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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Noom: Healthy Weight Loss? Can you share your negative thoughts about noom: healthy weight loss?

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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss for Negative User Reviews

Love this app but not customer supportI was doing great with this app. I love the articles that they have to read, the way that they show you how to choose your food wisely so you can keep on track. However, I was logged off by the app and required to sign back in. Have not been able to get back on the app since January 1, 2021. I’ve contacted Support and at least 3 to 4 times a day I get the same suggestion to fix my problem from a different person at Support. I just realized tonight that it is coming from Zendesk which is an app and not real people which explains why I am being told to do the same thing over and over again that does not work. There is no way to contact a person at Noom to get help. I am so disappointed that I cannot use this app any longer. I even tried starting a new account with a different email and it still keeps bringing me to the window to upgrade which means I have to pay again and I have done this twice with no luck. Every time I sign in it comes back to the I want to upgrade window and will not allow me into the actual app. It is so frustrating not to be able to talk to someone to get help with this. I really wanted to continue to use this app and had planned on paying the $200 for the year to reward myself on New Year’s Day but found myself locked out. I even sent an email to the CEO, Saeju Joeng and received a reply from Zendesk. I was only able to use this app for 4 months. Great app if you are able to use it.😩.Version: 9.0.0

Not as great as they sayFor an app that says it’ll work with your lifestyle, it certainly doesn’t seem to. Unless you’re someone who has a routine schedule, decent disposable income, doesn’t have any eating difficulties, and basically no surprises in life, this app doesn’t actually make any allowances for your lifestyle. It just shoe horns in your life to the program, the group chat is mostly based on the generic program, even when I tried to get actual support for the problems I was facing I got next to nothing in response from the group or the group coach, even my goal coach couldn’t provide real help about it. If even the humans in the app can’t give you personal support then what the hell is the point of saying it’s a personal plan?.Version: 7.4.2

ReviewWeighing in Step counter Exercise counter Budget counter Group communication Group coach All these applications are fantastic Find some of the reading material a bit too much - it’s a lot to take in. I don’t understand the role of the personal coach. There is barely any communication, and when there is it is just a one question answer QA. With no real outcome/ resolution/support. It’s not personal to you. I have put forward a particular problem for me and have had no regular if any enquiry on how I am doing, no conversation and no suggestions on how to cope. I think the working personnel coach would b the major difference in this app - and without it will be the reason I do not Renew my subscription.Version: 6.3.2

Interesting concept but falls short on some of the core elements it promotesThe articles are somewhat interesting and they are presented in a fairly engaging way, but that’s about where the good things stop for me. Meal entry is a big component of the app and I find it very cumbersome to use. It’s complicated and difficult to properly enter your own recipes into the app and you can’t share recipes with others. The recipes the app gives you are limited and sometimes contain errors. It does try to learn what you eat when, but sometimes the default portion options make no sense, making you take a minute or two to enter things properly. The personal goal coach is intriguing, but it’s basically scripted and feels fake. I get a message each week asking what I want to focus on and then a generic follow up asking how I did. It feels like an AI program could do the same thing and not like the personal coaching relationship it’s sold as. Don’t get me wrong, the coach is polite and encouraging, but it feels like engaging with someone at a call centre using a script as opposed to a personal coach. The group your assigned to is also intriguing, but I don’t feel like I was marched with an appropriate group. The vast majority of people in my group are in vastly different situations than me and much of the discussion is hard for me to relate to. Overall the app has helped me develop better eating and exercise habits, but I think it’s over priced for what I’m getting out of it and may have had the same results buying a book on healthy lifestyles and purchasing a generic nutrition and exercise tracking app..Version: 8.35.0

Not for New ZealandersThe app’s articles and general functionality are good but the recipes, food database and food swaps aren’t very useful as they are American food types, brands, recipes and serving sizes. Also the messages from your coach and support group come in overnight because of the time difference. The food is measured in calories not kilojoules and all New Zealand food labels are in kilojoules so get used to having to convert everything..Version: 6.1.0

Idea is great, content is childishThe idea of Noom is good, but the practice was not all there for me. They say to spend ~10 minutes a day, which is accurate, but they didn’t verify the content was quite childish. They used multiple hashtags for silly things that annoyed me more than taught me. My biggest issues with Noom are the Coach & Food tracking. The coach only spoke to me MAYBE 1 time 5 day’s a week. It didn’t seem like she was interested in getting to know, but instead bringing up how I can handle quarantine/covid/etc. If she asked more sincere questions vs prompted questions, then she would have know I did not have any problems in quarantine as an introvert. The food tracking did not teach you about nutrition AT ALL but instead just calorie counting. They sorted foods into red, yellow, and green based off caloric density, but that did not teach you the macros of each food. They also ask you to step on the scale daily. I was miserable each day stepping in the scale - losing a pound, gaining two back, etc. It took me two months before I brought up with my coach I didn’t want to do this everyday because I felt it was making a negative impact on my. She said it was fine and a lot of Noomers do that.. but it wasn’t even provided to me as an option. Overall, I think it really can work for some people, but based off the price, I would recommend My Fitness Pal.. it’s way cheaper, has more options on food, and doesn’t have the stupid coach..Version: 8.13.0

Really disappointed-I first signed up to noom about 2 years ago and couldn’t continue because of the cost. Now I’m back, but it looks like noom haven’t made any product updates in that time! During the sign up process, I signed up for the extra meal and exercise plans. Both were delivered as static pdfs and nothing appeared in the app interface (no meal planner, no extra recipes, no extra content) to reflect my purchase. Everything is manual. Nothing synchs with Fitbit apart from steps. Exercise? Enter it manually. Meals? The database doesn’t recognise the majority of barcodes I scanned meaning having to manually enter them. MyFitnessPal has those food items in their database but as I said, nothing synchs to noom so manually entering it is! For a subscription based service I expect more automation. Looking at the last 5 months (that’s as far as it will go back) version history of the app, there have been no major updates or feature releases and only bug fixes. It looks like this is a zombie app making someone somewhere a passive income. If you have lots of time on your hands and love manually entering everything, then this is the app for you. If you want a tech supported weight loss journey that works with and enhances your existing tech, then this isn’t for you..Version: 8.32.0

Only the usa uses imperial :(Hey guys what a great app, I’ve signed up for the paid version and have been on it for a week now and so far not too bad!!! I do have a couple of requests can you please add The Michael Kors Crosby device to the list of fitness trackers?🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Also most of the people outside of america use metric measurements and there’s important areas of your program we can’t use; entering fitness info if your tracker isn’t listed, going through the psychology info in relation to weights and measurements of food; I have no idea what an oz or mile is converted to gram or kilometre. I know I can convert each time but at the price of the program I think this should be included if you’re selling to outside of america..Version: 7.11.0

App lacking in featuresThe Noom solution and methodology seems to be working so far. I’ve been trialling it for 2 weeks and the meal logging and food categorisation has helped me choose better meal choices and lose around 3 kg. The app itself is not as advanced and feature rich as some of the others I’ve trialled concurrently. Loseit! and MyNetDiary for example are both far advanced as features go and the interfaces are customisable so you can see more or less according to your preferences. I’ve decided to stay with noom though because of the additional benefits such as coach, the course and group and we’ll see how that goes..Version: 8.37

Don’t bother if you live in CanadaSuper hard to log food if you aren’t American. They have nothing for Canadian chains or foods. They shouldn’t sell this app to Canadians because they don’t support it..Version: 8.14.0

