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Picsart AI Photo Editor App User Positive Comments 2023

Picsart AI Photo Editor app received 115 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about picsart ai photo editor?

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Picsart AI Photo Editor for Positive User Reviews

Can’t sign inI don’t know if this is just a problem my phone is having but when I try put my Email in it says ‘Could not connect to server’ (the same happens when I try to login)when I have perfect internet and no matter how hard I try it just does this! I have had this app on my previous phone and there were no problems but on my new phone there is a problem! My best friend has the same phone as me and there are no problems for her either (she recommended it to me) although this is happening it’s a great app and worth downloading! So if you could sort out this ‘bug’ I would appreciate it! 😊 This gets a 4 star rating cos of this otherwise 5 star rating! I hope this is helpful!.Version: 15.5.0

Great app!This app is really great and has taught me amany things about editing and I think I’m becoming really good haha. I haven’t been using this app long, but I downloaded because two people I’m close to recommended I get it, when I first got it everything worked perfectly and I was having so much fun! But suddenly the button to make a sticker disappeared. It didn’t happen to my two friends and they’ve had the app longer than me, so I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. At first I thought maybe you took away that feature and made it premium feature only, by when my friends stated that it didn’t happen to them and that they didn’t buy a subscription, I got confused. I still am. I don’t understand where the button went, but if it is a premium feature I don’t understand why I’m the only person who doesn’t have the button. I’d like to know if this is just a glitch on my device or if it’s a feature I now have to pay for if I want to use it. Though I probably won’t since I wouldn't pay for only one feature. I’d just like to know what’s happened..Version: 10.1.1

Amazing 👌🏼👏🏼This is a very good app as you can do many things on it. You do have to pay for special items and filters. I also like it because most of it is free and it can create stunning photos. I use it for all of my instagram pictures and they look out of this world, and I don’t pay for any extras. Overall, this app is much worth downloading if you love nice pictures and outrageous (in a good way) filters. I have read other people’s reviews and most of them are complaining -although it is their opinion- about the app in general and the fact that there are way too many adverts. So far, I haven’t came across one single advert. Obviously, that may change but so far this app is insanely good and I don’t blame the app for having a few adds- it’s more money. I am happy that I downloaded this app and you should ;) Thank you for taking your time reading this essay..Version: 13.7

Comments, views. The app in general.I have been using this app for a long time, and it helped a lot. It was really good, until now. PicsArt has taken comments, views, and keeps breaking. Everyone is now confused, if there are comments, or none. Some people found the comments, some people can’t. It has been 2 Months since the comments were gone. Another thing is the Views. People who did really good editing had over 100 views, and now are now getting 3 views in 1 hours. Everyone wishes for them to be back. Many people are leaving because the “app is going downhill”, because there a no views, no comments. Also people would like to communicate with their friends, and they can’t due to the Remix Chat issues. It would be helpful if PicsArt brought these things back and fixed them..Version: 15.1.1

Weird glitchI use this app a lot and I love it but recently there’s been some sort of glitch. Everything on the app works but when ever I go to use the beautify features even just clicking the beautify button it just cancels out, deletes the current picture I’m working on and goes straight to my home screen. It’s super annoying since I tend to use that section a lot. Any advice on why this might be happening or any chance you could review the app and try and find a solution? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times as well and turning my phone on and off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..Version: 12.0

MUST NEED !!!Picsart is absolutely amazing!! When I had Picsart, I interacted with other accounts , made new friends and learnt new art skills. For people who considered it , YOU NEED IT!! You can make an account, gain followers , make art and edit videos! This app really improved my art skills but you don’t have to use it for that ! You can just interacted with other creators if that’s what you like ! Obviously, you can’t be a pro at first but after a few months, you will gain lots of skills! Why I deleted it :: there was nothing wrong with the app but the amount of storage it takes up - 🤠 I was actually really sad of letting go off the app, which made me realize how much I was addicted to the app. I just spent my whole time on it to the fact I would skip school just to keep up with the feed. Honestly, it is a good app but you do need to consider it before downloading. I hope u find this helpful !!! 🥹🥹🥹❤️❤️❤️.Version: 19.8.2

Great progress 🤩I have used picsart for 3 years now and I am happy to say that there has been many good changes and fixes. They have made great progress and I am very glad to hear more and more people are using it. Picsart has so many different effects, stickers, beauty tools and filters 😍 A very great app indeed..Version: 13.5

CoolYeah well it’s cool but when I’m trying to add an effect like bruises or something else the app froze and all my phone too. I have a iPhone 12 and it’s not the phone. So yeah it’s useful but it just make my phone froze for 10 minutes.👌🏻.Version: 17.4.3

Uhh what should I name the title....This app isn’t BAD... I don’t get why people are getting to mad I’ve used this a lot and didn’t find anything bad I use this to make cute decals on blox burg Roblox and it’s fun to make I never have any problems Or anything I love that you can cut out and draw on yours photos and the people who are talking about the “crashing” and stuff big deal that you crash and the people who made picsart work hard to make this app to give people joy and bring out their creative on a app and show people how creative you can be and doing what you want I think it’s just kinda rude that people give this app like a two or three star rating cause this app is the best photo app I’ve ever used. Always the other photos apps you have to like pay to get like basic tools like that’s RIDICULOUS that you have to freakin pay to just make photos so you guys should appreciate this app a little more instead of just complaining. To the delvoper of this app tysm that you made this app free and easy to use! This is the best photo app EVER!!!!.Version: 14.5.1

No notifications??I really enjoy using PicsArt! It’s a great app, but lately I’ve noticed a little bit of a problem... when I used to open the app (about a week ago) the notification area was perfectly fine, I could see my followers art that they were posting and liking and if they were liking my art. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but in the last two days I haven’t gotten any notifications... not sure if this is a bug or just my followers are not active.Version: 16.1.0

Great app, problems with lagging.I started using Picsart and I fell in love with it. I use it for all of my editing. I find myself scrolling and looking at filters for what seems like hours. I like to participate in the challenges. But there is one problem… lagging. Lagging has been present recently but right now I’m creating an aesthetic bored through the app and it glitched out and lags and often even kicks me off the app. Sometimes I have to wait a couple of minutes for it to allow me to move a photo around since it’s lagging so much. I know it isn’t my phone because I don’t have problems with any other apps and I have Picsart updated. In fact, I had Picsart open while in another app and it was glitching out and lagging and kept crashing until I closed out Picsart. I also had my camera and Picsart open at the same time and it wouldn’t even let me access my camera until I closed Picsart out, it was just a black screen. And sometimes the lagging and glitching gets to the point where when I try to turn off my phone, it glitches and lags out also. When I hit the off button, it’s delayed for a few seconds and when I try to turn it back on, it’s also delayed for a couple of seconds. I really enjoy this app, but the lagging and glitching and crashing is very annoying and sometimes makes me start all over again on my projects once it finally loads. I hope this gets fixed at some point, and if you read my review, thank you..Version: 20.0.2

Picsart is superIv been using Picsart for years. It is my go to photo editor. I only use the free version, but still find it full of great edits and filters etc. it has fun competitions. Easy to use and fun..Version: 20.8.4

Beginning to photography!This app to me is really good and actually quite helpful, my older sister takes photography and this is quite an easy, fun app to get use to editing! It’s able to crop photos and add your own sketch to it and even produce really great photos and videos. This is a more simple way to start photography and get use to the editing skills you will need to use, like the tools, it does not even cost that much, people don’t really realise stuff like this but it’s not just an app the you use to spend your free time in or to make snapchat posts, it can have a really great outcome and help you achieve high jobs. It’s also good for art, you get a hole set of colours, shades, tones, shapes, thickness and much more, maybe one day you will be a editor for a movie, this can be your starting point. I rate this a 5 star. Thank you for reading, please consider what I have spoken about 😊.Version: 14.5.1

This app is amazing but there is one difficulty…When you first downloaded this app it is very confusing and it doesn’t really give you any tutorial on how to start your first edit and if it did then it wouldn’t really help you at all. The buttons are very confusing and you can’t really remember where everything is within the first two days or one of using it. you might think this is an amazing editing app at first, but trust me, it’s very hard to even make one video. but all the time I have been using it, it hasn’t been all that bad. it doesn’t log you off randomly. and although it is very hard to edit, you can edit on it. The edits do it turn out very good once you’ve learnt how to use it properly. Overall, I think this is an amazing editing app and I definitely recommend it for people who know how to edit like a pro. it may be a little bit hard for beginner editors, but you can definitely learn how to edit on this app. in my opinion I think this is a very good app and the edits can turn out amazing..Version: 21.0.4

