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Skype for Business for Positive User Reviews

Works great overallA little glitchy, just like all apps. It tends to turn "away " anytime I don't have the app open, which is a bit frustrating because the point of having the app on the phone is to be accessible on the go. You're not accessible if you turn yellow. It also doesn't always update automatically with my calendar, sometimes I will be in a meeting and it doesn't turn red. But other than that it's pretty nice and easy to use..Version: 6.17.2

Very usefulThis is a wonderful app, it’s very useful to use on my phone, because I don’t always have access to my computer. also easier to get in touch with my teacher or class mate about missed lessons. I highly recommend this app.Version: 6.25.0

IPad Skype conferenceI have just used the Skype for Business app on my iPad for a conference call between 5 partners and the quality of the call was truly great, video was fantastic and the overall experience was great. 5 stars from me.Version: 6.22.0

Very close to awesomeGenerally the app works really well. It's only real flaw is that chats / notifications don't sync between mobile and desktop versions so I have to go through periodically and manually clear notifications on the phone. Once your start responding to a message on either mobile or desktop you then don't get the rest of the conversation on the other so you can't easily switch devices mid way through..Version: 6.20.2

Good product, looking forward to improvementsWe are using it corporately; in general we find it very useful. There are some annoyances, mainly to do with list synchronization. Because we move back and forth from the desktop version and the mobile version, conversations become fragmented. Also, conversations that are read on one platform need to be "marked as read" on the other. There is no "mark all as read" on the mobile application, which makes this process tedious. Ability to attach pictures to a conversation would be a plus..Version: 6.17.2

Easy on iPhone, not on laptopI was asked to join a Skype for business meeting and I had great difficulty getting in using my laptop. I missed a few weeks worth of meetings. When I used my iPhone 7 Plus, it was very easy to set up. The presenter didn’t realise this so now they say use iPhone only.Version: 6.26.2

Skype for businessIntegrated and easy to use.Version: 6.17.2

Favorite no longer worksIPhone 12 can no longer add favorite the icon is there but is not clickable. Regards,.Version: 6.27.0

Good quality product and love Mobile capabilityOne of the better quality video conferencing products and it’s meant to be secure. Would like improvements such as seeing everyone’s video on screen at the same time on the Desktop and the mobile version..Version: 6.26.2

FantasticI use Skype both in mobile and pc. Works great. However, screen goes blurry sometimes in pc..Version: 6.26.2

Great ToolI always seem to have very good fortune using the Skype tool. I used to use it almost solely on my laptop but now use it with even greater frequency on my smart phone. Connection is always clean and clear, conversations are easy to hear and understand, visual presentations are always crisp, and I would recommend this highly to anyone looking for a multi location sharing and communication tool..Version: 6.26.0

Decent!Ok app, works most of the time, gets me connected to mobile Lync/Skype when out and about. One annoying thing is you have to manually erase every message in the recent history by hand. So if you get a dozen messages on skype well expect to hand delete every recent item to clear the badges. Every call, every unique message, etc. it’s really annoying and time consuming to clean up the recent chats panel of you happened to sign into Skype on your workstation too..Version: 6.17.6

Stable and functional.A few buggy issues but pretty decent overall.Version: 6.17.2

SimpleI like the simplicity. Without the bells and whistles to distract , confuse and generally mess up the experience. KISS. Keep it super simple..Version: 6.26.2

Very good and easyUser friendly and excellent call quality.Version: 6.16.0

Great but not perfectMostly very good but unfortunately on occasions I get dropped out of the meeting which is frustrating and usually when it’s my turn to discuss anything. I am then having to rejoin missing parts of what has been discussed or annoying everyone to recap on what I’ve missed..Version: 6.26.2

Works really wellUntil recently I have not used this much, but obviously now working from I have had the opportunity to use it several times a week with fellow employees. It works absolutely fine with no issues. I can certainly recommend it..Version: 6.26.2

