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Wise (ex TransferWise) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Wise (ex TransferWise) app received 91 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wise (ex TransferWise)? Can you share your negative thoughts about wise (ex transferwise)?

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Wise (ex TransferWise) for Negative User Reviews

Service is great but app takes a step backI’ve used Wise (formerly Transferwise) for a couple of years now to help me pay bills for my online business and avoid the exorbitant foreign currency conversion fees of other services like PayPal. The service itself is great and aside from one or two hoops you have to jump through which could be better explained, it works extremely well and it’s easy to understand exactly how much a transaction will cost. However, on logging into the app today it looks like there’s been an update so the first screen you’re presented with is your recent transactions. That’s fine in the right context but there used to be a simple screen with your current balances in whichever currencies you have accounts for and now I can’t find it anywhere: Please bring back this screen and make it Centre stage again and I’ll give the app 4 stars ( which I think the service deserves)!.Version: 7.26.1

Mistakenly entered wrong email in creating account.Hi team, I am facing a very strange situation I created Wise account and when I was signing up I missed one digit in my email and completed the whole process. The strange thing is wise don’t ask me at that moment which he had to that I had to verify the email before completing the signup process but anyhow app doesn’t required but when I was again trying to sign in on laptop with my actual email then it didn’t let me through because email address is wrong with wise perspective because I registered with wrong email at that point I realised and check in my wise app setting my email address is different and when I tried to correct it or want to change to my actual email it required verification from previous wrong email address which ofcoarse I can’t do that. So this is a bug you guys have to remove if anyone starts signing up you have to verify their email address before creating their account. Kindly help me ASAP. Thank You.Version: 7.71

Transferred money that no one can trace where it wentI would never use this app again I rate it 0 I lost my money.Version: 5.40

Never guaranteed when the money will arrive.You can choose to pay by debit card with the biggest fee they sell so this is supposed to be the fastest way to transfer money. Sometimes takes minutes, some other times hours and other times it would take days, so I wouldn’t recommend TransferWise as a way to transfer money reliably and quick as Monzo’ if you value speed. I was supposed to sent some urgent money to arrive on the same day and 24h later I am still waiting to arrive. They should refund that fee when they cannot make it or at least they shouldn’t lie saying that your transfer will arribe by certain date when this clearly didn’t happen.. the app told me it should’ve arrived yesterday. I’ve been using this app for almost a decade and you will never know when things would fail. Frustrating..Version: 7.48.1

Misses key functionality for bank payments in NZI’ve tried contacting support numerous times about adding support for Payee and Particulars fields next to the Reference field when sending payment to IRD to pay taxes. This is basic functionality that would take a developer a few hours to fix and ship, but instead I’m stuck paying hundreds of dollars in fees each month to pay taxes with a credit card instead because the payment page is lacking. This is basic functionality that every business or person needs in NZ in order to make bank transfers and it’s continuing to be ignored. If you’re a business looking to use Wise as your primary bank account for your business I strongly suggest looking to a traditional bank who understands your needs much better then this fast and loose startup who’s inattentive to the needs of their customers..Version: 7.69

ScamThis company took $10k USD from my account and then closed my account without any explanation and customer service does not answer anything on deactivated accounts according to their joke of a customer service line. Don’t get fooled. This is just a scam company. So now they reply to this review by saying that they will refund my money once they do their ´due diligence’. Why did they not do this due diligence before they took my money. The fact is they did do their due diligence and stole the money. Then you go to their website and it says that they can take up to 90 days to refund the money. So basically, instead of wiring my own money from my account to my other account, they get to keep my cash for three months and I am lucky if I get it back. This is what they have done to all their customers. It is a systematic way. This is the system. This company is the biggest fraud I have personally encountered and hope that people read this review and never use them. I also wish Apple would take this seriously and investigate this fraudulent company..Version: 5.31.1

Reçu de transaction absentSeule la mention : Masquer cette activité / Exclure dans le Analyses, apparaît lorsqu’on choisi les 3 petits points lorsque l’on désire un reçu de transfert. La mention ´obtenir le reçu n’apparaît pas..Version: 7.80

Used to be great. Now not so much.I used TransferWise for many years and it was a fabulous company. Now though, it has got too big for its boots. You transfer money to them and they randomly sometimes hold up paying out for a week for no apparent reason, claiming they are carrying out “checks” but asking you for nothing and refusing to explain what these mysterious “checks” are and why they take a week. The customer service - which used to be a fantastic, personal bespoke service - just send you cut and paste responses of marginal relevance to your case, it is like dealing with Barclays. The rates are still as good or better than their rivals but random delays mean you can’t plan with your money arriving when you need it, and so I am going to use a smaller company instead so that I can at least get a more personal service..Version: 7.15

Cancelled a transfer without notifying anythingThe worst experience with Wise. Needed an urgent fund transfer and wise cancelled it without notifying anything. Such an irresponsible app. Not even deserve one star. 😡😡😡.Version: 7.71

Horrible customer serviceEasily one of the clunkiest, most frustrating processes to have your account confirmed in the world. Get ready to hand over every document possible. And all seemingly for nothing as I know many other users who were able to send money without confirming their identity. Customer service was at times extremely rude and always from different people who gave me conflicting and inept advice. Save yourself the trouble and just post the money, it will be faster..Version: 4.23

Do not reveal whole informationI downloaded this app and started the transfer first time. I was hoping it would be immediate and it kept on saying it will take two hours for transfer to complete. However when I submitted my documents at the end of the transaction. It said we need two days to verify you. I get that you want to make sure who i am but inform me in the starting when we start the transfer process tht you are first time here and we would need two days to review your identity. Lack of transparency there to get people signed up. Not good way to build trust with customers. Cheap tactics.Version: 7.45

Don’t downloadIn the new era it’s retarded for a few hundred dollars to take 5 days to get to another account😂.Version: 7.80.2

Good service, horrible app!I spent hours over the weekend trying to add a new recipient. However the app would never accept the person’s street address. After trying 8 or 9 versions of the address, I finally closed the app and reopened and started all over (a very time consuming process). I finally was about to set up my new recipient. The next roadblock came when I tried to send money to that recipient. I already had a bank account linked to another recipient, but apparently you have to set up your own bank all over again with each new recipient. I did this. The transfer appeared to be underway, but was flagged. An email said that it “needed attention.” When I tried to go to that transfer, I got stuck in an endless merry-go-round in which it would say you must go to TransferWise online to solve the problem. When I did, it just sent me back where I started. After repeating this 5 or 6 times, I tried closing the app and reopening it to no avail: the merry-go-round continued. And of course THERE IS NO PHONE SUPPORT ON WEEKENDS, so you are completely out of luck. I still don’t know the status of my last attempted transfer. I don’t even know if the money was debited from my account or not! In the future I will be taking my money transfer business elsewhere. I would NOT recommend TransferWise to anyone. There are plenty of other services to choose from..Version: 6.12.1

Doesn’t display current market ratesWe frequently transfer money internationally, often trying to take advantage of fluctuations in the market. To do this we need to be able to see current rates easily on one page. The problem I have with this app in the inability to that. The addition of this one feature would vastly improve the customer experience. Also, Wise has a “compare rates” function, which shows how much money you save sending with them. However, since I have several forex apps, I can actually compare rates and those shown by Wise falsely show them in a flattering light. If you simply want to transfer money this app is fine; if you want to send at the best rate, it’s not great. Also, we don’t need to receive money from foreign sources so that function not applicable to us..Version: 7.36.1