BESTEST!!!I absolutely LOVE this app. I don’t have pics art golden which is a shame because you can do so many great things with it and we just miss out you know? It WOULD be even greater if you could make everything free because I can’t afford to pay monthly for this app. But overall this app is pretty great I’ve reached amazing goals and edited some amazing images if only people were there to see them. I’m still really new to this app but it’s so good! If your going to get any editing app get this one. LOVE IT KEEP ON STRIVING DEVS! PS: My user is remixarts LOVE IT!!!.Version: 21.1.6

Good but....Its been amazing and Ive been using it for a while and there has not been a single problem except l can't figure out how to liquify a picture or sticker for example the perfect face thing l can't figure out how to make the template not move when I change the shape of the Photo please help me.Version: 18.1.2

The best edit app ever😁😁😁😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😳💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕I like love this app so so so so so so much i have created so many cool wallpapers and also editied so many photos I am edicts to this app like if seen some reviews that are like you have to pay 💰 but this app gives you litterly everything in the app so just mind it this app Is still like awsome buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt I bought this game to edit and post but I like don’t want to sign in so like pls let people singht in so fix that pls but best app ever ok that is all😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🌈😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.Version: 17.8.2

Great App Picsart but..Picsart is a really great app! It has so many good and helpful mechanics that help you edit your videos or photos. Only thing is-there is a limit on how many you can follow back. 5k following only. I think in my personal opinion that the following back should exceed to a greater amount. Like, when people follow you, you generally want to follow them back but then it says you’ve reached the maximum of 5k. Just thing the amount of following should be greater. Otherwise, amazing app! I recommend it to everyone who likes to edit their pictures, videos or edits..Version: 12.9

Challenges need to be fairerThe tools of PicsArt are great and they’re pretty easy to use. But, when participating in a challenge, it’s a completely different story. In the Kcon fanart challenge, my friend was trying to vote for my entry but couldn’t find it. It used to be there, but since there’s so many entries, some couldn’t be seen. It would be better if voting for people would be easier. For example, if you followed them, their entry would appear in your feed. If you would like to vote for them, it would’ve been easier if there was a vote option in the feed, so they wouldn’t have to scour the hundreds of entries just to vote for that specific one. Other than that, it’s a really good photo editing app and I enjoy using this app for making edits..Version: 10.2

Posts, Community Violations, and HashtagsHi, [ Only reason its 5 stars is to hopefully be seen by these people ] I’m getting really annoyed with this app. I liked it a lot and then suddenly all these updates came up. Your forced to add a hashtag to ALL of your posts. You can’t comment or follow without your account being verified. You can’t edit without an account. It’s honestly annoying. You guys even took away remix chat, The best part. I heard you may be adding it back before Christmas (Just a theory) but I don’t know. But those aren’t my biggest problems. My problem is with the way you do the posts. I write large descriptions for my posts because thats how I like to do it, i’m fine with having to post a hashtag with it. It’s the fact every description I put since I’ve updated my app has been “violating community guidelines” Theres nothing in these descriptions thats against anything. Please fix this, bring back remix chat and fix the notifications. Please and thanks. Please Please Please bring back remix chat I really don't want to leave this app but it looks like I'll have too..Version: 17.8.4

It’s good but there is something that is bugging meSo it’s a really good app, even without a free trial it gives you lots of opportunities to edit your work in various ways, but there is the a small thing that is bugging me, you see when you draw you can only move the camera around and zoom in and out, but you can’t tilt it in anyway whatsoever, it makes it hard to draw the anatomy of characters (for me), I understand there are some people who are more comfortable with this but maybe you could add a feature where you can change camera settings? Anyways other than that this app has been really great so far!.Version: 15.2.3

AmazingI love this app so much there was a time where I got upset because I couldn’t find it but realised I downloaded it ages ago I really recommend it but the adds kinda annoy me 😊.Version: 16.3.3

GoodI think picsart is an awesome app me and my besties play it together on call but i have an issue with one thing and that comments they can be inappropriate and lots of swearing like i was looking at a gacha only account and in the comments there was some cute love it but there was some mean and disrespectful one like trash gross hate it but i thought it was lovely i just think we should kinda just take of comments and have a private account button like tiktok where u can change your account to private witch i think is a great idea bc i make gacha people and design clothes bc thats somthing i like and i have gotten rude comments so can we fix that . My name is bethd2010 go check out my gacha creations and hopefully we can stop these mean comments.Version: 18.7.3

Amazing, the best photo editing app on this store. Period.This app is incredible, easy and fast. I almost never write reviews but for this amazing app I had to make an exception. This is the only app I would consider getting a membership for and I will do so when I get my professional camera. It’s wonderful to use with SO many incredible options for your images. I love how nifty it is, and that it’s fair in offering good features to non-members too. I appreciate it doesn’t leave a watermark, making this app the best app on here. Some photo editing apps are so limiting but this app is the perfect balance where it’s still useable and amazing for non members BUT it offers amazing features when your a member too. That’s what makes me decide to become a member, when an app DOSENT make it virtually unusable unless you're a member... that shows me that an app’s membership will enhance my experience, which is already very good. SUMMARY: Amazing app which offers an array of effects, features and artistic direction for your photos. Easily used and viable for non members but where if you did get a membership it would enhance your experience! I think it’s wonderful. Thank you developers! You’ve made the best photo editing app on the market, period..Version: 16.4.1

It’s good but, why?Why, Just why, I love this app. I only just got this app and I wasn’t sure how to save my work/creations. So I decided to try to screenshot it but it just wouldn’t work. A little thing came up on the screen about like subscribing to get more things… I read it… And it literally said that you can’t screenshot unless you’ve got this gold thing (which is literally just like premium like where you have to PAY). And I’m just literally like wut now?! And I’m just thinking to myself you have to PAY just to be able to SCREENSHOT your work. Like what and why?! My friend has this app too and she’s able to screenshot and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have to PAY (just to be able to screenshot her work like why? WE where the ones who MADE it) So overall I do like this app but like I have had a few apps like this before and you haven’t had to PAY just to be able to SCREENSHOT my work. So yeah that’s my opinion but like if I could find out how to save my work without having to PAY then that will be fine. But if I can’t then developers could you please maybe consider changing this by either adding a save button (that’s free) or be able to screenshot without paying for the gold/premium thing. Thanx Sloth_gurl567.Version: 20.7.6

It’s amazing but…I have had this app for around a year, and I have loved it. It is perfect for people like me who love art and photography. You can create an account, gain followers, share your creations and enter challenges. It’s such a nice way to makes and share amazing things! However… you can talk to anyone. Anyone can comment on your images that you post. Anyone can see the images that you post. This would be ok, but there is no moderation system, so you can swear and use inappropriate language. It doesn’t happen often, but you can get really rude people. The app is great if you know how to use it right! I would really recommend this, but definitely not for children who are not in secondary or older. Good app! 🙂.Version: 20.2.3

A few problems...Overall the app is great! There’s quite a few things I can make without having pay pay but there’s a few little problems... idk if it’s just me or whatever but sometimes when I’m trying to make an edit, it’ll just randomly stop, like it wouldn’t let me press anything it would just freeze, or it would just randomly glitch out of the app and I’d have to start over. My second thing is that whenever I make an edit and so I can save what I’ve done so far I press apply, but whenever I do that the edit becomes all blurry, like the quality is really bad. Besides from that the app is great!.Version: 11.8

Brilliant but…Picsart is an amazing app that can et anyone addicted to it. You can even post and share your art with the world. I have two problems though. 1. All the tools that are useful and i need are for gold and it’s advertisement, well the tools they are using are gold which is super unfair since you need to pay MONTHLY. 2. Not enough tools that are for free and you need to update MORE i am stuck with boring old stuff i have had since i downloaded this app. But i have to admit this app is the best photo app i could find it even has tools that are pretty creative of them that no other app could dream of owning to them selves. Please download this app to make your photos, videos and slideshows edited like a pro!.Version: 19.4.4

A few fixes needed otherwise amazing app!!Love this app, I use it a lot! I have a premium account and it’s brilliant however the app does crash a lot and doesn’t save your work so have to start again. It also needs an option to save designs in progress to a folder or similar and be able to start another design then go back and continue editing previous designs and not have to save the design as a whole and if changes are needed, having to start all over again. Otherwise this is a brilliant app and I love the features of the premium! Thanks guys! 👌.Version: 17.1.3

