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Offbeat Attractions Positive Reviews

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Offbeat Attractions App User Positive Comments 2023

Offbeat Attractions app received 13 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about offbeat attractions?

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Offbeat Attractions for Positive User Reviews

Great for RV’ers!My husband and I are F/T RV’ers traveling the country. We have seen so many great attractions that we would have never known about if not for this app. Love it! We have told at least 30 people so far about it. The developers also are very responsive when we let them know of an attraction no longer there. This is the only app review I have ever done,I like it that much to take the time to let others know..Version: 2.0.992

Dont leave home without it!Educational, inspiring, and an experience of stuff to see while traveling near and far! Users can update rhe data base too!.Version: 2.0.993

Interesting things to seeWhen one does not want the everyday, check out Off the Beaten path..Version: 2.0.96

It’s pretty goodThere are a few general interest locations, but they have really improved the weirdness of the location database..Version: 2.0.996

Great tool to bring along for toad trips!We love this App! Traveled through 8 states this past week and loved the stops we would not have known about without the App. One suggestion - this App would be top notch if users could add attractions to it! We saw many that were not on the App and sending an email for each one is inconvenient, a huge pain..Version: 2.0.992

Good place to find good stuffFound several out of the way places we wouldn’t have found on our own.Version: 2.1.5

Nice app for roadtrippers searching for hidden gemsNice little app that is pretty easy to use and has a great database of roadside attractions. Integrated links take you to external search engines for more information. Attractions are sortable by category and searchable. You can even set the target city and see all of the attractions local to that location with distance. The only improvements would be to show the attraction names on the map instead of making the user tap on each one. Also incorporate user reviews or star-rating for each of the attractions. This info is out there on sites like Google or Tripadvisor. Also, when you set a location and read about a specific attraction there, then try to go back to the list again, you have to re-set the origin to see the list for that location again and scroll back down to where you were. Kind of annoying, but not too bad..Version: 1.6.2

Awesome!!!Love the real time map for finding the locations. Wish there was a better search thing. Not the images search. Bit overall this is so great. Finds the unique stuff. Not just the typical tourist museums and such..Version: 1.1.3

Database Open Error - Updated BelowJust updated to 2.0.992. When I open the app, I get a long “Database Open Error.” I really enjoy the app and what it offers. However, it doesn’t show me what’s in the area. I’m new in this area and would really like to explore the area. Same release - 2.0.992. Opened the app 3+ times today and it has worked fine. Can’t explain the “Database Open Error” message I received numerous times several days ago. Fun app to use and find interesting places to check out!.Version: 2.0.992

Great App!It's a great app if you're on a road trip or if you're touring another city, I just wish it was a little more visually pleasing..Version: 1.1.3

Best App for Traveling!I love this app! I like the ease of use. I have this app open as we travel in our rv. I have several apps by this developer. I can hardly wait for more! Wow! What an update!! Fabulous! It just got easier to use, which I didn’t think possible. Thank you for your hard work. We don’t leave home without it..Version: 2.0.96

Very helpful!Great!.Version: 2.0.7

Fun unusual attractionsWe are enjoying this app to find diversions along our route that are unusual, off the wall, some downright strange! Always fun to find, good excuse to stop & stretch our legs. We found a tin man in Illinois and right across the street was an ice cream stand - a double treat! Will continue to use on out Airstream travels! Recommend for fun!.Version: 2.0.93

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