Not recommendedClosed customer account suddenly and not allow customer to appeal their decision.Version: 7.81

Referral Reward Is Total BSFor years, I used and recommended this app to my friends and family.. they said when you got 3 other referred ppl joining and using this app, we’ll get money reward.. but even after I got 4-5 successful referred ppl using it, nothing happened - even after months.. when I remembered about it, I asked their customer service. Not only did I get unhelpful and slow reply.. their reason for not giving the reward is very appalling and don’t make sense. They said that I’ve invited the same person more than once. Hello? Not only I never did that, and if by any chance that accidentally happened.. would it not be able to happen because you have the process of verification to make sure one person only have one account? Anyway that is totally ridiculous reason to get away from giving the rewards they said they were going to give. Rock on Transferwise, would not recommend you guys anymore to anyone with this kind of terrible customer service - no service at all 👎🏼 Sorry, I rarely gave bad reviews to anything even though I was not having a good experiences, be it for products or services - but this I think is unfair and doesn’t make any sense thus I wanna warn other ppl so they’re not getting into this referral trap of yours 🙏🏼.Version: 5.17

Very poor responseI sent a big sum of money on the 26th of May 2022 from Australia and until today 19 of June 2022 Transferwise hasn’t been able to assure the money has been deposited correctly to the American Bank I sent the money to, they want me to contact the bank in America to ask if the transaction has been successful? I paid a lot of money to them to do this transaction and their response has been very poor, no information provided to me while in the process of waiting or explain why they were holding my money for so long, their responses were their bank in America needed to verify some information but no being able to explain to me what information exactly..Version: 7.60

Takes TOO LONG!This app is shady! I have been sending money for years and never experienced that much frustration! I gave it 3 tries as I thought maybe I was just out of luck due to good reviews! But after third time, I can assure you this will be the longest and worse experience you will have sending money! I made immediate debit payment after all my transactions. The first and second took 5 days. The last one I sent on the 14th and still haven't arrived! It is showing another 15 hours so I am guessing it wont arrive until tomorrow at least (they keep changing status!) 7 days! In that period dollar has gone up 10 cents, and, if compared to their high fees it is the same as sending anywhere else! All times when I contacted customer service they want to blame it on my bank. Except that everywhere I send money I never experienced that same problem! I definitely DO NOT recommend this app and will CERTAINLY NOT give it another try!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.2.2

It’s great but ‘only’ when it goes throughI had previously sent two (2) transfers through and I was most impressed when it reached my wife’s bank account overseas in just a matter of minutes. ….BUT on my third transfer nothing good. I’m still waiting for it to be processed. So one day it was good, another day it was even quicker to go through but today utter rubbish …6 hours and I am still waiting for my transaction to be processed. (Good exchange rate or cheaper cost to send does not mean a ‘BETTER’ way to send if there are hiccups. ….I will stick with WesternUnion at least they deliver on what they promise).Version: 7.78

My Account got blocked by customer serviceI had no problems with this app at the beginning, money use to come straight into my account problem free, then uncompleted transfer start coming where some weren’t completing the payments and it was many I couldn’t do nothing about it, and then for some reason customer service blocked my Account not mention wha the real reason was I was very dependent on this app, like a life saver. When tried open a new account with them with my different email I tried 2 different email address it didn’t worked either I then contacted the customer service to see why my account got blocked and got telld to appeal when done tha I received a email telling me they not going to unblock my account not mentioned any reason apparently they can’t it’s a shame they acted lyk tha, and kept me in the dark, I’m very frustrated coz now I can’t find a different app and it’s a real struggle to find something..... the customer service didn’t act in a normal way at all, at the end of day it wasn’t my fault when the payments weren’t completed by some who were trying to send me money, it’s a disgrace customer service acted lyk tha all together, they not even worth getting any stars without a joke, not from me anyway not after they dun this to me,.Version: 6.3

App quality and results have declined significantly!I’ve used this app many times over the few years to internationally send money to family- it has always been great until recently. The “mandatory form” required to sign yearly and to every new recipient is from a 3rd party “Exchange4Free,” which takes forever to actually email the form and this results in complications with the transfer, which of late, has resulted in having to cancel transfers. I don’t think these “Wise” and “Exchange4Free” are in proper communication, which makes me think that wise (to maintain its credibility) has no idea how long the forms really take to reach recipients. When contacting wise, their customer service has always been awfully bad- no real interest in assisting clients and no real help whatsoever, leaving you with no option but to cancel transactions. I really enjoyed using this app in the past and hope that major improvements are made as I am very tempted to find a different company for my international transfers. It is supposed to be a “quick and easy” way to send money but has taken weeks, which makes one consider using your actual bank- even their steep fees would be worth the hassle..Version: 7.41

Non existent customer service and no weekend transfersI’ve been using wise for a couple of years now, which is great to send money during weekdays, however it does NOT work at weekends. So if you need to send money at a weekend, find another option because the recipient won’t get it until the Monday or the Tuesday. Additionally, they previously had a very good customer service on the phone which has now been cut out completely, obviously as a cost saving exercise. However, instead of being truthful and stating it outright, it asks you to contact the help option on their website which finally tells you that even their chat lines are closed, not even mentioning a phone option. I’m in Australia currently and my time is 0945, so how could the chat lines be closed during peak business hours on a Monday? I will now be looking at other options even if I have to spend a little more on the transaction..Version: 7.68

Zero transparency, useless money transfer serviceIf you need to send money abroad, especially to someone in Ukraine who is a war refugee and desperately needs funds to cover basic needs, do not bother to do business with this company. You input all the info, they initiate the transfer, then they decide to verify you without giving any specific reason why, instruct you to look for that info + how to fix it in an email that never arrives, give you unreliable estimates for how long it may take to verify you and then, after a few days of keeping you waiting, they simply cancel the transfer. No reason given whatsoever. Meanwhile your money has been taken out of your account and it will take several business days for it to be returned. Oh, and don’t bother calling because you will grow old waiting on the line. You may be luckier via chat but the representatives will be absolutely useless and will only give you standard answers that they probably copy and paste from some communication manual they’re given. Absolute garbage..Version: 7.47.1

Account locked after money sent-AWFULUnbelievable. I was on this app for less than 24 hrs while attempting to pay for items to a small business in South Africa and purchasing from the United States. They have been patiently waiting and when I went to check on funds that had been sent I was told my account had been deactivated. Wise has all of my info, the credit card, the money and I can’t see my account or talk to anyone. They say “they can’t give a reason.” How can I solve this if I can’t know the reason??? Unbelievably horrible first impression and since you’re used by businesses around the world and promoted by podcasters (which presumably you pay for) you’d think that money would be better spent hiring more customer service so people can get their business done. Horribly disappointing and your lack of transparency and help is affecting a small business in South Africa. Shame on you..Version: 7.12

Ok when it worksI have found transferwise to be very useful when it works, unfortunately this service doesn’t work all the time, often transfers are blocked and suspended for a variety of reasons and getting straight answers from the app can prove to be difficult, they are also very slow to respond with their explanations of why transfers have been suspended or blocked, furthermore, even after you meet there requirements and send whatever information they requested they still are extremely slow to free up the suspended funds and sometimes even ask for additional information. Transferwise is a good application if you plan to send money just one time but if you want to send money more frequently than this then I would not recommend this app..Version: 6.15

