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Excellent educational appThis app is well worth the money and my children love it and it is very educational..Version: 8.17.0

Mummy GFantastic website great for my kids to learn!.Version: 7.30

It is AwesomeI love learning. I really love my room with my tickets to get stuff for my room. Learning makes me happy!.Version: 7.32

My child absolutely loved thisUnfortunately had to go in another direction as quite a lot of this is American based really wish there was an English version out there maybe it’s something you could consider I would definitely be interested in it and many of my other friends to.Version: 8.19.0

Loving ABC MouseMy oldest son started listening to the letter songs just before he turned 2 years old. He is now almost 4 years old and is reading on his own. He knows 12 different colors, 20 different shapes, his full name, age and birthdate. We have taught him his phone number and address and he is picking up more and more information on a daily basis. I signed him up for preschool and the teachers there told me the only reason he would need to be in the class would be to socialize with the other kids. He is well past where he needs to be to start 1st or 2 nd grade. Thank you all so much for the programs you have put together and helping me give my son the biggest head start I could possibly offer him..Version: 7.25

I can’t get inIt’s not that bad but if you’re trying to get into ABC mouse you might need to pay first and if you don’t care about the money you’re kids will be fine and you can just stay with them at home but it is kind of weird because after you pay the first trial after the first trial and give you a 30 day trial it is pretty good so I would read it a Forrester.Version: 8.32.1

App needs workI agree with the other reviews that it’s extremely annoying that there is no home button and you have to go through every previous screen to get back to the main screen. Sometimes even that doesn’t work and I have to close app. The biggest upset however is that I have to reset my password EVERY time I have to change settings in the parents section. Yesterday I put a restriction so my child couldn’t purchase and also put a time limit and guess what? I catch him this morning buying things in the app. He depleted almost all of his 1300 tickets and I went back to settings. Again, I had to reset my password and none of the changes I made yesterday were applied. The lessons are great, I just think the software and app need major upgrading. Very disappointed..Version: 7.8

Very GoodMy daughter love it!.Version: 5.2

More accentsI would give it 5 stars if it had a choice of languages/ accents, we alternate this app with Reading Eggs which gives us an option of a British accent..Version: 7.28

UnsubscribeDear ABC mouse, I would like to unsubscribe ABC mouse account as I don’t need it anymore. My twins already 11yrs old now and wouldn’t need ABC mouse anymore. Using ABC mouse was really help my twins and I to be busy, it was not only fun for them, it was also made them smarter 👏🏽😊 highly recommend 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽.Version: 8.19.0

So greatHi I got this game for my son and he learnt so fast thank you for making this game!!! My Son says thank you too sorry.Version: 8.41.0

Very goodMy daughter loves this app but I would prefer if you could change it to UK, my 3yo is starting to say some words in an American accent lol.Version: 7.33

Sometimes slow and won’t load.Otherwise a fun and varied way of learning..Version: 7.30

Love it so far!I tried learning games of all sorts on my phone, the tablet everything. My son never wanted to sit and learn anything. Reading books is just as bad, so I started the free trial on pc and he won’t get off my computer, I downloaded it onto my phone just in case we were out and about and I needed to distract him. He loves it, and the rewards system is perfect he wants to pass levels and get the little prizes. My son is 4 and I just started him at the 2year level so we can work through everything and it gets him used to using a mouse and not just constantly touching a screen. I think it’s worth it a far, I may update after the 30 days but so far I think it’s great from what I’m seeing and just in literally 5 minutes he was hooked on it!.Version: 7.30

ABC mouse starGeorge loves and mouse and can't get off of it he is 3 and also loves tracing so try to get him learning.Version: 8.9.0

AmazingIt’s really helping my child to write read and more.Version: 8.4.0

ABC mouseWe love this app!!!.Version: 7.3

FreezesMy daughter loves the app, but, it’s frozen on a level of the pathway and we can’t progress any farther. There is no contact information for this app either. I paid for a month, pretty sure I won’t be paying for another month..Version: 7.31

