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Heads Up! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Heads Up! app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Heads Up!? Can you share your negative thoughts about heads up!?

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Heads Up! for Negative User Reviews

Crashes since updateJust crashes every single time since update. My IOS is up to date. I’ve reinstalled several times. You click any pack and it crashes. Played it on my wife’s phone and all the answers are the same from game to game. This app used to be one of our favourites to kill some time but it’s absolutely useless now. What a shame!.Version: 5.1.41

Let DownTried this for a girls game night. Differences between Samsung and Apple versions make it irritating. (Apple version Did bit have the same categories and Samsung got the app for free!!). Many duplications in the words being guessed from round to round. And the assortment of categories you get for the initial app purchase is super small. They want you to pay a lot extra to get more (better) “deck” options. Felt like it promised way more than what was delivered. Disappointing..Version: 5.1.6

Lost PurchasesToo many ads for your new decks that the screen looks cluttered and too busy. Hard to find my own decks. I use this to teach reading and for language learning so I bought my own Build Your Own decks and now they are gone. I’ve restored purchases so many times and it still has not been restored. I’ve used this for years and found this a very useful tool. Please bring back the Build Your Own decks..Version: 5.1.45

DisappointedOk say my Moms friends birthday was coming up so we had a party we were thinking fun games to play so my mom got the app and this is where it all started going down hill so we discussed to get the karaoke pack it was 1.99 so my mom said what the heck sure she bought and it was all songs that nobody knew so then we saw an Avengers one so we were like ohh okay so my mom but it for 3.99 and some of the questions was from D.C sand some of them didn’t even make sense so I wrote review to just tell y’all don’t buy and of the packs unless you like not common songs. P.s the game branded is amazing on the app and it’s free..Version: 4.1.83

It’s ok... 😐😕This game costs a dollar sure but is it really worth it? The answer is NO. Ok I’ll admit it’s kind of fun but this game constantly crashes. Also coming back to how the game costs one dollar, the facts are that it only gives a few decks I’ve seen more on ripoff versions for FREE. And if you want more decks you’ve got to pay 20 bucks in 15 minutes or else it costs a whopping 100$!! But anyways if you’re looking to buy a fun family game or a game that you can play with friends, keep searching. Oh yeah one more thing. If your a developer and you’ve took the time time read this far thank you, and also about the constant crashing, this happens when I have my WiFi on and when I have my data on my phone on. Just saying, in case you want to fix this issue. (And I’ll change the rating to 5 star if that happens ;) .).Version: 5.1.7

DisappointedDid expect to have to buy decks when you have to buy the app….disappointing…want my money back.Version: 5.1.70

Waste of moneySuch a waste of money and false advertising! I brought the adults only version and the most adult only word i found was “hunks”? $9 for nothing! When you buy the adults only version you expect inappropriate words! So so disappointed and deleted the app straight away! Wish i didnt waste my money! I actually liked the free version better..Version: 4.1.81

Cannot purchase new decksLOVE this game! Have been playing the default decks of cards but would like to purchase new ones - unfortunately on clicking the button, spinning wheel pretends to load and nothing happens. Disappointed but still a great game..Version: 1.3

Decks I paid for are gone & customer service app support won’t helpI’ve purchased many MANY decks over the years. I’ve tried downloading/redownloading & “Restoring My Deck Purchases” countless times on the App but nearly all my purchased decks are gone. They dissappeared, were wiped clean. The only option is to keep re-buying everything I’ve already paid for over & over to get it to stick. I’ve tried emailing Head’s Up App support numerous times w/ no response. They can continue to add new seasonal decks & do updates but they don’t have the decency to reply to paying customers who’ve helped contribute to this game’s profittable success. Can someone from support please kindly contact me!? I just want the game decks I paid for back (I have my iTunes receipt emails as proof!). Thank you..Version: 3.9.24

Fun but overly American.So I downloaded the British pack, but that’s just a pack of things that American’s think are British. One of the clues was “Elley on the telley”. That’s not remotely British. They should’ve had a British person make a pack about British culture. There is more than one country in the world, perhaps you should make the app globally relevant..Version: 4.1.89

Decks disappear and can’t create my own categoriesI have paid for decks that are no longer there and I have restored purchases multiple times and nothing happens. Also the app advertises that you can create your own categories but I don’t see where the app offers you that option anywhere. I also can’t even find a login/logout feature or account page. I can’t seem to even track my purchases or account access etc. How is that possible that I’m obviously logged in to be able to purchase but can’t access account information, payment details, or even a login screen??!!.Version: 5.1.45

Glitches and takes me back to my home screenWhen I try to open certain decks, it just glitches and takes me back to my home screen. It’s really frustrating as I can’t play these decks.Version: 4.1.89

Waste of moneyFind yourself a free version of anything else, because this things sucks!.Version: 5.1.71

Horrible GameWhy did i pay $3 when it doesn’t even give you any packs… such a scam. horrible game!.Version: 5.1.45

Decks not randomisingThe decks aren’t randomised anymore. They’re in a predefined order and we keep getting the same cards in the same order every round no matter what deck we play..Version: 5.1.46