NoiceI was making a kim taehyung edit and i was almost finished however, the app crashed on me which got rid of almost everything i did in that 😔✊ i still like picsart but the only problem for me is the app keeps crashing and removing stickers/images in my edit :( UPDATE: so i was making a seo changbin edit and the app crashed on me again. when i powered on my device, picsart was kind of laggy/glitchy. one thing that i've also noticed is that once the app crashes on me, the stickers and images that i've put on the edit doesn't get saved so i have to redo everything again. i'll be giving this app 5 stars because the developer seems to be answering and reading ya'lls reviews which is pretty impressive. in conclusion, this app is literally the best photo editing app and i highly recommend it 👍 even though it crashes on me sometimes, the edit will somehow turn out decent mostly because of how much tools we're able to have access with. one more thing, are we able to crop stickers on picsart?? anyway, if you've finished reading this, have a great day/night :)) stay safe!.Version: 15.3.3

Great app, paywalling too many featuresI’ve used Picsart for at least 6 years now, it’s always been my go-to phone editing app. I still love it and its features, but I’m finding it more and more unusable without paying for gold. I understand adding new features behind a paywall, but I just added one photo and two lines of text to a white background, in a basic font, and it won’t allow me to save it, asking me to pay for a subscription. If more basic features like this start becoming premium-only, I’ll have to find another app after all this time 🤕.Version: 18.7.3

Fantastic but...Absolutely love love love this app! But recently there has been a vaping ad that keeps popping up every time I try to save my photos. I can’t seem to exit out from this ad when I tap the ‘x’ button it doesn’t work and I’m stuck on that ad. I tried closing and reopening the app but this ad pops up again and I still can’t exit out of it. If you can fix this problem then this app would be 5 stars from me 😊.Version: 15.2.0

Pretty coolPicsart is my go-to app for anything i need edited. i love it, and use it nearly every day, however i’ve noticed a few things, or at least for now just one thing; 1. effects. 70% of the decent effects available are for premium users only, and as a minor i wouldn’t say i’m a huge fan of this. i completely understand picsart has to make a revenue and i applaud them for not overloading the app with ads in order to achieve some profit, but i honestly think if you lessened the premium effects by just a small amount it would make an impact for users and would attract them. uh that’s about it (for now, i think) because i honestly love the app at the moment and i couldn’t find a better app for all audiences (paying or non-paying) to use. thank you for the work you’ve put into this 🤍.Version: 16.3.3

I love PicsArt!The best app ever! My go to app when I feel creative. 👏👏👏 One issue is why can’t your creations be automatically saved to a projects folder connected to your user profile..Version: 18.5.2

Still an awesome app, but I think it maybe has a bug…I have had this app for a few years now, ever since maybe like 2016, or 2017, maybe, something like that. But anyway, I used to have to be able to go, like if I want add effects to a photo from my album, or Edit a photo, or if I cut out a photo piece, I can go to backgrounds, and choose my backgrounds, like choose any background. But now, like, whenever I go to choose a background, and when I go to “all backgrounds”, it chooses this “galaxy looking picture”, and it’s for some weird reason, it’s not letting me go to “all backgrounds”. It just keeps choosing the same galaxy background that I don’t want. So idk what the deal is with it doing that, but either way, if it’s a bug that needs to be fixed, which I’m sure it probably is, can you please try and fix the issue so that I can go to all backgrounds and maybe Also choose my own backgrounds as well like I used to. Pls? Being helpful with feedback is always good to for help. Thx and have a fabulous day!🥰😎😉😇.Version: 19.4.4

Amazing!I have been looking for an app for ages to edit my Instagram photos and I finally found one good enough! Everything about this app is perfect! The stickers are amazing and it’s great that the app still lets you edit offline 😁.Version: 13.7

I would rate this really good but one thingThis app really is my cup of tea and it really has everything for anyone I'm mostly a fan art page and recently i’ve been receiving some inappropriate followers telling my fans to click their bio and i believe it isn't ok as it has really disturbing content can you make it family friendly because i am 12 years old and still would like to enjoy this app. Other than that people who are contemplating whether they should download this app should give it a go, it has many cool features and you can enter a challenge to possibly win a change for PicsArt gold without entering your details. Thank you xx.Version: 14.4

UpdateIt is a lovely app! It’s very good to make edits and videos. There is only one problem. I saw this app needed to be updated. I am yet to update it, but when I was reading the one star reviews, something caught my attention. They were talking about how bad the update is and how you basically have to pay for so much more or you can’t even screenshot your edits. Since I haven’t updated yet (and I probably won’t until a long time) this didn’t happen to me but I’m concerned when I update it, I’ll have to buy so much! Please fix this update, I wouldn’t like to think your a greedy app, but it seems like it. Please please please don’t do that! Don’t be a greedy app, Picsart is amazing. I wouldn’t like to uninstall or stop playing it all together. Please listen to the people, and change it so we can all enjoy it, premium or not. Also, I’ve read some other reviews and the developer response is usually the same like 3 things over and over again, saying stuff like “there will always be a free version of Picsart” I feel like premium has taken over many’s editing experience, making it worse and worse for ppl that don’t have premium. I feel it will cause further problems and cause your app to go downhill. Please respond to me, but actually take note of what I’m saying and don’t copy/paste or say the SAME exact thing though it might not be true. Thank you for your time. -Slay.Version: 20.7.9

Why do you want so much money?!!!This app is a great app, don’t get me wrong. I love editing my photos and seeing what others have made. It’s honestly a lot of fun. The only thing is, they want money so much that you can’t even take screenshots of your own work without having to pay them. What I mean is, you have buy the Gold Crown or whatever it’s called if you want to do basically anything. Want to save this? GOLD CROWN! Want to create your own pictures with certain backgrounds? GOLD CROWN! Want to take screenshots of your OWN. WORK?!!! THAT YOU CREATED!!? YOU NEED THE GOLD FREAKING CROWN OR WHATEVER!! IT’S SO ANNOYING!!! At the very least let me take screenshots. Why do I need to pay to do THAT!!? I understand you need money, but show a little leniency for the people who don’t want to pay/ can’t pay for the dang fee you require to do anything. If I were to have one thing changed on this app, it would be that. Get yourselves back together and quit begging for money. To anyone looking for a good editing app, if you don’t mind the fact that you won’t be able to save any of your art without having to pay, this app is perfect for you. If not, go find a different app. This one isn’t for you..Version: 20.4.5

PicsartIt helped me get all my photos i didn’t want and what my friend sent me not good but she said to download this app so u did and I erased it.Version: 19.6.5

Ads ads ads. I can barely use it anymore there are so manyI’ve loved this app for years. But suddenly I’m absolutely bombarded with ads, sometimes three or 4 in a row before I can even do anything... why have you done this? I can totally understand you need to advertise but wow - this is excessive. The one that also tells you to upgrade comes up constantly... I’m seriously not going to pay £7 a month for no ads? I don’t know who would pay that much? It’s ridiculous. The latest update has made the app so annoying that I default to other editing apps now - this one used to be my go-to. I’d love for the ads to be calmed down a bit on the next update so that I can actually use this again without spending the majority of the time searching for the X button... 😓 PLEASE do something about this. This app was so good..Version: 9.34

Takes your favorite free tools away :((Updated: As an artist trying to work on my skills to be in a place to make any financial support for my family, it’s extremely frustrating when free parts of the app that you use regularly, are taken away & added to the the subscription price. It’s like they monitor which ones are used the most for free, then take them. They did a sale for memorial day, 80% off— but I can’t pay for it right now. So many of us live paycheck to paycheck as it is. I know hard work went into the making of this app & you deserve to be paid too the same as I do for my work but don’t. So I get it... Hopefully you’ll do the 80% off again soon or extend it. I will try to purchase it when I can afford it, but can’t afford full price. They monitor what you use the most on the free version, and then take it away after you get used to using it :/. The price is too expensive especially since a lot of the imagery on the app is actually stolen from artists or used without their permission.. So since I won’t buy it as is, and since they took away my favorite free tools— guess its time to delete it!.Version: 17.3.5

