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5-Star Students App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

5-Star Students app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using 5-Star Students? Can you share your negative thoughts about 5-star students?

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5-Star Students for Negative User Reviews

DO NOT DOWNLOADAs soon as i was finished downloading this app my doors came down. 6 men in heavy armored suits and machine guns came in my room and offed my whole family, they captured me and I’m here in the middle of nowhere waiting to be interrogated all i see is sand and dead plants in a small building. Im so hungry its been about 2 days now with no human contact please save me I dont know whats going on here..Version: 31

BallsI downloaded this app once again and Johnny sins teleported to my establishment and proceeded to crank 90s. Freddy (Top G) came and clutched up and got the victory royale in clash. But soon after a terrible terrible event happend. Fruity the npc teamed up with shrek to steal the top secret file for obamas last name. Unfortunately they didn’t get far as homelander stopped their shananigans. Just a friendly reminder, do not download this app as the same will happen to you.Version: 32

TraumaThis app..has given me trauma for the last few weeks of being on this app..I thought it was meant to help you, no I was wrong. They showed me white old naked men..I saw so many of them to the point that I can’t even face my father figure anymore. I don’t recommend getting this app!!.Version: 31

Frightening.I was just scrolling through to see if i could find any programs to join in my school and ofc to see my stars. but then i got emailed to come to the school and with my 5-Star Student app. I did and soon enough the principal was slowly turning in to a strange animal. He screamed “RUN! ITS ALL THE APPS FAULT. DELETE THE APP BETORE ITS TOO LATE” so i felt the need to make this issue. i think you guys are running an organization against us children..Version: 28

My Fish Abused MeAfter downloading this app for whatever reason. My fish grew all four lambs and went towards me with a moody expression. He started grabbing me and throwing me around like a towel. After doing this for 10 hours straight, he drop me and threat on me that he would do it again if I kept the app. So I had a choice and deleted it with no regrets..Version: 32

How I met Adam SandlerNo way bro! I am in the sewers looking for some devious clown. I thought the rumors were a joke, but I am not so sure about that. I heard a noise. I looked behind me. OH MY GOSHY GOSH! It was SHREKKKKKK. “RUN!” I yelled even though I was alone. It was just me and Shrek in the sewers. I ran for what must have been hours. Then, I approached the Minecraft portal. Then before I yelled “QUESADILLA!” as I jumped through the portal. On the other side, I was back at home on my starship base. We were flying to Taco Bell. Just as I had expected. Me and my crew flew to Taco Bell as we made manly jokes about politics and football. Then we went to the furry conventions, and had a lot of fun. Then Batman came in and blew up the whole universe. OH MY GOSHY GOSH!.Version: 34

Pls readI downloaded this app last night. I thought I would be fine. I woke up and I didn’t have the itch like I usually do. I see that I’m in a hospital room, but nothings wrong with me. I get up and walk to the bathroom I sit down and they're gone!!?!?! They stole my balls. I shouldn’t have trusted this app..Version: 34

My review.1. the app rating being this low is accurate 2. i downloaded this app thinking it would be good and useful for my life. since downloading it i’ve become manic and can’t control how i feel. now it’s making my phone crash i’ve lost all my photos even the ones of my dead dog, i miss him so much all i wanted was to see his face again but this app has hacked my phone and caused me to lose everything even my messages. i cant believe it. i will be contacting the app store directly about this major inconvenience. Losing my control has caused me to think about suic!dal actions i used to be so happy, why can’t i go back to normal? the app it’s taken over my phone it’s the only thing i see when i wake up and go to sleep. no other app appears on the app store just this one. side note: i think i’ve been hacked and my location is visible i’ve been followed home multiple times in fear of my life. 5 Star please stop this. Please..Version: 32

FortniteI downloaded this app because a young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you." The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, "Which do you want, son?" The boy takes the quarters and leaves. "What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!" Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream parlor. "Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?" The boy licked his cone and replied: "Because the day I take the dollar the game is over!".Version: 32

Diary Entry #346I downloaded this app almost one year ago and everything went black. I don’t have any clothes on and I am cold and wet. I think I am in a locker but I don’t remember getting here or why I am cold and especially wet. I can here people walking outside my metal cage. It happens every hour and fifteen minutes. I yell but no one seems to here my cries. I have survived on soggy, moist, pretzels that squirm the the steel vents. My day to day fitness is reaching to scratch my nose and shutting down for a sweet release. Waste drips through the bottom crevices and leaks into the hallways. Occasionally I will feast on my 4 day old feces. I here the rats scurry and scream in the halls as they try to enter the dark and smelly locker. I grow weary of this metal entrapment. I plan to end my suffering in the coming days. If I am not released from this torture I will end it all. I have saved my stock of dripping pretzels and I am ready at a moments notice to do the final deed..Version: 31