I love this game so muchI love your game.Version: 8.10.0

LoveIt is so good.Version: 8.19.0

My son is just 3 and he seems to enjoy it.Good learning app for little kids. Just as long as it’s not addictive and exposed in moderation..Version: 7.6

Suggestions for abc mouseHi can you guess please consider adding a bit more control for parents of kids account. For example allow us to assign a task for the day etc .. because my daughter gets bored and will tend to just watch the show. I would like her to be a bit more active in her learning. Also please can you add a button where I can send her a pop up say great job or thumbs. What about a window where I call her and tell her I’m proud of her work. Maybe a window where she sees and can talk to me. I would like this so much as it will make more engaging and uniting. I work so I would like to be able to commutate with her while she plays her games/ activities to give her encouragement. Pleaseeeee!! Thank you.Version: 8.0

I love ABCmouse 👍🏽❤️ABC mouse is helpful for your kids and I know that because I am a kid. My sister plays it and I am eight now and I still play it. for each activity they give you three tickets I was able to name three things that I learned in the video that I watched. The reason why I play it every time I get the chance to is because all the time they are constantly adding new activities, games, and videos I don’t just play it because that though. I know people say this a lot but, it actually teaches me things I didn’t know before it makes learning easy for kids and it makes kids want to learn because they will have fun learning once they play ABC mouse. I recommend this game for your kids. if you do download it I hope you have fun playing and learning with the one and only and the most extraordinary ABC mouse!.Version: 8.15.0

Chance Age Two and A Happy Grandmother (Nana)I’m sooooooo happy that I purchased this learning tool for my grand baby! He loves play the games and the mouse (as he says it). The Academy School which he attends stated they have seen Chance do some things that the other kids have not been able to do yet. His speech is very clear and precise. Chance knows his ABC’s, can count to 20, shapes and animals. He can recognize some of his numbers in written form (which we are working on through your program) What a GREAT learning tool and all the time they think they are playing. I enjoy working with him, seeing him smile and laugh, while at the same time having fun and learning! THE BEST TOOL EVER! THANK YOU SO MUCH, we love ABCmouse!.Version: 7.27.2

Helpful educational toolVery helpful for engaging my 3 yr old in educational curriculum although I was not a fan of the fact that it doesn’t state the CAN exchange rate for charges that is a downside for sure. Otherwise I feel it is very diverse lots to do and very good has ticket reward program so excites children to do activities too. Would suggest this tool if your child engages in phone or tablet time..Version: 8.37.0

Began using app at 18 monthsGranddaughter does her “homework” every morning after breakfast. Brady is now 20 months old and can start and run the app unassisted on my iPad, but I still monitor. She loves the games & puzzles and art projects. The songs are barely tolerated because there is no corresponding video & many songs are just plain lame. She expects songs like on the Dave&Ava app. She absolutely HATES the books offered on this app, as there are no monsters, dinosaurs, glittery unicorns or super heroes. We read regular paper books after ABCMouse time is over. I recommend the app because it gives focus and structure and she finds enough features to keep her interested. She already knew her alphabet and numbers up to 10 before we subscribed, but I can see how this app will gradually progress her learning to word recognition and reading. Plus there are few apps available for the ignored age 1 to 2 kids. Most apps for this age are baby rattle types. Your mileage may vary..Version: 7.6

Really fun and educationalThis is a really good app for kids and it is like a classroom but you can take it anywhere it is really fun and educational app me and my brother love it. There is one thing you can change is when I am in the car it doesn’t work. Overall it is a really fun app!!!! Me and my brother really like this app I like that we can buy close and toys for are room and the fun activities and the gifts you get in the learning path and the classroom is fun and the hamster and the fish and the pets you can get are fun too. But if you can add a bowling game my brother would be so happy because he loves bowling. And if you can add a Maltese puppy for 45 tickets or 90 tickets? But this is the best app for kids that are going to pre-k. And I love that it is so fun and all of the fun activities!!!!!! Get this app it is so much fun!! From Alyssa Berkowitz.Version: 8.5.0

