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NewsBar RSS reader App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

NewsBar RSS reader app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NewsBar RSS reader? Can you share your negative thoughts about newsbar rss reader?

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NewsBar RSS reader for Negative User Reviews

Frequent crashes on iPadThis app looks good, but it crashes frequently on my iPad (especially with RSS preview set to off). It works fine on my iPhone, a 6+ but there is no native support for the new phones. For me on an iPad Air 2, this app is completely unusable. Very disappointing..Version: 1.4.1

No longer supported?Twitter and Feedly functionality no longer works. No response from the dev to enquiries. RSS still works and the app is great if this is all that is needed..Version: 1.70

Twitter login non-functional on iPhone XS Max + iOS 12.1.1Is this a known issue? I’ve deleted and reinstalled, but problem persists..Version: 1.61

Looks terribleI own NewsBar on Mac and it's lovely. However, this app is not optimized for iPhone 6S Plus in terms of screen resolution. Since it's a reader, you should update it for larger screens, not just make it compatible with the latest iOS, or at least leave an option of changing font size within the app.Version: 1.4.8

Been hacked or somethingSame as other users. Spam notifications coming through, the OSX app is fine the iOS app is compromised. Needs a fix in a big way. Had to delete..Version: 1.61

The app is compromisedI have been using this app for some time now. Recently, my Notification Center is being bombarded with porn spam messages. I manually check all my feeds on a computer and they are clean. I have tried reaching out to the developer and no response; the developer is MIA. I’m going to park this app for an updated one. This review is intended to warn others that the app is outdated and may have been compromised..Version: 1.61

Crashes repeatedlyUnder ios8.02 this app crashes repeatedly. Too annoying to use.... I hope some one fixes it or apple pulls it!.Version: 1.4

Notifications MissingThe Mac edition works great but iPhone app still needs work. Notifications missing and sharing options need work..Version: 1.31

No notifications in IOS 8 :(I liked this app in IOS7, but now that it does not work with notification control in IOS 8, it's a bit pointless..Version: 1.4.1

Missing notification supportThe update was stated to add Notification Center support, but I have seen no evidence of that. Newsbar cannot be found in the Notification settings and I have received none despite having keywords set up. Despite the fallacious claim, the app is excellent overall..Version: 1.31

Pretty Good But Could Be BetterPretty good RSS reader. Easy to use and the iCloud sync works. There are a couple issues, but the big one is you have to pause on an item for 3 seconds to have it marked as read. This is fine if you are actually interested in the item, but if you aren't and just flick to the next one, it will remain unread. If you just read a few items at a time, you'll end up with bunches of uninteresting items all over the place until you mark the entire list as read..Version: 1.1

New problemsAs someone else is complaining, I find myself rereading on different devices. I don’t recall that happening before. More distressingly, I’m getting push notifications (but no actual news items) from NewsBar on my iPhone, claiming to be ads from local prostitutes..Version: 1.61

Almost quite goodOverall design is quite good and well thought out. I do have issues with the fact that too often the original story is not retrievable and refreshment of stories is inconsistent, it best..Version: 1.31

Better than Feedly but...REALLY needs a way to sync across devices. In other words, my feeds and what articles of them I have already read should be seamless between iPad and MacBook Air..Version: 1.2.1

A good start, some issuesThis biggest impression this app leaves on one is that it is balky, scrolling stalls often, after clicking on a story within an individual feed's listing, it oftens fail to load without clicking on another story first, then again on that story. Unlike many other iOS RSS readers, tweeting from the title listing (w summary) that appears on the right after tapping on the listed story results in an "empty" tweet. Issues..Version: 1.31

Spam messagesWhy have I started receiving spam message notifications via the app?.Version: 1.61

Celebs but short of hard newsI wanted a good news feeder that gave me proper news. I ended up with a 'comic'. If I wanted Celeb stories I would seek them elsewhere. I am sure if I have the time I could add enough filters but I accepted the reviews and paid the fee. I do not have time to keep adding filters. A disappointing outcome- I have chopped the Ap . They have my money, I do not have a good news feeder.Version: 1.5.0

Can't log in to Twitter. No support, either...Love the Mac app, but this one is a disappointment. Not only is Twitter login non-functional, but email to support has gone unanswered for days..Version: 1.61

Needs Work since iOS 11.4 releaseCurrently does not seem to be able to retain new feeds, as well as presenting http://null and not allowing a delete..Version: 1.61