The apple app glitched and charged my first cardSo I clicked Apple Pay and the screen glitched and it literally charged my first card which was a credit card. I did notify a representative and he told me it’s possible that I could incur a fee but why should I. The fee is from a US bank but not them. I am disputing this as this wasn’t the card I wanted and it never let me scroll my cards. Charges have been incurred due to a cash advance fee. I refuse to pay the cash advance fee. I would get someone to look at the Apple app feature even thou I would never ever use it again. Other than that everything else seems to work fine. I just connect my card directly now. Now for the app and the service of TransferWise I think it’s great and even thou It started on the wrong foot, I think the idea and the service is wonderful. I spoke to Alan and he walked me through everything and made feel very comfortable. Don’t take my three stars as for the service which is 5 stars but take the 3 stars for app. The Apple Pay option made me real nervous..Version: 5.9

What service will degrade next month?I am getting ready to cancel my Transferwize account. as time passes the obvious corporate pressure has caused the system to succumb to degradation after degradation. it started with slowing down the transfers. Direct bank account transfers started to take extra days. wire transfers were instantaneous… then they started to slow down wire transfers but that’s not all. I was delayed additional time because they begin to add fees to US dollar to US dollar transfers. again… The corporate pressure to show increased earnings every quarter but potentially without being able to add customers. so I checked again today two days later the wire transfer has not gone through because the amount was incorrect. I sense this is because they blocked my transfer from completing because they deducted a little money from the transfer and now the transfer amount was wrong! Again this is from US dollars to US dollars. and contacting tech-support went from a breeze to almost impossible. The transfer wise glacier is starting to melt I would jump off before you jump on. with this type of customer service it’s very unlikely they will see the increasing customers needed to justify not charging something else next quarter to pad their earnings..Version: 7.77.1

Don’t be fooledTransferwise advertises portraying itself as ‘different’ when in reality it’s just another currency exchange service that may save you a bit of money on the transfer but will skin you on their borderless account and will play the same tricks big banks play when transferring your money.. such as misplacing your funds for a few days so they can do the short term money market with clients funds.. Don’t be fooled! I was and I set up a withdrawal from my business borderless account on Thursday afternoon only to have the money go missing till Friday late in the afternoon.. I rang in three times to enquire and on the first time I was told ‘sorry’ it would take 20 min but an hour and a half later nothing so I rang again and was told there was a tech issue but no one could elaborate and this went in for another whole day until finally the money was ‘released’ late on a Friday but of course by then it was not going to show up until Tuesday the following week.. And this was a withdrawal of my own funds!.. At no time was I given a proper explanation of any kind - but I was left without access to said funds for 5 days.. Do yourself a favour and skip the transferwise borderless account - just like a dinosaur bank it will sting you with fees and your money will go missing for days and all you’ll get in return is a shrug of their shoulders. I gave it one star because there’s no half star rating..Version: 5.7.2

Transferwise is unreliableI have been using transferwise since January until end of March when my account was deactivated for no reason..I contacted the customer service to know reasons why but surprisingly was told they have no reason for that instead I was sent a link to appeal this decision and on the link I was told to provide my ID which I did and even asked to take a selfie with the ID which was done before submitting my appeal. Waited patiently for them to reply within 10 working days only for them to say they have decided to keep my account closed. I have requested for my funds in the account and got another email saying they are conducting further customer due diligence check on my account which will take up to 60 working days. I don’t understand what they are still conducting when they have already decided to deactivate my account for no reason. Now sending my money back becomes a problem to them. I have read so many similar reviews from different users of transferwise which goes to show there’s something fishy about transferwise. Please I want my money back as soon as possible transferwise. You have caused me so much trouble and inconvenience already. Use this Transferwise at your own risk..Version: 5.19

TransferWise Performance Drop-offEvery time I open to use now unable to calculate rate or accept transaction for no apparent reason. Very unsatisfactory. Happy to use alternatives if this continues. Right now will not process my weekly transfer as unable to handle conversion. One week later, the app makes me sign in again. Once in, on every request/function I have to sign in again and again. My full account page is gone with just a page of previous transactions and any other function I click on it make me sign in again! Finally, I discovered by clicking on any previous transaction it lets me resend that amount. Very very timewasting. And you ask me to contact support for help but the malfunctioning app app won't let me click on anything! This after a complete new download. Please advise. Completely unable to send or transfer. Having to download a new app every time and then register AGAIN via my phone. AND NO RESPONSE VIA CONTACT OR FROM THIS PAGE....THATS A MONTH OF THIS NOW,.Version: 4.8.1

Run for your lifeI will never use Transferwise again. Worked perfectly in my home country but as soon as I arrived in Indonesia it all went horribly wrong. Apple Pay stopped working as soon as we landed in Bali so I couldn’t instantly top up. I tried to pay by credit and debit card, these should have arrived in 2 mins or less but ended up taking 2-3 days to clear. We also tried to bank transfer funds from UK account to UK account which ALSO took 2-3 days to clear. Transferwise support were sympathetic but also useless and were great at explaining why we were stranded with no money but did nothing to fix it. We also tried to get cash out when the transfers FINALLY cleared and it was declined by the cash machine. Fine - we got cash out in another but then instantly ran out of money. Confused, I checked the app and found out the transaction was stuck as Pending. We didn’t get a receipt from the cash machine but could provide almost everything else but Transferwise were unable to help...again. So now it’s our last day of holiday and we have about £250 of transfers/pending transactions that won’t clear onto the card till after we get home. We’ve had to use another card with high charges to eat. Thanks for all the stress Transferwise!.Version: 4.12.1

Poor and unreliable serviceI tried two transactions this month: the first appears as done but money is not in destination account after 6 days waiting and second one was cancelled for no reason. Go to Remitly... easier and cheaper.Version: 5.9

Nao pagaJá entrei em ctt enviei e-mail e nenhuma resposta.Version: 7.71

NO!! Don’t trust themmmmI was trying new apps to send money to my friend and someone he knew suggested this one. Okay. So I start a transfer of $350 to him. They say it’ll take 2 hours. It changed and took 3 days to hit their system. As soon as my money went into their app, they deactivated my account and didn’t complete the transfer OR refund it. Their website said it may take a few days to refund, so I wait. I call customer service and they say “we refunded 9 days ago and cannot disclose why your account was deactivated we are a small team” meanwhile they’re super noisy in the background and keep telling me that my bank must have a hold on it. I report it to the bank and they say that 1. They cannot reimburse me for a shady app and 2. There was no refund from transferwise or holds whatsoever. Still trying to figure out how to get my money back or if I even can. Don’t trust it, seems like a very shady and fraudulent app and needs to be reported..Version: 5.1.3

Terrible serviceI opened my account with TransferWise verified my account fully. I sent £1 to make sure the account was active then sent an extra 400, as soon as the 400 landed they blocked my account for absolutely no reason, with no warning or email letting me know what was happening. so I call up myself to find out it had been blocked, I then get told that it’s my job to reach out to the appeals team by email and wait 3 to 5 working days for a response to my email. It’s been 6 working days since I’ve emailed them and still no response. I still don’t have any idea on why they’ve decided to block my account, what they are going to do to my money, or if they are even going to bother emailing me back. I sent my money to TransferWise thinking I’d have access to my account and my money, I was completely wrong. Do not trust this company..Version: 5.4.2

