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Essential Anatomy 5 Negative Reviews

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Essential Anatomy 5 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Essential Anatomy 5 app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Essential Anatomy 5? Can you share your negative thoughts about essential anatomy 5?

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Essential Anatomy 5 for Negative User Reviews

Avis personnelC’est une bonne application pour apprendre l’anatomie par contre j’ai été déçu du fait qu’il ne soit pas en français car je ne comprend que très peux l’anglais alors peut-être y faire une mise à jour pour que celui si y soit en français de même que cette application ne fonctionne pas avec le multitâche de mon iPad je ne suis donc pas en mesure d’y apposer une seconde application à côté pour y faire deux chose en même temps sens avoir besoin de déplacer l’application à mainte reprise puisque l’information y est cachée. Merci de votre compréhension.Version: 5.0.8

Where's the spleen gone?Pretty sure the spleen is an important part of the human anatomy.....maybe you want to update that?? Other than that this is an absolutely brilliant app.Version: 5.0.3

Very disappointedI just downloaded the app and has a few problems. The sound isn’t working and I’m not getting anywhere with the app support. Very unhappy.Version: 5.0.8

DetailsNot enough details of part of the bones ex. Acetabulum, acromion, malleolous, olecranon , etc.Version: 5.0.8

Still needs a lot of IMPROVEMENTSomething that's the exact same thing on this app as the fourth generation version of this app is that when you try to search a boney landmark it doesn't take you to the boney landmark. Also I wish that all the bony landmarks were labeled different colors because when I click on the tibia I can't even look or figure out where the fibular articular surface of the tibia is because it's all label as one bone. I wish you would allow all the bones to have each individual boney landmark represented so that you can click on that line mark instead of the whole bone in itself..Version: 5.0.8

Not worth the moneyThe search menu does not allow me to copy paste and it does not find everything I need e.g, ischial tuberosity..Version: 5.0.11

Link to video not workingThe link that takes you to the tutorial video isn’t working on my phone. iPhone 11 running the latest update..Version: 5.0.11

BasicI’m in the medical field. This app gives a very basic anatomy description. Better Apps out there..Version: 5.0.7

Version française SVPIls devraient offrir la version française, pour une meilleure compréhension..Version: 5.0.11

Not enough detail — would look elsewhereAs a current PA student, the app is overall decent and provides enough general knowledge of how everything connects; however, it lacks detail in the skeletal system as well as spinal cord. I’m sure there is more missing, but that, specifically, has been an inconvenience and what I have noticed thus far. Additionally, each time I select a structure (particularly smaller ones) the label covers the structure. I am able to move the information box, but it is tedious and inconvenient to have the view obstructed each time. Overall, not enough detail for specific anatomical structures and I would recommend looking elsewhere if you need to know more in-depth anatomy. Many of my classmates have Atlas and it seems to have more detail.Version: 5.0.11

I paid for the premium and it was taken away from meI bought the premium features of this program and it’s gone back to the stock feature just a month or two later. My account was still charged..Version: 5.0.8

Missing crucial partMissing the ability to view the different surfaces and parts of bones like on the desktop version. Wouldn't have paid for this app if I knew beforehand..Version: 5.0.3

Hearing MissingI’m disappointed that this app does not include the Ear ! Why not ? Is the ear and hearing not connected to the sinus system ? After looking on the store for add-on features, I still don’t see an option for Ear or hearing!.. Wow one of the main senses of a human being is totally missing from this app! I am astounded and disappointed. I shouldn’t have to subscribe to have access to this. This is a simple enough system that should have been included in the app period. Tell me why you thought the ear wasn’t worth including in this application. Im trying to teach my 5 year old and 9 year old about the body, and when they asked about the ear…well ball drop ! Please update this application and include the hearing component and ear ! I feel strongly that it should be part of “ Essential Anatomy”…Hearing and Balance..Pretty essential in my opinion. Absolutely should be included in the app for the price we have paid..Version: 5.0.11

DisappointedI bought this app weeks ago and still haven’t been able to see the introductory video yet... The 2nd page won’t open..Version: 5.0.11

Cutting features for a subscriptionPreviously there were the boney surfaces, they removed this feature so that you need to subscribe to their other app. It is a great app but I can’t help but think it has been ruined by some shady business practices..Version: 5.0.8

Deletions in newest updateSuper disappointed that in the latest update certain search terms have been removed. When working with clients it was incredibly useful to be able to quickly search “wrist&hand” or “arm” or even “skin” and either highlight, fade, or hide that part of the body to more clearly see features without obstruction. Now that I need to select each bone of the forearm individually before I can see the pelvis unobstructed from the side, the amount of time required to use this app makes it essentially useless during consultations..Version: 5.0.11

Lacking essential features for artistsI bought this app on sale, but it was still quite a heft purchase at £10. The price however, would have been fine and honestly, with the feature rich nature of the app, it would’ve been a steal, but it doesn’t support any of the multi tasking/multi window functions of the iPad Pro, making it useless in terms of study. I can’t use the app in a smaller window and have sketchbook open at the same time, to study and attempt to understand the form in real time. Having to switch between the two is a deal breaker and I have resorted to ditching the app and working with whatever static images I can find on Pinterest. A real shame, that could be rectified with an update. If I could multi-window this app, it would be a solid 5 stars and would wholeheartedly recommend it to all artists..Version: 5.0.7

