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Good FunI enjoy the variety in these games. New games are added often. Some of the rewards and prizes should be bigger but it is still a fun app. I particularly enjoy the times they open all the games for everybody..Version: 3.26

Only one negativeTheir challenges are near impossible to beat. The crown bonus is the worst, win 1.1 billion and do that 7x I can’t even get 1.1 billion once. They need to lower the limits of theirs challenges all together. Otherwise it is a fun place to play for a while.Version: 3.82

MsOne of the better slot games, have had many hours of fun playing this. Only drawback is that the free coins are slow in coming else it would have definitely have been 5 stars!.Version: 3.10

Play it everyday.So fun!.Version: 3.82

Not a bad gameSee a lot of reviews talking about how it’s manipulated. *spoiler alert* that’s what free slot games do. You play until you’re low, often get a huge hit right before you run out. If you start buying a lot of coins or “dollars” the algorithms are gonna give you big hits but let you run out bc then they expect you’ll buy more.. it’s a fun game. All the slots have some kind of bonus and usually at least a free spin bonus on the reels and then an additional “collect x amount of these slots to win/advance in a bonus game/get free spins”. I play this and myVEGAS and they’re both fun free slots. No real money- some ads make it look like you’re playing for cash- but an entertaining way to kill time (or avoid doing whatever you really should be doing).Version: 2.46.1

CommentDon’t make the mistakes to always push for people to buy, it kills the fun and you will lose customers like your competitors, keep it for fun , like HOF..Version: 3.81

A good game to pass the timeI have been playing HoF for a while now and although the large payouts are few and far between when they do occur it is fabulous. I think the price for more coins is very high especially when you apply the exchange rate for Australian dollars. I think HoF is ripping the Aussies off. The games are varied and are continually updated although the same old ones popped up again for Christmas. All in all I would recommend HoF to pass the time.Version: 2.48

House of FunI have NEVER EVER spent soooooo much on a regular basis to receive such a pitiful shameful return... Love the games but wow you make it IMPOSSIBLE to get ahead and I think I have spent waaaaay enough money to at least earn the respect of having some fun. Ridiculously unfair..... After reading so so many comments on the "fan"??? page I am gob smacked at the so so many people also disgruntled with your seemingly total lack of integrity & fairness... I am seriously considering deleting this app & as for my money spent with you...GEEZ you are a joke ... Shame. Kinda liked you HOF... Sincerely didn't think I could be more disappointed then what I was when I wrote the above. HOWEVER, HOF I doubt there is any integrity behind the ppl that make up the HOF environment. Just recently FINALLY to have a few mill...and surprise surprise (NOT)... Was gone in one session... I spend heaps with you and you make me feel like a complete fool. You say it's random... RUBBISH... Add ten million to my account and I'll forgive you... But you're not getting another cent from me until you do. You may reward me or not of course the choice is yours but hey stop dis empowering me by ripping me off... Please. Thankyou....Version: 3.14

TjGreat game by far been playing it everyday for months now not one fault ever. highly recommend it to anyone apart from it takes a while to give you the gummy land bonus tho and haven't been getting many free rewards recently neither used to a lot but seems the more you play it you less you get rewards for some reason 🤔 but still I'll still play it tho wouldn't stop me haha.... and it should also have like a move back 3 spaces.Version: 3.35

PayoutYou don’t pay out losing more and more.Version: 3.82

Best gamesThe choice of games is varied and what is offered simply amazing in terms of game play. Try house of fun and you will keep coming back for more. A unique experience! Hours of fun and challenges for everyone!.Version: 3.82

Love the updatesAlways look forward to the updated games.Version: 2.43

Fun GameGraphics on all the games are really well done , nice job.Version: 3.82

House of funToo many adds and not enough payouts.Version: 3.80

GreatGood game! One of best slots around always change and bringing out new games recommend.Version: 2.48

House Of FunHi ....my name is Melissa ...I am 51 yrs old and I love your casino games.... only problem is I can’t ever hold on to my money ... can’t build my money up ...and I can’t afford right now to buy coins ..I want to play on here all the time but never have the coins too.. and sorry but your bonus (the wheel) doesn’t pay enough ... maybe you could increase your bonus money so when you come on, like every hour, the coins could build up and I would be able to play more!! Please help😍, I want to play but need coins!! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and so hoping I can play here when I have coins and not get all stressed worrying about running out of coins so fast... Thanks Melissa, who is dying to play your slots!!!! 💵💰😀🎰.Version: 3.17

Offer with one hand, take away with the otherLove House of Fun. The games are super . Lately though House of Fun has become crowded with too many side games. Quest game is a way to breed a player dry. Vying for cards in the albums is purely chance. You could spend hundreds of dollars and hours of time spinning slots and still not get the card/ cards you need to claim the grand prize. House of Fun has increased the bonuses but has a nasty habit automatically raising your bet amount when you are reentering a game. Not ethical. I will compliment their support crew though. Every time I have had any issues, they are spot on . All in all , this game deserves a strong 4. Wish I could give it a 5 but this game can get expensive on your pocketbook in a hurry. Needs to lose some of those side games too or at least do not have three side games going all at the same time..Version: 3.66

Fun times ahead....Bright, happy and outstanding colour and quality spot games. Something for everyone. I’m loving this site and have been full on collecting coins . Well done guys, it’s great!.Version: 3.70

House of FunHappy to give 5 Stars at this time, have been playing for only few weeks and spent $2.00 and playing 1K coins per spin, could spend more but play to pass time and this let me to do this without have to spend lots of real money, after all it’s only a game and apart from some enjoyment it’s not going to make me rich lol.Version: 3.65

