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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app received 164 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps? Can you share your negative thoughts about sygic gps navigation & maps?

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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps for Negative User Reviews

Limited ability to customise features?Most features still missing - This should be call Sygic Lite. How disappointing. Am I missing something? This new version appears to be a cut down version with very limited customisation available. No ability to change or customise notification warnings for over speed, speed cameras etc. No ability to change sounds etc. for the notifications. All you appear to be able to do is turn a feature on or off. No idea what the default settings are that the app is using, I’ll have to do some testing. Points of interest are all gone, as is the ability to select which ones are shown? Not sure if this is intended functionality or a bug in the new version that is preventing me from accessing all these settings. Time will tell I suppose. If it’s intended, it’s a huge step backwards. No use looking at the online help as it references the old interface. Hopefully they will update this so I can see if the missing settings are hidden somewhere else? Why do I have to pay for a full subscription now to update the maps (monthly update). I have lifetime licenses that I’ve payed for for all the add ons. Not interested in paying a second time. Bring back the ability to pay for monthly maps only. I’ve used the paid version of this app for years. This app use to be a 5 star app..Version: 20.5.0

OverallMap does not allow sufficient Zoom In There is no provision to adjust sound or distance warnings for Speed Cameras & Level Crossings - Menu says ‘ Notifications’ only - no mention of ‘Sounds’ Very unstable compared to previous versions - can we revert to an earlier version ??? Terrible response from Sygic to any queries asked !! Shocking in fact - Many queries with nil response other than the Automated. ’ thank you ‘ Now had over 1 dozen of these automated replies - really disgraceful !!.Version: 20.5.1

Terrible AppTrying to navigate from Adelaide to Robe in South Australia which is about 350klms. Input the Robe address and it navigates through Broken Hill in NSW, then through Victoria and eventually back into South Australia to Robe. A distance of over 1,400klms! I’m set for “fastest route”. I have had some other issues as well and admin takes more than two months to respond - or doesn’t respond at all. I’m sorry I paid to purchase this app. Don’t buy it, it’s no good in Australia - use Google maps! I’ve reset defaults, restarted the app several times and still have the same result..Version: 18.5.0

Can I nit pick @ a free app?Not bad over all used in northern Greece and was quite happy with its quality. Looks are good and smooth map updating. Flawed in certain areas as it kept getting confused and sending me down one way streets and no mans land out in the country that I wouldn’t go down in a jeep but you get the feel for it after a while so you can pre empt it and keep yourself on a good route. Also it kept playing catch-up on a lot of turns and as my premium had run out the constant drone of the advert on every few turns drives you mad. I don’t use turn by turn notifications anyway so off the volume goes. Apart from that it’s not bad but if they start banging adverts on it while you drive like some others did it’ll be sayonara..Version: 17.4.2

Pay to CarPlay.. pay pay pay..There’s great features in this product. I love the stop light camera warnings, I love that it warns you if you’re going over the posted speed limit in an area. The traffic updates are far better than competing products or the built in iOS app. There are some quirks: speed limit zone aren’t accurate in my area - sometimes being off by as much as 15 MPH and there are weird artifacts like my next door neighbor’s house being listed as a restaurant(it’s not). Also - everything is an upgrade or a “premium feature”. Some things I can see why: Their real time dash cam is an upgrade - ok that’s fair. Their real view AR navigation is an upgrade - ok. I can see that too. Map updates for life? Painful but at the moment cheaper than competitors. But CARPLAY SUPPORT IS A PAID ADDON? Really? That’s just gouging people. Either offer support or don’t..Version: 17.6.0

Not working with Apple CarPlayPerhaps good navigation app but is not working with Apple CarPlay iOS 12 as promise before iOS 12 was released. Back to Google Maps or Waze.Version: 17.4.3

DisappointedI so wanted to like this app. After trying all sorts of SatNav apps, this one looked like it was going to be the best. It looks great, it’s intuitive, the search function is great but it’s pretty useless as a SatNav. Mostly due to the terrible traffic avoidance. It knows where the traffic is and will tell you how long you’ll be stuck for but it won’t try and reroute you. I’ve had to use my knowledge of areas to take alternative routes and one on them it has told me that it has found a route X minutes faster. On roads that are local to where I live it comes up with some bizarre routes that make no sense and it will constantly try to route you back to them. That has destroyed any sort of confidence in the app when I am away from home. I’ve tried TomTom, Wayze, Navigon, CoPilot & now this one. They all have their faults but I think I’m going to have to go back to CoPilot, the search facility is awful but at least I’m pretty confident it will take me on the correct route..Version: 17.4.3

No battery management control (been deleted and voice nav)Previous iterations had battery management which improved the animation of the maps as driving and for routes, however this has been removed and maps animations are now jerky. Having to set voice instructions every time the app has been reopened to ensure correct instructions are provided which is getting tiresome to do every time, won’t save set voice and having to log in each time app is opened is frustrating.Version: 20.7.1

Had high hopesThis navigation app had so many innovative features advertised so it was a no-brainer to give it a shot. $40 dollars in upgrades later and I’m wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life. That’s like 4 Taco Bell meals. The feature that drew me to the app most was the traffic light countdown, for the life of me I can’t get this to work .. pretty certain now that I’m in a region that doesn’t support this data and of course I would’ve like to have known this before purchasing. Also splurged for the Apple Car play upgrade after using it a couple days .. I don’t see any differences. I’ve made a few support to tickets to ask questions but no one has answered me yet..Version: 20.4.4

Awful experience so farI purchased this app based on the positive reviews and expectations of good service but so far my customer experience has been awful. The title for the app leads you to believe it works with CarPlay but to get useful functionality with CarPlay you need to buy an expensive add on. This could be reasonable if made clear upfront but there is no mention of a CarPlay add on in the pop list of adds on in the app description. For new buyers this is definitely misleading. They also claim to be there for you 7 days a week, in reality this means they offer an offline “chat” facility where you can ask a question but it can then take days to get a reply! Again completely misleading claims of a 7 days a week service. I also bought the Real View add on but despite showing as a purchase in the App Store (and on my credit card) it does not show as a purchase in the app so cannot be used - I have tried to get in touch with Sygic but again no response! I cannot believe all the positive reviews, this company have been a complete shambles so far and their service does not live up to their hype..Version: 18.7.0

Avoid this App if You Can!No separate between land and water. All the same color. Major towns and cities cannot be seen unless you zoom in very close. V18.8.6 had a superior graphical interface. Update: Resolved most land and water GI issues by deleting and reinstalling app. The map still needs better road contrast. Colors between land and roads too subtle along backroads. Looks like this is moving to a subscription base app. I will pay for an upgrade if it’s worth it and not a subscription for mediocre updates. Time to start looking for a replacement to this app. 9 updates to version 20 and everyone has the same description. No mention of what was addressed in the updates. This is lazy. Are you fixing the app or what? OMG This app keeps getting worse. It now defaults to the robotic TTY voice when you don’t have internet connection no matter what other voice you had selected. This app is now officially a train wreck..Version: 20.5.0

The worst and most expensive GPS appThe crew cares about taking your money but not to fix this broken app. You put so much money into it and yet this app useless. Very pricey too. I thought this would be better than Waze but it's a complete garbage. Customer service is horrible. It's takes almost a month for customer service to contact you and when they do, they can't even help you with your issues. At least Waze is free and dependable and reliable (does not crash). Making an address or POI search in like impossible. It does not even come up and it's constantly crashing. Stay away from this over priced garbage GPS app. DO NOT LET THE NICE INTERFACE FOOL YOU!!!. It's all for the money but not about fixing this app. They also use very old maps. The arrow on the map course falls off the map and then rotates in confusion. THAT RIGHT THERE IS AN EXTREME HAZARD THAT COULD CAUSE AN ACCIDENT. Stay away from this app until they take the initiative to fix this app..Version: 17.2.2

I like it but why so limited free features?So, I only used this app just because I wanted to try something new but unfortunately it didn’t last long for me because basic features where locked behind a pay wall like voice navigation why? Plus the change you car icon on the map is also behind a pay wall again why? So basically if you don’t pay for premium your features will be limited and free users don’t get a lot the app is basically almost useless if you don’t pay I don’t like this I fell like most features should be free like voice navigation and changing you icon on the map and anything else so afterwards I just deleted the app I don’t think I will come back after I see if more features are free but the things I do like is how good the sky looks for day and night very HD but overall I really wouldn’t recommend this app you can get it if you want be I just don’t like how many features are behind a pay wall :(.Version: 22.1.1

Still frustrating!Update:the search function has greatly improved, but now the directions leave much to be desired. I have noticed that the map shows all lanes of a highway are fine, only to find that it tells me it is time to turn less than 1000 feet from the exit, sometimes it finally tells me I am turning right when the exit only lane appears. Also, on my last trip it kept telling me to get into the carpool lane so it showed me turning, every mile or two; this made it impossible to know when my real turn would be. It would be nice to get more specific info about future turns too. Finally, why is the info bar at top sometimes blue and sometimes green? I am sure there is a reason but haven’t figured it out yet. At this point I only use Sygic when I am in areas with no cell signal, otherwise I use Apple maps. I used to love Sygic and keep hoping they will finally work out all the bugs. If I can get the program to understand where I am going, it is top notch, but actually getting it to recognize an address or find a location is frustrating at best and an utter failure at worse. At one point you could share an address from Apple maps and that was great but then it was removed, by Apple or Sygic I have no idea, but pretty much an epic failure now most of the time. As I do like the maps, once I have gone someplace I mark the location so I can find it again..Version: 17.4.1

I already paid.I already paid for real wiew navigation, head up display and the cockpit , now i cannot use them. I have to buy the premium..Version: 22.2.2

Dissatisfied, disappointed will never use this app again.After many attempts to get meaningful support from Sygic, I now give up. Responses from Sygic have just been abysmal, automated messages and information that just sends you round in circles. I will not be renewing my premium subscription, the product has been unreliable, routing and re-routing has been problematic and audio instructions late and slow. I paid a premium subscription and frankly is not worth the money. I would have been tolerable if I could just talk to someone on the Sygic support team. I am now using Waze… so much better in every way and it doesn’t crash, routing and re-routing is spot on and audio timely and not slow to pronounce words. Signed A very dissatisfied customer.Version: 20.6.3

Sygic Maps Outdated!I downloaded Sygic when it was first launched and liked the graphics (and being able to use yards instead of feet). However I carried on using Waze because of user input for updates! Today I bit the bullet and thought I would give Sygic another chance and bought the premium for my iPhone. Decided to navigate to a nearby store so put in details to Sygic. The system then took me to the store where it used to be (before moving) over a year ago😱 Just paid good money for out of date instructions! I was a bit concerned that no directions were coming from Apple CarPlay and the graphics looked decidedly dull compared with what was on my iPhone! More investigations revealed that having just paid for a premium app I was now expected to pay another €40 to have Sygic Premium for CarPlay - something that all other vendors do for free! No way Sygic, paying for an out of date app and then being asked for another €40, no thank you. Now going back to Waze!.Version: 18.7.0

