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Cant even play on my iPadI try to open the app but it crashes I don’t really know what else since I haven’t been able to play I but I guess I could comment on the new update that hasn’t come out yet hey I found out why it isn’t opening is your game 32 bit apple moved away from that and is now for 64 bit ps you made a good game 10/10.Version: 2.11

Best game to play on mobile!!!Ok, let me get this straight, the reviews for this game average out at a 4.68 as of may 11th. That is incredible! Also, just because this game has some bugs in the editor and some older levels, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game! And for all my people out there who think the game is “too hard” need to listen. It’s not an easy game, I’ll give you that, but it’s not impossible! As of today I am a successful creator and member of the community with 47 demons and working with many great people to keep this game running! Now, listen, to all the haters, what is BAD about the game? Bugs? That’s it? Lazy creator? No! Robert is just trying to get the best experience for us players! He has been actively working on the 2.2 update for 3 years now! He is done adding and is working on bugs so we don’t hate it! So, want to tell me what is wrong with the game? No? Ok, cool. Stop hating guys! RobTop try’s to keep everyone happy! Even if it takes a few years! Also, if you can’t beat levels, learn to make them! Get in collabs, play with the community, get someone to verify the level! Have fun with us! So to conclude, this is the best mobile game to have fun, listen to beats, play with your friends, and do things to keep us happy! I love this game and hate nothing about it! Have a good day folks! I definitely recommend!.Version: 2.11

Thank you so much RubRub!I started playing the game back in 2019 and from then on i have been playing it almost every day! Since then I have definitely loved the game and think it’s amazing. Every time I get on my computer I rush straight to geometry dash and play it! The good thing is for me sometimes is that for example if you go create a level and put it on the server it makes you really feel like your part of the whole thing. And it’s got good rhythms that help you play a level and with more game modes you make this game super fun to play..Version: 2.11

Im addicted.Honestly, this game was amazing. Everything was amazing! Just one thing, maybe more levels, but with the other difficulties (e.g. Insane)? I would love to do those types of levels without trying to find them myself. Also, it could be a challenge for everyone else! Plus, if you made Insane Difficulty levels, maybe you could make more icons and colours alot cooler for those levels..???? Just saying. You don't have to do all of those things, but it was just my suggestion. Overall, this game has been an amazing game and I am already addicted..Version: 2.11

RUBRUB AWESOME GAME KEEP IT UP but..RubRub geometry dash is my favourite game I play it everyday but WHEN IS 2.2 GONNA COME OUT WE'VE WAITED ALMOST 3 YEARS but RubRub just wanna say awesome game I've got so good at it my friend introduced me to it and I have so many achievements almost finished every level with coins also though when I try to make an account i put in my mums email but it says invalid email and when I try to upload a level after verifying it I press upload and it ALWAYS says error upload failed but other than that keep up the great work (but pls 2.2).Version: 2.11

Great game!I started getting bored of this game as there was a lot of the same stuff but now it has a whole variety of creations with the new update. A new level, new objects and motions, new game modes and quests. And what makes the game really good is the players creations. However there is a couple of issues to this, not too major, but there are bugs which need to be fixed. Stuff which may not effect everyone but there are things like lag causing music to lose sync with the level and when things go wrong like daily chests or gauntlets. Apart from that this game is golden. Totally worth the £1.50. If you don't own this game then try the lite version which holds 11 in-game levels. Try them out then see if you like it. It is a 4 star from me! Thanks for this creation RobTop games..Version: 2.10

CrashesI played all the games I loved them but all of a sudden I can’t open them any more they always crash straight after I open them please fix😭.Version: 2.11

Awesome gameThis is THE BEST game ever! So worth it for $3 would recommend game to anyone. Just one concern though, TOE 1 should be brought down a difficulty to harder (with 250 Mana Orbs) because it is the easiest insane there is! That is the only thing though - other than that the graphics=AMAZING, the game-play=AMAZING, the level editor=AMAZING, the levels in general=AMAZING, and your taste in soundtracks=AMAZING. I also love that there are no in app purchases so you don’t have to spend any money other than the game itself. But there is a bug in Meltdown: when you try to transfer the secret coins, stars, and exclusive icons to the full version it says that update 2.1 hasn’t been released yet. Plz fix :( Keep up the good work RubRub :) Can’t wait for 2.2!.Version: 2.11

GD is Great but there are some bugsThe game is literally my daily game but I noticed some bugs such as the music (in level and background) gone, jumping when I haven't even clicked/touched the screen etc. The level Theory of Everything 2 is great and a true demon compared to Deadlocked and/or Clubstep (I completed Deadlocked in under 4,000 attempts. ToE II has still not been beaten by me and it is now over 5,000 attempts). The responsiveness of the game is not very adequate as sometimes, I die when I have clicked very hard on (e.g.) some jump rings. Just please fix the responsiveness and some of the music errors in the background..Version: 2.10

A m a s I n g :)I love this game I think it’s one of the best games on the App Store and should 100% be promoted by any company or something it’s also really addictive game and I must quit my favourite game to play it and I have also introduced it to my other friends. To the creators of this game I just want to say you have made a huge huge amazing process of making this game and is amazing I have before one which in fact is the one I am reviewing and I am it is so imaginative and can just Express your world in the game and it’s really cool feature that you added I love that the fact you have made other versions of this and that just makes me really cool and happy because I can now play different versions of this for example geometry meltdown or something like that. Onto the fact that you’ve made other amazing games like Geometry Dash meltdown and other variants of the game has really just blown me away I really think you should make it more more of those games and also I think the price is so good and I think it should be worth more like you have made almost a business off of this now I just think that it is amazing and just have a great time making a new stuff bye.Version: 2.11

Fun, but keeps crashingIt’s a really fun and engaging game with great music. I love playing it whenever I have some extra time to kill, but sadly, ever since I updated my iPhone to IOS 17, it crashes as soon as i open it. If you could fix this issue somehow I would really appreciate it. I use iPhone 12 if that helps..Version: 2.11

It was so much fun until….This game was real fun and frustrating at the same time. In the end I loved every bit but after playing every level I stopped playing and wanted to play it again. I opened up the app but it would automatically close the app again and again as I tried to play. Could this be fixed?? I’ve checked the compatibility and it is supposed to work but it still wouldn’t..Version: 2.11

Best game ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️If you want to never be bored again, download this game! There's so much to do! You can play the main levels, try to make your own, discover what fun levels await you online, or even challenge yourself on the daily levels and weekly demons! There are three shops that you can buy awesome things from, and even vaults where you can mess around with the demon guardians and try to unlock secrets hidden within the game. There are chests dotted around the game and they reward you with orbs, diamonds, and even shards which you can use to unlock elemental icons that you can play as! (There's also daily chests too!) You can get stars by completing levels and they can unlock icons or can get you to the top of the leaderboard in no time! If you have an account, you can easily save your progress and load it too. This game has a great story to it and is very hooking. Overall I'd recommend this masterpiece to anyone that is looking for a fun game..Version: 2.11

And I thought 2.0 was a breakthrough...The new update was a long time coming (1 and a half years!) and I was beginning to get bored with this game as I only had the demon levels left to complete and to be honest I was waiting so long for this update I nearly forgot about it! But then it came out and I'm addicted again. The new level, Fingerdash is so awesome it makes 2.0's level geometrical dominator look as plain as anything! Also, it won't be boring with the same old demon anymore with the new 'daily level' feature. This update was a long time coming but so worth it. Thanks for reading my review 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻😁👋🏻👋🏻😀😀✨😀😀😀👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻.Version: 2.10

Please let us play again!I love this game it is my favourite , but now it wont let me play this version or , world , subzero . Please let us play again , others are experiencing this problem!.Version: 2.11

Best game everThis game is a very raging game but it’s amazingly addictive and fun for anyone who is looking for a good game I am exited for 2.2 but anyways let me tell you more. This game is a game we’re you jump over spikes saws and much more there is no bugs on IOS and I love it. I would like if 2.2 came out early BUT WE HAVE BEEN WATING FOR 6 YEARS.I’am sure it’s coming out at October 1 but IDK. So I have not completed all the gauntlet’s but I know they are Going to be fun. Also if you are new you can make levels and it’s lots of fun. My account is Sam Gould if you want to know and I personally do think this is not a waste of money let me know what you think..Version: 2.11

Game is amazing but might need better support for more recent devicesI’ve been playing the game for quite a long time now and I’ve loved every single second of it; I have been playing the game on iPhone 7 for most of my time. So after getting a new home button-less iPhone this was obviously the first game to reinstall. But after playing for merely a minute the problems immediately appear with the placement of buttons being extremely weird and uncomfortable not to mention that the home bar doesn’t disappear while playing a level. So what I’m hoping is that in 2.2 or 2.21 is that the game is better supported for the phones made after the iPhone X (excluding SE lol) but other than the layout problem, the game is very pogger. 7/10 👍.Version: 2.11

Big iOS bugAnyone else cannot play Geometry dash coz it’s bugged for iOS users? So when the 15.1 iOS software update came out. I updated mine. What i realised was that every time I try and open GD it wouldn’t work. The fact that I’ve been playing this game for so long, and it just does me dirty. No rush for the update but I’m slowly going insane. Very good game, but I’m stuck. Cannot play the game. Bored out of my mind. Waiting for the update. Please get it out as soon as possible. Or at least fix this bug before 2.2 or smth. Just fix it. I desperately need it..Version: 2.11

Some things to sayGeometry Dash has been one of m favorite games for years, ever since my friend introduced it to me, and during those years of playing, I have found some things that you might want to know. First of all, when you play the level “Time Machine”, and press and hold while the level starts to you rapidly jump, you will find that you will jump up on top of the spike wall. I do not know if this was intended, or just a glitch. Second, the game says that the level “Can’t Let Go” and “Jumper” have significant differences in difficulty. I have downloaded Geometry Dash on multipledevices, and I have found that I take so much more attempts to complete “Can’t Let Go” than “Jumper”. I just got the mobile full version on this iPhone and I completed “Jumper” in only 3 attempts, and “Can’t Let Go” in 57. I think that they should switch places because “Can’t Let Go” is much harder than “Jumper”. And lastly, I find it quite upsetting when I found out that you can’t add music to a user-created Geometry Dash level from a new Newgrounds account because lots of people have been stealing music and using them in their levels. I made an awesome song in Splash and was hoping to use it in one of my levels, but I can’t because of this. I, and hundreds of other people are trustworthy and want to add their music to Geometry Dash. Even though I am disappointed about this, Geometry Dash still deserves 5 stars..Version: 2.11

Love this gameI love this game I’ve been hearing a lot about geometry dash and I wanted to try it myself so me and my mother went to get a Apple place or what ever it’s called lol and I got the game as I first got in it I felt that it wasn’t worth the money because I had no idea where or how to play? So I started pushing random buttons then I found it I pushed on stereo madness and I LOVED IT I recommend getting this game if you want to play it all day it’s hard easy all different levels ok bye:).Version: 2.11

Hey RubRub!I bought geometry dash about a month ago and I play it half the day every day ;) I love it. I also have some ideas. 1. Quadruple mode For the dual mode, if one of them hits another dual portal, nothing happens. However, I think you should make it so they multiply. And if one of those Quadruple cube/ship/ball/wave/robot/spider/UFO hit another dual portal, they multiply. And so on. 2. Collab mode Yes, I know, you all ready can do that, but you should make it so you can send your levels to friends (just incase somebody figures out the password. 3. Bike mode When I downloaded gd I was amazed at the different modes (in LITE version there are only cubes, ships and UFOs) But I was a little surprised how you didn’t make a mode that could change the speed. Bike mode is the same as the cube but there is another thing to press/click to change the speed. If you do put this in, I think you should call it “Bike Mode” as bikes have different gears. Thanks for your time, joshdutoit333 ( that’s my account name) P.S please could you check out my levels. I think you will like “Full version demo” which you can put on LITE version to encourage people to buy the full version. Hope to see your reply soon!.Version: 2.11

Glitch and 2.2 ideaFirst thing is that there is a weird glitch that doesn’t let me into the game, I have an iOS IPad maybe that’s why it doesn’t work but this game looks really fun and I’d really like to play, I don’t want to disrupt you working on 2.2 but please fix this glitch. Another idea I have for 2.2 is a new game mode: phase, you can’t jump with it but you can switch to top or bottom of a block by “jumping”, for example when your at the top of a block when you jump it’ll take you to the bottom of that block, regardless of how big the block is. Final idea is like the new game mode I suggested but with orbs, jump pads, and portals where it does the same thing and brings you to the bottom of a block. I’d be really happy if you fixed the iOS glitch because geometry dash seems to only load on newer iPads because my brother can play it easily so maybe you can fix it for older iPads I’d really appreciate it. Overall this is a really good game. :) r u b r u b.Version: 2.11

