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Microsoft PowerPoint App User Positive Comments 2023

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Microsoft PowerPoint for Positive User Reviews

Essential for the mobile managerEssential for creating, reviewing, and delivering presentations on the go..Version: 1.6.1

Internal Hyper Links?This is fine and all, but one thing I just hate about this version of PowerPoint is the lack of being able to make a picture or line of text a link to another slide within the PowerPoint. Please add this feature, as many people need it..Version: 2.39

EpicThis is epic.Version: 2.16.1

No good for real PowerPoint usersThe iPad version of PowerPoint is spotty and demonstrates Microsoft’s indifference to the iPad user community. Many important features of the regular desktop version simply don’t exist ( like for example being able to highlight text ! - but you CAN do useful stuff like word-art ( head-shake ). The menu’s offered are too nested and not ergonomically thought through and there are a multitude of regular features only provided on a click-type-enter basis and many others - like for example setting the transparency of an image - which you just can’t do. The rise of tablet based computing DEMANDS better treatment from an indifferent and flabby tech provider happy to trumpet their commitment to a broad and diverse and tech agnostic user base. Other products in the MS-365 stable have been effectively ported to iPad but PowerPoint is notably deficient - the current “thing” is fine for marketing kiddies doing prezzo’s to their lords and masters but is WOEFULLY DEFICIENT for PowerPoint developers. Raise. Your. Game..Version: 2.59.1

To PowerPoint peopleI think you need to add more features like you do it I had it on a computer because it's different on iPads and I think it should be the same.Version: 1.19

BugaShut-up you mouse.Version: 2.71

Not sending hate but..I love this app I think it’s amazing but idk if it’s the app or my iPad but whenever I try to add a title or write something or whatever the keyboard doesn’t show up! And the reason I think it’s the app it because my keyboards fine on everything else but yea other then that amazing app.Version: 2.40

Excellent compatibility with desktop PowerPointI appreciate the effort been made to make practically all features of the desktop application work here. So it’s easy to create on desktop and move to iPad for presenting and final touches to editing. A couple of suggestions: - please make audio not muted when the iPad ringer is off. Quite apart from it taking me hours to figure this out, it’s an unwelcome break to a presentation when pressing play on a video and having to stop to turn on the ringer so there is sound. - is it possible to add a chrome cast button when playing a presentation? When visiting offices most large displays seem to offer chrome cast whilst not all firms have an Apple TV..Version: 2.5

This Power Point version converted meI was in a hurry a couple of months ago when I found myself in an airport lounge with only my iPad and my Samsung mobile phone needing to prepare a presentation. For years I had been scornful of Microsoft's smug attitude about their Office software users and, except for Word and Excel, I stopped using the Office software when I got my iPads .. instead I used alternative apps from the App Store. Then Microsoft got a new CEO, Mr Satya Nadella. He seemed to know that apps really were what the world is using now. So I gave Power Point, on my iPad a go. What a revelation!! Easy to use? Yes. Great results? Yes. So what's not to like now? Small niggles. That's all. You'll like it..Version: 1.9.3

One issueWhen used in conjunction with MS Teams SharePoint (not sure about other situations) it seems that PowerPoint (and I think other MS apps as well) open the previously used file, not the actual intended file, the first time - it takes a second “opening” of the file, to make it open the correct file. (You could do some testing to find out if it is simply always one file behind or if it only works if you open the same file twice.... anyway). Aside from that it works very well..Version: 2.44

Great!Powerpoint is perfect for making presentations for anything such as school or work. It has great features to use and a range of designs for your every need. My only concern is the fact that it is incredibly slow and malfunctions quite often. I would really like to see this get better in the future. Thanks Jaya.Version: 2.15

Good, but…The mobile version of powerpoint is good and (for me at least) bug-free. However, it really needs more of the features that you find on the pc version. In particular, I would like to highlight the slide timer tool. I find that this is an extremely important tool that I have used on many an occasion and is not included in the small roster of tools that you see on the mobile version. Please work on getting the more advanced tools into the mobile version as otherwise it cannot be used for professional powerpoints. In summary: focus less on updating the cosmetic tools(animations, transitions… etc), get the more useful tools in there. Otherwise, great job! Thanks.Version: 2.49.1

AMAZING! But one change please.This app is unbelievable! It’s fun, I’m addicted! The one thing that I would love, is sound! For e.g if your making a shark Power point, maybe you can add a shark sound affect, or you can record your own! But overall this app is so good, the graphics are amazing, you can do pretty much anything on this wonderful app! I would have gave it 5 stars, but I just would like the sound. Thank you!.Version: 2.37

