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Hinge: Dating & Relationships app received 147 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about hinge: dating & relationships?

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Going downhill rapidly...!Hinge used to be a great app, but unfortunately, as with most dating apps, the more well known it’s become the lower the calibre of users who join. No-one uses the comment function anymore, they just like your photo and when you match with them, they don’t send a message, and ultimately you just unmatch again! I think a massive improvement would be if a comment had to be made in order to send a like. Otherwise why have us answer questions about ourselves if no one is going to use them as a conversation starter anymore? Its not Instagram and I don’t really care if someone likes my pic or not to be honest. Please make commenting compulsory and you might see some improvement (and hopefully better members looking for dates rather than an ego boost).Version: 6.2.13

Bumble is the bestI hate this app.Version: 8.3.1

No customer service and got banned!Got banned for no reason and have zero customer service. This app is inadequate and poorly designed !.Version: 7.20.0

You have to pay to use - don’t botherIf I would have known I had to pay to use this app i wouldn’t have downloaded it. Don’t bother, there are other apps you can use without a fee.Version: 7.22.0

Worse than Plenty of Fish !!!I have downloaded the app 3 times and I do not think I will download the app again. The algorithm does not make any sense. I am convinced that the “likes” I give out not seen by some of the guys because it’s not a coincidence that the unattractive men want to always pair up with me. No offence but the guys who like me are not my type and they cannot hold a standard conversation. The stand out section needs to be removed because it’s pointless only having 1 rose for 7/8/9 of them, for 1 whole week. When you 1st sign up you are shown a plethora of attractive men, then after the 1st hour you are shown unconventional looking men for most of the time. No matter how much you swipe, your abundance of men that you usually like rarely comes as the days go by. Plus when you decline a guys “like”.....he still shows up on your feed. If you decline someone, you should not be able to see them on your feed again, it just makes things awkward; again it’s not a coincidence. Another thing is that why is the app only give out 8 “likes” per day - no wonder it’s designed to be deleted. From reading other reviews, paying for Hinge makes no difference when you are using the free version..Version: 8.7.0

You will be banned for no reasonDon’t use hinge, you can easily report anyone and get them banned for any reason as there is no formal process in hinge, it’s completely broken. I used hinge for barely a few days, a girl was interested in me and I informed her I was not looking for a relationship, every exchange we had was related to our love and compassion for animals whereby there was nothing possibly in violation. After informing her I was not looking for a relationship she blocked me on everything, then false reported me. Hinge has no fair process to filter out reports, they take anything at face value, thereby making false accusations ok when in fact they belittle the real victims in real situations..Version: 7.22.0

Banned with no explanation and other issuesRecently I was banned from hinge for having apparently violated the terms of service. Now the part that’s weird is that I know for a fact I did nothing wrong. The pictures I used were all appropriate and mine, the comments in my profile were also I guess what you could call normal (re: travel, experiences, etc). I also know for a fact that non of my conversations were rude/offensive. I would always see where the conversation was going and would never assume something based off her profile. When I would talk with someone I’d always “get a feel” for what we were chatting about. For instance if it was roast for roast” or something similar. Hinge shouldn’t just ban people outright for perhaps making mistakes on the app, especially if that person is unaware of said mistake. Id highly recommend avoiding this app until such a time that the above mentioned feature is included. Otherwise how’s can people who are actually looking for relationship do that let alone improve themselves if issues arise. Furthermore Hinge needs to do a better job of having a working customer service. From what I’ve gathered it is a “one and done” approach whereby nothing is explained and email responses are cut and paste. This is frustrating especially when trying to explain the other side of a supposed argument/ban. On a side note, my original subscription was $26.49 but then when a friend created his account his subscription was $52.99 for the exact same service. What’s going on here?.Version: 7.28.1

They finally broke itThis is the first app review I’ve ever written, but I feel compelled to by the appallingly bad quality of this app. I used it for the first time a few months ago, and found it to be a great alternative to bumble and tinder, and a good way to get back out there after lockdown. I recently downloaded it again, and unfortunately discovered that the developers have decided to brick the app by introducing the new “standouts” feature. This feature basically keeps anyone you might actually find attractive behind a paywall and shows you nothing but obese women with significant mental health issue if you refuse to pay. Using this app makes me concerned for the future of humans as a species, and unless they revert the changes to the algorithm, I would suggest that your time is better spent watching paint dry than using this pathetic excuse for a “matchmaking” app..Version: 8.1.0

GET RID OF THE STANDOUT TABHinge used to hands-down be my favorite dating app! The algorithm just got me and I’d constantly see new and interesting people I wanted to chat with. Now that the standout tab/roses feature has been introduced, all that data has been practically used against me! They put every single person I’d be even remotely interested in into a tab that makes me pay $4 dollars to just say hi??? Ridiculous. I understand that an app needs to introduce premium features to make money but this has made the free version of Hinge practically unusable. The best thing about Hinge was the fact that the algorithm had a decent understanding of my type, but now the developers have sectioned off all those people away from me behind a paywall? It’s disappointing and I’d even say classist, especially during a pandemic when so many people are leaning on dating apps more than ever to start romantic connections. There are different ways to introduce premium features that don’t screw over non-premium users. At least Tinder Gold is a flat-fee and doesn’t negatively effect non-premium users’ experience. Bottomline is that due to the addition of these god awful new features, I’ve been forced to deleted my previously favorite dating app... and it definitely is NOT because I found someone through Hinge’s current services..Version: 8.4.0

Good app until your banned inexplicablyI was recommended this app and used it and met some great people here on Hinge where it does what many of the other apps try to but fail however there is an unfortunate side affect to that, when you sign up you agree that hinge can ban you without warning or explanation and no appeal process at all regardless of the situation so this means you can literally never break the terms and conditions or expected behaviour but if your reported or hi he suspects information is inaccurate then you can and probably will be banned for life with no explanation given and no chance of appeal. Strongly consider this when joining and remember even if you follow the rules it can still happen to you..Version: 7.21.0

DisappointingAs much as I like the concept behind it the experience of using the app has been rather disappointing. No matter how much effort I make into commenting on other users’ stories or pictures I hardly get any matches. When I eventually do get a match the vast majority of users choose ‘your turn’ which essentially mean that they want me to do all the work - how unmasculine of them! There also seem to be quite a few profiles of couples which I think defeats the purpose of being a ‘relationship app’. Lastly, many profiles aren’t loading correctly (I keep seeing blank boxes in places where pictures should be) which makes it impossible to tell how those users look like. Overall, after a month of using the app I’ve had one semi decent conversation. Suffice it to say that I won’t be using it for much longer..Version: 6.2.12

Member?I don’t like the element where you can only see one person who has liked your photo. It shows up that 3 or 4 people have liked your photos but you have to be a member to see have access to their profiles which is very annoying. Can we have access to at least 3 peoples profiles and then any number after that you have to become a member to see the rest?.Version: 7.12.2

Didn’t work for me.I’ve been on plenty of dating apps, dated some decent guys but I’ve never been so unpopular as I am on this one haha it’s given me a complex because I got 5 matches in the months I was on. 3 that never replied and 2 that just wanted to hook up. Ugh I though it would be better than tinder and bumble.. Turns out, it’s worse for me. I’m definitely no babe but I just never thought I was hideous to the point no guys would match and talk with me.. Deleted it. Hope it works for others apparently I’m too ugly 😂.Version: 7.10.1

Has PotentialI actually came to drop this from a 4 to a 2 star. The app itself isn’t glitchy etc. this is more so on the format of it and the style rather than anything else. I just don’t see this as an app that will help people engage. People on here are more so inclined to write about their political views than about themselves. My biggest pet peeve is when we have an match, we already complimented them and they just match and leave the compliment with no response. It makes us look like a fool cus we already started the convo..we already initiated contact yet this person probably feels like they’re doing charity by just matching with someone and not responding to them. Hopefully we don’t come onto dating apps for validation cus I don’t. But when people are on here not messaging or using this app properly it degrades the whole quality of the app. There needs to be more research done on how we can make this about quality and getting the right people in touch with each other. The match suggestions they bring up is not practical cus some of us do factor in appearance it’s just the way we’re made. It’s not everything but it’s something. I’m bummed I actually paid a months worth for it as the three dates I went on were completely trash..Version: 7.30.1

Don’t subscribe!When you sign up it entices you with a number of model looking women, the minute you close the app & open up again the calibre of women totally change without trying to come across wrong. But even the promise of getting matches when paying I had no success, while still swiping left because of the lack of attraction! I’m not picky but showing me BBW women next after next shows that something is totally wrong with your app with the lack of balance. I’m a black man my preference is all but to only show me black women & BBW is not a coincidence. I’m athletic build & prefer to date someone based on that yet you don’t have that as a preference which is ridiculous. I have been ripped off & after complaining via email with laughable reply. I’ve had to leave a bad review! I have a theory that you judging people’s looks & putting them & others separately. This is for sure. Shame on you. Unsubscribed 💋.Version: 7.19.0

Too PCI’m male and was banned for using a topless profile picture of myself on the beach..Version: 7.22.0

Constantly pesters you to use itUnlike other dating apps hinge itself is a needy partner. Constantly pestering you to reply to messages with thumbnail alerts and push notifications. If you’ve read a message but haven’t replied it keeps the notification there until you do. The interface is a little clunky and your ability to describe yourself as you want to is limited by their question/answer profile format. It’s okay, but not great..Version: 7.16.1

Great & Effective ServiceI have enjoyed using Hinge especially because of the way it structured a profile to be succinct yet still informative enough. The Hinge application development team did a really good job in striking the balance between the two. The one suggestion I would make is just add an element to the profile that allows the man/woman to indicate the type of relationship they are looking for (friends, short-term relationship/dating, or a long-term relationship). Especially for men, it helps us to know the degree of relationship that a woman is looking for before we devote time and energy to communicating with and pursuing them. I have encountered a couple woman now that weren’t really looking for a dating relationship at all, more just friendship. I did not find this out until conversing with either of them at some length and drilling to the bottom of it. With each of them, part of me thought, “Why is she even on a dating app/site when she has no real intention of dating anyone?”. I know Hinge is a more casual dating service, but yet I wish this information would have been more upfront. Even so, both women have still become good friends and I was still encouraged to meet both of them given the higher quality of person they each are. It’s just better to be as honest and upfront as possible from the beginning and allow for this as much as possible..Version: 7.28.0