Not enough to play withDaily reward are poor giving only a few minutes of game play.Version: 3.82.4

Great gameI enjoy playing HOF. I like the variety of games and the different ways to obtain coins..Version: 3.48

CasinoGreat app.Version: 3.79

Much Better!The app continues to improve. Too many times they ask for a review. Sixth time today! On a former review I rated this app a two. I complained, rightfully so, that on the daily bonus spins I always got the lowest of three numbers. They have some very unique games. And they seem to be constantly updating. Not bad. Because I don't stay up in chips for long, I have purchased some. Their deals are few and far between, but I have been able to play longer than usual instead of just 'updating' to gain chips. Hope this continues and the app chip deals get better. 12/18- Can’t play daily......but still like the app. The app always wants you to bet 40,000 but to purchase enough to play that much is way too much! I get occasional big wins.....but no where near to continue playing at that rate. Really like the new daily challenges........Version: 3.51

Superb gamesEnjoying the variety of games and challenges..Version: 3.29

JanbarJan 2018. Have been playing for a couple years now and this is always one of the first games I go to when I get the chance to sit down and play. I love rapid fire jackpot games but new games are regularly released to suit all tastes. Highly recommend. Free coins every 3hours and amount of free coins increases as you progress through levels. Also periodically have free double or triple XP for 24 hours. Great variety of games. Try progressive rapid fire jackpot games. The jackpot payouts are good and fairly frequent even when playing low bets so you don't feel that you'll never be lucky enough to win one. July 30, 2017 this is still my favourite game. I don't buy credits and just play the rapid fire games as I've found that i get rapid fire jackpots most days. Usually only the small ones but they keep you going. Also like that they let you trial new games for a while before they are locked at higher levels. Most days there are special games you can play for up to 48 hours..Version: 2.48

GreatGreat games wish it was real money😂😂😂.Version: 3.80

Earns Every Bit of All 5 Stars....If you like slots, this will be your daily, go-to app for sure. The games are bright and vibrant, animation is the best out of any I’ve ever downloaded...in a word, addictive. Plus, with all the side games, challenges and bonuses, you’ll never tire of these slots. I mean, when I look at my ‘battery usage by app’, House of Fun is on average, 50-60% of the usage. I also want to mention that they have a wonderful support team should you have any trouble with your game. I had a small glitch and contacted support, and within the day they had already fixed it, plus they generously compensated me with much more than what was originally missing. If I could give this app more than 5 stars, I would. So much fun..Version: 3.30

Lots of fun ......butI enjoy playing but question my ability to pick the least valuable icon when playing free spins. I pick the least valuable icon 73% of the time. Today alone I picked the least valuable icon ( out of 5) 8 out of 10, then 13 out of 15 and just now 15 out of 19. Although this is not impossible, it is improbable. As long as you don’t spend money you can have fun killing time playing a variety of games. The ability to pick least valuable icons is way past improbable now. You can pick the same icon every time and get the least valuable 8 out of 10 times. You can pick a different one every time and get the same result. Also watch your bets. If you’re not paying attention the bet can jump up on you and not realize it until you’ve lost a lot on coin. Just don’t waste money.Version: 3.48

Win a lot lose a lotI agree with #4.Version: 3.24

Irish EmeraldsI love playing that game and I’ll give you a five star rating as long as you keep that open. I unlocked it once then all of a sudden it got switched to higher number so I couldn’t play it any more. I disputed the fact that once you level up enough to unlock a game it should stay unlocked. But I got a lot of negative feedback and that’s the way it has to be, so on and so forth. However, what’s fair is fair and it shouldn't have been changed. I’ll continue to play as long as it remains open. If not I won’t play at all. If you would at least do a faster level up when it’s open I’ll get there quicker but if you don’t happen to keep it featured I can’t play. Thanks for listening . On one last note I’ve gotten a lot of my friends interested in HOF and they love playing it. I just happen to like Irish Emeralds..Version: 3.55

House of Fun is a fantastic game.I enjoy playing this game everyday. Hours of fun and fortunes 🔮. Lots of freebies. But, you have earn for it. This game is different to other slot machine games. Not all the games are enjoyable. They takes money and pay less. 60% of the games are very good and enjoyable. I will recommend this game to everyone. - Sri.Version: 3.77

Great gameGreat game, cheap to buy chips if needed. Although you won’t need to because you win all the time..Version: 2.48

Definitely the best I have played, I have had so much fun ! Please Keep it going..Version: 3.25

Great funI enjoy the challenges the most, but love the game!.Version: 3.79

KathyhovJune 2019 still agree with all my comments It's now February and it's still the same at Hof, oh well. Jan 2019- I am so sick of Hof and it's stupid games, treasure map pieces what a joke, take soooooo long to even get one piece let alone fill up the treasure map. Come on Hof why not make it somewhat easier to get the maps, average people cannot afford to buy coins just to be able to play. Sometimes I hate all these games where you collect stuff.🙁🙁🙁 Ditto ditto ditto, Here it is 2019 - and still I think no one at HOF reads their reviews. I again will agree with my past few comments. Love house of fun, just wish they would give out free spins more often😀 and it takes toooo long to complete challenges for little return😡 Challenges are too hard to complete sometimes as you can't afford to bet high enough to complete them. Min bets are too high in some games as well 15 June 2018 I still agree with my comments above, but I love Hof so I still keep playing .Ditto in October 18 Again in December 2018 nothing changes, drives me nuts, wish the games paid more free spins and paid out more..Version: 3.33