Rubbish absolutely no help in anatomyThis app is not very good as it does not group the anatomy in anyway. I was expecting for the price to be able to select for example - the shoulder, and navigate around this. It’s just not user friendly at all and was very expensive considering it does less than some of the free anatomy apps. Disappointing!.Version: 5.0.8

Money scamAlthough a useful app. They trick you into paying 30 dollars only for the skeletal system, meaning we have to pay extra to access the nervous and musculoskeletal system. In my opinion this is derived as a form of false advertising. There are other apps that don’t trick you into these payments. Hence the review..Version: 5.0.11

Used to be great but they removed features to get you to move to the subscription modelI’m not a student or doctor but I loved this app as I could select any muscle and it would show me exercises to stretch that specific area. It was a feature I used all the time. When they made the update about a year ago, they removed this feature and it’s only available on their complete anatomy app which you need a recurring subscription for. For me it’s frustrating because I don’t need to pay £70 a year as I won’t use all the features, but despite paying for this app (and previous apps of theirs) they have no removed content in order to encourage people to move to this subscription model. Extremely disappointing stuff in all honesty..Version: 5.0.11

Very good but could use some refinement.I really love a lot of elements of this app. I like how you can strip down the layers of more superficial muscles and go deeper all the way to the skeleton. One thing I do not like is that it groups muscles like the trapezius and deltoids into one big group, it does list the functions and attachments of each but the visual portion doesn’t get as detailed as some of the other muscles. I found this disappointing as for the price I would have expected more detail in this area. For this reason I likely would not recommend this app or would be specific about this particular feature because for me that would be a deal breaker had I known..Version: 5.0.11

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing.Version: 5.0.7

App is decent, but definitely need to include more user setting optionsDecent app for the price, I like the fact that you can add on muscles by layers. One thing I absolutely hate about this app is that each time you click on a muscle, it automatically zooms in like crazy, like beyond the point to where you can even see the full muscle that you clicked on. No option to disable this zoom feature or anything. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this, or if it’s a bug, but please look into this..Version: 5.0.11

Great app!A very useful and easy app to use. It has helped to better visualize and understand different parts of the body and being 3D is way better than a book!.Version: 5.0.3

Wrong muscle actionSo my only complaint was that the app had the wrong muscle action for the levator scapulae which can be very detrimental to a student. Now I wonder which other muscles actions are wrong, doesn’t feel very reliable. Otherwise it’s a very detailed tool..Version: 5.0.8

Feel cheatedOkay, let me be clear; there is nothing wrong with this app. It's easy to use, the design is awesome. My compliant is, is I paid for the app, and its add-ons ($35+) and realized for a couple more dollars I could have had the Complete Anatomy app. I feel like I got cheated. If you want to pay for this app, just get the other one. I thought I was getting the best, most up to date app, and I didn't. I'm tired of app makers doing this kind of stuff. Make 5-8 versions of a app, you pay for what you thought was the best version, you open the app, and there's the link to a better version. Like I said, I feel cheated. That said, I'm keeping the app. I hope they will give a free upgrade, or 75-80% discount for the other one in the future for those who bought this one. DON'T GET CHEATED. BUY THE COMPLETE ANATOMY APP INSTEAD OF THIS ONE!!!.Version: 5.0.3

Zero Fascial map.Come on! Essential Anatomy would include Fascia yeah? How about a Fascial map?.Version: 5.0.8

No endocrine system?I pay 20 dollars and it doesn’t even have all of the organ systems on it? And also, I wish it could isolate a section of the body without having to manually select every bone you want, such as selecting the entire skull, entire foot, etc. without having to hide other bones that are in the way or isolate every bone and making sure you didn’t miss one. Another suggestion is to label parts of the bones, such as the fossas, grooves, foramens, etc instead of just the bone. Most of the time you are not required to memorize and learn only the entire structure but parts within the structure. I have yet to use it for other organ systems since I just started my anatomy classes but this is already what I see from the couple months I’ve had this app..Version: 5.0.5

Missing a lot of fasciaNot as useful for surgery.Version: 5.0.11

No one to contact regarding issueEvery link on their page for contact is “broken”, which makes it impossible to report an issue. Bought the app for $30 before realizing it wasn’t even the “full” version… It also wouldn’t let me upgrade beyond that, so I’ve moved onto another app. Would be nice if I could talk to someone to sort this out.Version: 5.0.11

Apple penApple pen doesn’t seem to work on some portions of the info box. (Hide, isolate, fade, etc). Also the slice feature only seems to appear when it wants too. Would be nice to be able to add and subtract the skeletal system too because it often gets in the way. The quiz function should have the option to organize things by region. I.e. “back” “upper extremity” instead of by system. My anatomy class is organize by region and all systems are learned together per region. Otherwise pretty useful app..Version: 5.0.7

Search function is brokenNot so useful without the search function..Version: 5.0.11

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