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Hilton Honors: Book Hotels App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Hilton Honors: Book Hotels app received 61 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hilton Honors: Book Hotels? Can you share your negative thoughts about hilton honors: book hotels?

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Hilton Honors: Book Hotels for Negative User Reviews

Disappoints more than wows!I'm not sure why companies that have poor products ask for reviews. This app is woeful or just about adequate. 1. Prisoner rates. They give you the "Honors" price but not their best price. They fail to compete because you have an "honors" number. I have better luck not using my honors # then start booking the room. 2. Room select gives no orientation to roads, restaurants, pools, parking lots. Trying to find a quiet room, fuhgetaboutit. 3. Finding hotels "nearby" has some weird logic. Instead of distance, it must have most expensive, then company properties then franchise properties then distance. This app supports the Hilton bottom line before any regard to the customer.. There's your review. You asked for it, you got it. Updated October 2017. Now the digital key epic fail. Get to the door, have to open app, then select digital key, then press button when commanded, then wait 10-15 seconds for various computers to talk and THEN get an error that the front desk has altered the digital key and it doesn’t work! Hilton really doesn’t like you!.Version: 3.4.0

Do not downloadI downloaded and set this up. Didn’t work by the way. Now I get spam texts everyday. Never had that before this app. They will sell your info. Avoid..Version: 2022.8.9

Great app!Diamond HH member and always using the app to check in and out. Love it to track annual status and adjust my way benefits depending on the type of trip I’m in (business/personal). Would however be nice to track out LTD status directly within the app… As stays history diseapear after 1 year, makes it impossible to do so..Version: 2022.6.28

Seemed like this would be a good thingI’m using the Hilton digital key for the first time. The front desk made sure the digital key was activated, but I was given a hard key also as I was skeptical. Good thing! I got into my room and later went to my car and entered by the side door, both times using the digital key. But the digital key would not work on my room the next time I left my room. The error message (Error 0x07) said I should go to the front desk for assistance. The lady at the front desk said she could not help & I should use my hard key. I asked if there have been other issues with the digital key. She said that yes, the app has had issues. I returned to my room and tried to call the Customer Service number given on the error page. A message at that number told me to go to the front desk. Ugh! I have spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how to tell the Hilton Customer Service. No easy way to alert them to a problem. I guess they do not want to know. So, now I am letting everyone know all of this about the digital key app using the review on the Apple Store..Version: 2023.6.6

Won’t stay logged in, Automatic Updates defectThe App is great, except for two (2) annoying defects. When they are fixed I’ll rate the App 5 stars. The App often logs me out. It seems to do this at the most inopportune time, especially when I am approaching my hotel room door and preparing to use Digital Key. Instead of being able to press the green button to let me in to my room I have to log into the App while standing outside my door, and then access to Digital Key. I realize I could use the plastic key in my pocket, but the whole point is the Digital Key is supposed to be convenient When I use the App to add a Hilton Honors membership card to the Apple wallet it displays my current Hilton Honors points balance. I have the option for Automatic Updates turned out. Yet when my balance changes (for example increasing after a stay), the balance on the front of the card at the top does not change. This is different behavior than one would expect when you have automatic updates turned on. For example with a Starbucks card or a Dunkin’ Donuts card the balance changes if I make a purchase or add money to my card. Why doesn’t your card work in the same manner? Also, why not make the membership number in the Apple Wallet larger, so when I show it to the front desk at checkin they can read it without holding the phone up to their face..Version: 3.6.0

Delay in updating point and missing pointsWe have been staying at Hilton for our USA trip staying at Hilton’s as a standard and would have expected to see all stays. Some nights booking 2 rooms. I have 1 receipt so far and they haven’t been credited either. Very disappointed. There is no point having a system if you don’t update it..Version: 3.27.0

No room selectionGot email to check in but no room available for section.Version: 2022.5.10