Great past timeGreat game to pass time. Would be good if daily bonus coins is increased..Version: 2.45

Margaret McLeodNot happy about your genie game been on this for over 2 hours your genie has hardly move like the games as now getting a chanc Good graphics enjoyable game.Version: 3.71

So far So FunI have only been playing on HOF for a few days so far. As my title states... So Far, So fun. There are obviously some slots I have not cared for at all. Others that are just ok, and some that have been truly entertaining, and enjoyable. I do not have time invested in HOF like most of the reviewers do. So all I can truly tell you is above. And one more time So far, so good! I will update my review with more information when I have more time invested in this app. If you are just looking for entertainment HOF certainly provides that. I hope that when/if you give this app a try that you find it fun as well. All apps have their draw backs, and are not perfect. I truly hope HOF continues to be fun, and does not begin to be a huge disappointment like some apps. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m just looking for fun entertainment, and I hope it continues. A lot of apps start out great Then take a turn for the word, and become money sucking huge disappointments! I hope this app doesn’t do that. I’ll let you all know if it does, and also give you the timeframe in which it begins to happen. Have fun!.Version: 2.49

House of funI only gave it 4 stars because the links are not working but now it's the top app for playing slots and the challenges are awesome.Version: 3.40

ReviewNot been playing for very long but so far so good. Other slot games I have tried only last couple days.........Version: 3.30

Exhilarating RideI love the variety of games, and if you are lucky enough to get the bonus spins you normally get a good payout, I just wish you got them a little more often. In regards to the HOF albums, 5 star cards are nearly impossible to get even when you are betting between 500k-900k.... very disappointing and impossible to fill the album unless you buy the packs..Version: 3.58

Fun timesWhile playing house of fun games, I noticed immediately the whole variety, the huge choice of games , the ease and smooth playing helps me pass many a dull half hour, great fun, the best I have come across by far..Version: 3.28

RatingAwesome fun games need feature games to hit more often Still great but still need feature games to hit more times.Version: 3.6

House of funGreat game with wide selection of slot types daily giveaways don't read fan page as full of moaners who forget it is gambling odds favour house keep it up.Version: 2.45

Great gameAwesome fun.Version: 3.25

I love HOFSo let’s just say I’m an obsessed hof player, I love literally all the games, and graphics are out of this world, no other slots can even compare! I find HOF very addictive. They recently have made some changes that were very exciting, they raised our bets on our free spins we receive from our HOF friends, and our every 3 hour collect and the money wheel are both much higher, and for that I am grateful. I do find that “challenges” or side games are nearly impossible to win, unless you purchase coins, which don’t always help, which disappointments me! I have had days where I literally almost uninstall the game, they need to loosen up the slots and make the challenges just a little easier, and I have decided that I’m going to stop buying coins and just see where it takes me! I know this is a mixed review but I’m trying to be fair and honest! Good luck spinning!!.Version: 3.58

ZeusWhat a sad game out of 100 free spins it paid 15 times but paid 200k but if this is what I have to look forward to then sad sad sad lol.Version: 3.24

Your slotsI play your slots on a daily basis and they most entertaining.Version: 3.68

Emily’s AdventuresReally enjoying this new addition for bonuses. Like the option of choosing games to complete the missions..Version: 3.81

Amazing gameI love this game as I,m disabled an it's amazing graphics as well as the give away of coins , would b lost if I didn't have this to play ty HOF keep up the great games x.Version: 3.42

Miss morzA great selection of games. The best site I have tried. However, I think the bonus games could be a bit more frequent. Also, seems to be some discrepancy about fee conversion, for instance a $2.99 purchase costs $4.50 Australian (50 percent exchange rate) and a $5.99 purchase costs $9.99 Australian (66 percent exchange rate)?? It is becoming more expensive to play. BUT does anyone pay attention to these reviews and comments? Some of the new games are so complex, with many more ways to win, but the chances of getting free games or bonuses are limited..Version: 3.21

House of Fun Fab Game played for yearsLove this game had installed for well over a year now still play daily decent pays and spins love this game !!! Update still playing still love it !!!.Version: 2.48

One of the best games aroundGreat selection of games and rewards.Version: 3.68

WinningLove this app it’s a bit harder to get your coins and levels to most of the other apps but in exchange I have had absolutely no problems at all with anything that is the usual with the othe pokie apps for example it never drops out while playing your rewards and wins are paid immediately and that allows you to enjoy your experience with out ever contacting a customer support person and that’s why I think this is far and away the best free pokie app available.Version: 3.76

House of funGreat game, I always end up loosing my credit trying to win big but doesn’t take long to build it back up again. Lots of different spins to choose from plus bonuses. On it every night for hours! Definitely recommend it!.Version: 3.44

House.of funGreat games but bonus is rare. Thank you!.Version: 3.82

Great fun!The games are fun. The graphics are amazing!.Version: 3.79

My game is expired...Expired game...please renew...thanks...✌️.Version: 3.80

House of funI love this app, they have so many new games to try, you can never get bored. It gives you plenty of different ways to get coins and bonuses. Thank you House of fun. From spuddypip..Version: 2.43

Bubba T 5332Great games. More downs than ups. Keep playing though. I give it 5 stars.Version: 3.22

