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TP-Link Tether App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TP-Link Tether app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TP-Link Tether? Can you share your negative thoughts about tp-link tether?

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TP-Link Tether for Negative User Reviews

Latest version blocks ZoomI set up parental controls for my children’s school-issued chromebooks using the previous version of this app a few weeks ago. After getting the latest app update 4 days ago, they suddenly could not connect to Zoom for their remote schooling. The school IT department could not figure out the problem. Since our other devices can connect to Zoom, I decided to check the parental controls settings. Even after changing the settings to only block “pay to surf”, “gambling”, and “adult content”, the connection to Zoom was still unsuccessful. I had to completely turn off the parental controls to make it work. This is unacceptable. Parents should not have to give up the ability to restrict internet access to enable school tools to work. What changed?.Version: 3.4.18

Ok app when it worksLike some have said, my Archer C9 router will be working perfectly fine. The issue is that it seems like every few days (or every week or so), connectivity to this app, and the local website for that matter, will not work. You will still have internet at your place, you just can't manage it. The only way to remedy this is to reboot the router (short network outage) to regain access. I have made sure I was on the latest firmware and the issue still persists. Again, I love the router and everything about it, but something like this happening constantly is a turn off when thinking of when I want to upgrade routers in the future if it doesn't get fixed..Version: 2.11.1

Works if you’re lucky90% of the time won’t tether, won’t let you do anything. Have tried everything we can to get our TL-WA850RE to connect. It will connect for about 5min then drop out again. Says it has full signal but won’t stay connected. I have been trying for the last 18mths to get it to work even slightly. I can’t work from home without the extender as the nbn box was put in the shed by the previous owner and we are only renting. So extenders is what we are relying on. Was told tp link was better than dlink and so we went with this. I can’t afford the $600+ to move the nbn box either..Version: 3.3.37

Mandatory account sign up required to useYou cannot use this app without signing up for an account. There is absolutely no reason for this other than wanting to collect data - and why should a router company have my data? No thanks..Version: 3.4.28

AnnoyedThe router I have which is AX50 keeps dropping connection saying it’s unplugged when it’s not unplugged It’s getting annoying.Version: 3.4.14

Difficult to setupNot sure about ANYTHING with this App; it keeps pulling me into further setup procedures when I thought I was all done.? This is the third brand of Extender I’ve tried; why is the Setup SO effing complicated and unclear? What is wrong with you people? Have you no boundaries and no requirements? If, in my work, I created equipment like you do I’d be in jail. I think you are designing for yourselves and not your customers; you’re forcing us into your language and your level of digital/computer skills - you assume we will make the right decisions with the numerous ambiguous/unscripted choice steps that are thrown up. No! Bad dog! Bad programming. Stop assuming and start serving..Version: 3.7.0

Basic, too basicOkay very simple app which seams to be the only way to manage the dievce without a laptop. To-link has built it based on the lowest common denominator. Ie it’s very very basic, no access to set channels or output power. Using with a an archer AC600 in a caravan. Please put in a toggle for the people who understand how to properly setup a router..Version: 3.4.43

No goodApp locks when adding a device to the parental control then the whole thing locks up an I can’t seem to finish why does this happen.Version: 3.5.0

Requires online accountSo TP-Link now needs your personal info to use the device you already bought. I highly recommend just using a browser instead..Version: 3.4.26

Need to improveThe app does not work with LTE network. Without Remote control, it is inconvenient, really. Hope to see upgrades in near future..Version: 3.6.2

Pay for parental controlYep. You want to have a parental control? Have the kids have wifi a little later over the week ends? You have to change the parameters everytime, unless you pay a monthly fee….Version: 3.8.0

Updated and now can’t configure router without a TP-Link sign in.This was working fine (well, it lets you do basic configuration tasks, but it left a lot to be desired) until the latest update. Then, it suddenly requires a non-skippable tp-link sign in. I don’t want that. I don’t want to register my email with them just so I can use an app to configure the device I paid for and own. I just want to be able to configure my router while on the local network. I don’t want anyone, including me, to be configuring it from outside. That means no need for running through their service. I feel like this is just a grab for my personal information, something I absolutely do not want to share with them. I’m done with this app now..Version: 3.3.14

Please add SIM card messagesWould be five stars if there is SIM card message viewer, better include a pop up alert when a message comes to the SIM card. Thanks!.Version: 3.7.0

Pretty good, with a minor irritationThis is a useful management tool, although unfortunately it doesn’t see my oldest (but not by much) extender, perhaps not surprisingly. If there’s one thing that would be a good change it would be to make the app iPad orientation aware (at the moment it only works in a portrait orientation, and even then only if the homescreen button is located at the bottom of the screen)..Version: 3.4.8