Unstable AppThe app is half baked I’ve found the digital key checking in and checking out work fine however it’s useless at adding confirmed bookings and it freezes resulting in me having to Delete and reinstall the app again and again. It’s okay for a while then refuses to work again I find it very frustrating..Version: 2021.11.23

Hilton Reservation Staff AWFULLost our 2nd room repeatedly told us we didn't have 2nd room for our 1st child's wedding at the NYLO Tapestry Hotel in Texas where our wedding is being held. Really has ruined our wedding exhausted stressful I'm disabled w/MS no one could locate our room terrified kept up fighting well miraculously after 4 calls persisted w/confirmation number somehow after bitterly fighting no room the room appears. Disaster already lost 6 hrs to get to settled in to relax to be on the right spirit to start off the weekend it's just an unforgivable mistake that apologies just don't makeup for they can't this took place over an entire week despite the hotel confirming the reservation couldn't sign in to rooms digitally we had 2 rooms for months but only 1 was allowing me to check in & due to wheelchair needed 2 which reservations were made directly w/manager yet the reservations people had language barriers, gave up to find other room took entire day from us, their repeated response was no 2nd room just disgusted only after I fought w/all of my might 2nd room magically appeared it was always there they just didn't know where to look. Heartbreaking on such a special occasion just heartbreaking. Hope Hilton does something this was just frustrating & cruel won't list names but have them!.Version: 2023.4.25

Not a happy camperTraveling with my dad and my step-mom and after a long drive home from Virginia Beach heading to Texas, we checked in the Hilton Garden Inn in Memphis. We thought the hotel was located in a nice and secure area. Not so! My husband parked my dad’s truck and less than 20 minutes of checking in, my dad’s truck was broken into! The back passenger window was broken and my suitcase was stolen including a ice chest and a medical breathing machine for my dad. I went down to get the rest of our stuff from the truck that’s when I notice the broken window! I let the front desk know, one of the employees went over to see the damage. He was surprised this happened because they have security! He said he would call the police. I waited outside near the truck with my family for the police. After more than 40 minutes, I went to the front desk to check if they had called the police. They said yes and I asked that I haven’t seen their security cruise around. I asked where the security was, they didn’t know! Security more like No security! After another 30 minutes and no police, I called 911 reported the theft and within 10 minutes the police arrived. So that tells me the front desk didn’t call the police???? Not happy with this facility!.Version: 2021.7.13

Self check in crashes.I was trying to self.Version: 3.20.0

Une application multilingue SVP!!!Cette application n’est disponible qu’en anglais..Version: 3.20.0

BookingBooking failed so had to ring.Version: 3.12.0

Bad experienceIt won’t update your stay automatically if you make reservations in US from Canada. Every time needs to call customer care. Very bad..Version: 2022.9.27

Horrible StayLet me begin with the check in. We arrived at our hotel at 4pm, after driving 5+ hours. We were told our room was not ready and our names were put on a list. Waited 30 minutes to return to the hotel to find out still not ready. Finally on our fifth time back to the hotel we were told it was ready. It is now 10:45pm. We got settled in to our out dated room to discover we had no shower curtain. We were too tired to even think about calling about that. The next morning we showered without the curtain using some extra towels to soak up the water. Informed the front desk that we had no shower curtain and would appreciate it if one could be put in. We left the hotel to travel to a concert 45 minutes away for the day. Upon returning to our room at 2:30am, we did have a shower curtain, but no fresh towels. The wet ones were still on the floor. This hotel needs some serious work done to it. Paint peeling, stained carpet, face cloth covering what looks like the smoke detector on the wall. The only good thing about this hotel is the front desk people. They were trying their best to keep things going. As for the manager and assistant manger, it’s time you find new ones or this hotel will go under. From now on we will be staying at any other hotel then a Hampton Inn. This hotel has turned us off from staying at any Hampton Inns for awhile..Version: 2022.8.23

