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Cute CUT Pro App User Positive Comments 2023

Cute CUT Pro app received 147 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cute cut pro?

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Cute CUT Pro for Positive User Reviews

Suggestion?I absolutely love this app I do a lot of editing on it as abit of fun and I like to be creative somewhat and it’s truly amazing! However if I were to suggest something you could do to make it better would be to allow the minimum of ‘3 layers’ of videos as when I’m trying to do some transitions I can’t because the ‘2 video layers’ are already took up and I only need one extra - it would be amazing if you saw this and took into mind about possibly doing this Overall though there isn’t that much that I would change about the app - oh apart from maybe allowing mirroring but that would be quite difficult so it doesn’t matter - love this app to bits, like I said I’ve been using it for over a year and I’ve learnt so much I can do with it :).Version: 1.8.10

Best editing app in the worldThis app is amazing it has helped me so much with my Yt channel and it renders your videos so fast buy this app it is worth the money and sub to AZEN gaming and see all of my edited videos get well you can bye 😜🤗.Version: 1.8.4

Really great app!I think this is a superb app, however my only piece of constructive feedback is you should maybe add a function to remove any Cute Cut watermark, this may help if someone is working on something, buys CuteCut pro and exports the original clip with the watermark. Hope this helps you improve this awesome app!.Version: 1.8.10

Awesome app but afew suggestionsCute cut is a good game but I suggest to have more options of music not just the ones u have. Another suggestion maybe add a file where u can put the ones you finished there and u can take it out if u want to edit it but if it’s not finished u can leave it where they normally are. And maybe a bigger screen to watch the video. Plz read this, I hope u use my suggestions. Bye bye.🙂.Version: 1.8.10

Keeps crashingI absolutely love this app but every single time I make an edit it crashes and it won’t let me go back on it without crashing and I can’t finish any of my edits, this has been happening for a while could you please check out this issue and fix it..Version: 1.8.10

PleaseI love this app so much but can you please a a Chroma Key thing, it would be so helpful if you could. I still love this app though!.Version: 1.8.10

Mirror EffectReally great app!! but there’s no mirror effect so we have to make our own and zoom making the videos poor quality. please add a mirror effect to make using it less stressful and annoying, thank you.Version: 1.8.9

OptionsREVIEW 1: BEFORE THE UPDATE I WANT. ———————————————————— Developers, I reccommend reading this comment. ———————————————————— It’s good and all, but there’s very limited options. Unlike video star, it doesn’t have a lot of buttons to make the movies look good, it doesn’t have much effects, it’s getting pretty easy and boring to do. So what i’m suggesting is, adding more features to let CCP look more appealing, fun and etc. I’ve had this thought for quite a while now, considering the fact CCP has limited options to edit with. Overall, it’s a really good editing app and has more free options than VS or any other editing apps i’ve used. You don’t need to pay for anything besides the pro version, in VS you pay for literally every good effect, makes it hard to do good edits to be honest. I highly reccommend this app for editors as a start, may seem hard but it gets pretty easy. Just eager to see the new update where there’s more options though. Will edit the review with 5 stars, and a completely new comment if the update comes! Looking forward to it..Version: 1.8.10

Amazing but a recommendationPlease add a feature to cut out the green screen of a video please it’d make my four stars become five stars!✨.Version: 1.8.10

Great editor, just add more featuresAdd some more features and effects. Asap.Version: 1.8.6

I love it but...Ok, I really do love this app. I use it for editing on instagram. When I first got it, I was practicing and practicing and I got better so I started editing normally (like 1 or 2 times a day). But then out of nowhere one day it crashed. I thought it was cause I had to much videos & photos, so I deleted some of them. But when I went back into the app it still didn’t work... so I had to delete that project I was working on, and it took sooo long. Once I tried the app again it only worked for like split second and then kept crashing. I was now getting frustrated. I went on the cute cut website and it said if the app were to crash, restart your phone, but when I did it didn’t do nothing. I deleted the app and then got it back, and to my surprise it worked. But every month or two it always crashes and I have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. But I don’t want to leave ccp because I find it very useful, more than the other apps I have tried to use. Please fix this situation -a un/satisfied customer.Version: 1.8.9

The best.This is quite helpful, Better than the normal Cute Cut. 1 request, Maybe photos/videos stay even if deleted because some people got storage issues. Other than that, Nice app. :).Version: 1.8.10

YooYo, this is so much more helpful for editing B).Version: 1.8.10

Small nitpicksI’ve been using this app fo quite some time now, and I love all the features! There are two small things though that bother me. -crashes: I’ve been having crash bugs with this program when trying to move or rotate images. I’ve figured out how to work around this, but it is very inconvenient when I’m editing and the program crashes and I lose progress. -transitions: This one is much more preference based, but I think it would be nicer to be able to place transitions dirextly next to each other oppose to having a small space in between. It would make things smoother when editing. These are the only two things that era bugging me, but I still think the app is great and I really enjoy using it!.Version: 1.8.10

Great value - love the video layering feature!For the price, this app rocks, filling in the inexcusable gaps that iMovie has - and that costs a lot more. In particular, layering 2 videos with adjustable transparency opens up a whole world of creativity for those who are looking beyond poor quality family snap shot videos. So for anyone, honing their hobby film making, this is ideal. Ps I wasn't paid to write this app or given a reduction! But I researched and trialled alot before deciding cute cut pro is great on iPad or iPhone. And where final cut and high end progs offer Lote more scope, the onus with cute cut is to be creative at the footage end, thinking a bit about subject matter and framing. Well done!.Version: 1.8.5

I love it but one suggestion/problemI absolutely love CuteCut Pro. It was totally worth the price and it lets me do so much! My only problem is that I work with it on multiple devices so I can’t go back to the exact same project I was working on with a different device. I would suggest making something you can log into so that you have all your projects on multiple devices with all the layers and everything. BUT, it’s a very small problem I have! In fact, it’s the only problem I have with CuteCut! It’s amazing and I love it but that multiple devices problem is the only thing that bugs me! Maybe the developer could make a sign in option so that I can work on my projects over multiple devices! Thank you!.Version: 1.8.10


Love this app, but-This app is great! Hi just got it recently after I decided that I wanted the pro version of cute cut. I use it for almost all of my videos now! I use this app for almost everything and I haven’t found the drawing tool that was mentioned yet =w= I would say that when you open the app and see all your projects, there could be an option to either edit the project or watch the video you’ve made so far. Sometimes, I forget how far I am and how much I have to do, so to just tap the option to watch through how far I’ve done. As far as I’m concerned, this is the only thing I would suggest adding and other than this, it’s a five - star review from me!^^.Version: 1.8.10