Doesn't Boot Up Offline & Voice Directions Aren't FreeThe voice directions stop working after 7 days, so you have to re-install the app to get them back. It's very dangerous using this sat nav whilst driving without the voice commands as you're always looking at the phone screen. Also, if you have no Internet, or usually only use free WiFi, for some reason you have to open the app when you have Internet service (on your home WiFi) as it needs Internet to boot up - after you lose Internet connection it still works, and you can search for new locations and get the sat nav directions, but you have to leave your phone and app on as you won't be able to restart the app without Internet/WiFi connection (you'd need to drive to a supermarket or McDonald's for free WiFi). The monthly subscription is obviously too expensive - you're better off buying a proper sat nav unit for a one-off purchase and no further costs. It's good that this app is still compatible with older iPhones (I use it on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 (v.12.5.4)..Version: 20.6.3

It NEVER do this....It NEVER EVER LOAD ANYTHING!!!.Version: 22.1.1

Junk App for NavigationThis app is junk compared to Maps, google maps etc. Lies about lane preview but I’ll I’ve seen is a window with a with a picture of what’s supposed to be a road and just two blue “lanes” and this pops up randomly, Horrible navigation, at least in LA county, tells you to go the opposite way of destination sometimes and tells you to go one way then changes at the last min, also if your going to be driving in the same direction for a mile or longer all it tells you is follow directions and doesn’t preview what to look for next till its almost late, had to switch to maps to get actual directions and and a direction and street name to look for. Had this app open while my gf had maps on this was giving a completely different direction that would make me want to make a u turn or jump on the freeway while were close to my destination but not too sure of getting there. Don’t buy this app its your better off using a different navigation app.Version: 17.2.2

Mise à jour obsolèteMa rue après 3 ans est pas encore dessus mais sur Apple et Google oui.Version: 22.2.0

An app full of surprisesIf your life is boring or God’s forbid predictable, all you need is this marvellous app. Not only every update comes with a new completely unintuitive setting change, it comes with a new crashing routine. But what really makes it turn your life into the interesting times the chinese philosopher warned us about is the route algorithm. Settings are overall wishful thinking which the app may occasionally take into account. If it wants you off the highway you’ll be off the highway - say you’re driving from London to Bristol, it’ll keep you on weird roads in various states of disrepair all the way to Oxford before graciously letting you take M4. It’s taken me to places I’m fairly sure Churchill meant when he said we’ll fight them in the streets. This all would be an opportunity wasted to get your life to another level of interesting if it didn’t have the habit of crashing right when you really need to know the next turn because you’re completely lost and could easily be in Portugal right now... I recommend this app for life space up, otherwise Apple maps are fine, now that’s something i never expected to type..Version: 18.8.6

Apple CarPlay UI is very badly designedApple CarPlay UI is so wrong. I hope that anyone at Sygic actually test and use Apple CarPlay on their cars. For example, when search for location in car Infotainment 8 inch screen of my Peugeot 5008, Sygic places table of routes selection ON TOP of the actual map & routes so you have no idea what route each of your selection would be. Also, the GPS never show car actual location when stop midway and go back in later. Sometimes, it even run by itself without the car moving anywhere and carrying on the map as if the car is moving to the the destination (!!!). It keeps showing the car old location (when it was interrupted or stop) and calculate new route from wrong car location. What worst is that I provide feedback many times for many years and they never make any improvements other than some useless add-ons other than the actual need of intuitive sat nav bug free app. Please do not make my mistake of paying good amount of in-app and this Sat Nav app is not far from unusable. Very disappointed..Version: 20.7.1

Very unstable with Car PlayInstalled ver. 22.3.1 to use with Car Play on the brand new VW Golf car in Italy. Connected with USB and Bluetooth with my iPhone. The app is crashing very often, especially close to the end of the trip. Had a hard time enabling voice instructions. Made voices work after reinstalling, the app stops speaking after every crash. Switching to phone speaker does not help. Occasionally drops the destination and once replaced it with another. Speed limits are shown incorrectly, for example, shows 90km/h on the road between Como and Bellagio, where there is no way you can drive that fast. Although I switched display to 2D, the Car Play still shows maps in 3D, even after restarting. Those are two many bugs. It’s a shame because the maps look nice and list of nearby gas stations is a helpful feature. I use Sygic Travel for many years for trip planning and wanted to take advantage of integrated navigation app and down loaded maps. However, due to the issues, I will more likely cancel my premium subscription before the trial period ends and switch to the old and faithful Waze instead..Version: 22.3.1

DisappointedDownloaded this app months ago but only used it once or twice because the search bar was horrible. I was using Google Maps and I never had issues finding places near me. This app seems to expect you to know the full address of where your going. You can’t just type in the name of a restaurant. This is just frustrating. A few days ago, I decided to give the app one more chance because I liked the idea of the augmented reality feature ( which I paid for). I tried it for the first time today and it was a total let down. The idea is awesome but it’s hard to tell where your next turn is. The AR screen tells your speed and distance but there are no cues to warn you about exits, turns, NADA! Nothing! I missed my exit because the sound was turned down and you simply can’t see the turns in AR mode. I’m going to triple check that I didn’t miss a setting somewhere because I really want this to work. If not... I’m going to request a refund. UPDATE: still no sound! Then when you get online to try and contact the seller, they just send you in circles. There is no clear way to request a refund. I’m sure I can call itunes but why not make it easy? BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO GIVE $$ BACK FOR A POOR APP! Sometimes customer service is what makes or breaks your company...hiding your non existent service Dept behind links that send you in frustrating circles. I WILL BE TRYING TO CONTACT SOMEONE to try and get my money back..Version: 17.4.3

Route recalculating problemAfter route recalculating, route show in non route color..Version: 22.1.0

Need helpI already purchased the app and it’s blocked n me and I can’t use it anymore why ? And please try to make Sygic better I’be been using this app for a while and sometimes it’s not working well I had experience using Sygic it takes around the circle I remember once I was going to go somewhere and I was only 5 minutes away from destination and i decided to see how well sygic works and it’s was saying that you are 15 minutes away from your destination and a few days ago I sent a ftback to sygic app admin and now they blocked me and I can’t use sygic anymore why ?.Version: 18.5.0

Disappointing- Could be betterHas got good features. However, the route capabilities needs improvement as it is slow in finding an alternative route and keeps routing to take the missed road. If you are in an unfamiliar route, it is bit difficult. Few times I got routed extra distance to reach destination..Version: 17.4.5

Difficulté avec l’appNe trouve pas les adresses que je cherche. Me ramène au carte.Version: 21.0.0

Apple CarPlay ConnectivityApple CarPlay Connectivity on my Honda vehicle Doesn’t work when I used a free trial ..Version: 22.1.1

So old it’s almost uselessChristchurch, New Zealand: The services info (shops, social services) are at least 7 years old.Version: 17.8.0

The maps always disappearI’ve purchased the life time maps but this app has been less than useless for me. I’ve always had the maps pre-downloaded and every time the maps disappear after not using the app for a few week or months. I’ve been on holidays overseas and opened up this app expecting the maps that were predownloaded to just be there and work, but no, they always somehow disappear/delete themselves. This is terribly inconvenient when you don’t have internet in a foreign country. Running an iPhone 10 on the latest iOS. This glitch has been happening for years. I’ve given up on this app. Waste of money..Version: 18.4.3

Not quite readyThe lack of route editing makes it somewhat useless for car rallies and similar events. The latest update causes the screen to freeze when using it in vehicle dash. Fix it and stop changing things! I paid for Sygic Car Nav when it was out. When Sygic GPS Nav came out I bought the individual components and in Aug. I will have to pay a yearly subscription. Don’t think I will. Maybe, when it settles down and stops changing fee structure and the way it works, I might check it out. Earlier problems - I use this in BRP Connect which is a smartphone integration to a motorcycle dash. The most current problem is after a short while Sygic goes silent. The only way to get the sound directions back is to stop and restart everything. So many hiccups in using another navigation app. Map colors are limited. Announcements are quirky. When using it in a vehicle dash the route you set up on the phone disappears when you open it in the dash. Time consuming have to set up again..Version: 21.1.2

Used this for years... now I’m almost doneThe maps on my iPhone X is pretty decent now with Lane guidance and all that, works when I have no credit/data with speed limits.. This app needs to be optimised for the iPhone X as there is so much screen real estate just sitting there, it also crashes and is glitchy on my iPhone X, this was updated a couple months ago, why it wasn’t optimised then I’m not sure, please don’t make me add this app to the folder on my iPhone for apps that are stale and forgotten about and ready to be deleted...Version: 17.2.3

Money GrabbersAppalled to find out that after being a loyal customer and spending $$$$ on the app, the maps, the traffic, the HUD app and everything else, I now find out that I can’t use this app with CarPlay (unlike Apple maps or google maps or Waze,etc etc) this company thinks it is reasonable that it’s users should pay another $39 per month because they chose to create another app instead of just making this one CarPlay compatible. And please don’t tell me it’s map licensing costs because all they needed to do was provide a way for me to transfer my license to a different app and disable this one. Instead you lost a customer. But I guess you already took my money..Version: 17.4.6

It’s not the oneBefore deciding to leave this feedback I had had this app for several months on my iphone 5. I spent time to use it and digest it and I don’t trust it..sorry. It let me down more than once and glad I did know the route! I won’t rely on long journeys. No alerts for fixed speed cameras despite I switched on the option! And them have been there for years! No, no, no I can’t trust this thing. And despite I bought a multi-pack unlimited plus traffic, I can see a traffic jam before this app does! Plus the up-sale is quite annoying (via emails) and an advert pops up on the screen even before planning a route, trying to sell every little bits you did not buy yet. Unsubscribed and app put in one side (not deleted because I paid quite a few pounds for it and there are stored all my favourite locations). Waze is much much better and it’s free!.Version: 17.4.6

Careful: Not accurate to detect a traffic aheadUsed premium version for 2 weeks and uninstalled full version. Careful you can get stuck in traffic for more than 20 min and app wont show you that. I am premium user and running my app on ios 15.4.1 with high speed internet. For a week of going back and forth with support found that they dont take this matter seriously and will keep sending you ready made templets which will bring you on there website and thats it. I wonder Why support is even exist if all they want to do is send you the hyperlink of their website. App is not accurate for the navigation, dont use specially when you are heading for work with premium version. Its my experience :(.Version: 22.0.1

Don't BuyDon't buy this app. Once you bought the lifetime map, you will still need to subscribe for timely update (even if the updated map still lacks data).Version: 18.4.3

Pros & ConsIn terms of showing speed limit, heads up to change the lanes etc. the app works really well. However, even though I loved this features and paid for this, I still have to use google maps simply because sygic does not reroute the path when I follow different street other than what was suggested by the app. Google maps does that and it is extremely important thing in the middle of the road when I mistakenly used different path but need to know the real time revised route to reach the location. How it can be solved? Thanks..Version: 20.4.13

Previously purchased features removed.Beware that there is no voice guidance without the subscription. I had previously purchased the additional features for this app, but as of a recent update I am unable to gain access to those features. Being a long time user since the 3GS days with this being my go to app when I was unable to afford data, this was a but of a gut punch not being able to access the features I had purchased and being asked to subscribe for premium plus for the features I had already purchased. The app is great and has a nostalgia feel for me as it is great due to being able to download the map before leaving, however data comes with every plan now and I never use GPS unless I am on holiday and nowadays I always have service so I cannot justify the cost and even then feel very ripped off. In previous usage prior to the removal and attempted forcing of purchase of subscription the app worked great..Version: 20.9.5