Most appealing slots but...I’ve been using this slots app for years. I, however, can only tell you how it compares as a ‘free slot’ because never have/never will pay a real dollar to “play”. That said, I check in with this app almost every single day, for years. It’s called checking In because as a free slot, your gameplay rarely last more than 6 rolls. Each day, your account is given a few bets...up to 10 ‘free spins’ per day...if by rare chance you double up or keep playing ..well, these are the prettiest, most entertaining and enjoyable free slots. Unfortunately, if one day you win, by luckily hitting something big (I have one such day in over 1,000 played) then your player status will increase which in turn increases your minimum bet and therefore for the rest of your life...your daily gift of free slots will be used up in as few as 3 spins. ..not really worth driving to Vegas with a nickel, so unless you intend to pay real money to win nothing but some graphics saying you won fake money this game is a bit on the frugal owners want your $ and nothing else side..Version: 2.47

Fun to PlayI love the variety of slots that are here to play, it's just a pity your not given many coins to play with, also why can't we request more coins from Facebook friends. It is such as shame that I can't play this for any length of time because I can't accumulate enough coins to carry on playing. Not as free with the receiving on gifts from other players..Version: 2.45.1

Fun GameGood Afternoon House of Fun Team, The Game is Fun. How do I get my winnings? I clicked collect when I was prompted. I am playing for the first Time. When the money is in my Bank Account I will be impressed. At the moment I am seeing messages saying I won and I pressed the collect button a few times after clicking spin. I won a few times. When will I get the money? I sent an e-mail as requested. Kind Regards: Billy D Bignell.Version: 3.27

Great graphics and bonus games, addictive!Love it!.Version: 3.82

Love the varietyGreat variety of fun games, really enjoy playing. Would love to see a few more bonus situations in all games, but overall, love HOF Other sites games seem jerky, not smooth rolls like real casino games After several months of playing, I still really like the site. There are two things I have a problem with. After buying coins, it seems that I am pegged as a buyer, and when my money gets low, I don't get any wins. It's getting too expensive, and I may have to stop. The other problem is that when a new game is opened, and it becomes a favorite (black panther) it goes back to lock mode. Irritating when you want to play it. Overall, I like the variety of games better than other sites. Just wish I didn't have to pay to play. And bonuses are better with higher bets. Catch 22..Version: 3.11

Enjoying the gameLove this game so much fun😁😁😁 highly recommend Could do with high free coin bonus but still love this game.Version: 2.43

House of Fun GamesReally enjoy playing your excellent games!! An excellent way to relax and pass an entertaining hour. !.Version: 3.81

HofIt’s a good game but it doesn’t pay anymore when there’s a challenge you take all the coins away so now I don’t play hof as much I found another game that doesn’t take all the coins away.Version: 3.80

Definitely one of the best slots gamesI might just have bad luck but I really don’t win that often and if it’s a free slots game, I think you should definitely award more free spins and jackpots. Also the animation with features and tables is a big thing for most players. you guys do really well but you could always do better. Personally if a slot app has boring animations and boring features I just delete it. So yea good animation is important. Also keep quests going all the time, I love playing a slot then finishing a few challenges and moving on to a next one. It’s keeps the games interesting. If you finish 1 quest it would be nice to either redo the 1 we just finished or start a new one. Quests and events keep the game entertaining! Hopefully this has given you some food for thought. Peace.Version: 3.84

AddictedTop game,hard to stay away. Still Addicted.Version: 2.49

We are very thankful for this opportunity to down load this app.Very wonderful to play with a lot of fun I love it very much thanks i will let my friends know about this helpful app to gamble i appreciate this app and i will play when ever i have the time to play or i will make it a point of duty to play even if i am so tired so i will play till i fall a sleep thanks again for everything about this app. Me and my wonderful family have decided to visit this app even if we are busy and we have also decided to always play games on this app we are falling in love with this app every time we pay it a visit. My wife say she will share this app with her co workers she is managing the Doctors office so can play the gamble game between them and i am going to let my friends and their family. We appreciate it so much and we are thankful for introducing this app for free..Version: 3.24

Games are good, bonus/win levels lowThere are some decent games with appealing graphics but the amount of bonus games and big wins is low..Version: 3.40

GamesLove the games challenges are very expensive.Version: 3.82

Great free gameAddictive but without having to spend your own money. Sadly you can’t cash in but that’s fine. You have to pick your games some are rubbish but most are great..Version: 3.80

Like it....a lotGetting harder to hit the big wins but still a good game.Version: 3.2

House of FunI have been coming here every day for years! Can’t stay away!👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.92

MrGreat game! Just like real life casino gaming you have to watch your bets and play smart! Tons of fun!! 5⭐️⭐️😛!.Version: 3.80

House of funBest games but need better bonuses.Version: 3.82

Superb.Best slots I've played to date, the best part is it's not pay to win. I've played so many different slot apps and none of them compare to this 10/10 piece of excellence, heck I just tried one that barely gave me 2 spins a day and expected you to pay with the smallest payouts ever. This game is fantastic!.Version: 3.5

House of funBrilliant addictive slot game when you have the credits. The payouts are small so much of the time waiting for bonus to arrive. The graphics are great, but when you bet $100 & only get $15 back it is demoralising. But love the slots so will keep playing..Version: 3.6

Costs more and more to playReally like to play these slots but I can't afford to play. The lowest bid slot I could find was $3000. Well when you get $40,000 every 3 hours that's only 13 spins. Whoopie! I when back over my bank statements and found out I have spent thousands on these slots in less than 6 months. It would be better to go to a real casino because at least there is the opportunity to win real money not just fake play money. The developers of this app are smart but they would be smarter if they rewarded the paying customers better. I refuse to purchase any more coins because I lose them so fast. I will save my money each time I am tempted to purchase some then go to a real casino with real slots..Version: 3.21