DISAPPOINTEDHeads Up, I love your game that I’ve purchased multiple decks. When I got a new iPhone I contacted your support team through email asking how I could transfer these purchased decks to my new device (because ‘restore purchases’ wasn’t working even though both devices are logged into the same Apple ID and both apps are connected to iCloud). I’ve received no response in almost 2 months, even after sending a couple more emails and sending a message to your Facebook page. I love the game but it’s such a waste of money if I can’t restore my decks. The fact that I haven’t received help from the support team after I’ve tried to contact you multiple times has been a massive let down!.Version: 3.9.10

Very disappointed.First of all you have to pay for the game which is fine if it’s a fun game. Then I open the app to see you can’t play the game unless you pay about 20£ for one deck?? If they said that you would have to pay extra for decks it would be fine but they did NOT. please don’t download this there are plenty of other good games. VERY disappointed..Version: 5.1.77

App Keeps Shutting DownI played this game when it first came out and it was a fun, and the new packs have definitely made it even better. I also love that you can play a free round of a pack you don’t own if you watch an ad, but every time the ad ends, the app shuts down, and the option for a free round is no longer available for that pack so I just have to buy the pack to know how it is. Hope this gets fixed and I somehow get my free rounds back because I never got to play them. For that I have to take off two stars.Version: 3.9.3

Kept repeatingDid a round and we had 3 unique questions and then the rest repeated. Super disappointed. Should have never paid..Version: 5.1.53

UpdateWe enjoy the heads up game but is there a way we can change the timer? Can you add an update for us to change the time limit?.Version: 2.2

Please fix this.It’s a fun little game to play with friends but mine keeps getting stuck on the time’s up screen. After that I can’t do anything so I have to reload the app if I want to play again..Version: 4.1.81

Not shareable between devices.Bought all the decks through my iPad. Went to family Christmas dinner last night and only had my phone. Everyone wanted to play Heads Up but my phone only had the stocked default decks. Tried restoring purchases but to no avail. Only option was to buy the decks again but that’s not going to happen. We played a different game..Version: 5.1.70

Unstable App, keeps crashingI used to play this game a couple of years ago and had lots of fun with friends. But this new version seems to have lots of problems. It keeps crashing after each game, it freezes on the Time’s Up screen and you have no other choice but to restart the app if you want to keep playing. If you’re thinking about getting this app, I wouldn’t bother until they have fixed the issue!.Version: 5.1.5

No features/customization. Constant annoying pop-ups!The expectation when you buy a paid app is that you're *not* going to be inundated with a million little pop ups expecting you accidentally click/spend more money. the core gameplay is fun and I don't mind that they add different pop culture references behind paid additional "decks", but the 60 second rounds are far too short and there's no way to lengthen them. Worse yet, between every 60 second round is an ad that takes up most of the screen estate trying to sucker you into buying paid features. Very sorry state for the game to be in when you spend more time trying to click through the menus than actually playing the game. Don't recommend it all..Version: 5.1.18

False promotions50+ decks in the 10th Year anniversary. I got exactly 50 decks. What’s the point giving false signs of potentially more than 50 decks when you give only 50. Anyway, if anyone else is considering (because they have very little information on this supposedly great deal), it’s a bunch of random ones that you probably don’t want. They left all the good ones out..Version: 5.1.74

Rosevear122Really disappointed bought the app and it won't work on my phone said it would but I pick a category and it says to place on forehead and stops on that so haven't had a chance to play it, don't waste your money!.Version: 1.0

Horrible interfaceThe premise of the games are great, building on celebrity heads and charades, but the app design is awful. Everything from being spammed with attempts to sell you more, to just simple design oversights, like not having audio controls. An app like this needs to be better to use than playing the traditional way with cards, and with the exception of having the video replay, it really isn’t any better. There is no reason to pay money for this app.Version: 5.1.15

What happened ?I first downloaded this game 6 months ago, and my boyfriend and I loved it. I wound up deleting it because we stopped using it as often, and just recently brought it back. I had purchased several decks and now they won't re download. Also, the constant ads before each round are ridiculous. Having to sit through a 30 second ad every time I play a round led me to just deleting the app again. Also, since it won't let me re download my decks, we've just been playing the free rounds, and more than a couple times I've sat through the ad, and then the app dies. When I bring it back, it says I already used my free round. Overall, very unhappy with how it's changed.Version: 3.8.9

Terrible!!Ive had this game for a week now and ive just decided to delete it as it is a complete waste of space. Its honestly WAY to expensive for the packs and the topics you can play or just stupidly unguessable like on the animal theme for kids they gave them animals they most of my my family didn’t even know what they were I honestly wouldn’t recommend this game unless you know how to act out a elephant shrew.Version: 4.1.76

Great idea sadly it’s the same namesSame names on repeat. Works for about an evening the. You’ve done all the movies and pop singers in one night then that’s it. Done. Take a pen and some paper..Version: 5.1.45