OneDrive Rocks!I actively use five devices, and four are portable. Four from Apple, the fifth is a Windows device. Being able to grab any device at any time and add a new thought to a presentation is quite the luxury, and previously many of those transient thoughts were lost. Navigating the iPad versions was a bit of a puzzle but I finally found all the functionality that I had learned how to use on my big computers. Having it is easy to edit and share presentations saves a lot of pre-presentation stress. Philip Paden WFPB eye doc.Version: 2.21

PowerPoint is great! But...................Powerpoint is awesome and I highly recommend it. However it did not get 5 star rating from me because there are a few things that irritate me. E.g, on computer if you want a different font it is automatically there and you can try one out before you select it! On a iPad which I am currently on you have to download every single font which would be ok if I knew what each font looked like and I know the fonts by name, but I just wanted to browse. There are also a few other things I would like you to fix but that is top on my list. Also I would love it if you could add some more project themes to make it more fun. Maybe a theme with animals or a landscape (e.g ocean, desert, rainforest). Thankyou!.Version: 2.17

Super ConveniantGreat for putting the last minute changes into your presentation.Version: 1.29

Feels like a downgradeI grew up with MS Office products, and I have always been a solid advocate of it. But I have to say that Power Point has been a let down so far, when it comes to using it on iPad. I have been dealing with the same problem, for several years now, reported it three times, and no has responded et alone fixed the problems/bugs: (1) On iPad Pro, converting PPT files to PDF is near impossible, when it comes to moderately sized PPT files (ie with a moderate load of images). It simply doesn’t convert. (2) Loading files that are already stored on the iPad takes forever, or is play do not reopen sometimes, and the system keeps trying and trying to open the file in what seems like forever. This problem seems to be less persistent when WiFi is turned off, but then that defies the whole point of being able to use many of the functionalities that are otherwise only available when you’re connected online. I am still a big fan/supporter, and only use Power Point for my presentation work, but I have to say that something’s got to give, eventually, f they don’t address such issues..Version: 2.43

Great app but some glitchesThis app is great! But there are some glitches, like trying to delete something but having to do it twice or trying to click on the text bar to write something and it just won’t work e.g. tapping on the text bar but then something weird will happen like the whole slide will glitch and you will have to re-place all the items. Thank you, great app (Please fix!).Version: 2.31

Amazing a+Power point is amazing and i love it and us we it all the time. Only problem is the signing in i have had to sign in a few to many times but other than that it is an amazing app for school work and just for fun.Version: 2.28

Not really compatible with the Mac versionWhen using the PPt files produced on the Mac the Ipad PowerPoint shows different size of the fonts which often cause mismatch in the position of items. This is really annoying and should be fixed, as it is practically impossible to use a Mac presentation on Ipad without being forced to revise it completely and readjust the font size, the position of the objects etc..Version: 2.47

How good Power Point isOk I am a kid, just reminding you Power Point is the best slide show presentation app as it has the best animations and it is easy to design. The only problem with it is that it costs money compared to slides. So far I like it and how it saves all your work. I would also like an update where you can remove people from your presentation when you accidentally change it. And if this feature is already there I am having problem trying to figure out how to do that. This is the end of my review and I hope you list it down..Version: 2.41.1

I really like this appI really like that that is really useful and it helps me a lot with my homework, and making presentations etc I really really advised if you have not got this app already and I really really really advise you to get it is amazing app and it helps you to do your homework presentations et cetera and it’s just really really good.Version: 2.69

ReviewAnnoying how you can’t learn words like you’re able to in word. Idk what it is, the red squiggly lines just get to me sometimes, even though they don’t show up in the finished slide show. Otherwise all features are good.Version: 2.66

😁Good app😁.Version: 2.11.1

Good but one problemPowerPoint is good but the problem is that it doesn’t work on my iPad Air 3rd generation. When it says double tap to add a title, I double tap but then it doesn’t let me add anything in the box. It tried downloading the app again but the same problem occurs again. Please make PowerPoint work on all devices, I need a lot..Version: 2.35

PiP?Can we get picture in picture for powerpoint? So we can have enough space when writing notes while reviewing a presentation.Version: 2.17

DO THIS NOW PLZ IT IS SO ANNOYINGHi I enjoy PowerPoint but there is a really weird and annoying glitch/bug. You need to tap twice for text and once for other stuff, but when I tap once it doesn’t come up with the delete and everything. PLZ FIX THIS NOW I NEED IT FOR SCHOOL. It is also a bit glitchy with the moving and position and width stuff. I don’t want to keep having to use the website!.Version: 2.49.1

Love itThis is super good for my school project and making books really nice do recommend.Version: 2.71