Good but I found something I hate...You see, I'm on mobile, and for some reason, when I go to editor, I can't move my screen. All it does is place a ton of blocks or highlights something. Pls fix! Other then that, it's actually a good game.Version: 2.11

Great game but it needs an updateI’ve personally loved it’s game since it’s release and I’ve been starting to play on my phone as well. I’ve been through a lot with this game and saw all the features, maps, and modes the game introduced overtime. It’s been with me for 9 years and it’s one of my favourites. There are a few problems I want fixed though… Firstly I’m waiting for the next update to come out. I’ve seen other people get it but I just can’t seem to find it. It’s on geometry dash world and others but strangely it doesn’t show up for my main game. Secondly, my levels have been getting deleted. Even though I’m bad at the game, I’ve dedicated my time making maps. But one of my maps which took over a week to make was suddenly gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Besides this it is a great game. Thank you Robtop for bringing this game to me 9 years ago and changing my life..Version: 2.11

Full version doesn’t work on TabletI love this game and have played for years with the lite version and earlier this year on August 9 i downloaded the full version on my iPad and discovered that it doesn’t work. More on this is the fact that when I try to open the game it shows the robtop screen then kicks me off and I’m really upset because I have always wanted the full version experience to unlock new characters and explore the new features however for me it’s impossible. Im not sure whether it’s my device or the game but I had the full version before on a different tablet and had the same issue so please look into this RobTop for Im fairly sure I’m not the only one with this issue.Version: 2.11

The Game Is AmazingI saw this game around about 2016 and thought it looked kinda cool. So I bought the lite version (which I recommend for anyone who is unsure about buying this game). And I thought it was awesome so went ahead and payed only 2 pounds for WAY more levels, Creating your own levels, playing maps with your friends and playing maps by other people. When you start playing it is quite easy but it definitely gets WAY harder. I was very proud when I completed an insane level (2nd to hardest rank). I would recommend buying this game because it is absolutely fantastic..Version: 2.11

Good game, butI love geometry dash, I’ve been playing it for years. The game has amazing concepts, making the best out of 2D geometrical shapes. I’ve always loved the thrill of beating a level and been motivated to beat it if I haven’t already done so. There is one conflict I’ve had recently. I’m not sure if this has only happened to me, which I hope so because I don’t want other people to have to have this bug. There seems to be a problem, where when I tap on the app to open it, it will open the application for about a couple of seconds and then close out right away. It’s is practically unplayable. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game, but nothing seems to work. I’ve shut down and then turned on my phone, but still, nothing. I currently have an iPhone 8+ on IOS 15.0, and there are no current available updates that I need to download at the moment. This has been happening for a bit, I’m not exactly sure how long. I really love the game, but it’s hard to enjoy it when I can’t even play it. I hope you can fix the bug, unless it’s just a problem on my end. But overall great game..Version: 2.11

Recommended but could use some improvementsDon’t get me wrong. I love this game. It’s visually stunning, it’s a bit addictive (which is what RobTop would want isn’t it), and the community is extremely responsive and skilled. However, there is one thing I would change about the game and it is customization. I like how more icons and color variants have been continually added, but my problem is with the coloring. I think instead of choosing two colors that would color the icon in designated sections, there should be an option to a new screen that showed the chosen icon and all the colors at the bottom. Then you would choose a color and tap / click any enclosed section of the icon to color that section with the chosen color. Then you could swipe the icon to the left and it would show the currently chosen ship icon, and you can do the same thing with that, all the way to the spider icon, obviously not counting the trail and death effects. This idea kind of came from those games where you’re given a picture and some color pallet, and tapping an enclosed section colors it in a chosen color. All ideas aside, this game is amazing and you should never quit expanding it..Version: 2.11

Great game! But something happened…Hello, Creators of Geometry dash! I really, really love your games. The levels; I love a good challenge! But, a few months ago a problem occurred. Three of your games, “subzero”, “world” and the full version have stopped working. I tap on the game, but, whenever I try to go on it glitches me out immediately. Could you fix this? Before this happened, Geometry dash was my favourite game. It still is, except I cannot play it. - Thanks. I’ve come back a year later to find no response. I paid money for the game. Could you please fix it? Maybe update the app to remove bugs or something of the like..Version: 2.11

Not for everyone...This game is mostly a game of trial and error. That means that you are expected to fail again and again and again before you beat a level. On the hardest levels, it might take over 10,000 tries to beat them just one time!! However, if you are okay with trying to beat the same level for a long time, it is very fun and addictive. It has a simple control scheme that makes it one of those games that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. The main bulk of the game, though it is not advertised this way, is the online levels made by the community. There are only about 20 official levels available to play but there are millions online and they are usually just as good, if not better than the official ones. The only problem with the online features is the level comments, which sometimes contain colorful language. The good thing about that is that there are parental controls to hide comments if a kid is playing the game. Like I said, though, the game is not for everyone, and you will only enjoy it if you are okay with the somewhat repetitive experience of playing the same level over and over trying to perfect it..Version: 2.11

I ❤️gdThis game is SO fun with all the levels. I even made my own level but it is not verified. I love playing all the uniqe levels such as Fuel by Bli. I mean who needs Gran Turismo when you have gd. I cant wait for 2.2 and the actual only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I rage SOOOOOO much. But RobTop made An AMAZING game and I really hope there are more updates even in the level editor. I got the game 4 days ago and I unlocked ClubStep in 2 days. I have 11 coins now and I cant wait to unlock DeadLocked and mabe even Theory 2. I reccomend this game to so many people for so many reasons. Its the absolute perfect game to play on RoadTrips and Flights. And it also requires NO WIFI and has NO ADS, YOU HEAR ME NO ADS. NOT LIKE THOSE GOOFY AHH MOBILE GAMES WHO SAY THEY DONT HAVE ADS BUT ACTULLAY HAVE ADS. GD ACTUALLY HAS NO ADS. So this game is awesome and I reccomend it to EVERYONE looking for a fun game to play!.Version: 2.11

NOT FOR NOOBS!!! But not exclusive for pros.Great upgrade from the lite version. It could do with some more levels that are not in the lite version and you don’t need to unlock. Just about the right level of addictiveness to keep you hooked. Also, if you rage at games, get frustrated easily or are a roblox and minescraft player between the ages of 5 and 11, YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THE FULL VERSION. The only reason to get the full version is if you 100%ed the lite or want a challenge. It’s not just for pros but is definitely not for noobs. That’s what geometry world is for! Also the level designer is not a reason to buy it alone although it does have a lot of detail and has a similar feel to mario maker. It buIlds on the lite well and should not be overlooked due to the lack of new levels that you don’t have to install the music for. Subscribe to ‘This is a DUCK!’ for some trash content..Version: 2.11

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!I love this game so much! My best friend told me about it and since then I’ve been playing constantly. I would sit down for 2 hours trying to do challenges like Theory of Everything 2, and Clutterfunk. I have the full version and with that, I can create custom levels and after you have completed all the levels, there are map packs and an endless range of Other people’s custom levels. They are all amazing. But just ONE thing. It does occur to me that Clubstep is broken so can you pretty pleaseee fix it? Thanks for the amazing game Robtop.Version: 2.11

This is great! But raging and weird stuffRobert topala (if that how you spell it)This is a great game. I know it can be frustrating with demons. But overall this great. Someone tell me what this setting is. Im not that good at this this game. But tell me why it has to be star rated to be a demon? Also why is half the trigger so complicated. I do a least focus more on beating level other then creating them. This is great it’s worth the pay. If you don’t want anger issues or anything breaking do not download this. I will say, this game is very raging and frustrating. I would rate the nightmare as a 8 star to be specific. But it would be unfair to the people grinding it. Also tell me how the follow trigger works. This is a great game I recommend downloading the lite version before downloading this version (the full version) One last thing… 2.2 TAKES TO LONG! Also when the sound was not working I tried restarting, it worked once. The next time it happened, it did not work? Is this a setting pls tell me, so I can try to make one of my first full level. So I can put sync. FIX THE STUPID SOUND. For iOS 16.1.1.Version: 2.11

SERIOUS lag issues on Ipad.I have an Ipad pro, which is one of the high higher end Ipads, YET IT STILL LAGS! I get better performance from a console game like genshin impact or Punishing GR! THIS IS A 2D GAME!!! It lags at the start of a level and then either jest leaves the music delayed af, or it tries to fix it by speeding you up to crazy speeds which renders the level almost impossible. Whether I can complete a level or not often comes down to whether My Ipad is in a good mood. SOMETIMES IT’S EASIER TO PLAY WITH NO MUSIC AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING.Version: 2.11

Great game but doesn’t load up anymoreI love this game, even though it makes me rage sometimes. I love the music, that’s half the reason I play it. But there’s one big problem. Now after the new geo dash 2.2 update (I think), I try to load it, but it just shows the first screen, minimised, which is RopTop, and then it will go to the home screen and not let me play it. It shows that’s it’s open as one of my windows but that doesn’t change anything. I have an iPad Air 4th gen and idk if that’s the problem. I’ve updated my iPad, the game and everything. I’ve deleted the game and install it again, even restarting my iPad but nothing seems to work. Pls try to fix this, because I’ll be sad if not. :(.Version: 2.11

My personal opinion on the gameThis game in my eyes is a true masterpiece. I used to struggle on things like jumper and cycles and as you beat more and more levels you can definitely feel increments of progression as you beat more hard levels like electrodynamix and of course, the demon difficulty levels. Oh and don’t get me started with the online levels. Sure, most of them are spam or just complete randomness and feel like something a 9 year old could make, but on the other hand, we have levels like Butiti 2, a cartoonish type of level with a varying speed going along with it. The creating of your own levels is another little side where you can enter if you’re feeling creative sometime. The gauntlets and map packs are little sets of levels for you to play. I really really really suggest this to any people who like the feeling of tension. And hey, maybe if you like it, suggest it to a friend. I mean, I’m 90% on Theory of everything 2 and I’m only 9 years old. P.S. If you have epilepsy, stay away from any nine circles levels..Version: 2.11

Its a great game but one thing really bugs meUnlike geomety lite and all the other free geometry apps when I bought this game I noticed that you cant get a percentage counter in levels. im not sure if there’s a reason behind it, but I would really like that in the game..Version: 2.11

Really coolIt's awesome but can rob top make saves to your profile so if you delete your geometry dash you can log back in and all your levels and story mode levels are there and coins and orbs.Version: 2.10

Great game but some problemsProblem number one: is it really hard to get an account i spent hours trying to get an account but still no account Problem Number two: I can’t enter the game anymore, One day i tried to enter it and it just closes I have deleted it many times and tried to enter it again and nothing. I have probably loss all my progress but I still can’t enter it. Other wise an amazing game. It is really exciting when you finish a level after spending months on it ! Good game! well done robtop.Version: 2.11

Amazing game. Few changes though.First of all great job Robtop for making this game. There are a few problems that make the game more frustrating. For example, in practice mode (on mobile) the checkpoint button is so hard to reach with your thumb so you have to do an awkward move to hit the button because it’s in the centre. An easy fix would be adding a menu that allows you to select where the buttons go. Also sometimes your clicks do not come in making it quite frustrating when you make it to the end of a level. Another odd bug is that if you exit the game for three or more seconds all the music cuts out and you can’t click making it super annoying in practice mode. Overall great game otherwise.Version: 2.11

AmazingThis game is the most fun and addictive game I have, and I have a lot. Also when people complain about the game crashing, that will be fixed in the next update. I recommend this game for all..Version: 2.11

I love it but it doesn’t work anymoreI love geometry dash but it won’t let me open the app anymore like it just kicks me off whenever I try to open it I’m heartbroken.Version: 2.11

Wow.This game is revolutionary. Even though I have it on Steam and haven’t downloaded the iOS version, the game has made me who I am today; no kidding. From the first spike in Stereo Madness, to the last in Fingerdash, Geometry Dash kept me going. Even with the “Just... Don’t.” option active, the death messages; no matter how insulting; gave me the courage to continue and that’s what’s so great about the game; not to mention the tireless hours the community puts into their levels (or not). To sum this game up, I would say, to sum up this review, that whoever is looking for an artistic approach to the simple click-to-jump games with a pinch of difficulty here and there, choose Geometry Dash..Version: 2.11

This game is the absolute bestAlr I love this game, haven’t played it for long but it’s rlly good! I’m on mobile, and whenever I switch tabs then switch back, the music is gone? Pls fix this.Version: 2.11

