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Duck Life for Positive User Reviews

Read this creator of duck lifeThis is a great game I just don’t like the things in the store for clothes or the hats I wish there particles like the 1 four the boss and pls add more bosses I’m soooo bored AND IM A 9 YEAR OLD KID SO LISTEN sorry I’m emotional I’m very emotional kid I’m sorry 😿 please forgive me I’m just in boredom kingdom and a 7th world where you race trainers like in the greenvill.Version: 2.61

Almost perfectSomething to improve the game is to port all of the original mini games and bring back the original mini game musics as the new ones don’t sound appropriate for the areas that they are in other than that it is good.Version: 3.02

GREAT! But...This is a great game, But, after you complete it there should really add something to do after you complete the game..Version: 2.61

Great game! Just needs more.I really freaking love this game and it is definitely a favorite! I would give it five stars if it had more worlds and multiplayer would be great! Other than that it is an amazing game! Nice job!.Version: 2.61

Great game! Needs more to do thoughReally enjoyed this game! But I beat it less than a day..... also the ending is a bit lackluster and doesn't feel rewarding enough. I also think you shouldn't be able to win with only using one duck.... great idea though. Still deserves 5 stars, but could still use more work.Version: 2.54

WowThe game overall is great and I love the music... but HOW AND WHY CAN THE DUCKS ON THE VOLCANOES LEVEL DO EVERYTHING SO FAST?! and I did max out everything. I just wanted to point that out....Version: 4.1

Bug fix please!!!Okay, this is a really really good fun app APART from the fact it glitches when I'm doing the tournament at the city. It starts sticking then goes black and returns to my iPod's home screen. I have an iPod touch 4th generation. Please can you update and fix it, then it will be a defo five stars! Thanks..Version: 1.05

Great game but..I've been playing this game for 7 hrs STRAIGHT anyways let get to the point i've completed everything in this game (on ipad) and i would really love an update with a couple new worlds! (very addicting game).Version: 4.1

AwesomeThis is the coolest and most addicting game ever!.Version: 1.04

Please fix!I love this game I play it all the time! I would give 5 stars but when ever I play the tournament in the city round 2 at the end when I touch continue it goes out of the app. Please fix this app I really want to play it!🌟🌟🌟.Version: 2.61

Very addicting! 🐥Very addicting. I like how its called duck life but you can get penguins and bunnies etc. i have level 150 everything on a penguin named pengi 🐧 he is king pengi now because i got crown. It has not deleted any of my ducks, but other people say that they lost their ducks. Plz update i dont want it to happen to me..Version: 1.05

EpicI love this game.Version: 3.02

Can you add more?The game itself is great. No obvious glitches, but there’s not much to it. I beat it in about a day, and the shop. There’s a bunch of different ducks and accessories you can get, but you only ever need 1 duck to win. And getting a crown, arcade and new max level isn’t very rewarding. So, maybe some new things to do and a bit more storyline?.Version: 3.02

My childhood game❤️❤️😍😍When I first got an iPod mini, I was looking for ducks game to download bc I LOVE DUCKS 🦆❤️❤️ and I saw this adorable game!! I think I was 5 at the time. I downloaded it, and I was hooked right away! It’s a wonderful game and I still play it! I’m currently 11 and I have this game on my phone :). Keep up the good work guys!.Version: 3.02

AwesomeOk it's a awesome game and its highly addictive but it was easy and I clocked it in less than 2 hours.Version: 1.04

Great time passer!I love this game because it is a great time passer and if you’re waiting for something you can do it and it passes the time. The training is kinda boring but it pays off. Because it’s fun to see your duck win the races. I am currently on the swamp. Pretty good challenge! I hope there’s more to come! Keep up the good work! Would definitely recommend getting this game if you are waiting for something and have nothing better to do. There is 6 areas grassland is the first swamp is the second mountains is the third glacier is the fourth city is a the fifth and volcano is the sixth it is an AMAZING game love it!!! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.61

Great! - Room for Improvement 😜I love the mobile version of Duck Life, but there's room for improvement. You should be able to sell ducks, make Duck Life 2 mobile, fix bugs and fix control position (Sorry for long review) 😆.Version: 1.05

Great Game!Really great game! I will give 5 stars if you increase the button size for the mini games.Version: 1.05