Crap appDoesn’t even download maps, lame.Version: 22.1.1

Turn by turn directions cost extra?I really wanted to like this app as I saw the favourable to use from lots of folks. Maybe these are old reviews? Navigation app that wants you to pay extra for spoken turn by turn navigation? I was surprised by the lack of information when I went to locate one store in Halifax Nova Scotia it wasn’t there but it is on Apple Maps and Google maps. And it is a major store. Maybe one needs to pay extra for some more stuff but that’s not for me. I give it a huge thumbs down.Version: 21.0.0

Downloaded as an alternative to TomTom Go.Not happy with the route guidance. I have tried the shortest and the quickest and both are WAY OUT. I downloaded this app but missed out on the full version demo because I didn’t use it for a few weeks. Also on a 60km drive today I noticed that there were un named roads and roads missing in my part of the world ( Wanganui NZ ) Unfortunately I can not rely on using this which is disappointing..Version: 17.4.6

Bluetooth Voice Stopped WorkingI have been using this App (Payed version) for some time but recently the voice directions stopped working as a phone call via Bluetooth. Have reinstalled the app, played with all the settings and I can't get it to work. Downloaded 2 other similar apps and they both work via Bluetooth phone call without having to select Bluetooth audio as the source, please fix..Version: 22.2.2

Steve jHad this app for years, and are still fond of it, but why on earth has the topographical features in 3D, which was one of the major things I enjoyed about this app, been deleted. No longer can I see the horizon with the hills and valleys marching the surroundings. Gone js the immersion factor for me unfortunately. It’s now just like any other app of its kind alas. What a shame, to me at least, and I really hope topo comes back..Version: 20.4.11

Forever buy nowNo matter how many times you unsubscribe you still get multiple emails , on this I would not recommend.Version: 18.5.0

Re-routes without askingGreat potential but the basic navigation does not work well at all. When presented with few route options and you select one that suits you, during the trip it automatically reroutes without asking, what is the point in a gps that does this? Therefore good for very short trips only. I wrote to development on this months ago and they replied promising they were aware and the next version would fix this, when the new version did not fix this 3 months back and I replied, no answer at all to 3 messages on this subject and again a new version out yesterday (June 2019) and the same colossal fault still there, unbelievable that they focus on new features when such a glaring and known fault exists?.Version: 18.0.0

I’ve been patient since the major update but what a joke.So major update came along 2 months ago & ive seen 12 updates since then trying to fix the mess they have made of the app. For me using CarPlay I have night time maps during the day & switching between the two randomly. The main concern is since the original update, I have no voice guidance. Actually to tell you the truth it does work but only when on the phone & talks with vet the top of you. It basically operates in reverse & 12 updates later it’s still broken. I’ve persevered with this app for a long time with all of its problems which before the update were finally fixed it seems & now here we go again. Do you guys actually know what your doing here??.Version: 20.5.2

Still Needs workI reviewed this app July last year, and it hasn't changed all that much. If you are looking for an offline maps navigation tool then this will serve you well but otherwise stick to google maps or apple maps, both have superior points of interests, road names and much more up to date road changes not to mention free traffic and built in voice control. Sygic app has some good things though like lane guidance, road speeds, built in dash cam and, trip recording that you can load into google earth, but it's downsides include very slow support, overheating if you attach it to your windscreen, poor and incorrect point of interest locations and very poor routing with no easy way to report or tag areas to fix. It also lacks microphone/voice support while hands free so you can't re-route using voice only. I've had an issue with a shopping centre car park with speed bumps and low speed being used for routing for 3 years and Sygic has been unable or unwilling to fix despite repeated feedback reports and very few of my interactions with support were enjoyable. Summary: It might be of use if you are going somewhere without mobile coverage, but with Google maps now supporting offline maps that is a weak excuse. Recommend you stick to your phones native maps app..Version: 17.3.1

Constant Harassment toTo purchase more even after you’ve made a purchase!.Version: 20.9.0

ADS showing while navigatingGot this app many years ago before they started with subscription. Never had a problem with it, now it poop up ads when navigating to buy the premium + and block off the whole screen while I’m driving. Had to reach over and hit the stupid X button multiple time while driving! DANGEROUS! Do not use this app until they get rid of this stupid ads. Just use google map!.Version: 22.1.1

Good on iPhone, but CarPlay?I’d love to give the app 5 stars as on the iPhone it’s a great navigation app. But the lack of CarPlay support means I can no longer use it as my current car doesn’t position the phone where I can see it. So I’m now using alternative navigation apps like Waze and Magic Earth. The lack of meaningful communication on the CarPlay issue has left a bad taste in many customers mouths. In the lead up to Apple opening CarPlay to 3rd party developers Sygic were very quick to show that they were on the ball, however it has been several months since release and still no update and no official communication. Magic Earth offers off-line maps for navigation on CarPlay..Version: 17.4.6

CrapStopped working during direction giving ☹️☹️.Version: 20.9.5

Very poor design and functionsReally tried to use this as its part of the motorcycle I’ve purchased, I honestly cannot understand how anyone can give it more than 2 stars it just does not have the functionality that a satellite navigation should have. Maybe from a to b it ok? But as for multiple manually chosen stops it’s impossible. The interface is ok but far from any where near the standard of today’s technology. Really hope the developers work on this as it could be a really good option, just a shame at the moment in my opinion it’s just unusable, having tried for a year I think I’ve given it long enough just a shame I’ll now have to purchase one suitable for purpose. So update to this, after all the bad reviews we get an update, it’s a new icon that you have to pay to get! Shows where the priorities of the developers are, that’s confirmed it for me this is a waste of time..Version: 22.0.1

Not a great offline gpsSome improvements needed like if you are going on a straight road it should say ahead of time the name of the road to turn left or right..Version: 17.2.2

Well that was a waste of money!I downloaded it a little while ago and paid for the premium with CarPlay. Problem Number 1. It dumped a random number in front of both my home and work addresses, rendering both of them useless, “unknown” addresses. Problem Number 2. Followed all the directions to install Siri voice instructions- but it didn’t work. Sygic didn’t give me a voice record option, despite me enabling voice instructions. It’s back to no-frills but reliable Apple it Google Maps for me, I’m afraid. As soon as I receive the receipts for my Sygic purchases, I’ll be requesting a full refund and deleting the app..Version: 18.5.0

Mmmmmm still full of bugsI’ve been using Sygic for quite sometime (years) and it has had quite a lot of issues, which have mostly been resolved with updates. Another bug became apparent when we we travelling today and the voice commands had music playing in the background during the directions!?&”$* It sounded as though Sygic was playing my music playlist as well as the voice command even though we we listening to the car radio. The music also didn’t fade out to the level I’ve set, it was stopped completely by the voice command, which was annoying. Overall it’s a good satnav app, but you never know what it will be doing next as it has been riddled with bugs. I will keep using it but I hope one day it will fully work without any issues. Fingers crossed!!.Version: 18.8.4

Rip off and fraud app!!! Not even a star worthyI have bought a world full license with live time updates and some add ons during the last few years . And now I’m getting forced to agree to monthly fee version and am not able to use the version i have bought and should have the right to use. I want my money back since Sygic not sticking to the contract !!! Do not use this app. Horrible service..Version: 20.4.13

RubbishHaving used my 7 day premium trial up, needless to say I will not be purchasing this! To start with the map fells very old and ‘angled’ a roundabout looks like a square! The lane position in the top right is a good idea, however, again doesn't actually resemble the road you are actually on due to the graphics being so bad. Speed cameras are not located accurately some are 2 to 300 feet of (can make a big difference) and before anyone says ‘well you shouldn’t be speeding’ I don’t, I’m just pointing out a feature on the app that shows speed cameras isn’t accurate. And last but not least!! What the hell is the voice about, it’s literally awful, it’s 2019 and it’s like listening to something with 20 year old technology! Needless to say the app is now deleted and carried on with much better FREE navigation apps. WAZE being the perfect example of a free navigation app.Version: 18.0.0

Don’t waste your money.In order to use this with Apple CarPlay, you have to buy the premium subscription which is more than $50. I did this and regret it. You cannot post alerts through the Apple CarPlay interface. You have to unplug your phone from your charger and do any postings on your cell phone. Using your cell phone while driving is illegal in many states. And it is not safe even where it is legal. I have used Waze for several years and I am totally satisfied with it. I don’t know why I spent money for this app. Also, the maps don’t seem up-to-date. There is a Kroger grocery store that moved from down the street from my office to the next street over about five years ago. The new grocery doesn’t show up in the database but the old grocery is where this program will take you. If I didn’t know better, I would be lost. Don’t buy this program..Version: 18.2.1

Upset and frustratedPaid for most of the services. Haven't been able to use even once. What a waste. When I put the address it says not found. Earlier asked for refund no response. Very disappointed..Version: 17.2.2

Rubbish UpdateInstalled this EV version and first time using froze and continually crashes - tried to uninstall and reinstall but cannot remove old version - emailed Support on 25th May with no contact whatsoever. Installed on a fresh iPad and get the same problem - crashing constantly. Have been using app for quite a few years with no problems until this update..Version: 18.7.0

Lifetime Subscription is WorthlessI've used Sygic for years, and years ago purchased a lifetime subscription for world maps and lifetime for Apple Carplay. For some reason, l don't get the premium + offerings, which Sygic wants to charge yearly for. On my old subscription l had all the premium features of traffic and turn by tirn instructions. I also had junction view. They have been removed and for my lifetime subscription l have basic plus option, in my opinion. This is nothing more than a way for Sygic to attempt to get me to ante up $20 a year for something I've already paid for. It's a terrible business practice. Totally disappointed. If you bought the lifetime subscription and expected more, I'm right there with you. Too, bad it doesn't mean what it used to..Version: 18.8.6

Not recommended mountain driving/ why “Follow The Route” / $ renewal?Premium feature voice guidance Not Recommended for North America’s Pacific NW. Mountain travel “alerts” frequently instruct “immediate” turns in the opposite direction to the turn the driver is established in. Presumably the logic is looking ahead to the next turn however the use of the word “immediate” instead of “next” is both distracting and Dangerous. Unless entire voice guidance feature switched off, no way to stop these alerts. Top and Centre of the screen are the words “Follow The Route” A query, when is the app user not to follow the route? The Follow The Route statement is a waste of valuable mobile screen space Look at the myriad of other navigation apps for examples of useful information that could be provided but is missing from Sygic’s app. Travels in British Columbia, Idaho, Montana and very glad to have brought along paper maps. There are large area with no mobile signal coverage. This should be an ideal use for the Sygic navigation app. Most often no issues. Occasionally wild deviations from previous (correct) route would pop-up. If followed each would have resulted in many kilometres (in one case 100s) of extra unnecessary distance. $ Subscription model undesirable. At worst, a small annual charge to update features/maps after the initial purchase. A dedicated customer should not be treated financially as a “new customer” with each renewal..Version: 22.2.2