Excellent app but recent problemsI love using picsart. It was so easy to learn to use, I get good quality edits from it and a wide range of tool options. However, now after recently installing the latest update the app for me has been crashing after only five or ten minutes so I can’t make any progress. Aside from this I have never encountered any major issues in the four months I have been using the app. I’ve tried everything from retaking the pictures to deleting the app but nothing has worked. I don’t know if this is just an issue for me or for others too but I’ve tried everything so any help would be very much appreciated. It’s a big shame because I love using this app, it’s the best editing app I tried and I can’t use it or make any of the edits that I really enjoy making. Please could this issue be solved as soon as possible or any advice given on how I can sort it on my device. Many thanks..Version: 15.8.1

Amazing appI rated Pixart a 4 star because it is a great app to use when editing pictures, on my Pinterest account, many of my followers ask for how to edit a photo. in the powerpoints I share with them Pixart comes in handy. With great effects you can make yourself and your surroundings multicoloured and much more!. Thousands of stickers to add to your masterpiece and some space to type a message. Pixart is also a good way to socialise and share your ideas. At this very moment in time with “black lives matter” there have been all kinds of posts about black lives matter. However, if some children under the age of twelve are viewing other people’s posts, there is a chance of some bad language involved with some posts. If you hate pop ups and are not interested in getting the “gold” purchase then this app is not for you sadly. Every time you open the app a pop up on getting the gold privileges will come up. Wait three seconds and you can press the cross button. Sadly “remix chat” will be leaving soon and this is a great disappointment to many of us since for some people it is the only way they can stay in contact with their friends. Great app though, highly recommended..Version: 15.4.0

Amazing But…I installed this app about 3 weeks ago and since then it’s been my most used app. I loved to post marvel pics and other things. Then when I tried to go on it today the app kept dyeing. At first I thought it was just because I hadn’t been on the app for a couple of days. But on my eighth attempt I realised it wasn’t that. I realised that their had been an update and so deleted the app. I reinstalled it no and at first I thought it was working. Before it would be just a black screen but now it was showing the Picsart symbol. At first I thought it was working but then it started to die again. Please sort this problem out! I love this app and was so annoyed when I figured that it wasn’t working. Izzy.Version: 20.2.2

The best editing app for free xIt is a really good editing app and even without paying the in-app purchases it is still good you can text your friends and prank then on April fools which can be very amusing. the edits I do are really good and have raised my insta followers and likes by a lot and now I do professional shoots and it's worth the in-app purchases. The stickers are really funny and there are over 5 million stickers and you can even make your own stickers the reason I gave it a 4 star not a five star is because I would just like there to be fewer ads and I wish the stickers like the ones that look like a text could automatically fill the whole text space like if I wanted to ask my mom for another dog and she would say no I could get the ’yes’ sticker and place it over ’no’ perfectly instead of it not fully overlapping I know these things are only little changes but they would really make my 4 star rating and 5 star thank-you x please get back to me.Version: 14.3

Read thisYou should definitely download pics art. I just downloaded it and it’s way better than I expected, this app is really good for making wallpapers, collages, and much more.Version: 17.2.2

LOVE IT😍Hello I’m here to talk about PicsArt it is one of the best games I have EVER played I’m serious!!! my user is I_love_lions because I do there wonderful creatures but I’m not here to talk about them I’m here to talk about the amazing game PicsArt THINGS I LOVE ABOUT PICSART: 1. It’s fun! 2. It’s good to entertain you when your bored. 3. I love that you can post pics and edit them it’s really cool (I know that’s the point BUT ITS SO COOLLLLL!!!) 4. I like that you can see others posts and remix them to make the even better!! 5. I post about my daily life sometimes like pet spams and face reveals (if your not allowed to show your face on the internet DO NOT do it I’m just saying that I did it because I was allowed to.) anyway now THE THINGS I HATE ABOUT PICSART........: 1. IT CRASHES WHEN YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF A POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah that’s it for what I hate about PicsArt lol anyway I’m just saying that I would DEFINITELY recommend this app. Thank you for reading. 😘♥️. P.s DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Version: 17.5.5

Changed my life and gave me a hobby!I have made so many pictures and I honestly don’t feel bored. It might sound odd. That’s because you haven’t got it yet! I have made beautiful pictures, and added them to my comers roll. They will be printed out and hung on my wall hopefully 😊. You got to get this app if you have no hobby or if you wanna decorate with many reasons. It’s so easy to use I didn’t even need a tutorial in the first place (I did use one to make thumnails, that’s when I found out about this app), even if I did use a video I would of been great without it! Please get this app just try it please!! And I got to say something for the game...thank you. This game changed me :’).Version: 15.8.1

Eh..A lot of people are saying it should be more in the social media recommendation and I totally agree. In my opinion it’s a really good app and there are a lot of features that you can choose from. The only thing I have a problem with is it’s safety. There are a lot of ways people can bypass the filters on the comments and easily say nasty stuff. Also, when you’re editing a photo that you want to post you can add text to it. The add text feature does not having any filter whatsoever, so people can put a bunch of dirty things on there. It’s rated 12+ but with my experience kids even younger have been getting into this app which is not okay. There are a lot of people on PicsArt who just try and be a creep for no reason whatsoever. I had to deleted my whole account just so I could get away from some of the garbage people posted on there. Despite my rough experience this with app, I would have to say there are still a lot of people on it that can make your day. When I had to delete my account I was so sad and disappointed. There were a lot of amazing people on it that would lift your spirit but those that were negative, inappropriate and rude really made it hard to like the app as much as I wanted..Version: 17.3.5

Pics artPics art is one of the most helpful editing apps I could have ever tried! I’ve tried so many that I can’t even count them!! Pics art has inspired me to not only to create beautiful images, but also to express myself in a way I never thought I could!! The only thing I could say about it is that when drawing a picture, I want it to have a blending option because I’ve been trying different strategies to get that blend affect and so far, nothing has worked... (or maybe I just didn’t find the blending button) 🥰🥰.Version: 12.5

Love The AppDear people who are reading this and PicsArt! I love this app so much I usually go on it everyday. For the past couple of weeks now I have seen no internet connection and my friends on PicsArt are going on to it and seeing that they don’t have any followers. Today I went on to see what people have posted and stuff like that, then I went to my notifications and it had these random people liking my edits then I went onto my account and saw it was a different person we totally different art than me. I logged out of PicsArt the logged out of PicsArt the logged back in my photos showed up but it still had this same person I never had heard of. Then I uninstalled it the. Reinstalled it but it was the same and it says I have no internet connection which I do and it’s updated to the latest one. I really do love PicsArt because I can create things that I like and no one will judge me. Hopefully this is fixed so everyone can keep on editing..Version: 16.1.0

Picsart please read this!! 💝Okay so first off, I would like to say I LOVE THIS APP. It is so amazing. But here are a few things that bother me.. 1.) You need PicsArt Gold for half of the things!! After a while it does get pretty annoying when you want to add a glitch effect but CAN’T, you have to pay money. This especially goes to people like me with strict parents that will not let us buy any online items. 2.) A lot of the same stuff is just getting more popular. Some Korean girl is sitting down and the filter is dark. Boom. Gets 1.5M views. And then I spend around 30 minutes on one edit and work really hard on it only for it to get 10 views. Like, come on. It’s really overused. 3.) PicsArt needs a better way of recommending things. Like I said in #2, I only get 10 views for some stuff I worked real hard on. Meanwhile posts that are already SUPER POPULAR keep getting more and more views. Also, when I follow people their edits don’t show up on my home page. I think that might be just me, but I’m not sure. Other than that, I LOVE the app. Always use this for editing. PicsArt please try to respond if you can. 💖 I’ll give you the last star when I’m fully satisfied. :).Version: 18.7.5

This is awesomeIt’s so cool to make these pictures with PicsArt, and so easy. My only problem is the restrictions without Picsart Gold. But other than that, awesome. 5/5.Version: 17.4.2

One of my favorites! But a few flaws..!I’ve used this app for 1 or 2 years I’m pretty sure. Overall, it’s been a pretty great and trustworthy app. Is has TONS of options to edit your photos and it’s helpful! I loved creating my account and making so many friends! 💗 Me and my friends share many memories from Picsart! However, every good thing has a bad thing to go along with it. I was always bothered on the price of the subscription. It’s expensive and I don’t think I would spend that much money on an app. And a lot of the features require needing a subscription. And I understand tons of apps have subscriptions, and I respect that some people enjoy to buy them! But I noticed there are very limited filters that are available to people without the subscription. So maybe, if Picsart possibly added some more features to be available for people without the subscription, that would be helpful! Other than that, there isn’t much I would complain about! Picsart is a great app to spread your wings a little and have a touch of creativity. Actually, I was never interested in virtual design or virtual art until I discovered Picsart! So thank you for inspiring me and I’m sure many others will be inspired! Thank you for taking your time to read my review. I highly recommend Picsart to any age! Have a good rest of your day/night! 💖✨.Version: 19.4.4

