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Fuel Monitor Pro App User Positive Comments 2023

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Fuel Monitor Pro for Positive User Reviews

Fuel MonitorThis program has saved me a bundle. Not just with monitoring fuel but also keeping up with repair costs, repairs under warranty, and the timing of preventive maintenance. I’ve had several repairs where the parts went bad while still under shop warranty. Using fuel monitor, I was able to pull up the date the repair was done, and picture of the receipt. I’ve used it for about 5 years now. It allows you to categorize the work you’re doing or having done. No more keeping up with paper invoices. Fuel Monitor is Awesome!.Version: 4.1

Go.Great app to track fuel and expenses.Version: 5.0

Great appGreat app for tracking costs.Version: 5.0.1

BrilliantI love this app. Just the right level of detail without being too complicated. Easily keeps track of motoring expenses and fuel economy. Great app..Version: 5.0.1

A good fuel app, 5 Stars!I did buy the paid for app at £1.49p. It is very good and quickly starts to build up an accurate view of exactly how much and where you spend your money on your car or cars. I like the fact the costing is separated between fuelling, servicing and repairs. This is then displayed in an easy to understand dashboard or loads of lovely graphs. The only frustration I suffer is the fact I wish my economy figures to be in mpg but a U.K. fuel pump receipt is in litres. So before I enter a fill up, I have to convert litres to U.K. gallons. Not a major thing but it would nice to be offered the ability to convert figures when entering data. I would recommend this app for those who like to know their figures for running their cars on a monthly/yearly basis. I think there would be a lot of value in this app for someone who has a company car, it now allows for geotagging of petrol stations when you fuel up, along with separated costs within an invoice for labour and parts etc..Version: 4.1

Great appDoes exactly what I need with a minimum of fuss, great interface.Version: 4.0.2

Does what I needSlightly glitchy when inputting new things.. overall very good.. I use it to keep a check on fuel, repairs and servicing.. I would like to see tax, insurance and MOT details too...Version: 4.1

Excellent DetailThis app provides all the information to give a comprehensive history of car ownership..Version: 4.1

Unequaled app quality and fast support!!I have yet to find a better app that has the ability to be exactly customized to my specific wants and needs. Most apps can track a little of this or a little of that but this app allows you to track everything you want and breaks it down in every way. Fuel, repairs, routine maintenance and break it all down to see what a vehicle costs per month, week, year or even per day. It’s also probably the most easy to use and learn. It tracks multiple vehicles for me and gives me notifications of up coming services like oil and filter changes and more..Version: 4.0.2

Fuel MonitorThe best I know so far.Version: 4.1

Excellent app for keeping watch on vehicle costsI have been using this app for several years & have been able to monitor vehicle costs - and observing fuel costs! Clearly, it is aimed at USA market but I was able to adapt. I recommend it..Version: 5.0

Great App *****Good ! EXCELLENT ***** !.Version: 5.0.1

Great AppI have used this app for 3 different vehicles and find it quite handy, intuitive and easy to use. It meets my needs and I'm quite happy to recommend it to others looking for an app to track their vehicle mileage, repairs and expenses. I would have like to seen the export feature as part of the app and not have to be purchased separately. That is the reason for 4 stars can five..Version: 3.6.2

Good Vehicle Expense TrackerI like the app because it's rather simple and accurate. Currently I'm tracking three vehicles and it comes in good when I need to verify service history or maintenance cost. I dislike that you must upgrade to get the export feature. I also hope a future upgrade will have a data cloud sync to my laptop features that Allowed data integration to a spreadsheet. Overall, I would highly recommend the app to others..Version: 3.6.2

Fuel AppAwesome app to use. Glad I found it. Would love to see an added feature for vehicles with 2 tanks (came from factory with the 2 tanks) and to be able to put the capacity (in litres) of both of the tanks separately. I believe that could be the only thing that could make this app better.Version: 5.0

Good for fuel trackingGood to track monthly fuel consumption and cents per kilometre. Could be improved by allowing more than one service item to be checked for one bill/service visit. What if I get an oil change along with other work such as brakes on the same day? App only allows one type of service. I don’t have time to sit and break down the service bill and enter each item separately. This means the service overview is inaccurate as I choose which service type to go with one bill. So great for fuel tracking, less so for service..Version: 5.0

Great appVery good covers all the information I require for tracking my cost well done Thank Doug Evans.Version: 3.6.2