Good, but dodgy about signing in 🤔PowerPoint is an AWESOME app! I use it a lot on my laptop for fun because it IS fun. But there's one thing. Signing in. There is only ONE point of signing in. If you DELETE the app and reinstall it in the future, your presentations are there. But what If you don't want to login to your account? The app keeps forcing me to sign in like "Sign in to edit and save." You don't need to sign in. Signing in isn't everything. Well I have less than 1 GB on my iPad, and if I sign in, would every one of my presentations from my laptop come to my iPad? I don't want to sign in because my storage could come down a big bunch and could run out of storage fast. When I'm not signed in and I really don't want to, PowerPoint is very useless and I have nothing to do about it, so I have to delete the app on my iPad until this problem is fixed. Sorry. 😥 So you can make a huge difference to PowerPoint and the other apps by not needing to sign in..Version: 2.15

This app saved meI had a school presentation due the next day of school so I downloaded power point to help and I managed to finish the presentation in less than a hour it’s simple controls and easy editing helped me with this. I recommend this to anyone struggling with presentations although it’s not good for writing stories, but I got word for that..Version: 2.42

Great App, But Needs Bug Fixing!This app is great for my school work and it has so many options and functions! 😀 However, I have been working on a slide these past few days, and there is a serious lag in the app; buttons don’t respond until about 10 seconds later, and some buttons don’t respond at all! I have tried refreshing the app and then updating it, but there is still a bug. Great app but this must be fixed - I have homework to do! 📚🤓.Version: 2.23

Pretty good, almost perfect.I’ve ditched my MacBook for an iPad Pro to use as my daily driver at uni and I can do almost everything I did on my MacBook with this app which is amazing. One thing that would make this app perfect for me is the ability to utilise iPadOS 13’s ability to open multiple Spaces or “windows” of PowerPoint. I tend to go between multiple presentations at once for different uni subjects so this would help my productivity by not having to close one presentation to open another over and over..Version: 2.34

Very useful!Love all the features and fonts available! Good app :).Version: 2.17

CoolCool.Version: 2.40

Very GoodIt's a very good app and helps a lot as I don't have a laptop. I don't think I can make any major improvements. But it would be nice if there would be different styles of PowerPoints e.g. One for English or Maths etc. So you don't have to spend time deciding the right one - there's already one chosen for you. Brilliant app - I would recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.6

5 starsI love this app because it helps a lot when I have to do a presentation or a work for school.Version: 2.69

Not goodI use this app for school and it’s been terrible it crashes constantly and I have lost lots of work. Right now I have a very important assignment that I’ve lost because I can’t enter the app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it and it still crashes😡😡😡.Version: 2.53

Great app, totally worth it!Love this app. Use it at university everyday for lecture notes, etc. Keynote was slightly difficult to take notes on, whereas PowerPoint has all the features I need to do my work. I know the 365 subscription is off putting for some people, but if you have more than one device, especially a mobile device and a computer, then it's totally worth it. Best for university students (who get it heavily discounted)..Version: 1.0

Great appYes, the whiners are complaining that they have to pay for it! But, it's well spent for those of us who have and still do work in Office environment and love our iPads. Thanks..Version: 1.0

Just One Thing MissingI know there is no animation pane for the iOS version of PowerPoint but it would be nice if you could implement this because I use my iPad Pro for University as I don’t have a laptop or PC and having the animation pane would really help instead of going the long way round and re animating everything, this doesn’t happen often but once I’ve made a mistake and noticed 5 minutes later, I have to re animate what I did in those last 5 minutes. Thank you.Version: 2.6

NiGa.Version: 2.58

Fun thing by LaraMost people like me love PowerPoint because of all the different ways I can wright and that you can get photos on it too! I believe that it is one of my favourite apps (followed by Microsoft word)😃 I recommend this app to you and your family, friends and children (If you have any children) Better than Shopkins world and believe me over 1,000 people love Shopkin world! Also PowerPoint is quite cheap.🤑🤑but also if you don't have a keyboard it is very hard to wright but soon you will get use to it unless you already have. Practically all I can say is that it is very fun and creative..Version: 2.6

Love itI love this app because it’s beautiful transitions and animations and fonts..Version: 2.69

It’s great but just really glitchy when moving pictures aroundIt’s great but just really glitchy when moving pictures around.Version: 2.59.1

Minecraft is greatRoblox is so fun when you win all the levels, I like your game angry birds is so good where you can make stop-motions with it! Please Download this iMovie this is so good. It’s really cool how you can make your own quizzes and play other people’s. One problem is that you should be able to share your projects with other ScratchJr users. Otherwise GarageBand is great!.Version: 2.70.1