Network and frame rate issuesThere have been some network issues happening lately which I couldn’t fix… I played Geometry Dash on an iPhone SE 2nd gen and it worked almost flawlessly until network issues began to arise. I could still search for online levels but I couldn’t check anyone’s profile status because it wouldn’t load up… I couldn’t see my profile status either and to add on top of that, The bonus chests stopped working too. Gameplay was still flawless with perfect frame rates. I recently made a huge upgrade to my new iPhone 14 pro max just a few weeks ago and it works flawlessly with no network interruptions… I downloaded Geometry Dash and got everything set up but to my disappointment, The Frame rates were beginning to drop even in levels with not a lot of detail and block design… The chests still don’t work but profile statuses now load up but after several attempts… It gives me the option to refresh the profile page and after the 2nd or third attempt, It loads up. I am not sure why this has been happening. Especially on an iPhone that I literally payed $1200 for straight from the Apple Store, I shouldn’t be experiencing any frame rate drops or network interruptions..Version: 2.11

My opinionI first got this game once I saw a few videos and it got me very excited indeed yet once I downloaded the game I was appalled to see the demons locked as you needed 30 developer coins to see them. A bit frustrated, I was trying my best to complete levels and this was my favourite game for half a year. But suddenly I was struck by a virus and my data got wiped. I have started again having completed 10 demons. When 2.2 was being teased I had really hoped for it to come for nearly 3 years now. Having 2020 being an appalling year, everyone stayed at home. I had high expectations as I have been playing Minecraft for over 8 years. The updates are very slow. Slow as a rock and I don’t know why the hype hasn’t died down as RopTop set dates for the release but has failed to keep up with them. Love the idea of a simple concept but yet the game has lead many people to quit out of boredom for instance zylenox. Switched to Minecraft for many reasons. I hope 2.2 comes out, your money is on the line here Robert!.Version: 2.11

I love this gameI really love this game. I had some anger issues before I played but then as I died again and again I became frustrated but I learned to take deep breaths and now I can beat Clubstep, Fingerdash, time machine and all of that (I haven’t unlocked toe2 and deadlocked) don’t listen to the bad reviews Robtop, you should know you made an epic game..Version: 2.11

Awesome game but with a glitchI love geometry dash, it’s my favourite mobile game, but lately there’s been this glitch where when I open the app, it shows the robots logo for 2 seconds, and then goes back to the Home Screen, I would love it if robtop fixed this so I can play it again. :).Version: 2.11

AMAZINGI first downloaded lite when I was younger and loved it. I was addicted to it, and I loved the levels. I slowly became very good at it. But then I forgot about it until a year ago. My friend said to check out this “amazing game”. I was really surprised to see Geometry Dash. Then, I downloaded the full version on my phone and it’s amazing. Unlimited custom levels and the originals as well. I’ve been addicted for months and I love all the other little parts to it. The music is great. My personal favourite is Theory of Everything and you can download the others and even more custom songs. I highly recommend this game as it’s so much fun and a real challenge for anyone..Version: 2.11

Very cool game but some levels are too hardAs a total, GD is an excellent game! The levels that you made was awesome with the new mechanics, the new sneak peeks about 2.2, the building thing- and the new aspects you’ve added from 1.9-2.1! Very excellent game you’ve got! But the only thing I’m quite annoyed about is that some levels are WAYYY too hard to even DESERVE the difficulty they have, such as Cycles and Time Machine, in which was way to many triple spices (tho thanks for squishing them at least), there’s Hexagon Force, where the dual just spikes in difficulty, TOE2 and Deadlocked, where some parts just spike in difficulty like the wave and ‘memorising’ section in Deadlocked and the ships and UFO’s in TOE2, and finally, the Chaos Gauntlet (the last level), like JUST WHY!? DARK DROP IS TOO FAST PACED TO EVEN SIGHTREAD!! At least you could put a slower level like The Splits by Serponge or something like that. If so, please add these aspects to the game (You can call this update 2.1.5) Thank you! Sincerely IiZENUINiI.Version: 2.11

An amazing game!!!The visuals are great, the music is amazing and playing the game feels so smooth! I've had the game for a while now, I had it when the last level was Eletrodynamix. Every update has been amazing and added great things to the game, however, I've noticed a few bugs have infiltrated Geometry Dash; First, whenever I pause mid-way through a level, the music resets, which is rather annoying... Secondly, some orbs in Clutterfunk stop pulsating with the music And lastly, this isn't so much a bug, but meh. I now have to re-do all the previous levels to get those new blue orb things. It isn't too annoying I don't mind doing them, but some levels I got stuck on for AGES. :P.Version: 2.10

The new updateI was wondering if you could give us a peak at the next update and what new features will be there. Next I think we should not have to download the music. You also need to fix some of the musics so if they say they can’t be used they don’t show up as the song for the uploaded level. The game is great but I think we should have to do a bit less for the glow and much more. The master emblem is hard to get so once you reach that point in scratches shop it’s 2500 instead of 1000 gems. Next I think that you should make the game play with higher quality and make sure that the game doesn’t freeze, or crash. Next I am pretty sure the dupe glitch is back because I got a bunch more orbs from an normal level and I was given 200 instead of 100. Next you should do an age verification so if your old enough there is not a cussing restriction and the littler kids can’t search up or say anything with bad words and it censors them out for them.Version: 2.11

Just fix this nowRobTop, your game is amazing, except the fact that I now play on a flippin’ computer bc of the iOS 15 update. It’s been 4 years RobTop, just release a Geometry Dash 2.1.15 update so I can finally play on my iPad again. I’m not gonna flippin’ wait ‘till 2.2 to release in Spring 2022. By that time iOS 16 will release and guess what. I’d bet you that you’ll release 2.3 in Winter 2027. Yes. You heard that right. 2027. But please, JUST FIX THIS FLIPPIN’ iOS 15 BUG RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you RobTop, You should know this stuff..Version: 2.11

Finnally2.1 is here and it's not a rickroll!.Version: 2.10

App crashing its not letting me in I want to see update but I can’t plz fix it so I can playI brought the game a few weeks ago and as of three days ago it continues to crash upon opening the game. I don’t want to have to refund the game as it’s my son’s favourite game to play.. please can it be fixed?? :).Version: 2.11

Please helpGeometry Dash is an exiting game with a unique art style and music design that provides a unique experience however I have encountered a fault that has prevented me from opening the game as it will open and within an extremely short amount of time, close it self, please find out what causes this bug as I have tried deleting the application and reinstalling it and I have also tried resetting my phone, I am currently on the latest iOS update and have tried everything that I can do in my power to try and open the game for more than a few milliseconds, please address this problem as soon as it is possible, it would be greatly appreciated.Version: 2.11

Best ever game to be on mobile. Not best ever mobile game.First of all, if you haven’t got this game yet, you totally should! It is brilliant in the way that it organises its levels, icons, editor, and menus and has some of the best gameplay you will ever get on mobile. But it is a buggy mess on IPhone, no matter how new it is, the music is delayed, the lag is extreme on later levels and forget trying to get a smooth experience playing levels in the editor. If you have an IPad, Google phone or PC, I totally recommend this game with a 5/5 review. But if you have an IPhone, you might want to stick to Geometry Dash Lite.Version: 2.11

Why it’s not workingSo this is why geometry dash is not working it’s because all of you have bad versions of your device if you have like a new device it would work but a new device makes you play old devices just kick you out so if you do have a old device i don’t recommend this game it will kick you out but on new devices it won’t kick you out so just buy a new device now if you write one more thing about it not working LOOK AT THIS REWIEW it will help you out so if your wondering why it kicks you out it’s because you have a old device and new devices work hope this helps.Version: 2.11

So sensitive, peopleYou guys are just being impatient. I mean I understand that for over 7 years we still haven't got the update. But since it's coming in October, just wait until he patches the crash on iOS 17. This game is awesome!.Version: 2.11

Awesome Game!!!Don't listen to the people that Criticise this game. It just takes practice. Pls put out 2.2 and allow people to comment on levels even if they don't have a profile..Version: 2.11

Really Good!Nobody will probably see this but I want to say this game is superior, and I think many people would say the same. Last week (when making this) I beat every main level in under a year and every single one is so well made and can see the effort put (maybe except for Time Machine, Deadlocked, or Clubstep, but still). I don’t have very many complaints but here they are. I don’t really like that if you beat a gauntlet level or daily/weekly level that if you just search it up normally you “have” to beat it again. I put quotation marks because I personally do that unless I really need the mana orbs. Another complaint is that I think the rating system should be tweaked for the main levels as some don’t work well (Can’t let Go should be harder, Jumper should be hard). Otherwise, this game is great. I don’t want to say Im good at the game, as there are way better players than me, as my hardest is like…. Deadlocked, so I’m pretty ok. But this game is absolutely amazing and helps me when I’m bored or have nothing else to do..Version: 2.11

It ain’t loading.The game itself is not loading in because when I try to click on it, it just automatically exits the app. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it but that didn’t work and now idk what to do! But overall I think that it is a good game..Version: 2.11

The best love MarthaHi guys my name is Martha and I'm going to talk to you about this game so if your going to get it you have to look at my review. Everything is so cool in it but if you like it so much you can get geometry dash meltdown it is so cool I could really go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on so I've all ready gone and on and on and on and on about going and on and on and on no I achully cant stop saying and on and on and on ahh no ahh no no well I better stop talking otherwise I'll never stop if you want to talk to me again then I'll be talking on geometry dash meltdown cause I have both games bye guys bye bye bye ahh no no not this again ahhhhhhhhhhh😬.Version: 2.11

Great but I can’t playI have heard amazing things about this game but at first I was a bit anxious to try it so I looked at reviews there are a lot of great ones so I tried it The reason why I’m giving three stars because I couldn’t actually try the game. I play on iPad and moment the game was downloaded I tapped and the moment it popped up it disappeared. The first thing I did was check the reviews that weren’t 5 stars some were just about random glitches but then I saw one that said something similar to what I am saying now and it said I should just write a review and wait a while and just hope the bug is fixed so that’s why am writing what I am writing so since this has probably happened before I think you should have some experience ROBTOP so help..Version: 2.11

Editor BugI absolutely love Geometry Dash, easily one of my favourite levels, for the seemingly unlimited amount of gameplay, and the amazing level creator. Speaking of level creator, I have been making a level, Suspended Gravity, for about a week now, and, one day, all the objects in my level went transparent. You may think that I made a mistake with the triggers, but I can’t even edit the objects. I haven’t been able to find a solution on the internet to this, and refreshing the game hasn’t worked either. It would be great if you could fix this problem, and many other minor problems, such as the level editor freezing, in 2.2 for the best experience..Version: 2.11

DankThis is dank.Version: 2.10

Great game but one problem…It’s an amazing game but i can’t seem to play anymore. Whenever I load up the game it will just automatically close the game. I’m quite annoyed at this because I had so much levels completed. Please RobTop games, fix this..Version: 2.11

My game is buggedHi robtop im just saying that every time i come into the game my game is bugged like my daily chests are bugged and its really annoying its been going on for like 2 and a half weeks now. Is there a way to fix this bug? Pls tell me it also happens with the online levels. I completed Deep Travel like 6 times on practice mode and every time i come back to the game the progress is gone. Pls tell me if there is a way to fix this bug. And pls dont say i have to delete the game i worked very hard to get my first 1k stars (it took me about 5 months) sorry about the long complaint :) pls fix the bug p.s. great game besides all that.Version: 2.11

Of your geometry dash crashes read thisI have been playing geometry dash for many years now and it has certainly been an enjoyable experience collecting skins and completing levels. But a couple months back when i updated to IOS 15, it would crash geometry dash as soon as i opened the app. It was something to do with IOS 15 features and whatnot but just yestereday i upgraded to IOS 16 and it let me in and didn't crash. This is for everybody yearning to play the game again. Just upgrade to IOS 16 and it will work again.Version: 2.11

2.1 AT LAST!Yes! 2.1 is here! The update is amazing, totally adding greatness to the game. I got a sneak peak from Geometry Dash World, yet the full version has even more content. I have been playing GD for over a year, and if you don't have it you NEED IT. I could write everything great about GD, but the reason I didn't give 5 stars was two reasons. See, when it updated I transferred around my GDW data to the full game, and started playing. But I realized that it was taking longer to load some levels or pages, especially my profile page. That was no big deal, but the problem was that sometimes it wouldn't load at all! Often when I tried loading my profile page, it just said 'an error occurred, please try again later.' And sometimes when trying to load levels, example recent levels, after a while the loading sign would disappear and no levels would come up, just a blank screen... The other reason that only got 4 stars was that is you finished a level BEFORE 2.1, you wouldn't get the orbs (currency) for it. Maybe you could add a 'claim' button? I know the pressure from the community was really stressful, and how all people did was ask. But it would be good to soon release a bug fix update for the above problems. Thanks!.Version: 2.10