Owned by the fraudulent Match Group Inc, avoid like COVID-19Owned by the same money-hungry Match Group Inc. that purposely and fraudulently advertises false profiles as potential matches to lure people into paying for subscriptions/premium services. Do not fall for this, Hinge is no different to Tinder, PoF or OkCupid as the same underhanded tactics are utilised on unwitting individuals on all apps owned by the Match Group Inc and they are capitalising in lockdown restrictions to maximise profits. If you have ever found yourself banned from any of the previously mentioned apps, you will soon be banned for false breaches of “Terms of Service” regardless of if you pay for the subscription or not. There is no appeal process for any of these apps, as all they care about money. If you do find yourself in this situation, you are able to re-join these platforms with a few steps. You will have to change your Apple ID, use a new e-Mail address and phone number and be sure not to use any photos that you have used previously. Personally I would not recommend bothering with any of these apps as they are operated fraudulently and are only out to exploit you for cash..Version: 8.4.0

Algorithm and PreferencesThis is by far the worst “dating app” that one can use. Not only do you preferences mean virtually anything (considering they show you everyone who is polar opposite of what you are looking for), it will show you 10 people and say there is no one else in your area. You’re going to tell me there is only 10 people using this app within 20+ miles? I find that extremely difficult to believe. I have deleted my account, logged out, made a new account as suggested by customer support to see if this will fix my experience... it fixed it for about 10 minutes showing me people within my preferences and then the algorithm was completely wrong once again. I even have spent money on the premium version to increase my chances- this app is pathetic and the customer support is a joke. They basically say there is nothing we can do and that the more you swipe, the better the algorithm becomes and will show you people in your preferences. How can I swipe and increase my odds when not one single person is within my preferences? I’ve used this app for a year and haven’t received one like, one comment or anything and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with myself or my profile. This is a joke and don’t spend money on this nonsense- it’s a scam and very discouraging. Hope this serves y’all some support..Version: 8.1.0

Useless app that does not workI downloaded hinge after reading so many rave reviews on it and only to be very disappointed. I had to get verified only for nothing to happen. Then they have the cheek to say pause your profile because I am not being active enough. How can I be active when there is no activity coming from your app from anyone apart from you nagging me repeatedly to verify my account. Just another extremely overhyped subscription based app trying to pretend to be something special when it is clearly not. The only reason your app is designed to be deleted is due to frustration from its users at how useless it is..Version: 7.13.0

Shocking 😏So I was speaking to a girl on this app and we swapped numbers, after a few days talking on WhatsApp she became very controlling and told be I better delete hinge, when I said I will in my own time as we just started speaking she became very abusive and said I hope your children die along with a number of other disturbing things 😕 I blocked her on WhatsApp as she was not a nice person, she then reported me to the app and without any contact with me they deleted and banned me, I wasn’t give a chance to explain or show proof of the horrible things she said, and I have the screenshots to show them, this was completely unfair, if someone so much as reports you weather it true or not they ban you without contacting you it’s a very unprofessional app !!!!!.Version: 7.16.1

Against different relationship typesMy husband and I have a poly relationship. We joined hinge and paid the high amount of $40 for three months. One day I went in to view the new messages we had and it wouldn’t let me sign in. I emailed them about it and this is the response I got. “ Your account was not deleted because of the particular type of relationship you're in or the type of relationship you're looking for. The reason that your account was deleted is because we require that each Hinge profile represent only one individual. We think it's important to have each profile represent only one person because we want to try to capture the richness and depth of a person. That's already incredibly hard to do for just one individual, let alone two. We absolutely welcome folks in poly relationships on Hinge and I'm happy to say that we have a growing poly community! Most poly folks on Hinge let other members know about their relationship status in their prompt answers or simply in the course of conversation in their messages.” This is a lie. This app is not for our kind of relationship. You can’t connect two accounts so if he and I wanted to do it the right way, we’d have to pay for two memberships. I wish there was a warning or an email or text they’d send to let you know your account had been deleted. We didn’t even know it violated their “rules.” We had been using it for THREE MONTHS, bu the moment our membership expired our account got deleted. TOTAL CRAP APP! DO NOT GET..Version: 7.31.1

Banned account with no rhyme or reasonUtterly disappointed in Hinge. Account was banned for absolutely no credible reason. I’ve read the terms and conditions as well as the community standards. Good luck trying to get any support. They have zero customer service..Version: 7.18.1

DeletionThis app removed me for saying that I had “Violated terms” when I have been a paid customer since the app came out. I have gone on dates from the app and I have NEVER had an issue with anyone I have met..Version: 7.15.1

Great foundation, needs workSo to begin this review I want to point out that Hinge had the generosity of providing me with a 30 day preferred membership, probably as a welcome to the app. Although they in no way made me write a review, I still feel that doing so is fair to reciprocate their generosity. Like others users have mentioned, I’m somewhat missing the value in paying for a preferred membership, because it only works if others have it, in my case women. Since you can only like a few people at a time and review your queue of matches in a limited manner as a free user, if you get a lot of hits on your profile you’re not going to contact them for a while. That being said, if a preferred member had priority in other’s match queue, it would add much more value. Additionally, the app should work towards making sure women actually respond to you once you’ve made contact, because it’s another big issue. Finally, the number of people who were actually similar in my personality and in my league was dwindled so quickly that now it just feeds me whatever profiles it has lying around, and not even a week into the app I’m out of matchable women. As it stands right now, I certainly wouldn’t spend any money on this experience, but given work it could be a truly revolutionary app as it claims. Since I’m a young guy in a big market I would love to continue providing my feedback and working to improve the app if the developers are interested..Version: 6.2.13

DangerousNever have I ever thought other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or even POF were dangerous. It seems like predatory men flock to this app. I went on a date with a man who didn't look anything like his pictures and then proceeded to stalk me for months afterwards, and this wasn't an isolated incident using Hinge as it happened again before I finally deleted the app (yes, Hinge was notified on both occasions and I never received a follow up) If we're talking about technicalities, the radius is a circle and not linear. Meaning if you live near the border of a country you are going to have to sift through people who aren't in the same country as you but within the same radius. I've never written a review for anything but if at least one lady sees this and chooses another dating app then the hassle of using this awful app was worth it. Stay safe out there ladies and choose any dating app BUT Hinge..Version: 7.12.2

Roses aren't redI loved this app -it was my favourite- until they started hiding people they know I would like from me and only showing them among my "Standouts", which I can't contact more than once a week unless I pay for roses. They claim the cost of 4$/rose encourages scarcity and reflects deep intention to the receiver, but those 4$ cost way more to a struggling lower class person than they do to a rich upper class person. Isn't one point of internet dating to make people accessible to each other no matter the socioeconomic status? I would rather watch an ad after each person I come across than to have to date only from the part of the Hinge population that is less attractive to me..Version: 8.5.1

Image and Info Stolen? Scam?I downloaded this app after looking at multiple high-rated reviews online. After putting in my birthday during the sign-up process, the app suddenly locked me out and wouldn’t allow me to process any further, claiming that I was under the age of 18. I’m 20, and could have sworn that I put in the correct birth date. Figuring I may have made a mistake, I followed the corrective process suggested by the app’s official policy page and submitted a picture of my photo ID, blacking out all personal details except the ones requested. This process is the officially recommended one, as there’s a link at the bottom of the “Sorry, you’re 18” page that takes you directly to a draft email to customer support with detailed instructions on what to do. After repeating this process twice, I not only received no email back, but remained locked from using the service. I eventually deleted the app but now worry that it may have been a scam, and that my image and information could be used for illegal purposes. It’s possibly just a case of oversight or negligence, but I would like to finally hear back from their customer support team about what happened and if my ID was deleted from their servers. For other users, be wary that this can happen.Version: 7.4.0

Randomly bannedI had the app for less than 12 hours, and my account was permanently banned. I had two matches and spoken to one guy who I knew personally. There was nothing inappropriate said or done. All rules were followed and respected, yet they, without warning or explanation, banned my account..Version: 8.2.0

Nice, when/if it works, which it doesn't.It's a good design, and reasonably well executed. However, it seems to remove someone from the pool/stack without notice and with no recourse to return. I became busy with work for two weeks, and learned upon my return to the app that it thought I'd seen everyone that met my specifications--a status that has not changed despite my attempts to reset, broaden them, etc. Even if this were true at one point, it's hard to believe that no women aged 18-65 joined the app within a 100km radius of Sydney (Australia) in the past 3 months. Prior bug fixes have not resolved this. There is no clear way to seek assistance regarding the matter. Result: the slogan "designed to be deleted" is taking on a different, and less favorable, meaning..Version: 7.10.0

Lots of GlitchesThis app has tons of technical problems. Notifications pop up all the time for when people like your profile, but message notifications don’t show up, so you can miss responses to your messages quite easily. Some matches disappear even before a conversation starts. People are able to hide vital information, such as whether or not they already have children. I live in California but have been matched with people who live in Georgia or Oregon; I’ve set my location to within a radius of, like, 20 miles and I get likes from guys who live 100 miles away or more. It’s a waste of time. And people are still able to like a picture without commenting, waiting for the other person to start the conversation. Waiting for me to do the work, as if that’s going to get my attention. It also doesn’t seem to be learning my preferences all that well and shows me guys who don’t seem to have any common interests or values. I picked Hinge because it touts itself as not just another hookup app, but using it is so frustrating, and requires just as much of a screening process to weed out sleazy guys, who make weird requests and don’t want a real monogamous relationship, that I’ve only gone on a couple dates in several months, all disappointing. I’m pretty close to giving up on the app altogether..Version: 7.4.0

