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PhotoPills App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

PhotoPills app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PhotoPills? Can you share your negative thoughts about photopills?

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Wealth of information, very hard to useThis app provides an incredible amount of information about position is sun and moon at any time. It also shows direction of the Milky Way and meteor showers. Very useful for planning specific photographs. The user interface is befuddling. There’s no in-app help, and it’s not intuitive at all. I’ve watched the online videos and read the web pages. That can walk you through doing a specific thing, but good luck remembering the next time. It’s just too obtuse. Note that the app does not provide info on location of planets or stars..Version: 2.13.3

NoProbably the worst app of this kind a professional photographer could own for the Southern Hemisphere, I'm asking for my money back. There are better ones out there..Version: 1.2.7

Starting to lose interestThe developers had created a very good app. Now their focus seems to be in doing workshops, and in the app updates are all about tracking stars and getting the moon and sun in the right position. That’s all very well, but the app is called PhotoPILLS for a reason. The app has lots of PILLS, tools essentially. But they only focus on one or two pills now. The rest are forgotten. In particular the Points of Interest Pill. Totally useless. You can’t filter your own list in any way, or see them on the map, filtered, it’s full of their own suggestions which you cannot remove. I use Google maps now for this and other apps for some of the other forgotten tools. Dear Devs : if you’re reading this, please update the app. I have emailed you in forums and on Facebook many time as have others and you keep promising. But nothing happens. It’s been about 4 or 5 years since first requesting fixes but nothing gets done. As per my title, I use Photopills occasionally now but it’s becoming less my go-to..Version: 2.11.6

Does not help with the basicsFor example, I have dropped the red pin but what if I don’t have a place to plant the black pin? Also, in Night AIR, the app had me looking in the wrong direction! If my friend didn’t have excellent vision, I never would have pointed my camera in the correct direction of the Milky Way. The app, even having watched all the videos on how to photograph the Milky Way, doesn’t help figure out the the exposure settings—unless I only want to photograph meteor showers or an eclipse. I am also uncomfortable with all the ‘experts’ being men; have not women also used your app?.Version: 2.12.5

Good focal charts and calcs. The rest isn’t so great.So I can get calculators for star trails, Milky Way photography, hyper focal distance, dof/v tables all over the net. Having them in an app is cool but...... What I spent $15 aud for was the planner functionality. Which is great until you lock your phone. Unlock it and everything you’ve entered disappears and the app shows you’re in Majorca right now. I’m very disappointed after hearing so many good things about the app..Version: 2.9.1

BadIn order to read the guide and learn ull have to put done ur email they’ll email you and ull need to download each guid urself. And even after that there not good to much worthless text and doesn’t get to the point App really hard to use and it’s not simple at all it’s n app from the 80s if we had apps on the 80s All that u need is there but it’s not user friendly and good luck finding what you looking..Version: 2.13.5

Great features, but impossibleI will put in my coordinates to plan a shot. Send them to the planner only for it to override to my current location. I am unable to just start from the planner and set my location other than dragging the pin. Not very ideal when I know the gps coordinates I want to enter. The AR features are cool, but be sure to bring a notebook and pen to write down the information on the shot you want to take because the app is little more than just a tool to provide insight on when you might want to take a shot..Version: 2.11.8

Stolen!I purchased this app in good faith. It worked okay. Then soon after purchase I upgraded my phone from an iPhone to a Samsung and wanted to transfer my subscription. No. They don’t allow that and won’t refund my money. Not even pro rata. Yes it’s only $16. But it’s the principle. Where was it written prior to me subscribing that I couldn’t transfer. I won’t be installing it on the new phone..Version: 2.12.5

Not what I expectedI thought that this app would include shutter speed control on iPhone, but this Is just an app for planning photos, which I’m sure is great if your really in to astrophotography and have all the gear, but if you just want something to help take decent photos on your phone through your telescope, this isn’t it.Version: 2.13.2

MisleadingCool app to plan but thought it would actually give me different camera options and it doesn’t kinda mad I spent 15 dollars on it..Version: 2.13.5

