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Geometry Dash App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Geometry Dash app received 65 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Geometry Dash? Can you share your negative thoughts about geometry dash?

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Geometry Dash for Negative User Reviews

Yeah.When I try use the app it won’t let me, it’ll just exits out the app like a snap..Version: 2.11

PROBLÈMELe jeux arrête pas de crash même avec la mise a jour 15.2 du système faut que vous régler sa au plus vite s’il te plaît.Version: 2.11

Fix the Crashing Issue please.I have played GD for a long time now and I loved and enjoyed. But we grow up and I deleted it I did make a an account so I didn’t lose my progress. How ever now I install the app again yet it crashes immediately. I’m on iPad Pro M1 this thing has 8 gbs of RAM I don’t think it should be like this? And I’m on iPadOS 15.2 please if you can do something about please please please fix it. I want to revisit my childhood :).Version: 2.11

Works on iOS 12.6 or earlierFirst off, I have an iPhone on iOS 16, and it shows the robtop logo for a second, and then crashes. But on my iPad, which is on iOS 12.6, it loads and plays perfectly fine. I think this is probably due to the game not being compatible with the new iOS updates because robtop has not updated this game in 5 years, but I am no expert at that kind of stuff, so I don’t know. With that being said, for the people who can play this game, it is fun and addicting to play! I play it every day, and have gotten pretty good. Awesome layout, easy to navigate the menu, and awesome levels that are a little bit harder than the one before. Also, one more thing, for those of you players who are like me and like to have the level percentage showing, go into the settings menu, click on the options button, and then look through there until you find the button that says level percentage and click on that. That is all for now, so don’t waste your money on this game if you are above iOS 12.6 I will post an update to this review if Geometry Dash Full starts working on iOS 16. Thank you for reading my Review!.Version: 2.11

A MOBILE GAME THAT DOESN’T WORK ON MOBILE.Don’t download this, not worth it. Spent $5 and found out it’s a complete scam / money scheme. It will crash 100% the moment you open it. Cant believe it actually has positive review like c’mon, it had 4.9 star rating, and dropped to 4.4. Robtop, fix your game. Also, I am pretty sure the devs are not gonna fix this as none of the crashing problems got replies from the devs. Literally a 2D money scheme. If the devs actually replied, I would’ve actually rated a 4. DONT BUY, ITS A MOMEY SCHEME. IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN, DONT PAY FOR A GAME THAT DOESNT WORK. Ps. I used to rate 5 out of 5, but now the game is dogwater. I’m deleting this game and i am off to play osu..Version: 2.11

Keeps crashing after updating to iOS 15I’ve been playing this game since 2016, and I’ve had the game on this iPad for about 2-3 years. The game worked fine until I updated it to iOS 15. Now I can’t even get into the game because it keeps crashing, so I deleted it assuming it will stop crashing. I have no idea if having a geometry dash account will save progress. I couldn’t even check to see if everything is saved that way I can delete it. After I redownloaded it I’m still having this problem and I can’t play the game. I have completed 10 levels, and over 50% on other levels. If this problem is fixed, I really hope my progress saved 😢.Version: 2.11

LagI open it with an iPad and it immediately crashes. I have it on my phone and it works fine and I love the app but dang it’s annoying that I can’t have it on a large screen. It worked fine before but when I upgraded to the new version, it just stopped working!! It is a amazing game though. Just please fix this bug..Version: 2.2

Re download problemI purchased this game a few years ago and I just came back to downloading it and every time I enter the game it shuts down and won’t even get passed the first screen. I would like a refund or a renewed purchase if possible. When I go to report a problem it won’t come up with this purchase. I love this game and would love to play again..Version: 2.11

Doesn’t open.The game doesn’t open! I go in, it has the Robtop screen, then closes. Waste of my money..Version: 2.11

..I want a refund.Version: 2.205

Where is update 2.2?It’s been FOREVER since you updated the app. Please update the app!.Version: 2.11

Fun game but-It’s usually a fun game, I may not be the best but i enjoy the game nevertheless. Around a year ago I deleted the app since whenever i tried to open it, it would just end up crashing. I’m here now, downloaded it once again and it still crashes in IOS 15. I’d suggest fixing the game or it might just be my phone specifically, iPhone 7. I just want to play again. Fix the game please..Version: 2.11

Stop saying this is a bad gameAll u half to do is practice mode that’s how u get good at the game and stop calling this game trash.Version: 2.11

