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QSeer Coupon Reader App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

QSeer Coupon Reader app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using QSeer Coupon Reader? Can you share your negative thoughts about qseer coupon reader?

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QSeer Coupon Reader for Negative User Reviews

Does not scan couponsI wasted my money on this app as it does not scan any coupons. Whenever I try to scan a coupon, the app crashes and shuts down. Totally useless. Was really excited about this app. Now, so disappointed and out of my money..Version: 1.28

Will not scanI used this app all the time. I got a new phone and logged in and scan one coupon and will not scan another. I am beyond upset. I paid for this and it will not work. No update, toubleshoot or anything. And I don’t think it’s another app like it..Version: 1.25

No expiration!I love this app! I am just picking up couponing again after quite a long time. I scanned old coupons (from 2yrs ago) in my couponing notebook so I could get the hang of the app and noticed I had quite a few without any expiration. I would have just thrown them out. Good to know for the future! Unfortunately this app freezes often and then completely shuts down. It can be extremely difficult to read the coupons but when it does it’s awesome. Can be very frustrating though. Only giving 3 out of 5 stars..Version: 1.28

Coupons not scanning on iPhone 12 ProAll was well with this app until I purchased a new device. I’ve emailed the developer several times and no response..Version: 1.28

Can’t scan anything!I’ve scanned 1 coupon since i bought this app and it was a Kroger store coupon. I can’t seem to get any coupon to scan no matter how much light I have or if I use the flash or if I hold it still or if I hold it 4-6 inches away. I’m starting to regret purchasing this app..Version: 1.22

IPhone 12So I’ve always loved this app with the exception that sometimes there’s issues when trying to scan coupons. I upgraded to the iPhone 12 last year and since then I have not been able to scan any coupons. I belong to a couponing group and I am not the only one that is having issues using the app with the iPhone 12. I hope the developers can figure out the issue and fix it..Version: 1.28

VERY DISAPPOINTED!Bought this App awhile back to help with Extreme Couponing. It doesn't work. If I scan 50 coupons I'm lucky if 1 actually works. Bought it to help save money as I'm a single Mom of 3, instead all it does is NOTHING! Why can't this issue be fixed? I'm not the only one having this issue & I've tried it on all of my Apple devices & it still doesn't work..Version: 1.27

Mixed Feelings...The app itself is great - when it can actually read the barcode. On my 12 Pro Max, it has a hard time focusing and reading the barcodes. It just sits there much of the time, barcode clearly in the green brackets and NOTHING HAPPENS. NO FEEDBACK. Bank check scanners give feedback such as move closer, etc. This stares at you with vacant eyes like a drugged out passenger on the subway..Version: 1.28

CrashKeeps crashing every time I scan a q now. Super unfortunate bc this was my favorite app. I use it on the iPhone 13 Pro and originally had no issues but it all started once I scanned an IP q, now it won’t scan anything..Version: 1.29

Cuts offI thought this was a great app to have but it’s been useless since I purchased it b/c every time I try to scan a coupon it cuts off. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and it still does it. Please fix that, I paid for it and it should work properly..Version: 1.29

No support whatsoeverI have had it for few years. About 6 mos ago it stopped working. It would just shut down during a scan. Contacted developer, and never heard back!!!.Version: 1.29

Worked great at first..This app was great, as a couponer it was awesome to know what was actually expired vs the date on the coupon. Although the last few months, it hasn’t been scanning coupons at all for me. I haven’t deleted it because I relied so heavily on it and am hoping it’ll work again at some point but I’ve tried scanning the same coupon all week and it just never reads it....Version: 1.25

Wasted my 2$I have no idea why I thought this was gonna work . I wasted my 1.99$ . This app tells you exactly what the coupon says and nothing more . I can read the coupons. I thought this would break things down better . No go ..Version: 1.21

APP HAS BEEN CRASHING FOR WEEKSWhen will this be fixed?!? This app has been crashing for the last 3 weeks:…whenever time scan coupons and crashes….I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled……...Version: 1.29

Keeps closingQseer, worked great when I first downloaded it!! I love the app but here lately every time I take a picture of a coupon the app completely closes!.Version: 1.22

Useless nowSince last update it no longer works. Closes out every barcode I scan.Version: 1.29

Not my favI’ve had this app maybe for about 3 weeks now and I can count on one hand how many times this app has successfully scanned a coupon. I’m not sure if it’s my phone, I’ve tried every angle and lighting I can possibly try, nothing! I’ve tried emailing someone about a possible refund because obviously the app is no use to me..Version: 1.27

Does not workI was excited to download this app, it would of been very useful if it actually worked... at all, it will not scan! I tried all the suggestions they made to get it to work & no luck.. when I asked for a refund, their customer service stopped replying.. tried a couple more times & I suppose I just won’t get a response now. I’m completely dissatisfied, when I pay for an app I expect it to work as implied.. I don’t feel you should have to mess around with it to have it do what it already should. I don’t recommend downloading/bad customer service..Version: 1.25

Doesn’t ScanThis app only works like 10% of the time. I do exactly what it says to scan & it never works. I do everything to get the coupons to scan & still nothing. I’m just tired of messing with it. It was a waste of money..Version: 1.28

Frequently crushUsually it works well, but for some specific coupons when you scan them, the app will crash and jump out. And if you scan another one it works well..Version: 1.29

App keeps closingPurchased this app last year august worked perfectly fine . Now I can’t even scan a coupon because when I do it kicks me off the app completely . FIX THIS ! There’s no way an app I paid for should be working this way ..Version: 1.29

Updated?This app says it updated 2 weeks ago but 9 times out of 10 it’s still having problems scanning! As a huge couponer it has saved me a lot when it actually does scan but come on! As a paid for app I expected it to work better!.Version: 1.27

Not satisfiedDownloaded the app and tried to scan the first coupon I had. Crashes every time. Couldn't even find out any info about it. Try to scan another one, same results. The app closes and I'm at my home screen every time. Don't waste your time. Coupon binder was good for me until the subscription was up. I should of purchased the subscription instead of this app. Not satisfied at all..Version: 1.22

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