Great game but language difficultiesI love this app and so do my friends and family. The only major problem is the language setting. I was able to switch been Spanish and English back and forth without difficulty but now its stuck on Spanish even though on my phones internal settings for the app says English. I had to redownload the app for it to go back to English but now it won’t switch to Spanish. Wish the language setting was within app and actually worked..Version: 5.1.45

So soApp could be really fun, but it continuously pushes you to enable access to your camera so it can film people doing the action which for all the effort to make you do it is a bit of a pointless feature. Also the answers to the games repeat themselves really quickly and are all American, so a lot of it is a waste of time if you’re in the UK.Version: 3.9.7

Wheres my extended decks !Paid to have the extended 50+ decks for 24.99$ and i didnt get the extended decks !!! very disappointed and would like a refund!!!.Version: 5.1.65

Paid to create my own deck, but can’t find it anywhereI bought the deck that allowed me create my own deck by my handwriting. After paying for everything, I couldn’t find it anywhere. This is ridiculous! Refund my money!.Version: 5.1.69

Needs fixingThis doesn’t even load up on my iPad, drops out can’t access it at all.Version: 5.1.18

Can’t get out of ads!Seriously hacked off, can’t play as stuck in ads and no option to close down.Version: 5.1.23

Price of extra decks not always worth itThis is a fun game, great laughs last Christmas playing with the family! However, you don’t get a lot of packs for free and once they start repeating themselves you’re out of options. I recently purchased the Star Wars deck which definitely was not worth £2.99 - I think we got 10 goes out of it before all the words started repeating!.Version: 4.1.75

SadThought there would be more free games. What did I pay for….Version: 5.1.24

Can’t share decks?!?I purchased this app for my son in order for him to play with his friends as well as our family when waiting in various lines. It is rather annoying to have to buy additional decks, but I was shocked when I found out that the decks cannot be accessed by my own family members on their respective phones. I had downloaded the Harry Potter, Marvel bundle and Star Wars decks onto my phone with the reasonable expectation that my wife, son and daughter would be able to use them as well. It is understandable that Ellen DeGeneres would want to make money, but it is terribly petty and unbecoming to be this greedy. As I stated above, it is reasonable to charge money for specialty decks, but unscrupulous to not be transparent wherein these decks cannot be shared whilst the actual app can be shared..Version: 4.1.76

UpdateI did the update and now it won't work. It keeps crashing on my iPhone 7. Awesome game but it needs fixing..Version: 2.1.1

Needs UpdatingLots of fun but decks need to be updated with new questions to keep it fresh. Also the new Avengers deck is rubbish! It has barely any variety with the same clues coming up again and again - not worth $4.50!.Version: 4.1.76

Bait and switchI’ve played this game on a few other friends phones and absolutely love it, so I decided it was time that I give it a download. After I paid the $.99, I was prompted that they were offering a sale on some of their other packs to play for $20. It was over a $100 value for just 20 bucks so I thought I was snagging a great deal! After I purchased the limited time offer, I was promptly notified that I had been charged $45 dollars instead of the 20 that I thought I was spending. After fuming about that for a few minutes, I still decided to play a few rounds so I booted up the game and selected a category only to get stuck on the “place on forehead” screen. I don’t know if either of these instances were possible bugs or glitches, but I’m very very displeased with how my experience has been thus far with Heads Up..Version: 5.1

Great appKids love it and loads of fun to entertain with!.Version: 3.8.9

App runs great but support is horribleMy family and I play this game all the time together and never had an issue. That is until I upgraded my phone. It says that you can restore all of the packs you purchase in the app but that is not entirely true. You can only restore the individual ones you purchase. If you purchase one of their sale pack sets you will not restore those. I have emailed support numerous time and there has been 0 response. If you are going to buy things in this game make sure you buy each one individually so that you don’t have this problem..Version: 4.1.76

AwfulYou have to pay to download the app and then pay for EVERYTHING in the app, a part from like 3 categories. Not worth it..Version: 4.1.89

Heads up.Despite this app being a fun and social game to play with friends or family - you pay for the app but then have to pay for packs within the app which gets ridiculous. You have bare basics and that is not fun to play over and over again. It shouldn’t be more to pay if you want to play games with different themes..Version: 4.1.76

Needs an updateHaven’t been able to play because it keeps freezing! Annoying that you have to pay to download and it doesn’t work...Version: 5.1.7

Where are my custom decks ?I had 3 “white label” decks personalized that are completely gone with the latest update. 😩😡😡😡. I spend so much time customizing them. Not only I lost them… but there up option to get new empty decks…. With the exception of the lousy 20 cards one … what are we supposed to do with 20 cards. This game just became useless 🤬.Version: 5.1.45

Was Great Until Decks DissappearedOh I loved this game! Hours of fun! Since we were enjoying it so much, I decided to purchase the build your own decks. I spent a lot of time creating decks with topics that would be meaningful to my friends and family. We’ve played those BYOD decks as well as many of the pre-made decks for purchase. I sat down to buy another BYOD deck and create a new category when I realized my previous custom decks were gone. I tried restoring purchases and updating the app, but to no avail. Is there any way to get those back? I don’t want to purchase any more decks if they might disappear. Hoping for a response from customer support. Thank you!.Version: 5.1.45