Standarts...I like the app and no issues of finding people or chatting because I dont really take the online dating too serious if I get match or not etc... Whereas one thing actually bothered me since the sending “Rose” thing came up the better looking ladies moved to that part and lesser good looking ladies full on on the free main searching... so this put me off tho... its like level the women by the look... if you wanna have good looking you pay for the Rose feature if not you get the ones not good looking... its not evenly spread around...its like you wanna sell the good ones and give bad ones for free... all good or not good looking ones should be evenly on any part if the app!!! Its a shame!!!.Version: 8.1.0

Worst dating app everWhen I started I was seeing a lot of high profile and good quality profile but now I only be low quality profile and all of the using heavy filter. Also spam me with a girl that said “you and this person is a perfect match” and I when to look same low quality profile and pretty much I haven’t like any profile for weeks. And I was going to pay for the subscription but it isn’t worth my money if I keep seeing low quality profile and I try changing my photo and my profile but not thing works. So I’m going back on bumble and tinder. Very disappointed.Version: 8.1.0

Banned for no reason and no responseShame this happened because apart from all the fake accounts it isn’t that bad. I was banned randomly from hinge and had not sent any inappropriate messages at all. It happened out of the blue. I requested a review and explanation for this but hinge do not have any appeal process at all. They purely believe any report a girl makes and ban the account instantly without even looking at it. It is heavily biased. Be careful if you’re a man and have paid for this app because you may be banned ignored and have to keep paying If you’re not careful..Version: 7.12.2

ScamBefore I paid the monthly fee I was seeing all kinds of hot nice looking girls then I pay it switched to all these fat ugly girls and barely any hot ones ,clearly they have a bunch of fake profiles to sucker guys into paying ..Version: 7.27.0

Ladies don’t get this app , you’ll get banned after 2 weeksI brought a 3 month membership on hinge and was really enjoying as it was better connections and more classy to find out today my profile has been removed and I’ve been banned because several users reported however I’ve not violated any terms of service and followed every rule. I’m a real person and nothing in my profile or chats prove I have violated any terms of service. I believe they should look into my account further and see fir themselves than just believing what anyone tells them as they will end up banning a lot of good people due to ignorance . The app should have a better blocking system if people don’t want to chat anymore or they should have an appeal stage so you’re not banned forever it seems really unjust and the quickest way for the buisness to fail if they’re just banning people left and right. Especially as a female I’m really disappointed I finally found an app that didn’t have sleazy men on to be banned with no explanation . I don’t want to know who reported me as privacy however want to know in detail what led up to the ban and why it’s not like Instagram if that’s the case to remove privileges like matching with people ect just a suggestion . The app has so much potential but from a woman’s view you’ll probably get banned or reported by people if you don’t reply to them or they believe your profile to be fake..Version: 8.0.1

Fake profiles galoreThis app is mostly a waste of time and money (if you upgrade). Firstly, there’s a disproportionate amount of very attractive female profiles and then when you match with them they’ll send one message and that’s all. They’re either bots or Hinge employees that are paid to create false hope for the user so that they stay subscribed to the app. I’ve met a few real people on it but most of the profiles are fake. I even found a profile of a friend of mine who I know doesn’t even use Hinge so that’s one 100% certified fake! Don’t waste your time on this app..Version: 7.6.1

Just looking for a profitNow that they’ve updated this app you can message certain users only if you buy a “rose” without those users knowing they’re being used to make this app money.I wonder if that’s legal hmmm.Version: 8.5.0

Junk appGot logged out can’t log back in. Sent emails and no replies back..Version: 6.2.12

Great app, but takes a while to matchIve been using Hinge on and off for about a year and half now. Only have gotten like 8 matches, and all have been in response to me liking a photo or commenting, which is great, except its one sided. What I mean by this, is that I have NEVER had my profile or any picture of mine liked by a girl, or had a girl comment on a photo of mine and I feel like my profile is pretty darn good. I also have liked a ton of women on the app, but most of them wont/ or never will respond due to either them ignoring the comment or the fact that they never are on the app. So maybe a way to fix that problem, is to do a comb through of all the accounts that dont get used much and suggest to that user, something like “hey, we noticed you havent been using your Hinge account much, would you like us to go ahead and cancel it?” And then provide them options/reasons for why they want to cancel it. Its frustrating knowing that ive liked a picture or commented on a picture of a really cute girl, only to never get a response back again. Its like it goes into a void and never returns. Overall though, i think Hinge is the best dating app out of them all though, because it dives deeper than just the bare minimum..Version: 7.26.0

DiscriminationA few of these apps through trying to control poor behaviour, don’t clearly separate unmatching someone for no reason vs poor behaviour reasons. The unmatch for no reason is hidden as the bottom choice. When a match incorrectly unmatches you, in choosing any of the reasons, this goes as a black mark against you. Enough of these black marks and your profile will be deleted. This is discrimination, hinge and other apps need to make this clearer, as people are lazy when they unmatch as they’ve decided to move on..Version: 7.21.0

Glitchy appIt has glitches and some conversations got un matched randomly. Some might’ve been genuinely unmatched but seeing how some disappeared yet came back the next day made me doubt the whole app. I asked some of my matches if they unmatched me and they said no but the conversation disappeared on their side too. The whole dropping/unmatching someone mid conversation is an incredibly depressing and painful feeling. There should be a nicer way to end things. So if the algorithm is also messing things up then it makes this app untrustworthy..Version: 7.22.0

Virus restrictions have eased in AustraliaHi, I am enjoying the Hinge app, thank you guys for all your hard work. One thing I would like to mention is regarding the coronavirus restrictions in Queensland Australia (and I believe the rest of Australia as well). Restrictions have eased for a while now, and we are able to meet each other and join groups of up to 20 people, and this rule is also easing again on 1 July. So just in regards to your ‘date from home’ ruling in-app, this is not actually the case in Queensland or Australia any more, and it would be appreciated if you lifted this restriction off your app, so there is no problem in meeting matches off the app. Thanking you kindly for your help:) Thank you 🙏.Version: 7.21.0

Worst dating appHad used the app for a little over a week and find one morning my account had been banned. With no explanation as to why, and as other people have said an appeal process that doesn’t work. I think if you’re going to ban people from a service give them an actual reason or explanation of what they did..Version: 8.3.1

BannedI was a paying customer , I was banned and never told for what. There’s no way to contact them only sign in with a phone number. Waste of time . Do not recomendado this app..Version: 7.15.1

As bad as eharmonyI’m a genuinely in shape, decent looking bloke who downloaded this app in good faith from recommendations from my lady friends. Unfortunately I have to swipe NO on 98% of the females on this app. I’m definitely not vain in any sense, but after two weeks I’m having the fattest, ugliest, most desperate girls filling my swipe feed. Genuinely, it makes me feel like a terrible human seeing the state of these people. I feel like I’m swiping on livestock after a good swipe sesh. It’s debilitating to the point where it’s actually depressing swiping through so many people who aren’t a good fit as a match. Hinge needs to place some sort of algorithm in (similar to tinder) that matches you with people based on popularity. It’s a good concept, but how can you advertise a dating app (most of which focus on material factors) but have such a horrendous user experience for people who aren’t so hard on the eyes. As a single guy I’d recommend tinder, bumble and even plenty of fish as a better dating app before this mess.Version: 7.24.0

My experienceI’m left very confused as to why I was banned after having this app for about a week and doing nothing but have normal conversations with people..Version: 7.22.0

Predatory chargingPaused my account, tried to cancel my subscription but was still charged. Don’t try the “free” trial..Version: 8.13.0

Delete !Hinge, just like most other dating sites, is just rubbish. The idea of answering prompts and questions is good, but it makes it much harder to find someone you actually want to talk to. Getting to know peoples personalities and values is much more important than their political opinions or their favourite food! It is helpful in sorting the wheat from the chaff, but reading stupid prompts makes it so much harder to swipe right or want to get to know someone better. I’ve had some messages, however it’s never really been worth my time. It doesn’t seem as though they are very good at actually matching people with similar interests or values. Also, the cost for a premium subscription is just ridiculous. £20 for 1 month. Considering it doesn’t actually help you find someone, it’s really not worth it..Version: 8.5.0

Banned without any kind of processI was on hinge for maybe a year. Never had any issues with anyone, and tend to stay friends with women I date. One day I was surprised to find I’d been banned. A few weeks ago I went on the app, and it said there was now an appeals process. So I write to a hinge to say I’d been banned, didn’t know why, perhaps it was because I didn’t speak to everyone I matched with? If they could at least explain why I was banned I’d appreciate it, as I think it was an error. No response. This app is dubious. It seems they want to make people comfortable and safe, which is good, but they did so by cutting corners on the banning process. People can get banned for no reason, which is not great!.Version: 8.1.0

Decent, but puts you “in a box”Hinge is awesome in theory. The idea of making interactions with people extend beyond a simple “like” is great because it gives people (mainly men) an opportunity to stand out on their first impression. Unfortunately this innovation is stifled by seemingly worse algorithms for matching people and no major incentive to engage female users (see Bumble) into making or maintaining conversations with the overwhelming number of men that are matching/liking/commenting on their profiles. Another issue I find is the forceful “prompting” that seems to beat myself and others into answering uncomfortable/staged questions that may seem like icebreakers on the surface but in reality gives people that all too familiar feeling of introducing themselves to a group of strangers with “3 fun facts about themselves”. I think this unfortunately has the effect of making everybody using this platform seem nervous and uncomfortable instead of fun and date-able. In general, I’ve also found that the people Hinge suggests to me are seemingly way less compatible or similar to me in comparison to other apps. The overall experience somehow always seems like a “diet soda” version of competitor dating apps, which stinks, because I do really like the platform this app has. It sadly just seems to fail in its execution of introducing me to like-minded people. Let’s hope that changes!.Version: 7.27.0

Bans for no reason, no warning, no appeals and after that, no refunds on prepaid services!I downloaded the app and was enjoying it, I probably hadn’t messaged someone in a 2-3 weeks on the app and I find out that I was banned today. I bought the 6-month premium service. No refund through the Apple store. So basically they do whatever they want with no explanation (they don’t have to use names or scenarios they could just explain the term of service broken or could have provided some type of warning about what/why?) and then to finish all off they will keep your money. It’s a shame cause it’s a good app. Just has poor customer policies and a lazy approach to managing potential unwanted users..Version: 7.18.1

