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Heads Up! app received 123 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about heads up!?

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Heads Up! for Positive User Reviews

I LOVE this game!Great game to play with the family. The only complaint I would make is downloading the other packs but other than that it is on point! 👍🏼.Version: 4.1.87

Super Fun! Can't stop playing it!This is an awesome game! I have no doubt sides to it! Me and my Mom, Dad, Brother And sister enjoy it lots! And it's made by ELLEN!!!!.Version: 3.8.8

Tu meke! (Awesome!)My daughters and I have spent the last few hours playing this. I haven't laughed soo much in ages! Some of the items are not so common here in New Zealand but that is the beauty of the PASS option. A true winner!.Version: 1.0.1

So fun for all my familyIt is a really great game for all the family and just fun to play with friends.Version: 3.9.4

Best quarantine gameThis game is so much fun me and my family play every day. I love to play this game but it doesn’t work on my mom’s phone. I recommend this game to people who have a lot of free time on their hands. I recommend this game! I love the category, just kidding it’s so fun and age appropriate if you’re a parent reading this review. The Block buster movie category is very very much to hard for me. Please download this game and stay safe! 😀.Version: 4.1.84

Heads upI like this game because it is where if it is game night or something like that it is where you and your family can play it is like one person has the phone on there four head and then the other people have to acted it out then with the person who has the phone and if they did not get it right then it is on to the nexts persons turn also if you get one right you would put your face down then put it back up..Version: 3.9.2

Lots of laughI love this game and its very addictive.i am a social worker in the foster care field and to alleviate our day my colleagues and I spend our lunch time playing this game. This definitely gives us a good laugh after stressful events. My only issue with app is that on my iPad once "it's times up" it automatically kicks me off the game which is very annoying. I have been using my iPhone but the iPad is better for the amount of people that are playing. Another issue the purchases don't sync the same in me iPad or iPhone don't know why. I hope this issue can be fixed. Other than that its an amazing game..Version: 3.8.9

Don’t waist time...GET THIS APP NOW 😃😃😃😃Ok so every Thursday me and my family (just my mom and brothers and sister) I said we should play sherades but then I thought of heads up! We played for 30 minutes we didn’t have a lot of time left, and we laughed SO HARD! We laughed so hard we stared laughing crying!! 😂😂 and one of them my brother said “poo?” XD I could not stop laughing!! , one thing that we look at is the packs , they cost money but my mom bought all of them cause she wanted us to have fun, if you don’t wanna waist your money, just use the top ones. Over all this is our family night game so I recommen this app so get it free!!!.Version: 5.1.5

Awesome!Great party game especially if you don't tell people it's recording, then they make fools of themselves haha!.Version: 1.1.0

Great fun gameLove the game and has loads of different packs you can buy, one thing though I would like and option to buy more than one build your own packs..Version: 3.9.11

Ellen had the best games!Absolutely love it! My fav is the homemade decks!.Version: 3.8.9

Awesome game!!Awesome game! Definitely worth splashing out for. The only thing to be weary of is that it is definitely designed for US audiences. But would strongly recommend so much fun!.Version: 1.1.0

In app purchase failureI purchased the baby shower deck and its still not available in my deck. Please advise..Version: 3.8.12

Funnnn game!!!Me and my partner travel all over the world.. and we get those low times where we’re drinking... everything is closed... and we have no service... no dice.. no cards.. and fortunately enough I have this game and it GETS US GOING! Definitely worth the 2 bucks.. even 15.. love every minute!.Version: 4.1.78

Restoring Purchases is not WorkingDeer Ellen, My name is Gage. I’m 11 years old and a member of family sharing with my mom and my dad. My dad downloaded BYOD (build your own deck) so I could download it thru family sharing on my own device. Ellen. No matter how hard I try. I am unable to download it to my device. My dad has even tried to buy it again but that didn’t work either. Ellen. I love how you play heads up! And I will be happy to give five stars when I can download or buy BYOD. From Gage .L. Simpson. P.S I challenge you to a game of heads up! ❤️💜.Version: 3.8.9

The best family game.Competitive game, recommend this game for some family fun. 10 stars..Version: 4.1.83