Worth your money!So I recently got this because I like to edit as one does. You can get smooth animations and beautiful transitions! And also it’s really easy to work. You can create whatever you want to in no time, and you can make it truly yours by making your own custom transitions. One thing is I wish the could make things more creative for us - by adding things like, Mirroring, pinch, bulge, skew etc. More editing tools, sort of similar to Alight Motion! But overall a very simple and good app to use, it’s worth your money! Thanks for reading :).Version: 1.8.10

Almost perfect...I have had CCP for only a few months, and have recently gotten more into it. I enjoy being able to use the transitions that were unavailable to other editors like KineMaster and PowerDirector. All in all it’s pretty good app and worth the price. There are a few bugs I’ve ran into, but those were easily fixed and avoided. But, recently I ran into another problem. I was editing a video, and all of a sudden it crashes. It knows it crashed so it “reduces the quality” of the video so I can continue, but every time I click on one of the transitions so I can remove it, it freezes for barely a second and then crashes and continues to reduce the quality. It refuses to let me do anything with transitions in that video, and I liked that video I was working on. I wasn’t even using that many transitions, (at least I don’t think) let alone enough to make the entire app crash. I tried refreshing it, playing around with other things in the video but it continues to crash! Is there any way you can fix this??.Version: 1.8.10

OkGood editing app.. although quality is HORRIBLE when you save it. I dint have any issues with anything else but please fix the quality.Version: 1.8.10

Amazing! Big problem though..Hi! This app is amazing and was totally worth the money! I can honestly do anything now that there’s no watermark and no time limit. But there’s a really big problem that been bothering me for a while and ruining all of my videos. I don’t know if it’s your fault, but it’s really annoying. Well, let me explain. I make a TRANSPARENT photo, right? I go to put it in the video and it says “restoring from iCloud,” which is really annoying since I JUST made that photo. But it makes the TRANSPARENT photo with a white background. I can never edit correctly. Which already made me get a little emotional, since I’m having a bad MONTH. Please fix this problem if you can, it’s really annoying and is making me want to not use this app. I’ve been really stressed lately and this fix could make me feel a bit better. I’m pretty sure it’s the app because it doesn’t do this wit other editing apps like KineMaster. This problem also occurs in Cute Cut. Overall, this app is great, I love it, and the only problem is this transparent photo problem. Hope you can get back to me soon and hopefully fix this!.Version: 1.8.10

I love it, but a few bugs...This app is awesome, trust me, but there are a few bugs that bug’s when I can’t put a video in, it says “download failed” and it’s annoying. I don’t know if it’s me or the app...there are other bugs too but I forgot what they were. I’m sure some people wrote it down in their review, but for now please fix the bugs because I really need to upload this trailer! ( That was last time, now...) It keeps NOT DOWNLOADING! I can’t finish my Christmas special! Christmas is so close!! What am I gonna do? Am I gonna post it late? I can’t! Please fix this! I don’t know if it’s me or the app, because if I don’t get this fixed, I might never post my video. ( If you’re wondering, my channel is {{ LazyAngie }} ) Please fix this! I can’t let my subscribers down!.Version: 1.8.10

SuggestionIt’s a great app and I’ve used it for a while now, but I feel like it would be even better if you can change speed with a transition. Maybe add a freeze frame option when you cut. An audio editor (for pitch etc) would be very cool as well..Version: 1.8.10

Simple and effective app!I love the ability to quickly make picture in picture square videos for social media using only my phone. Simple and works great! My only complaint currently is that it’s very difficult to get everything to line up perfectly at the end of the timeline. If I add a video + text + image for example, there will be a couple awkward seconds at the end where the video has ended but the text stays. I just use my phone’s native editing feature to crop this off, but some sort of snap to grid feature would be helpful. Overall fantastic app and a great value!.Version: 1.8.10

Chrome OS?Please can you make cute cut/pro available in the chrome OS App Store This would be very helpful for those that are advanced,,as editing on a small phone can become tricky I know that recently the application is now in the Mac store which is very useful for iMac users please please take this into consideration.Version: 1.8.9

ImprovementsI love the app as i tend to use it when im away or out (I edit with things like After Effects and Sony Vegas) But is there any way for the timeline to have more accurate segmants in the time line, like frames. I know its only a phone app but it would make things so much easier. Adding a transition motion blur would be really cool too..Version: 1.8.9

Best game ever,Worth the money, 100%!!!!!!.Version: 1.8.10

A little too expensive.It’s a 5 star app, very easy and simple yet smooth. But the price? Hm. It’s too much for what we get in the app, it’s really only no watermark and a little better quality. $5 would be the right amount, nobody really uses the extra features it gives. Personally, if you do the price a refund would be nice. Other then that amazing app!.Version: 1.8.10

One thing...This app is great for tweening and editing, Although it would be great if there was effects like transitions from one picture to another, I do appreciate that the pro version I Sony 10 dollars to keep forever, and some other apps you have to pay 7 a month for the pro/premium version.Version: 1.8.10

Great app but...Okay so overall this app is amazing. i’ve been editing on here for almost a year now and i’ve improved a lot but i think some things should be fixed or added. for example the app keeps crashing and glitches causing some of my work to be deleted. that annoys me a lot. also i think the app should have an option where you can mirror photos or videos, and add motion blur. that would help out a lot bc or else i would have to mirror each photo myself and it takes a while. effects would be really great too. maybe a few more complex transitions like 3D transitions. also have more fonts of letterings to choose from and transitions for them. if this app can have transitions or effects like ae (after effects, a computer program) it would improve the app a whole bunch..Version: 1.8.9

Great but...This app is honestly the best editing app I think I could get that’s cheap! I mean £6 yeah that’s a lot but for what’s in it is great! The only problem is that you can only make your pictures a certain amount small. Like if I wanted to do a really quick video each section has to be like atleast 1 second. And I find that really annoying! Please make an update where you can make your sections smaller than one second. If there is a way already please tell me!!!.Version: 1.8.10

Its pretty nice but..I had to beg my mom for this app it’s really good but... there’s this thing it says ‘ Low memory ‘ and I only had 5 videos in the app is there like some limits of how many videos ? If that’s the case then that’s just disappointing 😔 But overall! This app is pretty good.Version: 1.8.10