Perfect for my needsI have never had any issue with this app, and I use it to keep track of everything for my 30 year old truck. It has only gotten better over time, and I’ve been using it since 2015..Version: 4.1

Awesome AppLove this app!.Version: 4.1

GreatHave found this to be an excellent tool at tax time.Version: 4.1

Great appLove this app..Version: 4.1

Lovely updateI’ve been using this app for several years now and it’s kept a perfect record of two cars in this time. It’s a really easy app to use and has a handy notes section for any comments you might have..Version: 4.0.2

Like this appHad this app for 2 weeks seems to be what I was looking for,easy to use and the fact that it is backed up to dropbox works better than google drive.Version: 5.0

Great ready to use appVery easy to use. Simple to track car use.Version: 3.6.2

Works well.Takes a bit of getting used to, but works great (and as advertised)..Version: 4.0

Great for keeping trackBut would like to put in separate trips without deleting a past trip..Version: 4.1

I really like this appI've been using this app for some time now logging two vehicles. I like that it is straight forward, just input your information and it tells you what your gas mileage is and how much you've spent on gas, oil changes and repairs. Now my car is old enough that I'm adding additives to the engine and oil and I'm sure this will tell me if they are actually doing any good, as they advertise, or if their claims are bumpkis. I'm actually looking forward to finding that out..Version: 3.6.2

Fuel monitorVery useful and easy to use app..Version: 3.6.2

Easy of use … fantastic appGreat app well worth the low cost for the pro version.Version: 5.0

Almost a 5 starWould be a 5 star app if it wasn’t for the fact that the pro version doesn’t include the export function which remains as an additional costing feature. Also, it would be helpful to have a location field for gas entries ... for record keeping purposes..Version: 3.6.2

Great appBeen using app for several years. The new design is great. Keep up the excellent work. It would be even better if you accommodated for hours instead of just Miles/Meters. This would apply to boats, Fram equipment and other recreational motorizes vehicles that track hours instead of distances..Version: 5.0

Fuel MonitorHas been a useful tool keeping track of my expenses!.Version: 4.1

Reminders not fully editableExcellent app. I have been using it for years. However, reminders are not fully editable. Car use differ vastly from a region to another in the world, or from user to user. Mileage for oil replacement, filter change and so on cannot be cast in stone. When you tap to edit, nothing happens. Hence reminders are useless unless you apply the mileage or interval set in the app. Other similar apps allow full customisation of reminders..Version: 4.1

Looking goodBought this app when bought new car with view to recording costs for year and so far looking easy and good value, only issue is odometer seems to not record properly.Version: 3.6.2

Great appI use it to track all fuel purchases and mileage, repairs, and service performed on my car. The dashboard is easy to understand and I really like the reminders when maintenance is coming up due. It would be nice if they could make the maintenance reminders customizable because they don't match the factory intervals..Version: 5.0

Finally updated thought dev left the appDon’t look anywhere else just get this app cheap and worth it, $5 would be fair imo, don’t buy those monthly and yearly payment buy this instead. I haven’t checked if it support EV but I hope it is supported..Version: 4.0

ExcellentDoes a superb job. Keeps you on top with required maintenance and mileage information that can tip you off to issues. You can see what your vehicles are actually costing you to drive..Version: 5.0

I've paid twice for this appIt's my own fault of course but it points up a basic flaw in App management. I had formally used Fuelly as my fuel management App and over the various updates "reporting" went away. So I upgraded to the PayVersion and was unable to merge data. When I would sign in to Paid it would redirect to Free no reports..Version: 3.6.2

Does the jobDoes what it is supposed to & is easy to use..Version: 3.2

Great app, photo record gripe though.Brilliant app, does everything you need in one place for recording car expenditures. My only issue is that it would be nice for the app to access my phone cam to take a pic of the mileage as I pull in to fill up and then be able to access that pic when I’m away from the station and filling in the details on the app itself. Easy done swapping between the app, camera and stored photos on my phone, but it’d be nice to do it all via the app..Version: 4.1

Great tracking appGreat for gas mileage, most steps are intuitive. Quick to understand +pick location +save a screenshot of receipts *trend analysis has cost etc :) Only negative is Services maintenance recording. It’s is a bit messy (tire realignment, and filter changes for example are not eas in packaged services as you only select each item individually as opposed to being able to create grouping of a services and check/uncheck items from the group.) Example Oil change should be editable and have options like ([]oil types, []filter changes, [] fluid refills) Great App , and I will keep using it..Version: 5.0

