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House of Fun: Casino Slots 777 App Complaints & User Negative Comments

House of Fun: Casino Slots 777 app received 82 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about house of fun: casino slots 777?

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Don't play,rip ofPlayed every day for 3 years and never had white or black square on wheel of fun,Can't be hit. Never sends you gifts every day so you can't get the 8 days in a row. So many 1 star reviews yet they advertise as a five star game. So many better games out there.Version: 3.56

Definitely RiggedI rarely write reviews, especially a negative ones, but I am 100% certain this game is rigged. Occasionally, it seems more common after making a new purchase or reinstalling the app, you’ll go on an incredible winning streak, perhaps for hours. Then, once you are majorly hooked and used to winning a lot, the odds decrease and you keep losing. You’ll keep trying to win again spending on more coins until you realize you can’t win any more. At some point the odds will increase again to get you rehooked, usually after you stop for a period of time. It’s clearly programmed this way. It’s unfortunate because many of the games are very good and fun to play, but in the end it’s so manipulative it makes you question the ethics and even the legality of it even though it’s not real gambling. Of course they try to make it subtle enough that you can’t notice it easily, but there’s just no way sometimes I’m winning constantly and then for long periods I can’t win at all..Version: 2.49

House of funWell the games have very nice graphics.... but I’m finding myself having to always save for over a month then have a one night of a couple hours playing, then it’s back to saving for another month again, would be better and a lot let time consuming re gifting, it we could just send gifts once a daily and at a higher amount to only send once each day... like slotomania.. any suggestions.Version: 3.14

House of No winningSo you all give me back my bonus of 50,000 per spin in hopping habenara, then didn’t pay anything in the bonus! Only to turn around and take the 1.5 million coins that I had, cause I said well let me see if I continue to bet 50,000 will I get something!! NOTHING!! Not one bonus! NOTHING! Then I spin my bonus wheel it paid 240,000 purchased the additional wheel and it only paid 700,000 plus coins, used all my legends chest coins it only paid 500,000 total, and decided to play your new Scarbs game! SAME THING! NOTHING! This time with a bet of 15,000. I played all the coins I had and allowed the game to spin normally and what did I get? Not one bonus! No win except for a few coins here and there! NOTHING! This reminded me that This is why I had uninstalled HOF in the first place! You all take, and I spend way to much money to have a good relaxing time playing my slots to be drained out of coins so quickly! This app is terrible nowadays whereas it used to be so much fun! HOF has turned into HOUSE OF NO PAYOUT!.Version: 3.19

Biiling twice the purchaseWhen you buy a promotion, most of the time they charge you twice the same amount. Don’t try to get them solve it because it’s a dead end from their side. They can’t even check what you bought last to make the credit. Good luck.Version: 3.80

House of FunThis game is ok. However, unless you want to spend endless funds purchasing coin for HOF packs you virtually cannot win. The game is rigged this way so you cannot get the cards to finish all the packs.... Same as the payouts, it is set so that the average player cannot get ahead in the game and accumulate coins because after a free spin(which, by the way, are rare) the pays become extremely minimal. I’m not being bias, its just a trend I have noticed since downloading this game..Version: 3.78

TOTALLY & THOROUGHLY DIGUSTED!!!!HOF, you disgust me, you ask us to rate you....why? you don't take any notice. You've really outdone yourselves this time around, big splashes across the screen about how you have increased the winnings in the League promo, what you neglected to tell us how unreachable you have made it for us to advance to the next levels, we the players would have to spend hundreds & hundreds of our hard earned REAL money to possibly win your PRETEND money, you have also made it much harder to collect the Gold Keys, I have lost millions of my chips and the meters in both promos have barely moved, why are you so greedy and mean? It wouldn't cost you anything to actually make it fun for us to play your games, anyone would think that REAL money was being paid to us out of your own pocket, even the games don't pay out like they used to, it's shameful. I wish that all players would delete your game, then where would you be? Wake up to yourselves and give us a fair go. HOF what goes around comes around!!!.Version: 3.4

Do Not pay to playI’ve played house of fun slots for probably 2 years. Spent way too much money especially 3 months laid up after a knee replacement. But I enjoyed so kept playing and buying coins. NO MORE! I will get my free coins only. Had a problem with my credit card . I would buy coins , wouldn’t get them , I’d go out of the site , go back in and got the “contacting store “ message and then got the coins and they charged my cc an additional 2 or 3 times when I didn’t get the original purchase and now they’re directing me all over the place for a resolution. Our cc company has been great but trying to get it straightened with house of fun is a nightmare !??? Did you ever notice after you purchase more coins you”generally “ hit something but once you get to your “free spin” for THEIR coins , the game all of a sudden stops hitting, so you’ll buy again . I just went through over 30 million (yes MILLION) coins and not one bonus spin ! Not one !! So now I’ll collect my free coins , wait for my free spin coins and then play. Don’t need it as there are other games ! It’s sad because the effects are beautiful but not worth it ! And please stop all the other interruptions when playing ... it’s annoying !.Version: 3.55

Increasingly aggravatingI'm getting fed up with ever increasing number of pop-ups, not only when I first open the app but also anytime I want to switch games. And suddenly today, when I try to open my bonus coin emails, I get the usual prompt to open the game (never mind it's already open) but that goes to the app store and prompts me again to open. I feel like I'm constantly dealing with extra windows/pop-ups instead of playing. Also the special longer term prize games should have an option to opt out. They also generate annoying pop-ups in the middle of games. I've noticed over time that the only way to win the prizes appears to involve purchasing expensive coin/spin/bonus packages. (I'm on a fixed income now and have too many other obligations.) And don't get me started on the pathetic silver/gold chests. I don't even waste my time opening them. I've also noticed that I seemed to win the larger jackpots more when I bet almost nothing. Ever since I started betting 50K or more, I can blow through millions and never see a rapid fire hit of 7 or more. Hint: when people don't believe there is hope of winning the special jackpot games, they tend to lose interest. I find myself with less and less interest in playing. At some point I'm going to just blow through my "money", uninstall, and go elsewhere..Version: 3.33