Please Fix IOS 15 BugThis game is amazing especially with all the great level designs and the fact that you can never run out of levels to complete because there’s always something new. Personally I always get stuck on clubstep. Anyway my main problem is that I’m an iPad player and that after I updated to IOS 15 there was this weird bug which kicked you out of the game every time you tried to open it. Please fix this as soon as you can before 2.2 because I really miss playing. I haven’t played in 2 months now and the only thing keeping be alive is watching YouTubers beat levels like BloodBath and Cataclysm. (I know they’re old levels but I just enjoy hearing the perfect clicks) Anyway hope this gets fixed soon and also one suggestion there should probably be a feature which allows you to play Meltdown, Subzero and World levels inside of normal GD. (I know that in 2.2 there will be a tone of remakes the levels because of the new level editor but still it would be cool to play the original right inside of normal GD instead of having to download the other apps..Version: 2.11

Brilliant game, broken on iPhone 7, extremely buggyGeometry dash is a brilliant game, a simple concept of “tap to jump” with exceptional execution. Jump orbs, jump pads, portals and game modes all used to assist or trick the player. The difficulty of the levels gives the player a true satisfaction when they’ve been completed, the growing community is another reason why I love the game. Threes is however a problem, I would not recommend buying this game if you use an iPhone 7 or below. With the current version of the game, it will crash when opened regardless of how many times you restart your phone or reinstall the app. The game is also fairly buggy with the menus breaking or textures getting mixed up, songs missing for no reason. If this game wants to receive a better rating then RobTop needs to crack down on some of these bugs and allow people to use the game on iPhone 7. I personally love this game and I do not want to discourage users with iPhone 8 and above from buying the app, but just know that you cannot use it on 7 and below..Version: 2.11

Broken after iOS 17Game does not launch or work whatsoever after IOS 17.Version: 2.11

Robtop fix geometry dashThe game crashes every time I try to play it.Version: 2.11

Verry disapointedCant even search for a level cant load my profile cant get reward ....Version: 2.10

The app doesn’t work.I bought this game and every time I try to open it, it immediately kicks me out. I’ve tried everything. I’ve restarted my phone, updated my phone, closed the tab, deleted and redownloaded the app and nothing works. I’m really annoyed because I spent money on this and it doesn’t even work..Version: 2.11

Fun game I love it but..I love geometry dash it’s one of my favourite mobile games if not my favourite, but everytime I click on it, it crashes, I’ve tried re-downloading it, restarting my phone, it won’t work.Version: 2.11

Why haven’t you fixed it?!So i started playing geometry dash 2 years ago. Although I'm not very good i have so much fun working on levels then beating them. About a year and a half ago when i updated my iPad i could not play! It just kicked me out before i could get past the beginning screen. Since then I've had to play geometry dash lite and I'm so bored. I quit for a year just to come back to something i thought for sure would be fixed. Ive seen other peoples reviews and its not just me! Other people are experienced this exact same issue yet it has not been fixed. This is very serious a lot of people aren’t able to play one of there favourite games. Its a lot of people! This is a very big issue that has not been fixed. Im going to give up on the game soon if it doesn't get fixed..Version: 2.11

NoNo no no no no no no i died to 98% in bloodbath i cant even understand how i died to 98% in sonic wave well near the end. and this game i just why would you put in move triggers and shake triggers i just dont understand anyway. I nearly had an outrage playing this game and i didnt know when you unistall the app you lose everything i deleted it for apex legends and deleted teacher simulator for it back so goodbye GD you will be missed . . . P.S. i hate how you can only type in about 25 leters for a level name to search or to make so this is the longest review ive ever wrote so goodbye GD. And you really read this all wow your a patient reader anyway -1 player try and send me loads of EVW vids and i might come back but for now -1 player if you convince me +1 player anyway bye GD.Version: 2.11

Great game, Massive flawI have played it for like 7 years and love it. I prefer to play it on Steam through a desktop computer though. Recently trying to play it again on my iOS devices and nope, cannot open it at all. I thought there was a problem on my end but my M1 iPad Pro can't even seem to run it, my phone too. And checking other reviews it seems to be a massively common isssue. Fortunately i can still access the game through STEAM on desktop but it doesn't excuse that it's now a waste of money and dead storage taking up space on my devices. I know 2.2 is a critical update that's taken a huge amount of time to get to and is right around the corner, but currently this bug is scaring away a critical userbase of this game which will just hurt its reputation and overall player count. by the way - This bug has been a problem for me for around a year since it started on my iPad. Only in the last 3-9 months has it come to phone.Version: 2.11

