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Google Maps app received 92 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google maps?

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Google Maps - FabulousAwesome app - great to be able to see where u are going in real time and how far u have to go - plan stops on the way.Version: 5.24

When will you update?I love using this app, as its great to find your way around when you are lost. I recently used it whilst on a holiday in Sydney, good to find where I wanted to go around the city. But I think your photos need updating. I saw on yr site that my area has been done. But the photo used in the house where me and my parents used to live 4yrs ago is still old, as we know longer live there. It shows their cars in the carport, and a letterbox we had taken out four years before we left (we put a new one in). So your photo is about 8yrs old. The google earth one is up to date, so I think you guys need to update yours too. Other than that, everything else is great. If your photos were up to date, I'd give you five starts for sure, as I use this app all the time 👍🏻.Version: 4.38

Real Time Slower While DrivingUber driver was using #GoogleMaps while driving to #Whitford and missed a turn because the downloading of Satellite data was slower than her driving speed. Suggestion to #Uber drivers would be to use the “get directions” choice and screen shot it on your phone; or write down directions if you don’t know the area..Version: 4.42

TrafficHaving the same problem with the new release now I have to turn the traffic every time I open the app. Pls fix 9/19 thx for fixing issue app back to being great again..Version: 4.36.1

Penalty chargeDear google map I love your app it’s very useful and has helped me almost every day however I have just received a penalty charge for £60 from Manchester City council because I was driving in Manchester City centre as I needed to pick up my Girlfriend from national express bus station on Portland street as I was following the directions from your map not knowing that it’s only for buses not cars , could please update places like that or use a different route for car drivers like me on places like these to avoid the penalty charges , I would like to thank you in advance if you could do that so we do not have to go through the same problem again as I was directed to go through that route ..Version: 5.6

Almost all you need.Google maps is the easiest to use and has great display. only things that let it down is the way it always wants to show food joints around you or other interests. it’s annoying . app would get 5 stars if it showed vehicle speed and current speed limits. specially now that it’s used via car play . would then make other stand alone nav units obsolete.. perhaps they have an agreement not too ?.Version: 5.13

No street view?Where has street view gone? I can’t get street view anymore when I click on a road, I can only get it by clicking on a location like a restaurant and go from there but that’s not very useful because if I travel to far down the road in street view the screen goes black or is pixelated so you can’t see anything. I guess this is a bug but I would expect an update the same or next day to fix this considering google is 1 of the biggest companies in the world with millions of users daily using google maps. It’s now been a week or more and still no fix. Cmon google.Version: 5.24

Great. But beware the ‘AVOID TOLLS’ option! 😡Always rely on Google Maps when we’re in the US, and especially liked the ‘Avoid Tolls’ option when you’re in a rental car and don’t want a hefty admin fee from the agency for going through a cashless toll. However I discovered last week that it’s not reliable - drove from Ohio to Staten Island NY with ‘avoid tolls’ selected, no warnings/pop-ups to say anything to the contrary, only to find ourselves at a $15 bridge toll to get over to Staten Island. Turns out there is no way to avoid a toll on to the island, fair enough, but if that’s the case PLEASE GOOGLE can you give us some notification of this when we select the route? I could easily have gone to an ATM and got the money before we got there if I’d known, but the only mention of the toll is hidden away down in the route description, and the top of it still says ‘avoid tolls’. No warnings whatsoever. So I’m now looking at a hefty fine/admin fee that would have been entirely avoidable if the nav info had been more accurate. Yes I know that all New Yorkers are aware there’s a toll, but it was a last minute trip and I trusted google maps to just avoid the tolls if that’s what was selected, or tell me if it wasn’t possible. For future updates, the difference between cash and cashless tolls would be useful info, so we could avoid cashless tolls, but use cash tolls, as that’s what most people out of state are worried about..Version: 4.57

Better than Apple - needs a small design tweakBetter than Apple's maps. But you probably already know that by now Small suggestion As a designer I think Google's team have done a marvelous job at making all their app icons & apps look consistent and uniform. In contrast Apple's own app icons & apps look like they are all made by different companies. However there is only 2 standouts in the Google apps I currently have. Google maps & Google Street view are the only ones that don't have simple icons centred on white background..Version: 4.44

Google is people’s companyThere is no other company that serve people truly in the world like Google and Facebook.. My two most favourite companies in the world.. These 2 companies provide so much of free service to the people in the world.. Google maps is amazing service... Google engineers have done an excellent job... Keep it up Google.Version: 5.17

Google MapsI use google maps frequently both locally and overseas. What I really like is the fact that is kept up to date with relevant traffic updates, alternate routes when proposed routes are congested I use it on my IPad and in my car vis my IPhone Thanks.Version: 4.53

Best Mapping App AvailableI’ve been using Google Maps for many years and have seen it evolve into a terrific app. that I simply couldn’t do without. I have a very poor sense of direction and this app. allows me to get around the big city I live in. The most recent update now includes the speed limit of the road you’re traveling on. This was the only thing I liked on Apple maps, now Google has it too. I live in a big city and so far the Google speed has matched the posted speed and even changed when I cross over an intersection, then the speed limit changes. If you don’t like the speed limit feature, it can be turned off in the settings / navigation screen of the app. Offline maps are an absolute life saver for instanced where you travel to areas where cell signals are intermittent or weak. They are easy to setup and remove. So far, on the iPhone I have not had a single issue with this app., unlike the dreaded Apple maps that to this day, doesn’t always give me the proper directions, and takes too long to figure out when I veer off the path. Google maps, responds instantly, and reroutes you eliminating a lot of stress. In a case where you find an error in routing, if it’s reported to google, they will listen to you and fix it. Be patient though as they have to verify it, before they change it. They have a feature within the app that should be turned on by default, where you shake the phone with the app. open, the the feedback screen pops up..Version: 5.9