Heads Up, Great for US players not good for anywhere elseGreat game - really fun with friends and family. Only downside is that a lot of the games and cards are USA only. If you are from the UK or anywhere else you wouldn’t know, and it kills the enjoyment a bit. That being said, there are packs you can buy which are good - but still very US focussed. Keep it up and some more UK/EU packs please!.Version: 4.1.89

Fun but beware “everything” is not all decksMy kids really like this game, so I bought the “everything” option to unlock all the decks. For £35 I did get about 100 decks, which is good value compared to the smaller packs (which are roughly a £1 a deck). I do enjoy the game. However, I’m rather annoyed that I’m still seeing adverts for other decks (2 collections covering 13 decks) that somehow weren’t included. I suspect this is illegal under the trade description act here in the UK - it is at the very least misleading..Version: 5.1.32

Please fix thisThe game is really fun but the custom deck (which costs 99p) doesn’t work! You can’t make more that one card for some reason. If you try and bring up the next card it won’t let you! I hope this it a bug a can be fixed!.Version: 3.9.6

Custom deck doesn’t workI bought all packs and really wanted to use the build your own deck pack but it doesn’t give me the option to customise. Im running the latest iOS 16 on an iPhone 13 and it doesn’t work? How lame.Version: 5.1.43

Fun, but a real money stealerMy kids loved this game so I bought some extra decks. When I got a new iPad a few years later, using the exact same account, I not only had to pay for the app again, I also couldn’t get any of those decks back. I e-mailed for help several times and only got a form letter back each time (yes I replied to the form letters as requested). Not worth the money..Version: 5.1.53

If I could give this zero starsThis game is not worth the money. It has 5 guesses - we went through all of the packs within 10 minutes. Do not buy!.Version: 5.1.45

POOR APP, POOR SERVICE.I purchased the game, loved it. Decided to purchase the biggest add on. $55 After addon game freezing every turn. Deleted and redownloaded. Same issue. Doin same thing on my 3 devices. Contacted Apple. Denied Refund. Appealed. Denied Refund again. Apple told me to contact Developer. Contacted Developer. No reply. Contacted Apple again. Was told try to contact Developer again. I did. No Reply AGAIN. I am out $55 and their policy is No Refund. I don’t understand why I do not qualify for a refund. I have been with Apple for many years and spent a lot of money. I have never been treated like this. Do not get this app and do not pay for any add-ons. This app is not worth the money u will spend. HORRIBLE SERVICE.Version: 4.1.89

Need to fix some bugs.Well before I get into the bugs I just want to say this game isn’t expensive to waste on my whole family likes it. Me and my sister were bored in quarantine and we want to play a game but all of my board/card games are boring, so I said “ do you want to play heads up?” She insists. I purchased it anyways. We kept playing it and really love it. About the bugs, are very annoying. First of all, when I open a deck and press play instead of saying “ Put on your fore head” but it just flip over, Second of all the screen sometimes went blue and it is stuck there, Third of all after a deck the camera froze. All of the bugs can be only fix if I restart my phone 2 or 3 times. It is really annoying, I was hoping if you could fix it give me some advice..Version: 5.1

Ad-ridden crapwareYou can’t even review your answers because an instant replay ad pops over concealing it and dismissing takes you to the next game. Home screen is covered with ads for in-app purchases. Uninstalled..Version: 5.1.48

Limited contentUnless you pay more.Version: 3.9.24

Oh fun! New iconAs the old saying goes, go woke, go broke… it’s Ellen’s app, even though there’s a bunch of valid reasons for her being cancelled, she should continue to be the face on the app..Version: 5.1.62

Dishonest AdsI use to really enjoy heads up and it was a great game. I am thinking of deleting the app now, a year ago they had a Batman deck that for some reason disappeared from the deck store. Today they offered a 50+ deck deal that in the image deal it had the Batman deck, I went to purchase it and after I didn’t receive that deck. I am upset because it was one of the decks I wanted so bad and they didn’t give what I payed for, there’s no real way to contact them and to let them know. So I think my support for the app is over, this is bad management and conduct on their part and I think it amounts to the fact they don’t care anymore. So if they don’t, why should I?.Version: 5.1.69

Hmmm not surePlayed a couple times and it crashes if you do things too fast and also didn't come up with our recording afterwards buuuut it is a fun game.Version: 1.0

Waste of moneyImagine spending $2.99 just to spend another $9.99 on actually good genres..Version: 5.1.58

Please fix this gameThe game is mis-programmed glitchy or broken and needs an update or someone made a bad call in marketing!! We have been enjoying this game for over 5 years. We recently bought all the packs and noticed the app updated. The game no longer plays as it was originally designed. When you open a deck to play (on almost every deck), it plays the exact same cards as it did on the previous round. So we can no longer play and compete and if we enjoy a deck we only can play one round without having to skip the 1st 10-15 cards to get to new ones. Please fix the game! This has been a family favorite and we would love to see it go back to its original design. Also, since this is a family game, it would be nice to have the feature back that allows you to put away decks that aren’t being used or may not be appropriate for children (when we bought the multipack deal it game with several adult decks that we wouldn’t have otherwise purchased)..Version: 5.1.39

