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Gametime - Last Minute Tickets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Gametime - Last Minute Tickets app received 55 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Gametime - Last Minute Tickets? Can you share your negative thoughts about gametime - last minute tickets?

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Gametime - Last Minute Tickets for Negative User Reviews

READ BEFORE YOU BUY!First experience with the app.. I order 4 tickets for the 76ers game. I order the tickets on sept22 for a game that would be played on oct8. They take the payment and send me confirmation, everything was great. Oct8 comes around, I get a text saying there was an issue with my tickets and to call them. I call, and they tell me the seller of my tickets fell through and they have offered me a swap. They offer me 3 sets of tickets and apologize because the only tickets they had were DOWNGRADES. I refused to pay the same for the downgraded tickets so they offered me a refund, but all I wanted were the tickets I paid for. Finally got the manager on the line (Josh) and he said he does have upgraded tickets but they are “too much of an upgrade from the tickets you purchased” then he offered me a set of downgraded tickets and $10 gametime credit. I was shocked!! How could they call me the day of the game, and say my tickets weren’t available, and we can only downgrade your tickets and offer you a measly $10 in CREDIT. This app was created because the owner almost missed a game because of the system, now I am missing my game because of his app. I’m very upset, the price of the tickets increased by a lot and now I can’t afford to take my brothers to the game. I wish someone from gametime would reach out to me. Be cautious people please..Version: 8.58.0

Buyer BewareThis was the worst ticket buying experience I have ever had. THEY DO NOT OFFER BUYER PROTECTION!!!!!! After buying two tickets to a popular concert my friend made travel plans to travel for the event. Several hours later I got a text that the seller no longer had the tickets and to call right away. They then offered me better seats at the same price and asked me to hold. After a 10 minute wait I was told those seats were not available either and there was nothing they could do for me but give me a refund. I asked why they couldn’t get me the next set of tickets for sale that were a slightly higher price point and was told they can’t do it. I asked to speak to a Manager and was told he would call me back as soon as he was off the phone. Thirty minutes passed and I got no return call so I called him. He offered me a credit in a higher amount than what I had paid or a refund but by that time all sets of 2 tickets were $900 or more. The credit would have covered the tickets for sale if he had taken my call the first time or called me back right away. I got no apology and a refund a few days later. Do yourself a favor buy from StubHub. They offer the a FanProtect Guarantee that ensures you won’t get screwed over like I did..Version: 8.49.0

Worst Ticket ExperienceI used Gametime to take my 5 year old son to a baseball game and bought tickets about 4 hours before the game. About an hour and a half before the game, the tickets were still not in my inbox. We decided to head down anyways thinking they would be there by the time we got to the stadium and contacted support to confirm, to which I received the answer “they’re guaranteed to be there by gametime.” We got to the stadium, still no tickets so I called support. They let me know there was an issue with the seller sending the tickets and that they were looking into it. We stood outside of the stadium for almost an hour, going back and forth with support, waiting on our tickets. Multiple people said they would help and then we never heard back from them. On my last call to them, I asked that they refund the money so I can just buy tickets at the window. At that point they decided to let me know that they could just give us different seats, which were no different than our first tickets. By the time we got in the stadium, we had missed the start of the game. Worst ticket experience I’ve ever had..Version: 8.55.0

SCAM-SELLS FAKE TICKETSMy boyfriend and I purchased tickets to the Celtics vs. warriors game on 1/26. Each ticket was $190, and when we got to the stadium, our tickets would not scan and said “invalid” when the usher tried to scan our ticket. He said he sees this happen very frequently with Gametime and said he has witnessed many fans get scammed by this company. We called customer service and they told us they were sold out and could not give us any other tickets to the game. Meanwhile, Gametime’s app still was showing that they were selling tons of tickets?? Ultimately, we ended up having to purchase tickets with Ticketmaster for a much more inflated price than when we originally were looking at tickets, as the game was nearly sold out. Had we known that Gametime was a scam, we would have purchased with Ticketmaster in the first place and saved ourselves a couple hundred of dollars. I am filing a police report today and working with my lawyer to ensure not only that I get a full refund (which I still have not received), but that this company is held accountable and can no longer scam others. This company should be shut down..Version: 8.48.0

Worst customer service everNEVER BUY TICKETS FROM GAMETIME.. I bought tickets for an event that was 1) postponed but then I couldn’t attend. They couldn’t refund my money which is ok… I guess. There solution was “you can try and re sell them” lol And then worst… the event was canceled and I didn’t and never got any email, notification nothing about that!! Apparently they did a refund… a refund on a credit card and bank account I don’t even own anymore! And I had told them that before as I couldn’t attend the event, was leaving the country etc… Their cs was not helpful at all! The worst.Version: 2022.0.1

Gametime Customer Sevice is TrashAbsolutely terriable how bad their customer support and service is. It should be illegal. I’m sure many are wanting to sue them for withholding money and refusing refunds for canceled events. It took me more than 2 years to get my “guaranteed refund” after the game cancellation….Version: 14.22.1

