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Duck Life App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Duck Life app received 68 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Duck Life? Can you share your negative thoughts about duck life?

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Duck Life for Negative User Reviews

DucklifeIt kept on deleting my ducks when I up grade them so i would spend so much time on one duck then ill train another and the one i trained will be turned into the same a the not so good duck but its a fun game!!.Version: 1.05

There are too many glitchesI really like duck life used too play it a lot when I was a kid but when I bought this version of the game I had seen some glitches although I just stared the running game where you hold down the arrows to run don’t even work properly I been trying to hold down the left or right arrow button and the duck just wouldn’t move causing me to get very low high scores because of this little incident so please do your best to fix this tiny mistake.Version: 3.02

Good game, bad controlsThe game is very addictive but the controls are so buggy that it makes the game very frustrating. Youll press one button and another will also press...Version: 1.05

RefundI want my money back please there’s not a lot to do on here but spend money on a game what looks like its supposed to be for free the money I just spent was hard earned money refund or keep my rating this way.Version: 2.61

Good GameThere needs to be something else at the end of the game. I finished it in about 2.5 h and there was nothing to do afterwards. Keep on improving duck life. My suggesting is if you want a game that you can play here and there then it would be great but if you will play it non stop until you finish it there's no point in getting it; you'll finish it too quickly..Version: 1.05

Whyyyyyyy?The game is amazing but when I won against the top duck it didn't give me a crown, deleted one of my ducks, and doubled another duck and took away all of its levels😨👎🏼.Version: 1.05

Close...It's very much like the original duck life. It is also very enjoyable and light hearted, I genuinely like this. The Graphics are very nice and colourful too! Nothing wrong with these things. However... The controls are a bit off, it's hard to train your duck when you can't actually click the left or right arrow buttons. This is for three reasons; •The buttons are far too small •The buttons are only on one side of the screen, so your hand is covering like 60% of the screen because you need both hands to press each button. You'll know from when you start to play it... •They vary from being extremely sensitive and from not registering your touch at all, it's strange. Also I would just like to make this known that you should NOT buy hats. The reason for this is because its a con. I bought a hat, put it on my duck and nothing happened, except for my money being gone. I tried this again but alas my money was taken away again. I don't think there is an inventory. I believe this is a glitch and I want it to be fixed. So in review, Very fun game Great graphics Controls need to be fixed Hat glitch needs to be fixed Good luck for the future guys!.Version: 1.05

Good game, but some glitchesI really enjoy this game but as soon as I bought my 5th and 6th ducks I experienced some problems. After training my 5th duck, my 6th duck was replaced with the 5th one. Even after deleting both ducks and replacing them, it still happened. I hope that the creators fix this. The last update was in 2013 so I think it's due for some bug fixes..Version: 1.05

RefundI would like a refund on this game i was quite disappointed with the app with the sort gameplay and lack of things to do please give me a refund and maybe i'd rate it better.Version: 2.54

Like this but now lags with bugsI started out loving this game but after getting to the third stage: flying, the game has started to decline in quality. When training in flying the second game where you follow the blue bird going up or down was terrible. At about 5000 points my bird was no longer visible on the screen as it somehow drifted off to the left as I progressed, the game then also lagged almost all the time. Please fix this MoFunZone.Version: 1.05

Reseting😩I bought the game because i thought the free game was fun. But it keeps reseting and deleting all of my progress!! And im not the only one with this problem. Please fix this game!!.Version: 1.05

Unbearable musicGood game with constant unbearable music😟😟😟.Version: 2.54

Problem??App will not open, not even for a second. I've tried re downloading the game multiple times but it will not work..Version: 1.05

ImpossibleI have 150lvl. On swimming and a guys faster Evan with flying.Version: 2.61

Extraordinarily boring.There isn't really much of a goal to the game, and when there is something at all to aim for, it requires mundane grinding of excruciatingly boring mini games. Pick it up if you're in desperate need of a good sleep..Version: 1.05

Too expensive for what you getI wouldn’t pay a dime for the 2 min of game play you get that I can get for free in the computer, also it is way more fun on the computer as it was originally designed for it..Version: 3.02

It’s taking to long to load.I just got this game today and it’s taking to long to load. I own it on another device and it said it was free on this one. I didn’t update it because it kept on begging me to. Now it’s going superslow and I’ve read all of the reviews and it still keeps on loading! Maybe I paid a dollar for loading? No! All my money DOWN THE DRAIN! 😡.Version: 3.02

MemoriesI love this game it brings back the memories when I was just a kid.Version: 2.54

Why💧When i was playing i was trying to find away to delete a new duck i bought and then it restarted the hole thing again..Version: 1.05