I know a way robtop can get gd up again (sorta)Every time that robtop updated his gd spin-offs (gd world,gd subzero etc.) it would start working again. This is from when adding a 2.2 showcase to world and fixing the coins in subzero because GD colon argued about them. So if rob even adds the slightest update to gd (even just something no one can see) then I think gd will get running again on IOS 15. This is probably because since rob hasn’t updated the game in the last millennium, apple thinks the game is obsolete..Version: 2.11

Great gameI rate it a solid s on a tier list cause you get the level editor and other great stuff but if you have gd lite before you download this your indo on gd lite will not transfer but great game would def recommend.Version: 2.11

My Favorite GameThis is a game that will never die. I have played it all the way back since when it came out. I am one of the first few players. I originally started out with the Lite version but moved on two the full version and beta the full version with every single coin on all the levels. In fact today I beat my 15th demon level. It’s a very fun and challenging game and will make you cry but also will make you feel happy... in the end. It is and always will be my favorite game. I am Fabs GD, a Geometry Dash Youtuber (even though I’m not a good Youtuber lol) I have my own account and have lots of great friends and do build battles and stream demons. I’m trying my best to quickly go through the ranks and one day I hope I get a PC so I can play Geometry Dash on an even better scale. (Not saying this is trash, I love this app) Then I can start working my way to number 1. (And also hopefully beat my first extreme demon) Thank you Robtop for making this beautiful game that everyone hates and loves at the same time. I want to be your friend on GD but I’m sure you get so much spam and your list is probably full. Again, thank you. :D #Fivestarrating!.Version: 2.11

Ideas for 2.2!I just want to say how much I love this game and I also have some ideas for 2.2. #1: The Geometry Dash Cup. What this is is something you can access on the main menu. It is something that maybe if you make a multiplayer section maybe you could put this in here. It is about a competition of 2 or 3 levels that all players get to vote on. And the person who gets the best in all the levels wins. #2: More main levels. I think that if you are reading this you know what I mean. I mean that in the main levels, you should add a bit more so people like me, people who have completed all the current online levels, can have a new challenge. #3: More gauntlets. I think that you should add more gauntlets to GD because if you are up for a challenge, and you want a reward then you should play gauntlets and if you finish all of them, you should add more so you can have fun. #4: Lastly, I think you should add a custom story mode. Kind of like how you did the vaults, but I think that you should have a goal, to build the best level possible, and to do that maybe you should have to complete some online levels to unlock parts that you can add in level creator. If you are at the end, I want to say thank you for reading this. I know that this level is definitely 100% a 5 star game no matter how much it costs, it is totally worth it bye!.Version: 2.11

This game bro 😎I absolutely love Geometry Dash the game itself is the GOAT (greatest of all time for those of you who don’t know) and is all based on a simple concept of “tap to jump”. I like how there is other stuff apart from the cube like the ship and UFO or the spider and robot as well I also think the music is really good especially on the harder levels like xstep electroman adventures etc etc. the fact that there are easy normal hard etc up until the demon difficulty is really cool and even then there’s still more. You can unlock new skins for your stuff by beating levels or buying them from the shop. If you want to you can also play other people’s levels or even make your own. Anyway this game earns it all so five stars it is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.11

Geometry Dash is fun.Geometry Dash us a great game, although way too difficult. And there are a lot of weird difficulty spikes and the levels difficulty ratings are all over the place. Base After Base is rated hard, but is so much easier then Dry Out, which is rated normal. And xStep is super easy compared to Clutterfunk. Move xStep down to harder difficulty please. xStep is just easy jumping, simple flying, and easy to time ring jumps. While Clutterfunk is all over the place. Constant mirror portals and extremely tight jumps between saw blades and spikes. And the mini sections are super difficult. And Theory Of Everything 1 is harder than Theory Of Everything 2 . And Geometrical Dominator deserves to be in the insane category. But aside from all that, all the levels are fun and original, aside from Can’t Let Go, which is practically a copy of Base After Base. The level editor is fun, but can be very frustrating to use. But the level editor is my favorite part. I just hate that I can’t just copy one of the main levels. See I want to turn Back On Track into an auto level, but I don’t have the time to replicate the level. I hate that it says my email is invalid when I try to make an account. I eventually made an account, but it still says I don’t have one, even though I made one. But aside from that list of things, everything else about the game is pretty much perfection..Version: 2.11

This is a great game!Wow, this is probably one of the first games I’ve ever played in my life. In my opinion the game is so much better and more addicting than Fortnite! (I can see the hate coming in). Anyways there is one problem that comes in the game. Actually two. First of all, the game is not allowing me to upload any levels (that I have verified with no start positions, with all coins, and completely 100%) so can you help me with that. Also, that when I put my email in, sometimes the email is invalid even when I spelt in correctly and checked like 13 times. So is there a way to fix it or am I a guest forever. Anyways, despite my problems and my longings for Robtop to fix them, Geometry Dash is a great game and I will never stop playing! It is fun, fast paced and challenging! Thank you for making and programming Geometry Dash! P.S. WHERE IS 2.2!?! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG AND YOU SAID IT WILL COME OUT! AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT GEOMETRY DASH SUBZERO! I KNOW THATS A THING! BUT WHERE IS IT IN ORIGINAL GEOMETRY DASH! PLZ PLZ PLZ! P.S.S. sorry for shouting I’m just desperate for 2.2 I sure you taking your time.Version: 2.11

Fix your gameWhy is there no more bloodbath or the nightmare the Lightning road and at the end of theory of everything 2 it sounds weird and annoying and also like all the good online levels are gone and on my account I can’t login on any other device.Version: 2.11

PerfectWhether it’s a level made by the developers or community it’s great ,good ,smooth ,easy ,hard ect. This game is any thing but anything to do with bad and\or bad itself. Nothing can compare (we’ll maybe dancing line but this is still good.Version: 2.11

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!This game has done so much for me. It all started off with my Dad’s girlfriend’s son 6 years ago. He showed me the Lite version and I was like meh. I tried it and beat the first level in a few attempts! I instantly fell in love and we played it every time I visited. Then one day I got the full version on my mom’s phone. Every opportunity I had I would play it. Then I got a phone, 5 years after i first saw this game. I started to seriously play and now I’m here! 11 Demons beaten and counting! Anyways, Robtop there are some things that I suggest. 1. Multiplayer You know the drill, multiple people, shows a ghost like figure of the others, first person to finish wins or a tie. But I think you should also make it to where every speed change stacks up and down so players don’t miss it somehow and get a disadvantage, unless your idea of multiplayer is multiple speed changes, “hit the good ones avoid the bad ones” type of stuff. If so, then go for it! If you do it the way I suggested, then make the stacked ones invisible. 2 Scale trigger. Let’s you scale objects and decide how long it takes. If you did, Thank You for taking your time to read this!.Version: 2.11

I don’t know why people are mad at you RobTop.Basically, people are mad because the game won’t open for them, which is bad, but there’s no reason to cry about a $1.99 game, which so happens to have a long, and I mean, LONG overdue update coming up that fixes the problem. Sure it’s taking 5 years but you stated it would be this year. I mean people, WAIT FOR A SHORT TIME. It’s not the end of the world. Also, it may be the update that’s messing up their Geometry Dash. I had an iPad mini (Forgot the generation) that was in iPadOS 14.4 and GD worked perfectly (Also it was this year). Then I updated to iPadOS 15.1.1. There is where GD crashed. But then I got my new phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) but it was iOS 15 pre-built. I saw if GD worked, and BOOM! GD works now :) . Maybe also its their device. Because now my phone is now 16.0.2 and it STILL works. In conclusion: PLEASE WAIT FOR GD 2.2 ITS NOT THAT FAR, also you’re a great developer RobTop :) . But if you CAN, can you fix lag? Don’t worry, i’m not a “ROBTOP YOUR GAME IS UNPLAYABLE IM GETTING 58 FPS YOU SHOULD RETIRE 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬” I’m a calm person. Also this has longer than I thought..Version: 2.11

My Opinion on this masterpieceI have had this game for 5 years. I think GD is a wonderful game, that even works smoothly on my rather old iPad. Countless levels, and so many made by the talented community. It may take a bit of practice and PATIENCE to get through the first level, then you can start climbing your way up to the harder ones! I looked at some of the critical reviews and, well.. some people are just saying ‘Oh its too hard, so it’s trash’ Its called patience. Also, something that quite angers me, is that people were rating GD 1 star for not having 2.2 out. That’s unfair, do you know how long it takes someone, to make and update on a game? I think its really rude harassing them for an update. I think you should wait and be maybe, exited for the upcoming updates. Overall, would I recommend this game! Absolutely!.Version: 2.11

Phenominal gameI first saw my friend playing g-dash on the bus. i’d heard of it before, but not paid mch attention to it. so i downloaded the lite version and oh my word, i got hooked. The levels are designed to ramp up in difficulty as you beat them, inteoducing game mechanics one by one. Evemtually, I beat all the levels on the lite version, and i was craving more. So i bought the full game, and it was worth every penny. you can play the dfault 21 levels that are given to you by the app, or you can go online and try the millions of other levels out there! you can create your own levels and publish them for the whole world to see. I rest my case, this is possibly the best paid game on the app store..Version: 2.10

Best game in the worldI love this game! There are no in-app purchases and new stuff being added all the time. Been playing for about five years and I’m far from bored. One problem - I know they’re hard to develop but updates take slightly too long to become available. But when the proper updates come they add so many things and sets the game on an entirely different level almost every time. This tiny problem isn’t worth a star so it’s still a five-star game. If you play daily (like I do) you get good quick and geometry dash soon becomes your favourite game. It’s not one of those games that you play for a bit then delete. There are so many more things on the game that would take too long to explain. Install for just £1.50 to find them out and more!.Version: 2.11

Why is there no 2.2Since it’s been 5 years since an update. I’ve been waiting for years to 2x it for 2.2. I thought it was coming long time ago. But no. It just stayed. If there’s no 2.2 the population will lower down beacuase there’s no update. It got even boring. I don’t play any of this anymore. That’s why I’m sad. For some ideas for 2.2 can you add the lava really damage you to death. And fix the bugs and stuff I found lots of secret places. Since it’s five year later I’ve been playing for how long it did probably 2 years. And stil didint find it. Im going to continue about ideas. Can you make more coins each level. And a new level deadlock 2. And make it easier to get coins and add a working tv that takes long. But this game is fun it used to be. Now its boring beacuase there’s no 2.2 update yet. The game is forward. All times. That platform mode can you add it more early before 2.2 update. Im getting really bored. This was my only game I had to play. Now I’m into roblox now..Version: 2.11

Great game but...This is a truly incredible game. I’ve spent years playing, since the very start. Geometry Dash has improved over the years. However. 2.2 is still a really long way away and people like me are tearing their hair out (almost) waiting for the next update!! Here’s a short list of things RobTop need to fix: 1) The website has been under construction for YEARS now 2) Exiting the community or Scratch’s shop leaves you in the wrong page 3) The chest count is 2 OFF! 4) The game is crawling with exploiters (they won’t hack you but they will hack their way onto the leaderboard) 5) THERE’S NO BOOMLINGS ICON. (boomlings is another game by RobTop) 6) The UFO GD Colon has is WAY too hard to get. 7) You can’t type in apostrophes in the custom level search bar Otherwise, the game is incredible! When you get the full version, here’s some custom levels to try: MasterGane by Serponge Bloodbath (not for new players) Playroom The Calling (in map packs) In conclusion, I really hope you play this game! It’s worth the £2! The graphics are amazing, the community is.. erm.. also amazing and the game is overall great! I hope you liked my review. -MagmaDash (getting an account soon).Version: 2.11

Love the game but fix this issue!I love this game and have played it for quite a few years now. I have an IPhone X and apparently it should be supported. I am having an issue like so many other people where the game doesn’t even load. Please fix this we love this game and just want to play!!.Version: 2.11