Does not describe what kind of venue and the age requirementMy first tickets I bought were to go to the Valley Bar in Phoenix. I called them and was inquiring and the service people had no idea whether or not you have to be 21 to get in. After a few calls I find out that you have to be 21 and I wouldn’t have been allowed in(take it I am 20 years old myself). Luckily, I was reimbursed and I went and bought myself some more tickets. These tickets were to attend the Crescent Ballroom. At the Crescent Ballroom you are separated by age. Noted I got my tickets for my boyfriends 21 birthday. So there was a metal barrier for people under the age of 21 and I got a giant ex on my hand. I understand the liabilities but it was completely unnecessary to shove underage people into a small barrier. My tickets described the place where we would be standing in the center but did not say anything about having to be 21 to actually be in the center. The area I was stood in was blocked off and was at the back left of the stage. There I stood with 13-16 year olds, it was utterly ridiculous. I would not have bought the tickets if GameTime actually describes the age requirements for their venues..Version: 8.66.1

Bought tickets and was turned awayWent to the Dodger game today with our dugout club seats, were very excited about it. Got to the gate at dugout club and was denied entry because someone bought the tickets and resold them through the app with a fraudulent credit card so the stadium kicked us out for it. I wouldn’t have gone to the game if it weren’t for the killer once and a lifetime deal, spent extra money on parking, etc. we had to repurchase tickets to get back in and all we got was a “we have to investigate this and well let you know what happens in 2 days” I fought to get my refund immediately and not that I expect anything for free, but because of the awful day I had trying to figure out everything, I wasn’t even offered credits to use in the future. So because someone else ripped people off, I suffered and got lousy customer service out of it. We bought tickets all the time from Gametime, I was a valuable customer. Not anymore. Don’t use this app! Save yourself the time and use trustworthy stub hub. Fees aren’t that much more a ticket..Version: 8.38

DisappointedAs someone who frequently scours various apps for last-minute deals on tickets, I was quite excited by the potential of this app. But my first (and only) experience with Gametime was massively disappointing; despite purchasing my tickets multiple hours before the scheduled start of the event, I didn’t receive them by puck drop and spent nearly half an hour on the phone with support before my tickets eventually came through. To add insult to injury, after complaining about my experience (making it into the arena well past the halfway point of the second period) I was offered 1/3 of the value of my tickets back in credit as I was told I “only missed the entirety of the first period and was able to enter the event for a portion of the second period”. Awfully cheap strategy, especially over a pair of $60 tickets. And funnily enough, when you factor in the fees Gametime charges on top of the advertised ticket prices, you’re almost always going to be able to find cheaper tickets on other resale marketplaces that also provide a better customer service experience..Version: 14.9.0

Lying App and Horrible Customer Service!So I was looking at some tickets and the price said “$88 credit”. It made me think it was just a great deal because it didn’t say “plus fees” or anything like that. And since I have their all-in pricing option on, I thought the $88 credit was the all in price. Well I press buy and it charges my account $260. There’s no request refund button, so I tried to reach out for help. They have a chat option that seems to always be unavailable because I have tried it multiple times and they just send me an email saying it’s unavailable. So I sent them an email each time and after each email i get an auto response saying “we’ll get back to you during regular business hours which is in just a couple hours.” Couple days later and multiple emails later and still nothing. “Couple hours,” their auto response says, more like couple weeks or more like NEVER!!! So in conclusion, their apps lies about their all in pricing so get ready for some surprise charges. And if you think they have customer service to help you with those surprises charges, we’ll here’s their next surprise, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! All in all lying app horrible customer service..Version: 14.5.0

Poor customer serviceAfter checking my bank statement showing me there were two charges for game time for the same price the day after the event, I called to see what was going on. Two days prior I had been online attempting to purchase tickets for a baseball game it told me I needed to download the app after purchasing which I did. However it showed no tickets in my my ticket section so I went to the same section selecting the same tickets and purchased them. The tickets then showed up in my ticket app, if I had already purchased tickets with the exact same email address and log in why did they not show up and why are they still not there? After calling once it sounded like who I was talking to was going to be able to help out but unfortunately Working as a first responder as an EMT/Firefighter I suddenly had to go and that would call back later. When I called back I talked to someone who claimed he was a super visor, and he knew everything and all the policies and since the game had passed he could no longer refund me due to company policy and stating it was my fault for the second purchase and that they sent me an email. You would think if they wanted to keep customers happy and returning they could fix a simple mistake such as accidental double purchases..Version: 8.31.1

Hit or missSometimes there’s actually good deals but mostly it’s still over priced and they charge a large fee.Version: 2022.1.1

Awful Customer Service and Business ModelNow, I work in customer service, so I am not one to blame customer service for things beyond their control, which this was out of their control. However, they were not willing to try to elaborate what they are, how they work, or help me in any way. I booked the wrong tickets by mistake, which is entirely my fault and I am going to live with the consequences. However, when I reach out to their team and ask if there is anything I can do and they basically say, “we’re just a middle-man. sorry” (paraphrasing) you better believe I’m going to be upset. They explained that they have individual sellers, which, in my opinion, is an awful business strategy, so, I asked if I may contact the seller of my tickets to talk about a potential refund. They do not give out seller’s information, which is understandable. However, they need to make this kind of thing more noticeable before you make purchases, which they do not. And it would be fine with me if the seller refused to refund me. However, why couldn’t customer care simply give the seller MY information and have them reach out to me if they could/wanted to? That would have been an infinitely better solution than, “tough luck.”.Version: 8.55.7