Fuel Monitor ReportAn excellent app for keeping record of your vehicles maintenance. You also have the ability to edit and create types of service. I highly recommend this app.Version: 4.1

Best everLove this APP works great no bugs If your looking for an app to track your expenses find out what your car is using per liter per 100 km this is for you Thanks guys I'm extremely happy with my purchase :).Version: 2.2

UsefulThis app is a good way to keep track of my car expenses for my personal use. I can customize what maintenance items I want to monitor and it provides a nice overall picture of what I spend on my car over the years..Version: 4.1

Nice way to track car expensesI wanted a way to keep records of the things that have gone through with vehicles. Was not sure paper records would do. Search for a manageable database to do this. I believe I found it. I have had three vehicles since downloading this App. Now I have a history of cars I have owned and experienced. Great decision on my part. Update: With the new upgrade, this app is still my number one place to list any things I do to my vehicles. Truly a great way to keep track of repairs. And with the new features of capturing the recipes, it makes things easier. Thanks again!.Version: 4.1

One limitationA good app but since the price of fuel rocketed and retailers started charging £x.x9/l I have had to round up the cost and therefore record an inaccurate cost..Version: 5.0

Great program, some functions need workThe app has some great features such as ease of adding a car; listing fuel/repairs/maintenance in sorted format; all kinds of graphics with statistical information on the front pages for each car; ability to easily edit a car info; simple settings and easy to learn. Only one "bad" layout item...the function to edit the service types is a few screens deep. It really should be on the main settings page. Other than that one item this is the perfect app to track multiple family cars and keep everyone on track and running smoothly!.Version: 4.1

ExcellentTout ce que vous devez savoir en termes d’économies d’essence et dépenses sur votre voiture. Il s’agit de l’utiliser convenablement. Essayer le, je le recommande..Version: 4.1

Awesome appLove the app everything all in one place. Been using it for 2 years now. Keep up the good work..Version: 4.0.2

Great app!I love it for keeping track of fuel consumption..Version: 4.1

Really good for tracking fuelI have been using this app for a couple of years now. It is really great for tracking fuel keeping track of fuel usage trends and also gas price fluctuations. The added features for services and oil changes are also good if you want to set reminders for when oil changes and other maintenance are due, and keeping track of maintenance costs..Version: 4.1

PracticalI don't think I use it to its full potential yet. However for keeping track of gas and mileage it's great..Version: 4.1

Great app for car care and moreThis is a must if you like keeping track of your car’s maintenance, especially if you own multiple cars. Allows for reminders when maintenance is due based on mileage or date you set. My cars are happy with this app..Version: 4.1

Fuel MonitorLove it..Version: 5.0

Best MPGI have tried about 4 of these Apps, but this one is the best thus far. Easy input and gives you the info you want..Version: 4.1

Great app to track spendEasy to use.Version: 4.1

Keeps record of fuel economy as well as keep track of services and repairs. AustraliaThere are a lot more features in this app than I use. It is easy to file data on fuel consumption, services , repairs etc just like an electronic log book..Version: 5.0

Easy to useI’ve been using this app for several years, very happy with its functionality..Version: 5.0

Love this appI started using this app over 9 years ago & it’s the best. I love tracking my fuel/mileage, tuneups, everything. This app has you covered, save your fuel location , mileage, amount…. If you can’t tell, i absolutely love this app.Version: 5.0

Great appEasy to use and really happy.Version: 4.1

Very goodAbsolutely essentially. Nuff said..Version: 3.6.2

Great app well worth itBest fuelling app i have seen for a long time.Version: 4.1

Not a bad appJust needs a category for washing, things like that.Version: 5.0

Love itThe new design is more friendly and I enjoy this app..Version: 5.0

Fuel monitorGood Vladimir.Version: 4.1


Track your car costs easyGood App for tracking vehicle expenditure. Easy to use and can track multiple vehicles. Would be good if it also had an hour meter function to record equipment with no speedometer. Overall does the job well and have had no hassles with it..Version: 4.1

Great App if...The app is fantastic. Great layout, pages, charts, etc. The support I have received has been very responsive, however confusing. I would suggest a Checklist icon that would allow you to check off items that have been completed. I have also had a fuel input that gives me a mileage error. Anyway, I give it three stars because of the response and promise that some of these items will be reviewed for possible inclusion..Version: 4.1

