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Best SolitaireI have been playing this for years and never get tired of it. When I was working I used to play solitaire on my computer during longwinded boring phone calls, I never got found out. Every couple of years I change from 1 card to 3 cards and back again. It is so much more convenient than using a pack of cards. I have several different solitaire but this one is the first and the best..Version: 5.2.6

AwesomeIt keeps my grandad entertained while I'm doing stuff.Version: 2.5

CardsUsed to love playing this with playing cards but much better on my mobile..Version: 3.8

SuperÇa passe je temps..Version: 5.2.7

Feature pointsSwegg.Version: 2.5

AwesomeFun!.Version: 5.2.7

GoodOk game, only just started playing.Version: 5.2.2

Playing SolitaireI love playing It a lot every day. But I have just got a new phone & you have these rolling adds at the top of the screen that drive me crazy. It was bad enough at the bottom of the screen. I think I might have to stop playing it’s just not enjoyable any more. The music is bad enough typing this. Cheers thanks for a chance to tell you..Version: 4.6.16

Good game, spoiled by unremedied glitchFrequently in recent days, when tapping to get the ad that provides 2 hints and 1 shuffle or similar, nothing happens. Tapping the shuffle button gives a message (again and again) that the ad isn’t available and to try again in 10 seconds. Ads between games have no problem. Have restarted phone etc..Version: 6.0.9

Reviews didn’t applyAfter reading some of the reviews for this game, I was hesitant to even try to play this card game. But, the first time out of the gate I won without any hitches or other problems. I chose an attempt to play and win this game to get more coins to play Crosswords With Friends and I am happy I played it and pleased that I won the coins I needed. I’ll keep this game on my iPad and continue playing it. So, I guess my point in writing this review; just as you wouldn’t take a movie reviewer’s word about seeing a movie and then miss out on a really great film, don’t solely take my good review or any of the other ones about why you shouldn’t play this game and then miss out on a pretty good game like this one. Play it yourself and then make the decision to keep it or not. You may not win the first time, as I did, but I encourage you to give it a fair shot..Version: 4.4.3

Great Time WasterWhen your in a bar all alone solitaire stops men from hassling you because it gives the impression that you are busy and don't want to be pestered!!!!.Version: 4.6.7

Awesome great appGreat game great app.Version: 3.1

Tune up the brainGreat opportunity every morning to trick up the brain and get it thinking straight ahead and from different angles. Love it Nick.Version: 3.8

CoolThis game is time wasting.Version: 2.5

PatienceI enjoy playing this game - but I sometimes wonder if, like most things now a days is fixed! It does take the fun out of it. It doesn't take long to realise that you loose the game many Times, you win 3/4 games on the trot..Version: 3.1

The best app I’ve ever seen!This is the best game ever! It’s so addicting to me! I play it every day! I never even got more than 5 minutes of finishing! I never seen a game like it! Some people say “ Solitare Cube is the best app!” But I still say : “I don’t care! I love this game, even if it’s a person, place, thing, website or app!” I never really write a long reveiw, I’m just showing how much I love the app! I love the game! I’m so glad someone made this game, because I know a lot of people like this game!.Version: 6.0.8

Great pasrimeGreat pastor.Version: 5.2.7

Excellent free PatienceAds are few and brief. Well done game designer! Straightforward app works well, fairly easy to win, usually. Good choice..Version: 3.8

Brilliant!I love playing this app and now frequently use it! I will most definitely recommend it to my friends!.Version: 3.8

Good, but WAY too many ads.I mean the game itself is good. But it’s the excessive amount of ads you’ll see while playing this game. The ads are all 30 second ads you can’t exit early from. In between every single game. There’s even banner ads that are constantly blinking and being obnoxious while you’re playing. How many ads do you need to survive? It can’t be as many as you’re allowing. I ended up deleting the app because it got so annoying..Version: 5.2.5

BadReally laggy really boring.Version: 2.5

Sound of the touch playWould have given a five star , but do not like the sound of the touch play - too disruptive in public - Cannot find a way of silencing or changing sound. Any help please. If not I will delete it and find another product.Version: 4.2