Are you kidding me?!It was a fantastic app, at least until the recent upgrade makes you pay to see the people who match with you. What’s the point of having a dating app if you have to pay to connect with people? 🙄 I definitely don’t recommend this app..Version: 6.1.0

Lacking in basic detailHinge claims that it eliminates the swipe culture and helps people find meaningful relationships. This is a wonderful concept and the main reason I downloaded it and purchased a subscription. However, there are major flaws that need to be fixed for it to work. First, many profiles are incomplete and have little to no details about the person. Two, users have the ability to hide major details such as employment status, whether they have kids, whether they smoke, height, and much more! Another thing that is concerning is education is “always hidden” and the user can’t choose to display their level of education. The only way to let others know that you graduated high school or college is to actually name the school, which is problematic for some people. These issues can be dealbreakers for folks and are fundamental questions. Three, there are no questions about what type of relationship the person is seeking. While I’d like to assume that everyone on the app is looking for something committed and monogamous, that’s not always the case. In summary, while the concept of the app is refreshing and very promising, it is lacking in real, authentic detail and feels like I’m navigating in the dark. In contrast to something like Match and Eharmony, it falls short and feels empty..Version: 6.1.2

BannedI got banned for no obvious reason, i emailed them and their response was the decisions are final.. terrible communication, what i didn't like specifically is that they didn't even look further into it..Version: 7.19.0

Definitely designed to be deletedKeeps spamming my email about matches. Can’t log on via email because it requires a phone number and I have a new phone number. How on earth am I supposed to sign in with a new phone number and constant email spams from this company about matches. Hinge needs to fix it’s flaws. It’s fitting that it’s catch phrase is designed to be deleted..Version: 7.31.2

Hinge will Terminate Your Account with no fair due processHinge will remove your profile from their system and will not explain why, only that you violated their terms of service. They will say that they have a fair diverse team that looks at each member before they terminate the account, however they don’t provide any explanation as to why your removed. If someone your communicating with on the app makes a false claim about you, they can report you to hinge, and you can be removed with no fair recourse. The interesting part is that when they do terminate your account, they will still charge you your normal membership fees until you manually cancel the subscription. They don’t want your membership, but they are more than happy to continue taking your money after you have been terminated. My suggestion to men on here is to be prepared that someday you may be terminated as well even though you communicated with women in a respectful manner (I did), and don’t expect any fair process even though Hinge characterizes their termination process as fair. If you look online there are multiple cases of people, men and women being terminated, and many of those probably for no reason..Version: 7.15.1

Worst dating app ever!Don’t waste your time on this horrible app!.Version: 8.14.1

App is cheaters paradiseVery disappointing. I think guys on here who are wanting to sneak around behind their SO’s back flock to this app because it’s not as popular as competitors. I’ve used this app of and on for a couple years. I have yet been able to talk to a guy who, upon finding their social media, had a current girlfriend or wife. Other girls have gone through similar experiences with THIS app alone. My friend actually dated someone she found from Hinge for months just to get a Facebook message from his wife of 5 years one day. Another friend dated someone for a whole year just for us to discover he too had a girlfriend of two years. In my own experience, I had a random girl send me a screenshot of MY (now ex) boyfriend’s profile through Instagram. I see a lot of guys on Hinge also on Tinder, their Tinder bios will say looking to hookup, but their Hinge profiles will be very bland, saying the biggest risk they ever took was *this app* 🙄. Guys I’ve found with detailed profiles always seem to be hiding something or someone. If someone is using this app to cheat, or to simply get their nut, their needs to be a report system in place so their account can be disabled. This app sure is designed to be deleted alright, because in my experience it has been nothing but lies and heartbreak for me and my friends..Version: 7.28.1

If you’re a guy, do not buy this app and here is why!The app seems designed so that the guys fill up the women’s inbox with their initial comment and are left in queue until she finally gets around to seeing them. With a queue of only 6 slots visible, the only group that seems the benefit from “purchasing” the full app (allowing mostly to open a fully unlocked queue) would be the women. With which she may see all the men who have left comments on her profile at once. There is almost no point in scrolling through random mens profiles for her, because all the woman needs to do is wait. Systematically when a woman has responded to me personally, it has been after a week, or sometimes two! This isn’t once or twice though. This is every woman. And if I have asked them when they received my message? They had just received it in their queue. They have no way to tell how long a man has been waiting for a reply. It depends on how many other guys have left left comments to her before “you”. In all this app is only a functional dating platform if ALL PROFILES are purchased and all queues are fully unlocked. As for the guy? Don’t buy this app. You will get Nothing for it in return. Donate you money to an animal shelter or something and feed an animal for a day. You’ll get more satisfaction. Actually go rescue a dog and join a dog walking group of young adults. Then you just meet people. You know, like out ancestors used to do..Version: 6.2.13

Two starsI think the app is worth 3.5 or 4 stars but unfortunately the guys bring the overall experience down to a 2. Guys shouldn’t be allowed to just “like pictures.” It so lazy, why not send a message with works. Also, the app should force each member to answer basic questions and make them viewable. So many guys don’t disclose what they are looking for or if they have kids etc. This takes away from the value of online which is getting some basic information upfront. Also, same experience as other apps - guys respond once or twice and then no further communication. Waste of time. Maybe have a feature to drop your connection automatically if no response in a day - that’s what I do. If you are too busy to communicate then don’t waste my time. If the app can figure out how to make dating more successful and not just being different only be negating the swipe feature, then I can give 5 stars. Maybe put people in strict categories - looking to see what is out there, looking to date slowly, looking for marriage and people can only see people in their category. Also you can’t change your category more than say every 3 months to avoid people taking advantage of just switching. If I made an app, that’s what I would do. Too many people wasting other people’s time.Version: 6.2.13

It was good, now it isn’tI’m not sure what changed Hinge but previously, unlike tinder, the pricing was reasonable and I got a decent amount of matches and went on a couple of awesome dates. I then took a break from dating after a bad break up, came back to find I get hardly any matches, there is a new roses feature (don’t quite get that?) and I constantly get offered people I’m not interested in..Version: 8.1.0

Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t wrong....95% of the population are UNDATEABLE! And they are all on Hinge 😬 I’m no oil painting, just an average level attractive woman. I know from experience that dating in Sydney in 2020 is a challenge but Hinge is just depressing. It really drives home that there are ZERO moderately attractive single NORMAL dudes out there. I hate to say this, but maybe put in just a couple of fake profiles of normal average-hot type people to help me not lose complete faith in the Sydney dating scene. Orcs and cave trolls aside, the functionality of the app is good and I haven’t found it to be glitchy..Version: 7.29.1

Most Compatible? I Don’t Think SoHinge is, all in all, a good app. It has far fewer bugs and glitches than Tinder. It also has a clean and clever design — removing user bios in favor of questions gives you a better insight into who might be a good match — that makes the app, unlike Tinder or Bumble, fun to use. The process of swiping on someone’s profile like in most dating apps is substituted with a unique way of matching with someone on Hinge — you either press ‘X’ to move on to the next person or send a like on something featured in the person’s profile — and it forces you to put more thought into whose profile you might pass on and whose profile you might “like”. Hinge’s biggest problem seems to be its “Most Compatible” feature. Hinge will occasionally send you the profile of someone that their algorithm believes you will be very compatible with. The “Most Compatible” feature has suggested about 8 or 9 different profiles to me, but each time this has happened, I have been very confused. The profiles of the people the algorithm suggested have always been people that don’t share my interests or aren’t the type of person I am interested in. Hinge’s tagline is “designed to be deleted” and I sincerely believe that Hinge wants that experience for its users. But if Hinge’s algorithm can’t even make a good attempt at finding someone that I might be compatible with, the app will always be installed and I will still be searching for someone I truly like..Version: 7.22.0

:(So many fat girls.Version: 8.7.0

Yet another poor appIt’s funny reading these reviews and noticing which are legitimate reviews and which are fake reviews. Considering the fake ones are all cookie cutter copy/paste style reviews. I don’t understand how an app expects people to pay for it when it offers so little appeal. Sure it’s the app designed to delete - because after 5 likes (if that) you cant like anymore. Also I notice how the first 5 likes you get are all really attractive people with little actual info about them. And then after it’s regular looking people that have fully detailed profiles. Also been reading that you have to pay to see matches? If that’s the case this app is getting deleted. I dunno what’s worse? An app where you have to wait for women to message first or this... Extremely disappointed with these dating apps that just wanna juice you for money only to have fake profiles. No thanks. If I don’t pay for porn why would I pay for a date?.Version: 7.16.1

Needs some reviewStill hasn’t been reviewed that they use American Indian instead of First Nations, or Indigenous..Version: 8.1.0

The dating app that sabotages you!Firstly, to unlock the features ie. To be able to like/message people you need to pay a subscription fee (don’t do this!!! It won’t enable you to contact the people you are attracted to... keep reading). Then the algorithm in the app determines who you’re most likely to fancy, your “type” and deliberately removes those people from the feed of singles you can see and contact! All the people you’re most likely to fancy are then kept in the “standouts” section where you can only contact them if you buy “roses” for an extra £3.99 each. You can’t see these people anywhere else in the app and they’re only kept in the standouts section for a few days. So, there’s no point subscribing! If you want to message people just buy the roses. But even better - use a different app that doesn’t find out who you’ll fancy and then keep them from you unless you pay an extra fee!.Version: 8.1.0

US onlyRequires US zip code.Version: 3.1.7

Promising but same problems as all dating appsThis app seems great at first—it stops you from the superficial swiping, asks some questions that can show a bit of personality, and tries to make you consider the person on a more than looks level. In reality though I have found this just results in less dates. You’re still as superficial as you always were, but now you’re also judging these people on their wittiness in answering dumb questions, their political views, etc. If you don’t pay for the subscription (which I think is just inexcusably overpriced considering you’re paying for an endlessly reproducible algorithm. If it were, say £2 a month, I’m sure they would get a lot more subscribers) then you just end up swiping through everyone in your entire city, so 99% of people with whom you’ve zero in common, and the very odd person you may like—but then that’s before they even might like you back. I’ll take my £8 and go hit a bar or join a club, where I’ll undoubtedly get more value and treat meeting people less like online groceries..Version: 7.7.3