BrilliantVery good game but a lot of the mini games don't work, so far 4 of the mini games I have played dont work and makes it difficult to improve my ducks.Version: 1.01

AwesomeA lot of people say there are glitches but so far I haven’t experienced any. It is a great app to play on the go but the storyline isn’t really that good.Version: 3.02

I love this game butThis game is so nostalgic for me. There is a bug though for the one and two mini games for running. When I tap the arrow, it sometimes won’t run. Also is this game MFI controller compatible? Thanks!.Version: 2.61

Soooo addictingI looooove it its so addicting i could play. It day and night i played it on pc and to be honest its just as good on mobile ;).Version: 1.05

Addicting gameI’m 13-years-old, and I love this game. It’s so fun and addicting. It’s funny to see ducks race against each other. I’ll show my future children this game :).Version: 2.61

Really Nice GameIT NEEDS MULTIPLAYER And the controls are a tiny bit hard to use for me and maybe others plus add More worlds.... But.... Its a good game Keep the Updates coming.....Version: 1.04

Love it but needs work.!Can you ad a thing where you can get to different worlds without winning da, tournament!.Version: 2.61

I’m Having Glitches\BugsExcuse Me But I Have A Bug When I’m On The Swamp I Press The Training Duck And It Says It’s The Tournament Thing And It’s Very Annoying I’m Playing On IPad And I Don’t Know If It’s The Game Or Just My IPad.Version: 3.02

Fun game but some glitchesIt’s a really fun game but just a little bit glitchy and also the version on the website is different than the version on iPad and iPhone..Version: 4.1

Great game really lots of funVery smooth game really enjoyed playing the game and the ap runs really smooth for 69p defo a good choice to buy thanks Anthony.Version: 1.02

New places!This is an awesome game but it's too short. Maybe once you have completed a tournament, ducks should just come and race you or maybe there should be more places. For example, there could be a place called countryside and you do digging training. Thanks!.Version: 1.05

What's going on here?!My ducks keep duplicating and it is REALLY annoying do you have any idea how many $ I used getting my ducks again?!.Version: 1.05

Brings back ChildhoodI remember playing this game on the computer as a young child, I have already beaten the game many times (beat the black duck) but it’s still fun to come back at least once a year and give it another go..Version: 3.02

I love the gameI love this game on computer but it's a lot better on iPhone/ iPod touch. I would like if you can play your own music in the background. That's the only thing you need to fix..Version: 1.05

Plz make thisI like this game i dont know if its payed appears my brother already bought it but well i really really wish that duck life 3 was free i want it in ipad because it saves progress i always finish one duck but i cant get the others please let duck life 3 be free and not lite i want the legit game to be free i know you wont earn as much money but the more buys you still get money and much more dowloads at a time.Version: 2.61

GREAT BUT......PLEASE change the style and music of the 2nd swimming game back to what it used to be other than that one of my most favourite games!!!!!.Version: 2.34

Best game everI already finished the game it's awesome but the jumping mini games are a little to hard.Version: 1.05

OMG I LOVE THIS GAMEThis game is so much fun! Have not stopped playing since I got it! You need to try this game if you have not got it! Please keep on adding new places for our ducks to go! That would just make it more awesome! I love Duck Life it's epic! XD.Version: 1.04

Please let us create our own DuckWhen We start the game please let us create our own duck or in shops create a new thing that is eye change and eye color I don't mind if you do any and if you do it I will rate 5Star :D.Version: 1.05

Legend PC game makes it to iOS!This game is extremely fun and pretty strategic. Everyone out there looking for a fun and exciting game to play, this one is for you. This game is well worth the $1.29 and doesn't rig things like Shark evo where you have to buy in app purchases to actually get past a single level. I know the developers are working hard on it, and to all you people who are bad at games, don't go around giving awesome apps bad ratings!.Version: 1.05

IdeaHi, I was wondering if you could make a feature were you can delete one or more of ducks. Also there is a black screen glitch when you "Clear all saved data"..Version: 1.05

Chickens not ducks?It's a bit buggy, controls definetly need improvement and the ability to listen to personal music while playing would be good... Oh and these look like chickens not ducks.Version: 1.05