Great view reviewGod my child know so much now thank you for releasing this app this app is like the best thing ever but there’s only one problem I’m new to this app and I don’t know anything about emails anything like that so just send me an easy one please something and if you can tell me if your girl or boy OK and I really need to know OK now I’m gonna say.Version: 7.1.2

ABC 🐭mouse the best gameYou guys are the best I play it every day🐭.Version: 8.43.0

ScarlettI love this app it is the best and is so fun . I think all of you should download this app and start having fun..Version: 7.32

I love this game very fun and very educational for me and youVery very very fun and good and try it for 30 days free trial and I love love it very much.Version: 8.33.0

The best app!I am Australian but this is not . But it was still fun and I am learning a lot!😊😁😆😄😃😀🙃😉✍️🎖🏅👋.Version: 8.30.0

Do not recommendThis app is incredibly slow. I know it’s not my service provider as I have no issues with any other apps. The app is very basic and boring, the content is definitely something I can find for free. When I was trying to cancel, the app was extra slow! At one point the “continue cancellation” button was not responding, yet the “return home” button had zero issues. I signed up with the free trial and canceled within two hours. Afterwards I came across many reviews of complaints about continuous charges after cancellation and now I’m worried that the same will happen to me as you HAVE to input your card information for the free trial. I will keep a close eye on my account & will update in a month..Version: 7.9

Really GoodMy 3 year old son really enjoys Learning on this app There is no bugs and it is really entertaining for him..Version: 7.34

Autistic DaughterGoing into this three years ago I thought it was a gimmick. I turned it on and handed over the iPad to my then two year old girl. She loved it. She played up until she hit 4 1/2 years old where she got bored and hardly played. By then her sister who was just turning 2 picked it up and started playing. At 5 and a few months my oldest was diagnosed ASD and I got her back into the app full force by changing the settings to level 8. She is thriving on it now. She is now in Kindergarten and doing double digit addition and my 3 year old is spouting off the letters of the alphabet every time she sees them and shapes. This has definitely given both my children a head start in school. Once my oldest is done with the top level of ABC Mouse I am definitely continuing her on to the University app. Thank you to the developers for being a huge part of my children’s educational success..Version: 7.30

Love & Would give 5 stars but…My older son used this app religiously about 5-6 years ago. He absolutely loved everything about it. Recently I Signed my 5 year old up for it, I was extremely disappointed to see so much of the content hadn't changed. It’s also extremely glitchy and slow on the fire tablet. He started playing on our MAC and had the same issues, so he easily lost Interest. The graphics definitely need to be updated along with the games. Overall it’s a GREAT program for learning, I wish it had newer content that had a more modern vibe. Would love to keep my subscription going but I just can’t keep my youngest interested and I’m positive it’s because visually it lacks in comparison to other programs available..Version: 8.38.0

Overall worth itFantastic material but very laggy and should have more parental controls for the game aspect.Version: 7.31

Update requestsThis game is the best learning experience I’m seven years old in first grade but I still have a lot to learn so this game is super fun for me but I just want to request some updates I want some more outfits so you can have even more fun with your character customization and add some more furniture as well and also add new activities add anything you don’t have before also can you add some daily tickets for every day like tickets every day any amount is fine some new coloring pages some new learning activities I absolutely love the books so please add some new books and also I’m trying to delete a picture that I made because I’m tired of it and it asked me a question that if I actually want to delete the picture I clicked yes I checked if it was still there and it was please fix it.Version: 8.15.0

,ashsjbwbsgsnnsbsbsbsnsb HeABC mouse is is really cool I love it my mum can you do every day sometimes it runs out but I really like..Version: 8.24.0

Quite goodSo at first I thought this would be fun and educational at the same time but when I downloaded it the words where very hard to read and I don’t think that kids over the age of 6 wouldnt think it’s a game and when it said the customising is good for month 10 maybe it could be better for the kid since if you do it the kid may not like changes and since kids usually are like they were on their way in exactly how they want it if you do a little mess up they won’t be happy with it and I was thinking in a BC mouse that could be a bit where you can put if your child has any disabilities and what and how high they are in their education and if they put that in I would be really grateful and I think more people would like it to and the bug fixes really good to so other than that problem I think ABC mouse is a very good app and it’s helping people learn academically all over the world..Version: 8.33.0