Please add the computer features on my iPadI noticed that when you go on my Windows 10, the PowerPoint app seems really good but on my IOS 11.2.5 iPad it doesn’t have the features that it has on my Windows (Rehearse timings, Edit background, etc). Now I just have to basically share the PowerPoint to my PC using OneDrive (which is also a Microsoft product) when I make it on my iPad. Plus, please make the browsing thing a free feature NOT an Office 365 or Lifetime account feature..Version: 2.9

Not 100% like the computerSo on my iPad Pro, this is still not 100% like using a computer for my powerpoints. I'm a teacher, and I prefer to have my slides set to 8.5" x 11" so that way, when I print them out for student handouts, they are perfectly formatted. However, the only 2 options here are "Standard" 4:3 and "Widescreen" 16:9. Although I can change the slide size on my computer, and it retains its format when opening on the iOS app, it still is obnoxious to have to go through that step rather than just completely edit on my iPad without using a different device prior..Version: 2.52

OpenDocument Formats are supported!Much to my surprise, Microsoft PowerPoint not only natively supports the OpenDocument Formats - such as OpenDocument Presentation (“.odp”) - but it does so flawlessly... Which is the exact opposite of what I can say with regards to Apple’s “Keynote” application, which does not support such formats at all... It is a little disappointing that one must enable “analyze content” in Microsoft PowerPoint’s privacy settings in order for the OpenDocument Formats to work, but given how few applications support the popular OpenDocument Formats, I guess it is a small price to pay. I have removed a single star for my privacy concerns noted above, but aside from this minor complaint, I highly recommend Microsoft PowerPoint to all Apple iOS users; more so if you frequently use the OpenDocument Formats..Version: 2.33

Good but needs commenting abilityThe powerpoint app is well designed, highly usable and integrates with all the major cloud storage platforms. It is really surprising that the ability to create and reply to comments is missing. one of the major use cases on the iPad is to review and provide feedback on content. Without the ability to create / reply to comments on slides / objects it is pretty much useless. You can view comments that have been made, so seems like a logical step. And I have a full office 365 paid license . . ..Version: 1.20

What more can be saidPowerPoint provides a fun and interesting way to convey information. Not all the information one needs is interesting, but PowerPoint can make conveying it fun. I use these for professional lectures and Sunday School classes. If you take advantage of the ease of adding multimedia you can incorporate cartoons, funny pictures or internet videos to perk up your listeners. With a little work you can use the animation feature to capture attention. The auto design can add ideas and produce eye catching slides..Version: 2.29

Great app!I really like this game but I don’t like that sometimes when you click things it says you can’t unlock it till a certain level which is quite annoying when you are trying to make something. Overall, I do really like it and would recommend it..Version: 2.35

Ppt easeLuv the ease of this app, can be used by all ages with only a small amount of training, don't have to be a IT guru to use it either. May want to add a Talk to Text app next as I prefer talking than typing. Otherwise well done keep up the great work..Version: 1.9.3

Works great on my iPad ProThis is an essential tool for when I instruct. Works well and allows me to edit presentations on the fly.Version: 2.1

So Amazing 👍🏽👍🏽Such an amazing app to use especially if you want to have a really enjoyable and nicely designed presentation and I’m only used this since I was 8 and now I’m 9 and no glitches, problems with it. The transitions are so cool and unique and you can choose different themes and there are even videos for the background of the beginning of the presentation, the pictures are so cool too. No problems or requests please don’t remove anything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌😩.Version: 2.56

Ok justThis thing is really helpful for well work and school if you’re being homeschooled but I am a child and I’m really getting used to this but one thing I disagree with this whole point is that like if you want get some help or do something there’s no help button audio button anywhere and really hard because I can’t ask for help because once Mum says go help your dad and my dad says go see your brother for help and my brother says go to Aapa sister That means sister you see it’s all jumbling up and it would be a really big help if you could fix that.Version: 2.63.2

Great except for some small thingsReally my only issues are that 1) on the iPad, I can’t have two PowerPoint files open split screen and 2) I can’t adjust the size of the side bar that shows all of the slides or the size of the notes window. Some other basic features of PowerPoint are missing from the iPad version, but those are the ones affecting me the most right now. If those things are possible and I just don’t know how to do them, then I apologize..Version: 2.29

Like it a lotLike it a lot, practical and useful for my purposes.Version: 1.12

Good appGood app but I wish you could delete presentations that are shared with you because my shared with you tab has more than the amount of presentations I have actually made if added would give 5 star.Version: 2.73

GreatWhen I started using it it was a bit hard t use but it got easier.Version: 2.0.3