Better winsI’m very turn with this game. I like the variety of pokies machines you can play and when you money the game can be very addictive, but that’s the problem you don’t win a lot and i always run out of money so I don’t get to play it until I saved enough coins or if I buy a spin and even that goes way to quickly. You need to make a bit easier and more people would play and for a lot longer not just two minutes if your lucky. This game would be a 5 start game but not as fun as it could be. Thank you 🙂.Version: 3.29.1

👎👎👎Used to love this game spent hundreds on the last legends challenge to not even have the big the prize last an hour. Past few weeks have been a total joke. Definitely ripping everyone off reading the comments on the fan page , everyone is having the same issues and nothing done about it. The new oz game I’ve played since it came out religiously and have not even won a big wheel bonus once. Totally rigged they’ll give you same rubbish about the random Generator blah blah Played this game for years and now I’m about to delete it..Version: 3.11

This happenedSo everyone get this got ripped off 500k just two days ago via h.o.f! talked to two different staff members emails exchanged and all. They timed out (nothing wrong with our fibre optics) and they class me as the liar!!! Because I didn't have enough time for a screen shot That's good of them and I use to pay for credits! (SAVE YOUR MONEY)!!!!!😡.Version: 2.45.1

Stupid adI was playing the conspiracy game when this ad came up and no way. Of getting out of it. I close down the game but when I reopened it it wouldn’t let me go back to the game. I love the mystery conspiracy game and gave you one star because if I could play the game again I would have given you five stars as the game is great now I don’t know what to do. Please fix this glitch and get rid of the slot games that won’t let you back to the game unless downloading it and fix the freeze glitch also as this device is only under 10 months old so not my device. Read this and fix the glitches quickly please. Unhappy gamer..Version: 3.32

House of painHave been playing HOF for sometime but has now got too greedy so will not play anymore. Credits used to last a lot longer. The developer will say it is all random but don’t be sucked in..Version: 3.60

Don’t expect to play longGreat games, great graphics, but it’s impossible to get any of the set tasks. Not one set of colossals after playing for three days is just down right rude. How is a person supposed to get three of them when you can’t even get one!!! Also, it was convenient, for the maker at least, for the game to freeze and knock me off after I paid money to play and making sure I didn’t get any benefits from my purchase. If you want to just click and leave, it’s great, but if you want long term fun, download a different game and definitely don’t spend real money here cause it’s just dead money! :(.Version: 3.58

Don’t understand this game’s advertisingI saw this ad that said the casinos hate this app and are trying to shut it down because some woman “hit a progressive bet on 200 free spins” she got for downloading the game. It said “if the counter at the bottom is still counting down then you get 200 free spins”. I looked and it had 7 mins left. So I said ok. I play slot games sometimes. Well I got “100” spins for downloading. Not 200. And I put the 100 in quotes because it dishes them out in 25 spins per day if you log on 4 consecutive days. I’m on day 2 and it already can’t “find” any new messages in my inbox which is where I would get the 25 spins. After playing this game yesterday I realized that it’s like every other free slot app I’ve ever downloaded. There’s no real money involved in your winnings. The only real money involved is the money you spend for more coins if you want. So why the hell does the casino care about this?? They don’t. False advertisement, lies, and empty promises are apparently what this app is all about!! I gave it an extra star just purely because I like playing slot apps sometimes, but it doesn’t mean I like being lied to....Version: 3.57

CrapGame is crap.Version: 3.82

Write a Review? Why?Why would you want negative feed back. Great games on HOF but for the money it takes to win competitions is ridiculous. Some of your games take so long to get free spins. These games are always included in competitions so that it’s impossible to win competitions. I’ve been waiting sometimes a couple of weeks to finish a competition and yes brought more credit and never finished. I’ve had games that don’t pay out the proper amount and complained about to customer support they say did you take a photo how can you when it takes you to another screen. HOF is sure repping in the money..Version: 3.56

NopeIt’s a “fake” entertainment slot game and that’s fine. It will not let you win big fake money as you will spin and spin and spin and spin and spin but will not win big. However….listen to this…pull a seat up this is good…this site will let you spend real money to buy fake money…🥴🥴🥴 yeah avoid this game. You wanna spend real money use a real beating site..Version: 3.84

Great slots but.....I’m rating House Of Fun at 3 out of 5 stars. I’ve been playing for at least 4 years and I quite like the range of slots that are offered but...... I would have rated 5 out of 5 if you could keep the level you’re at from starting again at the end of every year. It takes a lifetime to go up a level. I’ve been a gold member for at least 3 yrs and I hate the way the end of the year comes around and you have to start again. I have spent money on this game at times, not a lot but enough and now am losing interest as I’m stuck on gold. Please change it and I will rate higher and continue to play what is an otherwise great game..Version: 3.72

Need to increase the 3-hourly bonus!This game has it’s pros and cons, huge variety of games with challenges/bonus games in each and new releases every week. I’ve been playing for a while now and have literally spent thousands of dollars on this game, no exaggeration between 5 and 10 thousand dollars. Currently my Playtika Rewards tier is diamond and my level in the actual game is 696 yet my 3 hourly coin bonus is only 49,900 (not even 5 spins on most games) honestly it’s kinda stingy especially considering the default bet amount is 220,000 per spin (which is also annoying asf when you finally win big on the wheel of fun but forget to lower the bet before you spin).Version: 3.8

House of funGreat graphics and great premise it is difficult however to get any decent amount of play time unless you buy which I can’t afford and wouldn’t I play other playtika games and this has things like being able to gift and collect often daily which I like.Version: 3.21