TroublesomeThere are days where it works great, no issue. Then the other days,I devices say that it’s connected, but there is not connection. I switch back to the main router to see if it’s the same, and on the main router, the connection works fine. Very frustrating as you don’t know what you’re going to get on a day by day basis and have no idea how to resolve this issue.Version: 3.3.37

Works well but needs workAs a parent of a 13-year-old, tech savvy teenager, I find this app to be useful with parental controls, however with technology changing constantly it needs to catch up. Devices are now coming with a standard setting which changes the MAC address for that device whenever connecting to a specific network. There isn’t a feature on this router to automatically detect a device of the same name, and merge it with a child profile which has downtime and limited time settings. There also isn’t a way to delete old devices that have been identified in the past, which causes there to be many devices of the same name showing as devices to add or delete from a child’s profile. This is quite confusing. There should also be a way to go into a specific device client connected, and see reports on the app of time spent online and browsing history..Version: 3.4.28

Impossible to connectSince the last update, the application can no longer connect and the loading spins indefinitely without being able to connect. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still doesn't work..Version: 3.4.24

GoodIt works for the most part, but its a bit experimental and sometimes devices don't appear in the menu until internet is restarted..Version: 3.4.36

TrashThis wifi booster app is garbage me and my family were trying to get it to work but doesn’t if I could write half a star I would don’t get it.Version: 3.5.3

Slow speed relayOnly getting 1/4-1/2 speed or less from main modem. This is a small house. Kind of useless. Rarely use it as main modem provides me with better results at a distance. This was supposed to boost or give me access to same speed as main modem. Have reset a number of times always same results..Version: 3.3.16

Unnecessary updateThe latest update made the app unusable unless you sign up for a TP Link account, which was not previously necessary for use of my router or the app. Not happy with the collection of personal information and the default option when signing up is set up for marketing spam. Did this app turn AdWare overnight?.Version: 3.3.16

2 Parents Can’t ControlLike the idea of this app. It’s problematic that only one parent can control it from their app. I bought it so we could both be involved and informed but sadly that is not the case..Version: 3.7.0

Parental Controls Not WorkingI bought a specific TP-Link router times 3 to have control over my children’s screen time at the touch of my phone. Everything worked great for a couple months until last update when parental controls went kaput. I have spend nearly $600 to have this control and be a responsible parent. I have turned the bug in multiple times and was not helped once. The answer from the tech support is find a phone that didn’t update and use it until we can release a bug fix. Well no dice. On iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6S the same bug exists. You can hit the up address directly and access parental controls that way but that is cumbersome, time consuming, and not at the touch of an app. If on Apple devices and wanting to use parental controls, don’t bother with this app..Version: 3.4.41

Bad update!Everything working well until this update. Can’t find my extender and now my extender can’t find my router. Well done!.Version: 3.2.6

Extremely basic app, good for non-tech peopleThe app is helpful for people who do not come from a tech background. Tether makes it extremely easy for the mass to manage their router setup and network access management via a decent UI. The diagnostic feature helps identify whether the ISP is the problem or the particles device is having problems accessing internet. What I particularly was looking for is in-depth diagnostics which would tell how much of network bandwidth is being used by each client. This is particularly useful in situations where you struggle to identify which device out of 10 connected is hogging the bandwidth. Overall worth of this in my opinion is 2/5 stars. That does not mean it is not useful. For most folks it will be a pleasant way of managing the router and access. But I anticipate much more features to be exposed through this..Version: 3.2.5

Update created a new errorI’ve been using my TP link for 4 years it’s been on average a good device but all of a sudden it stoped working and I’ve had to reset my device little did I know by doing this I’ve just discontinued it as the device won’t even be recognised after the update. What I mean is my phone won’t even find the TP link hotspot I’ve reset it 4 times and nothing changes Not happy!.Version: 3.4.26

Why does this latest version require a TP-Link account?No complaints with previous versions but this latest version unnecessarily requires signing up for an account to use it. Is that a “bug fix” or is it a “stability improvement”? Guess I won’t be using this app anymore until they remove this useless requirement..Version: 3.3.14

Why changing MAC addresses???Okay, the app is relatively decent, if you're too lazy to do the paring using WPS, that works better than the app. Other than that, it usually can't find its own device on the network if you aren't connected to the extended network of the extender. What the heck are you looking for TP-Link? Another part of the review is more towards extenders, RE380D particularly, with the latest firmware that's still not working. Okay, why the heck you're changing devices MAC address? That confuses router's DHCP and forces it to unnecessary issue new IP address that's already issued, but because of changed MAC that's new device. So instead of moving between networks without even notice it, you're on new IP address and that's not good. At least add control in Networking part "Don't change MAC address of connected devices", if anyone really wants to reserve 2 IP addresses on router's DHCP for the same device. Or whatever crazy scenario anyone wants to do with extender, not the router itself. Firmware update TP-Link, ASAP. You don't need a fancy app that doesn't support everything as web interface of the extender. Totally useless app. Better spend time and money on the firmware that works, that on fancy, unnecessary app..Version: 3.0.12