What a shameWhen I got this game it was super fun, always a challenging game and I progressed pretty far in it. But just in many other reviews the game crashes every time you open it. PLEASE FIX THIS. This game is definitely worth the money when this bug is fixed, but I don’t think it will be so R.I.P.Version: 2.11

OmgThe update always crashes and exited me out. :(.Version: 2.11

Buffering BugThis game is great and all, but over the past week or so I’ve been noticing a strange glitch. The glitch happens whenever I try to open the app. I tap on the Geometry Dash app, it takes me into the loading screen for half a second, then kicks me out. This glitch is very frustrating considering I have paid money for this game. Because of the fact that I, and many other users, have paid for the full version of this game, and it doesn’t work anymore, a lot of us have technically been scammed. Otherwise this is a great game with lots of fun levels to try out. Please fix this, FredrinkGaming.Version: 2.11

I feel lonelyWhen I'm in geometry dash I try to open my chest there is no time in the bottom of them and when I look at my profile I see something went wrong but I had internet and no one can find if you search up CandyFloss12 and I can't even see other people's levels or comment or do quests and like or dislike levels :( please update in 2.2 I feel like I'm so lonely.Version: 2.11

Keeps crashingHaven’t been able to play for 3 months now. no update has fixed anything. the app just keeps crashing whenever i open it.Version: 2.11

GD wont openGd on mobile is bugged and wont open and they claimed to fix it in 2.2 but it didnt and i got a iphone 7 and the ios 16 update fixes it but apple didnt give iphones with home buttons in the bottom middle the ios 16 update so i gotta wait like a year or half a year WAITING for apple to give us people who are suffering and waiting for apple to give us ios 18 or for robtop to fix this but he probably wont bc he took like 5 years just to release 2.2 and he would probably take at least a year to fix this. A complaint to the devs and the creators of apple to give us the power of using apps bc this bug is on most other gd game (ofc). (note: I will write until apple gives us this ios 16 update but i just bought this because my other apple phone broke and the data didnt save so i had to spend another £2 (Im british but asian) to realise and waste 30 mins of my life researching about this bug, trying to fix it and failing and another 7 mins writing this for the devs who probably wont reply.) Thank you for reading my complaints and im sorry for wasting like 5 mins of your life with my bad grammar and improper manner. i just got another urge to write im sorry ———————————————————————.Version: 2.11

AccountsMaking accounts is very confusing first I try to register then it says invalid email so I go to help then make my email valid and then it stills says it’s invalid then it says the name I’m using is already taken so I thought maybe it glitched so I tried to login and it didn’t it work and then it says the email I’m using is already taken and I try to login with the username and password that I had for that email and guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK! Rob top if you’re reading this please make making accounts easier like remove the email.Version: 2.11

What the game used to beI started playing at the start of 2.1. It feels like a century since then, but is 3 years old. It was a pain to get a new account, and it is so limited without one. I made lots of creative levels, but the standards are through the roof these days. My IPad restarted and I forgot my passcode for a year and a half and today I finally got it back! That was until I noticed all of my progress and creations that were enjoyed by people around the world were gone. Every. Single. One. I would continue, but it is too annoying to use the default icons and realise what a good game this used to be. Save the game Rub Rub! Save Geometry Dash! Goodbye and thank you for listening..Version: 2.11

Great game but one problem):I love geometry dash and I used to play it all the time… but then I stopped playing it for a while. Then at least 5 months later I tried playing it again. It was loading but for some reason it just stopped and pushed me out! Then at school I told my friends what happened and they said the same thing happened to them. I said how did you fix it. They answered we just deleted the app and reinstalled it. A few days before that I already tried that so I tried it again but it didn’t work so I tried it again but it didn’t work so on so on so on. I tried everything but it still didn’t work. PLS fix this bug because I haven’t been able to play all the updates for YEARS! I just want to play geometry dash again):.Version: 2.11