Not bad so farI use PowerPoint a lot (the desktop version) and was still using Office 2010, so I thought I'd give 365 a try. So far I am reasonably impressed by what I can accomplish on a mobile device--at least on one with a large screen. I miss all the desktop shortcuts, but I imagine there are many for the mobile version that I just haven't learned about yet, or perhaps I need to use it with a mobile keyboard. I like the automatic online storage and easy access from all my devices. So...so far, so good..Version: 2.20

To power pointI'm the same.i think it should be the same as the computer.Version: 1.19

PointlessHow can this all singing, all dancing company present PowerPoint for iPad, when you can’t even simply add an audio or video file, or even a Gif, onto a presentation. Seriously how hard is it just to copy the exact same PowerPoint tools from the original, and put it on an iPad. Apple really wind me up about making things so different and complicated, and make things 10 times harder than it should be, just make these programmes the same so they can be used properly, not a half arsed effort. Once again, wishing I never bought into the whole Apple hype..Version: 2.37

Handy and reliableThanks for this app. It's so handy and reliable. Hope it can allow me to put or change timing of slides..Version: 1.15

BadNot good.Version: 2.16.1

Like the AppReally enjoy using this app. It lets me get on with work presentations on the move. Great stuff!!.Version: 1.12

No editing while reading would be great!Would love to review files without editing the file by accident. But great app!.Version: 2.28

Highly recommended for studentsThis app is very good if you know how to use it, give it some time and learn how to use it. It is very effective and has loads of stuff that can help you present your information, whether it be a PowerPoint or a poster, this app is what you need..Version: 2.55

By TaraI think it is an amazing app, i like how it has design ideas, and how smart the app is. Although, one thing I don’t like about the app is that to use design ideas you have to connect to wifi, and i would like to use design ideas without internet. Thank you for reading my review..Version: 2.43

Hey I did the pick and go home I do not knowI just don’t want you guys going on a day like you have to do it a bit but maybe after I pick ya I’ll go get it a few days later I’m gonna just got to go see the new one I have to get to my house to pick it you want to go see the house I don’t want....Version: 2.14

Can 2 people work on a power point together?Can we like share it to people on power point so hey can edit and access it on their account? Plsssss?It would be useful especially if you are working on a project with a partner. Hope u can add it.:).Version: 2.71

Microsoft gets it right partnering with AppleI typically don’t write reviews - but in this case one is much needed. Microsoft does it right in partnering with Apple. Unifying workflows on teams is where this product really shines. This app makes it fluid and easy to link up projects and presentation workflows. You can star on an iPad, continue on a Mac, and finish up via office 365. For those who haven’t leveraged the cloud, I highly suggest you consider this product. You u won’t be disappointed!.Version: 2.26

Great app!Great app, works exactly as you would expect with the limitations of mobile. However I would like to see some sort of image compression within the app. Adding images captured on an iPhone can easily increase file sizes to the 100mb+ region and slow the app right down. It would also be great to retain the destination format when pasting text too. Copying text from the notes app to PowerPoint for example means having to waste time reformatting..Version: 2.19

This is great!PowerPoint is actually a bit better than Word! I like all the features where you can include pictures, choose templates and change the font colour. This is amazing as I write notes down or facts and sometimes stories. I use these in school for my assemblies. The children love it and other teachers used it but they rarely used Twinkl but they ALWAYS use PowerPoint for EVERY assembly!.Version: 2.14

❤️PowerPoint is amazing! You can do sooo many things on it! I first used it at school and then we had to use it at home. I don’t have a computer. I have a laptop but every time I boot it up, it does what seems like 10,000 updates. When I found out I could get PowerPoint on my I pad, I was soo happy and I can’t find a fault with it!.Version: 2.34

For my learning in the class at schoolGj.Version: 2.72

GreatThis app is amazing for when you want to do school projects or just want to have fun making slide shows or presentations. I really like it how it’s compatible with OneDrive and that you can email it to teachers or friends. You can also add comments and share it using OneDrive to people so that it can be live updated. (You can work on it at the same time as your friend or teacher) In conclusion, I would highly recommend this app because it is multi useful and can be used for many purposes. Thankyou Microsoft for making great platforms for everyone!!! P.S. it’s really easy to use I highly recommend it for anyone 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 2.26

Best app ever! Thanks Microsoft Corporation!Who said this app is not worth it? This is absolutely the best thing I have ever come across on iPad, and I have been using it for a few years now on the iPad. To the developer Microsoft, I’d like to say thanks for making an iPad version, just perfect for those who don’t have a computer, or for those who want to use PowerPoint, but don’t want to have to get on the computer to do it, or even for those who simply don’t have the time to jump onto a computer to use PowerPoint. Presentation making, made easy! It’s amazing what an iPad app can do!.Version: 2.51

