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Noom: Healthy Weight Loss for Positive User Reviews

Wish I could search custom dishesI’m on week 14 and have had a lot of success —lost 15lbs so far and really managing portion control. I’ve gotten to the point where I weigh in daily, log all my meals and exchange messages weekly with my personal coach but don’t get anything from the group support aspect and haven’t read the daily blurbs in a while. Even so, I’m still finding success and sense of accountability with the logging and correspondence with my coach. I’ve tried free logging apps before and just did not experience the same level of progress. What really got me on here to write a review is that I REALLY wish the custom dishes were searchable so I don’t have to scroll through weeks of meals I’ve logged to find what I’m looking for. We have a lot of hello fresh and go-to meals where this would be most helpful. Having editable custom dishes is a great feature! As we refine recipes, the ability to update rather than having to log it in from scratch again saves energy and keeps my recipes more organized 👍🏼 Something else that could be improved is the expediency in which foods are added to the database. I’ve taken the time to add the food and it’s nutritional value, I should be able to search that item within a couple weeks— I know it takes time for someone to review the entry and upload it to the overall database but I’d say two weeks is a fair amount of time to get that added..Version: 8.1.0

A month inI’m actually enjoying the process, it’s more logical than just saying, or being told, ‘NO, you can’t eat that’. The other day I balanced my intake to accommodate a packet of chocolate buttons. Yes, it was a treat size but it did the trick. Four days later I’m not fixated on eating more but I know that if I want to I can (and the scales kept going down). I’ve logged every meal, a routine I enjoy, and this helps me balance my daily intake . I know, to fill the snack gap, it’s a good idea to reach for items which will fill me up and I’ve confirmation in my colour coded guide. In two days I reach the month mile stone and I have lost a stone. As I move further through the course my weight loss will fluctuate but with my motivational morning ‘meetings’ , checking in with Noom, I know I will be able to take this in my stride. Speaking of which I should stop this and get moving!.Version: 8.35.0

UrikaFinally after over twenty years of being obese and trying lots of different diets I have finally found the one for me I may just get into a glam dress for our golden wedding in August so thank you team.Version: 9.6.1

Love Noom!I am a month in and I have never be determined like this a month in to weight loss. The articles and activities are amazing and make me excited to jump in the app each day.Version: 9.35.0

Great app to keep you focusedI’ve been using noom for 12 weeks and I have found it great. Getting daily insights / activities to focus on is great for really understanding your relationship with food. I find the meal Iogging really easy - there are lots of food available in the database. While they might not always have New Zealand product barcodes m, really you should be focusing on eating unprocessed foods and lots of fresh fruit & vege, which are just generic. I really like how noom remembers common foods eaten for different meals and brings them up as easy options to log..Version: 7.0.0

A refreshing approach to healthy livingThis app is psychology and sociology based and really makes you re-think your whole relationship with food. I have been with Noom a month and lost almost 14 lbs while also enjoying the occasional ice cream, cup cake and Take out burrito bowl. I never thought I would make it a week. This is a lifestyle change and it keeps you mindful of what you’re putting in your body without being restrictive. Would highly recommend..Version: 9.14.0

It is changing my lifeI cannot begin to tell you how this program has changed me. It is absolute worth it! I’ve been losing weight but don’t consider myself to be on a diet. I never had a program approach all aspects of food like this. Customer service is great, coaches and groups. I absolutely love it..Version: 9.13.0

Excellent customer services and weight loss program!I am absolutely astounded by the use support on this app. I can fully recommend that the weight loss scheme is not some cheap quick fix only to let you down in the short term but a fully researched backed, ultimate guide to sustainable weight loss of any degree. I truly cannot understand how anyone could write a bad review for this brilliant app. Secondly, addressing the price of the subscription, it is substantial but adequate for their brilliant service. I had completed the first six month subscription and forgot to turn of my auto renewal of my subscription. However I simply contacted my designated weight loss mentor saying simply “I would like to cancel my continuing subscription and receive a refund”. I received a reply within 10 seconds informing me that my subscription was cancelled with a full refund of to be immediately returned to my bank account. I have never been so impressed by so many aspects of a company. I have never written a review before but I felt I had to commend them on such a brilliant app. 100% worth it with a full instant refund available!! OUTSTANDING!!.Version: 8.37

I still eat pizza.Yes, I still eat pizza, peanut butter, bread and still drink wine. But logging all these foods in, which is quite easy (I do it by dictating to my iPhone) has shown me how much those foods affect my calorie intake and health. I’ve learned that I can still be happy eating those foods less often. I like that Noom does not necessarily exclude any food type or food group. But they definitely make you aware of the foods that will benefit you in weight loss. Noom is all about swapping out good things over less good things. It’s about figuring out how to avoid temptation by having the right foods around and the right frame of mind to deal with temptation. It’s about replacing good habits with less good habits. It’s about connecting things that you really like with things that you need to improve on in an effort to create a new and more beneficial habit. My morning ritual now includes a big cup of coffee and some quiet time reading my Noom articles, some area bit goofy but still fun to read and informative. I’m a much better eater now and it’s actually been fun making the transition. I’ve lost over 18 pounds over nine weeks, way more than I anticipated. For me it’s been 100% about looking at the food I eat every day and understanding how those foods affect your weight loss journey. It definitely takes dedication and a certain amount of concentration to make progress but I guess that’s what it’s all about..Version: 8.0.0

SupportI’m really enjoying Noom. I feel it’s like having a constant companion that is guiding and supporting me through this journey. Logging my food and water daily is really helping to keep me mindful of what I’m doing..Version: 10.4.0

AmazingI lost 17kgs in 4 months. I found the food logging so easy and if I couldn’t find the exact match could could easily find a close match. The coach was very supportive and questioned me to the point where I had to dig deep to answer and really look at why I ate what I did. I couldn’t be happier and recommend Noom to anyone who had struggled with weight loss in the past..Version: 8.22.0

First Program to Work for MeThis is the first program to work for me because it has helped me to get rid of the thought processes that have always resulted in my failure in the past. It gives you not only the “do”, but the “why to do” based on the science of it. I have to have that for me to really rely on the information and incorporate it into habits. This is the first program that has been successful for me to really change my relationship with food and to make it a lifestyle and not a diet. My weight loss is slow, but I believe that is the best kind of weight loss for me. I believe this will be sustainable. There are some improvements that, in my opinion, should be made. One is to have a better proofread. There are a substantial number of typos in the articles. This unnecessarily detracts from the credibility of the information which you certainly want to avoid, and is easily avoidable. Another is to make the logging easier by 1) not making a person close out the logging section to switch from one meal or snack to another 2) incorporating a “smart” search that brings up words that are close to a misspelled word so that you don’t get a blank unless you know how to spell a word exactly correctly. Finally, using less acronyms. They are, in my opinion, distracting and don’t provide the repetition of the concept as well as using the actual words..Version: 8.4.0

Wish I looked into this sooner!Noom has been amazing. It provided the training and accountability I needed to shift my mind on why I was eating like i did. I was able to loose 15lbs within my first month. Excited to see the results in the future.Version: 9.14.0

Love Noom but too expensive since update.This is the best healthy eating programme I have ever been on. I loved the little lessons and the helpful suggestions they made. I have lost weight, a size smaller and feel fit, healthy, and more confident. Unfortunately they did an update which made things much harder for me. It did add exercise programmes and quite a few things, but I don’t use any of them. Noom stopped working on my iPad, so reluctantly I bought a new one, but it does not work on there either. I stopped enjoying the programme because of the changes and now my membership has run out. The price has gone up considerably because of the extras, wish Noom offered a simple cheaper package for those who don’t use the extras. Will miss Noom, still believe it is excellent but too expensive for me now. Hence the four stars, it would have easily been five but the changes were too much for me..Version: 9.46.4

Happy with NoomI’m in week 9 of using Noom and have been experiencing slow but steady weight loss. I like the fact that Noom relies more on the psychology behind attitudes towards food rather than eliminating any food groups. More sustainable in the long run..Version: 8.6.0

It worksI’ve been walking for 2 years and just couldn’t get under 103kgs, then covid hit and I got up to 115kgs I saw this noom ad on Facebook so though for $240 aus dollars for 6months I’ll give it a go (I’ve never done dieting program before this was the first one) I didn’t even know how much weight I should lose so I looked up my height and age and it said 85kgs so that’s what I put in, and today I sit here 5 months later from when I started writing the review at 85kgs The things I liked about the app: * it was easy to log meals * I could eat my own foods *having a coach to keep you on track with messages * the price *the app linking to other apps on your phone. The things I don’t like about the app: *you have to read articles every day, I’m not a big reader and in the end I just skipped though them all I guess they had good info in them but I just didn’t have the time to read them. That’s about it overall it was a great thing, me personally I’m going to reach out to noom to see if I can pay for a year just to keep my weight around 85kgs but I really don’t want to read the article every day and I don’t want a coach.Version: 8.34.0

It’s about being in controlI always thought I knew about nutrition, me and weight loss but I still couldn’t beat it. Noom comes at the issue from so many informed angles - psychology, sociology, applied learning, data etc - wherever your weak spot is, it will come into view. And I was enlightened. My whole relationship with food is changing - I just don’t want it as much. I am eating a lot less and am still satisfied, weight loss is up and down but tracking down, and not so slowly I am getting the warm glow of a victor in the making. Food and weight have been my enemy all my life - at 64 I decided to free myself - and Noom is really on my side to make this so. The service level is exceptional and the program design - just delightful. Thank you so much.Version: 9.6.0

The Missing IngredientNoom isn’t a diet, it’s like therapy. It empowers you to improve your relationship with food and create long lasting healthy habits and behaviours. I love the daily articles and quizzes, I could not recommend it more!!.Version: 8.24.0

Do It!I’ve tried a lot of weight loss programs and a lot of apps to lose weight. Nothing worked. But Noom is in a class by itself. You are not just thrown to the wolves and left to your own devices after you download the app. A friend recommended it and I told myself to commit to it and lose the excuses. It essentially puts it all together and fills in the shortcomings of all those other programs & apps. You will have a Coach and support of others in the same journey along the way. These people at Noom put in the time to get it right for everyone. I needed the psychological understanding of why I gained weight as well as daily instruction on new life habits and how to make them stick. In 20 days I’ve lost 16 pounds and can see my goal for the first time in my future. I haven’t even begun to exercise yet. And, trust me, that “daily instruction” is max 15 minutes on the app. I’ve made it my routine to log my morning weigh in, make a coffee, & read my daily Noom articles. It is laid out in small bites and they walk you through an understanding of how your body & brain work and achievable nutrition goals (nothing is “forbidden”) to get you on your way. I will reach my goal. And, I’ve been jokingly saying, if I don’t this will be the first time I know why and have no excuses. But I will not fail. And neither will you..Version: 9.10.0

NEARLY 5 Stars!This app works great for the Noom Weight loss program and does everything it’s meant to do. It never crashes or has blips and is pretty easy to use. I like the fact that it automatically counts your steps and you can input almost every kind of other exercise there is - even housework! You can also put in your own recipes to the meal-logging section - really useful if you like making the same meals often and don’t want to list/count every ingredient every time. I think there are improvements that could be made though. Some of the foods listed have out of date information (or maybe info that’s different in the US?) so it can be a fiddle sometimes logging your common food choices as you have to change the calories or portion sizes every time. It would help if it remembered your last input for that food, instead of reverting back to defaults each time. It would also be good if you could edit grams or calories for particular foods if they’re out of date. The other thing thats a bit annoying is the obvious USA-ness of the language and brand information. As it must be pretty international by now, Noom could probably try more culture-specific language for its use in other countries. I’m never going to shop at Walmart for instance or the fact that the number of calories in restaurant food in the UK is often less than its equivalents in the US. Over all though it’s a great app for its purpose..Version: 9.8.0

It’s a scam, they took $129 off my accountI signed up for the free trail but on the app I couldn’t find where to unsubscribe. I lost my job and then I saw this $129 charge come off my card with no notice. I emailed the trainer and got a system generated message saying that I could unsubscribe via a link. I clicked this and it asked me for a reason for unsubscribing so I picked the pre-populated one ‘didn’t expect to get charged full subscription upfront’ and when I clicked through a message said ‘sorry to see you go but we can’t refund charges made but here’s an offer to save 65% should you wish to rejoin’. So obviously they have done this a number of times and now have a pre-populated menu for this. It’s a scam which is a shame because it has a good program..Version: 7.15.0

New features could help, but I love it!I think after the first day alone, I’m already learning more about different ways calories can be presented and learning to pick better foods for making me feel full! I can confidently say I always just had people tell me to count them, and thought “60 calories was 60 calories.” I’m glad Noom tackles this myth day one. I think my mindset will be better going forward. I think another feature that could make it stand out would be water tracking, specifically adding water intake for foods heavy with it (like watermelon) and letting us know how much extra to drink if we’ve had high sodium. That’s so hard for me to consider, because I never really thought about my sodium intake to water ratio before. With the ability to add custom nutrition info to the app (and the wealth of uploaded items it already has) I think it would be pretty doable to create a system that says “you’ve had __ mg of sodium today, you need to drink __ oz / mL of water to balance it out.” I personally would love to be able to track my water and sodium relationship in Noom, but the app is already well worth it without this feature. Having a history of diabetes and heart disease, it’s important for me (and many others) to learn about how water and salt interact in my body. Thanks for listening Noom!.Version: 8.26.1