Did not saveIts a great game but the game just didnt save. You need to make it so that way if you put in a password on a save file, you get your progress back. I deleted the original version thinking it was the lite and then i realized i deleted the full version. I had 3 ducks with max level on running and swimming, now i only have one duck on level 17 with only running. Please update the game so you can add a save file.Version: 3.02

Ok? What happened!When I first got duck life it was better than “this” because it had the level up food you could train running swimming and flying and it was all one place no swiping so could you do that a again plz.Version: 2.61

Good but...Great game, amazing but Controls r hard to use and Far to easy had it for 1 and a half days and already I have completed it, and I'm not even an addict, to easy add harder levels and races that use up more energy plus make a time trial thing when you can practice your times and also it could go up to 200 instead if 150. There should also be tasks like to get a time of --:-- ?! Thx for the game, is good but to easy.Version: 1.05

Ok gameDuck life is a good game but it’s very easy and doesn’t take long to finish and after that you get bored.Version: 2.61

Needs updatedThe game is great however it needs more levels I got him maxed out within 3 days and now I'm so bored. The game is really good but gets boring.Version: 2.61


Not worth itIm a huge fan of this classic game but this version is terrible! Why is there no option to flip the the control arrows to the other side of the screen so you can use them with your right hand? It's a very simple thing to do and that the fact that they haven't shows the effort that went into this game.Version: 1.05

Hour and a half to beatIt took literally 90 minutes to beat this game..Version: 3.02

Freez makes it unplayableThis would be a great game but it freezes when you play the running mini games which makes your duck fail a lot meaning the main mechanic of the game needs fixing..Version: 2.54

Doesn't workTraining button doesn't work, wasted money on a game I can't even play.Version: 2.46

The games riggedThe tordement is always going to make you 2nd place so you can't move on rubish game.Version: 2.61

OkIt's fun when you first start playing it but it gets boring fast..Version: 1.05

The Duck SongHey! BOM BOM BOM BA DOM BOM BOM! Doesn’t have any grapes..Version: 2.61

Worst game ever.This game is terrible. They do not know how to make a good game. Full version is way better..Version: 1.05

EwBoufing.Version: 2.61

Grate but a few problems :(Problem number 1 some coins are impossible to get. Number 2 I had to get every one of my Stanima to 100 or above! number 3 don’t play fly number 4 most of the times dragging gets stuck. last problem in running right after a jump sometimes you can’t duck! done.Version: 2.61

An duck life EasterI love this game on computer and that's why I instantly brought it when I saw it but this version is laggy and u should have customization with controls and it stews up when I go to train swimming alot.Version: 1.02

One bugI beat the grasslands and that was all good then I beat the swamp and that was good and I go to flying and start training. Once I trained I click on the bird that gives you a ticket. Got the ticket so I click the checkered flag and it gives me nothing then I click above the training bird and I get nothing. Good game but you can’t do anything with this glitch..Version: 3.02

Cash grabA worse version of the duck life classics but NOT FREE. You think they’d improve on the game since they decided to charge for it but no. This game uses the good duck life name to garner nostalgia purchases for a lesser game and an extremely EASY AND BORING cakewalk of a final boss. Go play the flash games online don’t buy this trash..Version: 3.02

Fun but annoyingI had practised for the glacier tournament so much, but when I got to the end of the second stage of the tournament it went back to the home screen, I tried it again but the same thing happened. This game is very fun but not perfect for an iPad 1.Version: 1.05

RefundI want a refund because I have the lite one and it told me to get this one so I can travel but nothing happened.Version: 3.02

You need an are sure before it's says clear all dataI I got well far far and then pressed by accident clear all data it's times like these I just want to delete the app.Version: 1.05

DisappointingThe game is really fun, but on the swamp I keep running out of energy. Then I feed the duck seed and it doesn’t give them any energy at all. So it makes me waste my coins on seed trying to get the ducks energy and it doesn’t even work. And my ducks are all trained at 150 on running and swimming. I paid a dollar for this game and I can’t even play it anymore because it won’t let me get past the swamp..Version: 4

BugThere is a bug whenever I go to a torment and pick my duck it picks my worst one not the one I picked please change if you do I will tell all my friends about this game..Version: 1.05

Not too bad...It's ok and not really addictive and should be cheaper but, it's an ok game....Version: 1.05

Glitches plz fixMy game glitches one time when I bought a hat my coins went but I had no hat on my duck other time when I bought my fourth duck it made a bunch of replicas of it in my other two slots I really would like this game fixed other than that great game.Version: 1.05

Rip-offSo wait, I completely bested the first stage (running) and I want to move on to the swamp but now I have to pay for it?! This game isn’t even as good as it is but now I have to pay to play the game?! Giving one star and deleting this game.Version: 2.61