Just don’t.TransferWise would be ideal if had appropriate processes and procedures in place to ensure their debit cards actually arrived in a timely manner. I ordered mine well over a month ago; expected delivery, 8 December. No sign of it as yet. They don’t bother to provide a tracking service nor the ability to pay for expedited shipping. The only option is to order another card assuming yours has been lost in transit. So, I am left in situation where I have converted/transferred funds and have no ability to access them. I will transfer these funds back to my own bank account (and currency) at significant expense (and loss due to currency movement) and never use or recommend TransferWise again..Version: 5.5

The app needs an upgradeI use the application to send money to another country and after 17h the money still has not arrived. I contacted the technical support to inform me about the status of the transfer and to fix it and they only told me that I had to wait 4 hours more for someone to be available and sort the problem. The app needs to send some notification by mail or through it informing when the transfer cannot be made. This is not a free service. It’s something that you are paying for..Version: 7.25

Good fx rates but poor functionalityFor a card that advertises good fx rates, the app is very disappointing: aside from being slow to top up, it also defaults the payment currency to be the same as the currency that one wants to top up, so that if I am topping up my EUR balance, the payment currency is also EUR. A better way to go would be to (a) default to the currency of the country where the card was issued, (b) allow users to set their default currency, or (c) have no default currency, so that the user is always prompted to select the payment currency. The current design is such that, if one does not change the default, one ends up paying a commission to TW for a EUR to EUR top up and a commission to one’s own bank, if their bank account’s currency is not EUR. Very annoying. I reported this as a bug and got nowhere with TW’s customer service..Version: 4.20

WISE IS NOT WISERIt doesn’t have customer care number. And they don’t respond to the queries sent through email. It’s so frustrating. Don’t use this app if it’s emergency. Receiver will face so many problems. I personally have this problem. Sorry WISE you are not so wise. Thanks..Version: 7.80

PitoyableUn coup le virement est accepté l autre il est refusé … c est clairement impossible de discuter avec eux ça demande des screenshots tout le temps pour justifier leur gestion calamiteuse , il vous explique la procédure ce que vous faites et le virement est refusé… détestable.Version: 7.80.2

Good until it’s notI’ve used Transferwise loads and generally found it to be reliable. Until one day the money just did not appear in my account instantly as it usually does. I enquires about it with the online help form and was told it could take up to two hours but could also take until the end of the business day? Which makes little sense because it should be one of the other. I then waited that out and still did not receive payment. They then told me to contact my bank which I did and they told me they had not received the funds and couldn’t see any trace of the transfer. When I told Transferwise this, they continued to blame my bank and have gone from taking an hour to respond my emails to ignoring them since the time period they told me to wait for he passed. I am still yet to receive my money that I urgently needed for a payment yesterday. I won’t be relying on them any more. It’s not worth it to potentially have hundreds of ££s go missing when you need it most..Version: 5.11.1

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS BEWARE- these people will take your money and won’t return it.Nobody answers e-mails for days. put your money here at your own risk! I had to transfer money through these people only because I had to make an international transfer through Monzo (which is REALLY losing points!). The transfer appeared executed until suddenly one day - 20 days past my transaction (which was the payment of an invoice!!!) the money was sent back to my account, NO EMAIL, no notification, no phone call, no reason. My husband paid the second tranche of the same invoice only to find our money (a significant amount of money for a humble couple) stuck somewhere in the hands of these subjects. They asked us to send motivations for the transfer and then sent us this cryptic message saying “it will be up to the transfer team to decide whether and when to make the transfer at their own discretion” - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? with an invoice unpaid and us being potentially sued by our service company for not paying we have sent several requests to get our money back and NOBODY ANSWERED! If this is not scamming I don’t know what is. I’ll advise as many people as possible to stay away from this brand and anything related to it..Version: 5.2.2

If you are a Canadian or someone who wants to transfer from Canada. DO NOT TRY THIS APPComplex and non-Reliable Money transferring App/method you will ever experience. Call support is only for UK business hours. Poor Instructions for Required documents. Simply Time consuming process - Local banks charge extra and they are safe and faster than TRANSFERWISE. Not recommended for CANADIAN Customers. Required documents - consist of all non related documents which is mandatory here. POOR UI in iPhone X Deleting this app for so many misleads and errors.Version: 4.15

They stole $8000Do not under any circumstances use this “service” We are a reputable business employing ‘22 staff in Brisbane Australia. We setup ‘wise” in November 2021 and used it to pay our suppliers, contractors, software subscriptions and social media advertising; around 80 recipients over the course of a month, with around 200 transactions. First we hit an undisclosed and unreasonable limit for the account that made the service useless as it basically froze our funds for 9 days prior to the end of the month, the limit was $50k spending in total per month. This left our suppliers waiting for payment and ceased our social media advertising until we could switch to a real bank card. Quite an administrative nightmare. Then suddenly and with no warning on 1st December 2021, this terrible excuse for a bank closed our account, withheld the statements and worst of all, only partially refunded the funds in our account. They have apparently misplaced $8000… 18 emails to customer service and they claim to still be investigating, it’s now the 2nd of January 2022, and we’re still missing $8000. You may not have a business that spends as much by credit cards as us, but consider whether you can risk losing everything in your “account”? Their customer service is by email only, nobody to call, no Australian based rules, just a seemingly completely unaccountable offshore pretend bank. Do not rely on their service for anything!.Version: 7.39

Waste of TimeAfter bad reviews from my friends I still went ahead to give it a try and I opened an account, it required £20 to fully setup the account and I did transfer from other of my bank I ordered for the bank card most banks are free but this one had to charge £5 for it but it’s no problem at all, then after a few weeks I tried to transfer £220 from my other bank, I was debited but I didn’t see the money in my wise bank balance I decided to wait and after a while I was logged out of my wise bank I tried logging in and it says my account has been deactivated. That was very frustrating and I couldn’t call them and couldn’t get in to view what’s going on the only option was to email them which they take very long to respond. So you have to be wise before they play wise on you!.Version: 7.71

How is this so highly rated?Maybe they bought all these reviews. This app has been nothing but a disappointment. I’ve only attempted to send money once with this app. This was two weeks ago and it still hasn’t gone through. It’s been extremely difficult to get their support to actually reply to an email and when they have they haven’t provided any info on why it’s taking so long. update: Their developer reply to my review is just as useless. They have no shame trying to shift the blame towards me. They state that they likely didn’t receive my money which is absolutely false. If they didn’t receive my money why did the app state that they had received it and my transfer finally went through three weeks later after I put them on blast on Twitter? Apparently that was the only way to get their attention. They also suggest getting in touch with their support. Which I already stated above I had tried and they took several days to reply. & I had to follow up several times to get the same useless canned replies. While my transfer finally did go through three weeks later, it seemed it was only because I complained publicly on Twitter because their support was so horrendous. I received several twitter DMs from people who said they were experiencing the same thing. I absolutely do not recommend using this app. They very clearly are having problems keeping their operations up and running smoothly..Version: 6.2

Infuriating apOk left the review below a few days ago. But today I deleted the ap and reloaded it again. This time it took me straight through to my data when I logged in. I’ve got no idea why it seems to periodically freak out. Anyway today it’s working and I’m grateful because the service TransferWise delivers is actually great. Transfers between India & Australia area generally instantaneous. I’ve used Wise and it’s predecessor TransferWise periodically over the last 6 or 7 years. In recent times it’s a most infuriating ap as it continually deletes all my membership data. So each time I enter the ap to do a transaction I’ve got to re enter my information and the information for the accounts I transfer funds to. It’s as if the ap has been designed by a tech head with no thought to customer convenience or service. What’s even more infuriating it has no contact information so there’s nowhere to seek help (other than a self referential key question type of help desk) or to give feedback to. I’m seriously going to start looking for a different ap to use to transfer funds..Version: 7.78