OmgI love it it's so addictive!.Version: 1.05

Amazing! Just one problem.....This game is amazing! I love playing these types of games. The controls are better than using a computer and the graphics are too. There isn’t a problem with switching outfits like everybody else is saying, I’m completely fine with it. One problem though, I have gotten through the game multiple times, but this time it will not let me progress to another area, I’m just stuck in the grasslands, and when I try to unlock one or click on one, it brings me here..Version: 2.61

LOVE IT!It's addictive! Keep making more games like this :D the only annoying thing is that I have to keep training my ducks over an Dover which can get quite boring - add more!.Version: 1.04

Where da cute music at?! D:I loved the demo but I got the actual thing but the cute music doesn’t play! What is this madness?!.Version: 2.61

Too short :/Awesome game, but I clocked it, in about 80 minutes! I want it too last longer. It would be good of there were more levels and the max wasn't 150! Instead 300! Make it more challenging.Version: 1.05

Volcano bugHas anyone else noticed that in volcano once you have 250 everything if you click the black duck when there is a flying part you fly upside down.Version: 2.38

Amazing!I don't think there I anything wrong it's this game. It is very good and fun and I really do recommend it. I have had no problems at all so I can give this five stars. Some people have had problems with it glitching or the game turning off, but I think it depends on the sort of device. If it is a really old device or something it might play up. I'm not saying that you should just buy a new iPhone 6 or anything. I would just get it and see how it is because trust me it is GOOD. 👍🏻.Version: 1.05

MultiplayerWe should be able to compete against other players in a multiplayer edition it would make it more fun and also it should be longer because after you make it to the end all you can do is train and it’s not as fun anymore.Version: 2.61

Best game everThis game is so much fun you should play it the only thing is that it's a bit repetitive but still fun.Version: 2.54

It’s fun and all butIt’s all fun but one problem. How do you get other levels/worlds? I can’t get another world. P.s. sorry if I figure this out myself I’m just dumb Lol.Version: 3.02

Needs moreThis game is good, but it doesn't give that same feeling you had when playing the pc version. It's just not that challenging. If you just play it casually for 40-50 minutes you can beat the game easily. You could make some things more expensive like the food, maybe $20 rather than $15. You could possibly make the levels for the ducks up to 200 and the difficulty is higher with each tournament so that the game gets about another 40 minutes of gameplay. Either that or you could put a multiplayer thing into this like many have said but really this should be put into the pc version maybe a duck life called duck life online. Other than that of corse many bugs have to be fixed and graphics but really nothing else :p..Version: 1.05

👌👌👌It’s beautiful.Version: 3.02

Boo to foxes and guys who don't like Duck LifeWhoever doesn't like this game, I would send 1000 foxes to gobble them up. This game is awesome and I recommend Duck Life to anyone who likes birds and racing! Sorry for such a long review!.Version: 1.05

Good game but....I am stuck at the swamp with no energy! The energy seeds do not work at all!!! 150 run and swim but 0 energy! Please have a new update soon!!.Version: 4

Good, but...One thing I noticed with all the Duck Life games is that there are probably hundreds of bugs and glitches. Also, the grammar is horrible. Also, at a certain point, it becomes impossible to progress any more. These games have great potential, but currently act as a buggy cash grab for the developers. At least there isn’t any ads that I see. (This may be because of an ad blocker).Version: 3.02

AwsomeAbsolutely awsome game and finished in two hours and I will now make more ducks.Version: 4.1

BarryI named my duck Barry and gave him a cowboy hat. This made me very happy and had me entertained for hours..Version: 3.02

AmazingI love it SO much, it's SO cute!.Version: 1.05

My childhood but better!You guys have inproved on everything from quality to training nice job keep creating these games I love them!.Version: 3.02

Love itHi guys, I really love this game but it needs to be updated. It's getting really laggy and it won't let me train my ducks in the Glacier world. I really loved this game on the computer but it really really needs to be updated. :).Version: 1.04

Best Game Ever!!I Love This Game So Much! I'm Addicted To It! Definitely Worth 0.99!!.Version: 2.54

Awesome Game :)This game is by far one of the best games on my iPad. It's addicting, funny, cute and challenging. One thing that you can add is another storyline for people who have already finished the game. Cool game..Version: 1.04

Great game butThe training... most of the training levels where teedius and or long in my opinion, didn’t have much fun with them.Version: 4.1

