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SAS: Zombie Assault TD HD app received 88 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sas: zombie assault td hd?

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I love this game!!!!People think this game is hard but gets easy the more u play it u have to find strats that work for the different levels and difficulty.Version: 1.1

Mostly greatMy only complaint is that when I go to upgrade anything, the game freezes up and requires being completely closed before I can continue with gameplay. The upgrade purchase also doesn't go into effect..Version: 1.1

NEEDS AN UPDATECannot play it anymore due to my ipad having a software update. Please fix.Version: 1.1

To all those complainingI won't lie this game is hard-very hard and that's why is fun and unique. Every other tower defense game is WAY to easy. I have completed every level on this game on Nightmare difficulty if this game is to hard for you then play BalloonsTD. My highest wave I'm on is 837 and I'm still doing that level it's possible if you try..Version: 1.1

Awesome game but a little buggyThis game is a really good TD. Its harder than most TDs i have played so there will be some people whining about how its impossible to finish and "pay to win". Fact is i have finished this game on PC without spending any real money. The only thing required to finish this game is a brain and not money. P.S. The game crashes whenever i try to unlock any of the special tier upgrades so ill wait for an update.P.S.S. Im playing on an ipad mini..Version: 1.1

READ THIS. GAME; AN ALPHA TDAt the beginning of the game i started off un familiar with the style of TD. Often i lost, the game seemed impossible. After a lot of experimentation i easily advanced through the stages of the game. The games extremely challenging but very good. Last thoughts; Challenging but extremely good.Version: 1.1

One thingU should make a sandbox mode Ninja Kiwi just like Bloons Tower Defence 5 that would make it 10/5 stars.Version: 1.1

To hardThe game is to hard each time i get arround wave 30 it just brings like huge zombies and 1 get in i die even when i have 50/50 HP.Version: 1.1

Really fun and I really want to play it againThis is one of the best tower defense games I’ve played so far and I really want it to be updated so I can play again. And I still have it downloaded even though I can’t play.Version: 1.1

HARDCORE TDNot like many TD Games, very nice but its hard from the start! Dont like hard then get something else. Very challenging and you have to get a good strategy to succeed. I past a few levels myself and recommend it for people that can play hard or heavy risk games..Version: 1.1

HealthThe zombies are a bit to strong and when a zombie/s get into your base you lose 3 lives per zombie. And 40 waves are a bit much for the first level because I haven't even got passed the first level..Version: 1.1

Great gameCan you pls add more levels!!!.Version: 1.0.2

Just what I was looking for!Zombie fan? Tower defense fan? Look no further this is the game for you!.Version: 1.1

Great game time for a new version!I love this game! I've beaten every level and it's still fun to play. BUT it's time to release a new version or more levels!.Version: 1.1

Tower defense gets personal.Awesome tower defense game. Splattering zombies to a bloody mess is the best. The and in of barbed wire and barricades makes it so different than most other games of this genre. And human gunners can be bait to keep the zombies where you want them. All and all a really great game..Version: 1.1

Must have tower defense game!!!This game is addictive like bloons td 5. Ipad is much easier maneuver items. iPhone version is just as fun. The only issue currently is the in app cash freezes the game for both ipad and iPhone versions. TIP: use grenades!!!.Version: 1.1

Very very goodVery good overall but razor wire needs to be a little more effective and more weapons turrets and defences like ditches bouncing Betty's napalm bombs dropped by the bombers The soldiers could have different weaponry and more defensive positions over head and be able to place turrets overhead And for the turrets a faster firing rate.Version: 1.0.5

Woah! Great Job!I don't understand how people think this game is too hard because I actually beat the first level on my first try so it's not that hard! Love the game but the tank thing with them skeletons are WAY too over the top. Use all of your stuff on a boss and he's not even hardly hard..Version: 1.1

Great strategy gameGreat game. Takes a few tries to work up a good strategy, and the higher levels take many more. If you take the time, you'll do well..Version: 1.1

Great gameI've never really been a fan of tower defense games, until I found this game. This has the deepest and most challenging gameplay of any tower defense game I have ever played. Beating the harder difficulties requires you to think outside the box. Some people criticize this game for being "too hard", but it's difficulty is just a testament to how good the game is. You just have to be tenacious to figure out how to win and you eventually will; on my first attempt, I lost while playing the first map on easy, but I have kept trying and have now beaten all of the maps on easy and two of them on medium..Version: 1.1