Service RemainedI have been using this app to record my car expenses and maintenance, it’s quite easy to use & serve my purpose! I wish I could edit service reminders (which are by default)so that I could put odometer and date by myself..Version: 5.0

Great appBeen using it for a few years now. Like the reminder feature and like the reporting features.Version: 5.0.1

Simple and effectiveDoes exactly what I need it to do. Not unnecessarily over complicated..Version: 5.0.1

Great appI'm able to back up on iCloud and iTunes , great for tracking fuel and maintenance on my car 👍.Version: 5.0.1

Very good applicationHave been using it for a number of years. It keeps tracks of my fuel use, service cost as well as the vehicle repair..Version: 5.0

TrevorGreat price.Version: 5.0

Easy to useThis is easy to use and nice to know how much cars cost.Version: 4.1

Very Efficient AppI had to replace a previous app that was no longer supported. I went looking & found this to be an efficient replacement. So far it's done everything I require to document my vehicles expenses & appease my CPA's needs for my business & personal tax needs. It has helped me keep on top of my mileage, fuel economy & servicing so I don't have to depend on others telling me when & what needs to be done!.Version: 5.0

FuelMonitorI have found this application very useful for tracking my vehicle expenses and my fuel consumption figures:.Version: 4.1

Simple & StraightforwardNo problems using it. Been using for a number of years - I think about 10 years. Easy to use. Provides good data to track expenses and make decisions from..Version: 5.0

Very good appLiked it.Version: 5.0.1

Great app for trait your car costsUsed this one for over two years. Easy to use, quick to enter data which the provides you with simple trend views.Version: 4.1

Top appGreat to monitor your fuel use and cost over time. Well organised. They keep improving the app to include more features..Version: 4.1

Excellent for those who maintain carsI maintain 3 different cars. I drive only one of them. When I periodically put gas into the other two cars, I can see how far out the next service is due. I do 90% of my own maintenance and repairs. So having a section for notes is awesome. I did not realize how little money I was spending on services by doing the work myself (compared to having a garage do it all). I’ve used my data on the app to help determine when tires might need replacing. Love the reminders for cabin and engine air filters. Great for helping me diagnose if my A/C was failing or simply normal leak rate give the years and mileage between top-offs. Backups to cloud and data transfer to new phones is also a great feature they have included that I really love..Version: 3.6.2

ComplimentThis is the best app ever for monitoring all motoring and vehicle cost👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 4.0.2

Great AppThis App is perfect for keeping track on vehicle costs. Been using it for years and found it very useful..Version: 5.0

One great appI have been using the app for almost a year. I keep track of service, fuel and repairs. I generate reports on fuel and service effortlessly. Great app and the customer service is beyond compare. Thank you for creating this app it's made my job so much easier..Version: 5.0

What a great appI love this app. It is so easy to use and looks good to boot. I have all the info for my husbands and my car at my fingertips and I can see what the cost is at a glance. Also can see the fluctuation in petrol prices too. I use it after each fill up so the data is correct if I ever want to check on anything. Thanks so much for developing this app ... You have done a great job..Version: 3.3

Great App!Been using this app for years, consistently good. Tracks my fills and fill locations. If you add service reminders you don't need stickers on the door or glass!.Version: 5.0

Suparedhotdeals4u2The developer of this App hasn't held back on the looks of this Fantastic App & has also backed it up with all the bells and whistles that you actually want & need!! To keep track of everything to do with your car!! Instead of just useless things that look good but your never going to use that other developer put in/on there Apps. So don't waste your time & money on useless Apps with all show and no go!! This is the Perfect App for any person or business to look after one or many cars in your fleet. One last thing I need to add in my essay....lol, this developer gets back to you in realistic time not weeks!! I also have to add I've bought Several Apps from this Developer and Im extremely happy!! So 5Star 10/10 for this App & Developer..Version: 3.3

ReviewReasonable app. Synchro could be a lot better..Version: 4.1

Great expense monitoring app!Bought the full version to keep an eye on multiple cars. Does the job and keeps everything neat and tidy in one place to see the true cost of ownership. Recommended!.Version: 3.6.2