Worst customer experience possibleI bought tickets to a rams game 3 hours before it started and my tickets were never delivered to me. I traveled 45 minutes to the coliseum, arrived at the venue an hour before the game started so I could watch the starters/warm ups and ended up waiting an hour and a half. During that hour and a half I was on the phone with different representatives who were telling me different things. One guy told me I’d have my tickets in literally 2 minutes. 15 minutes later another guy told me he can’t guarantee my tickets until the third or fourth quarter! From my perspective this is the worst possible customer experience in this business. All I was offered was a refund and $25 on my account. You would think this company would go above and beyond to take care of customers who have experiences like this, but apparently not. After all of this I do not believe I will be using this Gametime app again and will definitely not recommend it. Not sure how they can stay in business when they can’t deliver tickets on time or even accommodate fans appropriately when problems arise..Version: 8.38

Great App Terrible Customer ServiceIt's a great app that generally seems super convenient. That being said, I tried to purchase $9 tickets to a concert, and the app charged me for a $63 option. I didn't see a confirmation price anywhere after clicking on what I thought was the $9 option, so I didn't notice this until the day after when I looked at my bank statements. I tried looking for a customer service number, and they don't have any phone numbers posted anywhere online. You have to email them first in order to obtain a phone number. After finally getting a phone number and calling them, they basically just told me that the whole thing was my fault and wouldn't refund me the difference between the two ticket prices. I firmly believe the app glitched out on me and charged me $63 by accident, but even if we were to assume that the whole situation was my fault, they still had the information in front of them while I was talking to them on the phone showing that I tried to purchase the $9 ticket several times, and only showed as having tried to purchase the $63 option once. I've gotten full refunds from companies in situations that were much more clearly my fault, so this just seemed quite absurd to me. After some bickering I eventually gave up as they clearly were not going to give me a refund. I love the whole idea for the app but definitely won't be using it anymore..Version: 8.15

Good prices terrible service and connectivityI was really excited to use this app when my friend purchased a ticket and shared it with me. At first everything was great until I tried to purchase another ticket. Suddenly there was no connection even though I had service. The app instructed me to try the purchase again (this was for a $9 ticket) so I tried again for the same ticket in the same section. Again it didn’t work I saw another ticket in that same section advertised for the same price so I tried again it said it didn’t go through. I received a notification through Apple Pay that I had been charged $47 to my credit card. I checked my card and saw two purchases from gametime despite being under the impression that none had gone through. I tried customer service on the phone and couldn’t get through so I sent an email and received a very condescending response and was told that I would be refunded $8 as an exception. TLDR; this app is glitchy, customer service is rude and it’s just not worth the “convenience” stick to stubhub or craigslist. Don’t get scammed..Version: 8.38

To download or purchase from this app.I purchased tickets for a Miami heat game against the Celtics. The day of the game I drove 45 minutes to get to the stadium and paid $20 parking fee. When I reached the gate the tickets on the app wouldn’t open, in attempts to still be able to go inside I called the company 5 times until I finally gave up. I learned that several people who purchased from them had the same misfortune. They refunded my tickets into a credit, to which I recently tried to use for a Sunday ticket of rolling loud. I purchased one ticket that said it cost me $244 dollars. When I finished a three step transaction it showed that I paid $342, I called them 3 days in a row until they finally answered today. I inquired of the price I paid and ask for a refund because it wasn’t the price I agreed to pay for. They declined this option and said the rules are clear. They also added a $75 hidden fee... HIDDEN FEE. Supposedly you have to read through the acknowledgment to know of these hidden fees. Point is this app is sketch and I just advice to not risk your earnings. This app is definitely not trustful and I regret trying to get my tickets the cheapest way. It ends up costing the costumer more..Version: 8.53.0

Resale marketThe app is overall easy to use and seemed to be reliable when purchasing tickets. Selling tickets is another animal all together. I went to resell two tickets I bought on their app. Although I can not control the price they sell at and they are up front about that, there seems to be questionable ethics going on during the resale. Since I could not change the pricing of my tickets myself I diligently monitored the pricing of the tickets on their app that were for sale in the section I had tickets for sale in. Tickets were stated at one price on the app and I was paid out a significantly less amount at the same time. They told me the fees are high to use PayPal. They also stated they sold my tickets for $21 less per ticket than what was posted on their app at the time of selling. This seems like they are charging the buyer a higher price and then telling the seller they sold them for less. Also, there was a week left before the event and if the tickets were in demand then they shouldn’t have sold them for a rate much less than what the tickets normally are posted for on the site. Very questionable things going on here..Version: 8.34

I love the app but..I love the app and have used it many times. Unfortunately we could not make the most recent Seahawks game … I tried to resell on the app as I said it we could/ made me feel confident there was a way to recover if for some reason we could not go. This time it said mobile tickets are not accepted for resale … keep in mind this was a week prior to game so the chances of selling we decent . Lost a huge chunk of money and could only resell on stub hub when it was too late.. so lost the tickets completely. Just prepare yourself for that outcome ( I’m from Canada btw).Version: 14.21.0