⭐️⭐️⭐️I got 150 in every level and beat the unbeatable duck dude who was on fire. I made my customized duck, but I went to play a mini game and it duplicated a different duck and deleted the duck I customized. Now I've got two ducks that are exactly the same except their score. Please fix:(" I want my duck back😰.Version: 1.05

Needs a updateNeeds a update if no update then it is definitely not worth the money.Version: 1.05

Pretty good game but...I most definitely recommend this game to other players. It's a very fun game but there's one thing I don't like about it: It's the shortest game EVER! I finished the whole thing in less then a day! Anyways, other than that it's a fun and cute little game..Version: 2.46

RefundI want a refund.Version: 3.02

Quite a big problem...I used to love the layout of this game and the storyline but a major problem has occurred. I started a running training exercise when all of a sudden the screen went black. The music continued though. I returned to the home screen then back to the game and the screen was still black and playing the same music as before. I hope you can fix this because it is quite a shame..Version: 1.05

Good but the buttonsIt is a good simple game but the buttons when playing are too small and you cannot configure where you want them..Version: 1.05

LiyerYou lied you said if you win the tournament you would unlock a new area but I won the tournament several times and nothing happened.Version: 2.61

WhhhaaaatttIt is cool but on my device, when I get 150 levels on one training space, I try to go onto another one but it says get more levels.Version: 2.61

App crashingGood game but app keeps crashing during tournament so please fix..... Online play would be cool aswell.Version: 1.04

CoolThis is a really good app, but I can’t add more ducks.Version: 3.02

But, why?Saw this game near the top of the app store, genuinely have no idea why. Concept is interesting, execution poor, with the controls sticking and the game being far too easy to complete..Version: 2.54

EhBoring and repetitive - and I liked the older browser games. Glitchy and unsatisfying training. Lacks polish..Version: 4.1

Meh...Good game, but it should have Cloud saving. My brother deleted it and i had to start over. Worth the money, but the end reward after beating the game is NOT worth the effort. Improve this and you get 2 more stars..Version: 2.54

OkI loved this game on the computer, but I don't like the idea of having to train multiple ducks, it means that you have to waste lots of time doing those mini-games.Version: 1.04

Needs a lot of fixesThe game itself is great but at a few of the key training sections buttons are completely unresponsive. Possibly a further zoom out on some of the sections of the training areas would be nice as its difficult to see what's going on..Version: 1.01

To glitchy and the old version is better.I mean I like the game but the latest version has a lot of glitches and the oldest version I got was 1.05 which was the version before I got the new version which was when they “re” did almost the whole game which is when I started playing it less, also this kind of goes out to apple, please make it so that there is an accessibility where people can downgrade to older versions of apps and games like this one which I want to downgrade to an older version, and as I said, nice game but miss the old version..Version: 3.02

This is a bad mobile port for moneyI’m going to present my biggest issues with this game 1: the training feels like a chore, not a challenge. In previous duck life games, the training was rewarding, because as the mini game got exponentially harder, the speed at which you trained got exponentially faster. In this game, I noticed no increase in skilling speed. 2: the blatant lack of care or polish. This game has numerous bugs. The most offensive, in my opinion, being that if you get the 3 2 1 countdown, the game spawns a “3” board every frame. It’s clearly broken, but I guess they never bothered to fix it in development or in the many updates. 3: the low quality. This game feels like it was rushed. There’s no incentive to get more than one duck (in the original version, a duck would have an energy penalty if you use them twice or three times in a tourney, and some ducks would only race you if you were above or below a threshold in certain skills) the training mini games don’t fade into higher and higher difficulties, instead seeming to lurch from way too easy to way too hard, or just straight-up have time limits. The training is repetitive and boring. Etc etc etc. I could go on, but I’ll leave it on this: Don’t buy this: it’s a bad port of duck life 4. Just play that on flashpoint, or better yet, play any duck life besides this one..Version: 4.1

Fun but ShortPretty fun typical training game. Mini games can get tedious but payoff is satisfying. But game is too short, beat it and maxed out stats in one day. There’s no motivation to play any further, feels like a waste of money..Version: 3.02

Great but needs moreGreat game I could play it forever, but it only took me 1 day to complete, after you have won the game you should add on a "defend your title" game just to add on gaming time. But overall great game but not nearly as good as the PC version.Version: 1.05

RefundGive me a refund.Version: 3.02

CrashI got this game as a gift and i have loved it until i got to the city tournament. Me and my friends all bought this game for summer and want to see who beats it first. I was speeding through this EPIC game and now i am stuck due to a crash which occurs when i do the city tournament. No matter which ducks i use in which order, whether i win or not, it always crashes after race two. And now i am lost the competition please fix the game i LOVE IT.Version: 1.05

SuggestionsYou should add more to the game more levels and multiplayer.Version: 3.02

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