DrI sent the money a week ago and the recipient have not received it until now.Version: 7.80.2

Untrustworthy with security flawsI have recently been a victim of fraud on Wise. Both my accounts have been wiped off by two unauthorised transactions which was fairly easily done by fraudsters as they have access to Wise official contact numbers. Having been contacted by allegedly the Wise team, same number where the security confirmation sms with security codes are sent from, it was not possible for anyone to distinguish a genuine message from a fraudulent one. Wise does not have any emergency fraud line to block a fraudulent transaction even when customer realise and report it while it’s happening. No action has been taken to recuperate the money with the bank where the money has been unlawfully transferred. I feel totally let down, with no information or update after nearly two weeks of loosing my entire funds PLEASE DO NOT TRUST YOUR MONEY.Version: 7.56

Used to be goodI am not sure what’s happening but this app used to be perfect. Three or four clicks and the money was on its way. The good old days... but now, nothing in the app is consistent. For years I transferred funds every month from my Bank of America USD account to my Australian AUD account without a hitch. Now when I try a transfer, instead of pulling the funds out of my Bank Of America account automatically (like before) I get a message telling me I must “send” funds manually (old way) from my bank to another bank account owned by TransferWise. Then, after I finish that transaction, they instruct me to go back to the TransferWise app to continue with my transfer. Holy Moly this is worse than the old way. The worse point is that the fees are increased from the previous $11 or $12 to $24 or $25 so, the process is now more cumbersome and cost twice as much. Ironically my banks now have reduced their fees (if I use their online transfer app) so the TransferWise advantage is GONE. I am sure that Sir Richard Branson (an early investor) must be very disappointed in this team !!.Version: 5.4.2

Unable to receive direct deposit3 stars because this is the first app/bank that could not receive my companies direct deposit. After the direct deposit was made customer service couldn’t even tell me where my money was or give me a timeframe. Also they mention it’s ok to use this bank name for direct deposits that alone sounds odd. Of course you need a bank name for company direct deposits. Only my company verified my salary bounced back one hour after I talked to wise customer support who couldn’t give me an answer. My advice to wise, get a better partner bank or strive to be like cash app which pays you 2 days early. Even same day or next day would be decent. The current climate of wise maybe 50% you will receive your salary 2-3 days after payday is unacceptable..Version: 7.48.1

Beware - no help from wiseI made a transfer to my transfer wife account, in which my money was supposed to transfer but due to some technical issue the last two digit of account number were recorded as 00 , and wise transfer the money in wrong account without checking the facts , I talked to there customer service dept, for 1 long month they said to me that they are looking into it but after that they said they can’t do anything to return the money, they have the pathetic customer service and also their checking system for transfer of money is pathetic, I would recommend everyone not to use wise..Version: 7.63

Incompetent customer serviceThey do not provide the basic level of customer service one would expect of a financial institution. They do things like repeatedly request the same KYC over and over. You provide it, they accept it and soon thereafter they request it again. This is for the principals, for the same monthly payments, etc. It has potential but they need to fix their basic service levels. To be clear this isn’t an unwillingness or inability to provide proper documentation. It is having to provide the exact same documentation over and over and to be treated poorly each time by the their team. Until they fix these basic steps, it’s not viable as a business account. You are never confident you can receive or make payments in a reasonably timely fashion. Update: wise has opted to responded with a standard response around KYC requirements, which highlights my point of their customer service. There is no issue with requiring KYC (it’s a good thing), the issue is repeatedly requesting the same documentation over short periods of time..Version: 7.56

Spencer MosleyI have never left a review for any company before, but after receiving the worst service I’ve ever encountered I decided I needed to let other people know what to expect from Wise. At first I thought the app and service was good. That is until something goes wrong. I made a transfer to my own account in Spain but the money was held for checks for 12 days with the excuse that it may be a sanctioned bank or a fraudulent transaction. Which it is Not. I provided photos of the actual bank, paperwork that showed it was indeed my account. Screenshots of the account and account details and much much more. NO REPLY. Over 10 days I made 4 phone calls to find out what was happening and on 4 occasions I was told by each member of the staff that they would call me back or that the money would be released that day or the day after. NO ONE EVER DID! Eventually after speaking to the FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN the transfer was cancelled. Still no response to calls or emails. The customer service team are unknowledgeable, and without any ability to resolve the simplest of matters. They do not respond to any emails. If you ask to make a complaint they say that’s not possible and refuse to put you through to a senior person. This is against all Financial Services Authority Regulations. Any many of staff can take a complaint and escalate a problem. I warn all of you! If you have the slightest problem, they will not be able to help!.Version: 7.47

Shady if not illegal business.Shady if not illegal business. Absolutely terrible for transfers. Wouldn't recommend at all. I transferred rent to my housing company, the money left my account but was held by Wise because they needed to 'investigate' the transfer. This is my monthly rent. The reference has my name in it and the word rent. The amount is perfectly normal for rent. However, because the money had actually LEFT MY ACCOUNT I couldn't just repeat the transfer. This made me late paying rent which puts my whole life at risk! This happened TWICE!! Customer service is positively unhelpful informing that I have to wait 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS (!) for this 'review' to take place. I asked to speak to a manager and was put into the hold loop until a regular case worker picked up who told me managers don't take calls. What I suspect is that -because the money is off my account but also not in my housing agents account- Wise holds the money in a third virtual space and is profiting in net value from these 'random' checks. Whatever they do, the fact that MY money leaves my account, doesn't reach the destination and I have no access to it for 7-14 DAYS(!!!) is absolutely shady! Never will I use this bank again..Version: 7.62

So badI have been waiting for the transfers I have made from the bank for months to be transferred to my Wise account. I reported the problem by email but they did not solve the problem and they closed my account. This place is definitely not safe..Version: 7.71

Rates are not as transparent as what is claimedTransferwise claims that the exchange rate you get with them is as transparent as it can get, and that one can check the rates on internet and it will match their rates. While it seemed to be true for the initial few months of their app, it doesn't seem to be the case anymore. They claimed to me that they use the Reuters mid market rate. I challenged it, and their own customer service sent screenshots showing how they were giving a rate worse than Reuters current rate. So if Transferwise rates are manually fixed, and they charge a fee on top of it anyway, why should any one use their service instead of free services that may give similar rates? Disappointed!.Version: 6.12

Horrible app, Beware, I’ve lost money with it!I have a company and i use to sell products and offer services online. At the begining i thought this app was very useful and used it a lot to receive my payments, until the moment they suddenly blocked my account without reason and i just lost all the money i had inside it. Meanwhile, clients that had that number account kept sending money and never got it back. I’ve sent an email to them, they asked me questions and i answered but they just answered back saying that they DECIDED TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT AND IT WAS IRREVERSIBLE. I’ve felt miserable not just for the money lost, but also because they treated me as some kind of criminal, laundering money. So beware, they can at any moment judge you unfairly and do what they want with your money putting in prejudice your neededs!! I’ve found other options after that as Azimo, Revolut or Payoneer and never more want hear about Transferwise!!.Version: 4.14