Good to buy tickets but selling another storyBuying: I’ve used this app a few times to purchase sports and concert tickets and it’s easy to navigate and gives a great in-seat view when interested in a certain seat. I had no issues getting into the venues. Selling: I ended up having to sell 2 tickets I ironically originally purchased from the app for around $150. When you sell your tickets, the app sets the price for you and you cannot set your own price if you wanted. Fortunately the tickets sold, but note, that one sold at night, then the next day the other did. I’m highly disappointed with the lack of information on sale price of the tickets I’ve sold. Unfortunately: I ended up getting $52 back in “Gametime” credit, so a $100 loss over a couple days. Im happy they sold and I got something back, but it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as I get surcharged for the original purchase, and then who knows how much Gametime takes from the resale?? I don’t, because all emails (which is great communication but) didn’t provide any information on HOW MUCH the tickets sold for, and HOW MUCH Gametime took off of that. Gametime needs to be more transparent with its financial transactions..Version: 8.34.1

TrashDon’t buy a single ticket to sit next to your friends because their “guarantee” means they can move you anywhere in the stadium they please. They call it an “upgrade” so they can sell seats together. Completely ruined my experience. I bought tickets for $42 when I could’ve bought a $15 a row back, I WANTED TO SIT WITH MY FRIENDS. That was the whole point. Instead they say me a whole separate section and called it an “upgrade” just so they could sell the seat I was sitting in. And there’s no way for you to turn off this “guarantee” “upgrade” horrible feature. They won’t ask if it’s ok either. Hopefully you aren’t driving to the stadium when it happens either like me. I didn’t find out until I parked BECAUSE I DONT TEXT AND DRIVE. Drove 35mins to meet my friends and left upset. Oh and emailing them won’t help. Literally the girl “Liz” just repeats “ We can only gurantee the seats together if purchased together. Please see the Gametime guarantee. Unfortunately we cannot provide further compensation. We hope you have a wonderful day!” She just keeps repeating that. She gets paid to repeat that. I asked to talk to a supervisor and that’s what she sent 3 times..Version: 8.65.3

PriceExchange rates and I fell like it’s still to expensive.Version: 14.23.0

Disaster weekend due to GametimeMy husband coordinated a trip with his brothers for the first time to go to the Oklahoma vs Nebraska game. He has not been able to see family due to an illness. So he purchased tickets for all of them at the beginning of July. Five men from various places in the US coordinated their schedules to meet as brothers and go to the game. Tickets purchased, credit card charged, confirmation sent, flights booked, housing booked and vacation time scheduled to find out 3 days before the trip the tickets were sold to someone else and the amount refunded. The people at Gametime said sorry for the inconvenience, we will give you a discount and buy another set of tickets on the app. This was devastating to my husband! How can tickets be sold, charged , confirmed and sold to someone else? We use Gametime all of the time but this was inexcusable. The discount doesn’t make a difference if you never use the app again! Very uncaring individuals even management, I recommend Craig’s list instead of a heart break situation . Don’t plan ahead and expect tickets!.Version: 14.15.0

TerribleI purchased tickets to a baseball game. It was my 4 year old’s first game. I was waiting did the tickets despite getting an email that my tickers were coming shortly. I kept on checking but it never came. The team ticket booth couldn’t help me because this is a ticket reseller. I tried calling customer service and was standing outside with my kid frustrated and not knowing what to do. TJ he customer service rep tried to help me but to no avail. Finally, I bought tickets at the stadium itself at full retail price but only in my budget. Gametime did apologize for the mistake and inconvenience. I think they wound up “double-selling” the same seats! The did issue me a full refund however we didn’t go in early enough to get the giveaway for the first 12,000 fans telling me they were long gone! I am still very angry me and my daughter didn’t get those commemorative coins because they had a special ceremony before the game. I should have stuck to using Tickpick only but there were only a few good seats left at decent prices. I wanted to sit in the field level to give my youngest daughter that great first game experience. I am never, ever using Gametime to buy my tickets for any games or events ever again. I wish there was a zero star option but nevertheless, this was my first and last experience with them. Time to delete this app and free up some storage space…hehe.Version: 14.13.0

Fees are insane. Do not recommend.This app used to be great and we would get good deals but now.. their fees are ridiculous. A ticket will be like $60 and their fees will be like $28. Ticketmaster is way cheaper once you include fees for tickets sold on both platforms..Version: 2022.1.1

Poor user experienceI’ve used Gametime a number of times before last night, usually without any issue. However, when I got to the ballpark last night, my tickets would not scan. After some confusion in the park, I called Gametime and spent 20 min waiting on the phone for a representative to figure out the issue. During this time, our event started and prices to other seats rose. I offered to the customer service agent that we’d gladly downgrade our seats so long as we could get in. There seemed to be seats available so It made sense to me that we should be able to switch out our tickets that were not working. Instead, after 20 min on the phone, the representative could only offer to give me a refund for my tickets, which I still have not gotten any communication about. This is not the fault of the representative, but instead of Gametime for 1) somehow allowing the tickets I purchased to be invalid and 2) not having a timely solution to fixing this issue. If people are calling you from an event, it might be a good idea to have a rapid fix. My original order was $34 for 2 tickets, but after the fiasco, I had to buy last minutes through another app from close to $80. I will not be using Gametime in the future..Version: 8.55.5