Really fun⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This game is super cool I love the gauntlets and the key room and the secret shops like potbor and scratch I love all the skins and love how many secrets there are like the key master his level and the other secrets. A few suggestions though if there is a level that is rated hard or higher and you beat the level first try you should be rewarded like a chest, diamonds, or orbs that spice the game up a lot. And I know RobTop may be proud of making 4.6 star game that has no in app purchases but I know a lot of people would like to buy orbs, or diamonds, or chests, etc. It will make you, RobTop more money and most possibly make people happier to be able to buy orbs and get the skins they want. But make the prices reasonable. Other than games like Fortnite like 2800 v bucks for $20 dollars so you can get what? 3 uncommon skins and 2 uncommon emotes pfff it’s a waste a money thank you for taking the time to read my review of course I gave the game 5 stars but there are some glitches for me like a press the screen a lot but sometimes the game does not think I jumped, killing me. And another glitch when you close the game to either load another app there is no music and that really annoys me. But other than that no bugs or glitches. I personally love the game, music, and levels. This game was definitely worth the $2 I spent!😁.Version: 2.11

2.2!It’s a great game yet endures lots of rage after dying hundreds of times, but, the one thing that’s the most annoying about geometry dash is the updates. We’ve waited three whole years for 2.2 and it’s still not here. Rob-top and viprin, answer our prayers and release it please!!!.Version: 2.11

Doesn’t let me inI just bought and downloaded the game but it doesn’t let me. I checked the compatibility and it works with my device pls fix or give refund..Version: 2.11

Think before downloading!The full game has a bug that on certain devices it will just crash. Don't jump headfirst without thinking, it never ends well... Other than that: This game is amazing. Calling it a rythm-based platformer doesn't do it justice. The ads don't show the full extent of this game. Geometry Dash is more than its main levels, it is a whole community of people uploading incredible creations! The lite version is ok, but without the community content it's just not the same..Version: 2.11

Geometry dash =rage and funGd is recommend to 5-35 it’s so fun but when you get to the hard levels then you get a bit frustrated and you might even yell or cry if your not careful but in some levels there is very bad detail and some has great detail any way in meltdown there is a glitch I can’t remember what it was but everyone is talking about it so plz fix it the songs are the best level (robtop levels)have good detail in them and I love on online levels that you can comment on them and I recommend it thx robtop for making gd and keep making 2.2.Version: 2.11

Great gameGeometry Dash is definitely worth the money which isn’t even that much and if you are kid who has to beg your parents to buy it well it’s pretty easy to convince them since it’s family friendly (except for user interaction’s however this is parental controls I think) also having Geometry in the name helps. I think it’s so fun because beating a hard level is gratifying and once you heighten your skills you just keep getting better and playing harder levels. Or maybe you aren’t very good and want something new. The editor is amazing and unlike other games with an editor such as Mario Maker where you can sort of make levels like in the actual games but not really. However in Geometry Dash’s editor you can go beyond its original function to make amazing stuff. The mobile version is a bit harder to play but doesn’t have a bunch of stuff cut out like other mobile ports of games. If you aren’t sure if you like Geometry Dash you can try the free spinoffs. The Geometry Dash community also is pretty cool and has lots of history if you are into that. This review is right before the biggest update so in the future it will have like 3 times the content..Version: 2.11

Should have reviewed years ago but one bugWell with the glitches in iOS 14 with gd with wave and thing some turn sync off for levels because with iOS 14 the start offset with songs doesn’t work on my older device the sync was perfect but with this it made the song start from the beginning not the middle the end or in betweens that’s the one bug that annoys me because this device was dead and using older version sync amazing and was having a great time but when this one was charged the sync dropped no matter what every song starts from the beginning (apart from robtop levels) and it ruins the mood a little robtop try fix all the iOS 14 glitches but I’ve played this game for 6 years and it’s the best mobile game ever that’s why it’s 5 star and not 4 so yep that’s all.Version: 2.11

Terrible gameThis game is really bad do you know why because once you start playing you can’t stop then you will be blind.Version: 2.11

Brilliant gameMy friend was playing Geometry Dash and I found it very fun when he introduced me to Geometry Dash so I downloaded it too. I loved it it so much that I even bought the full version too! I was pretty sure I wouldn't regret that purchase as the full version was even better than all the others. Geometry Dash is an overall amazing game as there are many well made levels by RobTop, an endless amount of levels by other players for you to try, the ability to make your own level and many funny hidden features (e.g. vaults with codes to get things like the Lenny Face skin.) This is very well packed game and thats why I rate it 5 Stars!.Version: 2.11

Broken with macOS 13.0 (Ventura)The game won't open in macOS Ventura. Other than that 5 stars very good game..Version: 2.11

Fun game but a lot could be changedThis is a really nice game and I have gotten quite good. I have done all the official levels with all coins and now moved over to online levels and creating levels. But what I really dislike is the fact that you have to do a level in normal mode to verify it. Why not practice mode? If it’s beatable in practice mode then there is no doubt that it’s gonna be in normal mode right? So please for gods sake imagine me trying to make an extreme demon. I would never be able to share it! Please make practice mode a verifying tool as well 🥺. Overall this is a fantastic game but there is one more thing I wanna clear up. When you have ‘verified’ your level why can’t you select a difficulty for yourself?? Like why is there a ‘request stars’ option on the share screen? It doesn’t do anything! It’s annoying having to wait for the moderator to decide what our levels should be rated! It’s up to us! Anyway what I’m trying to say is this is a very good game but these two issues need to me fixed! Plz. If not for me do it for everyone Thanks for reading :).Version: 2.11

ErrorHello Rob-top, I just wanted to say that this game is fantastic and I love this game. It is a classic and I have played for years. Recently before what I have to say my friend and I were playing and I enjoy this game a lot, and I have no actual feedback for the actual game itself. If you are seeing this there is an issue with the game on my phone not working. As soon as I try to open the game it crashes immediately and closes out of the game every time. I’ve tried everything at this point and I almost check it everyday just to see if it’s still not working. I just thought that I would let you know about this issue because this happened as soon as I updated my iPhone to the new iOS 17 and it stopped working and the same thing happened with my friend. Also I researched a little online and it seems to be a universal issue; therefore not a coincidental issue because other people online were having the same issues as well. So clearly this is a huge issue at least for iOS users and I just thought that I would let you know about this so that you can fix it in the next coming update so that way when you update the game it also works. I am also reporting it to Apple as well because idk what the issue is exactly and I know that you guys haven’t updated this game in years and I don’t know if you’ll even see this but please if you do please fix this issue so the game can work before the next update. Thank you..Version: 2.11

:(Does not work on macOS ventura :(:(:(:(:(:( Otherwise great game. Playable on IOS.Version: 2.11

Thanks RubRub!I’ve had the game for 2 YEARS now and cant stop playing! theres such cool levels by you (With suprisingly incredible music sync) and if you get bored, there are 1000s of levels by creators! And if you want to play level which are more challenging, Just go to the lost gauntlets with lots of challenging levels! Theres also the daily and weekly challenges and I sometimes complete the daily levels but only get like 2% on the weekly demons XD Then theres the Level editor, where you can customize and create a level how you want it. It is facinating with all the different blocks with also endless amounts of triggers! (I can only work out the Colour and backround triggers :D) If there would be one thing I would like to be added in the next update it would be to add either a ship but when you press on one side of the screen you go up and when you press the other side of the screen you go down but when your not touching the screen it just like flys completely strait like strait flying really well just strait. Another thing I think would be cool was from another review here and it is bycical mode! Where you can change the speed of your self how you want it through a level just like the gears on a bike! Thank you RubRub for making such a good game and cant wait for 2.2 to come out! Thanks, Joshua GD Name: gamingjoshua5.Version: 2.11

An endless game.Geometry Dash is a game where you have so much fun, whilst also wanting to punch a hole through your device. The game includes many challenges which appeal to all players. For beginner players they can attempt the main levels which are created by the developer which teach you the basics of the game level by level but also increase in difficulty as you go. New players can also challenge the community made levels which have endless possibilities. These are brilliant ways for players to improve which may give them enogh skill to.Version: 2.11

AMAZING GAME!!!The demon level “Clubstep” is challenging but the level is just a little bit too hard. So can you make some small changes to the level but not too much changes? That’s all I’m asking. But besides that, the game is challenging and awesome and has a nice beat to some of your levels and other player’s levels. The game can be easy, the game can be hard, but that’s the point of the game. Geometry Dash is made to give players challenges and obstacles to overcome and avoid. For you can play the starting levels from “Stereo Madness” all the way up to “Clubstep”. The game can have some levels made by PLAYERS! The awesome thing about Geometry Dash is that it gives players like me a tough challenge to complete. Take “craZy III” for example. The level is made by DaveJT. The level is extreme demon mode and is almost impossible to beat! Well, almost impossible to beat for me. But besides that, I love the graphics and the design that you give the game. Having that much graphics in one game is INSANE!!! I bet pro players like Partition, Nexus, Dorami, Mulpan, and Funny love your game! I love your game too! Anyways, that’s all I have to say. And also, RobTop, if you’re reading this, I love you. Happy editing! P.S. please make 2.2 of Geometry Dash. I’ve been waiting for too long and it’s 2023..Version: 2.11

Some small irritationsI absolutely would have given it five stars, captivating and amazing game, but there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. 1. When you hit a blue orb and land right after, occasionally you will automatically jump which is a giant annoyance. 2. iOS 15 broke all the geometry dashes, but only if you were super unlucky and had the app before the update. Same for Mac. 3. When you exit the game by hitting the home button, go into any other app then return, there is no music and you have to close the app before it comes back. Great game otherwise!.Version: 2.11

PerfectionIt’s a beautifully difficult game with many diverse levels and great songs. Also, there are levels that range from incredibly easy to near impossible (those demon levels!) also I love how you can create levels, share them, and play levels that other people have made! It has about infinite playtime. And the icon kit is great too! And all the mechanics like gauntlets, shops, demon keys, shards, and vaults are amazing. But the map packs are dumb. Also I’m intrigued with whatever the story behind it all is… Can’t wait for 2.2! All of the cool things in the update are gonna be noice! I guess I’ll just have to wait for a few months to a few years (or at least that’s how long I’m guessing until it comes out) I’m trying to make some levels right now, one with a cool starlit night theme. I have a few ideas for 2.3 but PLEASE don’t delay 2.2 some of my ideas are A black bounce pad to put on the bottom of blocks, and teleporter orbs. Well, that’s about all, so to any people besides roptop reading this I hope you’ll agree! But if you’re reading this roptop than keep up the great work!👍 -Mooshmallo.Version: 2.11

It’s alrightGeometry Dash is a fun and addicting game, but there are a lot of things that will trigger you and make you wanna not play it anymore. One thing is, there are two levels that will absolutely trigger you if you are new to the game or even if your not new but just an average player at the game. The levels that will trigger you are: Cycles and Hexagon Force. These levels with trigger you because your high scores will be lower than fifty probably and it will trigger you having just these two levels that aren’t a demon level with a high score under fifty percent. There are goo things about this game too though. One thing is, that the other levels are fun and a lot less triggering than Cycles and Hexagon Force. Another thing is that you can create other levels and play other levels created by other REAL people. The last pro about Geometry Dash is that there a lot of customizations for your block, and spaceship, etc. So overall Geometry Dash is a 4-star game in my opinion. Red this before you try it out!.Version: 2.11

This Is an AMAZING game! But... -UPDATE: the chicken is on the table-2.2 is taking Forever! I feel that's good and bad news. Good because that means there's gonna be LOADS of new stuff! Bad because people are getting impatient And are getting bored so they won't play it. But I'm gonna keep playing for a LONG time! Hope the update will be good! P.S Robtop has an account you can check out and he has a few levels. EDIT: oh boy...made this review when I was times. Anyway, can't wait for 2.2! Heard about all the big news that came out today and decided to come back to this review and say that robtop has really, REALLY done so much to this community, and he has given us everything we've wanted. 2.2 is truly a big step and if this was the final update for GD, I would totally be fine. 2.2 has either been a fun time making, or a painful time making, and if it's the ladder or both, than you can always take a break. Robtop, if you're reading this, thank you. From me and everyone else who has stuck with this community, thank you so much. This entire journey has been amazing, and it has only begun. Peace out, and il see you in 2.2. ❤️.Version: 2.11

Favorite gameI’ve been playing for a while now and decided to write a review. This game has entertained me for 2 1/2 years. I have beat some of the hardest things I have ever done in any game spending 40k+ attempts on levels. I’ve played from stereo madness to the extreme demon online level Conical depression by KrmaL (81% best). This game requires a lot of work though so if your not willing to put that in then this is not your game. However if you are willing to work on levels for a while then this game is the perfect game for you. I’d recommend doing the main levels in order instead of in difficulty because doing them in order will help develop your skill set throughout the game. The hardest main level by far is deadlocked (took me 7k attempts) if you can beat this then you will be able to do great things in this game if you put in the time and effort. Who knows if you download this game you might be a future victor of the Golden (Hardest level in the history of the game as of August 19, 2020). If you think you have what it takes, Download now!.Version: 2.11

