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No notifications??I really enjoy using PicsArt! It’s a great app, but lately I’ve noticed a little bit of a problem... when I used to open the app (about a week ago) the notification area was perfectly fine, I could see my followers art that they were posting and liking and if they were liking my art. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but in the last two days I haven’t gotten any notifications... not sure if this is a bug or just my followers are not active.Version: 16.1.0

Excellent app but recent problemsI love using picsart. It was so easy to learn to use, I get good quality edits from it and a wide range of tool options. However, now after recently installing the latest update the app for me has been crashing after only five or ten minutes so I can’t make any progress. Aside from this I have never encountered any major issues in the four months I have been using the app. I’ve tried everything from retaking the pictures to deleting the app but nothing has worked. I don’t know if this is just an issue for me or for others too but I’ve tried everything so any help would be very much appreciated. It’s a big shame because I love using this app, it’s the best editing app I tried and I can’t use it or make any of the edits that I really enjoy making. Please could this issue be solved as soon as possible or any advice given on how I can sort it on my device. Many thanks..Version: 15.8.1

Love it!So, when I first got the app, I thought it said I had to pay the money for PicsArt to use it, and it was actually the PicsArt Gold feature. My bad there. But it’s a really good app and I’ve used it to make some things for my Gacha life memes that I like to make (even though I don’t post them on Yt). I highly suggest this app to anyone, as I have had an extremely good time using PicsArt. To anyone looking at my review, this is exactly how I feel, it isn’t exaggerated or anything of the sort. The only thing I dislike about it is that it can be quite hard to use if you are using it for cutting out a green-screen part if you have small areas that aren’t filled in all the way. Tip for people who are making Gacha character sketches based off a cool combination you made: Draw the Gacha character body first-it saves a lot of time, and if you are one of the people who make the outfits or have made any post on PicsArt, thank you for making your posts-I’m sure you have inspired at least one person to do the same..Version: 16.4.1

Good app but needs some improvementI’ve been using this app for years and have found it to be really useful. However, it used to have a lot less steps to simply save a photo you’ve edited, but now there’s just extra ads and extra steps to save a photo in my phone camera roll. Also, if I’m midway through editing a photo and go onto another app or answer a call, the work just disappears and I have to start again. Please fix this..Version: 9.30

Amazing 👌🏼👏🏼This is a very good app as you can do many things on it. You do have to pay for special items and filters. I also like it because most of it is free and it can create stunning photos. I use it for all of my instagram pictures and they look out of this world, and I don’t pay for any extras. Overall, this app is much worth downloading if you love nice pictures and outrageous (in a good way) filters. I have read other people’s reviews and most of them are complaining -although it is their opinion- about the app in general and the fact that there are way too many adverts. So far, I haven’t came across one single advert. Obviously, that may change but so far this app is insanely good and I don’t blame the app for having a few adds- it’s more money. I am happy that I downloaded this app and you should ;) Thank you for taking your time reading this essay..Version: 13.7

Amazing!!I love this app so much it is incredible!! I don’t like that you have to get premium for extra things but I love it because there is so many other things you can use without having to pay!! you never used to be able to edit a video without paying but it seems they recently updated it and I am very happy about that. That was the only imperfection but I love that it has been improved!! I would definitely recommend this app it is so fun to use and so easy to understand!! I tried many other apps before this but they were all money grabbers:( I would definitely recommend this app it is so fun and my Instagram has for sure improved😂xx.Version: 14.4

Amazing, the best photo editing app on this store. Period.This app is incredible, easy and fast. I almost never write reviews but for this amazing app I had to make an exception. This is the only app I would consider getting a membership for and I will do so when I get my professional camera. It’s wonderful to use with SO many incredible options for your images. I love how nifty it is, and that it’s fair in offering good features to non-members too. I appreciate it doesn’t leave a watermark, making this app the best app on here. Some photo editing apps are so limiting but this app is the perfect balance where it’s still useable and amazing for non members BUT it offers amazing features when your a member too. That’s what makes me decide to become a member, when an app DOSENT make it virtually unusable unless you're a member... that shows me that an app’s membership will enhance my experience, which is already very good. SUMMARY: Amazing app which offers an array of effects, features and artistic direction for your photos. Easily used and viable for non members but where if you did get a membership it would enhance your experience! I think it’s wonderful. Thank you developers! You’ve made the best photo editing app on the market, period..Version: 16.4.1

Great game but a few questions!!PicsArt is a great game for people who live to edit photos and create photos themselves! I love to play it a lot but one day when I went one PicsArt it wouldn’t let me comment or like on anyone’s pictures and I couldn’t see likes on my pictures!! At first I thought it was a new update but then when my brother and cousin went on they could still like and comment. It very annoying because I used to love that app and go on everyday but now I don’t go on as much because of this reason🙁 please fix this or at least think about the reason it’s happening!!.Version: 13.8

Super nice!!There's actually quite alot of things you can do for free on the app and its a very nice free editing apps, i just wished the filters would be nicer.Version: 15.0

Can be really frustratingPicsart is great and I have been using it for a while but over the past few days the app has become almost unbearable. None of my progress is saving and even after waiting over 10 minutes for an edit to save it was lost. There is no save draft option and increasingly every time I do an edit the app will quit and return to home screen and all my progress will be lost. I have tried un-installing and re-installing several times but the problem is still there. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this problem otherwise I have to find another app..Version: 16.0.4

Awesome app.. but...Hi PicsArt, I was just working on something that took me half an hour to do, and each time I’m about to save it, it glitches out and deletes my masterpiece, I have tried 5 very frustrating times, my wifi is fine my internet is all good, it just seems to be the app?.Version: 15.7.4

I love this app, just a little problemThis app is amazing, I use it everyday, turning old photo’s into new and amazing ones! However, I have one small problem. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, but whenever I try to upload several photos or look at some artwork, some of the pictures take a very long time to load and sometimes they don’t even load at all and it really bothers me. Other than that, it’s a great app. :).Version: 11.5

Really good!This is is really good! But there is a problem. There is this glitch that says i have 33 followers but i actually have 34, so please fix this, but overall the app is really good!.Version: 17.0.3

Please fix thisOverall I love PicsArt, it is a great app and it’s an awesome editing program. But there is a glitch that has popped up yesterday. All the like and comment buttons are gone. Now you can no longer comment or like images. I ask some friends in the remix chat and they all said that they where having the same problem. Please fix this glitch, I don’t know if you did it on purpose or not, if so, please, please take it off. If not, can you please fix this? PicsArt is not the same without the likes or comments. It’s not as fun....Version: 13.7

I have a problem.I've been using picsart for quite a bit, I love it! But one particular project I was working on, suddenly disappeared, I was bewildered. Then I figured out that it was deleted. I never touched the delete button, is there a delete button? I don't know but the last time I saw the project was when I was working on it, then I had to do something, it said it was auto saved, so I turned my iPad off, then went on with my day. The next day, I wanted to work on it, so i hopped onto picsart... and it's not there. Please add a feature where if you delete a project, it goes into a "recently deleted" file. Besides that the app is great!.Version: 11.3