BonBon.Version: 2.73

Too much flash and too little standard featuresI really do like having PowerPoint (and the rest of the office suite) on my phone and my iPad. And there’s a lot I can do on them to edit a presentation. But while Microsoft keeps adding pretty things, there are very basic functions that are missing, making it sometimes impossible to use this in a work environment. My currently biggest beefs: 1. No ability to select and copy/move/delete multiple slides. A slide sorter would be nice for doing that but I’d just go with the ability to do it in the existing interface. But moving slides from one presentation to another is just too painful if you have to do it one slide at a time. 2. Missing highlighting option. Not because I can’t highlight text (would be nice but I can do without that) but because I can’t get rid of highlighting someone else put in a slide (using a different version of PowerPoint). This is absolutely annoying because there is NO workaround. There are other, smaller user interface issues, but they are annoying, not insurmountable. In general, for most purposes, this is a good app. Just beware that it is missing features that you are used to from the desktop version..Version: 2.23

PowerPointWhen I use PowerPoint it makes me feel like a teacher and I make PowerPoints for my family and I tell them about what I have been learning about at school so PowerPoint is really useful everyone should have a chance to use it in life and everyone should get the full experience.Version: 2.55

AmaaaZingggI looove that it’s easy to use and so accessible! This was perfect for my last minute presentation!.Version: 2.26

Not good at allI was going to make such a cute clip for my cousins bday of me and her and I had gotten it all prepared and gotten all the pictures but the app was so laggy and it would not let me put any pictures in there and I had already signed in. So I decided to upgrade to the higher account but it still did not work so that was a waist of money..😭😐pls fix this. Thank you 😊.Version: 2.32.1

Great app, But doesn’t save.I sometimes delete this app when it’s not needed to make room for other things, but each time I do that it never saves my work. Please fix this..Version: 2.73

Power pointPower Point is a successfull and well made app which I recommend it to everyone because if you don’t have a device such as a laptop or a Computer well u have your iPad IPhone and also iPods to use power point so this is why I rated this app 5 Star so plz show some love and a lot of RATES❤️🔥✌🏻.Version: 2.6

PowerPointI enjoy PowerPoint because you can show your ideas in a PowerPoint and search pictures and it’s can save your work you can present it to your class and I like it for all those reasons thankyou for who ever invented PowerPoint… Nickname: OLIVE 🫒 Real name: something just not saying..Version: 2.72

Cannot delete local copy of filesI put everything in my onedrive to allow cross device edit. When I edit the file, the file is automatically downloaded to my iPhone. At that moment, the file exist in both the cloud and in my phone. But I cannot find an option to delete the file in my iPhone after editing. The only option is to delete the file across all devices, I cannot delete my local copy to save iPhone precious spaces!.Version: 2.19

Excellent!!!!!This app is jus soooo good! I honestly knew i had give this marvellous app 5/5 it is just an amazing app! So im a 9 year old writing to this company! I am just really ADDICTED to this and i just enjoy doing presentations on this app! It is a good time pass. It also helped me with my homework, I wrote about Puffins and i really enjoyed doing it. It checks my spelling mistakes, it has wonderful sounds, it has animations at the starting and the end. From my heart i can say that the microsoft company put a lot of effort in this app... Tysm!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.49.1

Amazing app👍🏾Although I don’t have iOS 13 and I can’t download the latest version the one I have now is fabulous. I can make a slide show and the layout of my page my homework is always fantastic with this app. I would recommend this app for all the people who have to send their work online because of coronavirus 🦠. This app is the best and I wonder how better it will be with the latest version.👍🏾👍🏾😀😃😄😁😆.Version: 2.46

It’s awesome!I love this app and all of the office works apps to. PowerPoint is simple, so it is easy to learn how to do it. And by saying it’s simple, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Some apps are so complicated that I don’t know how to work them out, but office works apps... are a total different thing..Version: 2.39

IPad pptUser interface is inevitably awkward with big fingers! Why not have a software button that would both bring up/hide a small Trackpad, to allow easy fine selection and adjustment - perhaps even more needed on Excel. Otherwise with my “keyboard cover” everything works well. But I prefer to take my heavier MacBook Air on train for the trackpad. Philip.Version: 2.35

WorstThis is the worst app in whole world. It won’t let me open my files. It takes for ever to load. It automatically gets deleted and my files are deleted. There’s no point of having this app unless you want waste you time. This is the worst app. I don’t suggest having this app. Once I made a file and it was for school I worked so hard on it and on the I opened it it was automatically deleted luck I had saved it in a USB otherwise I would have got a big juicy 0 in my result..Version: 2.11