Not impressedThis is a very expensive app for what it is. I actually found it boring and difficult to use. It’s very hard to log meals, barcode scans only work half of the time and a lot of the info is incorrect. It’s synced to my Fitbit yet it doesn’t automatically sync workouts and exercise and it’s slow to sync steps. It’s basically a calorie counting app which you can do much more easily on the Fitbit app or MyFitnessPal without having to pay a penny. The psychology lessons are ok but if you’re a seasoned dieter who has tried various other plans you know all the information anyway, you don’t need to pay £100 every 6 months to log your meals and learn that eating 100 cals of fruit is better than eating 100 cals of crisps! I’m sad to see that other users don’t realise that your coach is a bot, Noom are quite misleading and make you think your coach is a real person there for you, but it’s not! If it was you could probably justify the cost, but that’s not the case. I paid the full amount for my trial, £14, to use it for a week in good faith that this was going to be a revolutionary way to weight loss but unfortunately it’s just a calorie logging app with some common sense quizzes! It also doesn’t let you tell it if you are vegetarian/vegan which I think makes a huge difference to the food you eat and the information given. Do yourself a favour and get a free app..Version: 9.11.0

A good recovery...I had a similar experience as so many others, I signed up for a very affordable trial but couldn’t find a pricing model until I was suddenly charged $199 2 weeks later! No email or message, I only noticed the charge in my CC! I messaged the “coach” & got an auto response.... I did get a full refund in 24hrs! They build a weight loss program that helps change the mindset and will probably be very effective for those that can afford it..Version: 8.0.0

Noom as a calorie calculatorFood calculator not as easy to use as “my fitness pal”. Biggest pet peeve is it doesn’t remember portions. Weight graph motivating Overpriced and having to pay for a whole year was less than desirable and very unattainable for many people..Version: 8.14.0

Good psychology but rubbish diet and too expensiveI like the psychology behind this app but the calorie density diet is not suitable for vegans who value nutrition, e.g nuts, seeds and legumes. Even though it makes you feel like you have a choice to eat these foods with restrictions, you don’t realise how restricted you actually are, thus keep ending up going over the assigned portion recommendations. Personally, I don’t understand how you can almost eat unlimited bread because it’s ‘wholemeal’ but to have a handful of nuts and tablespoon of olive oil in your cooking, means you’ve failed the day. In the end, after only a few days I found the app made me feel totally disheartened and undid all the motivational work provided by the psychology of the app! It also made me feel totally hopeless at one point! Another factor is that the app doesnt remove calories burnt during exercise. On a plus note, I think the app utilises key insights from behavioural science to help people achieve their goals. If it allowed people to choose their own diet plan, it would be a real winner..Version: 8.25.2

Great in theoryI think this is a great idea with really good tips and tricks. I think for some people it would be great but it’s not good for me. For the cost it’s not worth it because I can’t make the most of the functions. The food log doesn’t work because nothing scans and when I have to enter things manually it doesn’t tell me if it’s a green, yellow or red so that doesn’t help. Also my ‘goal specialist’ is nice but has only checked in once and it was late and the time difference meant it was even later. Also he asked me some questions then never got back to me. Great app but not worth the money for me. Would be different if the support network worked like it should and I could use the food log properly..Version: 7.9.0

App won’t workI downloaded Noom a week ago and started going through the setup pages. After filling out the demographic questions, a page with two options comes up (fit for good or lose weight for good). No matter which one I choose, the app just takes me back through the demographic questions. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and that didn’t work. I also emailed the company when I first had issues and got no response..Version: 8.24.0

False advertising + fat shamingThe claim by the app that it doesn’t put you on a restrictive diet is just plainly false. It gets you to count calories and restricts caloric intake per day. How is this not restrictive??? This app is no different from any other calorie counting app. Not only is it misleading, it also fat shames. It tries to convince the user that their habits need to change, making the assumption that anybody trying to lose weight has unhealthy habits. Very disappointed about this carelessness by an app that claims to have been developed by health professionals. I highly doubt it was..Version: 8.11.0

BewareI had signed up for trial period but did not know how to cancel. I thought they would send me an email to tell me my trial period was coming to an end and to ask if I wished to carry on. I did not receive any message but was charged $129.00 on my credit card the morning after my trial period ended. I messaged right away to please cancel but was told I was too late..Version: 8.6.0

Exercise Component is a Bust!Noom is a decent loss weight app, but it could be so much better. First, I find issue with the fact it could be causing you to overeat. Here’s why. If you have the Apple Watch, the app automatically logs your calories, but it doesn’t log the activity you participated in; you have to do that manually. As a result, because the calories are added twice ALL your calories burned are added to your food allowance rather than the 50% Noom intends to be added. Second is the issue of exercise. I understand Noom doesn’t believe exercise is that important, but I do so I participate in the same 5 activities every day. Now if the app can pull calories from my Apple Watch why can’t it pull the activity and duration? If that’s not possible why doesn’t the app learn from me so that have to put the same information in every bloody day? If I run and then I ride it graps the info I entered for the run and puts in the ride. I have to erase and reenter. Such a waste of key strokes. Finally, can Crossfit or cross training activity be added. Better yet add the activities found in the Apple Watch. I would really like Noom to place more energy in their exercise component. Loosing weight isn’t only about appearances but really getting physically fit and healthy in order to keep the weight off. Some serious adjustments to this app could make it so much more robust but ignoring the exercise component makes it fall flat. Hence, the three stars..Version: 9.13.0

Close callWent onto my banking today and was shocked to see I was charged $219. I wasn’t even notified that there was going to be an upcoming charge. I don’t even use the app. Luckily I quickly contacted support and just received an email confirming a refund. Phew !.Version: 9.13.0

Fake 14 day free trial14 day trial. They told me I would not be charged for it but ON THE DAY I SIGNED UP. I cancelled well before the trial previous and did not receive a refund. I do not revoked..Version: 9.13.0

Rating would be higher if....I debated for several weeks on whether to give this a go. I honestly need more mindset help than anything else so I am enjoying the daily mindset work and the overall content. I am, however, completely disappointed in the food logging piece of this app and since it really is a very important component, it should be a priority in app development. It’s one of the the worst food logging apps I’ve come across. The database is very small, the options for logging are limited (I.e. you can only log portions in 1/4 increments - no option for 1/3’s) and you can’t easily switch from, let’s say breakfast to lunch. You have to complete your entry in one meal, go all the way back out to the home screen, reaccess the log and choose whatever meal you need to change or add to. Noom could greatly enhance their product and overall user experience by integrating with other, more robust food logging apps like My Fitness Pal, or even integrating with the food logging app in Fitbit or other fitness devices. Noom also touts red, yellow and green foods, but I haven’t found any actual lists yet. Maybe I can access them on the website, but the app is my go to. It would make meal and snack planning much easier. The rating for this app would be higher if the food logging portion was more robust and user friendly and if I could easily access food lists from the app..Version: 8.34.0

1200 cal/day, ain’t a new idea...If a program recommends that the average woman eat 1200 calories of food a day, most likely they will loose weight, and there is nothing new or innovative about that. I have bipolar and the medication I’m on affects my appetite, metabolism and ability to loose weight. I was hoping I would be able to get some specialised assistance from my coach, but no. It was just the same cookie cutter approach, and actually she only contact me twice during the trial period, well actually three times if you include confirming my cancellation of the program. I didn’t like the food rating system either, rating based on calorie density seems a bit off when a natural, unsweetened yoghurt is in the red category, the same category as ice cream....Version: 7.2.1