It’s pretty goodHi, so I love PicsArt it is absolutely awesome but I have had some issues lately. I can not follow people anymore it just comes up with error even though I have only followed 120 people and on others accounts it says they have followed up to 300 people. I have tried everything to fix this such as refreshing the app, powering off my phone and turning it back on again, deleting the app and reinstalling and updating the app. This is really annoying and please give advice to fix this irritating problem Kind regards, Summer Girl.Version: 16.4.1

Amazing but... 😊PicsArt is an amazing tool in which I use so I can edit things that other apps (such as VideoStar) need In-app purchases to do! PicsArt is truly outstanding but there is just one thing in my mind that needs adjusting. All of the ‘good’ features are always premium and you have to pay a lot for. Though I understand there needs to be a way for this business to achieve an income, it truly is hard for those who can’t afford ‘premium’ to make an as good piece of work that they were perhaps dreaming to create. In total I gave this app a 4/5 starts, soulfully through the reasons above. I overall recommend this app to beginners it is really helpful and creates pretty awesome stuff. It is just a bit hard to create an ‘as good’ artwork as other creators without being able to afford ‘premium’..Version: 15.4.0

Coolest editing app ever ☺️Me and my friend make amazing things on PicsArt this app is really cool if you wanna follow me or my friend my username is roblox_fanforever and my friends name is ryryhaynes!.Version: 17.0.3

It’s good but there is something that is bugging meSo it’s a really good app, even without a free trial it gives you lots of opportunities to edit your work in various ways, but there is the a small thing that is bugging me, you see when you draw you can only move the camera around and zoom in and out, but you can’t tilt it in anyway whatsoever, it makes it hard to draw the anatomy of characters (for me), I understand there are some people who are more comfortable with this but maybe you could add a feature where you can change camera settings? Anyways other than that this app has been really great so far!.Version: 15.2.3

It keeps saying network errorHi! I love your app! I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s amazing! Until just recently it won’t load anything since it says network error. I’ve checked that my wifi is working and I’ve turned on my data , and it still says network error. But all my other apps work fine. It won’t let me log in either since I decided to uninstall and install again. Please help ..Version: 14.4

SAME! Problems with app!Please help! I have been using PicsArt since 2012. I enjoyed using this app until your last update. I work on a photo, sometimes I spend a whole hour on one picture!! When I’m ready to save it to my camera roll the ad pops up about becoming a paid subscription member, I clicked out of it, tried to save picture again, & paid subscription advertisement pops up again!!! Now the subscription advertisement pops up before I’m even finished with my photo! I DO NOT want A paid subscription, I enjoy what I do with my photos with the free PicsArt. I always brag to others about how great your app is, but that is definitely going to stop unless you remove this ad that keeps popping up now B4 I’m even done fixing a photo!! which makes me then, have to delete it!!!!!! That is NOT RIGHT!!! I’m trying to enjoy your product and tell others how great it is. I guess I need to let my FB friends know what’s going on, unless you will please, fix this problem. Thank you!.Version: 11.7

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I have a few problems if they get fixed I’ll give it a 5 starSo I’ve had this for a few months now and I’ve learned how to use it better but there’s a few things I need to talk about. Like how just today I was making a little anime edit for my sister and it was one of those pictures where there is multiple of the faces everywhere and it kept crashing, and I kept having to redo it but it just kept crashing so I stopped trying to make that. Then I was making this solar system thing or which I was going to, but then I look up “solar system” and all the doodle plants had to be paid for and I was going to do a doodle picture. So what I’m trying to say is there are to many times the app crashes and to many things that I need have to be paid for. Oh and I even saw a review that asked to make it a bit less crashy but did that happen? Oh and with the crashing again I need it to be when it crashes for it to save my work. It takes me SO long and it doesn’t save it? And for the paying... please make just a bit less stuff not have to be paid for if you can’t fix that one I really understand 😅. But for the crashing you need to get to that. So I hope you fix these problems and I may make this a 5 star ⭐️..Version: 16.6.1

A Ton of FunI was looking for an app to make cool Finn Wolfhard and Stranger Things edits, and I found PicsArt. I love this app a lot. It allows me to be super creative and I love just how many features there are. I’m inspired by all the other users on the app and it makes me proud of my photo edits. There are only three cons. Firstly, about half of the people on the app are there to post selfies of themselves and it is now more just a form of social media (or a more unpopular Instagram) rather than an editing app. I wish more people were serious editors rather than girls looking for likes. Like, you can’t throw glitter on a Snapchat pic and consider it an edit. Secondly, this app KILLS battery life like no one’s business. So make sure your charging your phone while editing. Lastly, and this is the most annoying, my bio doesn’t save. Whenever I write anything about myself it doesn’t save. I’ve seen everyone else’s bios like this as well and I really wish PicsArt would fix it 😒 Other than those cons, I love the app and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy and fun editing app. Thanks guys! ❤️.Version: 11.5

Please helpI have had many recommendations to try out PicsArt, I have heard many great things about the app but I do have quite a bad issue. When I try to create an account a message pops up “this operation cannot be complete due to invalid argument” I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app multiple times but the same issue keeps recurring, please fix this as it may affect other people as well as me..Version: 16.3.3

I loveeee it but I’d like to add one small featureI love love loveeeeee this app bro But I think it’d be better if u added a feature that can help millonzzzzz When u go to collections, and click on the stickers/cutouts or whatever, it’ll show some private stickers. I think u should be able to select what you’d like to delete if that makes sense Like in ur camera roll, select, delete all etc It’ll be a lot easier considering when u make a cutout, sometimes it’ll duplicate it and that annoying So I don’t wanna have to look thru all of it one by one and manually delete it I think it’ll help a lot of ppl out Other than that I love the app Update!!! So I also make my own stickers and people save them I think you should add a feature where u can view who’s all saved ur sticker or who’s following a hashtag cuz I have a hashtag and I wanna see who’s all following it No other complaints so far! I’ve got another tip to make this app even better So when I make a sticker, I sometimes can’t see the mistakes I’ve made on it so I’d like it if u would make an option to change the type of transparent layout like its black but can u make it white? I hope I make sense Ok I rly act like y’all are gonna see this but a big big complaint everyone has with the app is the crashing It’s crashes all the time And it glitches Can u please fix it? It’s annoying but I’m sticking with this app cuz it’s the best editing app But please fix all the crashing.Version: 15.5.0

The best editing app for free xIt is a really good editing app and even without paying the in-app purchases it is still good you can text your friends and prank then on April fools which can be very amusing. the edits I do are really good and have raised my insta followers and likes by a lot and now I do professional shoots and it's worth the in-app purchases. The stickers are really funny and there are over 5 million stickers and you can even make your own stickers the reason I gave it a 4 star not a five star is because I would just like there to be fewer ads and I wish the stickers like the ones that look like a text could automatically fill the whole text space like if I wanted to ask my mom for another dog and she would say no I could get the ’yes’ sticker and place it over ’no’ perfectly instead of it not fully overlapping I know these things are only little changes but they would really make my 4 star rating and 5 star thank-you x please get back to me.Version: 14.3