Works well for me most of the timeI see a lot of negative reviews but the app works quite well for me most of the time. My only complaints are that it seems to either crash or quit if left running and I turn the phone’s screen off. I try to do this so I don’t miss IMs or calls as iOS will kick stuff out of memory after a while. Also, I will often join a conference call with my AirPods and my microphone will be greyed out. Force quitting the app and restarting it normally fixes this..Version: 6.26.2

Good clients, needs status view thoWorks well but would be awesome to have the status view from desktop.Version: 6.17.2

SchoolVery good for school but sometimes it just crashes but who cares.Version: 6.26.2

Excellent app for an excellent business tool!I always like Microsoft products for their integration. This app is not an exception. It works really well with the desktop version. Particularly the calls can be transferred easily from desktop to mobile and vice-a-versa. Makes it very useful for people on the go. In last 4 years of my use, it had rarely failed. And I have used it for multiple customerswith no issues..Version: 6.17.2

Can ImproveLot of scope to improve.Version: 6.17.2

Works well, could do with better organizationWorks great as a collaboration tool for our team spread across locations. Audio, video, screen share, white board all work well, except for the occasional network / bandwidth issues that seem to specific to Skype for Business. Chat histories could be better organized. What works really well is integration with your organizations directory. Also, the outlook plugin helps set up online meetings with a web meeting link easily..Version: 6.17.2

AmazingThis thing is fun I love it. So much!.Version: 6.26.2

Great tool!Works really well and cool features. Can get frustrating if you have a poor wifi connection.Version: 6.17.2

Works well if you use it in a basic wayI find Skype for business ok if you just use it for voice and perhaps video. It is very difficult to get all the info needed on one screen e.g. list of names of who is on the call. Video lags a bit and can be pixellated sometimes but this could be my broadband. I find the menu of in call options very poor and my team and I have given up using the function where everyone can view documents as not everyone could see them, it wouldn't work every time and crashed..Version: 6.25.3

Excellent tool for communicationI am using skype for business for all my business call, very handy too to use it from my iPhone, save great time..Version: 6.23.2

Getting there!The software is very helpful when on the move and not at my desk. I use the iPhone app and one bug is that when the app is in the background and I receive a msg from one of my colleagues I can briefly see what they typed in a pop up notice, but when I go to the app, it is not there any longer. I have to ask them to “re-send last msg” to see the msg. Fix this and the app will be very close to great!.Version: 6.26.2

EasyVery easy to use. Intuitive and just easy..Version: 6.16.0

Wow. Just wow.Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at how incredible things we take for granted are... Just had a conference call with three people in Holland whilst walking down the road. They were crystal clear on speaker, I was easily able to mute myself when a truck went past and I could even see the Excel workbook we were discussing and punch and zoom it to look at key elements of the plan. To top it off, I was even able to switch out to the Starbucks app and pay for my coffee with it whilst still listening in to the conference discussion. The confluence of technologies that has to come together to make all this work is really incredible and the Skype for Business cloud PBX and App for iPhone that front it has finally come of age to make it a genuine first class citizen in my daily comms routine..Version: 6.17.6

Support HelpI was new to SKYPE for Business, and still with questions after the initial group lesson by JIS. Jeri Moxley contacted me and set up a time to continue to work with me so I could learn how to be productive and use Skype for Business. On our call she brought in her colleague Neena Taylor and together they were a great team. I have learned in a relatively short time how to set up meetings, chat, and work the different “symbols” on the screen. They were an excellent team, and I am greatly appreciative of their patience and expertise. Ellen Heller.Version: 6.26.2

CarPlay integrationI regularly use Skype and it works well, the CarPlay integration could be better, meeting reminders come up but you can’t join the meeting from the screen, has to be done from the phone. Having full functionality from the CarPlay screen would be a great feature and will help with driver safety..Version: 6.26.0

QualityWhen it’s working it’s good, very good. When it’s not, or there is any sort of bandwidth issue (which as a user one cannot be aware of) it’s poor. Notification that the full service might be under pressure so use dial up, or some other less data hungry would be a good development..Version: 6.26.2