Robo-Coach and the Empty DatabaseThere were a few things I genuinely liked about Noom and a few things I really didn’t. I really enjoyed the focus on the psychology of weight loss and the way they made the information conversational in tone. The daily tips, quizzes and goals were motivational and the food colour system made it easy to rate what you’re eating on top of counting the calories. What I really disliked about Noom was my robotic coach and miniature database. My Goal Specialist (coach) was friendly but refused to respond to messages outside of our once-a-week catch-up. She also just relied on copy/paste statements without any real insight into my progress or, in fact, any indication that she really knew anything about me or my progress at all. I’m almost fairly certain she was just a bot. As for the food database, well, it’s pretty dismal in comparison to other calorie counting apps. The recipe collection is even smaller again. Once I factor in the fact that I live in Australia, I had to manually enter the nutritional information on almost every packaged food I ate. Overall, I have mixed feelings about Noom as a free app but I can say with absolute certainty it is in no way worth the money they want to charge for its premium services..Version: 7.0.1

Great concept but application needs workI really like noom and have been using it for almost a month. The psychology behind eating is very informative and important. But I can’t give the app more than 3 stars because it drives me nuts that the food log is not super user friendly or efficient. It needs the ability to copy meals from one day to the next and then be able to adjust the portions. I know I can make a “recipe” for the foods but I want the ability to quickly adjust the portion sizes of individual items so that if I can stay within my calorie budget if my other foods changed from the day before. I wish there were more fraction options, too... not all foods will be measured in perfect quarters, what about adding 1/3 and 2/3?!? Also, when adding a new food to the app, when you go in to add the extra information (protein, carbs, etc.), once the keyboard is up on the iPhone, you can’t scroll down to input the bottom half of the screen’s information and you also can’t get the keyboard to go away. Additionally, sometimes when you scan a food, the correct food pops up but the information isn’t correct (ex. it lists 100 calories but it’s actually 90 on the food label). There’s nowhere to adjust that and/or report it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ADD THESE FEATURES/MAKE THESE CHANGES (similar to MyFitnessPal or Carb Manager) and then this will be the best! TIA!!.Version: 9.12.0

Too many errors in databaseNeed to monitor the food database more. Coaching is non existent.Version: 9.13.0

A seriously dubious/murky sign up methodIf you sign up for Noom the special offers and process is very confusing and murky. It is not clear what you get until they start bombarding you with purchasing the pro functionality. Sad part is - this app works really well(I used it before) but now I just don’t trust it/them. Make the payments and what you get clear from the start, make the process transparent and simple I am sure you will get more clients that way. For now I think I will look for something else..Version: 9.14.0

Not for big athletic menIt’s called science but I called it starvation. I’m 6’2” and 250 lb and a heavily muscled ex pro athlete. My daily calorie allowance was 1560, which left my constantly hungry and with very little energy to keep exercising. Definitely not for me but I’m sure it may work for others..Version: 9.14.0

Psych info useful, coach and app link to Apple Watch not greatThe actual Psych info and process is very good. I don’t rate the coaches, too American for a non American market- ie bit too OTT and doesn’t feel genuine. Disconnect between support and coaches, doesn’t work that well I reckon. App doesn’t sync properly with Apple Watch (I have a brand new watch) but it doubles up the value of calories earned and their help team cannot fix it and said that’s just the way it is even though it says it syncs with Apple- it doesn’t properly so please don’t buy an Apple Watch thinking you can use it properly with this app like I did :( also not a lot of food scanned in for non American users by the looks but will improve over time I’m sure.Version: 9.15.0

AverageI tried the app for 3 days. I found the food logging database was severely lacking. As a New Zealander I found some of the (common) foods I ate weren’t in the Noom database and in order to add them they had to be submitted for approval. I’m going back to using MyFitnessPlan which has a larger logging database. I also found some of the content buggy and would just give me a blank screen. Notifications were switched on but only seemed to come up for logging dinner would be better if the morning notifications worked especially for weighing in for example. It’s an OK app I guess but definitely not worth the subscription fee imo..Version: 8.0.0

Unique. Could be better.Would be great if someone actually read the answers you give on the daily quiz/goals things. Also a “start over” type option. I fell off the wagon and now I’m days behind in the lessons compared to the group. Would be nice to go back or for the lessons to not progress when you have days you didn’t do the things in the app..Version: 8.13.0

MAKE SURE YOU UNSUBSCRIBEI honestly liked the app initially, but it soon became repetitive and a chore so I deleted the app, thinking that would cease payments. But no. You have to message your coach and request that they stop payments being debited. I only realised after several months of paying a total of $477AUD for an app I didn’t even have on my phone anymore. Yes, it was my fault that I didn’t read the fine print and didn’t know that deleting the app wouldn’t cancel your account. However, I feel like maybe after a few weeks of inactivity, there should have definitely been contact from Noom asking if I would like to cancel, rather than just continuing to take my money. When I asked for this money to be refunded, I was pretty much told ‘too bad.’ Not very transparent..Version: 7.1.0

Mediocre and not worth the price.I’ve been using another app to monitor my macros and exercise for some time. I was having weight issues because of the humidity and swelling and no continued weight loss. It’s imperative I don’t gain weight as I’m an amputee and device fit is essential. What I discovered was it was environmental and plateau. My weight went up. It was muscular as my clothes did not fit any differently. My device didn’t fit good. That was weather and exercise related. It was hot and humid. I was doing interval training 5 days a week combined with biking. So when the weather changed everything changed and the plateau broke. My diet really remained the same. My devices began fitting the way they should fit once the humidity and temp dropped. I was very unhappy with the way food was categorized by caloric density. I could not understand why some high fat foods were Yellow and other foods were Red. I even questioned it and got answers I just didn’t like them. It was just something I wasn’t willing to change. I also wasn’t sure about doing weight daily. I learned to chart it weekly vs daily. I’ll continue to do my food and weight charting. Even chart it daily. I find that helpful. The psychology being used is somewhat repetitive for me. Grateful for the 2 week trial. Very minimal assistance from specialists. Every 4 days doesn’t seem worth the price. If it works for other, great! Go for it. Just not my thing..Version: 7.8.0

Scam- Automatic money chargesThey ask you to donate/pay as you can when you sign up for 2 weeks trial. Then automatically charge you 159 dollars ( for 4 months subscription) from same credit card you used for trial donation WITHOUT consent or agreement to renew or sign-up for full program. Then when bill arrive to your credit card you go to cancel but you CANNOT. You must send messages in writing to your coach and then they reply with links . Total scam and illegal use of credit card to charge you money for things you did not agree on. No refund either after automatic charges..Version: 8.10.0

Proceed with cautionNoom’s ok if you have almost no understanding of behaviour, motivation and change. It provides basic information that’s available free on the internet but packages it nicely in one convenient app. I’d recommend you try a zero cost trial before committing to a paid contract. $25 quickly turned to $100 after persuading you to take the personalised meal and exercise plan. It was not personalised in any shape or form. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Ok if you’re rich and desperate..Version: 9.20.0

WATCH OUT!!I signed up for a 14 day trial last November- went into the app and found it immediately clunky and buggy- I deleted it- unsubscribed in Apple ID. Now NINE MONTHS LATER- I find out theyve been charging me $159 EVERY FOUR MONTHS!! For a service I have not used. They give you No warning or receipt or any indication that you are still subscribed. They just literally take money from your account when ever they want. No correspondence at all. I have contacted support several times and have not yet received a response. I’m always super careful with these things and I got caught. I’ll be taking it further if they don’t reimburse at least one payment. Single parent literally gets mortgage payment taken away by big sneaky diet company. Nice. Don’t get this app unless you want all your money to disappear..Version: 7.3.2