Basic Functions Bug-Ridden on iPad ProI have had Sygic on my iPad for years now, hoping the developer would eventually fix the software issues. It has been to no avail. While new bells and whistles have been added, bugs in the basic functions of the app have not been fixed. I will focus on the two issues that concern me most. The most debilitating issue is with map management. Map updates are highly problematic. The app often crashes during map updates. If a map update is interrupted for any reason, crash or otherwise, the app does not recognize that the update is incomplete. This means you can never finish the update. In the past I got around this by deleting all my maps and re-installing them. However, in the latest version of the app, I am unable to delete maps at all after a botched map update. Therefore, the maps remain in a state of limbo. My second major issue is with the Favorites list. It is impossible to delete a location from the Favorites list – if you open the Edit window, select a site to be deleted, press Delete, nothing happens. I get the distinct impression that the IOS version of this app is not high on the developer’s priority list. Otherwise, why would such basic functions still be glitchy after so many app updates over a period of years. I have paid a significant price for this app and its add-ons. I expect solid, reliable software for my investment..Version: 20.7.1

Insufficient voice instructions“in 2km take the exit” is the only notification I receive before the actual exit “take the exit now”. Depending on the noise in the car, it easy to be overheard or forgotten within that distance (who can estimate 2km!!!). Sometime you may pass another 2 exits within these 2km. It is just too long. Reminder few hundreds meter ahead is a must. On complex motorway crossings, it is necessary to look at the screen. I experienced voice instruction “keep left”, where I actually was supposed to take sub-exit right! If you fix that and I get another 7-days trial to check it, I will happily buy premium with carplay, because otherwise the app is full of features, the maps are good and the design is easy for the eye. Unfortunatelly I am not investing with the voice instructions bugs. It is just not reliable enough for me..Version: 17.8.0

BadI live 3 mile from my home to my farm and this program wants to take me 11 km to get there. I was in Goderich the other day and put this GPS on to go to the farm which is about 10 mile. It had no idea where it was until I got 1/2 mile from it then it came up to the right place. How do you trust a GPS like this. I have bought the premium and some add on’s. Very disappointed so far..Version: 20.9.0

I Want to Love It, but . . .This is a great-looking app, and I really like that you can download maps for offline use. And the other cool functions seem awesome. But the problems I’ve run into so far will keep me from using Sygic to replace my current driving app. The first problem is that my place of work doesn’t show up when I search for it (it’s a high school, and a big one at that.) I had to go to the map, find the school (it was listed by name there), and drop a pin on it. After reading another review with the same issue it seems like it might be somewhat of a thing with this app. The second problem I’ve noticed is that as I’m currently trying to use the app the GPS is placing me about a mile north of where I actually am. That doesn’t bode well for navigation accuracy. Also, the map I downloaded for my state is not up-to-date. One of the main roads I take to work isn’t listed. It’s a more recent road, but it’s been there long enough that I’d expect it to have been added at this point (the road was completed about 2 months ago.) I hope they get things fixed, because I really do want to love this app..Version: 20.6.2

Application still showing “Districts” not “Cities”, Sygic doesn’t want to do this…After numerous attempts reaching out to Sygic regarding this issue, they don’t seem interested nor responsive in fixing this. I have also emailed them directly and received a reply but not a resolution. This impacts usability within the U.S. market. You should all be aware before paying for any of the upgrades or using this app. Typing an address or category search presents the location results as part of a district instead of showing the city that a location is in. Here in virtually all United Ststes locations, it is the city that is used and not a district. This impacts the ability for a user to know what city a location is located in. I have reached out to Sygic Support and was promised this was going to be resolved in a future update however months later the error still persists. I like the application but really disappointed in how they are handing this support issue. I’ve been a supporter and paid user of Sygic but perhaps it may be time to look elsewhere..Version: 22.1.1

Doesn’t load.Doesn’t load anything for me..Version: 22.2.2

If You Just Want Directions, It’s Good!UPDATED REVIEW: It has got a hell of a lot better since I last used it a few years back. Without a doubt a very nice interface. I have sub’d to traffic alerts and mobile speed cameras, big fail there. I won’t be re-subbing in June2022. If you spend a lot of time on the road like me, this isn’t for you. It would be a 6 star app if road users could have interaction to help other road users with hazards, collisions, mobile speed traps, etc. Similar to Waze. Goood effort though from a few years back. Hopefully Waze like interaction comes to fruition..Version: 21.1.4

Let downLaggy on iOS12 and not as user friendly as apple maps when searching for places or looking ahead at journeys. Very annoying that it won’t display places in order of those nearest to you. The maps are outdated and the app has problems finding some addresses. Sometimes the map shows incorrect illegal turns and wrong speed limits, again probly due to outdated maps. If you could fix these issues I’d use Sygic but will stick to Apple maps for now..Version: 17.4.5

Awesomeness needs to returnI still use this app only because it has the posted speed limit. This app used to be awesome but all the functionality was removed a few updates ago. The updates since then have announced that it is “all new” redesigned but nothing appears to have changed. Where has all the flexibility of setting you own speed and camera warning distances? Come on people get your app back to awesome.Version: 20.5.0

Just use google mapI purchased this app a few years back, now to get voice guidance you have to pay more. They will take features that was there and make you pay extra to get out back. Scam!!!.Version: 20.7.4

Mixed feelingsThe app works good bit hard to get around it should made more easy to operate. we find its often not working on apple play then you need to restore. its good if there is no internet. there are things on it like reminders of praying etc i don’t need on it i pray all the time!.Version: 18.3.2

Maps for lifeMaps for life should mean exactly that. Do not rebrand the service then call it premium and charge for the service. I bought maps for life because I thought the monies I paid at the time was good value for money not realizing that you were going to do this a few years later. This amounts to false advertising.Version: 20.4.3

Got worse over timeI was using Sygic regularly but the last time I opened it I had to close about 3 upsell screens - Premium+, Car Icon, etc. to navigate. I don't use voice guidance but the fact they have moved it behind their subscription model shows the direction they're heading in. I paid for a one time lifetime account but that doesn't make them any more money. Combine that with their lack of responses to feedback about navigation problems (recommending you drive on a highway still under construction) and I just can't recommend anyone but this app..Version: 22.2.2

Not worth the 20 USD high price tag, and the annoyance of the app upselling every additional featureTwo major issues: - It’s not a good product that’s worth 20 dollars. If you want a good real-time app then go for “Waze” app. If you also want offline map feature, then also add “Here Maps” app from Nokia. But for 20 USD!!, Sygic app just combines these two features into a low quality product. The Sygic app should have been worth maximum 5 USD. - On top of it, the app tries to upsell every additional feature. For e.g. 1) for the „Premium Carplay“ feature for 18 USD extra!, one has to pay again for basic features such as speed limit just for the Carplay. 2) And for 11 USD more!, one can have every month, map updates feature. I have not seen any place in the world where the map changes constantly every month for 12 months straight. The app seems to be constantly ripping off the customer. It is very annoying, when the app has become more of a pure profit-making app than a quality-built app. I think the only solution is to move your business model from a pure profit driven to a more quality driven. Otherwise, with time, there will be a long queue of frustrated customers lining up.Version: 18.8.1

Hopeless app. Stopped using completelyI had full premium purchase then kept purchasing all additional bits and pieces. All good when app was working. But for last year or two the app has given me so many issues that I have completely stopped using this crappy app. I still get emails for subscriptions purchase etc.. which is another nonsense. Due to their smart sales tactics and confusing material all across emails and platforms, I ended up buying some items twice once part of premium plus purchase and then individually. Anyway not ethical practices. Left behind as I don’t use the app anymore. Nor do I recommend now that I found much better options. Basic functions not working in this app now. I had to close the app and open alternative apps many times so finally got rid of this app..Version: 18.8.6

Ducati partnered with the appBut the app doesn’t seem to have partnered with Ducati. I bought a brand new motorcycle in Italy, and it connects directly to my phone to display a map function when navigating. It’s super helpful but the only map application I can use is Sygic. I thought it would be fine, but when I went to look up directions to go back to the dealership for routine maintenance, the map software couldn’t even locate the Ducati dealership in Naples, Rome or anywhere nearby (I bought in Caserta). I had to go to Google to get the coordinates eventually to copy and paste into the app. On a later drive, I had an appointment and the navigation sent me on a new route it said would be faster through an area I didn’t know. It was directing me to go through an area that has been closed for two years and I ended up late to my appointment due to backtracking. To top it all off, I keep getting asked by the app to upgrade to premium when I can use Google maps for free, which overall provides me a better experience. I don’t care for the spam, the bad instructions or lack of a proper search function (other major landmarks are equally difficult to find, regardless of searching in Italian or English thus far). One star.Version: 20.9.1

Need to improvePlease improve about route information ahead of time. Need to improve GUI..Version: 17.4.2

Jimspeedy1dinoI purchased this app about 5 years ago, and purchased the premium package and other options. There was a learning curve to mastering this app, and it did credible job. But there are important fundamental functions that are now extinct, rendering the app useless for navigation beyond giving verbal instruction. And now the biggest issue is the frustration I have with their customer service that has ignored repeated requests regarding legitimate performance failures that were once promised with the Premium +Traffic North America-Lifetime License, Head up display lifetime license, Real View Navigation-Lifetime License, etc. etc. This app no longer has a landscape mode for either Head-Up Display or Real View Navigation. They only way they blue line/arrow within “Real View Navigation” had any value was in landscape mode. I finally grew tired of being ignored every time I addressed this consistent issue through their “give us feedback” venue. I also have the Sygic Travel app, and both have become a waste of money. Since I happened upon the complaints here, I decided to add mine to the heap. I want to see if this addition placed in this forum will stir this recalcitrant Sygic team into enough initiative to respond to me on this forum. I want the “bug fixed” with an update and apology afters years of complaining..Version: 20.9.5

Poor DirectionsI got this because I was going to be traveling in the western U.S. and knew I would have sparse internet connectivity with my phone and tablet. However, when I put in a destination and asked for directions, it gave me a 155 mile 2:51 minute route, which I knew was wrong. Fortunately, I had WiFi at my hotel and was able to produce the correct route in Apple Maps: 43 miles and 1 hour. As it turned out, the mis-routing was a result of the fact that the shortest route sent me across the border of another state for a couple of miles, and I hadn’t downloaded that state’s map. But rather than inform me that I needed to download another map, I got a route that was three times as long. Not great. Also, when navigating, if a road changes its name, the app instructs me to “turn right”, when I really need to go straight. This means that I have to look at the app and cannot rely on audio cues alone while driving - also not great..Version: 18.7.2

UpsetBought the basic lifetime license along with Dash cam option. Had the dash cam for TWO YEARS as part of my basic plan and now Im required to buy it because its part of the premium package? Why do I have to REBUY it if the license I bought was for a LIFETIME!!!!.Version: 20.9.5

I want it to be 5 stars!!I love this app- I really do but after the last 2 updates, the crashes- while I’m trying to follow the directions! :( it’s happened a few times. When I restart the app after the crash or even just opening the app getting ready to go somewhere, the app won’t load it opens but it’s just blank. I’ll force close and restart and sometimes that helps, sometimes it comes up when it’s ready. I work early mornings and last thing I need it the app not to work while I’m driving on an unfamiliar road at night/early morning. Also the voice promoter cuts off and you can only hear a portion of the directions. Thank you for creating this app!.Version: 20.5.2