SirTrue definition of a badman game.Version: 1.1

A bugI went to buy a premium upgrade for the sandbag but then when I bought it the whole game froze up but the timer still went and I couldn't press anything. I tried restarting the game but it still didn't work fix this.Version: 1.1

Best new TD I've found in a while!But it's one of the harder ones right from the outset. If your an experienced TD player, your going to love the challenge. If your newer to it, go for it, take your time and you'll be in for hours of fun!.Version: 1.1

Fun gameVery fun and challenging .Now it needs more towers and options,this game can become the top tower defence game in the App Store. Maybe a different boss for each level to give more variety. cheers.Version: 1.0.5

Brill gamePlease update to iOS 11.Version: 1.1

It's good, but with one flawI am good at TD games, but this gets difficult quickly. The first level took me half a day. All I ask is just put the difficulty down a tad bit. Other than that, this is the best TD game..Version: 1.1

Hardcore Tower DefenseNinja Kiwi has not failed to make a decent SAS game that loyal gamers of the franchise crave about everyday. However, SAS tower Defense like any other SAS game is unforgiving as the slightest margin of error will either get you killed or cost the lives of innocent refugees as you hold back an overwhelming horde of undead with only a handful of Vickers. The game is by all means a challenge even for the most intelligent gamer to handle also like SAS 3 zombie assault their has not been any new updates for nearly a year as the last update was implemented in 2013. What a challenge? Then you picked the right game..Version: 1.1

Please updateIt’s a game people play to relief themselves of boredom please update the game thank you.Version: 1.1

Love the aspect of the gameI love sas 4 and when I saw the td version I was so excited but the game is very hard BUT someone wrote that the challenge of the game make it unique I agree because btd5 is way to easy but I'd like if you toned the difficulty of the easy mode down just bit and I'll be happy :D.Version: 1.1

Great gameHard at first but use the wire and it comes together Then it becomes really fun :) YEAH.Version: 1.1

Awesome freebie!Can't believe this is free! Great game with an interesting take on the TD genre.Version: 1.0.2

Freezing and disappearing towersSame problem as the last person on here, my towers disappear and the screen freezes when I buy the ultimate upgrade, please fix this soon as it is a fun game, regards lone_wolf01.Version: 1.1

Epic GameIf you are looking for an amazing yet challenging tower defence game then this is the game for you. If you are still a beginner you might find it challenging at first maybe even to hard but once you get the hang of it you will stop trying to tear your hair out and actually except dying as you just didn't get the right formation of troops or that you didn't have enough. For those of you who read this review and played the game you will understand what I mean. So I highly recommend getting the game and if you are just playing the game on a friends apple device you can also play the game at ninja kiwi's website. I also would like to recommend playing SAS zombie assault 3. If we ever meet on SAS 3 Good Luck From SAS Pro.Version: 1.1

Grate gameAnd addictive but please some more maps..Version: 1.1

Love it!About time a good challenging TD game, those saying its hard are correct but who enjoys completing games that were easy? Try different tactics and you will see how the mechanics of the game play out :)).Version: 1.1

THE UPDATE KILLED IT!I love this game! Please update it so that we can continue to play it!.Version: 1.1

A bug...This is a great game hard but still great to play. Tho I got 300 SAS bucks and I went to purchase the anti-tank barrier 0-2 I think. But anyway the barriers disappear the timer still ticks down and I can't select something else and when I exit and restart the game, I've lost the premium upgrade and was refunded the 300 SAS bucks. Overall a great game 😃.Version: 1.1

Good game butWhen I try to buy better upgrades for things my game glitches.Version: 1.1

Awesome ZTBHey this game is awesome, the towers are great, easy to place, and not that expensive to upgrade. Great perks, and back up help when you want, a great tool bar that allows for fast easy selection of your troops, towers, and grenades. Play it, love, it..Version: 1.1

Best game everPlease please please update the game. I love the game and want to play it again.Version: 1.1

Needs up dateThe game it's self is fun for a while an then it gets boring when you start to think it needs more towers an maps, modes an options for custom stuff because the game is new I'm willing to accept you may never update this game again but we shall hope..Version: 1.1