Do not sign up if your not sureIt is so hard to cancel your free subscription so you won’t be charged. The membership price is extortionate. They send you all round the houses just to cancel it. And if you can’t cancel it within 14 days they will charge you $99. To cancel your trial and membership they tell you to use a blue chat box. Which isn’t visible. So they tell you “if there is no chat box you need to look for an email we sent you with the subject - here’s your noom id”. I searched every one of my folders including ‘junk’ there was no such email anywhere. If you do find yourself in this situation go to the menu and select ‘messages’. It’s a robot not a real work coach the way they described. Tell the robot you cannot access the chat bubble and you haven’t received an email. They will then let you cancel. But not straight away. They want to know why.. then when you say it’s to expensive they offer you 60% off each monthly payment. Honestly never in my life have I witnessed such a con. The free trial is really not worth the trouble. Oh and it’s not actually free either. You have to choose what you want to pay from £1 - £14. I can’t tell ya what a waste of a pound that was. The app and diet plan is nothing special at all. You don’t need this app it’s common sense. Please do not waste your time and money. Trust me you will seriously regret it..Version: 8.6.0

Scam?I got a trial of Noom and on the last day of the trial I cancelled. I was still billed for the entire period. I contacted the coach who didn’t respond and also emailed support and was told I didn’t cancel in time despite the cancellation happening on the last day of the trial. I am seriously thinking that this is a scam if you get charged for a free trial. I am very disappointed..Version: 6.6.0

This is a scam!I was charged for $129 after the 14 day trail. There wasn’t any communication about subscription fee. When I contacted the coach, she sent me a link to cancel the service. But I was still charged for the period of service I won’t use. I’m very disappointed with this experience..Version: 7.9.0

DisappointingI downloaded the “Free app”last week to get a feel for the concept after so much advertising. I thought it very educational and was excited to learn more about my specific weight loss blocks. I noticed all the extra content I could purchase later as I got familiar with the app. But never once purchased anything. Nor confirmed subscription. Today i opened an email from PayPal and saw that I was charged $129 AUD. I can’t even find what the $129 is for? Monthly or yearly or what? Such a shame because I really was looking forward to getting familiar with the app and perhaps purchasing extra content once I was familiar with the content. (I realise they deserve to earn money somehow) but automatically charging without confirmation is just wrong. I’d like my money back and I won’t be doing Noom in future..Version: 9.0.0

Too US-centricI’ve persevered with Noom for six months. In that time I’ve had mixed results: overall, the psychological principles are not difficult to grasp, it’s a matter of commitment and time. Today, I am one kilo less than the weight I was when I started. Not a great return on six months’ work. The main problem is that the Noom ‘community’ is incapable of embracing users outside North America. If you’re anywhere else in the world, Noom does not ‘get it’. The coaches have no concept of time differences; the language in the articles may work for a US audience but does not connect with other nationalities. I had nothing in common with people in my group and as time went on I felt increasingly unsupported. Noom may work for some people but it’s not a magic bullet. It certainly didn’t work for me..Version: 8.30.1

A few creases to be ironed outI love this as a weight loss programme. So far I have lost 3kg of my 10kg goal, however the app could use some ironing out as there are a few things which don’t make sense. When you go to log your food, it suggests the same amount that you last put in for that kind of food, but then when you click on it, it reverts back to the original settings and makes you select the correct measurement and amount all over again. It only takes 2 seconds but when you are logging 20 things a day it starts to get really annoying. Another weird thing that happens is, when you are logging an ingredient, let’s say spirulina, the first weight that will come up is 1 cup (I don’t know who is eating and entire cup of spirulina in one go but I hope they are okay), so you switch to another measurement, let’s say tsp, it will then automatically scroll up to the equivalent in tsp, i.e 39tsp. If you are putting in that much why on earth would you be measuring in tsp? Can it not just assume that if you are measuring something in cups/tsp/grams that you just want to start at 1 and go up from there? Other than those things I really love the app, and I would be happy to delete this review and leave a 5* if they made these changes to the app so that it is more user friendly..Version: 9.7.1

FrustratingI bought the subscription and was happy with the app for a few weeks until bugs in the app began to appear. The most frustrating bug is the unreliable calculation of calorie budget. The standard budget for quickest weight loss is 1200 calories, however at the start of each day, and before I have taken any exercise or steps or have logged any food my calorie budget is a random number - today it’s 1360! Unfortunately this unreliability hinders calorie calculation through the day and has left me with no confidence in the app. I have contacted the coaches and the technical help team who have been asking me to be patient but this has gone on for months. The last message from the technical team was to say they have cancelled my rollover subscription 😱. Not good enough for me, and I’ve moved on to the MyFitnessPal app which is free and easy to use..Version: 7.8.0

Don’t waste your timeI thought this app would be different. I paid for the plan, and that was it. No support, no help, nobody reached out. There is no customer support. No number to call. You leave messages in their “help” chat and nobody responds. Just automatic computer messages. I paid for a plan, plus an ad-on meal plan and workout plan. Again, nothing. No link, no help, no plans sent to me. I’m so frustrated with this, and nobody is available to help..Version: 8.14.0

Rubbish App - Tolerable Health ProgramThe app is rubbish. It won’t zoom. It freezes if you have to switch to another app while adding a food or recipe (eg to convert back to old fashioned calories). The only allowance for region is that you can add your weight goal in kg instead stones or pounds or whatever it is. Region setting in the app doesn’t change the spelling or language, doesn’t change to alternate content showing relevant weights or measures and doesn’t set you into a collaborative group in your region. If you are not in America don’t bother. The health program is effective but it is quite painful to read the very overdone not-funny jokes and there are far too many # to make it readable for anyone, but particularly for someone trying to access the content using a screen reader (eg vision impaired individuals). All the typos and grammatical errors further detract from enjoyment of the program. The collaborative elements (eg timing of group posts) make no accommodations for people in different time zones, which feels very isolating. “Happy Tuesday” when Wednesday is more than half over is not inclusive and proposing a weekend challenge that becomes visible when Saturday is well underway is unfair and unachievable, just when you need support..Version: 7.2.0

Useless waste of moneyNot worth the money, super expensive and all info and other features provided can be found for free online or through apps that don’t charge 130$+ to send you articles . It’s super expensive and ultimately useless, don’t waste your money..Version: 8.10.0

Has potential to be great but isn’t.I’ve done two weeks of Noom and just unsubscribed. Why? Because I don’t think it’s very user friendly in comparison to a free app like My Fitness Pal. There’s a few steps each time you open it up just to log your food. Which you’ll be doing every time you eat or drink. Then if you want to switch between breakfast and lunch say, you have to go back out of it and then back in... hard to explain but it’s just annoying to use. Also, if I entered something like “instant oats” there would be so many choices and each one would be a different amount of calories. I found myself having to Google search a few items because it was so inaccurate. The “courses” you do each day are good. Interesting and upbeat to help you along they way with losing weight and making healthy choices. The psychology part was good but the app was a let down..Version: 9.0.0

Awful AppIf I could give this 0 stars I would, this app is awful. I got the 2 week free trial (even though I still had to pay £1). I was assigned to a coach who asked me if I would like to draw up a plan, I agreed since that’s the reason why I wanted to be on the app. It took her days to respond back only to ask me what I wanted to do as a plan. Hmm? I mean surely she is the professional, why is she asking me since I had already told her I wanted to lose weight. Once again it then took her days to reply again, when she finally respond she simply answered yes we can draw up a plan. We was literally going around in circles. So I messaged her with my thoughts on the lack of service in which she was providing and low and behind my 2 week trial then ran out so of course she then failed to respond. Do not bother with this app it’s useless and they do not help you at all. If you want to cancel your trial you have to message them about it so I believe that because she knew I was going to cancel she made NO effort. However little did she know had she have done her job and I was left satisfied I quite easily would have become a full member. Their loss! I am now using MyFitnessPal which is working great!.Version: 8.7.1