Can't find proper addressI've used this app for a long time. Not so long ago developer has updated the search engine. It used to be so easy to search an address. You put suburb then street then number. Now you need to type whole address. The problem I have now in Australia when I put the address for example 5 John street it shows 5 results but you see as a suburb just Brisbane or Sydney. No actual suburbs. So out of that 5 addresses I don't know which one is the one I need. Very frustrating..Version: 17.2.2

Very poor route calculation to warrant a full refundIn resident, no traffics at all, a simply u-turn would resolve it instead suggested a few kilometres route. if Sygic allow to refund, i am more than happy to apply for it. please new shoppers out there, the rating of 4.5 is very questionsble. It should well below 2.0 being respectful. If you buy it, you will be regret it..Version: 20.7.1

What happened to the Celebrity Voices add-inI purchased the “Homer” celebrity voice addin & now can’t find it anywhere to select. Really disappointed if this has been removed. A great app but I miss Homer!!.Version: 20.5.2

Sygic is limiting itselfI am using Sygic for about ten years. But, my usage was decreased because of their money trap approach. For example, car play connection and map updates. These are an integral part of a navigation map. When I purchased Sygic, it was included all of them. Actually Car Play is required an additional purchase for once. Now, it requires a subscription membership. But, I don’t agree to pay for a subscription if I purchased an app. For me, a navigation app must offer all options together and can be priced either one time puchase or subscription only. Once, I was Sygic’s advocate in the past. But, not anymore. Still, I use its offline map feature but very rarely..Version: 20.7.1

Turn left in 1,536 milesSo that was the last straw for me. I was so looking forward to Sygic but The more I used the app, the more I lost confidence. Ok comparing this to Waze which I use frequently. 1. Disastrous attempts at finding well known local stores. Sometimes finds places over 400 miles away. That’s assuming you haven’t fallen asleep from the incredibly slow search function. 2. Paid £4 for the Real View Navigation and it is DANGEROUS. The arrows are not in proportion and make you believe your about 100m away but in face you’re about 300m away. Hilariously I’ve even seen it give me arrows no bigger than 20 pixels. Awful. So glad I didn’t pay for the dash cam otherwise that would be another £4 lost. 3. I’ve never had Waze give me incorrect map but I was a little taken a back when a main road in my area had changed from a roundabout to a junction about 12-24 months ago and this was not updated on the Sygic map. At the end of the day Sygic is responsible. 4. Don’t be fooled this is quite an expensive app because it doesn’t actually provide quality for me to believe if it is of good value. I’ll happily change my rating if the developers can tell me why this is happening but my attempt at going for a quality paid app sadly failed with Sygic. Currently I won’t be upgrading..Version: 17.3.3

Just purchased many of the apps!So far so good. Am giving 5 Stars and will be updating my thoughts after using each one and getting a feeling of the functionality of each. I have paid for every other app and am Hopi g this one will prove to the best one over time. Update: 1. Ability to reach customer service and no where on site map can I locate a customer service link for assistance. 2. I have been a long time customer and user of Sygic and have always been disappointed with the lack of customer service and also unable to find workarounds for iOS application issues. 3. Sygic does not recognize past purchases, such as my dash cam and front display (app for night driving). In other words, Both in the sygic website and App Store I am being ask to pay for a service that I already paid for months and even years back. Sygic has to step it up making it easier to reach customer service which is now nonexistent to be frank. As a longtime customer, I do hope that Sygic puts more time in assisting customers either by email or better yet an 800 number to confer with a live Sygic CS Representative. I hope someone from Sygic reads this below satisfactory rating and reach out to me being that it may be the only way to get in contact with someone.Version: 17.9.2

Maps not up to dateI have just moved to perth Western Australia. The maps for the freeways and highways around the city are not up to date. I was on a highway on the outer ring of the city and the map said I was off road. It got me totally lost as it was so out of date. During my journey it told me to take an exit and directed me for 5km’s only to come back on the highway and I could see the exit I just exited. I have been using this app for about 9 years. Has been great in the Eastern states of Australia. Western Australia is terrible. I have a trip to the country coming up. I just hope the maps are better or I will have to go to google maps. Not happy at all..Version: 18.7.0

Does not work properlyIt is a waste of money even the free app working way better than that I regret to buy and I’m not recommend anyone to pay for this garbage.Version: 20.6.4

Unable to find gps signal?I’ve had Sygic for over a couple years now and it was good, working perfectly offline but For the past couple months, every time I try get directions somewhere, it can’t seem to figure out where I am moving to and constantly stops and goes..Version: 17.3.4

Please fixApp is ok but my home address is wrong and sometimes gives the wrong directions or sends you the long way around if your gonna charge so much for the app you should be doing better research of the state maps and roads can’t ask customers to try and recall every missed turn or wrong direction the app gave them on a trip that’s why we pay for the app so we don’t have to do your research for you I hope you get the app fixed soon I had to stop using it for now considering it doesn’t even know my own address and I can’t change it I should be able to change the address myself at least on my map so I do like the design and the way it’s laid out but am disappointed in the way it executes the directions.Version: 17.3.2

From great to VERY DISAPPOINTINGThis USED to be the best GPS app. Since they “improved” it, it’s sadly lacking many of the features I originally purchased it for. Sadly, you can now no longer customise it so your stuck with it giving you a random speed limit warning sound when you are TEN KM OVER the speed limit!! This is really stupid! (you used to be able to customise sounds and speed limit triggers to suit yourself). After using the app for about 8 years I was used to the sounds I chose for all the different warnings. Now there is no choice and I have no idea what sound is for what warning. And as mentioned, the speed limit trigger is set by default to 10km FASTER than the speed limit area you’re in. This is dangerous. I’ve emailed Sygic many times but they don’t want to help. They just want your money for this “downgraded” version of what used to be a fabulous app. Very disappointed..Version: 20.7.1

Few flawsSome very good ideas. I prefer the screen info of this app compared to google. The app is a bit slow, though. Is also very stubborn and won’t recalculate alternative routes for some time. More than once it led me to a longer route. For example i was heading to a place just off an exit of a roundabout and, instead, it wanted to take a different exit and run a very long loop to go in the very same spot. Even while i was parking in front of the address it kept saying i had to go back and do the loop! The search engine is not very clever. More than once i had to google the address of a place as it would not recognise the combination city/restaurant ( except, the restaurant was in the list of poi, eventually) this makes it difficult when you are planning to visit touristic attractions like ancient ruins. Last but probably the worst issue, speed limits outside of big cities are not accurate but just generic ones. In a small town in sicily it would simply state 50kmh while there were several signs for 30 and 40. On speedways it will tell you the limit is 130kmh while in most traits the limit is between 80 and 100. This is quite bad, enough to persuade me to look for alternatives and not subscribe, unfortunately.Version: 18.1.2

Not good enough.The interface is really good and features are good too. But the route calculation is terrible sometimes. Sygic is not calculating the shortest or quickest routes but routes that have sometimes double the length what it should be. One time I was 1km in front of destination and sygic wanted me to turn around and drive 15km detour. Correct settings have been confirmed by sygic support. Google maps is still the King when it comes to search results, routes and traffic updates. Update: I did send an email to support with details and screenshots copied from the app and the weird route. Support replied and checked but they were not able to reproduce the issue. That’s it. Update2: in the meantime I compared NavMii which has Google search results and makes searches so much easier. Sygic can’t even find cafes I am standing next to it. Sygic seems to have a good approach but lacks features and good routing. Therefore it becomes obsolete very quickly once you compare it with Google Maps or NavMii..Version: 17.3.2

License ProblemDear friends My License doesn’t work,I got “SKD initialization error “ and moreover the message explained “invalid license,NSURL session Data Task finished” What should I do? Thanks.Version: 20.7.1

Not what I paid forI have just driven from El Salvador to the US border. This program has taken me to parts of Puebla and San Luis Potosí that I would not recommend anyone traveling to. The routing algorithm is flawed, or the maps are not up to date. In Mexico, where I was advised that they had up to date information, there are hundreds of petroleum stations not in the database. I have not been able to find hotels that have been built for at least five years. Just this morning I wanted to leave San Luis Potosí for Monclova and even though I could see the correct road in front of me, just 20m away, the program tried to route me down backstreets that were not in any way main highways. I drove to the highway and the program continued to try to route me elsewhere. It’s flawed, no doubt in my mind. I ended up having to use Waze to find my way correctly. Waze knew every point I put in. It found all the hotels I wanted to stay at. Also, the color scheme for the day is absolute rubbish, it can not be changed, and it’s almost impossible to see roads around a route. Want to try to divert to a different route? Forget it. Once the program runs its impossible to try to look for an alternative to avoid accidents or roadworks etc. In short, it’s a flawed product..Version: 17.4.5

Useless nowThis was a great app when I purchased it a year ago but greed has corrupted it since. Ever since they started the map subscription towards the middle to end of last year the software is full of bugs. It will no longer give you the fastest route and will give you a route that is 1-3 hours longer. Will not reroute it’s directions. Crashes at least twice each 2 1/2 hour trip. Maps are still incomplete such as 3D building feature. Incorrect info on maps such as street names. And the dash cam plugin is the most frustrating bugfest. The dash cam will only record for a certain amount of time and when you go to start a new recording it will over write your last recording. Customer service will not actually read any bug reports you send them and reply with a canned email that doesn’t actually address the bug reported and try to up sell more of their plug ins. The core software has bugs that are overlooked while they focus on adding more pay-to-use features that have their own bugs. It’s just a cash grab now with little tech support and broken features..Version: 18.5.0

Great concept - very buggyThis app got me lost for 3 hours in Thailand because it couldn't make its mind up where to go. I am using iphone 8 plus and its perfect condition the apps positioning when driving isn't accurate and tells you turn left then immediately after tells you to turn right and sometimes there isn't even a street to make that turn (the part of the country I was in the roads where built 14 years ago so it can't be that development occurred - please make changes to improve the location accuracy and perhaps it's N S E W co-ordination.Version: 17.2.3

Needs workI tried this GPS navigation software about a year ago.I loaded it up again today after a year they should’ve been major improvements to the software. If you drive a car it’s not too bad but if you drive a tractor trailer it leaves much to be desired. Instead of listing truckstops the way it supposed to for trucks when you have the truck profile loaded it lists gas stations that trucks cannot get into. There are a few other things that need improvement and I pointed this out to Sygic A year ago and they’re all still the same problems. I see that he has come down in the price of the software quite considerably. All I can say is purchase at your own risk. I offered a year ago to help this person make his software better by using it and pointing out where are the floors were. The only problem is I was not going to pay for software while I was helping him correct the problem. As a truck driver in the United States I could’ve helped him extensively but he refused the help..Version: 20.5.2

AwfulGoogle maps has far more map accuracy / detail and route selection. Sygic gives me the run-around even when far more direct routes are available. Traffic info is inconsistent. Sygic map refresh is slow. I am well past an intersection before sygic tell me to turn left or right. All in all an awful app. Google maps is free and awesome. One would expect a lot more from apaid app like sygic..Version: 18.3.2

Mauvaise publicitéJ’ai acheté une licence qui me permettait d’utiliser le gps à vie. Voua avez tout canceller et vous me redemander de payer à nouveau. C’était trompeur. Je ne recommande pas d’acheter cet abonnement. Très déçu.😠😠😠.Version: 22.1.1