Staff are life saversI am an NHS keyworker and found myself in Newquay today. I had to take my dad for a scan at the hospital. My dad then said I could use his car to drive back to Exeter. As I got in his car to drive back in the rain I found one of the wiper blades was broken. I knew there was a Kwik fit just around the corner. I arrived there and ran in the door only to be told that they had closed at 5pm. Nik Curnow the manager that they would open again in the morning. After explaining my dilemma and informed him that I needed to get back to Exeter for work. Nik then said he would fit a new wiper blade. Nik and and whole team are real life savers and I am eternally grateful and appreciate the fact that they did not have to help but still did it anyway. Thank you so much guys.Version: 5.46

FantasticSo good that you can’t resist to buy.. very good quality.. totally worth for money.. Super happy with my purchase. Totally recommended to people who is looking for good quality & variety..Version: 4.53

Better than sliced breadIt gives you such detail that is amazing, one of the best apps I have on my iPad I not only use it to find places I need to be in it kills me a time estimated time that you will arrive, very handy. And the turn by turn directions outstanding I don’t know why you would need To use any other app for Finding a destination . Used to be hard to kind of find places that’s in the past we get to the right place the first time with the outstanding turn by turn directions. The only thing it lacks is to be able to see real traffic, I did one time was able to see real traffic cars that passed me in the cars that passed in real time because it only was one time I cannot get that optional more. What happened Google maps. I would recommend this app to my grandmother it sure does a good job thank you very much Sincerely yours Never get lost.Version: 4.56

One of the most useful apps you can download. But ugly app icon...I use this app every single day. Not just for navigation but for finding local services, planning trips in advance, finding hotels and restaurants, Reading reviews, writing reviews and the list goes on. Google Maps is in that small group of apps that are irreplaceable and truly make our lives easier. The only thing I’d change is the app icon itself. Google’s other app icons are so simple and clean. I know Maps is a whole business unit in itself and is a very big deal within Google... but the red pin on a white background would be a confident and understated way to design the icon..Version: 5.9

WestGate Kwik Fit to the rescue again!As a long term customer of this particular Kwik Fit branch on Westgate Road in Newcastle upon Tyne I have, over the last 17 years, never failed to be impressed by their attitude to customer service and care and their impressive ability to sort out car issues from the serious to the mundane... So, praise where praise is due to all the team who have once again helped me to maintain and repair my Kia Sedona and to keep it - plus my family of Grandchildren and me- safely on the road with a rapid repair and new MOT. I can’t thank them enough and would like to say that in my opinion the 5 stars above are not anywhere near enough! Well done Westgate team, you are all a credit to the Kwik Fit company Kind regards Anita Banks.Version: 5.50

Strange bugI wrote a review for a museum I visited today. And then I want to add more picture on it. After I added two more photos, I can't find my previous review, so disappointed. Dear Google, if you want more people to use the app you created, you have to improve the user experience literally. Not just by saying it several times but do nothing on improvement. If there would be a better option of apps with similar functions, I will delete google map forever and never used it again..Version: 5.57

Good. Not as good as before.Traffic data has been a bit glitchy recently - even with a strong 4G signal. Tried refreshing a few times and resorted to using my ‘awful’ Volvo navigation / Apple Maps. Worst pint however, has to be losing the functionality for adding labels - specifically Home and Work. Every time I travel back home or to work, I used to click on the lane and use GMaps for traffic etc - however now it’s lost the labels, I have to manually enter the postcodes - such a faff, most days I don’t bother now. Please fix this. I’m sure it’s apples stupid IOS update that broke it, but it’s core to the UX of GMaps and all the forums are full of complaints..Version: 5.35

Need to disable auto-reroutingI’ve been using Google Maps for a long time and overall I’m satisfied with it. However, there are two things that I’d like to see implemented: 1) Allow the user to select alternate routes when in offline mode. When in online mode, I can select a route I’m most comfortable with and not being able to do this in offline mode is annoying. I don’t want to be limited to the “fastest” route. 2) Allow the user to disable the auto-rerouting option without having to use the app in offline mode. There are many times when I’m not interested in saving 5 minutes by taking an unfamiliar route, but I still want to see current traffic and ETA. Having to fight with the app and manually hit “decline” to a route change is annoying and distracting. There is no reason why the app should need physical interaction from a user while they are focused on driving. Maybe allow the user to switch the default action to “decline” instead of “accept,” and add the ability to choose via voice control?.Version: 5.10

Recent rerouting and mobile data issueI’ve used Google maps as my number one choice for navigation for many years. I recently got a new iPhone XR, and have been having issues with the app for the first time ever. When I’m driving and using google maps as navigation, if I miss a turn and google maps needs to reroute, it’ll say rerouting, but never load the new route. I then try to force quit the app and refresh, but now my mobile data isn’t working at all. I try to renter my destination, but it just searches for a long time and then says I’m offline. No apps work with data, even a simple google search on safari is non responsive. I have no idea why this is happening. Please offer me a possible solution. (I also got a new GPS smart watch that my phone has been connected too whilst navigation, not sure that this should affect it, but thought I’d give you all information to help me solve the problem) Thank you in advance..Version: 5.16

Downloads goodIt is good that we can download maps temporarily as this makes navigating so much better and easier.Version: 4.49

Whacky TimesGoogle love the service, but here in New Zealand I keep getting routes that say 40 minutes to an hour but should only take 15 minutes max. Also, difficult app to use when walking in the city. Expect better from a corporate giant but I know you guys will provide :).Version: 4.44