Terrible integration with iPad!!!When I am on my home network, I use my iPad for all of my networking activities. I, like many iPad users, have a keyboard/touchpad case that allows my iPad to be used like a laptop with the iPad positioned in a landscape (widescreen) position. Since iOS 13, the iPad allowed the use of Bluetooth mice and keyboards in an effort to allow users the option to use as a laptop. I find it truly shocking that TP-Link, a company that presents themselves and their products as being for the home networking user, has failed to integrate their flagship app to be used on iPads with keyboard/touchpad cases without having to awkwardly turn sideways with the keyboard positioned vertically to use! What a disappointment! After all the work done to build this app, why would they not put in the minimal additional effort to allow that functionality that would benefit so many of their users?.Version: 3.4.28

Aucun control parentalLe contrôle parental ne fonctionne pas. C’est un cauchemar de gérer les appareils des enfants.Version: 3.7.0

BAD PRODUCTI use this product every single day. But every now and then it drops out and does it alll the time. Then as of late it has been dropping out and not connecting again ! I feel as though i have been robbed by this silly company.Version: 3.5.3

Ideas for improvementsThis basic App works ok but provides minimal features and it would be nice to implement more features to make it more useful, here are some ideals; - Ability to monitor period usage per device - Sorting/Grouping the device list - Add option to specify smart home devices with suitable icons and add ‘Other’ as a device type Get rid of the annoying message ‘the device is not bound to any tplink id’.Version: 2.13.15

Average at bestAverage connection keeps telling me I have a bad connection even when it’s 4 meters away probably going to take it back for another brand.Version: 3.3.37

Used to work good..Ever since my last update I can not connect to my device at all.. Might as well buy a different device now with a different brand beings I can’t use the app for it to control anything...Version: 3.4.26

Functional but very SLOWI like this app. I wish it duplicated the web console ‘advanced’ features much more comprehensively. But it’s designed for inexperienced consumers, so I get it. The biggest issue I have, and the reason why I don’t expect to be using it unfortunately, is that compared to often-laggy web admin console, the lag in this app is actually significantly worse. I had really hoped for the opposite: that by removing the overhead of the web server processing on the router, the app would offer a more direct path to update settings in the router. But sadly no. In particular, every time I save a settings update, it displays a ‘waiting/loading’ popup spinner, which freezes-up and spins forever. The workaround is to close the Tether app from the app switcher, after each settings ‘save’, and then restart the app to continue changing other settings etc. But it’s a really, really, really annoying workaround!!...Version: 3.3.16

Forced to create accountUsed to be a good simple app to quickly log into your router, check change settings etc. now it’s forcing you to create an account to log in. Agreeing with other reviewers about the annoyance if you had to do that if you’re internet is down / how you would go about it (on a tablet etc). Please change it back TP-Link..Version: 3.3.30

Forcing you to registerTo use my own device I have to register. What a cheap move..Version: 3.3.16

Too BasicProvides minimal basic features such as ability to remotely reboot and copy the WiFi password to the clipboard. Still need to access the web interface to change things like VPN settings.Version: 3.0.18

HopelessI purchased AC200 Range extender and the Archer AX50 Router. The range extender keeps losing connection even though it’s only a few metres away from my modem. The Archer router won’t connect to my fibre network. No matter what I tried I could get it to connect to the internet. I tried through the tether app and my computer and no luck with either. I’ve went back to my standard Spark router.Version: 3.3.37

Does it do anything useful?I recently purchased Archer Ax55, which seems to be somewhat under powered if it is set up as a VPN client - actually runs 8 times slower than VPN client on my iPad or Mac. It seems this App must be installed to use Homeshield. Tried to work out what Homeshield does and contacted Tp-link about it - in summary nothing so the subscription seems a way of paying for this useless app. To fully configure the router, it is necessary to use a browser to log into the router because the App has such limited functionality. I have now cancelled trial subscription to Homeshield and removed this App..Version: 3.7.0

Speed testSpeed test not working.Version: 3.6.2

FirmwareWhen are you going to update the firmware for wdr4900 so it will work with the updated app?.Version: 2.0.0

Don’t update your firmwareIf you want to carry on using this app. It’s all over the forums. Can’t login into tether after a firmware upgrade. The forum moderators trot out the usual rubbish, try a different browser is your caps lock on, is your password correct, well I know what the password was, it’s in my keychain on my iPhone. The web interface works. There’s a bug they know it and just re paste the same nonsense. The fix is to fo a factory reset. This is on top of the 2.4ghz Wi-fi going awol every day which is also all over the forums. Going back to my homehub 6. If this were an isp issued device they would go out of business. Do yourself a favour a steer well clear. £170 and it’s going back today. Never ever again. Joke. Archer 2800, and I’m a certified purchaser on Currys. Good day..Version: 3.4.24