PLEASE ROBTOP FIX IM NOT KIDDINGThis is a very urgent matter. Geometry dash is a great game let me tell you. I’ve been playing for almost 6 years and it’s an amazing game. The only problem is NOBODY ON IOS 15 OR OVER CAN PLAY, ITS GLITCHED. It keeps kicking us out and not letting us to play. Please robtop I beg fix this. It’s been a year of not playing and it’s bugging everyone. You have lost hundreds and thousands of players on iPhone and iPad and if you don’t fix this soon EVERYONE that plays on ipad and iPhone will soon lose interest and by the time you fix this nobody will be playing anymore. I know you said that you will fix this in 2.2 but nobody knows when 2.2 is even going to come out or if it is. I love your work robtop and I don’t want to put any pressure at all on you but you need to fix this now or with 2.2. If you think 2.2 is going take longer to make then fix this first please. I’m begging you robtop. I don’t care if 2.2 dosent come out for 20 more years we need gd back please. I’m honestly thinking of going and buying a computer just so I can play. Please robtop..Version: 2.11

Game won’t load upI brought the game after playing the lite version. I thought it was going to be fun as but I couldn’t even get into the game every time I clicked onto the app it would try load up for a second or two and then just close. Worst of all I can’t even get a refund on this fault game. Completely and utterly disappoint won’t be getting anymore games by this person.Version: 2.11

2.2I want 2.2 plz :) ITS BEEN 2 YEARS RUBRUB WHERES IT AT?.Version: 2.11

I can’t playI loved the free version of this game so I decided to buy the payed version to get more levels. I played it frequently for about a year. I got to around level 13 and then one day I open the app and it kicked me right back to my Home Screen. I then tried to open the free version yet this too kicked me right back to my Home Screen. I deleted both and tried to open them again but I was still unable to play. This really annoyed me as, like I said above, I was a huge fan of this app and I paid money for it. However, I also have Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash SubZero and both work fine so I don’t understand why this game and the free version aren’t letting me play anymore. What’s more weird is that I have the free version on my iPhone and my iPad and it works perfectly on my iPhone so I really don’t understand. I hope the developers can fix this problem so that I can play this game again and I am curious to know if anyone else has this same problem..Version: 2.11

Keeps crashingThe app keeps crashing when I try to open it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple time and it didn’t change anything. The game use to work until I got a new phone..Version: 2.11

It kicks me outIt wont let me in I tried redown loading it but it still just kicks me out right away..Version: 2.11

CrashesIts a good game but when i open it crashes since the iOS 17.Version: 2.11

Game doesn’t launch on iOS 15If you’re on iOS 15, don’t buy this. It simply will not launch. It’s been upwards of a year now and it’s not yet been fixed.Version: 2.11

Not even working on iPadSo I started playing this maybe 6 or 5 years ago, and stopped playing until a few weeks ago. When I first downloaded this game again, it was perfectly fine and I would spend hours and hours on this game. Until now. And unfortunately, I had to reset my whole as iPad because everything was disabled. And now that I’m back on control, I have tried downloading this game again! But, as soon as I download it, I tap on it and try play! But as soon as I get ready to play, it makes me go back to Home Screen. And also the title on the app only says, “geometry” and not, “geometry dash” so I would really like to just inform you about this. Because I really do love this game. Thank you, but also this is DUMB!.Version: 2.11

Absolutely disappointing. (would give zero stars if i could)I can remember myself playing this game nearly 5ish years ago. it was so fun i every time i played it would open with no problem. I had recently thought about getting the game but didn’t realize it was money, so i had to put more thought into it. once i decided getting the game i was so excited because it had been a childhood game and i knew it would be fun to play again after so long. it had taken a while for the game to download, which is understandable because i don’t have a lot of storage. once the game downloaded i immediately clicked on it. once i clicked it, screen went black and kicked me out off the game. i didn’t think much of it so i clicked it again. i thought “maybe the game hadn’t been updated in a while so i gave it a break. after a little bit i tried again. it still didn’t work. now at this point, i know something is going on. so i do some research. it said that “people with home buttons can’t play Geometry Dash.” i was obviously upset when i heard that KNOWING that i spent MY money on it. i don’t care if it’s just 2 dollars, it’s MY money and if I want to buy something with it, I would expect it to work. so you either, fix the game so i can play it. or you can maybe refund my money because this is outrageous..Version: 2.11