Awesome!!Best map app out there. I do a lot of point A to B travelling and need to know distances, with the ability to save customers addresses and my destination addresses, it makes giving a quote so much easier!.Version: 4.37

The best chiropractors in the businessI want to start off by saying I was injured August of 2020 I began my journey in Atlanta, Georgia and now I live in mobile. I was worried about changing chiropractors I’m not really a doctor person if that makes sense. Well my first day I was really nervous but that shortly rescinded when the staff was so caring and authentic about helping me. Every step was explained to me. They listened to me when I explained what happened and what results I was looking for. I used to go once a week now I go twice and I can honestly say without Advance Spine Therapy my days would be spent in agony. You would think that it would take a lot of time in a doctors office! Not at all! Even if you walk in and the lobby is full 45 minutes tops you will be walking out of that office without pain and feeling so well placed. I highly recommend if you have any type of neck or back injury you visit Advanced Spine Therapy it is life changing. P.s. And they have coffee 🤭😍.Version: 5.80

Who doesn't use GMapsThe best navigational app out. The offline part is now awesome for when I'm of road or camping and the is no reception. Total life saver. Definitely a Must Have for the traveller, camper or new to town person!!!.Version: 4.46

Updated reviewThank you for fixing the bug, really appreciate it //this is for older version If I am swiping from the bottom of the screen - then I want to quit the app, not move the map! Why did you deactivate the bar?! The screen is giant, there is plenty of space for swiping to move the map, leave the safe area for the gesture bar!!! It is so annoying!.Version: 4.42

BETTER THAN APPLE MAPS!Google maps is 100% better than apple maps, apple maps doesnt even know which direction im going in. Vv happy with this app !!.Version: 5.10

A bugWhen I have been using the app lately my screen brightness keeps going really dull and I can’t turn it up! I still give it 5 stars as it’s my favourite navigation app and I think someone jealous out there has created a bug! I feel really gaslit because as soon as I close the app my brightness goes right back up too! So dangerous because I’ve had to pick up my phone several times while driving to see where I’m going!! Hope you guys find the issue!!.Version: 5.56

The best all round mapping appI find the quality of the maps to be pretty good, although the colour contrast could be better on my desktop PC. Fine on iOS. Streetview is extremely useful for many things, not least checking out a place before you go there. The biggest thing for me is the richness and quality of the pin data. This is particularly good as a lot of it is crowdsourced from the public who can add new things and edit mistakes. I’ve compared areas I know well with the other mainstream mapping apps like Apple and Bing and google wins hands-down. I’ve had timeline turned on for a few years now and find it really useful and interesting. Perhaps that’s not ideal for people who are paranoid about google knowing where you go though. I personally don’t care. One annoyance is having edits rejected by people or machines who clearly don’t know the area. I know it’s wrong! I live here / was just standing there! It took three attempts to change a car park’s address from “Burger Bar, Church St.....” Madness! The app could do with a field where you can leave a note for the reviewer..Version: 5.57

Change the logo!Change the logo back to original one as it stands out on screen among other apps with similar logos! Sometimes Google map routes through a parking lot or very narrow countryside roads even though there is a main highway nearby. Please fix..Version: 5.43

Great but...Would love to see time options rather than given just quickest route so can see difference quickest route makes to commute..Version: 5.6

Better than iOS MapsI guess I didn't even realize the difference between this and the native apple map. I switched to iPhone last year and was used to pressing a map link and it opened right up in maps. Well, apple does that too...but when I needed it badly I had to come download google maps. I was stuck in a delivery parking lot of a huge hospital in an unfamiliar city that apparently had one address for the whole campus. Apple's map made me almost lose my mind- "Turn right then turn right! Go southwest then immediately go north then turn right! Turn left then turn right!" It was insanity. I finally broke down and googled what I needed which prompted me to download Google Maps...And I was immediately given correct directions and found my medical office in less than 5 minutes. Now every time I need directions I find Google Maps is the only one that's accurate. 4 stars because it turns me sideways sometimes and did have me turn right off of an exit just to make an immediate u-turn when it should have just told me to turn left from the jump. Still- it gets me there which is what I ultimately care about..Version: 4.39

Bao Han Restaurant Hoi An VietnamEarlier this year my wife and I and 2 friends stayed just outside the beautiful historic city of Hoi An for 1 week . Close to our hotel , north of the town we stumbled apon the Bao Han whilst going for an evening walk . The restaurant is small but the owners and staff could not have been more welcoming . We didn’t know what to order from the extensive menu so Phi the lovely owner and maitre’d helped us chose the best seasonal options . The food was fantastic . The best Vietnamese seafood we had in our whole trip (including some fancy city restaurants in Saigon and Hanoi ) I would highly recommend this restaurant to everybody . We would love to come back and see you again Many thanks for the delicious food Jimmy and Paula London England.Version: 5.30

I never imagined.As a young boy with a wonderful imagination, I couldn’t have believed that today, I would be holding a somewhat small device used to make and receive calls and messages, play games, have email, Google for information about almost anything and explore the world from above, zooming in so close I can see individual trees, cars, even animals, through Google Maps. I just love the 3D feature, especially when viewing the city high rises, famous landmarks and natural wonders. I look forward to when it’s available in more or all places. Street view is also a great feature, particularly when you are looking for directions so you can get a visual of what the building/house looks like, as well as the surrounding area - very helpful..Version: 4.58

More info?As others agree, this is a very comprehensive and powerful tool that’s used daily by most people. Here’s my Wishlist for improvements. 1. A “Parking layer” many “controlled” off street parking areas (underground) have visual red/green spot availability signals that in some cases drive their street facing parking availability displays. Surely they could be incorporated here? 2. A “heavy vehicle” driver option, to help articulated vehicle drivers in particular, avoid entering dangerously constrained side streets where infrastructure and vehicle damage results. I’m sure the #AI can cope with these trifling but extremely valuable and useful additions?.Version: 5.78