YGreat game 👍👍.Version: 3.7

Amazing fun but has a few glitchesI think the game is really fun and had a blast playing the challenge levels. However the game does glitch as some cards will overlap another like for instance on one game I drew a card and the game kept the previous card and I couldn’t play it so I had to shut down the app to fix the problem. P.S In the newest challenge for Tuesday March 26th the 2 of hearts is not in the level rather the 2 of spades is repeated twice making it impossible to beat the level..Version: 7.3.0

Great gameChallenging, fun easy to use cheers.Version: 3.7

Card gamesThis game would be more fun if the cards had bigger numbers on them so they are easier to see..Version: 5.2.7

I don't know what all of the fuss is about...This is a great, balanced version of solitaire. Sure it has ads, but ads are present in all free games. Instead of whining about not winning, use your head and figure out where you went wrong, problem solve and learn from your mistakes. On a side note (with no disrespect to the devs), I find it baffling that this game is updated as frequently as it is. How many bugs can a game of solitaire have! Despite the fact that the last ten updates or so were bug fixes, I have never experienced a crash or glitch to date, and I will continue to play and enjoy this great game! Whatever you guys are doing in those updates, keep it up!.Version: 4.1

Problem since most recent updateSince the most recent update, the app will open, revert to an add, but will NOT start a new game. Each time I try, it simply reverts back to an ad...too bad because I enjoyed playing it. After contact from the developer, I checked to be sure I had the latest version, 4.3.8 and I do. Since I turned my phone completely off then back on a couple times, the app (or phone) seems to have reset and the app is working fine now. I’m really glad because I enjoy it!.Version: 4.3.8

Auto finishI love this game. The simplicity of it especially. However lately I’ve found it hard to clear away the kings. Also the time it takes to clear all cards once “Auto win” has occurred takes up valuable “best time score” Thank you for this app..Version: 4.4.3

Don’t understand these other guys but...It’s solitaire, what’s there to understand? There’s a daily challenge and customization feature so it doesn’t get repetitive (though eventually that same thing would fall into repetition. My only issue is that sometimes the app freezes up for a couple seconds that can’t be fixed by exiting the app. And yeah ads are annoying but at least they let you skip them after 5 seconds or so. So, yeah. Promising app, I'm hoping to see more deck and background designs in the future, maybe add a custom background feature so we could add our own pictures..Version: 9.3.0

SolitaireEnjoy the game. To many ads! Thanks.Version: 4.6.9

First tryI won on my first try. I’m really really confused at the whining that it’s unwinnable.... I don’t have experience since high school since apps and even smartphones at all weren’t around in the caveman days.... I’ve now played THREE times and have won each of them. Rather than crying and throwing a tantrum maybe put the energy into using your problem solving skills? I’m so confused that any have found this even a challenge....Version: 4.3.5

SolitaireFameux..Version: 5.2.6

SolitaireThis version of the game is very satisfying to play. The only snag is that sometimes the game refuses to come on until I have tried time and time again. The adverts sometimes interrupt my enjoyment, even appearing after the game has started..Version: 5.2.6

Pretty goodThe whole solitaire thing goes pretty well according to how to play it.Version: 2.5

Time wastingGreat for waiting someone or something.Version: 2.5

Subtle solitaireI live with this amazingly smooth and subtle app which has clear concise graphics and excellent overall appearance. I cannot get passed 40% clever stuff. Well done and thank you John Davis.Version: 5.2.6

No funUPDATE: May 2018: upgraded from 2 to 4 stars Significant improvements since 2017, Most important being reduction in ads impeding play of the game, and improved flow of the actual play. You no longer have to wait a significant period of time and endure a number of obnoxiously loud ads before playing a new game. The win percentage has also increased, Further reducing the percentage of time waiting for ads as opposed to playing the game. The features of this ap are better than other solitaire games are making this a recommendation at this time. If there is a return to a system that appears tvmanipulated to force you into an artificially high number of ad plays, I will delete this ap and downgrade to 1 star. 2017 REVIEW ADS: I have found that my percentage of wins is higher using a standard deck of cards, which to me is suspicious, since when you lose you have to endure another ad before playing another game. That is in addition to the banner ads which can be clicked accidentally. Given how short the actual game is, the percentage of time watching ads is unacceptable, making the game more frustration than fun. TECHNICAL: for the above reasons I have Limited playtime, but I have not had any technical difficulties with the app..Version: 4.4.3