House of what?Getting fed up of this game. They offer new challenges but the coin give to play last 2 seconds then that’s it nothing else to do. You need to give more coins to play. I can’t afford to hand money over for fake coins for fake games when I will get nothing in return. It’s called house of fun but lasts only a short time. Please start offering more chips or I’ll be deleting the app.Version: 3.4

Not worth playingApparently its a house of fun but really its a game where when you start you dont really get enough coins to keep you entertained im currently on level 17 and always running out of coins the pay outs rarely do cover your losses so it really wouldnt be worth paying for the coins either i would recommend Slotomania because it does make it where you get a good start of coins and alot more easy to progress.Version: 3.23

Not fair gameplayI've spent a fortune on theses slots it offers you a special price 5000 for 99p it last seconds because most winnings are below the stake I spent over £20 on one slot and didn't even get free spins I also did not get my 100 free spins that I should have done when I joined.. all in all I am very disappointed.. there's no fun in a game when you are continually having to pay out and get miserly winnings :( I have played far better slots where you at least win a decent fair amount that enables you to play for a while for your hard earned cash...Version: 2.43

Casinos Don’t Expect You To Do This Buy They Can’t Stop You!I just wanted to write a 1 star review because I hate the clickbait ads I see all over the place for this stupid app. Why would anyone actually play this game? Spend real money to win fake money.. oh and it’s probably riddled with more ads too. What a BS app and the article that goes with it that has a picture that literally has nothing to do with the worthless app they direct you to download. "I still can't believe it. I think i'm dreaming! I'm not a gambler, but after playing the Caesars Slots smartphone app for a few hours, i decided to go ahead and play with the 100 spins they give away for free, because why not? After playing for a little while I beat the game. I thought that it was a glitch. But after closing and opening the app again it was still there. It was real." What a HJob. Apple should be ashamed to have this garbage in their App Store. I wish the developers would go kill themselves..Version: 2.49

Love - but have issues.I love this game - it’s nice easy on the brain fun. But I’ve got 1 major issue. They frequently do side games, HOF card packs, chests etc and they make it really hard to actually win. The most recent one the card packs I needed 1 more card to finish, spent over $200 on extra card packs (as basically the only way to get the 5 star pack was to buy it) needless to say, never got the 1 last card. So frustrating. Takes so long to earn enough $ for even one spin at only $1.5 million per spin, and there are people who have way higher minimum spin requirements. Plus - after spending $200 of my money like an idiot and actually having enough coins to spin for a bit the thing that says raise your bet to win more free chests or whatever, the bar was basically all the way filled but I BARELY got/get any free chests or card packs. Now that I’m back to having no coins, I’ll have to save up for a month to have enough to actually play..Version: 3.50

Not as much fun as it used to beToo much concentrated on taking your money for not much back in return. Always get the lowest amounts on the wheel spin now too. It knows you'll be tempted to buy more coins so seems to deliberately give you [email protected] rewards. Noticed this more in Lockdown too. Knowing people are going to be bored and therefore part with more money to entertain themselves. Bonuses on all games suddenly became very few and far between too. No more 5 stars for you HOF!!!!.Version: 3.57

Hof - The gaming site that will rip you off every time!Hof is the only site that rips off its players constantly. You buy coins all the time and they never last longer than a few minutes. All they want is your money and you get nothing in return just the way they like it. There people that contact you only want to know you if you are spending money otherwise they couldn't care less about you. This gaming site is the biggest rip off and the worst of all the gaming sites. I would have rated them no stars but they don't allow that. DONT EVER BUY THEIR COIN PACKS BECAUSE THEY CHARGE WAY TOO MUCH AND GIVE SO LITTLE AND YOU NEVER EVER WIN!!!.Version: 3.32

Don’t spend moneyDon’t spend your heard earned money on this game unless you like to learn the hard way. For example read the HOF responses for people that had issues with the game and their responses says it all. Some people wrote that they hit a big jackpot and the pay out was totally different than the actual amount they had won. HOF respondent by saying it was glitch in the system instead of award them the coins. They also said keep playing maybe your luck will change. These people are only after your money and they are scammers and they will rip people off. They don’t care about any of us because they only care about how much money that they can rip you off with. There are so many good games out there that you can get a real rewards for playing and you don’t have to spend any money. HOF game is the worst game I’ve ever played in my life and their customer service are so bad that I wish I can give them 0 instead of 1. I can’t believe that some people actually gave them 5 stars. I’m shocked. Deleting this game..Version: 3.34

HouSe of fun ~ “leGand”I am sorry to saY I am moSt diSappointed in the Current Game with leGend points & the paY out on the spin doeSn’t compare to uSinG leGend points❓ HouSe of Fun are uSally verY fair & I tooK the middle as I could have spent 75 leGend points, But to be safe & havinG bn a player of HouSe of fun for multiple yrS , I tooK the middle offer of $28 leGend points & the offer was Common $60,000 ~ Rare $75,000 & I spun & it didn’t even do a complete 1 Rotation spin & they stopped 🛑 it , yeS , it waS stopped🛑 at a meaSley $4,000 coins 💭💭❓‼️ Shame Shame Shame ~ You have Always played fair & fun ❣️ I have to saY after manY nanY years , I cannot believe that, You controlled the spin & it only went 3-4 bars & you 🛑stopped the wheel ~ & you didn’t even allow it to do one complete spin 💭❓🎰 Don’t let yrSelves LooK 👀 & plaY Ppl as you will find players leavinG in droves ❗️.Version: 3.22

Not so much fun any moreUsed to be s great game until all the changes to new games youcant win on. disgusted with losing 9 BILLION coins over 2 days. lots of other gsmes out there.Version: 3.81

House of FunYour games are too tight. You can spin 200 times and not get a bonus or a big win . Loosen the reels up!! Thanks Sometimes the daily rush does not work.Betting big and bonus is very few and far between. Loosen the bonus .Today I spent 350,000,000and got 1 bonus. Not impressed!!! Games are way too tight..Version: 3.79