Highly recommend but...Been using this app for 3 years at least. Whenever it comes to editing it’s always been great. But when I’m editing for an hour or more on the app I end up being taken out of the app, losing all of my progress, or taking me all the way back to where I started from the beginning. The most known problem with this app is “that the network error occur” issue. I checked to see if I needed to update the app and it said “update”. When I updated the app it still shows “network error occur”. And apparently this happens to everyone every few days. To me it happens every week or every month. Last night and earlier this morning it was great, no problems at all. I check later and the issue happens. No network connection problems where I live. So it doesn’t make sense how even if you update the app you’ll still get an error when opening the app or trying to type into the search bar for whatever sticker or image you need..Version: 16.0.4

Great photo tool, but...Use this app all the time. Ads are annoying but not too intrusive. Would buy outright but I hate this subscription model that so many apps are adopting. I’ll never part with my money for that kind of commitment to a phone app. At the moment the “fishing clash” ad has a glitch. It doesn’t time out and doesn’t give a “close (x)” option. I have to restart my phone every time it appears. Anyway.....even the editing options on the free version are plentiful, so well worth a download..Version: 14.8.2

Great progress 🤩I have used picsart for 3 years now and I am happy to say that there has been many good changes and fixes. They have made great progress and I am very glad to hear more and more people are using it. Picsart has so many different effects, stickers, beauty tools and filters 😍 A very great app indeed..Version: 13.5

Uhh what should I name the title....This app isn’t BAD... I don’t get why people are getting to mad I’ve used this a lot and didn’t find anything bad I use this to make cute decals on blox burg Roblox and it’s fun to make I never have any problems Or anything I love that you can cut out and draw on yours photos and the people who are talking about the “crashing” and stuff big deal that you crash and the people who made picsart work hard to make this app to give people joy and bring out their creative on a app and show people how creative you can be and doing what you want I think it’s just kinda rude that people give this app like a two or three star rating cause this app is the best photo app I’ve ever used. Always the other photos apps you have to like pay to get like basic tools like that’s RIDICULOUS that you have to freakin pay to just make photos so you guys should appreciate this app a little more instead of just complaining. To the delvoper of this app tysm that you made this app free and easy to use! This is the best photo app EVER!!!!.Version: 14.5.1

Best app IMOHonestly.. I prefer this app to Lightroom. I don't normally write reviews, but I've been explaining to so many friends why I use this more than Lightroom that I thought I'd leave it here as well: 1) It's light and fast; that's the biggest benefit for me. Lightroom can sometimes lag (even on my laptop), it drains my tablet battery etc, whereas this is fast and responsive, that alone is enough reason to switch. 2)It has all the functionality of Lightroom... though some of it might be in different form. For instance, instead of radial brush you can just use a brush (which it's more precise anyway), it has a colour replace function, colour pop and hue change which are all super customisable. 3) It comes with a lot of free presets / effects/ backgrounds etc. Obviously as a photographer you would have your own style presets saved, and you might not even end up using one of the built in ones but sometimes it's helpful to go through different style options before editing to decide what kind of edit would look best. I mean... It's just a very good app. Honesty, well done..Version: 15.4.0

Good app, but crashesHello, when i try and use the ‘Stretch’ tool, it’s freezes up and exits the app. Everything all good apart from that!!.Version: 12.2

New ideasI love this app very much and it has helped me a lot in my editing but there is a few fault, one being it glitches sometimes and just logs you out of the app, another being the premium.. I’m a minor and don’t have any money of my own to pay for premium and I don’t think I will use this app that much anymore once I leave high school, and I think a lot of other people agree.. I understand that you need money for the app to run, but maybe lift some of the restrictions because it does stop us from being as good as other editors and it brings us down. Also maybe add some new features other then effects, like maybe new colour text ideas, fonts, or drawing techniques, I for one would like a better colour area for the text, because I cannot make my edits as pretty as I would like and the gradient effect is quite irritating because you can control which direction it shows and how much Of both the colours can show, maybe even add multiple colours to that area? But other then that i absolutely love this app and rate it 4/5 stars! Keep up the amazing work :).Version: 15.8.1

Here’s a tip, and and my review 💖📸Tip: Okay people, listen. If you are one to complain and complain and complain about ads, just simply turn off your wifi when using the app. If you have data, turn off your data for that game. See, it’s as simple as that! Also, it’ll keep the ratings up, because this is a great app! (besides the ads) My Review: Okay, here’s my opinion of the app. I honestly really like this app! This is the best photoshop app I have ever got (and as a photographer, that means a lot of apps). I would highly suggest this app to my fellow photographers or just people who are bored and want to fiddle around with some pictures. Although, there is a bug that I noticed. When I am using data for this app, I get kicked off when I try to save my picture. I spend a very long time on them and the fact that I get kicked off kinda stresses me out. Although, knowing the brains behind this app, I am sure you will find a way to fix this bug. Thank you for making this app so good, and keep the updates coming!.Version: 9.27

Great App Picsart but..Picsart is a really great app! It has so many good and helpful mechanics that help you edit your videos or photos. Only thing is-there is a limit on how many you can follow back. 5k following only. I think in my personal opinion that the following back should exceed to a greater amount. Like, when people follow you, you generally want to follow them back but then it says you’ve reached the maximum of 5k. Just thing the amount of following should be greater. Otherwise, amazing app! I recommend it to everyone who likes to edit their pictures, videos or edits..Version: 12.9

AmazingI love this app so much there was a time where I got upset because I couldn’t find it but realised I downloaded it ages ago I really recommend it but the adds kinda annoy me 😊.Version: 16.3.3

Amazing community!The people on this app are so sweet! And, the developers strive every day to fix things and always have time for their users! This is such a unique way to share art with the world! The only reason tbag I didn’t rate this app 5 stars is because of the crashes. There are still many glitches in the app, and sometimes my entire project will be deleted and I loose everything I’ve been working on, which is extremelt frustrating! But I know that the developers have been working hsrd to fix these issues. Unfortunatley, I have been having some serious issues. The app kept kicking me out as soon as I opened it, so I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it... But for some reason it won’t download and I know for a fact that I have plenty of space on my phone. I have had Picsart for 2 years, and it has inspired me so much! Honestly, it’s the only app I actually use on my phone 😂 I really miss being able to edit! I really hope this issue is fixed soon! 💝 I have emailed PicsArt with screenshots of my problem. THANK YOU PICSART DEVELOPERS! 💝💝.Version: 16.3.2

A pleasent reviewI find PicsArt a good app. It allows you to do a lot even if you don’t have premium. I like all the ideas gone into the app. ❤️.Version: 10.7

The app crashing 😐ITS SO ANNOYING when the app crashes yes I love the app it’s amazing to use as an editor I am the app is amazing but ONE problem this app has is that I’ve made pieces that I’ve worked so hard on HOURS ON and the app freezes or crashes and closes out if the app because if that I loose all of my hard work it’s really annoying as an editor it frustrates me and I have a reason to be mad so please fix this right away i know other editors as well have this issue and are annoyed with it please at least add a feature where it saves your progress automatically so you don’t loose any of your work thag you spend hours on in very disappointed I came here today because of this problem. I was working on an edit I spent an hours and the app crashed making me loose all of my progress I hate it :( so please fix this it’s been going on for months and it’s really getting on my nerves right now so please I ask again fix it or add a feature that saves your progress instead of the app crashing and freezing this is why I stop using the app because if this so yeah that’s it other than that the app is great for editing since I am a Instagram editor it’s amazing really but I hate when the app crashes and I get mad so that’s it I hope you can fix this right away or i will stop using the app like💔.Version: 16.0.4