Nah. Use it just as an option.Apart from the Borderless account, mostly useless. Money sometimes takes for ever and sometimes quickly. They frustrate you with proofs and documents needed. They can complain a bank receipt showing payment also not enough proof of payment or not clear. Their customer service like I had today can’t be even be respectful. I didn’t even use one abusive word and I only shower my frustration at their stupidity and she said that she is not here to take me and I should watch my mouth. In other words, their customer service is worst and they are highly in efficient. This is why I only choose Transferwise when it’s the cheapest or hot no choice. Used to make 3 to 4 transfers a month using them but now I barely use them 3 to 4 times a year. I go with many other local options than these arrogant people..Version: 7.4

Buyer beware.The app works fine, but the transfers using SWIFT involve hidden costs which are deducted from the receiver’s amount. Despite the unambiguous in-app statement made twice during a recent transfer that “Mr. X will receive exactly $110,” Mr. X in fact received $81. The remainder disappeared in mysterious ‘intermediary bank fees’, which TW claims they make clear in the app. Which is not true: the statement regarding intermediary fees is vague and ambiguous, and follows the above promise, which is totally unambiguous. I can only think of one way of interpreting the statement “Mr. X will receive exactly $110,” but TW claims there is another, less salubrious interpretation. Where they studied logic, and the philosophy of language, I don’t know, but they clearly didn’t learn much of either. To be fare, all my previous dealings with TransferWise have been simple and fast, with low fees, and worked as promised. Email and phone correspondence with the company over this issue has been pitifully inadequate. BE CAREFUL, because their vague statement about intermediary fees actually means, “when we say “X will receive exactly $X,” what we mean is, he may or may not... we don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t mind breaking promises, and we take no responsibility for it. But we’ll happily take your initial transfer fees, and deduct all the extra unknown fees from the recipient. Thanks, sucker.” See you in court, TW..Version: 6.8

Took money from my account LOST IT ALLI transferred from Wise to email, they did not accept the etransfer in time. MONEY IS GONE FROM MY ACCOUNT AND I DID NOT GET IT BACK!!!!!.Version: 7.70

Was fantasticI’d been using TransferWise since 2015 when I needed a quick, fast and inexpensive way to transfer GBP to USD. Then I had cross border accounts for personal and business use. Well there was a security breach. They expected me to pay for it because the developers are useless and clearly don’t communicate with the so called support team. You have to go back and forth via email and through Twitter, explaining yourself to this so called Wise company. Just ridiculous. Great that there are other banks out there and looking forward to crypto making an entrance to avoid these plethora of useless so called FinTech companies. This review has been updated following on from the recent experiences with Wise formerly TransferWise that appear to have spent more on Marketing and less on the tech and security!!.Version: 7.6

Worst security everWise is good and is really a life saver but the security and procedures are just fake. For example, I’m trying to reset the password right now in the app and it returns an error - try again later. I can’t change the password and it’s impossible to call/message the support. You can only send an email that is going to be responded in a day but they say that may be even later. Is it a joke? You don’t have an emergency service to lock/freeze card/app. All your money will be gone in seconds but Wise will respond in a couple of days. Seriously??? Moreover, anyone can steal your account and they just changing the phone and an email. Wise is only asking to upload a selfie with an id. Nonsense, you may have 2fa with security codes on your phone but thieves just photoshop your selfie+id and their support can change your email/phone in minutes. They don’t require to install the app and make a live photo on the app camera - just upload from the gallery. They don’t even require you to upload a photo with an id you have been submitting when open an account. And yes, support will treat your request as a piece of sh… no responses for weeks. They just don’t care..Version: 7.80.2

Proceed with cautionBe careful. I tried transferring funds internationally with the ach bank wire transfer option. I was repeatedly denied as it said my bank account wouldn’t allow this transfer, though I had transferred before. So, I decided to use the debit card option and the transfer went through immediately after verification with my bank. So, problem solved right? Wrong! Just got a notification today that my bank account is over drawn over $400. Hmm.. well apparently the transfer went through even though it repeatedly told me it was impossible, which is why I used the debit card option! So now there is a double transfer and I have r to wait weeks before getting my money back from over seas. I’m just lucky I trust the other person who is receiving the money, but it’s still going to take time to get my money back.. Oh but whats even better is that transferwise notified me telling me I need to cover the overdrawn balance soon because if they bank recalls the Payment from transferwise then I’m on the hook for the money from transferwise..?. Oh but at least they gave me a free transfer up to £500 on my next transfer... yeah right!! Transferwise Just really screwed up a lot of stuff with their app and really sent a lot of things I had going on now out of place and now I’m going backwards with other things because I have to cover this over drawn amount. why don’t they get their app right??? Be careful with trusting them...Version: 4.15

Rate alertsTransferWise is great, and the rates are amazing. However, it would be really good if it was possible to track rates over time and set up alerts within the app. I can’t work out how to do this, and keep getting pushed out to a web page that asks me to enter my email address, even though I’m logged in, and then fails to load. I’m pretty sure the old version of the app from a couple of years ago did this really well, and it’s a shame that this functionality has apparently been removed..Version: 6.8

So far very bad.I am studying abroad now which I admit that my situation will be more complicated then others, but still, I think they are giving careless, lazy services. AFTER I PAYED, they were taking three days each to verify my documents, just to reject them, which is strange because one of the document I submitted was the bank letter which said they'll accept it. If they are rejecting those documents which it actually says they will accept, they should give more detailed advice so that the customers won't waste time. They also should have at least some sort of support centre where customers can ask what to do. Now I'm waiting for their sincere response. I didn't think it will take over a month just to send to one account. Purely dreadful. I wish I can change to another, but they have my money already and I feel like I was cheated..Version: 7.31

What the heckI was trying to send the money from my bank to the wise account The money was deducted from the bank but the wise team are saying money not reached is this how the company Just not worth it Full of tension.Version: 7.80.2

It does some things great, butI’ve had my account about a 18 months. It does person to person international transfers of money very well. I going on an international trip and wanted pay for my hotel using the wise card. Transferred money to hotel’s currency for a fee! Transaction failed. I believe the computer can’t negotiate different currencies. It saw a number, (greater than $2000.) and immediately thought it was over the transaction limit. I got charged a fee to convert USD to the foreign currency. It still wouldn’t pay my hotel bill. I to use my credit card. I was charged again to convert foreign currency back to USD. And charged again to put the money back in my account. Not sure if it’s worth it, even if you stay within the $2000. per transaction. What if distinguish between currencies. Maybe it will do better as a ATM card only. Very disappointed..Version: 7.31

HopelessWise and it’s functionality has been advertised extensively on Australia TV recently. It promised to be much more flexible than the app I had been using to transfer money before so I signed up. After taking all my details including copy of my drivers licence I tried a small transfer to it out. After several delays it took about four days. Hoping this was only a first off delay while they checked my details I tried again. Another relatively small transfer for a relatives medical expenses, I still encountered several delays despite the app promising the transfer in minutes. After four more days I was told that the transfer was cancelled even though wise had received my money. Then my account was deactivated, no reason given. Fortunately my money was refunded. Is this app a scam to get my personal details? I hope they have deleted my personal info. Bye bye Wise back to WorldRemit whom I have used many times previously with no problems and almost instantaneous transfers..Version: 7.76

All fun and games until you have to verify your source of incomeDon’t get me wrong, I understand the requirement of verifying your source of income. Would be nice if the app actually allowed me to upload the documents or at least let me know why it’s not working instead of telling me “something went wrong, please try again later!” Hope you enjoy having your assets blocked by some random company whose app won’t even let you do what they ask you to do..Version: 7.81