Excellent performance. Like UI better than my desktop computer.I work with a large design team. We’re all working from home due to Coronavirus. The performance, usability and integration of this app with Outlook 365 is outstanding. During our design meetings I use my phone for Skype while having my home desktop open to view our actual project work. My cellular connection is perfect - 5 bars. I think a lot of performance complaints posted in the comments here have to do with their poor WiFi or cellular bandwidth and not with Skype..Version: 6.26.2

Perfect to attend meeting while you are not in officeUseful when you are late or away from office. You can change status, location which are helpful features.Version: 6.17.6

Skype for businessUsing Skype as a business communication tool has been very freeing! We no longer are tied to our desks or desk phones. Pop in a Bluetooth or doppled earpiece make you call from the Skype dashboard and away you go! Even working remote without a laptop as the Skype app lets one participate in meetings and messaging from a smart phone. (Although presenting from a phone is still not a feasible option).Version: 6.17.2

E-HammoudaJ’ai eu un service impeccable de la part de Francis Roussel, merci beaucoup..Version: 6.26.2

The best way to do business on the go!Love Skype for business! Great quality or talking and interface!.Version: 6.17.2

It's greatSkype for business is a great free tool to use. You don't need to sign up you just sign in as a guest. Put your full name on there. It does however skip a little, probably because everyone is on it. But the screen quality is great. Sound is great sometimes. There's a bit of white back ground noise sometimes. But it may be just the user on the other end of the call. Today I've seen it go up to 28 people. I'm sure it can go up to even more..Version: 6.26.2

The sound quality and functions are greatWe have had a good experience with Skype. The functions allow us to share files and to group discuss the schedules. Thank you.Version: 6.28.0

Skype for businessThis is a great app and comes very handy when you in meetings and you don’t have to carry your laptop. Video capabilities are amazing, can’t imagine life without this app..Version: 6.23.2

Excellent communication app Good for any purpose👍👍👍Excellent communication app Good for any purpose👍👍👍 👌👌👌.Version: 6.26.1

User friendly and versatileMy company uses this app for meetings. It’s easy to use and integrates with Outlook. Two clicks allow users to join the conference, you have the choice of audio through your computer, call out to another number, and/or Skype headset. It’s easy to “pass” control to various participants during the meeting. I love that Skype can be used on computers and mobile devices. Another cool feature is the ability to record your meeting so others can review later..Version: 6.25.4

The best way to access SkypeSkype on my iPhone has been far and away the best quality and consistent connection. I’ve had nightmares on laptop connection in the past but the app works brilliantly- I’ve presented PowerPoint presentations from my iPhone to an audience in 3 continents! Bravo!!.Version: 6.22.3

Very nice appWorks for me.Version: 6.26.1

Practical and intuitiveHighly recommended.Version: 6.17.2

A really productive AppI have been using Skype for Business for some time and it have been very useful to communicate even when you're not in the office. Works well on WIFI and 4G..Version: 6.17.2

Good appVery clear and easy to use !.Version: 6.26.2

Clear callGood clear calls!.Version: 6.28.1

ExcellentReally good enjoying SFB! Wonderful app.Version: 6.17.2

I Like SkypeGood product and I hope it gets better daily.Version: 6.27.1

LTE/Wi-Fi Transition FlawlessBusiness call started while I was driving, using LTE network. Usually softwares like this would have drops when switching from Wi-Fi to LTE or vice versa, this one did an excellent job by making it flawless. No call drops, and voice quality has never worsened a bit. M$ guys must have done decent research on this project, and thus I recommend it despite my habit of never writing a comment on an app, this is an exception..Version: 6.26.2

Fantastic appThis is a fantastic app for staying in contact with work colleagues. Clear audio sound when teleconferencing and has great messaging features with easy access to historical message threads. Highly recommended for anyone wanting an easy tool to keep in contact with everyone at work..Version: 6.17.2