App logs out on IOS 16/stuck on unlock screenThe apps logs me out every time I launch the app and have to sign in again to use it. Can be very annoying when you have to use your phone to access the elevator. Also when I do happen to get to unlock the elevator, the app get stuck on that screen and have to relaunch the app again for me to do anything. Please have these changes fixed for a smoother user experience. Thank you..Version: 2022.9.6

We’ve been really let downAfter previous experiences with Hilton, Doubletree Cheltenham was a disappointment. Our card kept failing on us, so we tried the app, kept our keys for 2 days, then stopped working. Reception was 2 floors up with no lift. This is all it could suggest to fix the key. Staff are also unable to unlock your doors, only reception can issue you a new key. Frustrating, I have now deleted the app as it was a waste of time..Version: 2022.11.1

Erratic rates!!!Rates are erratic and when booking business trips across another service requiring approval process alternative accommodation needs to be sourced due to room rate increases over night of $150 per night. When discussed with phone operator or staff no flexibility or understanding,.Version: 3.3.6

Rooms need attentionI have been staying at Homewood Suites in College Station, TX for 6 weeks, as I am working in Bryan during the week. I have stayed in at least 3 different rooms, staying in 120 for the last 3 weeks. I enjoy staying at this hotel because it has the kitchenette and it is very close to my office. The only complaint I have is that the hotel has not been maintained very well. There are small things that need to be done, such as the shower curtains need to be replaced, (every room I’ve stayed in so far has needed a new shower curtain. They are barely hanging on the rods in some rooms). The carpets need to be cleaned and in room 120 the carpet needs to be stretched. Two of the rooms I’ve stayed in have needed the sliding doors to closet put back on their track. The stoves need new bowls under the burners. Also I reported that in room 120 the connect for the small burner was loose on 1/29. On 2/1 when I returned to room 120, it appeared that there had been an attempt to fix the connection, but it was still loose. I would think this could be a fire hazard if not corrected. Again, these are small issues but at the same time correcting them would go a long to making the rooms look better and show that management really cares about keeping the hotel up. I really like staying at the college station hotel and plan to continue to stay there. I also realize it is an older hotel but housekeeping really needs to be reporting repairs that are needed as they find them..Version: 2021.1.26

Drained my phone too fastI had to delete on the first day. It depleted my battery within 2 hours. That’s no good. Please do better..Version: 2022.7.5

Awful version releaseI’ve been using this ap almost daily for 4 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. It’s slow, the screens drag, when you swipe in between upcoming stays it takes forever to move. I can’t really understand why it’s gone from being so good to so bad. The functionality is good but it looks like too much has been added to slow it down..Version: 3.15.0

Stays not recognised on the app.This is a recurring problem. I have visits that show up on past stays for 2020 but don’t appear on my account. So far I’ve had 2 stays totalling 13 nights but my account shows zero on both. How can one part of the app be accurate while the other is wrong? This happened last year too. I have brought this up twice now on the feedback page but have yet to receive a reply. It’s a shame really as all my stays at the hotels have been great..Version: 3.28.2

Quite an unpleasant experience.After one more booking on booking.com, I got an email with the "Hilton Honors"'s account id. I've set up a password and booked one more stay. "Digital Key" was not working. It was a bad sign. Right after check-in, my reservation disappeared. The guys in reception could not do anything about it. So I've contacted support on the Hilton website. Supports' first response was: "You have made a mistake and will not get any points." I was mad because of it. Blame your customers for glitches in your application? It is unacceptable behaviour - shame on you, Hilton. I have spent more than an hour trying to fix this issue. In the end, tech support solved the problem. Even the digital key started working. I'm disappointed. Glitchy mobile applications and rude useless support - are not what you expect from a respected brand..Version: 2022.6.28