A little too glitchy for me!I really want to like this app. I’m running it on an older iPhone 6 with the latest updates iOS. Two things especially in my experience: the upper left hand menu often defaults to a screen that tells you to speak one of several commands.....and of course you can’t close that screen to get back to the menu without suffering the same annoying crash; secondly, the trial version of the app that is supposed to give you an enhanced Apple Car Play experience crashes EVERY time I attempt to use it. My car uses the latest Ford Sync 3 infotainment which supports Car Play. Won’t be throwing good money after bad for that “upgrade”. Overall the interface is slick WHEN IT WORKS but It needs improvement and I hope they can get it done properly, but for now I’d say don’t waste your money here..Version: 17.9.2

I can’t trust in this app anymoreI’m very regret to put my many in this and in the real life I use google map hope one day gime my many back.Version: 18.8.6

Good maps. Poor navigationThe maps are good but not the best. The off-line maps and navigation increase their value, however. The turn by turn directions has some good features including speed camera warnings. The navigation needs a lot of improvement and can be confusing and possibly dangerous if you don’t know the route. Directions are often vague and confusing, and sometimes even incorrect. While driving on a highway, the directions often do not give exit names so you don’t know which road you exit on. They often told me to turn where there are no turns. Directions tell you to simply “turn left” instead of “turn left to merge onto the highway”. And the directions missed the Walmart 5 miles from my house located in the the middle of a major US city, instead directing me to the back of the strip center one block away from the Walmart. I bought the heads up display option which is a good feature — basic but well done. But it’s useless if the rest of the app is going to get me lost along the way. For turn by turn directions, the two major iOS map apps are much more accurate and easier to follow..Version: 18.2.1

It Was a fairly good appThe App was good although never as reliable as some others but the offline map mode etc made me buy the ‘all in lifetime’ pack a few years back, not cheap but I wanted to support the new and growing app (was recommended the app but found out that it was far from accurate in many other countries). Because it didn’t prove useful I deleted it several times to reinstall when I got notified a Major update as done, but only to find out that wasn’t the case. Now, the most recent installation I found that my ‘all in lifetime’ wasn’t actually that at all as several functions have been added which suddenly need an extra, Premium addon paid. Not ok. Especially as the reliability etc have Not improved at all. I see people mentioning even having to pay for map updates …have not tried that yet but that would be very bad if that is be case. What a shame if a once promising solution not honouring their promises to initial supporters and then going for the money more than anything …shame on you..Version: 20.5.1

Missing infoI prefer tomtom , is more practical and accurate.Version: 18.8.4

Payed for Lifetime licenseGot features removed over the years. Now I have to subscribe (pay more) to get those features back. SCAM Uninstalled.Version: 22.0.0

Delayed & Poor SupportTrying to get Premium that I had years back. Really unhappy with the way I am being supported in-spite of paying for it..Version: 22.3.1

It’s not that greatNeeds serious updates, the application can be laggy at times especially on longer drives, it can orientate the screen the wrong way, sometimes the audio doesn’t work, there aren’t many map updates so you’ll find yourself lost most the time, the price is ridiculously high considering you get a badly structured application that hardly works. I’ve been left stranded in the middle of nowhere because of the faults this app has, it never gets fixed and if you want regular map updates you have to pay extra for that too which is extremely frustrating and a plain and simple money grab by the developers. Also you have to pay extra £35+ for carplay functionality; other applications like Waze perform better and have regular updates AND it’s completely free as well as the features like carplay. This app is purely and simply a scam..Version: 18.4.3

Takes you roaming rather than the highways unlike Google MapsThis is the worst app, purchased it and now regret! A very bad app, please think twice before investing in this . A total No No from me, I wish they would give me a refund of my money !.Version: 17.3.9

Not worth the moneyLaughably poor navigation, but the joke’s on me because I was foolish enough to buy the premium version. Directions are often wrong - with obvious inaccuracies that would take us well out of our way if followed, or had us leaving highways only to be told to circle back and renter them. When I ignored incorrect directions, the map acted as though I hadn’t and remained centered on roads I was not on for up to 30 seconds after which it had difficulty plotting a new course for several minutes. Maps themselves appear be be based on old data and graphics look dated. Lane assist a nuisance as it pops up seemingly randomly. Buggy spoken directions failed to name many streets, stuttered, repeated itself frequently, and hilariously used wrong units with alerts like “speed camera in 1000 miles.” Unsure where they are getting their traffic data but it is not even close to real time. Also unsure where their five star reviews are coming from. Wouldn’t be a real issue if this app weren’t so expensive..Version: 17.4.1

Money GrabberI’ve had Sygic for several years now and have really loved your app. Its best feature is being able to download maps and use them offline as many places I go have limited or no cellular service. I like it even though the maps aren’t always correct and one time led my wife to a cow pasture instead of the Hershey park! I’ve always given you a break since your a British company and I’m in the US. Despite these issues, I’ve purchased every lifetime offer they’ve put out. My only issue is that, as of late, you’ve switched their business model to a subscription service instead of allowing your customers to buy your product outright. This is why I dropped my rating by two stars and have switched to mainly using a competing product. The main reason I was attracted to your product, besides the offline maps, is that I could pay once and be done. Your latest add says “you can get a yearly Premium+ license for a special loyalty price”… “Loyalty” they say… I’ve already purchased EVERY product offered to date and THIS is how you reward my loyalty? By changing the rules mid stream? I’m sorry, but I’m not going to play anymore. I’m sure you don’t care about losing just one customer… but I’m placing this review out there to warn all your future customers. Slowly but surely we’re losing more and more of our hard earned income to this type of business model and I for one am not going to participate..Version: 20.8.0

Downloaded for Use with CarPlayDisappointed. I was looking for a solid, offline backup to Apple Maps for use with CarPlay. Apple Maps is great, but when you are in a low signal area, it can’t re-route you should you need to go off-route. Three issues with Sygic’s app made it a no-go for use with CarPlay: 1. the app, while using CarPlay, had trouble keeping my vehicle centered on the display, while constantly turning the map so you cannot see what the route and upcoming turns are going to be - seemed like it was having trouble locking onto GPS; 2. the voice navigation instructions were robotic and SLOW - not late in announcing, just spoken slowly; 3. the app crashed twice while navigating. I gave up and switched back Apple Maps. By the way, I tried TomTom’s app for CarPlay and it was not much better. If only Apple Maps had an offline mode..Version: 18.0.1

Don’t get taken for a rideI purchased less than a year ago a world lifetime license with traffic, in addition I paid add on bundle for features. Not only that, I paid extra yearly subscriptions for monthly map updates and mobile cameras. I’ve reported several issues to support that still haven’t been fixed! 1) navigation to UK contact doesn’t work due to issue with UK postcode 2) monthly map updated doesn’t work - I have to reinstall app and download new maps and restore purchase. 3) mobile speed camera subscription doesn’t appear to work- been past several without notification! 4) variable speed limits on motorways - still says 70 mph even when dropped to 40 mph. When this happens I wonder about the route ETA being accurate 5) service stations on route - app showing nearest service station 12 miles away- was actually 500 metres at next turn off. App notifications has only notified me of more bundles to buy or subscription offers which I’ve already paid for ! Just found out through notification that the mobile speed camera alert is available Sygic premium plus subscription- what about the subscription I’ve already paid for working..Version: 18.8.4

Bring car play compatibility for free version. Better options out thereBring CarPlay compatibility for free version. Better options out there.Version: 20.7.3

Unreliable.. dont waste your money..DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.. when you are about to use it, it’s not gonna appear on your apple car play.. even you uninstall it.. same thing happen.. i bought a premium of this navi. but UNRELIABLE.. worst.. just stick on my TomTOM go app..Version: 22.0.1

Added 1 star for CarPlay support but too little too late.I gave this app 1 star before for not supporting CarPlay, terrible routing (including no way to avoid carpool lanes and all ETAs assuming carpool lane use, and in some cases routing me into Carpool-only freeway in ramps, which would have resulted in me breaking the law and giving no alternative routes), and a UI that just never seemed to work right....and of course extra money for frequent updates after charging $60 for the app itself? Nope. Today I’m updating my review and adding 1 star for CarPlay support finally but the terrible routing and glitchy UI still make this app pointless especially since Apple Maps has improved so much. I like the HUD function. Too bad the rest of the app still feels so half-baked..Version: 18.7.1

Real-live traffic disappearedHi Sygic team and development team! This time I have to giving a 3-star review. Because after I update to the newest Sygic app. My real-live just gone, even when I'm sitting on really bad traffic but it didn't show up RED line or YELLOW line anymore. I'm 12 months premium+.Version: 18.8.6

Keeps crashing and other issuesI am a veteran satnav user with years of using hardware units. Recently tried Tomtom Go on iPhone then thought I’d try this. Paid for Premium and traffic. Disappointed. Frequent crashes with the app closing without warning while driving. Horrible robotic TTS voice. Routing errors such as leaving a dual carriageway then rejoining the other side of the same junction. Safety cameras appearing on the wrong side of the road. While on route often reports it has found a faster route but there is no way to review, accept or ignore it, then the advise keeps repeating every minute or so. Crashing is the worst problem. Reported to support and requested a refund, received an auto response then nothing more. I’ve Reverted to Tomtom Go, in my opinion a superior app..Version: 17.4.3

Not good for Melbourne driversFirst the good news. CarPlay implementation is pretty good with the map looking really great. Now the not so good news. 1. GPS location on map is really quite slow and seriously lags behind actual car position. 2. Too vocal. Spoken directions just won’t stop, providing hints and pseudo directions seemingly continuously. 3. Can’t tell the difference between lanes and streets. 3rd on the left could actually be the next left if there are 2 laneways between you and the actual turn. 4. Melbourne tram-lines are “seen” as rail lines. So every time you approach a cross street which has tram-lines on it you are warned of the railway crossing ahead. 5. No visual lane guidance. 6. Straw that broke the camel’s back: totally out of date data. I typed in the name of my local hardware store and was pleased it came up. Off I went, via a meandering route but soon arrived. Unfortunately I arrived where the store had been located over 5 years ago. If I can’t trust the veracity of the data the app is not only useless, it could be hazardous..Version: 17.6.0

Struggles to find alternative shorter routesEverything about the app is great. Love the graphics and the zoom in feature. Big negative is that I did a test on put the sat nav on even though I knew my way home. Once it sets the route it is very difficult to find an alternative short routes. It kept telling me to make a u-turn at some point which was about 12miles even though I knew it was only about 4 miles from my house. Also I approached a T-junction and was turning right but it said turn left and then make a u-turn when possible. And yes there is no restrictions for turning left or right and it’s operated by traffic lights..Version: 18.1.2

Unnecessary highway exits.I recently drove from Dallas to Bristol, WI and back. Several times the navigation told us to get off the highway just to turn around and get back on, which sometimes means you have to route a couple blocks away just to turn around and get back on. So frustrating. No, it wasn’t because of traffic as their wasn’t any. Not that it would matter as the exit and entry was the same… Everything else is really good. Offline maps are good. Has up to date roads (unlike Tom Tom which is missing rural areas). Lane markers are very intuitive. Once they fix the erroneous get off the highway for no apparent reason bug. It’ll be my go to Navigation. Until then, I honestly can’t trust it..Version: 21.1.3

