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Great appI like the app. I wish there was a way to remove selected jobs from job search result that don’t apply to me. For example some jobs have a language fluency or nationality requirement that I can’t meet. But they continue to appear as highly rated jobs for me. I’d like to flag those jobs as not relevant for my situation. Other than that, I like the features and ease of use. I got feedback to swipe right. I did. There is no hide option. I don’t see hide anywhere on any screen. Even on the desktop app. Guess I’m missing something? Oops take that back. Swipe right shows hide. Silly me. We all have our preferences. But if it were up to me I would have put all options on either swipe right or all swipe left. Go figure..Version: 6.5.1

Job areaI would definitely appreciate it to see more jobs in the Owen Sound Ontario area, thats were i am looking :).Version: 8.4.1

Job (weekend only)Thank you for many opportunities job received. I just wait the right job for me which is weekend job only ( Friday to Sunday) In Birmingham or outside with transport provided. Till then I will continue to check my email with new offer and I hope to find something for me. Thank you kindly.Version: 8.30.2

Other apps not as accurate at searching for pertinent jobsI appreciate that Glassdoor seems adaptive (ie it « learns » what job to search for my particular needs). Thanks/merci Glassdoor!.Version: 8.4.1

App pretty goodSometimes get notifications for jobs that, when I select them there’s nothing available according to the app.Version: 7.17.3

We can find Better Opportunities in our Needs🔥.Version: 8.3.4

Pretty buggyFor example when selecting the location of the company all the cities in the drop down are in the US and you can’t scroll to see the right Uk city. The salary insight is pretty useless as well based on my personal experience the difference is very big..Version: 8.5.8

GoodLove this app.Version: 8.6.1

Good high quality opportunities and valuable reviews. Well done.One of the better Recuitment sites..Version: 7.6.1

Voice EnablerGlassdoor gave me a platform to say things which my own institution would not allow. I am a victim of severe bullying, harassment and racial abuse and at least on Glassdoor I can say what I went through Thank you.Version: 6.8.3

Can’t see salaries in other regionsCan’t see salaries in other regions.Version: 8.6.1

Interesting spot on the continuum of social networksGlassdoor fits somewhere between AngelList and LinkedIn on the startup vs big grown up company scale. Definitely worth downloading and having a play with..Version: 6.2.4

Excellent Job Hunters ToolGlassdoor fills the need that exists for a Job Seeker to find jobs with companies that are rated well by its employees. It often provides critical reviews from present or past employees who rate the employer on a star system too. Searching for a job has previously been defined by the questions of the hiring company. The hiring company often leave salary or salary ranges out of their posting. This impacts your ability as a job seeker to rule out companies that pay less than what an employee previously recieved. Glassdoor does a good job in filling this need, and it’s ability to match you to relevant jobs is overall impressive. Way to go guys!.Version: 8.31.1

Great idea but app needs improvingYou can see all the positives in a lot of other reviews, my gripe with the app and emailing for this matter is the number of pointless alerts that it generates. I mean pointless because just this morning I had 4 emails rehashing the same old job postings, telling me there are new positions for my alerts when nothing new has been posted in the last 24 hours, and that multiple times, sometimes within minutes of each other! And there is no way of managing alerts or email subscription. Poor, very poor!.Version: 7.0.1

InstrumentalMy favourite jobs App..Version: 6.9.1

Good App needs next level in dataThe app provides good data however, I would like to see data analysis on how many times in the last 5 years the role has been posted..Version: 8.31.1

Archived ReviewsSaw that some reviews were archived as out of date/ redundant. There are other older reviews that still remain, and posts were not duplication. Seems like maybe lower rated reviews get removed, bolstering company ratings. For me this impacts the integrity of the data seen..Version: 8.4.1

Razor Sharp job hunter app!Acurate and precise job hunting tool! It can connects you to top companies worldwide with an ease because of it’s user friendly app interface..Version: 7.0.4

EasyGlass-door App excels at ease of use and presentation of opportunities in my desired compensation range.Version: 8.6.1

Needs refreshment soonI’ve found it more accessible to use the website via safari & google servers when researching degree of fields. I’ve attempted the same exact searches on the app, only information it provides is a loading screen. For instance, the last time I began to attempt to look into possible fields, I get timed out and the app crashes each time. I’m running the latest iOS software on my 11 pro, so I know I’m up to par on my end. I started researching mobile application developer salaries, Glassdoor needs new mobile applicators itself to fix the time out “buggy”issues the app is currently undergoing..Version: 8.2.1