Needs more content badly.I have been playing this game for 3 years and have become pretty good at it, I play all the new levels that come out online... however, that is exactly the biggest problem with the game. None of the new levels feel new anymore other than the way they look because there is no new gameplay or anything to make each level special. It has been almost 2 years since update 2.1 came out and when I started playing the game in August 2015 it was on update 1.9. There is not even a sneak preview of the 2.2 level yet and the developer is so tight lipped about progress on the update that I believe that RobTop has given up completely on GD and 2.2 will never come. If it ever does come out, it will be revolutionary; however, that’s is also the problem: updates are too revolutionary. The dev focuses so much on adding a million new things to the game at a time that he does not even perform maintenance for the game’s servers (leaderboards have been broken for over a year). I would much rather have smaller and more frequent updates than getting more and more content in each update because it is getting increasingly difficult to have motivation to play this as the dev drags his feet with 2.2’s release with no date in sight. 3 stars because it is still remotely enjoyable..Version: 2.11

Good game, but cant play it.For a long time I played the free version of the app, Geometry dash lite. And now I decided that I enjoyed the game enough and it felt worth spending £2 on the game. I downloaded it, opened it, crashed immediately. I tried everything, I deleted and reinstalled the game, I restarted my device, I updated my device to the latest version, still it crashes. So I go “okay I guess ill play on another device.” I download the game on another device open the game, and AGAIN it crashes immediately. Although I really like geometry dash, it incredibly frustrating that I just spent money on a game I can’t even play. I’ve seen one or two other reviews outlining a similar problem, but I thought it was just for specific devices not an app problem or something. I don’t know how to fix it but I would prefer if my £2 didn’t go to waste..Version: 2.11

This needs fixingOk RobTop, I know your game is big and sometimes hard to manage, but this is ridiculous. Nobody can open their game (including me). I know this might be hard to fix but come on. It’s been several years since this game was last updated and I (as well as many others) am getting fed up. I bought this game for $3 AUD and I can’t even open it. I got it as a birthday present and my birthday was several months ago and I still can’t even play Geometry Dash. I have reinstalled the app and reset my WiFi, but it just crashes. This is an absolute scam and I would either like a refund or have you fix this. I’m sure this annoys me as much as a lot of other people. This is a shame since I’ve heard how good the game is and I’ve played the free versions, but I can’t even enjoy the full experience because of a bug that should’ve been fixed 7 years ago with the last update. Fix your game because this is getting on everyone’s nerves..Version: 2.11

RefundGive me my money back I paid for this crap game and it won’t even startup my phones brand new nothin wrong with it ur games is trash I want my money back NOW!!!.Version: 2.11

Something Happened…I have had Geometry Dash Lite for 2 years and then I remembered when I downloaded the game on the App Store there were other versions. I also found out while playing that I didn’t have the full version so I downloaded Geometry World but, still, not the full version. But I decided Now the time has come. I went to the App Store and bought Geometry Dash. But this isn’t the end of my story. You see, what I didn’t mention was that when I got Geometry Dash Lite, It didn’t work for a while. And then the same happens with Geometry Dash. It didn’t work. This was worse. I tried everything. Re-Downloading it, Powering off and clicking many times. My dream since I was 6 had just flew away which brings me here now. My mother told me, ‘It was a scam’..Version: 2.11

It is a good gameI really enjoy playing this game but there is one big glitch which I want to be fixed. I got the 200 gem store and it shows on my profile that I only have 15 gems left but when I collect gems it says at the top I have 230 so I’m really confused with how much I have. Also I play on the same account between my laptop and my phone and I have to save all my progress each time and load it onto my laptop wich is really anoying. Also I will finish all my daily challenges on my laptop but when I play on my phone I have diffrent daily challenges and when I do them I don’t get any gems just make it so both lap top and mobile are in synk so if I beat a level on my phone I don’t have to save or load or anything and it’s on my laptop. Still a good game but many glitches that need to be fixed.Version: 2.11

Not letting me creat an accountI’ve been trying to create an account but it keeps saying my email is invalid and I’ve tried all of my emails and I’ve typed them perfect, no spelling errors.Version: 2.11

Crashes, can’t open the app atallI want so badly to give the game 5 stars, as it is one of the best most enjoyable games I’ve played and it made my childhood. But for the past 2/3 years, I have not been able to even open the app. On all my devices, I have deleted and re-downloaded the app numerous times because I want to play this masterpiece of a game so bad but it crashes one second after I open it. This issue has been persistent for 2/3 years now for me and it’s just devastating. I’ve tried everything, I’ve searched all over the internet and known of many other people who have the same problem as me but nothing works to allow me to just open the app. I hope to god the developers can see this review and fix this issue, so for now I can only give one star but hopefully when the app works again I would give it 5 stars. :(.Version: 2.11