Fantastic vehicle logbook App!I’ve been using this App to keep a logbook for several vehicles for 10 years now. It’s been fantastic - quick and easy to use and lots of options to add customised service and repair intervals. I’ve also never lost a single piece of data - which i’ve found impressive, especially considering the length of time I’ve been using it. One note to the Developer - I’m not sure if you can justify the effort, but it would be great to get a UI update to support the iPhone X/XS/XR and 11’s display. TBH I’d be happy to pay again for an updated app, the use I’ve gotten out of this App has far exceeded its original cost. Thanks!.Version: 3.6.2

Excellent Car Fuel & Maintenance Tracking AppDoes an excellent job of keeping track of costs associated with your car. Fairly easy to use, occasionally a little quirky for data entry. Easy to add custom categories. Backup and transfer to iCloud easy and works well..Version: 5.0

Works greatThe app is perfect. You can batch enter events, and they need not be in order. Customer support is great. Takes a little bit to get used to if you have more than one vehicle, and getting data on two devices is easy when you know how!.Version: 3.6.2

Best I have triedEasy to use and does help me to check my mileage..Version: 5.0.1

Updated Review March 2021I’ve been using it for 4 or 5 years & it does what I need it to do. Like the new face & features from the last update-looks sporty! 😁 Still have never tried to export any of my data & I know there was issues for some when they attempted in past versions. I’d recommend you to try it if you want an easy to use app. Earlier review is below. Works well for me! Been using it for couple of years now on couple of different vehicles & I haven't any issues with it. I've not tried exporting data or anything, though. It does what I want it to do-track expenses & fuel..Version: 5.0

Works as it should 👍I have used this app for several years, and have found it to do exactly what it should do. All vehicle expenses get logged in the app, making it easy to see the real costs associated with owning, maintaining and running a vehicle. Fuel efficiency readings (L/100km) are more accurate than the display on the HUD in the car. My only suggestion: utilise the ability to move the cursor (by holding the space bar on the keyboard) as it is difficult to adjust the figures on the right edge of the screen (eg fuel price, litres, cost)..Version: 5.0

Great appFuelMonitor is fantastic for any car enthusiast or anyone just keeping track of the cost of ownership or keeping documentation for warranty purposes.Version: 4.1

ReviewSeems to be working ok ATM.Version: 4.1

Useful appI’ve been using Fuel Monitor since I got my “new” car December of 2015. I track everything from fuel fill-ups, oil changes, tire rotations and other services or repairs. I love being able to track time and expenses, and it also calculates my cost per mile. When I’m at the repair shop, I have all my old history at my fingertips. I just got a new phone and was worried that I might lose my old records or have to re-enter, but I was delighted to find the Backup & Restore option in the settings menu. It worked very smoothly. I used the WiFi backup with my computer. In the process, I discovered that I could also export my data to a spreadsheet. I’m delighted. I recommend this app..Version: 4.1

Long time userI have been using the FuelMonitor app for nearly 7 years the app continues to deliver and provide invaluable data for monitoring current usage as well as providing figures around usage for purchasing a new car! Thanks for the great app!.Version: 4.1

Excellent Maintenance tracker!I’ve used this app to keep track of the maintenance due on my vehicle for a couple years now. I do all of my own maintenance and so long as I input my gas every time I fill up I know when my truck is due for maintenance..Version: 4.1

FuelMonitorGreat app, keeps a record of full and repairs done to the car..Version: 4.1

GreatThis is a great app to keep up to date with how much you spend on all your motoring needs. It's one of the best I've used. Keep it up!.Version: 3.6.2

Suivi sur plusieurs véhiculesJ apprécié pouvoir suivre mes dépenses de réparation et essence sur mon deux véhicules. Pas eu de bug. Toujours bien fonctionné et pas de perte de données..Version: 4.1

GreatJust starting to use the app. I love the reminders easy way to keep track of services etc..Version: 3.6.2

Awesome with so many featuresI’ve always tracked my mileage. This app allows me to do that and so much more. I can also keep track of all my maintenance on my car. Love it and recommend it!.Version: 4.1

Great App to calculate the cost of ownership.Great app to calculate the cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance costs. Calculates your expenses, fuel consumption, repairs and services to give you a figure of how much money the said vehicle has cost over a period of time or lifetime of your vehicle..Version: 3.6.2

FuelMonitorExcellent upgrade.Version: 5.0

Fuel MonitorThe basic program is great BUT export and printing is very sketchy. If you want to charge for something it would be a spreadsheet setup for exporting the monitor directly into it. Once there printing reports. The ability in fuel Monitor to add more categories to fuel, service, repairs, more. Aka work expenses or car show costs. How about race gas and no alcohol prem 93 octane.Version: 5.0