MY Plan ManagerIf you need assistance with NDIS budgeting, MY Plan Manager is the way to go. Get the app on your phone and you can see exactly where your budget money is going. That’s helpful. Also the reimbursements come through to your account really quickly, 2 days, which is great when you have paid money for a service. They always ring back in a timely manner if you have a question. No question is too difficult for them. I recommend this service..Version: 5.54

Perth Auto Body Repairs Welshpool WAWhat an amazing all round result I got from Team Jamie today. From the front desk service (Sophie and Alicia) to the workshop crew and the final finish crew-(these are the lads who return your car 100% cleaner than when you put it in.) 🤭🤫 Jamie and his team went above and beyond when fixing my car. They not only met their contractual obligations but they also fixed some extra dings and dents-at NO EXTRA COST.!!!! Who does that these days? My sincere appreciation to all the lads and ladies at Perth Auto Repairs. A busy yet very tidy work shop. Very friendly with a family vibe- I can feel the sincerity of the words spoken by the team and as a fussy, emphatic 68 year old pensioner, I know what value for money looks like. And if you, the general public also want value for your money then I recommend you head to PERTH AUTOBODY REPAIRS to get your repairs addressed, professionally and with a smile. 😊 😃 Thank you to the entire team. Where there is faith, there is quality. 👍👌.Version: 5.58

Motorbike mode?Still one of, if not the best, navigation app out there. I have one suggestion for improvements though. I’m a motorcyclist and often have my phone mounted on the handlebar for navigation. However, the always lit up phone screen can often be a distraction as it attracts the eye more often than is required (i.e. I only need to glance at the screen when approaching junctions or roundabouts). What I suggest is to introduce a “motorcyclist mode” where the screen lock is active to reduce rider distraction. However as the vehicle approaches a junction, highway exit, roundabout etc, a simple full screen pictorial direction shows up. The screen would then revert to its locked mode afterwards. This would improve rider attention and therefore safety. It would also have the added benefit of conserving battery power. I know motorcyclists are probably a small demographic compared to the total population of google maps users, but I suspect even drivers would appreciate such a functionality..Version: 5.49

Google mapsAwesome the way you an locate items as well as venue names. Accuracy could be better as it can compete with more current information such as bus time tables, road works. Perhaps a way of defaulting to the source would be good as an automatic update..Version: 5.51

Can’t live without itBeen great using google maps over the years. I find the timeline very valuable when doing timesheets and reviewing past journeys. Just like a personal tracker you know where you were on what day and time. The latest version doesn’t seem to log departure and arrival time first thing in the morning and arriving back home dispute Consciously entering postcodes before staring off and maps displaying the journeys finished ??? I am just about to update to the latest release to see if it helps, but still the best navigation app available in my opinion. Keep up the good work..Version: 5.13

Rikki J MThere’s one more feature I would really love to have on google maps, and that would be the ability to record a new walking track or a new road or 4wd track, and then have the option to save it as either as a private road or track or a public road or track. It’s great to be able to add a new place and then share it with people but if they can’t get directions there it means I have to draw a mud map on paper! I’m not sure how it would get audited by google before making it public on the database, maybe it could depend on how many people use it or find it useful. At least being able to share a new track with people would be awesome! I started using google maps six or seven years ago and since then, the amount of information that has been added to the maps has been astounding! Having updates that has allowed people to contribute information to the database has improved google maps so much faster!.Version: 5.76

AppreciateI definitely appreciate everything that you’ve done. Very enthusiastic and passionate. Highly recommended. Thank you!.Version: 5.15

Great app as always, but....Google has always been king of maps. Much better than Apple maps. Lots of awesome features added over the years, and more recently the addition of 'location sharing'...similar to find my friends. However, this location sharing has a few bugs they need to iron out... 1. It takes AGES to locate someone. Much longer than find my friends. 2. When I force it to refresh the location status of someone, it basically does nothing. 3. It seems it is unable to locate anyone if that other person is using their devices GPS for their own needs (I tried to track my wife's progress as she drove through France last month, and it only seemed to update whilst she had stopped at services...when she was actually driving and using google maps for navigation, it never updated...I had to use fiend my friends instead to see where she was). I'm so pleased google have added this feature as I would prefer to use google vw find my friends...but I need the above bugs to be fixed before I can fully rely on it..Version: 5.16

Issue with navigation when using Work or Home quick access buttonsOverall I love Google Maps, but hoping developers are regularly checking reviews & can fix a problem I’ve encountered. I’ve recently started trying to use the Work & Home quick launch navigation buttons on the Drive screen, but have found the app doesn’t track my progress & update the route if I deviate from the suggested course. I’ve gone back to selecting “Home” from my saved list (not sure why the app behaves differently), so that the app tracks my progress & provides updated route suggestions..Version: 4.52

Great Navigation App!In addition to my previous reviews below, I wanted to mention that some beaches are accessible by 4WD during low tides and it would be useful if the app could include these beaches as roads, factoring in tide times, when calculating routes. In addition to the suggestion in my previous review below, I thought adding support for Bluetooth connectivity to the OnBoard Diagnostic 2 (OBD2) interface of vehicles would improve the ability of this app to recommend the greenest/environmentally efficient route and possibly also provide additional data to improve Google’s self driving cars. I’d like to suggest an improvement for electric vehicle (EV) owners and that is that in addition to showing one or more of the shortest travel time routes when displaying directions, it would also show the most efficient EV route (e.g. based on shorter distance, predominantly flat and/or downhill terrain, recharging stations along the route (being able to specify the EV range of their vehicle to assist in calculating when charging would be required could be added to the settings), etc.), perhaps in a different colour (e.g. green) so that they can make a decision as to whether they’d like to take the optimal EV route instead of the quickest route (assuming they’re not one in the same)..Version: 6.14