Chatty and none-refundableFirst off I asked for monthly and they signed me up for six months none-refundable. There was no warning when the 14 day trial ended to give me time to decide. There's no way to manage your account in the app. You have to send your ”coach” a message that you want to close the account. They clearly follow the #darkPattern of gym memberships to hook you into the app for 6 months by describing the fee as /month. To leave the app costs them nothing but the nonrefundable aspect of a 6 month subscription for $200 is criminal. If i left they lose nothing. Every day they throw lots of acronyms at you, talking to you as if you were a teenager in the guise of catering to millennials. While the text is interesting and informative its delivered in #unsearchable small chunks, so you can't review the fire hose of info easily, if at all. The app adds more work to what is already hard work; losing weight. It's a lot of work trying to remember things in the text and they don't offer an easy to read version you can search through. I'm going back to my food logging and fitness trackers that both have monthly only fees and don't waste my time with treating me like a #Child with moronic #hashtags and #tfu acronyms and wordplay all over the place..Version: 6.18.0

The Program is awesome, the App needs some workNoom is a weight loss philosophy based on gradually changing your relationships with food and exercise (not the sweaty stuff so much as the incidental stuff). And it works, provided you work with it and adopt at least most of the concepts. I’ve lost 10kg (22lb) so far, and haven’t been hungry or missed any particular foods. But the app... oh boy. It’s not really bad, but it’s not really good either. The flow is a bit all over the place. You get alerts but there’s no way to find why (I’ve had some alerts that to this day I can’t track down). You log food but the measures aren’t consistent and you can’t set a default amount. You’re stuck with a default of pounds, ounces, miles etc because it’s a US app - so you can (mostly) find metric but you can’t make it the default. These things are really only aesthetic I know, and with the concept of Nooms programme being so well executed even within the poor app framework, it’s easy to forgive as you watch the Kilograms melt with the Kilometres, the grams dissipate with the litres. If they improve the app this is going to even more of a world beater..Version: 9.8.1

Calories all wrong when logging foodI don’t mind weighing out my food which is time consuming in itself but when you scan a barcode for foods using this app, the calories are nearly always logged wrong! I scanned a milk carton and instead of stating the milks calories, it offered someone’s customised breakfasts calories. Fat free Greek yoghurt is meant to be a ‘green’ food but scanned as a ‘red’ food but manually searched by brand was a green food again...? A slice of bread was stated as double the calories when barcode scanned even though the packet in front of me said different.... and on and on it went! It adds so much time double checking packets and manually inputting calories especially when you’re making something with multiple ingredients. I would have subscribed after my free trial as the concept it great but found the inaccuracies really frustrating as a large part of the program is based on food weighing and tracking for up to 6 times a day..Version: 9.4.0

Great until it’s notI loved Noom through the first month. I actually lost 9 lbs and felt like I was finally on my way to weight loss. It’s now been nearly three months and I haven’t lost any more weight. Obviously I am responsible for my self control, but Noom doesn’t provide a system to make you feel back on track once you get off track. First, they send you 5-6 articles a day which get to be exhausting over a long period. Many articles build on each other so if you miss three or four days then you will see references from previous articles you won’t understand unless you go digging through those that you missed. When you’re struggling to revive motivation, becoming weighed down by information is not helpful. Second, the weight loss coaches are amateur. I’ve had two now and I’ve had the same issues with both: very slow response time and unhelpful advice. For response timing, I’ve waited as much as five days for a response to a simple question. As for the content of the advice, it’s mostly questions in a Socratic form or stuff that is already heavily hit on in the articles. If I ask a question, 90% of the responses are another question. “What can I do to stop my junk food cravings?” “Well, what are some habits you could form to avoid craving junk?” If I could answer that question, I wouldn’t have asked. I appreciate the system for what it is, but I did pay a lot of money to get the program..Version: 8.4.0

Calorie budget does not properly account gor exerciseFor athletes whose calorie budget is determined primarily by exercise levels rather than base metabolism, allocating only 50% of activity calories to food calorie budget would result in death. It is essential that 100% of exercise calories be added back to food budget otherwise excessive weight loss will occur and athletic performance will decline due to consuming muscle mass for energy as well as simply not having sufficient energy on hand for exercise. This app makes dangerous and wrong recommendations for active people..Version: 8.36.0

Evaluate what you want from NoomI have over 100lbs to lose and know that dieting doesn’t work and wanted to try something different before taking the first steps towards Bariatric surgery. I’m at the five week mark and I’m not sure this is for me. First, I feel this program is not geared towards people who have 100+ pounds to lose but more so to people who have 15 or 20 pounds to lose. I also don’t like the sporadic contact with your goal specialist. It takes a week to hear back instead of having a conversation in the moment as the program makes it seem. I also am not a fan of the group. I think grouping people by their goals would be so much better. I’m in a group with people who are not massively overweight and it’s hard to be open when people with 15lbs to lose are like “I’m on week 3 and lost 10lbs already!” meanwhile, I’m on week five and I’ve lost 3lbs. It’s so discouraging and makes me wish I could turn the group function off! I also don’t like having to weigh in every day. I’ve been taught that this is not a good way to measure weight loss as weight fluctuates due to many factors and weighing in weekly is more accurate for weight loss. Also, as someone who is a recovered and now massively overweight anorexic, daily weighing is so, so triggering and brings back old habits but that’s my own personal hang up. Overall, I love the psych tricks and they are helpful but I don’t think the $44 a month is worth it for what I’m getting..Version: 7.9.0

Wasted of money and timeBe advised: All you have to do is count calories. Some good information given in texts that are made long because of the need to be unnecessarily funny. The coach is not helpful at all - answer your questions with “I can’t help you with that. Let me know if you want to know more about ‘whatever’” and there comes another article. I felt like wasting my time and getting anxious. It was a waste of money and time..Version: 8.13.0

Read This FirstThe Better Business Bureau has issued a warning for users of weight loss app Noom. In a Wednesday (Aug. 19) news release, the bureau said it’s seen a “significant uptick” in the number of calls it’s received about the app. Between Aug. 16 and 18, the bureau received 1,213 consumer complaints about Noom, largely about billing and customer service, compared to 2,023 total complaints since July 2017. According to a bureau alert, consumers are trying to cancel during the free trial offer but are still being billed for between $20 and $40 in monthly subscription costs. Customers are also claiming they are being charged upfront for several months of subscription, in amounts from $120 to more than $180 instead of being billed monthly. “Nearly all consumers detail the difficulty they encounter when trying to get in contact with the company’s customer service to request a refund of charges,” the bureau said. The bureau warned customers to read terms carefully when they sign up for a free trial, especially for health and wellness apps..Version: 8.23.2

Good advice let down by app issuesAdvice given is good and most users will learn something new to them, but it’s written as if it’s attempting to appeal to teenagers (who are unlikely to be the target market). Constant references to Noom ‘nerds’ are grating and demeaning to the people who work gathering the data to build the app. Unable to get app to synch with phone fitness monitor, and can’t manually enter steps taken in a day, meaning Noom is constantly shorting me on the calorie allowance increase that it states I should be earning for extra exercise. Food data is clearly a user-generated project, meaning we are being asked to pay to beta test the product for the company. Too many errors make it unreliable- turmeric is a ‘red’ food? How much dried ground spice do they think anyone can eat? When I pointed this out I was directed to a function where I can report an error in the database. And, if you’re tweaking the language to make it Brit-friendly, the default measurement for tea should be cups or mugs. No one in the UK drinks a ‘glass’ of tea. Approach with caution if you are anti-social, neuro-diverse, or simply already overloaded with friends. Users are expected to take part in the ‘social’ forum, and constantly reminded to join in. Not all of us have the energy for yet *another* social media platform. UI is reasonable, cartoons are cute, quizzes help you work out how much of the information you’ve really understood..Version: 9.23.0