Awesome!I love this game is spend ages on it and it is hilarious I would recommend it to anyone.Version: 1.0.1

Times up screen staying onThis app is so much fun and I can’t stop playing it but recently it has decided to become stuck on the times up screen and won’t let me see anything past that I’ve tried re-downloading the app and even restarted my iPhone but neither of them have seemed to work Can someone tell me why this is happening and if it’s fixable?.Version: 4.1.77

Amazing gameGreat fun! Wish there were more cards for each category though.Version: 2.4

Fun gameI played it with my nieces today, they just started getting into pretty little liars so that topic was very popular.Version: 3.8.11

BRILLIANT FUNFun for adults and children - only downside is that extra packs are same price as aboriginal with only ONE pack included in price price for original included 7 packs each pack after that costs same amount which is excessive class and mates LOVE it.Version: 1.3

In-app purchases!?!I bought the game but then I didn't have access to all the games!?! You start to get bored of the game then ending up deleting it!! It's a good game but the in-app purchases are just to much!.Version: 3.1

5/5Love this game so much!! Definitely recommend.Version: 5.1.21

What a wasteAnywhere from $13 - $20 for a “deck”? You get a weird Ellen ad every time you open the app. The app constantly freezes (which means you have to restart with the weird ad). I paid $2.75 for the app and paid $7 for a “deck” and finally got past the freezing and when we would guess the answer, we had to wait for the timer to run out. Used to be so fun, now is lame and boring.Version: 5.1.19

Why 'Heads up’ is a good gameMy crazy family and I L-O-V-E this game. It is so fun that we can’t stop playing. During Chinese Lunar New Year all of us were drunk and could not stop playing and fell asleep on the couch!!!😂 Even the kids came down from their rooms to see what the adults were doing and ended up joining in. We play this EVERYWHERE. My cousin who was ‘acting calm’ suddenly got up , bent over and started smacking his bottom. All of us stoped and looked at him. The person guessing thought that it was wiping your bottom instead of HORSE RIDING . This was the most memorable moment I’ve ever had. If you consider purchasing this app , I’m warning you that everyone will love ❤️ this game as much as I do.Version: 3.9.4

GlitchyWhen I saw the reviews I was really excited but when I opened it it was glitchy and wasn’t working..Version: 3.9.22

I L O V E THIS GAME!!!This is a very great game and when I played it with my friends and family, we were all cracking UP!!! This game is so super and since we all love it, we play it EVERY dang DAY!!! And on the every dang day, we play it till my phone dies😀😀😀. And also when I wanna do another deck, you have to pay. I’m not getting mad or frustrated, it’s just I wanna play the decks that you need to buy that you won’t get to play. thank you for listening inventor of this app. Ps:please reply when you get my point. Thank you 😊.Version: 3.9.3

Great Game for Friends, Family and parties.Such an awesome game to play with friends and family! Couldn’t stop laughing..Version: 5.1.23

Great funThis game really livens a party up, especially the acting cards! The recording feature is fun and great that it allows you to share to other apps so I can send into whatsapp groups etc. Knocked a star of because the packs repeat themselves very quickly (only really last a couple of games) and it had been slow and glitchy for me today.Version: 3.9.11

AMAZING!!Recommend this game! You're not the only one that has fun but your Family or Friends do too! Worth what you pay i must say!! So go ahead and get this game!.Version: 2.3.11

Lots of fun, but...This game is perfect for family fun, coworker team building and all around holiday ice breakers. People of all ages can enjoy. I’ve essentially played so much, I’ve exhausted the decks and am frequently getting repeats. When I went to purchase more decks, the button keeps loading a price and never lets me buy. We were going to buy 10-20 (to even 40!!) more decks and couldn’t get it to load despite app, phone, data/wifi restarts. Oh well, still love this game!.Version: 5.1.1

Love this gameI absolutely love this game hours of fun with friends and family and lots of laughs however recently it has been glitching a lot and this is ruining the experience I love this game and won’t stop playing still recommend to others it might just me my phone that’s glitching tho.Version: 3.9.11