Don’t pay to download the app, you have to pay to actually use it tooThe app itself costs money but once you open it there isn’t a single deck you can play with without paying at least $10.Version: 5.1.45

Wish I could play itThis app is super buggy, tried re-installing it twice and it still won’t work properly on my phone, just keeps freezing :(.Version: 3.9.11

Worst design I’ve ever seenThis app is terrible. It’s full of click bait style ads which I would have thought having paid for the app wouldn’t be a thing?? Trashy. It looks really naff and is just a mess. Bought to entertain the kids but some of the add ons are really expensive. Avoid this trash. I’ve had better experiences with free apps. At least you expect them to be full of ads..Version: 5.1.70

FrustratingApp keeps closing. Can’t play it now.Version: 5.1.9

Too AmericanI know this is an American app so has a lot of annoying subjects, some that should not be sold in the UK. It’s in desperate need of some more British decks. Anyway, the worst part is a lot of the words used are the American versions. It makes them hard to guess and just ruins the game. It would take someone less than a day to change the words to the UK English version. Developers are too lazy to do that. Don’t waste your money. Even the app update comment/joke in aimed at Americans..Version: 5.1.32

Early Version Was Way Better!What happened to the custom decks? Why is there no option to make your own custom deck anymore? That was the whole reason I paid for this damn game and now I've wasted my money. The old free version was so much better!.Version: 5.1.45

Scam Warning do not Download this game!!!I have downloaded this paid $15 for a pack of +20 Decks they charged me and I didn’t get not even 1 extra deck from the pack... They take your money and never give you what you buy for. This is stealing in a different way. Imagine how much they earn just by robbing like this, $15 x 100 people are $1500. Extremely disappointed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!.Version: 4.1.87

Bit of a rip offThe app is a lot of fun, however, each time I open the app, there is less and less content with the app now asking me to pay for the content that I’ve been using for years now.Version: 5.1.45

Room for improvementApp repeats itself even after skipping words. Ellen, do better :/.Version: 5.1.52

Really bad, DONT GET IT!!!!App keeps crashing. Haven't been able to maintain the app open for more than 30 seconds, let alone play..Version: 3.9.23

Dont waste the bandwidth downloading this.They supposedly fixed the bug that freezes the game after 1 round, it still freezes..Version: 4.1.80

Not happyThis app was really great until something stuffed it up I don’t know if it was the recent update or what but I’ve deleted the app and got it again and it still has issues. When you finish a game it does not load the score/answers and gets frozen then when u restart the game it has the same words in the set to give clues/ guess..Version: 4.1.79

Ups & DownsFirstly, I understand this is produced in the USA & is a USA based game but I bought a load of packs a while ago and many of them are unplayable, primarily due to them being American companies that aren’t exactly over in the UK. Fast Food being the primary example. This isn’t on most of them but enough to be annoying. The game itself, and most of the packs are really good. The Americanised terminology is mostly playable. Recently, some packs have been repeating. I know there are only so many ‘cards’ in a deck which is fair, but they’re the exact same cards in the exact same order every time & the screen keeps going black halfway through. It’s 3 stars because when it works well, it’s a brilliant game but just a bit annoyed that an app I’ve paid to use (then also paid to expand) is so often not working or virtually unplayable..Version: 5.1.38

UnplayableThe game cannot be played because it freezes as soon as you press “Play”. It has been like this since December. Updates have not fixed the freezing issue, contrary to what the developer has said..Version: 5.1.6

Horrific value even when you payRepeats the same clues over and over. This app has gone massively downhill..Version: 5.1.70

No Options?What’s going on with this game? I used to play with friends years ago and enjoyed it. I just recently bought this for myself and there are very few options, to the point where it’s unplayable after a few rounds. You’ve already seen all the prompts. Terrible experience!.Version: 5.1.23

CrashingConstantly crashing and won’t stay loaded.Version: 5.1.45

Honestly disappointedI literally bought this game yesterday and honestly I’m so disappointed, I watch Ellen degeneres all the time and I see her play this game on her show, knowing that this was her app I decided to purchase it but honestly it was a waste of money because the few games that are free on the app aren’t that great and all the good ones on the app you have to pay for and they are quiet pricey and I didn’t understand that but anyway I will contemplate whether I will keep the app or not just for that very reason. Only pro is when you play the game it records so you keep those as memories if playing with friends and fam..Version: 4.1.76

JarringJarring interface that constantly pops up with so many in app purchases and micro transactions. The app barely works trying to force you to turn on “instant replays”. The whole application lags and I can’t even open any decks let alone play. Trash app that they’ve stuffed full of pop ups and micro transactions. I just wanted a simple game for car journeys but this is just like the “pop-up” apocalypse. Goose ur nan Elen Degenerate.Version: 5.1.74

Utter toiletUtter toilet. For $2.99 you get a few terrible choices. The rest, you have pay more for. I can’t even find a normal charades game..Version: 5.1.25