Complete ScamThis app makes unauthorised charges to your credit card. Cancelled within the trial period, they say you have 14 days and I cancelled on day 11 only to find out I had been charged for 2 months on day 10. I unsubscribed in my Apple Subscriptions and messaged the trainer saying I wanted to unsubscribe- she told me I had to email. You go to the website and there IS NO EMAIL it says you have to message the trainer. Now my app doesn’t even have the option of messaging the trainer again. No blue bubble. They have been charging me for months and ignoring help requests through the website. It doesn’t even charge me regular amounts at regular intervals. $20 here $37 there $3 here $1 there and quite a few $121 charges. I’ve never written a review like this I’ve been caught out by apps before because I didn’t read the fine print but this is intentionally impossible to unsubscribe from and they are stealing people’s money. Just look at the non Apple Store reviews..Version: 7.0.1

DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM!!I thought based on the trial if I liked it I would continue to use it, however I got I’ll half way through and couldn’t complete the program due to illness. I was billed $129.00 on a automatic renewal without receiving any notification prior to being billed.!! I asked for a refund, with no response and they just cancelled my subscription. I’m still trying to get my money back. Also they said I can still use but have cancelled my access?? Worst experience I have had in customer service in a long time. Do not use this program!!!.Version: 8.8.0

Did not provide services paid forWhile, the concept of Noom is pretty good, the app is not user-friendly except for daily activities. Only available contact with a Noom ‘coach’ is available; and conversation, although promised on a daily basis, is sporadic (once a week)at best. I had an issue with not receiving the meal plan and exercise plan - buyer beware - this is an add-on $$ at sign-up. When I inquired on how to receive a refund for the plan I didn’t receive from my ‘coach’, the only thing I received was a link to cancel my membership. Since I could not find any alternative contact information, that’s just what I did, still not having received the meal plan/ exercise plan that I paid for up front. FYI: Noom makes you wait until your free trial period is over before setting you up with full access to the program - there’s no real way to understand if the program is a fit for you until after you pay the full fee. Sure, food logging and step counting is great, and there are some recipes in the app. And daily information, but this isn’t really anything that can’t be found outside the app. There’s no real taste of the program until you pay the joining fee. I’m disappointed in the free trial that only showed me that I would need 10-15 minutes a day (plus time to log each meal) to read through daily lessons and complete tasks. Not hooked enough to shell out $150+ to find out if it’s a program I would stick to long term..Version: 7.9.0

Putting 1 because can’t put 0 stars.This app is extremely US-centric; food menu offers you 25 different types of peanut butter you find at US supermarket products and 25 versions of fried rice at various US-Chinese food chains, but not native fruit and veggies you find in other countries. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE US. My coach kept thinking that my calorie intake was too little, which I replied was mostly because the menu they offer didn’t propose what I cook and eat as a French woman living in Australia. I am a very healthy adult woman, according to every doctor I spoke to since I can remember. I wasn’t trying to loose weight but develop healthier habits. I got sick of having that conversation again and again and deleted the app. There was a part about French people eating smaller portions and being smaller than Americans. I felt turned into a cartoon and disappointed that Noom uses Disneyland level clichés to convince people to eat fewer fries..Version: 7.0.1

Lost potential, could have been greatNoom seems like a fab idea for young adults to lose weight, weight watchers on your phone without the need to go to meetings in real life, perfect for that busy life style. I loved the articles that helped motivate me each day, and how they paired psychology with eating, something that most apps forget about. However, they try too hard to cut corners, charging around £40 a month (more than my gym subscription) for what is essentially a robot person. I’d have happily paid for the app if I had good results, £40 a month is a high ask so surely it’s good? At first I was good, the idea of having my goal specialist keeping me accountable helped keep me motivated but it only took a few experiences with her to realise that she was some form of cyborg. Half robot half human, she’d high give me and give me tips at 1am, she never set a single goal with me through out my entire trial period (despite the app telling me that I should have my goal), and I was never paired with a group coach or a group. The goal coach gave very generic responses, “you seem to have logged 10 foods, well done! What do you think you could change to improve?”, she obviously hadn’t looked at my food diary and given some generic response. Why would I pay £40 for a robot that rarely even speaks to me. Please fix the app and reconsider the corner cutting, it could have been great.Version: 7.3.2

Good idea but if you’re wanting personalization, you’re not going to get it.So I was really excited to try out Noom. I started in May, and had my first contact from my personal coach. It seemed interesting and I loved the daily reads and quizzes. I was also excited for the group coaching too. I ended up pay for one month but cancelling right before renewing. The thing is, I noticed the personal coach seemed very generic. They seemed human, but I never got answers when I responded. Another week would go by, and instead of replying to me, she said something else about the goals and plan. May 8th rolled around and I still wasn’t in a group. I sent a message to my personal coach answering the questions she asked me about my plan. A week later and no response. I thought “oh well” and continued the daily log in, weigh in and reading the articles they provided. However, By May 23rd I still hadn’t heard from my personal coach and still wasn’t in a group. It was boring and everything I was doing, I could just do on my Fitbit app. So I cancelled the renewal. On May 27th was when I got a response from my personal coach. Not even addressing what I said prior just saying “oh gosh I can’t believe I missed your message”. She asked me if I had any questions and I replied but she still didn’t respond. This felt like a waste of money. Best to use the free version and not the payment one. I was really looking forward to the personalized experience..Version: 8.11.0

Lights the FireI think it is a good app to get you moving in the right direction, but there is so much going on it can be overwhelming. While you have a coach they don’t do all that much and seem to recycle articles from the app? I see the point of the “group” is to build accountability, but these are strangers, it doesn’t really serve the purpose it is trying to achieve. Everyday you are bombarded with new facts about eating it is often hard to put them into practice because it is information overload (and I have a master’s degree!). So, I do think it is worth a try, but I don’t think it’s worth investing in long-term. Did you get all of that?.Version: 8.4.0

Asking for credit card before trialClearly a scam, I didn't even know apps were allowed to collect that kind of information instead of billing through Apple!.Version: 8.15.0

Waste of time and money for a botDon’t bother with this app or program! The “coach” is on auto response and it’s not even a quick one either. Had to wait 12-24hrs before I got any response and when I did... it’s all generic. Paid for a meal and weight plan and nothing happen on that. Lucky I checked my account and they were about to charge me another $199 as a subscription which I never knew was going to happen. Don’t bother with this app. You’re better off signing up for a real life coach!.Version: 8.14.0

ConfusedSo i just noticed that my credit card was billed for the 59.99 and now it won’t let me access my noom account why?.Version: 9.14.0

It's great. But could be better.This app is great, I only use this app as a calorie counter to log my meals and for my steps, and it is perfect at that. It has almost every food you could think of listed, with the exact calories. I was very impressed by this and for that person saying that there’s only American food you’re wrong. There is food here listed from Coles, Safeway, iga and Aldi aswell as every fast food place. There’s even vegemite listed. , download this app for meal logging. I don’t recommend downloading for workouts and tips unless you’re happy with paying and to be honest for what they’re asking you could get a gym membership for that price and that will do a lot more for you than a stupid app that gets all their information from the internet anyway. Otherwise pretty good app and the only downside is you have to pay to have a weight loss course set out for you to help you lose weight which is $70 AUD a month.Version: 7.9.0