Skype as a business applicationSkype for Business is a flexible multimedia communication tool that interfaces well with Outlook. Seeing activity status of those you want to communicate with before starting a conversation allows instant messaging or calling later, as alternatives to wasting time listening to ringing followed by a recorded message. When there is a simple way to port contacts from traditional Skype, SfB will be excellent..Version: 6.17.2

Conference calling.I have to say that this was the first time hat I have used Skype for Business ( a long time user of Skype personal) the picture and sound quality was excellent and there were absolutely no holdups or glitches at all, I am aware that other users have experienced some issues on that topic but none for me. A very important business meeting was conducted faultlessly..Version: 6.25.3

Works goodBeen using the product for some time in our corporate environment. We’ve had good luck with the tool and personally like it better than other products offering similar capabilities. A few times we have experienced an issue where everyone is on the Skype call but only a couple individuals are able to hear each other. We haven’t spent the time to research the problem therefore really can’t 100% point the finger at the application. Overall I am very positive in regards to our company wide usage of it and happy with the app in general..Version: 6.24.0

Allows your work to dominate your lifeOnce you leave work, u know people can still get in touch thru Skype. People set up conf call via Skype it means u have no excuse..Version: 6.23.2

Skype for business.Great tool for teams.Version: 6.17.2

Great serviceGood product and easy to use.Version: 6.17.2

Always had a good experience with skypeI have hosted and attended meetings of 25 people and the connection with video has been always very good. I read some bad reviews here and I am just guessing it’s a bad internet that they have..Version: 6.26.2

Reliable Business ToolI've found Skype for business to provide reliable connections with clear video and voice calling combined with efficient screen sharing..Version: 6.17.2

Excellent communication tool.Excellent for keeping our team connected across the country..Version: 6.17.2

Great functionality on the goAllows you to keep up to date and contactable on the go. Works as described. Happy camper.Version: 6.17.2

Seems to just work how it shouldHave used Lynx/Skype on the desktop for a few years, it’s a bit flaky but generally pretty good. Installed this Skype app on the iPhone and it’s exactly like being on the desktop but quicker. I can park up at services and join a meeting in a matter of seconds. I can’t knock it..Version: 6.24.0

Use it constantly on desktop, iPad and iPhone for workGreat tool for work.Version: 6.17.6

Practical and SimpleThe app ticks all the right boxes. Is very simple to use and helps you be a lot more productive. Attending meeting while driving to work is a huge benefit. Call quality is quite good. Highly recommend getting the app..Version: 6.17.2

Big improvementThe jump in quality from lync to Skype is huge. Memory and battery usage is much improved. It copes better with constantly moving and changing wifi and mobile network cells. The layout on iPhone is much improved and responsive. You can even visit your conversation history while offline :).Version: 6.17.0

Extremely usefulUse it on my iPad, my Samsung phone and my laptop to coordinate work, join/run audio and video conferences as well as. Having chats with colleagues. Indispensable tool..Version: 6.25.3

Skype for businessA vital part of my working life #globalworking, from 1:1 conversations with colleagues, to sharing screens to explain spreadsheets and data, and of course to connect us globally as an organisation. I loved it when it was called lync - that's what it did and still does. It lyncs our VSO people as they get on with the job of reducing poverty and marginalisation. We were early adopters, I'm still amazed that many more people and organisations do not use it regularly. *** sent from my smartphone, whilst working in Bangkok and just after participating in a global call with dial in from over 100 places, across 20+ countries, where we shared video, conversation and presentation.Version: 6.17.2

Better than normal skype!Makes video conference a lot easier now.Version: 6.16.1

Excellent for Enterprise UseFantastic app for keeping on top of messages from colleagues and using Skype Meetings for those in remote sites. Would like to see syncing with your desktop as some messages that appear on the appear to don’t appear on your desktop vice versa. Also full screen functionality for iPhone X would be nice!.Version: 6.17.3