IOS 17On iOS 17 it keeps crashing.Version: 2.11

Good but some bugsThis game is amazing but not worth just get the lite because this game for mobile is very buggy if your going to get it get it on laptop computer exc. I tried to make a level but it will never work because of bad hit boxes, some bugs, and more... this made me not able to verify my level and sometimes that can get you mad! If your going to get this don’t get it on mobile that’s a WARNING Robtop message = Robtop fix this game, to much bugs. On mobile you can’t use that camera control thing and that’s annoying. We need more updates quick, on mobile it glitches more, and that’s annoying. We want and need something like laptops computers exc. please fix this game or give me a refund now!.Version: 2.11

It’s fun but it needs to be fixedI love this game it is really fun and the music is really cool. I have spent ages playing this game. Although I do have some down sides to it. This game hasn’t updated in a while and the game needs fixing. When I go onto daily level it has been the same level for months now and I would like a new one. When it says at the end of the level selection it says more levels coming soon and we haven’t gotten a new level for a very long time. Could you please find a new company to record your levels please because the old one shut down and I liked seeing a replay of my levels. Also it says my email is invalid and I went to the help website but it didn’t work. To be honest I think rub rub have given up or forgotten about this game which is really sad as this game deserves more attention from the developers. I don’t think they will see the review.Version: 2.11

What’s happening? I bought this game but it kept on crashing no matter what I did.What is going on here? I literally paid for this game. I wouldn't buy a game that scams you. This is not a scam though because almost everybody who bought this game said in the reviews good things about the game which means they played it and this is a real developer. Anyways, what should I do? I re-downloaded it and restarted my device but it still crashes! And once you buy an app, when you get rid off it, next time you try to download it, luckily it’s free, but you don’t get your money back! What’s going on? I use an old iPad to play though, maybe that’s the issue, but I don’t know how to get rid of this iPad issue if that is the problem. If there is nothing you can do, or any advice to help me, please give me a refund if you can, Thank you..Version: 2.11

Amazing but …This game is amazing but for some reason out of no where it’s decided too not work and what I mean by not working is whenever I try and launch the game it will just shut down after like 2 seconds of launching it and I’ve tried all the tricks like re starting the game , deleting and re installing , completely shutting my phone on and off but still nothing ! I’ve tried contacting apple support but they told me it’s something I have too get in touch with you guys about but when I click the button for ‘ app support’ it directs me too a page that has no where of contacting you ! … it’s not even the free version it’s the full version of geometry dash so I’m starting too get frustrated and annoyed as all I want too do is play this game 🤨😕🙄.Version: 2.11

Please fix the buggies manGreat game I really enjoy it and that, but the new update is a wee bit annoying, it looks great but I can't even view my own profile as it keeps telling me to sign into an account when I already am. I have loaded it and that etc but nothing happens. Logged out and back in, nothing happens. Also there is no map packs, no-one in the leaderboards ( global scores, top creators, top 100) the new gauntlets mode doesn't open but I understand the update just came out and the game needs time in order to get the new modes working etc. But please the following bugs are annoying a large number of the Gd population. Need to fix it very soon. But great game!!! New update is really good! ( apart from the bugs ugh!).Version: 2.10

It’s brokenI try to open the app and it crashes. (I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling, and I opening it 50 times in a row.).Version: 2.11

Bad star givingProbably only like 21 people will see this because it’s a review and not like a dm or comment that got popular but if you do please spread this to the reviews so a chance the developers will see this but anyways. In general this game is pretty good and hard even know some games you can get good in like 2 days but this game basically says no and it takes up approximately 1 year to get good unless you play 24/7 for like 3 days- 1 week or something but that’s besides the point but theres something really stupid in this game that should not exist and it’s with the stars and you might be saying “So your doing a review on one of the stupidest things in the game ever?” but this is really stupid still alright so lets say I’m new to the game and play for a little bit and get to a insane and it gives 10 stars but if I search up BloodBath and it’s a extreme demon and it gives 10 stars now… STRAIGHT FLYING, ENDLESS ONLY ONE WAYS, MINI ZIGZAGS, AND WAY HARDER STUFF AND ONLY GETS 10 STARS?!! I COULD DO FINGERDASH OR HEXAGON FORCE AND WASTE LESS TIME!!! SO YOU GET LESS PRIZES FOR A HARDER THING AND THAT’S REALLY STUPID!!! EVEN KENOS HAS THE SAME EXACT THING BUT A LITTLE DIFFERENT AND ONLY GETS YOU 10 STARS!!!….. Please fix this and make it so kenos or any verified extreme demon at least gives 20+ stars thank you….Version: 2.11