Love itMy favourite game is Glorious Egypt but the amount to play 5 gold symbols has increased to the point where I am unable to play it any more and I find that disappointing. Other than that it is lots of fun. Having loads of fun again March 2018 I have noticed that there is not many jackpots paid any more and winning has become harder. I also would buy coins to play these games because I enjoy them, however fx rate is way to high and not sure why that is. US100 should be about AU128 but is much higher at AU160 to purchase from this site. I have been playing this game for a couple of years now but no one enjoys losing. Hope things change soon. Dec 2019 Well still playing and the FX rate is the same but is closer to what it should be at the moment US100 is AU146 So have bought lots of coins and have played more, enjoying the game, lots of games to choose from..Version: 3.46

HOFYour site us a great way to pass portions if these covid days! Thanks.Version: 3.82

GreatYou just have to be mindful not to press the “buy” options..Version: 3.43

Hanging in thereI have been playing for years and have always enjoyed the games. It has become apparent that it is getting very popular as with each new update and new games the returns are diminishing and the new games require more of a bet than in recent years. I understand the need by the house of fun to make money however you are probably losing a lot more of your loyal and cashed up fans of years of standings..Version: 3.31

Real fun!It is a beautiful design, plus fun!.Version: 2.43

💥🚨🚨BEWARE🔥Amazingly🔥ADDICTIVE🚨🚨This game is totally addictive, so make sure u got a lot of time up ur sleeve cuz I know when I start playing HOF an hour or more has gone by before I even realize that I've been playing for such time. If there was a 6⭐️ rating available then I would definitely give my review as 6 stars without having any hesitation, that's for sure. Enjoy the game have fun and to you all...... >>> 🍀🍀Good🐲Luck🐲Guys🍀🍀 <<<.Version: 2.43

Play for entertainmentI have read some of the awful reviews, but I think those people forget that the games are really meant for entertainment, not to become a millionaire... I had a knee replacement and fell twice. Now I have a broken foot. I cannot do much of anything, so I play this & WSOP to keep me entertained. So, if you are playing for fun, and consider the little $$ you spend as $$ you would spend doing something else like movies, water parks, Or any other type of entertainment, then you won’t be disappointed. People who complain are obviously bitter that they lost their $$, but if you don’t have the cash to spare, don’t play. On the other hand, if you are a prisoner in your home much of the time like me, go for it cuz you never know....Version: 3.6

House of funI like it a lot.Version: 3.82

Great fun!Honestly, my favourite game. And even better free coins every three hours!.Version: 3.2

Thank YouHOF is my favorite game..Version: 3.81

DisappointedSince joining with facebookyour site had gone down in my valuation. House of fun has become a joke it’s been a week and I have had one decent spinI broke the pig when converted .iwas better off by $43 AU if you are lucky enough get a suitcase. It is useless when you open if you get money sure but again when converted to AU courancy it is not even enough for a spin. From going to the best site I have had one maybe two spine all week. I am delegating some sites and sad to say your is one in the line of being defeated as if I can not afford to play what is the use of keeping you thanks for past generics gifts ect Kathleen===my response WHAT A JOKE IAM NOT DUMB ENOUGHT TO BELEIVE THAT Add to======/ since joining with Facebook I am so disappointed that I don’t even think it is worth turning on If you are lucky enough to get a case it is always a pink one Which bro my thinking gives you money but this money never is added to your money to play so it is useless . I was only $43 au After buying the pig last week this week I have not been able to collect anymore than $250 to spin which give you nothing please tell me why I should keep playing will you. You have gone from favourite site to worse. Disappointed does not even begin to say how let down I feel.Version: 3.40

The best game ever ReneeI really enjoy playing this game there are lots of different games to play and you can win a lot they look a lot like casino games from different casino i have in been too try it u will like it the fun never stops this is the only game on my phone yet I have so many games now let's have fun. I've been playing this game for over a year I enjoy it so much try it you'll like it. I really in joy the graphics the audio sounds in the fact that I win big. The only thing I don't like is when I buy coins sometimes I get charged twice and I don't like that the longer I play the more I like this game i've played a lot of games on my phone but this one is the best one yet I enjoy the graphics and the fact that you get great bonuses keep up the good work. It's going on two years now and the game is as good as ever try it you'll like it. Renee hi guys there is new game that came up is is great. Try it Renee more fun just keeps happening have fun.Version: 3.25

BestBest game ever!! Thanks to all the wonderful staff, very helpful in all situation!!! Loves the new games!!.Version: 3.81

This game is the WORST!I really don’t even want to give this game 1 star...I can’t stand the FACT that this is a game where there is not only NO skill involved but there is also NO luck involved! I wouldn’t mind losing every time I played if I knew that I was just unlucky, but there is no bad luck or good luck... there’s no luck involved at all! They decide what they feel like giving you and it really isn’t much! I could maybe see them being so cheap and the game being so manipulated if you could cash out your chips for some cool prizes but all you can do with your chips is play and they won’t even let you do that for very long without paying a fortune! Trust me.... Do Not even bother playing this game and definitely DO NOT buy chips!!! It seems that the more you buy, the less you win! And like I said if you do win... all you can do is play it out and it goes very quickly! Move on to something else.. do yourself a favor!.Version: 2.48

So close to perfectThe game is fun and addictive, visually it's very stimulating but audio wise it's flat and hollow, it lacks bass. better audio such as more bass, reverb, audio panning and stereo sound would really make this game stand out from the rest. The pc versions graphics aren't as good its a little washed out and not as sharp, if anything the audio is worse on pc which makes no sense, also you can't play the game offline on either platform which is a shame (again things like that make the game rise above others). All in all it's very good but that audio needs a little pick me up.Version: 3.41

