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Geometry Dash app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about geometry dash?

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Good but some bugsThis game is amazing but not worth just get the lite because this game for mobile is very buggy if your going to get it get it on laptop computer exc. I tried to make a level but it will never work because of bad hit boxes, some bugs, and more... this made me not able to verify my level and sometimes that can get you mad! If your going to get this don’t get it on mobile that’s a WARNING Robtop message = Robtop fix this game, to much bugs. On mobile you can’t use that camera control thing and that’s annoying. We need more updates quick, on mobile it glitches more, and that’s annoying. We want and need something like laptops computers exc. please fix this game or give me a refund now!.Version: 2.11

Making a AccountI like this game but why I try to make a account it doesn’t work cause it says I have a invalid email I tried this for a few YEARS!it did not work.i tried the help bot that did not help either..Version: 2.11

GameApparently auto checkpoints dont work and there are so many bugs to be fixed bit they dont even care.Version: 2.11

Not on mobileI thought it was ok at first, but if u wanna get any good, PLAY ON COMPUTER. On mobile, it sucks.Version: 2.11

I love the new update but...My account info never shows up and sometimes I have to wait 24 hours for any quests to appear.Version: 2.10

Stop saying this is a bad gameAll u half to do is practice mode that’s how u get good at the game and stop calling this game trash.Version: 2.11

Where is update 2.2?It’s been FOREVER since you updated the app. Please update the app!.Version: 2.11

Please update/Fix daily chestsHi, this game is really fun! But, could you please fix the daily chests? They don’t work anymore..Version: 2.11

Great game with one HUGE drawbackThis game is amazing. Great gameplay, great visuals, and great soundtracks. However the ship game mode is extremely inconsistent. I’ve beaten several demon levels as well as all of the dev levels and I have to say that the ship is extremely inconsistent. When every other game mode requires precise precision compared to this game mode being all about spam tapping for control of your ship it’s really not fun or a good challenge. Momentum is also a huge problem with the ship. Sometimes the momentum will carry you into spikes if you tap even just a little bit. Other times the momentum will be so powerful that you’re holding the screen and nothing happens. I think the ship game mode needs removed entirely if not reworked. Momentum does NOT have a place in this game. On top of that, this game is NEVER updated. I redownloaded it after not having played it for a couple years to find that only ONE new level has been added. That’s pathetic. If you’re gonna be a game developer, then do it. Look at the rate your community makes levels and it take you YEARS?!? For ONE level?!?.Version: 2.11

Had a lot of potentialDon’t get me wrong, it’s polished for something so cheap, it’s slick and fun.... up until the point you start doing upside down levels, then for me the fun entirely ended. I’m not bad at games, I have good reactions and although it is clear that it is intended to be very hard, there is a fine line between mechanics that are difficult but fun and mechanics that are just frustrating for the sake of it. Fairly sure the game would get at least close to a 5* if it wasn’t for this. It’s good, but upside down entirely ruined it for me to the point I stopped playing..Version: 2.11

Change itI won’t let me log in even though I have registered an account and have tried logging in a few times....Version: 2.11

I can’t find the original half blocksListen up rub rub why on earth did you ever get rid of the original half blocks now I can’t even make a level mix level.Version: 2.11

Needs ImprovementImprove ur jump registration.Version: 2.11

To toprobThe game is great I love it, but when I want you share my level I need an account and when I try to make a account it says invalid gmail, so I try and try but nothing works. So my feedback is that making account must be more easyer..Version: 2.11

AccountsMaking accounts is very confusing first I try to register then it says invalid email so I go to help then make my email valid and then it stills says it’s invalid then it says the name I’m using is already taken so I thought maybe it glitched so I tried to login and it didn’t it work and then it says the email I’m using is already taken and I try to login with the username and password that I had for that email and guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK! Rob top if you’re reading this please make making accounts easier like remove the email.Version: 2.11