Usually good, high fees, won’t refund you for accidental purchases due to a glitch in their appI usually don’t really have any issues with my experiences using Gametime, I don’t expect them to have the lower prices they advertise so I usually know what I’m getting into when I purchase. I do however tend to go through different apps and websites bc often times I’ll find tickets on sites that charge less of an added fee for using their services. Also, I recently made a purchase and Gametime notified me that it didn’t go through, so I then purchased tickets for the same event, different seats, turns out BOTH purchases went through and my only option is to either sell to someone else using Gametime myself or have Gametime resell my tickets at whatever price they go for at that time, but there’s no guarantee anyone will buy the tickets and no guarantee the tickets will be sold for what I paid for them and either way it goes Gametime will take a percentage of the what they sell for and if the tickets don’t sell it’s a complete loss. The tickets I bought ate for an event that very rarely, if ever, sells out. My other option is to try to sell the tickets to someone I personally know but who likes to go around asking their friends to buy tickets at a certain price knowing full well there are lower priced tickets available. I doubt I’ll use Gametime again after this experience..Version: 8.65.1

Joke businessWas triple the price of what they offered.Version: 14.22.1

NHL ticketsI bought NHL tickets for Calgary game on December 23th, the game was canceled no refund.Version: 14.23.0

Advertising SeatsThe photos advertised for the tickets weren’t from the actual seats. Had brought my girlfriend to an overpriced leaf game for seats that have an obstructed view. Sort of a big let down for us..Version: 2022.2.0

Pire expérienceAcheté une paire de billets 1h avant une partie de hockey pour finir 1h45 plus tard sans billet et niaiser par le service à la clientèle avec 2 paires de billets différentes « securisé ». Heureusement il faisait seulement -8 à l’extérieur. Ne recommande pas cette application pour les achats de dernière minutes.Version: 14.21.0

Absolute worseSixers are playing a home game that could clinch the first round of playoffs. Joel embiid’s first home playoff game. Meek Mill was just released hours before the game and is rumored to be ringing the bell before the game!!!! Obviously had to get tickets. First time using this app and so far everything was amazing. Got cheapest tickets I could find from anywhere else. Tickets purchased. Credit card charged. An hour later, and 2 hours before the game I get a text saying the tickets I ordered are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Call to get more info. Call and they say they are a third party vendor and don’t have control of the tickets and the seller must have sold them before Gametime sold them to me. Unacceptable, but no time to waste, and the person says they have other seats I can get. I say well this is ridiculous but I have to get the tickets before I complain further. She goes to get them and then says they sold and she can only give me a refund! This has never happened with any other 3rd party vendor and is totally unacceptable. I would never ever think to use this app again and would strongly recommend against it. Paid $100 more a ticket (only because the news on meek mill and how close it is before the game)on stubhub, but got my tickets immediately. #trusttheprocess #freemeek.Version: 8.32

No refundIf the event is rescheduled afte postponed, they don’t refund you.Version: 14.22.1

Very DisappointedI went with GameTime as people had said good things about it and they claimed to be the go to last minute ticket app. My wife and I went to US Bank stadium about an hour and a half before the game. I kept checking on ticket deals and finally decided to buy two at just under an hour before kickoff. Things looked to be moving along but still no tickets after 25 minutes. So I contacted support through their chat function (they were quick to respond). Something fell through and they offered to get me better seats at the same price. I agreed and waited. Kickoff came and went, still no tickets. Finally after half way through the first quarter I told them this was ridiculous, they apologized and said they would no longer be doing business with that vendor as the tickets fell through once again. They offered to refund me (which was fully expected) and give me a $25 credit (basically a slap in the face) considering I was laying out +$700 for a game that I didn’t end up getting to see. Very disappointed with this app. Will not be recommending them to others..Version: 8.45.1

Scam- DO NOT use this appFirst of all let me just say that I’ve never written a negative review about an app before. However this company screwed me over so bad that I feel obligated to write a review. I “bought” tickets to the ACC championship game last night. First of all the “tickets” didn’t load until the game had started, making me stay outside of the stadium listening. Once they did appear in my app they didn’t scan, because someone else had already used them. I tried contacting Gametime three times, but no response and no help. I had buy tickets from a scalper (which were cheaper and better seats btw) and received no refund from Gametime. They DO NOT prevent scammers, they DO NOT guarantee your money. Use any other ticket app besides this one, they are too far behind the ball, they steal your money, and worst of all, they don’t care. The point of this app is to buy tickets closer to the game so that they’re cheaper and a better deal. You would think that because of this, Gametime would have better safeguards and better customer service, and not leave their customers out to dry. Instead they take advantage and hope that you find other options because you’re desperate, and they expect you to move on and forget about it. Fortunately there were other options that let me enjoy the game and have a good time, if not then I would be even more furious. Just horrible all around. DO NOT USE THIS APP!.Version: 8.21.1