Not the same Hilton as it was 2-3 years ago.The app Hilton has is horrible as is its website with the problems it has that range from saying that some rooms are smoking to mixing up queen & double beds, deleting the name of an “additional guest” you may put in the App (which makes it very hard when i have an employee or security team travel ahead of me), app will occasionally change room types booked to a room not as nice as booked, showing that lower prices are available or showing one rate even after you select a rate it changes in the final screen before you click the final “book” button and in my opinion the worst thing I have found with Hilton’s App is that it shows some properties in the United States do not allow service animals or even worse it shows a charge for service animals as well as Hilton keeps all service animals policies under its pets section. These are just some of the problems I have found and have been telling Hilton about for YEARS now! Also to say that I am a loyal Hilton diamond member since approximately 2003 and I have watch Hilton grow in a great way but Hilton is on a downward spiral..Version: 2020.12.22

Cannot trust the appThe app is easy to use to find & book a stay, however, once booked, the app’s other features have been useless. For months, I have been having issues with this app (note: I have an iPhone). Once booked there are several features you should be able to see about your stay on the Upcoming Stay screen. The stay details are not available. Neither check-in, nor Digital key has not worked or even been available for my last two stays. My stays are not showing anywhere once they’ve occurred, my points are not updating. When I try to view points activity, it says “oops, something went wrong on our end. Please try again later.” When I try to look at stay history, it says “no past stays” meanwhile I’ve had two in the last month. My points (in the app) have not changed since my last two stays, but customer service is telling me not to worry, they are there. I’ve called customer service, updated the app version, and even deleted & re-installed the app multiple times; nothing has helped. The app used to be so convenient to use, but I can no longer trust it..Version: 2021.12.14

Great App- Hit or Miss FeaturesThis app offers a lot of great features to make the hotel experience convenient both before and during your stay. It’s great for booking and modifying reservations as well as quickly finding info and amenities for the hotel you’re staying at; however, two features miss the mark on execution. The chat with hotel function often fails to display a response from the hotel. You’ll get a notification of a response, but when you open the chat, it sometimes takes hours to actually populate the response, if ever. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve already read a portion of the message in the initial notification. The other issue is the digital key card failing to work at certain sites-I recognize this may be an issue with the specific hotel rather than the app. These functions are great concepts, but they are both persisting issues which have not been addressed in app updates..Version: 2023.6.6

Diamond Member4 days ago, this app updated on my iPhone XS Max. Since then I can’t load any rates or book any accommodations..Version: 2022.7.26

Trop complexeL’ergonomie n’est pas bonne, de nombreuses fonctionnalités ne marchent pas. Les process de recherches sont trop complexes et confus. La version française n’est pas toujours bien traduite. Je n’aime pas réserver via votre application..Version: 2022.12.27

Password management a messEveryone hates passwords but they’re necessary. Pity HH system is so awkward. Clicking through using Apple’s system didn’t work for me. Expect to write down username and new password manually to get through..Version: 2022.5.3

Faulty SystemI was instructed to download the Hilton app and sign in to my account to complete my check-in without contact at the hotel. I downloaded the app but didn’t have my account number with me. There is no automated way to retrieve my Hilton Honors acct number so I had to call customer service and wait on hold. Then my number was emailed to me so I had to wait for the email to arrive. Once I was able to log in, the app was unable to find my reservation and there are no alternative ways to search for a reservation on the app so I had to call customer service and wait on hold again. Once I got through I was given a different confirmation number than I was originally given but that also provided no results in the app so after all that effort I am unable to check in using the app. The automated phone system for customer service was glitchy and I had to repeatedly enter the same information. Overall I would be hesitant to book with Hilton again in the near future if it means putting up with this reservation and customer support system..Version: 2021.2.2

A Confirmation # does not mean you are confirmed to have a room!A Confirmation # does not mean you are confirmed to have a room! Travelers beware!!! We arrived at the front desk of the Hilton Ocala in Florida as a happy Hilton Honors member to experience the world class service Hilton has always been known for. We happily provided the hotel manager our name to find our reservation to be checked in to our room only to find out that our room had been SOLD to someone else. It’s the stuff movies are made of! It was dark and raining outside, my wife and granddaughter stood exhausted and confused as the manager explained there was no room in the Inn. We asked multiple times for an explanation and help. She recommended we try another hotel. We called the Hilton customer service hotline and they said a manager would call us back within 48 hours. As you can imagine, we didn’t have 48 hours to speak to a manager since we needed a room to stay in for the night. It was such a bad experience, I’m now highly concerned to ever use my Hilton Honors account to book a room on their app since a Confirmation # doesn’t actually mean you’re confirmed to have a room at the end of a long hard day of traveling. Travelers beware!.Version: 2022.7.5