Not badReally enjoy playing this app but it crashes a lot and I bought the Game Of Thrones pack a while ago and logged on to play with family and was told I had to pay for it again which I didn’t. Disappointed but we still play the other apps..Version: 3.9.19

HuhDownloaded the app.. it was fun and worked fine then tried clicking on it a few days later and it’s not working... tried uninstalling and downloaded again but still not working even though I’ve purchased categories on the app.Version: 3.9.29

I have no idea what to put for the title so here’s thisThe reason I’m writing this review is because I would like to state an issue that I’ve found with this app. I have noticed that the cards for the same packs keep repeating in the same order and I’ve found the app hard to enjoy because of this. I try to play to pass time and this issue is making me feel like I’m forced to spend money on different packs to have different options for the cards. If you could please add more cards to use with the packs that’d be great. I would definitely update my rating and my review if you were able to fix this. This app has great potential and is very fun to play in my opinion, and I’d totally understand if you aren’t able to fix this issue for some reason, but I’d totally appreciate if you did. Thanks for reading my review, and I’m sorry if I wasted your time and for the tough criticism..Version: 5.1.39

Good concept the app never worksThis game literally never works, you pay for it only to pay for more games that have no idea when you’ve tilted up or down and when you “place on forehead” it has no idea when you do. DO NOT BUY..Version: 5.0.0

Not worth itThe app works well enough, but so not worth the money. The fact that you pay for the app itself is enough. Turns out you only get a handful of different decks to go through ( that will repeat themselves on and off), and then if you want anything else you’re looking at spending at least another $10 for anything worth getting. Just an absolute cash grab. Disappointed.Version: 5.1.38

Awesome game but has become laggy and slowI downloaded this app a few years ago and it worked great but recently it has become so slow on my iPad that it’s not really usable. It lags and sometimes crashes. Too bad as it used to be good..Version: 3.9.11

Great gameIt’s a great game and fun to play with everyone but I downloaded it on my iPhone and it cost $1.50 yet on Samsung’s it’s free? Someone explain?.Version: 3.9.11

Fun, but their sales are misleadingThis is a fun game, but be sure to read the fine print and double check your purchases. I was just charged $10 for a ‘free’ Oscars deck that I got a toast notification about being free for today only and I used the toast notification to find it. Overpriced for a single deck in the first place, let alone the misrepresentation of saying it’s free when it wasn’t. There’s no way to contact the developer in the app, so if they don’t see this and correct the charge I will have to contact my bank to request a chargeback.Version: 5.1.10

Not worth itI bought this because I have played it with my friends before and had a great time, no issues. I downloaded it myself and I can’t get past the starting screen with the decks. Unplayable.Version: 5.1.7

$3 for 9 packs?There are free versions with the same variety and better deals for paid options..Version: 5.1.70

App crashes repeatedly!Used to love playing this game, but now the app keeps crashing. It opens the app for maybe 2-3 seconds then crashes ! Please fix this issue!.Version: 5.1.14

Not overly impressedI was playing, and i set a high score of nine and the owner of the phone came in and somehow got an easy run the questions were a lot easier. Just does not seem fair because I am quite clearly the smartest in the room. Download at your own risk. At the end of the day these guys are pulling in millions while we struggle at Christmas I’ve just had spam instead of a Turkey crown because I spent my money on this game and it was such a massive letdown my children are crying because I’ve ruined Christmas because of this god awful game..Version: 5.1.45

This is the worst app ever.This app doesn’t work, it doesn’t flip so you just stay on the same thing. With the £1 you pay for this app, you could buy 2l of water and a pack of oreos at Sainsbury’s. Never buy this app it is a ripoff and a money waster. Some person somewhere is benefiting out of you wasting your precious money on this pile of useless coding. If you buy this app, then you have just chucked 99p down the drain. So if I were you, I would spend your money in a wishing well, and wish that this app didn’t exist. Sainsbury’s win, heads up in the bin. Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t get this app it is absolute poo..Version: 3.9.11

Doesn’t loadPurchased up through apple store and game will not load once selected. Not too sure why so had to purchase another similar app which worked..Version: 5.1.6

Purchase sharingThis app is quite fun for playing with the family however when you purchase the app you can’t buy it again on another family members device, a feature that has been on the App Store for ages. Before we realised this, we also purchased an in app purchase (for an over inflated price) and were shocked to find out that that not only wasn’t available on other family members devices but not even on other devices registered to the same Apple ID..Version: 5.1.45

Marvel deckI think the Marvel deck should specify that it is from the comics and not the movies. I spent $15 on a group of Marvel decks and we didn’t know 3/4 of the characters so it was a waste of money. If we’d known it was comics and not movies we would never have bought it..Version: 4.1.81

App Crashes before it OpensLet me start by saying, I love playing this app so much! That said, I have been unable to open this app since the update. This has happened in the past, but I have been able to troubleshoot it by restarting my device or making sure my IOS was up to date. This time is different. When I click on the game app, I get the welcome screen for about a half second before it crashes. I’m afraid to delete and redone load the app because I have purchased about 15 decks over the last 4 years. I’m getting no responses from the email support and I’m very frustrated. I love this game. It’s is especially great to play while social distancing. Now, I have to rate it 1 star because I can’t even play it. Total bummer..Version: 4.1.84