Good but needs more localised supportBeen using 3 weeks now and the course elements are very good. The psychology angle is easy to understand and it’s it tiny chunks so you see progress. My only issue is the number of typos! Noom really needs to proof read again as I’m finding something most days and that makes you look slapdash. My coach is based in LA and I’m in the Uk so I feel the time difference really affects feedback speed. I signed up for the food and exercise plan with the discount and it’s a one off plan and no follow up weekly menus. So it’s ok I guess and given me a few ideas but not enough for the full length of the course, very expensive even with the discount when you consider how much a recipe book is. The cultural differences between Uk and USA are interesting on the group and it would be really useful to try and localise them more, because they are all chatting about foods and brands we don’t get here so it can feel a bit alienating so I can’t take advantage of that aspect as much. (They are very gushy and rather into over sharing/everything is AMAZING which gets a bit tedious for a more reserved type!) . However, 3 weeks in and the course does seem to be having an effect, my appetite is under control, I’m drinking more water and exercising a lot more. So I would recommend this, but the developers could do with finessing it more..Version: 9.4.0

Just What I needAfter two months I can not only say that I am delighted with my weight loss but also with what I have learnt and how I feel. Unlike many weight loss programmes Noom invites you to incrementally change your thinking so instead of feeling deprived or frustrated or like you are taking on an immense feat, you are gently guided on a wonderful journey of discovery. The daily application of bite size lessons keeps you focused and the good habits grow steadily and without undue effort. Whilst you have a point of contact with your goal coach you can also engage with others in a group within the app and tailor the experience to suit yourself. I would recommend Noom to anyone who wants to take positive steps to lose weight, improve their relationship with food and their health even if they have tried everything else in the past and yet reverted to old habits..Version: 9.6.1

NOT a scam, WORKSConfused by some of the bad reviews here. I’ve been doing the plan for 6 weeks and it’s been great. They said I’d lose 1-2 pounds a week, and I have, I’ve almost lost a stone. But you have to do all the lessons to get the benefits, they teach the science and psychology behind eating to be slimmer, my shopping basket looks very much like the one I had 6 weeks ago, I haven’t had to make any drastic changes, but I now know how to manage my diet better and have a lot of diet hacks to sustain weight loss without feeling hungry, tired or having to do some crazy exercise plan. In fact, this is the only plan that have told me to add food and workout less! Which is crazy and some sort of witchcraft, but it works. When I think about the THOUSANDS I spent on gyms, classes, sports equipment, supplements and health foods in the past, spending £99 on a plan that actually works and gives you a solid understanding of how you keep it off, for real and without much difficulty or expense, it seems good value to me. But you have to do the lessons over the 16 weeks, 10 minutes a day, otherwise yeah, you might as well use MyFitnessPal, which I’ve also tried before, multiple times (because it doesn’t work) and is awful in comparison. Give it a go but you must do the lessons..Version: 8.10.0

When you are ready to change your life... start hereI’ve tried everything to lose weight short of surgery,having my mouth wired shut, or a tapeworm. I was honestly checking into surgery when a friend of mine said “try Noom”. I said no. I told her I was tried of stuff ... A month had passed and I saw her again...Again she said “try Noom”. My answer Late one night I turned on my tv and there was Noom. Be careful what you pray for lol. So, I got on the app. They asked A LOT of questions, I answered as truthfully as possible and I’m not gonna lie it was causing a bit of anxiety ... thinking I was going to have to change, no more eating out “normally” no more cup cakes (my favorites ) so many no’s in exchange for a smaller dress size. Was it worth it? Could I do it??? Now that I’m doing it I’ve come to learn those are the lies that hold us back, that keep us from the freedom we (those of us who struggle) deeply crave. The information , the personal help, the group chat, achieving a small goals is exciting. Other things have been happening... I’m happier I do have more energy my skin looks better and I’ve actually saved money !!! That’s right and a lot of it by not eating out or grabbing on the go. If you’re ready and like they say you believe that you can then try Noom. You won’t be sorry😉.Version: 8.30.1

Motivational and well paced, lifestyle changeI’ve tried so many diets in my life but most didn’t work in the long run and were really hard to sustain. this one has really suited me.. I’m not into meal plans because they don’t usually suit my lifestyle both in terms of having to cook for my whole family and with our varied cuisine. Noom has been great.. not only does it educate you in all things weight loss & at a great pace but it also teaches you to change your thinking motivating and encouraging you. The group and coach pep talks reinforce your thinking and what you’re learning. I have made so many changes with relative ease and feel I’m finally on something that is sustainable. It does rely on you to follow their advice and apply it in a way that’s applicable to you though and you do need to exercise, complete a food diary and eat well.. but it’s done in such a well paced manner that it’s not overwhelming and slowly you find you’ve picked up all these new skills, habits and changes! :) love it.Version: 8.34.0

So Far, So Good!I’ve been with NOOM for exactly 1 week today and I’ve lost 11 lbs. All I’ve done so far is log my meals, my liquids, and pay closer attention to my caloric intake and try to stay around the 2000 calorie mark. I’m not perfect. I have messed up by eating more than I should have, but NOOM is helping me hold myself accountable. By logging my meals, I have a visual of what I’ve been putting in my body. By watching my weight steadily decline on the graph, it’s boosted my self-esteem and that’s given me the encouragement to keep making good food and drink choices for myself. Having lived through other diet failures and having had surgery to lose weight, with no success, I was very skeptical about being successful with NOOM. I enjoy reading the article and I like that I can save them for future reference. I’m an addictions counselor and use the same psychological referencing from the S.M.A.R.T goals that NOOM offers, to lead my addictions clients, but I never thought about using S.M.A.R.T goals to help me lose weight. So far, I’m very happy with NOOM and how easy it is to use. With the Holiday season quickly approaching, I am excited to know I will be able to enjoy the eats and treats and not feel deprived because I have all the tools I need to recognize those triggers and help me psychologically break down my behaviors so I can combat my cravings. For me, it’s all about planning ahead and being prepared!.Version: 7.14.1

Brilliant app!I thought I might never lose weight again after having twins and reaching middle age. I had tried everything including seriously committed exercise regimes daily, without any movement of the scale. Since finding Noom 8 weeks ago I have lost 20lbs, been encouraged, and hugely amused by the daily blurbs to read. I think of food in a completely different way now. My disordered eating and thinking about food has been replaced with a freedom and joy about it that I haven’t had since I was a child. I look so much better but even better I feel so much better - less stressed about food, so much bloating and inflammation has disappeared (I feel like I have a whole new body), and with so much less discomfort and so much more energy. I cannot recommend this app enough. It blows open all the information you need to change everything relating to food and weight loss..Version: 9.18.1

I like it for the most partI like learning about how my mind works in relation to food and why I eat what I eat. I was skeptical about weighing in every day but it turns out it’s super helpful to have a lot of data points, and it makes it less of a big deal when you pair it with purposely getting comfortable with seeing fluctuations. I was also skeptical about counting calories, but I understand now it’s more about figuring out what foods will satisfy you without excessively adding to your daily calorie intake. I wish there was even a little bit of focus on macronutrients. The fact that there is no distinction between healthy and unhealthy fats in the food tracker is troubling to me. Most importantly!! I am really really irritated by the tone some of the articles “speak” in. Not only is the sense of “humor” annoying, but some of them are just rude about people Noom doesn’t seem to think will be using their app. When every article that mentions work refers to working at a desk and hanging out in a break room with free snacks? And then trashes “waiters you just want to tell to stuff it”???? Not everyone using your app has an office job lol. The articles make me not want to log in and read them cause they’re truly so obnoxious. Overall, I like the methods of the program but I would love to see a LOT of improvement in the way the articles are written..Version: 8.27.0

This is different and I think it’s going to workAfter doing various diets and exercise programs for years I know a lot about fitness and losing weight, so I can see this is based on science and for the first time they work to build your psychological resilience in your relationship with food. I am only one week in and I have already learned so much about my habits and things I do to sabotage my weight loss journey. It’s sprinkled with humour. The lessons are very short, but with just enough information to really teach you something. I haven’t tried the exercise and food plans, but the recipes seem good ( very American in terms of weights etc ie lots of cups of things) and that’s because I already had a plan. But this is the first thing I have come across, without having to attend a weekly group (in person or virtually) that really addresses the underlying reasons why I overeat in the first place. My goal specialist is there and seems very helpful. So far I am impressed snd fir the first time in years believe I can actually get a healthy body back!.Version: 8.36.1

A comprehensive guide to food psychology, health and dietI’ve been using Noom for a week and find it a very useful practical and motivational tool for understanding my psychology and habits around eating. It has all the features you might expect; calorie counts, exercise, steps achieved and target weight trajectory. But it also includes includes fantastic recipes to replace unhealthy snacks you might be drawn to and the best thing is the educational course side of it which really does give you a good insight into how you might feel differently about food. The understanding of the different food types and calorie content is fantastic. I think the best thing about it for me is that nothing is off the menu but you just start to understand that some things need to be eaten or drunk in moderation and other things can be maxed out on. It’s early days for me but I am starting to lose weight slowly which I wanted to do, so it’s a long-term achievable and healthy way of losing excess weight and feeling better. I’ve not felt like I’m missing out on anything or depriving myself of anything and it’s a been a way to wake me up to the abundant availability of unhealthy foods in our environment and society and how to ensure that you have plenty of the good stuff to keep the wolf from the door. Sounds like I’m raving about it but I really do rate this course. Hope it helps many other people. Helen.Version: 9.46.4

Best approachEducational even when I thought I knew it all. We don’t. The daily read items, which you are asked how much time you can commit , I do 9 mins, is so valuable I’m sharing with my husband, family and friends. I’m on a free trial and I will be extending it. What I have learnt around portion control when no scales around, behaviours, types of food that at good, ok and to limit has meant my food range has extended. No more restrictions on my diet, I’m so happy and I am guilt free. It has taught me really what my triggers are, it dives into this and reminds you in the most gentle manner. These triggers are not just about looking good, I found out that my true trigger was to be healthy as my parents were both poorly in their 50’s and I’m now 41. It has helped me really establish why I started being healthy many years ago but it fallen off that wagon. Truly back on it, feel great! Do the trial, it is personal to you and meets your needs and goals..Version: 9.46.4

My noom journey beginsI have recently started an online journey with NOOM. It’s an awesome re education path that I am taking, learning about the food value not just calories, achieving “fullness” from the foods I choose. It also incorporates, mind exercises to help change your attitude to food and life, giving you the ability to work out your own plan of action, in your own time, with the option to re visit your progress and affirm your new attitude to wellness. It is a guided program where you interact constantly with the app and the coach/managers/advisors that run this program. I’m very new to this, but so far so good. Enjoying noom and re assessing my future with the knowledge that I can attain a comfortable healthy weight..Version: 8.27.0

Goodbye yo-yo dieting, hello lifeI’ve been doing Noom for a month now, and having lost the grand total of 5lb you’d think I’d be despondent, but no! Noom is slowly, carefully and consistently showing me how to change my poor relationship with food to a good one. Bad habits are being banished and good ones forged. The real difference is that it’s being done easily! It makes me WANT to do it. I’m not hungry, I’m not deprived, I’m actually enjoying exercise (believe me THAT’S a first), and my scales don’t need to show me weight falling off because I can see and FEEL the difference in myself. I am confident that in another month I’ll be several more lbs lighter and this time next year I’ll be where I want to be with everything I need to keep me there. If you’re a yo-yo dieter, I’d urge you to give it a go - don’t expect the weight to fall off over night, but DO expect to see positive results in all aspects of your life almost immediately..Version: 9.25.0

This actually works!I have tried every single weight loss app and programme in the world and it hasn’t worked. Noom is so different to everything else, and one reason for me is food logging and tracking is easier. You have a coach supporting your journey and you learn about your own personal food triggers. It’s psychology! It’s amazing! Love Noom!.Version: 8.0.0

Worth every pennyI’m really enjoying this diet, and the App is crucial to its appeal. I’ve done Jenny Craig’s and I lost weight, but they didn’t teach me anything, they just sold me food. Noom is changing my relationship with food, by committing to an x amount (you choose) of reading each day, and supplying me with tools to enact and monitor what I’ve learned..Version: 9.46.4

Life ChangerI’ve tried personal trainers, fasting, many different diets, joined so many different exercise and slimming programmes. It would help me shift a few pounds only to gain it again as soon as I had a ‘day off’. I saw the advertisements for Noom and thought I’d give it a go. What I like about Noom When I got to the same place where I would become ‘stuck’ the coach they placed me with noticed this too. She looked through my data and told me her thoughts. I followed her advice and... boom... the weight started coming off. Later I had a spike in my weight and I thought it was because I’d exercised (that old chestnut). My coach looked at my data and made another suggestion- again the weight is coming off. You get to read some psychology and they give you little targets to aim for (actually you choose the target that they steer you towards) It keeps you focussed to check in everyday You get a group to be part of after 2 weeks of joining. This so far hasn’t really made a difference to my progress although listening to others helps keep you motivated. Would I recommend Noom: absolutely! I feel so much happier in myself as I am finally getting past the ‘stuck at that weight’ phase. Not only that but I feel I am making major changes. I haven’t binged for weeks where I would normally binge every 3 days!!!.Version: 8.8.0

Great app and ideaI love nooming and the app is good. I still think the food logging is clunky compared to other apps I’ve used. For example, you really need a ‘copy meal’ feature so I can drop all the items from one meal into another day. Saves a lot of time rather than fishing them all out of recently logged meals one by one. Also going in to each meal to check what’s in there and then having to review and click done before being taken back to the main menu is clunky. I should be able to quickly see what food I’ve put in each meal to check it’s all there without 20 clicks around the world..Version: 6.13.0

Mindful eatingActually enjoying being on diet. Early days and eat what I want to eat but careful not to go over calories. All the lessons are fun to do and really do make you more mindful what you eat but also everything in your life. The food choices are similar to slimming world with even more freedom but it’s the choices you make that make a difference and you are learning along the way to make the right choices and correct portion size. I’ve lost 3 lbs in the 1st week but would have lost more if not for the fact I spent 1/2 the week at my daughters for a birthday treat. I didn’t go off the rails but was much more difficult to make the choices I would normally have made. My mindset was still good and looking forward to next week . I would say do the free trial you will be impressed and won’t feel miserable as with other diets. Fantastic support and app..Version: 8.25.2