I love this appI like it because it has a rocket fish tank and a cute hamster. Also it make the child want to learn..Version: 7.0

I like this app.It is a good application. You should get it..Version: 8.7.0

Fixed the issue I mentioned in my last reviewHi again. I have fixed the issue I mentioned in my last review by reinstalling the app. I love this app. Thank you..Version: 8.44.1

This is the best learning thing ever!!!I’ve been teaching for 16 years. And thank you very much I appreciate it! Cause my daughter has been reading a lot and she’s making it into school. And the teacher is like “oh my gosh when did your kid learn this awesome stuff!” I said “Oh try abc mouse it’s the best learning app ever!” And my teacher was so surprised. And the teacher tried it out. And all of the kids were learning so well the teacher smiled at me. And the kids all spelled well and she said. “Oh thank you very much. I needed this the kids grades are very low and I love this! There spelling good they can spell their names now I’m like so happy! Thank you very much I’m giving this game 5 stars!” And that’s it (thank you very very so so much I wish I could give you a hug. you deserve it!) I wish you could reply and say “I hope you enjoyed this app and. have a happy day!.Version: 7.11

One stop education center for ages 2 to 8I’ve been using ABC mouse with my countless nieces and nephews for the past six years. This program is totally awesome. It has numerous ways of accessing the material: including the learning path, the classroom, and the map. It has numerous videos games puzzles. It has all the reading a child would need until third grade. I can’t speak highly enough of this program. I currently have two separate subscriptions for three nieces and three nephews of mine. Up until now, I have had numerous subscriptions to other programs; However, none is like ABC mouse! After school, my little ones run to get on ABC mouse. They are so excited to work with this program. They ask me to do more lessons. They love the whole idea of earning tickets and purchasing things that they can interact with. Thanks ABC mouse for such a wonderful, complete, and engaging program!.Version: 6.7

Just about perfectAlways heard about ABC Mouse from commercials on the pbs channel. It was perfect timing for us to check it out: our daughter just turned 3 and COVID-19 Quarantine was in full swing. Our daughter is doing great with ABC Mouse and gets a lot from it. This app, coupled with mock hour-long “school time” at home with her Mom has really boosted our daughter’s vocabulary, letter recognition, phonics, recognizing patterns, and learning numbers. Definitely recommend a touch screen device, as this is more intuitive to a young one than using a mouse. The only thing is I wish we could turn off or control the app advertisements that scroll at the top main menu... when our daughter selected one, it led to the episode/show section of the app. These are not very interactive in-app shows. Hopefully there will be a control feature for this in the future. Other than that.. ABC Mouse is super amazing!.Version: 7.33

I love it!Me and my sisters love it! It’s AWSOME! Whoever made this rocks!.Version: 8.44.1

My DaugherMy daughter has special need , global development problems , spearhead delay.I have noticed a difference in my daughter learning since I have downloaded this app she can recognise some of her primary colours , when the video in learning zoo says find number 3/5 she can find the number 3 she try’s to repeat say 3 say a colour , she try’s to repeat what the game ask her . I can’t believe how much she is learning,picking up . I am very impressed with this app I have already recommended it to a few of my mum friends ..Version: 8.19.0

I login and can’t get past the yellow entry page.Update: they were just overloaded with all the new users that suddenly flooded their site when everyone’s school closed. My son loves the app and is saving up his tickets for a “rainy day”. Didn’t realize it would also teach my kindergartener about finances. Lol Great app and customer support getting out the word that everything was going to be fixed ASAP. Thanks! The app will not load any further than the yellow entry page. On the rare occasion it goes past after several minutes, the app force closes and I’ll have to login and start this evil mess all over again. My 5th gen iPad 5 is fully updated and so is the app. WiFi is working well with everything else and I’ve tried a soft reset on the iPad as well as deleting out the app and re downloading it. It is also having the exact same issue on an iPad mini..Version: 7.30