Horrible.One of your routers came with 2 different manuals and each manual had a different way of setting it up. which caused it to not work for like 30 minutes until i found the other manual. it doesnt have the option to limit the devices bandwidth like our old 2014 router did. its honestly one of the worst purchases ive ever made and i shop on amazon a lot. my 2014 router gave faster download speeds and a better gaming experience than your overpriced garbage router..Version: 3.6.2

Needs improvementI have two devices on tether, a router and an extender. The extender works fine but most of the time the router shows as an unknown device. Occasionally the app does show the router and it’s great that I can control the devices attached to it but the next time I open the app it shows as an unknown device again. I did try contacting support but didn’t get a reply so I must say tp support is very poor. To sum up, it’s great when it works but for me it doesn’t more often than not..Version: 3.3.16

Easy hacked by thiefThe hardware is controlled by app,which is not protected by Face ID , it runs background . When user log on fake WiFi, which is so easy happen nowadays, thief can modify the hardware and link the hardware to his WiFi. The extender now become thief’s fake WiFi extender. I guess all of tplink extender has the same problem..Version: 3.5.3

Improvement requiredParental control could be vastly improved. In this day and age, security and safety should be top feature. Other than that, speed is good and feature set of the app (bar parental control) is good.Version: 3.3.5

Useless; can't login with TP-Link ID using the appBecause my router won't accept the login password I made to manage my device, I have to login through a browser with my TP-Link ID. There's no way to reset the password without resetting the router, which I don't want to do. For me, this makes the app useless because there's no way to login using a TP-Link ID via the app. Uninstalling because, like I said, it's literally useless. There's no way for me to access my router through this app..Version: 3.7.0

What a trash company - now you pay to simple services !I just buy AX6600 and yes you need to pay to any service which was free before like limit internet time and other. I’m returning the product DO NOT BUY IT !.Version: 3.5.3

Mixed bag.So one of the features that Tether says it offers is Live Network Management Access where you can see connected devices and block them. No such feature is available. I can see SIXTEEN devices (there should be just 9, including the router) are connected to my password protected Tether extender but all it does is list them. You cannot boot them off even just temporarily or block them as advertised. It does adequately extend our network in a condo with thick concrete walls (we split the bill with my neighbour downstairs). The lack of security management is a big drawback for my family. I suppose I’d just urge potential customers to consider if you are willing to allow people to bypass your password and be left with no way stop that or remove the parasitic connections, before you purchase..Version: 3.5.3

Practically UselessI wanted to use this app with my WR802N travel router, but Tether fails to connect to it in router mode unless there is a good LAN connection. Tether also fails to see the WR802N at all in WISP/hotspot mode, even with a working hotspot connection. This makes Tether useless for mode switching or configuration in many situations. Imagine going from a hotel with no WiFi only Ethernet to a hotel with WiFi only and no Ethernet. Router mode used in the first must be switched to WISP mode in the second but Tether can’t do it. This has happened to me multiple times. Once Tether connects it works OK, but it’s much easier to use your browser to connect in the first place. Safari always works even with no LAN or hotspot connection..Version: 3.3.5

Doesn’t work on its own deviceJust bought a Tp-Link ac750 It had a link to this app so I installed it. It then says the router is not supported and just tells me to use the web interface!!! Useless!! Don’t link your product to your app if they aren’t compatible!.Version: 3.2.6

Terrible AppDo not waste your time it’s a broken app with unbelievably useless support. Not recommended for anyone!!.Version: 3.1.9

ConnectionVery difficult to connect with no help from to-link. I was assured this was an easy device to install. Have wasted an entire morning on this!.Version: 3.8.0

Parental Controls doesn’t work rightI’d like to see a way to add a bulk list of blocked websites to the parental control profiles (instead of one by one) and to be able to add new devices to those profiles after they have been initially created. I created a profile in parental controls w/2 devices. When I tried to add more devices to that profile, I was not able to. All the devices were selected, not allowing me to unselect any of them. I figured I’d add them all, then remove the devices not intended for that profile. But when I tapped done, NONE of the devices were added to the profile, even though they were all selected. Having 4 children, constantly online due to school, homework and socializing, it’s very important to be able to block many unsuitable sites on their devices and those of friends who come by. It’s not useful to have to create a new profile for each new devices. Especially when that profile includes over 20 blocked websites. Please fix this problem. Thanks..Version: 3.4.26

Not as good as we thoughtWe bought a set of cameras for the house and when we bought them we new we needed an extender to work the wireless cameras we bought I set it up from the start as it says in the manual. The extender has been offline with our wifi more than its been online this makes it so frustrating as we can’t see through our cameras..Version: 3.5.0

