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Recipe Gallery App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Recipe Gallery app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Recipe Gallery? Can you share your negative thoughts about recipe gallery?

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Recipe Gallery for Negative User Reviews

The App has stopped Opening RecipesI loved this app when I first started using it, but recently(over the last few months) it has been wonky about opening individual recipes. The little wheel just spins & spins. I wonder if it’s because the app isn’t compatible w/my new iPad? Or if the operating system (iOS13.6.1) no longer supports this app? Because the app still works fine on my old iPad mini. 🧐 If there is a way to update this app I would like to know how as I spent long hours adding my recipe collection into it & now I can’t access them. Help! 🙏🍒 I rec’d a response from the developers, telling me the likely reason for my trouble is I need 2 gb of unused space on my iPad for this app to work properly. And after deleting a lot of unused apps & photos I don’t care about, Recipe Gallery is working just fine again! Thanks for the tech support, guys, I really appreciate it!.Version: 5.1.3

Used to be reliable- now I don’t trust itI have used Recipe Gallery for years, and have been very happy. Recently many of the recipes I use regularly have gone missing, and I have not deleted them. I contacted the developer, who honestly, didn't help much. I use the app so much that it is difficult to create backups every time I add something new. I am going to start printing off my recipes and going back to paper copies so I have a reliable way of accessing them. I am not short on memory on my ipad, and have no way of finding these deleted recipes, or why or how they were deleted. I am not just missing my recipes, but all the notes I take along with them. I would love it if this app was more reliable, and if customer support could solve this problem..Version: 5.1.4

FrancaisEn francais serait super…….Version: 5.1.4

”Functional” would be a stretchI’m shocked at how poorly this app works—based on the other reviews I expected something much better. I can only assume they’ve paid for reviews. Uploading recipes from photos compresses the images to hell and back, so you can’t read them. Uploading a recipe “from a website” actually just screenshots the website, which, for some reason, doesn’t display properly. It, too, is rendered illegible. Uploading images or capturing websites is a tedious process—you have to upload each image or capture individually (there’s no group import function) and the app tries to crop each one, so you have to fix the crop on every image. Even if you surmount all this, the way the app DISPLAYS these images is awful. The view is cropped, and to see the whole image you have to click each thumbnail. You would be better off just storing all your recipes in a text file. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money..Version: 4.3.2

Tremendously misleadingI thought this app was my Holy Grail :-( I wanted an app which would take recipes in my books and magazines and transform them into consistently formatted searchable text. This isn't that app. This app takes a photo of the recipe and sends it to a server which searches for "food-related words" and stores them with the recipe. It doesn't actually give you a nice easy to read recipe; what you get is your crappy photo, and the ability to search on some of the words in the recipe. And since you can't see what the OCR has succeeded in recognising, you might find that some recipes don't turn up in searches even though they should. Hugely disappointed and angry with the mendacious wording of the app description..Version: 3.1.1

Michael BSucks! Clunky, time consuming, does not save time and is terrible to work with. Waste of money! Dont buy.Version: 3.1.1

Can't live without this!With the majority of new recipes online these days having a program like this is indispensable. You can save a bookmark but it's useless if you want to take notes on modifications. I don't import the web pages because I'm always low on space so I copy the link and put it in there. Sometimes recipe web sites go away too though so if you do go ahead and import those pages then you have those recipes forever. It's pretty straight forward to use. I love being able to do a search and get a list of recipes that include an ingredient or a keyword! So if I picked up an eggplant at a farmers market for instance I can easily get a list of all the recipes that include that. It has one annoying bug. When you do a search sometimes a category heading won't scroll off the page with the rest of the search results as you scroll down. That is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars.Version: 4.1.2

Not for meThe app description gave the impression that one can import recipes from a website but it really only allows you to take photos. So if the recipe is long or from a blog, you have to capture multiple images, crop and size them before saving each one separately - who has the time and I Can do that with my camera anyway. There are better apps that just import the link without you having to edit anything and voila recipe saved. My money wasted I’m afraid. 😟.Version: 4.5.5

AppallingMy recipe is completely unreadable!! I can’t give any less than 1 star but it should be negative. Totally useless..Version: 5.0.1

Ok productJust purchased for primarily the OCR function, and disappointed to find that the recipe isn’t converted to text and instead a photo of the recipe is saved (and is searchable through OCR). Feel a bit misled by the suggestion of OCR. I plan to delete from my phone and use a different app instead:-(.Version: 4.3.2

Doesn't workWould be a very useful app except the capture button turns the screen black and jumps out of the app. Tried copying and pasting from website instead which seemed to work at first then the whole recipe disappeared from the recipe list once I had finished..Version: 2.1

Don’t believe the reviewsI don’t understand how people are giving this app 5 stars. They must be fake reviews. This app does nothing more than Evernote or Google Keep does. First of all, the “behind the scenes” OCR doesn’t work at all. When you pull in a picture of a recipe, or a web page, all you end up with is a picture of the recipe. You can’t search it, you can’t find an ingredient in it. You even have to take multiple pictures of a website recipe to get it all. The whole “save a recipe from Safari” really does nothing but bookmark the page. When you open the bookmark in the recipe app, you still have to take multiple pictures of the website to add the recipe to the app. Which still isn’t searchable b/c the OCR doesn’t work. You can manually type in a recipe in a text editor (literally like the canned “Notes” app). The app just saves the text. The app won’t generate a shopping list, it doesn’t know how to double or half a recipe b/c it knows nothing about measurements or ingredients or anything. It’s literally just a text document. Save your money, like i said, Google Keep or Evernote does the EXACT same thing as this app for free. And actually does it better. (Don’t at me started about the black bars that appear in your image when you have to take a picture of a web page.).Version: 4.1

Does not do text recognitionDon't recommend. It doesn't do what it describes..Version: 2.2.2

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