Great Apple Maps Replacement in CarPlay...Except:Everything in Google Maps is excellent. Now with iOS 12 adding support for third-party navigation maps in CarPlay, we’re now able to use Google Maps and Waze in CarPlay. However, there are two main issues. One, there’s no speed limit. This is a necessity and it’s kind of inexcusable that Google Maps doesn’t have this feature while Apple Maps and Waze (also from Google) do. Two, the voice feature doesn’t work at all in CarPlay. All the proper permissions have been allowed and all that happens when you press the microphone icon on the car screen in Google Maps is that you get the sound and the visual but nothing else. It sometimes says “No internet connection” and cancels, but mostly it hangs there. What’s happening is that it’s hanging there listening but it’s not receiving audio from the car’s microphones. I know that works because if you press the voice button on the steering wheel and use Siri, she hears and responds fine. Must be fixed to allow voice control or add Siri support..Version: 5.0

Helps avoid traffic jams!I generally know my route but always ask Google Maps to guide me. So often there is a traffic jam that I am advised to avoid. I also use Satellite View when taking my boat up small rivers. You can actually see the shallow water and navigate safely. My charts often don't go up rivers. Finding a shop or store that I have forgotten the name of is so helpful. It shows if the shop is open or not, saving a wasted journey..Version: 4.54

Simply the best and most up to date mapGot to say I'm always sceptical of the big players and their apps but this is simply the next app for directions out there! The maps are up to date and stay on even when 3G coverage is intermittent. If there is one thing missing it's speed limits for the road you're on. Apart from that this is so much better than any paid app and compared to waze it stays on the route and gives so many options as you drive for other routes. Still waiting for the map to show speed and speed limits. Waze has it so do many others. Come on Google please add this feature.Version: 5.19

Good functionalityI really like google maps, and have for a long time. I like the orange/red showing areas of traffic when I am planning a print but I do find that it underestimates the additional time caused by traffic incidents..Version: 4.54

I would give this a five starsIf you can let us zoom out as far as google earth if possible more please.Version: 5.21

Awesome! better than iphone’s Maps appsPlease make AUTO route preview and Google maps with offline map for apple watch and save offline maps without requiring to redownload after signing out / after updating the apps / after certain days unless there are changes on the real roads..Version: 5.41

Good apThis is a good ap but could be improved by including an option for when you begin your journey, or at any time you request it, it tells you the entire route to take as you drive. If you are familiar with the area, it just gives you a rundown of roads to use and where to turn off so you have a basic idea of where you’re going without having to listen out as you approach the road you’re supposed to turn down. Basically just a spoken overview option from the start..Version: 5.29

BACKOUT or Put a FIX IN for buggy update..Love this map app.. especially being able to share my location real-time with other people. Found this hidden gem feature (for me at least)traveling from IL to FL. Kept ppl I formed without a lot of texts or phone calls. 👍 That said... based on my interaction with the app a recent release royally screwed up city navigation where I’m at near Fort Meyers FL. I hope the update I just installed corrects the issues and madness this app has caused me the last few days bc I don’t know this city from Adam. The app has been literally unusable for 2-3 days navigating the area. So bad the audio told me to go south when I needed to go due north. I looked at the screen and the satellite image was correct on current location and route to intended location. I couldn’t get the audio to toggle on at all. Even after reboot of my iPhone 10. That’s when had no choice but exit your app and use map app plan B. IN SUMMARY, google developers please don’t make me find a new “everyday use” map app so I can rely on it to tell me the correct information in this city. If you haven’t already,, backout, research issues if you aren’t aware, or push an emergency update with fixes to correct things. Thank you 😕.Version: 5.58

So good.Came here from TomTom, after being with them since 2003, only came over because of TT’s recent changes a few years ago, they’ve gone backwards, surely doomed, Google maps has everything, including free traffic updates, which are near perfect, even in quiet roads, where they’d get less mobile phone info, also love the Google Earth view, which I’ve used throughout France, with loss of maps, always had G. Earth view, very useful, also being google, very easy to find shops, petrol stations, places to eat, or even the smallest of businesses. So pleased with this, works well on my Samsung too..Version: 5.12

Please add Sri shortcuts to google mapsJust installed iOS 12.0.1 and Siri instructions does not open Google maps any more. I need to use Siri when I am driving. Please fix issue below. Please refer to apple support response below. I have just received feedback from my Engineers who have advised as follows As of now Google Maps is not compatible with Siri. However you can open the Google Maps app using Siri. You can’t ask Siri to open a location in Google Maps. With introduction of Shortcuts app, we can add custom Siri shortcuts to certain apps that support it. However Google Maps does not support Siri Shortcuts yet. You can reach out to Google Maps support and provide feedback to them so that they add Siri Shortcuts support in the future..Version: 5.2

Please add a hgv part to this app🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻I love Google maps and would never go to a different navy system. It's clear, quick and very easy to use. It gives you all the info you need to have a safe journey. But, I now have my hgv licence and am looking for a good navigation system to use. One that could take the vehicle details and work out the best routes that avoid, weight limits, height and width restrictions. Green zones and also takes the vehicles speed limit into account. Maybe also tell you how long you have been driving for and when you need to take a break and for how long. Add a little hgv tab where the car, train, bike and walk bits are to open the hgv bit. If you could do this then you would continue to make me a very happy Google maps user.Version: 5.36