DANGEROUS APP!!!Every time I use this app I go into “goblin mode”, attacking random furniture and drinking deep-frying oil. Last time this occurred I ended up in a 2 month chase with the FBI and woke up in Brazil living with Columbian drug lords. They were nice people and we played farkle in the bush until the statute of limitations for my various crimes against humanity expired.Version: 31

They stole my toesI had to download this app for school. Next thing I knew I was cornered in the bathroom by my local middle school gang. They kept asking if I had the 5-star app. When I told them yes, they went straight for my toes. They dragged me out to the football field and tied me to the goal post, shoeless. Overall wonderful experience. I will be back for seconds. 😈🦶.Version: 37

My dad de owned me because of this appDue to a stomach ache, i was in the bathroom for 7 minutes and 50 seconds instead of 7 minutes. because of this they notified my dad and she said that im a failure and waste my time disposing my waste. Following that incident, i had another stomach ache and spent a whole 7 minutes and 5 seconds which caused them to notify my parents and they disowned me. Now im living off the nutrients of bacteria on my phone and cry myself to sleep..Version: 32

EhThe website itself is boring and very average. The reviews, however, sent me into a full blown spiral of uncontrollable laughter. I hope teenagers never change. Thank you..Version: 31

HorribleI cannot take a pee without my teachers knowing. I feel like the teacher might as well walk with me to the bathroom if they are that involved in what I am doing in the restroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if I opened the restroom door to a teacher trying to see how long it takes me to take a poo.Version: 32

My boyfriend left me bc of this appAfter downloading the app for the first time, I expected what i saw in the photos. Instead, I developed social anxiety and I started to think that everyone hated me. I wouldn’t eat, sleep, or do any of the stuff I used to do. The stuff I thought that was what I loved doing. My boyfriend downloaded this app last year around August. It has been a year since his death. In his note it said that to never go on this app and that he was doing this because he loved me so. My whole life has been undone. I quit my job and started having aggressive seizure and stuff like that. I just wish I could go back in time to tell him NOT to install this app. I can’t talk to anyone about anything because that moment I get close to them, it reminds me of this app. This life has ruined my whole life. My family doesn’t recognize me anymore, my classmates don’t either. Not even my dog. THIS APP HAS RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME! 0/10 never looking at this app EVER!.Version: 31

App is DummDon’t Download this App!!! My Teacher is using this app to make hall passes for us and it's annoying I only get 7 Minutes to go do some thing. So today I had to go take a devious vicious explosive poo. I ran out of time and the security guard came to go and say my time was up. On the way back to class my stomach went boom. I came back to class and my my pants were stained brown. I got in trouble and got humiliated..Version: 34

The monsterI downloaded this app as my class forced me too, but soon after that thing appeared. It would target my friends and family and murder them slowly stating that if I ever delete it my family would die but it already got to them all..Version: 34

Paranormal Experience (Minecraft hallucinations)Since downloading, I have seen visions of ghasts. Upon download Mrs Cardanas will prescribe you 4g of psylocibin before every bathroom visit. If you cannot control your emotions you will get lost and not get back before 7 minutes. Your teacher will then slug you.Version: 32

Life changingI was told to download this app I honestly think they had me do it to keep me from using my phone because every time I pick it up I get reminded of this app and it scares me half to death. I need to delete it but I don’t dare touch the app. “I’m scared it will haunt me forever”. This app don’t get it it!!!.Version: 31

Hey black pplI died because of this app bro like I’m saying this while dead so this is what happened I was at school and the a car came running right at me and it hit me while I was looking at this app and bro somebody came up to me and started ticking my feet and sucking on them and then they gave me a ps5 and a Nintendo switch and then I died.Version: 40

My Fortnite fever dream.I downloaded this app because my my massive Fortnite urges plagued my mind. Unfortunately I would later learn this was NOT FORTNITE MOBILE! Do not download, 0/10 would not recommend. My son is very sad, and think his mother is filing a divorce and it’s all Five Star’s fault. I am in a constant state of despair without an end in sight. The only emotion I have is pain. I loath waking up knowing I have blundered downloading the Five Star Application. Don’t download it please, it also gives you erectile dysfunction as I have not been able to perform, this will be the end of you I promise..Version: 31