Great app but,Hi, this app is great and is very helpful but recently there has been some sort of glitch where the picture gets pixelated every time I add something in, can you please fix this? Thanks!.Version: 11.1

PerfectI’ve never written a review, so this shows how serious I am. This is the best app your ever use so simple but your make a masterpiece every time from a boring picture. Filters, tools, making your own stickers all great. Easier and more productive than photoshop or similar apps I find myself making lots pictures everyday and it’s free. Good online community to get views, remix others pictures is a great idea too. Never crashed apart from one time were my storage was almost full so just watch out for that, but I can’t fault it. Please keep coming with the remixes..Version: 14.6.2

Great app, 2 issuesSo basically this app is AWESOME! You can make SO many things on this amazing app. You edit ANY picture you have. You can also post, or save your pictures that you make. When you are trying to make a purple picture, for example, you can type in a SPECIFIC shade of any color and it will give it to you. Type lavender and it will give you lavender. Type purple and it will give you a darker purple than Lavender. The 2 issues about this app is that it keeps kicking me out of the app. Like one day I was working on a picture for a good 45 minutes and then I was just about done, and it kicked me out, and I lost my picture!! I was very frustrated but it only happens every once and a while so that’s good. Also, you need to pay real money for certain stickers and things and it’s just weird. It’s weird because the things that you need to pay for are so much better that the free ones! Other than that, this app is GREAT and I really recommend getting it! Please fix these problems and I will give this app 5 stars!❤️.Version: 16.6.0

Kicked outI’m being kicked out constantly and I do not like it I just want to post!.Version: 14.7

AmazingThis app is awesome, it’s filters/effects give my pics more colour and just make them look 100% times better, I love love love this app.Version: 11.2.1

Awesome app but some problemsI love the app and all its features. Don’t get me wrong, I do like every tool and application but I have experienced a lot of problems during my time with this app. For example, I was making a edit with lots of things in it and I spend a few hours making it. Suddenly, the app froze and deleted all my work. Usually it says ‘continue editing?’ but this time it didn’t. I’m sure it is no problem with my iPad since it’s newly bought from the store. But other than that, Great app🥰.Version: 13.5

Too expensive but easy to use 😉Hey I just wanted to say that this is one of the best photo/video editing app I have ever come across, I was searching for ages, until I found THIS! It was like finding the end of a rainbow 🌈! I just wish that you could use more tools, stickers, pictures, and other things like that. Also I think that there should be a “switch/button” in the settings or somewhere that allows you to have nothing to do with seeing other people’s art/pictures or even have an account on the app, although I do have the ability to do that (I have an account) I still think that for younger users they should have the ability to do that 😁. Definitely recommend this app to people that like to edit photos and videos! It’s awesome!❤️ P.S if you’re into editing videos, I recommend ‘InShot’ it’s rlly cool. 🌸💖❤️🌈.Version: 12.7

Amazing!To all who are considering to download PicsArt, I would 100% recommend PicsArt! It’s so much fun, there are so many inspirational pictures and people on PicsArt! There are so many things you can do and there’s a hashtag for everyone on there! No matter what you like you will find people like you on there. It’s super easy to get likes, you can look up hashtags,each hashtag has a group. You can follow theses groups, so you can hashtag to the groups you like/follow and others will most definitely see it because of the hashtags. It’s simple! The more you hashtag the more views/like you will get. For those who are worried about the social media side of things, don’t! It’s all super safe and there’s no way for things to get out of hand! You can feel secure knowing that it’s safe! I hope that this helped! Love, A PicsArt fan! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 16.9.2

Nice AppI use this app for my thumbnails on YouTube.Version: 10.8

FunI love how I can make my own wallpapers but please add some cool updates it would really stand out!.Version: 13.7

Love it but just this issue.I’ve been using PicsArt for some time now, but now whenever i try to open PicsArt it always says network error and I don’t know what to do, I check my internet and it seemed fine, I’ve also tried to download again about 2-3 times, same issue. I thought it might’ve been that I wasn’t logged in but now I can’t log in. I’ve seen some people have this issue, is PicsArt just down for the moment? If so, when will it be back up?.Version: 16.3.0

Sometimes annoyingWhen you want to edit a photo by cutting something out of it, you spend AGES. But when you done, the app changes it to what it thinks you meant to do, but it just spoils it! It’s so annoying because you spend such a long time and then it just gets ruined and you have to spend MORE time just when you think your finished. Can PicsArt change that so that you have the option for it not to be the apps way of cutting it out, of can they just ditch that part?.Version: 13.2

I recommend this app!❤️but..This app Is really useful ,especially to edit pictures for things like Instagram, I get about double the amount of views I used to get now😂 I have to say I spend way longer than I should on this app but I can’t help it, theres loads of tools and filters wich make every picture 100x better. I like this app becuase it’s super easy to edit pictures and I’ve had no problems at all so far, except for one thing I think there should be an undo button for when I accidentally click apply or finish and then I have to redo everything again😞 But other than that, PicsArt is awesome .👏🏻 Thanks for reading😘🤪.Version: 14.4

PicsArtPicsArt is so amazing l have literally made so many beautiful things with this app my friend Keira told me to get and it sounded so cool so l had to get off course but since then l have gone it every day after School and have so excited to make another art work.Version: 15.4.0

Developers pls read!! I have a problem 😱So I love this app, want to say that this is amazing. But I seem to have a glitch, where whenever I select the ‘all photos’ button or try to change my pfp or the background the whole game just freezes and kicks me out. Not sure if it’s something with my iPad, my account or the app (prob not the app as everyone else can choose it) but just wanted to check with you guys. Thanks for reading!.Version: 16.3.3

Caution: Can’t share within family**UPDATE** Support Team contacted me and gave me the instructions for getting this on to the other Family devices. Great support. Thank you! **Original review** I purchased this app for hefy price of just under £59 hoping I could share it with my two daughters. The app did say you can share it using family sharing up to 6 people but then also says in app purchases cannot be shared. Surely by purchasing the app, it is not classed as an in app purchase as I downloaded it and paid for it via iTunes. I’m now stuck with an expensive app that only I can use on my device and the 3 of us want to use. I will not be renewing this next year unless they fix it so I can share it to my two daughters..Version: 13.8

PicsartI LOVE the app, it’s just, today, I wanted to film a video and show how I do my thumbnails, it went offline, our WiFi is completely on, I even tried my 4G and it was saying the same thing. I deleted the app and downloaded it back again, then it said I had to log in, sign up and stuff, so I tried to log in VIA Facebook, it wouldn’t let me, then I tried to log in VIA Snapchat, wouldn’t work. I tried to log in and reset my password, it wouldn’t let me. I then decided to re-register, so I chose my normal email, then it wouldn’t let me do it. Please get this sorted. I really love the app, it’s just I can’t go on it. Later in: I managed to skip the part where u have to log in, but when I got it, I couldn’t get the stickers, the whole app was taken over by no connection, I have full WiFi bars and stuff. I can’t log in now, or even skip past the log in info. I am literally locked out of the app. Pls get this sorted because I need the app for yt. Thank you..Version: 14.4