Updates?I’ve been using CCP ( cute cut pro )for 2 years now & its been great but I think some updates would make it even more great like, let us be able to add overlays onto clips / photos or let us add more than 2 layers of clips so that its easier for us, add maybe 3D shapes and effects?, etc etc. It’s just cute cut pro is just exactly like the free version except it only have the watermark removed and that’s fine but I think you should like let ppl pay to remove watermark on the free version instead so they can decide instead of making a whole new app that is literally the same as the other but without it. I think since ccp is something we need to pay for you should add a lot more things to it besides that why would you make an app thats the same as the original for? like I think you guys should add well everything I just listed earlier + whatever else you can think of. Also, please fix the quality. We work hard on edits and people won’t like low quality edits so please fix that as well. No pressure but just a suggestion because that’s what been bothering us ccp editors. Not just that, but crashes. Ccp randomly crashes while we edit for no reason and whenever it does crash the quality doesn’t look as good and I don’t want that. I’m not trying to hate because I really do like this editing app and have been using it for a really long time now but, just some suggestions on how to make it better :) Thanks for taking your time to read this, I really appreciate it..Version: 1.8.10

BEST APP TO EDIT ON ON IPAD!I have had this app for 3 years now and it is awesome! It’s the best app (I would say) to edit on on ipad! It’s easy to add music and videos and it’s the best app EVER to edit on. I would even say it’s beats some popular pc editing apps too. Well done YU BO (the creators of the app)..Version: 1.8.10

Goods but crashesCCP is very good but does crash every now and again but the transitions and effects available are amazing. Although the price for the pro version is a little cheeky ;).Version: 1.8.10

Always loved the app BUT....I literally love this app so much I’ve been using it for around over a year for all my videos and I can do everything I want on it but suddenly my music that I import and select from the file sharing bit is skipping and glitching once I use the scissors tool and cut it up a bit and take parts of the song out and I don’t know why so I can’t get my video up! It’s never happened before and it’s not the song because I tried it with multiple different ones and it’s not that the video in itself is too long and making the app mess up because I tried it again with only half the length of the video and the same happens.Version: 1.8.6

I edit on this and it’s the bestMy ig @galaxy_dxlans.Version: 1.8.10

Would recommendThis is an amazing app to tweeting for gacha life/club there’s only one thing I don’t like it’s the fact of my app will just randomly crash and says I’m low on storage when I’m not so may you fix that problem but over all AMAZING.Version: 1.8.10

5 of 5 stars!There is nothing wrong with this! It did bug out once but it just made be laugh that everything but the hand was blurred XD frame rate is amazing, everything is easy to use and it’s just- nothings wrong with it!.Version: 1.8.10

Okay butPlease add motion blur when you do custom transitions!! i think it would be a great improvement to the app and many others would enjoy it and download it. it would also be nice to be able to mirror clips, because most editors on cute cut spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on just mirroring a clip and it gets tiring sometimes :( i would also like to have the option to KEYFRAME transitions rather then the custom transitions in the app. it would allow making multiple transitions and make edits smoother. the last thing that is needed for this app is graphing. as smooth as the easing types are for ccp, we would also like the option to create our own graphs, because it will make our edits smoother as well. thank you and i hope you consider my ideas :).Version: 1.8.9

Pretty goodI’ve had cute cut for around 2 years now, I made edits on Instagram. Cute cut is a pretty good editing app it’s getting old in a way. If you could maybe add some new transitions like shakes for example, maybe some new affects, or 3D shapes like cubes. Maybe even the option to freely crop a photo or video. Please, add some more to this app!.Version: 1.8.10

Love it but...This app is the best app I have ever used! But there is a problem when ever I add text it keeps crashing so I hope you could please get that fixed. But over all the app is AMAZING!.Version: 1.8.10

Thank you developersI just wanted to say thank you for updating your app and not being like those other people that just leave there app to rot because of the money they make I really love this app for editing and it's so easy and simple and I can really do a lot more and put everything in a certain place which I love I hope you continue to update the app some more and I know that I'll continue to give you 5 stars because I truly love this editing software and I hope you can add extra things like having more then 32 add ons because people normally use more when editing a longer video but I love this app and it was worth the 6 dollars thank you for updating it.Version: 1.8.6

Could be better because:This app is amazing, I use it for everything. However, it's extremely hard for me to make anything without the app automatically lowering the resolution or crashing repeatedly on me. I recall recently, while I was doing a project, I had added 7 layers. The whole videos resolution lowered and everything was blurry and has VERY bad quality. Another time when I was making an edit, (I was adding transitions to edited video clips) it kept crashing! I had to restart the whole project because it couldn't handle my transitions. I had only used 4 video clips for that project. Bugs need to be fixed asap. I expected better quality for what I paid for. I also think their should be more premade transitions. There's not a lot you can do. That's all. I suggest getting this app for simple edits. Anything complicated, go to videostar.Version: 1.8.10

Best phone video editorI have been using Cute CUT pro since 2015, and it has never let me down. While cute cut isn’t the most advance and technical editing software out there, it can do some amazing things for how easy it is to use. I used to make short video edits with quick transitions to music, and what I was able to do looked really advanced. A lot of people would ask what I use and were surprised I’m using a phone app rather than adobe or some other computer editing program. Making custom transitions and video effects is straightforward and easy. Combining different videos, photos, texts, and audios is seamless. Now days I make more traditional videos for TikTok (mainly reviews) and they look outstanding when compared to TikTok’s built-in software. With the developers adding transparent backgrounds, alignment assist, and a better UI, the app is much better than previous versions. I would definitely suggest getting the free version first and then paying the one time payment for cute CUT pro if it works for you. 100% would recommend cute CUT pro to anyone who wants to make video content off their phone or even if you just want to make some cool at home videos..Version: 2.2

Great butI use this for most of my editing, but it’d be nice if you could add more than just two video sections. It makes it really difficult to make certain edits because I can’t add in a third clip on top of two others, which is why I use video star for any editing that requires more than two clips in the same shot. If you could make it so you can add more than just two sections for videos, that’d be great..Version: 1.8.10

Really goodI’ve been using this app for a year now, the price is ok for me. But it was kinda hard to understand all the functions at first, all those settings are kind of complicated—...Version: 1.8.10

Great Job!I honestly love this app for animating, except it would be very helpful if you could add a chroma key feature. Other then that, I recommend you getting it. It might only remove the watermark and let you make longer video’s, but it’s perfect for animating..Version: 1.8.10

One problemI love this app I use it for gacha life and roblox and more like that but there’s a problem with the music I can’t use the music from my playlist so that’s kind of a big problem because I use cute cut for my gacha Chanel so that’s a big big big big big big big big problem I know you said you fixed it and all but I don’t really think you did to be honest I don’t mean to hurt your feelings if this does but you really need to fix that music problem any way when I have no storage it won’t let me use the microphone and can you please tell me how to use the picture in the corner because I don’t know how to any way peace out ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😁.Version: 1.8.10