UghI can’t play for some reason. When I try to go in it just sends me out of the app right when I go in. Please fix that robtop. Also, PLEASE FIX THE HITBOXES. THE SPIKE HITBOX IS JUST A RECTANGLE. I know even though I don’t have mega hack. You must’ve been lazy and just put a rectangle. Like that is NOT the hitbox of a fireball 😠. Also, people who want 2.2, tell them that 2.2 is almost done. Good game, but there’s a lot we need to talk about, but I’m not going to say all of them so… yeah. Really fun game. 5 star. Needs to be tweaked. Good game. Also, please make it that things are named if you put your mouse over it so people will call orbs rings cause that’s what there called. ThAnKS. Also build the last ground spike in base after base plz. It looks bad. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙂🙂🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙃🙂🙂🙃🙂.Version: 2.11

My game will NEVER openI have been playing this game for years but I have been experiencing lag, and whenever my game opens it shows the robtop screen and closes! I’m not able to go on the full version anymore, so now I have to use lite, Robtop, if your reading this pleeeease fix this problem.Version: 2.11

If parents are curious read thisIf your a parent and you want to know if this game is ok just read this, this is a good game, it’s rated what it’s rated for a reason. However it’s not educational except for increasing response time and hand eye coordination. It’s good to have your kids get a game like this because it inspires creativity which is the most important thing anyone can have. The only downside is the user created levels, the levels that are featured get approved but other levels are not for kids under 12, but they can only be accessed if someone is to search it for the title and actually find something if they don’t attempt to search it then they should be completely fine, so they won’t run into anything either they would have to want to search it. But sometimes when it comes to content there can be mild profanity which should only be a problem with kids under 10 depending on how mature your child is. So all in all this game is safe for the most part and is a good source of creativity and it’s cheap..Version: 2.11

Developer issuesI’ve been a long term player of geometry dash, in fact I’ve been playing for almost 5 years. This game has a number of astonishing features. First the music is perfect. There’s not one song I could hate in this game, the music is outstanding. Second I love games that don’t have an end. Sure rob top only made so many levels, but other creators make amazing levels that push the limits of this game. Third customization, there’s so many different styles you can become, and so many game modes to play with. Now if the game is so good your probably wondering why I gave the game 4 stars. The main reason is to top himself is kinda lazy (no offense) I understand he’s trying his best, but when your game only updated once every 1-2 years, things get repetitive, and that’s why the game has started to die. So many great players, creators, moderators, have quit because of repetitively doing the same exact thing, it doesn’t become fun as it used to be. SUMMARY: great game and music but if your willing to download, be patient with updates, and don’t rage when you get really close, you can do it, and don’t get mad over a game.📱.Version: 2.11

Ideas for 2.2!Hello! And here are some ideas for geometry dash 2.2! 1. reverse orbs: I believe that if you add reverse orbs into the game that would be awesome! The reverse orbs are orbs that make you go backwards! 2. Anti-reverse orbs: this is a orb that reverses the reverse orbs! 3. Air blocks: these are blocks that make you go up without hitting a jump pad or orb! If just pushes you up or down,left, and right! It just depends on the angle of the block! 4. Big portal: This is a portal that makes you bigger, and increases your jump height just like how when you become small your jump height decreases! 5. Multiplayer battles: this is a mode that you can choose in the main menu but you go up against 4 other online people and there is a wheel on all of the players screens that show 7 slots on the wheel and all of them have different parts of a level, example: the invisible spike jumps from Electrodinamix, the plane part from stereo madness, the orb jumps at the start of polargeist, etc. until all of them are gone and that sorts all of the parts of a custom level that you go through and try to get as much points as you can going through the level, and if you die then you are able to spectate the other players and the last one standing wins, but you can choose as much rounds as you want and the person with the most wins, win! So yeah that was just some simple ideas for geometry dash 2.2!!! Bye now!.Version: 2.11

Great game but one small problem…I love this game and have done for years, but recently there has been a big problem with my game! Every time I open the game it goes to the RobTop screen for a few seconds then closes. This has been happening for about a week and a half. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it to try again but it still doesn’t help. Please could you see if there is anything you can do! Thanks!.Version: 2.11

FixSo ever time I load in it crashes you fixed light and world and subzero but please fix this.Version: 2.11

(Pls read full review) Really love this game - but maybe don’t download it right nowGeometry dash is a really really fun game! The level creating aspects and the fact you can play other people’s levels really carries this game. I have 111 hours on this game on steam, and I would highly recommend you get it there. Why not on mobile? There is a bug with IOS versions (I think this could be slightly wrong) 15.1 and up, which makes it so the game crashes as soon as you open it, making it unplayable. I am on IOS 17.0.3 and I updated from iOS 14 today, and now the game crashes when I open it. Don’t worry though, update 2.2 is coming out this month, and I am certain this but will be fixed..Version: 2.11

Awesome but buggyA great game but sometimes the new 2.1 triggers dont work and sometimes the hitboxes seem larger than they look. Maybe you could fix this in a future update.Version: 2.10

It was great till I couldn’t play againIt was so fun playing it on my iPad then i got my phone and when I re downloaded it it just keeper opening and closing over and over again so can you plz fix this bug.Version: 2.11

I love this gameHello. I have been Playing GD for around 8 months and collected 7 demons and over 600 stars. I love this game as of all the user created levels. I would say that 4 RobTop should release a new level that is like level Such As ByeBye and Minity and Maybe even Bloodlust or Dolos. In my opinion The best levels are Phobos, WoW, Belloq, Dolos, Revenant and Bloodlust. I am not sad that 2.2 has not come out yet as I don’t really care about Official levels apart from Clubstep. I understand that people don’t like this game but I have 1 bit of advise (git gud) practice practice and practice. I think I have beaten bloodbath in practice mode like 50 times. That is all I have to say. Bye.Version: 2.11

Amazing Game!This game is amazing. I have no other word than that, maybe outstanding and great. I have not experienced one bug, and the levels are challenging and super fun! The game levels look amazing, my personal favourite being Fingerdash. This is the most fun game of it’s kind, and believe me, I have had lots! If you are looking to get these kind of games, GET THIS ONE!!! The money is worth it, no ads, extra levels, new “super secret shop”, and lots of cool features you can discover! Not even mentioning the future levels to come! If anyone tells you this game is bad, it’s their device, computer, etc., or they are just trying to get you bad reviews for fun. Please keep up the good work! Btw, please bring out 2.2 soon! Also, anyone who says it is too hard, there is a little jump delay, and use practice mode and keep trying until you get it! It took me days to beat Can’t Let Go, stick on 96 percent. But, I kept trying, and didn’t give up, and now I beat it! Ignore all those people criticizing the game, they just need to practice, and keep trying! -Sincerely, Your Biggest Game Fan-.Version: 2.11

I love this game and I can explain why we haven’t gotten 2.2Technically we have gotten 2.2 but not the entire bulk of it, the reason why for this is because robtop has made 3 other geometry dash games (geometry dash lite, sub zero, and meltdown) and the free games are doing better online than the one that costs money, getting more people who are on a budget. If you ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE WRITING it will say *this will be unlocked when the FULL version of 2.2 is out* so we have already gotten 1. What everything will be like in 2.2, and 2. With this information key. We know that it will take a while to make an update and copy/change the thing 4 times. And, Guess what. He might be doing OTHER THINGS like FIXING BUGS, and doing things that aren’t even accociated with geometry dash. Robtop is human too, and he shouldn’t be on the screen working all the time because soon he’d get bored. Which is probably why this is taking forever. Your never mad when Minecraft takes a while to be updated so you should act the same with other people/companies..Version: 2.11

Geometry DashThe developers probably won’t see this, but overall Geometry Dash is an amazing game. There are normal levels that you can get in the free version, and the full version with levels like fingerdash, and deadlocked. There are also many more. My only complaint is that when you beat levels like clutterfunk and all of the free levels, clutterfunk and the other insane levels I feel like is hard to make the transition to the higher and supposed to be easier and harder levels. Even if the are the level you are playing on isn’t even an insane level. Like geometrical dominator and blast processing. Those aren’t ranked as an insane but they are hard to complete when making the transition to clutterfunk to one of those 2 levels. Also, electrodynamix should be rated a demon level. Lastly, some of the coins should be a bit easier to get. Ok, here is my last complaint for sure. I really need orbs to get things from the shop, but the only couple ways to get orbs in a day is to open the chests or get farther on a level that ever before and get a high score. I have already beaten all of the free levels and the daily levels to. And I can’t even get close to complete if any of the new levels or the weekly levels. The gauntlets are normally hard to complete and don’t give out that many orbs. You should add a new and easier at to get orbs. But overall, amazing game Robtop..Version: 2.11

Just a few problems and ideas for 2.2Why can you only have 100 objects in 1 custom object and the max of custom objects is 100. like, the object limit for 1 custom object should be 1000. and the limit for the amount of custom objects should be 150. ad i have ideas for 2.2. you add a new vault called the vault of rubrub. here are the codes for vault of rubrub. you: gatekeeper. rubrub: how do you my pets name!? for this one to work you must free the monster. you: themonsterescaped. rubrub: OH HECC NAW. you: rubrubpowah123. rubrub: i thought i blessed you with that. you: michigun. rubrub: wait is that the triple spike guy oh hecc naw. and i have some new gamemodes. the train. in levels, you can place tracks that the train can go on. you on pc, you right click or on mobile, tap on the top of the screen to go up and left click or touch the bottom of the screen to go down. also im mobile player. and why are some things in geometry dash VERY difficult like getting 100 of each shard. and theres a bug in fingerdash at 34% so fix my problems and add my ideas pls. also the jump rings are orbs.Version: 2.11

It was great and I loved it until a small problem happenedI used to always play this and I still do but it lost all sound I went into settings and everything but nothing worked and I went on everything to find how to fix this and there was nothing!!!.Version: 2.11

I hate this game, but love it at the same time.This game has been with me ever since I got my hands on this game. Never been deleted. Ever. I started playing the lite version But then, all of my favorite YouTubers and friends started too, so I got a apple gift card, (who I gave myself btw) and downloaded the full version on my iPad. I gradually made my way up, and now I only need to complete Deadlocked and Clubstep. TOE 2 took me 2500 attempts, and is at Clubstep at 96% while Deadlocked is at 3000 attempts and so is Clubstep. I am aiming to get all 3 coins on all levels while I complete them. And I sort of failed with TOE 2, so now I have to do it all over again. 😐 Besides that I love this game and it will always have a special place in my heart ❤️.Version: 2.11

Dear developersWhen I first played this game I was thrilled with excitement and there still nothing wrong with it today. Except for one thing. When I started playing harder lvls I have started lagging a lot and the music gets out of time. I do not know what’s happening because I play this game on a very good device (iPad Pro) so plz fix. But other from that this game is great I love the feature that you make ur own lvl (but I don’t care about it) and that you can even play other people’s lvl I also love the backstory of the game full of mysteries and other stuff. I also love that you can buy ur own skins (not with real money game money) and there is no in game purchases. Great job robtub you made the game of the year.Version: 2.11

I love the game!It is really good once you get into the spirit of geometry and knowing themes and difficulties of each level. My only thing against it is the lack of care for keeping the game up to date. This is not one of your usual games that has bug fixes every 2-3 weeks. No. This is the game that tortures all players by promising updates shortly after each other but in reality making them annual. Each update that fixes certain bugs always brings new ones, and the failure to realize that has led to this game being practically broken. The leaderboards don't update properly. My custom levels that I upload sometimes disappear and all the likes and comments in its history are erased. Overall, the game works pretty fine, but my biggest concern is that new players who realize these errors right away will think that this is a 1-star game. It is not. The whole idea of a cube jumping over triangles was ridiculously spectacular in the first place, and it is time to keep that in the light. So long story short, We Want 2.2 Now! -Jeremy Elledge, or in geometry dash, 09smiley..Version: 2.11

Its broken for meMy pack is broken my dad got it for me and then my iPad turned on and off after3 mins it worked and if I delete and get it again and if i try Ed everything it just won’t work geometry dash is the game. I wasted my money on this don’t worry I’m not a Karen ok could you try fix it pls and thank you.Version: 2.11