Paid membership needs work!Hey Hinge Team, the app had potential when it first came out but now you’re restricting likes, which I thought would be fixed by paying for “preferred membership”. I thought fair enough your team needs to make an income. However now, because of that restriction being put in place, that means less people are able to see my profile and approach me, (even though I paid to be seen more often). May I also suggest we alter the algorithm of seeing the same people again and again (sometimes 3 times in a week). I haven’t changed my mind and now I’m wasting a paid membership on seeing the SAME guys I wasn’t interested in the first place, again. Hopefully the app can regain its original spark, here to have my faith restored guys👍.Version: 7.12.2

Banned for no reason?Downloaded the app a while ago for a week, then deleted, tried redownloading and turns out I’m banned? For...?.Version: 7.14.0

Needs Real Human SupportIt's really frustrating that I'm giving this app one star because I loved it and loved the opportunities it provided me to connect with good people, but their customer support is a complete nightmare! You cannot get a hold of them and all you get is a canned response! Really?! My account was banned because I was switching from my old iPhone to a new one, not aware that this will prevent me from going into my account and eventually get me banned and even worse, people can still view my account on their Hinge while I'm completely out of it! It's the only app I used due to its respectful community and lack of sexual content, which is what I prefer, but this is totally unacceptable! They do not ever review the reason for being banned and not one term of services state logging into your number accidentally on two devices would have you banned. They need to work on their customer support, otherwise Hinge will keep losing customers over time. I am not the first one, I went through a lot of posts who faced the exact same problem. I lost contact with all people I was talking to and I cannot get back because their customer service is completely useless. After all the emails I have sent and even reaching out to them on Twitter with the same canned response. Zero star for their customer support..Version: 7.9.1

Hinge: designed to be deletedI get it, I get it. Banned from the app for no reason? Unlikely. Well, it happened to me. I signed up on the 16th of Jan 2020 and uninstalled the app a couple of days on the 18th. I hadn’t messaged a single person. It wasn’t until today, the 24th of July 2020, that I decided to try the service out again, only to find that my account (and all associates logins) was permanently banned. Hinge’s customer support is notoriously vague and unhelpful, so there is no appeals process, let alone a way to find out why. Oh well, Hinge puts it best: an app designed to be deleted..Version: 7.22.0

Blocked for no reasonWhat a joke. Blocked my number for no reason twice. I want my money back. Won’t give it to me. What a joke. Don’t download this app..Version: 7.17.0

Scam...It was a fine app, but somehow I got banned and there’s no appeal system. I did NOTHING offensive and even the one girl I’ve gone on a date with I’m still in contact with. And yes I even bought a subscription. Just use this app free you’ll get banned with no word, not worth your hard earned $ ima just sign up free again and try to clap some quarantine cheeks... f$&@ you hinge.Version: 7.21.0

Discriminatory Profile RemovalYou need to be very careful with this app. They delete and remove your profile for literally no reason. They tell you that a proportion of female users have reported you. But customer services cannot tell you what these reasons are. I was a Hinge user for a month and they simply deleted the profile. My pics were three months old, I had a video of me playing the guitar. I always spoke courteously to female matches. I know of a few other people this has happened too. This could be a form of discrimination as I am a person of colour, especially as they could not give me an adequate reason for my removal. I am going to take this further because I can’t accept that a company can treat a paying customer in this way..Version: 8.3.1

Designed to be deleted alrightCouldn’t even make an account as it wouldn’t send me the verification code..Version: 8.5.1

Money grabPathetic. It used to be good but now it’s just a pathetic money grab, if you don’t pay (A LOT OF MONEY), you can’t do much at all. Owned by the same company as Tinder, so there’s very little continual development except for maximising profits. And yes, it even has the exact same messaging bugs as Tinder has had since the beginning. Really what the market needs is a genuine popular competitor to the Match Group profiteers. Seriously the amount of cash they expect to fork over is insane, considering the low operating cost of an app like this..Version: 8.1.0

Designed to be deleted alright!Terrible dating app, great media PR department though. Tried after reading positive reviews and carrying out research. You have to swipe and write a message, so it’s ends up being too much effort for too little reward. In all the likes I received not one woman could be bothered to write a message, and so they still expected you to in effect make the first move, undermining the point of it all. On Tinder, for example, you either like, get liked, and maybe match, but on Hinge you get an apparent A.I decided match, yet it’s Algorithm is crap. If you have a mountain in your profile picture , it matches you with someone who has mountains in theres. Seriously. And when you delete your profile it doesn’t even ask why, so its Algorithm can learn or Hinge improve it’s service! Also, fact app uses American cultural prompts also ludicrous in U.K. Worst dating app ever used is still gold diggers haven of Bumble, Hinge now second, which is a shame, as nice idea in theory , but whoever developed it forgot the whole work & reward motivational aspect of human psychology. In summery, you’ll end up catfished and chasing ghosts at a much much higher rate on Hinge after putting in much much more effort and time than on say even Tinder..Version: 8.8.1

Same unsuitable profiles over and overHinge started out fairly promisingly, but after some time now I’m ready to delete it. This is out of exasperation rather than having met a great guy. I am shown the same old familiar men over and over again. I repeatedly cross them off as they are not what I’m looking for, but still Hinge persists in this silly charade. Round and round we go. I contacted their ‘help and support’, raised this point and showed many examples of profiles which had come up in my Discover and did not meet the filters I’d paid for and set. The help desk defended it. Utterly pointless. Bumble is better. Don’t waste your time (or money in paying for the preferred membership). The claim that this is the dating app designed to be deleted is false. They’re all designed to keep us going back and paying for upgrades for more likes, filters etc. Don’t be fooled..Version: 7.31.2

Data privacy issuesPlease be aware of the data you upload to Hinge. The support asked for a govt ID to proceed troubleshooting for the glitches in the performance just to tell me they can't help. Took 3 weeks to respond and still don't agree to remove the data from their server. The support only gives a generic template copy paste response so good luck if you are having any trouble..Version: 8.19.0

Doesn’t work and there’s no way of getting response from customer serviceThe app design is great and that’s why it’s such a shame that it’s so buggy, doesn’t work and there’s no way of contacting a real person to enquire about getting it fixed. For the first few days I would get likes or like other people, match and then talk fine, however after a couple of days I started to get no responses when I was messaging people. At first I thought maybe people just weren’t interested in responding but I’m certain that isn’t the case because I get like after like and then no messages / responses to any messages I’ve sent over the last week or so. My messages must either not be getting through to the other person or they are getting through and the other persons aren’t coming through to me. I don’t connect to the app via Facebook so maybe that’s why it’s not as functional? I don’t know but please focus on fixing this problem!!!.Version: 7.0.0

Okay app but don’t payI hinge generally has a good application but if you’re going to pay for a dating service do Bumble. I’ve recently started going through my subscriptions to save money and I’ve had the most trouble cancelling Hinge. Instead of helping me figure out how long my payments will last or helping me figure out the email address that’s connected to the payments coming out of my account, all they’ve done is push the issue onto someone else. I’ve been asking them different questions, so I can solve the problem and instead of replying they copy and paste the same standard reply. I think if you’re going to have a subscription service, you need to be able to help people with their accounts, it’s not enough to just put it back on Apple..Version: 8.3.1

Totally designed to be DELETED!!I used this for a bit and no one matched with me, no only one chatted with me and then I found out that the one guy I had a chance with was already dating another girl from a DIFFERENT dating app, you should make sure they aren’t using more than one... it broke me to find out this. I give this app ZERO (0) stars!!! Then I was banned for no reason the key point here is - DON’T GET THE APP IT IS DESIGNED TO BE DELETED AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY, GUYS AND GIRLS CHEAT ON YOU SCAM YOU AND THEY CAN BRAKE YOU DON’T GET IT AND DELETE IT IF YOU DO - TAKE AWAY ALL THE USERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 8.6.0

All Scammers! And No Customer Service. 😡I will say I talked with several guys in the 2+ weeks I used this app. Unfortunately, I had a creepy vibe with every one of them. They ALL asked to take the conversation to WhatsApp. I had never even heard of WhatsApp until I tried Hinge. I’ve talked to people on Bumble and Match and was never asked to use WhatsApp. I understand WhatsApp is used in foreign countries to get around the internet blocking. 😒That was a red flag with the first guy. Well, actually, the red flags with the first guy came when he said he lived in Texas, but was from Italy and his wife and children were killed in a car accident several years ago. 😳. The second guy’s profile showed he lived in Ft. Worth, but after we started talking, supposedly he was in the Army and stationed in Syria. Seriously?!! I had at least 5 guys ask to go to WhatsApp. And 2 supposedly stationed in Syria. Unfortunately, I paid for 3 months, but it was only about $25. I deleted my profile, canceled my account, and deleted the app entirely. I’m just hoping that none of my personal information has been compromised. Of course, I sent several emails to customer support about all of this, but no one answered. Bumble always replies. Can’t believe people are giving this app great reviews. Have to wonder if they’re fake too. Run away!!!.Version: 6.1.3

Deleted account for no apparent reasonMy account was randomly banned and there appears to be no way to get it back, I enjoyed it up untill then :/.Version: 7.13.0

Algorithme or quality members prob?Is it my algorithme that only display this kind of profile or are all your users overweight? Thought the concept was interesting but tinder brings better users..Version: 7.27.0

Not enough usersTo whoever from Australia (mainly Melbourne) wants to use Hinge to find love, there aren’t that many users and profiles to look and review (between ages 20-30). There’s maybe less than 50 profiles? I have been on the app for a month and no one has liked me. You’re better off speed-dating or using the other apps with bigger user base. Hinge is a good idea but it hasn’t taken off. I’d wait a couple of years before coming back on here..Version: 6.0.0

Doesn’t workWhen logging in with a phone number it asks you to enter it a second time and then says that there was an error. This has been happening for over a week. Needs to be fixed..Version: 7.16.4