Great Game add morePlease add more I love this game so much and I’ve already beat it all in like two hours and it’s making me sad that I can’t play anymore make like 30 more maps and I’ll play them all.Version: 3.02

Awesome just one thingI loved this game so much and played it so much so in three days I finished it I just want it to go on forever.Version: 3.02

Awesome game but...There needs to be more Levels, maybe your duck and the new duck should have a duckling/child and it could be a goose or something? I just felt like their wasn't much reward at the end of the game, I also thought you should be able to breed colours and types to together and trades them online and race them..Version: 1.05

NostalgiaI used to play this game when I was young it brings back so many memories..Version: 4.1

OkIt's ok but what it needs is better instructions like when do you unlock water and volcano. It's great but if I had to choose the better game would be duck life lite..Version: 1.05

Love It!!!I really love this app but mine glitches at the end of the second level in the glacier tournament. This is really annoying cause I want to try jumping. Please update with bug fixes..Version: 1.05

Great game physics and but...I do not like the graphics and audio please make them like the desktop version computer version ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mobile version better.Version: 3.02

AwesomeSo much fun, best game I've played in ages and its ultra addictive. Although on the mini games where you use arrows to move the duck it'd be easier if you didn't have to remove your finger from the screen to press a different button e.g. Slide to the other button.Version: 1.01

I love itThis game is the most coolest and addicting game ever get it I love it!.Version: 1.04

Amazing!!!This game was absolutely amazing, i really enjoyed playing this game but the game need more levels to play. If this happened i would love the game more than i do now. Please make this happen.Version: 1.05

So many glitchesLike when the in game buttons don't work?.Version: 1.05

Good game but some glitches are ruining the game. 😕Here are the glitches, when you press the mail button and go back to the game the game gets stuck, when you do flying 4 your duck will get stuck during the training, sometimes when you race a duck in the city you will find a bug, once you get all the keys in the volcano (world) you will find a excitement mark on the volcano, in the volcano (world) once you tap on the crate and then exit the crate the world will be cut in half but not forever fix this issue I will rate five stars..Version: 3.02

I love this game, but I can’t resetI really like the game. It’s a great upgrade from the computer version. The only problem is a cant reset the save file or make a new one. I’ve already beaten the game and I want to play it again..Version: 3.02

Needs updateI would give this 5 stars but sometimes it lags when doing flying training and when I try to train one of my new ducks, after I finish the first running training it always freezers and I can't do anything. Plz do that update then I can start playing again.Version: 1.02

Great game but ....I love this game but when I win I do not get to go on I have to do the same thing every time and it says I need to get more levels . This game is awesome and cool but I wish there was more of duck life and why I need more levels ..Version: 3.02

Great gameJust as good as the computer version but would be better I their was a two player or an extra place.Version: 1.02

The buttons!I love this game. Would be five stars if the buttons for the mini games were on opposite sides, or maybe the two sides could be the buttons, so the entire left side would be the left button and vice-versa :).Version: 1.05

5 StarsGreat game! As fun and memorable as the flash games..Version: 1.05

Good game but has a problemI have only just downloaded this game and I'm very glad it hasn't surcum to the in app purchases trend. However sometimes when I press a virtual button it doesn't register that I've pressed it, often leading to me failing a training session. Also while not a 'glitch' my first duck Rouge after maybe 10 running training sessions is running lv. 70. (if this is normal please disregard my last comment).Version: 2.54

The gameIt is a fun game that is a great thing to do in your spar time.Version: 1.05

Loved it.I loved it so much. Had so much fun playing. Hopefully an update with more levels?.Version: 1.05

Great but maybe add thingsThis game is great but it is easy maybe make it harder or add a new stage and maybe a boss. Look a person could beat this game in 1 to 2 weeks and maybe make a easy,medium and hard stage so it’s more progressive,but otherwise it’s really fun!!.Version: 3.02

Brilliant but room for improvementYou should be able to sell ducks, I don't know how to get rid of one I bought by accident, other than this. This is my favourite game.Version: 1.05

It’s okI have eaten like a million duck food and my energy level is still 0 other than that it’s a good game.Version: 4

Love it!I had to have to play this game only on Coolmath, but now I can do it anytime! This game has been a favorite of mine for years now. Thank you! 🦆.Version: 4.1