Improvements for Apple Car PlayMaps on apple car play are not as good as mobile’s actual screen. Especially for size, color and touch sensitivity. Please provide option to manually disable maps going to car play screen. Also do not block phone screen with map directions as we need to use it for other phone apps & functions. When I switch to other app on iPhone screen, the map on apple car play also disappears. Please fix that. It will be good to have maps continue displaying on car play screen while we switch apps on mounted iPhone in car. Another good feature suggestion is to use phone’s accelerometer to measure sudden breaking & acceleration to help and improve driving habits..Version: 5.4

Helsinki Tourist Office is THE BEST!I was so impressed with the responsiveness & information provided by the Helsinki tourist office in this first post-pandemic year for international travelling. We will be visiting from Australia and have three weeks to cycle and tour around Finland by car. We were struggling to find information about events, so we emailed the tourist office. Staff were fantastic & so helpful. They generally replied within 24-48 hour, providing lists of possibilities including links to websites. So looking forward to our travels!.Version: 6.13

Great for travel, and just pottering. Good that they act on your updatesSo useful for travel by car, bus, bike or foot. I've enjoyed planning trips, and looking back on trips. Not to mention exploring places that I'll never get to. If they keep on adding to their coverage of tracks and bike trails in New Zealand, I'll up my rating to five stars. And it's good to be able to submit updates and corrections. I'd like it easier to add missing paths. An update to add paths would be great. Glad that this is still running on IOS9..Version: 4.54

Can’t leave without it but needs more!!I’ve been using Google Maps every time I drive since 2014. It’s great that you can see estimated travel time on different routes which helps you to choose which way to travel. I would just like to see a calculation on how much tolls would be on different routes so that I can make an informed choice - cheaper or more expensive but faster, for example. If you can have this feature added I am sure no one will need any other navigating apps at all!.Version: 5.58

As good as it gets?I have an Apple Watch and would dearly like to be able to use Google Maps on the watch. This is not because Apples native Maps app doesn't work, it works very well and the directions given on the watch are terrific especially on my bike but most people and web sites I know tend to send me map references from Google maps. This means I either need to look up the locations again or use my iPhone rather than my watch. I don't need to see a map, that is impractical, all I need is the audio and visual prompts to turn, which direction, where and when..Version: 5.6

I was in love.I fell in love with Google Maps maybe about 7 years ago. It’s the reason I was one of the quickest pizza delivery drivers and why I’m always the one navigating family trips. I’ve been in Europe for 3 months now, and I rely desperately on my saved locations when exploring new countries. It was working beautifully until about 2 weeks ago (I assume with this new update), and when I was in London last week I was struggling to hit all the places I planned on because the map was refusing to show my saved places (my data is slow so I rely on Google Maps). I’m taking my last trip tomorrow and I don’t want to say that Google Maps is going to ruin the trip - but it definitely won’t make my trip any easier (like it used to). This is coming from a Google Maps enthusiast that annoys all her friends when she worships it (and bashes all other “Maps”). Please Google, fix this problem. I’m sure you won’t be able to for my trip tomorrow, but if my comment helps someone else, then AWESOME! And to the Google Team, I love you. Really. Thank you. May you get all the donuts you deserve..Version: 4.42

Shortcuts through dark, curvy, rural roadsWhile trying to get to several places in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, I noticed Google Map’s inclination to direct the driver to rural roads, and secondary roads. These are really dark, narrow and curvy, not of any help when traveling at night, especially when I know for sure there must be a way to reach the place by highway (just not sure which one). It happened last night. After going basically nowhere for 20 mins on PR 845 and 844, the app telling me to turn right where there is nothing on the right, I had to call (bother) a client for directions. When she said: the entrance to the area is through PR 199. I thought: “sheesh, I know where that is”!!!! “This app had made my life miserable for the past 20 min”. I have also noticed a lot of inaccuracies in Trujillo Alto Specifically. The app tells you to turn right, then left to reach a destination, when you can see there is nothing, no road, on the right but can clearly see the building you are looking for on the left with a clear access to it. Thanks for having such a nice sign on the building. I try to collaborate by scoring the experience with unhappy faces. Not too happy today..Version: 5.83

Better than Apple Maps...This dummy showed Chili's as a first result when I was searching for Apple Bee's. Now that I selected the first result without realizing it was Chili's I'm out of the way of Apple Bee's. C'mon now. Though Apple's Maps might work more seamlessly with iPhone, Google Maps had listings that didn't even show on Apple's, and the reviews are more reasonalble. Whereas on Apple's Maps reviews (supposed to be based on Yelp) are rather low, as if no one can be satisfied and thereby giving inaccurate representation for quality of places. AND this one had the actual website for a place that happened to tell they wouldn't actually be getting together at that location on the particular day I was thinking about visiting, and that they would be elsewhere; whereas Apple Maps had the general website for the whole company instead of that specific location, which I wasn't sure was a thing. EDIT: Darn thing showing a Chick-Fil-A where there is none and being crappy about leading to a specific address..Version: 5.58

Use it all the timeI love Google Maps and use it for navigating as well as looking up places to eat or attractions to visit when on holiday. One suggestion I would like to make is, I think It should give the option of putting in your vehicle type eg 4wd, small car and the size of your van or trailer if you’re towing and then recommend the best route to suit your vehicle (& suggest parking areas to suit as well). We travel with a 20ft caravan and are always a bit dubious about taking routes we are unsure of in case there’s nowhere to turn around or inadequate parking for caravans when we get there..Version: 5.74

Small correction please.I would like to ask the developers if possible to change the option when the gps offer a faster route instead of say no thanks should be yes thanks. Instead of the gps ask “ if you want to continue on your route “ should ask “ would you like the new way” I ride a bike and I can’t be taping the screen when the map decide to modify the route I set up since the beginning. But today I have to stop several times because the gps change my way and isn’t very friendly on a bike where you just follow the voice directions. Thanks for your help..Version: 5.15