House of FunToo hard to win any coins. Pays are terribly low. Rarely get free spins and when the wheel comes up, whenever it gets close to the jackpot, the wheel clicks over to the next amount. If these games were actual poker machines in clubs, I wouldn’t go near them. Improvements need to be made on this site and until they do, don’t waste your money. Pays are hard to get and not very good. Only play this game to try and raise my status on other games. Come on people responsible for this site. How about improving it. Listen to your players. I have read A LOT of bad reviews!.Version: 3.9

$$$I have been playing this game for a few years now. Level 530. I have also spent lots of my real $ to try and get me a decent account balance. But still waiting for a decent win & seem to run out of $ in no time at all, also can’t finish any of there challenges. I enjoy the games on this site but won’t be spending any more $ on this game. Enough is enough. Suggest you check out other poker games before downloading this one. It’s only a game HOF, you want people to play this game? Suggest you make some serious changes & make the game a little more enjoyable. 👍.Version: 3.60

Not very happyI have been playing in the House of Fun for many years and enjoy the variety of the games. I would like it more if there were some of the slot games that I play in the casinos, such as Gold Pays. However, the one very big peeve I have is that I am beginning to believe that they cheat. From time to time the House of Fun showcases a challenge and you have the chance to win mega chips. They are finishing up one now, and if you complete all of the sets your reward is 850 million chips. Very nice. There is only two days left to complete this challenge and I finally got my last joker and was able to complete the challenge and receive my 850 million chip reward. Great! Not exactly. As soon as I received this Joker card and THOUGHT that I had completed the challenge, I discovered I still had one more set to complete. How this is possible I don’t know as I have been playing this challenge for months and was certain I was only missing one complete set and needed only one more card. I don’t think I have enough time to win this challenge now. Very disappointing. Enjoy the game, but don’t rely on winning their big challenges, and don’t spend your money trying to do better in their challenges..Version: 3.58

Game goneYesterday I was playing my House of Fun game I want to login to it with the icon and it asked me if I wanted to connect with Facebook I did and I lost every thing I had I lost my coins I lost several ranks and games several levels I had played Legends completed it twice and was on a third time of playing it I spent several hundred dollars on this game on coins and on chest and it started me over at level one with 7500 coins are you guys freaking seriously what is the problem dear I want my game back I cannot get anywhere to talk to someone the developer of the game is who I have to talk to I was on the phone for hours yesterday trying to get this straightened out and no one can get me to the developer of the game I am not happy at all I have lost hundreds of dollars on this game and it started me over with a new level one and even has a new icon look I even deleted the game off and reinstalled it to see if that helped nope still at level one I even turn my iPad off to reset it and turn it back on nope still at level one somebody give me some help ASAP.Version: 3.17

Mixed feelingsHands down this game has the best slots but there are too many pop ups and winning a quest level in Wicked Wild Monkeys is nearly impossible. Of all the slots this one seems to eat coins the fastest so I always feel like it is pay to win when I reach this level. Overall the game is fun however now we also have the Bonus set in HOF album and if it goes like the past 2 have gone it will be impossible to win. I have tried other slot games and don’t like them and this is the one I always come back to. The special awards during the day from Facebook, messenger and email are very generous and the piggy bank is definitely a plus. In addition, being a prime member has some great bonuses. Overall customer service has been good but in my last dispute with them it took so long for them to resolve my issue that I missed out on completing one of the special rushes. I ended up having to send the same information twice to get it resolved and they did get everything straightened out but by then it was too late and I was extremely unhappy.Version: 3.79

Don’t botherNo other game do I know that gives such terrible rewards. I’m level 359, my daily ‘reward’ is $15,000. Problem is at that level the min spend for a turn is $10,000. Wow one spin a day, what ever will I do with myself for the other 23 hrs, 59 mins and 59 secs. The 4 hr bonus.....$15,000 so now I’m up to 5 spins a day if I’m lucky. The games are rigged (of course), the frequency of bonus games minimal if any and steadily decreasing as time goes on. They used to have ‘3x experience points’ for 24 hrs and ‘all games unlocked’ every so often but I haven’t seen either in a long time. The ONLY reason to stay playing is it does have the best games, without that I’d be saying bye bye and as time goes on and the value of this game goes down, that now seems inevitable. Just spent 2,000,000 in 10 minutes with NOT ONE bonus won and average win 5,000. Seriously why would you spend real money on such a terrible return. Lucky I won’t..Version: 3.39

Ripped if by House of theft, no it’s not fun any moreWhat the hell happened to my $500, 000, I opened my page, looked at it, added my few coins I was owed and lost all that money by some new stuffed up application you run, it’s probably put in place on purpose by yourself, I’m not letting this go until you give me back what you just deleted away from me, I think I will tell the truth to every body I know that plays this game I do enjoy, well I do not now, pay me back now HOTheft, or my campaign on the enternrt with be relentless until I get my justice on what you just took away from me..Version: 3.22

I wont purchase from this app anymoreI have been playing this game for several years now. I have noticed that as time has passed the developers of this app keep making it harder to win and they keep lowering the amount of coins you win in the special board games they put on the app. For instance...the board trip where you spin and jump a certian amount of spaces, you used to win in the hundreds of thousands of coins. Now it is 15 thousand or 20 thousand. They give you way less spin turns when you purchase a coin package too. You used to get 100 spins with a large coin package and now you get 15. The most aggravating thing to me though is how hard it is to win money in the jackpot games. You can spin hundreds of times and not win a thing. I used to spend money buying coins because this game used to be fun. Now its just aggravating because you chance if winning is so low. I will not be making any more purchase on this app because it seems like the developers just keep getting more and more greedy. Its sad because it used to be fun to play..Version: 3.52