Sonic Automotive Inc Training by CJ BestCJ Best lives up to his name! My name is Graham Becker currently working at the Sonic Automotive Dealership at MBZ of Calabasas. CJ conducted a Sonic Automotive training session at Beverly Hills BMW on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, which I attended. The theme was ‘Overcoming Objections’. CJ was thorough, organized, patient with questions, and a pleasure to learn from. CJ Best was truly The BEST! Thank you CJ for a great training session and I look forward to future training opportunities with you and other Sonic Automotive professionals. Everyone under the Sonic Automotive umbrella has given me the support and enthusiastic encouragement any new salesperson could wish for. They truly want me to be the best I can be. I can’t thank everyone enough for the opportunity they’ve given me at my age (65!) and having had NO experience selling cars. Sonic Automotive Inc. has been a breath of fresh air in a corporate world filled with mediocrity and dismissiveness. They have shown me in a very short time what it means to be “The Best or Nothing”! Thank you CJ and thank you Sonic Automotive! Sincerely, Graham “Gray” Becker New Sales Associate and Experience Guide at MBZ of Calabasas.Version: 6.8.3

Great appThis app is really useful. Very use to use and it's pretty quick. Everything you need in just few clicks. Off course it need a set up first but after that is very straight forward.Version: 6.6.1

Associate DirectorThis company is toxic. Like many others, I started with high hopes and full of admiration for this beacon of success in the area. We all, however, realized pretty quickly how bad things were. There is the issue of immature processes, shaky operations, and complete lack of planning - internal joke is that they make money despite themselves- but it is the issue of toxic leadership and culture that is the deal breaker. There is a complete lack of integrity in this company. VPs talk bad about their peers and everybody else, language that would be cause for dismissal everywhere else. Cronyism is rampant; if you are not part of the white boy’s club playing golf with the executives you will get nowhere. There are practically no female Senior Directors. Promotions are based on favoritism. They proudly claim that Illumina has a “passive aggressive” culture. Incompetence is rewarded routinely. Misogyny prevails. Good people leave rapidly. And the dysfunction is across all functions. The CEO really needs to wake up. Look around you, actually get up and walk the hallways. Show your face and talk to people. Hold people accountable and show leadership. My best advice to you - look elsewhere..Version: 7.11.0

It’s a job app, folks.Most of the negative reviews here seem to say one thing to me: reviewers do not want or cannot put a whole lot of effort into their job searches. For what it is, this app does more than, say, Indeed or zip recruiter. Complaining about having to go to an external potential employer’s website to fill out an application?... Really? Ok, kids, at least you aren’t on a landline with the want ads or pounding the pavement looking for work. That’s how I learned... at the risk of sounding like an old fart. No other app gives me accurate salary information like Glassdoor does. The full web app is even better than LinkedIn (don’t get me started on THEM...;) ). Five stars..Version: 5.8.0

Well considered job search applicationA well thought out app /site that has become my default job search tool. I particularly like the number of things that can be used for screening, including location, review feedback, estimated salary ranges, and the ability to set alerts for new postings against multiple search criteria. The presentation layout is immensely superior to current LinkedIn approaches. My chief wish for improvement would be to be able to exclude certain keywords from results. For example, if you're a hardware specialist and don't want to look at a ton of posts asking for C++ skills..Version: 6.8.2

App much better than website!!!I’m a recent graduate looking for a job, and I found Glassdoor online. The app is very convenient to use (with the easy apply you can send off job applications in seconds) and the review section is very good for interview prep. Unfortunately though the website is very glitchy and needs a lot of work! So if you’re find with using just the app, you should be good, but if you’re like me and like to use both the app and the website it may not be the one for you..Version: 6.5.1

Great site, great appI don't know why there are no reviews for this app. It is one pane into the job market, from reviews to new jobs and alerts. Once you have set it up there is no need to search through multiple job sites as if does all of the hard work for you..Version: 2.4.13

Please add feature of pay by genderI'd like to see data of pay for the same title by gender. That will keep companies accountable..Version: 5.8.2