Nothing specialThis is an expensive app for a program that promises to be different. It’s not. It’s a standard calorie restricted diet and food logger with the added, “bonus,” of a lot of irrelevant or obvious tips. If you had terrible eating habits and didn’t know anything at all about when you should be eating, you might get something from their daily readings. A lot of eye rolling quizzes daily, a group you’re supposed to feel accountable to, but you won’t. A “coach,” who pops in to offer incredibly generic suggestions about once a week and some really odd cornerstones to a supposedly, “psychology,” based program. Daily weigh-in is the first or second item on the to do list. The program never explains why that is. I reached out to my coach and group leader as to why Noom makes that a top priority and then struggles to constantly keep people motivated when that daily weigh in often doesn’t show you what you hope for. I mean, we all know the scale fluctuates for all kinds of reasons, but it’s disheartening to follow a program strictly and be asked to measure daily and so no or backwards progress. A weekly weigh in seems more effective. My group leader didn’t respond. She just liked my comment. My coach told me that I was “empowered to enter any weight I wanted.” No kidding, bud. My question is why does Noom make daily weigh in such a high priority and then spend all their time telling people not to worry about it. I lost weight, but no better than free apps like LoseIt. The material is no better than free apps. There’s no big secret wonderful thing here. Save your money. Get a free meal log and step counter. Most unappealingly is that the last few “lessons” I’ve had on the app are now encouraging me to try stuff from other fad diets like Paleo. Total garbage. Not as advertised..Version: 8.12.0

Not worth the money, better off with MyFitnessPalI’ve lost weight but that is mainly due to the calorie tracker which you can get for free elsewhere. The group wasn’t good for me. There were loads of people all chirping in with their own thoughts etc with very little guidance from a ‘coach’, given that this is a major feature that you pay for I found it disappointing. I also had technical issues with the app, which I contacted my ’coach’ about on a number of occasions but their advice did not work. After my third attempt at resolving the issue I cancelled my monthly subscription to which I got a sarcastic and borderline aggressive message sent to me from the ‘coach’. All in all, not worth the money at all as there are other apps out there that do the job. I have given two stars because I did see weight loss, but no more because the level of service is so poor. It seems as though what noom wants is for you to pay up and get results purely through the app with no additional support, but it is the support that you are actually paying for..Version: 8.37

Could be better.Love the colour coding which is helpful. I’m learning to predict which colour my food will be. When actually logging food I find the app time consuming. It would be helpful to be able to move from each meal time without having to exit and go back to the home screen and tap on log meals. I am not always able to log my food in advance or at the time of eating. I find the add recipe a little difficult too. Not all ingredients come up automatically so now when that happens I just log the meal with all ingredients, again time consuming. In conclusion the app helps me to stay on track of my food and exercise. As for the support, I’m just not interested. I will achieve my weight loss goals then use a free app to track my food to stay healthy..Version: 8.2.1

Scam credit card withdrawalsBe very wary. After unsubscribing from this app, months later I have had unauthorized funds withdrawn from my bank account. $159AUD. I have not used the app for ages. If you unsubscribe through the App Store this isn’t enough. Read the fine print which so cleverly isn’t available when you first sign up. In regards to the program and its cost this is a bad fitness investment. You spend a lot of money and don’t really get a lot of support. Please note I don’t doubt that the support people are lovely and well qualified. The program is delivered in a horrible group chat environment. It feels really unpersonalized and generic. It would be more beneficial to buy yourself some PT sessions from a local trainer with dietary knowledge. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful marketing campaign. I wish you all the best on your fitness journey. PS make good life choices. Noom isn’t one of them..Version: 7.2.1

Could be useful way too expensive. Be warned of big paymentsSigned up for the 2 week trial, then suddenly charged an amount for 3 months. No warning trial was up no email or anything. It’s a shame the app uses these techniques to get people in and paying hoping they won’t check their bank account. It could be a useful app why do they have to market like this? Very dissapointing..Version: 10.10.0

Not working for meI was really keen to try Noom. I have been with Noom for over 1 month. Not lost any weight. Not gained any motivation or lifestyle changes to loose weight. The lessons don’t resonate with me. I find the content to be very American with how they reference food and environmental influences. I just can’t connect with the program and would not recommend to any of my friends. Not worth the price. I also bought the workout plans and meal plans. They were meant to be custom, they were really generic and poor quality. Not a fan of Noom..Version: 8.25.0

Essentially starving yourselfI had really high hopes for this app! First let me start off that after 2 weeks of your trial, they will charge you $130 for 4 months without notice. You also can’t get a refund if you’re not satisfied with that because “you had two weeks to cancel”. I guess that was my fault. Next thing is, you start off with a 2000 calorie budget and then it drops lower and lower. I feel as if Noom wants me to starve myself. I work outside, I am constantly sweating and walking around. I’m going to eat, and I shouldn’t have to feel bad about going over 1300 calories while eating healthy foods. Second of all, they list some foods that are high in nutrition like almonds/peanut butter and oatmeal as “red foods”. This makes me feel like I can’t eat anything, I only have so much time to make something quick and healthy that will fill me up until lunch time. Overall, I’m really not pleased with this app! I know it’s all psych tricks to make you break your bad habits but it’s just not working for me. I really wish I could get my money back. The only good part is counting my calories and seeing if my weight goes down by logging it in. I also believe they should let us take pictures of our meals for accurate calorie calculations, as in they measure how much calories our plate has and we list the things in them. That would help! I don’t recommend Noom if you’re broke like me, just constantly go to the gym and eat more veggies than yummy foods! That’s been working for me!.Version: 7.9.0

Needs work but lots of potentialI like this app but the developers could make it much more user friendly. First, I need to be able to see my food diary without trying to log a meal. There needs to be a tab called Food Diary and another called Analytics where you can see your “colors” as they develop across the day. Currently, you can only see the diary or macro breakdown if you are about to log a food. Sometimes you want to see your progress without entering food, to analyze your data to plan ahead, but you can’t with this app. Also, I like to log ahead — I do this in myfitnesspal — if I know my work day will be busy, and this keeps me on track. You can’t do that on Noom. There is no way to plan ahead. This is particularly bad if I know I’m going out for one meal and need to plan the other meals to be lighter — and as a result, I keep going over, even trying to be conservative. And, finally, Noom doesn’t have a tab for logging exercise. You have to select “do more” and drill down to the limited exercise menu, which needs more options. They need to add HIIT workouts there. And finally, this is the beginning of week 2, and I have yet to talk to a goal specialist. I’ve gotten some bot-type interactions, but she won’t actually respond to me or my questions. She’s just kind of a push notification, like “good job for logging veggies today!” The cost is supposed to pay for the coach. If there’s no coach, then this is just a less robust version of myfitnesspal..Version: 7.9.0

ResearchHey potential customers, I downloaded this app a few days ago but please note there are a few red flags I picked up on, with the trial the language is very suggestive and does try to guilt you into paying more. The language that they use is important although they say they try not to promote food as good or bad they still use a traffic light system which will automatically trigger your brain. But my main irritation is although they offer you personalisation theres none at all, they automatically put you on 1200 calories without even knowing how much you work out or any other factors only ask about your job. I did my research some of the coaches don’t even have the proper qualifications and that’s why no doctor would ever recommend this app. And you could be at risk developing an eating disorder as they do ask you to weigh yourself everyday, yes weight does fluctuate because muscle is heavier to fat just takes up less room in your body although they don’t mention that. I really came onto this app fully believing in it but I was scared most companies just want your Money and to have you be stuck in the same cycle so they can continue profiting. I’m sad to say it but this app is no different. The straw that broke the camels back for me was 1200 calories on the dot! Please please stay aware! Everyone’s body is different don’t just accept this generic information!.Version: 9.13.0