Great, loving these edits!I love this app, it’s uses colours that are bright and has everything that you need, one problem is that you can’t have music on there which is a concern (at least to me) because the app has no sound and its boring. Could you also make it so that you can have a choice of music in slideshows etc. To make your piece sound interesting and nicely in tone with the genre of slideshow. I Also love this app because you can change previous projects ( by using the create new button with the + at the top in a box) I have been using this app for a few days and I love it, there are some bugs with a certain type of creating button which is the create new button again because when you tap to move something it never saves which is oddly strange considering you can in freestyle mode. Please fix this bug as I would love to use this style of art without making a mistake and starting all over again. Thanks!.Version: 17.3.4

Great app until recently……I absolutely love this app for making cartoons and other art. I paid for the yearly subscription and I have been very happy with it until recently. It has developed a serious glitch while I am placing stickers and text. I don’t apply/save them straight away as I am still seeing what looks best and getting text in the right place. I go to move a sticker or text and it won’t move at all and then when it does move, it moves into the wrong position and then I have to move it again. It didn’t have this problem when I first purchased it but I am now finding it very annoying. I considered deleting it and reloading but I’m not sure that my subscription will be automatically applied to the newly downloaded app. Help please..Version: 20.0.3

PLEASE READ PICSART!COMMENT: I love this app soooo much! Just I think that u should add some stuff! I’ll recommend it down after what I’m done saying. ⬇️ I’ve been with picsart for about…2 years now? And I’ve enjoyed it so much! I love everyone’s posts and it’s such an amazing artsy community!! I think that this is an amazing social app! PROBLEM: I’ve tried to Resend or vertify my email, but it’s not working? I mean, I don’t mind as long as I can post and stuff, but it gets a lil bit annoying when I cant follow or comment on people’s accounts/posts. U don’t have to fix this, just a little thing. RECOMMENDATION: I think you should make it so people can post videos! I know this may seem REALLY quite bad as lots of people will maybe do inappropriate sexual, self harm etc. videos, But if they do, moderators could bann them! I just think adding videos to the platform would be an amazing update and I would use it SO MUCH! I think more people would get the social platform too. I would love to get to post vids. U don’t have to, just a REALLY cool recommendation! BYE: anyway cya! (I love ur app so much keep up the good work! Have an amazing day! Xx -Sam.Version: 19.2.3

Storage IssuesDon’t get me wrong, this is great for editing and creating but it’s all storage full meh meh. And it ruins my day. So I got it, it took up storage, I deleted it then got it back and it’s an endless cycle. But it’s storage meh meh but whenever I make something it refuses to let me save my work and at least be like “Oops! Something went wrong! Would you like to save this photo to Pixsart or delete the photo?” Cause whenever you might spend like hours on something and you just want it done, you might be like so proud of it but then it says you have full storage but you don’t and deletes it! And still great game, get a lot of use out of it but it’s the most aggravating thing I have on my iPad. And whenever I try to grab something it’s all “Oops! Something went wrong! Try again?” And it’s so irritating cause it’s always that and it only lets me get the stupid Pepa Pig frog! And whenever I play this I always get a happy reminder on why I deleted this game in the first place, storage problems! And then I would take a photo and a video and it would let me save them! (Im talking about in the regular photos app) it does this, so that’s prof I don’t have full storage. -Ella.Version: 16.6.0

This app is something Different!I got this app about 2 years ago, (I recently quit, but it is not their fault, I just got busy), and it has done so much for me. It taught me how to enhance my drawing and photography skills with all of the tips and photos all of the users share, it helped me make friends, and a variety of other things! It is Social Media and a drawing app, rolled up into one! There is no DM'ing, so you don't have to worry about creeps or anyone like that. You can post, like, comment, and share on the app in your account. It is relatively free, the only things you need to pay for are the sticker packs, and even those are cheap, maybe .99 cents for their basic ones, and maybe $1.99 or $2.99 for really nice ones! The also have competitions and contests where they choose a theme, and you work with it. Then the person with the most likes on their photo wins. On another note, I had just *Very* recently emailed their help line, and the respondee was very nice! Their name was Lusine, and she helped me through. This is definitely a one of a kind app, and you should definitely get it!.Version: 9.33

I have a problem.I've been using picsart for quite a bit, I love it! But one particular project I was working on, suddenly disappeared, I was bewildered. Then I figured out that it was deleted. I never touched the delete button, is there a delete button? I don't know but the last time I saw the project was when I was working on it, then I had to do something, it said it was auto saved, so I turned my iPad off, then went on with my day. The next day, I wanted to work on it, so i hopped onto picsart... and it's not there. Please add a feature where if you delete a project, it goes into a "recently deleted" file. Besides that the app is great!.Version: 11.3

Please read before buying!!The is a great app but i have a few little problems with it 1. The blood images, when i search up anything like “kawaii anime” it always comes up with images like anime girls/boys with knifes and anime girls/boys with guns and anime girls and boys with blood on them selfs it isn’t funny please make it so that u see the images that people send before they can be posted for millions of people to see because on app store when it lists the reasons why it’s the age rating it doesn’t say the main reasons 2.I know this is listed in the reasons why it’s a 12 but still , the nudity it’s still not okay for 12 year olds to see this stuff again please check what people are posting!!! thank you for reading 💖😄 have fun!.Version: 18.0.2

PicsartI LOVE the app, it’s just, today, I wanted to film a video and show how I do my thumbnails, it went offline, our WiFi is completely on, I even tried my 4G and it was saying the same thing. I deleted the app and downloaded it back again, then it said I had to log in, sign up and stuff, so I tried to log in VIA Facebook, it wouldn’t let me, then I tried to log in VIA Snapchat, wouldn’t work. I tried to log in and reset my password, it wouldn’t let me. I then decided to re-register, so I chose my normal email, then it wouldn’t let me do it. Please get this sorted. I really love the app, it’s just I can’t go on it. Later in: I managed to skip the part where u have to log in, but when I got it, I couldn’t get the stickers, the whole app was taken over by no connection, I have full WiFi bars and stuff. I can’t log in now, or even skip past the log in info. I am literally locked out of the app. Pls get this sorted because I need the app for yt. Thank you..Version: 14.4

Love PicsArt!This is a great photo editing app. I use it mostly to resize photos, add different background’s or remove certain things i don’t want in the photo, plus collages quite often. The video editing is great, too. I use this app more than any other photo editing one, mostly for the simplicity and ease of use. It’s not complicated as so many apps can be. I don’t do anything special, like I’m sure many can do using this app, but for an amateur like me, it’s awesome..Version: 21.1.5

👍🏼👌🏼🙏🏻❤️J'adore j'ai enfin trouver l'application qui me conviens.Version: 17.2.4

It’s good butPicsart is a really good art for editing but I just have one problem driving me crazy! I cant seem to find the text button, I have searched on you and Google for a lot a time trying to find how to do it but all the videos are outdated!! I Don’t know if I will ever find it actually and I couldn’t even find a help button! It is a pretty good app after all but I cant get over the fact that I cant add texts so I rate this a 4/5. You can still enjoy the app though,Byee!.Version: 21.3.11

PicsArtPicsArt is so amazing l have literally made so many beautiful things with this app my friend Keira told me to get and it sounded so cool so l had to get off course but since then l have gone it every day after School and have so excited to make another art work.Version: 15.4.0

Please fix thisOverall I love PicsArt, it is a great app and it’s an awesome editing program. But there is a glitch that has popped up yesterday. All the like and comment buttons are gone. Now you can no longer comment or like images. I ask some friends in the remix chat and they all said that they where having the same problem. Please fix this glitch, I don’t know if you did it on purpose or not, if so, please, please take it off. If not, can you please fix this? PicsArt is not the same without the likes or comments. It’s not as fun....Version: 13.7

PerfectLove this app, is super good for photo editing, it’s almost limitless.Version: 18.2.4