Great game but needs an updateThis is a great game, But what always annoys me is that the display doesn’t fit the screen. I’m on an IPad Pro 11 and every time I play there would always be black bars on the left and right. But this isn’t bothering me, what is bothering me in whenever I try to tap/jump, sometimes my finger would be off the actual app and into the black bars which makes me lose basically every level I try. Even if I try to not take my finger off the screen it wouldn’t do anything since I’m more focused on my thumb than the actual level. PLSSSSSSS UPDATEEEEEE TANKKK UUUU.Version: 2.11

Very funThis game I cannot stop playing I haven’t updated my phone so the game actually lets me play and even when I rage I keep coming back for more. I love this game.Version: 2.11

Mobile games done rightGeometry dash. A rhythm game cleverly duisguised into cartoony blocks jumping. This game is the best thing mankind has thought of. The controls are easy- Tap to jump. The choices are easy- Jump or don't Jump. The levels... Not so much. It's a cheap, fun game that is extremely easy to pick up. The level editor could be better but that's not the issue here. The lissue" is how addicting it is. That sense of achievement when you beat the level, the progress gained on every death, abd you can't tell me you don't get into the music. You can't play without sound. But you can't play with just sound - It's really smart of a game. There's even a little bit or story to learn and play. There aren't even any ads, in app purchases, or methods for rich people to skip the game. This game isn't just a game. It's an experience you can only see once. Don't believe me? Go get the free version of this game. Taste the adrenaline and come back here to buy this game for almost nothing - You will not regret your purchase..Version: 2.11

A pretty good gameI’ve been playing Geometry Dash for a very long time and I think that it is a pretty well-balanced game that is a lot of fun when you get used to the difficulty level. Even though a lot of the gameplay seems difficult at first because when you die in game you have to restart the level from scratch, once you gat used to it, that kind of gameplay becomes very fun. Geometry dash also has a kind of rhythm-based gameplay, because most of the levels will sync to the music being played in-game. The level editor allows people to express their own artistic creativity and understanding of the game by making their own levels and submitting them to the online servers. From there, other people who bought the full version of the game can play your levels and give you feedback on how to improve them. There are no in-game purchases, and I think that that’s a good thing because it encourages players to get better at the game by not giving them a shortcut. The only real problems with the game is that many people who have difficulty managing their anger will get very mad if and when they die in the game, the community can sometimes be a little toxic, and the developer, RobTop isn’t that transparent. Overall, it’s a fun, entertaining and well-rounded game that gets you more hooked the more that you play it..Version: 2.11

Won’t openIdk why but every time I try opening it it shows the loading screen then automatically closes.Version: 2.11

Best game ever!!!😁Geometry dash is such a great game and the developers must put so much hard work in to creating each level. This version of the game costs just £2 for no adverts, AND many extra perks and levels inside the game. Of course like many other reviews may point out, it is NOT for the noobs. But people like me like a challenge and so the Geometry dash is super fun to work my way through the levels. Also, this game isn’t just some copy of any other one- it is unique, which is also what makes this game AWESOME!!! So if you want this game after reading this, go on- it’s worth it..Version: 2.11

1 word. AmazingFor a game that is only £2, this game is so superior to other games and yet so fun! I’ve played this game for quite a while and i’ve never got bored of it, i thought that it had impossible levels at first, cant let go for example was quite hard for me with timing in the beginning of the level but i persevered and i got that level and others following it completed and even then, viewing the 3 robtop demons at that time, i thought that it was never going to be done but as of now i only have the demons left to complete and to be honest, i never thought that this day would come. So do i enjoy gd and play it daily? Absolutely. Im my opinion this is possibly the best app ever made because of its content capacity and its capability of competition. The game has some VERY hard demons from super talented creators across the world and yet people still find a way to beat them. So i think it is safe to say that im goibg to be playing this for quite a long time into the future.Version: 2.11

TitleFun, but also difficult. This game is very fun, but it is also very hard. There are levels of various difficulties, such as a level where you don’t have to tap, (called auto levels), all the way to levels that are pretty much impossible. There are 21 levels made by the developer, varying from an easy level, Stereo Madness, all the way to Deadlocked, a very difficult level. However, there is more to the game than just these 21 levels. You can create your own levels using the same editor as the developer himself. If your levels are good, they can get stars, and then people will earn stars, which are pretty much a thing that you get by beating levels. Geometry Dash can be very rage inducing, but it is also very fun. It is advised that people with epilepsy avoid the game, as there can be flashing lights, in levels, especially in a trend called nine circles levels. This trend has almost died out, but these levels can still be played. Geometry dash is a skill based game, as you can only become good with practice. There are no ads nor in app purchases. You will love it, and although it will probably seem very difficult at first, with a bit of practice, you will find your self having lots of fun..Version: 2.11

GOSH DAMMIT ROBTOP FIX CLUBSTEP!No really, "clubstep is extremely broken and probably won't be fixed" GD colon in "100 things that annoy me in GD" and also colon has an ENTIRE video on almost all the bugs. there's a bug in the ball section and the most annoying thing: EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT! there's a really annoying bug where you crash into the side of the block, not the bottom* of it, then you have to do all of that cancer ALL OVER AGAIN! you edited all the levels when you added secret coins to the game, and stereo madness again to make the third coin easier, so you can fix all the bugs in clubstep. perhaps you could have "2.2.-1"? with: swing copter, reverse gameplay and a FIXED clubstep? sorta like an early preview of 2.2. and besides, we've been waiting for COUNTLESS YEARS for 2.2. i think it's time for an update. ~SEG~ *because you're in reverse gravity, it's the bottom of the block, not the top edit: the particles and rotate trigger seem to be broken. the particles never show up and the rotate trigger only seems to work in the editor. please fix this cause i need to create my level "thumper" and get it done as soon as possible. edit #2: never mind it's just that the center object was a portal. problem solved. (particles are still broken so i've had to use the really small thingy that takes up 1/8 of a single square.. you should know what i'm talking about).Version: 2.11

Can’t use gmail?I’m trying to make an account but it won’t let me. Please fix.Version: 2.11

This game earns it allI first found out about this game back in mid-2015 on the Play Store, and I spent some time with the lite version. I completed Stereo Madness, but after that, I just passed it off as another game on the store. A year and a half later (December 2016), I came across it again on the App Store, and I redownloaded lite again, as well as World and Meltdown. From there, I slowly beat all the levels that lite had to offer (at that point in time, lite had up to Clutterfunk). Once I beat all the levels, I collected all the coins. So after that, I completed World and Meltdown with all the coins. So then I considered buying the full version, which I eventually did. After 2 years of playing, I have 90+ demons completed, as well as all of the gauntlets. When Subzero was revealed, I kept refreshing the App Store until it would pop up and I could download it. I beat all the levels with all coins (Nock Em’s second coin is frustrating to get the key for, and Power Trip has a bug with the second coin). All the levels in that game were super fun to play and it got me hyped for 2.2. So now it’s March 2019. What’s my verdict on Geometry Dash? Amazing. Five Stars. If you don’t know much about this game, get the lite version first, see what you think, then consider buying the full version. If you want more Geometry Dash without having to pay, get Meltdown, World and Subzero for a total of 16 free levels. Like the title says, this game earns it all..Version: 2.11

Amazing!This game is epic! There is millions of online levels and there is even 21 main levels and there is lots of different difficulty’s. There is ads in the free apps but not that many.( none in the full version). I recently completed hexagon force, clubstep, electrodynamix, and the demon gauntlet. There is lots to explore so download it now. TIP: download the free games first and if you think there good download the full version. If it’s laggy the full version isn’t + no ads! This is my favourite game so please download it now!.Version: 2.11

2.2 out!Hey guy I tried my geometry dash and I found a swingcopter Play it and sneak peek will be out at 8 June 2022 Thank you.Version: 2.11

Amazing game but one problem.Hello, I am a I-pad player and I’ve been playing geometry dash for years but there’s one BIG issue for the mobile players including me. Ever since one of the new updates came out I’ve been kicked out every time I try to play the original geometry dash. I have been playing the other games though but I’ve almost completed every level and it’s starting to get boring. Also I was on level 8 but as you guessed it keeps kicking me out, so that means I basically lost all of my progress and unable to continue. So please try to fix this by the 2.2 update it would really mean a lot to the community members with mobile. No hard feelings or pressure just please try to fix this so us mobile players can enjoy the amazing rhythm game called geometry dash. Thank you for reading this. (If you have).Version: 2.11

Three wordsWorlds best app. This is a great game and I have some suggestions. I’d really like a space gauntlet for 2.3, and in the level editor have a section where you can place bosses for boss battles..Version: 2.11

Love the game, but i cant play itTitle speaks for itself, but im having a problem where whenever i click on the game it instantly kicks me back out, i dont know jow to fix it. I’ve tried updating it, shutting my phone down, shutting the game down, checking my date, but nothing works. I cant delete the game, or ill lose everything because i didnt make an account. Help..Version: 2.11

This game is a legend.First, only one negative thing. Why is stereo madness in front of back on track? Anyway, onto the positive things. My mum used to play it all the time and I kept asking if I could play on the full version. At the time lite only had Stereo Madness to Time Machine, but on my mums iPad I didn’t see anything like Cycles to Hexagon Force. When I got my iPad, I asked for GD lite because there was new levels. Now I have the full version and Fingerdash is absolute 6/5 star rating if I could rate the non-user created levels. I love the mini games that they put into it (I’ve just unlocked Clubstep) and my favourite mode is the wave. On lite you can’t build or search for user created levels but on full version that’s another reason I wanted it so that I could build and search for user created levels..Version: 2.11

FunIt was good until it didn’t work on iOS 17.Version: 2.11

YessirI love this game, especially when I beat demons because it’s just so satisfying. The only bad thing is 2.2 not out which will change soon..Version: 2.11

Good game, but please helpSo I have been playing geometry dash LITE for a year now, and I absolutely love it. So a week ago I decided to get the full version cuz it’s only 2 bucks and it add a lot more. When I downloaded it I was so excited! But when I opened the app it crashed! So I tried again, same thing for around 10 times. Until I tried deleting it and downloading it again. And it still didn’t work! I don’t know what is happening! I restarted my phone by turning it all the way off. And then it happened… IT: didn’t work 🫥. So I looked at the update log and saw that the last update was 5 YEARS AGO!!!!! So if a developer is seeing this, (they probably won’t but) please fix this problem. Btw I have an iPod touch and an iPhone but I use the iPod touch more. Can you please help me fix this? I rate it 5 star tho because this lite version IS LITERALLY THE BEST GAME I EVER DOWNLOADED!!!!!!!!! So please update geometry dash full version to work on a iPod touch. Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.11

Geometry automatically closing.I have an iPad Pro, I was so exited to download this app but then…. I opened it. And it closed, I tried again. Still didn’t open. I went to settings, BUT THE APP WASN’T EVEN SHOWING UP IN SETTINGS. I really hope you can fix this. Still five star because I love geometry lite.Version: 2.11

Way better than the demoI recently got the full version. I was on the lite version and was thinking “eh I’ll get the full version when I’ve done all the free levels” but man is it so much better to get this version. $3.00 is a measly price to pay- not only do the ads disappear and more levels are immediately added, but there are so many things like mana orbs to spend on skins, “gauntlets” of assorted categories to the point where there’s almost a storyline to it, daily and weekly challenge levels and missions to do — it’s a whole new experience. I highly recommend it. Possibly the best game on the App Store..Version: 2.11

My Geometry Dash Review.I heard about this game in mid 2019, and have been playing since. Geometry dash has given me lots of feelings along the way, like beating Stereo Madness for the first time, to raging cause you can't get past that one ship. But after lots of raging, you satisfaction of beating a level is like no other. You are on fire, you are legendary, you are practically a god. This game has the best music by far, and 21 unique official levels, with 3 coins to collect in total for every level. There is lots of hidden secrets everywhere, and... customisation. So you hate your old boring cube? Well, this game has hundreds of skins and a variety of colours. Most you need to unlock, but why wait for a magic fairy, when you can unlock them. Of course you chose the cat, I did too... Then we move to the custom built section, this game features an editor which the developer (RopTop) uses himself! Over hundreds of objects, the sky really is the limit. With famous creators like Viprin and Riot, to the famous Tartarus and Blood Bath. There is daily and weekly levels, and Map Packs, Gauntlets, The Leaderboard, and of course, the Search function. With filters unlike any other, and things outrageous like... the magic filter. Thats all for my review. When's 2.2? P.S.. there will be content forever.. and ever.. and ever.. and ever.. and ever.. and ever...Version: 2.11