This is goodIt's good but I'm no good at solitaire.Version: 2.5

Pity about all the adsThis is a classic game, unfortunately the number and length of advertisements between games turns me off. I appreciate the developer needs to generate revenue however, intelligent and interesting advertisements would be more effective in communicating with users of solitaire.Version: 5.2.6

Unplayable appYour app is still unplayable as it’s not allowing to play new games still only the same old replay unless you fix it soon I shall be deleting the app.Version: 4.3.7

Lots of funGreat game!.Version: 5.2.7

GoodThis app is sooo good it takes my boardem away lol i recommend you play it.Version: 2.5

Do not like the commercial for other games.Why does this not send..Version: 5.2.7

ReviewCan’t stand your constant advertising! And especially lasting so long. I enjoy the game but may stop and fine something else cause this drives me mad!.Version: 5.2.7

Adverts be Gone!!!!Too many ads too often otherwise great..Version: 4.6.2

FunDecent game but too many ads and always trying to connect to the app store.Version: 3.7

SolaitareToo greater frequency of ads especially those they take you away from game play.Version: 4.2

It blew up my TwitterI had a Twitter account but then solitaire blew it up. I will not be ok. Im am in sadness with my Twitter because it has gone. 0 stars.Version: 4.7.6

Fun timesWell kills the time when everything else is online and and there's no signal least this don't need wifi.Version: 2.5

KlondikeMaddeningly difficult to work out but that's why it's so entertaining ..Version: 2.1

Last update has problemsI was thoroughly enjoying the app. Used it for brain exercise, but after the last update it won’t progress to a new game when you press that function even when you have won the game. It will replay the same game or ads only. Please fix it NOTE; thank you for fixing the problem I am enjoying the game again.Version: 4.3.8

CardsL feel that the cards are interfered with, I would rather use my own skill and not someone else's jean Dawson.Version: 3.8

SolitaireI love this game it helps to keep my brain active.Version: 3.8

AwesomeThis game is great for somewhere with no wifi or signal time flies by its also good for waiting for someone.Version: 2.5

NiceI love this game because it takes your mind off of bad things. If you go to school it can tack school off your mind. But after homework. Work is a good on if u got fired it can tack your mind off of it. You started a new job you are so scared of some people are excited but you can get your phone or laptop and play the game for a little while. So this is why I like this game because it’s all about your mind strategies.❤️😍👨🏼‍💻👩🏿‍💻.Version: 4.7.3

CardsOmg I love this game it's so coll.Version: 2.5

SolitaireI love solitar. I used to play it by cards but now I use the game and it is awesome..Version: 5.2.7

Good gameCant play well but good game.Version: 2.5

SolitaireGreat game.Version: 2.5

Good time wasterFun to play..Version: 5.2.6

AwesomeCool.Version: 3.6

CrapAdvertising and other games which pop up make this bloody annoying..Version: 4.6.0

GgI downloading this for game guardian.Version: 6.0.8

5 starsI love this game and app for the most part only problem I had that it frozen on a old game I played even I closed the app after I was done I play when I feel like it I almost downloaded a different one didn’t want to though but it works again and was happy about that before I tried to write this review it closed on me and said it needed an update which was a little weird so I’m not sure if this will be posted or not but this is a good game if you’re bored or if you’re on the toilet for awhile I always been good at this game still am I think I got a game done in 30 seconds before it depends on the cards I’ll get some are hard..Version: 4.7.0(1)

Love the game, don’t love the sounds!Since the last update you can’t turn off the sounds which means if you are playing Solitaire whilst listening to music, it cuts off the music. This is doubleplusungood. Please amend. Thank you..Version: 4.6.3

Best way to playAlways draw three as this is the traditional way to play this when using a pack of cards.Version: 4.5.10