A great go to app for all editorsSo about a couple of months ago I got this app and I absolutely loooove it!!! I would so recommend this to all users who are looking for a decent app with reliable resources and great solutions. What I love about this app is that it has so many tools that are not only really easy to get the hang of but also quite impressive! Also as you know, there are always some improvements to do for every app I come across- some of these corrections are just a little nitpicky but still: I would appreciate it if when you add many layers to the video it starts to have a really bad quality and I wonder if this could be updated and changed so that the great quality stays the same. Another point I would like to bring up is that it would come in very handy is that once you export a video at the end you would be given the choice of having a transparent background or just the usual one; it would help a lot for many users I believe and the app could be really successful! Of course I understand that it is hard for you the producer/s to update this already great app in a way that all can appreciate and that it wouldn’t cost too much either... I completely know what sort of hardships you must have faced during the making and even now. This is why I definitely rate this super handy and incredible app a 5/5 because I cannot live without it and I truly need it for my day-to-day life. Thank you so much for creating this I love it so so much!!!!!.Version: 1.8.10

It’s great butI feel like that when you buy Cute CUT Pro there should be more features because I could get Kinemaster Pro and I would get more than 1000 new features so the creators of Cute CUT Pro please take this into consideration because you really need to up your game.Version: 1.8.10

I love this editing software, but there’s a major problem..I use this software to edit all the time, but I’ve been having a problem with the quality and I can’t seem to be able to fix it. Every single time I try to import a picture to edit with, the quality automatically drops to what looks like 240p for each layer. I have no idea why this is happening, but I would like it fixed ASAP. I have videos to create that are due in one week and this is not helping me at all. I even went to normal CuteCUT (which I hadn’t deleted after I bought Pro) and imported the same images and they weren’t blurry at all. Please fix this. I’ve tried everything..Version: 1.8.10

Really good! Only one problemThe app is really good! It was easy to get used to but when you tween with the circle in the middle, it’s hard to see that part when you put it there, so I suggest making an option to get rid of it. Overall, I love the app! It’s helped me with so many things! That’s just the one thing that annoys me, instead of making an option to remove the dot, you could also just make it smaller or more see through..Version: 1.8.10

Good appI love this app but without videostar effects the transitions look awful, i can make decent edits with this but i think the app needs an update so that the 6 quid to remove the watermark could also give access to more transition options +effects.Version: 1.8.10

Great app, but bad qualityThis is a great app, and I’ve used it since last year(2019). However, a few days ago, whenever I try to add a seventh layer, the animation goes all bad quality and stuff. Why does this happen-.Version: 1.8.10

New Transitions and Better Quality PLSOk, overall this app is pretty good and easy to use. However, I feel like the same transitions are getting old so I’d really love if you could add some new ones like video star and after effects. Also better quality bc I post my edits on Instagram. Lastly is there anyway you can make it to where you can have like 2-3 transitions on one picture/video bc that would be a great help bc I have to export it a bunch if I wanna do that and that ruins the quality. Oh and it’s kinda annoying that you can only have two videos in one movie but you can have as many pics as you want. PLEASE HELP❤️😰 I pray there’s an update soon.Version: 1.8.9

Great app! But there are some problems..So this app is pretty great and all but there are a few problems, it crashes a lot and gets rid of progress, sometimes when you press play to review the video you create it’ll say its paused, but will play the clip and lag, and when you export the video on full quality it still appears blurry? is there a way to stop it from crashing every 10-15 minutes? Here are some requests for an update (if there ever will be one) Instead of just an undo button, could we get a redo button as well? Can we shorten the clip without having to cut it and resize the transitions? Since we bought Cute Cut Pro, could we get some cool effects or pre-made transitions to use? Like blurring, zooming, and etc? Can we put music in without having to make a whole file and share it to Cute cut? Could we also get a way to get rid of backgrounds &/or green screen etc. ?.Version: 1.8.10

50/50I love this app and even spent money to get the better version, but when the app crashes for no exact reason and reduces the quality of my Video, and that is just annoying, since I think every video should have good quality right? I just think the app reducing quality is more annoying than helpfull. But overall the app is great. I do recommend to add multiple layers for videos though..Version: 1.8.10

Easy to use.This is by far the easiest editing tool I know. I would like to see more transition and effects. I do like this more then KineMaster but to make it better would be to add more effects..Version: 1.8.10

Love this !!This is that best app-.Version: 1.8.10

WowDespite it’s strange name, this is probably one of the greatest video editing apps I’ve ever tried. There are a lot of advanced features to try out, such as moving an image or video anywhere around the screen at specific points. There are a couple of minor gripes, such as navigating through the tools, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. The app visually looks outdated, looking like it was from the iOS 6 era. The app is also a bit laggy. There are also a few tools that would be nice to add, such as a green screen effect. I recommend the app to beginner video designers. It has a good set of basic and advanced tools to use. I would recommend the use of other editing software to use as well. It is totally worth $6 USD..Version: 1.8.9

Constant crashingHey I noticed That It seems to crash a lot and not have much memory, I think this needs to be patched, But other then that GREAT app!.Version: 1.8.10

It’s greatOn my first day with it I made something that wood normally take me a week 🤩.Version: 1.8.10

It is amazingly goodIt’s good and no problem and all and I love how I can add my music I basically record it and press “Audio Only” and it’s only the music there and it’s so helpful and I don’t regret using my mum’s money on it(I asked for it don’t worry) (◕ᴗ◕✿).Version: 1.8.10

Pretty Good for EditingThis is a very good editing app and good for gaming channels such as mine which is called Dominator Agario But sometimes it might glitch or go wrong with seeing how much space you have because one time I had 5 GB left and it said not enough storage which wasn't true but overall definitely a good editing app to get.Version: 1.8.6

Um....I really like this app.....but I’m started to get pretty bored of it. I’m about ready to use Video Star. It’s just that you need more exciting and bigger updates. Like you need motion blur, so when we make a transition it could have the blur effect to it. And you also need to add more transitions as well as mirrored clips. I’m sick of constantly having to go to Video Star for it. And no one even uses your transitions anymore. Please don’t get me started on the glitches. I’m sorry if I came on to harsh, but PLEASE!!!! Please! If you see this, at least TRY and add my suggestions, and I hope I’m not speaking for myself when I say everyone wants bigger updates..Version: 1.8.9

This is a really great app!But you can't do greenscreens in it which is the thing everyone wants pls.make an update.Version: 1.8.6

The best editing app :DSo basically, I do some videos and this is really helpful because of the layers. One thing is that it sometimes crashes.. but that’s all. Also a suggestion? Could you add a chroma key option? This will be very helpful knowing that I don’t have to go back to kinemaster to do so. And add more video layers? Thank you very much :D.Version: 1.8.10