Where’s 2.2 we need it I (read desc if you’re seeing this robtop)Hey roptop awesome game but there’s just a couple of things: 1. Where’s 2.2 it’s been 5or more years waiting I know it’s a big update but still…come on! 2. I really want player control so it’s more easy to beat levels (it’s in 2.2 player control is) 3. I would really like to have more mechanics in in the game (final one) 4. Can you please lower the diamonds for the challenge to 100 or something idk. But besides that awesome game really cool can’t wait for 2.2 also please add more shop’s in 2.2 instead of just one shop. Thx, can’t wait for 2.2 and I’m going to play some more GD bye!.Version: 2.11

Not working on IPhone 6SI bought this game a year or two ago, enjoyed it for a while and then offloaded it. Recently, I downloaded it again and it doesn’t open - it just crashes instantly, not even opening the first menu. It says on the App Store it is compatible with my device (IPhone 6S) and it doesn’t need any updates, yet after multiple attempts it still does not work. I have googled the issue, and tried every method to get it to work, yet it still does not. I find this very annoying, as this is a game I have paid for and I cannot access it. Please fix this!.Version: 2.11

Awesome game but just 2 thingsLook I love geometry dash and how well designed the game is and all the fun levels. Like I said awesome game but there is just 2 things. Now I know this game is like 4 years old and I know you guys are thinking what am I doing playing in 2020, but it’s fun trust me,so now let me tell u the two things. Well the first thing is I’m just playing casually and I get to some more harder parts and you have to tap faster and sometimes when I tap it doesn’t jump and it can be frustrating at times but I know you might not want to fix it but there are still some iPad players out there that still play your game and that probably happens to them too. So that’s one of the things please if you could fix that and the other thing I’m about to say it would be my favorite mobile game. Now the second thing I want to fix is that you know those orb things where they boost you up sometimes I just press it once and when I land back to the ground I automatically jumps for me and that could get me killed sometimes it’s very annoying but yeah those are basically the two small bugs that I would be appreciated so much but yeah rob top awesome game just wanted to let you know bye 👋..Version: 2.11

Good but badI love this game but everytime i launch game it automatically crashes.Version: 2.11

2.2?Where's 2.2 rubrub?.Version: 2.11

Really good and waiting for 2.2This game is really fun because there is a lot of official levels that you can complete and earn achievements, you can create endless amounts of levels, play other users levels, you can earn more and more icons depending on which achievement you got, you can play another pack of levels in the Map Packs levels that can earn you really hard achievements to get! Keep on playing Geometry Dash! The only problem is that, 2.2 is taking so long. It’s been taking nearly 6 years. Thankfully, the trailer has came out this month which means it’s coming out very soon! THANKS ROBTOP!!!! Play Geometry Dash NOW! :D!.Version: 2.11

Great game but quite inconsistent as of when this review was made (updates meaning)I loved this game a lot, and I have been playing it ever since Hexagon Force was the last level (lol, can’t remember exact date or nothing). I have attempted to create levels and share them... wasn’t a good mapper, but still. And now what I have notice by the update history, it was like 3 updates (including official release of game) was done 5 years ago, updates from about 1.2 to 1.61 was 4 years ago (there were about a minimum of 10 updates), 3 more updates were done 3 years ago, then... 2 years ago: 1 update, new level/new features; 1 year ago: bug fixes; 10 months ago: “pre-update” features; then nothing else happened. Plus, it’s still a bit buggy (game crashes when I go too fast switching between my made levels to saved levels and to other areas, etc). Us Geometry Dashers have been waiting for 2.2 for such a long time, nearly 2 years in-fact. I know if it’s taking such a long time to create it, test it, fix any bugs, etc, but, at least put some sort of planned date for when Major updates are released, if it needs to be pushed, then so be it. To be honest, my English is not good (even though it’s my first language, uwu), so if my review didn’t make any sense, sorry :/ Thanks for reading my review (if you did...) - xd Hawk_Eye/J0EL5635.Version: 2.11

Completely best games everI play this game 24/7 and I never get bored this game is so fun you can discover new maps made by people you can test out gauntlets and get some hidden coins and unlock amazing skins! But my favourite is making the game. There are a lot of things to do so you’ll have to figure it out. But once you get the hang of it, it is so fun you can do anything this game is so creative. You might also try out the weekly map or daily they are so hard. This game is so fun, RobTop also has made other games. If your not willing to pay you should at least try geometry dash lite to get an understanding of it. In lite you can not create, see gauntlets /weekly daily, don’t unlock all maps but there are a few. The other games are geometry world, subzero, meltdown. Also this app that you have to pay for includes not any ads, do not have to pay for anything in game. ITSS AMAZING.Version: 2.11

ReviewBeing a member of the GD community has changed my life in many ways. At the start of it all, I had no idea what was happening and I didn’t know what the initials GD stood for. I realised close friends played this game and I grew eager to try it. I downloaded it soon after. I created two accounts at first, which is too much to explain in one review. My current account is Shezu. Unlocking the Vault of Secrets and the Vault was a big step, though on the way I experienced a few problems. One thing RobTop needs to improve is the bug where the chests freeze and it’s impossible to claim them. It was really annoying to see if I had a new shard but then realising the glitch was back. Surprise, surprise. Some fussy people just see this game as squares jumping over triangles. What?! Anyway, apart from certain bugs that would be rude to put into words in one review, GD is a game that I highly recommend. Though if you are a very picky person and you don’t want to experience a game that has bugs scattered here and there, this is not the game for you. The only bug I’m aware of is the chest one but I’m sure there’s more I haven’t dived deeper into. Good luck with the 2.2 update, you’ve got thousands of people waiting here, RobTop. :).Version: 2.11

A Must-Have For Any GamerGeometry Dash is probably what I see as the pinnacle of mobile gaming, right up there with Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. This is game is infuriatingly fun- every level is based off skill. Sure, you may get lucky because you tapped on accident, saving you, but that’s still YOU doing the action. Sure, Geometry Dash is stupid hard, but that’s what makes it fun. Without that skill curve, this would be a bland game. The visuals are great and feel unique, and there is even a hidden shop where you can buy some community-made aesthetics. However, what makes this game outstanding is the music coupled with the gameplay. Each and every level is shaped around the song in the background, allowing you to even play some levels with your eyes closed, as long as you’re following along with the song. The music is out of this world, and got me into the electronic genre. The level creator is fun and easy to use (there are some more technical things for moving, changing colors, etc.) and allows you to play others’ levels as well. This community allows for unlimited replayability; there’s always another level to beat. I can’t stress this enough: download this if you want to have fun..Version: 2.11

I love itReally fantastic game although some changes can help a lot. First, RobTop needs a development team or at least someone to help with the creation of the game so updates don’t go by as slow. Also, elder moderators should be given the privilege to star rate levels themselves. There are many good levels that remain unrated and we wouldn’t have this problem if there were more people who can star rate levels instead of RobTop himself. Also there is an occasional bug where the editor freezes and all you can do is playtest. I need to exit the level and go back in to undo it. There also needs to be a reply feature so people can see who you are specifically replying to in the comments. Notifications would also be a good feature so you can know when your chests are ready or if you got a star rated level or when a creator you follow posts a level. There is also a bug on the vault monster or whatever it’s called. I got all three keys and nothing is going on and I’m very disappointed. There is also a bug with daily chests where it doesn’t let you open it. I still love this game and rate it 5 stars..Version: 2.11

New levels!I’ve downloaded: geometry dash LITE, SUBZERO, MELTDOWN, and WORLD. Then I thought that I should download the full version. Thanks to lite, I know all the levels and coins. I’ve collected 11 coins so far, and I unlocked clubstep. So far I ONLY got 7% at it! I’m hoping to reach 20 coins so I can unlock a new level. I think I have about 5 or 4 demon keys. I have NO idea what demon keys are. I wonder what I can do with them. Anyways, I hope you make more levels! All levels are SICK! I completed: stereo madness, back on track, poltergeist, dry out, base after base, but I’m stuck on CAN’T LET GO. You may think I’m good at the game. I am, but my friend, Declan, has completed all the levels I completed and even, JUMPER, I think he’s stuck on time machine. I downloaded SubZero, a year ago, and on the first day I completed PRESS START! I’m looking forward to complete the full version of press start. When I didn’t have geomtry dash, I thought it was boring. Then another friend of mine, Thomas, told me too. So I did. Then I REALLY got addicted. Anyways, I rated five out of five. If we had to rate out of 100%, I would rate 200%!.Version: 2.11

Love this game but…It seems since I have iOS 17 it stops 28gb apps from working so my game has stopped working so please make this app bigger because if it was 48gb I could play again! ( Side note 2.2 should release and make the app 48gb plz).Version: 2.11

Game crashes as soon as I open it on my iphoneWorks on my ipad but instantly crashes on my iphone.Version: 2.11

This is awesomeThis game is kinda raging but I got 91% on clutterfunk my least favourite level, and I unlocked deadlocked the last level and I completed geometrical dominator, I hate the memoration part, my memory is terrible. I love the gauntlets although I’m terrible at them, my sister can’t even complete stereo madness! I want update 2.2 now! I come back to geometry dash everyday to open my daily chests. Everybody comes round me to watch my skills. I’ve seen so many videos about the zooming, static camera, and end triggers I can’t wait, I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!! But can we have a lemur icon cos my name is lemurgamingyt so I need a lemur icon plz..Version: 2.11

Electroman Adventures First coin brokenSo first of all I love geometry dash it’s a really fun game but in the Electroman Adventures level realised that when you jump up the blocks to get to the first coin it doesn’t make the jump and you die and so I wanted to check if it doesn’t work twice to I put it in practice mode and I did like 30 attempts trying to get the coin. Please fix this..Version: 2.11

Great gameThe game is great it has everything one could ask for the game is just plainly great, it has a very beautiful complexity, yet is also somehow is perfectly simple, the game is great overall and there is pretty much nothing else you can ask for, and yet, they add more things and fix bugs and, yet there was nothing else more to ask for, but still they add more things, things players could never have ever thought of, things nobody even expected, and also add things that players felt like it should be in the game, you think they won’t update the game, and yet they are working on an update. And updates so complex yet so simple to understand, there is nothing that needs improvement, because it’s all great, and talented creators and players create wonderful levels and the talented players verify them showing it is possible, for players to play, if the game was not worth five stars I would not spend time writing this review, but it is worthy of five stars so that is why I am spending time to write this review..Version: 2.11

Not opening anymoreMany people know this by now and have said something but nothing has been done. Whenever you go to open it, it instantly boots you off. Reinstalling doesn’t help. I’m on an IPad Pro..Version: 2.11

PLEASEIT WONT LET ME OPEN THE APP!!! I used to play this game all the time then I stopped for a bit and then wanted to get back into it so I reinstalled and it wouldn’t let me open it. This has been like this for half a year now. PLEASE!!! Fix this.Version: 2.11

To People Complaining- To people not having a timer on their daily chests: YOU DON’T HAVE WIFI. - To people finding main levels/coins hard: LOOK AT THE DIFFICULTY (although Time Machine is quite annoying) AND THE COINS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EARNT. Robtop/Rubrub/Potbor did this for a reason. Ok the actual review (lol): I have been playing this game on a daily basis for the last 9 months, and I’ve enjoyed most of it. Gameplay, music and cool features makes this game outstanding (except for the part when you build a level, lose interest, deleting and getting mad). A very active and friendly community (some parts of the comments section may contain language not suitable for young children) and that’s all I have to say. Overall, RobTop you should be proud, however you might want to consider giving some other trustworthy people access to helping you for future updates. Eg. ViPrin (+ paste), Michigun (/\/\/\) and of course, Etzer 8). p.s. KrazyMan50 is gay..Version: 2.11

Favourite game one problemWhen I make a try make a account I enter my email and it says email is invalid, also where is 2.2 it's been three years I mean come on robtop..Version: 2.11

Amazing game, but can’t save my accountThis is a great game, it’s been a big part of my life since this was my favorite game when I was younger. Maybe not my favorite anymore but I still really enjoy the game. I play on mobile and recently got a new phone and I want to save and load my data from my account from my old phone to my new one. Every time I try to save, it always says an error has occurred. This has been going on for maybe a year or 2 or so. I don’t know what to do next, I’ve already deleted my custom levels I don’t need and narrowed it down to just three. I also deleted old friends who I never talked to or left GD, deleted saved levels, deleted old messages to and from old friends and it still won’t save. I have been playing the game for well over 5 years though and have built up a lot of progress. I don’t know but I have a feeling it’s that, my 5 years progress is what’s keeping my account from saving and the fact that my phone is old. I also tried getting more iCloud storage but that hasn’t worked either. I don’t know what to do next so maybe you could help me? I doubt you’ll see this but I’m desperate right now. :P.Version: 2.11

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