OMG I WAS HACKED BY THIS APP AND MY FAMILY WAS KILLEDAfter i downloaded the app i noticed unusual things on my phone like my pictures missing, then being duplicated, and even new contacts in my phone. Eventually i figured out that someone hacked into my phone and they left a note in my notes app saying they were from the 5 star app. They then slaughtered my family infront of me and left me living to make me suffer a terrible life.Version: 32

The Mick is coming.I can hear him. Ever since I downloaded this app I’ve been hearing rustling, occasionally barking, in my walls. I can’t sleep at night. He won’t leave me alone. Do not download this app, it will summon him and you will be forced to hear him walk in your walls. Let me out. LET ME OU.Version: 31

DONT DOWNLOADBecause of this app my world has fell apart. My mother left my dad and she left him for my cousins uncle sister Tia grandpa son. This app has caused my addiction to my little pony porn. I can’t stop it. This app is my 13 reason why. My father has tried his best to save me but I am too lost. I blast pierce the veil full volume now..Version: 31

Caused my cat to kill itselfI downloaded this app and left it open right were my cat could see it poor little thing was traumatized and kill itself 😔 I had to delete this app it was tormenting me I lay awake at night not sleeping or eating just thinking about my cat I hear his voice say “delete the app pleaseeee I beg of you”and anyone who saw it kept dying around me ⚠️PLEASE I BEG OF YOU DONT DOWNLOAD THE APP⚠️.Version: 32

Hilarious but to farThis is hilarious so many 1 star reviews probably from students playing a joke to far the 5 stars are from the people who don’t care about the joke and teachers..Version: 31

Unacceptable application.My 50 yr old science teacher told me he would give me some extra points if i pulled down my pants and jumped on his desk. Later that day I received a visit in the night from a strange man in a top hat. Now every time I see my science teacher I feel a strange sensation in my penis..Version: 31

Hate itGuys, I just hate it because my school uses it and we can’t even use our phone. Everytime you use your phone, you have violations, every three violations you get detention and a call home. Hate this so much!.Version: 35

Caused paranormal experiencesI downloaded this app 2 weeks ago. The first day I got the app I experienced extremely scary visions and have had intrusive thoughts. Every time I open the app the screen flashes black and i can see my reflection, except my reflection is morphed and distorted. It’s terrifying. I have woken up multiple times every night to the sound of a notification from this app. when i check my phone it says there is no notification. my shower turns on and off on it’s own. There’s a man in my closet with a grim smile. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 32

Do not downloadBefore I downloaded this…it’s was good….life treated well…but after I downloaded this….the dogs was mowing my uncle grandma stared folding the dishes, you know life is hard since my mom never had kids….my fish drowned next year, my stairs fell down the Sun…….sniff…..sniff……I guess I deserve it… heh :).Version: 40

Great app.This is a pretty good app to be honest. Here’s the story. One day I was sitting in my first period and my teacher told me to download 5 star student. I downloaded it and it was the most complex app I’d ever encountered. I opened it and I was immediately overwhelmed. My vision went black and I woke up in a dark black room. I’ve been in here for 7 months. It’s cold and dark. I can’t contact anyone. I’m scared. Help..Version: 32

This thing sucksThis app is about as user friendly as an autistic banana..Version: 11

AppI am very disappointed in this app since I don’t think this is a good addition to my school. It’s not appropriate and I don’t like this at all. Everything too digital and I don’t think 7 minutes is good enough..Version: 37

AMAZING APP*** P L E A S E R E A D *** Shrek is my therapist and he recommended me this app for my extreme depression. Let me tell you now… THIS APP (WILL) CURE YOUR DEPRESSION!!! I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn't download this app. I also recommend talking to Shrek, he has some amazing sources to give out to his clients, depending on what your life struggles are. ***IMPORTANT INFORMATION***( this app contains EXTREME side effects. These side effects can include, ( nausea, vomiting, explosive diarrhea, the divorce of your parents, even more depression, erectile dysfunction, sudden desire to commit war crimes, and extreme PTSD).Version: 31

Tell my family I loved themI downloaded this app to see how many points I have now people are following me they want me to write juicy fan fiction of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un or else else there going to touch me I’m scared for my life please send help before it’s to late.Version: 28

Best appHelp when I download this app I saw the swat team come to my hose and took my grandma and now she’s gone forever and then every night I hear a laughing under my bed and it all started on the day I downloaded this app send help pls.Version: 31

JesusI downloaded this app expecting a good experience but instead I’m in the hospital because my wife decided to stab me for looking at this app for too long also my whole life has been sent in to tailspin with no direction. I lost my job, my kids, and my little hot dog. I hate this app don’t recommend.Version: 31

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