ReviewwwIdk its kinda good.Version: 2.70.1

Still doesn’t render properlyWhat year is it? When was this released? This is mostly a great app and it does what you would expect it to, but: 1) it still does not render the slides the same as on another platform. If you made the slides on a PC then shapes won’t line up with text in boxes properly when you display using iOS. This has been a day 1 problem. 2) I wish there was a stand alone slide shower app. There is no universe where I would want to edit/create a slideshow on my iPad. It is a miserable process that doesn’t work with touch (maybe a mouse though?). Worse I’m worried about accidentally changing elements on a perfect slideshow with an accidental touch..Version: 2.51

The game first chat is was created in a well be top of off yourThe two first time two things are going on to through a game lot little game is chat and started playing to get it never started playing and I don’t know if I it they had a to me challenge and it was is still a sore one game I wanna had to come be with a lot of stuff I wanna like a little boy bit like a that boy and a boy is so cute he has a lot tiki bar and so he was like.Version: 2.16.1

Works pretty wellIt works similar to editing PowerPoint in a Teams site. Much functionality is missing, but you can get the basic job done. One thing that doesn't work on the iPad, for me, is that when I select text, I no longer get the pop up menu (e.g. select, select all, copy, paste, etc) this is VERY inconvenient. I have a couple work arounds for some of those elements, but it forces me to have to jump through several steps to do a simple action. This used to work, and then on a recent app upgrade, the menu disappeared. Hope I'm not the only one and they can fix this pretty major bug..Version: 2.30.1

Lags often and glitches fThis glitches too much and is slow.Version: 2.69

Ok, but really annoyingSo I use this to do school work, and don’t get me wrong, it’s really helpful. The only problem for me is the subscription, and this counts for Excel and Word too. The subscription lets you unlock every feature on iPad, however the features are things you would expect to be free, like page orientation on Word. So instead of using my super quick iPad, I have to use my mum’s super slow computer. I would give it a 5 star rating on PC, but on mobile, I give it a 4..Version: 2.36.1

BlessNga Mihi your resource is pinnacle to our Mahi Takeha.Version: 2.64

ANAZINGI teach history and use this PowerPoint app constantly! It allows me to work on my presentations even away from my computer. There are a couple of little quirks I haven’t figured out yet and seem to be easier on the computer, but I tend to just go on my computer after the presentation is mostly complete and fix those couple of things then. But for the most part I absolutely love this app and it’s made my life soooo much easier!!!.Version: 2.49.1

I can’t type!I’ve tried to type many times but its not letting me. It works very well on my PC but not on my IPad. I also try pasting and it still doesn’t work. Same thing happens with inserting photos. I’m very sorry but I have to give this app a 4 out of 5.Version: 2.58

Useful Teaching AidI’m using Powerpoint mobile to record teaching screencasts and find it very useful. ONE SUGGESTION: Could you add different colored pens and highlighters directly to the quick access bar at the top in presentation mode? When I tap to change color, that appears on my screen. If it were simply in the bar at the top and didn’t drop down, then I could simply crop that part of the video before I post it. I’m guessing there are others who would be interested in a similar feature. Thanks!.Version: 2.9

Meets my needsYes, a parred down version of the main PC/Mac Office app, but it has proven more than adequate for viewing presentations and opening PowerPoint documents. So useful, in fact, is this app that I actually run a full day of seminar teaching directly from my phone connected to a projector, and it presents reliably and means I don’t need to carry heavy equipment around..Version: 2.29

A very good appI rated this app 5 star as it is very good and helpful.I am rating it 5 star even though when using this app on a I pad it doesn’t let you check your spellings. But that is not on all devises only on I pads. This app lets you do many thing such as transitions, change backgrounds, add pictures and notes, change the layout of the way you want to put it on that slide, put animations and much more useful things. It is a very good app and I recommend it..Version: 2.29

Finally!I’ve had every iPad since they came out and office has been on all of them. The apps were pretty useless until now. Finally PowerPoint works smoothly, syncs seamlessly and actually is useful..Version: 2.23

AwesomePowerPoint is An amazing app that you can use to present I suggest that you use it.Version: 2.70.1

This app is greatI really enjoy PowerPoint for creating presentations and slides because you have so many options for what you want to do and create. I also love how it shows you design ideas for your background You need this app!.Version: 2.50

