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Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD? Can you share your negative thoughts about kingdom rush frontiers td?

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD for Negative User Reviews

Update nowIt's da best game ever but it needs ALOT more levels I beat the game in an hour.Version: 1.1

Just finished beating itI absolutely loved the first game. The gameplay, heroes, etc.. Felt it was fair, difficult enough to challenge you to be as efficient or strategic as possible, yet doable eventually. This game falls short of that in every regard. There is literally no difference between normal, hard, or veteran difficulties. I promise you if you can beat it on normal you can beat it on veteran. There is no difference. Second, the difficulty is so absurd, especially on the final level of the campaign, that it leaves you assuming these devs purposely created it to make you pay for the better heroes. You have to play it to really understand the 0% chance there is of beating it without looking up online exactly step by step how to beat or by using 4 nukes like it did. I mean literally upgrading one tower before the other would mean defeat. There is only one way. It’s particularly impossible to beat, forget 3 star, on your own with the starter heroes and shop items. It’s the least fun, most frustrating, level I have ever played of td. They really lost touch with the consumer in this game and to be honest I’m not interested anymore in the series. When I finished the first one I thought for sure I’d play through them all. This game changed that for me. No thanks and I’m certain I’m one of many that felt the same way. Idk how this game has 4.9 stars..Version: 2.8

Pay2Unlock FilthCan’t unlock all heros unless you pay $40, scam by developers.Version: 2.5.1

Trash. Greedy greedy trash.Just bought the game and Cant get characters with out further purchases. I’m sick of this garbage in all games..Version: 5.8.08

Brutal... way to brutalI am going to start by saying that I love the kingdom rush series, I have beat vengeance and the original (I have yet to play, but am looking forward to origins). But this is WAY to hard. I have beaten the first boss but am now stuck on the level where you find the alien ship (I think it’s the lost jungle level). I have watched an ungodly amount of adds, used three bombs, and god knows how many heart containers... but I still can’t beat the level. I am getting REALLY frustrated and if I still can’t beat it on casual difficulty. Please fix this. Thanks 🥰.Version: 2.8

Continuing the traditionAnother good effort with some good variations. A little too similar to their last effort..Version: 1.2

Kingdom rush ratingIronhide please read this. I gave this game a four star and here’s why. I have been a fan of kingdom rush when it first came out. I remember playing and with my older brother on our computer when it was free it was super fun and later when I got it on my phone I loved it. It was a new type of tower defense, super cool. Then ironhide came out with this one, frontiers, for one dollar on the Apple store and two dollars on google play. This game was fun but while I was playing I noticed that some of the enemy’s where pretty much the same as a villain in the first game. Such as the exocutioner is kind of the same as the pillager and the witch doctor was pretty much the exact thing as the shaman. Hopefully you get my point and the last thing I think is not as good is the fact that there is more level in the first game than the second and you have to pay for this one. Otherwise I think this game is good, there’s new bosses and new hero’s that are setup different since they upgrade to their max and stay that way. Please comment back so I know writing this wasn’t a waste of time. Also I know about your Website already..Version: 5.5.09

Good but could be better.After you beat the last level, there aint much else to do, add extra levels like in kindom rush and it will be 5 star.Version: 1.1

Kingdom frontiersI really enjoyed playing kingdom rush. I played every level and would probably play it all again. This game however has inferior graphics and is not in full screen on my iPad Air. It might be something I’m doing wrong. But the game just isn’t the same quality as kingdom rush. Disappointed..Version: 2.5.1

Overall nice, some issues thoughThis game is a pretty solid add-on to the previous game, but I did feel like swapping around only the final teirs of the towers wasn’t worth making a whole new game for. The difficulty also has many spikes and bumps where you'll be crushing stages, and then you’ll hit one that just crushes you..Version: 5.5.09

BruhIs a really good game, worth the purchase but it has the same problem as the first game, the level restart, its way too easy to restart, too many times have I been grinding in an intense defence and I've accidentally pressed pause and then tapped again and I've restarted the whole level, I don't see why there can't be a "are you sure" text there It wouldn't hurt.Version: 2.4

My godThis game has so many in game purchases it is ridiculous. Also the game is so short even having to pay for it a lot. Overall the game is ok but the troops lag and crash all the time.Version: 2.8

Good game butGood but after a while gets too hard since you have no speed up button and later levels takes over 1 hour.Version: 2.5.1

Not worth the moneyI love playing kingdom rush very much but this version right here is so ripped off. I’m a pay to win guy and I bought the fire dragon but it’s so lame because it doesn’t attack properly unless you put it in like a specific position or something. Like what’s the point of me buying the most expensive character but it doesn’t event really help me out..Version: 2.8

CrashesI’m not sure what it is but for some reason this game keeps crashing when I try and start it up. Please let me know why this is happening..Version: 2.8

Good game, simple issueI purchased this game a long time ago on my phone and have always loved playing it but when I wanted to download It on my iPad the App Store only offered the HD version. I’d be fine with this if I didn’t try to MAKE ME PAY TWICE. Please fix this so I can play and let me transfer my paid characters to the HD version. Thank you for reading, I love your games but please fix this.Version: 2.2

Original gameplay - Ads don’t work correctly and lots of forced in-game purchasesThe gameplay is similar to the original. The game basically forces you to purchase heroes in order to flawlessly complete maps. They say you get gems for watching ads that then allow you to use upgrades on maps, except the ads will stall and the app will crash and not reward you the gems. This happens about 75% of the time. So you watch the same stupid ads then have to force quit the app and rewatch them 10 times for one reward. Pay for an app that is less buggy/scammy..Version: 5.8.10