Got my Dream Job using GlassdoorI just accepted an offer for a teaching position in China. I used Glassdoor for about 2 months applying to jobs and interviewing before I got this offer. Using Glassdoor I applied for about 15 jobs, had 6 interviews and was offered my Dream job on my sixth interview. I will add that I am traveling with my family (husband and 2 children) and was able to find the right position for us including working schedule, pay, and benefits. I had previously been offered 2 positions but they did not include benefits for my family and so I turned those down. I think with Glassdoor you can really find the “right” position for you if your willing to keep searching and applying until you find the right position for you! 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 6.9.2

Great Tool for Company ComparisonGlassdoor is my go-to tool when researching companies, locating opportunities, or seeking employee perspectives. I like the company overview area because it’s important to quickly identify the size, industry, and score (from employee ratings). It’s a convenient resource that not only helps me to save opportunities but also permits me to open the description AFTER the job expired. // Suggestion for Glassdoor: Consider offering multiple save options for those of us searching for other people. As is, I just have one long list that I have to search through to figure out why I saved it. I would like to add my own “save categories,” such as “maybe,” “need to tweet,” ”need to email to...,” “read details,” “need to apply,” and “keep description.”.Version: 5.6.0

Good appGoof app.Version: 7.17.3

It’s like an anonymous linkedinI feel this is my first step into social media... since I don’t tweet, have Facebook or link up, it’s a good way to do some undercover digging while giving my own positive and developmental feedback. It’s pretty easy to navigate through and if I get a ‘free’ practical and truthful analysis of my CV, I’ll give full marks! Looking forward to working with Glassdoor again soon!!.Version: 6.10.0

Very good appThe app is really good. The only grumble I’d have is that some of the alerts are not that accurate, for instance I’ve put part time work jobs in a particular field and I then find I’m getting random jobs not in my field and also not part time. Also, bit annoying to be alerted numerous times about the same jobs... Once is enough I think....Version: 6.8.2

Keeps crashing after latest update on iOS 11.3It just keeps crashing after the latest update today on iOS 11.3.Version: 6.2.1

Almost perfect, but still highly usable.App is great for job research however there are sometimes issues with navigating through the app smoothly..Version: 8.31.0

👍Great stuff I’m recovering from an accident but I’m eager to get back out to work so this so helpful !.Version: 8.5.4

Excellent app.I like how buttery smooth the app is. Good job guys!!.Version: 5.7.0

Works for me!Glassdoor, in my opinion, has been the most effective tool in my job search as it is very robust. Glassdoor provides not only job opportunities but, useful feedback from current and former employees, detailed information regarding the company mission, links to the corporate website as well as reasonable estimations of salary ranges. The Glassdoor app is well organized, easy to navigate and in my experience has posted reliable and current opportunities. Glassdoor is practically a one-stop-shop for me. If you are looking for a new resource in your job hunt or company research, maybe you’ll find Glassdoor can be as useful for you as it has been for me..Version: 6.6.1

Excellent App!Great to review a workplace for ‘interview questions’ before an interview!.Version: 5.8.2

Saved me!So I had a job interview and successfully passed it. I’d had my doubts about the legitimacy of this company but was going to take a risk. I downloaded this app the night before I was due to sign the contract with the new company. I looked at reviews of the company and companies which were directly linked with each other and my suspicions were confirmed. Needless to say this app saved me from a pyramid scheme company..Version: 5.6.0

UsefulVery useful and I like the reminder function for saved jobs.Version: 4.6.0

Great app needs better features and delete optionFor a free app, this is amazing because it really helps with salary info so you can better negotiate pay. It is user friendly and the profile is easy to customize and quick. I also love the customizable category option for saving jobs you are interested in. I give 4 stars instead of 5 for the following: 1. Although the resume upload to your profile is better than most apps, it still has some glitches that need to be looked at. I have experienced several glitches with this app that are minor such as not being able to upload a profile picture or it misplacing parts of my xp or rerouting back to the beginning on salary estimates. 2. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN OPTION TO DELETE JOBS. I cannot stress this enough. It is tiring going back through and trying to remember what jobs I have and have not vetted. It would be useful to be able to delete jobs you are not interested in like on some other apps..Version: 8.3.4

Mr Ben HutchisonWorking Victoria police jab for police officers.Version: 8.4.0

Thoroughly recommendThis site is really well designed and is customer friendly. I would thoroughly recommend giving this site a go..Version: 6.11.4

Good, a little “iOS 11” though.It’s a pleasant UI that could do with making somewhat smarter space of the iPad’s canvas. Better than the website? Not entirely sure. I don’t mind using it at all though..Version: 9.1.0