My opinion why PowerPoint is a wonderful app for me?I find PowerPoint very helpful in my life, as I can make power points of anything I like. PowerPoint is also free to use and there are lots of different designs to help your PowerPoint look even better. I strongly recommend to get this app, so you can use it for all different kinds of things e.g school, work and lots more!!.Version: 2.69

Power pointI love this app for work and would recommend it to other people. But it is a bit tricky to type and put spaces in a and edit your work. It would be a 5 star app if it was a bit easier to do everything you would do on a laptop/computer..Version: 2.35

My opinion !!This is a great app. It has helped me a lot throughout lockdown. I really young, in fact I’m still In primary school and I use this when I’m bored. I’ve made quite a lot of power points for fun, and show my teachers what I’ve made. This is amazing, I really recommend you guys download this helpful, fun app!! 😀.Version: 2.54

A useful addition to the desktop versionI’ve started using iPad PowerPoint for playing in slides in Zoom conferences. Adding the iPad in via the cable is a great way of adding extra screens and the emergency holding screen when something goes wrong in the main meeting. Create in the Desktop Mac version then export to OneDrive and run from there on the iPad. I’ve used it in pre-Covid times (remember them) for on-stage presenters, all they have to do is remember to swipe right to the next one. Editing slides created on the desktop version can be a challenge. Best to edit there and re-export. On the whole it’s a good solid product but not as much fun as Keynote..Version: 2.45

It is amazingSo it might be a bit different to the computer version as it has a different layout but it basically does the same thing. I don’t know if it is like this on iPad but on my iPhone you can’t right click (obviously) so instead of right clicking the settings are in a whole new section like home and insert..Version: 2.19

Pretty Good!!This app is very good. Don’t get me wrong. I use it very often and it has a great UI. The app is very friendly and easy to use. However there are a few things that have stopped it from being a 5 star app. The first thing would be text boxes. On the computer I really like the fact that you can draw it wherever you like and you can change the size and shape there. Another thing that stops this app from being a 5 star is that when you want to move a thing across a screen you have to drag it. That is natural for an IPad but the problem with the dragging is that sometimes will randomly move you on to another slide. I don’t have a clue why. And the final thing that is stopping this app from being 5 star is the scrolling. It has the same issue as the dragging. Apart from that, this is a great app and I highly recommended it!.Version: 2.36.1

Great but uhhh………Yeah um my 5 hrs worth of work was not saved so if they added automatic saving that would be amazing! So that’s basically it thanks for reading this comment!.Version: 2.70.1

So goodThis is the BEST app in my productivity arsenal. The UX is amazing - fluid and frictionless. I tap or double tap and the result is exactly what I expect - no learning curve! I can even add comments and collaborate with team mates. Nice job Microsoft. Now, if only I could make my actual presentation as good as the platform I built it on. Sigh 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.31

The most amazing app in historyGuys I just needed to tell you a true story, there I was down on life and out of luck, I had no money, no car, my wife had just left me and I was hungover, I thought I was just another loser from the south side of the tracks going nowhere but then something amazing happened……..PowerPoint pointed the way towards success, fame and happiness. Now I am a multi millionaire PowerPoint slide analyst who works from my mansion with my 3 supermodel girlfriends and 7 sports cars in the drive. I did it you can too. Just sign up for my tuition on how to become an alpha male on my website the real hustling winner.Version: 2.72

Excellent app for iPad Pro, slightly buggyThis is an excellent and essential app for all students. It allows me to write on slides as I am following along to the lecture in class. The only downside for me is that with heavy usage of this app (I am probably on it 8+ hours a day), the app shuts itself down when trying to open a new presentation. This forces me to have to delete and redownload the app, almost every other day. Until that issue is fixed, I am leaving my review at 4 stars..Version: 2.41.1

Power pointI really enjoy using power point for my school work. I have got my friends on it and they love it. The only down side is how you need Microsoft 365 to access different features which i dont really need anyway. Overall I love it. Thx microsoft.Version: 2.38

Big ImprovementsLots of little, but great improvements..Version: 2.2.1

Best app everThis is the best app ever because there are no annoying adds I can do it on all my devices and share stuff with my teacher.Version: 2.72

BEST PRESENTATION APP EVERLiterally, I don’t know how I would get through high-school without PowerPoint. It’s not the best app if you don’t get the office subscription, but if you do, this app, and all of the other Microsoft powered apps, go a REALLY long way. The suggestion system for it is absolutely spot-on in getting what you really want your presentation to look like. The transitions are limited, but you can usually get by by using the same one twice. I’ve wanted to express my absolute LOVE for PowerPoint for so long, and now seemed like the right time to do it. I just wanna say thanks to Microsoft, their team, and everyone involved in making this almost flawless app!.Version: 2.30.1

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