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Shake! - Flashlight & Compass Negative Reviews

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Shake! - Flashlight & Compass App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Shake! - Flashlight & Compass app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shake! - Flashlight & Compass? Can you share your negative thoughts about shake! - flashlight & compass?

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Shake! - Flashlight & Compass for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work on my iPhone 8Turns flashlight off but not on..Version: 1.4

Only works in appThis app only works if you are on the app screen. If you are not in the app, it will not work even if the app is running in the background. A very sad purchase..Version: 1.5

LameBy default it turns the flash on maximum brightness. Completely unnecessary..Version: 1.3

Doesn’t workI thought this app works if I shake when phone is off. But it did not work. Have to switch on phone, press the app then shake phone to get light. No good..Version: 1.5

Worthless.. not worth a dollar.Whatever??? Are these reviews paid for? The shake to turn on works.. but ONLY if the app is open.. what is the point. My OLD Motorola woks even if the phone is in standby. This is a useless app..Version: 1.4

Doesn’t workDoesn’t seem to work.Version: 1.5

Don’t Buy skip this!It doesn’t do anything but consumes your battery faster NO SHAKE ! Flash Light no nothing!.Version: 1.4

Very DisappointingThe flashlight app has to be open or the flashlight won’t turn on. Defeats the purpose completely. I know it’s “only” 99 cents. It’s not worth a penny. It would have been nice had the info stated that. Pathetic. Rip off..Version: 1.5

Worked once????I thought you were supposed to be able to shake to turn on flashlight. It only worked the same day I downloaded it. After that, I have to actually find the app and open it and operate it like a regular flashlight app. I thought it was going to be so great....but alas..Version: 1.2

Total crapYou have to have the app open and the screen unlocked for the shake function to work. Useless..Version: 1.4

ShakeDoesn’t work.Version: 1.5

Has potential but temp not accurate for my locI like the practicality of this app. Love the shake feature and the compass. I hope the humidity level displays accurate, but the temperature, is definitely off. And the low-high are the same. Could turn into a nice useful app. Another feature i would like to see is ability to display temperature in both celsius and fahrenheit at the same time. Some of us have friends oversees and it's a pain to convert all the time and change settings.Version: 1.1

UselessDon’t waste your money. You have to open the app, before you can use the shake function. Did the devs not realize it’s faster for me to swipe up and hit the flashlight icon..Version: 1.4

Shaking flashlightDon’t buy this app! You need to open the app for it to work. Had I known that I would just swipe up like normal. Or ask Siri.Version: 1.5

Terrible on iOS 12Where do you adjust the shake. I don’t care about the weather forecast. Useless on my XR..Version: 1.4

App has be on for it to workIf I have to open up the app for it to work I might as well open up my flashlight that came with the phone For the same amount of work..Version: 1.2

Won't even startWhen I try and open the app, it starts for a second then closes. Very irritating. Wouldn't recommend installing just to delete after. Disappointed to say the least.Version: 1.0

ScamOnly works with app open. Defeats purpose. I can open flashlight easier. Don't purchase. Not worth one cent..Version: 1.5

No Work!Does not turn on flashlight when you shake your phone! Total scam!.Version: 1.5

CrapWill not work on my phone I have a iPhone XR and you have to have app open to use it’s useless..Version: 1.5

PointlessYou have to have app open for shake feature to work. A lot faster to just use native flashlight app (swipe up on home screen)..Version: 1.2

DONT BUY IF YOURE LOOKING FOR A SHAKE TO TURN ON FLASHLIGHTDONT BUY IF YOURE LOOKING FOR A SHAKE TO TURN ON FLASHLIGHT - you need to open the app in order for it to work, which defeats the purpose. The app seems good for other purposes, but it’s unfortunately falsely advertised and should be clearer. For other purposes I’m sure it’s great though!.Version: 1.5

Takes much longer to open your flashlightThey tricked me for $0.99. If you want a quicker way to open the flashlight - ask Siri. If you want to shake to turn on - shake while you ask Siri..Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workDoes nothing Don’t buy.Version: 1.5

Piece of CrapDoesnt work realize its only 99 cents but still I ZWAS ROBBED!.Version: 1.5

Junk. Give me my money backDoes not work if phone is not turned on and app is not open.Version: 1.5

FlashFlashlight doesn’t work waste of time waste of money.Newest iOS 13..Version: 1.5

Shake in Lock Screen?Didn’t find a way to communicate with you other than the review section. Wanted to ask a question. I purchased the app expecting the flashlight to turn on with a shake while locked. If you have to unlock your phone, locate the icon, press, then press to turn on ... then it’s kind of useless. May as well use the flashlight that comes installed on the phone. It’s not my intention to write a bad review. I clicked around as much as I could to find how to ask a question. Which is ... is the flashlight suppose to turn on with a shake while my phone is locked?.Version: 1.4

NopeFriend has a phone he can shake while asleep light pops on. Convenient. Wanted to do that. With this app - You have to unlock phone. Find the application. Open it. Then while the app is open you can firmly shake your phone and the light will turn on or off. Close app it turns off. I can turn the light on in two steps with no app. This is a nope. Deleting..Version: 1.5

Don’t useThis is a joke, this app didn’t even work. I know it’s 99cents, this being on the ap store isn’t funny..Version: 1.5

ScamI’ve shaken till my arm hurts. It came on once when I opened it and it went off when I shook it. Hasn’t worked at all since. They got my 99¢ and didn’t even say ty. 👎🏽.Version: 1.4

JunkDo not spend any money on this junk. Bought it and it never worked. I want my $.99 back. Junk , junk & junk!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

Does not work, don’t purchase!Worked one time and then it stopped..Version: 1.4

FlashlightA good app but how do I turn off the flashlight?.Version: 1.3

TrashTrash app you guys are robbing people.Version: 1.5

One problemA nice mix of Information but the barometric pressure isn’t a scale I’m familiar with. Kind of a deal breaker..Version: 1.5

Can’t deleteApp installed 2 icons. Unable to delete both!.Version: 1.4

Flashlight problemWhen I shake the iPhone the flashlight goes on which is great, but how do you shut it off?? I've tried hitting all buttons, nothing worked---if I close the app, the flashlight goes off, but when I open it again, it's on----I even deleted the app and reinstalled it, and when I opened it the flashlight was on----HOW DO I SHUT OFF THE FLASHLIGHT Sent from my iPad.Version: 1.2

Not what I expectedI expected that I would be able to shake to turn on light, this appears to be deceiving as title says shake but this did not work.Version: 1.5

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