Easy to use...Easy to add repairs & services. Back up my iPad using wifi, restore the data by wifi on my iPhone easily. Love it & highly recommend!.Version: 3.6.2

Great AppThis is the best App for keeping up to date with your motoring costs. Couldn't do without it..Version: 4.1

HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDWithout a doubt the best app available to keep tabs on everything connected to your car. It's a must have and has a fantastic interface. Hats off to the programmers. Thanks guy's!.Version: 3.6.2

Keep Records!Cheers for keeping record of my action of fuel, Klms & add notes. Take s photo of bowser odometer for later ref. To add onto fuel monitor! ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️just remember to put in half or full in photo with a 👍🏼😬.Version: 3.6.2

Love It!!I've always tracked my gas usage in a notebook. This app allows me to track it easily on my phone. It is also great for keeping track of repairs. Just the other day I had to look up when I had a repair done on my car because the part went bad. I love that the data can be backed up on your computer or you can print it also. Great app in my opinion..Version: 4.1

No 1Great App Must be one of the best available Would definitely recommend it.Version: 3.6.2

It what is saysA good app but it does need to be enhanced to include the ability to delete an erroneous entered fuel log. The enter key is too close to the fist key when you have big fingers..Version: 5.0

Saves a lot of timeI have 6 vehicles in my fleet. I record all fuel, services, and repairs in this as app. It’s so easy to look back and see when I did a repair or oil change last, and I get a reminder when each service is due..Version: 4.0

Fuel MonitorGreat app, I have been using it for years with up to 14 vehicles. Very handy to be able to export csv files for each vehicle to help at tax time. Still fantastic..Version: 5.0

Use this all the timeSuch a useful app for keeping vehicle cost data..Version: 5.0

FuelMonitorI’ve been using this fuel app for going on 3-4 years now, it’s pretty straightforward, not complicated. It more than suits my needs..Version: 5.0

PerfectReally useful app.Version: 3.6.2

Good appGood app. Helps me keep track of my fuel expenses as well as services and repairs. Also gives me reminders for when services are due or overdue..Version: 4.1

FuelMonitorDoes exactly what it says on the phone.Version: 5.0

Very good appI’m happy to use this app..Version: 5.0.1

Solid appDoes as it says. Simple and easy to navigate.Version: 3.6.2

Useable appIt’s good to tracks your expenses and your car gas consumption..Version: 5.0

Useful appThis app lets you capture your fuel, maintenance and repair costs for your vehicle. The app automatically gives you charts of your costs and helps you see the peaks and troughs of your vehicle expenses. It would be great if it could capture registration and insurance costs as well so you’ve got a complete $/km cost, perhaps that’s something that can come in the future. I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.1

Fuel Monitor Ap ReviewThis new version is a big improvement on older version I was previously using. Graphics are clearer and additional fields are helpful..Version: 5.0

Excellent app for tracking vehicle expenses.Love this app. I have restored on several devices and have not lost my information. The features are well thought out and so easy to use. Several friends and family decided to purchase this app based on my recommendation and they are loving it as well. Excellent app for tracking vehicle expenses..Version: 4.1

True cost of my car!!!This has everything that I need to track the true cost of my car total I've spent cost per mile I've driven… Even the cost of routine maintenance and repairs. It helps me track everything and it makes it so easy to do..Version: 3.6.2

Very handyThis is a very handy app. It is very interesting to watch fuel costs rise and fall and compare mileage cost between town and country travel..Version: 4.1

Really useful appI have been using this for years. It’s very handy to track fuel costs..Version: 4.1

Easy to useHave been using Fuel Monitor for over 12 months now, nice little program to keep track of fuel usage. The latest iteration provides greater granular control over different areas. I particularly like the new accessories function to keep track of my (4WD) accessories costs. There’s something for everybody here. Recommended 👍.Version: 4.0.2

Best car maintenance appI found this is the best car maintenance app in iOS devices. If we web version is available which is link with the app will be great. Looking fwd to developers to adopt that in coming releases..Version: 4.1

Just the ticketGreat app. Easy and effective for mpg and to track/record service work. Especially useful if you run more than one vehicle and your MOT/tax/service dates are out of sync. You can setup reminders to show on your home screen..Version: 3.6.2

Everything you needThis app records everything I need to record for my personal vehicles..Version: 4.1