FRAUD!Regarding the purchasing of tickets on this app, I would give 4 stars. Easy to use, quick and good prices. However, if you need to sell warned. I had tickets to sell for an event the next day so I attempted to use gametime. I went through the process up until receiving a “loading screen” that was froze as it never finished loading a confirmation. So I used another ticket app to list my tickets, which sold later at night. The next morning I received an email from gametime that my tickets were now listed ON THEIR APP, followed by another email that the tickets were then SOLD. I immediately contacted Gametime customer service to which they informed me they would look into the situation. I waited a few hours called back and restated the whole scenario to which the new customer service rep stated it was my responsibility for the failed transaction despite never receiving a confirmation after attempting to list the tickets, then finally receiving both a confirmation of the listing and sale of tickets THE FOLLOWING DAY. BOTTOM LINE...stay away from this website as accept no responsibility for their faulty app and its lack of communications..Version: 8.41.1

First use and I’m out $300+Buyer beware: I bought two tickets to my favorite band’s out of town concert a month before the show for more than $300. I accepted that this was above list price because the show sold out quickly. Unfortunately, work got busy and I figured out a several days before the show that I couldn’t go. Bummed, I decided to put my tickets back up for sale through the app. The app automatically sets and adjusts the ticket price and warns you not to cross-sell or you’ll pay them fines. As the day of the show arrived, I watched as ticket after ticket around mine sold off. More expensive tickets, cheaper tickets, they all sold. And then it was show time and my tickets still hadn’t sold. Not even at a fraction of the price I paid. So... I paid a premium price for my tickets, I didn’t get to go see my favorite band, and I watched the app as essentially all the tickets except mine sold off without being able to sell them anywhere. Out more than $300. I’ve used Stubhub for years and other ticket resale options multiple times and I’ve never had this experience. Deleted the app and taking my money elsewhere..Version: 8.55.0

Terrible first impressionI saw an ad on Facebook for this app. I am not an avid sports fan but I do enjoy attending a game now and again, especially flyers. I figured I would give it a shot being the game tonight is a first responders night and it’s my sons first flyers game. So I download the app, purchase a decent seat and wait for the ticket to show up in the app. I then receive a text fifteen minutes later saying the ticket isn’t available and to call. So I do and the customer service lady is nice and upgrades my ticket no cost, or so I believed. Fifteen minutes later I get the same text saying the ticket isn’t available. Normally at this point I wouldn’t abandon the whole thing but I promised my son, so I call again. They now have much much lower price and worst section seats available. The only offer I hear is credit for the app which I don’t want or a full refund. So I end up taking a worse section at more then they were selling it on the app itself only because the customer service rep said that’s the only way you’re guaranteed a ticket. Seems like a bait and switch app and I will not be using it again..Version: 8.63.3

Didn’t Honor GuaranteeI purchased tickets on the site. The price seemed low which is part of the joy of using the Gametime app, finding really good deals. I clicked on purchase and completed the transaction. As the guarantee notes: “You'll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they'll be valid for entry. If that doesn’t happen, we'll locate comparable replacement tickets...” The law with guarantees is pretty clear, Gametime does not have the option to later say “whoops we made a mistake” or to say that “the transaction was not really completed because we had to do more work to confirm the transaction was complete”. Once I accepted the deal that was advertised on the site they were legally obligated to fulfill the order or to “...locate comparable replacement tickets...” To make matters worse I received a text from Gametime insinuating that the problem was in my end at 938am: “Message from Gametime: Unfortunately, we were unable to complete your recent purchase attempt with the payment method provided. We recommend that you either try a different method or contact your card's issuing bank for further information. We apologize for any inconvenience.” I have confirmed this was not the case, so this message was nothing short of a lie to cover up their pricing error. Very disappointing..Version: 8.46.0

I guess I got the tickets just in timeI called Gametime about 3 hours before the game was supposed to be started and after contacting them about 3-4 times they kept on telling me that the seller was supposed to be selling the tickets and that I should get them. After contacting these people, I finally received the tickets for the game. But what if I didn’t contact them, would they have delivered the tickets to me in time? I don’t know. It looks like there were people who never got their tickets and I wonder if I hadn’t been personally persistent with getting the tickets, if they would be able to deliver them at all. Yes I got the tickets; but not until I had contacted them several times before they were delivered. Great prices and the customer service was decent; but I stressed out because I wondered if I was going to be getting tickets for my game. Not sure if I can recommend them to other people. It’s kinda like a roulette wheel and wonder if you will win or lose..Version: 14.19.0

The worstThe worst.Version: 2022.0.1

Customer Service needs trainingThis is my first experience using this app. I bought some tickets and they were for the wrong day. I called customer service immediately and they couldn’t stop the transaction but told me the tickets would probably sell. Fortunately they did sell, and the policy states I would have a credit in 48 hours. Today I called because its been 48 hours. I called 3 times today to get my credit. Call number 1, I was told a I would see my credit within the next few hours. Waited 3 hours no credit. Called again the guy put me on hold and I waited 7 minutes and then hug up. Call number 3, told the female I was put on hold forever and not helped, and need to know what is happening with my credit. She neither apologized for the poor service nor gave any information on where my credit was. She told me the guy (one guy!) who does the credits is not in yet. It’s 10:30 Pacific time! As of this writing I still have no received my credit. Doubt I will use this app to purchase tickets again! Buyer beware!.Version: 8.55.4

UselessOne game was cancelled, no full refund. Second game was postponed- No refund at all. Customer service is a joke IF you end up getting ahold of them..Version: 14.23.0