CreativeThis is a wonderful app! It's the best video editing app that I have used. What's great about it is that it's easy to use but you can create complex multi layered creative videos. I highly recommend it..Version: 1.8.6

Very Good!!!!I legit just got it and it’s better than any other iPhone app I’ve used! My edits rnt the best rn lol, I need to get used to it and learn the transitions. But it’s very VERY fiddly at certain points, like I will extend the timeline to make it all bigger, yet sometimes I can’t select what I want to. But I guess that’s with any other app tho..Version: 1.8.10

Needs more updatesI am a huge fan of Cute Cut Pro, I use it for all of my Gacha Life Memes, but I’m kind of disappointed in the fact that I can export videos longer and remove the cute Cut Watermark just by installing other free apps without having to purchase Cute Cut Pro. If there were extra effects or options, I would rate it 5 star..Version: 1.8.10

I love it, just one problem..Ok, in my opinion this was worth the money, and I had been using this for a LONG time now, but I got a problem that I ran into. On my iPhone 12, I was making a video, cutting clips, and more..until the screen just turned black. I tried to make a copy, exit then return to the app, nothing would work. I don’t know if I did something to make that happen or what, but it was annoying. Plus, I don’t want to start over, because I made pretty good progress. Other than that, this is a good app :).Version: 1.8.10

Just a few things!I love this app and use it a lot, I normally use it for animating. There are only two things I think need to be tweaked, one should be added and the other removed. Removed: I like duplicating my photos and moving them along, but a lot of the time this causes in the others moving back/forward even though they are nowhere near another. This can get irritating and makes it a whole lot longer to make. Added: I would personally like to see a selecting feature, where you select multiple things (mainly transitions) that you would like to delete, this would again make the process a lot faster. Anyways, I still love the app, even with these things, I would just love it more if my suggestions were taken into place..Version: 1.8.10

Best for iphone!😁Worth the price it's so good!!.Version: 1.8.5

Update for newer ipad model?I’ve been using Cute Cut Pro for 4 years now and it has never failed me, it’s my go to app for editing videos and I wouldn’t know what to do if it ever disappeared. I’ve recently gotten a new ipad, one of the 2021 models, and the app doesn’t fill the entire screen anymore. There’s a good portion of the screen that’s just black, and I feel like there’s plenty of room for it to be expanded. So would it be possible to expand the size of the app to fit the screen of the newer iPads? I have no idea if you’ll even see this, but thank you!.Version: 1.8.10

BruhI used this to make my gacha vids for YT! It works better but the first time I used it. It had a weird black thing on the top and it covered my pictures and animation I hope this doesn’t happen to you.Version: 1.8.10

Pretty dopeI'm totally a rookie.. But this is helpful.Version: 1.7.4

PLEASE READ THIS TO TE END!!!I really wanted cute cut pro for a long time and when I got it, I was really excited. But as time went on it started to crash and I didn’t know why. I went onto the website and it said that I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. I did so and it kept on crashing. Then the next step was to restart the device. This was bad because I didn’t have backup data but I had to restart it anyway because I really wanted to use the app. I paid £5.99 for it! It deleted most of my data but it didn’t crash after that. If your going to download this app PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DATA..Version: 1.8.10

Decent appOk so ccp is actually not that bad I mean I use it for editing and honestly it’s not the worst but I really wish it had more quality’s like video star or after affects that way it would make it worth the money I spent on it, all the money was for was the watermark cuz there is no different transitions no nothing and I really hope the creators read more reviews like this because I’m sure a lot of editors would agree cuz your soooo limited on this app and I kinda wish we weren’t as limited y’know.Version: 1.8.10

Love it!Ahaha I’m not any good yet but I love the app!! No problems so far but I will contact if there are any in the future!.Version: 1.8.10

Amazing for beginnersI love this app so much and I use it all the time! It is a great app for people that are starting a gacha life channel because it is simple and easy to use! I definitely recommend it!.Version: 1.8.10

SomethingsThis app is really good I love the it so much. but I was wondering if you could add a chroma key and save transparent videos on pro at least:).Version: 1.8.10

Much better than any other editing app for iOS. here’s whyThis app is so great for soooo many reasons. one reason is, there are so many things you can do with it! Transitions: AMAZING. i’ve edited on Cute CUT and i loved it. on March 31, 2018 i decided to upgrade. i loveeeee it! my edits have gotten so much better and one thing i would like would be to add some more transitions, more complex ones. such as these: (these aren’t all transitions) - ae dotted outline effect (unless that is copyrighted, if so, a similar one.) - ae melt effect (same as ⬆️. if copyrighted then similar one) - hexagon effect - more fonts (preferably in alphabetical order 🙂) -spin transitions. (i already know how to do spin transitions but it’s a chore to do them) -update your info page to a more recent version! preferably 2018! -and finally. a redo button! it’s sooo aggravating to undo your action too far and have to do it over again! all of these would be cool on Cute CUT too :) thank you so much for making an app as amazing as this!!!.Version: 1.8.9

LoveLove love love ittt😌.Version: 1.8.10

Love it! Would love it more if it had thisI’ve been using this app for about 2 years now and absolutely love it! I’ve grown comfortable with it and developed my own editing style using this software. However, there are a few setbacks. Sometimes there’s glitches which can be fixable but risk restarting your project. I usually have to pay attention to this because I always have to re-import the picture/video that was glitched in order to fix it. I would also love it if you guys added a green screen option because that would make the app complete! I get frustrated on how I need to trash ideas because of the green screen setback..Version: 1.8.10

Amazing, but has some problemsDon’t get me wrong, I love CCP and use it for animation. There are a few things that bother me though. It bothers me how when I move the layer then a black screen appears for a millisecond, I find this very annoying because I can’t properly see where I am moving the layer. Another thing that bothers me A LOT when it crashes. It doesn’t happen all the time, but there is around a 1 in 10 chance of happening. I also don’t think it’s worth paying £6 just to remove the watermark and allow extra time. Other than that, it’s amazing..Version: 1.8.10

More Transitions and Effects?I’ve been using Cute Cut for a while and I love it but when I’m done it doesn’t look very good without certain effects. Please add in motion blur so it is a lot more smoother! I understand that you can make your own transitions but even with them, my edit is not very good and interesting. If you could add a few more with a bit more movement then that would be great..Version: 1.8.10

PLEASE FIX THESE!! PLEASEReally good, however... Every time I make make a video that is complex, with many cuts and transitions, It crashes saying "storage low, cute cut pro will reduce video quality" even tho I have 45GB left on my iPhone. Really ANNOYING!! Also when making a complex video, there is loads of lag between the video footage and audio. If both of these flaws were overcome, it could be way better and by far the best IOS editor, no question..Version: 1.8.6