Great game but won’t open!!!I love this game it is very fun. It is great to make your own level and be creative. I also like the levels in this game that are not in the lite version. But.. a few months ago the app stopped opening. I re downloaded the lite version and that works fine. The geometry dash world and meltdown work fine as well, but not geometry dash sub zero. It seems this is a problem with a lot of geometry dash games. I recognise that this might me a problem with my devices software, maybe it isn’t compatible with a recent update? But this is very disappointing for me because I really enjoyed this game and I spent real money on it! I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this problem but I would like it to be solved. Still, would recommend playing (if it works for you!!!!!).Version: 2.11

It’s been like this for 2 yrsI used to be a gd youtuber on ipad ( now i’m on mc and roblox ) i used to have a LOT of fun but after like a month or two after my channel got deleted for school administration i usually kept getting kicked out while playing, even on lite, world, subzero, meltdown ALL OF THEM i want able to play them so i started to play on mac and it works! but for airs, you cant go full screen the side bars keep on annoying me and i just wanna play a game in FULL screen so ye fix this i swear to god if ur playing god of war.Version: 2.11

Game isn’t working and hasn’t been for a while.I loved this game, years of progress and work on this, many demons completed and almost every icon and achievement unlocked. For a while this was my favourite game as you can see, I just wish I could get back on the game but as many people know this has been disabled along with every other geometry dash game hoping I can hop back in and have some fun sooner or later so Please Robtop fix the game and let us get back on I’ve tried many methods to try have a play on it but no luck..Version: 2.11

Jump DelayI’ve been playing Geometry Dash for around a week now and I’ve beaten the first few levels (all the levels up to Can’t let go), and I’ve noticed how bad the game really is. The major problem with the game is the amount of jump delay. If you tap the screen there will be 0.1 to 0.2 second delay in the time you tap and the time your cube jumps. This can be insanely frustrating as the level designs are pretty basic and easy to beat, but the jump delay can make a difference. I would give it one star but the music is mediocre at best so there’s that. Sometimes when you don’t tap the screen it will jump despite you not touching anything..Version: 2.11

GDGeometry Dash in undoubtedly an amazing game. Maybe even the best music game ever released, indeed. Luckily in this situation the pros weigh out the cons, but the biggest problem is updates. Each update is exciting and is giving more and more opportunities for having fun and creating levels. But the consistency for the updates is a massive problem. 2.11 came out approximately a year ago, as a “pre update” and we’ve had no word about anything ever since. Pre updates are usually 1 week - 2 months prior of the main update, but 1 year is too long. We get a major update about every 2 years, but other games have developers that make updates within months of each other. Now I know that updates in this game are really hard with all the bugs and new features, but seriously, 2 years since a big update? I’d rate this 5/5 but update consistency is worth a lot. But enough about that, this is an amazing game and RubRub, keep up the good work!.Version: 2.11

Move rotate and follow commandsThe ability to move around triggers is solely functional to 10 triggers. Hide player, Show player, touch, count, instant count, pickup, BG effect on, BG effect off, animate, and shake. All other triggers (fade effects, color changes, movement, and state changes not listed above) will not be affected by the move / rotate triggers and this cannot be countered with the follow trigger which makes making extreme effects levels comparable to serponge like a Mario bros world 1-1 exact replica impossible from a creators viewpoint I find this incredibly annoying and the more of these limitations I find the less interested in the editor I get especially when these limitations are unexplained please fix as I am loosing interest in the editor (my main reason for playing) and I fear that soon this game will become boring and uninteresting and these limitations will not only loose my interest but also of your best as they will run out of ideas for mind blowing effects but that's just speculation but seriously I would like this to be fixed (p.s. The alpha pulse and move triggers were responsive to move commands in 2.0 toggle never has worked and spawn triggers I didn't use until 2.1 came out so I don't know if that ever moved from move triggers) I've been a player for almost 2 years now I'd like to keep this streak going.Version: 2.10

Really fun gameSo I really likes this game at first as it was fun and annoying at the same time but I stopped playing all of a sudden then one day I wanted to revisit it. I opened the game and then it crashed. The same thing happens 5 times until I give up. Now I have to play lite instead of the original WHICH I PAID FOR :(.Version: 2.11

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