Noom = behavioural changeNoom has helped me slowly and steadily lose 5.5 kilos. I was in a healthy range for my height but at the upper end. Being in the middle of the range after 7 weeks feels incredible. I have new diligent practices including two glasses of water to start the day and the water reminder keeping me on top of hydration, regular eating throughout the day which has ended night time grazing and over snacking. I prepare food in advance to ensure healthy food at work or when driving somewhere. I have lots of psych tips to help as well especially around reframing emotional and stress reactions. Having a bit more understanding around how other people can influence food intake is helpful. Noom is fun too - lots of humour in amongst the science-informed approach..Version: 9.15.0

Newbie to NoomI love the encouraging words and informative advice Noom guides and the group shares. It impacts your decision on your journey in a positive gentle way that keeps you interested. I don’t think I’d be able to create a change that covers all areas of my life at the same time, I am impressed, thank you..Version: 10.10.0

AccountabilityKeeps me accountable but in a way that I have to help myself more of a reminder that Noom is going to be checking in so it makes me make better choices.Version: 8.27.0

It works but ...Tried Noom in order to provide a discipline and structure that I need in order to lose extra weight. It’s had a positive effect no doubt, but the psychology and exemplars on which you are invited to consider as part of the process are culturally very American, which can be off putting for non Americans. The paid version enables you to take advantage of a group chat ... but there is no opt out for those who feel they don’t need / want this aspect. Similarly you are allocated a ‘goal specialist’ to be the ‘angel on your shoulder’ which could be what some people need, but again there is no opt out or opportunity to change your allocated person if you feel things are going less well. The food logging system, with its colour coded calorie density system is very good. Even specialist foods are picked up, and you can always add to their extensive database via a barcode scan. You control how much weight you want to lose and in how long, no foods are off limit, and while the psychology isn’t for everyone, the suggestions embedded within the daily updates explain why you do what you do. Overall a solid 4, but with some simple tweaks .. country / continent personalisation especially, could be a 5..Version: 9.11.0

Grounded, supportive & effective: noom’s greatI have found Noom to be really effective and fun. I was so fed up with being bigger than I wanted to be. So when I started Noom I was ready to go for it & really take on board all the lessons in the course. Noom hasn’t felt like I’ve been on a diet at all but so far I’ve lost almost a stone (2lbs per week which seems sustainable.) What makes noom different is that it gets you to understand how you feel about food, why you over eat at times all the physical and mental stuff that happens in your day etc etc. But all in a very light hearted, often sweet and funny way. It’s really quite enlightening. It also gives you lots of tips and tricks. There isn’t any food that’s bad or that you can’t eat, but you feel empowered to make a choice about how much and how often you want to eat certain foods. For me it was a choice between buying Noom or getting a personal trainer. I’m so happy I chose Noom!.Version: 8.24.0

Approach With a Healthy MindsetI have Noom incredibly helpful for me. The app eases you into its program and each day gives you different tools to see the habits you have accepted as facts in your life. One of the best parts of the app is that it admits that there is no one size fits all path to weight loss. It even admits that the amount of weight you think you should lose might not be what best suits your lifestyle. Sometimes I find that the app throws so many ideas at you that it can be difficult at first to know which goals you should be setting each week and which things to focus on. But sticking with it definitely helps. Eventually you start to notice your own patterns, how much the app and its functions help you proceed to where you want to get to, and which parts of the app you can maybe disregard or save for another time. Caveat: I used the app in 2019, lost weight then traveled, stopped using it and gained it all back. I am back on Noom in quarantine knowing that one of the flaws I have found with Noom (and this just might be me personally) is that it is really successful when I’m in full control of my environment, but can be less so when that control decreases. This is something I’m still working on but hoping that with the help of my goal specialist and group I can push through. Noom has helped me lose 12 pounds and 2 inches off of my waist. But, more importantly, it has helped me change certain habits around food..Version: 8.10.0

GreatI am loving the Noom app. Easy to use and makes tracking calories nice a quick Love it.Version: 9.14.0

Supportive in the right moments..Noom is like a friend to me. I am a chef and business owner so other than work and sleep there’s not been energy for much else. Until Noom. I used to exercise a lot but it got lost and my energy waned as my weight gained. My body fat ebbed and flowed. Every photo showed me at a different weight. Thin when I’m stressed or dating. Chubby when I’m unhappy or feeling trapped. As I get older and move less my digestion has changed. I was getting tummy aches, bloating, joint soreness, tired and generally overwhelmed. When I was ready to accept my age and the body changed I seemed to bump into Noom. Now I am looking for a life adaptation. Ready to accept the truth. Ready to feel good and have a clear mind. Ready to eat energising food and savour each flavour.. So I am sticking with Noom. My mind plays tricks but my attitude is ‘this is for life’ so there can be no falling back into old bad habits. I care about how I feel and so does Noom. And like a supportive friend is ALWAYS there with new information delivered in an empathetic and informative way. They’ve got everything right with this app. So for me it’s a relief..Version: 6.16.0

App available without paying subscriptionImpressed with the theory of calorific density and the app lets you log meals and it tells you if the food is in the Red/Green or Yellow group - much like Weight Watchers old Filling and Healthy plan - has given me the tools and a boost to lose weight - lost 1/2 a stone during the trial period, eating more food than my previous failed attempts at weight loss. I paid for a trial of Noom and wasn’t impressed by the hidden extras announced after I’d paid, offering diet and exercise plans for £39 extra - opted to cancel after the paid trial and discovered I can still still use the food diary and weight log features which are very useful to check food groups and calories etc. I didn’t like the daily harassment of completing tasks and surveys the psychological element wasn’t suited to me as I didn’t need persuasion that I need to eat better I just needed to know what foods to avoid..Version: 8.21.0

Exactly as advertised.I spent 20 years of my adult life on yo-yo diets and always ended up weighing more after a few months. I was just about to give in when I discovered Noom. I had no trouble with any of the administration or billing. I found all the directions clear and easy to follow, although I admit the food logging took some getting used to. The coach and group were really helpful. The daily readings were fun, informative, and enlightening - there were days I thought I was going through psychotherapy! But it was worth it. I learned why I had got to where I was, which, for me, was the key to not going back. I followed the program exactly as directed, and lost all the weight I wanted to lose in the time Noom said it would take. It’s now four months since I reached my goal weight, and I have leveled off about 4-5 pounds below that. I’ve gone from a size 12, sometimes 14, to a size 8, sometimes 6! I highly recommend Noom for anyone who is serious about developing a healthier lifestyle..Version: 8.37

Noom has worked wonders!Having the science/psychology boost has been amazing - this has worked for me like nothing before! You can really get to the heart of your thinking and understand how to help yourself do better, and the weight just falls away. I love it!.Version: 9.22.0

Fills in what I’ve never been taught in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.I’ve got a bit older and my body’s metabolism has slowed down. I can no longer just exercise to maintain a healthy weight. I can lose weight but those kg just keep creeping back on. Noom is transforming my thinking and behaviour around food, filling in the details I needed to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It’s not just common sense either, there’s plenty of psych, science and sociology input, simplified down making it easy to grasp. Yes, I’m losing weight, but just as importantly I’m learning a lot, including the skills to manage my eating and weight independently in the future. Not just what to eat, but tackling and reforming my complex thinking around all the food choices I make every day. It’s light hearted with joking and yet serious along the way! It’s personal too. No robots as some have suggested! Just different time zones. You do have to complete your modules and be prepared to give time, nearer 20 min day to gain all the benefits. The bad reviews were reflecting a desire for instant change, and true, free trial should be labelled low cost trial, but this is not actually expensive considering costs of other diets and no major food changes in your shopping basket!.Version: 8.15.0

Excellent!I needed something to help me focus on losing the 6-8kg I had put on post injuries last year and which I had not been able to budge on my own. I decided to sign up to Noom during Coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne Australia so that I would hopefully achieve something for me during this very isolating time. I joined thinking that even if I couldn’t stick with it then hopefully, at the very least, I would come out of lockdown no heavier than I went in. Many people are putting on weight at this time due to comfort eating & our reduced outdoor exercise time restrictions. I have found the focus & weight loss empowering & have recommended Noom to many people - it really does help to change your perspective about the food you choose daily, gives extra calorie allowance for any additional exercise you do and if you need it, makes allowances for a little blowout every so often then a reset afterwards. Having a coach & group to share experiences with is really supportive. I have lost 6kg& aim to lose another 1kg (maybe 2). Noom has been such a welcome focus for me during lockdown & I am feeling so much lighter & more agile - I hope others can feel this way too. Thank you Noom!.Version: 8.22.0

Lost 28kg, kept off almost 2yrs runningI used Noom to help me lost 28kg of baby weight across two babies - and then some. I’ve used it 4 other times briefly now for maintenance, to lose 3kg that crept back on. Just under 2yrs of being at my lower weight now, and I put a lot of it down to Noom’s ability to help keep me motivated and give me good psych tricks. It’s science based, it’s wonderful and I’d use it again or recommend it in a heartbeat. That said, Noom has been available for Australia for a long time now and two things frustrate me: 1. No goal specialists in Australia mean that if I haven’t set a goal for the next week by Friday, I don’t get to set it until Tuesday. The asynchronous nature of that chat means it’s usually Wednesday. We like Monday goals, guys! It’s time to either pay someone in Aus to work remotely or specifically flag your Aus clients. 2. It seems as if Noom has only a tiny Australian food database. Rather than manually build it for them, by adding aaaaall the details, I just find the closest thing. Unfortunately there are foods we have that you’ve never really heard of. And don’t get me started on trying to figure out “what do the Americans call...?” Took me ages to enter a mandarin the first time!! These guys are obviously growing and doing well, so I hope the Australian market issues are resolved soon!.Version: 8.37

Reached weight goal after 3.5 monthsUsing Noom I lost 12 kilograms and reached my weight goal after 3.5 months. Noom taught me how to eat properly via daily articles, and help tracked my calories. I think this educational aspect has been life-changing. I like how it integrates with my digital scales and Apple Watch to automatically record my daily weigh-in and steps/activity. Some feedback I would offer the developers - there was no acknowledgement at all once I had reached my weight goal, which I found to be very strange. I also found it a bit annoying that the reminders to log meals contained some negative connotations after missing several of them - perhaps it’s a US-based psychological technique? Lastly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to set your goal to simply maintain your current weight. Ideally, it would be great to continue with the app after having reached your goal. I switched to another less expensive app because of this..Version: 9.2.0

Beat your triggersThis app teaches you about the psychology of why you eat what you eat and how to tame your eating elephant. I’ve lost 3 kg in 4 weeks but more than that... I’m becoming more aware of my eating habits and what factors contribute to my eating decisions..Version: 8.6.0

Life Changing! Worth every penny!!I started Noom in June of 2019, weighing 165 lbs and wanting to get in shape after recovering from ACL surgery and knew it would be easier if I were thinner. But isn’t that to story of my life. Everything would be easier if I were less heavy. I could move easier, fit in to more clothes and wear what I wanted. Those were things I’ve wanted for years. I’ve been a little overweight since I was about 13 years old. Always about 20/30 lbs more than where I needed to be. I even had someone ask me once when I was in my 20s if I was pregnant, I nearly died. I’ve tried Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers, fad shakes and everything that I could find, but nothing really worked. Until Noom. I learned about my relationship with food. I learned about what I was choosing to eat and why. It changed my entire view about what I can eat and when I should eat it and why I should it. I lost 30 lbs and met my goal in four months. When my subscription automatically renewed, I emailed and asked for a refund, which they provided immediately. I’m now at 135 and maintaining my weight right where I want it to be using the tools I got with Noom. If you are even thinking about wanting to lose weight and change your life, don’t wait! Do it. This is a great program!!.Version: 7.14.2

It works!Strange to say but I’m really enjoying losing weight thanks to the Noom experience. Not only is the weight coming off steadily but I’m also learning about the complexities of the weight loss process. I actually look forward to my morning lessons which place me in the right frame of mind for the day. I’ve stopped snacking which was one of my main issues. I’ve also become much better at keeping hydrated and that makes a huge difference to the way that I feel throughout the day. Exercise is becoming a natural part of my life. The support you get from your group, group coach and personal coach is great and the app makes logging meals, water intake and tracking activity so easy. I believe that I can actually achieve my weight loss goals. The confidence I’m gaining from this belief is inspiring me to succeed in other areas of my life too so a huge THANK YOU NOOM..Version: 9.18.1

Great program!I’m just finishing my second week and despite taking it slow, I’m noticing a difference! I’ve been carrying the extra weight from my youngest for the past 5 years now. And the pandemic just added to it. As well as now I have a work at home job on my computer all day! It’s not exactly a recipe for success! I knew I needed a change. I knew I wasn’t gonna just do what I needed to do on my own. I started to look into the Noom app and liked what I saw. I committed to 6 months, and after 2 weeks I’m glad I did. Paying for the program adds motivation to keep it up, but I’m seeing it working too! Two weeks in and I’ve lost 3lbs! Not much, but considering the first week I just kept track of what I ate and didn’t cut the calories like I was supposed to, I’m doing well! Taking slow. First week made me mindful of what and how much I was eating. Second week I actually committed to the meal plan. I stayed within my calories, and I’m not starving! I plan for regular intervals for meals/snacks, and I’m making sure to have healthy options around. I still have a ways to go. I’m not even exercising yet! But I’m already seeing this working! Only thing I might suggest is a full list of foods and where they rank and where they fit on the meal plan. So we have something to reference, and maybe get ideas from. Otherwise I’m happy with the program and the app!.Version: 9.1.0