Unable to add booking to Apple WalletThe latest update doesn’t allow booking to be added to Apple Wallet. Please fix it ASAP..Version: 2022.8.2

I wanted to stay longerFor the first time I found using the app hard. I wanted to stay an extra night and it appeared to be you had to cancel the reservation and make another at the current rates or make a separate additional reservation for another night. I did the latter. Extension of stay should be available in the app..Version: 3.15.0

App Not WorkingI’ve been a Hilton Honors member for a long time, and one of my favorite features used to be the Hilton App. I say used to be because my app hasn’t functioned in months. When I open the app I receive an error notice about not being able to view my upcoming stays. I can search for hotels in a city but when the results appear every result states the following: “couldn’t load rates.” And I cannot make a reservation through the app. When I go into my account info there are no past stays listed, even though I’ve spent 20 nights in Hilton hotels this year. This has become frustrating to the point where I’ve started staying at Marriott properties, even though I prefer Hilton. My current review would be one star if it weren’t for how awesome the app used to be. I’ve contacted the help line and desk agents in Hilton hotels. Everyone says it’s working fine. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app multiple times with no change. Would really appreciate some help because my app is currently worthless..Version: 2021.6.29

Points total on Wallet card doesn’t updateFor some time now, the figure for the number of points you’ve earned does not update after each stay or redemption. Toggling the automatic updates switch on and off doesn’t make any difference. This has resolved the same issue with other apps in the past..Version: 3.9.0

Retrograde upgrade - older versions are betterThis upgrade removes helpful features (searching hotels in your immediate location is no longer available) and crucially, makes Contact Us now really difficult to use (you now have to click thru several screens before eventually finding an invalid, non-UK telephone number). Previous versions of the Hilton app were great, this upgrade is now a backward and retrograde step. ** This app needs to be improved **.Version: 2020.9.1

AnnoyingEvery 2-3 stays I have to go to reception and verify my identity. Makes the contact-less check in pointless and not contactless; very frustrating.Version: 2023.6.13

Digital Key CardWhy do you offer a digital key card through your app if I still need to visit the front desk to get my key approved? Very silly but that’s okay. Maybe work on that.Version: 2022.11.22

Doesn’t work properly on iPhoneThe app doesn’t sync on the iPhone but it works on my iPad. However it is pointless on the iPad to an extent as it is too big for a digital key!.Version: 2022.8.30

Past stay infoWhy do I have to dig into my profile to see past stay receipts. I have to call two hotels Hollis in Halifax and Garden Inn in Montreal for receipts and to have my stay added to my points..Version: 2022.3.29

Digital key will only works for room door.I have always liked using my digital key to come and go freely around the hotels I stay in. As of lately, my digital key has been only working for my room (not the fitness center, pool, guest laundry, or hotel side entrances) which frustrates me because I often don’t carry a physical key, or go get one from the front desk. I like the conviene of not having to remember to have my key card with me, because I can just use the app. That isn’t the case anymore. Every time I’ve run into this issue, I’ve gone to the front desk and they resend my key to my phone and after a day the only door my digital key will open is my room. It doesn’t seem like anyone can help me with this issue as I have called customer care and spoken to the front desk numerous times. This is honestly making me reconsider using the app or staying with Hilton brands at all. I’m currently a gold member and after my current stay, I will be at diamond status. I love the Hilton brands, but not having the conveniences I’m used to could definitely be a deal breaker for me..Version: 2022.6.28