IllégalOn nous oblige à donner notre courriel créer un compte accepter toutes leurs conditions de 20 pages en caractères minuscules, alors que sur la boîte il est dit que c’est direct one touch, on precoche de recevoir leur info lettre, on transmet des infos confidentielles en Chine, dans une dictature qui hack nos systèmes. Un vrai produit illégal qui agit en impunité au Québec.Version: 3.5.3

Horrible experienceBought extender 5 hours bumped around buy support ! Not easy to set up and can’t even rest my password as far as I’m concerned app and extender was a waste of my time and money.Version: 3.5.3

Pure unmitigated dreck. Shanda.The subject title says it all. Dreck. Shanda. Worthless or less..Version: 3.5.3

BrokenDoesn't seem to block clients anymore. As reported by others, has trouble connecting to routers, having to try logging in several times before it will allow access. Try getting the current functionality to work better before trying to add new features..Version: 3.1.3

Local Network Permission Needed Is BrokenIn iOS 16, the app doesn’t work. Please fix ASAP. The TP-Link 1900 cannot be used until you fix this..Version: 3.7.0

Extender Device is HorribleCountless times i have had to restart and reset my wifi extended just in order for it to work for a day or two. The wifi it is extending is working perfectly within its range but the wifi extender fails to provide a dependable wifi connection. Would not recommend for purchase to anyone, severly disappointed in this product 👎.Version: 3.4.43

Login now requiredThe latest update requires you to have a TP-Link Account to connect to the router. This wasn’t required previously and I was perfectly happy with the functionality of the app otherwise - in fact it was very polished compared to some other router interfaces I have used. 1 star now because I won’t create a TP-link account that I dont need and don’t want the features associated with it..Version: 3.3.16

BasicThis app provides a pretty basic overview of your router. It's ok, works well, but is nothing special. Would like to see connection speeds and signal strength per device. Only issue I have experienced is being unable to remove an old router via the app..Version: 2.12.3

No password controlI bought this so that I would have an easy way to control internet usage for my children. However, the passwords are automatically set to be the same as the host network. This defeats my objective. I also cannot turn both channels off at the same time. Very disappointed. I would like to be able to control who uses the internet easily. Apart from that connection is good and ease of use is good..Version: 3.3.2

Needs featuresGreat app but pity it’s doesn’t work when using prenatal controls! It’s got all the settings you could want for timing when kids can and can’t use the net then simply doesn’t block them at the block time specified and I have to manually do it! Omg how hard is it really. Plus the timings for weekends and weekdays are messed up and don’t work also so again I have to manually block kids and reset times manually every week! Please sort it out for goodness sake! Just have the app block and unblock devices on the set timer instead of trying and failing to just block internet access. So very frustrating and such a simple fix!.Version: 3.2.2

Dropping out of signal issuesBought this WiFi extender from tplink as I like their products and at first it worked well for a whole day. Second day there wasn’t a signal between my router and the extender. Had to master reset the extender as it wouldn’t link back up to my WiFi. After an hour of fiddling and trying what the instruction manual tells you to do it worked again but for only another day!! I have now hardwired it and still doesn’t talk to my network. This product is a pile of crap and the app isn’t worth downloading. This is the last tplink product I will ever buy..Version: 3.2.2

NuisanceTrying to set up the extender and it just makes me want to cry. Please do better, simplify as much as possible the steps to follow and please make it user friendly considering that not everyone is tech savvy or understands very well how everything works. That said, I followed the instructions to the letter and still cannot connect the extender and now I have to reset and try to repeat everything again. It is so time consuming and it’s needed for work and there isn’t a good connection where I am as the area covered it quite big..Version: 3.5.3

Dodgy appThe forgot option didn’t work, dodgy app.Version: 3.4.41

Paternal Controls are simply broken.Teenagers are able to simply bypass parental controls by selecting a private wifi address. There needs to be a check measure for new or unknown devices connecting to network. Fix it asap! We’re trying to protect our kids!.Version: 3.7.0

Useless. Buggy. Not worth setting up.This router app is literally useless and does not have any real use. There is nothing more added to this app that the online setup cannot do. It would however open the backdoor for potential hackers to get through. The app devs did not listen to my last review re adding any important features, and therefore this app is dead in the water and is not being utilised properly. You are also not able to use this app when there are parental controls set up. No push notifications informing of anything, no way of being able to monitor bandwidth. The router I also use is a TP Link Archer C1200 Router, and there are indeed major flaws in this router maintaining a connection with our ISP (as sometimes it will just disable for a day completely, but the ISP States that everything is fine on their end!), there has not been a firmware update for like forever via the router - which goes to show the obviously non existent firmware development team for TP Link (let alone the app dev team!), plus the wifi can be very poor in parts of the house. Would Not recommend!.Version: 3.0.23