An essential AppEasy to use, effective and reliable. A must have tool for social media..Version: 13.8

Get it bihGreat for making memes👍.Version: 17.0.3

Storage IssuesDon’t get me wrong, this is great for editing and creating but it’s all storage full meh meh. And it ruins my day. So I got it, it took up storage, I deleted it then got it back and it’s an endless cycle. But it’s storage meh meh but whenever I make something it refuses to let me save my work and at least be like “Oops! Something went wrong! Would you like to save this photo to Pixsart or delete the photo?” Cause whenever you might spend like hours on something and you just want it done, you might be like so proud of it but then it says you have full storage but you don’t and deletes it! And still great game, get a lot of use out of it but it’s the most aggravating thing I have on my iPad. And whenever I try to grab something it’s all “Oops! Something went wrong! Try again?” And it’s so irritating cause it’s always that and it only lets me get the stupid Pepa Pig frog! And whenever I play this I always get a happy reminder on why I deleted this game in the first place, storage problems! And then I would take a photo and a video and it would let me save them! (Im talking about in the regular photos app) it does this, so that’s prof I don’t have full storage. -Ella.Version: 16.6.0

Weird glitchI use this app a lot and I love it but recently there’s been some sort of glitch. Everything on the app works but when ever I go to use the beautify features even just clicking the beautify button it just cancels out, deletes the current picture I’m working on and goes straight to my home screen. It’s super annoying since I tend to use that section a lot. Any advice on why this might be happening or any chance you could review the app and try and find a solution? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times as well and turning my phone on and off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..Version: 12.0

A suggestion?So, PicsArt is a brilliant app, i use it loads of the time. I noticed that lots of people on picsart use gacha and put it on, like adding their ocs into photos and stuff. I like doing this, but it is such a pain to rub it all out carefully. So, i was wondering if you could add a feature in the erase section when you add a photo, where you can erase the bg apart from your gacha character, like the person feature. I think it would be really useful because it saves the pain of using other apps and transferring between apps all the time. I dont know, I’m just some kid who uses picsart though. Just an idea. Other than the app is great and i love it!!!.Version: 14.9.2

Amazing!I have been looking for an app for ages to edit my Instagram photos and I finally found one good enough! Everything about this app is perfect! The stickers are amazing and it’s great that the app still lets you edit offline 😁.Version: 13.7

Good but needs fixesDon’t get me wrong, I love this app so much! Mainly because a lot of the things you need to make a good edit are free, and that you can ‘remix’ (edit others photos) and use backgrounds that are posted! However there are some problems... I usually do collages because I like to see all the cute pictures together, and I was in the middle of making a collage that I had been working on for a while when it just went back to the home screen. I tried to get it back but I couldn’t. So I restarted it and I had only just put the filter on when the app froze. Sometimes my whole phone just freezes so I turned my phone off and back on but it wouldn’t fix. Please fix this!.Version: 15.3.3

GreatPicsArt is very useful and has many tools and stuff for you to make anything.Version: 13.7

Great app!This app is really great and has taught me amany things about editing and I think I’m becoming really good haha. I haven’t been using this app long, but I downloaded because two people I’m close to recommended I get it, when I first got it everything worked perfectly and I was having so much fun! But suddenly the button to make a sticker disappeared. It didn’t happen to my two friends and they’ve had the app longer than me, so I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. At first I thought maybe you took away that feature and made it premium feature only, by when my friends stated that it didn’t happen to them and that they didn’t buy a subscription, I got confused. I still am. I don’t understand where the button went, but if it is a premium feature I don’t understand why I’m the only person who doesn’t have the button. I’d like to know if this is just a glitch on my device or if it’s a feature I now have to pay for if I want to use it. Though I probably won’t since I wouldn't pay for only one feature. I’d just like to know what’s happened..Version: 10.1.1

Changed my life and gave me a hobby!I have made so many pictures and I honestly don’t feel bored. It might sound odd. That’s because you haven’t got it yet! I have made beautiful pictures, and added them to my comers roll. They will be printed out and hung on my wall hopefully 😊. You got to get this app if you have no hobby or if you wanna decorate with many reasons. It’s so easy to use I didn’t even need a tutorial in the first place (I did use one to make thumnails, that’s when I found out about this app), even if I did use a video I would of been great without it! Please get this app just try it please!! And I got to say something for the game...thank you. This game changed me :’).Version: 15.8.1

AwesomeThis app is awesome. I recommend it to all the people who want to be editors but can’t find an app. Love it..Version: 17.1.0

Comments, views. The app in general.I have been using this app for a long time, and it helped a lot. It was really good, until now. PicsArt has taken comments, views, and keeps breaking. Everyone is now confused, if there are comments, or none. Some people found the comments, some people can’t. It has been 2 Months since the comments were gone. Another thing is the Views. People who did really good editing had over 100 views, and now are now getting 3 views in 1 hours. Everyone wishes for them to be back. Many people are leaving because the “app is going downhill”, because there a no views, no comments. Also people would like to communicate with their friends, and they can’t due to the Remix Chat issues. It would be helpful if PicsArt brought these things back and fixed them..Version: 15.1.1

Love The AppDear people who are reading this and PicsArt! I love this app so much I usually go on it everyday. For the past couple of weeks now I have seen no internet connection and my friends on PicsArt are going on to it and seeing that they don’t have any followers. Today I went on to see what people have posted and stuff like that, then I went to my notifications and it had these random people liking my edits then I went onto my account and saw it was a different person we totally different art than me. I logged out of PicsArt the logged out of PicsArt the logged back in my photos showed up but it still had this same person I never had heard of. Then I uninstalled it the. Reinstalled it but it was the same and it says I have no internet connection which I do and it’s updated to the latest one. I really do love PicsArt because I can create things that I like and no one will judge me. Hopefully this is fixed so everyone can keep on editing..Version: 16.1.0

Such a great app!Hi, I think this app is really cool and I like the social media type aspect of it and I post my art there. Anyways the app has been fine besides it crashing sometime but I don’t mind that, I do mind how where the part you can draw you can’t move around the layers. This might have been fixed since I haven’t used that part in awhile since I use a drawing media now instead of picsart. A problem that is most likely only a glitch on my part but doesn’t go away even though I have shut off my phone and left the app, is that it doesn’t give me a indication on the notification bar which tells me if someone has commented on a post or liked it. I find this highly annoying since I have no idea if a comment I made has been replied to or anything. This started almost a week ago and since then I have gotten zero notifications (not the kind that appear on your phone with text messages and such) so I don’t know what to do. Since I haven’t seen anything about it in the updates which I checked earlier..Version: 16.1.0