Highley Recommended A+Yet Another Kiwi/New Zealander who loves this game! We appreciate quality entertainment, and this app delivers it all. Well done!.Version: 2.3

BrilliantBrilliant played on holiday with family - mime category is the best. Others categories are quite American oriented so don't be surprised if you don't know them if you're not American. Still, the mime category was more than enough for us!.Version: 3.8.8

Fix up your specialIt’s ect annoying to be offered the blast from the past pack at $4.99 yet when you go to purchase it it’s $7.99. Please fix this Great game otherwise that I highly recommend.Version: 5.1.23

RadzyAwesome game! So many laughs. Heaps of fun! For an extra bit of fun play naked. We did🤣🤣.Version: 4.1.81

Disappearing decks and the purple question mark?I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this app! I have bought all the extra decks they have offered and tried to get all the free ones when they are offering them. Unfortunately this last time when I was trying to get the free Summertime by Halo Top deck it was not working and then it disappeared :( Also there is a deck that showed up one day that is purple with a yellow question mark. When I select that deck it freezes my app to where I have to completely quit out of the app and reload it to make it work again. I’m just wondering if anyone else is dealing with the same issue? I LOVE this game with all my heart and my goal is to own all of the decks! The only reason why I did not give this app 5 stars is because of the disappearing decks. It makes me very sad when I miss out on a deck. 😭 Other then that, I highly recommend this app because I doubt the missing decks doesn’t bother anyone else besides myself..Version: 3.9.14

Good, but very USA-centricNot *very* well suited for players outside of the US. Even the generic sets, like “Wish Your Were Here” with place names from around the world, contain things like “6 Flags Great Adventure”, which is apparently a theme park in New Jersey. How the hell would people from New Zealand know about it, yet alone be able to guess it? It’s not like there aren’t many common and well-knows international landmarks they could’ve included instead. It’s a fun game, but it doesn’t consider international audience very well..Version: 1.1.0

Amazing Game but don’t make the mistake I did.Look it’s an Amazing Game, but be careful not to send an instant replay of your hilarious but embarrassing game to a person that you don’t want seeing it. Overall great game. :).Version: 4.1.87

RecordsGot 12. Anyone beat this?.Version: 4.1.76

Great game but you need to fix thisI just recently bought the game and personally I think it is amazing. I bought a few of the packs and one of them was the write your own deck. It was working well but when we started to play after we got the word it wouldn’t go to the next card it was stuck on that card and we couldn’t get it to go to the next. That needs to be fixed whenever you can or we just do t know how to play heheh. Other than that amazing game I’d recommend this to everyone I know but pls fixed this asap or I would like a refund.Version: 3.9.8

A game you must get!!!!I love this game. Perfect for parties, family gatherings and even one on one. Laughs and smiles or everyone in the room!!! Family friendly and adult fun too!!!.Version: 3.8.6

Great appKids love it and loads of fun to entertain with!.Version: 3.8.9

Isolation ChallengePerfect game for the whole family in these challenging times. Stops fights and calls of ‘He’s cheating’, because we know, he’s not..Version: 4.1.81

AwesomeHow awesome is it’s to play a game that really gets u thinking on the spot and fast good game to play with friends and family 👍🏼.Version: 3.9.4

Great all round gameFantastic game to play as a pair or with a family, or play it in teams. This game usually comes out on Christmas Eve or New Years, but definitely deserves place in the family games cupboard all year round! It’s also so much better than sticking post it notes on ones forehead!.Version: 3.9.1

It completely turn my friends sleepover around!I was at the most boring sleepover ever! My friend showed me this app and we spent the rest of the day playing it. It made it all worth going!.Version: 3.8.8

Don’t buy the packs!The game itself is great but the packs are definitely not worth the price..Version: 4.1.76

CoolI like marble.Version: 5.1.23

Great app but..Amazing app, family and I always have fun with it, only fours stars though because Ellen doesn’t deserve more than that after her behaviour.Version: 5.1.21