Amazing for kidsMy kids absolutely LOVE this game! They love getting tickets to buy new clothes, pets, furniture etc. The one downfall to this game is that they keep saying to me that once you have bought something you can’t sell it. So they have tons of extra of everything that they used to want and don’t want anymore. I know that it is a very little detail but I, my kids, and probably other users want this to happen. I really hope that you can add that in soon. Besides, that one little thing, the entire rest of the game is the best game ever (I’m not exaggerating when I say it, my own kids said it to me yesterday.) So I highly recommend you getting this app for your child, especially if they are stubborn with learning..Version: 8.10.0

I love this app it makes your days better than most appsI think the kids and anybody else would love it and you get more smarter every time you go on abc mouse can’t wait till I get back into my house thank you very much.Version: 7.17

AmazingABC mouse is amazing at school I was so bad at maths and now get 27 out of27 All the different stuff it makes is wonderful SO GET ABC MoUSE.Version: 6.7

I love itI am three kids and gust get it it’s so awesome.Version: 7.3

Frustrating at timesVery slow.Version: 7.30

Be careful : Yearly discount did not applyI used the annual special discount option and it charged full price. Customer service has not rectified this or contacted me.Version: 8.19.0

2 problemsThe first problem is how come it’s 2 to 8 it’s too easy for kids to 5 to 8 Second problem is what if your child really wants to learn and increase it doesn’t have seven days per week.Version: 8.43.0

Still need to talk to your kidsWhile I love 98% of the contact on ABC mouse I do want to point out that the word fat occurs a few times in different stories and perpetuates body shaming with a story called Sam the cat where he was called fat and lazy for staying indoors and playing video games and none of his friends would play with him until he got fed and played outside and then he lost the weight and he had friends which I don’t think is a great message. Also there is some Health culture stuff that puts good and bad labels on different foods and activities so I just want to point out they are learning good habits but on the other side of that they might be feeling shameful of the food they have available at home if they aren’t in a economic state to have the freshest food :(.Version: 8.16.0

Can not openI paid monthly fee. But do not know why I can not open from iPad or iPhone for many days. Any problems with this App. If yes, please let us know. At least we know we can cancel the monthly fee, save money..Version: 7.30


Bad thingWell can you pls not make it pay if you pay you will lose money WHY i really need this game OH MYGOD.Version: 7.32

When it works it’s greatIt often freezes, and glitches. But the kids love it when it works..Version: 7.30

Kids love itWe love this, my twins love it and always ask for ABC mouse. It’s repetitive so really great for learning. They are already learning colours and alphabet. Good mix of learning and fun. Also love the fact the subscription covers my 3 young children for the price of 1..Version: 8.9.0

Update crashesWe’ve used abc mouse with our grandchildren for a long time. The update two weeks ago broke the program so bad it won’t even load. Crashes every time - can’t even get to the login screen. And this is on an iPhone 8 Plus! Same thing happens on a first generation iPad Air. Both devices are running the latest iOS version. It needs to be fixed soonest or we will have to cancel and attempt to get our money back. UPDATE: After about six hours of actually talking to them on the phone, and a dozen emails back and forth, they finally got it fixed. The issue was that in order to get more grandkids on the program we had to upgrade to a Teacher account and they canceled our old Family account. The devices were still logged into the now deleted Family account. They had to log us out on their end, we had to log in and out again on our devices, uninstall and reinstall the apps, etc. Lots to go through, but glad it now works. As a retired computer professional, I’m used to this sort of thing, but I’m sure the average grandma or grandpa would have given up by now. Anyway, it’s all here for whomever wants to refer to how it got fixed. The program is definitely worth five stars, when it works, which now it does!.Version: 6.8

YeahA great app for the kids you can get a 1 month free trike it is so fun and you get to play with your friends hope you have a great time with ABCmouse.Version: 8.0