Biggest waste of money ever and not much fun as you’ll run out of coins in 2mins.You have been warned this game has so many things wrong with it. From annoying pop ups with offers to game level increases that automatically increase your bet so you loose your coins if on auto spin. This game is designed with repeat coin pack purchases in mind. It’s a business of virtual coins. Their customer service is hopeless also. Make sure you read the terms when I comes to added inclusions for coin packs also. I got to level 1489 and became diamond tikarewards. Also had access to the VIP website..Version: 3.55

Game is not good enoughThis game is not good enough because it is really hard to get to other levels and statuses quickly with this game draining your coins which you have really quickly. This game needs to make the levels easier to get up rather then making them have to get one every few days and for the statues getting up to the next one every couple of years which is not very good. People will stop complaining if you make your game a lot better and take my feedback seriously..Version: 3.62

Tired of tightwadsI used to like this app a lot. However there have been some changes I’ve noticed over the last year that have really taken the fun out of it for me. The minimum bet is higher than any other app I’ve played, and didn’t used to be that way. The initial bet is automatically set at 50,000 so if you accidentally hit the spin button or the actual game itself before lowering the bet when first starting to play, it will get ya for 50,000!! Sometimes that’s all I have and it takes everything from me. The bonus spin hardly ever lands on a good bonus, always giving the lower amounts listed on the wheel. I’ve been at Gold status for years even though I spend real money buying coins packages to play and never make any status moves, it’s been over 2 years now. I’ve spent 100’s since I started playing this game years ago. It’s time to give back to your players instead of being so cheap!.Version: 3.51

Spend all that timeSpent a lot of time on the 1 game, got 228 tokens and it forces me to bet 145 each time, disappointing that it gives me 40,000 coins and 60,000. Could of had lower spin and gotten more. Also i definitely noticed that to collect the Ravens it’s taking 3 times as many as before. It seems to guys change all of the games where when someone is doing good at that game you change it so it’s harder to get wins. The same in collecting chests, it goes to the the guy who hardly has any coins from the chefs, harder on that one to to even get close. I really liked the games before you changed them. Disappointed as you make it so people have to spend a lot more money to have fun. I would have been nice if you would of left a couple more games alone. I would think more people would like to play more if they feel they at least winning more than win only a little by spending more..Version: 3.44

Very UnhappyI agree with the previous persons review. I also have never spent so much for the coins just to disappear as quickly as you purchase them. Sometimes a nice win, then nothing till all your coins are gone. It is a pity, as you have some great games. Not enough value for what you spend. I myself will never purchase coins from here ever again. Also I find it hilarious that you should promote the black wedge. I have been playing this game for over a year and I have never even landed on a white wedge let alone a black one. It always spins up the lowest denomination. I don’t think I have spun any more than 320,000 which is a joke compared to other platforms which pay out 1 to 4 million with daily spins..Version: 3.40

New low!Well, Here I go again - just went to play my favorite game and low and behold the amount I need to play has increased from 60,000 to 66,000! What gives? More greedy money grabbing? The other game I play regularly at 60,000 has now increased to 70,000 to get the same level of bags (if I get any that is - spend hours playing and don’t get a single bag). Not happy with reducing the number of payouts they now make us pay more to get the same result - 60,000 isn’t even an option now! Come on everyone let’s boycott this greedy, credit chewing game and then maybe the creators will actually take notice of these reviews..Version: 3.27


Don’t waste your moneyYes the games are fun and the graphics are great. That’s about the only good thing about House of Fun because you will seldom, if ever, hit a jackpot. As your experience level climbs, you are forced to bet more and more. In order to try to win one of their contests, you will probably either use most of your money to even complete it, or won’t ever complete the contest because you want to keep some of your money. If your get free games and win a good amount, you will most likely spend all of it before you hit free games again. You will continue to lose your money but if you hit a big win, you will be asked to rate them. Guess they weren’t paying a lot of attention to what happened to your previous spins. And now all the antes have been increased. You have to play almost continually to even move forward on their new “Crown Rush”. You are forced to bet more and more to be able to keep your status. Greedy, greedy people are running this show now..Version: 3.75.1

Impossible to get aheadI have been playing this game for years. There have been changes that have made the experience worse. They used to have 3x xp on holidays and random days it used to happen often. Now only seems to happen once or twice a year and your birthday. Way too many pop-up ads. I stopped playing. Nothing more irritating than logging in and being bombarded with 5 or more pop-ups first. Why cant they just put the offers in your inbox? They have added special side games with goals and rewards. But.... seems that when one is active you win less often. You lose all your coins fast, and only those players with high balances ever get to complete these missions. Lastly they started sending free coin emails instead of putting them in your inbox. The most irritating process i have ever seen in a game site. I have to click the email link, then it takes me to safari, that makes me approve being redirected to the app store, which then opens the game app. Then pop -up after pop-up ad. I stopped bothering. In the past the link used to go directly to their app to the offer. Prior to that they just sent it to the in game inbox which was the most convenient. Who has all that time to waste? I miss the game but i am sure there are better games just like this out there with better procedures and programming..Version: 3.60

Ok gameThis game is average. Takes too long to accumulate coins . Return for money spent is poor and cost is way too high to play. This is supposed to be a fun game but seems like spending money is the what is expected. Please give us a fair return . Why do you double the cost to play games just so you can maybe win the jackpot that's mean. Also when you do get to spin the wheel you always get the same amount . Takes your coins too quickly which means you can't play . Seems silly to me . More coins please..Version: 3.21

HOFNo fun when you dont even get the bonus game to win anything ... the higher you bet the less you win ... is that fun? I think not.Version: 3.81

Sorry but poor showPlay on loads of slot apps but got to say this without doubt as been the worst experience of one yet. Must have loaded half or dozen times or more in short space with very little play. Features SHOCKING spend all your coins to get a feature that pays less than double your stake! Might as well play real money than throw money away on this.Version: 3.26