Not worth the 2.79$!Don’t waste your time or your money - there are every few decks to choose from, and all of them are limited and repeat cards rather quickly. Further, the app resets itself mid-game frequently..Version: 5.1.45

Pay and pay againThere is a free app with a basic version and a in app purchase add on. You pay to get this then pay again 10x for full version. No thanks, multiple micro transactions are garbage..Version: 5.1.47

Paid app just wants you to buy more bundlesI bought this so that I didn’t have the adverts that other apps have. The only problem is this is just constantly filled with it’s own adverts trying to make you buy new decks. SO MANY ads in fact that you can’t even tell how to start a game without clicking on one. Either make the app free and change for decks or make it aid and provide more for your money. I recommend using the Charades app. Only 0.99 to remove all adds and comes with more free content..Version: 5.1.31

Not a bad app, but the Adults Only DLC is horribleSo the app itself is pretty fun, so much so that I decided to pay 50% off ($8) and buy the adults only expansion pack and it was a huge waste of money. All the cards seem like they’re made for 12 year olds.. the so called level 4 extreme adult is depict “brunch,” “Advil” and “lake.” I fail to see how one pays $8 for 4 levels of “adult” and receives such ridiculous charades on the so called extreme level. Definitely regret the $8 additional content.. All I can say is weak effort on that one..Version: 4.1.81

Same cardsRepeats through the same 10 words, once you play a deck it doesn’t reset like act it out which should have heaps of other options but like I said it keeps repeating the same words in the same order.Version: 5.1.39

Lack of privacyBought this for my kids because all their friends have it. I noticed at the end of the round, that it was displaying a live video taken from the selfie camera on the front of my phone. There was no option to turn it off within the game. Actually I couldn't find options at all in the game. I went to my phone settings and found camera access was enabled. I never got a pop up requesting permission. Lots of other pop ups trying to sell additional decks. And the game freezes up whenever you scroll. Overall I'm very disappointed. I don't expect glitch issues from a paid app. And I won't tolerate privacy issues..Version: 4.1.89

Great game, but the more you spend, the less it worksI love this game and have bought all the decks. I greatly regret buying them, though. The more you buy, the less the game works. I can’t really even access most of the decks I’ve purchased because the game freezes or crashes as I attempt to scroll down. Also, every time you buy deck packages, it comes with a lot of build-your-own decks. That’s fine, but the problem is you have to scroll through dozens and dozens of blank decks to get to the decks you’ve paid for. There is no way to rearrange, prioritize, or delete decks. There is also no way to contact support to tell them of these issues or ask for a refund, since the game doesn’t work..Version: 4.1.90

Waste of moneyDoesn’t count your points and with the 3$ version, only gives you a handful of very specific themes..Version: 5.1.53

Constantly crashesCan’t even play it :( waste of money.Version: 4.1.89

Customer Service, or lack there of and deck problemsI used to love this game. It was a weekly game night activity with my family. However, one day, the app would not even open before it crashed. So, as many people do when troubleshooting, I deleted and again downloaded the app. When downloading, it gave me the ‘family download’ message, and being the only option, I of course used it. When I opened the new app, I could not restore purchases because I “do not own the app.” I have tried everything I could, and having done so, I did what the app said and contacted them about the error. I have emailed probably around six times with no response in about a month. I have purchased 9 decks, some on one account and some from the phone I am trying to get them back on. I understand that they don’t family share, which is kind of dumb but not the issue. The issue is I spent money on decks to get on my phone. I cannot get them back and the “customer service” won’t even respond. I just want my decks back. I spent money on them and I am VERY disappointed in the app service department because they are NOT doing their job. IF YOU HAVE FAMILY SHARING DO NOT BUY DECKS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.Version: 3.9.23

The new 50% off bundle crashed the game repeatedlyI’ve had the game for a while and like to bring it out at family events - yesterday I decided to get the £4.99 bundle advertised and was looking forward to playing the new decks. It repeatedly crashed when trying to play these - would not register your movements at all... so I completely wasted that money 😔...fortunately we had cards against humanity to fall back on. This morning I tested the app again and it was still the same so I decided to uninstall and reinstall in hopes it was smart enough to remember I’ve made previous purchases and it hasn’t. So money wasted and a bit gutted because I actually really liked this game! Sad times!!! 🙁.Version: 3.9.11

Very limited selection of categories/answers by defaultAfter paying for this app I was shocked by how few categories are included by default, requiring you to pay to add in additional packs. In addition, the pool of answers for each category is very limited so you will inevitably end up repeating questions within a group which is very annoying. I had used an older version of this app in the past and it was excellent but I would recommend against paying for it now due to the limited answers and categories available..Version: 5.1.70

No hay versión en españolSegún la descripción de la aplicación sale q el juego está en versión inglés y español. Sin embargo, solo sale en inglés. Le cambie el idioma a todo mi celular y me sigue saliendo en inglés..Version: 5.1.45