Great app, great new update, but…I love this software, I use it daily. It’s my livelihood. And this new update is great. I wasn’t expecting this app to ever get updated, but alas, I’ve been proven wrong. However, please fix the transition problems. I use the custom transitions constantly, but if I have an image with a transition on it, and then I split it shorter than the app lets me, it removes the transition entirely. The original didn’t do this, and I used it religiously, because the length cute cut wants me to use isn’t short enough for what I edit. All I ask is to put that feature back, besides that, 10/10 app..Version: 2.2

Great but..This app is awesome! But can you please add a chroma key? And possibly a clear background? It’s be so much better:).Version: 1.8.10

Good editing appThis is a great editing app but the only thing I don't like is the transitions, Yes there is some great ones but I wish there was more, and maybe a shadow effect? Or just more effects itself? I'm just hoping this app can top After Effects, I am an Instagram editor and I just hope to make better edits with this app, Thanks!.Version: 1.8.6

I love this appIt’s really good for editing it looks really hard to use but it is actually super easy and the animations are really smooth unlike KineMaster I recommend getting this app it’s so easy to use and if you don’t want to pay money for this app you can easily get just cute cut not cute cut pro but I do recommend this version because you don’t have to pay for a watermark you only have to pay once just to get the app definitely worth it.Version: 1.8.10

Great app, but something happened..So I’ve had this app for awhile now, and it’s actually really good I love doing my animations on there and it’s really smooth! But the other day I was working on another animation of mine and it took me about a hour or so to do around 5 seconds of the movement, but I just finished and then cute cut decided to crash. I was naturally annoyed but I thought cute cut saves so it should be fine, well turns out when I entered the app again a notification popped up saying something along the lines of “The program crashed, we reduced the quality of the project to save more info” I thought it was okay at first but then when I looked at it, it was blurry and I was practically unable to even see what I drew. I was annoyed because this meant that I had to redo ALL of the animation and movements of the character. I understand that this was a malfunction of the app, but the next update should definitely fix that bug. A lot of people could get annoyed by this..Version: 1.8.10

Dev fixed the update to include the feature we lost, awesome! .I use this app because it’s fast. I can turnaround a video from raw footage to polished product on the move and with limited resources, cash, or computing power... it is great! (I am editing my review here because they actually listened to feedback and put an old feature that was lost in an update back into the fold and it’s more powerful than ever.) This app got me a college degree and now it’s helping my career. Dev team, you are my hero’s, and your work has helped me have a competitive advantage in the job market..Version: 2.3

Review (ccp has crashes)My app keeps loosing memory and crashing out whenever i try new transitions. would recommend the pro version because it is great apart from the crashes (which for the money spent it shouldn’t do) this app is great, but too expensive and keeps on crashing. maybe an update? I don’t know, anything to stop the crashes because everytime i need to make an edit or a vid, it takes longer than it should because of the sudden crashes. thankyou.Version: 1.8.10

Pretty good app!I use this app to edit and I was wondering if you could add a green screen feature and maybe a feature to save your own transitions? I really need a green screen feature because it makes it way easier to edit (in my opinion) so please think about adding these features.Version: 1.8.10

Video importOverall, I think this app is very useful! One thing though, it upsets me that you cannot import more than 3 videos all in separate layers. This would make everything easier! Thank you for you time.Version: 1.8.10

This app is greatI’ve been using the app for a week now and it has made my editing a lot more smoother. As a YouTuber, editing with a phone, it’s hard to find a good editing app where everything is the way you want it, luckily this app helps with that. 😀.Version: 1.8.10

It’s been great, but...I’ve been using cute cut for almost a year now, maybe even close to two and I’ve always loved it and found it quite easy to use! However, I’ve recently come across some things that annoy me, such as: glitches. I’ve never made an edit that hasn’t had at least one glitch in it, and recently I’ve had to remake projects because the app simply wouldn’t allow me to open my edit without crashing. Your effects also need updating. Sure, it’s great that we have the custom transition, and it does allow for many of the transitions we see on ae and vs, but a lot of the time you have to use other apps to get there, where as you can simply get those transitions directly from the app itself or somebody who has turned it into a file you can scan into the app on ae and vs. we need to be able to import colorings, transitions and other things from other editors that use cute cut! Colorings are also an issue, as there a very few that you can make and often you can’t even tell you’ve added coloring to your edit. There should be more options for that, as well as audio and video quality. Other than these things though, the app has been amazing and I love it :).Version: 1.8.9

Favourite video editor, + suggestionVery good quality editor, allows you to create unique edits and it’s my go - to app for editing any videos. One update that I would appreciate however is having the choice to export a video with a transparent background. When I’m editing a part of a video, to a point where I need to slow it down to x16, I will export that edited video part, try to put it on top of the normal speed base video but find that most of the parts I had imported as transparent had been exported as a black background (if that makes sense? Sorry, I’m not great at English). Please add this as a feature, it would make for better editing! Thanks^^.Version: 1.8.10

Great.. it’s just..Okay, my overall review would have been five stars but this glitch happened when I was about to finish up a video I have been working on for DAYS and I am not exaggerating when I say that. So, I came across this glitch where it says something like, “You have low memory so we are going to make the quality on your video less then what it was” (basically) and I was, pretty much, alright with that. It looked okay. But, when I went to edit one of my clips it just took me to my home screen. I was.. confused. I went back and it did the same. This repeated. It said the same thing over and over. I still don’t get it now..Version: 1.8.10

Overall it’s amazing!! But...This app is truly amazing! It has everything you need, except I’d really appreciate it if you allowed us to add more videos to the edit like you do with photos. Thank you!.Version: 1.8.9

Great app, butI like this app. It’s really helpful for editing and what not. It’s also not subscription so that’s great! However, it doesn’t have time posted. You’re flying blind and you have to manually line up certain parts. It’s tedious, so only get this if you have the patience for no time stamps (idk if that’s the term but I’m tired rn and I can’t be bothered to google it).Version: 1.8.10

Good but needs more!I find CCP very easy and simple, I use it on a daily basis giving me lots of experience with it and it’s one of my best purchases! Though I think that more effects should be added for example: shaking, floating, drifting, flicker, pulse... Or even the ability to use chroma key and add custom overlays. Thank you!.Version: 1.8.10