Fun games but not worth itWhen I spend money on games, I just consider that the cost of my entertainment. However, with any other game I have spent money on, i feel I tend to get at least a few hours of value. Not on this game. You can buy a pack for millions of coins, but if you bid at higher rates, the coins just disappear in under 3 minutes. And if you aren’t betting high, it’s impossible to achieve any of their bonus side games, which are fun and have great rewards, but if they are impossible to get without spending a ton, then why bother. Sometimes you get can on a role and win big, but it is few and far between. Then they start a new bonus game and you watch all the won coins disappear because of the impossibly high bids you need to make. One quest goal was to win $1billion coins to proceed and a game where you only won not even half your bet one out of 10 spins.Version: 3.75

Rip offEver since you took house of fun over it’s gone down hill rarely get a pay and all your bonuses are bogus you won’t keep players if you constantly rip them off 😡😡👎👎 You Don’t even look at your Reviews If you did you’d see how disappointed your players are Loyal Players too even the offers too write a review pops up and interfered with any pays you MIGHT Get I understand your there too make money But if you don’t Keep your Players then your Profit falls too ..... balance the scales.... Get your foot off the Pedals that stop every wheel from landing on the Top Prize and stop those ridiculous card games ect Adults Play Slots Not Children Give us Grown up add ons.Version: 3.50

Lack of returnThis game has gone down hill. Such pitiful return for the amount of coins spent. Unable to build kitty up plus the stupid punch it section tells me I have won coins but they do not appear. This also happens in the quiz section on numerous occasions. I am sick of not being credited the correct amount of coins.! Plus what happened to all my friends. Admin fix this game please!!! Plus obviously you do not want people to complain as it keeps telling me nicknames taken!!!!!.Version: 3.69.1

Not a bad gameNot a bad game but requires you to spend money for no return. I’ve played it for a long time now and I’ve never won the top prizes. Has anybody. Could be better with less adverts to spend money on a game that gives you no return other than playing a fruit machine to pass your time..Version: 3.70

I am not the only person frustrated!!I am not the only person frustrated. When I spend hard earned $$$ to play a game I enjoy I do expect something in return but I’m not getting it. Jackpot are not hitting like they use to. I can spin 200+ times and still don’t get a Jackpot. My $$$ going down the toilet. Does anyone care. NOPE. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MAKING MONEY. Forget the people that continue to support this APP like I have done for many years. But that is about to stop. My other issue is with HOF BOULEVARD. I have 157 out of 160. Not matter what I BUY or win I am still getting the SAME SAME SAME SAME items over and over and over again. It’s hogwash. I can bet the max on a game and get NO 5* items. That is absurd, ridiculous, stupid and I could go on but why bother. No one cares. HOF ONLY CARES ABOUT HOF. NOT THEIR CUSTOMERS. SO UNLESS I AM AWARDED THE THREE ITEMS NEEDED TO WIN THE WELL DESERVED 85 MILLION COINS I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. I LOVE PLAYING HOF BUT NOT AT THE COST WITH NO RETURN TO KEEP ME PLAYING W/O HAVING TO SPEND MORE $$$. SAY GOODBYE TO A LOYAL FAN!!!.Version: 3.31

You want to lose money play this gameAbsolute garbage. Have bought a multitude of coins, raised my my bet. Nada, nix in return. Goodbye from me. Also if you are looking for free spins forget this piece of neolithic garbage. Money making venture in the extreme. But hey! They do not care. Millions of us dumb monkeys out there. Futhermore, promoting a profitable day, yes they did, won $700,000 but it was soon gone. Have bought extra coins and they have gone down the toilet so to speak. Not fair. Will continue playing until coins have gone and delete app. But hey they don not care as there are millions of suckers out there..Version: 3.19

DisappointedBeen playing this game for quite a while!! Great effects but complete rip off regardless of free or paying to continue playing!! Would be better off playing other slot games with less special effects etc.Version: 3.75.1

This game USED to rock.... but for some reason the entire app is completely glitched!!! 🤬😭First of all... I have been a VERY faithful House of Fun player (daily) for the last SEVERAL years... but I recently bought the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max, and so I had to redownload all of my game apps onto my new phone... well, after I downloaded it, I tried to start the game.. it did start alright, BUT I’m not able to click on ANYTHING!! I have to actually press a bit to the right and below whichever button I’m trying to click on... I have tried deleting & downloading the app several times in order to attempt to remedy the problem to no avail... 🤬🤬🤬 So... because of this, I have COMPLETELY stopped playing this game. Hopefully someone from House of Fun will take the time to read this, and then maybe try to fix it! If it does get fixed, I will definitely play again... *fingers crossed*.Version: 3.62

The game is good, but don’t buy coinsIt’s a good game but very hard to win. And it seems if you buy coins you lose it all FAST. I won’t be buying anymore..Version: 3.79

Official _ Reviews : IMPORTANT NOTICE .Its fun playing like on a real fruit machine but the app shows up too many adverts to spend real money when u spend lot of time having fun for virtual money that you will never be able to cash out, as this game app doesn’t pay its just a free game app that tries its best to let you spend your money for no actual money reward appart from the fact that your bank statement shows up that u spent money on this free app .. if rewards where cheaper than games you play on the app but would let u cash out a smaller amount than the currency displayed it could make this app so much better and get so many more people playing it meaning that more members of the app would also join it to maybe luckily get better money than they played and recommend the app as betting app to friends they know .. ( ok license is more expensive as gambling app compared to apps that only takes money but doesn’t give away but the app would work so much better going for it) , but at the moment its like a blank casino leading nowhere.... without any real wins but wasted time and possibly bad decisions on the fact that you maybe spent money to buy coins, spins ... For no actual reward... ... just time and/or money thrown down the drain ....Version: 3.30