Changes to the appI would definitely recommend/request an update where I can just put the street name and the map takes me there. For example instead of putting 32 Arion Road if i put Arion Road it ahould take me to the road. At this point if I put just “Arion road” it tells me to try again...please fix started happening sometime last year before that it was all good.Version: 5.10

Virtually bullet proof but new feature for speed camera warnings is unreliableI have used Google Maps for several years and daily over the past two years with a new job putting me on the road for 800 miles per week. Navigation and re-routing are invaluable, as is the ability to pre-prepare timings to ensure I am never late for a meeting. I’ve always felt it lacking warnings for speed cameras to be an oversight and despite no notification this feature had been recently added, they just appeared. Great, so I thought. However, this is nothing short of useless. Rarely does it pick a camera up, on the odd occasion it does, it can often be just as you have passed one. It may as well announce “congratulations, you’ve just scored three points!” Given the importance of this feature, it needs to be removed until it is totally accurate and can be relied upon. It would also be great to have the speed limit of the road you are on displayed. Hopefully this will be added soon and the speed camera issue resolved..Version: 5.11

Better than MapsWay better than the iOS maps!.Version: 5.68

Dr Ronen GervetchDr Gervetch is a cardiologist who has a base in cardiology one, at Flemington Showgrounds . His admin staff and nursing staff are a friendly and supportive team . The clinic is a one stop shop that is well resourced . Dr Gervetch is a truly outstanding cardiologist. His compassion and care is second to none. He tells you exactly as it is. He has a conversation with you. His availability and accessibility is beyond the call of duty. A truly remarkable individual whose interpersonal skills gives you peace of mind snd best outcome. I will always be grateful for his care snd concern.Version: 5.76

Street mapDear Sir, Excellent service by google map I am really enjoying google map while roaming INDIA in my car,scooter, Uber I like to suggest to do more accurate location please.Version: 5.35

Love the appWe use goggle maps all the time when we are travelling or planning a trip and it is a fabulous app except the part where it doesn’t tell you if the road is sealed or unsealed, we don’t just stick to sealed roads while we are travelling but when you are pulling a caravan you need to know if your going to hit unsealed roads especially if there has been a lot of rain in that area. If possible please add a function button that allows you to decide if you want to travel on sealed or unseal roads making trips a little less dangerous and a little more informed about what route to take . Thanks 😊.Version: 5.58

Please add the Route Option or avoid toll at the bottomPlease add the route option at the bottom when you start the navigation where we have “ Search along route, Preview Route Direction and Setting” I drive Uber and most of other drivers that I know have the same problem when they want to “avoid toll” as per customers request it takes a lot to access the “Route Option” and it’s not safe too to go all the way back to press Exit-Directions-press three dots - Route Option then avoid the toll!!.Version: 4.41

Fantastic companyWe just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our garden and wanted to say thank you. The team of lads we had working on it were superb with a first class attitude. They had some rain to contend with but were always on time, friendly, organised, enthusiastic and ensuring we were happy with everything they were doing at every stage. Danny is an excellent team leader and was always happy to answer any questions we raised. Danny and the team are an absolute credit to your company, and we will highly recommend your services to friends and family. Thanks again..Version: 5.54

No better mappingWhen ever I require directions, details of a venue anywhere in the world, I reach for Google Maps. With constant updates by Google and Local Guides (individuals who review locations), the maps are in constant review. This maintenance provides excellent detail with brilliant, impartial, accuracy. I love the innovative additions built into constant revisions released by Google; this gives an exciting edge to an already superb product - and it’s free to all users. I’ve even recommended businesses to use Google maps to list their business on the web, for a free initial listing to gain a web presence..Version: 5.72

LondonToo many mistakes in the navigation system! The application try to lead me into one way roads. Shows me “turn right” many times on places where i am not allowed to turn. Front of the Tower Bridge there are 3(!) mistakes too. For example the cars are not allowed to turn right from the Byward street to the Tower Bridge. I see many tourist every day do this mistake with rented cars because of the google maps and in this cross it is very dangerous maneuver. I do not like the Waze. Slower and looks confuseing compare the google maps. I still want to use this app but you should fix this issues asap because there are many around London. Please update your system more often. This is the most populare navigation system on the word. Please handel this fact with responsibility..Version: 5.24

Can add ☝🏻 featureEverything is perfect but can add one feature. Like if go in any vehicle and it shows walking mode so it will change(car mode) automatically instead of we change it manually from walking mode to car mode..Version: 5.58

A little frustratedOverall a pretty good experience, however you cannot buy everything in the store on the mobile app on my phone . Found that frustrating.Version: 4.48

Excellent, but needs a few more tweaks to be truly exceptionalMaps desperately needs the ability to better manage multiple destinations - give me the ability to plan and save such trips. Many's the time I've set up five or so destinations, then Maps crashes or closes for whatever reason (often because my phone is trying to do five things at once, but that's the nature of phones these days) and then I have to redo the entire trip again from scratch. Also a live speedometer and overspeed warning would be great, and a reason to ditch my other GPS app (HereWeGo maps). Almost everything else about the app is wonderful..Version: 5.77

Clutter clutterThe app has become slower and slower over time and it feels as if there to many features added. Overall prefer google maps but can be frustrating at times..Version: 5.20

Please add podcast controlI am definitely giving this a five star review but would ask the coders to please add control of podcasts so that it’s not just music that you’re able to control on the app while driving. To be able to play podcasts, fast forward 15” or rewind 15” etc during a podcast while using this would be perfect as I often listen to podcasts on long drives instead of music, thank you..Version: 5.9