Problem to verify my account.So I have this account for a long time. I got married and I don’t have my marriage name on my passaport a couple monthly ago they asked me to verify that. A send my drive licenses with my my actual married name on it after that a got my account working... a couple of days ago I needed send money to my family in another country and for my surprise I couldn’t get it done because they were asking for me to verify my account again. I call them and send my marriege certificate and other documents. So they send me a email telling image quality wasn’t good enough. Ok! I call them AGAIN! and send the files, the person that was in the call told me that the files was good quality and it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Couple of hours later I got another email saying that they could not verify my account and I should send my documents AGAIN!. Look a don’t know what is going on! It looks you guys are holding the accounts for us not to send money right now. It’s is pretty bad! I need to send money for my family that are in need because what’s going on with this Coronavirus. I don’t see this company is helping us customers go though this. I’m very disappointed..Version: 5.15

I’m worried they stole from meI tried to send around $2000 to my Korean fiancé. My bank stopped it initially because they didn’t recognize it. After clearing it with them I ran my card again, which they accepted quickly. After they received my money they said they had to do some “extra security checks”, although that’s paraphrasing, before they converted it and sent it to her. It was like that for a day. I tried to log in that night but my account was deactivated! I COULD NOT LOG IN! They had a window come up saying to look up my situation on their website. Their website said they can’t say exactly why if I call them, but that they had an issue and decided to deactivate my account. I haven’t been contacted by them, I haven’t gotten my money back in about 4 days, and I’m not happy. I’m honestly worried they’re stealing my $2000! So yeah, I’m never even considering using their “services” again. Screw you TransferWise..Version: 6.18

Très longAu tout début lors de mon premier virement c’était instantané et la sa prend un temps fou genre 3 a 5 jours des fois et les frais parlons pas très mauvaise expérience la première c’était juste pour me piéger en fait ...Version: 7.80.2

Unpredictable and unreliableI have used Wise for the past 18 months, and its utility has dropped in the past six months or so. Previously, a transfer from the United States to Thailand would be accomplished within hours, and sometimes within minutes. But now, even the most minor transfer takes days. That is so despite the fact that at each step of the transfer process, the Wise app tells me my money should arrive “in seconds.“ But when all the inputs have been made and you actually hit submit, suddenly you are advised that your money will not arrive for two or three days. It’s like a bait and switch. Moreover, for many of us living in other countries, it is important that the money be received as a “foreign funds transfer“ for immigration or visa purposes. But using wise you never know whether the money will be received as a foreign funds transfer or a domestic intra-bank transfer. For both of these reasons, I have tended to use a normal wire transfer from my American bank to send money to Thailand because I just cannot rely on Wise anymore..Version: 7.68

Needs improvementApp is very glitchy.Version: 7.78

STAY FAR AWAY.Where do I even begin with this app? I used them for almost 3 years with no issues until recently. Somehow my information got leaked and so I asked to close my account. I was in the middle of a transfer so obviously that didn’t go through so what would you expect next? To get your money refunded back to you, however it has now been almost a week and I have not received my money. I chatted with their “customer service” multiple times, sent many different forms of Identification to prove it was me as well as the statements from my bank showing that they sent the transfer to Wise and yet it’s not enough for them? They also take forever to respond if you send them an email. Their phone service hours are impossible if you live in a different country so you can’t call them. I ask for them to call me and they can’t even give me a specific time on when they will. Absolutely horrendous customer service. I threatened to bring my lawyer into this because it’s a huge sum of money. Once I get it back I’m NEVER using this app again and I have told all my friends abroad who were using it to quit ASAP..Version: 7.28

Hiding Behind Extra Checks!After encountering this issue more than once, I have no choice but to share my personal experience. Every time you transfer funds to your wise account, from your own bank account, they put the transfer on hold. Reason: WE ARE RUNNING SOME EXTRA CHECKS. Considering its GBP TO GBP. When you contact their customer service, all you get is a scripted copy and paste reply. Our teams are tirelessly working to resolve this issue etc etc. if you have an urgent payment to make or use Wise for Business use? PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE, they will hold you at ransom and all you can do is just wait! They will not help you at all. And will conveniently let the clock run! Personally, this whole thing is getting worse by the day. Specially when they changed the name to Wise for whichever reason! Once my funds clear, I am closing my account with them! In today’s world, time is money, which wise and their so called customer service help desk has no idea about! Just a bunch of Robots clicking some random buttons!.Version: 7.48.1

Room for ImprovementTo be honest, I absolutely love Wise and enjoyed the service provided and the ease of the process. However, I was extremely disappointed with their lack of involvement and support when faced with troubles overseas. My friends and I, had planned an overseas trip months in advance. For months, we transferred and converted money diligently on high exchange rate days, looking forward to our travel. Upon arrival, out of the three of us, one of my friends cards did not work. When using, it kept getting declined, saying ‘contact bank’. When urgently contacted, all Wise rep said was ‘this happens, we can’t do anything’. My friend was luckily travelling with company but otherwise would’ve been stuck overseas with no money at all! I can’t hide the disappointment when something like this happens on 1/3 occasion, the team won’t do anything. Obviously besides this, the card and app has been extremely well designed and easy to use. I hope that they would be able to resolve the situation or at least have a better plan when their cards get declined overseas. I will more than happily change my review when that happens..Version: 7.71

Poor, poor, very slow deceitful servicePreviously used other services which paid out to overseas recipients within one hour. Decided to try TransferWise because of their promise of also one hour transfer to the same destination and recipient. However, once transaction and payment submitted I was provided an update of 12 hours. Nearly 13 hours later I was informed transfer has been sent but will be received by the recipient in another 3 days. While at the processing stage I decided to use their cancellation option which was clearly available. I went through all the steps and at the final stage when I confirmed the cancellation, it was denied. I have screenshots to prove it. I initiated the transfer on Thursday and am now being advised the money will be paid out on Monday. Because it is desperately needed today, Friday, I have had to resend the amount via another service provider, and already received confirmation it’s ready to be picked by the recipient..Version: 5.6.4

FrustratingWise, I have a problem with funds being transferred from a standard account into WIse. I have received a message from Wise indicating the transfer cannot go ahead due to a shortage of funds. This is incorrect. The funds have left my standard account and the money now appears to have vanished. I’m sure it’s something that can be easily solved BUT you have no way to be contacted. You suggest to email yet after searching high and low I cannot locate a contact for you that works. Wise, this is beyond frustrating and your customer service appears to be non existent..Version: 7.69.1

If only I can give it -5I processed a transaction that was supposed to be received the next day, but after I confirmed it the app said it’s going to take 10 days and there was no option to cancel it or do anything. I called them, the guy said it’s because I didn’t verify my account when I created it 2 years ago. Well Mr “wise” your system should remind US to verify our accounts and to cancel a transaction instantly if the account is not verified instead of leaving your clients like that. I didn’t even get another email from wise asking me to verify my account to proceed with the transaction. I had to call them to understand why it’s going to take 10 days and then I asked them to cancel it, the guy said I have to verify my account before I cancel it (before they issue a refund). PayPal’s Xoom is much better than this app, these guys don’t know what they’re doing and their app is as horrible as their “policies”..Version: 7.60