Works properlyNo jobsearch app is perfect, but simple basics like the following are missing from way more popular ones: 1. Narrowing the field geographically with any success 2. Narrowing the field in terms of required hours with any success 3. Not including ads for scams 4. Having an accessible, quick and effective problem solving strategy 5. Relevant results 6. Links that work. One improvement I would like to see would be the facility to exclude a specific sector or company from a search. Overall nobody compares. Try it out. You will not look back..Version: 6.14.3

Great to get a look inside the companyLogging in before seeing reviews is annoying however worth the effort! Obviously take the read the reviews with a open mind as to the bias of the reviewer however you will get to see the Good, The zBad and the Ugly! Some companies still don't get that people have a choice of where they work and how engaged they will be..Version: 5.2.2

Come back to same placeWhen I leave the app and come back, the bits that I am looking at (e.g. company reviews, etc.) reset to the home page. So, I need to reapply the filter, sort correctly and find the place that I left off. It would be great if the app remembers where I was or give me an option save that place so that I can get back..Version: 6.10.1

Insightful websiteSuch a great website..Version: 8.2.0

Not Saving Search OptionsRapidly becoming my job search tool of choice however on setting up any new searches now if I edit the options (Distance, Job type etc) and then click Save the app is not saving those changes to the search whereas it did when I first started using it..Version: 7.1.0

Seeking LVN position in Orange CountyThank you for your generosity, and kindness. The positive positions, are very well written, and sounds as a perfect job. Too work for only one company. I am a very responsible nurse. Currently working for Agencies. I have an extensive experience. Longevity at my jobs, I will only mention one. For now Kaiser Permanente at Baldwin Park, 11 Years. Transfer to Orange County for three and six months. Left due to illness of my beloved husband. Too care for his health, he was a former KP employee as well with 15 years as a Senior IT. Thank you for your help. Gabriella Neale LVN III, AA Math and Sciences. Liberal Arts in Science. Psychiatric Nurse. I had walk many miles to achieve a better future. All my prerequisite for RNBSN had being accepted at the prestigious. Azusa Pacific University..Version: 6.5.0

See belowI love the comment and review which helped me a lot when making changes.Version: 7.5.0

Main app to use.I’m leaving the army and this app is perfect. It gives you plenty of variety jobs etc but also it has employers reviews of the company you may be enquiring about..Version: 6.5.1

Highly RecommendedGlassdoor has been a great asset to my life’s journey. I’ve used this website to inquire for jobs many times. Brilliantly designed for online job searching, create a profile and receive daily notifications. Methodically structured and informatively customized to each employers w/pay benefits offered receiving emails on companies that would be a good fit for me. In that I applied on line One week was the full process to date in starting a life changing career opportunity w/top pay, including medical/dental plan. UPS has been a very positive experience with financial stability Service of Excellences B2B Loyalty and Sacrifice helping people worldwide the COVID-19 pandemic.Version: 8.1.1

Excellent appVery easy to use, straightforward. I even like it better than LinkedIN or Indeed..Version: 8.5.4

GreatIt’s great.Version: 7.16.0

Sort by most helpful reviewsThis is a great resource for someone who is doing a research on their next career move and it will be more reliable if the company reviews can also be sorted based on the most helpful rating. When someone reads a review they can upvote if that review was insightful and by default sorting the reviews based on helpful rating will give a better picture of the company to the candidates. Lot of companies are adding fake reviews everyday just to hide genuine reviews and by adding this feature we could avoid that scam to an extent, at least I believe..Version: 8.30.0

Best app to explore jobsI found this app very handy and useful for searching jobs. I highly recommend it to use..Version: 7.19.0

Better off using websiteApp is terrible. Poor use of screen real estate when looking at company reviews etc. Setup a job alert but deleted it soon after as it was sending me alerts for irrelevant posts but still kept sending me alerts. Deleted.Version: 6.13.1

Deserve more than 5 Stars.Good Job, previous version was crashing sometimes, now working more smoothly than before and no more crashes. Well Done DEV 👍.Version: 7.7.0

What a Great Experience Using the Glassdoor AppGabriel Tolbert, I’ve only used the app for a short period of time. I am already amazed as to what the app offers when being employed and the benefits it provides for current and future employment! Not all apps are created equal. The company I work for or with Sysazzle Inc is a great company in using this app for employment with Glassdoor. I hope to see even more changes and more improvements that make this experience easier and easier! Those from the company Sysazzle Inc has made my transition being hired and working there end clients a major success for me. Again I look for from Sysazzle Inc and there experience!.Version: 6.9.2