Almost perfectUser Interface can be better. Its difficult to manage multiple back to back meetings and repeated meetings like scrum. Like both today and tomorrows scrum show up together in the upcoming meeting list and its hard to figure out which is which. I have many times connected to wrong ones and waited for 10 mins for anyone else to show up only to find I connected on tomorrows scrum. Call quality is good and stays stable when moving from network to network.Version: 6.17.2

Improving with useWe were required to use Skype and it was a tough beginning. A lot of my team members do not use the video and stick with the audio only. The more we use it, the better we all get at sharing screens and working from multiple devices. I will be excited to see how it continues to improve and work as some of us head back into the office. I personally love that I can go from my phone, to my tablet, to my laptop or my desktop fairly seamlessly. This has made life truly mobile..Version: 6.28.0

User Friendly and EffectiveI prefer to use Skype for all our calls with in our team and with customers from different geographical locations. The reason is simple to use and share the presentations..Version: 6.26.2

Skype for businessWow what an awesome way to continue studying during this global crisis .running a certificate 4 class for Tafe through my iPad Pro is like having my trainer one on one .and quality of calls are tremendous .well done Skype for business way to go.Version: 6.26.2

Convenient and easyThis app enables attending meetings directly from phone.Version: 6.17.3

Audio issues on iPhone 8I have to use Skype for work and don’t really have any issues with the app itself. However, I switched to an iPhone 8 recently from Samsung S5 and am noticing issues with Skype audio quality on the iPhone. The Skype call volume on speaker and headset is very low even at maximum volume. The audio volume works fine on the phone for regular phone calls and it seems to be an issue with Skype only. Since there is no option to provide feedback from the app like outlook I have written this review hoping for a fix..Version: 6.22.1

Skype for businessGood product with many features and uses.Version: 6.17.6

Works well every dayI have used this app on my iPhone and iPad almost every day for several years. It works very well and it a very stable application. The only hiccup is the handoff between WiFi and cellular when I leave the house. I mitigate that by turning off WiFi on my device when I know I am going to leave the house or office and rely solely on LTE service. It also works very well in the car..Version: 6.25.4

Fantastic!Great app so easy to use and great integration with outlook.Version: 6.17.0

Awesome and ProductiveI have been using Skype for business on my iPhone for more than 3 years and could always rely on it to attend meetings on the go. It makes me extremely productive at work. Although it only has basic calling and chat features as others have pointed out , those are all I ever needed on this app . It rarely ever fails to connect and has a decent enough interface. Thanks to Skype for simplifying business communication and collaboration all these years and I am looking forward to more improvements and privacy features. All the best to the development team 👍..Version: 6.26.1

Lync 2013 for iPhoneAbsolutely love this version! Presenting content is the last piece that was missing for world domination....Version: 5.1

It's great!I enjoy using Skype for business in an out the office it works really well. The share screen function is also really good..Version: 6.17.2

Generally Great!Skype for Business has made it possible for me to work from home while recovering from surgery and yet join in with meetings and keep up to date with what was happening in the office!.Version: 6.17.6

AnthonyVery smooth application. Configured in mere seconds!.Version: 6.28.0

Getting towards 5 starsVery slow to add iPhone X screen size but the last update did this, at last. Lots of the early issues this app had with additional messages coming I’d already had on the desktop client also have long been fixed. So overall this is pretty good these days. However they are kill it off this year and replacing with Teams so I hope we don’t have to endure years of issues again while they get that client to work properly..Version: 6.18.1

Perfect call.Had to resort to using my iphone for Skype meeting and had concerns that I wouldn’t be able too view onscreen information during the training seminar. The clarity of viewing, sound quality and ease of use for the Skype call could not have been any better. Very impressed..Version: 6.25.4

Very convenientVery convenient and useful app for who wants to stay connected when you step away from your desk :).Version: 6.17.0

Phone rings when receiving attachmentsSince the latest update, when someone tries to send me an attachment it comes through on the app as a Skype call. My phone rings but doesn’t connect as it was never a call to begin with..Version: 6.27.0