InmeEnjoying this game so much I played on my spear time..Version: 3.1

Dave6324Great game.Version: 5.2.7

What a shameLove this game, but since the last update a new game will not load. Fix this please. Still not loading. Game loaded but now an ad appears on top of the game that will not move. This needs fixing or the game is useless and will be deleted. Problem now solved. Thank you. I did have the correct version installed..Version: 4.3.8

AwesomeVery cool game 100% recommend this app..Version: 2.5

AbcVery good.Version: 5.2.6

Great!!Love it when I am stressed! It makes me calm!.Version: 5.2.6

My old favorite.This was one of the many old games I played when I first started. When getting tired and at the end of the night, I have to play just one last game. This one..Version: 3.8

ReviewI love this game to much (may be to much) I've got to get a life at some point but, this will do until them.?.Version: 5.2.6

SolitaireSuch a very relaxing version of an old favourite top game Regards Beryl.Version: 4.2

SolitaireAwesome game love it.Version: 4.6.3

Pretty goodFor an offline game it's not bad.Version: 2.5

SolitaireI just keep coming back to it, time and time again..Version: 3.7

Easy solitaireI enjoy the game as the play is smooth and quick. Good colour in the game.Version: 4.6.16

I don’t love the newest app updateI play like three games every night before bed. It’s my way of winding down. But now, instead of just running short, minor ads in between games, there is also a banner that runs at the top while you play. Sometimes they’re animated and distracting. I wish it only had the ads in between games. I really dont like the banner, but I get it if you guys need the money. Also There is now a shuffle/hint option at the bottom of the screen. These are cool features, but I wish there was a way to hide that bottom bar while I play the game (kind of like the how you make the toolbar hide, when not in use, on Macs or Windows). I find the bubbles on the “hints” and “shuffles” remaining to also be distracting. That’s a symptom of living in this modern era of push notifications. I hate those bubbles with numbers in them and I’m the sort of person to clear them as soon as they present. Earlier update was a solid 5 stars. These updates make me give it a 4 now..Version: 4.7.1

Clue buttonClue button would be good. Otherwise great. Thank you..Version: 4.7.4

Good Patience gamePatience is a virtue I don't possess, but this version of the game is good for boosting my patience!.Version: 2.3

LolLolololololololololololololol.Version: 6.0.9

OriginalSometimes the best games are the ones that have kept their original format. This is one. Brilliant..Version: 4.6.15

Works fineTo everyone who says the game is rigged: you must not know how to play solitaire. Go get an old fashioned deck of cards and see how many you can win based on pure chance. My average for 3 card draw was about 25% and I know there were pleanty of games I passed up that better players could have won. The trick to this app is you have to press the undo button when you get stuck and find different orders to play your cards so that different cards can be uncovered. With the new update, my old problem with being unable to start a new game was fixed, so I changed my rating from 3 to 5 starts so long as the problem doesn't come back..Version: 4.3.8

Enjoy butHow do I ditch the adds happy to buy the game but where?.Version: 4.4.3

Great gameWow great graphics so fun ....Version: 2.5

This game in no scam.This game is no scam. Sure, it has ads, but what free game doesn’t. Complaining about the app making the ads tricky to close is stupid too. That is a common practice among all apps, and I’m pretty sure it’s not even the apps that design the ads. The game is certainly not rigged, when I first got this I had never played solitaire before, so I wasn’t able to win for a bit. Still, after a few games I got the hang of it and begun to win some games. Now, I win most of the games that I play. If someone wants to complain about how this game is rigged, I think that they just simply are not good at this game and need to stop complaining so much. It’s just a game after all..Version: 4.3.6

Best card game that keeps the brain trimI play it to keep my brain active and play it as soon as I get up in the morning..Version: 5.2.6

BrilliantThoroughly enjoying this new Solo game, quite different and pretty interesting..Version: 4.5.8

SolitaireI use to enjoy this game but now the cards wobble when you touch the wrong one it gives me Migraines so I had to stop playing.Version: 4.7.1

Love the game, latest release is a bit buggyI’ve been hooked by this game for a good 5 years. Gameplay works really well, classic Solitaire done right. Unfortunately since upgrading to IOS13 (on an XS) the game often hangs on a black screen when opening, or hangs then crashes & closes itself..Version: 5.2.7