Restore purchasesThe game does not restore any of my purchases. I have purchased multiple hero’s on various kingdom rush games and none of them can be restored..Version: 5.8.10

Great Game but Frustrating User ExperienceI love this game! It’s a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it. The only issue I have with the game is you can’t save your progress partway through a level. If you pause a level and switch to a different app or lock your phone, sometimes when you go back to the game you can continue your paused game but normally it will restart the game and you have to replay that level all over again. It’s frustrating that you have to complete each level in one sitting or risk having to start over. I don’t care about saving my progress in a level so I have a checkpoint to return to if I fail - I just want to be able to pause a level and then go back later and continue where I left off..Version: 5.5.09

Pay2WinPay2Win garbage.Version: 2.5.1

Move the Pause ButtonThe pause button can be easily tapped, please move it..Version: 3.2

Good game but much too short!This game kept me occupied for a couple of days. Thankfully it was free at the time. I won’t pay for a game AND in-app purchases for the same game. How greedy can a developer be....?.Version: 2.5.1

Great game but disappointedDo not buy the Karkinos hero whatever you do! The invulnerability ability is bugged with Karkinos where he’ll stop fighting when using other abilities at the same time. I described this in great detail in a previous review which is now gone (I’m guessing deleted) for some reason. I’ve sent multiple emails to support but it still hasn’t been resolved. Great game that I love otherwise but I’m thoroughly disappointed that I’ve seemingly been ignored and that this hasn’t been fixed yet ever since the hero’s release over 6 years ago..Version: 2.8

Too hardNice quality game but way too hard at the easiest level. Avoid if you want a chill game..Version: 5.6.21

Great until the final fightI’ll admit there are some annoying enemies, but overall it’s a great game. The final fight just isn’t fun. Both of the new mechanics it introduces (deleting your towers and a multi-phase fight) are very infuriating and make it feel like you are being forced to use abilities. I’d say either one of these features work well, but both of them together leads to an incredibly infuriating loss unless you play perfectly or use a single ability to skip the entire thing. Difficult levels are fine, but when the fight before it is a 20-40 minute slog through the exact same stuff as the last 5 levels, it’s not a good idea to throw a brand new and super difficult battle at the player. It’s just not fun to watch helplessly as your towers are deleted one by one and enemies rush through. You can’t plan for it, you can’t prevent it, you can’t stop it, you just have to sit there and watch..Version: 5.8.10

I used to love this gameI kid you not the characters in game all used to be free… but I guess not anymore so thumbs down for that..Version: 5.8.10

Stole moneySo I bought the game and gems, spent all my gems on gold bags, went to use them in the middle of a game and then the gams crashed. I lost all my progress and gems. I write to them and never get a response. They have terrible customer service and do not care about paying customers. I did love the game but lost all my money and progress. Wish you guys would actually do something in a timely manner and fix the need to reinstall when it crashes. Only app I have ever had this problem with..Version: 2.8

Ehh …So this game started out ok but it seems like the same game with a different skin on it. Slightly different towers and with a new enemy every now and again. There is one level where you face a boss and it makes it insanely difficult and just erases your towers. This seems more annoying than it is challenging or clever. Eventually this boss made me quit and regret getting the game. And I enjoy dark souls games … Regret paying for this one. 3 stars because it’s a solid game and works very well for what it is. Just don't expect anything great If it is free then get it. If you need to pay for it, save your dollar and spend it elsewhere..Version: 5.8.10

Good game butI hate games that are too hard on easy mode. Like I've put 20 hours into all the kingdom rushes. Why is a lvl so hard on easy. Why is there a hard mode if easy is like this.Version: 2.5.4

Way too difficultAfter finishing the first game, I decided to buy this one. After playing a bit of it I realize that it is on the same step of the first one in regards of level design and types of heroes. However what is different is that the levels are a lot harder in this game and I often found myself having to retry the same mission over and over just to complete it. Playing on casual felt the same as playing on veteran. I hope Ironhide makes this game free because it isn’t good enough of a game to buy unlike the original free game..Version: 5.8.08

Why were changes to game play made ?!!!I have had this game for like several years now and I love it to bits. I’ve played it over and over and over. I hadn’t updated in a bit, so I recently did and I realized several changes had been made to the gameplay - WHY????! Who asked for it?? From the silly additions to the info cards (why is a broodguard now a SAURIAN BROODGUARD?) …..all the way to the changes in sequence of enemies …..I’m extremely annoyed. And also, now I have to keep adjusting my screen. Why did what wasn’t broken?! I really wish I could return to the version I had before I updated..Version: 5.6.21

Typo on dusk chateau iron challengeOverall it’s a good game, compared to other tower defense games it is quite challenging and has very interesting mechanics that are fun to master, which is impressive considering there are only 8 types of towers. However, when compared to the first kingdom rush, I am getting less total content and the level of difficulty has toned down slightly, all for the price of 3 dollars, where the first one was free. I will admit the towers seem more balanced than the first game, and I do like the extra endless level, but to be honest I was expecting a bit more. Still a great game though, especially for its genre. Btw there is a typo for the iron challenge on dusk chateau. It says no barracks or archers, but it actually only prohibits archers in gameplay..Version: 2.8

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