A few problems...Overall the app is great! There’s quite a few things I can make without having pay pay but there’s a few little problems... idk if it’s just me or whatever but sometimes when I’m trying to make an edit, it’ll just randomly stop, like it wouldn’t let me press anything it would just freeze, or it would just randomly glitch out of the app and I’d have to start over. My second thing is that whenever I make an edit and so I can save what I’ve done so far I press apply, but whenever I do that the edit becomes all blurry, like the quality is really bad. Besides from that the app is great!.Version: 11.8

Love this app 😂🤙🏽Honestly best ever picture editor app I’ve ever used in my life 🥳💓! 100% suggest it :) Recommend to all 😁💙.Version: 11.8

Jessica Cairns.PicsArt is a very great app! The editing I have done to my pictures with this app is extraordinary! I use this app for editing pictures, better lighting, changing the angles, and more. I love using it to make my pictures have an amazing look to them. But the thing I would change is if PicsArt would lower the price. To be honest it is quite a lot of money a year but if you check out the app it’s worth it, I’m going to be completely honest if it was my app, I would lower the price down. But overall this app is extremely useful to my life and it makes my day. Very useful thank you PicsArt for all these amazing pictures! Hopefully this review will change any negative thoughts out there! :).Version: 14.4

I love this app!I literally have never written a review for any app in my life but I think this app is so great I have to let everybody know. Obviously some features are restricted for premium users but PicsArt has awesome editing tools, stickers and effects that are perfect for making arty instagram pictures. SO much better than many of the other picture editing apps out there that are very limited and low quality..Version: 12.4

Good editorI really like this app it’s great, but I have noticed that on IOS 13 whenever I crop an image to a .PNG I always get a white background arround the photo and not a transparent background.Version: 13.4

EIts me 😳 nagito komaeda 😏 on the 😃 nintendo ds 👩.Version: 15.6.2

AWESOMEI love this app! It’s amazing and you can do so much I just wish more cute stickers weren’t for premium.Version: 17.0.3

Why I love this appThis App is a grate app for anyone who wants to have grate photos in minutes I just took a pic of Big Ben in London and I looked a bit boring so I downloaded this app when I got back to my hotel and then added 2-3 filters and I became a £1000 picture you could find eat a gallery a also used it to make more funny pics by putting peoples face on to pictures if celebs and there significant other I made a funny one of my family but even though u can do funny things with this app it can be used for some seriously grate editing and amazing photography, it’s grate for anyone who wants to get a grate photo for a mug calendar or if u just want a nice wallpaper for your phone the only bed thing is how much stuff u must each vids for or bye premium for other wise it’s a grate app and I love it.Version: 14.3

Lost the cutting optionGreat app, but I can’t find the cut option anymore. Is this permanently gone? I hope not! I used it a lot 😭 Any help?.Version: 10.1.1

:((It’s awesome! But on my note also; It might just be my device, but it keeps crashing and the fact that it crashes keeps me from making any PicsArt pic at all! Please fix this, for I have re-downloaded this app 19 times already. Edit: Okay, this is bazaar. My WiFi is great, but there’s a “network error”. No.. changing rating from 🌟🌟 to ⭐️ Edit 2: Yay :) I tried your advice and it worked! 5/5.Version: 14.9.2

I would rate this really good but one thingThis app really is my cup of tea and it really has everything for anyone I'm mostly a fan art page and recently i’ve been receiving some inappropriate followers telling my fans to click their bio and i believe it isn't ok as it has really disturbing content can you make it family friendly because i am 12 years old and still would like to enjoy this app. Other than that people who are contemplating whether they should download this app should give it a go, it has many cool features and you can enter a challenge to possibly win a change for PicsArt gold without entering your details. Thank you xx.Version: 14.4

Helpful, but some problems.Picsart is honestly pretty helpful and I use it a good amount, especially because I’m an IG editor and you need mirrored pictures and whatnot sometimes for your edits. Not only that but in general Picsart is really good for editing pictures with too. You can save the pictures/videos to your camera roll after your finished editing which is amazing and all, but that’s where I’m getting my issues from. Lately Picsart has just been shutting down out of nowhere WHILE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF EDITING. Yesterday I was making something that took me a good hour or so and all of a sudden POOF. IT SHUTS DOWN AND ALL MY WORK IS GONE. It’s been really frustrating for me and I don’t know why it’s doing that, I’ve had to restart about 4 times now. In fact, I’m writing this review after it just me out a few minutes ago. I don’t know if the problem has something to do with my phone itself or if it’s a problem with the app. I still recommend this app though, don’t get me wrong. There’s A LOT of really neat stuff to edit with (I love using the brushes) even if half of it you need Picsart Gold for it (I’m 13. I’m broke.) so yeah, still recommend tho!.Version: 14.3.1

Application intéressantJ’ai beaucoup aimé la diversité Des autocollants.Version: 14.1.1

I love it, but...This app is great, but lately I have been having an issue. It says I have poor internet connection, but every other app that needs wifi is working. I don’t know how to fix it, so I have been unable to use the app..Version: 14.4

PicsArtIsGreat!I downloaded PicsArt yesterday and since then i’ve become addicted to it! It’s fun because you can either edit people’s picture or crop and put other photos into the photo. My only thought for PicsArt is if you could like make less things for vip or whatever it’s called? Also every time i go to whiten teeth, it gets out of the app. i don’t know if it’s a bug or anything like that? But other than that, PicsArt is my favourite app so far!.Version: 15.2.0

Here’s the truthPicsart is a great tool for editing photos, it’s really fun to use. You’ll notice it’s primarily advertised as photo editing software however I would more accurately describe it as a social media platform for artists and photographers. I’ve been posting since December and I’m so happy I’ve made lots of friends and fans within the art community. There was a period of time when there seemed to be lots of spam comments and picsart has since removed the comments to help tackle this issue however this makes it very difficult to communicate with fans and get feedback from other artists. It would be great if the comments were back, I’m sure people would rather have spam comments alongside being able to easily interact rather than no comments at all :/.Version: 15.3.3

NoiceI guess.Version: 17.0.3

Annoying glitchThis apps amazing but there’s a really annoying glitch it’s where when I press eraser on a sticker or anything it only lets me erase and do invert it won’t let me press restore.Version: 16.3.3

NoiceI was making a kim taehyung edit and i was almost finished however, the app crashed on me which got rid of almost everything i did in that 😔✊ i still like picsart but the only problem for me is the app keeps crashing and removing stickers/images in my edit :( UPDATE: so i was making a seo changbin edit and the app crashed on me again. when i powered on my device, picsart was kind of laggy/glitchy. one thing that i've also noticed is that once the app crashes on me, the stickers and images that i've put on the edit doesn't get saved so i have to redo everything again. i'll be giving this app 5 stars because the developer seems to be answering and reading ya'lls reviews which is pretty impressive. in conclusion, this app is literally the best photo editing app and i highly recommend it 👍 even though it crashes on me sometimes, the edit will somehow turn out decent mostly because of how much tools we're able to have access with. one more thing, are we able to crop stickers on picsart?? anyway, if you've finished reading this, have a great day/night :)) stay safe!.Version: 15.3.3