Fun! But...I've had this app on my phone for 2 years now and have had lots of fun playing it w/family & friends. I've used it while waiting in line for concerts and it definitely makes the time fly in a very enjoyable way. The only problem I'm now experiencing is the inability to make my own cards. I've enjoyed that feature a lot and have written to the developers for help, but I have yet to hear from them. I will update this review when/if this problem is taken care of..Version: 3.8.8

Great but....Ok there is just a few things to adjust for one I’m a kid so I can only pretty much play the animal one 🤷‍♂️ and I’m not buying the kid one because that one is just meh. So maybe add another version and also i would like to be able to set the amount of time and adjust some things but overall if you don’t have anything to do and you want to kill time with friends then buy this. It still is great even without my recommendations because I play this when waiting for lines in six flags and it is just perfect..Version: 3.9.4

One billion games played!Got a new deck for free. I love this game! ❤️.Version: 3.8.11

Disney WorldIt is so good to have this app whilst waiting in the queues at Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. Getting free cards especially the Disney Parks pack definitely helped wipe the wait times out. Thank You so much Heads Up, a continued fan. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 3.9.1

Fun!!!I play this game with family and friends whenever we get bored, and it's always fun and entertaining!.Version: 1.2

Endless fun from this appIdk, it’s fun to pass the time. When we’re bored me and my friends play this for literal hours. Some of the decks are a little hard but it’s fun when we actually know something in the category. Endless inside jokes from playing this game. One of my fave apps. It’s always annoying when there’s in app purchases but some of the decks are so fun I don’t mind paying the like two dollars for them..Version: 4.1.84

Great fun!SUPER FUN AND ADDICTING GAME! My only concern is with the weekly changing mystery deck. I have had the same mystery deck for over a month know and don’t get me wrong I LOVE branded it is actually my favorite deck but I would love to try some new ones. Please let me know if I miss understood what the “mystery deck” does and I will be happy to give y’all 5 stars! If I was correct I hope you are able to fix it! Again love this game...I just want it to be the best, most functional, and fun it can be! Thanks!.Version: 4.1.83

Heads up appSuper funny! I like the updates on the free app.Version: 5.1.23

Awesome gameHeaps of fun and a great game. Can play with just two people or a whole crew :).Version: 3.8.3

AmazingI'm from New Zealand and I understand all the American stuff because its everywhere and it kind of annoying when people say NZers don't know much about others countries when we do I know what what most flags mean and some others things this game is so much fun I play it all the time with my friends and family and they love it also.Version: 2.3

Covid-19Good quarantine game to play!.Version: 4.1.83

LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF IT but I have one suggestion!I’ll start by saying my spouse and I LIVE (went to type love, autocorrected to live, that also works, I’m going with it) this game, and we were super stoked to have the 90 second time limit! My suggestion would be to have the option to have a longer time limit...I’m absolutely certain that a chunk of your users smoke marijuana (legally, of course.....😑), and to be honest, the longer time limit is pretty darn necessary. I (I mean they...) would probably pay for it in an in app purchase, $1.99 sounds pretty good, just sayin’.Version: 3.9.1

Awesome game! We play this all time !Just wow.Version: 4.1.83

So much fun, only one complaintThis game is soooo much fun and it’s great for playing with friends, there is only one drawback to the costume decks (which are ¢99 each), there is no way to reset them! I have bought 3 costume decks already and created about 600+ cards on each but they’ve gotten boring since they’re quite old, and the only way to reset them is to swipe left on each card which would take forever. I just hope they add a costume deck reset button because it would be very useful and would compensate better the ¢99 we pay for each..Version: 3.9.6

Really good fun!Super fun!! Better than catch phrase!.Version: 3.8.8

If you’re English...We love playing this game in our family but one word of advice... it is very American. Some of the packs were impossible to play, for example the famous people were people we had never heard of, the same for the accents round..Version: 3.8.9

New update.Since the new update the game is freezing at the times up screen. I have tried restarting my phone and restarting the app multiple times. I have enjoyed this game for years now and hope this can be fixed. Just had another update and the same issues freezing at the times up screen. Please make sure that stops happening after updates. And yet again the app has issues after an update. This time the app completely crashes when trying to open it. Very disappointing..Version: 4.1.84