Complete ScamThis company is just shady. After spending $776 for concert tickets. I got a text to verify my information. I spoke with am man named Martcio (sp). I verified my information, address and everything they asked. And some how they knew my maiden name (which is NOT on any of my accounts). Then told me I would get an email confirming my order. I didn’t receive the order so I called back. Now my transaction was voided. Because according to them my bank did not approve the transaction which was a load of crap because I already saw the transaction in the account. So Martcio was no longer any help. He had nothing more to say. So I got a chance to talk to Rose. First she must work for a bank full time because she knows the ins and outs of how transactions at my bank take place. Then when I get a receipt for the voided transaction I asked why my name wasn’t on it. She said that was probably the reason why the transaction was voided....but isn’t that what I spoke to Martcio about? None of this makes sense. It’s a complete scam. DO NOT USE THEM! I will be filling a complaint and not with Gametime. I would give them 0 if I could. Worst decision ever!.Version: 8.49.0

Terrible service. Not as advertised.I downloaded and decided to give the app a try because I had seen it in a ton of ads everywhere. I bought tickets for a Miami Heat game on section 100 an hour before the game started. The purchased went through and I received several messagea confirming that I would get the tickets before the game started. When I was on my way to the venue, I got a message saying that there had been a problem with my tickets and that they were no longer available. Then I got another message saying that they had found replacement tickets for section 300 at no additional cost! That made no sense since I had bought tickets for section 100, almost by the court, and these new tickets were almost the worse ones in the stadium. I called them to complain and they told me that they could only refund me $60 out of the $216 I had paid! And that if I wanted to cancel the order they could only give me account credit…I gave up trying to get them to give me a refund and told them I was just going to dispute the charge. I got off the phone and was able to get section 100 tickets from ticketmaster directly for $100… Their whole service is terrible and their premise of getting tickets at game time for lower costs is a complete lie. They can’t guarantee you’ll get your tickets even though they tell you they will. And even worse, their whole service for when something goes wrong is terrible. Just use ticketmaster directly and save yourself the headaches..Version: 14.19.0

No Credit for Changed EventI’ve bought and sold tickets with GameTime a lot and not only like their service, but appreciate their customer service. However, keep in mind that even if the sporting event you bought tickets for has a change in opponent, you will not receive your money back in credit or otherwise. I bought tickets on 10/26 for Uconn Womens basketball @ South Carolina Womens basketball on 1/27. Three months later the game was canceled and Ole Miss replaced Uconn on the same night against South Carolina. This was four days before the game. I paid $138 (total) for two tickets on 10/26. I would not have paid this amount for Ole Miss v South Carolina. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have purchased tickets to that game. Even though Uconn was replaced and the matchup is not what I paid for, because the event was still South Carolina Womens basketball, on the same day, at the same time, in the same arena, I was not given a credit back. Keep this in mind when purchasing tickets. I believe I should have received my $138 back in credit, but GameTime does not..Version: 14.23.0

Love the app itself but terrible experienceLet me start by saying this is a really cool app and I love the look and design and overall app experience. However when it came to resolving a problem and selling tickets I was very dissatisfied. I emailed customer service about a issue with my email address, to which they promptly responded with a solution to attempt, which I did. That unfortunately didn’t work, so I emailed them back requesting more help, to which I never got a response. Secondly, I found that the whole ticket selling process is somewhat shady, I bought two tickets by mistake for an event, to which I immediately tried to get a refund, which they don’t do. So I decided to take the loss on the $60 transaction fees on the purchase and sell them through the app. The tickets took forever to sell which isn’t necessarily Gametime’s fault, but nonetheless... I eventually sold the tickets, only to find out that I won’t get paid until 48 hours after the event... 5 months from now 😑 So I lost $60 for the transaction, sold my tickets under valued more than $100 what I bought them for, and now have to wait 5 months for my money. I realize that this information is stated under the FAQ, but the information is not presented up front when making these decisions. Buyer beware I suppose. Regardless I am very unhappy and would love to see Gametime improve on this for others..Version: 8.47.0

SupportNice app, but be weary of support. They may disclose your info to someone else..Version: 8.59.2

Where’s the “last minute reduced price” stuff?They put up ads about cheaper last minute tickets but that’s crap it’s just another expensive ticket resell business..Version: 8.45.1

Great until the last time I used it, will never use again.I’ve used this app many times for tickets to sporting events, and never had a problem until the most recent time. I purchased 10 tickets to a Blackhawks/Red Wings game in Detroit as my family from Chicago was going to come visit. I bought the tickets in early February and about a week before the event I received a message that my tickets had been “upgraded” at no charge. When we arrived to the game, we discovered that the new “upgraded” tickets were in the very last row of the arena (much worse than those I’d selected), and they were in the dead center of a 30 person row, so no aisle seats (which I was also counting on as there were people in my group that have a hard time getting around.) They were also on the end of the arena, as opposed to the center which I had chosen. I spent $50 a ticket, plus fees, and the “upgraded” tickets were going for significantly less than that. We were so high you couldn’t even see the jumbo tron. I am incredibly disappointed, and it ruined my experience. I feel completely ripped off, and spent a quarter of my monthly pay on tickets I could’ve gotten for a fraction of the price. I tried to contact customer service but the app wouldn’t allow me too, saying my email wasn’t set up (it is.) Buyer beware, you may not at all be getting what you paid for..Version: 8.67.2