Ads ads ads. I can barely use it anymore there are so manyI’ve loved this app for years. But suddenly I’m absolutely bombarded with ads, sometimes three or 4 in a row before I can even do anything... why have you done this? I can totally understand you need to advertise but wow - this is excessive. The one that also tells you to upgrade comes up constantly... I’m seriously not going to pay £7 a month for no ads? I don’t know who would pay that much? It’s ridiculous. The latest update has made the app so annoying that I default to other editing apps now - this one used to be my go-to. I’d love for the ads to be calmed down a bit on the next update so that I can actually use this again without spending the majority of the time searching for the X button... 😓 PLEASE do something about this. This app was so good..Version: 9.34

Challenges need to be fairerThe tools of PicsArt are great and they’re pretty easy to use. But, when participating in a challenge, it’s a completely different story. In the Kcon fanart challenge, my friend was trying to vote for my entry but couldn’t find it. It used to be there, but since there’s so many entries, some couldn’t be seen. It would be better if voting for people would be easier. For example, if you followed them, their entry would appear in your feed. If you would like to vote for them, it would’ve been easier if there was a vote option in the feed, so they wouldn’t have to scour the hundreds of entries just to vote for that specific one. Other than that, it’s a really good photo editing app and I enjoy using this app for making edits..Version: 10.2

Pretty coolPicsart is my go-to app for anything i need edited. i love it, and use it nearly every day, however i’ve noticed a few things, or at least for now just one thing; 1. effects. 70% of the decent effects available are for premium users only, and as a minor i wouldn’t say i’m a huge fan of this. i completely understand picsart has to make a revenue and i applaud them for not overloading the app with ads in order to achieve some profit, but i honestly think if you lessened the premium effects by just a small amount it would make an impact for users and would attract them. uh that’s about it (for now, i think) because i honestly love the app at the moment and i couldn’t find a better app for all audiences (paying or non-paying) to use. thank you for the work you’ve put into this 🤍.Version: 16.3.3

Beginning to photography!This app to me is really good and actually quite helpful, my older sister takes photography and this is quite an easy, fun app to get use to editing! It’s able to crop photos and add your own sketch to it and even produce really great photos and videos. This is a more simple way to start photography and get use to the editing skills you will need to use, like the tools, it does not even cost that much, people don’t really realise stuff like this but it’s not just an app the you use to spend your free time in or to make snapchat posts, it can have a really great outcome and help you achieve high jobs. It’s also good for art, you get a hole set of colours, shades, tones, shapes, thickness and much more, maybe one day you will be a editor for a movie, this can be your starting point. I rate this a 5 star. Thank you for reading, please consider what I have spoken about 😊.Version: 14.5.1

Used to be amazingI used to always use this as the app for my edits, however recently I’ve noticed that you have to purchase the premium for any stickers at all, when it’s usually just certain stickers that you need premium for. I require these stickers for my edits, and I’ll unfortunately have to delete this app now as I cannot use stickers without paying. I’m not sure if this is some glitch, but my friend has experienced the exact same thing. I might check again after a few days to see if it has changed, but if not I’ll have to find another app to make edits..Version: 13.5

I loveeee it!!PicsArt [PA] is honestly one of the best editing apps I've ever used. And trust me, I've experimented with a lot of them. I would like an option where you can change the color of your page. Like instead of white,it could also be black. Pleeaaase think about adding this to the (suggestion box) I also think there should be a button where you save what you're typing in the desc when you're about to post. Sometimes I'm typing something in the desc but maybe I accidentally swipe down and it deletes the desc tab. Or sometimes it kicks me out but my project is saved. I'd really enjoy that and I think other people on this app will too. Could you add the option to send videos too? Sometimes I'm talking w friends on PA (I use PA to talk with them bc one of them isn't allowed to have social media) and I think a video option would be nice. Just a quick question- when you put the comments back? Anyways I think that's it. If you see this, I suggest to download PicsArt. Its an incredible app!.Version: 14.9.2

GoodVery nice!!!.Version: 14.5.1

Fantastic but...Absolutely love love love this app! But recently there has been a vaping ad that keeps popping up every time I try to save my photos. I can’t seem to exit out from this ad when I tap the ‘x’ button it doesn’t work and I’m stuck on that ad. I tried closing and reopening the app but this ad pops up again and I still can’t exit out of it. If you can fix this problem then this app would be 5 stars from me 😊.Version: 15.2.0

Good butIt has been amazing since I got it but I can’t get onto it! I’ve deleted the app, restarted my phone and nothing seems to work, every time I go on it, it crashes and I can’t get on it. I have had this trouble for a couple of days now and I still can’t get back on it. When I was using it before it was amazing and I love that even if you don’t have premium you can pretty much do anything except some of the filters aren’t that come in a different variety for premium users but not even one type of it for people who use it for free, for example the glitch you have to have premium to use any of them. Other than that it is great but PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK ON IT!!!.Version: 14.6.2

It’s okayI love editing with this but the only thing I’d recommend you fix is a redo button, I’ve pressed the undo button so many times on accident it’s not funny. I then loose my some of my work and it’s really annoying, it would be nice if you could fix this thank you^-^.Version: 11.3

Great but.....This app is great. It has no ads which I’m so grateful for because so much apps have ads and it’s annoying. You can edit photos, put stickers, put texts boxes and literally so so much more. I have made over 15 photos in 1 day because I’m so addicted. I’m constantly making edits of my idol (Taylor Swift) and I’m in love with them. Now here comes the bad part.... THE CRASHING!!! When I’m editing a photo minding my own business suddenly a black screen comes up and I see my home screen. And then I have to click on the app and restart because my work didn’t save.’s annoying with the plus version. Basically the plus version also know as the better version. Basically you get better things. You can erase things from your photo. Get better stickers. Better text boxes and more. You still have options without using plus but when I see a cute sticker it wants me to pay to get it. I MEAN COME ON. I want to enjoy my game without paying. Although this game is so addicting and I love editing my photos and adding fonts. I love this app. I’m also editing photos of myself. I love surprising my mom by editing her photo and she loves it. I recommend.Version: 16.1.0

Read below 👇👇Okay so u may be scrolling through reviews debating whether to get this or not and assume this is a good review bc of the 4 stars, but tbh I just didn’t know how many stars to give it. I heard good things about that app and noticed I had downloaded it before and thought either I just didn’t do much on it and deleted it anyways or there was something I didn’t like. I decided to give it another chance and re downloaded ig. I created a new account and did all the steps but when it came time to put my birthday it froze. The skip button didn’t work and neither did the complete button (the correct birthday was in there and I was above the age requirement of 13) I restarted the process multiple times and nothing different happened. Later in the day (aka a few min before I wrote this review) I tried again and the same thing happened. So that’s why I don’t know what to put for the stars 🤷‍♀️. And can’t try the app out to put a real review on how it works. (Sorry for any errors in my writing I am really tired at the moment).Version: 9.38

Great app!I absolutely LOVE pics art. It’s an easy, creative and fun editing app. Even without the subscription and paying you can have a great experience. But I personally would prefer if you didn’t have to pay so much for extra features. Overall if I could give this a 4.5 star rating I would. But I shouldn’t be complaining because for a free version it’s awesome. I recommend this app for any editing of pictures that you need, I’ve had pics art for a long time and don’t regret using it..Version: 12.2