AwesomeGreat fun. Don’t even need to buy stuff if you don’t want to..Version: 3.81

Terrible GameI am just giving it 5 stars to earn coins (and I am only playing to get points in another app). You literally cannot play unless you pay money and you get pop ups every 5 minutes telling you to buy coins..Version: 3.21

.Fun app - faster top ups would make it better though.Version: 2.43

FantasticI love this game. The slots are exciting as they have different features to win. Love Mischief Mermaids and Colossal Pigs. Really addictive and better than other slots I have played.Version: 3.20

Are you Guys For REAL!!!😘😘😘Are you Guys For REAL!!!😘😘😘.Version: 3.82

One of the better slot gamesYou do get quite a lot of bonuses to give you play time a few times a day. Good graphics and choice of games..Version: 3.27

The best free slots out there!House of Fun has the best slots and they are continuously offering new slots and incentives..Version: 3.82

Free spinsGood game , always go to pubs and never know how to play sort of getting to know how to play ☺️.Version: 2.48

Wicked graphics even better gamesLove this site for its games I've been playing for at least 4 years and I've had a lot of fun but it's also got on my nerves but I've stuck with it and even told friends and family about HOF and them have enjoyed playing. So keep the good work up and a massive thanks for your games.Version: 3.48

Heaps of funHeaps of games to choose from would like to have free spins more.Version: 3.26

Love this gameSo much fun to play wish we could send higher amounts of money to other people.Version: 2.45

FavouriteI love most of the games, in fact it is the only slots game I do have downloaded. The problem is the wins are getting rarer. You can usually tell if you are going to get free games as there is usually a little hiccup before the win. Likewise if you should have a win but it doesn’t occur. Still, I haven’t found another site I prefer..Version: 3.14

Pricey playI am absolutely disgusted at what it costs to play this game have been playing for years but credits go really quickly I have spent soooooo much money over the years I sure I own many many shares in the company and it has the dearest credits to buy and they don’t last very long at all and you entice players with the games on the side but does anybody EVER actually get them finished just when you only need one more key or one more card to finish the whole set to finish times up and it disappears I know you probably won’t read this or do anything about complaints but loyal players should mean something the last straw last night spent 160 dollars on coins did not even last 2 hours did not get free spins once disgusted.Version: 3.66

MsThe best graphics of all the games I've downloaded.Version: 2.46.1

CoinsThis is a good game but doesn’t give enough coins, making people need to purchase. I don’t want to buy coins I just want to play a game that allows you to play for free. Sort that out and give more coins as a daily bonus and this would become a fantastic game.Version: 3.22

GreatGreat fun good time filler could do with more chips or the chips being more valuable Seems when you get a big win it just takes it all back no sort of streak but it’s one of the best free slots out there.Version: 3.6

The games are too expensiveYour games are great I enjoy playing them but it cost way too much money to play for such a small amount of entertainment. You offer a bonus every four hours depending on how far you have gone I get a bonus of about 1 million coins. That does not even give me one free pulI i’ll bet anywhere from 2 1/2 million to 5 million. There’s no way you can ever get a head for more than a day or two at the most you’ve got the games figured out to where they will eventually take everything you have. I don’t mind spending a little bit of money for entertainment but your cost for your coins is way too much when you don’t get very much playtime. A lot of games give bonuses every hour or two. The other thing that I find very annoying as I had bought some coins to play for a while. I got up to do something came back a minute later to play I didn’t look down and the amount had jumped to 175 million which took about all of the coins I had and within five minutes I was out of the rest of the money very frustrating. Sad to say I am going to have to move onto the other games because I cannot afford to play these games..Version: 3.79

Love to Spin as a GameReally enjoying this game, just goes to show a game can be achieved without have to take our hard earnt non existent blow on ourselves budget lol Lots of things to collect very gentle quite calming game...I love it.Version: 2.48

FunLots of fun.Version: 3.81

I love house of fun gamesI’ve been playing this game for years and I’m still hooked lol.Version: 3.28

House of funRight now not happy as not able to have my friends gifts pop up and not able to gift. Even though I have done what is requested. This is not good enough. Really enjoy HoF. BUT.Version: 3.30

Good way to go through your money for a little bit of playThis game has the best games. BUT, they dangle that carrot in front of you with the card collecting, and do not let you get there. I foolishly spent money, played high, low, everything, all kinds of games, and I went through almost all the coins. But, what angers me is that I have not collected all that many cards and all the cards I get are ones I already have and this is after playing hundreds and thousands of coins. I am at a lot of 8s and mostly 9s of the sets, but they do not get any cards in these last huge amounts of coins to complete any sets. The game instead just runs you out of your coins with no set completions, much less completing them all. Not a happy camper. As I have stated before, I’d give a lot of the games five stars but I just cannot afford to play. It is unbelievably expensive if you engage in all the side ventures and those are what make it fun, although I don’t like all of them. Some of them are designed to run you out of coins. I also doubt that anything is random. You are treated nice a lot, but sooner or later, it is like a switch is turned off. Still, I like to play, but just can’t afford it..Version: 3.71

Nice Find....Played quit a lot of different slots and most of them are very alike. This one is more fun and has some interesting things going on!.Version: 3.75

House of funIf I up grade to next level I will get 99 free spins a message said at top off screen which I did didn’t get them just got my up-grad cash 😡😡😡.Version: 3.31

Lots of fun gamesThere’s lots of fun games and tends to be more wins. Can spend hours having a good time!.Version: 3.33

I love playing these gamesI have tried several games like this. But I really enjoy the HOF ones best. I think that the variety is great and there are several that I have as favourites..Version: 3.68