The algorithm needs some adjustingThe app at its foundation keeps you focused on a small number of people which I value so I can foster better connections with less distractions. And the same goes for the profile; you really can get a sense of a curation and someone’s level of seriousness or play when it comes to dating. The app is well rendered and mostly intuitive. My two stars are for two bits of feedback 1) the toolbar disappears way too frequently without any other button but the X button. If the answer is to needlessly scroll to make it reappear something isn’t right. 2) when I’m out of likes for the day it begins to show me a certain type of person (male for male filters fyi), I’m sure the more popular individuals identified by the “algorithm”, but I have to admit they are all looking quite the same, the same chiseled, abs focused, anglo, type of guy. And this is being connected to your advertising of paying for more likes. You’re telling users they have to pay to like these kinds of people. This harmful imagery and construct is being endorsed as not only the standard of beauty but also untouchable without paying by your algorithm and therefore by you. I can only imagine similar is happening with others combinations of filters. Do better for the current conversation around beauty and self confidence. Adjust your algorithm and your values..Version: 8.2.0

All the sameThese apps are all the same. This’ll be a superficial review as this type of apps force superficiality, so bare in mind everyone bases their swipes on 90% looks, no getting around it really. As a male, with a free account, the first 10 likes you get entice you as they show you nothing but absolute stunners, then once they’ve locked on to what you like through your first day, they adjust to show you everything you DON’T want. I was getting gay men despite saying i was looking for women, people so incompatible they’d probably rather die than actually talk, and the standard of beauty - in my tastes - went from about 8/10+ on the first day to nothing but 5s and below for the rest. It’s a joke, it begs you to pay for boosts and upgrades and it’s actually worse than tinder and bumble because it actually claims to be different. Awful. Serious gaps in the market for a fair, non-misleading dating app that does something to actually find matches, without having to pay. I’d rather a fair app with an advert every other swipe than have to pay a monthly subscription plus purchases to see one girl I like and could get on with..Version: 8.7.0

Do not getGlitchy app. Logs you out and then won’t let you log back in. Has an error message of “too many log in attempts.” That seems like shoddy code..Version: 7.24.0

Amazing app but I’m having an awful experienceI REALLY want to love this app, but I am getting so frustrated with the set-up that my experience has become negative. I signed up for it this morning and received 50 likes/ comments on my profile throughout the day, each of which lit up my phone. I couldn’t wait to get out of work to check them. However, as soon as I tried to, I found out I’m not able to view all of them unless I spend hours sifting through profiles. The reason being, they force you to view profiles one by one (like swiping) in order to see who already liked yours and then they mix those people in with people who haven’t even viewed your profile yet. I’ve spent over an hour on this app and I still have 35 unseen likes/comments, making me feel frustrated because I can’t spend any more time on this and upset that I’m missing out on meeting people who wrote genuine comments to me. Oh, and the worst part? It’s a money-making scheme. They don’t let you view your likes all in one place, *unless* you pay for a grossly overpriced premium membership of $13 a month. Again, I wanted to love this app because it’s amazing in every other way, but sadly I will be deleting it unless they change something here. The goal should be to make your app enjoyable, not anxiety-inducing..Version: 6.2.6

It’s okaySometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad but that’s all dating apps. I feel like they should add a new reason for why you unmatched and it would be ‘asked to meet up during a pandemic’.Version: 8.5.0

No one responds! Ever!It’s such a frustrating app, I’m told I’m a good looking guy, I live in a fairly large town so there’s quite a few people on here, I’ve made a fairly decent profile I’d say and I have had 0 responses from anyone. Unlike the other swiping apps you can send a comment with a like, so I put a bit of effort into commenting something good, but what a waste of time that is! No matter what you write, or like you hardly ever get a response from anyone! This app is probably even worse at getting responses than any other dating app I’ve used. Swipe, or what ever this kind of dating this is called its seriously hard work and a waste of anyone’s time. There needs to be a serious change in how things work if this kind of dating is to become even slightly worth while..Version: 6.2.12

Frequent crashesThe app crashed all of a sudden, logged me out. Then when I try to log back in, it says I’ve tried too many attempts even though I’ve tried just once. Finally when I manage to log on, it crashes again within a minute..Version: 7.24.0

Repeated resultsHinge is not a good app, after a couple months using it, it doesn’t show me that it is that good of an app, even with all the advertising on social media sites and al the rest. Just after the first month I think, same girls keep popping up everyday, even with widened search parameter. And so far only one match. A lot of which is just profile with nothing but pictures and or fake profiles. Somehow have to refresh after every twenty results and have a limited likes per day about 10, which is annoying after some time..Version: 7.15.1

MehThis app is average. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Matches are not very likely. Only about top 20% (decent looking but not hot) are worth pursuing, but, they hardly like you back. I do appreciate those prompts, to promote conversation, BUT, I wish the average non-paying user (which is probably a majority) would be given more free likes for the day. Otherwise, their likes go to the top 20% decent people, and the average people barely get any matches. Also, I wish you could be more specific in the search for bi-racial people. For example, if I’m trying to match with a cute half asian half Italian man, it would be nice to have that search option. Otherwise, the app is not bad because the conversations are thoughtful, BUT, it’s nothing exciting either because the matching probability is very, very, low for the average user. Even if I’m a paid member, this doesn’t increase the chances because the average non paying user is very limited..Version: 7.21.0

Fun idea but ultimately the same as the othersThe layout is fun and clean and at first having to respond to little snippets on people’s profiles seems great but ultimately this still does not lead to people having better conversations or even replying to your comment in any thoughtful way. Same problems as every other dating site (not entirely the app or developers fault, just people being people). I will say that because the profiles are so simple to fill out and use there are tons more people with complete profiles and actual photos! Which is a big thing on these apps. I will say that the limited number of swipes a day is off putting, you have your 10 or so swipes and then you put it down not to be looked at again, the number is too small for people to be engaged for long as they see no point. By all means reduce the number of swipes a day so people are more frugal with who they swipe yes on but 10 a day is simply not enough, especially from what I can see there are very few people active on the app..Version: 7.24.0

Creative/Fun App, Poor Messaging Function!!Have met cool peeps. But I’m mainly annoyed that they haven’t dissed out the chat functionality!! I either don’t get messages sometimes, or they’re super delayed. Will keep using, but I hope this isn’t a last priority for the team as a way for people to complain and ask for contact details. I prefer messaging within the app until I real comfortable or we make plans. Fix it up!! Cheers x.Version: 7.15.1

Log in issuesThey can’t seem to get on top of this one, constantly logs you out and won’t let you log back in. This has been like this for awhile though you’d think they’d finally fix it.Version: 7.24.0

Login issuesHave been facing login issues (both fb login and ph login) for past few weeks now. No reply from support. Seems like a lot of people have been facing login issues. Tried downloading the app again, removing all data - still the login just doesn’t work. Stopped working suddenly..Version: 7.4.0

Great app with the worst support and customer service everSo I used this app for the months at the end of last year and early 2019 before deciding to close my account and stop using the app. Upon trying to then reset up an account with the app more recently I was prevented from signing in and told I was banned for violations of the terms of service to which they could and would not provide further information. To this I expressed my concerns that someone else must have accessed my account and that I have never done anything to breach any of the terms of service other than to close my account and leave their service. To this I was told that their decision was final. Worst customer support ever. They weren’t able to explain what it was that they were essentially accusing me of doing nor did they seem at all concerned that they could potentially have had someone fraudulently using my details to access their service. I work in a sales and customer service industry and with GDPR I would have thought that they would have taken matters more seriously. The app was good and the way it tackles app based dating is more compelling than others out there but as far as support and consideration goes there is none. You may as well talk to a machine..Version: 7.7.3

Designed to be deletedExactly because it’s weird, stupid and lame. Worst dating app..Version: 7.20.1

Great app, but ...Hinge is in my opinion the best dating app I’ve used for the intended aim of actually getting out on dates. There is one major downside though. This is the third time I’ve downloaded the app over the last several years and it’s always the same. You start out approximately 2 weeks or so getting nothing but attractive matches, and then it happens: your profile gets demoted and relegated to what I call the ugly bin. Sorry to be so blunt. Everyone needs love and standards of beauty can be somewhat subjective, I’m not trying to put others down. But this is a repeatable pattern with Hinge and after the two or so weeks ‘honeymoon’ period, the app becomes nothing but a waste of time. At this point some are thinking, perhaps it is I who is not so attractive and this warranted by the algorithmic gods that I be so relegated. Would it were so, but in the honeymoon period I did match with several attractive women, went out on dates with two of them, and am still seeing one (been on our third date as of now). I can’t speak to how the algorithm works, if it happens to everyone, or it’s just me who keeps getting wrongly demoted. At this point I would just say ... enjoy the first couple weeks..Version: 7.21.0

App needs some technical workI've been using Hinge for 2 weeks now and have already gone on 3 dates, all really great guys. The quality of people is far better than what you would find on Tinder. My only gripe is that the app can get glitchy and resend the same message multiple times, or send them out delayed. Also unsure if there is more to the "we met" option than just hitting yes, as the other persons profile picture comes up underneath that section but I'm unable to scroll down and answer further questions..Version: 7.4.0

Deleted the app alright.The app sure is designed to be deleted. I see absolutely no reason to use it in conjunction with any of the other apps that already exist. At first glance it is great: The app has a nice layout, some good questions and a reasonably original take on how you connect with other people. But the latter generally does nothing but cause online daters to overthink, which they are already prone to do anyway. Combine that with the fact that you get about 6 free swipes a day and suddenly you will find yourself swiping through swathes of people to find that person you think you could truly connect with... but they don’t exist on the app. This is not even an exaggeration; in the week I have used the app I have found about four people attractive. And my standards are flexible to a point, I have been on many dates with a wide range of people. During my time with Hinge I’ve actually taken more peoples details in person than those I have connected with using this app. Not a difficult achievement for anyone even semi confident, because I have connected with no one. Meanwhile the regular apps; tinder, Pof and bumble have been steadily successful as usual with zero effort on my part. Now, maybe talking to people in person is challenging for you, I can understand that. But I can tell you now, from my experience, you won’t get anywhere any quicker by using this app..Version: 7.12.2