I have a few problems if they get fixed I’ll give it a 5 starSo I’ve had this for a few months now and I’ve learned how to use it better but there’s a few things I need to talk about. Like how just today I was making a little anime edit for my sister and it was one of those pictures where there is multiple of the faces everywhere and it kept crashing, and I kept having to redo it but it just kept crashing so I stopped trying to make that. Then I was making this solar system thing or which I was going to, but then I look up “solar system” and all the doodle plants had to be paid for and I was going to do a doodle picture. So what I’m trying to say is there are to many times the app crashes and to many things that I need have to be paid for. Oh and I even saw a review that asked to make it a bit less crashy but did that happen? Oh and with the crashing again I need it to be when it crashes for it to save my work. It takes me SO long and it doesn’t save it? And for the paying... please make just a bit less stuff not have to be paid for if you can’t fix that one I really understand 😅. But for the crashing you need to get to that. So I hope you fix these problems and I may make this a 5 star ⭐️..Version: 16.6.1

New ideasI love this app very much and it has helped me a lot in my editing but there is a few fault, one being it glitches sometimes and just logs you out of the app, another being the premium.. I’m a minor and don’t have any money of my own to pay for premium and I don’t think I will use this app that much anymore once I leave high school, and I think a lot of other people agree.. I understand that you need money for the app to run, but maybe lift some of the restrictions because it does stop us from being as good as other editors and it brings us down. Also maybe add some new features other then effects, like maybe new colour text ideas, fonts, or drawing techniques, I for one would like a better colour area for the text, because I cannot make my edits as pretty as I would like and the gradient effect is quite irritating because you can control which direction it shows and how much Of both the colours can show, maybe even add multiple colours to that area? But other then that i absolutely love this app and rate it 4/5 stars! Keep up the amazing work :).Version: 15.8.1

Please consider reading this before purchasingHi! You look nice today! I have some comments on this game, I absolutely love it but there can be a glitch at times. After months with the app i have experienced 1 glitch and i just had to close Picsart for 2 days. This game has become a hobby and I can’t live a day without editing on Picsart. Please do notice it’s hard to find thing’s and yeah. Me and all my friends have this beautiful app so i recommend getting this app! Have a lovely day :).Version: 20.9.5

Love Picsart but here are some suggestionsThe first thing I wanna say is right off the bat Picsart is a amazing editing app and I use it for editing all my photos. But I do have a couple suggestions. I would like to start off with hashtags. I get that hashtags are going to make a Photos easier to find and better to sort in categories but I don’t like how I have to do a hashtag every single photo. I would also like to say that there is a ad right when you open the app and you have to wait a couple seconds to exit out of it it’s kind of annoying. There’s ads every time you save or post a photo. The third thing I would like to say is that I don’t get why we need an email to follow people or write a comment because some people don’t have emails. I also like to make different accounts for different photos but I don’t have 1000 emails. It’s also very hard for people to find you without an email which I don’t like. I have one more thing to say I wish it was easier to get featured or on the discover page. I would also like if PicsArt could have a creator of the week or creator of the day. That would make it so much easier to get noticed by people. I also want Chat to come back because I had so many friends and now I can’t talk to them privately. In other words I love Picsart so much these are just suggestions. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 18.4.3

Picsart CommunityI been on PA for over a year now, I love posting stuff and chatting with my followers! But there has been some problems with the community. I don’t think Picsart noticed but there have been some toxic people that are always reported and banned, but they come back with alts. Also Picsart, maybe view your comment section. A lot of hate is blasted into it and it hurts a lot. I love the diversity you guys achieve with your posts but perhaps check into the comments. One of your posts with the beautiful girl got a lot of comments like “Fatty” “Fat” “OMG she must be Hawaiian cuz she got the rolls” Pls look into it. I hate reporting every single comment cuz it takes a lot of time. Other than that Picsart it is a wonderful community! Perhaps if u download it, we may come across each-other’s acc! ^^.Version: 19.9.2

NiftyI love this app, I have made many priceless photos. Thank you creators!!.Version: 9.17

Annoying glitchThis apps amazing but there’s a really annoying glitch it’s where when I press eraser on a sticker or anything it only lets me erase and do invert it won’t let me press restore.Version: 16.3.3

Picsart reviewPick start is an amazing app I think that there are many things that are wonderful and creative that you can use but I have a couple of how do I say things I would like to change about pics stop no hate no shade just a little helper to them so They can have a lot more customers and people using their app so they can make some more money but what I think that they could change is that you should just because there are lots of things that you can’t use if you haven’t paid for the upgrade and stuff and some people like me I’m like a kid and it’s like I don’t have the authority to go and spend my parents money and just like use the credit card to that the permissions that’s just one thing I want to change but other than that picture is an amazing app and I definitely recommend it it.Version: 18.7.3

Good but needs fixesDon’t get me wrong, I love this app so much! Mainly because a lot of the things you need to make a good edit are free, and that you can ‘remix’ (edit others photos) and use backgrounds that are posted! However there are some problems... I usually do collages because I like to see all the cute pictures together, and I was in the middle of making a collage that I had been working on for a while when it just went back to the home screen. I tried to get it back but I couldn’t. So I restarted it and I had only just put the filter on when the app froze. Sometimes my whole phone just freezes so I turned my phone off and back on but it wouldn’t fix. Please fix this!.Version: 15.3.3

Amazing!To all who are considering to download PicsArt, I would 100% recommend PicsArt! It’s so much fun, there are so many inspirational pictures and people on PicsArt! There are so many things you can do and there’s a hashtag for everyone on there! No matter what you like you will find people like you on there. It’s super easy to get likes, you can look up hashtags,each hashtag has a group. You can follow theses groups, so you can hashtag to the groups you like/follow and others will most definitely see it because of the hashtags. It’s simple! The more you hashtag the more views/like you will get. For those who are worried about the social media side of things, don’t! It’s all super safe and there’s no way for things to get out of hand! You can feel secure knowing that it’s safe! I hope that this helped! Love, A PicsArt fan! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 16.9.2

Caution: Can’t share within family**UPDATE** Support Team contacted me and gave me the instructions for getting this on to the other Family devices. Great support. Thank you! **Original review** I purchased this app for hefy price of just under £59 hoping I could share it with my two daughters. The app did say you can share it using family sharing up to 6 people but then also says in app purchases cannot be shared. Surely by purchasing the app, it is not classed as an in app purchase as I downloaded it and paid for it via iTunes. I’m now stuck with an expensive app that only I can use on my device and the 3 of us want to use. I will not be renewing this next year unless they fix it so I can share it to my two daughters..Version: 13.8

Helpful, but some problems.Picsart is honestly pretty helpful and I use it a good amount, especially because I’m an IG editor and you need mirrored pictures and whatnot sometimes for your edits. Not only that but in general Picsart is really good for editing pictures with too. You can save the pictures/videos to your camera roll after your finished editing which is amazing and all, but that’s where I’m getting my issues from. Lately Picsart has just been shutting down out of nowhere WHILE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF EDITING. Yesterday I was making something that took me a good hour or so and all of a sudden POOF. IT SHUTS DOWN AND ALL MY WORK IS GONE. It’s been really frustrating for me and I don’t know why it’s doing that, I’ve had to restart about 4 times now. In fact, I’m writing this review after it just me out a few minutes ago. I don’t know if the problem has something to do with my phone itself or if it’s a problem with the app. I still recommend this app though, don’t get me wrong. There’s A LOT of really neat stuff to edit with (I love using the brushes) even if half of it you need Picsart Gold for it (I’m 13. I’m broke.) so yeah, still recommend tho!.Version: 14.3.1

I have many problems with itAlright- so I have a lot of problems with this app. First of all; it’s so hard to make anything without premium gold. Second, it crashes often and I end up losing more than half of my progress on an edit. It’s really obnoxious and I’d like it to be fixed. My phone doesn’t crash with any other app so I know it’s a problem revolving solely around this app. Third, (this is the most annoying thing about it) it will just randomly stop working and it refuses to let me apply the layer of stickers I put on it. It refuses to let me apply anything on it. And when I try? It sends me to the “GeT PiCsArt PreMIuM tOday!¡!!” Screen. Meaning i have to get premium to be able to even continue working on my edit. And any logical person would think- “okay well you can just screenshot it right? NO. NO I CANT. BECAUSE WHEN I TRIED THE SCREENSHOT LITERALLY DIDNT EVEN WORK- IT WAS JUST A PICTURE OF PURE WHITE. AND THIS LITTLE GHOST EMOJI THING POPPED UP AND IT SAID “well at least you tried 👻 give your edit it’s due credit subscribe now to save your work and share your creative vision” so yeah. I’m p¡ssed off and I’m consistently never using this app again unless this is fixed. Because this isn’t fair. Yeah so if you dont want this to happen to you maybe your shouldn’t get this app. I’m really angry right now so sorry if that sounded really mean, I just wanna make some weird core edits- man. T-T anyway have a good day..Version: 18.4.3