Diamond customer, Ken WaughtalI recently had a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Evansville Indiana. I would estimate I have stayed there 6 to a dozen nights over the last two years. The person next to the person that checked me in told me that I was going to have to move my vehicle. I thought they should have asked me to move my vehicle before they checked me in, because they knew it was a problem for them. And when I ask her to cancel my reservation, she said there would be a charge. So I called Hilton Honors customer service to express my disappointment twice and the second representative told me I would be receiving 20,000 points for the inconvenience. I have been totally loyal to the Hilton chain for more than a couple of years now. If Hilton Honors change their mind on giving the points I would appreciate some communication in regards to it. It’s not about the points it’s following through with what you said or communicating the change. Thank you.Version: 2023.7.4

Stay anywhere elseAbsolute nightmare! I arrived to check in at Home2suites by Hilton OKC South after 10pm September 23 and was told my room was ready so I paid. The clerk stated my room had 2 full-sized beds and handed me the keys. I explained I booked 2 queen-sized beds and she stated they only had full and king and that property didn’t have queen beds. I asked for a refund as this was not what I needed, and she stated she would be happy to refund me, had I not booked through Expedia. I started to ask another question and she rudely interrupted with, “thank you, goodnight” and refused to acknowledge me again. It had been a long da, I didn’t want to keep arguing and I didn’t think to check the room in case she was lying. I was just too tired and this sort of nonsense is not what one needs when tired. I had to travel elsewhere after 10pm to find appropriate accommodations. I reached out to Expedia and they called the hotel. The clerk told Expedia that my room with queen beds was ready and she didn’t know what the problem was. I didn’t know the clerk was lying the whole time. This hotel still refused a refund after multiple inquiries from Expedia. The clerk knew I left the property and rented the rooms to someone else anyways, so I’m unsure why a refund is still not possible. I’m a frequent traveler throughout the US and internationally. I have never had an issue like this. Hope this hotel is able to fix their short comings..Version: 2022.9.13

App feedbackI would have given the app a 5 if not for recent issues. There are two specific issues with the app that do not allow me to mark it higher. 1) the checkout feature on the app is great but getting the receipt up to 48 hours later is not great. Since hotels no longer out the bill under the door, I cannot verify the accuracy of the bill. If I check out with the hotel, I can get a receipt within a couple of hours and verify the accuracy on the spot. As a business traveler, not being able to process my expense report for multiple days is frustrating. 2) when using the online check-in feature, travelers indicate when they are arriving. Last week I received a call from the hotel around 645pm inquiring whether I would be arriving. I had indicated on the app I would be arriving at 10pm. I had to return a call for fear of losing my room. If I have done e check in I am not sure why they were calling. Also based on my time. When I arrived at the hotel I asked if I had indicated the wrong time. The person indicated they don’t see that information. What is this information being used for if the hotel does not have access..Version: 3.13.0

Doesn’t workMy app stopped working 2 months ago. Can’t load rates. Can’t see details of future bookings. Have phones twice and been told that yes, they know about it and it’s a glitch. Doesn’t help me..Version: 2022.10.4

Missing points - scammed!I stayed 4 nights at a Hilton in Hawaii this month and not a single point has been added! Plus, there’s NO WAY TO CHALLENGE this in the app! I’m a member of many other member programs and all of them offer an easy in-app way to request missing points! Disgraceful scamming way to cheat customers..Version: 2022.7.12

Difficult phone callI am a silver member and I called Hilton to reserve a hotel in Nottingham. Firstly the lady got my Hilton number wrong and wasn’t able to find me despite the fact the i repeated the correct number 3 times. Then she asked me if I am sure I am a Hilton member. When I finally got through to my account, i had to spell out the city I wanted to book a hotel in and she just couldn’t understand what I wanted to do! She then quoted the price in dollars when the booking was meant to be in the UK in GBP. I spent 10 minutes on the phone and found it painful. I chose to just use to the app as I found the customer service training on this occasion was pretty stressful. Unhappy with the service. Regards, Aarthee.Version: 3.11.1