ExcellentI love Noom! My goal was to fit a bit more comfortably into my clothes by losing around 5 kgs which I have slowly and steadily achieved over a period of about 2.5 months. I love the psychology around food that you learn as you progress, the gentle change in mindsets, and the support provided both by an individual coach and group coach. I now have good sustainable habits around food and exercise, with absolutely no pressure. It’s awesome. Thank you Noom!.Version: 9.15.0

15kgs down and more to goI really love this app. I’ve paid for two other weigh-loss programs in the past and while I had some success, my attention withered and eventually the weight came back on. It is so much more then just calorie counting, of which I’ve done plenty of in my life but I’ve found this to be the easiest app to count my calories on. So if you just want to use the app for that purpose you can, it will also allow step counting, exercise log and weight mapping. The app will also offer a free two week upgrade. Which is how I started and I’m so happy I did. I’m really proud of the weigh loss I’ve achieved and how the app has helped me commit to a healthier me. Just give it a chance, believe - you won’t regret a healthier you!.Version: 8.10.0

Noom helps keep me on track!I like the way Noom explains why we gain weight and how to have an overall healthy lifestyle. It encourages me to log all my food and decrease portions as well as avoid foods I really don’t need. The only thing I’d like is for it to support New Zealand food labels as there are many similar brands with Australia. It’s good you can add foods in yourself though!.Version: 7.3.2

1.7 kilos in 7 daysDidn’t think it was possible to lose so much weight while eating some treats as well. The replacement idea and filling up on good stuff seems simple but is highly effective. I’m off to a good start and I hope it continues!.Version: 8.27.0

FantasticThe first weight loss app that really clicked for me. I love the focus on reworking your habits and your thoughts towards food. It’s not a dieting app it’s more of a lifestyle change app. This app is great if your struggling to see where you’re going wrong..Version: 9.39.0

Keeps me on track!!Will keep you in line and put your head in the game!!.Version: 9.13.0

Took the free 2 week trial and loving it so farTo say I was sceptical is an understatement- how will this differ to the various diets I have tried before such as WW, SW, Atkins, low carb, 5-2 fasting etc etc. I like that it is easy and accessible on my phone, the food logging is a dream, no excuse to conveniently ‘ forget’ a food item. The little daily tasks are so do-able and I think will help when going gets a bit tough. So far, I have not slipped up and all the foods I considered meh such as brown rice, whole meal pasta and bread, I have enjoyed. Eating far more fruit and veg and understanding calorie density. Plus not even missed desserts, crisps etc which is a real surprise as I have a big sweet tooth. Early days but like the fact it fits around my day, no classes etc. Lost 1.5kg in 7 days, happy with that! Try it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And so far, losing weight- so win- win..Version: 8.6.0

Good program except for...I really like this program. I wish I could give 4.5 stars. The only problem is the group discussion board. There is absolutely no organization. You are supposed to share things with the group but when you click on the link it doesn’t take you to a “module” for that particular response. It is just a big mess of responses to all different questions in no particular order that I can see. So instead of everyone responding to question A and discussing, you have to scroll through the whole mess. If you get a notification that someone responded to your comments or mentioned you in a comment and you click the notification same thing you are just dumped in the mess. People feel the need to post everything they have done. Again no specific module. I don’t have time to scroll through all of it. I think Noomnerds need to look at how an online course or other apps, like Facebook, are set up. When you click a link it should take you to module on that question where everyone is responding. If you get a notification clicking it should take you to the comment. Want to post your daily activity....there should be a separate module for that also. I’ve learned a lot with Noom. Based on science. Plenty of reinforcement. Could be a GREAT program if it was more organized..Version: 8.4.0

NoomTruly - the key to effective living... not just in losing and maintaining wt loss - but by understanding our core values and changing some beliefs to assist in achieving a healthier happier you !!.Version: 9.13.0

So good!I’ve been using Noom for ten days and I’m loving it. Never been so motivated to lose weight. Noom is so different to anything else I’ve tried. The psychological element and education really helps in ways I didn’t appreciate.Version: 9.30.0

I will be a NOOMER for the rest of my life!I lost over 40# in 6 months with the NOOM program and app. This has absolutely amazed me and my friends! The philosophy and science behind the methods were the perfect ones for me and I have never felt so good while trying to lose weight, physically and mentally. You do have to make a monetary commitment but that’s no different from most weight loss programs. You also have to make a daily commitment to read for about 10 minutes, to log your foods and your activity level. I believe this all made so much sense to me and became a large part of why I was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I learned so much about myself and good and activity and living the right way for myself, making MY choices. Learning why certain foods were advantageous to eat over others. How certain foods made me feel. Portion control was a huge lifestyle change and a real eye opening lesson learned! I could go on and on, but NOOM is definitely a way of life for those who want to learn and lose and aren’t just wanting a quick fix for the moment. You do the work, you get the reward! My doctor and nurse are amazed at my new bloodwork numbers, weight and flexibility in just 6 months! Oh..... did I mention that I am 70 years old?! So, it’s never to late to feel and look your best! And by eating real food at home and in restaurants..Version: 8.7.1

Very Thankful I found Noom!Very Thankful I found Noom! Noom for life :).Version: 9.13.0

NoomI’ve been using Noom for about a month. I eat mostly the same whole foods over and over so it is ridiculously easy for me to log my food which tracks my calories and shows me how many I have left and how much of it was veg etc. I enjoy the brief articles and their humor, they are a little goofy which is fun and the info is very simple and succinct and often interactive, gently psychological. After the first week or so of more interaction with her my goal specialist now checks in with me about once a week and asks me questions which help me think about things and stay engaged in my health journey. The team community coach posts a discussion topic I think every weekday and our little group of Noomers respond, like, and comment on each other’s posts. I think there’s a way to private message people but I haven’t needed to. I really look forward to the topics and people’s thoughts. I have lost a couple of pounds so far, which is great because what led me to do this was that I was slowly gaining and gaining! I’m enjoying Noom very much. I had a 2 week free intro and then figured it was worth another month. So far I think it has been worth the price, so I will probably continue for a while. I feel like I’m slowly making a shift to a person who will be thin. Other people are losing much faster because they are working out a lot, which I have not been, but Noom keeps me moving in the right direction. Little by little..Version: 9.7.0

I am so surprised and delightedI have never been a dieting girl and always found it quite easy to keep reasonably active and ordinarily slim. But then the menopause hit, pounds gradually piled on especially round my middle which makes me feel unfeminine somehow. I tried going up a clothes size, then two, then even they got tight. So baggy dresses and elasticated waists allowed me to get bigger. Then breast cancer and chemo and recovery ( yahoo) really put the cherry on the cake weight wise. But Noom noticed me on Instagram and I gave it a trial, and now I’m hooked!... 2 months in, great results, and a real feeling that this is a new lifestyle for me. So much support. No banned foods. Daily input, interesting lessons, new concepts, great app, so much help, so many ideas I’d never thought of... I actually am really enjoying it. I slip up for sure but then I get back on track. My confidence has blossomed. Still a way to go but I’m confident and resilient. I would recommend this to EVERYONE who thought they couldn’t lose weight steadily, easily, sustainably. And for anybody who has doubts...Yes you can!!.Version: 9.18.1

I looked in the mirror and smiled like a Cheshire Cat!Noom is the best! I’ve tried every fad diet there is and ended up gaining more weight than actually loosing it - and let’s be honest who actually enjoys drinking celery juice! 🤢 It’s easy it’s simple it works. I have a new outlook on food - I tried to order takeaway but nothing appealed to me! Not that it didn’t fit in my budget I just didn’t fancy any of it because Noom gives you that new outlook on eating I know what I can eat and I know what I need to restrict but I also know that if I want to have pizza and wine I can still do that! Thankyou! 🙏🏼.Version: 8.35.0

Really helping me improve my relationship with food!I joined Noom because I was desperate. I’m tired of losing and gaining the same weight (and more) over and over. I’ve tried a lot of programs, and while losing weight is almost never an issue for me, keeping it off is. My eating habits were broken, and while I had success with WeightWatchers and MyFitnessPal, the former’s use of 0-point foods was no good for someone like me, who will overindulge on anything she feels she’s given license to, and the latter focused so much on calories, it sometimes made every food seem the same, so I would try to game the system to get as much food as I could and be scared of treats. Not good either. Noom is teaching me to listen to my hunger cues, think about nutrition, allow myself treats, and be more mindful about food in general. It is really helping! The weight is coming off, but more importantly, I feel my attitude and outlook on food changing, and I’m enjoying what I eat more instead of stressing about it. This gives me greater faith the weight will stay off. Two changes I wish they would make would be to allow people to log in advance, so we can strategize for big days, like holidays, and not to make it so after I log a meal, I have to go back into log another one; it’s a bit annoying to have to take extra steps when I’m logging. These are minor annoyances, though. Overall, I love Noom, and I’m ending Week 4 16 lbs down!.Version: 8.34.0

Fantastic planThis is not a diet, and just because you pay and Download the diet you won’t lose weight, but if you’re prepared to work hard and actually follow the advice this plan makes losing weight and being healthier much easier. Most foods are logged with their calories to make it easier to record what you have consumed and the coaches are so helpful! You get an individual coach who I’ve found amazing and you’re rewarded for exercise. The weight graph is an encouragement and incentive and tracks progress whilst showing an end in sight. All in all I’ve found this plan very carefully created and the lessons are in depth and helpful to show you why you need to do something. Also, it changes your thought processes, no food is off limits, it just makes you aware of if you want to eat it and how often you consume things! I love it and nearly lost a stone in a month. Thanks Noom!.Version: 9.21.0

Informative, helpful, habit-transformingYou know you’d like to eat better, feel healthier, sleep better and lose weight. This is a seriously helpful approach and app. Encouragement (not shame). Attitude of abundance (not scarcity or self-denial). Information that facilitates your own choices and strengthens both your knowledge and your confidence in your own will and your own choices. Eat ice cream (in moderation). Have pancakes (again, in moderation). Have a nice steak (maybe a smaller piece - save some for tomorrow and savor the bites!). This app gently informs you and leads you to knew choices that become super easy to make (I used to despise yams but bow eat about 2 per week! Amd who knew that frozen red grapes could be such a delicious, low cal treat?) The method is great. A few minor complaints about the app itself. It would be great if you could tap a quick add IN THE CORRECT PORTION UNIT for foods you eat regularly. (The default for maple syrup is measured I think in cups and I use half a tablespoon on my oatmeal - tons of scrolling every morning to fix that is annoying). Also, the ability to add other good habits of your own choosing would make this an absolute five star (meditate for 10 minutes, play guitar for half an hour, walk, skip a cigarette, etc). Minor complaints aside... This is the way to go!!.Version: 8.32.0

Like the Psych hacksReally enjoying the app. The help & support is invaluable. The daily reading sets me up for the day. Making me more accountable for changing my mentality towards food & myself..Version: 8.15.0

AmazingBeing in the conversation every day makes such a difference. I am amazed by the daily weight loss. I am thrilled..Version: 8.0.0

Good program, but has some issues.I am now going into my fifth week with Noom. I find it to be a good overall concept and I have learned many things about myself, and about nutrition, and human nature, but am I losing weight? Not much, but I do plan to stay with the program for at least another month. While I feel that the basic concept is sound, there are some issues that need adjusting. (1) The program’s daily lessons are centered around a working woman’s or man’s environment, i.e. office , co-workers, break room, etc. They don’t seem to realize that there are those of us who have left this part of our lives behind and moved on, or, there doesn’t seem to be any appropriate material for a stay-at-home mom or dad, or for any other younger, or older persons out of this working” category. This hard for me to follow. (2) They tout one-on-one attention, and, truly, you are given a food coach, assigned to a group, and given a group coach as well. However, I’m not sure that these coaches are not bots. Asked questions sometimes are not answered for 24-48 hours (and never on a weekend). When they are answered, they are impersonal and often do not apply to the real situation at hand. I do think that this customer service aspect could be improved, or, strike the personal touch from the app advertising. In short, is this a good program? Yes, but if you want quicker weight loss and personal attention, I would take my business to Weight Watchers..Version: 8.8.0

AwesomeI love Noom. I love how it slowly builds up learning and consolidates it, it’s easy to use, the community is really lovely, the coaches are super helpful and motivating. I just have a hard time logging food that isn’t in the data base, especially with New Zealand brands it doesn’t have, or home made recipes (unless you know the calories). I’ve already recommended to a friend, the psychology of it could really help a lot of people..Version: 7.9.0

NoomI’ve been on NOOM for a month. I’m 65 Yrs old. I’ve been overweight my entire life. I thought I would hate logging everything I ate. That practice has been surprisingly easy AND made me realize how much mindless eating I was doing. I would tell myself a few chips are okay to eat. That it is, according to NOOM. Then I saw the the number of calories I was racking up by mindlessly grazing all day long. Seeing this, I’ve been able to slowly start changing my habits. Now that I’ve started grazing on healthier foods, my cravings are starting to diminish. I still enjoy chips and chocolate. Who wouldn’t? Just not in the quantities I have in the past. I have been sorely tempted to give up during the past month, due to daily logging results. NOOM’s tips helped me to push past that. I now see my weight graph with many hills and valleys, but an overall downward trajectory! The articles are fun. I never read more than five minutes in a day and just read when I need additional encouragement. The coach has been able to give me good suggestions for my snacks when I got bored with fruit. I don’t exercise and have a sedentary job, so the weight has been slow in coming off. With the few pounds I’ve lost, I am finding it easier to get up the stairs and pain from osteoarthritis in my knees is diminishing. Thanks for the support, NOOM..Version: 9.10.0