I feel lonelyWhen I'm in geometry dash I try to open my chest there is no time in the bottom of them and when I look at my profile I see something went wrong but I had internet and no one can find if you search up CandyFloss12 and I can't even see other people's levels or comment or do quests and like or dislike levels :( please update in 2.2 I feel like I'm so lonely.Version: 2.11

2.2I want 2.2 plz :) ITS BEEN 2 YEARS RUBRUB WHERES IT AT?.Version: 2.11

I nearly died irl bc of the gameYes i am aware that it is enjoyable to play the game with 1000s of worlds, but too much excitement and competitiveness made me nearly die irl, let me tell you the story. I was playing Fingerdash practice mode while my friend tried beating me by completing Back On Track and Polargeist in Normal Mode, so we started doing it, i ended up beating him, but what I didn’t realise is that I missed my bus stop, in fear and anger to myself i quickly got off the bus, (the doors nearly crushed me) I talked to one of my schoolmates seeing if they can help me get home, but then she pointed to the woman, who i didn’t trust yet, and told me that maybe she can help me, so i went to her and told her what happened, she let me use her phone and call my mum, she later wanted to talk to her and explained what happened, she told me to wait as she would be waiting for me, by this time i already trusted the woman as she let me use her phone to call my mum, and later on my mum came, i couldn’t thank her more and i hugged her, I would’ve died if she did. Play at your own risk..Version: 2.11

Naeeds easier controls for mobile and other improvements neededI mean it’s a really good game don’t get me wrong but some controls cause you to die and rage. The main one that’s happening the most to me is when your at a spider part then when you hit the black dot that makes you go down made me go up causing you to fall to the spikes a really good example for this is finger dash I don’t know if this is just happening to me because I just got this phone but my old one did the same thing. The next thing is about the rewards you get for example you’re daily gifts you like get about 150 orbs of both chests witch makes it really hard to get orbs. And also about diamonds the chests in total for them is about 50 witch makes you have to wait days to get diamonds yes I know you can get them by doing weekly levels and demons but it doesn’t give you enough diamonds for it you need like 500 diamonds to get scratch’s shop and 200 diamonds for the other shop and the same amount for the basement and the challenge in the vault other than that geometry dash is a very decent game ..Version: 2.11

OmgThe update always crashes and exited me out. :(.Version: 2.11

OkGood game and fun to play. But it doesn’t let me sign up it keeps saying email invalid when I’ve checked that it’s correct.Version: 2.11

TOO MANY EDITOR BUGS AND NOT ENOUGH UPDATESI’ve played this game for like 4 years and I started in 1.8. I’ve seen this game grow and change, and I have to say it is amazing and has so many possibilities. But just recently my editor invited 2 new bugs. One won’t let me place or move the screen after I play a level in the editor, and the other..........WON’T LET ME DELETE OBJECTS UNLESS I DELETE ALL OF THAT SAME OBJECT. It is so annoying that I have pretty much quit making levels. The other problem with this game is that there’s not enough updates. I know they take long but either RobTop could hire people to work on it, or just stop cramming so much new content in each update. I would be fine with mild amount of content in each update every 6 months but 2 years is unacceptable. And the last problem is stop making free games. I know they’re supposed to lead you to the full version and give a sneak peak of the update but just work on the update rather than free games that never get updated. Like seriously we don’t need 4. Those are basically the main problems with this game. If these things get changed I’ll rate 5 star..Version: 2.11

I'm tapping but nothing happensI have played the game since it came out I thought I might download it again so I did but when I tap it doesn't jump so robtop fix this for me please..Version: 2.11