Good for minute-munchingGood array of games, decent coin replenishment, it is possible to play for long periods without paying real money. The linked jackpot system (“Legends”) is the only let-down, making it impossible to win game currency without spending real money. But with great graphics, a return-to-player ratio better than that found in real life machines, and slick production values add up to making this an enjoyable app..Version: 3.11

Very rewardingI love house of fun it one of the rare slot games which is very rewarding even on there fan page they give you credits to help you get back into as well as daily emails as well last of there’s also a Facebook messenger bot which helps you out to with daily fun and rewards I’m so grateful for a fun game like this 5stars all the way keep up the great work.Version: 3.29.1

Sad PlayerI finally decided to sign in with Facebook. I’m sorry I did. I’ve been playing for years. I thought I would get more coins plus other gifts. Boy was I surprised. They started me as a new player. They took all my coins my spin on the wheel was at 2x now back to 0. All the slots I had unlock are now lock with very few to play until I can get them unlocked. If I could do a do over I would definitely not sign in with Facebook a big mistake. Makes me feel like I need to move on and find another site to play on. People I’m warning you do not sign in with Facebook if they insist that you do because you will be sorry in the long run. I had a lot of fun on here but now to start over new I don’t think so. Good luck to all you players just stay away from signing in with Facebook if you have been playing for awhile because you will be sorry when you do..Version: 3.30

FunFun game, very enjoyable. Good game to consume some extra time.Version: 3.82

ProblemsProbably a good thing .... the app has been glitchy for a month now. Done the usual things to rectify..Version: 3.65

Good game,not good money.The games are really a lot of fun but the money for the quests and wins are very bad . They were really good when I first started playing but it is just getting worse the more I get into the quests and game. Pay up the money..Version: 3.92

Great slotsGreat slots to pass away spare time. Well done, however the SINNER'S and SAINT'S slots do not give you the jackpots. As soon as you win one, on the next spin it takes the win of your coin balance. Could you please fix this, as this is a great slots game. Still playing this game after all this time. Love the challenges as well. Keep up the good work. Cheers.Version: 3.2

ScammersThis game is a complete scam spent £30 on it lasted about 15 mins got no bonus just cleaned me out of fake worthless coins what a scam won’t be spending another penny on it thanks for nothing appreciate it hof.Version: 3.45

Love itIt's great, my only issue is that it's quite hard to get money in the early levels! :(.Version: 3.17

Bulk Playing Of Free SpinsPlease create a way for us to play our free spins in bulk. It takes me hours to use my free spins because I have over 300 spin gifts in my inbox, that’s over 1500 free spins and I have to click each one individually. Create the option that allows us to pick how many spins we want to play - for example I have 1500 spins so I can choose to auto play 10 or 100 or 500 or 1000 or all spins like when we select auto spin in normal games. Even have a gift box counter than tells us how many free spins we have in total. Like 5 people gift spins equals 25 spins then allow me to choose to play them in all one hit. But still have the ability to click them individually if I like..Version: 3.27

Like the game but..I like the game(s) that you have but man you guys really still need to work on the payout system more. I don’t expect to have “Huge Wins” or “Jackpot Bonuses” but when you drop 1.5million coins betting at ONLY 5k per bet I would at least expect SOMETHING in that time frame. I dropped 1.5 million coins, leveled up almost 5 full times, betting only 5k per bet and still never had one scatter drop, bonus round, or what ever else there was, let alone a “big win”. I had to build up the (whatever) prize bucket of 3500 and purchase a gift just to get something. And I did that twice. I don’t pay for the “extra features” as I don’t play it that often but it would be nice for you to work on that area. The game that I saw this issue the most in was Gummy King. It was part of the weekly challenge game and I only selected the “easy” level..Version: 3.71

GreatAwesome Fun Entertainment.Version: 3.80

Fun slots to play,I have always enjoyed playing these slots. Lot’s of different games, and some good wins are to be had..Version: 3.91.1

Fun Fun FunI love this game. So many challenges and interesting..Version: 3.82

Lost coinsEver time I use 75 points from my cards i would always get between 7million and 11million this time I only got 55 ooo thousand I think something went wrong could you please find out what went wrong thank you why can’t I get anymore free spins free spins please can’t get no free spins free spins pleasestill can’t get free spins.Version: 3.81

House of funReally enjoy the variety of games and challengers. Have a go you will enjoy the games..Version: 3.25

House of funLove House of Fun I wish the bonus were more often so we don't run out of money so fast ...is the casino I play the most...I give the five stars...2 years playing...yeah!!!i love House of Fun now I been playing it for about 4 years or more is my favorite casino I give 5 stars again...yeah!!!! I love this casino is the only one I play all the time...but you know what some times you spin and spin you money goes and then you gotta wait for ever for the next bonus is mot like we winning real money lol I get game card some times so that I can play and still takes for ever to win anything so we can keep playing...I'll continue playing and hope that it will some day stop being like a real casino....I'm not winning real money even when I play with money...still give the five stars because I love HOUSE OF FUN ❤️i been playing for 5 years maybe more love this casino I wish it didn't take so long to unlocked the slots 😜😜.Version: 3.33

Overall funGood game, free enough that I keep coming back. The ad pop ups are a little annoying but totally understandable and overall quite balanced..Version: 3.21

Always!Ok despite the fact that I don’t like the bingo games , I still love to play every chance I get 🤓.Version: 3.82