Limited functionalityDoesn’t recognise my eap. So not worth it..Version: 3.4.5

Please Fix the Login!Just downloaded this app and set up a new account. Logged in fine and everything was great. Then I tried to login to the router with the same password I just made and it told me the password was incorrect. I tried multiple times before just deciding to change the password. I did that and tried putting my new password in and it still told me that the password was incorrect. Clearly a glitch. Please update the app so that we can login to the router. In the meantime the app is completely useless. I’ve found a TP chat where people have said they’ve had this problem since April 2020, so it’s not looking promising. Please, please, please fix it..Version: 3.4.8

Does not do as well as the packaging says selling it.It was not that straight forward to set up, well not for me being dyslexic & once I did get it connected, it does not connect to my PlayStation 4 & never will & every time my iPhone or iPad screen turn off I have to re-login to the extender & I know that should not happen. All I wanted was an internet booster to give me a longer range of reception for all my Wi-Fi devices as I have to leave my router in my bedroom & not in my lounge as that’s where the phone line is & being a ground floor flat it has thick walls to keep the other two flats on top, so that weakens the signal. £34 is a lot of money when the box sells it as great yet it is not..Version: 3.4.44

Poorly thought out password systemYou may wonder why you can’t log in to your router. Turns out the long password you set via a browser actually gets trimmed off at 15 characters. So you can log in via the browser, but then you’ll be pulling your hair out with this app wondering why the same password from the same password manager doesn’t work. The phone sends the full password, larger than 15 chars, deemed incorrect. The browser only accepts the first 15 characters. Companies dealing with networking infrastructure should know better..Version: 3.4.43

Works, but there’s a catch!I have the TL-WR802N and the setup of the device is very convenient using the app. The problem is that I need to use Hotspot Router mode and the app doesn’t seem to support this! I did a reset and the app found the device without problem but when I tried to set the operational mode to Hotspot Router, it was unavailable. I switched to the web interface and configured the mode, thinking I could switch back to the app to do the rest of the configuration and it says “unknown device” now and directs me to the webpage. If you’re going to link to this app from the admin page, make sure the app supports all of the BASIC functions of the router!.Version: 3.0.23

Great for initial setup but lacking in network managementFirst, I really enjoy the router and the initial setup with this app. The setup was very easy—set up an account, network name, & password. For most things beyond that (including any “advanced” network setup), this app isn’t so great. For example, if you want to change the DNS settings or port-forwarding, that’s only through the web interface. This app is limited to seeing what’s connected, sharing your password, and rebooting the router. It’s good at doing that; I just wish the marketing about what the app is for was more clear. There are also some other minor issues that keep the app from functioning as intended. It only connected to my router locally the first time. Now it always connects to it as a “cloud device” and takes several seconds and network requests to load anything. It also hardly ever keeps my session, so I have to log in basically every time. Finally, sometimes it loses my session when I’m in the middle of rebooting the router so I need to wait on the router, login to the app, then connect to the router again. It’s not terrible but is basically always smoother to do through the web interface..Version: 3.1.14

AD7200 ~ TetherI don’t know why but this software forgets my white-list and waits until I reboot to recognize devices on 5 GHz. The ones constantly streaming don’t have a problem staying connected. 60 GHz doesn’t connect to any common device on the market (yet). My ISP or the AD7200 is dripping 2.4 GHz and unusable. It’s in a central location and not heated. This app doesn’t give you full access to the (other) things that matter; logs & white-list (Client List). Yes, PSK’s are crucial to security too and offer that control in-app now. Yes, the interface is easy to use. The ability to change each icon on your client list is helpful in remembering devices purpose. For full functionality, this app is not needed after setting up your hardware. Go to their website/router address instead. 我不知道为什么,但这个软件忘记了我的白名单并等到我重新启动才能识别 5 GHz 的设备。 那些不断流媒体的人保持连接没有问题。 60 GHz 尚未连接到市场上的任何常见设备。 我的 ISP 或 AD7200 下降到 2.4 GHz 并且无法使用。 它位于中心位置,不加热。 这个应用程序不会让您完全访问(其他)重要的事情; 日志和白名单(客户名单)。 是的,PSK 对安全性也至关重要,现在可以在应用程序内提供这种控制。 是的,该界面易于使用。 更改客户端列表中每个图标的能力有助于记住设备用途。 要获得完整功能,设置硬件后不需要此应用程序。 而是转到他们的网站/路由器地址。.Version: 3.6.2

Not compatible with TP-Link portable router??An app for iPads & iPhones that's not compatible with your TL-MR30#0 portable wireless router for iPads & iPhones. Do you think there's something missing here? NB. No criticisms on the router that works fine. Also, when you sort out the above, it would be handy to view in landscape on the iPad, that's just lazy..Version: 2.11.1