IT CRASHESConstantly crashes for me. During my last trip it did it 3 times. Every time it does you have to restart it, confirm that you're still on the same route, and wait for it to do whatever it does for several seconds before it goes back to giving directions. This is completely unacceptable and has not been addressed in any of the many updates this app has received... But they sure do like to add paid add-ons like HUDs and dashcams! And that's not even getting into the shady map update practices. Not even a month after I paid for a lifetime subscription to updates and traffic, they added a new super-duper premium map update option that gets you monthly map updates instead of quarterly... Except sometimes months get skipped and the maps are still out of date. I just can't trust it anymore. I'm canceling whatever subscriptions I have with Sygic and deleting the app. Enough is enough..Version: 18.5.0

Sygic mapsThe maps are generally good but some areas in NZ and AU are inaccurate. This is main reason most people will not purchase. Please make an effort to release accurate maps. Some new roads have been built years ago and still not updated in your latest release!!!!! My iPad 2 will not update the maps seems to no connect flashes up. Please fix your app!!!!.Version: 17.2.2

Standards are slippingMay 2021: The app was outstanding until recently. I use CarPlay and could easily follow directions without taking my eye off the road, since the voice would tell me street names and road numbers. This functionality is no longer working. I may be driving on the M6 when I’m told to turn left onto the M6 rather than turn left onto the M55, for example. It’s not a big problem if I know the area— but that’s not the most useful time to be using a satnav! July 2021: rather than improving the app, the developers are now offering us travel insurance. They seem no longer to be interested in supply an effective navigation solution. August 2021: another month with no improvements to navigation but further offers to buy travel insurance. Support are no longer interested in responding to messages. September 2021: another update that offers only to sell me travel insurance. This app should now be considered dead. Support has still not responded..Version: 20.7.0

Hot MapsEvery now and then I re-install this app (having paid for lifetime licenses) to see if the phone overheat problem whilst running Sygic nav is ever resolved... No such luck. Reading other reviews I notice I am not alone here. I have tried switching UK voices back and forth and to standard voices as Sygic had suggested to another reviewer and have used battery saving modes, all to no avail. The iPhone gets very hot whether or not navigating or whether a voice is speaking instruction or not. It seems the simple act of having the app running causes the phone to just heat up excessively. I want to enjoy the wow that so many other reviews seem to suggest, but, no joy here. - - - previous review follows - - - IPhone 6 plus battery gets hot very quickly during Sygic use. Sygic maps in my area seem grossly outdated compared with most other sat navs (except Navigon which also shows old maps) Open street maps apps, Here We Go and even TomTom Europe (since retired) and TomTom Go, have up to date maps as I write in Dec 2017. Got the augmented reality extension during sale for £2.99. Not convinced yet, though could be a good idea if refined..Version: 17.4.2

CommentaireL'application ne fonctionne que dans la maison chez moi(pas pratique) il ne fonctionne pas lorsque je suis en déplacement en vélo, j'utilise un IPod 5..Version: 17.2.2

Not happyI down loaded a up grade for this app. The upgrade did not activate so I asked for a refund. The reply I get was no refund..Version: 18.7.0

Pushing adds to usersI'm a premium user, so why the hell are they pushing apps to my device in the form of notifications. Opening the app I get adds, when the app is closed they push adds to my Home Screen. It just never stops. Non stop adds. Now they are putting emojis in the notifications to make them look like messages. But enjoy this 1 star rating and pass on your thanks to the tools in marketing. Don't waste your time with this app, just stick to a free one, that will do the job better and non bombard you with adds..Version: 22.2.2

Not good enoughAdmittedly I have only been using this for a short time, but since the free trial period is almost over I believe I’ve had enough experience to know that I don’t want to pay for the full version. I use the app via CarPlay in my RAV4 since it enables me to use other apps as well. The problem with Sygic and CarPlay is that the app is always in Dark mode, no matter the time of day, and even when other apps are running in Light mode. Side roads are hard enough to see in Dark mode at night, during the day time it is near impossible. The area I live in is mountainous, because of this cellular tower connections aren’t always reliable. This happened during one trip causing the app to lose track of where I was. The other problem is that when I was back into cellular range the app never recognized it, and so didn’t re-establish navigation. Sygic claims this is a GPS navigation app, but it is not. It requires strong cellular connection to function properly. This is great if you happen to live in Cupertino, but in the real world there are just too many places where cellular service either isn’t strong or just doesn’t exist. Traveling cross-country several times a year I need something that is truly reliable, Sygic isn’t it..Version: 20.7.0

Very good, until Apple Carplay!I’ve been very happy with Sygic for 4 years now, until Carplay integration became a payed service. I was very happy to find Sygic had finally integrated with Apple Carplay, and it ran great for a few days, with access to all my Premium features. Then BAAAM! From nowhere all Premium features were stripped off and we now have to pay A$55 for Carplay integration. No voice assistance No 3D mode No speed warning No lane selection assist No traffic (even though Ive paid for it) No NOTHING! Sygic on Carplay is unusable without this payed feature. What makes it worse, even when I want to use Sygic on my phone with access to my paid for premium features, and still charge my phone via USB, Carplay will automatically switch off my phone screen and switch the app to the Carplay screen OMG! Sort this out quick, before you lose customers. Im not paying A$55 to access features Ive already paid for, just because they’re now on my car’s screen..Version: 17.9.2

Could be an excellent navigation appI’ve been testing the premium version for the last 2 days but I’m not happy with it for 2 reasons. The biggest issue is that there is no sound warning for speed or redlight cameras (I tried everything in the settings but no success and yes there is sound for everything else apart of camera warnings). Even though I can see the cameras on the map I need sound to be warned rather than stick my eyes to the phone display instead of the road. The second issue is the route planning. The app is very stubborn and takes me back miles behind to stick to the route it planned for me regardless that I choose a completely different route. It should recalculate the route according to how far I passed and what direction I headed towards from the original planned route. I’ve also experienced that it took me out of a side road to turn onto a dual carriageway (that runs parallel to the side roadat) at the second possible exit while I could turn onto it at the first exit. Developers created this app so they can change it as well. Why on earth are you not testing and recognising these issues? Your only job is to develop this app so do it! This app apart of these easily rectifiable issues would be perfect... But with these seemingly minor issues that are actually crucial the app is useless. Please fix it and I’ll subscribe right away without hesitation..Version: 17.9.2

Double dipping by SygicNot that long ago I bought Sygic premium with a Lifetime, and now have to pay a further $62 to get Premium for Car-Play. That is absolutely disgusting Sygic. And it took 3 months to get a reply to this which shows Sygic don’t care about their long-standing customers.Version: 18.0.1

Angry Carplay CustomerThis would have been a 5 star review. Let me start off by saying that this was the ONLY app I used for GPS. I loved it better than Google Maps, Apple Maps, WAZE, if there was a GPS app—I tried it. It’s an amazing app with really great features that you would get on an extremely fancy GPS unit (TOMTOM,Garmin, etc). I did pay to have accessibility to all of North America and some of the other add-ons you can purchase. I honestly didn’t mind paying the $20+ fee for all maps because of the offline map capability and the $5+ fee for the add-ons because the heads-up display is pretty cool. My frustration set in when Sygic was finally compatible with Carplay. I received a notification that it was finally available. I open the app, connect my phone and saw LIMITED CAPABILITY. I opened the app to see if I was doing something wrong when I saw the $35 fee to get full access on Carpay. You mean to tell me I am probably going to end up paying $60+ for a GPS app? It’s pretty messed up for this company to charge its already paid users a pretty hefty fee to have full access to a screen mirroring image on my dashboard. Thanks, but no thanks Sygic. You just lost me. If you make the fee $5 like your other add-ons, then sure. Although it really should just be included..Version: 17.6.1

Racist CompanyThe company got involved into politics and removed the Kosova map from the app completely! Many clients from Kosova that canceled the premium version, are going to mak a class action lawsuit against the company for breaking its contact!.Version: 21.0.0

Terrible Routes.. Where are my first extrasMy settings are to you use fastest route. An example to problem, You want to go to a location in a city from an other place of that city which you do not know. It shows you to use tight and indeep city streets. And it is not using main streets and this makes you get confused. I have a lots of problem with route calculations. Second, I think, after sometime of my purchase of upgrading to premium, my some extras showing me like I dont have them and I need to purchase again. Maybe you can change the offered packs, but it should not be applied old purchasers..Version: 20.7.0

Beautiful but unstable navigation that keeps spamming with offersThis review applies to the paid premium version. Sygic has one of the nicest gps interfaces amongst the available apps. It runs on old iPad mini 2 with iOS 12 as well as on an old iPhone 6s with iOS 15.5. When working it’s fantastic in particular the lane guidance. But alas the only things Sygic is guaranteed to do is 1) crash while navigating (irrespective of hardware or iOS version and 2) keep bombarding me with offers to upgrade to premium plus. My iPad and iPhone run waze and magic earth and apple maps without crashing. So to Sygic I would say instead of bombarding me with more offers fix the stability issue. If Sygic didn’t keep crashing and didn’t keep bombarding me with premium plus offers I’d give it five stars..Version: 22.1.1

DisappointedI have had Sygic on a very first iPad for about 8 years and it was fantastic, however, the iPad started turning itself off so since I had bought a new iPad I wanted to transfer the program over to it. Because this didn’t appear to be an option I bought a new version. Installed it (premier) but very disappointed, just got back fro a 400km trip and felt like throwing it out the window, it had no idea where we were, never displayed my speed and spent the bulk of the time (literally) “looking for position”..Version: 18.0.1

Long time user. Totally let down by SygicI have been using Sygic for about five years now. I purchased lifetime world license and most addons. This is by far the most expensive ios app I purchased. Recently, they started going back on their guarantees - lifetime license is not lifetime anymore - you are expected to subscribe separately for map updates. Ok, I suppose they need to make more money off us. But today it completely let me down. I needed to pick my child from a scouts camp in the woods somewhere. I installed the update of the app and input the coordinates. The only option is to demonstrate the route, not get directions... I notice that while driving already (because the interface looks exactly the same, just the button to start says demonstrate instead of directions. Fine, I am running late, but I stop and fiddle with the app. I am not signed in anymore, for some reason. Ok, I try logging in, but the store is being updated. I sign in with my apple id. That works, but It transfers me to sygic store, which still does not work. The result is that I cannot get turn by turn directions. I start driving, using google maps. I periodically try to sign in, but the store is allways down. The result is that I can use google maps for free, or pay £50+ for an app that does not work. And you made me late. I cannot even contact support, to talk it through. You have just lost a longtime customer. Very disappointed..Version: 18.7.2