Pretty good! But a few suggestions ^^I absolutely love this app! I’ve been able to make a lot of little edits for friends, family, and instagram! The app itself is pretty easy to use and has great pre-made transitions too. Sometimes there will be a few glitches, but it happens rarely and/or you’re just doing weird transitions that take up a lot of space. This is avoidable tho, so I’ve been okay so far. But if you could try to fix this problem it would be even better! But I do wish there was a few more things in the app to make editing easier. Like the mirror effect, There’s other apps I can make it on but it would be soooo much better if it was in the app. Another thing I wish it would have is shakes and bounces, It’s really hard to do them right now and never turns out the way I want it to. At times just trying to do shakes takes an hour or two, super annoying. You could add shakes and bounces to pre-made transitions! It would mean everything to me if they did this. Over all, the app is great but it does have some minor bugs or crashes. And sometimes it doesn’t turn out as smooth as it should. But a big thing would be adding the shakes and other stuff I mentioned above. I do recommend buying this app tho!!.Version: 1.8.10

Please have an updateI love this app. But the only problem is that you don’t to updates enough. The last update was a year ago and I want there to be more features. Like for example green screen or more easy typing. I would love to have these updates and i think your downloaders will like it too. Please do more updates :(.Version: 1.8.10

Could you please add this again?Could you please add the fixed cover image bec it is now really useless in the update now. Could make like how it was before? Or make a similar button because that will really help me :).Version: 1.8.10

It’s good- but exporting is a choreI have like 4-5 creations and none of them will export other then that good app Just fix exporting PLEASE.Version: 1.8.10

I absolutely love the app but a quick suggestionI am a gacha tuber and I love making videos with this, I kind of would like if you made me able to see where it’s moving while it’s moving, it’s hard to explain but I find it quite hard when trying to tween or make my characters move because I can’t really see if it’s to big or small. Thank you if you do make this happen. It will be very helpful.Version: 1.8.10

Great! But to expensiveThis app is top notch and I %100 recommend it! If you can afford it... You see this app has everything you Need, but nothing else. The only changes in the free & $10 version is that there’s no watermark, and it can be longer than 30 seconds. If I could say one thing to the app owners, I would recommend either making this app cheeper, or adding some more things to Pro. Overall, I really recommend this app! As long as you are willing to pay the price. If an app created does see this. Please take into account what I have mentioned ☺️ - Small YouTuber 🌸.Version: 1.8.10

The Best $6 I Have Ever SpentOver 3 years ago, I spent $6 on this app. Since then, it’s been the catalyst for nearly all of my creativity. 3 years of using it for every single video I make has gotten me pretty familiar with it, and I’ve grown a huge love-hate relationship with it. It’s incredible that it’s allowed me to make everything that I have, but all the crashes, long loading times, and overall buggy interface was really annoying. But, there’s been a few updates recently. A lot of the UI is different. It’s weird and I’m not a huge fan of the “simple” look, but it’s a bit less buggy now. New features have been added as well. Namely, TRANSPARENT VIDEOS. This was my dream 3 years ago, and now it’s real. Essentially, my point is that if you want the best affordable mobile video editing software out there, this is it. Compare it to a cup of coffee. $6 for a drink that’ll be gone in 15 minutes, or $6 for 3 years of creating and over 270 videos? The choice is yours..Version: 2.3

J’aimeÇa édite vraiment bien, l’animation est top, il n’y a pas de pubs et, il n’y a pas de wathermark! Cependant, cela coûte assez cher... Mais je conseille si vous utilisez l’animation assez souvent!.Version: 1.8.10

New update has improved it so muchUsed this for 4 years and its been great. Now i can finally say it does everything that a video editor on pc can do. The latest update has changed the look and added new features like chroma key. Looking really smooth and clean too. Definitely recommend..Version: 2.2

A little problemHey Developer! I honestly love this app and I use it every time when I edit my videos. But just recently, I don’t know if it’s a bug but I couldn’t export my project towards my album. And also, I couldn’t extract the audio too. If it’s a bug can you please fix it? Thank you!.Version: 1.8.10

This app is great!This app has been very helpful! I have only been using it for a few days and I love it already! I have made so many edits and everyone I know loves them. This app is pretty easy to use and is a great app to edit things on. The only thing I wish there was is more translations such as shaking, pre made flash, and zoom in pre made. I tried to make a zoom but it did not turn out as if I hoped it would. There are very few problems so that is a great thing! This app is great to use if you want to post things on apps such as Instagram. Overall this app is absolutely amazing! There are very few things that are not as good as others..Version: 1.8.10

Chroma KeyCute cut pro is amazing but I needs a Chroma Key..Version: 1.8.10

CrashingThis app is great I have like two edits on it but right now for me it keeps crashing say I have low memory but I have an extra 14G on my phone and crashes when I try to re shape a photo please look into this bug.Version: 1.8.9

WONDERFULL but...This is better than kinemaster and this has improved my editing over the years as a gachatuber but I can’t green screen and iv tried but I couldn’t so I was wondering if you could make it a thing because right now you can only green screen just something green.Version: 1.8.10

A few things I'd like to saySo I have been using CuteCut PRO for a few months now, and it's been a great help with videos! But I think it could have a little more to it.. Not much changes but a bit. I'd like to be able to change photos but keep everything else on there, instead of having to do all of the transitions again. Also, having a green screen would be great! For the fact that it can get really frustrating to keep editing something.. Or editing something that you can't. And maybe some effects can be added? I don't know much of effects but I know that it would help me with my storage space. But a all in all I have this a five, it's really fun to make videos with this app. I hope this will get an update that customers want! Your service is greatly appreciated! Edit 5/4/19: Today I've been getting trouble of exporting my video to my camera roll. And I know have enough space for it, since it's merely under one minute. But each quality I try, it doesn't export it. At one point it finally exported, without the video. Just the audio. And that point I lost hope that it will export, but I kept trying, I didn't want to give up my hard work. (Though, I did have many pictures on there, I'm not to sure if that's the problem.) In conclusion, I'd would like it if the exporting isn't acting wonky..Version: 1.8.10

It’s rly good! butI have been using this app for a while and it’s rly great, it’s easy to use, edits nicely and i have been very satisfied with how things turn out. one issue tho, when i try to enter a certain project i haven’t finished it says “Low Memory Warning: Crash occurred when editing this movie. Cute CUT is going to reduce the quality of this movie to save memory” so i click okay, then the app crashes. i have basically deleted all apps on my ohone to see if it would work and waited a day, yet it still crashes every single time i try: please get back to me on what i could do to fix that, because i’m sad i can’t finish the project. other than that i’ve had great experiences with this app, love it!.Version: 1.8.10

Meh...It keeps on crashing and it sometimes deletes my movies It’s really annoying when that happens and I sometimes get upset because I put so much effort into it. Overall everything is really good. It would be nice if you could add the “green screen affect” as well.Version: 1.8.10