Not a fan of your challenges within the gamesThis new gimmick which requires the player to bet or win a certain amount or get a certain symbol within a 3 day period is shameful! It is a ploy designed to lose your play coins as quickly as possible. I have been purchasing coins in an attempt to complete all challenges and achieve the tempting play coins promised. The fact is I now do not believe it is designed to be achieved. The only result of this ploy is that one loses his/her play money faster and ends up buying more coins. Please disregard my first update if you got it. I deleted it from my copy. It was meant to go to the Cashman game managers. They the ones who took my balance from the game. Very sorry for the mix up. Thanks.Version: 3.70

AwesomeBest slots by far. Spend or be patient, the wins stack up over time to much enjoyment..Version: 3.22

3.5 stars would be my ratingI currently have a love-hate relationship with House of Fun. Just like in Las Vegas, you have to bet big to “win” anything. As you progress, you do earn bigger bonuses and level-up rewards. My biggest complaint is that unlike every other game app out there, HoF doesn’t have an “information” button during the games that shows the paylines and payouts. If you play a game long enough you can usually figure it out, but I have played hundreds, if not thousands in some cases, of spins on some of the games featured in “Quests” and I still can’t determine what constitute free spins. Can the symbols be scattered, do they have to be adjacent, do they combine two symbols in the final count? Who knows? The side games have minimal guidance as well (talking about the monsterpedia rewards here). I will say that the variety of games is nice. Like some, hate a few, a couple of them are meh. But I do, on a daily basis, play the challenges. And HoF needs to loosen up on the House of Cards feature. Used to be that if you played 100 spins you earned at least one; now it seems that 100’s of spins might net you one..Version: 3.67

Rob GayI love HOF and it deserves a five star rating but I would love if the bonuses were bigger or more frequent. Twice I have missed out on my bonuses via email and have also missed out on free coins on FB, I have complained about this twice to support but have never received a response, I am owed about 7000 credits, I am very disappointed with HOF over this because I actually love these games. Could you please loosen up the machines to allow us to play. Thank you.Version: 2.44

Great game thanksLike this game one of the best yet thanks.Version: 2.48

So far so goodHave just joined up and won what I assume is a fairly sizeable win. Interesting to find out soon whether there are hidden stipulations in the policy voiding all wins made from bonus money provided upon sign up. Considering the reason I signed up was after reading a review online from someone winning money with start up bonus, I’m have hope. I will follow up with second review shortly. If this is a legitimate site, I will let the world know. After being burnt so many times with online gambling sites though, I can’t say I’m all that confident. But I’ve also been nicely surprised a few times so we’ll see : ).Version: 3.69.1

House of FunThis is one of the best.Version: 3.80

Love the GamesThe games are great and I play them for fun to keep my hand in for when I go to Las Vegas and play for real. The only annoying thing is when they decide to lock away a game like Oz without warning when I had been building up a high reserve which is stored in the game and I can’t play it again unless they bring it back into featured games. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.Version: 3.33

View of House of fun.While the games themselves are terrific and I have played them for a number of years,what you charge for points is exorbitant inUS dollars but to add insult to injury when converted into Australian dollars you take way over the exchange rate that is current at the times of purchase. Added to this it can take up to 400 spins at times to even get a meagre payout. I also play another lot of slots where for example with you I pay US$99 for around 9,000,000, for the same outlay I can getup to 2,000,000,000 along with fairly regular large payouts. I still occasionally purchase points for your games but will in future mainly just collect the free points till they build up and play then. Disappointed as I really love the games,cheers Norah.Version: 3.2

HOF is best option by far!Been playing HOF for years now and haven't found anything that comes close to the graphics or variety of games. New games being added often too. I highly recommend for hours of free fun..Version: 2.48

Great appGreat graphics and gameplay along with the variety of slots makes this a game that you keep playing or coming back to. Follow up months later:-Still playing every day so it must be good!.Version: 3.8

House of funWas a bit slow at the beginning but got better the more you progressed.Version: 3.25

Would be fun to win for realI keep playing and it’s fun but it would be even more incredible if it was a real win.Version: 3.80

Nero251Totally cool games worth playing,super cool games it's a 10 out of 10.Version: 3.29

Fun fun funAwesome fun.Version: 2.43

So much fun!By far the best casino app out there. I’ve been playing for years and it never gets boring!.Version: 3.82

Why play this?I’m not sure what the point of this game is. It’s clearly designed to try and get you to pay money for coins. I’m only playing it to earn a reward for another game. Maybe if I give 5 stars I get free coins.....Version: 3.26

House of funGood game only improvement would be to make the wait for coins shorter about an hour and if free coins or spins have been collected make them have some sort of delete so no repeat claiming leading to expired note.Version: 3.16

Why is the speed to level up so hardThe creator of this game if your hearing this you need to make the game Level ups faster ok if you don’t I will not play this game for ever ok good.Version: 3.16

GibsonIt's a lot of fun!.Version: 3.80

SweetSweet game to play. Different things happen all the time to make it interesting.Version: 3.35

Love love love!!I’ve been been playing HoF for many years and I love it, with every update it gets better and better. The range of games is fab and the bonuses are fantastic, I will be playing HoF for many, many years to come! Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.38

ThiefIf you think your going to win !! Just wait it will steel it all from you !! One of the best thief going !!.Version: 3.81

House of fun and frustrationGreat game great graphics but a better win ratio would be much better as I cannat afford to purchase and collecting for a week gives me a few minutes play and getting really frustrated with the spin of the wheel every time it’s either side of the jackpot.Version: 3.10

Awesome funGreat games, good prizes and awesome graphics..Version: 3.81

FunLots of great games - lots of fun to play - lots of great payouts-awesome graphics - still great 👍- still great 💓.Version: 3.81

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