Perfect!This is perfect! I love how you can decorate your ducks! You can train them, put them in races and feed them! Thank you, Sincerely, PandaGamer/MyCatGizmo.Version: 3.02

MrSomehow it's better than the computer version. Will be playing this non stop..Version: 1.01

An amazing gameI love this game so much and I love to play it but there is a couple of things that bothers me, first of all at the end I think it’s kind of unfair that the fire duck gets to have her above all of the obstacles and doesn’t have to do anything, and second of all on the The Second flying minigame it won’t let me go up or down which makes it almost impossible for me to beat. Otherwise this game is amazing and I hope other people think so too!.Version: 4.1

Great but short gameI was enjoying this game a lot but when it was over I found it a little annoying so I think you should add in online races perhaps?.Version: 1.05

Duck life for all levels at 150 and beat fire duck. All lvl 250Wow I belated duck life in 1 day god. My goal now is to reach level 250 for all my levels running swimming flying climbing and jumping I hope you have a great time so yeah I will right it down when I’m done. Looks like I got everything lvl well looks like my duck life 4 adventure are over now I’m on duck life space..Version: 3.02

Problem with buttons?I had previously played this game on my computer, but it froze and I could not play it any more. When I found it on the iPod, I thought it was great, even if a little harder to use. I think it is a great game, however the way that in training the left and right/up and down arrows ate on the same side as one another. I find these extremely difficult to use, so if you could change that it would be amazing! (Sorry for such a long review!).Version: 1.05

BEST GAME EVERThis game is for me Phazeblade 147/Ducklord.Version: 1.05

LaquarnHi laquarn speaking can u put more eggs so duck life can be so much better.Version: 1.05

Energy SeedsHi. This is one of the best games I’ve played but recently I’ve started having problems. Because when I buy seeds to increase my duck’s energy it remains at ZERO even though I bought so much seeds. So if you could fix this bug it would be much appreciated. Thanks.Version: 4

Love it!!!!I've been playing the game online, but then my friend told me that there was an app! So now I play it every single day! Defo the best app on my iPad xxx.Version: 1.04

GREAT GAME!!! PLAY IT!!!I had always been a big fan of duck life 3 and 4. I really enjoy playing this game and it is my favourite game on app store. I didn't get through any bugs or stuff like that, I think the game is AWESOME!!!.Version: 1.05

UpdateThis is an amazing game, but super easy! I completed the game hoping to find myself more challenges! The game took me a solid 1hour to complete, then just stops. Can we please have an update allowing us to continue more through the game.. Thanks!.Version: 1.05

Should fix glitchesSo I spent like a month training a duck... And then one of my other ducks duplicated, taking up the awesome duck. I admit I had a major rage quit but downloaded it again because otherwise it's the best game I've ever played..Version: 1.05

5 starsI love this app you never are done when u beat the game you have to get new ducks by trains to get coins and get a duck and try to get to the top with ur new duck.Version: 2.54

Best Game EverI think this game is awesome and it is so additive!!!!! And I've got some neat ideas since me and my sister share the game it'd be even awesomer if you kept the high scores! So i know if im beating her or not 😊😀😃 And my other idea would be itd be really awesome if you could race your ducks against each other..Version: 1.05

Ughghgh...Great except for the song that plays during running practice. Can't get it out of my head..Version: 1.04

AMAZINGI love this game so much, I have finished the game and still play it. It only has 1 glitch. When your training you duck to run, on the first mini game your duck sometimes stops and causes you to die or come close even if your holding the move button. Other than this I love this game so much. It is my life!.Version: 1.05

GreatAwesome I played it on the pc and I couldn't wait till it comes out on iphone totally worth 69p.Version: 1.02

Good game but...But the controls are a bit annoying. It would be better if, on certain levels such as the first flying one, the first two running ones etc, you could drag the duck rather than using arrow buttons. I find it particularly hard to use on the second flying game, as I find the buttons the wrong way round. Also, I find the cannon hard to manage on the cannon level. Aside from the controls, a brilliant game and I'm glad it's come from a computer game to a game available on mobile devices. Definitely would recommend it..Version: 1.04

Amazing no wifi gameThis is a great game for children around 5-12. You can customise your duck, earn money and lots of levels. This is one of those games that you can play over and over as you can have more than one duck. If you are worried about your children bored in the car or plane I would recommend this app, it should keep them busy. Although it costs $1.50 (AUD) I’d say it is worth especially as it doesn’t need wifi to play. Also there are no ads..Version: 4.1