Is goodNot a throw down a few towers and hit fast forward style game. You need to use grenades and barriers even on the easy levels. Not at all boring. Beat it on easy, the harder levels are pretty insane. No IAPs for me..Version: 1.1

More time to get defensesWho gives you 15 secs to build defense towers, put down barbed wire and sandbags and try to form a tactic of which guys/weapon towers you want? I wasn't finished building when my time ran out and I lost.Version: 1.1

I love this game it's so amazing! But...But when I try to buy things in the game like the Grendel, more cash for kill, or extra damage my game like freezes and I have to close out the app and restart it.....please fix!.Version: 1.1

Lots of FunThis game is very cool. The only drawbacks would be that you have only 7 boards to play, which brings some boredom into it, and it can turn into a cash mining experience because you have to grind TOO much to get ahead. But you get to kill zombies real good! ;).Version: 1.1

Can we get an IOS 11 update?This is a brilliant game, though it’s incredibly punishing when starting out, when you finally learn how to beat the levels is a very rewarding game with the a high difficulty which will have you developing different set ups for every map. The problem is that you can’t play the game unless you haven’t got the IOS 11 update installed, if it’s updated to 11, then try your hand at it and see if you’re any good..Version: 1.1

It did wellJust as the PC version but the controls are slow and can mean the difference between winning and losing.Version: 1.1

AwesomeSo glad I found this. But freezes when I purchase extra damage then i have to restart ipad but it still takes the money.... And you can't listen to music while playing it even while in game sounds are turned off. Was great till this happened. Great td game otherwise! Update: nothing has been changed or updated. App still freezes when spending cash for upgrades.Version: 1.1

Love itOH MY GOD!.Version: 1.1

CoolThis is awesomeness.Version: 1.1

Great but outdatedI used to play this for hours, it’d would get boring, but then I’d always come back. But one time I came back and it said I couldn’t play because I had to high of a IOS version. Can you please update the game for IOS 13?.Version: 1.1

AmazingGreat but crashes once and a while but great game add more towers.Version: 1.0.2

Don't updateDon't update.Version: 1.1

Very hard-BADLY!A tower defence and strategy game of hard as standard and HELL difficulty available. SAS: Zombie Assault TD will drastically improve your cognitive capacity when it comes to gaming with TD!!!.Version: 1.1

About this gameI have play this when it started when the new IOS update I couldn’t play it no more. But this game was my favorite I would always play this game for hours. This game also has everything I needed, the graphics is amazing, certainly one of the best but, pls update a game. Pls pls update.Version: 1.1

Great but hard to winA great game, very addictive. But impossible to win the higher levels without spending real money. Which you will want to do. Be warned..Version: 1.1

Great and challenging gameThe game is great and hard enough to keep me playing for a long time, a few bugs, but overall it's a great game..Version: 1.1

Great but crashes every few waves.I'm on wave 150 now and every few waves the game crashes and I have to keep going back into the game. PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.1

Devastator smash!!!Good game. If you are into challenging tower defence games with noticeably good upgrade system then this is a game for you. Would be good if there were more weapon types but the upgrades make up for it. For people struggling badly with this game here are a few tips. 1. Save your money by not trying to upgrade evenly and upgrade one weapon to a decent calibre 2. Always have your weapons spaced out I.e one at the end of the run to take care of extra zombies that escape the first guns 3. Don't be afraid to use grenades however this depletes your money for some good upgrades 4. Set snipers to take out strong enemies this comes in handy when you place snipers at the start of the map 5. Put an insane amount of sand bags at the exit although this consumes time and money 6. Lastly play around with your formation as some formations work better than others, although one formation at the beginning might not be as good when everything is upgraded at the end Enjoy.Version: 1.1

Supersam1202A great game for tower defence, really enjoyed the game! Although needs in game challenges and the money you accumulate should keep the rewards you choose. 4/5.Version: 1.1

Great gameThis is a great game but I cannot get it any more can you guys please update it so it can work with iOS 11? Thanks Or remake the game which ever is easier and when ever you have the time thanks once again.Version: 1.1

AwesomeAnd new stuff newer towers or something even more upgrades :) over all this is a really fun app better then any other TD I've played.Version: 1.1

Sick gameBetter then balloons to assault. Has a lot more options and more action in the game!!!.Version: 1.1