Horrible experienceIn 7 hours my youngest son will wake up and the 1st question he will ask me, Dad did the tickets come through. After driving 5 hours, getting a hotel room, meals, etc, etc, I have a terrible feeling I will be telling him no. I have been in contact with Gametime multiple times in the last 2 days asking, where are my tickets. They keep telling me they are trying to get the ticket holder to email me and I need to open the link that he sends. No email, no tickets, just excuses and blaming Ticket Master for some ridiculous reason. Out of pocket expense so far, $388 for 2 tickets, hotel $185, travel $100, meals $60ish. It is a lot of money but it does not compare to not being able to take my son to our 1st football game together. You can’t put a price on that. It’s 1:48 am and I’m up writing this and bummed that my son will be enormously disappointed. He won’t blame me and it will be a very hard lesson for us both to learn. Next time Stub Hub, Vivid Seats or TicketMaster directly. I’m hoping that I will at least get my $388 refunded. Not a total loss, I get to spend quality time with my son even though we will not be able to see our 1st live football game together. Sad Dad..Version: 8.59.2

Don’t sell your tickets on Gametime!!I have sold many tickets on gametime but I’ll have to second think the next time I do. They are not transparent on how much your tickets sell for. So you add your tickets to the app and they send you a text once the ticket has been uploaded and also when it sold. Not only do they send you a text they email you too. What the text and email don’t include is the amount your tickets sold for. Don’t you think that’s the MOST Important information?? Why don’t they tell you? Oh because if you don’t pay attention they change the price it sold for. I sold a ticket last week to a dodgers game. When the ticket sold I received a text. I went to the app and checked how much it had sold for and it said $18. Later that afternoon I check again and it said it sold for $12. I emailed gametime and went through the process of explaining the situation. First thing the “agent” asked was do you have proof it sold for that amount. Clearly there’s no proof Bc they don’t send you the proof. The responses also seem to be prewritten. Shown no empathy. Yes, it’s a minor difference but be transparent. Tell your seller what price their ticket sold for on those useless text messages and email you send. It’s not that hard!.Version: 8.54.0

Worst experience DON’T USEI had the absolute worst experience with this app… I bought the tickets two days prior to my event. It said that the tickets have been transferred that same day and I downloaded the ADDITIONAL apps required to actually receive the tickets and I never was able to get them. The first time I called customer service they were helpful and said I would receive an email with the ticket information within 45 minutes… 45 minutes go by no email. So I call back to which I get a new customer service rep who was very rude, no help whatsoever, and told me to check my email which I did obviously! With nothing there. That was their only solution, they did not help whatsoever. We go to the box office at the event hoping they can help. They’re trying but see the same problem we see. I call back! (3rd time now!) Same “solution”. Finally the event Box office was able to see that the transfer had been initiated just the tickets were not physically there so they took what evidence we did have from this DUMB app and thankfully they were nice enough to let us in. Gametime: Your customer service was awful and your system with these partner apps AXS & FLASH SEATS was a joke. Will never be using your service again even if it was a good price for tickets..Version: 8.45.0

Mistakes happen!!I have been a customer for this app since it made its debut back in 2013! I love using this app as it is convenient for last minute plans. That is when i decided to take the trip on short notice to Los Angeles (from San José) to watch the Dodgers play the Giants. Come to find out that ticket scanner turned red & realized i bought tickets for the wrong day (Bone-head mistake). I had to buy brand new tickets because i didn’t drive 6+hours & pay $25 for parking to watch the game in the parking lot! I eventually called customer service & spoke to a gentleman named Frankie or Freddy (who was absolutely no help!). He kept repeating the same “it’s in our terms & conditions” “once you confirm, there’s nothing we can do!” & didn’t even let me explain myself! I was upset because I felt like I wasn’t being heard so I asked to speak to someone else & responds “All managers are currently busy” so i told him to have someone reach out to me when they became available (still haven’t gotten any effort). Is this what loyalty to this app for 6+ years gets you? All I was asking for was a one time courtesy because accidents happen & 3 tickets cost me over $100 for an event i didn’t attend :(.Version: 8.55.4

DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THESE THEIVES!!!!!!!!!I tried buying tickets for my friends and myself to go out for my birthday on night to a Nets game. I bought it, but never received my ticket until 3 quarters into the game (even thought their policy guarantees to give tickets before the game starts). I wasn’t able to go to the game with my friends, and therefore ended up stuck at home. When I called for a refund, they didn’t give it to me. After over an hour of going back and forth, they gave me only a $65 credit for my next game (which by the way was 50% of what I spent, $130 on tickets for my friends earlier that night). So, not only did these thieves steal money from me because I paid for a product, yet didn’t receive what I paid for, I also was refused a refund even though their policy is a refund policy! However, on top of all of that, the worst part of all, they ruined my birthday plans with me and my friends. If you want to buy tickets, use another app to do so, because these people like to hide things in their terms and conditions (which nobody actually reads) and then use it against you even though they put in big letters REFUNDABLE, but nope, ain’t nothing refundable with them! So please, do yourself a favor, and avoid making ANY purchases using Game Time Scam Time, it’s for your own benefit, and I’m saying that using both knowledge and experience..Version: 14.21.0

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