It’s okay - not greatMy experience driving in Europe has been average at best On the plus side, the graphics are great. On the downside however, I have a long list of annoyances: 1. It is terrible at calculating how long it will take to reach the destination - and I mean terrible. It calculated arrival time is between 25% and 50% more than Google Maps or Waze even over relatively short distances. I find Google Maps to be much more accurate 2. On motorways in Europe, it says that it has found a faster route literally EVERY MINUTE - and at least I haven’t found a way to make it shut up. So I end up having to simply turn of the voice completely 3. No voice navigation with lane assistance - you have to look at the screen to see where to go. Again, both Google maps and Waze tell you to what exit to take e.g. take exit 6 towards Paris 4. Cameras are not as reliable as Waze I find. 5. Can’t deal with time based speed limits that are in operation in some countries So an okay effort guys, but instead of just keep adding features, maybe you should focus on getting the basics work first..Version: 18.7.2

Absolute RubbishThis app is okay when driving to see where you're. However, even having paid good money for the app, it resets every 30 or so minutes... Why? Trying to create a route is impossible. Planning A to B is not easy, but achievable. Adding another waypoint is impossible. Don't waste your money, look at other apps, but not Sygic, a total waste of money..Version: 18.2.1

HUD doesn’t work like it says it doesI downloaded this because it markets itself as an app that works with a HUD. It’s a separate mirror component that has a mirror and gives you a HUD using a normal phone. All it needs to work is for the phone to project backwards. Think of how something is reflected in a mirror. I paid the $5.99 to unlock this “premium” feature. But it doesn’t give you navigation on the “HUD” display. It just tells you your speed and the speed it shows is wrong. Don’t waste your money. HUD does NOT work on this app. Update: They added a response that says to contact customer service. The app does not work as intended. I have never had to contact customer service for anY app in my life. Especially a navigation app. I downloaded another app with HUD capability. $2.99 and works right away. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. IT COSTS MORE THAN THEIR COMPETITION AND DOESN'T WORK. GARBAGE..Version: 17.3.7

Real view navigation don’t work with dash camI bought sygic and been using it for years. Sygic AU NZ. But hasn’t had the update to iPhone X screen size yet. Being that I use sygic a lot in my car for dash cam. I thought I’d buy the new version on special as it’s compatible with iPhone X screen size. I bought the lifetime Australia maps and dash cam and real view navigation. It’s only once purchased these in app features that app says you can’t use both dash cam and real view navigation together. I’m so disappointed with this money grabbing and no upfront information relating to these features. Plus the fact I’d already purchased a version of this app 5 years ago. It’s outright money grabbing just so it’s compatible with the latest phone..Version: 17.3.3

Really dealt with the CarPlay rollout poorlyWon’t be spending any more money on Sygic.Version: 17.6.1

Maps don’t have real time traffic updateMaps don’t have real time traffic updates as Google/Apple/Waze maps have. Please improve in this area. I have tried offline feature. It works good. We need the app to also remember where I parked when the car is parked so it can guide the user back to parking if needed. Google /Apple/ waze have this feature. Please help incorporate these features in your next release . Update:: Lowering the rating to 1 star. Reason is that I have been giving constant feedback for over 2 months about app crashing when connected to CarPlay and all I get is standard response that reinstall the app. I even did that, but it still crashes. Developers please fix the issue. Also many of locations which you can find on Google, Waze and Apple maps are not shown on this app map. Don’t know what the issues are for not getting proper updates to maps. I have even updated the map when I reinstalled the app. Is this company still working? Or because of COVID-19 they have bundled up , shut down? Totally disappointed with this app .. Update : still the app crashes when you pass through net of freeways crisscross each other . I tried the app in india. It crashes here too.. Ok more update. I was sitting at a location in Palo Alto and searched for the same place in this map and it showed the location is in Ventura and is 70ft from me. Really? Do you think we are fools ? Apple Inc. please help delete this app from app store as this is scam ..Version: 20.7.4

Disappointed with new versionThis used to the best gps guidance app you could get but it is now mediocre at best. I am very disappointed that the latest “up grade” is more of a “down grade” I have used it since 2013 and found it to so good I recommended it to all my family and friends and to other tourists who I met. For one particular reason, the speed alerts!!!! I researched all the gps apps and this had the best speed alerts above any other one. I drove around Australia and Europe and it always gave me the best warnings when I was driving above the speed limit. It helped me to drive at safer speeds and to avoid inadvertently driving over the speed limit. However, the latest upgrade has removed the speed alert warnings. You still get a small visual warning but you cannot get the Audio warning that was the best among all the gps systems. This was the most outstanding feature of the system! Why did you remove it? Please bring this back so that once again this will be the best gps app on the market!!!!! Michael.Version: 20.4.10

Ville manquantesPlusieurs ville manquante au Québec..Version: 22.1.1

Crashes and speed camera detection is poorI bought this based on the good reviews and initially it does what it’s supposed to. Then after an update it just crashes randomly mid route. On an 80 mile journey at least twice. Average speed cameras detection is pathetic as it will only show the first and the last one on the run, but nothing between. Take a note of Tom Tom and how they show you the average speed through the camera run. Speed limit signs against the actual speed signage is often way out. I bought this after TomTom decided to screw up theirs app ( random rerouting , camera detection failure when it knew before ) and as I was near the end of my subscription ( so didn’t renew). This app shows so much promise. Fix the concept of actually detecting fixed speed cameras , all the entire run of average cameras ( they have been there for years) and fix the crashing and you have a half decent app. Until then I have wasted my money and go back to Navmi which is my back up navigation app and has never let me down. Basically just fix your app!!!!.Version: 18.2.2

GPS is ok, But missing some mappingGPS is ok and in a lot of cases good, But seems to be lacking on some of the mapping and I made sure to double check that all maps of Canada were in fact downloaded… All is good, but still missing some mapping of Calgary, AB. Pls fix, Otherwise love the dash cam feature and the rest of the GPS as it does get me around 99% of the time..Version: 22.0.3

Too many adsI bought the app when it was payed. Now it’s free with in-app purchases. And here comes my problem. When I bought it, they were promising lifetime updates. Now, I am being asked to purchase regular updates. Apparently they decided that what some of the old users payed is not enough and now they limited how often we get updates to the map. If I want more regular updates, I have to start paying again, but this time a monthly fee. On top of that I constantly get some notifications to buy additional features that are free on other apps. I’ve decided to stick to other apps like Waze or Google Maps. I get the speed camera warning and the map updates for free without having to pay a monthly fee. And I can download a map there as well to use it offline. Sadly I can’t ask for a refund now, but I can at least tell other people to stay away. You will get annoyed by the constant notifications to pay for something else. I used to get notifications to buy something else daily until I finally decided to uninstall the app. It’s just not worth it when there are so many other companies giving the same features for free..Version: 18.8.1

Good features but disappointing in useInstalled this app to replace an ageing but extremely dependable TomTom app which is no longer updated. The app failed to perform as expected and directions were not as easy to follow as the TomTom app - both visually and in the spoken directions. There are annoying beeps and buzzes which still occur even with all the numerous alert options turned off. Also annoying pop up messages for better route found which occur at the most inconvenient moments. After getting hopelessly lost and wasting over an hour due to this app reverted to original TomTom app for reliable navigation and to dig us out of the mess that the Sygic app had created. Further attempts to acclimatise to the app on routes where the chances of getting lost were minimal confirmed that it was not yet ready for use as a primary navigation tool. Hopefully the developers will improve the interface as the app has potential although currently it has proved a waste of money and memory space..Version: 17.4.1

Not worth itUpdate removed features I specifically wanted. I will be pursuing a refund. Do not deal with this company..Version: 18.4.3

Issue for 6 monthI have priced multiple Addons in Sygic then I changed my device till know I am not able to restore my purchases or update my maps, already contacted sygic support by email and provide them with the screen shot of error and that I was that I am not able to update my map and I got some feedback at the end I was bored and saw that it was not going any where it was just emails from my side and to there sides still I am trying to find a way to make it work it’s not logical for me to spend this amount of money for it not to work properly I hope some from sygic read this so they can provide me with support by the way today I opened a new case with them regarding same issue to see if something can be done after 6 month I am hoping for the best but I am not optimistic.Version: 17.6.2

So-soI have been using Sygic for years and I still find it difficult to program a destination as it will not accept an address from contacts. Speeds limits that are displayed are quite often inaccurate. The address of some destinations is inaccurate, to the point the address is out by 10kms..Version: 22.2.1

Crashes constantly …Update: App has been stable for the last few days with no app update. This makes me think the issue was in the backend when it was calling home (traffic updates etc). Going on a trip to test. Finger crossed (which is not something I should be thinking of). This version or combination of iOS causes this app to crash constantly. I have been unable to keep this running while driving and driving/navigating. (Will not stay active for more than 10 minutes before crashing). It will crash and go to the home screen. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, including the maps, but have the same issue. For me, the app is unusable. Went back to an older unsupported nav app and it seems to work fine on the latest version of iOS..Version: 18.5.0

Can’t access Sygic StoreHave been able to access Sygic Store within App for several updates now. Tried deleting and reinstalling app with no luck..Version: 20.4.11

Rip offI was given all the hard sell regarding this app, and all through its teething it messed up one way or another, and as far as I am concerned in countries like Turkey is still pretty useless. Now to add insult to injury, the lifetime premium licence I purchased, is no longer a purchase, it would appear they have changed the rules, and a purchase is only a loan, and we are supposed to pay a rental charge. Maybe one or two people may consider this is a worthwhile app, but for those who live in countries outside of main Europe, or the UK, this is rubbish, and do not be fooled by their regular map updates, the updates I have had over the last few years, still have not shown roads in my part of the country, even though google maps DO show the roads. Be aware, if long time owners of purchased software from this company can be ripped off, there is no telling what other stunts they will try to pull. All the massive upgrade discounts they offer weekly must say something. It tells me they are losing users. What is the reason to stay? Google maps, are far superior. My Petal maps on my Huawei is better than Syngic by leaps and bounds.Version: 20.9.1

Updates to fix major design flaws that never comeThere is a huge bug that prevents the user from finding a street on a map - despite the fact that the street is actually on the map. So if you don’t know where that street is, Sygic is basically useless. The developer eventually wrote back to me to say that a fix is coming in the next update. He didn’t offer any timeline or notification when that would happen. So I still have a useless app that can’t be relied upon when traveling. I now use Google maps and suggest other people do the same. Communication with the developer is terrible. SOME 3 MONTHS LATER THE APP IS STILL NOT FIXED Still the same worthless customer service. I solved my problem by using Google Maps. Would recommend others to do the same..Version: 20.4.11

Advertising advertising advertisingI have a lifetime subscription and yes I get you need money to keep the app going but when I need the maps the most (often with weak phone signal) I have to wait for your advertising to load. Come on guys this is unacceptable . Stop pushing your subscriptions to people who have already invested..Version: 22.1.0

Sygic truck gpsDownloaded this app whilst my tomtom was being repaired, People, do not waste your money on this load of garbage, I was coming through Northampton yesterday, heading to spalding Lincolnshire, this app wanted to send me down the M1 to the A428 Bedford bypass and across to the A1 at Black cat. Today I left Spalding to go Scunthorpe, firstly it wanted to send me towards Newark then when I reached Sleaford to go up the A15 to Lincoln, it rerouted to go through Boston, and even when I reached my delivery point in Scunthorpe, it was telling me I still had 220km’s to go, even though the finish marker on the screen was showing I was at the correct place, also, when on motorways and dual carriageways it will send you off at a junction but then bring you back on again at the same junction. GARBAGE! GARBAGE! GARBAGE!.Version: 18.8.5

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