ABC MouseHas been so much fun and educational for my Grandchildren.Version: 7.3

Prizes and petsThe prices are the same no matter what level the child is at. My son started at level 2. He is on level 10 now. Same prizes. Nothing ever changes. You need to provide them with a sense of earning new prizes as they level up. He has stopped buying prizes because there is nothing new. Pet situation is just as bad. Leveling up the pet does not result in any new functions. My son worked tirelessly to make his dragon a champion. We thought once it achieved this it would be able to fly or shoot fireballs. No such thing happened. That’s just lazy programming. You need to increase the ability of pets to keep kids engaged and motivated. They want to see a benefit from all their hard work. Saying they are a champion is simply not enough. Finally, I said this before, you need to move in the direction of CAT (computer assisted testing). This is true of the learning path as well as the assessment tests. My son is 6. He is finishing the 2nd grade learning sequence. He has been bored for some time. The path has lost its challenge. He was reading 2 years go. The puzzles are too simple. You need to remove the ability for them to complete them at level 1 when they can do them at level 9 or 10. Don”t give them an easy out. They will just advance through the puzzle at level 1 so they can move quickly. Finally, your assessment test should incorporate a timer. I need for my son to learn to take the test under timed conditions..Version: 8.46.0

The best appThis app is amazing because you are able to have fun wile Learning. Using This game made me smarter and will make you smater To..Version: 7.9

Hello is anybody there?My child and I loved this app and it easily replaced all his other learning apps and for an affordable price, however it has become stuck on the learning path and will not allow my child to forward or collect the tickets in activities he needs for the games prompting him to loose interested in the learning activities. I have tried contacting support, the Facebook group and reinstalling - All to no avail. We are disappointed, if it wasn’t for this technical issue and lack of communication this app would get 5 stars from us. Please fix it or we will be cancelling our subscription. Update: It has now been two weeks and my 6 complaints via the app, app review, Facebook group, and emails have still all been ignored..Version: 7.31

Tim.Our 20 month old loves ABC mouse and is learning lots. Only reason didn’t give 5 stars is sometimes we have problems loading it up..Version: 7.31

Buyer BewareLet me preface this by saying the product is great and definitely deserves the praise. But the problem resolution and subsequent customer support is horrid. I have attempted to reset password multiple times but never received the promised link neither in my email account or it’s spam folder. I have contacted customer support on two occasions and both times have been quick to tell me my email account is not in their system. Both times I have to submit a copy of the apple receipt to wit customer support (CS) promptly tells as follows: AGENT (Dalia ): I think I know what could be the issue. It appears Apple’s iTunes server has not yet sent your information to our database This even though ABCmouse website links to apple when I purchased app. All attempts to reset password ends with ABCmouse promising to send a link that never arrives. I am not their (ABCmouse or apple’s) technician. I have neither the skill set or access to correct whatever flaw is in the process. I am just a consumer out $120 with a 5 year old who can’t access her favorite program because other adults think dodging a problem is the best $olution..Version: 8.40.0

How I persuade my learning.❤️☹️😁❤️‍🔥The way I was doing bad in school and my parents didn’t not know what to do so when they saw abc Mouse they were like maybe this will help her at school so my parents just started downloading it on me and my and my brother and we were producing to learn and we was doing better and my brother was doing better my baby sister even started school just two days ago and guess what she’s already in first grade because of ABC mouse it really helps your children to have fun learning when you learn and I didn’t like learning back then but look at me now I’m in high school and I love it and I’m going to college tomorrow and I want to bring ABC mouse with me because it has ages up to 21 to 3 and it has really been so much fun and it is so much easier to learn than too just learn I love abc mouse and that it helps you learn.❤️‍🔥😍💗😃😀😄😁..Version: 8.42.0

UnbelievableThis app is awesome I am starting to develop my skills! Thank you for making this app and Adventure Academy! From Amira 7 years old.Version: 8.38.0

ChloeMy child loves this app I can never get her off of it and she has become a lot smarter this app makes learning fun for children and that is what it’s done for mine it is the best app out so far😁.Version: 7.4

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