Newsbar on both iOS and macOS *were*my go to rss readersI have been an ardent fan for many years. I liked the iCloud syncing. Since the last update to iOS and macOS they have both continually crashed. I cannot even export my opml file - the app crashes when I try. It is time to try something different. 9months later I saw that the app has been updated. I decided to give it a try. While I did not suffer any issues the interface feels old and outdated compared to modern rss readers. Time has not been kind to newsbar.Version: 1.61

It works.....but...Adding new feeds is needlessly complex, or I'm too stupid to figure it out. One thing I'm absolutely certain of, I know how to touch the screen. Yet for some reason when I roux the settings or back button it takes a few tries to hit just the right spot to get the app to react the way you think it should. Now that I've spent six (6!) hours tracking down the exact URL for every feed I follow it works fairly well. I just wish it were easier to use..Version: 1.31

Once great. Now annoying.This used to be my favorite rss reader. The recent update, however, introduced a bevy of bugs, from display/formatting issues to frequent crashes (brought about by something as simple as changing a setting or tapping a headline). Really disappointed. Feedly app is looking pretty good at this point, and gives me everything I need..Version: 1.4

Good but not greatSome problems sync between devices and problems rolling text on some displays. Needs better integration with selective copy command instead of mailing whole text..Version: 1.32

Vertical display problemCurrent version has trouble displaying the headline and preview while in portrait mode. It is scrunched up on top itself as though it is in a landscape mode, but is unreadable...Version: 1.4

😒Doesn't workWell, I plunked down cash for this and the companion mac app. Logged in to feedly on the mac, got that to work and this is supposed to sync but nothing. My feeds are empty. And now the mac app keeps crashing too so it's totally useless. Deleted both and am going back to the trusty Reeder2..Version: 1.30

WipeoutThe new iOS7 version wiped out all my feeds. Boo!.Version: 1.30

Needs iPhone 6 Plus support!!!This is my favorite RSS reader but I can't stand how big and ugly it looks on the 6 plus! Please update it!!! Went from a 5 star app to 3 stars....Version: 1.4.1

Paid App, Irritating GlitchPros: good looking interface, cloud syncing and great for reading Cons: when I click on an article it will not pull up. the screen goes blank. i have to swipe up or down to see the article i want to read. i expect better from a paid reader app..Version: 1.30

HmCould be option to download it for reading offline. And also what I really do not like is reading news on original site. I want to see main pictures and plain text - simple read on your app..Version: 1.1

Not what I expectedThe Good: imports your Google Reader Takeout file easily. Not so good: I think I'm spoiled -- I just expect "Readability" style formatting. So when this app shows me the actual web page with all its ads and junky formatting, I want to run screaming. So I can't say that this makes it a bad app, it's just not what I was expecting..Version: 1.2

Interface could be better, crashesThe interface isn't the best, editing lists is very hard work. And it crashes very often when updating my lists. It works ok with the Mac desktop version, but it caused any lists I updated on the desktop version to not update and to revet back to what the list is on the iPad..Version: 1.4.1

Feeds goneNewBar has been working adequately for quite some time but seems to have “lost touch” with the world. About 2 weeks ago my OS X version of NewsBar stopped updating. Today I’ve noticed the same in my iOS version. No idea what’s happened since it had been working well. I’ve sent in trouble reports..Version: 1.4.1

Notifications neededWould rate this as four stars if integration with the iOS notification center was included. Would love to be able to see how many RSS entries are new without having to open the app every time..Version: 1.1

No NotificationsSupport response is good but, after trying this app on 4 different iPhones, I have given up and asked for a refund. The app simply will not appear in my notifications centre..Version: 1.4.1

Could be better!I have this rss feeder for my iMac and love it. I then downloaded it for iPad and love that it syncs for both. But, there is a big bug... when you turn the app in landscape, the app crashes every time. Also, sometimes news links cause the app to crash when the page loads, especially if there is a video. It would be better if the links open the page through Safari, rather than its own page within the app. Other than that. I'm very pleased and will continue to use this excellent rss app..Version: 1.31

Good app. Only a few wants.This is the only RSS news app I've found that gets it done on both OS X and IOS platforms. Check out Thea's app: as slick as this one. Only two wants: story post time should reflect actual age of story IMHO, not time story was DL'd. Also, an app icon badge reflecting new stories available would be great, however this might require excess battery power to keep tabs. Some RSS apps I've used can do this. With no noticeable drain..Version: 1.2.1

Refund pleaseWas told this syncs with MAC..It doesn't. Shame as the MAC App is great. Can you please refund my £2.50?.Version: 1.2.1

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