Only sometimes shows the saved locations on my phoneI wrote a review a while back that the app no longer showed saved locations making it cumbersome to go to ‘home’ or ‘work’ since those saved locations do not show up in ‘recent searches’. I am very impressed that google responded to my review and fixed the issue. Unfortunately, the fix is not entirely 100% and the app now is rather temperamental about whether or not it shows the stored locations. It seems that if you still have a route displayed and then want to change it, the app won’t show stored locations but when you start from the map/satellite image of your current location, it will. Previous review: Used to work beautifully for the daily commute from/to work/home because of real-time traffic. Now, however, when picking a destination it only shows recent searches and not saved locations like home or work. It’s irritating and defeats the purpose of having stored locations. Yes, I do know the usual way home but the whole purpose of using google maps is to know the best route given the current traffic situation.Version: 4.41

Great app - a few improvements could be made!- Offline maps are great for country driving! It would be amazing if while saving a new map, you could see the area on the map covered by areas you’ve already downloaded (with a border or a highlighted fill or something) so you can piece together a larger map made of multiple maps without missing any gaps, if that makes sense. -For navigation, I would love the option to ban right turns (across traffic in Australia) onto main roads at intersections with no traffic lights, at least during peak hour. No one ever leaves a gap when banked back for you to turn across two directions of traffic so in peak hour it is actually an impossible feat to turn right and makes you very late to your destination.Version: 5.58

Angers meLook, this app is good, I can’t lie. However I always delete it when I have no storage left in my phone. So, picture this. You’re on a road trip with your friends, you want to get to a location. You simply go to your safari, type in google maps & type in the location you want to get to. It then suggests you get the app. You try to download it but you feel the pressure and build up of the slow, agonising wait for the app to download while in the back of your mind, you’re thinking ‘This is going to inhale all of my data’. Not only that, it takes AGES for the app to actually download. That’s all I have to say about it. Just let me do my thing on the inter-webs google maps :/.Version: 5.46

New integration for small business Is perfect timing.The pack leader is at it again, and it will bring back some of the small businesses closed recently. The ease that it became to be de-listed and the customer no-service mentality that I received after 6 years building my SEO and thousands spent on click ads in multiple businesses did indeed make for a robust ROI, but when I moved my business and the algorithm red flagged me- taking my business offline immediately with only a firm letter sent to me-I have still been unable to talk to a human to keep my business open. I am grateful to google for feeding my family for years, but not being able to tell you what is wrong with a listing ( I changed to a service area business model and put my new address - thinking the address was for correspondence cost me dearly. Lastly, I tried to correct what I thought were the issues but after 2 tries they remove you permanently and ignore your correspondence..Version: 6.2

Google maps reviewWould it prefer it if you could attach photo to specific spots rather that established marks. Much like what Panoramio used to be able to do on Google maps. Also google maps won’t accept some place names even though you try to mark a place with its proper name. Can be a bit of a pain that can be. Otherwise its ok..Version: 5.58

Exceptional Service!Erica Wu, along with the team at Eppg Real Estate offer a partnership like no other - their personal approach, attention to detail, prompt action (no matter what time of the day or night) and outstanding communication makes them by far one of the best in the real estate / property investment industry across Melbourne! When it comes to industry knowledge and seriously caring from the heart, Erics is beyond expectations so if you want an honest, reliable, hard working and friendly agent don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with the group at EPPG. You won’t ever be disappointed..Version: 5.67

Correct your street name for us please.The street I live in is called Moreton Street in Warrnambool Victoria Australia. You have it named as McGinness Way. The street before ours is McGinness Way. It is so confusing when trying to tell people our address They google it and they always go to the wrong street. What is worse, the mail or courier gets it wrong as well and we don’t end up getting our parcels. I use google maps al the time and enjoy your app, but this is so frustrating. Please, please fix this for us..Version: 5.10

Great app but want more features!This is an absolutely great app! I love using it while walking, foot travel, bus and car. Just wish the maps team can add a speedometer and speed limit information when using googlemaps in a car in Auckland New Zealand :).Version: 5.54

Almost perfect (almost)For the vast majority of usage, this app has been flawless. The traffic is accurate, the routing is good, and the user interface is simple and easy to use. However, I have found some things to be quite annoying. For one, I have found that sometimes when I am in the far left lane on the highway, the app will think I am on the wrong side of the road causing it to constantly reroute me (this mostly happens in HOV lanes and high speed ezpass lanes). Another issue is that if I purposely choose a slower route because it is fewer miles the app will constantly tell me it found a faster route (I know there is a faster way, but I purposefully chose the longer timed route!) this is very frustrating, and on my last 2 hour drive it told me 5 times that there was a faster way and I had to take my hand off the wheel to cancel the change. Finally, my last complaint is that there aren't more alternate routes given. I’m lucky if the app gives me 3 options, whereas online you can drag the route to any road and it will find a route. Other than these issues though, the app is very well implemented..Version: 4.44

Lexus CardiffWhat an awesome company, they’ve looked after my Lexus since I purchased it in 2012, it runs as sweet as a nut. I’m impressed every time I visit there, the welcome, the superb attentiveness, and the overall experience of knowing your car is receiving the ultimate in health checks, you even have a video of the servicing. Wow, it makes one feel safe. Yesterday Dave Short looked after me, he made everything easy and smooth, as I’m 73yrs little things are important, the place was spotless and proper distancing was in place, all went seamlessly, so thank you Dave, you’re a star ! I’ll be back for my next service, by the way I fell in love with that gorgeous new Lexus...... I’ll be back when I win the lottery. Xx.Version: 5.43

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