery effect when scrolling. I’m pretty sure that back when the iPhone maps app used google data is was fine, and I have an iPhone XS so processing power definitely isn't an issue..Version: 5.15

Stuck with search bar👎Booooo! Google latest revision now FORCES users to have search bar and bottom panel always in view in just maps mode at all times unless map directions has been requested. You know, just a tap to clear the screen for improved "just-maps" viewing? Like we are all too stupid to view maps without google's assistance? Or is it you MUST request directions or amenities for this "privilege". BOOOOOO‼️.Version: 5.57

Needs earlier turn warnings and less right turnsFor some reason google maps doesn't warn you when you need to turn until it's far too late and you can't possibly get in the correct lane, it needs an additional warning for turns earlier. Also for some reason it's obsessed with taking routes that involve right turns onto main roads with no lights, google maps really needs to correctly weight the fact that some roads are impossible to turn right onto during busy traffic hours and come up with better routes. Until google fixes these problems I really can't recommend google maps as it's more likely to get you lost or in an accident than it is to get you to your destination.Version: 5.43

Not very good or accurateGoogle Maps is helpful, probably, when one is driving. It's not helpful for someone who has to take transit or walk. Transit often has changes/transfers - there are no actual walking directions available that are helpful. If you're walking the wrong way, the app doesn't stop you, just tells you to walk to {location}. Also, some bus stops are very near/across the street from one another and Google Maps has a hard time pinpointing that. That's the difference between going the wrong way in a strange place or arriving at your destination. I commute to work but Google Maps only shows one route instead of any route, no matter how I change the settings, so I never know when the bus comes. I know when the trolley comes, but it only runs twice an hour when I am out of work and being able to see any kind of alternate route would be nice. I've also noticed that we have a trolley line that runs all the way to South Hills Village, but Google Maps just tells you to get off the stop before that and walk for sixteen minutes. I know better, but a person new to the area may not. I just don't find it very helpful as someone who doesn't drive..Version: 5.21

Google maps running behind other navigation mapsAfter all these years still no speed limit, also you need to ad more alternative route options so the driver can choose between rounds and not have the only route option by google, this used to be better with previous versions and I find it’s just got worse with updates, Google’s route option not always the best option. Also another thing to note is when music is playing google will mute the music completely for directions instead of heaving the option to just fade it like TomTom navigation which allows you to set the voice instructions as a percentage of the music volume, doesn’t need to be completely muted it’s just annoying. Common google sort it out, common sense here. For this reason you get 3* from me..Version: 5.9

Why should I report an issue with Google Maps?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Google Maps to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Google Maps customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Google Maps.

Is Google Maps not working?

Google Maps works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Maps.

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