Worth its weight (pun intended)I am so grateful to have found Noom! It is technically a weight-loss program, but it is more of a sustainable, life-changing program. It has taught me more about how I think about myself, my relationship with food, the physiological things in my body that impact my choices about eating and helped me be more aware of the environmental influences the influence my choices. Aside from the initial cost, the only investment I have made is my time and attention. I am the mother of seven, working, and finding time for anything as hard. Because of the simplicity/completeness of the app, I don’t feel like I am wasting my time at all. This isn’t something that I will have to be connected to forever because the whole goal is to teach us all how to do it on our own instead of getting us reliant on a program. It has been one month and I have lost 10 pounds in a way that feels sustainable, encouraging and supported. In addition to all of the information and help noon provides, I have also been connected to a Noom support group where we help each other and troubleshoot together. It helps us to realize none of us are alone and none of us are perfect, and that is totally OK. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I’m grateful for the investment that I made!.Version: 6.14.0

Great healthy eating appA very educational app explaining what is in different food types, why we eat and what triggers how much we eat. The aim is to guide you to healthier nutrition with suggestions & explanations backed by scientists, however the choice is given to the user. It’s certainly educational, fun and supportive with individual & group coaches, team forums & goals, and I for one am losing weight & feeling great. 5* from me..Version: 8.1.0

You don’t know what you don’t knowI thought I knew every dieting approach, scheme, model, plan and fad but Noom has surprised a good way. They lead with psychology and keep a steady flow of education and practical tips coming at you in an easy to understand communication style every day thru the app. They are teaching me what I didn’t know about my attitude to food and breaking down lifelong held beliefs and habits that have caused me frustration and guilt about how I eat and result in weight gain and lifelong challenges with weight loss. In four weeks I’ve lost 4 kgs and I enjoy the daily interaction with the content on the app and with my goal coach and group. It’s great to be able to encourage people in my group who live on the other side of the world. I feel Noom really has put a lot of effort into their product and are doing a lot of good for people..Version: 8.1.0

Tiny steps lead to big resultsI’d heard about Noom from a friend who said it was good but expensive. I gained so much weight from stress and emotional eating the last few years and I really felt sad and helpless. Noom advertised at me on Facebook and I thought whatever I’ll try the trial for two weeks. I was broke so I paid $1 to trial it, and saw it was about $280 to continue. But I enjoyed it so much, I actually think $280 is a great deal! I love the daily tasks and articles, I’m on my phone procrastiscrolling anyway so this feels productive and I learn a lot. My habits have changed already after one month, and I’m down over 10% of my goal weight loss already. It makes me think about what I’m eating and why I’m making that choice, d that accountability usually makes me choose a better option that I feel good about! Really loving it and I feel better already, thanks Noom..Version: 8.15.0

Steady, realistic success with Noom...So far I love this programme. I actually look forward to the lessons and I love my group! Yes, you get a group! At first I thought I would ignore the group, wasn’t what I signed up for, quite allergic to social media, almost never go on FB, but it turns out I love having a gang of fellow travellers on this journey! Lots of identification, kindness, compassion, authenticity, wisdom, humour... My group has become quite central to the whole experience for me. And because it’s international it’s wildly interesting to get a window into other people’s lives (and recipes!) both at home and abroad. I’m only a month in (8lbs down which I’m thrilled about) but the real proof for me will be once I’ve lost the weight (another 13lbs to go) as that’s probably when I’ll need Noom the most. Also, I’m very impressed that Noom offer a sliding scale. I pay more than the minimum but really you can join for peanuts... I suggest giving it a go, but know it’s a collaboration. Noom won’t do it for you... You have to show up and do the lessons. It’s a training. There is hunger involved sometimes. Weight loss is just not easy. I feel like I have finally accepted that and it’s made all the difference... Not easy, but immensely rewarding, not just the weight loss but also the delicious food I’m preparing and eating without anxiety or guilt. I am really enjoying my food and I’m becoming a much better cook! Perfect lockdown challenge. All good. Yay Noom....Version: 9.2.0

Great AppI’ve been on the plan for about 6 weeks and have lost 3.8k or 8.6lbs all without exercising which I cannot do. The programme teaches you about foods, triggers and why weight is gained along with tracked weigh-ins along with a coach and chat groups where you can join in or not as much as you like. I have found that I can now walk past all the sugary and fattening foods in my home and also not miss it. My children still eat what they want but I eat healthy foods adding more fibrous foods and less calorie dense more filling foods as well as eating more regularly. This programme has stunned me with how quickly my mindset has changed, although the cost is all up front I don’t think it is more costly than say Weight Watchers plus I don't need to lose the house which I can’t due to COVID and other reasons, all in all I am happy with the inches lost and the healthy feeling I now have with less tiredness and lowering of my weight!.Version: 8.12.0

Life changing!I will start off by honestly saying, yes, this app has it’s issues. That said, I’ve lost over 10 lbs in just 4 weeks and I look and feel better than I have in years! I’m currently wearing a pair of jeans that look brand new but they are over 5 years old because I haven’t been able to fit into them until now! Don’t listen to the negative comments. Those are from people who don’t need to lose weight or are not seriously trying to. I would never in a thousand years diet, but this program is so simple it’s not like dieting at all! No food is “bad” or off limits, instead I’ve learned to master what I eat instead of it controlling my thoughts. I still eat at McDonald’s and Wendy’s and even enjoy a full sugar dessert if I want. It’s all about budgeting your calories each day to make it fit. I never feel hungry. In fact, I’m honestly not as hungry as I was before I started Noom and I enjoy eating now more than I have in years!! If you have always wanted a smaller, healthier you, there is nothing out there like this program to get you there with the minimalistic amount of hassle, I promise you! Stop waiting! You get two weeks free and if you find me on Facebook and msg me, I will send you a link so you can get it for less than $20 a month!.Version: 7.2.0

Customer Support: 👎🏻This is a phenomenal weight loss tool that is being held back by its lack of customer support. I’ve tried so many programs, both on my own and ones that require an app or a meeting, etc. This one actually works. I love that the science behind weight loss is shared on a daily basis with users and that there is validation that weight loss isn’t easy and there’s no magic formula that makes it that way. This truly is a program that aims to educate and promote lifelong, sustainable habits that lead to a healthy weight and lifestyle. However, their customer support is severely lacking. Personal coaching is touted as a main feature of this app. Where is it? My group receives what appear to be automated articles and challenges daily, but after two weeks (ironically once my free trial was up and I started paying for the program) my “personal coach” has disappeared. I have some operational questions about the app that I can’t get answers to and the “Help” section is no help at all. This is a problem, Noom! This is a paid program that is developed by what appears to be highly intelligent and well trained people in the field of weight loss. I will stick with the program because the weight loss portion does work. I don’t want my money back and would recommend this program to others. But I would appreciate a response from the developer. One that isn’t automated as it appears the other developer responded see I’ve read seem to be..Version: 8.0.0

Losing weight finally!This app has been terrific. I am 60 years old and have been struggling with my weight a long time. This app is helping to train me about food and my relationship to it. I’m so glad I joined!.Version: 9.13.0

GoodIt’s a good Ap... helps raise your awareness of all of your foods and helps you to be accountable to your self. All the little snacks or 1 off “high calorie” foods that can comfort you in the moment really are the difference and if you can keep them within a certain range you can get results. Because you aren’t limited to certain foods. Tino pai (really good)..Version: 9.0.0

Best everI have been trying for 30 years to get rid of excess fat and weight. I have finally found the right thing for me. Love how the app works. Very simple and easy to work while taking all the guess work out of calorie counting. Great help and support offered and has just let me get on and change my lifestyle to lose unwanted weight and fat. Thanks Noom..Version: 8.4.0

If you want success!I have tried many diets. I would say that I don’t even consider this a diet but it does affect the way that I eat. There are so many little tidbits of information that help me throughout the day. And even more importantly I have had 1:1 assistance with some virtual cheerleading and direction, a coach, who has directed me toward articles to read and such, to lift myself up. Each day, the lessons, come with practical things - like weighing daily (which I always was told weekly), shopping in the morning for food cuz of decisions process is affected as day goes on... all have encouraged and made me excited about what I am doing. I don’t remember which day I started - I think it was about a week ago. I have lost 12 lbs. I know it is fluid mostly but choosing food that fills me up better is also part of that. Understanding the “psychology” behind things has helped. I have not been perfect at following a regimen but i have got on all the goals set and accomplished many already, which in and of itself motivates. I think this is really gonna work cuz I don’t have to give up stuff - really. I been making exchanges and that has satisfied. Love this and can’t wait to see if I can make it to my goal weight. I know the weight loss will slow down soon - but I am still at a wonder at how I don’t feel deprived. Loving NOOM!.Version: 8.37

Beat app everI’m in the trial faze of Noom and so far I’ve already learned so much! I believe this is a long to way of not only getting to my goal weight but keeping it off too. So far, I highly recommend!.Version: 8.0.0

Good things take timeI’ve been quite depressed due to several life circumstances converging and Noom is helping me ‘find my feet’ again. Thinking holistically about my life and what I put into this body of mine, seeing the calories in colour, then connecting with emotions and thoughts - excellent.! Thanks Noom 🕊.Version: 10.1.0

Unexpectedly good!I’m currently on day ten of Noom and I have lost 9.4lbs already! Haven’t even started my own exercise regime yet, I’ve just been meeting my recommended daily step count and eating within my calorie guide. Shocked is an understatement! The coach is not massively responsive and can sometimes take a couple of days to reply.. but I don’t really use that feature of the app so that hasn’t really affected me. You can tell the app was designed by psychologists, very clever the way the ‘daily articles’ (no longer than about 10 mins of reading a day) make you think about things differently. I’ve gone from eating massive portions of mostly processed foods daily to eating healthy fresh alternatives and still enjoy what I eat and feel full. Thought I would give the two week trial a go and have been very pleasantly surprised and will definitely be purchasing the full program at the end of the two weeks..Version: 8.20

A few months and I’m (somehow?) both physically and emotionally healthier.I’ve been dieting on and off since my teen years and I just didn’t want to live that life anymore. Noom offered a balanced perspective full of sound advice and well-researched science. I lost a bit of weight and more importantly I feel like I’m in control (and happy with) my own day-to-day. I’m healthier and feel totally free of the yo-yo diet loop. Lots of great support in my chat group and a fantastic curriculum meant new perspectives and sustainable healthy habits. It was 100% worth it for me. Oh small note to the developers - I agree with others, the app could use a little work. It took up a ton of space on my phone (over a half gig!) and the messaging portion could be easier to use (better thread management, the ability to edit messages, etc...) but overall really nice product! Very well-designed UI/UX-wise and easy to use :) Also for others researching, a couple of notes: it’s definitely not a “fast results” kind of program; or at least it wasn’t for me. It’s more about changing your whole lifestyle, which takes time. Also the coach was not super helpful for me - they don’t respond in a very personalized way (was wondering if it was a bot for a little while) and only check in semi-regularly, so if that’s a big priority for you, I would look elsewhere. It’s more of a reminder, “keep you on track” tool than actual personalized guidance, which was a little disappointing..Version: 7.8.0

NOOM accessible and easy to useI am just 4 weeks into my programme with Noom. So far, I’m finding it user friendly. It is also delivering on what it sets out to achieve. I really like the blend of Science, Psychology and practical which seem to be supporting me in developing better habits and behaviours around eating. I believe this will teach me sustainable habits to maintain a healthy weight. 👌.Version: 8.37

Lost 82 lbsThis has been completely life changing. Some of the negative reviews below are really from people who have found some of the changes uncomfortable. If you follow this gentle programme you will lose weight. It will be uncomfortable and challenging along the way - we are talking about changing a lifetime of habits and attitudes to food and exercise. But it’s fun. I lost 82 lbs and am now at a healthy weight for the first time in 18 years. My waist has gone from 42”+ to 34”. I feel lighter, fitter and happier. And I am confident that I have the tools now to keep that weight off long term. Yes it costs a bit up front - but I’ve saved at least that in what I used to spend on lattes. And you don’t have to give anything up for ever. And it has been worth every penny. Noom doesn’t get the weight off - you do. But Noom gives the tools, support and accountability you need. Give it a go..Version: 9.4.0

Thank you NoomIncreasingly , for better or worse , society has become smartphone centric . Noom takes advantage of this in a good way . It almost gamify’s your journey of weight loss . It won’t appeal to everyone but for me I love it and really helps . The Psychology approach to weight loss is not only helpful but interesting and could easily be used for different elements of your life . I am stoked.Version: 9.37.0

NoomGood: Noom is working for me after many years of trialed weight loss. I do not feel deprived. The combination of tracking food, exercise and water along with the education is good. Very glad I joined. Price was reasonable. Opportunities: Too many inaccuracies in the food log database and too many entries for the same food type. On demand coach response time is slow (days instead of hours). Group coach is too scripted. Groups include to broad of differences (The FB group I joined is more beneficial). Too little transparency with app capabilities (I.e. have to reach out to coach to find out how color categories are calculated, how to make recipes, how to see average of color intake over time, etc.), too little transparency on cost and how it is calculated. Members compare prices, which lends itself into thinking price per month varies. Likewise feedback amongst members seems to imply continuing membership prices and what information you retain also lacks transparency (I am not to that stage yet for first hand experience). Suggestion: Build on app to allow members to see to see caloric intake, food colors, water intake, on average in time segments. This will help members to correlate weight gain/loss and plateaus with areas of the program they can improve in. To go back day by day doesn’t give a birds eye look. Perhaps coaches can see this, but members should be able to see directly..Version: 9.14.0