Fails to connectPersistently fails to locate or identify device despite having an active wifi connection with the device. Connecting by browser on my PC works fine. Useless..Version: 3.4.8

Very under thoughtWhilst this app does allow me to access the devices I have. It does not really offer much I can do remotely. This app was obtained to work with two TLC-6400 devices which are marketed to be “ No Setup “ . Sadly the people I bought them for cant adjust things as it’s not their skill set . This app gives me little to work with . I’d love to be able to port forward and assign static IP’s for example. Shame I can’t see or do more I could have deployed many more of these..Version: 3.4.26

Avoid this productSpent over two hours trying to get this extender to work. The support is a joke. There are way better options available. Returning this product and choosing another..Version: 3.6.2

It stinks. Very hard to set up & use. Information or manual is poor.See title.Version: 3.7.0

Parental Control has issues, net down, had to hard resetI had issues with parental controls, it’s not easy to start or stop a device and will need a full reset in the router to fix the internet on my tv. I hoped it will be easy.Version: 3.3.2

Started off well…..Installed it and all went well for my iPhone 8+. Later in the day I was unable to get my password recognised for the higher dual band frequencies The pass number just changed spontaneously for the 5 GHz frequency with a very long number which I entered by copying and pasting (far too long to copy manually!) Now it seems to work for my phone….but no longer for my wife’s Nokia. Still trying to resolve problem but terribly frustrating! Never had this issue with previous Belkin N600 extender!.Version: 3.4.36

Didn’t get past go …1. Makes you sign up for an account before using 2. Doesn’t recognize it’s on an iPad and makes you flip to portrait mode making the attached keyboard useless … unlike the browser interface. Deleted the app and will use the browser interface which works well enough when needed. Maybe a future update will fix..Version: 3.5.0

Very disappointingIt was super easy to set up, perfect for what I needed, was very happy with it! But after only a few weeks, after no problems at all, it suddenly dropped out and nothing I tried would fix it. No support by phone, and the online tech support was completely useless. Kept asking the same questions like they weren’t paying attention to my responses and when their few suggestions didn’t work they seemed to give up. Very long response times so that the chat would time out. Extremely disappointed, it was a waste of money..Version: 3.3.37

Sign up reqdYou need to sign up. And worse, the sign up form does not work,.Version: 3.8.0

Now requires TP-Link accountLatest update (May 2020) still requires users to sign up for a TP-Link account and then log in with a TP-Link ID. If TP-Link actually provided some decent justification for the account requirement, I’d probably be okay with it. But the lack of communication and transparency is disappointing. _____ [original review] Hey TP-Link, no idea when this change occurred but I used to just open the app and have access to my router’s settings. Now whenever I open the app, a log in screen appears — and not the router’s log in screen, but rather a generic “TP-Link ID” log in screen. What benefit does the requirement to have a TP-Link account offer? I guess I won’t be using the app anymore... Please consider removing this hurdle. I’ll still give the app 2 stars given that — account requirement aside — it was/is quite useful!.Version: 3.3.33

App is Buggy, limited features, frequent crashesHomeshield can only be setup through the app, but it’s very buggy. Constantly crashes when attempting to view reports. Device monitoring is limited and shows inaccurate data, doesn’t actually show top visited sites or accurate online time for most days. Usage time is usually off as a result so good luck limiting network access for kids or whatever. Almost no functionality for configuring Wi-Fi settings from the app, requires you to setup most features via a desktop web interface. Device names are often missing or inaccurate making it difficult to identify connected devices, there should be an option to label devices or rename device names associated with MAC addresses. This is also a problem in the desktop web ui too. Setting up the router was actually very time consuming via the app with a lot of false starts. Also no dark mode, so be prepared for your eyes to be blinded at night. I probably wouldn’t bother with the app, just use the desktop local web ui to setup and manage the router. TPLink Router seems good though. Wish the app was modernized and more feature rich..Version: 3.5.3

No signal strength or network monitorAs title suggests as an app it just mirrors some of the web gui which is ok but please add add a signal strength meter to help with placement of the router and especially for connecting lte / 3g external antennas. This would take the app to another level. Also signing up for an id doesn't add any extra / more features as you advertise just seems like a way for you to get more personal info. Just use the app without the login it works fine..Version: 3.4.28

Another poor tp-link productTp-link are very good at producing what seem slick products and guides BUT when things don’t go quite right then getting things sorted can be a nightmare and support/guides are poor quality That said once you get their products working they work well so once the network is up and running don’t mess with it or turn things off or add to it without preparing for a repeat of the setting up issues - you will need lots of patience Basically good technology poor guides and support, website is not much better Try finding the Tether app download or guides on their website.Version: 3.1.3

Perhaps the worst app ever madeUseless from beginning to end. Cloud login for a local device. You are moronic. What if the Internet is down. I can never access my device to fix. The app has no functions you need to get on a laptop and go to the web portal.Version: 3.5.3