Can’t sign inI don’t know if this is just a problem my phone is having but when I try put my Email in it says ‘Could not connect to server’ (the same happens when I try to login)when I have perfect internet and no matter how hard I try it just does this! I have had this app on my previous phone and there were no problems but on my new phone there is a problem! My best friend has the same phone as me and there are no problems for her either (she recommended it to me) although this is happening it’s a great app and worth downloading! So if you could sort out this ‘bug’ I would appreciate it! 😊 This gets a 4 star rating cos of this otherwise 5 star rating! I hope this is helpful!.Version: 15.5.0

Amazing appI rated Pixart a 4 star because it is a great app to use when editing pictures, on my Pinterest account, many of my followers ask for how to edit a photo. in the powerpoints I share with them Pixart comes in handy. With great effects you can make yourself and your surroundings multicoloured and much more!. Thousands of stickers to add to your masterpiece and some space to type a message. Pixart is also a good way to socialise and share your ideas. At this very moment in time with “black lives matter” there have been all kinds of posts about black lives matter. However, if some children under the age of twelve are viewing other people’s posts, there is a chance of some bad language involved with some posts. If you hate pop ups and are not interested in getting the “gold” purchase then this app is not for you sadly. Every time you open the app a pop up on getting the gold privileges will come up. Wait three seconds and you can press the cross button. Sadly “remix chat” will be leaving soon and this is a great disappointment to many of us since for some people it is the only way they can stay in contact with their friends. Great app though, highly recommended..Version: 15.4.0

My fav by far!!I love picsart SOO much!! Its amazing what people can create on it!! Iv got a lot of learning to do with creating art how others do!! I can do the basics but I’d love to be able to be like the best people on there able to do amazing things!! One my favs is cutting around my pics could be of a family member or friend An adding it to amazing things!! It’s just really awesome there’s just SO much u can do & create & honestly if ur into creating things like me well I really recommend this!! Seems hard to begin with but jus play around u will get used to it! Even good PicsArt an it will give u tutorials! Whoever made this app thank you! U are an amazing genius lol xx.Version: 9.37

Pls fixLove the app. So much. But sometimes when I do an awesome project the app crashes and I lose it all. Please fix that’s honestly the only problem.. :(.Version: 14.6.2

I love this app but maybeHi I live this app it’s great for editors like me but when it comes to vIdeos it’s not so great I’m mostly editing videos and this app is great for adding stickers and writing on them but maybe if they could is make videos non-premium and add transitions for editors so they don’t have to use a different app for there transitions they just have to use the one app, I hope this idea gets to the creators of this app thank you.Version: 13.8

Amazing app! <3I have recently been getting into photography and editing. Normally most apps leave a logo at the bottom with there name and I have tried many apps with not good editing facilities with non member ship. I love picsart and how much you can do. I love using all the creative features picsart offers to members and none members. I never review on apps because most of the time they are bad but picsart is an app I recommend. Even though it’s a 12. I was only allowed picsart if I didn’t have an acc because my parents are strict about me online but there is no difference to having an account. All is the same. There aren’t adds and they game doesn’t crash very often. Overall amazing! Definitely recommend if you have started getting into editing and photography!.Version: 16.8.1

NiftyI love this app, I have made many priceless photos. Thank you creators!!.Version: 9.17

This app is something Different!I got this app about 2 years ago, (I recently quit, but it is not their fault, I just got busy), and it has done so much for me. It taught me how to enhance my drawing and photography skills with all of the tips and photos all of the users share, it helped me make friends, and a variety of other things! It is Social Media and a drawing app, rolled up into one! There is no DM'ing, so you don't have to worry about creeps or anyone like that. You can post, like, comment, and share on the app in your account. It is relatively free, the only things you need to pay for are the sticker packs, and even those are cheap, maybe .99 cents for their basic ones, and maybe $1.99 or $2.99 for really nice ones! The also have competitions and contests where they choose a theme, and you work with it. Then the person with the most likes on their photo wins. On another note, I had just *Very* recently emailed their help line, and the respondee was very nice! Their name was Lusine, and she helped me through. This is definitely a one of a kind app, and you should definitely get it!.Version: 9.33

Very bad glitch on some phonesI love picsart and have used for years, since 2012 . lately it has a major glitch in it, i cant zoom in, add stickers or do anything without the screen glitching and going black. It doesnt happen on my boyfriends phone, but always happens on mine. I cant use the app without the screen going black which then i cant see what i'm doing. I dont know if it can be fixed or not because its only on some phones but for most phones its a great app apart from the fact i cant use it..Version: 13.3.1

Really fun but glitchySo.. I have so much fun with this app to make collages and cute pictures and memes etc. I always like to use it with my friends. However, often when I’m making stuff, it will start to glitch out and kick me out of the app, then I loose all of the progress on my collage or whatever. And some of the things I made were really difficult to make and I was really happy with how it came out. Another thing that really annoys me is that after using the app at least 5-6 times, I’ll open it and it won’t give me any other choice but to sign up.. which I don’t want to do because it doesn’t give you a chance to be a private account (another thing that could be fixed) so I have to delete the app and redownload it until it happens again. If the developer sees this please, please, fix this. I really love this app and don’t want to have to stop using it because of a few silly bugs. And for people who are new to the app, just know that it glitches sometimes but other than that it’s really great for editing, collages, making those cute quote edits, and so much more. Thank you😊.Version: 14.9.2

PicsArtHi! I love this app and I use it a lot I downloaded it not to long ago and posted things. They got views but not like major probably like 180 for the most and to me I was like wow no way then last night I went in and looked at all the views and had 1000 ON LIKE ALMOST ALL OF THEM. Then I went on in the morning and I had something that had about 2 views then I checked later in the afternoon and it had 1004!?!?? I’m not sure if somehow I’m getting loads of views or if this is just a glitch I just thought to tell you incase it is a glitch! Like when I saw I was so happy and like no way! But I thought to tell you’s anyway! PicsArt is an amazing app I heard loads of my friends had it and decided to try it out! :D.Version: 14.9.2

Kicks me outFor some reason when I try to do edits, it always kicks me out and even when I try to put a text on my pic it kicks me out. It didn’t use to do this before.Version: 17.1.0

Amazing But!... (Also A Suggestion)It’s really good, I love it so much. But some of the stickers/pictures you have to pay for? It’s just, you don’t have to pay for most of it but only some you have to. And some of the ones you have to pay for, is like the one everyone loves. (Also A Suggestion) Instead of having to pay, make it all free. And the reason, is you could get a lot of hate for that. And maybe we can even post our own art? <3 It would be amazing too! I know you all worked so hard on this app. I know it isn’t easy making a app like this. The thing is money don’t grow on trees. So it’s better to make all of it free. Premium in it shouldn’t be free, though. What if we also could make a video and put these stickers in it? It would be a LOT more easier instead of cutting the background out. Also, If you want, once we make our accounts we can actually post our artwork, like I said before, but I didn’t add the account part. Or we could do it with premium. If you read all of this you have really good patience. And I’m not A Adult I just am trying my best to have grammar. Have A Amazing day! -PS, don’t listen to the hate comments. They just don’t know it’s hard to make apps. -Love, The person who loves this app..Version: 17.0.3

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