Good stillBut it is still good.Version: 3.02

GREAT GAME!Awesome game! Really fun and addicting. I like the music. I'd like if we could customize how out ducks look when we buy them and please make the buttons on the training mini games bigger! They don't work very well..Version: 1.05

Needs fixedGeneral concept is good but energy wouldn’t go up when i bought it. I thought the different places were automatically available.Version: 4

~Takes a few hours to finish but the game gets glitched. My duck duplicated and then every 10 minutes both of them had their stats returned to the state they were when they were duplicated. Pretty buggy..Version: 1.05

FantasticGreat, no bugs anymore and a have a question, the guy who did a review below me he says he loves the game yet he gives it 1 star?.Version: 1.04

AwesomeThis game is awesome!😃 but i beat the game and it needs more levels😊.Version: 1.05

Great game!!!!Wow... I don't know what to say really except that this is so AWESOME!!! Played it on the computer this is way better couldn't believe they had actually put it on the App Store. Great work..Version: 1.04

I really love this game butI really love this game but can you please change the style back to the old one with the same machanics (I can't spell) as well. I liked it much more before the update..Version: 2.54

CoolI actually really like this. Ill give five star if multiplayer with chat is added and the animations are smothened a little bit 😊 so far great game and keep the updates comin'.Version: 1.04

I happy got it game back!It day when I got it. I because master of ducks! And that wow! 🥳 I love it 😻! And I got one other free duck life! 🥳 It lot differ then other one..Version: 3.02

Awesome game!I loved this game! Please do updates so we can continue to have more races, ducks and training ! I would be more than happy to pay!.Version: 1.05

Duck lifeAwesome.Version: 1.05

Ahh sooo cool!!It's really addicting and cute!!!.Version: 1.04

Amazing!I absolutely love this game! I used to play it all the time on my computer but now, thanks to this, I can play it anywhere!.Version: 2.61

Great but...I loved this game but it could be better. I like being able to dress up the ducks but you can't take off the outfits once you put it on, you also have to purchase the outfits every time you want to switch outfits which I don't like. I'd like to see some pvp or more challenges. I beat every race with one duck and it didn't take long to max out each skill. Other wise it's a great game just not a long term one..Version: 2.54

It's fun while it lastsI got this game very recently and have already got my duck to level 250 on everything. I've finished the game now and though I can still play the minigames, they get boring after a some time. It took me around 2 hours and a half to complete the entire game but now the game is useless. This game was definitely worth the money as it only went for £0.99 but I wish it had more minigames and more things to offer when you finish. I am planning on getting duck life space and duck life battle for £1.99 each and I hope they can last longer and have more to offer. Overall it's fun while it lasts and has great music but now I'm planning on deleting because it's not worth the storage on my iPad. Thanks for reading if you did..Version: 3.02

BossThe boss is way to easy I wish he was like the three before u get to face him and also add those three ducks so it's a challenge and the boss is just really bad and really has bad coding did someone fall asleep coding?.Version: 2.54

AwesomeReally fun game but would be better if you could go online or connect to someone and vs other ducks.Version: 1.05

Great!I am really enjoying this game. Thank you duck people😃😃😃.Version: 2.61

Some glitchesOk, so when i feed my duck the seed it doesn’t make the energy go up so I’m stuck on the swamp. Also, in the graphics the white duck challenger will give you infinite money when you beat him (I don’t know if you meant to make it this way) but that’s about it for me.Version: 4

I love this game.My only concern about this is when you buy any type of clothes you get stuck it on the duck. You can buy different clothes but can never get the tattoo back..Version: 3.02

Really amazing gameThis is a really good game. Some people might have played the free one on the computer and it is just like that except more convenient for traveling. Over all i think it is amazing how well them made the controls coming originally from a computer and deserves 5 stars. If you also read the other comments then you would have saw them ask for updates but it was oviously updated since 2016.Version: 1.05

Ducks don’t climb like thatSo when I got to the climbing, I said, “this is how ducks climb? Ok!” But then when I saw a video of a duck climbing a wall, i realized that’s not how the climbing training is supposed to go. They use their feet, beak, AND WINGS to climb. But i still rate this a five star. Keep up the work, MoFunZone!.Version: 3.02