So worth itLike all good things and all things good, you have to work at it...hard. This road takes commitment and absolute determination and if you’re not prepared to put in 100 percent to make this work then you’re wasting your time and your money. But, if you are prepared to do the hard yards then this is sooo worth it. I am a boomer and I have learned new things, brilliant new things, when I thought I was too old and knew everything there was to know ... so jaded. Now I feel as though there is nothing I can’t conquer. The world is all new again. If you’re serious, do it. No regrets..Version: 8.6.0

TLThis is easy and fun to use. My friend used it and lost 40 lbs. I’m on day 7 and down 6 lbs and feeling much lighter and better. I have no diet. No restrictions. Just guidelines. It works..Version: 9.14.0

Making Peace with FoodI have been eating disordered most of my life. My mother was always heavy, as was her mother, and from childhood I feared being fat. This led to a lifelong obsession with my body and an epic struggle as I waged war against my body. In high school and university, I had a lovely, slim figure. At 5’6” I weighed between 115 and 125. At 125, I felt heavy. I banned myself from the beach always struggling to be skinny though I had a perfect figure (34-24-34). I never ate lunch. In five years of high school and five years of college, I never ate breakfast or lunch. As a working woman, I starved myself, binged on junk and then hated myself. It’s been a viscous cycle that has ruined my life and relationships. I became a runner in high school. If I ate, I gained weight, I told myself. Food was the enemy. Any time I successfully lost weight - always the same 15 to 20 pounds - it was because I starved myself and exercised obsessively. On NOOM, I eat 6 times a day and I eat healthy foods, which I’ve always eaten. I have not had to change the food that I eat, but I do limit portions. I eat throughout the day things that I like, which means I have energy and don’t go to the store to buy junk food after work to reward my misery. I’m satisfied throughout the day. I walk for exercise and I’m losing weight. I’m at peace with my body and at peace with food. I’m at peace with walking instead of running, which I can’t do currently. Thank you NOOM for being that parent to teach me how to eat in a healthy way. I never had that before. I’m 55 and I am learning that I deserve to eat and be satiated. I’m worthy of food and peace..Version: 8.11.0

Love the app and the program!NOOM is awesome. Very practical, helpful and encouraging. Learning and applying a lot of the advice!.Version: 9.14.0

Life ChangingI highly recommend this app and program to anyone feeling frustrated about an inability to lose weight and to keep it off. There is no secret ingredient or weird eating regime. This program is written and facilitated by psychologists who specialise in coaching people in a healthy lifestyle and assisting them to reach their weight loss goals. The best part is not having to give up foods that are treats, rather eating them only occasionally and learning to use them as rewards. Your program is tailored to individual situations and goals. You have a personal coach who is available for any queries or to guide you through challenges. Most importantly, participants learn why it is they overeat, learn about their relationship with food and how to change poor habits. Then once you reach your weight loss goal, you learn how to maintain your new weight. I have lost 10kg in three months and am very happy. I feel healthy, have more energy, and am confident that my new svelte me will stay this way! The cost of the program was a fabulous investment. I now continue to use the free version of the app to maintain my weight. Thank you Noom ...and good luck to those people who are willing to give it a try!.Version: 8.1.0

This worked for me!Zoom helped me lose weight. (I was only dealing with about 10lbs TBH) I’ve always had a pretty heathy diet. But the logging made me more aware of portion sizes & snacking. Turns out those were what was keeping me from getting to where I wanted to be. Highly recommend..Version: 8.12.0

Enjoyable and Totally Worth ItI’ve really enjoyed my journey with Noom, i’ve been using the app for 6 weeks now and have lost a decent amount of weight (start weight: 11st 2Ibs, current weight: 10st 8Ibs). It’s given me a different mind set about food, taught me some tools and techniques about how to keep healthy and work towards my goal in my everyday environment. I’m part of a group on there who are very supportive so I don’t feel alone and am learning from them too. The only thing I would say is that it seems a bit more tailored towards american culture and also the price felt a bit too high at first but I managed to negotiate this down a bit so i’m happy with what i’m paying, I would definitey recommend at least trying the free trial to see if it’s for you and they don’t pressure you to join at all. If you want to cancel though make sure you look into how to do this early on to avoid being charged a large amount.Version: 8.11.0

Me!Absolutely fabulous, love this. It works and it helps you to be in control and understand how and why we eat what we do. It stops the feeling of guilt that we have if we go astray, for example if we have a meal out and fall off the wagon. Noom makes you feel that it’s ok because you have to live your life too, and that we just have to get back to it without days or weeks of giving up and binge eating. I love that we weigh in everyday, I don’t know any other system that does that. It shows your path. Noom has helped me to NOT be afraid of food and to make this work for me. The Cognitive therapy is brilliant, it’s like talking one to one with a knowledgeable friend and only takes 10 mins of your time. Just a shame It wasn’t around when I was 16. At 68 I’m just happy that can do something to help my last “trimester” 🙏🏻❤️🥰.Version: 8.24.0

Over priced but worked for me!I have been using Noom for about 5 months and lost about 2 stone so it’s worked for me - I personally just really like the daily weight graph tracker to keep me focused. I initially enjoyed the daily lessons and definitely learned some useful psychology around my eating but as time goes on finding them less useful and interesting. However I do think it’s very expensive £99 for 6 months - I was also upsold a personalised recipe & exercise plan when I did the trial and both were a complete waste of money - generic recipes & exercise sent in a PDF so advise don’t pay extra for these. The coach element I never used & I really wish you could switch off the Group chat element which you keep being pushed back into. So coming up to my renewal I wish there was a ‘lite’ option so I could pay a nominal sum to keep tracking my weight but opt out of coach/group etc but as there isn’t won’t renew it’s too expensive for the elements I use..Version: 9.29.0

More than just a ‘diet’I have been using Noom for the past few weeks. What I love about the program is that it really educates you about food and the psychology behind what makes us gain weight. No food is off limits, everything can be enjoyed in moderation. The program is customised to the individual. There are a lots of useful tools and lots of support. Where they could improve is with the functionality of the meal logging section, there are inconsistencies, there is no option to copy meals from previous days and most Australian bar codes are not recognised. I also was disappointed that if you want a meal plan or fitness plan designed for you (which would no doubt be auto generated) then you had to pay more. So I opted out of that and just bought the basic plan. Overall I do think it is a great program that aims to change eating styles for life rather than simply shed weight quickly..Version: 9.2.0

NoomaliciousWeight loss has always been a challenge particularly as I am older. For me I would be searching for that light bulb moment. I now start my day by reading the course content. Doesn’t take more than 5-10 mins and resets my thoughts for the day, provides me with targets and goals AND more importantly reminds me not to be hard on myself. This is a process and a life long change. With the food journaling, I would like to see the option of being able to load the foods that are not scannable. I would also change a couple of things with regards to creating my own meals. Other than that this is an awesome app that teaches you how to understand yourself, your triggers and what food choices are better than others..Version: 8.34.0

Nooming along nicelyI have been Nooming now for 4 weeks. My weight has dropped 3kg (about 6.6 lbs) and I have still managed a good Mother’s Day celebration in that time as well. I am not seeing this as a diet but instead my lifestyle change. For me, it is good to be accountable so the food logging is great and keeps me mindful of my food intake. I love that it is called my budget because that makes it positive. If I want to fit a glass of wine into my budget - well that is easy. I am still eating lots of food I like - looking at recipes and keeping lots of variety in meals. The articles I read each day are interesting and explanatory of so much relating to food and our connections to it. The support people help to keep you on track which personalises the whole approach. A great science based programme to healthy eating and living..Version: 8.10.0

You have to believe!The psychology is great and the humour helps. It’s a bit too American (food suggestions, life references, etc) so - for me - the extra purchase of the meal add-on was a complete waste of money. I love recording the food I eat, but they need to work on this aspect - you should be able to set your preferred measure (eg metric versus cups) and it should remember your choice. I’m afraid that having to change every time from their default ¼ cup (random!) of something to the grams equivalent every time is a pain. Then there’s the weight loss. The jury is out for me - I had about 10 kg to lose, so not inconsiderable - and have only come down 2 after 12 weeks. Better than nothing, but slower than imagined. Maybe results are quicker for people who ate badly before and had even more to lose. You have to want it to work, and believe in the psychology otherwise you will be disappointed..Version: 9.12.0

Reached my Goal Weight in 2 monthsLost 6.5kg all thanks to Noom keeping me accountable. I did the 2 week trial thinking I’d cancel it before I was charged but started seeing the benefits and results from using this app. For me diets never worked. What I liked about Noom is you can eat your normal food, no special grocery items needed and you soon learnt which foods to eat more of and which foods to get less of. Also learnt heaps of physiology tips. Very easy to use..Version: 8.6.0

Good ideas but execution is lackingI enjoyed some aspects of this ap. The articles and quizzes were interesting and informative. However, the coaching and other aspects were lacking. I’m not sure if my coach was a real person or just computer generated responses to my comments. All “her” comments were pretty bland and generic. In addition, you are apparently supposed to be placed in a group with other Noom members for support which I never was. When I asked about the group 6 weeks later I was put into a “quiet group” with others who also had never been put into an “active group,” had cancelled membership (me) or out there for a few other reasons. I kinda felt like I was in trouble for no reason. Several of us asked to be put into an active group so we could see if this made a difference in our ap experience but, no response after 48 hours. I am also in agreement with others that the food logging is lacking. After a somewhat timely process of entering a few “meals” they didn’t show up in my food for the day nor did it recall my “meal” the following week. Lastly, I really wanted to concentrate on toning and building muscle and not as much on losing weight. Although I listed this in my goals there was no way to track this nor was this ever brought up by my coach. This is not a cheap ap at $49/month. Definitely not worth it to me..Version: 6.8.0

I’ve lost weight and gained knowledge, but I have some concernsI generally like this app. It works for me and has made me more mindful about what I eat and how I eat. I was needlessly eating calorie dense foods when I love the healthier options (who knew how many calories there were in vegetable oil?? Eating far more grilled stuff and sitting at the table to eat, free from distraction.) It builds long lasting change. My concern is that this low calorie diet plan can be tricky if you also have other dietary requirements (intolerances, vegan). I messaged my coach to say I was feeling low in energy and fatigued, and there really wasn’t support there yet or any good suggestions. So I’ve taken it upon myself to eat more ‘red foods’ like nuts and food high in b12 and iron, and go above the 1,200 calorie restriction to 1,500 calories on days when I feel like I need it. Also adding a supplement to my diet. I’m nearly at a normal BMI (26) so I’m taking it a bit easier on myself. Would love to see trained dieticians as coaches on the app..Version: 8.27.0

NoomThe Noom Program is incredibly accurate and insightful. Noom is strongly supported by studies and research. The coaches are quickly responsive to all questions and add excellent input to the Noom Group chat. The “scary” mystique engendered by many weight loss programs IS GONE! If you apply the direction suggested by the Noom Program you will positively change your life. Thank you, John Foster.Version: 9.13.0

Remarkable SuccessI just finished my one year subscription with Noom and it was the best money I ever spent! I started last Jan at 215lbs. I saw the commercial on TV, New Years Eve and thought the app looked colorful and fun like a game. I thought it would be entertaining enough to keep my interest, but it was so much more. I learned about all the eating mistakes I was making. I learned what to eat, what to limit, what to increase. Because of my immediate success during the trial, I decided to pay for the subscription. I just wanted to get under 200lbs and be in less pain! Noom helped me work through so many of my life issues where I was stuck! I hit my goal and kept going. I felt like the pace was perfect. The lessons were really motivating, and the group was safe and encouraging. I hit 162.5 in October. Because of Noom I challenged myself to create a more balanced lifestyle. I started walking, then running, and finished 2 5K’s. I’m now Snowshoeing several times a week and have signed up for 5 - 5K’s in 2020. My work has improved so much, I’ve received several raises and so much encouragement. All my coworkers are inspired as well as many friends who have joined Noom too! I’ve managed to keep the weight off even through the holidays and now in Winter. Noom really works, especially if you have some supportive encouraging friends to walk and share with. If you do this, and stay really honest with yourself, it works, no excuses!.Version: 8.1.0

A real review, from someone who rarely posts reviewsSimply put: I was a total skeptic, as my experience of these things is that they are both expensive and rarely work. Big surprise: Noom really does work. I’ve been on it for about 6 weeks and have already lost 5 pounds, and it has never felt like a chore, a burden. or a project. And this occurred with my 50th birthday AND Thanksgiving in the middle, folks. Wow. Just gradual, natural, and healthy. I’ve formed new and better eating habits, am far better at balancing the types of food I eat, and have gotten past several (inevitable) low periods with the help of my coach and Noom’s cognitive behavior-changing content - which is really fun and life-affirming to read, I promise you. Best moment: when I asked the coach if I could slip in a dose of my favorite French toast every so often and she replied, “Are you kidding? Of course! It’s all about moderation!” It’s lovely to hear that from someone other than myself - and I enjoyed every bite, and then went right back to my regular habits. Didn’t have any regrets, didn’t start craving more. Bottom line: most apps/plans target only one or two pieces of the puzzle. Noom is an end-to-end strategy put into practice, that really helps you learn how to become healthier - while enjoying it! I rarely write reviews, but these guys deserve a great one. Thanks, Noom!.Version: 8.37

Mostly great,The app it’s self is mostly easy and simplistic. I do find it a little annoying when you add a food into a meal time you can’t go back and forth below the different meals to see what you’ve eaten, you have to come out of that the whole section and go back to the home page and then start again. It would be great if you could look up foods to see the calories before deciding on what your going to have, but you can’t do that unless you make it out like you’re going to log a meal. Over all it’s good though and the program, the information and support are really helping me. There are no meal plans, just good advice, guidance and information to help you learn how and why we make the choices few we do, and how to change those bad habits etc. It’s a science thing. I’m loosing a 1kg a week. I’ve bit survived a diet this long before and it’s no longer such an effort. Definitely worth the money.Version: 6.14.0