PicsArtHi! I love this app and I use it a lot I downloaded it not to long ago and posted things. They got views but not like major probably like 180 for the most and to me I was like wow no way then last night I went in and looked at all the views and had 1000 ON LIKE ALMOST ALL OF THEM. Then I went on in the morning and I had something that had about 2 views then I checked later in the afternoon and it had 1004!?!?? I’m not sure if somehow I’m getting loads of views or if this is just a glitch I just thought to tell you incase it is a glitch! Like when I saw I was so happy and like no way! But I thought to tell you’s anyway! PicsArt is an amazing app I heard loads of my friends had it and decided to try it out! :D.Version: 14.9.2

Amazing.It’s amazing! But one problem... this happens often, in the middle of my edit I go apply a sticker and I go back to the edit and it’s GONE. But I would just rate 5/5. </3.Version: 19.7.4

Awesome app.. but...Hi PicsArt, I was just working on something that took me half an hour to do, and each time I’m about to save it, it glitches out and deletes my masterpiece, I have tried 5 very frustrating times, my wifi is fine my internet is all good, it just seems to be the app?.Version: 15.7.4

Very nice for editing!Hello Picsart! Your app is very nice, the filters, the smoothness, everything. However, I have had some issues… One of them is crashing. I have gotten very far on some edits, sometimes I thought they would be one of my best edits, but then Picsart crashes and it doesn’t save. Another thing is the Gold. Smart blur is a VERY popular filter so I can completely understand why you made it gold, because since people like the filter, you already know that by making it gold, people would pay more. Unfortunately, they aren’t paying. And I’ve met quite a few people who have quit due to not being able to use filters that used to be free, and now they have to pay. I know that you might have thought “Well, this is good quality so people need to pay now.” or “Well if it’s so popular, let’s make them pay.” Unfortunately, people aren’t paying. They’re just quitting entirely. There have been some really, really GREAT editors with certain filters, and that specific blur filter. But now it just really bums them out. So me, and my followers, are kindly asking for t least just one, just one filter to be free again.. The smart blur filter - From, Tulip.Version: 17.6.5

Best app IMOHonestly.. I prefer this app to Lightroom. I don't normally write reviews, but I've been explaining to so many friends why I use this more than Lightroom that I thought I'd leave it here as well: 1) It's light and fast; that's the biggest benefit for me. Lightroom can sometimes lag (even on my laptop), it drains my tablet battery etc, whereas this is fast and responsive, that alone is enough reason to switch. 2)It has all the functionality of Lightroom... though some of it might be in different form. For instance, instead of radial brush you can just use a brush (which it's more precise anyway), it has a colour replace function, colour pop and hue change which are all super customisable. 3) It comes with a lot of free presets / effects/ backgrounds etc. Obviously as a photographer you would have your own style presets saved, and you might not even end up using one of the built in ones but sometimes it's helpful to go through different style options before editing to decide what kind of edit would look best. I mean... It's just a very good app. Honesty, well done..Version: 15.4.0

It’s okayI love editing with this but the only thing I’d recommend you fix is a redo button, I’ve pressed the undo button so many times on accident it’s not funny. I then loose my some of my work and it’s really annoying, it would be nice if you could fix this thank you^-^.Version: 11.3

It’s awesome but…I love PicSo but I realised that if I put lots of stickers that its hard to arrange can you please fix that? Other than that this is an amazing app..Version: 21.1.5

GOOD APP ! FREE FILTERS / FREE TO EDITI always wondered how my friends made there photos so grainy good and with saturation that it made it look like they had good quality . So one of my friends told me to use pic art and so I did . At first I didn’t know how to use this app .. but than after knowing how to edit my photos on this app it became a habit of mine to always use this app to edit my photos and make them look like it his nice quality ! . Since than this is my fav app 😭😭😍😍😍!!!! The best app I’ve ever used 💯..Version: 18.5.3

Very bad glitch on some phonesI love picsart and have used for years, since 2012 . lately it has a major glitch in it, i cant zoom in, add stickers or do anything without the screen glitching and going black. It doesnt happen on my boyfriends phone, but always happens on mine. I cant use the app without the screen going black which then i cant see what i'm doing. I dont know if it can be fixed or not because its only on some phones but for most phones its a great app apart from the fact i cant use it..Version: 13.3.1

Idk what happened - also the screen freezesI absolutely LOVE this app, I would give it 5 star, but something weird happened and that’s why it’s 3. A couple days ago I finally made an account after having it for a while. It was going good, then when I had to verify my email, it just signed me out, and I couldn’t get back into my account. Has this happened to anyone else? It was really weird. I’m really sad because I was enjoying posting my edits, and people really liked them. I’ve been trying to get it back, and I’ll try more. EDIT:: I just made a new account and everything is fine. But there’s one problem with this app that has been driving me crazy since the day I got it. So every time I try to scroll down to see the description of people post, the screen will freeze and stay like that for 10-15 seconds and it drive me crazy, it happens on every. single. post. Also the screen will freeze at random time, sometimes while I’m editing and it’ll kick me out of the app. The screen freezes so much and I hope you guys can fix it. That’s the only problem I have with the app right now..Version: 20.1.4

Great but.....This app is great. It has no ads which I’m so grateful for because so much apps have ads and it’s annoying. You can edit photos, put stickers, put texts boxes and literally so so much more. I have made over 15 photos in 1 day because I’m so addicted. I’m constantly making edits of my idol (Taylor Swift) and I’m in love with them. Now here comes the bad part.... THE CRASHING!!! When I’m editing a photo minding my own business suddenly a black screen comes up and I see my home screen. And then I have to click on the app and restart because my work didn’t save.’s annoying with the plus version. Basically the plus version also know as the better version. Basically you get better things. You can erase things from your photo. Get better stickers. Better text boxes and more. You still have options without using plus but when I see a cute sticker it wants me to pay to get it. I MEAN COME ON. I want to enjoy my game without paying. Although this game is so addicting and I love editing my photos and adding fonts. I love this app. I’m also editing photos of myself. I love surprising my mom by editing her photo and she loves it. I recommend.Version: 16.1.0

Amazing! But PLEASE remove the social media.Hi, my cousin told me about this app long ago and immediately downloaded this app. The photo editing is GREAT! Awesome features, and it’s really cool. But one thing I HATE. SOICAL MEDIA! I am not a fan and how the fact that my mom is always wanting to look over at what app I’m on whenever I’m scrolling through people’s photos on PicsArt, and I have to cover it or click out. That’s why I finally decided, I should delete this app. This app is still great though. But please, PLEASE remove the social media. This app wasn’t even meant for social media anyways, was it? No. Maybe not. It was for editing photos, and making masterpieces. If you don’t wanna take away social media, at least only have PicsArt’s account and not let anyone make a account. Please. It’s all I’m asking. - Sophie | Update: I just wanted to say it’s not crashing and glitchy for me, maybe it’s just people’s old raggedy devices because everyone complains about how glitchy this app is. It’s not! Again it’s just your old raggedy devices. Like bruh big deal. Update: I’m fine with social media, but no commenting would be good because I still wanna get inspired..Version: 17.7.6

Amazing!!I love this app so much it is incredible!! I don’t like that you have to get premium for extra things but I love it because there is so many other things you can use without having to pay!! you never used to be able to edit a video without paying but it seems they recently updated it and I am very happy about that. That was the only imperfection but I love that it has been improved!! I would definitely recommend this app it is so fun to use and so easy to understand!! I tried many other apps before this but they were all money grabbers:( I would definitely recommend this app it is so fun and my Instagram has for sure improved😂xx.Version: 14.4

Really good app!Amazing app! But I have something to add to make the app easier to use! like for example: a tutorial for people who don't know how to use the app. also some useful things that are in this app, you need to subscribe to access them, I would like to know if you could change that please? animation would be useful for stickers if i didn't have to pay a large amount of money for it. thanks for reading this!.Version: 18.3.3

Very goodIt’s exactly what you get and almost nothing is behind a paywall just press x and everything is fine don’t press discard changes if you want to go back bc it might just kick you out the whole editing thing but for iOS it’s way better then photoshop.Version: 17.7.4