Stays won’t appear in the appI have made booking through the Hilton website on google and then after i download the app and login in but every time i open the app it’s says error no bookings made try again later..Version: 2020.12.22

Cartes peu détailléesDans l'application Hilton, il est difficile de voir les numéros des routes pour se situer..Version: 2022.4.5

Low iq appI just spent the past twenty minutes downloading this app using my data. first it wouldn’t let me sign in, after reseting password it told me it couldn’t find my reservation because i booked over expedia and not through this app. ridiculous waste of a tired travelers time..Version: 2022.9.6

Using pointsWhy is it so hard to find the area to use points? I made the booking without being able to find if I could use any of my points. Not happy!.Version: 2021.11.2

Hilton is decent. App is AWFUL.I keep thinking that this app just has a glitch. After months, it’s obvious it’s a poor design. Sometimes it takes 3-5 tries when I click “see available rooms” because I get “oops! Something’s wrong on our side!” No kidding. It takes me that many times as long to actually view a room itself, just to see if it fits me. I’m fed up. Just done. I’m a Gold member with Hilton and Platinum with IHG. I need a room for tomorrow and I suspect I’ll be at IHG. I’m tired and just am sick of the same message over and over. I just had it FOUR times in a row, which is what prompted me to finally exit and write this. The fifth time rooms did come up, but I didn’t care. One note even when they do, maybe stop charging more for accessible rooms. If you keep building hotels without bathtubs, then don’t make me pay $20 more because the only room you have with one has two beds and a sofa bed when I just wanted one. That’s a ticket to a discrimination suit. I’m wearying if Hilton these days, Gold or not..Version: 2020.5.26

Should be easier to connect reservation to Hhonors accountA reservation for a work trip didn’t include my Hilton Honors account. I can easily find the reservation in the app and easily add it to my wallet, but why do I have to search for it (manually enter 10 digits & my surname) every time? I expected after finding the reservation, it would be in my stays (linked to my account) for easy retrieval going forward. Nope. I have to search manually for it again. Well, at least I could jump to it from the reservation in my wallet. Nope. Just opens the app, not the reservation. Well, at least I could copy the reservation number from the wallet to avoid re-entering a 10-digit number manually. Nope. The reservation number isn’t easily copied from the wallet. Googling for an answer suggests I need to call to have my Hilton Honors account added to the reservation. Seriously? Hilton, you’ve got what appears to be a great app... but it didn’t make a good first impression for what I suspect is a very typical workflow..Version: 3.11.1

NoiseBooked this hotel a couple of weeks ago and drove down from Edinburgh today, I was dissatisfied at the noise levels due to refurbishments. Extremely disappointed that when I pointed this out to the manager, he told me it was on the app when booking, he showed me and he was right but unfortunately this was not evident to me on booking. Final disappointment was that that nothing was offered from hotel as a recognition of my dissatisfaction. Very unhappy at Hilton and particular Hilton Croydon management..Version: 3.28.2

Rarely works, doesn’t link stays to programApp rarely works, doesn’t allow for feedback or questions regarding the Honours to a customer care team. Forces you to make an international call to get a stay that was booked directly with Hilton where I gave my honours number at both booking and check-in to reflect in the app. It’s just all too hard. After numerous instances where they have forced me to spend time and money trying to receive some form of customer service, I have come to the conclusion that Hilton is just not interested. Plenty of other 5 star providers do it better..Version: 3.27.0

Rates Default to Non-refundableDiamond Member here (from stays, not CC) The app works great but an issue I have personally is that it seems like somepoint in 2022, the search results defaulted to the Hilton Honors Non-refundable Rate. I understand that this is the lowest rate available, but in the past the non-refundable rate was only advertised if the hotel was already pretty much full and you *couldn't* get the normal Hilton Honors rate. Now every search I do regardless of location/date, the hotel listing only shows the non-refundable rate and it makes it very difficult to discern between hotels. I have to manually go into each hotel listing to see if there are actually any rooms available at standard or bonus rates. I'm not going to select a non-refundable rate unless I absolutely have to and so if the search results yield only non-refundable rates then I just go look at other hotel brands availability instead..Version: 2022.12.27