Took the plungeI had lost weight before and thought I knew how to do it, having gained it all back again. I kept at my previous menu, not realizing that it was written for the Me I was when I was doing all the workouts and needed to maintain the weight I was at. So wouldn’t you know, the scale would never say anything different and I just thought it might be the age playing into my non-budging scale. I half-assedly got on Noom and it did seem pricey at first but you have to realize that it is to keep you accountable. And I needed someone to keep me accountable. The texts are written in a fun, upbeat manner, with a lot of challenges and pop quizzes #NoomNerdslovepopquizzes) and there is a forum for a small group of other Noom participants to share on. Some people are definitely not comfortable doing it because I only see a handful of people who write in the forum all the time. But when people share, it seems to really have an impact. My personal story is a little heavy (pun intended) and people started to share and really get deep. It was a bit cathartic. There is also someone assigned to you who personally takes you through your journey and checks in weekly. At the end of the day, you are investing in yourself so you can decide if you and your health are worth it..Version: 8.14.0

Love!I love Noom I have lost 10lbs in just over two months! More importantly I am moving more and drinking more water which has been a goal of mine for a long time. I have also been able to change my mindset using Noom and now think about food in a much more healthy way!.Version: 9.13.0

Amazing AppI have struggled with weight basically my whole life, I’ve been on countless diets throughout the years. I discovered NOOM on a Pinterest ad about a year ago and debated weather or not to give it a go, about a week ago I realised I was finally at a point in my life where it is time to feel good about myself. Yes, I have only been on NOOM for one week today but I can honestly say it is a great program. The little motivation tasks you get everyday help so much, I think also the fact that you have to weigh yourself everyday keeps you accountable for your actions. (A little tough love never hurt anyone) to all the people that have struggled with weight issues, eating disorder, body shame, etc. Please give this app a go, I am not getting paid to write this. This is a real review from a real person, please do something great for yourself!.Version: 8.15.0

SupportiveReally great, helps with motivation and commitment. Lots of support and ideas about what’s happening, why . Keeps you on track . Highly recommended.Version: 8.22.0

It used to be goodI have been using the app for two years, and it was effective and user-friendly. But for three months it hasn’t worked. No calorie allowance, far too long to log meals, just buggy as a picnic. It’s frustrating to watch Noom commercials stumping for new customers when the existing customers are being shafted..Version: 8.14.0

Enjoyable Weightloss ProgrammeI started Noom 5 weeks ago after being fed up for quite a while about my weight. I didn’t want to to do a rigid weightloss programme - fitting round the family is key. I find the short ‘lessons’ written in a really easy format which means I take the info in and apply it. By making small changes to the way and what I eat, I’ve lost my constant desire to snack, prefer healthier foods but love that if you want to, you can still have a magnum ice cream! It’s really working for me and that’s in a very short space of time. I feel so much healthier, have more energy, am eating more fruit & veg because I want to. The biggie for me is because I have so much more energy I want to do some exercise which I’ve been really unmotivated about for a couple of years now. This probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s genuinely working for me and a work colleague has found the same. Give it a go!.Version: 9.14.0

Noom is awesomeI have been Nooming for 5 weeks and I really love it. It is a real weight loss program which changes habits. Highly recommend. I love the food logging as it makes you very aware what is going in your mouth..Version: 8.14.0

Accountability!!I wouldn’t say, as some reviewers did, that Noom has “changed my life.” However, I’m beginning my 6th week on the program and I am enjoying it. When I began, I was carrying around about 18 lbs that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of-and, truth be told, I was so frustrated during this pandemic that I began to gain even more weight. I am a lifetime member of WW from many years ago, so I KNEW the correct way to eat. I just couldn’t bring myself to want to be that strict. I’m 63 years old, and I used that as an excuse to just “let myself go.” I read the reviews with Noom and did their trial for 2 weeks which I liked so I joined for 3 mos. 5 weeks and down 8 lbs. I’m happy with the way it’s going. So here’s the difference with Noom: unlike diets which have you purchase their specific foods, and unlike diet programs that only focus on food, the scale, and dropping weight, Noom is the first program I’ve seen and been involved in that focuses on BEHAVIOR. Why/How am I eating? So,yes, daily weigh in’s and exercise are part of the program. But I also get a virtual support group, a separate personal “coach,” and TONS of very helpful and informative articles which have really helped me with understanding my behaviors. I don’t want to just drop these last 10 lbs. I want to never diet again. I want to change my eating behaviors forever. This program has really done that for me! 😊😊.Version: 8.15.0

Great appI’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years. I have been on this program for six weeks and whilst it is not a quick fix it helps you to address the real reasons you are over weight and it’s often not because you are lazy or eat too much but rather a lot of weight issues are due to emotions stress depression and even hormones. It gives you psychology tricks and tips to overcome the causes of grabbing the foods high in fat and sugar. It is not a diet and no food is banned but rather there is a traffic light system in place and foods are allotted a place on the system according to the calorific value to density of each food. Of Course you are encouraged to eat more green foods, less yellow foods, and a small amount of red foods but you can include anything into your budget so if you intend to eat out in the evening save the red and some of the yellow for the evening meal and eat mostly green through the day and porridge is green so it’s a healthy filling breakfast and light on calories. So far I’ve lost three kilos but I’m doing it slowly, you can opt to lose at a faster rate with a lower calorie allowance..Version: 8.27.0

Closest thing to being hypnotized!I used to always joke and say that if I could find someone to hypnotize me to make me hate pizza I would be just fine...... Noom pretty much did just that (without the hypnosis- haha). The tips and ideas were small, easy to maintain, and really made sense. Losing weight wasn’t for a group or other people- it basically just taught me little things that help me keep on track and made losing weight simple-more of a lifestyle and not something I “had” to do. I have felt for too long this pressure of having to please others and it always threw me into a down slide. It’s not for’s for me! It explained why I hit a plateau. It explained when and why I feel hungry and the science behind it. It wasn’t overwhelming- it actually made sense and made me look forward to the 10 minutes or so a day I had to read my info. I finished my subscription about two months ago. After, I chose to stop the live Noom updates and just keep the free version. I love that this app pushes you to do that and not “live on a diet”. I have managed to maintain my weight and find it has turned into just my way of life and not something I just finished… I didn’t run back to everything that I used to overeat because this app taught me that I should make it a point to eat special treats. This app just taught me how to do it so that I’m not going overboard constantly. I owe my new midlife body and mindset to Noom!.Version: 8.19

Overall pretty happyBeen doing Noom for the last 4 weeks. Overall I am pretty happy. I think the logging of my meals keeps me honest and motivates me to rethink my temptations. I like the learning modules. I am familiar with most of the psychological concepts but it does help to spend some time most days to go over them to reinforce those weight loss methods that really do help. The Noom App nags you to stay on track. This helps as well. I do think the recipes could be sorted better. I paid extra for the meal plan and exercise plan and I think, for me personally, this is a waste of money..Version: 9.14.0

It’s a great support systemI have been using Noom for about two months. Having the support both from the articles in the app and the group chat have definitely helped me. I went in with about 50 pounds to lose to get to a healthy weight, and I needed an easy, nonjudgemental place to start. Currently I’m down about 24 pounds, feeling great. The app offers me support and gives me someone to talk to about my struggles that people in my everyday life just don’t understand. It’s somewhat customizable, I wanted to lose weight quicker, so I might have a different “calorie budget” than others. The app didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know about weight loss. If you think you can lower your calorie consumption and exercise regularly on your own, then you might not need this. But for me it’s important to have daily reminders and tips on the psychology behind weight loss. My criticism would be on the payment plan. The app charges you four months all at once after the free trial. At $44 a month, it’s a big chunk of cash for a broke college student like me. I would have preferred to pay by month to lessen the load. I found myself using a lot of the features from the app at first, but now I think I have the hang of it. I would have tried a period of time without the app to continue weight loss but the money has already been spent..Version: 8.6.0

Love it!I’m 5 weeks in and have lost 16lbs. I’ve tried all the other diets etc out there and have never been able to stick to it or loose much weight but I’m finding NOOM really good. I’m a health professional myself working for the NHS so I know what’s healthy to do and not in regards to what’s out there And NOOM is brilliant for promoting healthy lifestyle and food habit changes whilst teach g you a great deal about why you eat what you do, when you eat it and how much and what goes on your plate. I don’t go without treats, I still have that slice of cake or those cheese and crackers but I don’t feel guilt about it anymore! I have a hell of a lot more energy and am spending so much more quality time with my 9 month old daughter now that I’m not feeling so lethargic and lacking in energy all the time. I’m already unconsciously making better food choices after only 5 weeks snd am on target to hit my big goal in September! Thanks to NOOM!!.Version: 9.4.0

Great!7 weeks in and I have lost 20 kilos!.Version: 8.20

Worth it- for me. 👍🏻I was skeptical when I first started the trial. I have been through Weight Watchers, at least five times in my adult lifespan. It’s a good program, it teaches you how to eat. But at this stage of my life it did not fit into my busy schedule. I did not have time to work around the limited meetings in my area to weigh in. Roughly a month into this program, I have lost almost 10 pounds without much inconvenience, LOL-if that’s a good description. The things I mark it down for are a limited data base when you go to scan in a food to add it to your daily intake. That will improve with time. (I’m certainly helping, you can choose to input your food info as you go). I’d have to say that these people are on your case 24/7 to help keep you on track. You also have access to multiple other people who are doing this at the same time you are. I think the message board could be organized in a better fashion, to be more user-friendly and to allow you to have access to multiple threads at one time without being confused. All in all, I’m going to stick with this because it fits into my life at this time. It addresses psychological issues as to why people choose to eat what they eat, and why they overeat the wrong things. You are given the tools, should you choose to use them, to deal with these situations that affect those of us who have always had a complicated relationship with food..Version: 7.1.0

Thanks NoomIt’s been great using Noom. I’ve been trying to change my eating habits all my life. This is the first time I feel that I can make long tasting lifestyle changes..Version: 9.43.0

Noom is a life changer 10/10I have been 30-40 kilograms (66-88lbs) overweight for 30 years. I have tried everything including the extreme measure of lap band surgery. Like every other attempt my weight came back as my ingrained bad habits kicked back in. Noom is so different because is actually addresses the core problem BAD HABITS. The scientific but fun and easy to understand approach to these issues really resonates with me. Noom has made me understand why I have failed in the past & more importantly made me understand how to finally succeed in taking control into the future. I have been on Noom for just over a month & I have lost 9 kilograms (20lbs) without once feeling hungry. I have completely changed my relationship with food & I couldn’t be happier. My energy levels are through the roof & my family & friends are amazed at my new found resolve to reverse a lifetime of bad choices. I couldn’t recommend Noom highly enough!.Version: 8.36.1

I’m loving Noom & it’s working for meThis is not a diet more an education in how to re-programme the way you look at food so that you achieve your ideal goal whether that be to lose weight or just eat more healthily. After 4 weeks I honestly can’t remember my life before clothes are looser (I’ve lost nearly 4kg), I feel better, my diet is really healthy & I’ve not felt hungry or deprived of anything despite cutting back on over 500 calories a day. I really believe that when I’ve got to the end of the course that my life will be improved as I’ll have achieved my weight target (to lose 10kg) will automatically choose a healthier diet as a result of understanding sheds loads more about nutrition, plus will have a stronger body as a result of embracing 10-20mins of light strength training 3-4 times a week 👍 I recommend anyone who has similar aims to give it a go..Version: 8.36.1

Helped me get back on trackWhat I liked: the motivation to weigh in, the weight chart, most of the content (although it’s very cutesy and hashtag-heavy), and the ability to log exercise. What I though was pretty good: the calorie-logging function. I have nothing to compare it to short of reading labels and writing on paper, so I don’t know how it compares in simplicity and accuracy with other apps that might be out there. I thought it was pretty easy. What I didn’t use or find helpful: The weekly check-in from my goal specialist and the group coaching. Once a week I would get asked a generic question by my specialist. They only communicate with you once a week. Also, group coaching on an app is just not for me. I don’t want to be looking at my phone all day and reading other people’s responses and trying to figure out what to say back. That is way too time-consuming. So after the first introduction I never went back to the group. I didn’t have too much weight to lose, I signed up to give me some accountability for what I was eating. It was eye-opening. I liked Noom for tracking what I ate and making me think differently. I did it for two months and it helped, I took off the few lbs I wanted to lose and have maintained within a couple pounds. I have to say, when following the program, I was almost always hungry! Losing weight is no joke..Version: 7.4.1

My personal trainer in a pocketI love this app! It is helping me to lose weight and be more mindful of what I eat. I haven’t stopped eating the things I like that are naughty eg. stuff from the Redzone but I have learnt to keep them to a minimum and only use them as treats or rewards. The best thing about this app is that it learns who you are and uses that knowledge to help you. Whoever writes the sections has a great sense of humour and that really helps me too. I’m not a big fan of exercise but even this to seems achievable and so far I’ve hit all my goals. I highly recommend this app for people who live alone and don’t have the support that you can get from family members when trying to lose weight. PS I’ve lost 5ks in 2 weeks..Version: 6.6.0

It worksHadn’t managed to shift my middle aged tummy - within a month on Noom it had gone. Lots of stuff here depending on what motivates you - a personal coach, a group of fellow noomers to share things with, logging food (gets easier with time) articles to read etc..Version: 8.21.0