Must Have for even the “happiest” of talentHonestly anyone who is capable of being able to grow, adapt, provide/seek insight into your current workplace situation, or even to help provide you with knowledge of your own industries close competitors for too many to name reasons, should have this app! I would appreciate if users would be more interactive with providing feedback to their current workplace; yet having an HR degree it’s not anything that is shocking. I think if ANY changes are made, it should be alerted industry openings, wage differences, and more accurately reflect the current compensation packages from employers to help entice talent. This app if marketed, and more options would be available for both the talent, & employers it could easily surpass LinkedIn!.Version: 7.10.6

Great App for inside company informationWhen you are looking for a new role it’s alway good to have some honest insider knowledge. A great app for providing up to date reviews of the benefits, salary and vibe of the company before you apply..Version: 6.0.1

Nurse PractitionerGood search engine. Generalized vs specific information most often provided, for example: provides generic vs specific job descriptions, regional/nationwide salary ranges vs accurate salary ranges specific to location of interest, salary range provided often too wide to be helpful (no criteria provided for low-med-high across the range), posts available positions in a wide radius (location) from preferred location vs in preferred location, thus positions listed in search may be long but in actuality 99% are ruled out due to location (provide more filters), Inadequate “reviews” from past/present employees, i.e. inappropriate job category reviewed (receptionist vs provider vs administrator vs housekeeping), reviews from nationwide employees posted vs local employees from facility of interest, only high rating/reviews posted. ALL reviews from my job category should be provided. Improvement in these areas would yield a 5 star review for Glassdoor. Shortcomings may be due to information provided to Glassdoor vs information requested by Glassdoor. Glassdoor, work harder to provide the specific information required by job seeker. Making these changes will increase the chances of providing the best fit for employers & employees. Both your customers will be happier with the service you provide. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Nonetheless, keep up the good work. You need to sharpen your pencil to land on top in this competitive business..Version: 7.3.3

Leaders need to pay attention to this...Leaders need to pay more attention to Glassdoor, and believe less of what they think or are told. This enables every leader to go ‘back to the floor’ without leaving their office! Brilliant!.Version: 6.1.0

Easy to useThe app is very helpful and extremely easy to use. The mobile version I find easier to use than the pc sometimes..Version: 6.10.0

Excellent InformationExcellent information given through this site to further my professional career in the chosen fields in which you share daily on the site. It affords me the opportunity to work with people of excellence in with I enjoy mastering on a daily basis in what every I choose to do. Working is a gift, have passion about what you do comes from the Lord. It’s always a joy to help others regardless of the age. It’s about the people you touch daily with your acts of love and committed duties to those around you. Whatever duties you participate in; do it with everything you have for the success of others. When completing any given assignment you know you’ve done your very best. Excellence is Key to a rewarding future. Thanks, Bobbie Jean Clow CareGiver.Version: 6.8.1

Great app and handy notificationsI would highly recommend this app. Love it’s job notifications.Version: 6.14.3

Good appAlthough full web content better this is a good start while on the road.Version: 2.11.1

Copywriter, Digital Content Specialist & Youth SpeakerI love GlassDoor because it lets you know when your resume was viewed and it gives you the salaries as well as reminders for jobs you have saved. A lot of these positions make it seem like heaven on earth until you get to the interview then it’s a bunch of mess and not a real position but outside sales and commission based vending and tabling. GlassDoor screens their agencies posting and so far it has all been legit jobs, however most are not offering me what I’m worth, so I have passed on most. Looking at the salaries is a great deciding factor in applying for a position, especially as a Writer, Brand Strategist and Digital Content Marketer because all those positions require a lot of brain power, my eyes on the computer, research, data collection, training, seated long hours, editing expertise, Facebook mastery, Google skills, Inbound Marketing knack & know how, and I must be respected with an adult payment plan for my passions, talents and superb writing gifts or I give it no energy. As a Freelance Writer, Digital Content Specialist, and Youth Speaker, I’m always sending out pitches and proposal to get lucrative gigs and I have no more time to waste because my dreams are calling..Version: 6.13.1

Great appThis app helps job seekrs brilliantely..Version: 2.8.0

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