Pretty goodI’ve been using cute cut pro since January of 2018 for my edits. And, although it’s not a bad app, I have many suggestions to greatly improve the quality. First of all, you (creators) should add an effects library, so we can add things like motion blur and distortion to our edits. Also, it would be amazing if you could add a 3D shapes update, so we can make our edits much more creative. My final suggestion is that you should add an update in which we can create our own motion graphs so our edits can be smoother. I love this app, it just really needs an update. It has a lot of potential and I hope you look into adding some of my (and many others) suggestions. :).Version: 1.8.10

CcpThe first time i got tis app i was like woah is good lol wut ._..Version: 1.8.10

GeniusBest editor on mobile.Version: 1.8.10

My Review (plez I beg you to stop it from crashing)This is a great app to edit it on but, sometimes it will crash with most of my stuff I have been editing on and it would not let me open my project that I have spent time on. So I couldn’t save it at all but to start again. Please fix it..Version: 1.8.10

OuiOui.Version: 1.8.10

My video rows over lapHonestly this is a great app but recently the videos are overlapping and it’s overwhelming. I make a lot of edits and it requires a lot of layers. I usually have to make new projects. Can you please fix this..Version: 1.8.10

Update requestPls update the app, i have an iphone 11 and most of the time now i cant import photos straight away becuz it doesnt load properly as in, it stays on the white page that shows the icon on the bottom for albums, library, file sharing and camera . yeah it doesnt load at all, other features work like importing videos and adding text and transitions, etc. its the photos ive been having trouble with . pls fix this issue, this app has been my main video editing app for like over 5 years; its simple but better than the other editing apps out there.Version: 1.8.10

ReviewVery easy to use after you get the hang of it, great for instagram edits and tiktok editing!.Version: 1.8.10

Amazing!Its an amazing app witch i would highly recomend for making montages. 5/5 stars😄.Version: 1.7.4

Fix this problem!Okay, I have been using this app for a very long time. I’ve used it on vine and now Instagram. I’ve had some problems with it in the past, but nothing I can’t handle. But now, I can’t! I was working on a project last night, was almost done just had to add a few more transitions. I woke up this morning to a “missing video” message, saying I had deleted my videos. Which in fact, I did not. There are still in my camera roll. So I didn’t think too much of it, and I went to start over. It said “download failed” on every single video I clicked on. I deleted the app and redownloaded it, and it’s still doing it. Please fix this, I want to finish my project!.Version: 1.8.7

Great!I personally really like it! I took a while to get used to it, but now it's much easier to use!!.Version: 1.8.6

ProblemGreat app but I have one problem with it. Why doesn’t the app possess a greenscreen option. This causes a huge problem for me as most other video editors possess this feature. I would greatly appreciate it if you could add this in the future..Version: 1.8.10

I LOVE YOU 😍I love this app and I have this app when I was 13 years old crazy right! XD anyway I love this app and if people hate it who cares because I love this app it’s my life now and I always use it ;3 so 5 star for you heheh.Version: 1.8.9

SuggestionsOkay this is great! But a few things, pleaseee add a motion blur and also I know final cut has this feature but you shouldn’t have to pay to be able to select multiple photos or videos, for example KineMaster is a free app that lets you select multiple photos and videos and the list goes on if other free apps that have this feature, so please please pleaseeee add this feature!.Version: 1.8.10

YESI really like this app-I do PMV animations and it’s been really difficult for me to tween until I found out about this app-the only thing I would recommend is adding different types of tweening options-such as motion tweening-glitch-etc.Version: 1.8.10

GoodThis app is pretty amazing, considering. But I think you could definitely get more for the price. Features for green screen editing would be cool, even some more transition effects. Just something to consider. Other than that, it’s brilliant for simple videos..Version: 1.8.9

VERY HELPFUL!<3 but...I love this app and i use it to create little clips to upload them on Instagram, but i wish there was a feature where you could add text eg. Subtitles..Version: 1.8.9

This is an AWESOME APP but..I believe this is the most AMAZING APP, but I don’t really think it’s worth $10, because there are only two new things, longer time and removed water mark.I would appreciate of u added more transitions and maybe even some stickers e.g Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.8.10

This app is really goodIt’s really useful for making edits I make fab edits on various things there is allot of transitions you can use and the quality is great it’s awosme how you can add your own music in however I wish there was a bigger range of transitions one I would suggest is the bounce one.Version: 1.8.10

Amazing App Worth the price!Bought it for my channel to edit with and was incredible not had any problems with it so far! Definitely a happy customer!.Version: 1.8.10

I have a few suggestions...I was wondering if when you move something to animate it, you can see where it goes. Idk how to explain this but for me when I move the picture thing it doesn’t show me where it will be. So idk if I’m moving it to high until after I lift my finger. This can be annoying for me because I like to get things perfect, so sometimes I’m staring at my phone moving it like 1mm at a time to try and guess where the perfect spot will be. Next, add a section where you can label layers. This would help a lot when you try and animate different body parts. Ok I have one last thing. When you add photos or videos you can add more then one photo/video at once. Then it will take less time to add photos, because you can add multiple at once. Otherwise I couldn’t find anything else that I didn’t like about the app. It’s cool and easy to use, and if you could fix those two things this would be 5 stars. Welp keep up the good work <3 This is stupid. I add a layer called video then add a video on top of my other video layers and it puts it on the freaking first layer. Help this is so annoying.Version: 1.8.10

One Major ProblemThis is a major problem!! I was working on a project for a whole week and I accidentally refreshed the app as I was exporting, after this, my whole project wasn’t able to export. I wasn’t able to recover it or anything, I had to delete the project and start all again! This is a bug that needs fixing!!!.Version: 1.8.10

Wonderful app. Would recommend! :DCute cut is honestly, hands down, one of the best editing apps I’ve used. And now since I have cute cut pro I don’t have to worry about the watermark and stuff. I would highly recommend this app to people who are just starting to edit videos and stuff. I do Gacha so I edit differently (with putting all the screenshots in line and stuff like that) but still would highly recommend. I used to used KineMaster and I still do, but that app has a watermark and a monthly subscription. Two things I dislike. But this is a great app! Get pro if you can so you can do more stuff!.Version: 1.8.10

My favourite!This has to be my favourite video editing app i have tried and i have tried alot. It is easy to use and you can create smooth and cool transitions! would recommend to instagram video editors like myself!.Version: 1.8.10

This app is great! One suggestion that will make betterI’ve been using this app for soo long! It’s amazing! One suggestion though, could you please add green screen remover? It would help a lot! Because I use green screen things all the time! Thank you so much, please update it and add this feature.Version: 1.8.10

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