Needs more content badly.I have been playing this game for 3 years and have become pretty good at it, I play all the new levels that come out online... however, that is exactly the biggest problem with the game. None of the new levels feel new anymore other than the way they look because there is no new gameplay or anything to make each level special. It has been almost 2 years since update 2.1 came out and when I started playing the game in August 2015 it was on update 1.9. There is not even a sneak preview of the 2.2 level yet and the developer is so tight lipped about progress on the update that I believe that RobTop has given up completely on GD and 2.2 will never come. If it ever does come out, it will be revolutionary; however, that’s is also the problem: updates are too revolutionary. The dev focuses so much on adding a million new things to the game at a time that he does not even perform maintenance for the game’s servers (leaderboards have been broken for over a year). I would much rather have smaller and more frequent updates than getting more and more content in each update because it is getting increasingly difficult to have motivation to play this as the dev drags his feet with 2.2’s release with no date in sight. 3 stars because it is still remotely enjoyable..Version: 2.11

DangI have been trying to make a account and it keeps on saying email valid and I do not like that. Where’re is 2.2 it has been years otherwise the game is not so bad.Version: 2.11

Jump DelayI’ve been playing Geometry Dash for around a week now and I’ve beaten the first few levels (all the levels up to Can’t let go), and I’ve noticed how bad the game really is. The major problem with the game is the amount of jump delay. If you tap the screen there will be 0.1 to 0.2 second delay in the time you tap and the time your cube jumps. This can be insanely frustrating as the level designs are pretty basic and easy to beat, but the jump delay can make a difference. I would give it one star but the music is mediocre at best so there’s that. Sometimes when you don’t tap the screen it will jump despite you not touching anything..Version: 2.11

Move rotate and follow commandsThe ability to move around triggers is solely functional to 10 triggers. Hide player, Show player, touch, count, instant count, pickup, BG effect on, BG effect off, animate, and shake. All other triggers (fade effects, color changes, movement, and state changes not listed above) will not be affected by the move / rotate triggers and this cannot be countered with the follow trigger which makes making extreme effects levels comparable to serponge like a Mario bros world 1-1 exact replica impossible from a creators viewpoint I find this incredibly annoying and the more of these limitations I find the less interested in the editor I get especially when these limitations are unexplained please fix as I am loosing interest in the editor (my main reason for playing) and I fear that soon this game will become boring and uninteresting and these limitations will not only loose my interest but also of your best as they will run out of ideas for mind blowing effects but that's just speculation but seriously I would like this to be fixed (p.s. The alpha pulse and move triggers were responsive to move commands in 2.0 toggle never has worked and spawn triggers I didn't use until 2.1 came out so I don't know if that ever moved from move triggers) I've been a player for almost 2 years now I'd like to keep this streak going.Version: 2.10

Need to fix daily chestsGood game but when I linked my account together the daily chests stoped working so I can't get my diamonds and stuff can you please fix robtop.Version: 2.10

Please fix the buggies manGreat game I really enjoy it and that, but the new update is a wee bit annoying, it looks great but I can't even view my own profile as it keeps telling me to sign into an account when I already am. I have loaded it and that etc but nothing happens. Logged out and back in, nothing happens. Also there is no map packs, no-one in the leaderboards ( global scores, top creators, top 100) the new gauntlets mode doesn't open but I understand the update just came out and the game needs time in order to get the new modes working etc. But please the following bugs are annoying a large number of the Gd population. Need to fix it very soon. But great game!!! New update is really good! ( apart from the bugs ugh!).Version: 2.10

What the game used to beI started playing at the start of 2.1. It feels like a century since then, but is 3 years old. It was a pain to get a new account, and it is so limited without one. I made lots of creative levels, but the standards are through the roof these days. My IPad restarted and I forgot my passcode for a year and a half and today I finally got it back! That was until I noticed all of my progress and creations that were enjoyed by people around the world were gone. Every. Single. One. I would continue, but it is too annoying to use the default icons and realise what a good game this used to be. Save the game Rub Rub! Save Geometry Dash! Goodbye and thank you for listening..Version: 2.11