Great App with one OeoblemPlayed this for a long while. Since last update the screen freezes after a few moves. Only way to get back to normal is to shut down and leave for a minute or so..Version: 6.0.1

Great for filling in time!Good if your at the doctors or something while your waiting!.Version: 2.5

AmazingReally addictive and a great way to get your mind active overall I think this is great for all ages and u should definitely buy it.Version: 4.5.3

PokemonThis game was so so fun.Version: 2.5

Big problemHaving a lot of problems with this game for a couple of weeks now after an update, have just done another update and it is now impossible to play this game. I have played this for a few years now and have always loved it, is there a way to fix this problem?.Version: 6.0.7

Fun and very addictiveDifficult to put down once you start playing. Brilliant fun but also at the same time very frustrating 👍.Version: 3.7

HypnoticOnce I start playing I find it difficult to stop - just one more game....! - and I look up and an hour has passed!!!!.Version: 4.7.6

Really funAmazing.Version: 2.5

Help not loadingAs with previous comment since last update the game is failing to load!.Version: 5.1.1

Won’t start new game after latest updateGreat game but since the latest update I can’t start a new game. Please sort.Version: 4.3.5

SolitaireAwesome game! Never any issues playing this game. Thanks.Version: 5.2.6

Good gameDidn't really know how to play now I do, it is like poker and all of that and card games are the best, thumbs up 👍🏽.Version: 2.5

It's a great gameIt never crashes when your playing.Version: 4.2

GameThis game is so good I love it the first time I used it I recommend others play it🌈😄😍🥰.Version: 4.7.0(1)

Battery drainI found recently while playing this great game that it drains your battery really fast 10% in 10 minutes. Could you please do something to fix this issue. Cheers.Version: 6.0.9

SolitaireI think it’s a fun and enjoyable game,I play it on my iPad and iPhone and the good thing is you don’t need Wi-fi to play so I play on the go all the time..Version: 4.2

Nice gameBasic and better than the cheesy ones..Version: 3.6

Great gameEasy to use offline.Version: 3.1

Solitaire7 February 2018 I feel that this is is the best Solitaire app out there today. I’ve played all of them offered at the Apple Store available. This one allows me to play the aces in the order I prefer them to be placed. Which for me is spades, hearts, clubs and then the diamonds. I don’t know why I prefer it this way but I do. I also appreciate the undo option along the bottom line. Quite handy when I realize I have made a mistake on a play. I can go back and fix it and return again. I do not mind the ads as they are necessary to remain to keep the app free. Thank you, Gayle Brown.Version: 4.3.2

GreatAn enjoyable way to fill in a few moments and a nice break from the stresses of a busy day..Version: 4.3.3

Fantastic!Great game of Solitaire I play it at random points of time everyday and for the person who wrote a review on November 5th of 2017 you simply are playing wrong or like the other guy from May 24th of this year (2018) said you probably only want to write a bad review. This is my second favorite Solitaire app the old one couldn’t be played with iOS11 or whenever that happened because they stopped updating it which is really unfortunate because there was a coin system and you can buy trophies, different backgrounds, different cars back, and a lot more. I wish they would come back to it and update it it was too much fun....Version: 4.5.5

Old schoolGreat classic game to pass the time.Version: 4.6.3

Excellent gameAwesome game I love it so much!!.Version: 2.5

Daily ChallengesI wish they show us if we are unable to solve the daily challenge that this game can be able to show us why we cannot solve the daily challenge . I am having a hard time with the daily challenges dated 5/28, 6/5, 6/6 and 6/11. I have tried everything and I am not able to solve the daily challenges on the dates mentioned above. Is there something in the game that shows us how to solve the daily challenges ? Please advise..Version: 7.3.0

The cards are too smallLove playing this solitaire as the cards were big but now they have changed to being small....... Can’t get them to be bigger on the options either.......I know it’s free but I would pay to have it back the old way.......disgruntled!!.Version: 4.7.6

Awsome gameAbsolutely love playing it no problems at all.Version: 3.1

Great stuff!I’ve been playing solitaire since I was naut but a wee lad, just a Johnny to a cobbler, and I stand by my word when I say, ‘This, dear reader, is the finest version I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing!’ From this seasoned veteran, that kind of compliment come with a weight I know you’ll appreciate. With that said, I’ll leave you. Gold day to all, and go warmly into your next creaturely day. - Ana Galban Leon..Version: 5.2.6