AmazingI love this game especially when i play with my family if you added more i would have given it a 5 star but overall its really fun i’d recommend this if you like acting games or guessing games.Version: 5.1.35

Add full screen support for iPad Pro 11 InchI’ll admit, this game is really fun especially in parties. Every’s perfect, except...you have not added full screen support for the new iPad Pro 11 inch. Please update as soon as possible!.Version: 3.9.19

I love this!It’s great to play with your family when you forgot your cards..Version: 5.1.25

Laughs for hoursA very fun time.Version: 4.1.81

Technical issuesI would give this game 5 stars it is so much fun, but it keeps freezing or closing. Not just my phone, on all family phones..Version: 3.9.11

Allen is the bestI love your game it is fantastic my husband even plays and is silly which is really hard for him. He also has no knowledge of anything current which makes it all the more fun. When we first got married he didn’t know who Taylor Swift was. I not much better to be honest. But you bring happiness and fun to our home Thanks so much Ellen for being you. I couldn’t help myself I thought the name thing was hilarious. Merry Christmas and a happy new year..Version: 3.9.1

Awesome!This to one of the most fun games I got on my iPod and I play it all the time with my mum dad and all my friends I highly request it for people to buy 5/5 :-).Version: 1.0.1

Got 12, anyone beat this?Let’s start a forum on this..Version: 4.1.76

Great family fun!Fun for the whole family, my kids luv it too, makes a change from games one plays in isolation to those around you, we all get involved..Version: 3.9.1

Loads of fun!!!!"Heads Up!" is an ideal party game! Loads of fun for everyone! A great competitive game with many topics to choose from. Many hours of enjoyment! Love it!!!!.Version: 3.8.3

Limited time decks disappear!!!There are limited edition free decks that are available sometimes. I got the Oscars and it disappeared. Same happened for the Chinese New Year deck and the Going In Style deck. Please fix this. Everything else is great except maybe the prices for additional decks..Version: 3.8.8

Great Fun App GameFun for all the family, and get so many laughs and spectacular moments, think quick or it might be so funny with the words you might be guessing or the way you describe it. Quick and simple to use, best thing is too building your own creative deck of cards. Special moments are just a click away all year round..Version: 5.1.2

Great game when queuingThis is a great game to play when queuing with impatient people and really makes the time fly! We play at parties too. Would be five stars if it was a full UK version.. if you don’t watch American TV, news and sports there’s quite a few answers you won’t get .. however make your own pack and that’s not a problem. Brilliant fun and I’ve made my own deck of cards to ensure that younger and older family members get a chance to score points too..Version: 4.1.86

Love the game, lost a deckLove the game. Tons of free content if you pay attention. Would leave as five stars but I have to remove half a star since my Transformers Deck was removed (and i guess i have to round up since there are no half stars). Last time I was in the game, my Bumblebee deck “Dynamic Duos” was glitched and wouldn’t open. It was off to the side at the bottom of my archive and I couldn’t move it. Now it is missing. Was this deck removed from everyone that had it in their collection?.Version: 3.9.24

Great gameThis game is really fun! However it can be very sensitive and pass when I'm still trying to guess the question or sometimes not even pass at all! Other than that, I love it!!.Version: 1.1.0

Great AppFantastic app, can’t fault it. Used it for years. The concept is simple and great to play with friends and family. Never had the app break down on me. Love that they keep bringing out new sets, that actually relate. Fab work, keep doing what you’re doing..Version: 3.9.2

Won't work!Updated and now won't even open.Version: 2.1.1

Great fun and easy to playWe had a great time playing this as a family this Christmas. Works flawlessly, simple design, nice score tally. Only thing I would say is it’s obviously US orientated questions particularly around celebrities which is Brits don’t know at all..Version: 3.9.1

I love this game and it’s great for the entire family.We have such a great time playing. There is a deck for everyone including each of our favorite shows. We play at dinner, we play at Disneyland while in line, we play for family game night. It’s so much fun and we always look for new decks. And for just adults it’s fun to see us all try to guess, just add alcohol and the silliness quadruples. Get this app, you won’t regret it..Version: 3.9.1