Quite helpfulThe food logging and weight tracking is helpful. I have not yet got the step tracking working so can’t comment on that, but I imagine it would be helpful. Working through the “psych tips” is tiresome and most are things many people probably already know, although knowing doesn’t always equate to doing. Finding the threads to comment on is difficult and I don’t really enjoy wading through and adding to them. I am in New Zealand and don’t always know what people are referring to. Occasionally I don’t understand exactly what the question is asking. I’m reluctant to waste other people’s time reading something I’ve only written because I was asked to, not because I actually had something worthwhile to say. (More than happy to comment when I do.) The data provided for food logging changes , which can be confusing, and there are long lists of products I’ve never heard of to scroll through. People who love spending time on social media might like all aspects of Noom more than I do. However, some aspects are helping me and probably could do even more of there were a version available specifically tailored to New Zealand brands and products..Version: 10.1.0

Not Free14 day trail or pay per month!.Version: 8.1.0

UnimpressedCost is way to much for what they offer. Coach takes days to respond so I don’t even waste my time anymore. Wish I would have invested locally and supported someone who would actually give me the time of day for less..Version: 9.14.0

Hard to log even basic foodsDoesn’t contain basic ingredients I often have to swap to map my run or google to look up basic meal ingredient calories eg dry lentils, dry chickpeas - which I then “add” and they disappear a while later Bad for people who genuinely do a lot of exercise as only replaces 50% of what you burn - because people usually overestimate how much they’ve run, but if the app has measured that I’ve done a 25 km trail run (ie I didn’t overestimate it) but the app only allows me to eat 50% of the calories burnt, it’s not a wonder I’d get hungry and low in energy and struggle to maintain the plan.Version: 8.15.0

Too AmericanThe bones of what Noom does is okay - and a ‘NOOM lite’ that just offered weight graph, water intake, exercise and meal logger would be good after the initial few weeks. But it is very American, and doesn’t transfer for other countries so well unless you care for US culture. Bright young things coaching from very little hard life experience feels pretty clunky and divorced from reality to me. And psychology based on US consumption and social habits doesn’t necessarily work for demographics other than those to which the programme is primarily targeted..Version: 9.46.4

Not worth the cost!The amount they charge for this program is ridiculous. All the information they provide can easily be found ONLINE and for FREE. I wouldn’t waste your money on this. The “coaches” weren’t much help. They literally just Paraphrased everything I said to them. For example: they would ask me “what goals have you been working on this week,” and I would say I would say “I’d like to eat less sugar,” and they would say “so you want to eat less sugar, how are you going to do that,” and I would say “I will stay away from it,” and they would say “so your going to stay away from sugar for the week.” And that was pretty much the extent of most of my concert with the noom coaches! Major disappointment, I definitely thought I would be getting a little extra help. It was just the biggest waste of time/money. I got absolutely zero help from my coach. She sucked and honestly sometimes I felt like it was just computer generated responses. The only reason why I am even giving it one star is because I did like the calorie counting system. I don’t know what you are paying for when you pay the $200+ dollars for this service. Go download Lifesum or my FitnessPal for the same kind of calories counting system for FREE. Or spend the extra $30 ish a year for premium subscription for both those apps, which in my opinion get the job done equally as good! This app may be good for a select few, but if you have access to the internet I would just google “weightloss tools/tips,” and probably 90% of the information given to you on NOOM will be right in front of you for FREE on google. For real! Don’t waste your money..Version: 8.1.0

Good Idea, way too expensiveThe tips and tricks taught during the process are interesting. The app itself and, especially, how payments are handled are a bit of a nightmare. It is really expensive but when I signed up for the 2 weeks trial (not free) I knew I would have been charged for a monthly fee afterwards. I didn’t expect to be charged for 4 months all together. No emails in regards, no notifications, nothing. The food log feature is basic and Americanised, frustrating to use to say the least. You are automatically prompted to ingredients with their default quantities, without suggestions of previous customised quantities selected and you cannot select an entire previously logged meal. It is just too slow of a process to keep it up. You cannot leave your support group (personally found absolutely useless and way too many notifications from it). The list of workouts/activities is scarse and alphabetically sorted, with no other options for sorting (not even the ‘search’ one). But most importantly, it misses ‘breastfeeding’ or ‘nursing’ option that must be included since the calorie budget for a new mum is different and a deficit too big could be dangerous. Cancelled the renewal as soon as I found the 4 month charge on my bank account and won’t recommend it..Version: 9.44.0

Really disappointedSigned up, followed the plan, even paid for the email plan. No coach reached out, no plan provided! 1 month later still nothing! Save your money!.Version: 8.10.0

Wish I could give 0 stars. SCAM!!!Wow. Where to start. Wish I had read these reviews of other people being scammed and ripped off!!!!! 1. Began a 1 month trial period (was marketed as this on social media) only to find 14 days later to have had $159 taken from my account because ‘the trial period had ended.’ Contacted the NOOM team and was told ‘don’t worry we’ve unsubscribed you now, but can’t do anything about the other charge sorry.’ For someone who is on a very strict budget and was considering trying to budget this in on the MONTHLY plan (if it worked - keep reading) I am now actually going to struggle to pay my bills this week. 2. This app gives you NOTHING that you couldn’t get yourself for free. After using the app for 2 weeks I have: No eating plan No exercise plan No gym tips/exercise examples A lot of the food you try and put in the food diary can’t be found so you have to guess. Very Americanised as other users have stated. Uses heaps of your time talking about ‘goals’ but not actually giving you any practical support on how to reach them. 3. If you like literally throwing your money away go for this app. I honestly still can’t believe I’ve been ripped off for $150+ on an app that has so many good reviews. PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS - DO NOT USE THE FREE TRIAL YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!!!!.Version: 7.0.1

Horrible technology but good conceptOnly monthly plans available for Apple subscribers. Website keeps on showing old plans and user can never switch to a different plan. The concept does work. But if they can’t provide facilities than what are they charging their customers for..Version: 9.14.0

Feels like a scamI signed up after being bombarded with ads on my social media. I have previously seen a dietician and had a regular personal trainer, so with the ‘free’ trial I figured it was worth a shot. The questionnaire was rather in depth and I thought it might be worth the $100+ ongoing costs paid every other month for custom meal plan, training a coach.... however all of those things are additional. I felt as though I would be paying over $100 for a glorified food/exercise log book. Then once I came on here and saw all of the negative reviews I ended my trial and cancelled all ongoing subscriptions via the website/personal coach (which is typically automated responses anyway). IMO, it is definitely not worth it. Better off seeing a real, certified dietician. The cancellation process so far has been easy. I’ve been advised that I will not be charged outside of my $1 trial period..Version: 7.3.1

Rubbish user experience locks you in for $$$$I couldn’t use the trial due to bad UX and then couldn’t end trial due to bad UX was charged over $240AUD then they pretty much said too bad, so I’ve tried to use the app given I paid and it’s useless, managed to have a conversation with a coach once but they wanted to charge me and extra $65 per month on top of what I paid so I told her to cancel me, and got told via chat that it was all canceled, now I’ve just been told that another $240AUD had bees deducted!!! Don’t bother with this thing it is rubbish design for us but brilliant to get money in for them! Oh and there is no way to cancel all the instructions don’t marry up to the interface... so option 1 which is do it yourself doesn’t work and option 2 which is ask your coach doesn’t work... and no way to contact them directly....Version: 7.3.2

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