A plan with a differenceAs someone who has battled eating issues her whole life, Noom is the first ‘diet’ plan that I’ve found that focuses on the ‘why’ we eat what we eat. There is a daily calorie limit but you choose what you eat to fill that and you can increase this with exercise! You’re taught about the better foods to eat but more importantly - why they are better. You are asked to think about why you are eating - hunger, mood, emotions - sometimes a bit challenging but it really makes you think! You also get a goal specialist who checks in weekly, a group to ‘chat’ with, bounce ideas off and share those bad days with, oh, and a coach - so there’s plenty of support. So far it’s made me think, I lose about a pound a week (and that includes my blips along the way!) The only downside I’ve found so far is logging new foods, there’s quite a few I’ve found that aren’t on here and with apps like My Fitness Pal you can scan the bar codes but on here you need to enter them manually. I’d recommend Noom, it really is worth a try but be prepared to work at it!! I’m certainly going to stick with it!! Good luck!!.Version: 8.2.0

You will not regret this appI’d ran out of options for kickstarting my diet/fitness plans. I read about Noom on social media and liked the sound of it. I’m just over a third way through the entire course and am not disappointed . Highly recommended! Update: Having finished the course, I stand by my recommendation. Noom takes you on an exploration of your health, diet and fitness in the broadest and deepest possible terms. There is MUCH to learn but the content is delivered in easily digestible bite-sized pieces and the narrative is unpretentious, fun and accessible. You’d probably do well to have a pen and a notepad….I have learned a lot about myself from the articles posted and consequently am in a much better place mentally, physically and holistically. The community is there if you want to share in it as well as a one-to-one coach to vent, seek advice and get support. There’s a whole load of recipes to try out too and there is a plethora of “psych tricks” to keep you on track and develop better habits and a better relationship to food, fitness and life in general. Invest a little money, the pay-offs are in perpetuity..Version: 9.39.0

Life without Noom - Impossible!I have struggled with losing weight all my life, stuck in the yo yo syndrome. Lose it, Gain more. Have tried numerous calorie counter apps and worked with several nutritionists. After completing a Restart program and doing a three week sugar detox, my mind was set to eat healthier. My daughter recommended that I try Noom and I can’t be happier. Noom is way more than a calorie counter app. It is based on psychology, science, and sociology. Boom! The missing link to everything else I’ve tried. You have a personal coach who works with you to get you over hurdles, set goals, gives positive feedback and encouragement. You also have a group coach and a group to share successes and setbacks. You receive daily articles covering all kinds of topics: understanding the Noom color system, setting goals, becoming a portion master, taming your elephant and making your rider strong, how to get through the dreaded plateau, and so much more. SO MUCH MORE! The app makes it easy to log your meals/ snacks and has a library of great recipes. I’m starting my ninth week and am very happy with my weight loss and progress. I have made good habits, eating healthier, moving more, sleeping better, and BELIEVING in myself. Take a journey with Noom and see how it changes your life! It has mine!.Version: 7.11.0

Totally supported weight lossNoom gets 5 stars. It is a realistic Programme that if you persevere with you will win. The expectation that you weigh daily and read the lessons (which are factual and scientifically supported ) is very motivational. I have never trusted a weight loss programme before as I’d failed too many time but I KNOW and believe that I will achieve my weight goal with Noom as it is already happening. Initially having a online coach was a great help then at an appropriate time, about 4 weeks, you join a group who are at a similar stage and help each other. Weight loss is hard and requires you to develop new eating habits and an understanding of your own relationship with food and the choices you make. Noom has done that for me. I feel very grateful for Noom -the lessons - the research- the support..Version: 9.36.0

When you need something differentI jumped into my Noom journey like most impulse buys, 2am stressing and worrying. The next morning I worried that I’d made a mistake. I was wrong. Noom is for people who not only need to lose weight but need help to change the way they see themselves and their weight loss journey. And it has changed me. I have lost nearly 8kg in the 3 months - yes I hear you all - that’s not a lot. But I’ve tried all the “lose weight fast” and for me they are not sustainable. Noom gives you the tools to lose weight, keep it off and not be dependant to a food service or program for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me that I can do it..Version: 6.18.0

Great program, ok appSo Noom is great for having multiple methods to keep you focused and engaged. The program is pretty good although unfortunately I’m not feeling much of a connection with my goal specialist. What I’m really likely is the food logging and categorisation. I’ve done meal logging before and it worked fairly well but the Noom method is making my so much more aware of the types of food I’m eating. One thing that is extraordinarily annoying is when logging an item that isn’t already in the Noom database. If I put all the info in one day then eat that thing the next day I have to enter all the info again. Would be better if it was saved as a your foods or something like that..Version: 9.12.0

Better than expectedI’ve had good success with this program. It took twice as long as predicted, but then again I didn’t try very hard. In fact, I feel like I did very little and it still worked! The group stuff is great, the goal specialist is ok so long as you keep your expectations in check. The content, while the real content lasts, is excellent. It would be better slowed down and stretched out a bit, so it’s easier to retain. Pros: 1. The program really works! 2. Activity/Active Calories/Steps data works flawlessly with Apple Watch/health kit 3. The support group and group coaches are awesome 4. Can read data from other (more robust and free) logging apps like MyFitnessPal if you prefer. 4. Great content for the first month or two My complaints: 1. Food database is better than expected but nowhere near as great as MFP. 2. Logging salads is the worst. There’s no way to save meals or create recipes to save time 3. Weird technical issues. For example, if you want to change payment plans you have to delete the app and start over (Or so I was told). 4. Goal Specialists are hit or miss. 5. There’s no pricing to continue with your group and logging after you’ve reached your goal. So you continue to pay a premium price, or you quit. 6. The red, yellow, green ratio doesn’t quite work for vegetarians.Version: 6.12.0

It works, and their customer service is great.I completed the 6 month course about 2 months ago, and I would recommend it to anyone who is prepared to read and reflect for ten minutes a day. I reached my goal weight (at the top of my BMI) during the course and I was thrilled to see that after finishing the course I have been given the skills to keep the weight off. In fact, after a break, I’ve reset my goal to the middle of my BMI and I’m using what I learned without help reach it. I’m chuffed to say that it’s working. I’ve gone from struggling with weight and self control to being able to _choose_ what I weigh. Of course I’m happy to have spent the money, which doesn’t seem to me to be that much when I see how it’s improved my life. Speaking of money, at the end of the course I forgot to stop the automatic renewal. Of course I got billed... but I sent one in app message to one person and the money was refunded within 3 hours. I’ve got a pretty high opinion of Noom. If you’re prepared to think about what you’re doing and you’re up for change then I reckon you should give it a go..Version: 9.9.0

Highly recommend NoomI am a 52 year old menopausal women and believed that weight would not come off. I am a petite person but went to 10.5 stone and was shocked, I began to accept this and really felt sluggish and unhealthy. I then came across NOOM. Best ever decision I made for my health and well-being. In 6 weeks I have lost a stone, I feel fantastic, my menopausal symptoms are greatly reduced and the food I am eating is so much tastier. I don’t get pains in my tummy and I am sleeping so much better. I never ate a lot of fish but I have introduced that and surprisingly love it. I hated tea but now drink herbal tea and this has made my sleep better. Noom educates and informs with realistic goals that we can all achieve. If I can do it, you can too. The support and app keep motivation up and it’s made me think differently about food and life, it is about awareness and allows reflection on habits..Version: 9.27.1

Incredible app that has already proven to be effectiveI’m a very active, super fit and healthy 51-year-old woman who eats healthy 90% of the time but was still overweight due to the 10%… I knew I had food addictions and was eating for comfort and boredom but was unable to stop, before I found Noom (or did Noom find me?). I’m 4 weeks into my Noom journey and have lost 4 kgs and learned an enormous amount about eating psychology and nutrition to help me set up for a healthier life the rest of my life. I haven even quit drinking wine altogether as Noom gives you the ability to make choices that fit your lifestyle, not some easy-to-follow script. That also means that when I get to my goal, I won’t be making drastic changes that risk putting it all back on in a hurry. The system of logging your food (and drinks) and Noom adding up the calories, together with the food colour system, make it a breeze making informed choices ..Version: 9.46.1

Easy to follow visible resultsUpdated review: after 40 days I have achieved my target weight (so lost 5.3kg) rather effortlessly, I can only recall two days when I felt hungry. I plateaued for a long time halfway through but persevered and now the weight is dropping at sight - both my in my clothes feeling lose and on the scale every morning. I enjoy greener foods and don’t seem to miss eating te things from my diet pre-Noom and I can still indulge in the foods I love like sushi’s and red wine. My first review after ten days was this: Sure it will ask you to walk and diet but now that the bad stuff is out of the way let’s talk about the positives, at least a few because there are too many to mention and I don’t want to give it all away, it is EASY TO FOLLOW, small easy steps to exercise, easy calorie tracking, lots of GREAT TIPS, one-to-one support, GREATER UNDERSTANDING of food and YOURSELF, and they are funny! I’ve been on it for one week, lost 2.4kg and haven’t been hungry..Version: 8.36.1

Not your typical dietI will try to update my review as I see weight loss, but I am on week 5. And this isn’t about weight loss (any longer) for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have quite a bit of weight to lose, but this app is helping me change small habits one day at a time and it’s doing more for my brain than my body right now. My body is benefiting though...I am moving more and making better food choices. I have not lost much weight yet, but my mind is definitely changing and I truly believe that weight loss and a healthy body is in my near future. If you want to try something out to make you feel better about your relationship with food and make small changes for permanent change....this is the app. It’s a lot of small daily tasks and readings, but doesn’t take too much time per day and I personally like to read more about why we do things so that I understand why I want to do them. The goal is achievable lifetime habits and I feel like I am erasing 30+ years of bad habits a little each day. Love the community aspect too...I feel like we motivate each other to keep logging in each day! Coaches check in once a week to create goals and community coaches are usually poking into the group every couple days. I think it’s less about depending on a coach and more about believing in yourself, but the coaches are there as a bonus!.Version: 7.3.2

Thanks NOOMAlthough I wasn’t hugely overweight I had definitely lost my way with my food choices. In all honesty I could not have lost weight any other way. NOOM allowed me to loose weight while eating good healthy food, meat, fruit and veggies. I feel better and my grocery bill is better as well.Version: 9.13.0

A new way of thinking about foodI highly recommend Noom. I’m 10 years post accident/multiple foot surgeries & lack of exercise & boredom l gradually gained a lot of weight. I’ve yo-yo’d trying to loose it myself & always put it back on. Noom’s approach, has completely changed how l look at food & my lifestyle (& I’m a chef) yes there’s food logging/calorie counting, but in doing that I’ve changed my eating & cooking habits, I’m enjoying much healthier cuisine. It doesn’t restrict any food just the quantities you consume each day of different types. But more so it’s not just about food it’s everything in life that makes you healthy & fit. And because you have a coach & group to communicate with, they boost you to improve in all aspects of your life. I have now started a non weight bearing workout, which I’m actually wanting to do 3 times a week - in 5 weeks (over lockdown in Melb) I’ve lost 4.5kg with them. And changed my thoughts to food so much that it’s carried over to work & I’m incorporating much healthier & still delicious menus for everyone l cook for. Without doubt Noom has changed my approach to life & my overall happiness, even though still injured l can change the health of the rest of my body..Version: 8.26.1

OutstandingThis app has the right ingredients for weight loss: it is based on evidence and the design is excellent. It starts by giving you hope, teaching you more constructive thought patterns, and setting you up mentally for the long haul. It has you log a daily weight, log all meals, do daily 5 min lessons with quizzes for reinforcement. You learn thought distortions like “after eating too many calories today, I’m losing hope I’ll ever lose weight”. Only downside is those lessons have little humorous asides that are just not funny. But it’s a small price to pay. Also I scan a food but it’s not recognised in Australia as its pantry database is very US based. After 2 weeks you join a group and a coach stimulates regular conversations. It follows cognitive behavioural therapy principles so focuses on the positive. My weight loss has been very modest so far but here’s the thing; I’ve stopped the pandemic weight gain trajectory I was on, I’ve lost a bit, am returning to habits that give slow but sustained weight loss, and actually believe I can do this without massive drama or deprivation. I was skeptical but now I’m a fan..Version: 8.22.0

Best ever!When I first signed up for Noom I thought well if nothing else I can get my money back. But I love it! I am in week 5 and down 14 lbs. I have crohns so it is really hard to stick to a healthy diet. I can’t eat whole grains. But Noom has taught me that I can eat what works for me. I found a good white bread with less calories. The reading each day was helpful because it is broke down to small bites to mentally digest! Then they will go over it again to make sure you understand. My goal specialist is great. I was having a craving for peanut butter cup. She told me to have it but I needed to find a away to do it while staying in my calorie budget. It took me a couple days but by planning for my special treat I made it work. She also checked back to see if it worked. Then she told me don’t label a food as I can never have it to I can have it however I gotta make it work in budget. Also they have a different way of looking at your food. My group is a very active group sharing our daily goals. I love Noom and had people ask what I am doing. I smile and tell them I am a noomer! Then I explain it. It hasn’t just changed my eating lifestyle but I feel my whole body, mind and soul changing. I don’t hurt as much. I now go to the gym. I am no longer a slug when I get home from work. Thank you Noom nerds, your the best!.Version: 9.3.0

Noom program works!The Noom program was great for me and I list a total of 53 lbs! Yes, there is work to do and if you allow yourself the time to do the program, it will work. It was the first diet program that actually dealt with the cognitive behaviours as to why diets fail and what to do to change your mindset. If you do, success can be obtained but you have to be willing to do the work. The only thing I didn’t like about the program was learning how to incorporate more calories to maintain your goal. I did reach out to my coach to give me the baseline to slowly add the calories back. I enjoyed the group chat. It was helpful to know that other people were having some of the same struggles. It was really helpful when other people gave you some ideas to help overcome the same situation. I highly recommend Noom! I am living proof that it works..Version: 9.13.0

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