Unhappy, your money grabberI really enjoy playing, but I watch how you keep pulling us in by having us buy coins, or other prize items to continue to play. I have purchased additional coins only to watch it dwindle very quickly and before you know it you are out of coins to play. I don’t have the funds to continue to shell out $$ for some enjoyment. I buy the coins which only last a few plays and then the money is gone. The free spins on the wheel is a minimal win which seldom gives one a nice prize sum. I can only collect the daily free spins to try to get sums of coins to play. The cards are a joke as you can’t reach completing the challenge and win the prize in completing or collecting the 10 cards in each collection set. You want to keep players, then allow more prize wins and open the slots to give players enjoyment instead of halting their play because loss of coins outweighs the joy of playing..Version: 3.82

Don’t even botherIf you want to sit and play for days and days and days and not get anywhere then this is the slot game for you. I only downloaded it because I need to get to level 50 in this game in order to get coins in my other game. I regret it now. They barely pay out anything. The lower the bet the less chance you have at hitting something, so you bet more and you lose it all in one spin. They are very stingy with the free coins. You come back hours later and they give you a measly $250. I have been up thousands at one point and lost it all in less than a minute. At this point it’s going to take me months to get to level 50. I had to do get to level 15 in another slot game and I did it in less than a day. I’ve been playing this game for a week and I am still not even close to level 15. They also ombard you with pop ups to buy more with real money. I would never because I would lose it in five minutes with the way their slots work..Version: 3.14

House of no funTired of having free spins only to see anything won disappear before another drop occurs. On the Serpents fortune game I can predict the number of games I will win by the size of the jackpots - the higher the jackpot the greater the chance of only winning 8 games. Also very rarely have a drop on more than half the games. Sometimes the wheel lands on bonus wheel symbol but doesn't give it. Instead I get some free games. No point complaining because you are never believed or compensated . Credits are exorbitantly expensive and I am very wary of buying any!.Version: 2.48

Big wins means impossible challengesAfter years of playing I finally had some huge wins and enjoyed a week of solid play which resulted in a 5 star review. However, the challenges became harder and the coins disappeared as I tried to complete the daily tasks. Now I’m back down to no wins and my typical coin allotment yet the challenges are still requiring billions of coins to be won or bet in order to complete them. Yesterday I had to win 190 million 4 times. Nope, not even close. Today I have to get 4 bingo balls, I’m lucky to get one a day because it takes so many coins to fill the bar. I hate to complain but it really is ridiculous to make challenges unattainable unless you happen to win billions of coins. It took me years to do that and HOF made sure that I used them all in order to try to finish the album and complete challenges. On the other hand, their support staff rocks and the games are great so I’ll give three stars for that..Version: 3.81

Do not buy coinsI have played this for over 3 months and unfortunately the games and fairness of winning seem on a major decline. I have spent money buying coins that last less than an hour. The games jump and freeze and if your looking for any bonus’s be prepared to wait as it’s few and far between. Customer service are a joke when you do have an issue as not interested. Avoid at all costs..Version: 3.25

GoodGood app have lots of fun playing how ever think the prime is hardly worth paying for for what you get and it’s a bit annoying that the only Way you can complete card sets is by purchasing even then you never get the cards you need.Version: 3.77

Money hungry!The only time you get decent wins, is after you’ve made a purchase and it only lasts for maybe 30 minutes before the game goes cold again. I’ve spent over $200 on the grind trying to complete the stamp album, which when I finally got there and received 150,000,000, burnt through all 150,000,000 in the space of 40 minutes with minimum features or return. I get you need to make money somehow but come on.Version: 3.72

House of FunWell a new low. 15 free spins after at least 1,500,000 spent and not one coin won even though I bet 8,000 at a time. They take your money so fast, I did my last purchase of 9,000,000 in a week, unbelievable. BEWARE, the owners of this game are money hungry. They might give out free coins but they go as soon as you get them. You also might win big but that will go so quickly and you will end up further behind with less coins than before you won. There are not enough wins over the bet amount and you will find eventually they take it all. CHANGE THE DEFAULT BETTING AMOUNT TO THE LOWEST BET instead of the highest. I keep getting caught because the game has an interruption and resets itself. If I don't notice I lose so much money very quickly and there's nothing I can do about it. I believe this is done deliberately because you can make lots of money this way very quickly and people will have to purchase more coins. I think it is a disgraceful practice..Version: 2.45.1

Irish princessDid not receive my bag and coin prizes for completing each of the three stages what’s wrong with it you have to use millions to complete the stages and then you don’t give the rewards very very annoying.Version: 3.30

A total con and this company is just after your cashI’ve played for a while will free coins and all was good but warning to all , as soon as you start buying coins with real cash then features just dry up , I played and lost over 80,000 and all I got was 1 feature and all I won was 1,834 so basically a game is ment to keep you interested but this game cons you so now time to delete the game and play on a honest fruit machine game instead.Version: 3.13

Seriously?This game doesn’t even pay out real money. It only pays out “coins” we buy coins, and spin to attempt to win. Maybe tilt it a bit so that we win a bit more? It wouldn’t even cost you a cent! Your not paying out really money! Seriously? A total rip off. Waste of time and money..Version: 3.35

Probably the worst playtika gameBeen playing their games for a bit over a year now and i was considering coming back to this one because slotomania and ceasars have gotten so bad recently. Took me all of 5 seconds to see an event not worth the cost of doing. A fake add saying welcome back here is a 100 free spins and 1 million coins the free spins existed at least lol played at such an impossibly low bet they average out at about 5k gold each less than a chip link gives usually. You go to collect your gifts it says hold on you may have opened to many too fast if you want to get coins buy them or open more when its too late for event. They took away the old best machines to use your friends free spin gifts on then brought it back changed like thats what people wanted. The only good part of this game is they have some unique machines.. that you wont be able to play again because they are behind a level wall so rediculus that im level 11k in slotomania and less than 400 in this. I started the other games for the loyalty point towards this one, but i dont even bother to colect the links for this anymore the game is so badly supported. And before they say otherwise just know the other playtika games have live chat so you can get an issue fixed if you a certain rank real fast. This game doesnt care about you it just wants to tease you with 1 dollar offers which are sometimes tempting but overall id pay them to play a working game but not a load of trash..Version: 3.50