Racist and needs to be deletedYou can dry racial preferences which is stupid. I’m also a gay man and keep getting cis women showing up like every third person. Wouldn’t recommend.Version: 8.17.0

Designed to be Deleted“Designed your be deleted” is right. But not for the the reason that they claim. The real reason is because it either doesn’t work or they ban you from the app altogether without giving you a proper reason. They say that you can appeal but they never get back when you submit your appeal. This is literally the worst dating app on the market. There’s also a lot of RACISTS and RACISM on this app. They don’t like anyone who isn’t WHITE. My advice: Stay AWAY from HINGE!.Version: 7.31.1

Designed to be deleted due to chat bugsHave had the app fail to send a message or send a message 2-3 times, or have someone else do the same thing to me. At the core of this app is messaging and it fails at this basic use case as you cannot see if a message is delivered or even if you can trust that is message has been sent, also the duplicate of last message when it surfaces a helpful popup which causes people to inadvertently spam you with the same message or you to someone else..Version: 7.26.0

Where the hell are my likes!This version has bugs or i’ve been flagged cos i’m getting no likes whatsoever. Unheard of! I love the app when it’s working..Version: 8.1.0

Not terrible but not greatWell designed app and easy to manage profile. The prompts are great because I can sort out the trash guys who can’t answer a question properly from the normal ones (not that there are many left after the creepy or trash ones). Good in theory but just another dating app that creepy guys have ruined. Genuinely worried about the future of dating if all boys are this dumb..Version: 8.12.0

Terrible algorithmIn the first few hours you’ll get some nice looking people, some average and some not so great. A nice mix. But after 24 hours the algorithm will decide if you’re ‘hot’ it it or ‘not’. And if you’re ‘not’, you will be shown almost exclusively terrible profiles. I have to swipe left on 99% of people on hinge. It’s obvious this happens because sometimes you’ll be shown a ridiculously attractive person and it’ll say “just joined”. Meaning the algorithm doesn’t yet know that person is too attractive to be shown to you; a person deemed unattractive by the algorithm. It’s worth noting that I’m a decent looking guy from Sydney who’s got his life and his profile together. Yet the algorithm just decides I’m not worth being shown anyone or being shown to anyone of substance..Version: 8.1.0

Used to be betterI quite like hinge over other dating apps but since they’ve changed the layout and now they save the “most preferred” matches you’d rather click on for the standouts section, you can’t just give them a like. You have to give them a rose which of course is where the money grab comes in. I liked it better when it was just a like or cross. Plus giving someone a rose is apparently a “compliment” but I wonder if it’s a little too insistent... 🤔.Version: 8.2.0

Looks good but recommendations are a jokeI like that it’s a bit different from the dating apps but the recommendations/match making needs work..Version: 8.1.0

HorribleHinge no matches, then banned? I registered on the app last year, but practically never used it, because from the get go I never got any likes. Keeping in mind that I am a female in my twenties so I thought I’m bound to receive some likes and match with someone. So I left it at that. A couple of months ago, I started using dating apps again and went back on hinge. Kept sending likes but got none myself. So I decided to contact Hinge support, because at this point I was curious as to what was happening with my account. They responded by saying that my mobile number/carrier or IP address was blocked by their servers. I travel a lot, but I never change my SIM card. They suggested that I delete my old account and create a new one with a different number, so I did that. Again, no likes, no matches. I contact the support for the second time and they respond by saying that my account has violated their terms blah blah and it has been banned. Now I don’t understand how have I violated any terms if I never got to speak to anyone nor any of my photos or prompts were offensive. I doubt that my account even showed up to people. My phone number and IP address work perfectly with any other apps, not just dating ones. So I don’t understand what was the issue. Needless to say, I will not be using the nightmare app again..Version: 7.27.0

Depressing honestly...I don’t know maybe I just haven’t been trying long enough or maybe it’s just the area I live in because Virginia does have horrible people.. but I’ve been trying almost everyday for two months to meet someone and I haven’t gotten a single message let alone a date! This app is not the worst like at least I haven’t ran into nearly as many fakes or prostitutes as I have on other apps but the matchmaking is horrible and the fact that I’m limited to only messaging five people a day without giving you my hard earned money is complete bull.. I’m not gonna pay you a monthly fee to look on my phone everyday and see zero messages. I’m not gonna pay to be depressed and wanna kill myself. Nobody should ever have to pay for that.. I think I’m just gonna give up on dating apps for real.. I’d be better off just asking literally every female I see in public on a date no matter how awkward it is I’d probably have better luck than I do on here.. people who make these types of apps don’t really care about your happiness.. you need to go out into the world and take it for yourself.. the only thing that will happen when using an app like this is you’re going to continually get more and more depressed while the app developers pocket you’re money and say “keep at it! You’ll find someone” yeah, right save your 20 bucks n go to a movie or a bar or somethin you will have better luck.Version: 7.25.1

Banned for no reason?I moved overseas but my App Store is still set to Australia. My old account was connected to my old SIM card which I no longer have, so I tried to sign up with my new phone number and kept getting error messages when trying to register by phone or Facebook. Then all of a sudden i try again and it tells me my account has been banned? I have no clue why? I haven’t even been able to sign up yet? I tried contacting customer support about it but they were no help. Really disappointed because I liked the hinge app before. 😞.Version: 7.25.0

App sucks & confusingAfter 3-4 likes you have to pay or wait I don’t know how long. Very confusing. Requires too much work..Version: 6.2.6

ArchaicThey are 3 countries out of 195 in the world that aren’t using the metric system. United States of America, Myannar and Liberia. Please use use kilometers..Version: 7.16.1

Only for AmericaThe idea is cool and the app seems user friendly but it only accepts American postcodes. I don't even know why it's in foreign app stores, to be honest. Don't download unless you're looking for people in America..Version: 3.1.5

Banned for no reason less than an hour after downloading.I downloaded hinge for less than an hour and was banned while looking which of my photos to add. I hadn’t even matched with and messaged anyone and I was kicked out. My pictures are innocent selfies. While looking to find a solution on reddit I found that people just report others at random for the most minor conceived slight. It’s a ‘report before you get reported mentality’ Hinge doesn’t care who they’re banning and people don’t need to have real proof of violations. I can never make another account..Version: 7.20.1

Bad etiquetteThe Hinge UX is clever, and a well-thought alternative to apps where you need a match before chatting. I found it relatively easy to set up dates but compared to other apps I’ve used recently such as Bumble and Happn I’ve found the standard to behaviour of users poor. I’ve been stood up twice, there’s way more ghosting, a fair amount of dishonest profiles and I’ve been on the wrong end of some bruising behaviour. While I realise that internet dating is an alternate moral/ethical universe, Hinge seems way harsher. My possible explanation is that because of the ease on contacting people, users are even more distracted and bombarded with offers than other apps, making them even more fickle and prone to dehumanising actions. My three month subscription expires in a few days, I’ve not renewed it because I need a break to recover..Version: 7.8.0

Won’t send notificationsThis is not a review of the site or it’s style of profile but the app itself and how it barely functions. Firstly it’s really hard to access other tabs as they tend to disappear when scrolling I don’t why it was designed like this. Secondly all my matches and myself are reporting that they aren’t receiving notifications so we are finding it extremely hard to talk to each other consistently. Fix this, this is a bug within the system..Version: 7.31.1

Decent profiles but annoying interactions if you don’t pay for the appThe only thing I like about the app is how the profiles are designed. Cute questions and easy ability to read/display the quick info. However, interacting with people is a nightmare. Everything seems like a numbers game these days anyway since only a fraction of people will like you back and only a fraction of those will even want to talk and it’s just frustratingly limiting to only have 10 likes to use in a day. Furthermore, the notifications on this app are insane. I’ve met one of my matches and I can’t clear the last notification on our conversation even after saying “we met”. As someone in software design I really think this entire app was not designed with actually user behavior in mind, but like this idea that they could change the culture by training their users. Ugh! I don’t want to hide the convo for this match but like I guess I will just to make the notification go away. We switched to text so it just annoys me that it keeps telling me it’s my turn. And having to sift thru profile after profile when I’m liked is so. Annoying. It makes me really not want to respond at all to any of the likes..Version: 6.2.13

Algorithm is horrible and offensiveWell in theory their algorithm should be helpful. They only let you see people who are at your “level of attractiveness” but in actuality it doesn’t work. I means if you’re a person of color or a minority in any way you get sunk to the bottom of the attractiveness pool. I’m a type of person who some deem beautiful and some don’t, like a lot of women. I live in a city that is mostly white people and I do horrible in this app, my options of people to swipe on is almost offensive. My white friends who are the same attractiveness level don’t have that issue. When I go to other cities, I don’t have that issue. I enjoy bumble, where you just see everyone, you at least have a chance of someone finding you. Because of Bumble’s algorithms only unattractive and creepy people see me so tbshs the only likes I get and I often don’t “like” people. This all makes it difficult for people who aren’t “typically” hot. It’s offensive but I’ve found a trick...I delete the app and restart my account every other week. In the beginning I’m able to see all types of people but within a week, I’ve been demoted and only see “my level of attractiveness”. In the first week people who I’m attracted to “like” me and I’m able to “like” and chat with people that I’m attracted to. I guess that’s the world we live in, where algorithms tell you your worth or at least the worth their coders feel you are..Version: 7.11.0

Religion optionsWould it be possible to add a Sikh option under religion? Otherwise great app.Version: 8.8.1

DO NOT PAY FOR ANY SUBSCRIPTIONSI had the app for 2 days and was banned. Due to their terms and conditions they cannot tell you the reason. Anyone can report you for ANY REASON, then boom you’re blocked and you cannot get a refund. Its Robbery!.Version: 7.15.0