Do NOT like new breakfast benefitHi! I once again want to tell the decision makers at Hilton how much I dislike the elimination of a truly FREE breakfast for myself as a Diamond member and husband. The cash credit does not cover the same breakfast we use to receive (as the meals at hotels are usually priced higher than comparable restaurants) and using it in the pantry is useless as most offerings are not healthy and overpriced. The cash credit issue caused check out for me at one property to take almost an hour which has NEVER happened at any location in the world. Also the last days breakfast receipt is not brought over to be charged to my folio in time for check out. I should NOT be asked to depart a hotel without my final bill in hand! Bring back the FREE breakfast and eliminate the new test program of issuing a too low dollar amount to provide a FREE breakfast. Are you trying to no longer provide a free breakfast for your Diamond members?? I am not on per diem and it would be better if Diamond members or any member entitled to what was once a FREE breakfast be given the choice of FREE breakfast or a food and beverage credit . I no longer feel valued as a Hilton Honors Diamond member. Happy to chat with someone about this..Version: 2021.8.24

Check inThere needs to be opportunity to nominate an earlier arrival time. Travel plans cannot be dictated by hotel timetables..Version: 2022.9.6

App yields inferior experienceWhile I enjoy the option of having a singular location for receipts and organization of my stays the app has consistently provided me an inferior experience to that of my peers who don’t use the app. First and foremost are the check in times and rooms. I typically travel for conferences and am offered an upgrade “if available”. However, checking in with the app forces you to use the published check in time. There is never an option to try and obtain an early check in. At the last conference not only was I forced to a 4pm check in, I lost the opportunity for an upgraded room to the people who did not use the app And we’re able to check in between 1-2 hours before me. To top it off the app often tells you that you still need to go to the front desk for both checkin and checkout. At the very least, I should be able to request an early checkin and/or upgraded through the app. Finally, when asked to provide feedback within the app it would not accept what I’ve provided here..Version: 3.25.1

UselessI got an email to check in via the app and use my phone to open my room door. Well 30 min later I’m still not checked in and am having glitch after glitch with the app. Horrible experience.Version: 2022.7.5

App not tested by humans yetThis app is extremely difficult to use. For starters you have to remember/have on hand your Hilton Honors (not spelled Honours) number which is a 10 digit number (who does that anymore?). Nothing is intuitive. As an example, if you do an advance check in remember to write down the room you selected or you are doomed. No more contactless check in as you will have to go to the front desk to get your room number. Sadly, I forgot to note the room number I finally managed to select. Nowhere is the room number you selected stored in your account in the app. After spending 20 minutes with the call Center they could not tell me where to find my room number in the app either. It was on file with Hilton so the agent was able to let me know the room number over the phone. Then a minor insult - apparently the reason why I could not see my room number was due to a glitch. Really? Convenient way to explain a lack of functionality. As another example, using the app to select a room in advance check in is old school. For some reason the layout view tells you how many beds are in available rooms but not what kind of bed. You have to switch to the List view to see if the bed is a king or 2 queen beds. Why isn’t all bed info on one view? Weird. Also a room may be listed with no bed info. I can only assume this means that the room has already been booked. No way to know though…. Yet another example - I wanted to understand how to share the Digital Key with another family member - no info, no clues, no way to know how to do this with the app. I guess I will have to forgo the contactless check in advertised and get a physical room key for my family member. Unfortunate. It would be helpful if Hilton had clients test the app rather than tested by developers who seemed to have engineered it for ease of maintenance. I am so sorry I downloaded the app. Skip the frustration. Wear a mask and go to the front desk to check in and get your key..Version: 2022.7.5

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