Geometry DashEhhh... I like how there’s graphics that can be changed, but that option isn’t available when it isn’t being played on a computer. but, what I do like is even though the game says that you can’t watch your replay data, you can simply just disable Wi-Fi on your device, and then you can see it, after the date of when GameCenter was discontinued. No need for Wi-Fi when you have a device you can take with you!.Version: 2.11

Too hard and outraging but goodRobTop this game is too hard and there’s also a missing spike in one of the main levels.I am not angry but just make sure the you make your game easier..Version: 2.11

It’s fun but it needs to be fixedI love this game it is really fun and the music is really cool. I have spent ages playing this game. Although I do have some down sides to it. This game hasn’t updated in a while and the game needs fixing. When I go onto daily level it has been the same level for months now and I would like a new one. When it says at the end of the level selection it says more levels coming soon and we haven’t gotten a new level for a very long time. Could you please find a new company to record your levels please because the old one shut down and I liked seeing a replay of my levels. Also it says my email is invalid and I went to the help website but it didn’t work. To be honest I think rub rub have given up or forgotten about this game which is really sad as this game deserves more attention from the developers. I don’t think they will see the review.Version: 2.11

HiI cant play any levels.Version: 2.11

Too slowThe updates take forever to come out, being a 1 man team is no excuse for such small updates, also, fix the bugs, they are slowly piling up and making the game unplayable.Version: 2.11

Verry disapointedCant even search for a level cant load my profile cant get reward ....Version: 2.10

Inappropriate levelsThe level editor is great, but it also allows people to make inappropriate levels and levels that scare young people..Version: 2.11

No automatic savesThere’s no automatic saves so I lost all my progress also there’s a glitch when you exit the game and open it the music doesn’t work.Version: 2.11

0/10Can’t sign in.Version: 2.11

Pls fixThe game is great overall but in the lite version I tried making a account and it always said email invalid when I was using my email so I downloaded the full version to see if it worked but instead it directed me to the boomlings site and so I made an account there and it worked so I went back to geometry dash and tried to log in but it said login failed I am very disappointed because in the lite version I did every level up to jumper with all coins so I tried to make an account on there to save my progress and transfer it to the full version. If you succeed to make an account pls tell me what you did.Version: 2.11

This game made my eye hurt a lot and it got driedSome levels are pretty bright and they hurt my eyes and guess what. My eyes got dried so my mum bought glasses and they said I can't play games for 1 month cuz of u and I was pretty bored and guess what, you will make even more brighter levels. I can prove it. 2 stars..Version: 2.11

GDGeometry Dash in undoubtedly an amazing game. Maybe even the best music game ever released, indeed. Luckily in this situation the pros weigh out the cons, but the biggest problem is updates. Each update is exciting and is giving more and more opportunities for having fun and creating levels. But the consistency for the updates is a massive problem. 2.11 came out approximately a year ago, as a “pre update” and we’ve had no word about anything ever since. Pre updates are usually 1 week - 2 months prior of the main update, but 1 year is too long. We get a major update about every 2 years, but other games have developers that make updates within months of each other. Now I know that updates in this game are really hard with all the bugs and new features, but seriously, 2 years since a big update? I’d rate this 5/5 but update consistency is worth a lot. But enough about that, this is an amazing game and RubRub, keep up the good work!.Version: 2.11

Trash inconsistent gameLast actual update was four years ago, the user created levels are getting more repetitive, the community is leaving. This game is dying, I cant believe the price hasn’t be gone down cause this is pathetic and I’ve been playing for three years and left when i realized there was better games out there that doesn’t update every four years, this game and community is a mess, the community also acts tough and racist but are just tiny white kids lol. Sad.Version: 2.11

Not letting me creat an accountI’ve been trying to create an account but it keeps saying my email is invalid and I’ve tried all of my emails and I’ve typed them perfect, no spelling errors.Version: 2.11

Why should I report an issue with Geometry Dash?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Geometry Dash to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Geometry Dash customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Geometry Dash.

Is Geometry Dash not working?

Geometry Dash works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Geometry Dash.

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