It was a great app and then it hid my likes behind a paywallJesus, okay. So I really liked this app. Today it locked all my likes behind a paywall. I can’t even see the people who responded to my profile anymore even though I could see them yesterday. I get having neat features for subscribers, I don’t get this. Actually really disappointed and the truth is the app is pretty good otherwise and I’d consider it, except nobody who doesn’t pay is going to stick with it, and considering how many small features like reversing an X you hit in error on someone who liked you and being able to go back when you’re swiping to previous people, I doubt that many people will for basic functionality. Devs: You have a great app here, but locking the people who like us behind a paywall so we can’t even see them? That was a terrible design choice. You just cut our potential matches by like 90%. I hope you fix it, if you do I’ll probably try it again someday..Version: 6.2.13

Bugs, dropped matchesBrutal bugs. Had every girl that liked me that I responded to disappear. You can’t close the app and come back to a person later to decide either, it seems to make them disappear too. And the same problem with the x as others, way too easy to hit. Seriously rookie UI from an app that’s been around a while and likes to think it competes with the other dating apps..Version: 5.6.3

Hinge’s new, manipulative way forward...Hinge has graduated; with their new feature Standouts, Hinge's calculated greed is now in full view. Let me explain... Once upon a time, Hinge had a pool of possible matches you could Discover. Become a Preferred member and you could sort through those users more quickly with improved preferences (religion, education etc). But Standouts represents a different approach. Based on your likes and preferences, Hinge section off the people "most your type" and puts them in an entirely different category. Unlike the Discover category, you can't 'like' people in the Standouts category, you can only send them virtual Roses - at roughly $6 each. So, let's refresh; 1) They learn who and what you like. 2) They use those learnings against you to lock off the most appealing profiles. 3) They charge you for every interaction with these special profiles. 4) Profit! It's a greedy, calculated move. Hinge's cute "designed to be deleted" facade has fallen away, revealing their new-found enthusiasm for manipulative, dark patterns..Version: 8.3.0

Don’t botherWill only show your profile to people if you pay for a membership.Version: 8.10.0

Should have to publish the ratio of men to women.Should have to publish the ratio of men to women because clearly it is TERRIBLE. Know Im not exactly Brad Pitt but my god talk about a poor success rate. Not only am I not meeting anyone from this app (its whole premise), but Im not even getting a single reply, no matter what combination of pictures I upload or thought I put into my messages. I can pretty safely say only a tiny percentage of my messages are ever getting viewed, that anything I say is being buried under a mountain of messages from other desperate men. It would be interesting to hear an experience of Hinge from a female perspective, but id have to get at least one message from one first !!! While this isnt as bad as Tinder (the app that killed all dating sites by turning every woman online into a shallow narcissitic vapid airhead) sad to say you’d be incredibly unlikely to meet anyone meaningful here..Version: 7.6.0

Doesn’t give a second chanceI logged in with Facebook and realized I couldn’t access other photos so figured I could just exit the app and join again with my phone number but to my surprise you can’t do that with the same details all am getting is error in the verification code..it’s super disappointing..Version: 7.16.3

Messages do not appearI get notifications of messages but they don’t appear in my chat thread..Version: 7.21.0

Shouldn’t bringe politics into your appI don’t appreciate logging onto the Hinge app and being stopped in my tracks to be told I need to take a moment to think about the BLM movement. People are being killed and animals tortured during these riots, and you are inadvertently supporting the cause. In the name of what? Justice? Do not try and tell me what to think or urge me to visit the BLM website. You are segregating race and even GENDER within that message, you’re supporting the defunding of police that for the most part protect the people. You do not get to hinder mine, OR ANYONES free speech. I couldn’t even find a way to contact you directly, but you’re able to tell me how I must behave and what I must think? I strongly urge anyone considering getting this app, to not waste their time. It has a terrible layout and you can barely do anything without paying a subscription. Hinge should be ashamed that they would use a mans death to virtue signal and gain more account holders. I don’t like cancel culture, but I hope you go broke. 🤙🏼.Version: 7.20.1

Contacting support is a nightmare.I downloaded Hinge almost a month ago, signed up, completed my profile so it's 100% complete, and the app won't work. There's some bug that keeps telling me "complete your profile to send likes!", and also says "your profile is 100% complete! You can now send up to 10 likes a day"...but I can't. It won't even show me any matches whatsoever. It won't let me access my preferences because it keeps saying that I need a complete profile, but when I go back to see if there's anything else I need to complete, it says point blank that it's 100% complete! So there's literally nothing I can do. I've tried deleting the app, re-signing up, sending emails to support (which was kind of a nightmare to be honest, because apparently you have to be a premium member to get "personalized support"?) But almost 3 weeks after I sent in my 3rd support request, I finally got a response. They were nice, but just told me to do what I already did and try logging out of fb, uninstalling and re-installing the app, etc. Been there done that..about 5 times. Now I am officially giving up. Maybe they'll fix the bug eventually, but I'm done waiting around until they do. Super bummed, because I have a few friends who really like the app and I was excited to try it and see what it's all about. Oh well..Version: 5.5.3

Cluttered and hard to useCut down the bloat needs to be simple..Version: 7.22.0

AwfulI was hoping that this would be a fresh new way to date, but the algorithms are so ridiculously rigged/broken that it’s laughable. When you first open the app you are shown several profiles of ultra-attractive people. You know, the kinds of people who have thousands of likes a day. Thereafter - and this is no exaggeration - you are EXCLUSIVELY shown profiles who (to put it politely) are very rarely liked. Seriously, it’s to the point that you know it’s deliberate. As much as I believe there is somebody for everyone, this app has not been able to discern my type based on who I like and dislike. Every single profile is exactly the opposite of my type and people whom I personally find unattractive. And it periodically shows you bouts of profiles of a very specific type - I.e different ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ people etc. While I 100% support this kind of inclusivity, the fact that it ONLY shows you these groups for a period of time tells me that the algorithm is rigged. This app is designed to be deleted alright..Version: 8.4.0

Beware of Catfish & dating ScammersThis app has has a recent influx of fake profiles managed by individuals who are living abroad in Asia, the Middle East, and Nigeria. It’s very disappointing. I’m a frequent user and In one week I've matched with at least 3 fake profiles users. Ways you’ll know if the profile is fake? These users are portraying themselves as military men or men who are working for “a top private government agency” overseas. They’ll ask right away.. “how long have you been on this site”... “what are you here for”... “are you single or married”.. and “what do you for a job/living..” this is a dead giveaway! Then they’ll tell you they are overseas on deployment/work or are leaving in a few weeks/days. They’ll immediately want to move outside the app to a chat program like “WhatsApp”..” kicks”... or any other site to continue talking to you and getting familiar. The end goal is getting you to send them money by gift cards or western union. I’ve reported these profiles on the site but they still come up in the search engine and at times are used twice with different names. This app is very practical but the security needs to step up to ensure the users aren’t falling in to these dating scams by allowing these scammers to communicate. I hope it changes for the best..Version: 7.20.1

Oh i deleted it alright......because i got banned for no reason. and they won't tell you why/how you violated any terms or policies. what a poor excuse for a platform. if i could give it zero stars i would..Version: 8.0.0

New Standouts feature is bad businessI understand companies/apps have to make money, but this new standouts feature is honestly kind of insidious. They’re basically choosing people that are well liked and putting them behind a pay wall, because they admit that you won’t see people you see in standouts elsewhere. It costs FOUR DOLLARS to buy one rose. Think of the reality of that math, I would say half the time people don’t even respond to you and then you probably only end up meeting MAYBE half those people in person. If you want to go on just 3 actual dates you’re going to have to pay their $30 price for 12 roses, so not only do you have to pay for a date already you have to pay $10 just to go on that date to begin with. Also, the people who are put in standouts do not get to chose whether they’re put there or not, you don’t have the choice to decide whether people HAVE to pay to send you a like or not. And do those people put in standouts who have to have a rose paid for to talk to them get their own roses in return for the app literally making money off of them? No, you just get unwillingly put behind a pay wall. I understand a subscription type service like boost or whatever other apps use where everyone pays the same price to use the same features for equal access, but this just honestly doesn’t make sense..Version: 8.3.1

The hinge team is not honestI loved the app at first. It shows you only profiles that match your personality and people with who you share similar interests. Everything was working great, till one day all the data from my app was deleted including my matches, messages, pictures... when I reached out to the customer service, they said that it was a technical issue and that I can’t recover the data that I lost! So I had to create a whole new profile, and as an apology Team Hinge gave me a free one year preferred membership. Then two weeks later they removed the preferred membership from me, then 3 days after they completely deleted all my account. When I asked for the reason behind this they said that violated the terms and conditions of Hinge. Which was absolutely false because I’ve never had any issue with anyone on the app and I’m always VERY respectful to others. I did ask them to provide an evidence of their claim, and show me when and how I violated the terms, they refused to give me an explanation and stopped responding to my emails. Bottom line of the story is that Team Hinge was not honest with me, and made up a whole story just TO REMOVE THE FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP THEY HAD TO OFFER ME. Now wouldn’t recommend Hinge to anyone, and asked all my friends and their friends to stop using this app..Version: 7.10.1

Just as bad as it’s other parent company apps, like TinderI didn’t create a Hinge account on the naiïve expectation that I was somehow going to find ‘the one’- but even trying to score a date with someone you’ve apparently matched with is like pulling teeth. If you match with someone without saying anything, you awkwardly indirectly ask them to start the conversation. Around what? A profile picture? An answer to a question? I understand the intent is good but it’s also cringey as hell. Some people have notifications off so they don’t respond- my rule of thumb is to unmatch someone if they haven’t responded after a week. No funny business here- I am looking for a relationship here, so I expect that dates would ensue..Version: 7.22.0

Premium vs Free SkewedThe app itself is much like the other swipers out there. I can’t say it’s been more or less wholesome, but I do like how clear the layout is, and how easy it is to find info. The one thing I do take exception to is the fact I have to pay to have the right to exclude people who take drugs or smoke. For free, I can filter out particular ethnicities and religions, but I have to be a premium member to keep myself safe. I think that’s ludicrous..Version: 7.4.0

Why should I report an issue with Hinge: Dating & Relationships?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Hinge: Dating & Relationships to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Hinge: Dating & Relationships customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Hinge: Dating & Relationships.

Is Hinge: Dating & Relationships not working?

Hinge: Dating & Relationships works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Hinge: Dating & Relationships.

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