FuelMonitorLove the improvements, great customer support, great reports.Version: 5.0

Outstanding utilityThis app is flexible, well designed and very useful. Easy to use, good value..Version: 5.0

Great expense tracking appA+.Version: 4.1

Delete and reinstallI had the same issues after upgrading to iOS 14. As previous reviewer stated, I deleted and reinstalled the app and now it works as before. I also have the app on my iPad Pro and never had any issue on the iPad. Just recommend user backs up app to iCloud..Version: 3.6.2

Great fuel appBeen using this app for nearly 2years now. It takes a bit of getting used to but the information it display and the way it is all laid out is good. It certainly gives much more information than the excel spreadsheet I used before. Contrary to what other users have said this app does display mpg along with litres. Overall a good app for tracking your tank to tank mpg as well as your long term mpg and repair/service costs..Version: 3.6.2

Good app easy to useGood app way to use.Version: 4.1

Great appLove the updates. Work like a charm..Version: 4.1

Unable to restore from iCloudYesterday I added the recent Fuel details and backed up to iCloud. I have this app on my iPhone & another iPad and restore from iCloud to these devices. For some reason it tells me “The app needs to restart to add old data” then restores from Feb 2020 instead. All previous 2 years is missing. Fortunately I do back up to DropBox as well, but this is so annoying and I can’t find any suggestions to fix it. I don’t even know where the iCloud files for the app are! Any advice, please?.Version: 4.1

Oil changeWe use this app all the time to keep track of our gas usage and repairs. I like that we can take a picture of the receipt to keep with service performed..Version: 5.0

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😃👍👍.Version: 4.1

Just what I was looking forGreat app! I can log all car expenses. Love it!.Version: 5.0.1

Excellent program to track auto cost.I use this to track all my truck cost. Comes in handy for knowing when parts were replaced and warranties if the part is replaced again. I did like the older version that put the decimal in automatically for cost..Version: 4.1

Good little appGreat for keeping an eye on running costs of your family cars.Version: 3.6.2

Handy wee app I’ve used for yearsLove this app, the recent UI improvements are much better than before. The ability to track fuel and repairs is a great tool. By using the mpg calculations on the app I can see just how inaccurate the cars trip calculations are (off by 3mpg over a whole tank). The ability to add in custom repair types is good, the geotagging of repairs and photos of receipts is also handy. I can’t even think of a feature that I’d like to see added?.Version: 4.1

Good cost loggerWorking well except for my hybrid Honda Clarity. You can track electric cost or gas but not both. Seems like you have to create 2 cars to track both..Version: 4.1

The best app for the jobFirst class app, so easy to keep track of your running costs,usefull for reminders, m o t,road tax etc. Definitely recommend.Version: 3.6.2

Awesome productI have been using this for a while now. I am tracking two cars on this and i can see a snapshot of their performance. Fuel consumption and repair bills. What repairs were made when and what is due now. Would recommend this ......Version: 4.1

Great appReally like the easy interface.Version: 4.1

Easy to useExcellent app.Version: 4.1

Nice appLike the way it records and calculates averages.Version: 4.1

Nice Simple AppGreat for tracking costs on your vehicles and now even better with the new layout and ability to photograph your receipts and add them to the entry, saving keeping them in a physical file. Simple to use, just awesome. Splitting the invoices in to custom categories to track costs of aftermarket accessories is very cool as well. Helps store receipts for warranty purposes which has been very handy and when you go to sell the vehicle just do a down load to help with the listing.Version: 5.0

Good appTakes some getting used to. But lets me keep track and remind me of my service appointments..Version: 4.1

Fuel monitorGreat. Saves me a heap of time.Version: 4.1

Great easy to useGreat easy way to log fuel and service spent on each car.Version: 4.1

Much improved after long awaited updateThis needed update is much improved. As before, I appreciate the service alerts keeping my car in good shape. Also recommend the user frequently download the data in case the app develops problems especially when new operating systems are installed. My criticisms are: the small size of the entry points and overall font size. I would also like to only delete the digits that have changed on the odometer from the prior setting. It is a bit annoying to re-enter many of the the digits over and over again..Version: 4.1

FuelMonitor AppAn excellent easy to use app for keeping track of all your auto running costs, particularly fuel..Version: 5.0