Very slow responseI sent money on Aug 4th and until today Aug 19th, the money has not arrived yet. I have been contacting Wise many times but the explanation is normative, its bank partner is doing regulatory check. I needed to send the same amount of money via a conventional bank after waiting for a long time Wise to process my transfer. I did it on 16th and the money arrived on 17th. Yes, I paid more using bank services but less headache. Now, I am waiting for Wise to finish my transaction so I can have the recipient to send my money back to me. Eventually I paid twice bank fees, once Wise fees, a very long time wait and headache and stressful. If you would like the same experience, use Wise.Version: 7.69

Shut my multi-currency account downWise decided to shut my multi-currency account down based on assumptions, making their service completely useless to me. Gave the usual ‘the decision if final, customer service cannot help’ pile of crap. All because of notes I put on transfers to help me keep track of things, and they didn’t like the lingo. Good riddance! I’ve found better options to replace the most important services.Version: 7.71

Worst app everVery good at bleeding your money through conversion fees and transfer errors. After downloading the app and depositing my funds I attempted to transfer some AUD to a USD account I have overseas. 5 attempts and several transfer errors, processing errors and oh no! later, without any explanation or reasons. I gave up and decided to withdraw my dwindling funds back to my bank account. This too result in another error. After many attempts at finding help on the most generic FAQ page I gave up again and ask for a refund through their dispute email address. Still waiting on a response. To sum up the only disruption Wise is achieving is to you day..Version: 7.22

Teething issues?My daughter in law sent money to my account, it took days to arrive. It was to pay the £20 they requested for the bank details to be opened while awaiting my debit card to arrive. Yes they ask £5 for your card and then they ask for another £20 to get the details of the bank in order to get money sent to it. They lost my money £20 first and then £5 as the £20 wasn’t enough with fees to pay what they wanted. Finally found a chat to support. No apology, no responsibility at all. The outcome was seems the money has gone to an outside account instead of mine, and yet I have emails saying to approve the money and it shows on my home page as being there. So how can it have gone to another account? So now I have to wait for an email when they sort this out but no timescale given. Sorry but a company as big as wise should have better customer service and if mistakes like this happen how do I know money on my card is safe. Customer service needs training to take responsibility and at the very least apologise for issues..Version: 7.57

Used to be Excellent, Now UnreliableI’ve been using Wise for transfers to Mexico for a couple of years and until recently have been very pleased with them. Transfer usually take a few seconds from clicking send to seeing the deposit in the the Mexican bank account. Until a month ago, I would have rated them 6 out of 5 stars, and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues and friends (a couple of them were even considerate enough to use the link I sent them so I’d get credit). Recently, however, some transfers have taken several days. I’m currently waiting for a deposit that I transferred 10 days ago. Things happen, I understand, but the customer service people at Wise, though friendly, are completely unhelpful. They give me no info on the delayed transfer, and they promise to email me soon with an update, but I never hear from them. I’m switching to a different currency exchange company..Version: 7.69.1

2nd Time, Still Not The CharmTL;DR: Don’t use this app, you’ll simply waste your time. 0 stars if possible So I opened a TransferWise account a few month ago to send myself money from my USA account to my Thailand bank accounts. I made the mistake to use apple’s hide my email feature during sign up. Wise deactivate my account without sending me an email. So when I need to send money I wasn’t aware my account wasn’t working until it was too late and I ended up look like an idiot. I might be so who know. Anyways I left a comment and Wise responded saying, I should appeal my account deactivation. Which I did and they kept it shut. So months later, I’m opening an account with OpenCollective, a site where my company can publicly receive donations and contractors can request payments from set donations. Turns out that they use Wise to transfer the funds from my company account to my contractors account. I begrudgingly opened a Business account knowing how last time went…. And guess what? My business’ account has been shut down and I don’t know why and I needed to pay my contractors today. Also no email. I’ll go back to using Remitly. They have helped me for the past few months and I haven’t had any issue with them. I’m not endorsing Remitly and this is not a paid add, just look at the review on App Store, Remitly has more downloads and 5 stars, wise is slowing loosing the 5 stars. All in all I’m done, gotta go pay some hardworking men and women. Good day..Version: 7.25

Slow - bewareI sent some money to my TW account from my European business in Ireland to my Australian personal account. They received the money but held the transfer and asked me a completely nonsense question: ‘what is your relationship with certain Australian politician who happens to have the same surname as me’. I replied ‘no relationship’ and explained the purpose and origin of the transfer. Also emailed them and called. At each stage I was told it will be resolved within two days. It was not. TW make is easy to set up your account and then imply that you’re good to go. In my experience you are not good to go. It seems like they only really start checking once some money comes in. This takes time and they do not seem to want to hurry even if you hassle them. If the transfer is time critical then you are screwed. I would suggest that anyone considering using this service should start with a very small amount well before they actually need to transfer anything important. Otherwise your money could be in limbo for a week or more. This has been my experience with TW. So far I still don’t have the money I remitted almost a week ago. I expect it will work out but the delay and lack of feedback is a deal breaker for me. I will be setting up a regular EUR account with my bank for future transfers..Version: 4.19.3

UNACCEPTABLE !!!When you call their phone number, you get a rep in a foreign country that has very limited ability to do anything !! Basically, they’re just incompetent script readers. They’re technology doesn’t work !! I can’t even get simple “push notifications” on my phone and their own reps confirmed my notifications are set up correctly. And I have a BRAND NEW IPHONE 13 !! So it’s not like I have outdated technology or something ?? Called 3 times over a week and 1/2 requesting their I.T. department reach out to me for help and nothing !! No follow up, no email, and no phone call !! One of their reps didn’t even know that “push notifications” was an option ?!?! Seriously Wise ??? If I can’t get something as SIMPLE as a push notification to work, do you REALLY think I’m going to trust you to hold my money ?? Receive my paycheck ?? Or allow you to transfer money to my bank account overseas ??? DEAR WISE, YOU’RE A JOKE AND A SCAM !!! And no, I’m not going to reach out for help on the app or social media…. I tried that 3 times and YOU FAILED !!! I’m closing my account and making sure that NOBODY opens an account with you !!! 😡😡 You should NOT be in business !!! You need to be shut down !!!.Version: 7.46.1

DisappointingI used wise for over a year, worked good for me. Until two weeks ago when I received a payment with the concept “Payment Venezuela” and they just shutted down my account and retained all my money because no transaction can be made related to Venezuela. And it’s ok that policy, I get it. But didn’t even ask me for an explanation… I am not doing business related to that country, I work as a freelancer currently living in Italy and the transfer was made from a guy in Spain that has a Instagram page about that country. So I don’t know how am I breaking the rules. But as I said, no explanation was asked. So my account was closed and didn’t even receive an email or a call… nothing. None contacted me to inform me that my balance was closed. I had to call and received the notice that was closed and that I can’t appeal to reopen the balance. At that point I just wanted my money back. But, when I tried to fulfill the file to request my money, it wouldn’t let me. So I sent my info via email two weeks ago and the costumer service lady said that the info (my bank account details) would be forwarded to the proper team and up to date nothing has happened. I’ve sent several emails and no answer has been made. I need my money back and it’s impossible….Version: 7.30

Fraud transfer wise.Use western union , remitly and worldremit. Transferwise company is a fraud company. This company owes me 521$ . I made 2 transaction which got cancelled and never got refund. After asking for refund they closed account. The owner of company is fraud. This company is not making much i think so they started this to make money..Version: 7.81

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