Useful but....It's missing so many key features like setting of WiFi channels and their widths. It lacks a LAN section. After today's new firmware update, I can no longer access my router's advanced settings that this app lacks via any browser or device. All I have access to is this app which is limited in options. I don't understand why the app is not more comprehensive. I would add to my wish list a history of bandwidth usage by device to see if any one person or device is going overboard on data downloads abs uploads. It's a useful app but it doesn't include all of the features I need..Version: 3.5.0

Room for improvementNot controlling router precisely: not all devices can be seen in Clients section, also Block function does not work properly..Version: 3.3.33

Crap. Waste of time.None of my iOS devices can log in. All can see my router, all accept my password (which is fine), none will do anything other than tell me I’m probably using a guest network or my network is unstable. Total joke. No issues logging in via a web interface so there is nothing wrong with my details or network. And if there was something wrong with my network, we’ll it’s based around the TP link router so that’s even more crap..Version: 3.4.36

No Device - Cannot deleteI replaced my extender to a different TP model due to a fault just after purchase. The extender was returned to vendor but it is impossible to delete it from “ MyDevices” unless you log in to the device, which, when you no longer have it, is impossible. After countless emails to support, I still cannot remove it from my account and neither could they and the emails just stopped My new extender is excellent but TP support is useless.Version: 3.6.2

Good app VPN should be easierThe app is good but it lacks an easy way to work with a VPN..Version: 3.5.3

App crashesApp crashes every time I try to connect it to a range extender so I am unable to use it!.Version: 3.5.3

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix itLatest update promised bug fixes. Unfortunately what they meant by bug fixes is to drop support for various devices that used to work prior to update and route you over to the website which appears to be broken..Version: 3.4.24

Very basic app not worth itThe app is so basic you actually get more info from the router display lights. The app is basically stuck in basic mode. If you log into the router using the IP address then you can use the same basic mode as select advanced and actually do stuff such as see you SIM card network connectivity. It’s just too basic to waste your time. Well unless you just want to change your wireless network name or password. A whole app just for that. Even then it does not always work, even though it says that it has..Version: 3.5.0

No advanced options makes it unhelpfulIt works but it's extremely limited. There are no advanced options. Pretty much useless..Version: 3.5.3

UselessTotally useless, not only do the products require a doctorate in computing to figure out but the app is not user friendly and the support are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. The person I was speaking to prompted me to get screenshots, I clicked out of the chat as per his advise and now cannot re-activate the chat. I you want something that is better than this product, try tying a pigeon to a duck, it will deliver far better results than anything that is offered by this company..Version: 3.6.2

Limited1. You need a tplink online account to be able to log into this app to be able to connect to your device. So if your device isn’t already on the internet you can’t use it. You can create an account from your mobile though. 2. Very limited functionality. Okay for the basics, anything more detailed you’ll need to log into your device through the web admin portal. 3. Does not work if your device is set up as an access point rather than a router. 4. App only works in portrait mode on iPad, so your can’t use it with a folio or a smart keyboard or a magic keyboard etc..Version: 3.5.3

Can’t set date n timeThis app works well except it cannot set date and time. Its permanently on jan 1, 2020. And its about 10 hours out when i set my locality. Even if i change the locality to Rangoon which is “close enough” time, a reboot sets the time back as it was (but not the locality, oddly). If only it were possible to set a manual date and time, i could use the power saving sleep settings easily..Version: 3.5.3

Worst appIt has no parental controls that actually work! Block means nothing. It is a nightmare to manage the network when it does not do what it is saying it is supposed to do. I tried the pro, no difference, i refuse to pay for basic functionality. Not worth it, it was a waste of money. They used to have much better software, all the new ones are junk. Time to switch to another brand..Version: 3.7.0

Poor APP ProgrammingIt looks for “TP-LINK_Extender” but cannot find it because it should have “_2.4GHz” on the end. Stupid lazy programmers….Version: 3.5.3

Forced to create an online account to manage your local device...So, here is a gem these geniuses didn’t think about. You are there, looking at your router as you need to check why your internet is down, fish out your iPad to tether your router and now, you are requested to create an online account to be able to use the app... on the flipping device you are trying to connect to the internet. Probably this was some kind of senior marketing manager thinking “I got the perfect way to increase our reach ability and user engagement, let flipping force them to sign up to use any of our devices that are meant to be providing internet. HaHaHa marvellous idea! What a big dock head am I !HaHaHa! I swear there is zero reasons I can think off to buy one of your devices in the future. Great way of shooting yourselves in the foot I hope whoever came up with this outstanding idea will be looking for an outstanding place to work when you realise the f-up you just made.Version: 3.3.16

Missing DevicesJust updated to latest version and still unable to pick up all devices known to be active on network App not useful.Version: 3.4.16

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