Not the tool everyone says it isIt seems you have to take a rest from photography and take classes in how to use it. First off, the time. Switched to set automatically. It’s one hour and 4 minutes behind the phone the app is running on. I get the hour - I’ve moved to a different time zone - but how did it lose 4 minutes and why didn’t it take the settings from my phone? Next, I can’t get it to my location, apart from dragging the pin halfway round the world Yes I’m sure I just need to read the manual but this stuff should be basic. Luckily I still have The Photographers Ephemeris.Version: 2.11.6

FrustratedI have had this app for a week and have still not mastered it. I am sure that if you have a degree in computer science or your an astro physicist you will have no problem using it, but if like me you are just an average Joe, I don’t think you will find it very intuitive. The PhotoPills tutorials in my opinion, seem rushed and jump around a lot. I did not want to post this review, preferring to contact PhotoPills direct but after 3 attempts and my mails being rejected, I felt I should go ahead so that any other unsuspecting Joe’s out there are aware and can hold on to their cash. Surely PhotoPills could make it more user friendly or just plain dumb it down! If you have the luxury of free time to spend studying how to use it, good for you. But unless I have a lightbulb moment in the next week or so I will be hitting delete..Version: 2.6

So confusingThis app is so confusing to use. Yes, I know there are helpful videos that the devs release regularly. But sometimes I'll forget how to do something even after I've watched a video. And having the users watch a video to be able to understand the app is a UX failure. This app is powerful and really awesome with what it can accomplish. I just really wish they made it easier to navigate and use. For example, when in the 'planner' area of the app, there are all these icons with the pin that I have no idea what they mean. I have to tap around and try to blindly figure out what each one does. Could a label be added underneath? I know the font would be small. Perhaps there's a better solution. But please make this app more usable for people that want to just pick it up and use it. Thanks..Version: 2.11.6

Greedy… Never enoughWell, I find this interesting we pay good money to purchase an app. Then the advertising and rabbit holes start, you can’t get the user manual without agreeing to the release of your information to third parties, every time you try to learn how to use the app you get sent down rabbit holes of YouTube videos and then you have to go back to the beginning and work your way back through to where you were (there is no tutorial built into the app you need Wi-Fi/cellular). I’ve never been more frustrated with an app ever. I think the app itself is useful but I might throw my $13 in the air and say screw it just because this is such a frustrating experience..Version: 2.11.6

Can no longer do plansI’ve had this app for years and have used the planning tool in the past but for some reason it now keeps shutting down. I tap on the subject that comes up after I’ve typed in the building, I select the one that comes up in the menu to choose from and then it shuts down. The only difference I now have IPhone 12 where as before I had iPhone X..Version: 2.13.4

Lots of options, but none of them simpleWill say it looks like an app that if you had several hours to spend could be useful. But literally all I want is a better picture of the moon. Looked at the guide, got disgusted with it and its condescending tone, and deleted the app. You’ve already got my money, and you can keep it. It would be nice to have a function that is just camera with a drop box of toggle-able features. After taking a picture, have things that say how you could change each step and how changing one feature would likely change the photo. So say I took a picture of the moon. There would be a box labeled exposure time. I click on the box and it says how increasing or decreasing the ET may change the picture..Version: 2.13.8

An app for cleverer people than me.Probably an awesome app, but not if you’re pretty basic on maths. Way too complicated for this simple mind. Guides served to confuse me further. Videos seemed to rush through the important details while lingering endlessly on irrelevant details. Interface way too fiddly for fat fingered people to use on a standard smart phone. Will have to stick to trial and error with a bit of pot luck thrown in to make my ideas happen. Kudos to those who can work it all out. If you’re not real good at the maths of the solar system and are looking for an app to make planning easy, this may not turn out to be the panacea you are looking for..Version: 2.11.6

Not easy to learnStill can’t find a basic overview YouTube video to get me up and running. I’ve had the app a couple of years, the journey has not been easy. I’m currently in the Rocky Mountains and getting yet another forecast for several hundred miles away. I on know some people are thrilled with the app..Version: 2.13.8

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