Money Grabber TerribleI played this for a few weeks and spent a little real cash to get started, I did discover the more you spend the quicker you lose so you have to spend again. In my second week i won 500m coins in a jackpot GREAT, then I was constantly nagged to open my piggy bank by spending $US5 for 1m coins, Why? Then the weekly Quest recently, I started a Hard game to get a Joker Card to finish another impossible quest plus you won 8.5m coins, after losing 150m coins on the last game in the quest i had only completed 44%, I wrote to support asking if there was a problem with that game and no reply so I decided to quit HOF and went back to the quest to see how long it would take to complete so lost another 400m coins and still only completed 44%, total joke. HOF advertise over 50 million winners when you actually don’t win anything, the only winner is House of Fun, if you want to play pokies then find some real ones and put your money in them, at least you may get something back, and if you have a problem you may get some support.Version: 3.80

Mehhh!!It’s a good game but some people don’t have the money to waste on games buying coins etc. Slots just pay out enough so always loosing coins and takes ages waiting on 4hourly bonus off less than £200 it takes ages to build a decent amount of money to play with.Version: 3.12

Don’t make a purchase !When my extra chest was over 90%, I made the mistake of making a purchase that would award me 3 platinum chests and hopefully push my extra chest over 100% and award me a diamond chest. Well, I was half right. The 3 platinum chests did move my extra chest over 100%, but I never got the diamond chest. I contacted customer support and explained what happened. In return I got a lesson on how extra chests work. I replied letting them know that my chest did go over 100. They responded again letting me know how happy they were to help me, “no worries “ and they checked and I was wrong. Um, why would I choose a purchase that awarded 3 platinum and less coins over the other two, both of which offered more coins turbo bonuses or free spins if my extra chest wasn’t nearing 100%? Didn’t matter, the response was our database is right, you are wrong. So, ultimately, HOF is willing to screw over a paying customer and call them a liar rather than take the high road and believe a paying customer and award them a fake diamond chest that ultimately costs the company nothing, but gains them a loyal customer. Don’t spend money on this site, you mean nothing to them and they will be happy to let you know that!.Version: 3.15

House of funVery addictive but let you win big then they stop paying you out only because you have to buy more coins !!!! Don’t get a lot of coins for the money either !!! Very hard on the games to get free spins also, may as well go play on real slots and get a chance of winning big with real money..Version: 3.31

Hero’s of ozI REALLY HOPE PEOPLE READ THIS: Update: don’t waste you time playing You have asked for an update, well nothing has changed, payouts are bad, don’t get much back at all, gets boring playing any of the games. I don’t play for a month at a time as I am collecting my bonus, I will not purchase anymore, just doing my money otherwise . I still would not tell anyone to get this game till you improve with the amount of money we get back, cannot bet to high as we lose a lot more than what we win back. But you don’t care because people are still purchasing, when people stop buying you might start listening to us. I have been playing hero’s of oz for 2.30 hours so far and have only got the free spins once, game is getting very boring. How do you expect players to want to play your games if it is this hard. Will keep playing just to see how long it will take me. Gave you one star and this is being kind. I am really thinking of deleting your app off. I ended up playing for 3.25 hours in total before I got to play the free spins a second time, I ended up winning $11,000 only. Don’t have much money left, I will just have to build up the free money that they give you, which will take a while, I refuse to buy any money off them anymore as you just go through it so quickly..Version: 3.68

Disappointed with your practices... stop stealing my pointsI deleted this game from my phone once before. Here’s the thing! I finally accumulate some substantial points, which is a rarity or I may purchase some points. I will temporarily leave game to play turns of the extra bonus games. All the while that I have limited points, I mameuver back and forth and my bet stays where it was set. At least 3 or more times now, when I’ve accumulated a decent amount of points or seem to be on a winning streak as Nd I leave the game to play one of the bonus/added features ( like the road trip game) all of a sudden my bet has been changed, unbeknownst to me and all my points are played within a spin or so before I realize that all my points. This is just low sown, particularly when I’ve spent money to buy coins. Considering the low payouts and how difficult it is to accumulate points this is just horrible that this occurs. I’m about to delete it again. I am so angry. I’ve been playing a game for a couple of days and had gotten sone decent points. The game has multipliers set to activate during bonus which were all up to 12x. All of sudden my bet is changed to 1,000,000. Not catching this auto adjusting that you all have set to trigger, I list all my points essentially in one spin. This is disgusting and you all should be ashamed of yourself. I really enjoy the selection of games, but this is downright thievery!.Version: 3.65

Supposed to be earning rewards points???I’ve had this app for multiple years. (I am a level 380 and have nothing to show for it) It was recommended to me from a concierge in Vegas to play to earn free hotel room comps, meals, etc. He said it was free to play, and that I could earn lots of freebies simply by free playing the game. I actually like the quality of the games, but...I’ve had this app for 7 plus years and unless you actually BUY coins, there are no free comps. Why would I buy coins with real money, only to lose it with no chance of winning anything? I have to won multiple millions of dollars and have continued to faithfully play, again I am a level 380...any idea how much playing it takes to get there? A lot! My reward status has been at 2% of Gold status for a VERY long time. I won over 24 million dollars a few weeks ago and spent it all on various games. I felt like I should have earned some more rewards. I checked, and it’s still at 2% gold. We frequently come to Vegas (2-3 times a year). We stay at MLife casinos because they continue to comp us with 2-3 free nights every few months. Very disappointed with Total Rewards. I am currently playing Mlife sponsored game that I started playing just a few months ago and already have earned enough for 2 free nights.... Y’all need to catch up with reality. Fun games, no real rewards = disappointed.Version: 3.48

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of House of Fun: Casino Slots 777 to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a House of Fun: Casino Slots 777 customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using House of Fun: Casino Slots 777.

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