GreatThis is a great app but if I could make a suggestion it would be to make a New Zealand deck haha.Version: 3.8.12

Time featureGreat fun game. A little bit difficult if you are not from the us especially tv shows and icons. Would be great if there was a feature where you could set the time amount.Version: 1.1.0

Best group fun everLove this game when playing amongst friends. So many genres to keep it interesting.Version: 4.1.78

GreatThis is such as family friendly game! The kids and I love it! Fun for ALL ages. I use mainly around Christmas and school days off. The entire family love it. When ever we go out to a theme park or a festival, we will usually use it in the line to pass time! Works like a dream. I recommend it to everyone!😀.Version: 3.9.10

Best Game EverThis game is easy to learn, fun to play with family and friends, and always gets a good laugh. I love how it records so you can always save the funny ones if you’d like. Honestly the best game ever! Definitely would recommend. The only thing is I wish they had some more free categories but honestly I use this app so much I don’t mind $ for some extra sets! The Just Kidding Cards are my favorite Section!.Version: 5.1.2

Awesome5 star app haha awesome fun!! Downside about the game it's to US focus and not the world.. But would be cool to get a world addition.Version: 1.0.1

Really goodI really love this game it is so much fun to play at sleepovers and things like that I think all the game choices r ok it is just some games children don't really understand like blockbuster ones and music it's just children don't no and Ellen should switch the games around a bit but apart from that me and all my friends love the games 💚.Version: 3.8.9

AwesomePerfect game to play with a bunch of friends. I'm always in tears with laughter whenever playing this game!.Version: 2.1.2

Get ripped and play thisMe and a couple friends took edibles to play this game. We have been playing for 2 hours straight. That and 5 stars..Version: 5.1.18

FUN!!It's such a fun game! I've been playing with friends and family and always have a laugh!.Version: 1.0.1

Love it can I say some thoughtsMaybe people can make one and ther can be copitesen to see how good we are and if we win we can get it free and maybe it can have all different games but has to go with it like you pick a card and give clues and the computer or something like that and maby add something so you can play by your self can’t wait until you write back.Version: 5.1

Fun for everyone, but...It's a good quiz game that is fun for the whole family, but some more Australian-themed questions..Version: 3.8.9

Fun, room for improvementReally enjoyable game. Me and my mates love the custom pack option and often play it after a few drinks and end up crying with laughter. However wish there was a multiplayer online option especially with the corona virus and social distancing. Can’t play custom packs on house party which is really disappointing..Version: 4.1.81

Good👍Good and fun game with friends. A really good ice breaker.Version: 3.8.9

Fun for the familyThis game is brilliant for all the family to enjoy there's games for all types of people! Who can't love amazing free games to play where ever you are?! I would really recommend this game to all those in the family who love a bit of fun! 😀😊👍😉.Version: 3.8.9

Great time fillerWaiting in the car, in a queue, travelling on public transport? This game makes all of that bearable. People around you even join in sometimes which is awesome. So much love for this game..Version: 3.8.3

Increase the game timeAll is great in this game except the 1 minute limit on the game. I wish it was something you can alter, as in one minute you get only few answers. Especially if you take a deck where you have to act it out without words. That takes longer and the game is over after just a few questions. Also the one we play with kids. Same thing. They need more time to think about it and get really upset that it’s over so soon. It discourages then and they don’t feel like playing again cuz they feel like failures..Version: 3.9.21

Great game, but......After playing it for two nights straight with the same people, we’ve been through all the free decks and can easily give clues to achieve correct guesses. Gets boring quickly. Now of course, there are lots of other decks that can be purchased, but for .99¢ each and with no option to just purchase all decks for a “discounted” rate, I don’t think we’ll be playing for much longer unless something changes. Don’t get me wrong, we had lots of fun the first night, but come on. Had to purchase the app and now I’m supposed to purchase each add-on as well. Sorry Ellen. Im not that rich. Wanna help us out?.Version: 3.9.1

Heads upIt’s great. The problem I found of it is that you need to pay for the kids deck and lots of other decks. To improve it the decks should be free and all accessible. Otherwise I’ve had no problems..Version: 3.9.2