Very handyWorks very well Lync and is my organizations primary IM and phone system. One improvement would be to have the ability to add people to your favorites list once you have found them via the search feature..Version: 5.5

Good appThe app is pretty good and straight forward to use. It has one little annoying thing is that it doesn't sync with your pc the new messages flag. You can't clear the new messages flag either. The only way to clear then is by opening one by one, but since you already read them it becomes a quite annoying job to do ( go over 100 messages already red every day... ) :-( Apart from that, the app is pretty good. Good sound quality..Version: 6.16.0

Just works!!!Definitely made for O365..Version: 6.16.1

Very good. But not excellentI use this app on the go. I like it. It works a treat. Only drag is I found out that often I get notifications late. If the app is closed. There is often a time lag between messages sent and the notification appearing on my phone by a good few minutes. For personal conversations I wouldn't have cared. For business this is not great. So please fix it SFB team..Version: 6.17.2

I use this every day.I use this app every day for work and aside from minor reception issues, it is a good application. Occasionally I will have odd glitches - sometimes someone will call me and my phone number will show up instead of my clients, or I will get an email stating I have a voicemail but on the app, it doesn’t show anything. For the most part, this has been my primary way of contacting all of my clients and works out much better than paying for another phone..Version: 6.25.4

Recommend highly on iPhoneGreat integration with iPhone (iPhone 11 on iOS 14). Features/ functionality identical to via my work laptop. Overall _much_ enhanced over ‘simultaneous ring’. Won’t go without the app again..Version: 6.26.2

Love it but need helpLoving Skype for business. Just one hiccup now is that since I did the latest update, it opens the first time but Then if I close out of skype, I try to reopen it, it just drops back to my phones homepage. Occasionally it will open after about 7 times trying to open in. Can you help please. Thank you.Version: 6.17.6

Works as it saysI use this over a poor home boradband connection and 3/4g mobile and I have good calls. The only down side is if someone has a poor boradband or they have to much traffic on their end, the call quality drops, and also it they put up vidoe or screen presentation when not required..Version: 6.26.2

Good but not perfectI wish to dial in directly from a meeting invitation without being asked to confirm I want to use the App. When phone connection is weak it does not auto dial back in and when I do it manually I'm stuck in the virtual lobby. I should be re-accepted by default..Version: 6.23.1

SfBGreat tool.Version: 6.17.2

Looking forward to the dark themeAll is great except missing of the dark theme, continue with the excellent work!.Version: 6.26.1

Business friendlyThis app is a great tool for communications in a business setting.Version: 6.17.2

AccessGreat call and image quality.Version: 6.17.2

Great mobile communicatorI use the app in addition to the PC tool and it's great in terms of quick message and conference calls on the go. Highly recommendable..Version: 6.17.2

Skype for BusinessVital tool ... productivity essential!.Version: 6.16.1

GoodnessI think this app is so good because they give you five star quality internet.Version: 6.26.2

Great softwareAudio very clear. so convenient, especially when using hand free / headset..Version: 6.17.2

Skype 4 bizAbsolutely brilliant product. Have no idea why the entire world is not using it right now....Version: 6.17.2

Great business application, chat anywhereUse this at work to collaborate with people locally or globally, voice and video call. Great tool.Version: 6.17.2

Works great!Works great!.Version: 6.14.1

Excellent, use it everydayWorks great but needs improvements: Split screen on iPad OS Being able to remain on video even if displaying another app.Version: 6.26.2

Good basic program butBut lacks the intuitive functioning of the market leaders like Zoom especially for the mobile phone and tablet platforms. Really needs serious upgrading of the frills and fancies that are possible..Version: 6.26.2

Mr HandyIt's a very neat app..Version: 6.16.1

Works wellI sometimes have issues with making Skype calls Or attending Skype meetings from my laptop. Never had an issue when using this App, at times it’s been a lifesaver🙂.Version: 6.24.0

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