Fuel MonitorExcellent application.Version: 4.1

Notably comprehensive, love the new update!I love the amount of information you can pack into one fuel log entry. The only thing I would suggest is adding a small description of the different input items for both fuel and maintenance logs. I had to ask a few people for help understanding what was being asked as I am not as savvy as some when it comes to vehicular lingo. Aside from that, I love the convenience and surety of this app over a paper log, and the new receipt uploader and location features are great too! I find it much easier to keep track of everything this way, I definitely recommend to anyone trying to keep track of their vehicle!.Version: 4.1

Love this appSaw somebody a years back using the app. Ended up buying it back in 2019… Had improved a lot since then. Helps me track my gas mileage and cost. Just started using it for maintenance records too!.Version: 4.1

Great App.Use it all the time, wouldn't be without. Used with each of my vehicles..Version: 3.6.2

A handy tool. Worth the $$$.Useful! 4 Stars, only because I’m sure it will get even better down the road..Version: 5.0

ReviewWorks as advertised! No complaints Easy to sync from phone to iPad. Would be nice to view bigger graphs on the iPad though. All in all a good app and it's easy to add fill..Version: 4.1

Great automotive/motorcycle App I use it for both.The only app you need to track gas mileage and repairs..Version: 4.1

Replacement, Replacement, ReplacementLike many other users here, this is a replacement for another app which is no longer being supported. These take the place of a little booklet that you used to keep in the glovebox, but with the added bonus of doing some of the math and reminding. It's effectively laid out (for me), and simple to use..Version: 3.6.2

The dogs danglersBest out there.Version: 5.0

Fantastic appI use this app faithfully. Works very well..Version: 5.0

ExcellentEasy to use for Tax and usefulness is excellent.Version: 4.1

Great appJust gets better..Version: 4.1

Revised version is — finally ! — excellent.(Revised December 2020) Just as I was about to throw this app in the garbage, a new version showed up... and it is WONDERFUL. About time, too, I would say. This latest version is a complete revision, a lot more intelligently put together, and, so far (2 days !), bugs free. I truly love it. Changed my 2-star rating to 5 stars and deleted my recommendation to avoid it. Thank you developers. So, maybe you weren’t asleep on the job after all... (Revised April 2019) Great looking app, well thought out, refined input, calculation and presentation of data, many data saving and exporting formats... but DO NOT BUY : • quite a few interface bugs : unfinished stuff, incomplete implementation of data saving features • no filtering method for fuel records. • limited information on how to best use the app, less than helpful error messages when things go wrong. • greedy developers require extra $$ for saving data to a document, even if you upgrade to the PRO version ! Contacting the developers about shortcomings yields a pleasant answer ("We will look into this") but nothing ever gets done. The app has not been updated/modified in over a year. In short, it does not live up to its potential, and leaves the buyer to deal with nothing more than a money grabbing scheme..Version: 5.0.1

Much improved!I chose this app over 3 years of using Fuelly. I wanted something without an annual subscription and I did not want my data uploaded online. I like the new lay a lot in the 2021 update (released back end of 2020). I can see the average MPG at a glance. Something that was missing before. Colour coding makes it easier to view information quickly. It’s a user friendly app and well designed. Quite happy with it. Helps me to track costs and as said view them at a glance..Version: 4.1

Works for me.Use for fuel log, calculating fuel economy.✅.Version: 5.0

All you needGreat App with everything one needs. Pity the print option is an addition cost, but it's worth it..Version: 3.6.2

Thank you!Good job , I can monitor my car, bike and heli expenses in one app. Would be nice to remove other inapp charges. When I bought something I bought it and want all the features. Never the less it's a unimportant purchase and I still think the program is really good. Thank u and job well done!.Version: 2.6.1

The best so farJust downloaded this app having found it by chance. Easy to use and set up. Good dashboard and very user friendly. Not expensive @ £1.49 Well worth the money. Used now for several years and it is an excellent well designed app.Version: 5.0

Incredibly UsefulA great way to record all those costs for your car. Very simple interface and easy to use. Definitely recommend.Version: 4.1

Fuel MonitorBy far one of the best, most useful and user friendly app available. I have using it for several years now. Love it and wouldn’t want to be without it. To the developer, please keep it up to date and available for me and the likes..Version: 5.0

Easy to useKeeps a record of my fuel consumption and is easy to use..Version: 3.6.2

Great app for vehicle ownersI love the new look of the app. Especially appreciate when an alert comes up, it takes your right to its source. The fuel tracking is so simple and helpful in making sure your vehicle is work as it should..Version: 4.1

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