Love itGreat family fun and so easy to use! Although optimised for iPhone 5 and crashes on my iPhone 4, works great on my iPad! Thanks Ellen.Version: 2.0

What we think of the gameI think it is a good game for friends to play when they are bored but it is not free when you can install other games similar but for free. It is a nice game to play for 2+ people but needs to be updated a lot of the time and even when you have payed for the game you have a couple of decks to chose from but you still need to pay for more which I think should just come with the payment and should be changed. It is a fun game though..Version: 3.9.22

No way it’s way to good!!!It’s fun exotic game and holds thrills and laughter to family friends and others. But the only bad part about it is that there’s no bad part anywhere. I would recommend this to you so much, the developers worked there socks of... download it!!!!!!!.Version: 5.1.1

LOVE IT!Really great family game and of all different catagories! So fun!!! I could litterally play this game for hours just laughing at the person making the funny actions! 5 stars.Version: 1.1.0

Rlly goodI love this game, it’s great at parties or just hanging out with friends. However I have had some struggles with buying decks, they can disappear or not come back after switching devices, despite still being on the same iCloud. So one less star for that.Version: 3.9.11

Great GameThis game is a fun and learny game! Families all over the world play this and this game brings out the best acting part of you! I want everyone that read this review to get this game! It might cost u some money but it’s DEFINITELY worth it! Well done to the creators and everyone who participated to make this lovely game! 5 stars 🌟 from me!!.Version: 3.9.4

Amazing appI love this game so much great for the whole family I definitely recommend it I LOVE IT SO MUCH.Version: 4.1.84

BallerDis is baller no cap bruh fr fr insane Ellen is cool.Version: 5.1.16

Love this ❤️I just downloaded this app and I love it so much! My cousin was just visiting for 2 weeks and when we were bored we would just play this. It comes with a good amount of free decks and the ones that aren’t free are only 99 cents. I do have a suggestion for a new deck though. You could make one of the greatest showman. It would be so fun to try to act out and guess the scenes. So everyone that reads this... download this app!.Version: 3.9.4

HilariousGot told off for making too much noise when playing with my friends. We were all getting rather excitable and having lots of fun..Version: 3.8.11

Love the app! Klondike not so much :(We love playing this game! I’m up to 11 decks since I got the free Shake It Up deck yesterday. I followed the instructions 3 different times yesterday for getting a Klondike coupon and an Oops! error message appears on the Klondike website. I can call them Monday but want you to know that while I very much appreciate the free deck this is a frustrating experience with Klondike..Version: 5.1.14

CjFamily Fun for everyone at any age - we played on holidays and at friends homes- good times....Version: 3.9.2

Really funThis game is really a lot of fun and it’s easy for families to play anywhere at anytime as long as you have your phone,table,laptop or whatever your may be playing on. I saw a lot of people saying that it’s a rip off or it’s not fun and boring, but my family gets bored of games quickly, but we have been playing “Heads Up” for over 3 months now and we’re not bored! I do have one suggestion for you, if maybe you could make some more topics like celebrities and popular shoes\clothing brands. Thank you guys so much for making such a fun game!.Version: 4.1.81

No replaysPlease help I can't enable replays and there has been so many funny moments. I go to settings as it tells me too but it doesn't show heads up as an option :/.Version: 2.6

Great Game—Bothersome Issues with GameplayOur family plays this game every night after dinner. We love it. It’s the only game I’ve ever paid for extras. But there are fixes needed for for some of the decks. For example, the contrast for the Harry Potter cards is too soft—for some weird reason the cards don’t used the rich blue background and white text. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Also in the football deck, a card erroneously lists the “Stanford Cardinals.” Its singular: “Cardinal.” When this card comes up, we suddenly realize that the creator of the deck doesn’t know college football..Version: 5.1.6

Fantastic gameI would recommend buying if you're friends are willing to play with you though because you can't play by your self.Version: 2.1.2

Heads upGreat family game.Version: 3.8.9

Great fun!Great for the family and the best for when you want a good laugh! Use this app to show off the talents you didn't know you had. I recommend this game for anyone!.Version: 3.8.8

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