Continued review from beforeWell the App Store doesn’t seem to let me make multiple reviews, but there is always another way 😉. This game is fun. I see reviews on here about not winning, but I think I win more than I loose. At least it feels that way. But the winning feels earned not given. And this is my talking on the phone game. Also, the ads aren’t as intrusive as on other games. For instance, most games have ads that pop up and you can’t cancel until it finishes, after 30 - 45 seconds btw, but not this game. The ads can be canceled after about 10 sec or less. Another thing is the ads are actually something I’m interested in. I’ve clicked on a few, which I never do on other games. ——- Second Review——- Zynga contacted me shortly after my review below with a fix which worked well. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the bug is gone. It isn’t often app developers contact me directly even when I give a negative review, so I’m impressed. Thank you Zynga. ——- Original review—— (Now the new game button just plays adds without a new game ever starting.).Version: 4.4.2

Too much time watching ads!Good game. I like everything anout it except for the amount of time watching ads proportionately yo yhe amount actually plsying ghe gane is waaayyyy to high! Expect to spend 20 to 25% of your time watching ads!.Version: 5.2.6

AwesomeReferred to me by freeappsfast! Check it out. l6SIC.Version: 2.5

WouldAnd eyou even in era and the reason why tnx a elot we had the best year time every time of m Ziino made as B.B. ais.Version: 4.4.2

Versatile, engaging and funYou can change the game dynamics in Settings to create several versions of this classic card game, each with its own challenges. The Daily Challenge is one of my favorite things I do every day. Because this does not require a connection to play, this is one of my go-to time-whiling apps. Rankings on new update are odd. “Royal Retiree”? Am I supposed to quit my job? Or are you saying I play too much and should retire? The ranks are fun but this one’s really bizarre..Version: 4.6.16

AwesomeBeen playing for 10 years the game s as good now as when I started playing..Version: 4.5.5

SolitaireThe only thing I hate are the commercials for other games that are so noisy.Version: 5.2.6

Plays wellFrustrates for several hands then throws in an easy one to keep you hooked..Version: 4.6.9

SolitaireC’est un très bon jeu..Version: 5.2.7

GoodIt’s good.Version: 5.2.7

Solitaire is so So calming!The auto complete! Ruins the challenge, just because you reach a certain point and it can auto complete. It's presumptuous... takes the fun out the game! Stop it! I find the game a great stress reliever, then you introduced auto complete! What the heck for....Version: 5.2.6

SolitaireI love the daily challenge Thank you Bubbly bairn.Version: 4.5.10

TooMany changes have taken this app off the topSpotI spend more time than I should on this site so I obviously like it more than some other Solitaire apps. Hard to pinpoint why but it feels very comfortable to use and there is no OTT pressure to 'take a challenge ' which puts me off other apps. I still feel this way several months later BUT they have managed to sell some ads which have really loud music and they don't have any way of closing them down. So I find myself having to close the whole app to make them stop. I know they need to make money but forcing me to close the app because of bullying ads doesn't seem like good business to me..Version: 4.2

Update no useThe latest bugs fix update has not worked on my iPad cannot get a new game now.Version: 4.3.8

AdsI have an infuriating ad bottom right of my screen that I can not move & therefore not request a new game. This ad is for PPI. Very disappointed..Version: 4.3.8

Great gameFab game when you just want to sit and chill ! And love that it has the auto win so you can start a new game without having to finish your initial game !.Version: 4.6.9

Best game everVery enjoyable easy to play.Version: 5.2.6

Not Zynga fan but this is not a scamI played poker before with Zynga but this is not a scam! I was able to play a game and win my first game. It was challenging so definitely not for kids but I hadn’t played solitaire in a couple of years and I still won my fist game. I only played to get rewarded in another game but still, this is not a scam. I did turn my WiFi off while playing like another user suggested so not sure if that made a difference. Also like the auto win feature and undo feature! Easy peasy!.Version: 4.5.3

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