DEFINITELY GET ITThis is a great game and the levels are amazing. Some are harden than others but the challenge is great. Every level has its own strategy to it that you need to figure out to win. Overall great game..Version: 1.1

SAS TDGreat game but very hard, I love TD games and am normally quite good at them but this one I can't seem to get the hang of it. Still worth getting just give it a go..Version: 1.1

Best gameThe game so cool you guys should make a new update and more and I bet players like would get the so thank you for reading this Nina kiwi and I hope u guys add new tower bye.Version: 1.1

AwesomeI'm totally addicted and I love earning all the bonus bucks.Version: 1.1

Top gameA great game, are there more upgrades for the towers coming?.Version: 1.1

Needs updatePlease please please make this compatible with current iOS I loved this game when it worked so please make it compatible..Version: 1.1

DON'T DOWNLOAD IT'S ADDICTIVESuch a great game to play! Takes over some times with how intense and awesome the gameplay can get, yeah can be repetitive at times! But what strategy isn't? Well deserved 5 stars!!!.Version: 1.0.5

Zombie sas assault tdThis game has some irritating glitches that need sorting out. Number 1 it crashes and shuts down the app. Number two when I get so far and then die it resets the game to level 1! And wipes out everything I have built. Can you clarify if this is just a glitch or you can only restart the game at the point you died a couple of times..Version: 1.1

Winnable without payingLots of reviews say you can't win unless you buy upgrades. I Just beat first map and didn't pay a dime. At first you think "No Way" but you just have to keep playing. Played map 20 times before I could beat it. Awesome game if you like tower defense..Version: 1.1

Really good strategy gameLove it such a good strategy game.Version: 1.1

AwsomeThis is a really Awsome app!.Version: 1.0.5

LOVE this TD (not that hard)This is the best TD game I've ever played (which is saying a lot. . . I've played all of them, past present and future). It is more challenging to get into but keep plugging away! - it is 100% worth it when you start to get into the game. Enjoy!.Version: 1.1

AwesomeExcellent game, all the sentry guns are useful, especially the machine turrets....Version: 1.1

Great TDI remember this game on kongregate loved it then and still love it now although update may be needed as when I try to unlock a new weapon the guns disappear and the game freezes.Version: 1.1

Great game!Great game! Love everything about it, hard at first but once you get the right placement of weapons made very easy! Great fun!.Version: 1.1

GreatOk I've gotta say I've read most of the reviews and the one that got most of my attention is when someone said it was too hard I just got the game a hour ago and the second time I played it I got to round 57 it's really not that hard the timer is great towers are great but still this game is about strategy I've played with Ninja Kiwi since blooms defense 1 I've played the second one 3,4,5 and I've played sas 3 and just a hour ago this and I already beat the first level and great lvl 40 boss.Version: 1.1

Challenging old school experienceVery fun. High skill ceiling, quite difficult but not impossible. Reminds me of the games I played growing up. Won't go easy on you, demands good planning, swift reaction times and quick thinking. Most people will not take the time needed to get the most out of this game, but if you don't let it frustrate you, you'll find it's very satisfying. The many upgrades and brutal difficulty levels give it great replay value, too. I'm hoping for sequels or expansions!.Version: 1.1

Good gameGame has great potential. However, at higher levels and upgrades, the game has a tendency to crash and freeze far too often..Version: 1.1

Offers are not workingWhen I completed one of the offers for 450 sas dollars, after I downloaded the app, it didn't give me anything. Please fix?.Version: 1.1

Very entertaining game!This game will make you think and strategize. I have completed all the levels twice now so it is possible to beat each level. Great game to keep you busy and entertained..Version: 1.1

WootI love this game very addicting.Version: 1.1

Great gameIf you like the online version, you'll like this. One snag is the fast-forward continues into the next level which is annoying. The speed should revert to normal when a new level begins. The achievements are very buggy. Graphics are fantastic..Version: 1.0.5

What happened?Why iOS 11 just makes you not get that much games..Version: 1.1

Friggin' sweetTo the people crying about it's to hard... I something my wife likes that's really hard.... Try that and stop being a baby.Version: 1.1

Absolutely Awesome!!....but I can't even beat the first level on normal!!! At least let me get through all the levels first and then I'll go from there. I couldn't even imagine this game at max difficulty..Version: 1.1

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