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!I’d rate it a 10/10. The ads aren’t those types where you have to wait to press the x and just pop out of nowhere. The ads are just at the bottom and they’re tiny!! I hardly even notice they’re there. I love Picsart so much! I would recommend it for families who are keen on cyber safety because all you’re posting is images! Unless you put your address and all your personal info on the picture then it’s a really safe platform! uwu (My account is nightshade_fursona if you wanna check it out!!).Version: 17.6.5

LoveI do love the app but my email thing doesn’t work so sadly i cant verify lol Weird how i used to be able to follow ppl without verification but whatever :/ Overall its good. You can find a lot of people you can relate to and the idea of using stickers created by other people to edit your own photos / edit their stickers is really nice. Also i don't use that many apps but i don't think I've seen a ‘remix’ feature??? Like who came up with this??? That was all the good stuff but if i were to talk about issues with this it would probably be when I put a lot of stuff in my description and i go to the ‘share’ page (the next thing after description) i decide i want to go back to description and make the image a replay but when i go back once instead of taking me to description it takes me all the way back to image editing. And then i go back to description and my description is erased. So maybe add a separate back button for the ‘share’ thing after description and make it to where the back button on the ‘share’ portion it only goes back to description..Version: 21.3.11

Annoying CrashesHello PicsArt, Inc! I am currently having issues with my PicsArt app whenever I do my outline on 'Cut Out' for my sticker collection.. I always crash 😩 After the crash, either most of my outline work is gone or if I'm almost done then it all disappears completely 😔 I don't know if this is an issue for other PicsArt players, but it sure is frustrating.. If it's a bug, could you please fix it? I'd appreciate it very much! 🤍 Other than that, the game is great! I love the fact that you can have different fonts for your text (even though I've fonts using KiKa Keyboard)! And that there's a comment section now for most posts! There are a lot of things I could go over all day, but I will stop there 😊 Please download PicsArt now for free cookies (and there's milk too🥛) 🍪🤍.Version: 17.2.2

To picsartAmazing app. Saves your photos that ur not done editing!.Version: 18.3.4

Nice AppI use this app for my thumbnails on YouTube.Version: 10.8

Most features of any media editor I have seen!This app gets the job done. It has the best cutout tool I have seen, has a crap ton of stickers, frames, live generated music, video editing features, gives unlimited previews of Gold features without purchase (to check if those features are worth it), has tons of effects, green screen tools, color replacement, and much more. The layout when editing is flawless and there are no crashes. The $50 a year for Gold would 100% be worth it if I had the money, however the amount of great free tools makes it almost obsolete! PicsArt is great! A request I have for the devs would be the addition of a heal tool (there is one similar called blemish) however this tool would be more similar to the “Spot Heal” tool from Adobe Photoshop Fix. Also, a great addition to this app would be the Fill tool in the drawing tab (this fills empty space distinguished by color). Lastly, shapes are unable to be moved or changed after they have been drawn in with the shape drawing tool and then un-selected. It would be great if the ability to drag these shapes around was added..Version: 16.5.1

Here’s the truthPicsart is a great tool for editing photos, it’s really fun to use. You’ll notice it’s primarily advertised as photo editing software however I would more accurately describe it as a social media platform for artists and photographers. I’ve been posting since December and I’m so happy I’ve made lots of friends and fans within the art community. There was a period of time when there seemed to be lots of spam comments and picsart has since removed the comments to help tackle this issue however this makes it very difficult to communicate with fans and get feedback from other artists. It would be great if the comments were back, I’m sure people would rather have spam comments alongside being able to easily interact rather than no comments at all :/.Version: 15.3.3

Best app everLove this app it’s always my go-to editing software. So easy to use and has so many free features!!! Definitely recommend 👍🏻.Version: 18.6.3

HelpHey, I love this app but every time I try to use the smoothing thing it freezes and my whole phone dies. I can’t use any buttons (power off and power on) home button, volume, charging it doesn’t make any sound when it’s plugged in. And after ten minutes it does a loading thing then brings me to Lock Screen but please help.Version: 17.4.3

I recommend this app!❤️but..This app Is really useful ,especially to edit pictures for things like Instagram, I get about double the amount of views I used to get now😂 I have to say I spend way longer than I should on this app but I can’t help it, theres loads of tools and filters wich make every picture 100x better. I like this app becuase it’s super easy to edit pictures and I’ve had no problems at all so far, except for one thing I think there should be an undo button for when I accidentally click apply or finish and then I have to redo everything again😞 But other than that, PicsArt is awesome .👏🏻 Thanks for reading😘🤪.Version: 14.4

Best Photo Editing AppFrom simple crops to intricate edits, PicsArt does it all! I would highly recommend this app to anyone—beginner to advanced..Version: 18.2.4

Picstart :(I don't usually write reviews often unless it's necessary to share; I've been using Picsart for about 4 years now. And honestly it's Been great until recently I decided to edit a piece. I've never had a problem with Picsart what I loved about it is that when you would be editing something the app would save your work ! And you would be able to continue where you left off:) and I was also able to download my image afterwards ya know ? The simple stuff that anyone should have access too + that doesn't require a subscription or being a member.. mind you I was never a subscriber because I sincerely can not afford the price to be one but now things have changed. So basically I was working on a piece. Editing it as I was done I obviously wanted to private it or save it but an ad pops up from Picsart saying "Try Picsart Gold!!" I had to do a payment ? To get access to my picture? I couldn't even screenshot it due to copy right or something because it turned black. I'm honestly very upset and I can't imagine how other picsart users feel..Version: 19.2.2

Why I love this appThis App is a grate app for anyone who wants to have grate photos in minutes I just took a pic of Big Ben in London and I looked a bit boring so I downloaded this app when I got back to my hotel and then added 2-3 filters and I became a £1000 picture you could find eat a gallery a also used it to make more funny pics by putting peoples face on to pictures if celebs and there significant other I made a funny one of my family but even though u can do funny things with this app it can be used for some seriously grate editing and amazing photography, it’s grate for anyone who wants to get a grate photo for a mug calendar or if u just want a nice wallpaper for your phone the only bed thing is how much stuff u must each vids for or bye premium for other wise it’s a grate app and I love it.Version: 14.3

Amazing app! <3I have recently been getting into photography and editing. Normally most apps leave a logo at the bottom with there name and I have tried many apps with not good editing facilities with non member ship. I love picsart and how much you can do. I love using all the creative features picsart offers to members and none members. I never review on apps because most of the time they are bad but picsart is an app I recommend. Even though it’s a 12. I was only allowed picsart if I didn’t have an acc because my parents are strict about me online but there is no difference to having an account. All is the same. There aren’t adds and they game doesn’t crash very often. Overall amazing! Definitely recommend if you have started getting into editing and photography!.Version: 16.8.1

Great game but a few questions!!PicsArt is a great game for people who live to edit photos and create photos themselves! I love to play it a lot but one day when I went one PicsArt it wouldn’t let me comment or like on anyone’s pictures and I couldn’t see likes on my pictures!! At first I thought it was a new update but then when my brother and cousin went on they could still like and comment. It very annoying because I used to love that app and go on everyday but now I don’t go on as much because of this reason🙁 please fix this or at least think about the reason it’s happening!!.Version: 13.8

Amazing but... 😊PicsArt is an amazing tool in which I use so I can edit things that other apps (such as VideoStar) need In-app purchases to do! PicsArt is truly outstanding but there is just one thing in my mind that needs adjusting. All of the ‘good’ features are always premium and you have to pay a lot for. Though I understand there needs to be a way for this business to achieve an income, it truly is hard for those who can’t afford ‘premium’ to make an as good piece of work that they were perhaps dreaming to create. In total I gave this app a 4/5 starts, soulfully through the reasons above. I overall recommend this app to beginners it is really helpful and creates pretty awesome stuff. It is just a bit hard to create an ‘as good’ artwork as other creators without being able to afford ‘premium’..Version: 15.4.0

I love Picsart!This is such a good app! I love it because I can edit photos and design anything! Possibilities are endless! I was going to get SnapChat, but got this instead! Thanks Picsart!.Version: 19.2.3

Make a one time payment feature instead of a subscriptionI have been using this app for over a year now and i actually love it the only major downside is some tools you have to pay to use but you can only buy into it in the form of a subscription which is a major let down on the app especially when some of those tools is just to make it into a certain image file such as PNG when this feature alone should be free because little things like this would make users try to search for other applications, although i would not mind paying to use these features if it was a one time purchase but the fact that its a subscription that you have to pay for is a major dissapointment Edit: did you even read what i said? I am not facing any issue i just find it greedy that you need to pay for gold just to save the photo as a PNG.Version: 18.1.2

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