Please readI love this game I have already played through the entire thing, and frankly I’m now bored. My idea is that there should be a multiplayer mode where you vs people online... I know this will most likely not happen but it would be an awesome addition.Version: 2.61

NiceYou just need to find a justification in case your parents catch you playing this game.Version: 4.1

Good gameI use to play this on the computer and that's why I bought it because I knew it was going to be good but I finished it really fast in one day and I got bored of it But otherwise it was a good game.Version: 1.05

5 Stars AnydayGreat game highly addictive. Even better than on computer and is well worth the money!.Version: 1.04

CinnamonMy cute little Cinnamon is brown and wears a pineapple hat! He is so cute! I love this game! I posted a review for duck life treasure hunt too, so look into that! But Duck Life is one of my favorite games, so keep up the great work, duck masters!.Version: 1.05

GoodI think this game is really good and like the ducks a lot for some reason mine has frozen on the leader boards but it will probably come unstuck. get this game coz its cute and you train them!!.Version: 1.05

LOVE this game! Recommended to ALL!Lots of fun, easy to understand, game gets more challenging as you go on! You need to try it!.Version: 3.02

Sad faceI got da free version and got sooooo addicted but when I got the other one I couldn't convert all my levels and stuff!!!!!! Really disappointed!!!!! :'(.Version: 1.05

MultiplayerThere should be an option to play online against other peoples ducks and hav like a hole scoring system to rank yourself plz make this in update!! Besides that it is gd game.Version: 1.04

Fun but needs more!For future updates, please upgrade its performance, it looks a little 'laggy' at times, like its missing a few frames in the movements. I saw someone else mention the controls, I find it difficult to use the buttons at times, they're a little too small. Multiplayer would be a great addition but I feel it should be one of the last things it should be put into the game, performance should be dealt with first and foremost. Yet another thing I saw someone else mention, add more levels. you could try using features from the previous duck life games on the pc, like having an extra practice level for each ability. These are only requested ideas to help you develop the app to its full potential..Version: 1.04

Great but 1 wish please act!I think that this app is great am I have been hoping for this game to be available on iPad/iPhone for a long time. WISH: Add game centre/personal high scores so I can compare the scores with other people. (something like time shift on Real Racing 3 the game app) I have not completed the game short and could be better..Version: 1.04

Awesome... KindaReally good but there is a glitch/bug (Or it might just be my device (iPad Mini)) that I hope will be fixed soon. What happens is when i complete the game (defeat the lava dude) and then train another duck, when i finish training it has duplicated! This also replaces another random duck in the process! I was particularly mad last time because it my duck with the crown on, which I cannot buy back. Other than that this game is awesome, although I would play it a lot more if this bug is fixed and some more new stuff is added, maybe like bigger duck selections/new levels/more areas/ more mini games etc. -FatBoy8MyCookie.Version: 1.05

It great but needs moreIt's great but I'm 12 and I finished it in an hour you need to make more expensive and mor missions..Version: 1.05

Awesome, some bugs.I absolutely love this game. It's highly unique, and has this quirky nature to it. There's this one glitch that happens to me whenever I reset my game; the screen goes black and I can only hear the music. But overall, a great and fun game!.Version: 1.05

Great!!!Charli309 if u mute the game in settings then u will be able to listen to your personal music.Version: 1.05

NiceReally good + addictive just a few things The game seems to optimised for a iPhone 5 so some of the controls are half missing of the screen and my duck just disappears And I NEED to be able to play music in the background I don't wanna listen to that cruddy music when I'm training my duck to BE THE BEST BETTER THAN ALL THE REST I wanna listen to rocky dammit.Version: 1.05

Good, no bugs, can be repetitive and needs improvementsIt's a really good game, no bugs I've found, good graphics However you can't play your music in the background, even with duck life muted. This makes it hard. Also, the controls can be unresponsive. Overall good game.Version: 1.05

BugThere is a bug in running 1 and 4 that sometimes the buttons don't work. Other than that I love this game, I would really appreciate it if you fixed this problem. Thank you.Version: 2.54

Duck LifeIt's a very good game but I beat it in 3 days and it needs an update like another world or something and why was the race at the very end soooooo easy for me????.Version: 1.05

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