Not worth itPay $3 just to have access to other in app purchases !.Version: 5.1.52

Love the app but has some issues with custom deckI love this app and have many decks. I need help though please as the Custom Deck that I spent ages creating has gone back to being a custom deck with nothing created when I opened the app today. Why has this happened? Is it possible to get it back please? I am sure this may have happened before and I don’t want to keep recreating it..Version: 5.1.28

Words are too AmericanizedDifficult for people where English is their second language and all terms are VERY American NOT Australian friendly!!.Version: 5.1.23

Build your Own Deck IssuesBuild our own deck has bugs. When you try to remove old cards and create a new deck, the new cards don’t appear during game play, only the cards you thought you deleted! Please fix this bug!.Version: 3.8.9

BugThis game overall is fun but I wanted to play it one day with my brother it asked me to face the camera to my friend i did but the game never started so I deleted it and re downloaded it and tried again but the same thing happened please help me if you can.Version: 5.1.16

SpoiledSo many pop up’s make using almost impossible..Version: 5.1.45

Ok appShame you can’t change the timer on the game , would be better to have longer than a minute . layout of app is ugly and have to buy all the cards on top of initial purchase ..Version: 5.1.51

Doesn’t Support Family SharingAs a parent, I hate the seller..Version: 5.1.53

Waste of moneyI accidentally bought this game and then realised you needed to pay for it and I only needed this game for this one time and won’t be playing it again so the fact I’ve paid for it has annoyed me. The fact that you need to pay for packs as well! Shocking.Version: 5.1.41

Where are the settings?Would like to change the timer from the standard one minute but there are no settings?!? Very weird.Version: 5.1.51

Bring back multi-language supportThis game used to be a 5-star app in my eyes and a favourite at my Spanish-English language exchange meet-up, as it was so easy to switch between the two languages while playing. However since the button to switch languages has been removed from the main app page, it has completely broken the multi-language feature. I go into the app settings and change the language, but these changes are not reflected in the app. I even tried closing the app completely and reopening it but the language still doesn’t change..Version: 5.1.48

Majorly downhillSince having to pay for the game it has gone majorly downhill. There are now only 9 categories you can play “for free” (after you have already paid £1.99 for the game) and you have to pay extra for any additional. There were way more free decks when the app itself was free. Secondly the decks were repeating cards when we said “play again” straight away. So not only have I paid £1.99, we have literally had one go at a couple of decks before getting repeats. And none of the other free decks appeal. Used to love this app but really regret paying to get it again. Wouldn’t recommend unless way more “free decks” are added..Version: 5.1.53

Still a fun gameThis game makes you pay to get it, then constantly sells you decks inside it. There are a few free decks included and a few more free ones you can get, thankfully. All in all, still a fun game that had the family in stitches. Although I’m sure there are free games in the App Store that are similar in concept..Version: 3.9.11

Never worksSo I pressed play and it began loading but after it finished it kicked me out! Please fix this or do something and yes I tried multiple times, turned it on and off, etc. please fix this or whatever! Thank you..Version: 3.9.19

Used to be a five star gameI played this game when it first came out, it was an awesome family game and we had a lot of fun playing it. After a while the limited amount of cards got boring and repetitive, sadly the content included in the price feels more like a free to play game not a game you actually have to buy. It’s extremely annoying to want to play but have to purchase everything separately. There are plenty of apps like this one that are almost exactly the same but include more content and allow you to unlock other packs without paying money, and those apps are free..Version: 3.9.23

Would love to play itI love the Ellen show and when I saw this app I had to get it. But now I have it I can't play the game. I can open the pack of cards then it says "place on forehead" so I do that and nothing happens and I have tried tapping on the screen and waving my I pod in different ways but still nothing happens. Is there a way to fix it? Am I doing something wrong. Or is my iPod to old for this app? I love the lay out but wish I could play the game..Version: 1.0

Constantly freezesSuch a shame that this game constantly freezes as it’s a really fun game when it works ! There are obviously bugs in the game that need to be sorted out.Version: 5.1.6

Fun But....Fun and good idea but i think it shouldn't be so American because some things are just things u wouldn't know unless u were America but other than that it is very fun and u can get lots of laughs out of people :).Version: 2.1.2

Getting an error messageI bought this app awhile ago and didn’t have any problems with it. I just downloaded it again (had removed it off my old phone awhile back) and for some reason, keep getting an “SKERROR DOMAIN” message whenever I want to restore my purchases or try to download a free deck. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app itself throughout the day but I still get the same message. It says to contact them if it keeps happening but the developer website link just goes to the ellentube page??? I didn’t see anything about how to connect with someone other than to appear on the show, etc. Does anyone know how to fix this?.Version: 3.9.1

Terrible!There are a few fantastic ‘Heads Up’ games already free with lots and lots of free modes to play. However this costs money and also has only 8 modes to play from and after about 2 rounds you run into the same cards! They say one mode has new cards every week but it has been 2 weeks with the same deck. Also has lagged a few times and haven’t been able to play. I do not recommend this - go download the one called ‘Charades’ for free.Version: 5.1

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